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Archery Elite™
🏅One of the most popular archery games in 2019!! 🏅Players frommorethan 143 countries compete with each other! 🏅The most realistic3Dmobile archery game recommended by Google Play! 🎯🎯Are you readytobecome Archery Elite™? Play one of the most popular modernsportgames in the Olympics. It's FREE! Best archery games ever,becomethe world bow & arrow master! 🎯🎯 🏷️VARIOUS GAME MODES YOUCANEXPERIENCE * Do you want to compete with players all overtheworld? Do you want to play against your friends? Do you wanttoimprove your archery skills? Do not worry, PVP mode,FriendCompetition mode and Single Game mode are absolutelysatisfying!There are also online and offline modes in the game, youcan playanywhere, whether you have a network or not! 🏷️INVITE YOURFRIENDS,COMPETE WITH EACH OTHER * When you feel bored by playingalone, donot hesitate to invite your friends to compete! 🏷️GETCOOLEQUIPMENT FROM CHESTS * You can get rare, legendary andepicequipment from various chests! Collect and create your ownpowerfulequipment collocation! 🏷️EXPERIENCE THE CHARM OF ARCHERYINDIFFERENT SCENES * Lawn, Archery Field, Coast, Iceland, manysceneswe have as long as you want to experience! You can feel themostrealistic 3D archery experience in these scenes in ArcheryElite™!📍Game Features: 🏹Real-time 1 vs 1 game mode, compete withotherarchers around the world. 🏹Invite friends and engage inarcherycompetitions with friends 🏹Unlock hundreds of shootingarcherylevels to be the best. 🏹Multiple archery shooting locations:Lawn,Archery Field, Coast, Iceland etc. 🏹Real 3D and diverseequipment,customize your exclusive equipment. 🏹Improve your archeryskills insingle game mode. Archery Elite is a 3D mobile game whichhasamazing 3D shooting graphics, animations and it’s sorealisticwhich makes you feel like you are actual in the archerygame. Comeand improve your skills to be the best archer! The aim ofthe gameis shooting your arrows at the targets. There are a varietyoflevels with different features and archery challenges. Startnow!Aim and shoot! You are the Archery Elite! Start shooting todaybyplaying Archery Elite! Welcome to play and start your ownshooting!---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Youcan get rewards from our fan page events: 🎁🎁Facebook: We hope you enjoythe game.Have fun!!!
Elite Archer-Fun free target shooting archery game 1.1.1
Lifelike archery movement! Each shooting is anaccuratecalculationof strength & wind speed. Hitting the goldenring istheultimate goal. Keep training and try your best to becometheworldarchery champion! Game features: ☆ 600 levelsofsingle-playertraining levels in game! Absolutely satisfyyourarchery desire!More limited time game modes (multipletargetswaiting for you toaim) and offline play mode! Just comparearcherytechniquestogether with friends! ☆ Rich in-game props,high-gradebows,high-grade arrows, high-grade gloves andvariousanti-windageprops. The attributes of arrows andbows(strength,speed, windresistance) are also different. The use ofwind removalprops canremove the influence of wind. Use the zoom outitem tozoom in on atarget and help you get better scores! ☆Impressivegameplay andrealistic sound, allowing the player toexperience anexcellentarchery effect! Suitable for players of allages No Wi-Fi?Noproblem!
Street Archer Run 2.0
Would you like to ride horses and shoot enemies? Looking for agameof shooting on horseback, a game of arrows, an archer game oragame of archery Shooting zombies in street?Street Archer RunisBest game to play. We hope you would like playing "StreetArcherRun" which is our one of the best free horse run game. Ourfirstfree archer horse run game on google Play. We hope youdownload andplay our other games too. Younger Cowboy Eddy saddle upand getready to hunt the big monsters and become a great Archerhunter.Hefaced the many killer and dangerous monsters.Street ArcherRunnerhas much courage to kill them. Monsters have a big swords forthekilling of player. Challenging gameplay won’t be an easy taskforyou. A horse rider with his archery shooting is a scary sceneinStreet and cave temple escape game. The path is full of sharprazorlike hurdles, skeletons, grumpy rocks and many others.Amazingboost ups, diamonds & jewels will help your survivealong.Interactivity of the Street temple style subway environment,soundeffect and gameplay is even more interesting to witness.Theperfect skills of horse riding simulation in arcade style runwillhelp you ride your wild horse to survive and escape inStreetarcher run free archer game. This game will provide you theepicadventure of treasure hunting. Different and eyeCatchingenvironments available in this archer game.There areeightdifferent types of horses with good qualities.With beautifulwildhorse go to adventure.This also include four eye catchingandrealistic environments including cave,deserts,town andbeautifulforest. If you love to play animal hunting games, archeryhuntinggames, arrow games or bow games then you must downloadStreetArcher Runas this game provides you the experiences of realhorseriding,real horse jumping,real horse racing & playermasterwith Arrow & Bow simultaneously.Gorgeous graphics,starspowerups and more. HOW TO PLAY STREET ARCHER RUN: 1- AvoidObstacles& hurdles by jumping horse. 2- Swipe right and left toswitchlanes of horse & jump. 3- Tap on “shoot button" to shootarrowby stickman ninja archery. 4- Avoid Enemies or shoot themalongyour way otherwise your horse & younger hunter will Die.STREETARCHER RUN FEATURES: * Real 3D graphics and realisticenvironment.* Accurate archery shooting while horse running. *Infinite horserun to escape from jungle * In app purchase activated* Noconnectivity required while playing Street archer run. *Addictive,loving & fun game play of Street horse run free game.*Multi-touch enabled.
