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Interval Timer 1.2.1
Interval Timer is simple and easy to use. Full screen colorcodingmakes the minimalistic interface glanceable fromafar.Suitable forall kinds of activities, including:- Boxing roundtimer-Calisthenics circuit timer- Circuit training- HIITtraining-TabataPermissions:- Internet and Network State: this appisad-supported and requires internet to display ads
Runtastic Workout Timer App 1.0.1
Perfect interval training timer - free Runtastic Workout&Interval Timer app. The practical, simple and easy-to-useintervaltimer app with voice feedback. The free Runtastic Workout&Interval Timer app is more than a stopwatch, countdown ortimerclock. Whether it’s for your HIIT or tabata workouts,circuittraining, interval training or at-home bodyweighttrainingworkouts, this app is for you. Set as many timers onyoursmartphone as you desire, save these settings, and useyourcustomized timers again and again. Define your workoutintervals(workout, rest periods, sets, reps) and constructunique,personalized workouts! This workout interval timer is soeasy touse. TIMER APP FEATURES & BENEFITS: * Customize yourtimerclock with various activity phases:- Workout- Rest period-Reps-Sets* Voice feedback: Constantly looking at your smartphoneandclock is a problem of the past* Create an infinite numberoftimers, save them, and use these again and again* Determine setsofworkout phases and rest periods, and how often you want torepeatyour routine* Displays both total time and remaining timeright onyour interval training timer Use our free timer app fortraining atthe gym, lifting weights, kettle bells, spinning,bodyweighttraining, tabata or other fitness activities! TheRuntastic Workout& Interval Timer app is also a great fit forthose engaging inHIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) training,intervaltraining, or boot camp style circuit training! Thisworkoutinterval timer is completely customizable for you! Thecountdown ison! Download the practical Runtastic Workout &Interval Timerapp today, and enjoy the unique timing benefits ofthis timer clockduring your fitness activities and in your everydaylife! Try thisinterval training timer, it’s the best of the best!Gone are thedays of staring at the clock on the wall or basic timeron yourphone – start training with this workout interval timertoday!Runtastic is all about health & fitness apps! Check outmore ofour apps to help you reach your fitness goalsat
Tabata Timer: Interval Timer Workout Timer HIIT 3.8.0
Let's become better, faster and stronger together. Tabata Timerappis your new mate that will be with you on your training.Beginnerswill find a simple interface to start a workout in oneclick,advanced users a lot of settings and the ability to fine-tunetheirworkouts to fit their needs. Tabata Timer: Interval TimerWorkoutTimer HIIT is a free interval workout timer app for highintensityinterval training (HIIT). It is more than a stopwatch orcountdownclock. Are you looking for a good sports interval timerapp? If so,you're in the right place! 😉 This Tabata Timer: IntervalTimerWorkout Timer HIIT offers: 🕐 Very intuitive interface.Afterinstalling this HIIT timer you need to press one button tostart atabata workout with classic settings. 🕑 Material designthemefollowing Google's guidelines. 🕒 Ability to set up prepare,work,rest, rest between sets, cool down time, cycles and setscount. 🕓Intervals can be configured individually, with thisintervaltraining timer you can create any interval workout withanysequence of intervals. 🕔 Huge digits! 🕕 Works in the backgroundandshows the current progress in a notification when your screenislocked or you are using another app (music player, workoutapp,etc). 🕖 Sound and vibration. Over 40 sounds available! You cansetup sounds for each interval type, for last seconds, time leftforwork interval, etc. 🕗 Voice assistant with text-to-speech. 🕘Music.🕙 You can add a description to each interval that will beshown onthe timer screen and will be pronounced. 🕚 Any interval canbestarted in repetitions mode. In it, the next interval willbestarted only by clicking on the next button. 🕛 Ability to backupyour workouts and settings. 🕐 You can share your workoutswithfriends. 🕑 Ability to filter workouts by color. 🕒 Text searchforyour saved workouts. 🕓 Ability to enter and display time insecondsor minutes and seconds. 🕔 List of your saved workouts,sequences ofworkouts. 🕕 Shortcuts for your workouts to start themin one clickfrom the launcher. 🕖 You can choose the buttons thatare shown onthe timer screen. 24 options are available. 🕗 Brightcustomizablecolors. 🕘 Ability to lower the volume in your musicplayer whileplaying the timer sounds. Just turn it on in thesettings. 🕙 Workswith wearable devices (Wear OS and some others). 🕚Integration withGoogle Fit. Use this gym timer for training withweights,kettlebells, bodyweight exercises, crossfit, 7 minuteworkout, WOD,TRX, cardio exercises, stretching, spinning,calisthenics, tabata,boot camp circuit workout training, or anyother high intensityinterval training. This fitness timer will beuseful for sprints,push-ups, jumping jacks, sit-ups, cycling,running, boxing, plank,weightlifting, martial arts, and otherfitness activities. Whetherit’s for your HIIT workouts, circuittraining in the gym or at-homebodyweight training workouts, thisexercise timer is for you. Youcan even use this circuit timer as aproductivity timer to focus onyour work tasks. Unlike specializedtimers for time management,this HIIT interval timer doesn't limityou in any way and doesn'timpose any productivity system. Numerousstudies have shown thatHIIT workouts burn more fat than regulartraining because theyspeed up metabolism within 24 hours afterexercise. Production ofgrowth hormone that affects the intensity offat burning, increasedup to 450%. HIIT accelerates metabolism,increases aerobicendurance, increases the level of tissue oxygenconsumption. Tabatatraining has a positive effect on glucosemetabolism graduallyreducing adipose tissue sensitivity to insulin.
Tabata Timer for HIIT 2018.01.01
Simple Vision
The Tabata Timer is an easy to use app for high intensityintervaltraining (HIIT). It helps you to do Tabata Training.Features: +Configurable preparation, workout and rest durations.+Configurable number of cycles and tabatas (sets). + Cleartimedisplay. + Multiple display colors. + Customizablebackgroundmusic. + Record your daily workout history and trackperformance. +Notes for your next exercise. + Record your weightand BMI.
Tabata Timer 2.4.1
Tabata Timer is a preset stopwatch based on Tabata protocol.Itbasically consist in doing the same exercise for 8 cycleswithduration of 20 seconds for each cycle with 10 seconds torestbetween every cycle. You can edit this preset stopwatch asyouwish, increasing or decreasing the HIT intensity. Thisstopwatchwill alert you by vibration and sound alerts when youshould starta new exercise cycle again, so you can stay focused onyour workoutFeatures: - Interactive Display - Works on background -Setupnumber of Cycles - Setup number of Tabatas - Setup warmupandworkout time. - Sound alerts to indicate the end of anexercisecycle.
Tabata Interval HIIT Timer
Completely ad-free! Perfect timing for all situations ofdaily(sport) life with this HIIT interval timer app! FEATURES: *CreateTimer with different phases: * Warm Up * Workout * Pause *Resttime * Cool-Down phase * Google Fit Integration * Speed trackerviaGPS (location service) * Heart rate monitor HRM devicessupport(Bluetooth Smart 4.0 / ANT+ / Mi Band 1 / Mi Band 2) * Enteryourtarget heart rate * Backup function * Select for each phaseaseparate alarm * Choose your own music as a backgroundduringtraining * Plan your workouts with calendar entries * Allcompletedworkouts can be visualized in the calendar * Timer runningin thebackground (screen off), to reduce accu consumption *Real-timealerts for lock screen and status bar * Audio / Vibrations/ VoiceFeedback: the view of the smartphone is not necessary *Create yourown timers, save and use these again and again *Determine sets ofworkout and pause phases and how often you want torepeat this *Display of total time and remaining time * Supportlandscape modefor tablets (activate in settings) * Speech output ofcompletedsets or to the respective phases of the workout * No ads,nounnecessary permissions The Tabata Timer app is more than justastopwatch. Whether you workout in yoga and meditation exercisesorlearning: Define multiple timers on your smartphone, store themanduse them again and again. Define your time intervals(preparation,workout, pause) itself and showcase your customworkout together.Connect your heart rate monitor device with theapp and check yourpulse (Bluetooth Smart, Bluetooth LE, Bluetooth4.0, ANT+ or yourXiaomi Mi Band). In addition, maximum and averageheart rate duringthe workout will be displayed. Your pulse valuesduring workout arealso recorded in the calendar. Optimal Trainingrange perindividual pulse zones adjustable. Alerts via sound orspeechoutput for exceeding or falling of the target heart rate. Usethissport timer app in addition for your training in the gymwithweights, kettlebells, for spinning, jumping jacks or for manyotherfitness activities! Perfect for sport like intervaltraining,boxing, martial arts, crossfit, freeletics, HIIT, MMA,tabata,cycling, running, sprints, push-ups, weightlifting andotherfitness activities. Use this fitness timer for training in thegymwith weights, bodyweight exercises, TRX, spinning,calisthenics,jumping jacks, boot camp, circuit training, or anyother highintensity intervals training. Connect with Google Fitandautomatically track all your workouts and activities. Choose oneofthe over one hundred activities to personalize the training andtosynchronize with Google Fit. WIKI information:High-intensityinterval training (HIIT), also called high-intensityintermittentexercise (HIIE) or sprint interval training (SIT), is aform ofinterval training, an exercise strategy alternating shortperiodsof intense anaerobic exercise with less-intense recoveryperiods.HIIT is a form of cardiovascular exercise. Usual HIITsessions mayvary from 4–30 minutes. These short, intense workoutsprovideimproved athletic capacity and condition as well asimprovedglucose metabolism.[1] Compared with other regimens, HIITmay notbe as effective for treating hyperlipidemia and obesity,orimproving muscle and bone mass. Some researchers also notethatHIIT requires "an extremely high level of subject motivation,"andquestion whether the general population could safely orpracticallytolerate the extreme nature of the exercise regimen.Metaboliceffects: HIIT significantly lowers insulin resistancecompared tocontinuous training or control conditions and leads tomodestlydecreased fasting blood glucose levels and weight losscompared tothose who do not undergo a physical activityintervention. Thecountdown is running!
