Top 50 Games Similar to Ride Out Heroes

Creative Destruction 2.0.5640
NetEase Games
Creative Destruction is a sandbox survival game thatfeaturestheutmost fun of building and firing. In the mood foraheart-stirringshowdown? You will parachute into a vastbattlefieldwhere100-player deathmatch is raging. Outplay your wayto be thelastone standing. Build the best, break the rest! Jumpstraight inthisdo-or-die battle where you can wield creativeweapons, raceagainstsnowstorms, and unleash your inner beast.Varied gameplaymodes,weather and time systems bring a new level ofhectic fun.Whetheryou fight like a lone wolf or team up, there arealwayssurpriseswaiting to be explored! Come embark on awinner-takes-allslugfestin Creative Destruction today and show’emwhat you couldbe.
Cyber Hunter 0.100.433
NetEase Games
Cyber Hunter is a next-generation, competitive sandbox mobilegame.It's packed with a host of different elements, includingsurvival,shooting, exploration, skills and much more, evenincludingparkour! In short, it's a brand new gaming experience.  【NewVersion Features】 New Gameplay Mode [Loot Lord] Release![LootLord] is a brand new gameplay mode in first-person viewwhichrequires a 4-Player Squad. A solo player can also match.Thismay bethe toughest mode in Cyber Hunter. Playing the role ofgolddiggers, Wanderers will enter a new map, collect all kindsofvaluable items, challenge tough opponents in [Silent Corps],defeatother gold diggers, and evacuate within the given time limit.Theycan then exchange their loot for the exclusive currency oftheThree-star Peninsula, TSP, to increase their net worth andobtainmore powerful weapons. Wanderers who fail to evacuate willlose allthe supplies that aren't insured or placed in theirCryptboxes.  New Season—S12: Knight's Glory is coming! [Knightof Honor]and [Knight's Glory] themed outfits is coming!  【GameFeatures】:  -- Vivid characters with verisimilar faces –Withnext-generation face shaping art and over a hundredcosmeticdesigns, distinct and vivid heroes can be created --Special skillsand tactics – Plenty of tactical skills, such asopticalcamouflage, quantum barriers, invisible force fields, firesupport.You can formulate your own tactical system -- Take to theskies tosearch for what you need. Become a parkour expert and knockyourenemies out in style – Glide in the sky, dive into a deepsea,climb and roll, there are lots of parkour moves available touseduring fast-paced free combat. -- Explore and fight in asandboxworld – All terrain is open to explore freely,including100-meter-high water falls, desert temples, and swampyrelics.You’ll find lots of weapons in this world.   Aboutus:  -Official site: - FacebookPage: - FacebookGroup: -Discord: -Twitter: -YouTube: -Instagram:
ShellFire - MOBA FPS 1.39
Dunia Games
===== Minimum Device Requirements ===== Operating System:Android4.4 or more CPU : Qualcomm Snapdragon 430 RAM : 2GB ormoreStorage: 1.5GB Mininum Download Patch / Update Size : 440MB **Astableinternet connection is required ===== Game Features =====∞[GameBattle Mode] ∞ Fighting 5 vs 5 with the most currentmode!Play allGame Escort Battle Modes, Death Match, Capture Pointsthatyou canonly find in ShellFire, win points or defeat all enemiestoget themost kills! You can play everything on ShellFire! ∞[ZombieRushBonus Mode] ∞ The most 10 intense rounds! The worstdream youcanimagine! Beat the Zombie BOSS to get an AttractivePrize,Conquerthe Zombie BOSS and get a Special Reward that youcan'timagine. ∞[Rune Game Feature] ∞ Combine the 3 types ofRune:Attack, Defenseand Support to get strength that exceedsyouropponents and becomeNo.1 throughout the Game Mode and RankMatch ∞[Badge / Game EmblemFeature] ∞ Conquer all enemies in allgamemodes and get experienceto increase Batches to get acharacterstatus bonus that can takeyou to the top of the ranking ∞[LatestHeroes and Skins EveryWeek] ∞ Get the latest Heroes andSkins inevery update withdifferent sensations and fantasies in eachskill,conquer all theenemies you face and be a winner OfficialWebsite: FacebookFanpage:
Super Mecha Champions 1.0.11815
NetEase Games
On your marks, set, go! SMC players from all over theworldhavedescended upon a futuristic city to battle withmarvelousMecha!Unleash your Mecha and fight for the crown youdeserve!ExchangeFire! Incredible Mecha Brawls! Select from anall-starlineup ofMecha and join the fierce clash with your skills.Pilotyourpersonal Mecha, quickly returns to battle, imposeyoursuperiorresolve and abilities! Crazy Firefights! ThrillingCombat&Cool Weapons! An explosive combo of man and Mecha! It'smorethanhigh-tech in this arena, but how you strategize andadapt!Plasmacannons, homing missiles, snipers, flamethrowers... Getaload ofthe ultra-cool weapons at your disposal! Man vs. man,Mechavs.Mecha... All new exciting combat experience!AmazingGraphics!Manga-Style Cities! Pilot Mecha through everycorner andbetweenthe highrises of a contemporary ACGJapanese-stylecityscape. Froma pretty lass with double pony tailsto a suave,winsome man,there's a parade of characters waiting foryou todiscover andunlock. This is the dream arena where you're thestar!HighlyFlexible! Team Up & Claim Victory! Executeflawlessattack anddefense through impeccable teamwork! UtilizemarvelousMecha,diverse arsenals, and responsive control forunrivaledexcitement!Fly your Mecha through barrage of incomingshells inperfectevasion and return fire! [ContactUs]Facebook:
Crusaders of Light 1.514917.538868
NetEase Games
New class Assassin and Class Transfer Available Now- Be care oftheshadow from the dark! The Desolation Wall has fallen after700years of peace, it’s now up to you and your allies to battlethedemon hordes occupying your land! Adventure in this Vast 3DFantasyOpen World redefining the MMORPG experience on mobile. Startyourjourney by selecting either Ranger, Warrior, Mystic,Paladin,Elementalist Classes, each with their own distinctstrengths andcharacteristics. BATTLE SYSTEMS •Join up to 40 guildmates as youtake on bosses and collect loot in Dungeon Raids •Proveyourself inArena Battle with 1v1, 3v3, and 5v5 modes andparticipate to unlockpowerful gear sets •Show-off your superiorskills and defend yourglory as you take part in large scale battles•Put your survivalinstincts to the test as you take part in BattleRoyale modeIMMERSIVE GAMEPLAY •PC quality graphics to immerse youin thisimpressive MMO game on mobile •300+ hours of gameplayincludinghundreds of paths for your hero •Vibrant fantasy worldwith theability to reach the coveted legendary status of level55CUSTOMIZATION Thousands of available weapons, armor, clothesandmore •Collect rare items providing specific advantageswhichplayers can combine to become powerful •50 unique mounts fromaflying carpet to a fire breathing dragon SOCIAL •Chat withplayersaround the world utilizing the integrated voice system•Takein-game selfies, share personalized heroes, and yourfavoritemoments with friends on social media CONNECT WITHUSFACEBOOK: serviceemail:gamecrusadersoflight@global.netease.comNotes: • This app isfree-to-play and offers in-game purchases.
FOG - MOBA Battle Royale Survival 0.36.0
Become a Battle Royale epic hero. Stay alive! Standthebattlefront.FOG calls for action! FOG is a brand new darkfantasyMMORPG mobilegame. FOG is a combination of MOBA (MOBA -amultiplayer onlinebattle arena) features, immersiveRPG(role-playing game) gameplayjam-packed in a deliciousfantasyambiance sauce. Can you survivethe battleground for thetrendinggame genre? FOG is a trending gamegenre (Battle Royale) newtake.This adventure game is set in thedark fantasy world. Joinmillionsof fans worldwide! This time youhave to survive in theworld ofmagic. The battleground location isa magical fantasy worldcoveredin deadly fog. To stay alive andstand the battlefront youhave toupgrade your skills, clash all theenemies, and stay awayfrom thefog. Don’t forget to win all thetrophies and make your wayto thetop of the Battle Royale globalleaderboard. Last but notleast themultiplayer battle arena with 30players awaits you. FOGcalls foraction! Survive in fast pvpbattles Are you ready forthechallenge? Action battles with 30players await you. Arenaoffersyou fast and dynamic battles. Takepart in as many as you can.Youdon't want to get down by the deadlyfog. So get gear, trackdownenemies. You can also hide from theplayers. Whatever yourstrategytells you. Your ultimate battleroyale goal is to survive!Fightthe last war - against the fog. FOGwill give you completegameimmersion! Prepare for the age of magic!Middle Ages in alltheirglory and splendour FOG is Battle Royaleset in the MiddleAges.Choose any medieval weapon from the mostexciting era inhistory.Pick a bow, a sword, or a spear. Meet therules ofsurvival.Something is still missing. The magic you bet.FOG has youserved!Monsters and creatures block your way. Magicpotions helpyousurvive the fog that brings death and destruction.Enter thegameevery day. Join the league or create your own to getmorerewards.Follow the Honor Track. Win the battles. Gain honor.Claimrewards.Get more loot from crates. Start with the BronzeCrate andmove tothe Nuclear Crate. The more you play the more youget. Pickyourequipment. Master your skills. Boost your journeywithextraresources packs. Travel through the era of knightsandmages,mystery, and adventure. Get ready to dig deep into theworldwithmagic laws. Don’t forget about turn-based battles.Pickyourfavorite role-playing game element! Mysteriousplaces,magicalartifacts, epic bosses are there for you. And youalwaysdreamed ofdomination? Bust down all your enemies in the PvPArena!Adventuresare waiting for you! Are you ready? See you atFOG!Attention: thegame is in the open beta testing stage andisundergoing acontinuous update and upgrade!
◈ Survive! Become the Champion! ◈ - Explore variousmapsincludingthe Ancient Temple, Land of Solitude, Downtown andmore! -Enjoythe thrill of the fight and scavenge around the closingplayzone!- Use anything necessary to survive includingrecoverydevices,warp points, bushes, shop and more! ◈ Defeat youropponentswisely!◈ - Utilize the divers item skills, such asInterrupt,Blink, Seal,etc. - Master the art of fighting with block,parry,dash, ultimateskills, etc. - Take advantage of the uniqueattackskills, ultimateskills, and even the special animationsdependingon the weaponsyou use! ◈ Choose from an arsenal of over100equipment! ◈ -Customize your loadout by combining thevariousspecial abilitiesand set effects! - Put into considerationvariousfactors such asweight and armor to maximize yourperformance. - Addan extra layerof customization by choosing one ofthe variousdrones that suitsyour style! - Be prepared for anysituation bymixing the variousequipment you own! ◈ Dive into battlein variousgame modes! ◈ -Enjoy Normal Mode with random players andFriendlyMatch with 12 ofyour friends. - Fight for higher rankingsin RoyalRumble! - It’sall or nothing in the Challenge mode! Youonly getone shot andyour reward depends on how well you do! ◈Upgrade yourgear andacquire more rewards! ◈ - Anyone From BeginnertoChallenger canbecome a champion! - Get rewards that varydependingon yourleague. - Don’t worry if you’re in a lower league.There arealsorewards that are given just for logging in! ※ Useofillegalprograms, modified apps, and other unauthorized methodstoaccessthe game may result in service restrictions, removalofgameaccounts and data, claims for compensation of damages,andotherremedies deemed necessary under the Terms of Service.[OfficialCommunity ] -Facebook:* * Although it is free toplay,this gamecontains optional in-app purchases that mayincuradditionalcharges. Please note that refund of in-app purchasesmaybe limiteddepending on circumstance. * For our usagepolicy(including refunds& termination of service), please readtheTerms of Serviceavailable in the game. ▶About AppAccessPermissions◀ In order toprovide you with game serviceslistedbelow, the app will ask youfor permission to grant accessasfollows. [Required Permissions]Access to Files/Media/Photos:Thisallows the game to save data onyour device, and to storeanygameplay footage or screenshots youtake within the game. [HowtoRevoke Permissions] ▶ Android 6.0 andabove: Device Settings>Apps > select app > AppPermissions > grant orrevokepermission ▶ Below Android 6.0:Upgrade your OS version torevokethe access permissions as above,or delete the app ※ You canrevokeyour permission for the app toaccess game files from yourdeviceby following the instructionsabove. ※ If you are using adevicewhich runs below Android 6.0, youwill not be able tosetpermissions manually, so we recommend thatyou upgrade your OStoAndroid 6.0 or higher. [Caution] Revoking therequiredaccesspermissions may prevent you from accessing the gameand/orcausetermination of game resources that are running on yourdevice.