Tiny Archers
War is coming! DRAW YOUR BOW AND SAVE YOUR KINGDOM from hordesofgoblins and trolls that siege your tower! Crush your enemiesandbecome the greatest Tiny Archer in this challenging,fantasy,action game. Discover fantastic characters, fight multipleenemies,unlock magic arrows and surprising abilities. Use yourarcheryskills to survive! Defend your tower, defeat countlessgoblin andskeleton armies and save the day! Join the ultimate bowand arrowadventure of Tiny Archers! FEATURES ▶ ATTACK your enemieswith 4amazing characters: human, dwarf, elf and beastmaster ▶DISCOVERfour surprising stories in this uniquely designed towerdefencegame ▶ FIGHT an army of goblins, trolls and skeletons withspecialarrows, abilities and different attack layers ▶ CHALLENGEyourselfin 4 different stories with more than 130 unique towerdefencelevels! ▶ TRAIN your archery skills to precisely aim attacksthatstun, slow down, or kill your enemies instantly! ▶ UPGRADEyourcharacters and collect resources to discover new, magic arrowsandskills ▶ DEVELOP your unique strategy and tactics to surviveanddefend your tower from an army of goblins and trolls! ▶ LAYTRAPSand use that strategic advantage against the attackers! ▶SURVIVElonger in the new game mode and beat the Leaderboard! ▶PLAYAGAINST OTHERS in the new Social feature to see who is betterinthe new game modes! ▶ CHAT with others and share your photos oraskfor help! ▶ EXPERIENCE the challenge of the hard mode levels▶EXPLORE diverse locations: elf cities, dwarf mines,valleys,forests and haunted graveyards ▶ ENABLE the 18+ featuresfor thefull experiment: blood mode, exploding bodies, kill-camBecome thegreatest archery master and save the kingdom in thisultimate bowand arrow defence game! The game contains rewardedvideos as wellwhich are optional to watch. Do you have any issues,questions orsuggestions for improvement? Please send us your ideasandfeedback! Reach us at: Website:www.1der-ent.comFacebook:
com.mixgames.okcular 2.3.5
Unico Studio
Adventure begins... Let's join the archer army! Join 1MILLIONplayers worldwide! Use your extraordinary targeting skillsto: -Save the villages. Be the Hero that everyone needs right now!-Battle a series of onslaughts in single player. Rise your rankinthe Leaderboards! - Never-before-seen duel! Multiplayer modewithtwo choices. - Invite your friends for a duel through Facebook.-Fight against random opponents in a duel. Collect gold!Finddiamonds to upgrade bows, arrows, helmets, shields and armors!Getmagical items to defend yourself against fiery enemies.Archer.ioFeatures: 1) Easy controls and addictive gameplay 2)Minimalistgraphics and theatrical animations 3) Google PlayGamesLeaderboards and Achievements
com.phantom.zombies 1.6.8
Looking for zombie games? Install Zombies Blades - this is aunique2D Free to Play survival archery game in the genre of arcadewithelements of PvP battle, and on whose side are you? BattleofZombies Blades - to defeat the enemy, you need to shoot fromthebow, throw knives, throw balls, shoot arrows, blades andknivesinto the target enemy. Hit the head and use fatalities tofinishoff your opponent! If you are also looking for free coolarcherygames for boys and girls or zombie games online againstpeople orwant to play zombie games for free then you to us! Girlsusuallylook for games for girls and our zombie archery game willsuit themperfectly. Our archery game on the one hand looks like anormaltime killer, but it's an exciting archery game for twoplayers. Ifyou've always wanted to play free games without wifi,the bestaiming games in the world and great archery games withoutinternet,then you are here! An epic PvP duel for two playersZombies Blades,where you have to choose, on whose side you are.Realistic physics,convenient management and fun PvP battles. Do youlike duel withreal players? Aim and shoot - get straight to thehead and becomereal arrow and bow masters! To do this, you need tochoose theright angle and strength of the throw. Forward to battleand playarchery games for toddlers! In the archery game "ZombiesBlades"came the zombie apocalypse and here you are expected: • Morethan25+ funny heroes: bowman, spearman, archer, assassin,aliens,killer sniper, hunter, sniper, master of weapons, robinhood,critters and other characters; • Bow, arrow, sword, spear,throwingknife, plants (knives, swords, arrows, spears) and otherweapons; •Perfect shooter and archery game, where you need to shootat theenemy; • Funny archery games without wifi and the Internet; •PvPbattle for survival in best archery game for bow masters;•Attractive sniper arena which will battle Zombie Blades; •Dailygifts and bonuses; • Realistic physics; • Modern graphics(manymodern shooters will envy, new archery games of 2018 andpopulararrow games); If you are girl and like bow and arrowgames and looking for free games for girls and throwing gamesthenyou are in the right way. Discover new funny characters andbowmasters! Gather your army of winners! Become a bow mastersormasters of onions, knives, axes, banana, guitars, pistols andotherweapons! Each weapon is unique in its own way. Challengeyourfriends: who will faster battle zombies and are who arebowmasters? Zombie shooting is always an exciting activity!Realpeople, great graphics and familiar mechanics in the styleofbowman, prepare for fascinating battles with zombies in anexcitingshooter "Zombies Blades: Bow Masters". Attack of thezombies hasbegun! All hunters on zombies are going to our place!Epic heroesare waiting for you! It's hot here and fun! Become areal bowmasters in brand new archery game! Take your bow and arrowand gohunting zombies bow masters! Download and choose your side -ZombieBlades and win your battle of survival and become real bowmasters!Install and play for FREE!
com.alltensoftware.archerysuccess 2.91
ArcherySuccess is an archery scoring app with archery journal.Keepall your archery scores, arrow plots, notes and gear setups atyourfingertips. Used by Beginner to Competitive archers in44countries! Track your training progress! Use app as anarcherydiary for training activities and report arrow numbers,journalitems and scores to your coach. ArcherySuccess does ALL THISandMORE! Tailored to track the training progress of anindividualarcher ArcherySuccess will save you and your coach time.This istime you can use to shoot arrows! What do you get? •Anarcheryscorekeeper •Quick and easy arrow scoring and plotting(includingprecision plotting) •Skill level rating; Archer Skillcalculatedfor select rounds •Arrow tagging and arrow group analysis•Over 380build in rounds types or create your own custom roundsfrom builtin •Set an arrow count goal then track and report yourarrowvolumes •See personal best scores by bow setup andcompetitionlevel •The ability to add more detailed notes than youwill everneed •Capture training information on the go •Compile,display oremail weekly progress reports with one tap •Coaches getuniformreports from all archers, easy to copy for further analysis....andmore! CURRENT BUILT IN ARCHERY ROUNDS • World Archery(Target,Indoor, Field), incl. Visually Impaired • Archery GB(Imperial,Metric, Indoor (including Worcester) & VI Burntwood)• UK: 252Personal Archery Challenge & UK Frostbite (3 and 6arrow ends)• NASP Indoor, 3D • NFAA/IFAA Vegas International, Lakeof theWoods, Field (Pro & Expert), Hunter (Pro) Indoor, FlintBowman600, 800, 810, 900, Classic 600 Animal Marked 3D •ArcheryAustralia • IBO 3D • ASA 3D • IAA 3D • 3DAAA • LancasterIndoorQualification and Match • Archery NZ Target and Indoor OrBuildyour own rounds based on built in rounds FIVE MAIN FEATURES1.Progress Tab • Automatically compile a weekly progress report•Personal Best scorecard • Informative progress graphs, whichshowsarrow averages by setup, and by round shot • Graph and tableofarrow count vs weekly arrow count target by gear setup • Viewandemail weekly reports 2. Journal Tab • A searchable list ofnotesand all rounds shot • Add arrow count, and use as an arrowcounter• Add notes; examples note types; Gear, Nutrition, RestandRecuperation, Strength and Conditioning, SPT, etc • View andemailarchery rounds scored and distance plots • Quickly recordsummaryinformation for a round not scored in app • Journal entryupdatesautomatically appear in the Progress Tab 3. Score Tab •Select andscore archery rounds, using a flexible scorecard • Createcustomrounds based on existing in app rounds • Score via colorcodedkeypad • Using Round Notes, select gear setup used for theround,change date and time of round, rename the round and add notesaboutthe round • Favorite setup assigned to the round by default •Roundscores updated in real-time throughout the app • Round SearchandFilter feature, make finding a round easy • Switch to Plotscoringat any time 4. Plot Tab • Quick plotting: Simply tap thezoom-abletarget face to plot and score • Precision plotting: Touchand hold,then move cross hairs and lift finger to plot and score •Quicknavigation buttons: Center, zoom out, or switch to a targetnumber• Arrow group indicator • Quickly undo button • Keep track ofroundand end totals • Add notes and select gear setup used for theround• Navigate through ends 5. Gear Tab • Track gear setups(acombination of bow, arrows and sight settings) e.g. outdoorrecurvebow, or indoor compound bow • Your favorite setup is firston thegear list and is used by default in rounds and notes • Enterandtrack sight settings for each setup If you are passionateaboutarchery, this is the archery app for you! Have a featurerequest oran app issue? Email Moreon