Workout timer : Crossfit WODs & TABATA 3.2.4
This app is the perfect timer for your workouts. It offers aclearvisibility on the clock from far away as well as a simpleandbeautiful design. It is particularly oriented towards crossfitandits type of training (wods) with weights, kettlebellsandbodyweight exercises. However you don't need to do crossfit tousethis timer, it is also good for other types of training suchasrunning intervals, calisthenics (plank and other static holds)anytype of stretching and even regular gym sessions where you needtotime your resting periods. There are 5 different modes of timers:-🕒 FOR TIME: As fast as possible for time This is a stopwatchthatgoes up until you stop it (the workout is done) or you reachthetime cap or the specified number of rounds. - ⏳ AMRAP : AsManyReps As Possible This is a timer that counts down until thetime isexpired. You set the time during which you want to exerciseand itcounts down until it reaches zero. - 🕒 EMOM: Every Minute OntheMinute This timer will count down every interval you set forthenumber of rounds you provide. The interval can be changed, itcanbe an EMOM or E3MOM for example. - ⏰ TABATA - HighIntensityIntervals training (HIIT) - Circuit training: This modewillalternate between work time and rest time for the specifiednumberof rounds. You can configure the work and rest intervals andthetotal number of rounds. It is ideal for cardio workouts such asxmins ON and x sec off. - 🕒 CUSTOM: Creates your own customtimersequences This mode allows you to create your own sequenceofworkout time and exercise time. It's useful if the EMOM orTABATAones are not flexible enough. Perfect for conditioning orcardiowods! You can pause the clock at any time and resume theworkoutyou were doing if you need to take a water break or maybeadjustingthe weights. This app also works in background and allowsyou toget notified of new intervals or simply keep track of thetime witha notification when your phone is locked. Workout timeralsooffers: - A countdown before any clocks starts so you have timetoset up your exercise and jump on that rower or bike! -Roundcounter for the FOR TIME and AMRAP modes so you can keep trackofhow many rounds you have done so far (no need for pokerchipsanymore) and the split times for every round. - You getnotified 3seconds in advance when the new round is about to start(in EMOM,TABATA and CUSTOM) so you can get ready for it. When a newintervalis coming, the clock will change color so you can see itfrom faraway. - Huge digits in landscape mode so you can see itfrom faraway while lifting weights. This interval timer is suitedfor anykind of sports and is particularly relevant forhigh-intensityinterval training like crossfit wods, you can getnotified veryeasily while working out (when the workout starts,when a newinterval is about to start, when the workout ends) with:- A clocksound (pretty much like a real crossfit clock 😍) - Aphonevibration - useful when doing running intervals and holdingyourphone for example - A flashlight blink signal every round(android6.0+) - useful when your phone is far away and you can'tput thesound on for example Happy training and good wods with yournew wodtimer!
Interval Timer - HIIT Training 2.2.4
We’re proud to introduce this handy interval timer that helpsyoukeep track of your work and rest periods during your HIITintervaltraining and workouts. This app is an awesome trainingtimer,whether you're working on cycling, running, liftingweights,exercise, workout, stretching, boxing, MMA or HIIT, thisintervaltimer will prove to be an invaluable asset for your HIITintervaltraining. This app can be used as HIIT timer, tabata timer,roundtimer, and anything else about interval training you want totrack.Running foreground, background or with device locked,IntervalTimer allows you specify an overall time as well asprogramHigh/Low intensity interval and rest time between sets.KeyFeatures of Interval Timer: - Customizable sets, high/lowintensityinterval and rest for your own need - Continue to run evenwhenscreen is locked Customizable Features of Interval Timer: -Numberof Sets - Countdown Time - Set Time - Low Interval time -HighInterval time - Rest Time - First Interval (low or high) -SoundVolume - Timer Sounds - Auto Lock - Vibrate - Pause duringRest -New Each Set
Timer Pro - Workouts Timer 1.1
Timer Pro is an easy to use special app for high intensityintervalTraining. -Ability to display the number and duration ofrounds andcycles. -Interval Stopwatch -Timer works in backgroundmode-Informative screen flash -Create an infinite number oftimers,save them in the history of workouts. -Voice guidance Useour Timerapp while training at home, at the gym, boxing, MMA,Bodyweightexercises or other fitness activities.
Seconds - HIIT Interval Timer 2.8.1
Seconds is an advanced interval timer for High IntensityIntervalTraining (HIIT), Tabata and circuit training workouts.AlthoughSeconds Interval Timer is primarily designed for intervaltraining,it is also commonly used for music practice or as apresentationtimer.Seconds interval timer boasts the followingfeatures:- Quicktemplates for Tabata, Circuit Training and HIITtimers.- Create acompletely custom interval timer.- Speaks yourinterval names.-Assign music to timers or intervals.- Runs in theforeground orbackground.- Large, clear, full width display.-Horizontal andvertical orientations.- Color coded intervals.-Import and exportinterval training timer.- Share your custominterval timer onintervaltimer.comTry all the app features forfree. To save, importand export your timers a one-time in-apppurchase is required.
JY Fitness Timer 1.1.3
Want to start knocking off those fitness goals from your list?Thenthe Jordan Yeoh Fitness Timer is for you, a simpleintervaltraining app by fitness celebrity Jordan Yeoh, designed tomakeyour exercise sessions seamless and efficient to keep youfocusedon achieving your ideal figure.Whatever your fitness goalmay be -gaining muscle mass, shaping and toning, losingweight,bodybuilding, or increasing stamina, this app will help youachieveit! The Jordan Yeoh Fitness Timer transforms your phone intoyourvery own personal trainer, whether you are at the gym orathome.This app is perfect for training styles like HiiT,Tabata,CrossFit WODs (workout of the day), Callisthenics, Cardio,and anyother interval exercise you can think of!The Jordan YeohFitnessTimer advantage:• Simple and clear display that can be seenat adistance• Designed for both beginners and experiencedusers•Colour-coded interval indicators that are easy toidentify•Circular indicators to track both current and overallworkout time•Audio alerts during interval changes to keep youprepared• Works inthe background so you can switch to other appswithoutinterruption• Pause intervals midway and start over whenneeded•Interval timer preset for different workouts• Connect withSpotifyfor your ultimate workout soundtrack (Premiummembershiprequired)PRO Version features:• Full access to MuscleTimer withadvanced workout settings• Save unlimited Interval andMuscle Timerpresets• Unlock all voices• Remove all adsThe MuscleTimer is aexceptional feature which calculates optimal rest timesto help youachieve maximum workout effectiveness. Optimal resttimes betweenworkouts need to be short enough to allow for properrecovery soyou can continue to push yourself during the nextinterval, butshort enough to keep your heart rate up for thewholeworkout.Planning rest and recovery times correctlycouldpotentially increase your fitness level even more, whilekeepingyou from injuring or over-taxing your body. The MuscleTimerdetermines your rest times based on a number of factors suchastraining type, muscle group and exercise. It then determinestheoptimal rest time based on those factors, all set for you togetthe most out of your workout!About Jordan YeohJordan Yeoh isapassionate fitness trainer who wants to share his knowledgeofhealth and fitness with others. Starting from the bottomlikeeveryone else, he persevered through the pain of intensedailyworkouts and gained tremendous results for his physique aswell ashis health. Yeoh is also a certified ACE (American CouncilonExercise) Personal Trainer and is an expert in fitness,weightloss, coaching, and self-development. His experience,determinationand commitment have inspired many others to changetheir lifestylesand strive for the same goal: to look good and feelconfident.AboutAlphapodThe Alphapod team comprises of mobiledevelopers anddesigners that share a passion for human-centereddesign to providethe best digital experiences for users. Wespecialize in designingand building mobile apps for iOS and Androidand their supportingecosystems, enabling them to work seamlesslyacross multipledevices and screens. Discover more of what we do onour website or get in touch with us [email protected]
Stopwatch Timer 3.0.5
Hybrid Stopwatch and Timer is a simple, easy and accurate appforandroid that will help you to measure the time of anysituation,like sports, cooking, games, education, etc.Stopwatch(Chronometer) mode: Start and stop the stopwatch pressingthebutton on the center of the screen, you can see the elapsed timeonthe top digital display and on the analog view like and oldschoolstopwatch. To record a lap press the left button, a lap handwillbe added to the analog view, and to reset press the rightbutton.The buttons are placed to only use one hand. Laps List: Youcanaccess the lap list with the dropdown menu on the top orjustsliding your finger to the left. On this lap list you canchoose tosee the lap time or total time. Lap List can be saved tothe sdcard, shared to social media or be emailed. Timer (Countdown)mode:Set the timer fast and easy, dragging the second and minutehands,or use the classic input method pressing the left button. Toresetpress the right button, one tap will restore the last usedtime,long press will reset the timer to 0. You can customize thealarmthat goes off when the time is up, choose vibration,personalizesound, and alarm duration from 2 seconds to 30 minutes.This modehas a circular arc that helps to visualize the remainingtime.Timer (Countdown) presets: Access the Timer presets withthedropdown top menu, or slide your finger to the left. Here youcancreate and edit your most used timers. The Stopwatch and Timercanalso be controlled with the volume UP and DOWN keys, this optionisavailable on the preferences screen. Design: The design was madetomake you feel that you are holding a real stopwatch and timeronyour hands, with beautiful themes and animations. There are12themes to choose, with clean Holo android designs andclassicretro. FEATURES RESUME: - Stopwatch (Chronometer) andTimer(Countdown) modes. - Digital and Analog feedback. - Infinitelapscount. - Send laps trough email. - Stopwatch and Timer runsinbackground. - Color themes. - Supports multiple screens.-Customizable Alarm duration for timer. - Supports customringtones.- Multiple audio outputs (Ringtone, Media, Alarm). -Timer presets.- Control Stopwatch and Timer with volumekeys.----------------------------------------------- if you findanybugs, or get a Force Close please email [email protected] with android version, app versionanddevice. Suggestions are welcome too ;) Thank you!LANGUAGES:English Russian (Thanks Igor) Estonian (Thanks Rivo)German (ThanksMarijo) Simplified and Traditional Chinese (ThanksTianhao Wu)French (Thanks Yves Le Layo) Spanish PERMISSIONSEXPLANATION:VIBRATE: For buttons and timer alarm. WAKE_LOCK:Prevent devicefrom sleeping. INTERNET: To display ads and updatelicense.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE: Checks if the device hasinternet.DISABLE_KEYGUARD: Disables keylock to display alarmwindow.