Respawnables 9.8.0
Run, shoot, laugh and respawn!Join the fun with this trigger-happy, action packed, thirdpersonshooter.Play Offline or Online for FREE for endless hours of fun:completechallenges, join a team, or just kill them ALL!…you are NOT expendable, you are… RESPAWNABLE!“Win or lose, Respawnables is still an incredibly fun andaddictingshooter” -“Respawnables is a perfect fit for smartphones and tablets”“Action packed, fast paced gameplay in Respawnables” - FAAD---Offline Missions Mode ---- More than 185 single missions to complete- Fast paced gameplay for brisk fun- Short battles for entertainment on the go--- Online Multiplayer Modes ---- Seamless connection and matchmaking- Two modes: Free For All & Team VS- Play with your Facebook friends on team battles- WiFi and 3G/4G connections enabled--- Make it your own ---- 60+ customization items with attributes- 30+ killer weapons- Progressive skill tree- Gadgets and boosters- Various maps--- More Awesome Respawnables’ Features ---- Superb quality 3D cartoon style- Colorful high def display graphics- Ultra smooth controls- Fast paced with an amazingly funny vibe- Lots of mix-&-match content to unlock- Sharing via Twitter or Facebook available- In-Game Achievements- Log-in to Facebook to play with your friends required----- Please note -------- Minimum device requirements:GPU: Mali400 MP, Adreno 220, Tegra3, SGX535 , or superior.CPU: 1ghz Dual Core CPUMemory: 1GB ram- This game is free to play, but extra content can be purchasedwithreal money, to restrict in-app purchases adjust the settingson yourdeviceConnect with your Facebook account to keep you profile safe.Like us on Facebook: us on Twitter: of Service: THANKS FOR YOUR FEEDBACK - MORE CONTENT COMINGSOON!-----
Extraordinary Ones 4.3.12
NetEase Games
Netease Innovative Anime 5V5 MOBA Game [ExtraordinaryOnes]isavailable now! Heroes with mold-breakingcharacteristics,spiritedschoolyard scuffles, and amazing items.Don't forget tocultivateheroes' intimacy and unlock IntimacyFunctions!1.SpiritedSchoolyard Scuffles on Campus Map The heroesarrive atthebattlefield of a hot-blooded and energetic schooldecked outwiththeir combat suits and magical items. 10 players aredividedintotwo teams for fierce 5v5 confrontations. The two teamsduke itoutin a square in a battle to destroy each other'sturretsand,ultimately base. The first to destroy the other team'sbasewins.2.Extraordinary Heroes with Mold-breakingCharacteristicsFeaturesmore than 34 heroes (with new heroes addedweekly afterlaunch)based on oriental mythology, modern colleges,and anime.Charactercharacteristics are exaggerated, incorporatingsomecontemporaryGen Z elements and memes, giving players a gamepackedwithmold-breaking comic style. 3.Cut Loose and Clash withAmazingItemsFeaturing 11 magical items based on the traditionalMOBAgames.Players will get random attribute buffs when they usetheitems orthey may get some unexpected effects, such as ‘Curse’toslow yourenemy down, or 'First aid'to heal yourself. Every itemcanbecome agame-changer and help turn the tide of battle.4.Cultivateheroes'Intimacy Unlock Intimacy Functions Say goodbye totheboring,emotionless heroes of traditional MOBAs and welcometheexcitingand personalized heroes of Extraordinary Ones (EO).Playerscanincrease their intimacy with the heroes by Improvingtheircombatproficiency, unlocking achievements, collecting itemsrelatedtothe hero, and more to unlock hidden content. 5.UniqueSocialSystemMake Friends in the Game Compared with other MOBAgames, EOoffersa unique social system, players can make friendswhileplaying. EOis embedded with various social functions, such asStarPlayer,Friend’s Moments, People nearby, Shake, QR Scanner andmore.For abetter anime-themed experience, top-level Japanesevoiceactorsincluding Aki Toyosaki and Koyasu Takehitopresentdistinctivecharacters of each hero. Sweet, narcissisticorwhatever, you'llfind your ideal hero at first hearing! You mayhearvoices from: 明坂聡美、阿澄 佳奈、雨宮 天、伊藤 静、上坂 すみれ、内田 雄馬、内山 昂輝、榎木 淳弥、逢坂良太、岡本信彦、小倉 唯、木村良平、桑原 由気、小清水 亜美、小西 克幸、子安 武人、斎藤 千和、佐藤 利奈、下野 紘、諏訪部順一、関俊彦、仙台 エリ、高野直子、竹内 良太、種田 梨沙、寺島 拓篤、富田 美憂、豊崎 愛生、中島 ヨシキ、生天目 仁美、野島裕史、能登麻美子、野中 藍、野水伊織、花江 夏樹、速水 奨、日笠 陽子、保志 総一朗、細谷 佳正、堀江 由衣、増田 俊樹、松岡禎丞、三木眞一郎、村瀬 歩、山下大輝 *Contact Us Follow our website and SNS forexcitingevents andlatest in-game news! permission iscritical to gameinitialization(Save game fileto phone storage),please grant accessafter game starts. Camerapermission isrequired if you want to takea photo and upload to thegame, pleasegrant access if you need thisfunction. Locationpermission isrequired to play with playersnearby, please grantaccess if youneed this function.
Battlepalooza - Free PvP Arena Battle Royale 1.6.2
nWay Inc.
You are invited to Battlepalooza! A digital game show in the formofa battle royale, where real-world cities are your arenas.Compete inreal-time against live contestants from around the worldforvaluable prizes. Grab as many coins as you can in thebattlegroundwithout getting fragged. Be the last of the 24contestants tosurvive to take home the big loot! Battlepalooza isdesigned forplayers of all skill levels, but some strategicthinking and alittle bit of luck will get you far. REAL-WORLDCITIES ARE YOURBATTLEGROUNDS Battlepalooza uses Google Mapsgeospatial data tocreate battle arenas. Compete in real-worldcities, including LasVegas, San Francisco and Paris. Differentcities offer differentlevels of prizes. WIN VALUABLE COINS &EXCLUSIVE GEARS Everyplayer has a chance to win coins and gears onevery game. Lastcontestant standing wins valuable premium coinsthat can be tradedfor exclusive gears and skins. Stake yourpremium coins on PremiumMatches to win big. New, exclusive andlimited edition gears areoffered weekly for you to collect. PLAYWITH YOUR FRIENDS Inviteyour friends for a little downtownshowdown in this fun action game.Or form an alliance to strategizeand work together to gang up onyour opponents. A GAME OF STRATEGY,NOT JUST REFLEXES Decide on yourunique loadout that best fits yourstrategy at the start of eachmatch. Upgrade weapons and skillsthroughout the match by collectingitems. The strategic gameplay isin knowing what to equip andupgrade by understanding your playstyle and the match situation.Victory will be determined by theright strategy. OUT-OF-THIS-WORLDFUN FOR EVERYONE Featuring wackyweapons and outrageous characters,Battlepalooza is designed forfun and players of all skill levels.You don’t have a to be ahardcore gamer to stand a chance. The gamefeatures a top down viewfor easier navigation. The combat systemrewards players with ablend of strategy, skill and luck -- and notjust reaction time.
Survival Heroes - MOBA Battle Royale 2.5.1
The brand new version of survival heroes is coming inthisMarch!Experience the weather system, teleportation, in the newmap.Use 2new weapons to fight monsters you have never seen before!Showoffwith total 7new skins, and 4 new avatar frames! Get readytogatheryour friends, loot treasures and crush any others inyourway. Cometo bring out your inside hero, fight with other 99realplayers andlet’s see if you will be the lastonestanding!==============================Features==================================MOBA+Battle Royale Get ready to play the most epic MOBA inthehistory!It’s easy to get started and fun to masterwithtraditional MOBAgame control! In Survival Heroes, everyplayerstarts the same inthe valley of heroes. Go pick up yourfirstweapon and have a fairfight with others, explore the vast landofdangerous creatures andloots! Also, be wary of the bush andmist,because you will neverknow what’s in there. Choose YourLandingSpawn in a spring? No nono. In Survival Heroes, you get tochoosewhere you start, whetherit is a hot dangerous spot or adistantarea choose wisely becauseyou only get one life per round.Pick UpYour Gear No need to buygear for your champion anymore.InSurvival Heroes, only your luckand skill will be put into test.Tobe a true survivalist, you willneed to improvise by picking uptheright gear at the right moment.Various Weapon and ItemsSurvivalHeroes contains almost 30 distinctweapons, which giveheroeshundreds of unique abilities to choosefrom. You can use thefiercefirepower to kill everyone in your way,or if you prefer thesneakybeaky way, you can set traps, lurk inthe bush and wait foryourenemy to step on. Not Just a MOBA, ThisIs MOBA Battle Royale*Requires a persistent internet connection. *Recommended specsforgetting the most out of Survival heroes:Android 4.0 or aboveandat least 2 GB RAM. Contact Us The currentversion doesnotrepresent the final quality of the game as we willkeepoptimizingexisting content and adding new features. If youenjoy thegame,please join the discussion on Facebook! SurvivalHeroesOfficialFacebook Page: Ifyou haveany questionsor concerns, please contact our
Battlelands Royale 2.9.2
~ A CRAZY FUN TWIST ON FAMILIAR BATTLE ROYALE ~ Fight forsurvivalinan epic last man standing multiplayer battle royale -but not asyouknow it! Made for mobile, Battlelands Royale is acasual gungame foreveryone to enjoy. With 32 players and 3-5minute battlesit’s purenon-stop carnage! No waiting in lobbies; nocomplicatedmenus tonavigate. Just play, parachute, loot, shoot andsurvive!Dominate thearena in Solo or join forces with fellowbattlers inDuos. Chooseyour landing spot, drop in, loot weaponsand armor andget ready forthe fight of your life! Battle it out ona huge mapwith plenty ofawesome locations. Whatever your strategy,don’t getcaught by thestorm! As you play you’ll win trophies andmake yourway to the topof the global leaderboard. Get the BattlePass foreven more rewardsand be the envy of your fellow battlers.Strikefear into yourenemies with Rare and Legendary charactersthat willhave themshaking in their boots and wishing they’d stayedat home!With avariety of guns you can perfect your shooting skillsandbecome thebest battler in town. Will you choose thesniper,shotgun, rifle orpistol? Remember to race to supply dropstocompete for the specialminigun and bazooka! Super simplecontrols,a fun and quirky artstyle and pick-up-and-play gameplaymakeBattlelands Royale the bestfree game on mobile that you won’twantto put down. Battle Royale.On mobile. Done right. ThisisBattlelands Royale. BATTLELANDS ROYALEFEATURES: —Real-timefast-paced 32-PERSON BATTLES against playersfrom all overtheworld! — TEAM PLAY! Join forces with a Battle Buddyand conquerthearena together. No friends? No problem! You can playRandomDuostoo! — MEGA REWARDS! Collect new characters, emotesandparachutesas you level up. — EXCLUSIVE BATTLE PASS CONTENT!Unlockthe verybest rewards and flaunt them in the arena with theBattlePass. —HUGE game map to explore. Parachute into your area ofchoiceandcontrol your landing. — Tons of WEAPONS and ITEMStoloot,including armor and med kits! — Race to SUPPLY DROPStodiscoverspecial rare weapons like bazookas and miniguns.—SHRINKING playarea. Stay clear of the storm! Coming soontoBattlelands Royale: —Loads more customization and awesomenewcharacters — Destructibleenvironment! Blast your enemies’ cover—More weapons ...and much,much more. Are you ready? See youinBattlelands Royale.#LootShootSurvive. --- Thank you forplayingBattlelands Royale!We’re constantly developing the game andyourfeedback helps shapethe game’s direction - so whether it's bugsorfeature ideas,please send them our Don'tmiss the chance to connectwiththe Battlelands community onDiscord and Facebook.Discord: OfficialPlayers'Group: We'lltake each andeverycomment on board and really appreciate youtaking the time tolet usknow about your experience of playing!---
Infinity Ops: Online FPS 1.12.1