Archery ScorePad 1.30.2
James Dudley
## Sorry Been away from development. Looking at Issues and willbesubmitting update in coming days (20th March 2019) ## UKHandicapTables Included ## Feature Rich Archery Scorepad with easyto usescoring sheet. Record Scores, Sight Marks, Custom Rounds forallbow styles Features : - Record and Save Archery Scores from asetlist of Predefined rounds (Metric, Imperial and Indoor)-Predefined Rounds include : -- WA -- WA Clout -- WA Field --GNAS-- GNAS Clout -- NFAS (National Field Archery Society) --NFAA(National Field Archery Association) -- Australian --AustralianClout -- New Zealand (Metric and JAMA) -- NationalArchery inSchools Program (NASP) -- USA - Record Custom RoundDetails.Remembers the Custom Rounds Details so can re-shoot thesame Roundagain without the need to re-enter it - Able to Score upto 4Archers at the same Time - Able to Save other archers scoresandview them at a later date - Simple to use Interface forrecordingArchery Scores - Can Record Scores either using Numberpage forArrow Score or by selecting on a Target Face where theArrow Hit -Saves Custom Rounds Scores if the details have beensaved - ClearScore Sheets that are as close to a real score sheetto helpchecking - Round Summaries show a break down of the Roundthat wasshot - Best Distance Summaty. Shows the best score you gotfor eachdistance of a Round. Can see what is your best 3 dozen at90m etc -Archer is able to Edit any score / date that has beenentered intothe app either during scoring or after the round hasbeen completed- Archer is able to Save Bow and Arrow Details - Savea separateset of Scores against each of the Six different bowtypes: --Recurve -- Compound -- Longbow -- Barebow -- CompoundBarebow --Horsebow - Saved Scores and Personnel Best Scores aregroupedtogether by Bow Type - Able to add Manual Scores for oldScoresthat where shot before using the app - Full UKClassificationTables for Metric, Imperial and Indoor for all agegroups (GNAS.Updated March 2012) - Full UK Handicap Tables - FullAUSClassification / Ratings Tables - Simple Classification LookupforGNAS and AUS. - Classification Lookup during shooting a Round.Cansee what scores you need for each Classification -RoundPrediction. While Shooting can tell you what need forNetClassification or to Beat Personnel Best - Simple RoundDetailsLookup for all Rounds. - Round Detials lookup duringshooting aRound - Archer is able to define any number of Arrow Setsfor eachBow Type - Record a different set of Sight Marks for anySets ofArrows for each Bow Type. Notch, Position and a Comment foreachSight Mark - Able to Record Archers and Witness Signatureagainsteach Score. Shown on XLS Export - Able to Export all ArcheryScoresto a Email Address as XLS and CSV - Able to Export Scoresdirectlyto the Records Officer (Email) - Able to Export / Importthe FullDatabase to the SD Card or Dropbox for when changing phones-Facebook Integration. Share Scores on Facebook -DropboxIntegration. Can Export/Import Database Dropbox. Also canexportscores to Dropbox Any Other Feature you would like to see inthisApp Please contact me using the email below. More then open toaddany feature that could improve it. Thanks
Bowman Puzzle - Archery Game 22.0
What should you do with a bow loaded with arrows? Save people,donot let them die. You have no time and limited arrows! Bowmanpuzzle is a fun and free arcade game. If you are a fan ofbrain& puzzle games, do not miss bow man puzzle. Beautiful,funny,challenging and relaxing bowman game.It's not just archery -peopleare hanging on gibbets and ask you to grab bow and arrowsandrescue them with accurate shots.Each level in Bowman puzzleispacked full of different objects and crazy sheep and powerups.Load your bow, pull back and start shooting! Useprecariouslystacked crates and other environmental hazards to solvethe puzzle.Enter as an archer to rescue by shooting the rope withyour bow andarrow. Be careful not to miss!Bow man puzzle has 35+levels toplay, unique characters, amazing arcade physics. Unleashyour innerarcher and save people from dying. Features:- Loads offunnycharacter to save- 35+ challenging levels- 5 types of arrows,powerups and 3 bows to unleash- Funny sheep on level-Beautifuldifferent objects and backgrounds- Realistic arrowphysics- Free todownload and playShoot the sheep, it will help passdifficultlevels.You can be skilled bowman or a casual physics gameplayer,you'll love bowman puzzle!
Artemis is an Archery performance and monitoring app for boththe(semi)professional archer and the trainer/coach. Created bythecurrent Head coach of the compound team of the Netherlands.Artemisis used at World Championships and other internationalevents,Olympic training centers and Regional training centers since2012by National teams and members of National teams fromtheNetherlands, Italy, Canada, Belgium, Austria. Artemis usersincludetop-archers and coaches like; Sjef van den Berg, PeterElzinga,Mike Schloesser, Wietse van Alten, Emiel Custers, Ron vander Hoff,Mitch Dielemans, Irina Markovic, Martine Couwenberg, IngevanCaspel, Thomas van Eil, Inge Enthoven, and many others!WithArtemis you can record your score and plot your arrows, but itcando much, much more. Archery is a game of statistics, and thisappcan help you with the statistical analysis to become abetterarcher. For recurve or compound, target or field, archerortrainer/coach, Artemis offers the tools to improve your oryourathletes' performance. ArtemisLite is free!! Upgrading toPremiumwill unleash all analysis potential and an upgrade toCoached isperfect for the close cooperation between athletes andcoaches orfor National Teams. It is developed by Marcel vanApeldoorn; aformer international archer, aerospace researcher,softwaredeveloper, and head coach of the Compound Team of theNetherlands.Artemis has been tested in many international events;Worldcups,European and World Championships. With Artemis, you can;Recordyour setups - Use different bows, sights, setups, quiverswithdifferent arrows - Save different tuning parameters for eachsetup,compound or recurve Match and round creation - Createcustommatches, any number of ends with any number of arrows - UseQR tagsto create and share your rounds/matches - Many targetfaces(World-Archery, Field, GNAS, IFAA, IBO, NFAA, etc) Recordyourmatches and training sessions - Full screen, intuitive andfast,different ways to record your scores. - Indicate the scoringvaluefor correct placement - Easy positioning of shots whenmisplaced -Record shot ratings (to filter out the obvious badshots) - Recordshot timing - Identify which arrow was shot Duringmatches, Artemiscan advice you on; - Sight adjustement. The appwill detect trendsin movement of groups and will very accuratelyadvice in sightadjustements - Arrow consistency. The app will alertyou when anarrow starts hitting outside the group, so you canreplace it witha different arrow - Review your color codedscorecard with lots ofextra information - Review your grouping andthe trend of yourgrouping - Review the individual arrowperformances/grouping Aftermatch performance analysis - Plot yourscores in time - Plot youraverage scoring - Plot your volumes perweek or month - Makescatter plots of shot timing vs accuracyachieved (gives inindication of how important shot timing is foryou) - Comparealmost anything; build your own filters to comparedifferentarchers, bows, setups, different quivers, or individualarrows -Compare shots on different target faces shot on differentdistanceswith each other - Compare different archers, bows, arrowson asingle target face or on a so-called 4-view (4 target faces atthesame time) And many more - Share your results on facebook oremailyour coach with end-by-end face plots and scorecards - Nointernetaccess required - Keep your data private, or share it withyourcoach - Backup and restore your database (on the device itselforon Google Drive) - Import someone else's database - Showyourmatches on a world map It's not a simple score keeping app,youneed to put in the effort but once you do, Artemis will playanimportant role in becoming a better archer!
Rcherz 2.7.14
Save results from practice and archery events, analyzeyourperformance over time and get detailed statistic aboutshotplacements, heat maps and other important data useful for bowandarrows tuning.Application connects you with friends inarcherycommunity through social network forarchers:www.rcherz.comCompetition organizers can use any androiddevice asscoring system for their competitions.
