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Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links 3.5.0
"Yu-Gi-Oh!" is available on-the-go as a mobile app! Do you havewhatit takes to become the King of Games? ・Easy to learn rulesandsimple controls for beginners! Engrossing and rewardinggameplayfor "Yu-Gi-Oh!" veterans! ・Duel players from around theworld inthis action-packed PvP card game! ・A huge cast ofcharacters from"Yu-Gi-Oh!," "Yu-Gi-Oh! GX," and "Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's"!・Duel as YamiYugi, Seto Kaiba, Jaden Yuki, Yusei Fudo, and manymore, from thewhole canon! ・Featuring voicework from cast membersof the originalshows! ・Epic 3D cutscenes when ace monsters aresummoned! ・Collectcards to build your very own Deck and defeat youropponents![FEATURES] Fighting Card Games - Battle other Duelistsand theirspecial battle Decks - Intuitive controls for beginners!Depth tosatisfy "Yu-Gi-Oh!" veterans! - Build your Deck to becomethe mostpowerful Dueling Master, with monsters like "Dark Magician"and"Blue-Eyes White Dragon" - Strategic gameplay makes youdecidewhich card comes out next! - Duel with your favoritecharactersfrom the Yu-Gi-Oh! world and complete Stage missionsOnlineMultiplayer Battles - Fight Legendary Duelists from the showlikeYugi, Kaiba, Joey, and Mai! - Multiplayer games force you tofindyour opponents weakness and strategize - PVP battles pityouagainst players from around the world! Climb through therankingsand take your place as the Duel World King! Card BattleDeck -Collect cards and form the most powerful Deck for battle! -Buildyour ultimate Deck and aim for the top - Use the cards thatyoucollect in-game to build and edit your trusty Deck to takeonopponents! - Shop for cards in the game store! Stay tunedforfuture card additions! [ABOUT "Yu-Gi-Oh!"] "Yu-Gi-Oh!" is apopularmanga created by Kazuki Takahashi that was serialized inSHUEISHAInc.'s "WEEKLY SHONEN JUMP" since 1996. KonamiDigitalEntertainment Co., Ltd. provides a Trading Card Game (TCG)andconsole games, based on "Yu-Gi-Oh!" created from theoriginalmanga, that are enjoyed around the world. [Supported OS]Android4.4 and above
Life Points Counter - Yu-Gi-Oh! 2.0.2
Life Points Counter is an app that manage and calculates theLifePoints of an Yu-Gi-Oh! duel. In addition to assist the duelistwithvarious other features as dice rolling and coin toss in amodernand intuitive way!* It has a great variety of visuals thatrefersto each anime season! *Features:- Life PointCalculator-Customizable Start Life- Manual input- Multiplayer (upto 4Players)- Counter marker section- Dynamic Dice Roll- DynamicCoinToss- Multiple Skins (Anime Related)- Amazing Designs(AnimeRelated) - Sound Effects (Anime Related)- Etc
Mabinogi Duel GGOO_32_75.0
NEXON Company
▷ Mobile TCG with StrategyDuel with your own unique deck using12cardsUnlimited combinations and strategies with 1,000differenttypes of cards▷ Scenario ModeYou can easily learn the gamebytraveling through the Mabinogi world with unique/funnycharacters▷Duel Modes[Draft Mission] You can duel with 12 randomcards!Doesn’t matter if you don’t possess any good cards![DailyMission]Play with your own unique deck! New missions!Other modesincludingLIVE 1vs1 Duels and other battle modes!▷ Card Trade[SoulLink]Allows for Card Trades, similar that of real life![PersonalShops]Allows duelers to trade with duelists from all over theworld!▷Continuous Card UpdatesCharacters from [Mabinogi] and[Vindictus]have arrived in Mabinogi Duel!Meet different charactersin MabinogiDuel now!▶CommunityNew events and announcements can beseen at ourOfficial Forum and Facebook!*OfficialFacebook:*OfficialForum:▶Customer SupportAre you havingtroubleswith thegameplay?Visit Settings -> Customer Support!Terms ofService:[Mabinogi Duel requires OS4.0 orhigherfor smooth gameplay. A crash might occur on some olderdevices. Youwill need a network connection to play.]
Duel Calculator Cyrus 1.5.0
Cyrus is a Life Point Calculator app for Yu-Gi-Oh!.Thank youfor100,000 Download!Thank you for your reviews and comments!Thenextversion up will be a big update.The Next Cyrus is going toenhancethe customization.(Player Name, Sound Effect, Custom Theme,DisplayOrientation, etc.)However, it will take a very long timebecause weplan reviewing the design and re-creating from thebeginning.Pleasewait a little while more.Feature:- Large Life PointDisplay- SwipeCalculation for Payment of Half Lifepoint etc.- Dice-Coin- DuelLog (can switch valid/invalid )- Log Archives- SoundEffects- etc.
Lp Counter YuGiOh 26.0
Práctico contador de puntos de vida (LP) para disfrutar del duelodemonstruos (YuGiOh) de la mejor manera. Sonidos basados en laserieanime. YuGiOh!,YuGiOh!GX, YuGiOh 5D's y YuGiOh ZEXAL.Permitecambiar el nombre de los jugadores. Modo práctico dereducción oadición de puntos de vida. Dos modos de juego (vs eindividual) yun modo adicional de calculo (modo calculadora).Botones dereinicio, dado y moneda para ambos modos dejuego.************************************************************************************************************Practicalcounter Points ( LP ) to enjoy dueling monsters (YuGiOh)in the bestway . Sounds based on the anime series .YuGiOh!,YuGiOh!GX, YuGiOh5D's y YuGiOh ZEXAL. Name change allowsthe players . PracticalReduction mode or addition of Life Points.Two game modes (vs andindividual) and an additional calculationmode ( calculator mode).Reset buttons , dice and money for bothmodes of play . Counterpractical life points (LP) to enjoy DuelMonsters (Yugioh) in thebest way. Sounds based on the animeseries. Duel Masters, YuGiOh!GX, 5D's and YuGiOh YuGiOh ZEXAL.Change the name of the players.practical way of reducing or addingpoints of life. Two game modes(VS and individual) and anadditional mode of calculation(calculator mode). Reset buttons,dice and money for both modes ofplay.************************************************************************************************************Practical counter Points (LP) to enjoy dueling monsters(YuGiOh) inthe best way. Sounds based on the anime series. DuelMasters,YuGiOh! GX, 5D's and YuGiOh YuGiOh ZEXAL. Name changeAllows theplayers. Practical Reduction mode or Addition of LifePoints. Twogame modes (vs single and) and an additional calculationmode(calculator mode). Reset buttons, dice and money for Both modesofplay.
Lp Counter YuGiOh Free 30.0
Práctico contador de puntos de vida (LP) para disfrutar del duelodemonstruos (YuGiOh) de la mejor manera. Sonidos basados en laserieanime.************************************************************************************************************Practicalcounter Points ( LP ) to enjoy dueling monsters (YuGiOh)in the bestway . Sounds based on the anime series . Counterpractical lifepoints (LP) to enjoy Duel Monsters (Yugioh) in thebest way. Soundsbased on the animeseries.************************************************************************************************************Practicalcounter Points (LP) to enjoy dueling monsters (YuGiOh) inthe bestway. Sounds based on the anime series.