Infinity Ops A multiplayer FPS in a sci-fi setting! The event ofthegame take place in the distant future, when humanity hassurpassedthe limits of technological development and the world hasdescendedinto the chaos of interplanetary warfare! Player willface team PvPcombat as classes like Recruit, Saboteur, Tank, andAssault! Each ofthe classes has its own features and abilities.Features: ❖ ClansCreate your own clan and invite other users orfriends and spendtime in the game together! ❖ Armament A widevariety of weapons areavailable in-game, from assault and plasmarifles to lasermachineguns and grenade launchers! Each weapon hasits own uniqueproperties and features. ❖ Material interaction Lowgravity freesplayers to jump far and high, while universal gravitycan affectrunning speed! ❖ Jetpacks Use a personal flight deviceto morequickly and effectively conduct combat operations. ❖Fantastic 3Dgraphics Excellent, detailed 3D character and mapmodelling. ❖Optimization for weak devices The game is optimizedfor devices withlow technical characteristics. Choice of graphicsfor differentphones! ❖ Easy controls Intuitive control and easyinterface won’tleave you struggling to master the learning curve!Game modes ≛ TeamDeathmatch Two teams battle for domination. Theteam with thehighest score at the end of the round wins; ≛Deathmatch Free mode.You fight for yourself. The player with thehighest score at the endof the round wins; ≛ HARDCORE A morerealistic combat experiencewith doubled damage; For true proplayers! ≛ Custom game Create agame with your own rules. Inviteyour friends to your custom gamelobby and battle together! Morefeatures ☢☢☢ MAGNIFICENT GRAPHICSAND OPTIMIZATION FOR WEAKDEVICES! ☢☢☢ Immerse yourself in theexperience of online battlesin the future with stunning graphicsand perfect controls. Take tothe frontline of each battle. ☢☢☢IMPROVE ARMOR AND ARMS! ☢☢☢Improve your character, upgrade weapons,reload time, armor andmovement. Each character has its own traits.Buy additionalgadgets, such as: mines, grenades, medkits, andshock-blades. ☢☢☢ ADAILY REWARD! ☢☢☢ Enter the game daily toreceive free presents,quests, and tons of free stuff! Do your dailyquests and improveyour equipment! Dear users, the game is still inthepost-development phase. Please share any bugs and errorsyouexperience, as well as any requests and ideas you have throughthesupport team. ======================== COMPANYCOMMUNITY:========================Facebook:
Legend of Ace
Still Gaming
Legend of Ace (so-called LoA) is a 5v5 MOBA game. Butit’smoreinteresting than the others. Features: LoA has improved alottothe game’s strategy. It replaced the item system withacardsystem. Therefore, players won’t be suffering fromitemrecipes.Instead, there are hundreds of cards to choose toenhance ahero.Every player can have a unique strategy for any hero.LoAisfast-paced. Each game takes only 10 minutes. So playerswon’tmissthe other beautiful things in their life. Imaginethedifferencebetween calling back to girlfriend within 10 mins and30minutes……… LoA needs lots of teamwork. Each team has fiveplayers.Eachplayer has to select a role to play with, such asTank,Healer,Shooter, Mage, Ganker. Players must cooperate to beattheenemies.LoA is the best place to show off your talent. Withtherankingsystem and matchmaking system, you will meet all theplayersaroundthe world. Anyone with great skill can be famous here.LoAisprobably is the best MOBA game on the earth. Contactus:Facebook:
Heroes Strike - Modern Moba & Battle Royale 522
Free to play with true Esport spirit, you’ve found it!ModernandTrending game modes - 4v4 Modern MOBA Tower Destroy -BattleRoyale12 players - 4v4 Team deathmatch - And many modeswithmonthlyupdate A unique PvP combat style made with aperfectbalancebetween fun and depth: - Equip your hero with 2skills ofchoicebeside main hero ability – a great blend of strategyandaction -4-minute short match – ultra ideal for on-the-go gaming-Hugecollection of heroes, each with signature attack andability(fury)- Multiple choices of skills in many types: attack,defense,stun,support… Designed for freebies! - Solid heroes in eachclassplus 5different skills to begin with - Generous reward,easyprogression- All items made accessible for free As a PvPgameplayer, you willlove this game to bits and pieces! - A fairwhichis“all-about-skill” mid-core game, yet simple rules and easytolearn- Simple control for a smooth gaming experience-Balancedcharacters and skills - New content comes outfrequently(newheroes, skins, skills, arenas, modes…) - Lag-free: wehaveserversaround the world! - Fun events available all times,alsogreatchances to earn decent items - Guild with deep design:7roles,guild quests and rewards, Guild war…Because game is muchmorefunto play with friends! Battle is calling your name!Prepareyourtactics, fight side by side with friends and climb uptheLeague!
Onmyoji Arena 3.98.0
NetEase Games
There is a conclusion to every Fireworks Carnival, but all thefuninHeian-kyo never ends! As the brand-new Season 14 begins,Hana'sRoyalskin "Fleeting Moonlight" will still be availableforexchange!Another round of Season skins is arriving, along withtheS14 BattlePass · First. Even more themed skins await as wegofurther into S14!In this new Season, battle once morealongsideyour shikigami! FromNetEase's well known Onmyoji series,OnmyojiArena is true to theoriginal characters while bringingplayers abrand new MOBAexperience. Replacing the conventional paidrunesystem with acompletely free Onmyodo system, the gameallowsplayers to fullyenjoy fair 5v5 battles. While retainingitsdelicate Japanesesettings, Onmyoji Arena further diversify itsartstyle by expandingwith School, Fairytale, Steampunk and otherskinseries, appealing toa wider range of audience. There's alsotheaddition of Mahjongchess, Shikigami Defense, and 3v3v3RoyalBattle. Download now tohave fun in the various game modes!—Beautiful Shikigami withoriginal voice cast to replicate theHeianworld with perfection.Onmyoji Arena retains the elegantJapaneseaesthetics from Onmyoji aswell as its stellar Japanesevoice castto give players a moreauthentic gaming experience.Gorgeous 3Dmodels. Awesome Shikigamiultimates. What are youwaiting for?Summon your favorite Shikigamiinto battle now! — Afair game withno amulets required. Prove yourstrategic prowess onthebattlefield now! Onmyoji Arena does awaywith the amuletsystem,and all players can now create their owncombinations ofOnmyoji'sabilities (Onmyodo) for free. Based ontheir strategy,players canfreely mix and match the abilities inOnmyoji, addinganothervariable to the game. Moreover, there is nopaid systemthataffects combat stats. Now all is truly fair inbattle and lore!—Balance of power. Tons of skills. Battle to yourheart'scontent!Onmyoji Arena carefully evens out the distributionof powerin thegame, so that each Shikigami is equally strong yetpossessesuniquecharm. Now there's a useful role for everyone.Shikigami have4abilities and 2 general spells, allowing for morecombinationsofabilities and tactics. Unique ability sets bringaboutgreaterpossibilities. Innovative map designs and the Fog ofWarsystemmake strategy even more critical, so that playerscanfullyexperience this new mobile MOBA. At the same time, thegameisrevolutionary in that it connects top players from allovertheworld to test their might. — Innovative Battle Royaleforathree-party showdown The first ever 3v3v3 battlemode,BattleRoyale, incorporates new features likemulti-teambattles,competition for resources, and fast-paced combat.Playersaredivided into 3 teams of 3 for an excitingnewmulti-teamexperience! In the Battle Royale mode, players willspawnfromthree locations on the map with the combat zone locatedinthecenter. The first team to seal 30 Shikigami shall reignsupreme!
Battle Night: Cyberpunk-Idle RPG 1.4.23
FT Games
It is the year 2077, the end of the century is near,thegreatalliances of the world are in a great cold war witheachother,while neon lights flash around the borders city underthethickfog, but the people of the city are still unaware ofthesituation.This city is one that lives outside the law, and isfarfrom allcountries, and has gradually become a battleground forallcamps.Conflict between advanced technology and thedecadentcivilizationshas become irreversible, and Cyberpunk hasfinallyopened hiscurtains after long nights. It was around thistime onone of thestreet corners in a little humble detectiveagency, asharp andkeen detective sensed a change in the air, hequicklyneeded toround up a team to go and search out the hiddenschemethat was inthe making... ☆GAME FEATURES☆ 👍Idle system Idlegameplaywith highimmersion, set your heroes training while you’reaway,relaxing andlaid back. 👍Cyber Sensation Well-developedmaps,futuristic streetsand dazzling night scene, making a greatsciencefiction feeling.👍Elite BOSS Decline robot repeated battles,everyBOSS wasinnovated for creating a top game experience. 👍HeroSkillsTreeHeroes will never be the same, newly innovatedgameplay,morecustom-making features, allowing you to make auniqueformation.👍Ample Challenge Mode Main Maps, Arena PK,HeroExpedition, CoreAdventure, and much more to keep youexcited!Contact us:FB
Hero Hunters 5.1
Hothead Games
🥇 Google Play Most Innovative Game Award 🥇 Build a PowerfulTeamof100+ Heroes! Play the #1 in Third-Person Shooting RPGGames.Themost incredible free online multiplayer hero based battleroyaleonmobile. 100+ Heroes to recruit and go hunting with!Allywithfriends to ensure survival! Join epic games with friendsinCo-opMissions and compete world-wide in Real-timemultiplayerOnline PvPBattles. Participate in Daily Events, GauntletMode,Survival modeand Boss Raids! Wage war in stunning fun 3Dbattleswith your armyof heroes; equipped with guns, sniper rifles,swords,energycannons and more! WORLD CLASS GUN PLAY ● Cover-based,thirdpersonshooter experience with amazing console-like graphics●Quicklyswap from Hero to Hero during battle inreal-time,team-basedcombat ● Modern and futuristic gear makesplaying eachhero adistinct experience; fire sniper rifles and hearthe boom ofenergyguns ● Deploy jaw-dropping special abilities thatcan quicklyturnthe tide of battle. ● Hone your skills bycontrolling yourheroesor play idle when on the move ● ton ofweapons and gunsincludingsniper guns, COMMAND YOUR HEROES ● Collectlegendaryheroes, eachwith their own unique weapons and specialabilities. ●Assemble theright team to take on the enemy. Mix upyour roster tofind theperfect combination - keep your tanks andhealers onoverwatchwhile your assassins and assault classes takedown theenemy. ●Choose sniper, assault, shotgun, magic, fantasy,warrior,robot,sniper assassins, and cyborg heroes ● Play as yourfavoriteheroand dynamically switch between heroes at any timeduringgameplay.● Plunder loot after each battle, level up yourheroes,upgradeyour abilities and perfect your loadout. ● Immerseyourselfin thesingle-player campaign as you fight against raiders,banditsandworse in a post-apocalyptic cityscape. ● Engage inmoderncombatbecome the ultimate hunter ●The battle is never over.Watchyourhero squad dominate the battlefield. REAL-TIME PvPTACTICALBATTLEMODE ●Challenge your skills against other playersinreal-timemultiplayer action-packed tactical PvP combat ●Craftatacticalsquad of up to 5 heroes and dominate the leaderboardsandleagues●Join forces with your friends to build anunstoppablemodernmilitary alliance ●Beat your rivals in intensetime-basedeventcompetitions focused on both solo and strategicgroup play. ✔Playone of the top online multiplayer RPG ShootingGames FREE!DownloadNow! ✔ ------------------------- By downloadingthis appyou areagreeing to be bound by the terms and conditionsofHothead's Termsof Use ( andaresubject toHothead's PrivacyPolicy(©2021 Hothead GamesInc.,Hothead, and Hero Hunters are trademarksor registeredtrademarks ofHothead Games Inc., all rightsreserved.