World Archery 11.4.0
World Archery
The one-stop destination for international fans of the sportofarchery. Links to live and historical results of world-classeventsin the web, world record and world ranking listings, plusnews andathlete profiles in an easy-to-use mobileapplication.Theredesigned World Archery app has the followingfunctionalfeatures:• News – latest and popular from the web•Results –listing of events with scores• Ranking – official Worldand WorldCup Rankings• Records – world, Olympic and Paralympicrecords•Athlete – profiles, and the ability to favourite archers•Calendar– find tournaments by level and locationFeatures to beadded soon:•Live results – from World Archery events• Athletestatistics – foran in-depth look at the world’s best archers•Notifications – fromwhat matters to you• Content – video andimagesWant more archery?Visit
Bow Hunt Simulator 1.1.4
Archery simulator for bow hunters that that let you simulateshotplacements using ballistics, realistic environment andmovinganimals. This app is designed as a technical simulator andnot as agame.Features:-Whitetail Deer, Elk, Roe deer and WildTurkey-Metricand imperial units -Real time arrow trajectory-X-rayvitals in shotinspect-walking animals from random distance-Distanceup to100yds.-Real time arrow ballistics.-Calculates: wind drift,drop,flighttime-Calculates reaction time for animal.-Calculaterough"jump string" estimate-Set direction and pose ofanimal-Inspectshot placementDoes the above feature looksinteresting but you dontfeel like paying, ask for a promocode byemail.
Gesture Archery Master
Use 3D stereo light technology. Aiming and shooting arecarriedoutby the movement of the hand. Experience archerywithoutleavinghome.
Arrows 1.3
Application for the compound or recurve target archer who likestohave an arrow database and spine selection table (for awidevarriety of arrrowshafts) available anywhere. The databasecontainslots of usefull information about a.o. spine, weight,diameter ofdifferent manufacturers and shafts including 2015 rangeof Easton,Carbon Express, Gold Tip, Sky Art and Cartel (Doo Sung),CarbonTech and Victory. The Bow Setup part will advice on the bestspineand arrow to use based on your selection of arrow shafts andbowsetup.
Archery Score Keeper Pro
Peter Ho
Say goodbye to paper-based target score sheets! Basically,it'sscore keeper allowing the archer to mark down the score foreachsession Features - Simple user interface for recording scoresbyjust touch number pad on the screen to mark your arrows. -Archeris able to edit any score before confirmation. - Markingyourarrows by taking a photo and attach to end - Support 1~6 arrowperend - To list all results. - Monthly statistics - Share yourscoreand/or photo to your friends - Support up to 2 archers - Limit10history records -SupportEnglish,German,French,Italian,Spanish,Portuguese,ChineseFeaturesin PRO only - Support up to 4 archers - No limitation ofno. ofhistory records - No ads Features in Ultra only - Unlimitednumberof archers - Unlimited number of history records - Exportingxlsfiles - No ads Remember you are here to shoot, so let this appkeepthe score!! Permission * Modify/delete SD card contents is usedtowrite CSV file to SD card * Internet access is used for adandDropbox access Note : For those who need support please emailtothe designated email. Do NOT use either the feedback area towritequestions, it is not appropriate and that is not guaranteedthatcan read them.
Metal soldiers: shooting game 1.0.3
TOH Games
Metal shooter: shooting game is a shooting action game. This isoneof the best action and shooting game for you. It will takeyouthrough series amazing experience battles. This Metal shootergamewill take you through series of classic levels, various enemiesandboss battles with amazing experience of side scrollingplatformergames. In this game, you can choose series of weapons,charactors,guns fo fight again enemies and boss battles. Wipe outof allenemies in Metal shooter! Kill them all in this amazingshootergame.! Kill them all in this amazing shooter game. I believethat,this shooter game will make you happy, relaxing and haveexcellentexperience. Features: - Battle against enemy tanks andchoppers. -Different characters to choose. - Lots of enemies tofight. -Classic weapon designs. - Amazing gameplay. - Ultrabeautiful HDgraphic - Auto target system - Simple controller -Unique Bossfights - Well-designed characters - Great balancedlevels - 3zones: Forest, Barrens, Depth How to play: ★ Use thejoypad to move★ Tap Jump button to jump avoid obstacles ★ Tap firebutton toshoot ★ Tap Grenade button to make deadly explosion Let'sdownloadMetal shooter: shooter game right now and enjoy! collecthand gun,shotgun, heavy machine gun and rocket launcher and shoot.Fanpage:- Fanpage:
Archery Score Keeper Ultra 3.2.9
Peter Ho
Say goodbye to paper-based target score sheets! Basically,it'sscore keeper allowing the archer to mark down the score foreachsession Features - Simple user interface for recording scoresbyjust touch number pad on the screen to mark your arrows. -Archeris able to edit any score before confirmation. - Markingyourarrows by taking a photo and attach to end - Support 1~6 arrowperend - To list all results. - Monthly statistics - Share yourscoreand/or photo to your friends - Support up to 2 archers - Limit10history records -SupportEnglish,German,French,Italian,Spanish,Portuguese,ChineseFeaturesin PRO only - Support up to 4 archers - Unlimited number ofhistoryrecords - No ads Features in Ultra only - Unlimited numberofarchers - Unlimited number of history records - Exporting xlsfiles- No ads Remember you are here to shoot, so let this app keepthescore!! Permission * Modify/delete SD card contents is usedtowrite CSV file to SD card * Internet access is used for adandDropbox access Note : For those who need support please emailtothe designated email. Do NOT use either the feedback area towritequestions, it is not appropriate and that is not guaranteedthatcan read them.
Shooting WC: Rifle 1
Shooters, welcome. You are good at shooting? Great, compareyourskills with other shooters around the world. Shooting WorldCup:Rifle is a close to real sports shooting as a smartphone gamecanget – see for yourself. You will experience realistic rifleswayand you'll be using an almost exact replica of the actual twostagetriggering mechanism that air guns have. How do we know that?Ourteam includes worldwide shooting organizations, ex-sportsshootersand active world top class competitive shooters, some ofthem arecontinental championship medalists, world championshipmedalistsand Olympic medalists. Shooting World Cup: Rifle presentto you anair rifle 10 meters, Olympic discipline. You'll usetrue-to-lifeair gun models, actual sport shooter's clothes, realtarget modelsand real RWS pellets. Even if you haven't tried outsport shootingyet, you're at the right place. The realisticmechanics of thisgame will improve your real life shooting skillsas well. Sportshooting is mostly a mental sport – and the winner isthe personwith the most focus and calmness, so take a deep breath,take upyour rifle and hit the center (10.9). TASKS Win betterrifles,tournament entrance ONLINE MULTIPLAYER TOURNAMENTS Airriflemonthly tournament Be one of the 500 players in the world –reserveyour spot in the finals Win the good, excellent and mastershooterawards SPORT SHOOTING EQUIPMENT MANUFACTURERS Pellets – RWSRifles– Anschutz, Feinwerkbau, Walther Targets – Sius AG Clothing–Monard PLEASE NOTE This game is free to play, practice -Tasksshooting with the option of in-app purchases. You maydisablein-app purchasing on your device settings. By downloadingthis gameyou agree to our Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy.
Starlit Archery Club 1.6.3
Become the greatest Archer in Starlit universe! Play withyourfavorite characters and enjoy the story-line from theuniverseintroduced in the award-winning game Starlit Adventures!FEATURES:* COMPETE in battles with other online players! * STRATEGYANDPRECISION are your keys to victory! * UNLEASH POWER-UPS todefeatyour opponent! * OTHERWORLDLY BOSSES to be defeated inspecialchallenges! * ADVANCE among the ranks to compete in multiplecuptournaments! * EXPLORE NEW WORLDS, each with their own levelsandchallenges! * UNLOCK ACTION FIGURES to complete yourcollection!Discover Starlit Archery - and JOIN THE CLUB!
