Top 7 Games Similar to WarStratego - Space Wars

Stratego® Single Player 1.1.1
Play the best Strategy game ever!Stratego® Official SinglePlayerfrom Jumbo is all about good tactics, strategy and cold hardbluff,a combination of chess and poker. A Strategy battle game thathasbeen played by millions of board game players and is nowavailablefor your Android device.This official single playerStratego comeswith a new and improved AI opponent, with adjustabledifficulty tomatch your skills. Play as many battles as you like,and keep trackof your tactical skills in the overall battlestatistics. Defeatthe enemy in a ‘classic’ 40 v/s 40 battle game, a‘quick’ 16 v/s 16battle or play a full Stratego campaign. Attackand Defend yourarmy and nation in this tactical war game and becomea true hero inbattle.• Unlimited Stratego battlesPlay as manyStratego games asyou like, with unlimited enemy setups andstrategies.You have toplay tactical with a great defense or attackplan.• Single PlayerStratego AI EngineA completely new Strategoengine to challengebeginners and veteran commanders alike.Refinetactics to match thecountless playing styles of the opponents.Watch how they fall foryour ultimate strategic bluff! Make sure youdefend your flag, asopponents will send their armies to captureit!• Play offlineStratego any time and everywhere, no internetrequired for thisStrategy game!No live internet connection isneeded to play athrilling game of Jumbo's Stratego. So you can justplay offlineanywhere you want! Don't wait for human players thatdon't respondor quit the game halfway through. No internet, justlike theofficial boardgame, but more fun and challenging battlesthan anyother multiplayer defense game online.• Classic Stratego,Campaignand Quick battlesPlay Stratego in the classic 40 vs 40setup.Battle through a war campaign map with great challenges and agoodstory. Or choose a Quick battle and prove you can fight withanarmy of only 16 soldiers.• Multiple CampaignsShow yourStrategicskills in the campaign mode and win 10 battles in a rowagainstunique enemy setups. Unlock new campaigns and fightagainstNapoleon Bonaparte and other great world leaders onthebattlefield. This additional purchasable campaign features15exciting levels that will take you all across the wars inEuropeduring the 19th century. Visit the city of Paris and icecoldMoscow, see the pyramids in Egypt and finish with the famouswarbattle of Waterloo.• New unit rank designYou can battle withtheofficial Stratego army units known from Jumbo's board gameorselect the fun new unit styles that are optimized for mobile.Theunits have great HD Graphics and their ranks are made clearforeasy playing on your mobile device. The graveyard menu willshowstats off fallen units for easy gameplay.• DifficultysettingSetthe engine to the mode that suits your strategic skillsbest.Areyou a beginner or can you handle the clash in the star modefortrue warfare leaders.This Stratego game also has a greattutorialthat will teach Stratego and will help to improve tacticalskills.•Customizable setupsSelect one of the army presets made byStrategopros and champions. Or customize them to your liking foryour bestdefense setup. Your customized board setup will be storedforfuture battles.**NO INTERNET CONNECTION REQUIRED**You don’t needaninternet connection and you don’t need to wait for other playerstojoin.Are you a strategic player? Do you like board games andtowerdefense games? Interested in real time war games? You’llloveStratego! Defend your Flag and don’t hesitate any longer.Downloadand Install NOW and prove your battle and strategy skillswithStratego® Single Player!NOTE:Please contact [email protected] if you have any issues or suggestions,wewould love to help!Get ready for the ultimate strategy war gameandjoin the rapidly expanding group of Stratego fans:
WarStratego 2.0.7
WarStratego is a strategy game like wellknownboardgame "Stratego". This is a turn-based game in which youmoveyour pawns one by one. The aim of the game is to capturetheennemy's flag. Get training versus two different IA in solo modeorchallenge your friends with the multi mode 'pass and play',themulti mode by wifi (beta), or the multi mode by bluetooth(beta)!Choose a mode, pick a pawn color, and let the war begin !### WarStratego 2.0.0 ###- Free and complete !- "Google play game"- Sign in with google accounts and get achievements,leaderboardsand game statistics.- Two different maps sizes : Play on 10x10 maps for authenticityoron 5x5 maps for a quick game !- Ten pawn colors : blue, red, green, yellow, black, white,purple,grey, pink and cyan !- Four game modes available : solo mode, multi mode 'pass andplay',multi mode by wifi (beta) and multi mode by bluetooth(beta).- Four different board backgrounds are available.- Auto save of your game enables you to resume your lastgame.- Random placing of your pawns with the "random" button._ During game, long click on a pawn shows you the pawn details.