Talk! stopwatch & timer app 1.2.7
associate one
It is a simplest ultimate stopwatch and timer free app of thepowersaving to notify time by the voice at the specifiedintervaltime.The stopwatch and timer can be used without seeing thescreenwith a smart phone put in the pocket to inform them of theelapsedtime by the voice.Therefore, you do not need to move theface.Inaddition to can be started automatically after the voiceofcountdown.You can perform the necessary preparations duringthecountdown.Please use it by soccer, futsal, and basketball,andamerican football, and ice hockey, and pro boxing etc. whentheumpire does not exist.It also takes an active part when it isnotpossible to confirm cycling, marathon, racing, a smartphone suchasrunnners.Because the elapsed time is notified by the voice, itispossible to use it as a kitchen timer(egg timer) in life.Thebestfor laundry, the brushing teeth, and the nap timer, the yoga,andthe zen timer. Best also for theexercise(exercising),training(workout), meeting, reading, and thevideo game(onlinegame), etc. with the gym where time isdecided.Moreover, it is verygood also for the meditation etc. tofeed insight.It never neverbecomes loud voice than music.The bestalso for the management oftime that kids play.If you do not pressthe stop button, even ifyou start another application, stopwatchwill continue to run inthe power-saving without end.Therefore alsois available at thesame time another app while checking the voicenotification.Forexample, it can be checked while taking a photowith the cameraapp. * Your smart phone will run even duringsleep(locking).Musicvolume and is available separately from thevolume control of thevoice notification.Therefore, it is alsopossible to reduce onlythe volume of the voice notification whilelistening to music.*Android4.0 or more is required.【Knownissues】・Stopwatch does notwork.1)SamsungProducts(Galaxyetc).2)Android6.0(Marshmallow).3)SamsungTTS.・Workaround see"WHAT'S NEW".[Main specification andfeatures]・Count startbutton.(On, Off) * Can be set to any secondsto start after thecountdown voice notification.・Voice interval.(On,Off)・Voicenotification.(On, Off)・Number of repetitions when thevoicenotification time has exceeded.(one-Infinity) * It repeatslike thealarm of the wake up clock.(with repeat stopbutton)・Countdownvoice notification immediately before specifiedtime.(On, Off)・By"Keep screen on" option, during the stopwatchscreen display can beset so as not to turn offautomatically.・History managementfunction of each designated timesetting.・History managementfunctions of the countdownsetting.・Adjustment of voicenotification volume.(With mute button)* In the case of Android4.0or more, it can be adjustedindependently of the media volume.・Therecord is displayed until1/1000 seconds.・Total time and lap timeis counted up to adual.・Show multiple lap time list.(Displays thesplit.)・Copy time tothe clipboard.・Copy lap time to theclipboard.・Change of voicenotification rate. * Voice notificationrate is Android4.0 ormore.(Less than Android4.0 is in the Androidterminal setting,Change in the "Text-to-speechsettings".)・Notification sound.(On,Off)・Notification Vibe.(On,Off)・Button Press vibration.(On,Off)・The word before and aftereach voice notification iscustomizable.・Even if the stopwatch isbeing executed, the voicenotification condition can bechanged.・Large time display.・Displayarea of time of visual likedigital clock.・Possible to operate iteasy with a big start and thestop button.・Energy saving of battery.* Since the powerconsumption goes up, it does not correspond to thewidget.・Tabletsupport.・English support.* All are machinetranslation. If you finda funny word, please point out by e-mailtitled"#Talk!Stopwatch&timer-Voice app".(Important to put a #at thehead.)
Interval timer HIIT Training 3.08
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~When you turn off the screen by pressingthepower button to ver 3.0 during the self-timer countdown, ithasbeen improved to work properly! However, the terminal 4.0 orlateronly has been able to operation check android version. (If oneofthe 4.0 generation does not work properly, there is it dependingonterminal) The terminal of the 2.0 generation, because there isthecase that sound or no sound by the terminal, time has come,pleaseuse in the state in which to turn on the screen. While thetimer isrunning (not the background) state that launched the app,hasbecome to the settings screen does notturnoff.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Is repeated in the time you are set,suchas sports and study , practice and a break , this app isaninterval timer !Are you studying or sports you efficient ?Itissaid that the concentration of human , 30 minutes , and haveonly90 minutes at the longest .Motivation also will bebrokenconcentration is Cut Off , work efficiency will become moreandmore evil .How to recover the power of concentration , it istotake a break right out .Taking an appropriate interval , willbringgreat effect that adding sparkle or study your training , youareworking efficiently.There are no complicated settings andfeaturesin this app .With the simple design , it has beenimprovedvisibility and functionality .Background so you can changethecolor of your choice , please study sports and fun to liven upthemood .Use・Muscle training , exercise , fitness・Combat Boxing,wrestling , and judo・Study or work・Play games, etc.Feature・Thesetting is simple!・I have excellent visibility character isgreater!・Can be the design of your choice by changing thebackground!・Timer sound realistic !
Simple Stopwatch 1.14
Simple and beautiful stopwatch! Thanks!
7 Minute Workout
Best of 2016 App, Top Trending App and Best Self-ImprovementAppselected by Google Play. Featured by Google Play! No. 1 in over19countries and among the top 5 health apps in over 57. NowsupportsGoogle Fit, and comes with the new abs workout. Over 3millionusers love 7 minute workout. Scientifically proven to assistweightloss and improve cardiovascular function. If you want toloseweight, get a flat tummy & strengthen your abdominalmuscles,try 7 Minute Workout and get a six pack while strengtheningyourcore and toning your abs, with videos that show you how toperformeach exercise. The best exercises for regular people justlike youand me, you can do a quick-fit workout anytime anywhere. Itonlytakes 7 minutes. This 7 minute workout has been highlighted bytheNew York Times as offering "maximum results withminimalinvestment". This 7 minute workout is based on HICT (highintensitycircuit training), proven to be the “safest, mosteffective, andmost efficient” way to improve your muscular andaerobic fitness,and make you healthier. The best workout appconsists of only 12exercises to be done for 30 seconds, with 10second breaks betweeneach exercise. All you need is a chair and awall. Repeat 2-3circuits depending on how much time you have. Makeit your firstchoice at home or at the office. Features: Google Fitsupport Voiceguidance Adjustable circuit time Adjustable rest timeKeep thescreen on when you workout Beautiful character and UIdesignWorkout log shows your complete workout time Ability to pausetheworkout, and skip to the next or the previousexerciseNotifications for daily workout Abs workout for womenPermissionsdescription: Storage: To save data to your SD card orphone Networkcommunication: To support saving data to Google FitPhone call: Youcan still receive important phone calls duringworkouts Systemtools: This permission is for starting upnotifications afterrebooting the phone Hardware controls: Fornotification vibrationFitness App Multiple abs workouts areavailable to help you get sixpack abs. Follow your personal trainerand expert workouts, sixpack abs is within your reach! ShortWorkouts We have shortworkouts for people who don’t have much timeto exercise, you willget the sweats and fast heartbeat in a fewminutes. These HIIT(high-intensity interval training) can maximizethe results.Workout at Home Take a few minutes a day to lose weightand keepfit effectively with our workout at home. No equipmentneeded, justuse your bodyweight to workout at home. Fat BurningWorkouts &Hiit Workouts The best fat burning workouts &hiit workouts forbetter body shape. Burn calories with fat burningworkouts, andcombine with hiit workouts to get the best results.Fitness CoachAll workouts are designed by professional fitnesscoach. Workoutguide through the exercise, just like having apersonal fitnesscoach in your pocket!
Interval Timer 1.4.6
Cl Soft
Works for tabata, jump rope and any kind of intervaltraining(HIIT).The regular interval is 3 minutes of workout with 1minute of rest.However, you can set and regulate your own timeinterval by thesetting!
JEFIT Workout Tracker, Weight Lifting, Gym Log App 10.17
Jefit Inc.
Tracking workout training routines using JEFIT gym log iseasy.Programs from bodybuilding, 3 day splits, 5x5 & strengthplansto home exercises & body weight lifting. ★ Google PlayEditor'sChoice ★ Men’s Fitness - Best Fitness and Health Apps ★ USAToday -New year, new you Over 8 million people use JEFIT to tracktheirworkouts and transform their bodies. JEFIT, the number oneworkouttracking planner app, provides free fitness program databasetohelp you stay fit, make progress and get the most out of yourgymor home fitness sessions. From beginner programs like 5x5,531,stronglifts, 3 or 4 day splits, starting strength toadvancedbodybuilding, weightlifting, powerlifting or kettlebellroutines toprograms using bodyweight, limited space or specializedequipment,JEFIT is the only workout app you need. Who is this appfor? Ifyou’ve logged your workouts in a journal, planner or justlovetraining at the gym on your own schedule, JEFIT will help youreachyour strength, weight and fat loss, and training goalsfrombeginners to advanced lifters. We’ve made the app to motivateyouby rewarding you for consistency, pushing yourself to newpersonalrecords and committing to challenges with the community.TopFeatures ● Web or App - Track with the app and edit routines onourweb app. ● Track Workouts - Set your exercises, track weightsandreps and we’ll show you the results of your training ●ExerciseInstruction Database - Over 1300+ demonstrations andvariationswith HD video from experts ● Intuitive Tools - RestTimer,Supersets, Interval Timers, Body Measurements Log, Notes,SchedulePlanner, Notes ● Training Programs - Customized workoutprogramsmade for 3, 4 or 5 day splits, fat loss, stronglifts, 5x5,startingstrength, bodybuilding, 531, weightlifting, powerlifting,GZCLP,Greyskull, or build your own ● Stay Motivated - Join ourmonthlyfitness challenge with cash prizes and get support fromother gymgoers in the community. Also add your gym buddies tocompareroutines and lifts so you can reach your goal ofimprovingstrength, getting lean, toned or just staying active ● SetGoals -Want to lose weight, get lean, get stronger orexerciseconsistently? You can build that in JEFIT’s custom journal● AddFriends - Find new fitness buddies in our community. Whetherit’ssomeone to spot you at the gym or to compare bodybuildingtips.Programs for any fitness level with full instruction database✔Beginner Programs - Stronglifts, 5x5, Starting Strength, 3daysplits ✔ Advanced Programs - Powerlifting, bodybuilding,531,GZCLP, Greyskull ✔ Target Programs - Abs, Arms, Glutes, FatandWeight Loss, Toning ✔ Personal Training - Get routines builtbyyour personal trainer ✔ Sports Training - Baseball, Space✔Equipment Focused - Squat Racks, Barbells, Kettlebells, Dumbbells✔Bodyweight or Minimal Equipment - Bands, Mats, Machine Only,CoreFocused ✔ Kettlebells, Cardio, Circuit Training, SpaceLimitedRoutines * Or build your own custom workout routines orschedulesSpecial tools and features ✔ Access from Desktop and Web ✔RestTimer - Set custom times to remind when to lift ✔ Supersetsandcircuit training routines supported ✔ Interval Timer, Set Notesand1 Rep Max Calculator ✔ Body Measurements and Weekly PlannerforScheduling ✔ Social Feed and Community Contest ✔ Store Workoutsinthe Cloud and share with your personal trainer 1,300exercisessupported with full HD videos in our database ✔ Barbell,Dumbbell,Machines, Cable, Band ✔ Cardio, Elliptical, Rowing, Bike,Swimming✔ Static Movements, Planks, Stretching, Abs ✔Bodyweight,Kettlebell, Core ✔ Create custom exercises Benchmarking,analysisand instructions ✔ Personalized charts for lifting volume✔Benchmark against other users or gym buddy ✔ Weekly summariesofprogress ✔ Personalized Record PR tracking
Boxing Round Interval Timer 2.9
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Boxing Round Interval Timer is free round timer designed forboxing,MMA and other martial arts and sports trainings. It issimple,modern and effective and works well also for HIIT trainingsliketabata.Boxing training is one of the most intensive anddifficulttrainings you can do. And it doesn't matter if you reallywant tolearn how to punch, boxing will help you to lose weight,get fit andfeel much better (well, if you survive boxingworkouts). Boxing ispassion, heaven and hell, and it is not alwayseasy to concentrateon hellish boxing training if there is noboxing trainer around. Youneed strong motivation and spirit butour Boxing Round IntervalTimer could also help you to maintainself-control and to nevergive-up. How could you go the distance inlife or in boxing match ifyou cannot complete your boxingworkouts?Features:* Easy to useboxing round timer* Can be used fortabata workouts and other HIITexercises* Set number of rounds,lenght of each round and pausebetween rounds to support yourboxing workout* Features only basicfunctions so you can start yourHIIT workout in a matter of seconds*Timekeeper sound signalinglast 10 seconds of each round * Sound andvibration notificationsfor easy orientation without looking at thedisplay* Large timerwith easy to read boxing clock and simpleboxing animationThisBoxing Round Interval Timer is tool that willaid you duringsparring or any training that requires intervalstopwatch. It wasinspired by boxing workouts but it will do as wellfor MMA trainingor as universal sport timer. It will be your trustyboxing clockthat will help you maximize your effort even if thereis no boxingcoach around.