YugiDuel: YuGiOh LP Calc Free 1.7.5
Logick LLC
The most straight-forward YuGiOh LP app on Android! Easyinterface,custom background, 4-player support, coin, dice, andlifepointchange log!MADE BY A YUGIOH JUDGEThis app was made by anofficialKDE Yugioh Judge (and duelist) who knows what is needed ina goodLP calculator app, so it was designed to promote simplicityandease-of-use during duels. Includes everything you need to speedupthe Battle Phase, eliminate math errors, and quicklyresolveeffects that use coins or dice. AUTOSAVE LPYugiDuelautosaves afterevery LP change in case something causes the app tocrash orrestart. Don't settle for a cheap LP calculator app thatmightcrash and lose your duel progress! Download YugiDuel now andyourlifepoint totals will always be safe, even in the event of acrashor app restart!EASY TO USEEach duelist has a dedicated set ofplusand minus buttons that are in the most common denominationsforlifepoint changes. Each series of button presses is consideredasingle transaction for LP Log purposes (Ex. +1000 +1000 +500=+2500 in the LP Log, just like it would be written in anotepad).LP bars visualize the lifepoints totals to give you aquick glimpseof who is winning the duel.FEATURES• Support for up to4 duelists!•Customize duelist names and starting LPs• Set your ownbackgroundimage• Dedicated buttons for common LP amounts• Halfbutton, Custombutton, Undo feature• LP totals autosave after eachchange• Coinflip and Dice roll (up to 3 dice)• LP Log keeps trackof lifepointschanges during duel to simulate the traditional LPnotepad• Optionto disable screen sleepKeep your mind on the dueland let YugiDuelLP Calculator keep up with the lifepoints!Feedbackis welcome andvery much appreciated. I read every message I getfrom auser.Email: [email protected]: @LogickLLCFacebook:LogickLLCP.S. My app, Yugipedia Deck Builder, is availableforAndroid/iOS! The card list is completely up-to-date and it'sgoingto stay that way! Building Yugioh decks has never beensoconvenient! Every duelist needs a deck building app.DownloadYugipedia today!*I’m not affiliated with KonamiorYu-Gi-Oh!*Yu-Gi-Oh!, and all related materials copyright©1996-2018 Kazuki Takahashi. Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game, andallrelated materials copyright © Konami Corporation.
YugiDuel: YuGiOh LP Calculator 1.7.4
Logick LLC
The most straight-forward YuGiOh LP app on Android! Easyinterface,custom background, and 4-player support!MADE BY A YUGIOHJUDGEKeeptrack of Life Points with ease using the YugiDuel LPCalculator forYuGiOh. This app was designed for the Yu-Gi-Oh!Trading Card Game,but it can also be configured for use with otherTCGs such asMagic: the Gathering. This app was made by an officialKDE Judgewho knows what is needed in a good LP app, so it wasdesigned topromote simplicity and ease-of-use. Includes everythingyou need tospeed up the Battle Phase, eliminate math errors, andquicklyresolve effects that use coins or dice.EASY TO USEEachplayer has adedicated set of plus and minus buttons that are in themost commondenominations for LP changes. Each series of buttonpresses isconsidered a single transaction for LP Log purposes (Ex.+1000+1000 +500 = +2500 in the LP Log, just like it would bewritten ina notebook). LP bars visualize the LP totals for thosewho are morevisually-oriented.FEATURES• Support for up to 4players!• Customizeplayer names and starting LPs• Set your ownbackground image•Dedicated buttons for common LP amounts• Halfbutton, Custombutton, Undo feature• Coin flip and Dice roll (up to3 dice)• LPLog keeps track of LP changes to simulate thetraditional LPnotebook• Option to disable screen sleep• Help page•NO ADS!Notsure if you wanna buy? Try the FREE versionfirst!Feedback iswelcome and very much appreciated. I read everymessage I get froma user.Email: [email protected]:@LogickLLCFacebook:Logick LLC*I’m not affiliated with Konami orYu-Gi-Oh!*Yu-Gi-Oh!,and all related materials copyright © 1996-2014Kazuki Takahashi.Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game, and all relatedmaterials copyright ©Konami Corporation.*Magic: The Gathering is atrademark of Wizardsof the Coast LLC.
Wishlist for YuGiOh! Pro
This unofficial app allows you to save your wanted Yu-Gi-Oh!cardsin a quick way directly on your device showing pictures,liveprices from several famous webstores, card text,availableexpansion sets and more useful data for collecting andtrading inyour local currency. This Pro version includes thefollowingextended features: • Ads free version • Multiple siteslinked •Total value of the list on footer • Unlimited searches •Unlimitedlists • Unlimited expansion set imports • Yugioh CardMarketunlimited import It contains a full offline database thatoffersthe autocomplete feature when inserting or looking for cardswiththose un-rememberable names. Check the available Expansion Setsforevery card, perform searches and sort by advanced filters suchasattribute, level or rarity. Please, be patient when you installtheapp for the first time: there are more than 12,000 cards tobeloaded! Wishlist for YuGiOh! displays live card prices forsinglesdirectly from webstores such as TCG Player or Yugioh CardMarket(it also integrates your Wants and Sells). In addition, youcandirectly access your favourite cards on some other sites likeEbayor Amazon. You can also define a Custom Value for each listedcardand even a custom currency for it. Receive notifications whenalisted card is cheaper than the inserted Custom Value or whenastore has new Top Sells. Want a list for your deck and otherforyour trades? It allows you to create multiple lists and checkthereal-time value of your collection. All the displayedinformationcan be hidden in order to reduce the data traffic andprocessoroperations. Hide undesired stores, add columns to thelists, stoploading images to make it lighter and faster...This is atotallycustomizable tool. Listed cards can be searched anddisplayed inall available languages, if they exist for that card,depending onyour device language. Import and export from and todifferentformats. Share your lists with all your friends in an easyway!This app is being updated regularly to offer new featuresandlatest sets. Suggest us what you want or miss by leavingyourfeedback. Yu-Gi-Oh! is copyrighted by Konami Corporation. Thisappis not produced, affiliated or supported by Konami Corporation.
TCGplayer 3.5.1
Fully Integrated Scanning - Scan Magic, Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh!cardsto instantly find prices, sell and shop on, addtoyour collection—even create Trade-In submissions for yourMagiccards. Fast, Accurate Pricing - Choose between Mid, Low,Direct Lowand Market Price—plus Trade-In High for Magic—to seecurrentTCGplayer price data. Scan to Sell - Create a listing withphotosfrom your mobile device by snapping pictures and publishingyourlisting through the app. Manage Your Collection - Createnewdecklists or import lists you’ve saved from previous versionsofthe TCGplayer App. You can also rename or duplicate lists andsharethem with your friends via email or another app. AccurateImageRecognition - Whether you scan cards right-side up or upsidedown,in sleeves or in a binder, the app will quickly andcorrectlyidentify them. Just make sure you scan at a 45° angle anduse aplain background that contrasts with the card border. SetPrinting,Condition & More - Find the price for the exactversion of thecard you have by selecting whether or not it’s foil,what conditionit’s in and what language it is. Works withNon-English Cards - Itdoesn’t matter if you can’t read the text onthe card. The app willtell you what it is and how much it’s worth.Scans Several Cards atOnce - The app will scan as many cards as youcan fit within yourcamera’s field of view. Just make sure theentire card is in frameand avoid obstructions. Need assistance?Contact us [email protected] and we’ll be happy to help!