Game of Goose 1.1
Enjoy this all-time favorite classic board game Game of Goose.Rollthe dice and move your favorite little animal to the finish towinthe race. But beware! Don't fall in the well!Game of Goose is afunway to introduce young children to counting as they movetheirpiece. They also learn to take turns. But best of all, theywillhave great fun together or against the computer !Features:*Playagainst each other up to 4 players* Single player againstcomputer(select 1 player)* Pick your favorite animal out of 5 cuteanimals:Goose, Baby chick, Dog, Cat and Hedgehog* Beautifulgraphics andfun animations* Learn to count when moving your piece*Kids willlove it!As a publisher of kids’ games, we understand howimportantprivacy is in this digital world. You can read our privacypolicyhere: you have aquestion,comment or need help please contact us at the followingsite: games from Jumbo:-Janvan Haasteren- Wasgij- Stratego
E-Cyvasse: Online Multiplayer 13.0
PRC studio
E-Cyvasse is a new take on the rule set of a fictional gamefirstimagined by the Kings of Volantis called Cyvasse. Now withonlineMultiplayer! E-Cyvasse is as elegant as Chess, has a pre-gamesetuplike Stratego, but feels like a tabletop war game(blitzkrieg).It's also fun and easy to learn! Ecyvasse has only onepage ofrules, which creates a system that's quick to learn, butwould takea lifetime to master. The game starts with each playertaking turnssetting up all their terrain, then all their pieces.Then playprogresses just like chess with each player moving onepiece at atime until you kill the opposing king, or move your kinginto theirfortress! There have been numerous interpretations of thegamebased on a few quotes from a famous book series, but themajorityof these games focus on hyper accuracy to the books. Theyfeatureclunky mechanics, over complicated rules, and they aren'tsomethinga king of Volantis would be playing. Online Multiplayer issetupfor asynchronous play. Your turn is saved online, and theotherplayer can take their turn instantly, or at a later time.Thisallows for "live" game play, as well as "play by mail" stylewhereeach player takes a turn when they feel like it.This versionisfree, no ads, no in in-app purchases, and it will stay thatway.The game is currently in open beta, Give it a try! Its inon-goingdevelopment, so if you have any ideas, thoughts, orsuggestions,let me know!The game is designed for easy play-abilityon phones ortablets.
Animal Chess 1.2
Jungle or Dou Shou Qi is a traditional Chinese strategy boardgame,which is also called as Animals Chess, Game of FightingAnimals,The Jungle Game, Jungle Chess, Oriental Chess orChildren’sChess.Jungle has been cited as resembling the game Stratego, butStrategoactually has more in common with another Chinese board gameknownas Jun Qi or “Army Game”Jungle is a wonderful strategy game for children. However,adultsmay get addicted to this game.The Rules and Movements of this game are simple. The mainobjectiveis either to move a piece onto a special square, the den,on theopponent's side of the board, or capture all of theopponent'spieces.================EXITING FEATURES• Wonderful graphics and Interesting sounds• Option on players mode: single player or two players• Option on level of difficulty: Easy, Medium, Hard• Options on time movers• Configurable player names and score tracking• Integrate features such as Feedback, Share with friendsthroughFacebook and Twitter================Download Jungle Chess with many wonderful features now, and letyouand your children enjoy it! Don’t forget to give us ratingandreviews for the best support.Thank you for choosing our games!
Classic Game Anthology 1.0
They may not be new, but these games are classics! Enjoy someoldfavourites like Pente and Reversi, all collected together inasingle app! Challenge your wits with a game of Mastermind, orgohead-to-head with a friend in a round of Stratego.Withthiscollection, you can:-Keep track of a player's scores, so youcansee who does the best in any given game.-Play on one ormoredevices, as you choose. You only need a single phone or tablettoplay with a friend.-Save a game in progress, just in case youwantto come back to it later. There's also an auto-save feature, soyoucan pick up where you left off with ease.
Chess Online - Play Chess Live 2.3.0
Chess Online offers unlimited online rooms for chess playersfromall over the world to enjoin the favourite classic boardgame.Connect with checkers from various skill levels amateur,expert,master, grandmaster from multiple mobile platform from smartphonesor tablets, you can play the game online with friends inbothportrait or landscape mode. Make more fun by bettingmoney,challenging your friends to upgrade your level and meetcheckers inhigher skills. You also can join other rooms to watchthe realtimepgn battle to learn the gambit, every moves of chessmenfrom othercheckers,grandmaster.____________________________________DownloadChessOnline to play one of the most popular strategy board gamesin theworld. Everything is free and there is no ads in game. Ifyou loseall money, you can receive daily support or buy money fromthe shopto continue toplay.____________________________________Features:★Play withoutsigning in or with google account to be ranked.★ Randommatchingwith checkers in a particular chosen rank or all ranks.★Find anexisting room by room id to meet your friends or family.★Watchwhichever pgn chess battle realtime with checkers from allover theworld. You can also track the history pgn gambit of everychessmento see the beauty in every moves, every sacrifices ofgrandmasterand understand the pgn gambit.★ Create chess room withmoney betand game time and max players that you want to challengeyourfriends.★ Chat with your opponent in the live battle.★ Supportallcurrent rules of chess game: castling, enpassant, pawnpromotion.★Various timer control for rapidplay, blitz, bullet.★Play againstyourself with clock to analyse your gambit, chessmenmoves andimprove your strategy, training yourself.