Bleach: Brave Souls Popular Jump TV Anime Game 13.3.0
The real-time battle mode, "Arena," is here! A 3 vs. 3 teambattlewhere you can play with players from around the world! JoinIchigo,Toshiro, and other popular Bleach characters to be the bestin theworld! Over 60 million downloads worldwide! A hack and slashactionRPG that has all the elements of the super popular BleachTVanimation, manga, and novel! Build teams with yourfavoritecharacters from the 13 Court Guard Squads, the Espada,Xcution, orthe Stern Ritter and join the fray! ENTER THE BLEACHUNIVERSERelive the epic Bleach story from the moment Rukia andIchigo firstmet, then delve deeper into the world of Soul Reaperswith originalstories from the anime, the Bleach movies, tie-innovels, and more!EPIC SPECIAL MOVES Unleash Ichigo's Getsugatensho,Aizen's KyokaSuigetsu, Byakuya's Senbonzakura Kageyoshi, and allthe other epicBleach moves, all fully-voiced by the originalJapanese voiceactors with amazing animations! Then feast your eyesand ears onthe many original special moves unique to Brave Souls!EXCITING 3DACTION 3D graphics and simple controls make forfree-flowing andfast-paced hack-and-slash action. Play alone, orgather up to fivefriends for intense online co-op quests and raids!DEVELOP YOURCHARACTERS Make your favorite Bleach characters morepowerful!Brave Souls features a highly flexible characterimprovement systemthat allows you to create exactly the warriorsand the team youwant. Create never before seen combinations of yourfavorite Bleachcharacters and then take your best teams online tocombat otherplayers! In some regions, you have an option to choosea World(server) at the start of the game. However, there is nodifferencebetween the different servers except for the languagesoffered andcertain purchasable items. ■Terms ofUse ∟ OfficialSite TwitterAccount: Hashtag: #BraveSoulsFacebook OSAndroid 4.4 orlater----------------------------------------------------- ©TiteKubo/Shueisha, TV TOKYO, dentsu, Pierrot
Arena of Valor: 5v5 Arena Game
Experience Arena of Valor, an epic new 5v5 multiplayer onlinebattlearena (MOBA) designed by Tencent Games! Call on yourteammates tojoin you in the jungle! Crush your enemies in classic5v5 combat inreal time! Draw first blood, carry your team, andbecome legendaryin the arena! Features: - Classic 5v5 MOBA,Perfected for Mobile -Traverse a classic three-lane arena filledwith nooks and cranniesbetween towers. Watch out for enemieslurking in the brush anduncover secrets that wait in the jungle.Intuitive controlsspecifically designed for mobile will have youracking up kills withease and make you an MVP in no time! -Growing Number of LegendaryHeroes - Explore and command a rosterof over 100 fearless heroesand counting, including a variety ofTanks, Assassins, Mages,Support, Warriors, and Marksmen. Build theperfect team to crushyour opponents in battle! - The Ultimate MOBAExperience - FirstBlood, Double Kill, Triple Kill… all thefeatures that you know andlove right at your fingertips. Discoverand dominate all thegameplay modes, including 5v5, 3v3, 1v1, and aunique “Hook Wars”mode that will challenge your skills and makeyou a true champion! -Fast Matchmaking & 10-Minute Matches -Team up with players allaround the world in an instant. Carve yourway through jungles,lanes, and towers, draw first blood anddestroy the enemy Core.Carry your team to victory in less than 10minutes! - Join YourFriends in Fierce Team Battles - Enjoyfast-paced combat and forgealliances with players around theworld. Interact with friends andguild buddies every day usingreal-time voice chat. Share the load,work together, and fightstrategically. Team up with your friends inTourney Mode and soonyou’ll be able to create your own league.Arena of Valor is the neweSport for your mobile devices. - Got WhatIt Takes? Free to PlayForever - In Arena of Valor, it’s all aboutskill. We strive tocreate the most riveting and balanced gameplay,so you can turn thetide of battle and vie for glory no matter theodds. Win or lose,every action counts! Contact Us:Facebook:
ONE PIECE Bounty Rush - Team Action Battle Game - 43000
Take the loot you pirate! One Piece Bounty Rush is a 3D animebattlearena treasure looting game set in the popular manga pirateworld ofOne Piece! Join Luffy, the famous Straw Hat Pirate and allyourfavorite characters from the One Piece universe in 4 vs 4real-timepvp battles to rush and loot the treasure of berry coinsforvictory! 4 vs 4 MULTIPLAYER TREASURE LOOTING ACTION •Excitingcapture the flag-style anime pirate action • 2 teams of 4playersbattle in real-time to loot the most treasure • Rush to grabmoreBerry coins to reach victory CREATE THE ULTIMATE PIRATE CREW•Battle rival teams using popular One Piece anime charactersfromLuffy to Zolo • Mix & match characters to form thestrongesttreasure looting team! • Collect Character Fragmentsduring battleto unlock more characters! DEEP SEA GAMEPLAY AND LEVELUP SYSTEM •Strategize character class selections (Attacker,Defender, Runner)to collect the most treasure • Upgrade yourcharacter’s grade leveland skills through League and Solo battles •Equip characters withMedals to give them battle changing Traits!EXPERIENCE THE ONEPIECE UNIVERSE • The One Piece manga worldreimagined as thebattlefield in beautiful 3D • Battle at iconiclocations from theanime including the seafaring Baratie restaurantand the Alabastadesert kingdom. • Every match comes complete withitems from theOne Piece universe to give your team the upper hand.Are youpirates ready to loot some treasure? Grab your crew and jointhequest to become the Pirate King in One Piece Bounty Rush!■"ONEPIECE Bounty Rush" is the game for you, if you... ・Like ONEPIECE!・Like Manga and Anime! ・Like team battles, co-op, and PVP!・Like totest your cooperative and competitive skills in ajam-packed actionmobile game! ・Like to team up with people inonline multiplayer PVPgames! ・Like action and team battle mobilegames! ・Like 4v4multiplayer real-time battle games! ・Like mobilePVP games ingeneral! ・Want to use your favorite ONE PIECEcharacters in battle!・Want to play a full-scale ONE PIECE onlineaction battle game!・Want to play an action mobile game! ・Want toimprove your gamingskills through intense gameplay! ・Want an onlineco-op game to playwith your friends! ・Want to do team battles withplayers around theworld! ・Want to team up with your friends andbattle in an onlineaction game! ・Excel at or are looking for a MOBAgame! ・Are lookingfor a PVP action mobile game with co-op onlinebattles! ・Arelooking for a PVP or team battle game! ・Are lookingfor a fun gamesimilar to console games! ・Frequently play co-op orPVP actionmobile games! ■Relevant Keywords ・One Piece, Bounty Rush,Pirate,Co-op, PVP, Action, Anime, Manga, MOBA, Team BattleSUPPORT: BANDAINAMCOEntertainment Inc. Website: downloading or installingthis app, you agree to the BANDAINAMCO Entertainment Terms ofService. Terms of Service: Policy: Note:This gamecontains some items available for in-app purchase that canenhancegameplay and speed up your progress. In-app purchases canbedisabled in your device settings,see formoredetails. ©EIICHIRO ODA/SHUEISHA, TOEI ANIMATION ©BANDAINAMCOEntertainment Inc. This application is distributed undertheofficial rights from the license holder.
Royal Crown 13.0.2
LINE Games
You are now summoned to ROYAL CROWN - a fantasy Battle Royaletoseewho is most fit to survive! Survive and adventurethroughabeautiful fairytale themed fantasy battlefield! Wait,here's atipto help you survive better before you 'Freefall'!1.IntenseSurvival Match with up to 30 Players! To become thewinnerof thisfantasy battlefield, you should never stop your effortto bethebest. You can either engage in battle from the start toaimforvictory, or hide in the bushes to evade powerfulenemies,whileplanning out your glorious future. Place wards towatch overotherplayers, and check for incoming ambushes. Usefences, bushes,andother obstacles to enjoy your survival battle toits best!2.Various Modes : Squad/Duo/Solo/Custom Select a game modebasedonwhat you like! For team play modes, you can diversifyyoursurvivaltactics depending on the team composition. In addition,youcantrade items between teammates, and also rescue them withFirstAidor Resurrection. Other event modes are also coming up,solookforward for it! 3. 20 Different Champions. Play EachChampionwithUnique Characteristics! Champion classes aredividedinto[Warrior/Sniper/Assassin/Support/Mage/Tank]. Eachchampionhasunique skills, so play your character according toyourstrategy!Do you want to personalize your champion withuniquelooks? Thentry out costumes and accessories in game todecorateyour champion!4. Plan Your Survival Tactic with Equipment,Food,and Consumables!Say no more to dull battles and farming! Thereareloads ofdifferent craftable items such as bombs, foodandequipment! Searchfor rare craft materials, or hunt downdifferentmonster in thefield to collect what you need! There’s evenalegendary dragon,that you should never dare to face alone,lyingdormant somewhere.Craft and collect items needed for survivalanduse them tooptimize your tactics! Respond to the call of thenewfantasybattlefield filled with battles and adventures forsurvival.Canyou become the hero in this world of small villages,canyons,anddeadly deserts? Come freefall to ROYAL CROWN![SmartphoneAppAccess Permission Notification] - Microphone(RECORD_AUDIO)Thispermission is required to send voice messages inchat,andreal-time voice chat between party and guild members.
