Top 14 Apps Similar to shadow fight 2 hack gems

ROM Patcher 2.16
ROM Patcher is a ROM/binary file patcher that supports manypatchformats, as well as decompressing ECM files via unecm.Simplychoose a file to patch, the patch itself, and optionally anoutputfile name and tap "Patch". Apply translations to your ownROMs/ISOs(not native Android games). No ROMs, ISOs or patches areincluded.All requests for ROMs and ISOs will be ignored.Considerpurchasingthe paid version of ROM Patcher to enable NMP patches andsupportfuturedevelopment:, ASM, BPS, BSDIFF, DLDI, DPS, ECM, IPS, IPS32,PPF, UPS,XDELTA1, XDELTA3, XPCFAQ:Q: How do I hack ?A: This app isnotintended to modify apps, only ROMs or ISOs. You cannot 'hack'otherandroid apps unless you provide a patchQ: GlazedA: Check the"Ignorechecksum" checkboxQ: I cannot install/update the appA: Thisis anissue with Google Play of your device at the moment, not thisappQ:The patch doesn't workA: Make sure the ROM is correct,untrimmed,and all files are unzipped/unrar'd/un7z'dQ: The patchedROM doesn'twork in _______A: Contact the author of that app, notme. There isno guarantee the patched ROM will work with any thirdparty apps.ROM Patcher only applies a patch to a file. If youprovide anincorrect ROM or patch, any errors that may occur arenot the faultof ROM Patcher.Q: There is no file extension!A: Ifyou cannot renamea file, you probably shouldn't be using thisappQ: My ROM/patch wontshow upA: Ensure you know where the filesactually are. Also, makesure the patch file extension matches oneof the ones listed aboveand you are not trying to patch a patchfile.This app usescomponents from MultiPatch for Mac which islicensed under GPL. Thesource is available if desired.
Hackers Tools - Old version 1.2.7
This is an old versionThis app is for professionals please ifyoudidn't understand the app , don't give it low rating .Termsofuse:I'm not taking any responsibility for any unappreciatedusingof this app , you are not allowed to use it in way that breaksthelaw.This program help hackers to experience some of KaliLinuxtoolsThe tools that we have now:Word list generator: Thistoolhelps hacker to generate a list of words you can specifyattributeslike the max and min length of the words ,and theword\'scharacters and it predict the size of file before you createthelist.Hashing:This tool simply helps hackers to validate afilechecksum or hash a stringusing most technology of hashing likemd5- sha-1 and more.Hash Cracking Tool:This tool let you crack ahashof some string by generating a list of words by your choiceandexamine it if it fits the hash string in the same time ,Thatmeansyou don\'t need to generate a list and save it on the storageandthen start the bruteforce , no you can do it in the sametimewithout saving the list , That give you the ability to findtheword faster.IP Scanner : With this tool you can search any rangeofips ,and see if they are alive, there's options to increasetheperformance of the scanning like number of concurrentlythreadsrunning for this scan , and the replay time out foreachtry.Connections:This tool is like netstate tool in linuxandwindows , tool that let you se the tcp/udp connections inyourdevice any and info about every connection like src anddestinationip and ports ,and protocol state and type ,and processname.I'lldevelop this app ,and I'll try to make the user experiencemorefunThank you for downloading the app
Game Mods 2.21
To start modding, you must download anotherappnamed "ExceedIt" through the page which opens in thisapp.About ExceedIt:A simple app which lets you boost your fun while playing gamesonyour phone. All instructions have been clearly mentioned onthepage. Also, there are no online games available.Note: You must have a working internet connection for this apptowork!