Home Workout - No Equipment
Home Workouts provides daily workout routines for all yourmainmuscle groups. In just a few minutes a day, you can buildmusclesand keep fitness at home without having to go to the gym.Noequipment or coach needed, all exercises can be performed withjustyour body weight. The app has workouts for your abs, chest,legs,arms and butt as well as full body workouts. All the workoutsaredesigned by experts. None of them need equipment, so there'snoneed to go to the gym. Even though it just takes a few minutesaday, it can effectively tone your muscles and help you get sixpackabs at home. The warm-up and stretching routines are designedtomake sure you exercise in a scientific way. With animationsandvideo guidance for each exercise, you can make sure you usetheright form during each exercise. Stick with our home workouts,andyou will notice a change in your body in just a few shortweeks.Features *Warm-up and stretching routines *Recordstrainingprogress automatically *The chart tracks your weighttrends*Customize your workout reminders *Detailed video andanimationguides *Lose weight with a personal trainer *Share withyourfriends on social media Bodybuilding App Looking for abodybuildingapp? No satisfied bodybuilding app? Try our buildmuscle app! Thisbuild muscle app has effective muscle buildingworkout, and allmuscle building workout is designed by expert.Strength TrainingApp It's not only just a build muscle app, butalso a strengthtraining app. If you are still looking for musclebuilding workout,muscle building apps or strength training app,this muscle buildingapps is the best one you can find among themuscle building apps.Home Workouts for Men Want effective homeworkouts for men? Weprovide different home workouts for men toworkout at home. Thehome workout for men is proven to help you getsix pack abs in ashort time. You'll find the home workout for menthat most suitablefor you. Try our home workout for men now! FatBurning Workouts& Hiit Workouts The best fat burning workouts& hiitworkouts for better body shape. Burn calories with fatburningworkouts, and combine with hiit workouts to get the bestresults.Multiple Exercises Push ups, squats, sit ups, plank,crunch, wallsit, jumping jacks, punch, triceps dips, lunges...Fitness CoachAll workouts are designed by professional fitnesscoach. Workoutguide through the exercise, just like having apersonal fitnesscoach in your pocket!
Alarm Clock & Themes - Stopwatch, Timer, Calendar 1.3.6
🏆Alarm Clock & Themes , 4.6 high rating on Google Play!Ratingsbeyond 95% clocks. ⏰Alarm Clock & Themes makes wakingeasier.In daily life, it reminds you to finish important things inperfecttime. In addition, with bedside clock , timer, calendar,stopwatchand call screen light , Alarm Clock & Themes is justlike yoursweet personal assistant so that everything can be easilysolved.Function recommendation: 🔥 Alarm Clock : Preset alarm withjust onekey & No need to set, add the reminder you in just onesecond 🔥Health Alarm : Health reminders according to expert advice,helpingyou to create scientific timetable for meals, work, and rest🔥Stopwatch : Start and stop the stopwatch which is up to 99 hoursbypressing a single button below the large, clear, digitalstopwatch🔥 Countdown Timer : Perfect for every timing situation(sports,games, work and of course great as a kitchen timer) 🔥Bedside clock: Nightstand mode with changeable brightness toprotect your eyesfor a good night’s sleep, and built-in flashlightsave yourselfgroping around in the dark 🔥 Call Screen Light :Stylish dynamiccall screen LED lights notification , make adifferent call andnever miss important calls when silent mode 🔥Calendar Alarm :Manage your schedules, special days suchasbirthdays/anniversaries/credit card payment dates and to-dos🔥Clock Widget : Decorate your phone with 4 stylish clockwidgetsincluding analog dial and digital clock 🔥 Live wallpaper :Chooselive wallpapers with a variety of watch faces Contact Us:[email protected] We sincerely hope that you will enjoyabalanced lifestyle with our beautiful and functional AlarmClock& Themes ! Ads will be shown in certain scenes in our app.Formore information, pleasevisit For more apps developedbyGOMO, please visit 
Tabata HIIT. Interval Timer 1.19
4 minutes workout that replaces 1 hour of fitness. Tabata is aformof high-intensity interval training (HIIT): • Workout hard for20seconds • Rest for 10 seconds • Complete 8 rounds Training plans:•Abs Workout • Butt and Thigh • Lower Body • Upper Body •FatBurning • Ideal Body + You can create custom tabataworkout!Features: • Adjustable gym timer • Interval timer withmusic •Flexible workout schedule • Reminders won't allow you misstheworkout • Calories counter • Detailed statistics • Interfaceissimple and easy-to-understand • Sync with Google Fit•Automatically backup your data • Choose your color theme It'stimeto train! Follow us on Facebook:→ Thanks to forfreeimages.
Timer 1.1
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OK timer, counts your time like never beforeTheperfectTimer-beautifully clean, simple and reliable.Perfect foreverytiming situation (sports, games, work and of course cooking).■UserReviews"I have used several Timer apps likeStopWatch&Timer,StopWatch Timer and Kitchen Timer. And OK Timeris my favoritetimer! OK Timer is beautiful and easy to use.Especially it has awidget, which enables me quickly start my countdown job withoutopen the app. What a great idea! Love this Timerkeep up the goodwork :-)" - Jon■Features ☆Multiple timers~Createand edit your mostused timers.☆1*1 Widget~Quickly start/stop yourcountdown withoutopening the app~Simple and elegantdesign☆Beautiful Themes ~Threebeautiful themes, customize your owntimer☆ Holo design~Simple andbeautiful☆ More is on the way~Count uptimer~StopWatch■More appsOurgoal is to make simple and elegant appsfor you. But we can't dothis without you. Here is our apps, wesincerely invite you to havea try:☆Flashlight ☆QR Scanner ☆More onthe way ■DEDICATED TOPERFECTIONIf you find any bugs, or get a ForceClose please emailme at [email protected] with androidversion, app versionand device.Suggestions are welcome too:)Thankyou!KW: Timer, timer,Count down, Kitchen Timer, タイマー, таймер,minuteur, 시간제 노동자
HIIT & Cardio Workout by Fitify 1.5.8
Cardio, HIIT & Aerobic Workouts by Fitify provides you withfreeworkouts & exercises to boost heart rate and burn fat.WithFitify, you can burn calories wherever you are, no equipmentisneeded. Cardio, HIIT & Aerobic Workouts by Fitify provides5unique workouts• High Intensity – High Intensity IntervalTraininga.k.a. HIIT• Light Cardio – Classic cardio you do to burnfatduring a workout for longer time period - typically >30minutes• Plyometric Jumps – Set of dynamic jumps to boostexplosivepower and effectively burn calories• Joint Friendly – LowImpactCardio for older people or people recovering fromaninjuryFeatures• over 90 bodyweight exercises• 4 uniqueworkoutprograms• no equipment needed• voice coach• clear HDvideodemonstrations• designed for men and women, young or old•worksofflineCustom WorkoutsBuild your own workout with customworkouts.Choose exercises, duration, rest intervals and challengeyourselfwith your own training. With Fitify you have one customworkout forfree.Adaptable difficultyWe adjust your training levelup or downbased on your feedback.Fitify AppsBe stronger, leaner,healthierwith Fitify – your very own personal trainer.Check outother Fitifyapps with fitness tools (such as TRX, Kettlebell, SwissBall, FoamRoller, Bosu or Resistance band).
Abs Workout - Home Workout, Tabata, HIIT 1.7.7
Abs Workout is a popular training App. We prepare ascientificworkout plan for daily workout, and vivid workout videosare alsoprovided. key Features of Abs Workout: ✨Diversified Absworkoutprograms; To tune abs, you need scientific and professionalcoremuscle workout. We provide systematic fitness program forabsworkout. ✨Scientific daily workout plan based on professionalcoachtips; Various abs and core exercises are listed withdetaileddescription. We prepare some twenty-eight days workoutplans.✨Vivid workout videos with inspiring music and coachingvoice; Wehave guided videos recorded by professional fitnessinstructors,which can help you perform in right ways. ✨Traininganytime,anywhere; No equipment is needed, so you can do dailyworkout athome. ✨Regular workout reminder for helping you fulfillthe workoutplan; Customized reminder can urge you to complete thedailyworkout plan. You can choose which workout program to remind,dailyreminder times and weekly reminder days are also available.✨Shareyour workout results on social media; Different levels ofworkoutbadges represent different workout achievements. You cansharethese results with your friends. ✨Suitable for all levels,frombeginners to pros; This app has professional workout such asabsworkout, abs and core training, Tabata workout and HIITworkout.These are suitable for both beginners and pros. Corefitnessprograms for Abs Workout: ★Classic Challenge ★HIITChallenge★Tabata Challenge How to Effectively Use Abs Workout 1.Open theapp; 2. Stick to your workout plan. You can share yourworkoutresults on social media to show off your workoutachievement. 3.Follow the workout videos for training to ensuretheprofessionalism and standard of movement. 💪Download toexperiencethe abs workout App. There will be ad content shown incertainscenes in our app. For more details,visit
Plank Timer 1.6.5
Plank is a very popular workout to get fit at home on it's own,buthave you tried doing plank combos? This Plank Timer is thebesthome workout you can find. You don't have much time, but youstillwant to look fit? In only five minute plank a day you will beableto improve strength of your core muscles! This plank workouttimeris awesome if you don't want to bother memorizing the order ofthesteps in exercises, and you want to see how much time is leftintotal or till the end of current position. You can also shareyourresults with your friends, and challenge them to join you ontheway to healthy and fit life with plank workout exercise!