Real zombie hunter - FPS shooting in Halloween 1.10
Be careful when you go on Halloween parties sometimes it couldbereal monsters in monster costumes. As Halloween party happen inoldnight club built in 1896. Some evil Doctors made made a virusanddiluted the party drinks with their zombie making virus. Dr.Venoand his assistant Dr. Panda has invented a virus calledVirusEvaluation. They developed a virus which affected ahumans,animals, buggies or any living species turn into monsters.This isa deadliest virus not only affects one human if that humanbiteanother then he will also turns into even bigger monster orinother words zombies. Dr. panda was invited into an halloweenpartyhappening in Miami local club. This party arranged by a localmafiaDON so all evil minds in one place in that night. Dr.PandaSuggested Dr. Veno to put their virus into halloween partydrinksand infect all evil minds into bigger monsters. Dumb ZOMBIEShunteris an OFFLINE ZOMBIE HUNTER GAMEScontinues thejourney of zombie killer. theentire nightclub continues to be turns into zombies,It seems the dayof apocalypse is returning,some folks try toregain the management, theyfight for thelarge duty, howeverit’s dangerous owingto thezombies arebecoming additional thronged and additional dangerous. can thiswarfarecomplete or not during this Zombie game? Itdepends on you- the shooter survivor. In this Zombie games 3D,Zombie comes fromeverywhere, they are all mad and want to killsome thing alive. Thiszombie sport 2018 have now not simplestordinary zombies, a few bigzombies are boss, they are virtuallymad and greater tough todestroy. There usually have the suddenZombie come to kill you, andnew zombies are usually seem in newsurvival places and land whileyou play Zombie video games.Addictive Zombie free game to play:This Zombie recreation is theoffline shooting sport with simplerecreation play that you andyour pal can play, however tough to bea first-class terminator, itcalls for the fantastic capturingtalents, abilities and reasonablestrategies. whole the duty, getbonus and equip right guns to killall mad zombi, protection yourfrontier and win in this shootergame. You want to play Zombiegames, don’t make any mistake incapturing and searching, to bebrief on the trigger, you could diejust by using a chew of zombies.Another story on these zombies In2040, international war of weaponsstarted , and the unitedstates’s frontiers modified. modern-dayconflict advanced to a newgeneration after the Minister of defencesigned a settlement withCS business enterprise to perform missiondead target. Injectprisoners with the virus and remodel them intotop notch evilcombat killers. but, CS threatened to cause a zombieoutbreak ifthe president did now not follow their orders. Thezombieapocalypse started out. No matter how they created youmission isto eliminate them and save the world. Features: 1. Numberof funmissions 2. Many weapons available 3. Halloween costumedzombies 4.Slow motion actions 5. Amazing graphics Weapons: 1. Swissarmyknife 2. 9mm Pistol 3. Different Rifles 4. Grenade todemolishenemies in one strike GamePlay: 1. Navigator on left sideformovement 2. Aim using whole screen 3. Fire button forpreciseshooting 4. Grenade button to finish quickly. Try to stayaway fromblast area 5. Sprint button to run away from stupidzombies 6. Aimbutton to aim clear 7. Weapon Switch We bring Topzombie killergame to play free in halloween style. Play zombie waligame inoffline mode. This best shooting games gives you multipleweaponsto destroy monsters and complete you missions
com.iamthesin.abatarget.full 1.0.45
Archery score sheet application for handling AustralianBowhuntersAssociation shoot rounds, IFAA or Olympic style rounds.Thisapplication is -easy -quick -does all calculations on the go-andprovides very easy way to handle scoring for groups of anysizes.And it's waterproof*. *Compared to regular paper. No devicebecomeswaterproof when using this application.
Kim, Hyung-Tak Archery 1.0
If you want to improve your recurve archery game,thisapplicationwill come in handy at the archery field. Simply lookatthecategories and quickly navigate to the section in whichyouareinterested. Coach Kim, Hyung-Tak has more than 40yearsofexperience in archery. Being the first full-time coachintheKorean archery association and bringing the Koreanrecurvewomen'steam to their first gold medal at the 1984 LA Olympicgames,he hasplayed a big part in the Korean dominance of the sport.CoachKimhas experience with all technical levels and usesastraightforwardapproach when teaching. When training hisathletes,he is alwayslooking for better ways of teaching andimproving upontheirskills. The application is divided into threemaincategories.The'Technical basic skill' section contains thebasicskill taught byCoach Kim and throughout the Korean archerysociety.It takes youfrom stance, all the way through the shot andfinisheswithfollow-through. Most subjects have a video at the topof thepage,be sure to watch it. Further explanation can be foundlower onthepage. The 'Teaching method' section containsvariousteachingmethods perfected by Coach Kim through years ofexperience,to easethe learning of challenging technical skills forthearchers. Thecoaches and athletes can watch the videos inthissection togetherand perform the exercises to improvelearning.The'Analysingexpansion' section is all about theexpansion. Theexpansion is acrucial part of the shot, and fullyunderstanding andmasteringthis part of the shot is essential forall archers in thequest forimproving their archery skills.Features:+ more than 65short andprecise videos with subtitles+ morethan 100 picturesandexplanatory drawings+ a total of 74 lessons+ nointernetaccessrequired for watching application videos or othercontent.
Space Pioneer: Multiplayer PvP Alien Shooter 1.10.4
The “Very Old Friends” update is here, and it comes with a newclasssystem. What are these classes for? Well they give you newrpg gamesplaystyles. In multiplayer PvP (deathmatch) you can takeadvantageof their unique stats and weapon preferences to outplayyouropponents. On top of that in coop, each class has a setofupgradeable passive bonuses which affect all players in yourcrew.Make your space team faster, more resistant, etc... Space,theendless frontier... Explore the galaxy as an intergalacticalienshooter in the newest action war game. Discover new planets,chartinterstellar worlds and exterminate any invaders that stand inyourway with the latest power weapons and gear in this newtop-downalien shooter and action RPG by Vivid Games. "Definitelyone of ourfavorite releases of the year" - 5/5, TouchArcade game ofthe week"Space Pioneer is just an awful lot of fun" - 8/10,PocketGamerSilver Award DISCOVER NEW GALAXIES & EXPLOREINCREDIBLE WORLDSWhen space exploration and battle strategy gamesmeet. Explore andconquer strange new worlds on a space adventurewith your trustyrobot friend and fight against invaders. You haveto stop the alieninvasion in this aventure game rpg! Build your ownworld as youmake your way across new planets from the icy tundra tored Mars orlush green jungles brimming with intergalactic flora andfauna onan amazing space odyssey. Defeat enemies at every turn inthisthrilling alien shooter war game and get unlimitedpower!ACTION-PACKED GAMEPLAY To make it through hordes of aliensandinvaders, you’ll need to be a skilled, versatile space hunter.Fasttop-down shooting action will test your combat reflexes andtacticsto the max. In this action war game, you will never let yourguarddown! INFINITE GALAXY The endless universe has countlesshostilegalaxies to explore & turn into a space shooter.Combined witha dynamic invaison objectives system, the gameplay istrulyinfinite in Space Pioneer – the perfect space odyssey! UPGRADEYOURWEAPONS AND SKILLS Get even more firepower for your machinegun,shotgun and other space shooter to fight alien threats inthisaction shooting game! Earn loot to upgrade the weapons andgearincluding gun turrets, rifles, blasters and mines. Unlockdozens ofspace shooter combat skills to give you the fightingedge.ANNIHILATE GIANT BOSSES From aggressive robot invaders andgiantmechs to venomous Mars hornets, battle space bosses, eachwithunique offensive and defensive capabilities includingreinforcedshields and powerful beam blasts. Alien shooter actiongames havenever been this exciting! DYNAMIC OBJECTIVES SYSTEMRecover stolendisks, defend probes, repair crashed craft andcomplete missions toearn loot and unlock game aventure rpg gear andskills. Every timeyou play missions have new objectives, invadersand endless spaceshooter adventure. STOP THE HORDE Battle it outagainstincreasingly tough waves of alien invasion in horde modes toobtaintasty loot and experience in three difficulty levels: normal,hardand hell. There is no easy mode in an action war game likeSpacePioneer. It’s endless space hunter fun! BUILD YOUR OWN SPACEBASECustomize and upgrade your base to increase yourresourceproduction and power up your equipment in this thrillingspace rpg.Follow our social media for updates andtips:➡️➡️Discord ➡️Contact us atsupport@vividgames.comBy downloading the game you accept our EndUser License Agreement,Terms of Service and PrivacyPolicy:
Archer's Toolkit - Scoring, Sight Marks & more 1.2
Gary Sweet
Archery scoring made easy First released in October 2018andwrittenby an active UK archer and ex-club recordsofficer,Archer's Toolkitaims to meet the needs of target archersaroundthe world. Manageyour scoring, shot rounds, personal bestsandsight marks in anintuitive, easy to understand format.Scoringrounds * Score WorldArchery and ArcheryGB target and cloutrounds,with automatichandicap and classification calculation foreveryage group whetheryou shoot recurve, compound, longbow orbarebow.Enter notes andlocation for each shot round as desired. *Choose around to shootby filtering round types or sorting by numberofarrows or maximumdistances for example. Easily see themaximumachievableclassification when choosing a round. Very usefulwhenaiming foryour next classification. * Large arrow scoredisplayand optionalvibration for each arrow value clicked.Essentialfeedback whenscoring in the field. * Distance change andsightmark reminderswhilst shooting. Never forget to move thetargetboss or change yoursight again. * Optional signature entryforboth archer and witnessand the end of a round. History *Easilyview all the rounds you'veever shot. Filter and sort toquicklyfind rounds you're lookingfor. * Edit everything but thescoresand signatures for roundsalready shot. Signatures can beadded forold rounds, but notedited. * Automatically track personalbestsfor every bow-style youshoot. * Import single or bulk roundsfrom.csv files, replacing ormerging with existing data. * Sendasingle round via email(including signatures) or export allroundsto .csv. Sight marks *Manage as many sets of sight marks asyouneed, including notch andwindage values. * Add customsight-markdistances if you shootunusual distances. * Automaticestimation ofmissing sight marks -take the guesswork out of newdistances. Oncethree sight marks areentered, estimates will beprovided for themissing ones. The morereal marks you enter, thebetter theestimation will be. Enteringdistances that are furtherapart willimprove the estimation; don'tenter three very shortdistances toestimate a long distance.Progress * Graph progress overtime usinghandicaps from scoredrounds. A great way to track yourimprovementover time.
Retro Shooting 2.2.9
Do you want a new style of arcade shooter game? With anexcitingshooting style and retro + modern pixelated graphics,RetroShooting is a mobile shooting game that has caught theattention ofshooters around the world! • Arcade Shoot 'em up •Avertical-scrolling STG with pixelated graphics • Danmakuattacksfrom multiple bosses and various enemies • Multipleaircrafts &upgrades • Compete with shooters around the world in"InfiniteMode"! • Played by just tapping and sliding on the screenBe sureto save the game data before deleting the game orswitchingdevices. ——————————————————— 【SHMUPHOLIC】 Galaxy Warrior Astro WingsFacebook E-mail :shmup.holic@gmail.comTerms of service
Speedy Shot – Ball Crash Shooting Games 1.202
Kerun Games
If you are addicted to space shooting games and survival games, Iamsure that the Speedy Shot will be one of your favoriteshooterplaying game. In this shooting game, you will face anincreasingnumber of foreigners and many bosses in dealing withspace warfare.Destroy the enemy's conquest plan and burn them untiltheir finaldecline. Touch the screen to move and kill the intruder.Defeatthem to get a lot of gold coins. Attention! Don't let thefallingball hit you, then the game is over. Top Features -Top-downperspective, and retro images - A variety of differentaircraftwith unique features - Defeat the boss with differentdifficulty toget rich rewards - No network required, play anytime -Ultimateexperience with cool special effects for you - Real spaceshootingexperience Start your spaceship engines and join to thiswar game!Speedy Shot is not an ordinary shooting game. Exquisitegraphics,first-class special effects, it is an attraction forplayers.Powerful game operation, exquisite design of level systemand levelprops, so that each player has an unresolved desire toconquer.
Ramboat 2 - Run and Gun Offline games 1.0.69
Genera Games
A new Ramboat run and gun shooting action game! Discover a newgunshooting offline action game experience full of fun.Collectamazing weapons and guns, upgrade and customize Ramboat andmuchmore. Play this shooting offline game and defeat the army! Thebestshooter game and action game with run and gun is here! Donothesitate more and let’s win the battle! We have to save theworld.The new run and gun shooting action game! Escape fromhundreds ofenemies, jumping and dodging as quickly as possible.Ramboat 2 is arun and gun addictive shooting offline action gamewhere you canjump and shoot. Do you love jumping and shooter games?Survival atall costs of an army of metal soldiers, paratroopers,jetpack,rocket launchers and enemy submarines. Get amazing powerups toincrease your firepower and collect coins to upgrade yourguns& craft new gears or weapons. Have you tried the best runandgun shooting action game? Play Ramboat 2! Make Ramboatunstoppablein this crazy shooting offline game! Craft and upgradeweapons andgears with the gold you earn in each battle. Shoot yourbest gunand destroy the enemy army! Play Ramboat 2, the best runand gunshooting action game, and help your friends to defeat theenemies.Customize your hero with the items you’ll buy in theblackmarket,choose your outfit and improve your combat skills!Survival at allcost and be a legend metal soldier! Game features:HOW TO PLAY -Use the joypad to move - Tap jump button to jump avoidobstacles -Tap fire button to shoot - Tap Grenade button to make anexplosionSync with your Facebook or Google Play profile and shareyour scorewith all your friends! AMAZING RUN & GUN MISSIONS ANDSTAGES -ACTION SHOOTING OFFLINE GAME - Rush through differentSTAGES andface CHALLENGES that increase the difficulty and fun:Fight againstthe enemy camp! The best run and gun shooting actiongame! POWERFULARSENAL TO UPGRADE - Tons of guns & weapons tochoose. Collectblueprints and buy potent weapons like the machinegun,flamethrower, classic pistol, laser and more! - Become asoldierand shoot! Upgrade your guns and increase their power,shootingrate... Boost your firepower and hit the enemy lines! -Find epicgadget in the store and go to war fully equipped like arealspecial ops metal military soldier! Survival at all cost!COLLECTALL CHARACTERS AND BOATS - Try +12 unique band members, eachwiththeir special equipment and skills. - Race with +12 speedyandmighty boats like a yacht, a pirate ship… or a shark! Canyoucollect them all? AMAZING RUN & GUN SHOOTING GAME MODES-Classic action adventure ARCADE style with original twists.Theultimate run and gun shooting action game! Survival as much asyoucan metal soldier! - Play with a friend in MULTIPLAYER andSHOOTINGOFFLINE GAME and double the fun. Who will end with moreenemies? -Do you want a challenge? Try the ELITE MODE if you havewhat ittakes. Shoot like a pro! QUALITY DETAILS - Simple andintuitiveinterface. Jump and shoot with one finger! - Awesome 2Dgraphics,with fascinating HD effects of light and color. You’lllove thisrunner game! - Great music and sound effects that make yourun andjump even faster! Facebook:
UoN Archery Club 1.2
UoN Archery Club app for session and event infomationandnotifications, score submission and access to club records,publicdrives and social media.