تهكير الألعاب بدون باتش Prank 1.0
Hocking Arabs
هل أنت من مهووسي الألعاب؟ هل تبحث عنتطبيقعربييمكنك من تهكير الألعاب بدون رووت؟ هل تريد تهطيرالألعابالمشهورة؟هلتريد مزيجا من النقود والالعاب الشيقة؟حسنا،عليك هذا التطبيق الرائع والناجح الذي قمنابتذويرهخصيصالمهووسي الألعاب المشهورة،حيث يقدم اليك هذا التطبيق يقدملكجميعالامكانيات لتهكير الألعاب بدون رووت,اضافة على ذلك سيجعلك هذا التطبيق من ابهار اصقائك اثناءاللعبحيثستتفوق عليهم بتهكير أي لعبة مشهورة بسرعة رهيبةـ يتيحلكبرنامجتهكير الألعاب للسيطرة على الألعابمميزات التطبيق:تهكير جميع الالعاب بدون حدود-تهكير أي لعبة بدون مشاكل-تطبيق سهل وسريع الاستخدام-تطبيق ذو مميزات عالية عن باقي التطبيقات من حيث الكرافيك-عمل باتش لأي لعبة من الالعاب-لتطبيق لا يقوم بتهكير الألعاب فهو فقط مزحة مع الأصدقاء..-hack game free prankthis app is fake, not real . It's a prank app, It's justforfunappهل أنت منمهووسيالألعاب?هل تبحث عن تطبيق عربي يمكنك من تهكير الألعاب بدونرووت? هلتريدتهطير الألعاب المشهورة? هل تريد مزيجا من النقودوالالعابالشيقة?حسنا, عليك هذا التطبيق الرائع والناجح الذي قمنابتذويرهخصيصالمهووسي الألعاب المشهورة, حيث يقدم اليك هذا التطبيقيقدم لكجميعالامكانيات لتهكير الألعاب بدون رووت,اضافة على ذلك سيجعلك هذا التطبيق من ابهار اصقائك اثناءاللعبحيثستتفوق عليهم بتهكير أي لعبة مشهورة بسرعة رهيبة يتيح لكبرنامجتهكيرالألعاب للسيطرة على الألعابمميزات التطبيق:تهكير جميع الالعاب بدون حدود-تهكير أي لعبة بدون مشاكل-تطبيق سهل وسريع الاستخدام-تطبيق ذو مميزات عالية عن باقي التطبيقات من حيث الكرافيك-عمل باتش لأي لعبة من الالعاب-لتطبيق لا يقوم بتهكير الألعاب فهو فقط مزحة مع الأصدقاء ..-hack free game prankthis app is fake, not real. It's a prank app, it's justforfunapp
Freedom 1.0
Enjoy freedom from the app. All thebestgamesto be free enjoy. No limit to get the good apps youlikefromfreedom. No more to say, please install and enjoythefreedomtoday. Freedom just for couple minutes to enjoy.
AllShare:File Transfer,Sharing 2.1.9
All Share - App&File transfer is amobilefile sharing application for Android that allows you totransfer& share files with your friends. AllShare transfer& sharefiles with no USB, no data usage,no internet needed! Youcan invitefriends to install AllShare at a magic speed if yourfriends do notwant to cost mobile data to download AllShare.AllShare Key Highlights* Share all kinds of files whenever and wherever: mp4, mp3,apks,pdf, doc, ppt, xls, CAD etc.* Powerful file management* Easy-to-use and swift transfer* Transfer & share files speed goes faster thanbluetoothspeed.* Transfer & share any other files with unlimitedfilesize.* Search a document and share to your Dropbox or GoogleDrive.* Transfer and Share photos & videos on Facebook , WeChat,Twitter , Tumblr and other social networks.★Send Apps Share great apps in your mobile to friends,justin few seconds the transfer success.★Send Games Want to play most popular games withfriends?Grab AllShare and Share the large size APK to your friendsswiftlywithout data charge. Its transferring speed beyondyourimagination.★Send Videos & Movie Hangout happy hours withfriendsrecording in the video? Want to send videos to alltheparticipants. Grab AllShare, don’t worry about internetconnectionand mobile data costing.★Send MusicSharing music without USB data.★Send PhotoTransfer ALL photos in your Android phone tootherAndroid devices swiftly.★Send all formats fileWant to transfer files format ofdocs,pdf, PPT, XLS, CAD to another Android device? No hesitate,grabAllShare and enjoy happy sharing!How to Transfer1. Launch AllShare on your phone, click Send or Receive buttononthe app2. Select the files you want to Share and click “send” if youarethe sender3. The receiver should click “Receive” with anotherAndroiddevice4. Now waiting for seconds and transfer success! As simpleasthat!Get free no ads AllShare and enjoy transferring & sharingfilesaround!If you have any suggestions, feel free to contact us at:[email protected] us onFacebook advice is highly appreciated.