1v1.LOL - Third Person Shooter 3.800
Fight to survive in this epic multiplayer Battle Royaleconstructionwar where only the last player standing still wins andachieves thegreat and coveted master victory. 🚀more than 20.000new daily usersare waiting for you to fight 1v1 Whatcharacteristics can we find inthis multiplayer shooter? 🤼‍♂️ Quickpairing: Find a 1v1 matchagainst a random player in 3 seconds,without bots, only realplayers! The 24 hours of the day :) 🎮Custom HUD: Advanced controleditors so you can manage and organizeyour screen buttons howeveryou like, with layouts and SetupsBuilder Pro and Old School, witheasy controls with shootingassistant and self-trigger. 🤾‍♂️Practice mode: Train yourbuilding, editing and shooting skills withendless materials andweapons such as your assault rifle, slidingshotgun and without adoubt your famous pickaxe. 🌐 Everyone can playfor free: This appis designed for all audiences and is completelyfree, it does notrequire payments or a battle pass to play withoutlimits, unlikeother Battle Royale. And besides, we are alwaysupdating this epicgame - this is for the players! 🔜 More fun modescoming soon:Currently you can play practice mode, 1v1 build battlemode and BOXfight mode, we are working on more incredible modes andwar zoneswith lots of action assured within our worlds andonlinebattlefields. In 1v1.LOL we’ve managed to create an onlineshootingpvp simulator to fight against your opponents and usedifferentconstruction modes to cover up from the enemies. You canuse aramp, wall or ceiling to cover yourself, dodge the bullets ofyourreal opponents and attack them with your favorite weaponstoachieve your 1v1 build battle victory. What should I do tostartplaying this online fighting and shooting simulator? 1. Noneed toregister with Facebook or Gmail, just download the app andstartplaying your pvp 1v1.LOL simulator! 2. Create the name ofthecharacter that will bring your virtual avatar to life inthisBattle Royale and make your first online game with practicemode,where you can rehearse your shooting and construction skills!3.You are now ready to play a battle to death in multiplayerbattlewith real players from all over the world. Don't forget toshareand invite your friends! This 1v1 .LOL online constructiontrainingsimulator is one of the best Battle Royale where you canpracticeyour fighting, shooting and construction skills withthismultiplayer pvp. What are you waiting for to start playingbattleswith your friends? Stop chatting with your friends andstartplaying with your companions with robot avatars as a squadofagents on the battlefield, fighting and buildingprotectiontrenches, to find the secret weapon and win the war ofthe worlds!Are you a good sniper shooter, or would you rather gofor a knifeattacking at close range with your heavy shotgun orslidingshotgun? Whatever type of shooter you are, your submachinegun willdefend you and your rocket launcher will destroy everythinginfront of you. The warrior soul is within you and with 1v1.LoLyouwill be able to take out the special Ops agent you haveinside!online third person shooter. Contact and evaluation: Weencourageyou to share your opinion and evaluation with yourFeedback of thegame in our comments. It’s in the game! You can alsofind us at:Tiktok: Discordlink:
Astracraft 0.100.125
NetEase Games
— [July 30, Version "Soaring Strike" is coming online]—Thefeudcontinues between Death's Legion that serves the Empire,andtheWhite Knights with their faith in White Promise. Thelongstrugglesof war expand in Gaia Galaxy as the two factionsclashtheir steel.It seemed that as Death's Legion continued toloseground, thestruggle was coming to a close...However, when theWingsof Plundersoared across the sky, they've finally arrived. TheAcesof Death'sLegion now are prepared to turn the tide! Take thewarplanes,enter the world of future, and conquer the land andair!AirLandBattle! Real wars are not limited to the land. Theendlesssky isanother decisive battlefield. Long ago, the aerialwarriorswereinstrumental in battles, turning both land and airintovitalbattlegrounds. The flying beasts dived bombed astheearthboundforces shielded. Let the blood boil! Let the wholerealmbecome thechessboard of war! Land and air, who will rule themall?You Arethe Flying Ace! You are a pilot for the Empire. Flythefightersthrough the flames of war, battle in the sky andassaulttheground! Use skillful maneuvers to avoid enemy fire inadogfight,take an advantageous position, and fire back withfullforce! Youwill decide who controls the air! You will decidewhowins thebattles! You will suppress the enemies on land! Breakthem,for youare the Ace of the Skies! Modify ARMS withFuturisticWeapons!Upgrade to Futuretech and make an exclusivefighter oflegend! Burnthrough the sky with your exhaust flame.Equip"Hawk-eagle" Wingsfor continuous propulsion, "Bumblebee" Rotorforextra power, and"Hunt" Seeker Missiles to destroy enemy fightersinAA combat!Modify your Hyperspace Laser Cannon and neutralizegroundtargetsfrom the air with one charged shot! Improvise,adapt,overcome!Charge to the death! Red vs. Blue! Team Death Matchmode,"ARMSHunt" has arrived! Moreover, play with 200 Load on"FierceStruggleHunting Ground". The lost "Ruins Island" ofanadvancedcivilization and the junk resource factory "HopeMining"are now inthe middle of a new interstellar conflict! Make ateam offight andfight the enemy team in an epic battle at theno-man'sland.Suppress enemy ground forces with your airpower, orchargethroughtheir ranks with deadly ARMS on the ground...Whowillachieve therequired kill count first in this metalgrinder?Remember, a winnermust rip through enemy defensive lineswithoutfear! Get OfficialRecognition as ARMS of the Elite! Worriedaboutnot having powerfulweapon Modules or ARMS in your garage? Turnintoan elite with"Elite ARMS" in "ARMS Hunt" Mode. Choose amachinethat has provenits worth from system recommendations, ridethe ARMSof legend, andstart your very own epic battle! [Followus]Facebook:
Stick Fight: The Game Mobile
NetEase Games
Stick Fight: The Game Mobile is an official stick-fighting gameonmobile. Join the hilarious brawler, Stick Fight: The GameMobile,which is a physics-based couch/online fighting game whereyoubattle it out as the iconic stick figures from the golden ageofthe internet. Stick it to them! Challenge friends and StickFightfans from around the world. Control the Stick figure to run,jump,and fight. Face off against each other in 4- stickfightfree-for-alls! After 9 matches, rank the top of 4. Now withanarmory of humorous weapons and 100+ maps! Relive the classicStickfigure cartoons with action-packed free-for-all duels!KEYFEATURES: - The official Stick Fight game on mobile! -Hilariousbattles with up to 3 friends! - 100 amusing maps, dozensof funnyweapons, like guns shooting snakes out, or bomb whichblowsyourself up, and unlimited ways to die! - Make your own mapswiththe built-in level editor: the sky is the limit! - Customizeyourstick figures with the brand-new avatar store and color system!-Brawl online with players from around the world! Download thegameand win the glory for your country. KEEP IN TOUCHFacebook: Forum:
Taichi Panda 3: Dragon Hunter 4.19.0
The atmosphere of Thanksgiving has also been spread in Avzar!Incelebration of the day, we’ve prepared several special treatsforyou! The new Chosen Trial Card is ready for you to challenge,theSuperb Holy Dragon equipment is waiting for you to collect,andalso the new pet and mount are prepared. Besides, theHuntingCompetition is now reopened to all. Come and find outmore!-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Features:- The 2017 flagship product of Snail Games, the studiothat broughtyou Taichi Panda - PC-level visuals immerse playersinto a vast 3Dworld - Hunt for dragons in an East meets Westfantasy landscape -Join one of two rival camps, each with a uniquecharacter lineup -Explore a massive seamless map teeming withexotic creatures,breathtaking scenery, and random events with noload times - Enjoycutting-edge visuals, including light, particleeffects, and normalmapping - Snap gorgeous and crystal-clearaction frames with ourin-game Screenshot function - Explore everypart of the fullyinteractive map, including rooftops, palaces,forests, andeverywhere in between. - Collect a range of powerfulmounts for bothland and air battles - Take on World Bosses inmulti-playerPve-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------COMMUNITY:Official Page: OfficialFacebook:
LINE Games
Taking away 3 minutes of your time! SMASH LEGENDS isathrillingreal-time brawl that lasts for 3 minutes! SMASHawayplayers fromall around the world with unique LEGENDS! SMASHMust GoOn! * SMASHwith simple controls! This game is easy to learn,buthard tomaster! Everyone can enjoy this game, but rememberthatnoteveryone can become the winner! If you enjoysimplefast-pacedaction games, join SMASH LEGENDS now! * SMASH withepicknock outs!Knock off enemies from the arenas set infloatingislands toachieve victory! Enemies are more likely to getknockedout whentheir HP is low. * SMASH across variety of gamemodes andmaps!Take your pick! From 3 vs. 3 team battles, to 1 vs. 1duel andevenBattle Royale survival modes! Jump right into theactionpackedfairy tale fantasies! - Dominion (3 vs. 3): Capture andholdanarea with your teammates to achieve victory. - TeamDeathmatch(3vs. 3): A team competition to the death. - BattleRoyale (8PlayerFFA): Only 1 final player will survive in this8playerfree-for-all mode. - Harvest (4 Player FFA): Playerwhoharveststhe most fruits by destroying Mandrakes win. - Duel (1vs.1): Aduel where only your controls and skills count. (* Gamemodeswillcontinuously be updated) * SMASH with uniquecharacters!Hiddenstories! Unique skills! Incredible actions! Obtainthecharmingcharacters of SMASH LEGENDS and upgrade them! *SMASHagainstplayers from all around the world! Join the livelybrawlactionagainst players from around the world! Claim yourvictory andaimfor the top of the World / Regional rankings! SMASHLEGENDSisfree-to-play, with in-game purchases. Are youenjoyingSMASHLEGENDS? Learn more about the game right now!Floor:
Night Agent: I'm the Savior 3.531.0
The world is disordered, time for you to be the savior! ARPGmobilegame 【Night Agent】is coming! Some disguised students in ahighschool are the super heroes of balancing Yin and Yang?Hey,transfer student! I can see the potential inside of you. Whydon'tyou join us and save the world? 【Game Features】 One vsthousands.Wipe out devils with cool moves! Super cool battleexperience,outstanding design of skills and relentless enemies.Just set freeyour true self! Agents Assemble! They are all thegifted. Exquisite3D models, characters are alive. Long range ormelee, physicalattack or magical damage. Choose the way you play!Goddess, lolitaand domineering lady, you can choose whoever youlike. Organizeyour best squad! Funny stories! Live a supernaturaldaily life.Full of dramatic performances and plots. This is aplayableanimation in your hand. Let's hunt down devils and save theworld!Collect and cultivate, ancient holy beasts could be greathelpers!Find out holy beasts and sign contracts. You can wield theancientpower if they accept you. Co-op mode. Heroes will never bealone!Can't handle a giant devil? Don't worry, just summon yourbestfriends to hunt it together! Wipe out your enemies and havefuntogether! Follow us on Facebook to get latestnews!Fanpage:
Battle Rivals 1.3.0
Welcome to the highly competitive world of real-timebattles.Playthis super easy MOBA game where matches last 3 to 10minutes.■True real-time 3v3 team battles - In Arena Mode,yourskilldetermines the outcome of the battle. Compete withplayersfrom allaround the world in real-time 3v3 team battles! ■MOBAmeets BattleRoyale - In Royale mode, 15 players must fighteachother to thebitter end. Defeat other players from all overtheworld and becomethe last one standing. ■ Strategic autoteambattles - Collect over40 different types of fascinating heroesandplace them on thechessboard to commence a strategic autoteambattle. Battle playersfrom all over the world with yourbeststrategy. ■ New events andgame modes are available every dayOpenthe fast-paced event modessuch as “Arena”, “Royale”, and“Chess”every day and get new heroesthrough rewards and have funlevelingup. ■ Battle Rivals requiresthe following permissions:[Required]Storage: This is required tosave and load essential datato playthe game. There are nooptional permissions collected otherthan therequired permissions.[How to remove permissions] - Androidversion6.0 or higher:Settings > Apps > Battle Rivals>Permissions > Grantor remove the app permissions. -Androidversions below 6.0:Upgrade your operating system to removetheaccess permission, ordelete the app.