Pro Gym Workout (Gym Workouts & Fitness) 4.3
Pro Gym Workout is your bodybuilding and Workouts trainer. Useourworkout videos to Workout anytime anywhere. No personaltrainerrequired. Our workout programs contain detailed informationofSets, Reps, Load, Speed and Rest to help you reach yourfitnessgoal. Workout at home or at the gym using our goal orientedworkoutroutines and training program WORKOUTS: 120+ Exercises and9workouts ● Abs workout ● Biceps workout ● Triceps workout●Forearms workout ● Chest workout ● Legs workout ● Shoulderworkout● Back workout ● Calves workout ● Cardio workout WORKOUTPROGRAM:16 Workout routines inbuilt ● Beginner bodybuilding ●Advancedbodybuilding ● Fat loss (12 weeks fat loss) ● Fat loss& musclegain (6 weeks fat loss) ● belly Fat destroyer ● QuickBelly fatloss ● Arms workout program ● Attractive Abs program ●Massivechest workout ● Beginner fitness ● Pro fitness ●Beginnerpowerlifter ● Pro powerlifter ● Advance powerlifter ● Massgainer(gain weight in 3 months) ● Abs gain (workouts for abs in 6weeks)FEATURES: ● No internet connection required. ● Workout videosbyprofessional bodybuilder that show you the right techniqueandmovements with detailed description. ● BMI calculator,Proteincalculator, Calories calcutator, Fat calculator ● Like toaddexercises to favourites ● Create your own custom workoutroutinesby adding your favorite exercises ● Day wise listedworkoutsprogram and exercises ● Search workouts easily using searchfeature● Receive new training exercises added in the app ●Workouttracker: timer in workout plans with accurate set, reps,load,speed and rest ● Receive notifications about: Workoutsupplements,Workout exercises, Bodybuilding diet, Bodybuildingnews, fitnessnews, health tips, Gym fitness exercises and more.NOTE: You canchoose to remove ads permanently from the app bypurchasing adsfree pack. NOTE: You can purchase the Premium versionwithin theapp to unlock everything in the app. Feel free to send usfeedbackfor suggestion and improvements, we will reply as soon aspossible.If you install the app you agree to our terms andconditions Contactus viaemail [email protected] for help and Thank you.
Workout Trainer: fitness coach
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Work out anywhere, anytime with Workout Trainer - atyourfingertips! Whether you like working out at home or liftingweightsat the gym, we’ve got you covered with thousands of freeworkoutsand custom training programs led by expert coaches. Ourcertifiedtrainers guide you through every exercise with timedstep-by-stepaudio, photo, and video instruction. It’s just likehaving apersonal trainer in your pocket! With adjustable difficultylevels,Workout Trainer is suitable for every stage of yourfitnessjourney. Whether you are a newcomer learning how toperformrecommended exercises or an experienced athlete trainingtomaintain fitness or break through plateaus, Workout Trainerhashelped millions of users sustain a healthy, activelifestyleon-the-go. NEW: Advanced Heart Rate Feedback Looking forways tooptimize your athletic performance in 2018? Now you canconnectyour Smartwatch and Bluetooth LE Heart Rate Monitor for evenbetterresults with Workout Trainer. Start by getting instant heartratefeedback during your workouts. Afterwards, check out yourheartrate graph for every exercise and see what heart rate zoneyou’vebeen exercising in the most. Compare & Analyze yourperformanceso you can effectively hit your new year’s resolutions!Optionallyget access to over 100 multi-week training programs,weeklyPRO-only workouts, PRO-only forums, and advanced heartrateanalysis with our PRO+ membership experience. Simplysubscribein-app for $6.99/month or $59.99/year. Need that extrapush? Hireone of our dedicated coaches for 1:1 Online PersonalTraining. Getcustom training programs tailored to your needs, stayaccountable,and reach your goals faster with the help of a realonline trainer.Stay motivated for free with a 20 million membercommunity. Allyour training and social activity is synchronizedwith website. What are you waiting for? DownloadWorkoutTrainer and start crushing your fitness goalstoday!----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Areyou a fitness professional? Sign up today to get free access toourinnovative trainer tools and coaching solutions. Grow yourbrand andonline training business and reach millions of fitnessmindedmembers.
Alarm Clock Pro - Themes, Stopwatch and Timer 1.1.2
Alarm Clock Pro is your most intimate life assistant, it canhelpyou remember every important day in your life and work toremindyou when it is appropriate, and you can choose your favoriteone invariety themes . Key Function: Customized Alarm Needless toset,add the reminder you need just one key in one second. ClockThemesChoose the best theme to suit your every whim from a varietyoffree clock themes. Clock Widget Decorate your phone withstylishclock widgets including analog dial and digital clock.Stopwatchand Timer The practical feature perfect for sports, games,work,cooking and more work tasks! Ringtone picker Customize youralarmtones such as birds, rain, cock, cow, the classic or funnyalarmringtones to help you have a good mood when you wake up! NightmodeNightstand mode provide clock of low brightness to protectyoureyes and gain a good sleep quality. Calendar Alarm Manage eachofyour special dates, such as birthday / anniversary / creditcardpayment dates and to-do list. Call Screen Light Stylishdynamiccall screen with LED lights notification to remind youimportantcalls when silent mode on. Let’s enjoy our balancedlifestyle withAlarm Clock Pro.
SmartWOD Timer - WOD timer for HIIT workouts 1.11.0
SmartWOD Timer is a simple and easy to use timer app for allcommonfunctional fitness WOD workouts: AMRAP (As many roundsaspossible), For Time, EMOM (Every minute on a minute) andTabata.Just choose the workout type, set the duration and GO! Thisis whatyou get: • big and clear display • simple navigation •motivationalsound support • timer for AMRAP workouts • timer forEMOM workouts• timer for For Time workouts • timer for Tabataworkouts • runs inbackground • ideal for functional fitness, HIIT,Running, IntervalTraining, Weighlifting, Circuits, etc. Timer typesexplained: AMRAPTimer - WOD Timer for "As many rounds as possible"type offunctional fitness workouts. In AMRAP timer you can set atime thatwill count down. Try to do as many reps or rounds in theset timeas you can! AMRAP timer also runs in the background. ForTime Timer- WOD Timer for "For Time" type of functional fitnessworkouts.Just do your workout as fast as possible while the timercounts up.You can end your For Time WOD anytime by swiping thefinish button.EMOM Timer - WOD Timer for "every minute on a minute"type offunctional fitness workouts. You can adjust your EMOM timerbysetting the total time and the length of one interval. Abeepingsound will let you know every time one interval is over andthenext one begins. The EMOM timer can also be used as anintervaltraining timer. Tabata Timer - WOD Timer for "Tabata"stylefunctional fitness workouts. Just set work and rest times, aswellas total rounds and start your Tabata WOD. Have fun sweatingwithSmartWOD!
Tabata timer with music 1.5.0
The timer for TABATA Protocol with music. System TABATA is acomplexinterval training high intensity. Just four minutes a daywill allowyou to get your figure in shape, strengthen your musclesand loseweight. Research conducted at the University of Tokyo theinventorof the method Izumi TABATA showed that classes on thistechnique ledto a 9-fold decrease in adipose tissue compared withthe group whichdid 45 minutes on a regular basis. In combinationwith our otherprogram WEIGHTCONTROL( significantly speed up the process of weight loss andhealth inGeneral. Finish to sit on a chair exercise with your portand yourbody will respond to you, beautiful shape and excellenthealth
Tabata Stopwatch Pro - Tabata Timer and HIIT Timer 1.7.2
Tabata Stopwatch Pro is the ultimate Tabata Interval Timerthatworks for 'all' your interval training needs. Use withTabata,HIIT, kettlebells, bodyweight exercises, interval running,sprints,etc. Tabata Stopwatch Pro is a universal (both Androidphones andAndroid tablets) feature packed interval timer for peoplewhofollow the Tabata training method. The main thing the Tabataappwill aid you with is automating your exercise, rest, cooldownandother intervals. As simple as this sounds, it has a profoundeffecton your workout. You will be able to concentrate much better,won’thave to constantly count and honestly the whole workout justgoesby faster. Try it with your Tabata, HIIT, kettlebells,bodyweightexercises, interval running, sprints, and other workouts.Designedwith both beginners and advanced users in mind TabataStopwatch Procomes ready to use with basic Tabata already set upfor you. As yougain more experience you can customize all intervalsto match yourpace. You may even create and store your own intervalpresets toquickly change to different workouts. Tabata StopwatchPro isloaded with beeps that help identify what part of a workoutyou arein, interval beeps for example tell you when a new intervalhasstarted. Tabata Stopwatch Pro also has voice support thatannouncesintervals to further help you focus on your workout. Ohand whatwould an exercise app be without music, select yourfavorite tracksand blast through that workout. The Google Fit appis supported andthe Tabata app will write your Tabata workouttimes, calorie burnedestimates and heart rates (needs a chest strapheart rate monitorand Pro purchase) after each workout. By far thebest app forTabata training available for your Android devices,TabataStopwatch Pro includes: + Pro grade Tabata timer. + Ready touseout of the box. Classic Tabata already set up for you. + Simpletouse, just push play. + Works on all Android phones and tablets.+Comes with 2 beautiful themes. + Color coded display visiblefromafar. Colors represent the amount of energy you are using inaninterval. + Customize initial countdown and warmup time.+Customize exercise, rest, recovery and cooldown intervals. +Adjustthe number of sets and cycles to match your pace. + Jumpbetweenintervals in the middle of a workout as needed. + Buildpresets tosupport your multiple interval training needs (Propurchaseneeded). + Pause your workouts if needed. + Works with thescreenlocked and in your pocket. + Interval beeps for eachindividualinterval. Need a separate beep to mark when it's time torest, noproblem. + Interval vibration. + Continuous beeps. + Threesecondbeeps. + Halfway beeps. + Voice assist so that you focus onyourworkout and not the screen. + Workout to music. + Set musictopause to hear beeps and voice assist clearly. + Shuffle tracksoralbums to suit your taste and workout. + Google Fit support ThisISthe best app in it's class, just have a look at the reviews.TheBest Tabata App by Teresa Farrugia "This app is fantastic.Beingable to change settings to get a great workout is the best"Great!by Elisabeth Berry "Tried a few tabata apps. This isawesome!Recommend!" Wow by Tony Cantu "Little time big Hurt!"Excelenteentrenador personal by Rafa Borja "Muy facil de programarlostiempos de las rutinas, y muy buenas las frases demotivaciondiarias." Give Tabata Stopwatch Pro a try, you willabsolutelypositively love it. Have awesome workouts, and Stay HIIT.