Life Points Counter PRO - Yu-Gi-Oh! 2.0.2
Life Points Counter is an app that manage and calculates theLifePoints of an Yu-Gi-Oh! duel. In addition to assist the duelistwithvarious other features as dice rolling and coin toss in amodernand intuitive way!* It has a great variety of visuals thatrefersto each anime season! *Features:- Life PointCalculator-Customizable Start Life- Manual input- Multiplayer (upto 4Players)- Counter marker section- Dynamic Dice Roll- DynamicCoinToss- Multiple Skins (Anime Related)- Amazing Designs(AnimeRelated)- Sound Effects (Anime Related)- Etc
Duel Deck 1.1.8
After huge success on iPhone/iPad, finally Duel Deck landsonAndroid also! Everything always 100% free. This is a verysimpleand powerful life point calculator for card games asYu-Gi-Oh! (R).Everything is on one page, so everything isaccessible with justone touch. It supports two players and itremembers their names.It's very easy to use it: just type in thescores and then tap '+'or '-' below the selected player. Scores getupdated instantly andyou can go on with your next move. Mostimportant thing: thisapplication is 100% free! ("Yu-Gi-Oh!" is aregistered trademark ofKazuki Takahashi)
Duel: Yu-Gi-Oh! Life Point Tracker 1.3.3
John Bussell
The easiest all-in-one tracker for your Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading CardGameduels! Simple but powerful, both players can be in control onthesame device! -FEATURES- • Easy to understand design • NEW:15+themes! Choose your colour scheme based on various charactersandevents! • NEW: Custom background support! Choose any image onyourphone to create a custom field center! • Two-playerinterfaceallowing each player to track their life points. • Quickaccess toaddition, subtraction, and halving operations. • Fullyrandomised& animated die roll and coin flip. • Field centerframe option:use your device to signify the middle of the field foreasy play onany surface! • Toggle screen auto-lock to keep yourdevice unlockedfor the whole duel. • Track match progress! Keeptrack of each duelresult! • History recording! Easily view and undoany actionstaken!* *Requires in-app purchase to enable. -LEGAL-Yu-Gi-Oh! andall related materials are copyright 1996 KazukiTakahashi Yu-Gi-Oh!Trading Card Game, and all related materials arecopyright KONAMICorporation. All rights reserved. Duel: Yu-Gi-Oh LPTracker is anunofficially developed application and is not endorsedby oraffiliated with KONAMI Corporation. This reference applicationisintended purely for informational purposes only and toassistplayers enjoy the Yu-Gi-Oh! Trading Card Game.
Triangle Duel - Life Point Calculator - yugioh 3.0
EASY TO USE Each duelist has a dedicated set of plus andminusbuttons that are in the most common denominations forlifepointchanges. FEATURES • Designed primary for triangle duel,but can beeasily used for normal duel! • Dedicated buttons forcommon LPamounts • 15 original Duel Themes for background music •Coin flipand Dice roll • 4 buttons that have a Playout System thatplayssound effects on button click • Option to disable screen sleepKeepyour mind on the duel and let Triangle Duel - Life PointCalculator- yugioh keep up with the lifepoints! Feedback is welcomeand verymuch appreciated. I read every message I get from a user.Email:[email protected] *Some Icons made by Smashicons *I’m notaffiliated withKonami or Yu-Gi-Oh! *Yu-Gi-Oh!, and all relatedmaterials copyright© 1996-2015 Kazuki Takahashi. Yu-Gi-Oh! TradingCard Game, and allrelated materials copyright © Konami Corporation.
Yugioh Calc - Duelroid Pro 1.1
Dryad Dynamics
Features:- Scorekeeping for both players- Switch between typingandbuttons as input (Settings menu)- A 40 minutes countdowntimer-Dice roll- Coin flip- Lifepoints are stored safely, evenwhenDuelroid Pro is shutdown- A History list for easyscore-trackingwhen needed- Attractive interface- Holo is supportedfor Android4.0+ devices- An always growing list of customizationoptionsPleaserate the app after installing it. If you have anyquestions,comments or bug reports, please let us know.
Yugioh Calculator 14
This app is Calculator of Life Point for Duel. This appcancalculate two players Life-Point. Please use this app , becauseIthink this app is the most useful calculator for all Duel player!==Functional list== LP-Calculator dice coin Log change skinchangebackground change player name Link to Wikia etc...※Thisapplication and developer are not related © 1996 KAZUKITAKAHASHIand ©2012 Konami Digital Entertainment .
Card Maker for YugiOh 1.6
Card Maker for YugiOh helps you create YugiOh cards quicklyandeasily. It is a must have tool for YugiOh card creators, tradecardgame (TCG) lovers or any comic fans who love fantasy artwork oftheseries. With this app you can fulfill your card desk withmonsters,spells and rituals, then become a trading cards master forfunwithout spending money on the real expensive YugiOh cards. Youcanprint it out, create a custom creative desk and duel withotherduelists. FEATURES: - Inline editing, super easy to use. -Savehistory, ready to update your cards. - Support multiple typeandgeneration of YugiOh trading card (normal, spell, effect,ritual,xyz, synchro..) - Unlimited creativity, you can captureeverythinginto your cards. From fantasy monsters to mighty blueeyes dragons,knight, witch, necromancer..etc - Many free cardthemes to choose,give your suggestion in review section so we canmake more. -Sample premium card and we will add more in the nextupdate. -Online gallery for sharing with your TCG card creators. -Pendulumsupport in the next update. DISCLAIMER: Card Maker forYugiOh DuelTCG is just a tool and no way affiliate with or endorsedby KonamiDigital Entertainment. YuGiOh content and materials aretrademarksand copyrights of Konami Digital Entertainment. This apphas beenbuilt by YugiOh fan for fans.