Rumble Arena - Super Smash Legends 2.3.4
Rekall Games
~ 🥊 FIGHT IN ONLINE BATTLES VERSUS REAL PLAYERS 🥊 ~ RumbleArenaisthe first multiplayer brawling game for mobile; brawlwithyourfriends and smash your opponent off the battleground tobecomeatrue legend. ~ 🌐 MULTIPLAYER BRAWLING 🌐 ~ Rumble Arenaisabrawling game with players from all over the world. Jointhefighton one of our 5 servers around the globe. Matches arefairandfluent thanks to advanced hit detection and input syncing!~🧞UNIQUE HEROES 🧞~ Dive into battle with one of ourheroes!Allheroes have their own unique attacks and specialmovesandrepresent different corners of the galaxy! ~🤸 DYNAMICFIGHTS🤸 ~ Up to 8 heroes can duke it out in thearena. Survivethechaotic brawl by using acrobatic manoeuvres andsurpriseyouropponent with amazing attack combo’s to become thelastherostanding. ~ 🏛️ EPIC ARENAS 🏛️ ~ Brawl in several arenasandallwith a different layout. Chaotic small or immenselybig,allempower a different fighting style. ~🎮 CONTROLLERSUPPORT🎮 ~ The game features controllersupport andin-gamecontroller mapping support!  ~ 🏋️ Trainingmode 🏋️ ~Exploreevery attack in the “Training” mode and hone yourskillstodominate in the multiplayer mode. ~  KEY FEATURES ~ 1.🥊Multiplayer matches 2. 🏅Ranked matches 3. 💂Team battles4.🧞‍♂️Twelve unique heroes with unique attacks and moves 5. 🏛️Fiveepicarenas with different layout 6. 🏋️ Training mode 7.🎮Controllersupport & in-game mapping 8. 👁 Spectator mode; upto16spectators ~ UPCOMING FEATURES ~ 1. 🧙Morecharactersandbattlegrounds
Brawlhalla 5.12
Brawlhalla is a free platform fighting game with over 40millionplayers that supports up to 8 online in a single match withfullcross-play. Join casual free-for-alls, queue for rankedmatches, ormake a custom room with your friends. Frequent updates.50 uniquecharacters and counting. Come fight for glory in the hallsofValhalla! Features: - Online Ranked 1v1 & 2v2 - Climbtheranked ladder from Tin up to Platinum and beyond! Fightenemiessolo or team up with your friends. Matches you againstplayers nearyour skill level. - 4 Player Online Free for All -Casual matcheswhere four fighters enter, but only one can win. -Cross-playCustom Rooms - Invite up to 8 friends on all platforms toa hugevariety of custom matches: 4v4s, 1v3, 2v2, FFA, and muchmore. -Many Game Modes - Mix things up with Brawlball,Bombsketball,Capture the Flag, Kung-Foot, and many more fun partygame modes. -The Training Room - Practice combos and setups insidethe TrainingRoom! Look at detailed frame data, hitboxes, hurtboxes,and sharpenyour skills. Plus: Best-in-class spectating, matchrecording andreplay. Dozens of maps. Single player tournament mode.An onlinebrawl-of-the-week. Experimental mode. Millions of playersfor fastmatchmaking. Regional servers for low-latency online play.Frequentupdates. Tons of esports events and tournaments. Excellentsupportfor keyboard and controllers. Career history and coolprogressrewards. Ranked seasons. Friendly devs. Fun, fairfree-to-play. Andmuch more. How we do Free to Play Brawlhalla willalways be 100%free to play, with no pay-to-win advantages and noin-gamepurchases keeping you from the action. None of the premiumcontentaffects gameplay. The Legend Rotation of eight free toplaycharacters changes every week, and you can earn gold to unlockmoreLegends by playing any online game mode. You can also check outour“All Legends Pack” that immediately unlocks every characterwe’veever made and ever will make. Forever. Everything in the“Legends”tab in the in-game store would be yours to have. Note thatthisdoesn’t unlock Crossovers. Like onFacebook: Follow on Twitter@BrawlhallaSubscribe on YouTube: Join uson Instagram@Brawlhalla Need support? Have some feedback for us?Contact ushere:
Badlanders 1.2
NetEase Games
Badlanders, Welcome. Here, upon the ruins of aonce-greatcivilization, scavengers fight for treasure and glory.The RedBeach Sanctuary once housed the world's most advanced weapontechbut, in the face of natural disasters, became a beacon forthepreservation of science and technology for all mankind. However,itwas short-lived as war broke out and the preservationplancollapsed. The only things left on that bloody beach aremassiveruins, competing scavengers, and endless opportunities...Gear upand get ready to enter the hot zone of riches and danger.ESCAPINGIS ALL THAT MATTERS 25 badlanders, each with their ownobjectiveenter the battlefield. Take enemies head-on to strip themof theirloot or slowly build up an arsenal from chests scatteredacross themap. But don't get too distracted, finding valuable lootandgetting it out in one piece is what you came here for! LOOT,SHOOT,AND GAMBLE ON LIFE AND DEATH Enjoy the adrenaline rush ofintenseencounters? This battlefield is for you! Whether you'rearmed tothe teeth enjoying a battle advantage, or just relying on aknifein the hopes of catching someone off guard and stealing theirgear,war is always the fastest way to wealth. Here, some becomerichovernight while others lose it all. ENHANCE GEAR, BUILD UPANARSENAL How to increase your chances of survival to obtainmoreloot? Enhancing your gear may be a good idea. Weapons,armor,grenades... All enhancements can be brought into thebattlefield.But beware, the greater your gear, the more you’llattract theattention of other badlanders eager to take it off yourhands. REALWEAPONS, ASSEMBLED YOUR WAY Many of the ultra-realisticfirearmshave several accessories and attachments, some of whichevensupport customizations. Pimp your weapons using the customweaponskin system and experience the extreme freedom offirearmmodifications! Many of the ultra-realistic firearms haveseveralaccessories and attachments, some of which evensupportcustomizations. Experience the extreme freedom offirearmmodifications! OPEN MARKET, OPEN ECONOMY As a seller, youare freeto sell loot you got from the battlefield, you could evenchoose toplay the role of a merchant, reselling items for a profit.As abuyer, you can purchase more powerful gear to give you anadvantagein the battlefield, allowing you in turn to get even moreloot.Even microtransaction items can be resold for the markedprice.Follow us: Facebook Page: Official
Dynasty Legends: True Hero Rises from Chaos 11.1.602
3D ARPG game Dynasty Legends: new version is coming! It istimetobegin a new journey! Seize the seal and become theonlyKing!Awaken the Genius and push your limits! A true heroalwaysdesiresto be stronger! 【Game Features】 Intense Battle ModeOneVersus All!Smash your enemies like mowing grass on yourmobilephone. Fastbattle pace, control your heroes to cast theiruniqueskills. Wipeout thousands of enemies with a single hit!VariousGame ModesReal-time Co-op and PVP, intense battles. Evade,blockand counterattack. Your enemies & allies are all overtheworld. Can yoube the hero of all heroes? Giant Boss fight.Huntthem down withyour outstanding control! No one can hold youbackeven the demons!9V9 real-time PVP, fight alongside your friendsanddominate thearena. Legendary Heroes More than 50 heroesfromancientbattlefields are waiting for your command. Every herohastheir ownway to fight, choose wisely! Awakening mode,abreakthrough of thehero's power! Ultimate Game ExperienceDesignedfor mobile phones.Smooth control, realistic hit reactions,stunningvisual effectsand high quality 3D graphics. It will takeyou backto the realancient battlefield. Customize Freely Exquisitecostumesandgorgeous wings for every hero. You're not only thestrongestbutalso the coolest. Contest of Champions 3V3 cross-serverteambattleis open! Build your strongest team and join theContestofChampions to battle with other teams. The winner will betheleaderof the campaign against Chiyou! Mount Bloodline Cultivatethemountvia specific items and purify the mount bloodline toimprovetheattributes greatly and change the appearance of mountfreely.Atrue hero deserves the best mount! New Gameplay Seize theSeal,abrand new Battle Royale mode, is available now! Fightwithheroesfrom all over the world. The final winner will be theonlyking! Itis a battle for the rise of the King! Who can survive?Comeandchallenge now. New Cultivation System Every breakthroughbringsnewfighting opportunity. The new cultivation system“Genius”willassist the hero to dominate the battlefield! You willbecomenotonly stronger but also cooler! Get the power of Geniusandbeginyour legend!Facebook:
Heroes Strike Offline - MOBA & Battle Royale 88
Free to play MOBA without internet required, you’ve foundit!Modernand Trending game modes - 3v3 Modern MOBA - Battle Royale12players- Game of King with 8 Players - And many modes withmonthlyupdatesA unique 3v3 combat style made with a perfectbalancebetween funand depth: - Equip your hero with 2 skills ofchoicebeside mainhero ability – a great blend of strategy andaction -4-minute shortmatch – ultra ideal for on-the-go gaming -Hugecollection ofheroes, each with signature attacks andabilities(fury) - Multiplechoices of skills in many types: attack,defense,stun, support…Designed for freebies! - Solid heroes in eachclassplus 5 differentskills to begin with - Generous reward,easyprogression - All itemsmade accessible for free As a MOBAgameplayer, you will love thisgame to bits and pieces! - A fairwhichis “all-about-skill”mid-core game, yet simple rules and easytolearn - Simple controlfor a smooth gaming experience -Balancedcharacters and skills -New content comes out frequently(newheroes, skins, skills, arenas,modes…) - Lag-free: we haveserversaround the world! - Fun eventsavailable all times, alsogreatchances to earn decent items Battleis calling your name!Prepareyour tactics, fight side by side withyour allies and climbup theLeague!
MilkChoco 1.22.0
*Android 11 users may experience some delay while loggingintothegame. Black screen may last a little longer when startingthegameStar League Mode released : Competitive mode will be added ;Bethethe best Player in the Game! 5 vs 5 multiplay shootinggame.Usingvarious heroes with different abilities, you can playvariousrolesin battlefields such as 'Assault', 'Deathmatch','Escort','BattleRoyale' and ETC. Each hero can be raisedindividually, theyalsohave own 'ranking', 'weapons' and 'skill'.==== Features ====-Easy to Control - Small size (65 MB, Noadditional downloads) -Lowlatency online FPS ==== Notice ==== 1.In-game guide, pleaseusethe book button on the top left corner. 2.Login will be aGoogleaccount. Even if you change your mobile phone,you can log inwiththe same account and play with your existingrecords. 3. If youuseHack or Patcher, you can be blockedpermanently. ====Updatescheduled content ==== 1. Messages withfriends * Descriptionofyour in-app permission agreement requestIn-apppurchases:Purchasing gaming goods Photo / Video / File:Change ClanMarkWi-Fi connection information: Seamless networkplayExternalstorage: In-app advertising
Disorder 1.3
NetEase Games
Welcome to Disorder. The year is 2030, and war has becomethenewglobal norm. In an ongoing conflict for nuclear weaponsandthespoils of war, multiple factions meet each otheronthebattlefield. In this endless war, justice and sinareintertwinedand no one escapes the undercurrent of violence. Asanelitesoldier, the time has come for you to take up armsandfightalongside your teammates! Five limited-time activitieshavebeenorganized to celebrate the official launch of the game.Alargerange of rich rewards, such as characters, outfitsandsupplies,have been added. Wish you an unprecedented teamshooterexperience!IMMERSIVE EXPERIENCE All-new near-futurelocations, suchas Ruins,Radar Stations, and Missile Silos have beenbuilt for warthemedbattles. As a soldier in this world, you canpledge yourloyalty tothree very different factions: Pale Knights,GhostPuppets, andCadaver Unit, with more to be revealed. Eachmember ofthe armedfactions has his/her own exhaustive backstory foryou touncover.Good or evil, the choice is up to you! UNIQUECHARACTERSScout,maneuver, defense, support...characters are classedintodifferentroles, allowing for great freedom and diversity inteamsetup. Theyare not only differentiating betweenpersonality,appearance andback story, but even unique skillsets andweaponloadouts typestoo. It’s up to you to control the tempo of abattlewhere the oddsmight be reversed at any time. UPGRADE INBATTLE GainEXP andcredits from mercenary or player killing. Withdiversifiedchoices,you can upgrade both the weapon and ability toadapt totheever-changing battlefield. Strengthen yourself fromthelandingpoint until you are ready to try and take control oftheMissileSilo. MULTI-MODE AVAILABLE ULF, Base Battle,Multi-BaseBattle are3 core game modes, with more to come. For theULF map,you need towork with your teammates and establish a plan ofactionto occupyand secure the area’s missile silo. On the way tovictory,everydecision and bullet matters. While in Base BattleandMulti-baseBattle, close combat happens and situations canbechanged bysecond. SEASON 0 KICKS OFF Season 0 iscoming!Introducing abrand-new Season Ranking System and generousSeasonPass rewards.Get ready to show your strength as you battleotherplayers for thewin! SQUAD UP AND RULE THE FIELD Team upwithteammates to competeagainst enemy groups. Go directly tothemissile silo or level upsafely to take down bases one by one? Itisall up to strategicalcooperation with your teammates! Think onyourfeet, findalternative attack strategies and adapt your lineupiswith thesame importance to grab victory. Follow us