Fitness - Gym and Home Workout,my Exercise Journal 1.19.4
1C-Rarus Ltd.
It's a personal Fitness trainer for home & gymworkouts,designed to help you lose weight, get fit, have tonedlegs, sharppress, and shapely butt as well as perform your routinecorrect andeffective with joy!Build muscle, lose weight and gettoned withFitness!- Can be used anywhere: at home, the gym, othertypes ofworkouts- Routines created by top professional trainers-Clearinstructions with videos and GIFs for all exercises- Fullworkoutand body metrics tracking Don’t spend all of your hardearned moneyon personal training sessions when you can do them onyour own!Withaccess to a variety of world-class workouts directlyon your phone,you will be able to perform high quality routines inthe comfort ofyour own home. Fitness gives you the ability toeffortlessly createand monitor your workouts so that you can remainfocused andcommitted to achieving your fitness goals. This app willtrulytransform the way you train.Multiple options:-Pre-developedroutines created by top professionals- Diverse rangeof exercisesspecialized for men and women- Beginner, Intermediateand Expertworkouts- Supports superset, power and interval workouts-Workoutsthat suit your goals (weight loss, muscle gain, perfectbutt andmore!)- Create and customize your own personal planMonitoryourprogress:- Workout history shows which exercises were themosteffective- Reports give you the ability to optimize yourroutines-Simple and comprehensive interface provides lessdistraction whileperforming exercises- Quick access to exercisedescriptions andvideos/ GIFsPower training:- Weight and number ofreps are recordedfor each individual exercise- Quick data entry-Statistics ofathletes along with your own are provided to trackyourimprovementInterval training:- Audio and videos for exercisesyouare performing- 30 second intervals with a 10 second restperiod-Can be customized to fit your needs Train safely:-Cleardescriptions and videos/ GIFs show you how to properly performeachexercise- Gives examples of common mistakes people makewhenperforming an exercise- Prevents you from sustaininginjuriesduring workout sessions
8fit Workouts & Meal Planner 4.1.0
Change starts here. 8fit is your mobile personal trainer.Enjoyquick workout routines combined with a simple healthy mealplannertailored for you. Whether your goal is to lose weight, getfit orgain weight, join millions of 8fitters getting results andliving asustainable, happy, healthy lifestyle. • What’s in it foryou? 8fitis not a diet. It’s not an exercise program. It’s alifestylechange. Get fit, keep the fat off and stay toned. Watchyourconfidence skyrocket! Let us help you become the best versionofyourself. Skip the gym and realize your potential Workoutanywhere, anytime: at home, in the park, or at a hotel.Noequipment required: use your own bodyweight to buildmusclestrength, increase endurance, improve cardiovascular fitnessandlose weight without catabolizing hard earned muscles. TheHIITworkout (high-intensity interval training) is one of ourusers’favorites because it is fast and more effective thantraditionalcardio workouts. 8fit’s workouts only take 5-20 minutes.From supermoms to business travelers, burn more calories and getresults evenon a busy schedule! Nutrition is 80% of your fitnessgoal equation.8fit is not another fad diet plan or a caloriecounter, but alifestyle coach to help you create daily habits byteaching youproper nutrition and giving you strategic at-homeexercises. 8fitprovides guidance with your meal planning and alongyour fitnessjourney, not just following a calorie tracker orgeneric gymworkouts. • How does it work? 8fit deliver resultsthroughtailored, easy to follow meal plans and workouts created byexperttrainers. We teach you how to gain or lose weight withhealthydiets and workout routines. Most workout apps or weight lossappsgive you a ‘one-size-fits-all’ plan and sends you off tonavigateby yourself. 8fit is a personalized step-by-stepguideaccommodating everyone, from beginners to advancedfitnessenthusiasts, providing: - Fitness assessment to place you inyourinitial level - Workout plans to challenge you and makeyouprogress - Customized healthy meals and diet plans - Foods toeatand foods to avoid - Healthy recipes and shopping list8fitimproves your nutrition and provides you with the healthyeatingtools you need to reach your health and weight goals by:-Organizing your week with a healthy meal plan app, accompanied byagrocery list - Providing you with over 400 healthyrecipescustomized to your personal tastes or allergies -Eliminating thehassle of keeping track of your daily calorie count- Accommodatingdietary preferences: paleo, vegetarian, vegan,pescatarian, lowcarb… 8fit helps you make exercise a part of yourdaily routine: -Over 350 exercises with a variety of levels toprogress through -Time-efficient HIIT workouts including a tabatatimer and countdowncues - A strength test and a fitness tracker tomeasure yourprogress - Daily motivation, fitness trainer tips andactivitytracking - Pedometer / step counter synced to Google Fit -Sweatwith challenging exercises - Intensity of 8fit’s HIIT andTabataWorkouts are inspired by Crossfit & P90x - Go at your ownpaceand improve your fitness at home. 8fit is free for everyone.Tounlock exclusive workouts and complete meal plans, subscribe tothePro version. You can turn off the auto-renewal at any time.Whenyou cancel, access to the Pro features will expire at the endofthe current payment period. Support: [email protected]: Website: Youtalk, welisten! Consistent updates ensure a 5-star experience &resultsyou will be happy with. Fitness for the rest of us 💪🍳 It'stime tostep out of your comfort zone and seize the day: startlittlehabits for a big change. You too can tone your body, boostyourconfidence and become the best version of you. ✌️
Stretching & Flexibility Routines by Fitify 1.5.11
Stretching results in a feeling of increased musclecontrol,flexibility, and range of motion. Stretching is also one ofthebasic parts of sportsman recovery, used therapeuticallytoalleviate cramps. According to ACSM guidelines you shouldstretch5-7 times a week especially after workout for afasterregeneration. Combine stretching app with other apps byFitify!Stretching & Flexibility Routines provides 4 uniqueworkouts: •Full body Stretching • Upper body Stretching • LowerbodyStretching • Back Stretching & Release Features • over65bodyweight exercises • 4 unique workout programs • noequipmentneeded • voice coach • clear HD video demonstrations •designed formen and women, young or old • works offline CustomWorkouts Buildyour own workout with custom workouts. Chooseexercises, duration,rest intervals and challenge yourself with yourown training. WithFitify you have one custom workout for free.Fitify Apps Bestronger, leaner, healthier with Fitify – your veryown personaltrainer. Check out other Fitify apps with fitness tools(such asTRX, Kettlebell, Swiss Ball, Foam Roller, Bosu orResistance band).
GymRun Workout Diary and Fitness Tracker
GymRun - intuitive,extensive,customizable* smartwatch support (Samsung Gear, Android Wear)* customizable built-in exercise database (store own images)* create workout plans and day routines (supersets, cardioandweight lifting mix)* statistics, charts and session reports (1RM, workoutvolume,calories)* lock screen widget to log workouts* comfortable historical log autofill/pre-filling* customizable logging list* note function* multiple profiles* log body data and body photos* light and dark theme* exercise favorite list and muscle group filters* workout record notification* rest countdown, stopwatch* local backup, Dropbox, Google Drive sync and CSV export* share workout session results on Google Fit, S Health,Instagram,Facebook, Twitter* YOUR FEATURE: feedback and suggestions are welcome
Gym Fitness & Workout : Personal trainer 1.3.4
The only app you need for your workouts and physical evolutionGymFitness & Workout is a personal trainer which will provideyouwith a series of tools and information that will help youachieveall your goals. Train wherever in gym, street or home. GymFitness& Workout has a great variety of sections ● Exerciseguide Morethan 300 exercises with which you can perform very variedroutinesin the gym, in home or street. Each exercise has itsrespectiveexplanation, illustrative images and an explanatoryvideo, so thatyou can execute correctly each exercise. ● WorkoutsSmartfitDifferent routines that will help you plan your weeklywork, youwill find routines of 3, 4, 5 or 6 days a week taking intoaccountwhether you are beginner, intermediate or advanced,including 3, 4and 5 day routines designed especially for women.Including weeklyroutines of loss of body fat with their respectivediet for eachday. Workouts famous, Anllela sagra, michell lewin,the rock,Arnold Schwarstzenegger, Jay cutler,Lazar Angelov, RonnieColeman,Hugh Jackman, Chris Evans (Captain América), SylvesterStallone8fit Workouts seven 7 ● Challenges Smartfit Try to achieveeach ofthe proposed challenges with exercises such as: • Push-Ups•Push-Ups • Squats • Crunch • Dips • Hindu Push Ups • Leg Raises •VSitUps • Incline Chin Ups ● Nutrition Smartfit Diets 1800,2000,2400, 2800, 3000, 3500 and 4000 calories Different types offoodswith their respective calories, proteins, carbohydrates andfats,based on 100 grams, so that you can elaborate your diet.Ketogenicdiet. You can find all the necessary information aboutsportssupplements like: • Proteins • Creatine • L-Carnitine • CLA •Bcaa• Natural Anabolics • Thermogenics Body composition: Knowyourpercentage of fat based on 6 skin folds Calories counter: Countthecalories you eat during the day and keep track of your diet.GymFitness & Workout complete guide offers a series of toolswithwhich you can interact to achieve your goals easily andquickly. ●PROFILE Gym Fitness & Workout • Your progress andworkout logWith this section you can follow all your advancesthrough datasuch as: Body mass index, body fat percentage, chestcircumference,waist circumference, circumference of the back andmany more datayou can keep to control all your progress . • TimerGym Fitness& Workout has a timer which you can use to measureyourtraining time or exercise time. • Intervals Gym Fitness&Workout has a timer that you can use to perform intervals inany ofyour exercises. Gym Fitness & Workout is: Home Workouts,GymFitness Trainer, Street Workouts. Gym Fitness & Workout ProGETTHE PRO VERSION WITHOUT ADVERTISING AND WITH MUCH MORE CONTENT.