A Ride into the Mountains
Sunhead Games
Evil force invaded the relic in the mountain. Darkness begantospread. A brave young man, equipped with his family’suniquemounted archery skills, rides into the mountains to battleagainstthe mysterious demons. ◆ "A beautiful, challengingadventure" - TheVerge "A picturesque, archery-based, epicadventure" "Downright elegant in its presentationand gameplay"- Gamezebo (5 / 5) "This isn't a novelistic game. It'spoetic. Itdoesn't say much, but it says it with quiet elegance." -TouchArcade (4.5 / 5) "A challenging, intriguing, evocative,andmemorable adventure of horseback archery" - MacLife (4.5 / 5)"Atruly impressive experience" - 148Apps (4 / 5) ◆ FEATURES-Spectacular experience of horseback archery - Simple yetprofoundgraphics and scores - A short and fabulous adventure -Retro feelwith a twist - A complete game without in-app purchasesoradvertisements ◆ Trailer - Official Follow us: Twitter -
Shooters Diary 1.59
Shooters diary is a tool to help a shooter to perform better.Themain reason to use the shooters diary is for feedback, arecordthat tells you how you performed. Shooters diary provides arecordof practice and competition scores. More importantly, ithelps youanalyze your shooting so you know what you are doing rightand helpyou correct the problems. Keeping a diary is one of thebest waysto improve target shooting scores. Anyone who is seriousabouttarget shooting uses a diary, why don’t you? Targetssupported: 10mAir Pistol 7.5m Air Pistol 10m Air Rifle 25m/50mInternationalPistol 25m Sport Pistol 50ft Slow Fire B-2 50ftRapid/Timed FireB-3 20yd Slow Fire B-4 20yd Rapid/TimedFire B-550yd Slow Fire B-625yd Rapid/Timed Fire B-8 25yd Slow Fire B-16 NRASR 200yd NRA SR300yd NRA SR 600yd 100m Rifle 200m Rifle Biathlon
West World - Crazy Gun 1.5.2
Crazy Gun is the most lively addictive shooting game! This gamewilllet you think ahead before you make any shoot while playing.In thewestern town where Jack is located, a shooting competitionis aboutto take place. Jack is training hard to get the bonus ofthe event.Let us help him to let him be the hero of thiscompetition! How toplay: The goal of this addictive shooting gameis to tap the screento shoot and break all the given bottles. But,keep in mind that youshould be very precise in this endless gamebecause the wheel keepsturning faster and you only have specificnumber ammunition and youshould break all bottles before with thegiven ammunition or youwill lose. Not only that! There are alsomany challenges that youcan take to improve your skills. Soundseasy? But, would you be ableto score the highest possible score inthis addictive shooter gamewithout mistakes? Why choose to playCrazy Gun on your Androidsmartphone or tablet instead of othershooter games? ✓ We made some2D Cool and smooth high-qualitygraphics to give you the bestexperience while playing the greatestshooting game ever! You willenjoy it! ✓ With our realisticgraphics, you will have the feelingof shooting from a real gun andnot playing Crazy Gun. ✓ We careabout you and that's why we madeour shooting game very easy toplay, so all that you have to do isto tap the screen to make ashoot. Super easy! ✓ Our shooting gameis FREE and it will stay Freefor life, so there are No hidden feesor annual subscription toenjoy playing it! ✓ Make sure tocontinuously shoot the randomlyappearing treasure chests to havethe opportunity of obtaining somenew powerful weapons. ✓ Endless!Yes! our game is endless and youcan enjoy playing as much as youwant because the only one who canstop you is you. ✓ Enjoy playingeven without having a 3G, 4G orWi-Fi internet connection. ✓ CrazyGun is a free game and it can beplayed by Adults and Teens. Yourwhole family can play it and theywill enjoy playing it for hoursnonstop! Don’t forget to competethem on the leaderboard. What areyou waiting for? Download CrazyGun and enjoy the most addictiveshooter game ever!
Daily 108 Bows Diet Lite 2.3
Make pretty body and get healthy playing 108 bow exercise 108bowexercise will reduce blood sugar as well as fat loss andimproveyour body ability like cardio pulmonary function, digestiveorgan.Daily 108 Bows Diet provides the following features foreffectivebow exercise. ■ Elapsed Time Timer check your totalexercise timein real time. ■ Adjust the number of exercise set thenumber ofexercise as you want, and then press "Start". ■ Intervaladjustmentset the on-time exercise time, check the number oftimesautomatically. ■ Automatic calculation of calories checkthecalories consumed through real-time bow exercise. ■notificationsounds check with four types of notification sounds. ■Music checkthree background music to create a calm state of mindand body toconcentrate on exercise. ■ Screen Off prevention ■Missionstatement reach the target through the mission statementsetdirectly during exercise. ■ Exercise Results after theexercisesection and section number of calories consumed, theresults showthe duration time. Now just set the bow times for dietand press"Start". * Lite version has some ads, if this app ishelpful toyou, please buy full version.
3D SKill Board 3.2.2
Easily entering of hit points for each archer and always seethecurrent score. The different archery courses and their targetsaswell as the archers need to be entered only once to start anevent.After that they can be reused every time. The score resultsarestored within the app and can be sent to other archers peremailtoo. The automatically attached event file contains allnecessarydata (course, target, archers, hit details)to import theevent inthe app on another smartphone. So each archer can have hisresultin his own app very easily. Main functionality: x) Preparedata forevent -) create/delete/edit/import a course -)create/delete/editan archer -) create/edit different arrow scoresx) Create an event-) Enter hit for each archer and target -) Entertarget details x)Scores: -) View the stored events and their result-) Change theentered results -) sent result per mail -) shareresult - Facebook,G+... -) Import a complete event -) Reopen event- if closed toearly -) Download new scores from central scoredirectory x)Parcours Wiki: -) central parcours directory which canbemaintained by the users itself -) Users can rate and writecommentsfor a parcours Quick guide:
Shooting Illustrated 1.6.1
App Store Editors’ is thecompanionwebsite to the NRA’s personal-defense, concealed-carry andtacticalmagazine. It presents its loyal readers with expert reviewsoftactical rifles, home-defense shotguns, concealed-carryhandguns,defensive ammunition, optics and accessories forpersonalprotection. Shooting Illustrated also focuses on trainingdrills,tips and advice for anyone concerned with safety andsecurity, andkeeps its audience updated on political eventsregarding the SecondAmendment. Here readers will access most of thecontent presentedin the magazine, plus a host of original content,includingarticles, blogs and videos. DescriptionStay informed withfeaturestories, reviews, videos, news about firearms brought to youby thestaff and contributors of Shooting Illustrated. Leadtheconversation by staying up to date with all the SecondAmendment,concealed-carry and personal defense news delivered toyour mobiledevices daily.