Solitaire 2.9.482
Solitaire Fun
Solitaire is a FREE classic solitaire card game, which containstheBRAND-NEW designed cards and themes. It is true to the spiritofthe classic solitaire (also known as Klondike or Patience) andhelpyou to keep your brain busy & sharp. ⚡ HIGHLIGHTS ⚡ -ClassicSolitaire Gameplay: We kept the game true to the spirit oftheclassic solitaire (also known as Klondike or Patience),andspecifically optimized the game for an unmatchedsolitareexperience on mobile devices. - Fun & AddictiveChallenges:Solitaire card games are fun and challenging puzzlegames thatanyone can enjoy! Gameplay is very simple to start buthard tomaster. Millions of users are having fun for hours every dayallover the world! - Beautiful Designs & Customizable Themes:Byremoving all the unnecessary features, our game is themosteasy-to-play with clean and intuitive designs. Besides theawesomeFishdom theme, we have added 100+ beautiful themes on top oftheclassic card game design. ✨ FEATURES ✨ ♠ Daily challengeswithdifferent levels ♠ Customizable beautiful themes ♠ 2PlayersTournaments ♠ 4 Players Tournaments ♠ Up to 10 top records♠Klondike Solitaire Draw 1 card or 3 cards ♠ Standard orVegasCasino scoring ♠ Timer mode ♠ Left-handed mode ♠ Landscapemode ♠Multiple languages supported ♠ Single tap or drag&drop tomovecards ♠ Auto-collect cards on completion ♠ Auto-save game inplay ♠Feature to Undo moves ♠ Feature to use Hints ♠ Play offline!Nowifi required Like playing Patience or Klondike Solitaire on PC?Itis surely the BEST classic solitaire game in your hands! Trainyourbrain as well as kill time with friends together! COME and TRYourSolitaire Fishdom card game for FREE! ★★★ 100% Addictive &Fun,Download It NOW! ★★★ Any problems or question? Email [email protected]
Solitaire! 2.243.0
**The World #1 classic solitaire card game is now AVAILABLE foryouto DOWNLOAD and play in your spare time for FREE! ** COME andTRYour Solitaire card game for FREE! Our classic solitaire cardgamewill make you feel excited both mentally and physically. PLAYourBEST Solitaire card app which is guaranteed to bring all theneedsfor every player who is fond of Solitaire, Casino Card GamesandCasual Games NOW! We have always maintained our true spiritwithSolitaire, also known as Klondike Solitaire or Patience, inourgame. At the same time, the new card gameplay designs willbringyou a new solitaire blast and keep the card game entertained!Thisamazing card game is really simple and addictive. With ourspecialdesigned graphics, we ensure you to experience the BESTSolitairecard game! What makes our solitaire game so special: ♠ Funandaddictive gameplay of Classic Solitaire- Klondike Solitaire Draw1card- Klondike Solitaire Draw 3 cards- Option for All Winningdeals♠ More practical but easy options for Modern Solitaire-Unlimitedfree undo and hints- Complete Daily Challenge for moretrophies-Timer Mode available ♠ Be More Competitive- Personalrecords andStatistics for you to defeat your old score everyday-Winning DealLeaderboard ♠ For Your Convenience: make your Solitairegame a loteasier- Auto complete for solved Solitaire game- VariousCardFaces, Backs and Table Backgrounds with beautiful graphic- Leftandright handed mode- Capable for most of devices- PortraitorLandscape view- Customize your background with yourfavoritepicture! We always miss the fun that solitaire brought tous in thepast! Here is a chance to enjoy the card fun again!Remember toshare the best classic solitaire card game with yourfamily andfriends! Train your brain as well as killing some timewith friendsand family together! ★★★DOWNLOAD this FREE Solitairecard game onyour device for FREE NOW! ★★★
The italian briscola game with neapolitan, bergamo, spanishandfrench cards. Quick, simple and free! - You can play with 1 or3players controlled by the device - You can change the graphics-You may set 3 difficulty levels and several more option,tocustomize the gaming experience Briscola is one of Italy'smostpopular card games together with Scopa and Tressette. It isalsopopular as Bisca or Brisca in South America.
Online Belka Card Game 2.20
Online Belka is the favorite game of Karaganda and other citiesofKazakhstan.The goal is to win the game opening 12 "eye" intheparty or to get 120 points in the distribution.
MTG Wishlist
This unofficial app allows you to save your wanted MagicTheGathering cards in a quick way directly on your deviceshowingpictures, live prices from several famous webstores, cardtext,available expansion sets and more useful data for collectingandtrading in your local currency. It contains a full offlinecardsdatabase that offers the autocomplete feature when insertingorlooking for cards with those un-rememberable names. Checktheavailable Expansion Sets for every card, perform searches andsortby advanced filters such as artist, colour or card type.Please, bepatient when you install the app for the first time:there are morethan 20,000 cards to be loaded! MTG Wishlist displayslive cardprices for singles directly from the following webstoressuch asTCG Player, Black Border, Card Shark, Deck Tutor or MagicCardMarket (it also integrates your Wants and Sells). In addition,youcan directly access your favourite cards on some other siteslikeGatherer, TC Decks, Star City Games,, EbayorAmazon. You can also define a Custom Value for each listed cardandeven a custom currency for it. Receive notifications when alistedcard is cheaper than the inserted Custom Value or when astore hasnew Top Sells. Want a list for your deck and other foryour trades?It allows you to create multiple lists and check thereal-timevalue of your collection. All the displayed informationcan behidden in order to reduce the data traffic andprocessoroperations. Hide undesired stores, add columns to thelists, stoploading images to make it lighter and faster...This is atotallycustomizable tool. Listed cards can be searched anddisplayed inall available languages, if they exist for that card,depending onyour device language. Import and export from and todifferentformats. Share your lists with all your friends in an easyway!This app is being updated regularly to offer new featuresandlatest sets. Suggest us what you want or miss by leavingyourfeedback. If you have any doubt about how MTG Wishlist works,visitour FAQsite: Gathering is copyrighted by Wizards of the Coast. Thisapp isnot produced, affiliated or supported by Wizards of theCoast.
Solitaire. 1.20.3935
Here comes the most popular and famous SOLITAIRE card gameonAndroid! Classic Solitaire, it also known as Klondike SolitaireorPatience solitaire. The best game for all Vegas Casino fans,keepyour brain sharp and win the daily deals. Solitaire retaintheclassical gameplay, just single tap, drag or drag to move thecard,bring you back to the times of Solitaire. 【Solitaire Features】-Unlimited free undo and Hints - Draw 1 card, or draw 3 cards-Auto-complete feature - Unique daily puzzle AND winning Deals-Track your records - Right and left hand deal layouts -Customizecard style - Tablet supported - Switch Portrait orLandscape viewmode - Multiple languages supported, English,Chinese, French,German, Korean, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish,Russian, andIndonesian It available FREE to download! Come here totest yourlogic and train your brain!
Solitaire classic card game 4.1
Solitaire classic card game, a free, easy to use and trulyenjoyableversion of the classic solitaire, offering seamlessgameplay,gorgeous graphics, and hours of addictive fun! Solitaireclassiccard game has been designed specifically for your smartphone andtablet, to bring you the best card game experience! Canyou think ofany better way to clear your head after a long daythan by sittingdown to play your favorite Solitaire classic cardgame? Better yet,wouldn’t you love to play said game on your smartphone or tabletthrough an easy to use and fun app? Well, wish nolonger! These arethe exact things you’ll get when you downloadSolitaire classic cardgame by Brilliant Labs for free, a gamepacked with great features,including: • Landscape and portraitSolitaire card game play • Playunlimited number of free solitairegames • Draw One card game(classic klondike mode) • Draw Threecards game 
• Undo moves •Right and left handed layouts on bothphone and tablet •Autocomplete to finish a solved solitaire game •Stunning graphicsand animations that you are going to love • Easyto read cards witha beautiful vintage look-and-feel • Beautifulwooden background •Show or hide timer option for your Solitairegame • Automatic gamesave and resume • One tap card placement withbest move detection •Drag and drop • Smart move detection •Classic standard Solitairescoring system and rules (also known asPatience and Klondike) •Solitaire Draw One Stats: Best score, besttimes and number of gameswon • Solitaire Draw Three Stats: Bestscore, best times and numberof games won • Designed for tablet andphone • Crafted with love inLondon and San Francisco Solitaireclassic card game by BrilliantLabs background: The free Solitaireclassic card game by BrilliantLabs is the #1 card game. Our appgives you the original truesolitaire experience (this game is alsoknown as Patience andKlondike). If you love the classic Solitaireor any other classicpatience card game, you are going to love iton your smart phone andtablet. x Have fun with solitaire classiccard game! Brilliant Labs
Solitaire : Cooking Tower 1.2.0
The Windows solitaire game has returned to mobile! Now, let'senjoya very fun card game on the Android platform for free! Win acardpack and climb the Cooking Tower to finish your ownrestaurant!Download and enjoy the Solitaire Cooking Tower! ■ Cardgame formemories of Windows - Very easy and simple card games! ■BuildRestaurants! Collect Hot Dog, Taco, Chinese Restaurant andavariety of international restaurants! ■ Start CollectingCardsDecks! - Create your own Card Decks while playing solitaire!PuppyDecks, Kitty Decks, Blossom Decks and much more! ■ The bestgamewhen in the bathroom - For those of you who have constipation,thisis a good thing. ■ Games that are easy for beginners to enjoy -Mygrandmother is over too. ■ Load combo mode that does notstoptension - Let's get a star with a combo! ■ A game where you canseethe cuisine of the world at a glance - After a week ofplayinggames, I became a gourmet. ■ Games that are too addictive tostop -Be careful. Delicious restaurants and unique card decks fromaroundthe world are constantly being updated at the Solar CookingTower!• READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE • WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE The abovetwopermissions are required to share a screenshot of the game.