Strong: Exercise Gym Log, 5x5 1.21.1
Strong is a workout and exercise tracker for StartingStrength,Stronglifts, 5X5, 531 and is adaptable to any otherworkout routineof your choosing! Our exercise library haseverything from squats,deadlifts, benchpress to kettle bells,cardio and your favourite abworkouts. You can also create your ownexercises, from barbell,dumbell, olympic and cardio to assistedbodyweight for an all inone fitness tracking and log experience.Whether you're a beginner,experienced powerlifter or regular gymgoer, Strong provideseverything you need to record and track yourworkouts and exercisesas effortlessly and as quickly as possible.Unlike other workouttracking and exercise log apps, Strong doesn'tbog you down withpictures and videos you don't need, and provideunnecessaryfunctions you'd never use. Strong has great features,including: 💪Be More Efficient - With our intuitive interface you'llspend lesstime on your phone and more time lifting. Features likethe Timerlets you know when to start your next set. The PlateCalculatorhelps you out when the weights get high, and the Warm-upCalculatorgenerates warm-up sets for you in just a few taps. Strongalsotells you your previous lifts and gives you guidance on whattolift based on your last trip to the gym. 💪 See Progress andStayMotivated - Strong stores all your personal records andpreviousworkouts for easy access to see progression as you getcloser toyour fitness and health goals. 💪 Security and Convenience- Allyour workout data is backed up in the cloud. When youswitchdevices you don't have to worry about re-entering your liftsintothe app - ever. 💪 Over 200 Exercises - Our library of exercisesandmovements includes everything you can think of. No pieceofequipment is left from the list! Strong is the simplest andmostintuitive gym log on the app store. Download it to achieveyourfitness goals and build a path to a healthier life.Twitter: Website:
Arm Workout - Biceps Exercise 1.0.5
Arm Workout, designed by professional fitness coaches, is createdtohelp people around the world obtain stronger arms. It offersshortand effective arm workouts for developing arm muscles. Withonly 10minutes a day, your biceps and triceps will be pumped up.Noequipment needed, all workouts can be performed with yourbodyweight at home. Workout Plan with Different Levels 3 levelsofworkout plans help you build arm muscles step by step. Whetheryouare a beginner or a pro, you can find workouts that aresuitablefor you. Different exercises are prepared every day to keepitfresh and exciting. 30 Days of Workout Routines Amazingresultswill be achieved earlier once you set a clear goal. ArmWorkouthelps you set exercise goals by providing systematic andscientific30-day workout routines. Exercise intensity increasesgradually, soyou can easily make exercising a daily habit. Westrongly recommendyou to follow our workout schedule for the bestresults. YourPersonal Trainer at Home Is hiring a personal trainertooexpensive? Have no time to go to the gym? Arm Workout isyourpersonal trainer at home. Based on the high-intensitycircuittraining principle, these workouts are as effective asgymworkouts. Animations and Video Guides Each exercise comeswithanimation and video demonstrations, and also coach tips (TTS)thattell you how to breathe, how to avoid injuries and how toperformthe workout right. It's just like your personal trainer inyourpocket! No equipment needed, so you can easily do your workoutsathome or anywhere at any time. Daily Tips Diet tips that teachyouhow to eat healthily and effectively, and health tips that helpyouform good habits and keep fit. You get different tips everyday.Features √ Short and effective arm workouts for men maximizeeffect√ Special tips in every exercise help you use the right formto getbetter results √ All exercise performed with body weight √Workoutsfor biceps, triceps, forearm, etc √ Warm-up and stretchingroutines√ Detailed animation and video guidance for each exercise√Gradually increases exercise intensity √ Suitable for bothbeginnerand pro, men and women √ Customize your workout reminder√Records training progress automatically ArmWorkoutwithout Weights Looking for effective arm workout withoutweights,arm workout for women or arm workout for men no equipment?This armworkout without weights is suitable for both men and women.Try thebest arm workout for women and arm workout for men noequipment.You'll recommend this arm workout for women and armworkout for menno equipment to your friends. Fat Burning Workouts& HiitWorkouts The best fat burning workouts & hiitworkouts forbetter body shape. Burn calories with fat burningworkouts, andcombine with hiit workouts to get the best results.Fitness CoachAll workouts are designed by professional fitnesscoach. Workoutguide through the exercise, just like having apersonal fitnesscoach in your pocket!
HIIT interval training timer 9
Giorgio Regni
Our app is a simple and efficient timer that will be yourbestcompanion during each and every one of your INTERVALTRAININGworkouts ! This Interval Training Timer will help you focuson yourworkout so you won't be distracted by a screen or a watch.Forgetabout the time, just follow the sounds. And when you’re done,youcan share your results with your friends on Facebook and Twitter!And if you love this timer, you can get rid of the ads foreverwithour No More Ads in-app purchase. The funds collected willsupportour regular developments in the app. Main features : **Set-upscreen with a very easy UI ** In-app volume bar, so you canadjustseparately the music volume and the app volume ** 3 soundschoiceand a voice ** Load preset : you can load one of ourexistingpreset (Fat Loss, Tabata) or one you saved previously **Savepreset : you can save the workout you just set up and give itaname ** Link to our Facebook and Twitter accounts : you canlikethe app, share your experience with other users, shareyourworkouts, make suggestions for new features, … ** Vibrate mode** 3seconds warning click ** Forward / Backward button duringtheworkout to go to the next/previous interval ** StepCounterincluded in the training screen Coming very soon : acalendar tosave all your workouts !!!!! * WHAT’S HIIT ? * HIIT(High IntensityInterval Training) is a method well known to burnfat in a short& intense workout. And there are many differentways to it :sprinting, crossfit, running, bodyweight workouts,cycling, yoga,stretching, weightlifting, boxing ... High-intensityintervaltraining (HIIT) is an enhanced form of interval training,anexercise strategy alternating periods of short intenseanaerobicexercise with less-intense recovery periods. HIIT is aform ofcardiovascular exercise. Usual HIIT sessions may vary from4–30minutes. These short, intense workouts provide improvedathleticcapacity and condition, improved glucose metabolism, andimprovedfat burning. This definition comes fromwikipedia( can find a lot more informations. It explains some verypopularprogram, like the TABATA. HIIT is also a common practice inCrossfittrainings. * HOW TO USE THE APP ? * You can use it duringalltrainings with intervals or other timed repetition Basically,thisis how it works : on the first screen you will set up yourworkoutphases durations (preparation time, work, rest, rounds andcooldown) and you will choose your sound. Then hit “Go !”, workand justfollow the sound… or the voice ! You can listen to yourown music,just make sure you can still hear the sound. At the endof theworkout, a new feature allows you to share your workout withyourfriends on Facebook and Twitter @hiit_android * PHONEPERMISSIONS *Now automatically pause and resume if a phone callarrives. This iswhy PHONE_STATE permissions are required. But theapp never collectsand stores phone numbers from users phones.
Hybrid Interval Timer is very useful for tabata,HIIT(High-intensity interval training), crossfit,weightlifting,cycling, running, yoga, or for any interval workoutyou canimagine.Features:• Customizable colors and exercise icons•Displaytotal and interval remaining time• Display custom intervalicon andname• Interval name with voice feedback• Countdown beep•Play soundon interval finish. (Sound customizable)• Displaystopwatch whentimer is paused• Editable warm up and cooldown times•Works inbackground• Nice material design with animationsIf you findanybug, or get a Force Close please email [email protected] with android version, app versionanddevice.Suggestions are welcome too ;)Enjoy the app and NEVERGIVEUP with your training!
Suspension Workouts by Fitify 1.5.10
Suspension System Workouts is an app, which teaches you howtoexercise with every suspension system. Professional TRXtrainershows you the way to increase muscular strengthandcardiorespiratory condition as well. Features • over 100exercises• 5 unique workout programs • voice coach • clear HDvideodemonstrations • works offline • built by professional TRXtrainerMarek Safarik Custom Workouts Create your own workouts fromourexercise library. Adaptable difficulty We adjust yourtraininglevel up or down based on your feedback. Fitify Apps Bestronger,leaner, healthier with Fitify – your very own personaltrainer.Check out other Fitify apps with fitness tools (such asKettlebell,Swiss Ball, Foam Roller, Bosu or Resistance band).
Women Workout: Home Gym & Cardio 1.4.3
Women workout training club is the optimal weight loss &homegym fitness app for women & soccer moms! 180 high qualityvideoexercises to get you in cardio shape and on the way to agreatbikini body with great workouts for women & especiallybusyhousewives. The Women workout trainer targets all theimportantmuscle groups of the body and by doing so, providing afluentbalanced cardio workout training routine to make feel andlook muchbetter, lose weight, burn calories and sculpt thosemuscles usinglunges and more. It's your home gym! We focus on theparts that areimportant for women, soccer moms & housewife: -Great weightloss fitness videos! - Gain sexy legs & feel thefat burn withour video workouts! - A fantastic women's fitness appalso formoms. - Cardio workouts especially for a home gym aerobictrainingclub. Features: - Over 180 of the best exercises for womenprovidedin your a home gym. - High quality fitness videodemonstrations. -Flexible workout: Set the time, goal & loseweight! - Skipunsuitable fitness exercises during training.-Resistance,Flexibility & aerobic cardio exercises combinedinone great app especially for weight loss. - Fantastic for stayathome moms & housewife. Bonus features: - In-workoutvoicetrainer commentary. - Workout reminders. - Workouttrainerstatistics feedback. - Creative customization: Changethebackground to extraordinary scenery & colors. You don't havetoperform a 7 minutes workout. Choose between 5 - 60 minutes andgo!What are you waiting for? Get fit, maximize calorie burn &loseweight! Our fat burning cardio exercises will work. Feel freetocombine Women Workout with your daily diet menu or soccermomsnutrition plan. Do you want the best fitness training for womenora housewife? Exercises to combine with a flat belly diet? Thereyouhave it, go ahead, get your bikini fitness exercise routinehere!This app will maximize your fat burn combined with a greatdiet.Lose weight, get thin & lean, can be combined withnikeproducts. This fitness apps works on your torso, butt /glutes,hips, quadriceps & hamstrings (using squats), shapesyourthighs & buttocks, sculpt your legs and abs, tone yourchestand arms. Start your weight loss & love handles. Whetheryouare a housewife or not, a great workout trainer in your ownhomegym!