Ablota Hack Store Pro (Cydia) 6.1.2
StarApps Ltd
########## Ablota Hack Store ########## Ablota Hack Store isback!It offers you always up-to-date modifications for games andapps.An easy to understand overview will display you all availablegamesand apps. The installation is easy and fast. Once signed-up,youcan choose to receive update notifications and latest news.Yourideas for improvements of the app are highly welcome.##########Update ########## We released the first version of AblotaHackStore on the 20.04.2016.The last update was published onthe03.09.2017. ########## Previous Version ########## We renamedtheapp and redeveloped the whole design and system. ##########Support########## If you find an error, please send us an email tothefollowing address: [email protected] ########## AblotaHackStore ##########
Cheats Subway Surfers - prank 1.0
Use our hack tools for subwaysurferscheatscoins and keys to prank subway surfers players andmakethembelieve that keys and coins are free to generate usingourcheatssubway surfers tools and have fun with them .One of the most important resources in subway surfer arecoins.Withthis tool you can get unlimited coins for subway surfers. Itneverhas been that easy.Our subway surfers cheats unlimited coins can help youtoincreaseyour playing experience and have more fun withplayingSubwaySurfers new version 2017 cheat and for subway surfersallversions.If you want to share the love, tell your friends about it.Free cheats for unlimited keys and coins on subway surfersthatworkswill show you how to get unlimited coins to your accountsandcashtoo Download Subway Surfers .subway surfers unlimited keys and coins full version gamesWith subway surfers unlimited keys and coins and subwaysurferstipswill help you to be a king of the game!FAQssubway surfers cheatssubway surfers hacksubway surfers hacked versionsubway surfers unlimited coinssubway surfers online hacksubway surfers all gamessubway surfers real game but not the guidesubway surfers updateDownload it and read carefully all stepsfromapplicationsubwaysurfers unlimited coins. After a while youwillsee how you accountbecome stronger and bigger and you as aplayerwill become apowerful ally for everyone in this game SubwaySurfersgamedownload . subway surfers online hack is very populargame withalot of players and you should use any help which you canget.Souse subway surfers update hack tool, tricks and cheat ingameandbe a true king!Unlimited Keys is a tool to prank the users of SubwaySurfers.Youcan prank your family and friends and make them believethatyoubought Keys.This app is not a real tool and does not really buy any Keys.Itisjust a prank to have a good laugh.---DISCLAIMER---Statement Of Law:This is not an official game from the publisher ofSubwaySurfers.Please note that the game, characters and animationsareprotectedand belong to the creators of the game. Thisapplicationaims toprovide information about playing the game's madetoprank subway surfers players .