Solitaire ! 1.0
Solitaire is the #1 fast solitaire card game app. Solitaire pokerisa popular and classic single player card game also known asKlondikeSolitaire and Patience. With crisp, clear graphics, and astartforward layout, thisソリティア げーむ app is one you don’t want tomiss out!We have stayed to the spirit of the classic Solitaire andcarefullydesigned a fresh modern look, woven into the wonderfulclassic pokergames that everyone love. Experience the crisp, clearand easy toread card game, simple and quick animations and subtlesounds, ineither landscape or portrait views.You can move cardswith a singletap or drag them to their destination. You can eitherplay the easyDraw 1 games where most games are winnable, or if youfeel up-to thechallenge, try your luck with 3 card solitaire andVegas play modes.If you enjoy adding a personal touch to yourgame, customize thebackdrop and card backs.This no-wifi games isthe most fun,beautiful, and user-friendly classic Solitaire you’veever playedbefore. With this free card fast Solitaire app, weoffer Dailychallenges and updating our classic Solitaire toinclude fun newfeatures! If you like poker card games like bigfish solitaire, youare going to LOVE this app! The familiarclassic Solitaire game youused to play is now available on mobiledevices!TOP FEATURES:• Playbrand newソリティア アプリevery single day!• Nosquinting! Finally a cardgame you can see on a small screen.•Saved progress to continue onany device when you login with youraccount. • Doesn’t use lives soyou can play your favorite fastsolitaire card game as long as you’dlike!• Solitaire is no wifigames• Rewards for your progress andachievements.• Play longstreaks of cards to win bonuses!• See whereyou rank and how manycard game challenges you have finished!• Morechallenges, modes,and beautifully hand painted backgrounds that youwon’t find inclassic Klondike, Spider, Pyramid, or Free Cellsolitaire pokercard game.• If you enjoy fast solitaire plus thechallenges andstrategy of games like Mahjong, word search, patienceand puzzles,then you are going to love Solitaire!We brought to lifeeverythingyou love about classic solitaire. Next time you're goingcrazy fromboredom on a plane or on a train, waiting in line or foranappointment – pass time with this fast solitaire. Playpatiencekartenspiel poker card game to wake up your brain in themorning orto clear your mind before going to bed.The addicting gameyou’vebeen playing on your computer for years now goes wherever youdo.This classic Solitaire card game is a universal app, playableinthe best resolution available for all the devices. Try ourBESTFREE SOLITAIRE card game, which is beautiful and fun likeclassicSolitaire. Simple and addicting, patience kartenspiel issure tobring back old memories of the days when Windows Solitairecardgame reigned supreme. We’ve taken the classic solitaireexperienceand revamped it for the new century.Unlike some solitairegamesthat lack polish and others that add too many bells andwhistles,distracting from the classic solitaire experience, ソリティアアプリstrikes the perfect balance both in terms of vintagesolitairegameplay and practical modern design, giving you just therightamount of options for all your solitaire needs! Join us withthisSolitaire mania NOW!
Classic Solitaire 2.9.481
Classic Gameplay:We kept the game true to the spirit of theclassicSolitaire (also known as Klondike or Patience), andspecificallyoptimized the game for an unmatched solitary experienceon mobilephones. Addictive and Challenging:Solitaire card games arefun andchallenging puzzle games that anyone can enjoy! Gameplay isverysimple to start but hard to master. Millions of users arehavingfun for hours everyday!Beautiful Designs:By removing alltheunnecessary features, our game is the most easy-to-play withcleanand intuitive designs. Meanwhile, we have added manybeautifulthemes on top of the classic card game design. OurGameFeatures♠Daily challenges with different levels♠Cleananduser-friendly menus ♠Big and easy to see cards♠Single tapordrag&drop to move cards♠Customizable beautiful themes♠Draw1card ♠Draw 3 cards ♠Auto-collect cards on completion♠Auto-savegamein play♠Feature to UNDO moves♠Feature to use hints♠StandardorVegas scoring♠Timer mode supported♠Left-handedsupported♠Landscapemode supported♠Up to 10 top records♠Offline playand no datacost♠More features to come!It's completely Free!Download it now,relax and have fun with the best Solitaireexperience!
Eternal Card Game 1.44.0
RAISE THE BANNER With spells and swords, six-guns andsubterfuge,heroes collide in the struggle for the Eternal Throne.Where willyou stand? Join the battle in Eternal, the new strategycard gameof unlimited choices and unbelievable fun. THE BEST OFBOTH WORLDSEternal combines the infinite possibilities of a deepstrategy cardgame with the pace and polish of a modern video game.Build anydeck you can imagine by freely mixing cards from anexpandingcollection, and plunge into lightning-fast battles. Theonly limitsare your own creativity. A GAME THAT GROWS WITH ITSPLAYERS InEternal, there’s always something new. Frequent new cardsreleasebetween set launches to guarantee that the meta-game nevergetsstale. A steady influx of unexplored content keeps even themostexperienced players on their toes. What will you create? TESTYOURWITS NOT YOUR WALLET Looking for a white hat that fits? Hereyougo. All gameplay — every card and every game mode — in Eternalcanbe earned or unlocked without ever paying a dime. It’s trulyfreeto play. ENEMIES AT EVERY TURN Eternal’s tactical AIwashand-crafted by some of the best professional TCG players intheworld. With dozens of enemy decks, wild “boss level”environments,and unique card mechanics, Eternal stands ready tochallengeplayers at any hour of the day or night.
Animation Throwdown: Your Favorite Card Game 1.95.2
FAMILY GUY! BOB’S BURGERS! FUTURAMA! AMERICAN DAD! KING OF THEHILL!All your favorite TV shows are duking it out in AnimationThrowdown:CCG! Collect, combine, and upgrade hundreds of cards,featuringcharacters and moments from your favorite cartoons. Fightotherplayers in strategic head-to-head card battles. Join a Guildwithyour friends, share tips and tricks through chat, then competeinepic Rumbles and Sieges for loot and glory – can you rise tothetop? 👑 The game may be digital, but the stakes are real!* Thefateof the world rests in your hands!** (*Stakes are not real)(**Thefate of the world does not rest in your hands.) STEWIE,BENDER,TINA BELCHER, HANK HILL & ROGER THE ALIEN are allwaiting foryou! Download Animation Throwdown now and join theadventure!Features ★ Five of your favorite shows, together for thefirsttime! ★ Collect and fuse cards, design a deck, then duelopponentsto rise to the top. ★ Conquer 30+ islands of story levelsto wincards – can you unlock Onyx Mode? ★ Infinite hours ofplay,provided that you never stop playing! ★ Beat other players tolevelup in the Arena and unlock Secret Fight Club. ★ Compete innewChallenges and Guild wars every week for big rewards. ★Researchhilarious combos, and find powerful new cards in Mom’sMystery Box.★ Laugh ‘til you drop your phone (or tablet) in thetoilet! PleaseNote A network connection is required to play. Loginor sign up fora Kongregate account to save progress across devices!AnimationThrowdown: CCG is free to play, but some extra game itemscan bepurchased for real money. You can disable in-app purchases inyourdevice's settings. Animation Throwdown: The Quest for Cards ™and ©2016 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. All RightsReserved.