Frayhem - 3v3 Brawl, Battle Royale, MOBA Arena 0.10.0
Enjoy fun fast-paced battles in the arena of Frayhem! Downloaditnowand play for free! Frayhem is a multiplayer brawlercombiningMOBA(multiplayer online battle arena) and battle royaleelements,andit's easy to learn. Brawl with opponents to achieveglory inthearena! This multiplayer brawler can be learned byanyone butmasteredby only a few. Try it for yourself and see ifyou can takethe crownin battle royale and team-based modes. Becomethe legendof themobile multiplayer arena! — EASY TO LEARN: Yethard tomaster. Anyonecan start playing Frayhem, but only a fewwill turninto legends.Will you be one of them? — PLAY YOUR WAY:Pick afighter matchingyour play style: melee, ranged, healer,assassin,tank, or somethingin between! — CUSTOMIZE YOUR FIGHTER:Eachability has multiplevariations so you can adjust the fightertoyour liking. Turn yourfighters into the top stars of the arena!—VARIOUS MODES AND MAPS:Each requiring different tactics.Outsmartyour opponents at everystep! The game is constantlyevolving. Newmodes, maps, and fightersare coming. Stay tuned!Terms ofService: 1.6.6
It’s time to become a champion! is a mobileBattleRoyalegame for true leaders! Smash other players on thebattlearena andconquer the leaderboard charts! Fight for survivalingreat battles,collect epic loot, improve your character'sfightingskills! Allthis and more you can find in the Magica.iobattleroyale game! Gamefeatures: - Play online & offline -Fightagainst real players -Enjoy different locations - Tons ofnewheroes - Choose your weaponfrom the variety of magic ammo-Different game modes - Completedaily quests - Earn rewards&unique weapons will beyour favorite io battleroyalegame! It's a great combination ofoutstanding graphicsandinteresting gameplay. Upgrade your hero,improve yourfightingskills to stay as long as possible on thearena andsurvive!Prevent your enemies' attacks and crush 'em allwith yourmagicalabilities! Ready to become a champion? Tap theinstall buttonandenjoy the fantastic battle royale io game! Let’srumble! Youcanalso play offline if you don’t haveanInternetconnection. ========================COMPANYCOMMUNITY:========================Facebook:
Awakening of Heroes: MOBA 5v5 1.6.1
COFA Games
Play Awakening of Heroes, the extraordinary NEW 5V5 BattleArenathat MOBA players are calling the best Action PvP game!Joinextraordinary everyday heroes in a new Action free-to-play 5v5MOBAgame that’s trespassing on hilarious. Dominate the fairytaletownbattle arena of this highly-rated mobile action MOBA with RPGandbattle royale elements! Play 5vs5 PVP ranked battle matcheswithyour friends against real opponents from around the worldinreal-time action-packed 10-minute matches. On top of thedynamicMOBA (multiplayer online battle arena) gameplay, AwakeningofHeroes brings you more teamwork, showing your PvPstrategy,worthwhile jungling rewards, full-on card deckscollections, andwacky power-ups (amazing graphics included). Becomea hero youalways wanted to be, join Awakening of Heroes players andrisethrough the ranks of valor to conquer all our Battle arenaswithstrategy! Features: ☆A unique objective-based 5v5 MOBAExperiencethe thrill of PvP matches on a 3-lane MOBA map with RTSobjectivesthat differ AOH from classic online MOBA games: * BombtouchdownDefeat a bomber, pass a bomb to your teammate and destroya towerin a football legend style touchdown! * Capture the flag Dotwocapture the flag missions to summon Big Boss to brawl and helpyourteam become 5vs5 MOBA legends! * Jungle rewards Defeatguardians toget reinforcements, missile or other tangible rewardsfor yourwhole team so no enemy vagary will catch your defence offguard!☆The most dangerous heroes There are heroes among us: anangrybingo champion granny mage who bakes a killer cake forselfdefense. Boom! A warm-hearted math professor turned butcherskilledin close combat. Clash! A grumpy old-timer marksman inhisinvention - a speeding wheelchair equipped with lots of guns–fighting his private war. Bang! ☆RPG MOBA Collect andupgradecards, role-playing game style (RPG), to reach legendarylevels ofyour hero’s armor, speed, and damage. Put on a deadlyfighter sodacan ring (what?!) while a chicken breast armor (what,what?!) givesyou the best defence. Gather trophies to progressthrough 15 arenas5 v 5 as you climb to the world top league! ☆MOBAevolved Theseheroes evolved into gardeners of tower defense. Earngold bydefeating enemies, buy weaponized plants and place themtactically,tower defense style. Each plant evolved to shoot, heal,or serve asa trap or a decoy. Plant your way to victory and reachthe stars!☆Battle royale flying start and loot The thrill of battleroyaleonline, the fun of 5 vs 5 MOBA games! Parachute into thearena witha hang glider and jump into a brawl! Find mystery boxesaround themap just like in a battle royale game and use power-upsto setmousetraps, become invisible or unleash a chicken bomberfleet.Fight for the ultimate survival heroes only can earn.☆Teamwork forthe Win Work together, support, combine your skills,make warfriends and prove you are legends of this extraordinarygame.Jungle and get legendary rewards for the whole team. Tank soyourteammate can go through the black hole (come again?!) andsurprisethe enemies by unleashing your minions in the enemy junglein thismobile 5vs5 MOBA game battle with real opponents andreal-timestrategy (RTS) matches. Awards: BEST FRIENDSHIP DESTROYERGAME BESTPORCELAIN THRONE GAME MOST ORGANIC HEROES EVER CHEAPESTFREE TOPLAY GAME SERIOUSLY FUN MOBILE GAME service
Mad GunZ - Battle royale & shooting games 2.3.1
Looking for a great online shooter with cool graphics andthevarietyof modes including battle royale? Here is Mad Gunz -pixelshooter!Imagine this: you wake up, feed your kitty, and then— allhellbreaks loose! Where is Mr. Fluffy now and... is thatanarmoredturkey? Uh, what's going here, why do unicornsappear?Well, find outin this adventurous thing in pixel gamesonline& battle royalegames genres! Mad Gunz is everything youlovein gaming online,online shooter games & pixel games!Strangebut cute graphics,awesome atmosphere and totally mad guns!Thisonline shooter is justnot like all online games for freeyou’veused to see! Just take upyour weird gun and battle in thecraziestof pixel games! MAD GUNZ -online games features: - Farfromrealistic, but SUPER beautifulpixel games graphics! Take alook atthis pixel shooter 3d and you’llfall in love with its nicelookingart! - Incredible guns! Beat yourrivals with a handbag witha dogin it or use a magic wand! Throwexplosive hamsters or justshootwith a…CAT FUR! - Enemies from thebest of online games&shooting games including zombies, crazychickens, octopus andmore!- Plus! You can see your FEET in thispixel shooter! Mad GunZhasmore features which differ it from othershootinggames,gamingonline. If you’re tired of playing classicpixel games,try MadGunZ - online games! Fight on the maddestbattlegrounds ofonlineshooter games. It’s just another of thoseshooting gamesonline,buddy. We think you’ll love it more than anyother onlinegames forfree, because Mad GunZ - pixel games onlinehas: - Easycontrols -Unique maps with easter eggs from yourfavorite movies& games- Dynamic battles, wild enemies, totalmayhem are herein the bestonline games! - BATTLE ROYALE! Show yourskills andbecome the lastone standing! In our Battle Royale youwill enjoy aHUGE map,unusual system of gun & armor crafting!Love battleroyalegames? This pixel shooter is for you! - Craftingmode! Buildyourmap, create items for it, make it unique! Mad GunZis not likearegular pixel shooter 3d or other online shooter gamesthathaven’tsurprised you much. Don’t think of tactics likeindifferentshooting games online and battle royale games. Justshootyourrivals with a banana gun or slap them with a handbag!Teamup,choose your online games rivals and dominatethebattleground!Build in Battle Royale mode or create your ownmap.Enjoy pixelgames and online games but can’t find reallyamazingonlineshooter? It’s the one pixel shooter you’ve beenwaiting forinonline shooter games genre! We bet you’ve never seensuch oddgunsin any of online games for free! Oh, enough talkingabout MadGunZ- pixel shooter 3d, gaming online & Battle Royale!Downloadthebest online games, start battling now! Feel the rushofgreatgaming online! Try the new word in pixel games! TermsofService:
Hero of Taslinia 1.9.0
Mankind were slaves to the Lusus Hellions once… But a unitedforceofman, dryads, and elves rose up, and defeated thosecreatures.Withthe Hellions sealed away, the Kingdom enjoyed yearsof peace…Butsomehow the Hellions found a way to claw themselvesback! Nowyoumust choose to rise up against them or fall to betheir victimsonceagain. In Hero of Taslinia, you create your ownteam to battleoutagainst all kinds of strong foes that may tip thebalancebetweengood and evil. Play with friends to earn extrabenefits,help eachother or battle it out to see who is stronger.Craft andcollectpowerful weapons and armors to show the world!Features: 1.FREE TOPLAY! 2. Create your hero, customize your team,craftpowerfulweapons and armors! 3. Play the “HoT” story to helpdefeattheHellions! 4. Participate in intense PVP battles to winmore! 5.Joinclans to protect lands from invading World Bosses andotherclans!FOLLOW US ON SOCIALMEDIA!Facebook: LOVE FEEDBACK! Don’thesitate towrite to us - Battle Royale Action 5.83 is a thrilling multiplayer battle royalewithbelovedtiny troopers fighting for victory! Battle forsurvivalusingdifferent weapons and win the match! 💣💣 - Nimble mini warriors - Quick &excitinggamesessions - 68 brawlers to unlock - Up to 50 weapons:guns, axesandmore - Nice boosts: collect them on the battlefield -Cool skins-Solo PvE battles & other modes - Authentic map &graphics-Pocket format of mobile multiplayer action Climb to thetop oftheleaderboard. Create your own tiny army – and!========================COMPANYCOMMUNITY:========================Facebook:
Mobile Royale MMORPG - Build a Strategy for Battle 1.30.0
Join the on-going medieval war in this MMORPG! Lords arefightingtoconquest and rule all kingdoms. Use your best strategyandtactics,attack your rival relentlessly and become a truewarrior!Fight forglory! Mobile Royale is a real-time global game in3D foronlinestrategy battle fans brought to you by IGG! Recruitsoldiersandwarriors for your troops and march to battle! Use yourbeststrategyand tactics to knock down your enemy and let thecommunityknow whois in charge! You will find a myriad of options inthisRTSmultiplayer online game: build your city, trade withdifferentclansacross the land, train a variety of troops to formyour veryownarmy, join a guild, form alliances, and engage inexhilaratingwars!Enjoy the action of exciting 3D battles in a grandfantasymedievalworld! Fight in RTS multiplayer online battleswithcreatures like awyvern or a dragon! And keep an eye on yourcity:just build andbuild! Mobile Royale - Exciting MMORPGFeatures*Real-timetranslations allow you to battle with playersfrom othercountries.Conquer and rule the empire with the help ofyourallies! *Immerseyourself in beautifully detailed 3D graphics,agrand battleground,and a breathtaking fantasy kingdom! Don'tforgetto build andupgrade your town! *Dreamy Airships and afloating fortare part ofyour battle strategy, tactics and tradeaffairs.Different trooptypes and army formations add layers ofintrigue towarfare in thisMMORPG! *The heroes you command includehumans,elves, dwarves,beastkin and even a wyvern! Be entertainedby theirfascinatingbackground stories in the grand Hall ofHeroes! *Do youlikedragons? The noble guardian wyvern from thelegend, who believesinyou as the true king, helps you kill on thebattlefield whilekindlyboosting your city's development. The keyis to build andconstruct!*A complete map filled with lore, 5races, 10 clans, achaotickingdom war, and dramatic storyscenarios. Your strategyanddecisions will decide your path, andwho will become your friendorfoe in this MMORPG. ★ [Citadel Wars]out now! All-newbattlefieldsfor exciting showdowns betweenguilds. Fight alongsideyour buddies.Strategize, and come up withnew ways to dominate thebattle andachieve victory! Limitededition Castle Skins, and loadsof rareitems available forexchange! Ready your weapons, gatheryourcomrades, and seize theland! ★The Glacial Wars have begun! Joinnowand put your Guildcohesion to the test! Occupy mysteriousbuildingsto gain a magicaledge over your enemies! Your soldierswon't die,so fightworry-free! And the best part? You get rewards nomatterwhat theoutcome! Fight in a multiplayer battle withoutforgettingthedefense of your village! Manage your gold andresources,developthe best strategy and use your tactics! ThisMMORPG givesyou theopportunity to be both a fighter and a builder.Would yourather berole playing as a warlord on the battlefield orbuildingforts anddefenses? Why not do both? IGG, creator of otherfantasyRPG gamessuch as Lords Mobile and Castle Clash, brings younow animmersiveMMO game. Enjoy RTS combat or start building a towerin a3D city!The battle awaitsyou!Facebook:
HeadHunters io 3.1.103
Look out! Brutes on the warpath! HeadHunters io isamobilebattle royale where only the last man standing wins.Battleotherplayers in multiplayer mode and prove who owns thearena!Thebeastliest butchers of all time have come together toprove whoisthe deadliest! A one-legged pirate, wild West cowboy,wiseking,agile ninja and even the devil himself can't wait totakeeachother down. Choose your hero and try not to die! Whyyou'llloveHeadHunters io: 🗡 10+ melee weapons, including swords,knivesandaxes. Choose your own combat style! 🗡 15+ uniquecharacters.Playas a knight or viking, and check out all the skins!🗡 Multiplegamemodes: Death Match & Battle Royale. Where willyou shine?🗡Quick, fun brawls: level up your skills and climb theratingboard🗡 Cool gameplay and lots of maps 🗡 Easy, intuitivecontrols🗡Online and offline PvP battles Can't get enough io gamesandbattleroyales? HeadHunters io is for you! Play&survive!========================COMPANYCOMMUNITY:========================Facebook:
Grand Battle Royale: Pixel FPS 3.5.1
Grand Battle Royale Season 2018! If you like military blockypixelgames and battle royale games then you will definitely likeGrandBattle Royale! BATTLE in online multiplayer games when youplay thenew massive open world game! Survive the battlegrounds,improveyour shooting skills, and develop new PVP tactics for FREE!Jumpout of the survival plane on the dead island, find the bestloot,kill the enemies. Players are spread around the island unarmedandmust find and use various weapons and items to eliminateopponents.Find the best weapons you can: Assault Rifle, pixel gun,smg,shotguns and other weapons. Dominate the battlefield by takingoneach opponent and become last survivor #1! Grab your pixel gunandget shooting! The location of the battlegrounds is a distantislandwith dead city somewhere in the sea surrounded with amysteriousBlue Zone. Your main task is to stay inside the safe zoneandeliminate all your enemies. Features: • Pixel Graphics &BlockyCharacters: Battle as hilarious blocky characters and showyourstyle of gameplay. • Survive gun games against other players!•Battle in Online Multiplayer Games: Intense PVP gameplayagainstplayers around the world! • Guns will randomly appear, sosearchthe ground thoroughly! Survive by collecting more guns so youhavean advantage over other players. • Just like in true 3Dblocksurvival games, you can purchase any pixel block strike skins.•Grab a pixel gun and dive into battle: Fun pixel graphics greatforintense shooting battles! • Big radiation island this is theplacewhere you have to survive while you playing in the blockycity. •Multiplayer game is absolutely free online game fordownload.Become the last man standing, the last hero, the king ofthebattlefield! Good luck, good hunt! This game requires aninternetconnection. Don’t miss out on the latest news: Join us onFacebook: Follow usonTwitter: Here is the promocodefor a free reward: XXXYYZZZ
Tacticool - 5v5 shooter 1.40.0
Tacticool is a tough game, one of the most intense mobileshooters,featuring an unparalleled isometric view, realisticphysics, cars,and destructible environment. Fight the enemy teamand zombies onmultiple detailed maps. Dive into the all-newunmatched 5v5experience hardly comparable to any known TPS or FPSshooter. Meetover 14 million other players around the world inthisaward-winning game, named the best competitive game in 2019.Joinclans, use voice chat, complete daily assignments, contendwithultimately skillful hardcore players. Enjoy unlocking andupgradingdifferent tiers of operators, discover multiple classes ofguns andsupport equipment. Throw grenades, use adrenaline to runfaster,control drones, plant C4, and uncover hundreds of uniquetactics.PLEASE NOTE! Tacticool is an online third person shooterand freeto download and play. However, some game items can alsobepurchased for real money. If you don't want to use thisfeature,please disable in-app purchases in your device's settings.STRONGADVICE! This 5v5 game is the only physics-based onlineshooter,which requires a fast and stable network connection toplay. Referto the FAQ for more info. PROS: You can drive cars withonlineteammates inside in full GTA style, shoot right from windows,breakfences, loose wheels, or get stuck in a swamp. SPECIAL ZOMBIEEVENTTake part in special PvE events, eliminate zombies when dutycalls,play as a team, and fire at will. Survive duringunreasonablysevere outbreaks, run fast in tps mode, hear the boomof walkingdead monsters. Developed with the support of MY.GAMESJoin clans,share 5v5 zombie experience and talk to other players onDiscordchat: Teasers, updatesandthe game's community:Facebook: WWW:https://www.panzerdog.comPrivacy Policy: Terms ofService:
Battle Forces - first person shooter 0.9.49
What can be better than the classical realistic firstpersonshooter?The one shooter which comes with a mix of yourfavoritefps featuresand brand new! Meet new mobile shooter with acapitalS - BattleForces! Battle Forces is neither a simplerealisticshooter nortypical shooting games online.Unique cyberpunkshooterset willimpress fans of modern games & fps genre!Battleonline againstplayers worldwide! Choose one of the ops ortry outall of ourshooters! Arm, get a gun, attack! Battle Forces -onlinegamesfeatures.... Battles: - intensive pvp 4х4 and 5x5 -Teambattle!Collect your team of shooters and start online gamebattle- Leagues!Become a legend of Battle Forces - onlineshooterOperatives: - 6heroes! - Special abilities! Each shootercan use aunique ability -Life stories! These guys are not simplecombattroops typical forshooting games online and fps! Theyarecharismatic persons withbackground - Upgrade account, improveops,make them extremelypowerful shooters Weaponry: - hugearsenal!Pistols, machine guns,rifles, grenades. All you love inonlineshooting games! - Modifyweapons! Improve your firepowerwithdozens of additional Silencers,sights, flash hiders! All youneedfor perfect battle in shooters andonline games! - Skins forguns!Make guns bright & strong! Yes,guns of fps games canbebeautiful even if it’s a mobile game ;)Online game world: -highlydetailed world in cyberpunk style -Unbelievable maps offirstperson shooter! From classic to futuristic- Destructibleobjects -Eye-catching details (maybe kinda unusualfor shooters(fps) genrebut awesome!) Battle Forces - first personshooter is amobile gamewith amazing features! Take part in excitingbattles,developtactics, fight!!! If you love playing first personshootinggames,this online shooter is for you! Battle Forces - fpsis allaboutaction & dynamics in the online games world. Simplyenjoythisfirst person shooter! Hope you’ll love it as much asweloveshooters & modern games! More features of BattleForces-cyberpunk shooter are coming! Have a nice battle,shooters!“BattleForces - shooting games online” communitiesonFacebook: ofService:
League of Legends: Wild Rift
Dive into Wild Rift: the skills-and-strategy 5v5 MOBAexperienceofLeague of Legends by Riot Games, now built from theground upformobile. With smooth controls and fast-paced games, youcan teamupwith friends, lock in your champion, and go for the bigplays.PLAYTO OUTPLAY Master the Rift and earn your legend withdynamicchampsand ever-changing strats. Each game is a chance toland theperfectskill shot, turn the tides in a crazy teamfight, orpull offthatsweet, sweet pentakill. COMPETE WITH FRIENDS Teamworkmakesthedream work in this mobile MOBA. Whether you’re a duo, trio,orfullfive-stack, you can queue up with your squad and climbtheladderone enemy Nexus at a time. CHOOSE YOUR CHAMPION Dunkonthecompetition with a giant sword, freeze enemies in theirtrackswitha cross-the-map ice arrow, or lure opponents to theirdoomwithmesmerizing charm. Whatever you want your legend to be,there’sachamp for you. FAIR AND FREE TO PLAY Face off inmatchesbalancedfor skill level as well as party size. All championscan beearnedfor free in Wild Rift, and there’s no paying forplaytime orpower.Ever. Follow for 200IQ gameplay clips, dev andfeatureupdates, anda whole lot more:Instagram: TermsofService:
Celtic Heroes - 3D MMORPG 3.7.4
Enter a huge 3D world of magic, warcraft and adventure inthistrueopen world 3D MMORPG for your mobile device! Team upwithmillionsof players from across the globe in a trulystunningandunforgettable real-time fantasy MMO roleplayingactionadventure,in a massive 3D persistent, evolving world fullofchallengingquests, epic battles, heroic feats and newfriendships!Become aCeltic Heroes legend, and lead your Clan tovictory inthisincredible, unique and epic MMORPG gaming experienceon yourmobiledevice with hundreds of thousands of hours ofgame-playavailable!★ Set out on a truly amazing MMO 3D RPGadventure acrossthe vastand beautiful lands of Dal Riata.. ★Customise yourcharacter withunique features ★ Develop and masteryour skills tomatch your ownplay style,building new friendshipswith otherplayers! ★ Team uptogether and compete against rivals inreal-time.Fight leagues oflegendary enemies including ruthlessinvaders,infernal imps andfire breathing dragons, crafted for war!★ Chatand trade in-gameitems with other Celtic Heroes and Clanmates asyour quest on youradventures to bring order to the mythicallandsof Dal Riata fromthreatening forces of darkness and chaos!Joinmillions of playersonline in an epic journey through a 3DMassiveMultiplayer OnlineRoleplaying open-world of CelticMythologyFeatures: + FREE TOPLAY: true 3D MMORPG Celtic Heroes inreal-time!+ 5 fullycustomisable character classes to play -Warrior, Mage,Druid,Ranger, Rogue. + Massive stunning 3D MMOopen-worldgameplay(worldwide) + Chat and form Clans with hundredsofthousands ofplayers from around the world in real-time! + RPGstylehundreds ofvaried and challenging quests to complete, inspiredbyCelticmythology + PvP Battles and Combat Duels challengingthebravest! +Earn & trade thousands of weapons, armour anditems +Clashagainst other Clans with our new in-game Leader boards!+GameLanguage: English ➟ Supports Android 2.3.3 and up ➟Gameaccessrequires mobile internet or wifi connection ➟Touchscreendevicerequired to play Millions of gamers have alreadyventuredinto theexpansive worlds of this massive 3D MMO CelticHeroes themostimmersive 3D MMO on mobile. Join now for an epicopen-worldtrue 3DMMORPG experience in real-time! Are you a truehero? DalRiataneeds you! ===== FREE ONLINE 3D MMO CELTIC HEROES!===== VisitourMMORPG website for news and updates online: 3D MMOCeltic Heroes- Chat withotherplayers: Follow usonTwitter! Like usonFacebook! + usonGoogle+!
Stumble Guys: Multiplayer Royale 0.30
Kitka Games
Stumble Guys: Multiplayer Royale Stumble Guys is amassivelymultiplayer party knockout game with up to 32 playersonlineintention to struggle through levels round after roundofescalating chaos, until one victor remains! If you fall, juststartagain and run. Join the endless running fun! Dive into aseries ofridiculous challenges and bizarre obstacles, knock downyour rivalsand overcome everything to win! So, are you ready to gettotallywipe out? Download Stumble Guys the ultimate knockout gamenow andtake a part of this ultimate madness. Invite your dudes alsoandbeat them all! Fun Features • Run & Dash & Slidepastopponents • Dodge oncoming obstacles • Battle Royalerealmultiplayer • Colorful and crazy in design • Comically Physical•Many customization options • Tons of hilarious fails • Lotsofdifferent levels Don't Fall, Knockout Foes, Win and Bethechampion! NOTE: game is still early stage so stay tuned wewillupdate regularly. This is not an easy game, do you have whatittakes to win?