New Super Fast Battery Charger 1.2
Fast Charger will automaticallyactivatewhenyou plug the charger.HOW TO USEthe fast charging charger :you just press the "Start" button, the appwillautomaticallyoptimize the phone's charging capabilities by:killall backgroundapps, turn off wifi, bluetooth off, turn offthephone makesinternet ... faster charging. If you want to stopitjust press"Stop" to restore all signals will be connectedagain.Also you cancustomize the applications(fast charging app)from thefast such asflashlight, Calculator, Camera,screenbrightness...FUNCTION:* fast charging Battery charging not only faster, but alsoextendthelife of your battery.* Displays the battery's basic information suchas:Technology,Voltage,Temperature ; Health, Plugged, fastChargeHealth* Quick control: camera,flasht light we recommanded* Beautifully designed, simple to use.* Fast charging Application is FREE forever!* super Fast charging is easy to useYou can avoid the rest, or entertained by watching TV oryoutubefora few minutes and when you return to the surprise whenyourbatteryis fully charged.yooppii is fast chargingapplication!!Super Fast Charging-charge rapide is compatible with a varietyofthelatest phones like: Galaxy S7 Edge Plus, LG G5, LG V10,GalaxyNote 5is not fast charging but you can try it, Vivo Xplay5,Xperia X,Galaxy Note 7; Galaxy note ... Please contact [email protected] if you experience anytrouble.Thankyou!-futuresSuper Fast Battery Charging Features-Shows the battery capacity in the app.-Automatically activate fast charging mode, whenchargerplugin.-Automatically activate power saver mode.-Automatically less brightness.-Automatically turn off wifi.-Automatically turn off bluetooth.-Automatically turn off speed fast chargingRecent changes:Fast battery Charger team !
Лучшие приложения для андроид 1.1.0
Мы - это лучшие акции в лучших играх,десяткиэксклюзивных подарков, фейерверк приятных впечатлений. Мы -это с2016 года, ежедневные, новые предложения, и именно вы узнаетео нихраньше всех.Мобильный телефон давно стал не только средством общения, ноиспособом отдохнуть. Таких способов существует очень много, налюбойвкус: и разноцветные шарики “три-в-ряд”, приключения ихоррор-игры,популярные онлайн-RPG, и гонки, и логическиеголоволомки и задачки.Любите играть, но часто слышите внутреннийголос, говорящий, чтонадо экономить на развлечениях? Теперь дляэтого можно скачатьприложение!To play or not to play? С нами вопрос не остаетсяоткрытым.Правильный ответ - конечно, играть, причем бесплатно и всамыеинтересные игры!Знаете, как работают бонусные системы оффлайн? Вы приобретаетекартуили скачиваете приложение и начинаете получать приятныебонусы припосещении любимых магазинов или заведений. Тактикапростая: скидкипобольше, бесплатная чашка кофе, самое лучшее местоу окна… Мыдействуем по схожей схеме. Однако с нами не понадобитсяни промокод(да кому вообще нужны эти промокоды?), ни купоны, нирегистрациякарточки в системе. Да и предлагаем мы вам неабстрактнуюскидку.Устанавливая игры по ссылкам от нашего приложения, вы безлишнихсложностей получите не только развлечение гарантированновысокогокачества, но и подарки в каждой из этих игр. “Халява, сэр”,- каксказал бы старина Бэрримор. Как “Купонатор”, только лучше ипроигры - да еще и не платные, а бесплатные. Мы познакомим вас сцелыммиром новых удовольствий. Наш девиз - ни дня в 2017 году безсамыхвыгодных предложений!Любите FPS? Мы тоже, и подберем для вас отличный шутер!Хотитеэффектный экшен? Не вопрос! Ищете страшные online-стрелялкипрозомби? Считайте, уже нашли! Сыграем в карты? Сыграем!Желаетепогонять на крутых машинах или мотоциклах в гонках навыживание?Легко! Любите стратегии и мморпг? Вот вам стратегия,онлайн рпг илиферма!Особенности приложения:1. Только новинки и топовые игры уровня Clash of Clans,ClashRoyale, Clash of Kings, Last Empire War Z, King of Avalon,HappyWheels, Jewels Saga, Hearthstone, Angry Birds, Shadow Fight,DeadTrigger, Earn to Die, N.O.V.A, Клеш оф кленс, FIFA,Minecraft,Worldof Tanks Blitz, Warface,Майнкрафт, Клеш рояль, Worms, BestFiends,Zombie Diary, Racing Fever, Hill Climb Racing, GTA,DriveAhead2. Только бесплатные игры с нашими акциями - вам непредложатсначала заплатить, а потом что-то получить!3. Только лучшие игры всех жанров: пазлы, аркады, шутеры отпервоголица, сетевые MMORPG, экшн, детские и казуальные игрыдлямальчиков, девочек, для двоих и всей семьи!4. С нами вы всегда уверены в том, что будет весело. Мы ужевыбралидля вас самое лучшее, и вы добьетесь результата быстрее,чемзабивая в Google запрос вроде “best multiplayer games android”или“counter strike на мобиле”!5. Большинство игр, участвующих в акциях, выпущено нарусскомязыке!