Deck Heroes: Legacy 12.5.0
Construct the ultimate deck with an amazing horde of Heroesandmagical Creatures to save a threatened kingdom. With hundredsofcards to collect, every deck is unique. Feast your eyesonspectacular HD graphics, get lost inside thrilling battles,anddelve into majestic and mysterious lore! War has come to theworldof Deck Heroes! The Neander, Human, Faen, and Mortii aremarchinginto battle! Build your very own faction from Heroes of allraces,and lead them to glory! Enter the world of Deck Heroes:Legacy!FEATURES ✔ FREE TO PLAY ✔ Non-Stop Gaming! Innovative gameplay,endless battles, and countless tactics are guaranteed to haveyouhooked! ✔ Worlds at War Align your army with the four factions-Human, Fae, Mortii, and Neander. ✔ Magnificent Artwork! Elegantandexquisite designs paired with flamboyant, vibrant colors bringyourHero and Creature cards to life! ✔ Adventure Calls!Intricatelydetailed maps, mazes, trials, and more, await thosebravewanderers! ✔ Global Action! Millions of gamers worldwideexperiencethe suspense of a thrilling card adventure! ✔ AdrenalinePumpingAction! Raids, competitions, and more; this is a playerversusplayer haven! CONTACT USFanpage:
RPG Card Game Level Counter 1.4.1
Matt Pearce
This app keeps track of you, and your friends level, gear,andoverall strength and displays it so everyone can see it. Thishelpskeep the game moving and speed things up. This app alsofeatures abattle page where you can enter the monster's level andanymodifiers and see if you are able to beat it or lose. Also hasadice roll feature in case you lack dice.A big thank you to allthepeople who have rated and commented with suggestions!
Deck Builder for Netrunner 4.2.0
ANR Digital
Deck Builder for the card game Netrunner Now a community project!-Build decks for both Corporation and Runner - Filter cards showntothe packs you own - Custom card pool for each deck - View allthecards in your deck in fullscreen mode - Browse cards by datapack -Cache all images for offline viewing - Import OCTGN filesdirectlyin the application - Export your files into OCTGN -Supports NAPDMost Wanted List PERMISSIONS - Internet: Downloadcards and images- Read External Storage: Required to import deckfile * Futureenhancements: NetrunnerDB integration Please sendfeature requestsand bugs to [email protected] orvisit to submit anissueIcons and logo created byprisoner453( CONTRIBUTE? Developers are welcome to help make thisapplicationbetter.
Cards Info for MTG 3.7.2
Latest sets supported: Commander 2018, Core Set 2019,CommanderAnthology 2018, Battlebond, Dominaria, Rivals of Ixalan,Unstable,Iconic Master, Ixalan, Commander 2017, Hour ofDevastation,Amonkhet, Modern master 2017, Kaladesh, Eldritch Moon,EternalMasters, Shadows over Innistrad, Oath of the Gatewatch,Commander2015, Zendikar Expeditions, Battle for ZendikarFunctionalities: -offline database, don't need a connection or todownload somethingthe first time - filter cards by color, type(artifact, land) andrarity - search cards for name, type, power,toughness, cost ofmana, set, color and rarity - create decks - savecards asfavourite - browse all cards of a set (or a search) throughan easyinterface - I'm feeling lucky: browse cards randomly - I'mfeelinglucky widget: browse cards randomly from your launchscreen -imagesrequire an internet connection - card prices from TCG player=====TELEGRAM GROUP ===== Join the "MTG Cards Help andFeedback"Telegram group for feedback, help andsupport:
Stormbound: Kingdom Wars
Immerse yourself in the rich world of Stormbound, as fourkingdomsstruggle for dominance. Construct a deck of unique andpowerfulcards and then dive into real-time battles against otherplayers.Novel gameplay combines your favorite aspects ofcollectible cardgames with the tactical strategy of board games.Play cards fromyour hand to the game board and then watch yourunits march on theenemy base. FEATURES: *Tactical gameplay thatrewards the mostclever strategists *Real-time PVP battles againstplayers allaround the globe *Dozens of powerful cards to collectand upgrade!*Incredible 2D and 3D art immerses you in the world ofStormbound*Four distinct kingdoms with unique advantages andplaystylesPlease Note: Stormbound: Kingdom Wars is a free-to-playgame, butsome extra game items can be purchased for real money. Youcandisable in-app purchases in your device's settings.
MTG Unofficial 2.3.44
MTG Unofficial is a powerful utility app for Magic: TheGathering.Note: I'm sorry for the issues in the v2.3.42, try tobackup yourdata and reinstall the application. Future versions willnotcontain further problems. --> DECK BUILDER Theapplicationincludes an offline card search to search for any cardin the gamewithout an internet connection. Cards list is constantlyupdated.You can search by: - Name ( MULTILANGUAGE ) - Type /Subtype -Ability Text - Color - Power / Toughness - Converted ManaCost -Set - Format - Rarity - Flavor Text - Artist Multilanguagecardimages. Cards / Decks prices ( Cards can alsobeaccessed by choosing a set and be saved in a private list.ContainsGame Tools (Lifecounter, Mana counter, Timer, Dice). Youcouldeasily manage decks and your cards collection. If you are aPROuser you can also: - import/export decks - backup your dataonDropbox - no decks number limit - search in Collection -importcards from Collection to a Deck For all users: Thank you forthesupport! NB: see MTG Unofficial Facebook page for update news ;)
Deck Builder for Yu-Gi-Oh! 1.1.0
Deck Builder for Yu-Gi-Oh! is a FREE user friendly Yugiohdeckbuilding app that enables you to build, download and testdifferentdecks on the go.This deck builder is the most completedeck builderapplication for the game Yu-Gi-Oh! and includes severalnew handyfeatures, including an online database where completedecks can beuploaded or downloaded in notime!Features:* Simpleanduser-friendly drag-n-drop layout.* More than 8200 releasedcardsincluded and a feature to add new cards to keep it up to datewithnew releases.* Fast card download in background (using yourphoneand putting it in sleep mode will not cancel the download.Ifinternet connection is lost, download will continue when itisback.)* Download already finished decks made by others, orshareyour own creations.* Advanced filter makes it really easy tofindthe cards you need. (can search the text on cards as well.)*Testdraw from your decks to find out how well it would work onyourfirst turns.* Multiple language support. (English, Spanish,German& Japanese)Disclaimer:This app is not affiliated withYu-Gi-Oh!or Konami. Yu-Gi-Oh! content and related materials aretrademarksand copyrights of ©Konami Digital Entertainment.