Kettlebell 1.5.8
Kettlebell Workouts is a video coaching app, which gives youfullworkout sessions with kettlebell. Increase muscularstrength,balance and cardio condition as well. Features• over 45kettlebellexercises• 5 unique workout programs• voice coach• clearHD videodemonstrations• works offlineCustom WorkoutsCreate yourownworkouts from our exercise library.Adaptable difficultyWeadjustyour training level up or down based on your feedback.Bestronger,leaner, healthier with Fitify – your very ownpersonaltrainer.Check other Fitify apps with different fitnesstools (suchas TRX, Kettlebell, Swiss Ball or Foam Roller).
SWIFT TABATA Fitness & Home Workout HIIT Exercises
Tabata Fit
💪。◕‿◕。Swift Tabata。◕‿◕。💪The best daily Tabata HighIntensityInterval training course plan for men and women, yourpersonalTabata tutorial🚩What’s the Characters of Swift Tabata?Learn lotsof methods through Swift Tabata of which includes manycourses foryou of course has 3 levels for you to follow. SwiftTabata willprovide a guide with Tabata cardio that walks throughthe basics ofwhat a Tabata workout is, the benefits in terms ofphysical andmental health, the risks and precautions, and a numberof helpfultips when undergoing a HIIT workout like Tabata. This appwill alsopresent a number of simple and quick Tabata workouts andexerciseactivities that can be carried out at home or in thegym.What CanSwift Tabata Help You? ✔️Anaerobic and Aerobic CapacityIncreaseThebody’s aerobic capacity, also called its maximum oxygenuptake, isthe greatest amount of oxygen it consumes whenstrenuouslyexercising. Anaerobic capacity is the maximum amount ofenergy thatcan be produced by the body in the absence of oxygen.✔️BurnFatTabata training will raise your metabolism and heart ratein notime. Because you are going at such a high level of intensity,yourbody has to work much harder to keep up. Your metabolism willstayat a high not only during the workout, but after the workoutaswell. This means that your body will be burning fat even whenyouaren’t doing anything. When performing other forms ofmoderatecardio, you have to wait until your body gets into the “fatburningzone” in order to really burn fat.✔️Protects MuscleTissueThe lastthing Tabata training does is cut into hard earnedmuscle tissue.With the short amount of time that tabata cardiotakes to get agood workout, you won’t be eating away at any muscletissue as youmight during long durations of cardio. The Tabatamethod stress onmuscle tissue, which tells your body that moremuscle tissue isneeded. As a result, the ratio of your lean bodymass to fat goesup, and by choosing exercises that maximize themuscle mass worked,muscle tissue may increase.✔️Save TimeNo matterhow busy you are,all it in our tabata video takes is four to eightminutes of thishigh intensity workout to get a great workout in.The availabilityof this workout is time saving in itself, as youdon’t need to goto a gym to reap the benefits. All you need is yourown body weightor some at home equipment like bands anddumbbells.✔️StrengthTraining For Specific Body Parts:Traps,Shoulders, Chest, Biceps,Forearm, Abs, Quads, Calves, Lats,Triceps, Middle Back, Glutes,Hamstrings.✔️Make Workout Results MoreSatisfied for youMaybe youhave attempted various workouts, such asweight loss programs andgym rituals, while with a little effortthough you worked reallyhard. Swift Tabata can help you make theworkout results moresatisfied through the courses we designed foryou.🤔Why You ShouldStart Tabata Exercise? 😊You may think that a jogor brisk walk is agood enough for your daily dose of exercise, butyou can’t see areal and sustained positive change with your body.The mainquestion is that you need to step up your exercise to awhole newlevel, so Tabata exercise can provide you exercise likethat. 🏆WithTabata workouts, you will be strengthening your vitalorgan andimproving your heart’s ability to cope with stress andpressure –both in a physical and emotional sense.👉Why Not StartTabataExercise Now? 👈It’s time for you to craft the body thatyou’restriving for, with our Tabata trainer. We hope the reflectionofour courses will make you proud, confident, and evenmoreoptimistic about your health than ever before.It all startshereand now on the best Tabata training courses!🙌Come and join usinSwift Tabata!⭐
Daily Cardio Fitness Workouts 1.1.11
Daily full body cardio workouts to lose weight, tone musclesandimprove health, training exercises to burn fat and calories youcando at home without equipment or weights.The cardio routinesaresuitable for women and men and can be done everyday in order togeta slim toned body as soon as possible.The app shows a lowimpactvariation of each cardio exercise for beginners.If you wanttomaximize the fat burning effect you can unlock the advanced6-weektraining program, 5 full body cardio workouts a week to get aslimbody as soon as possible. The intensity of the cardioexercisesincreases weekly in order to maximize the effectiveness oftheprogram. To lose weight fast it's important to follow ahealthydiet. Unlocking the premium version of the app you'll have amealplanner to maximize the fat burning effect.The advancedversionoffers you a specific routine to cool down after theworkouts andhealthy tips to get a fit body.Ego360 - Lumowell -Lumofit
Weight Loss Running by Verv 6.5.3
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SLIM DOWN WITH WEIGHT LOSS RUNNING APP BY VERVThe first runningappon Google Play designed specially for weight loss. Makeyourrunning serve your goals! Running app featured in WashingtonPost,AppleInsider and Huffington Post. 🔥 STRONG FOCUS ONWEIGHTLOSSRunning for Weight Loss is a unique weight loss plan, amix ofeffective interval running, jogging, walking and sprints. Agreattool for achieving different fitness goals and levels: it’srunningfor beginners and those who are intermediate and advancedrunners.Includes a running map, an activity tracker and acaloriecounter.🗓️ DIFFERENT TRAINING PLANSWALKING FOR WEIGHT LOSS:one ofthe weight loss plans, aimed at burning calories, improvinghealth.Made up of warm up, walking and cool down. Great for thosewho haveany health conditions or prefer sedentary lifestyle. STARTRUNNING:training program designed for those who are new torunning.RUNNINGFOR WEIGHT LOSS: a weight loss plan which helps youburn fat andlose weight fast.RUN 5K: a running plan, guided by acouch to5k.RUN 10k: 10k running plan, guided by a couch to10k.HALFMARATHON: a half marathon training plan for those who wantto getready for 21k running. Your individual couch tohalfmarathon.MARATHON: a marathon training plan for those who wanttoget ready for 42k running. Your individual couch tomarathon.🏃🏻FREE RUNA great workout option if you want keep runningwithoutsticking to any workouts plan but tracking your runs. Youwilltrack your run with gps running and an activity tracker.🍏MEALPLANS AND HYDRATIONYou’ll get a meal plan for weight losswith4-course meals (diet menu) and step-by-step food recipes +ashopping list for each meal plan. Water tracker serves asyourhydro coach and helps you drink water throughout the day(waterreminder), maintain health and nutrition balance.🏆FITNESSMOTIVATIONBODY TRANSFORMATION is a great fitnessmotivation!Multiple Before-After pictures combined in a video allowsee yourvisible weight loss.PERSONAL COACH: choose a running coachup toyour choice, from nice and caring to rough and military. Apersonaltrainer guides you through a running exercise and helps youkeep ontrack.WORKOUT MUSIC includes 1000+ fresh mixes of differentgenres,from classical to hip-hop. Workout music is your truefitnessmotivation: it fuels you with energy and makes yourfitnessworkouts effective.With TIPS you will learn how to loseweight fastand properly, how to burn calories, choose shoes andapparel,create running route and running plan etc. There are alsonutritionand diet tips to help you maintain health, get aware ofdiet plansand meal planner advice.DETAILED WORKOUT STATS: your pacetracker,calorie counter, distance tracker (km and mile tracker),timetracker. Running workout can be done both on a treadmillandoutdoors.SYNCHRONIZATION with Fitbit and Runkeeper.If youupgradeto a Premium Membership, payment will be charged to yourGoogleWallet account at confirmation of purchase. Yourmonthlysubscription is $9.99 per month, while the yearlysubscription is$49.99 per year. (Price may vary by location.) Yoursubscriptionrenews automatically unless cancelled at least 24 hoursprior tothe end of the current period and cancellation of thecurrentactive subscription period is not allowed.Auto-renewal maybeturned off in your Google Wallet account after purchase.WeightLoss Running by Verv PrivacyPolicy: Loss Running byVervTerms ofUse: GPS running in the background can dramatically decreasebatterylife.This app is developed for informational purposes only.You mustalways consult your doctor before starting anyfitnessprogram.Follow us! Facebook:
Bodyweight Workout 2.38
Build an ideal body with bodyweight workouts. StrengthWorkouts(Challenges): • 50 pull-ups • 50 hanging leg raises • 100dips •100 burpees • 150 push-ups • 150 bench dips • 200 sit-ups •150lying leg raises • 250 squats • plank for 500 seconds •1000jumping ropes + You can create your custom exercise Eachworkoutroutine is designed for training 3 times a week during 1year.Circuit Trainings: • Upper Body • Abs Workout • Lower Body •StreetWorkout + You can create individual circuit training Losesomeweight, build muscles, achieve outstanding results or just befit.Train at home, on the street or go to the gym. Make the phoneyourpersonal fitness trainer. Features: • automatic choice ofthetraining program according to your level • flexibleworkoutschedule • reminders won't allow you miss the workout •detailedstatistics of your achievements • сalories counter •interface issimple and easy-to-understand • adjust the internaltimer to have arest between sets and exercises • input your resultsmanually •sync with Google Fit • backup your data to Google Drive •chooseyour color theme • optimized for blind and visually impairedpeoplethat use Talkback It's time to train! Follow us on Facebook:→
Daily Workouts - Exercise Fitness Routine Trainer 5.26
Daily Workouts FREE is a great 5 to 30 minute daily workoutroutinefor men and women that steps you through some of the bestexercisesyou can do in the comfort of your own home. These provenworkouts,demonstrated by a certified personal trainer, target allmajormuscles. Spending just minutes a day can strengthen and toneyourbody. The routine's simple interface, complete with videoandtimer, allows you to easily follow along and understandeachexercise. Simply select your routine and follow along!FEATURES: •Ten different 5 to 10 minute targeted workouts • 10 to30 minuterandomized full body workouts • 95+ exercises • Great forboth menand women • Video showing how to do each exercise •Developed by acertified personal trainer • On-screen instructionsand timer • Nointernet required to do the workouts >>> Ifyou like DailyWorkouts FREE, check out the full version whichfeatures: • Moreexercises • More workout routines • Pilates,kettlebell, stretchand ball workouts and more • Random and customworkouts • Landscapemode • Ad-free