Теперь вы знаете, как порадовать и взрослых, и детей. Ведь чтонашажизнь? Игра! No Game, No Life! Делитесь отличной новостьюсдрузьями - и играйте с ними по сети!Ключевые слова: лучшие приложения для андроид, лучшиеприложения,лучшие приложения 2016, лучшие приложения для общение изнакомства,лучшие приложения для фото с эффектами, лучшие программыдляандроид, лучшие программы, лучшие программы для android,лучшиепрограммы для телефона, лучшие программы 2016Внимание: для работы приложения требуется наличие интернета.- We are the beststocksin the best games, dozens of exclusive gifts, fireworkspleasantexperiences. - We are in 2016, daily, new proposals, andthat youwill learn about them before anyone else.The mobile phone has long been not just a means ofcommunication,but also a way to relax. Such methods, there is a lotfor everytaste and colored balls "three-in-a-row", adventure andhorrorgames, the popular online-of RPG, and race, and logicalpuzzles andpuzzles. Do you like to play, but often hear an innervoice sayingthat it is necessary to save on entertainment? Now theapplicationcan be downloaded for it!To play or not to play? With us, the question is left open.Thecorrect answer is - of course, to play at no cost and in themostexciting games!You know, how the bonus system offline? You get a map ordownloadthe application and start to get a nice bonus when youvisit yourfavorite stores or establishments. The tactic is simple:morediscounts, free cup of coffee, the best window seat ... Weoperateon a similar scheme. However, we do not need any promotioncode(but who do need these promotional codes?), No coupons orcardsregistered in the system. And we offer you a discountnotabstract.By installing the game on the links from our app, you will getnotonly fun guaranteed high quality without the mess, but the giftsineach of those games. "Freebie, sir" - said the old man asifBarrymore. As "Kuponator", only better and about the game -butstill not paid and free. We introduce you to a whole new worldofpleasure. Our motto is - a day in 2017 without the verybestdeals!Love FPS? We, too, and will pick up for you a great shooter! Ifyouwant a spectacular action? No problem! Looking for ascaryonline-shooter zombie? Consider already found! We play cards?Playthe game! Do you want to drive a cool car or motorcycle in theracefor survival? Easily! Love Strategy and MMORPG? Here is astrategyRPG online or farm!Features of the app:1. Only new items and top level of the game Clash of Clans,ClashRoyale, Clash of Kings, Last Empire War Z, King of Avalon,HappyWheels, Jewels Saga, Hearthstone, Angry Birds, Shadow Fight,DeadTrigger, Earn to Die, NOVA , Flared of-Clancy, FIFA,Minecraft,World of Tanks Blitz, Warface, Maynkraft, Flared piano,Worms, BestFiends, Zombie Diary, Racing Fever, Hill Climb Racing,GTA, DriveAhead2. Only free games with our offer - you do not offer to payfirstand then get something!3. Only the best games of all genres: puzzles, arcade games,firstperson shooters, the network of MMORPG, action, children andcasualgames for boys, girls, for two people, and the wholefamily!4. With us you are always sure that will be fun. We have chosenforyou the best, and you will achieve results faster than scoringinGoogle query like "best multiplayer games android" or"counterstrike on a mobile phone"!5. Most of the games, participating in promotions, releasedinRussian!Now you know how to please both adults and children. After all,whatis life? A game! No Game, No Life! Share the good news withyourfriends - and play with them on the net!Tags: best apps for android, the best apps, best apps 2016bestapplications for communication and love, the best app forphotoswith effects, the best programs for android, the bestprograms, thebest programs for android, the best programs for yourphone, bestprograms in 2016Note: the application requires a working Internet.