The Horus Heresy: Legions – TCG card battle game 1.2.9
It’s Space Marine versus Space Marine in The Horus Heresy:Legions,a new strategy card game (TCG) where your actions and cardbattleschange the game. Choose your Legion, collect cards and builda deckof Space Marines aided by Mechanicum, Imperial Army or Chaostorule the galaxy. Join a guild, discuss card strategy and decks,andfight in PvP Arena card battles. Choose a side in epic FactionWarsto influence which new cards, cosmetics and Legions are addedtothe game. Enter The Horus Heresy, one of the richest settingsinthe Warhammer 40,000 universe by Games Workshop, for the firsttimeas an online TCG card game. IT’S THE 31ST MILLENNIUM: Uncovertheepic origins of Warhammer 40,000. Traitor Legions wage waragainstthe Emperor. Play an epic solo campaign, ranked PvP andmultiplayerPvP Arena through the most tragic civil war in Warhammer40,000history. TCG LEGIONS AT WAR: Expand your card collection asnewSpace Marine Legions from the Warhammer 40,000 lore are added,eachwith a unique card list and strategy. The battlefieldkeepschanging in this strategy card game! TRUE CARD BATTLE SKILL:Battlein epic Ranked PvP and Sealed Deck Arena. Build a deck fromyourcard collection or master each Arena Sealed Deck using cardsyoudon’t own yet. GUILD WARS: Coordinate with your guild in epicPvPArena card battles that determine the evolution of thisTCGstrategy card game. Discuss card strategy and try your deckinfriendly card duels. Battle other guilds and grow yourcardcollection! COMMUNITY: Join other players on Twitter andFacebookand Discord. Chat about your favourite Legion, strategy,decks andfavorite cards in this epic TCG. The origins of Warhammer40,000,now as an online TCG strategy card game! The Horus Heresy:Legions© Copyright Games Workshop Limited 2018. The Horus Heresy:Legions,the Legions logo, The Horus Heresy, The Horus Heresy Eyelogo, GW,Games Workshop, Space Marine, 40K, Warhammer, Warhammer40,000, the‘Aquila’ Double-headed Eagle logo, Black Library, ForgeWorld, andall associated logos, illustrations, images, names,creatures,races, vehicles, locations, weapons, characters, andthedistinctive likeness thereof, are either ® or TM, and/or ©GamesWorkshop Limited, variably registered around the world, andusedunder license. All rights reserved to their respective owners.
Life Counter 1.2.1
Mitja Henner
A simple Life Counter App to keep track of Life Points whenplayingTrading Card Games.Features:Life Points for two playersLifePointhistoryPoison Counter2-99 sided DiceLight and Dark Theme
Solitaire 1.15
Solitaire (also known as Patience or Klondike) is the mostpopularsolitaire type game. Solitaire requires thinking and goodmemory,but it also requires a game, which is convenient to play.Downloadour Solitaire game and you will feel the difference! ThisSolitairecard game features: - Draw 1 and Draw 3 solitaire games -Standardand Vegas scoring - Smart auto-complete and auto-turn-Customisable cards and backgrounds - Game speed controls -Detailedstatistics - Landscape and portrait support Play Solitairewithcomfort! It is the best solitary game for a reason!
Lightseekers TCG Companion 1.0.11
The Lightseekers TCG features valiant heroes, rotating cardsthatchange their effects over time, & powerful combo cards.It'squick and easy to learn, but also offers depth and complexityformore advanced players.Take your Lightseekers gameplay to thenextlevel with this Lightseekers TCG Companion App!Show you'reaserious opponent with the following app features: - Find, viewandjoin Lightseekers play events across the world - Prepare forandpay for Lightseekers tournaments in advance - Participate inliveLightseekers tournaments at major events- Search and view allthecards in the game, showing clarifications and updates - Usethehealth counter to keep track of your hero’s life - Integratewithyour account on even morefeaturescoming very soon!
The Elder Scrolls: Legends 2.8.0
The Elder Scrolls: Legends is an award-winning free-to-playstrategycard game. Play online card games based on the hit TheElder ScrollsRPG series and prepare your deck for battle! Journeythrough TheElder Scrolls stories, conquer your enemies, and jointhe fun inthis easy-to-pick-up, hard-to-put-down adventure! Startcardcollecting and build your deck, then travel throughMorrowind,battle dragons in Skyrim and venture to the ClockworkCity. TheElder Scrolls adventure keeps on growing. Turn basedstrategy andcard battle games will take you on an epic CCG journeywith TheElder Scrolls: Legends. Download today! THE ELDERS SCROLLS:LEGENDSFEATURES: SINGLE PLAYER GAMES CONTENT - Tactical games andturnbased strategy with single player modes. - Learn the campaignandbasics of Legends with hours of solo gameplay and rewards.-Explore The Elder Scrolls campaigns, from tales of TheDarkBrotherhood to the fabled Clockwork City and more. - Solo Arenatotest your deck-building skills and one-off Puzzle challengestowrack your brain. CARD BATTLE GAMES - A strategy card gameunlikeany other, Legends features a divided battlefield with“lanes” thatallow for flexibility and choice, turning the simpleact of cardplacement into a tactical strategy. - Duel card gamesuse Runes andProphecies to turn any losing battle into a chance fora miraculouscomeback with an additional card draw when you need itmost. CCGPvP COMPETITION - Prepare your duel deck to battle againstotherplayers for ultimate bragging rights and rewards. - Playcardbattle games against friends online - Climb the PvP ladderinonline ranked play and conquer the competitive Arena - Duel intheGauntlet, a global weekend tournament with online cardbattlespitting players from all over the world against each other.CARDCOLLECTING - Level up your cards to strengthen your decksandtailor your play style. - Collect cosmetic card backs anduniquetitles to flaunt your victories and achievements to friendsandfoes alike. ALWAYS UPDATED - In The Elder Scrolls: Legends,there’salways something to look forward to: - New cards added everymonth- Limited time events - Daily and monthly login rewards-Full-fledged expansions - Consistent balance adjustments -Legends’metagame is fresh, interesting, and always updating! -Pastexpansions include: Fall of the Dark Brotherhood, Heroes ofSkyrim,Return to Clockwork City and Houses of Morrowind. Collectyourcards and prepare for battle in Elder Scrolls: Legends!Downloadnow.
TopDecked MTG 3.0.7
TopDecked MTG is the essential all-in-one companion appfordeck-building, testing, pricing, and collecting cards.Magicplayers can simulate decks on a virtual battlefield, testnewideas, and keep up with the latest decks and strategies.TopDeckedis your portal for everything Magic. Basic accounts arefree touse, forever (Upgraded subscriptions available.) — Youraccountsyncs between devices, including our website. DECK BUILDER -Easyto use intuitive design, with legality checking forpopularformats. - Support for commander and singleton decks. -Cloud sync,share to friends or social networks. - Deck charts helpanalyzeCMC, colors, and mana curve. - Move cards between main,sideboard,and maybe board. - Track notes and strategy for eachdeck. -Quickly share, print, or send official DCI deck-sheets. -Import,share, and export MTG Arena, MTGO, .dec, and text deck-lists-Calculate missing cards and cost to complete or buy decks. -Tag,archive, and color code decks in your account DECK SIMULATOR-Drag, drop and test on the go. - Visualize the battlefield,with3D-library and cards. - Swipe between your hand, library andotherzones. - Tap to select and drag, or double-tap for contextmenus.(Not intended for gameplay - Magic is best enjoyed withfriends.)ARTICLES & METAGAME - Read the latest articles -always up todate. - Browse local and national top-8 tournamentresults and decklists. CARDS & PRICES - Advanced search -Quickly find anycard, any types, any print, any artist, any colors(and morefilters available). - Daily and weekly trends - for eachset andprinting (including most promos!) - Simple and fast cardsearch,with images, text and rulings. - Always up to date withlatest setsand special products. COLLECTIONS - Track the value ofyour cardswith intuitive haves and wants lists. - Quickly add andremovecards of any set or printing. - Cloud sync, always availablein appor website. TRADE TOOL - Up to date cards and prices. -Select set,foil, and/or custom price by condition. - Updates yourcollectionat the push of a button. EVENTS SEARCH - Fast, powerfulandconvenient - set your preferences and go. - Get reminders aboutnewand bookmarked events in your area. - Register andsubmitdeck-lists directly from your phone. ƒ PAIRINGS -Automaticallyreceive pairings & tables numbers at Grand Prix,Premier, andparticipating events when you enter your name & DCInumber. ƒRECORD CALCULATOR - Check how many wins are required tomake Top 4,8, 16, etc. Coming soon: - MTGA - Magic ArenaIntegration -Unofficial deck hints and suggestions. - Find localplayers to meetup with, anytime, to play your favorite trading cardgame. ƒ:Registration, decklist submission, and e-Pairings areonlyavailable for participating events and tournamentorganizers.Coming to your local game store soon (ask them aboutTopDecked).Wizards of the Coast, Magic: The Gathering, and theirlogos aretrademarks of Wizards of the Coast LLC. © 1995-2018Wizards. Allrights reserved. TopDecked, LLC. is not affiliated withWizards ofthe Coast LLC.
Mahjong 1.7
Mahjong is a board game that matches mahjong cards. You canmatchwith a beautiful mahjong card. Match all mahjong cards of thesamefigure and remove them all. This game is also known as MahJong,Majong, Mahjong, Mah-jong, Shanghai Mah-Jong, TaipeiMahjong,Mahjong Trails, Chinese Mahjong, Mahjong Titans, MahjongandKyodai. It is a board game that matches both mahjong cards.Enjoy asimple, yet addictive game with a beautiful Mahjong card tobringyou good luck. Mahjong will guide you on the way ofShanghaiMahjong Master. Characteristic: • 600 different maps • 5themes • 6beautiful cards • Game without time limit • Hint, cancel,shuffle •Mahjong Solitaire: Classic brings back the 90's vibe witha moderntwist • A classic puzzle game perfect for everyday • Over180+boards • Multiples of beautifully crafted layouts and visuals •AnAuto-fit feature for optimized view • NO WIFI? NO PROBLEM!Mahjongis available online and offline • OPTIMIZED for ANDROID&GOOGLE PLAY GAMES • Designed for tablets & phones. •Supportboth ARM & x86 DEVICES Let's play Mahjong to relaxandsubjugate your Everest. Thanks for playing Mahjong andinterestedyour time!
Spider Solitaire 2.9.482
Solitaire Fun
Spider Solitaire is a newly designed mobile card game based onthemost popular and classic Spider solitaire gameplay. Togetherwiththe BEAUTIFUL themes and EXCITING Daily Challenges, youwillexperience the BEST spider solitaire card game on yourmobilephones or tablets! Tons of new features were added; Try toDOWNLOADand get it for FREE now! ⚡ HIGHLIGHTS ⚡ - BEST Spidersolitaire:based on the classic solitaire gameplay - MostChallenging: itmakes you think - Beautiful Themes: you can fullycustomize thegame - Available Anytime: you can easily play on yourdevice ✨FEATURES ✨ ♠️ Daily challenges with different levels ♥️Customizebeautiful themes on your own ♣️ Multiple languagessupported ♦️Auto-save game in play ♠️ Feature to Undo moves ♥️Feature to useHints ♣️ Big and easy to see cards ♦️ Single tap ordrag & dropto move cards ♠️ Landscape mode supported ♥️ Up to10 top records♣️ Offline play and no data cost ♦️ Timer modesupported ♠️Left-handed supported Like playing Spider Solitaire orotherSolitaire card games on PC? It is surely the BEST SpiderSolitairegame in your hands! COME and TRY our Spider Solitaire cardgame forFREE! Train your brain as well as kill time with it! ★★★100%Addictive & Fun, Download It NOW! ★★★ Any problems orquestion?Email us to [email protected]
French Belote - Free
Eryod Soft
*** PLAY FRENCH BELOTE ON YOUR ANDROID SMARTPHONE OR TABLET !***Play the popular French Belote card game, againstopponentssimulated by an high-level artificial intelligence. Allofficialrules and many variants are handled : - Play with orwithoutdeclarations. - Play with No Trumps and All Trumps. *** HDGRAPHICS*** Easy to use, the game is very fast and responsive, withcardanimation for a more realistic gameplay, and hd graphics. ***ANHIGH-LEVEL ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE *** Your opponents andteammatesare simulated by an high-level artificial intelligence,that knowsthe common strategies used in french belote card game.Thereforethe game is very realistic, close to game with realplayers, andthe challenge is high. *** A CUSTOMIZABLE APPLICATION*** - Manyoptions to customize the rules. - Change the player'sname. -Change the speed of the game. - Play automatically. -Direction onplay. - Visual theme. - And many more... *** ANAPPLICATION THATWILL MAKE YOU BECOME BETTER *** A section withstatistics isincluded in the application, allowing you to monitorthe evolutionof our performances. For beginners, rules of FrenchBelote are alsoincluded into the application. Finally, you can atthe end of theround see all the tricks, and replay the round if youwant, totrain and try new strategies. For any question regardingtheapplication : [email protected] Have fun playingBelote!
Tablic Masters 23.0
Tablic is simple and very interesting card game. Withcatchyinterface, clear big cards and smooth animations, TablicMasterswill make you have fun with thousands of other peoplewhilesharpening your brain at the same time. All you need to knowtoplay it is mathematical addition with numbers up to 14. Inessence,just sum the cards on the table and take them with yourcard. Butif you are able to remember past cards and think inadvance you canget it to very high level. Tablic Masters is onlineinteractivegame so you compete with other people logged in fromtheir phonesand computers. It is also available on Facebook underthe samename. You can login to Tablic with your Facebook accounteitherfrom the computer or your Android device or you can play asGuest.If you login with Facebook account, you can take over thegame fromone device to another without loosing time and points.Facebooklogin also gives you free daily chips for playing. Enjoy!
MTG Life Counter (Vitalis) 15
"For a magic player, by a magic player." Greek for Vitality,Vitalisis my contribution to the magic community. It is alifecounter/tracking app for the trading card game, MagictheGathering. It is built for both standard and EDH (commander) andishighly customizable. Please enjoy, and if you havecomments,suggestions, or you just want to chat please email [email protected] Feature Highlights: + 100% free + No AD's+Designed for Phones and Tablets + 8 players + Highly Customizable+Easy and Intuitive + Tracks Unique Commander Damage +InfectCounter + Dice + Combat History + Custom Game Settings +CustomPlayer Settings + Game Reset I'm an avid magic player. Myfriendsand I could not find an app that fit our needs. So as aplayer anda dev, why not create the app we need? Tags:#MagicCounter,#MagicLifeCounter, #EDH, #Commander, MTGLifeCounter,Life Tracker,#Infect, #EightPlayers, #8Players, #InfectCounter,#Tracker,#Counter, #MagicTheGathering,#MTG---------------------------------------------------------Disclaimer:Magic: The Gathering is trademarked and owned byWizards of theCoast, Inc., a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc. Wizards ofthe Coast,Magic: The Gathering, and their logos are trademarks ofWizards ofthe Coast LLC in the United States and other countries.© 2009Wizards. All Rights Reserved This application is notaffiliatedwith, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approved byWizards ofthe Coast LLC. This application may use the trademarksand otherintellectual property of Wizards of the Coast LLC, whichispermitted under Wizards' Fan SitePolicy Formoreinformation about Wizards of the Coast or any ofWizards'trademarks or other intellectual property, please visittheirwebsite at (