Cheats Clash Royale Prank 1.0
Use our Cheats Clash Royale Hack tooltoprankClash Royale players game and make them believe thatClashRoyaleGems and Gold are Free to Generate .Now you can find a secret ways to get more gems acquiremoregoldwith our simple Clash Royale to get Unlimited Gems andGold.Features:- get Free Gems Clash Royale .- Clash Royale Card and Deck Info- Clash Royale Unlimited Gems and Gold .- Layouts and map designs- Tips and tactics- Earn Gems .- clash royale chest tracker- clash royale card maker- make your own clash royale card- clash royale deck adviser makerThis is not a Clash Royale hacked version .Do you need more free gems for Clash Royale?Are you fan of Clash Royal ? This prank app is made for youA very useful app for All Clashers.If you want to enhanced your account with unlimited gems andgoldandunlock all VIP feature or build your base two time fasterthanyoualways do or even dominate the game then this isyouranswer.Notice :This app doesn't contain any gems hack, surveys or anyothermethodto get free gems. This app and its content is notaffiliatedwith,endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved bySupercellandSupercell is not responsible for it.
Freedom 3
See files and data that the apps need root for this app to work
Хочу в ТОП ВК 1.0.1
Boost Vk
Мы собрали большую пользовательскую аудиторию, поэтомурадыпредложить вам легкий и удобный инструмент дляповышенияпопулярности своего профиля или группы в социальной сетиВКонтакте.Раскручивай свой профиль(лайки, подписчики), выполняйзадания иполучай тысячи новых подписчиков, лайков за считанныеминуты.Любоеискуственное увеличение популярности страницы воВконтакте можетпривести к бану страницы, поэтому используя нашеприложение будьтеосторожны и знайте меру. Мы не несемотвественности за возможныйбан или ущерб, что оговоренопользовательским соглашением.Мы ненакрутка, мы лишь помогаем нашимпользователям привлечь к себевнимание и найти новых друзей.We havecollected a large user base,so pleased to offer you an easy andconvenient tool to increase thepopularity of their profile or groupin the social networkVKontakte. Promote your profile (huskies,subscribers), to performtasks and get thousands of new subscribers,likes in a matter ofminutes.Any artificial increase in thepopularity of the pageFaceBook page may lead to ban, so using ourapp, be careful and beaware measure. We accept no liability for anyban or damage thatotherwise user agreement.We do not cheat, we willonly help ourusers to draw attention to themselves and make newfriends.
Shadow - Kid's Key Logger 1.0
Shadow is a monitoring android application which isspeciallydeveloped for the parents. Shadow will also help you whenone ofyour friend ask for your phone to use for ten minutes,but youdon'ttrust him or her.So what can you do is, You can simplyactivateSHADOW and give phone to your friend. When he/her returnyour phoneagain ,you can check that whether he or she didanunnecessary/inappropriate things on your phone. SHADOW willrecordevery key event he or she made during that time includingveryuseful info such as Applications he used,Time they use them,keyevents and etc. For the parents, What they can do is theycaninstall this app on kid's phone and activate SHADOW and lateronparents can check what are the things done by kids duringthatperiod. The things in the sense what are the key events theyused.Did they search garbage on internet? or Did he/she textingtosomeone whole the time he/she supposed to study? There's asmallguide in app itself. Refer below if you facesomedifficulties.Guidelines to Users* Install app* Activate Shadow(Youwill directed to the Language and Input Settings in your phone.Youneed to enable SimpleIME and select it as your defaultinputmethod) That's All..!!You are good to go. You can view logfileusing app. And there are so many features(specially youcanauthenticate app by providing password which preventstheunauthorized access) .Enjoy Shadowing....!!