OK Hog Shooting Exemption 1.0.5
OK feral hog night shooting exemption
com.reloaderscloud.rangebuddy 7.0.4
Range Buddy is a mobile app designed for shootingsportsenthusiasts, especially precision rifle shooters. Features:Usephone's camera capture properly scaled target pictures Allowpicktarget picture from device library Allow manually set picturescaleAllow re-analysis target Support both Imperial andMetricmeasurements Allow analyzing and recording multiple groups onthesame target Calculate group size, point of impact byanalyzingtarget picture Generate analyzed target pictures forrecord keepingand easy sharing Record equipment setup along withthe targetpictures Record shooting conditions such as temperature,windcondition and GPS locations Manage the records of shootingresultsShare the target picture with email or social media
Tank Battle Heroes: World of Shooting 1.15.5
Hey Tank Commander, the real MULTIPLAYER TANK BATTLE GAME isfinallyAVAILABLE for your mobile! Get ready for the tank warfareand jumpinto the war action in modern PvP tank shooter! Chooseyour tank,upgrade your deadly weapon and get ready for real WorldWar in anexciting arena where there's danger around every corner!Destroyenemies, aim precisely, shoot fast and dominate the worldfull ofdifferent tanks! FEATURES: - Choose the best strategy andmake rightdecisions! - Feel the spirit of real tank battlefields!- Unlock andupgrade your war machines! - Choose between variouswar machinescategories from WW2 classics to modern ones! - Defendyour countryor break frontlines with no mercy! - Conquer everybattlefield andfight against players from United States, Japan,Russia, Germany,and more! - Become a hero driving your tankthrough Europeanbattlefields! ENDLESS TANK BATTLES! Enjoy endlessgameplay withdifferent enemies! It means a different kind ofweapon you mustchoose. Every single available tank will actdifferently on thebattleground. Experience real clash of tankgunners and play againstyour battle rivals! Achieve victory, testthe full power of eachtank and increase its field of gunfire –powerful armory awaits!Have you ever imagined taking part in tankteam battles? BECOME ALEGEND ON THE BATTLEGROUND! Hey Soldier,make your way in thehistory of modern battlegrounds! Crash theenemy, move forward tothe victory and put your name in the onlinehall of fame! Imaginethe World of WW2! Show what you are made ofand conquer everybattleground. There is only one proper tankwarfare strategy – beginnow! 3 UNIQUE TANK BATTLEFIELDS! Do youwant to prove your worth?Test your skills in various tank worldconditions and strike forvictory through different battlegrounds!Defeat the enemy on theice, desert and deep in the forest. Everymap requires a differentpack of skills - we count on you! Prepareyourself and keep an eyeright on the enemy! Fight and shoot yourenemies in various WWIIbattlefields. Become a tank battle hero!DIFFERENT IRON WARFARESETTINGS! Make your way to the victory inevery available tank andunlock all the options to customize yourwar machine's weapon!Conquer the world on every possible map andfind yourself indifferent conditions. Expect tough fights andclever enemies.Experience real clash of tank commanders destroyingyour opponentsin fast-paced real-time tank combat. ONLINEMULTIPLAYER BATTLES!Time to see in action the most powerful tanks,modern battlefield!Tank Battle is a free tanks game withastonishing surroundings withoutstanding 3D graphics! Hey Soldier,keep an eye on every detail ofyour weapon and enemy's armor! Don'tforget to watch your back -rivals are waiting for your mistake!Join armored warfare now!Download this totally new fast-pacedshooting game with tanks!Discover our other games: Follow us onFacebook: Follow us onTwitter:
Shooting-Score-Calculator 1.3
Klaus Henning
The Rings Counter is a simple and easy aid for competitiveshootersthat helps to calculate the scored hits on a target.Thehits can beadded via the plus and minus buttons or by directlyentering thenumber of hits for a given ring (0-10). The RingsCounter shows theoverall number of hits, the calculated score andthe average pointsper hit. The score can be copied into theclipboard via a menufunction. The "empty" button clears allentries.A simple littletool that helps to avoid miscountingyourhits.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------VersionHistory:1.3-In addition to the overall number of entered hits andthe score, theapp now shows the average points per hit.- Englishlanguagesupport1.2- In addition to the puls and minus buttons, thenumber ofscored hits per ring can now be entered directly.1.1-Bugfix: Theentries no longer disappear when rotating thedisplay.1.0- Initialrelease
Fishing Games FIsh Live Diary Gun Shot tembak ikan 1.2
The fun fishing game "Fishing Games FIsh Live Diary" hits thepound,free! This game is most popular shooting game in the worldtoday,the fishing game has a special version on the phone. FishingLive isthe game for all fish lovers! Raised a fish lately? PlayFish Liveand raise, feed and breed your own lovable fishes! Inthis game, youare a fisherman sitting in a blue sea, a variety ofbeautifuldeep-sea fish will appear in your waters, such as mantarays, goldsharks, and even the legendary mermaid! Capturing themwill give youa good return! We will read all comments carefully,if you have anyfeedback, please send an email, thank you for yoursupport. Justclick on the phone screen to direct the direction ofthe fish gunand launch the net in that direction. You will havethe opportunityto capture all the fish within the diameter of thenet and receivethe corresponding gold coins in return. Each time afishing net islaunched, it takes a certain amount of gold coins,and it alsoincreases the energy value of the fish gun. When theenergy bar isfull, you will receive a special laser gun as areward, it candestroy any fish on the launch path! Even the mostdifficult tocapture sharks and mermaids are not a problem! In thisgame ,you cando the following things : 1、Mission ,you can do it byyour self,when you do not want to play with other guy . 2、you canfishingagainst with oher guys when you wang to . 3、In the gamewhen youlook a single & bigger one ,attack it ,you will getmore awards. 4、Do not afraid there is no enough coins forattacking the fish,you can get coins from any mission even you donot want to paysomething. 5、The most important thing is enjoyingyourself and playit everyday Game features: (1) 50 kinds ofcolorful marine life (2)11 different grades of fish guns andfishing nets (3) Another superdeep sea torpedo (4) Beautifulinterface graphics, beautiful musicand sound effects (5) DailyLucky Carousel Lucky Draw (6) Has manydifferent types, such as:dolphins, sharks, cuttlefish, turtles,starfish, and many otherbeautiful fish (7) There are many levels ofthe game, each level isa special task to help the player conquerthe conquest (8) The gamehas 11 guns for shooting fish, and eachlevel will fire thecorresponding fish. Large shotguns can shootlarge fish, small gunscan shoot small fish, and level 5 can shootall fish. In addition,the game also provides dedicated fishinggear, catching dolphinsfishing nets, water bombs, fish finder,double gun shooting, threeguns and other corresponding species. Ifyou use fishing gear, youcan buy more coins to buy fishing gear orwatch videos to get morecoins to buy fishing gear. Download GameHunter Fishing for free toplay. If you like fishing for fish, or ifyou are eager to gofishing in the deep sea one day, maybe you canonly play fishinggames now, then this game is perfect!
Clay Hunt PRO 1.7.8
Just shooting with a shotgun is a thrilling experience. Combinethatwith rapid clay targets or maybe high flying pheasants andit’ssomething special. Thousands of shooters around the worldhavealready devoted to Clay Hunt PRO and it’s community. Uniquetouchcontrols and authentic gameplay makes it easy for you to enjoythethrill of shotgun shooting when not in the range. Clay HuntPROtakes you to hunt birds and blast clays in varyingdisciplines.Features: • Get started with the tutorial and popuptargets! •Olympic Skeet, Trap and Double Trap. • Sporting Clays -It’s likegolf with a shotgun! • Bird Hunting - Pigeons, Ducks andhighdriven pheasants! • Become a monthly cup champion by dominatingthelive events held every other day. • Choose your gun, rib,barrellength, chokes etc. to match your preference. • Unique firstpersonshooting experience. • Realistic simulation of shot stringphysicsand leads. ----- For enjoyable experience, following ormorepowerful device is required: Equivalent to Galaxy S3 (2012model),Galaxy Tab 2 (2012 model)
Real Bottle Target Shooting Game 2019: Free Games 3.8
The Tycoon
A real new bottle shotter trend in the epic era of bottle shot3dgames. Let’s start a fun to break the bottles with goodshootingexpertise. Multiple environments in this bottle shotexpertsimulator game. Broken the bottles with bullets in bottleshotterstones 3d choices! Did you love with shooting games like3dshooting bottle crazy simulator. Sniper bottles shootinggameblasts bottles with stones and bullets. Enjoy the brokenglassbottles sound effects in this bottle shoot 2019. Games rulesandregulations are very simple just swipe on the screen and aimthetarget to shoot and click on shooting button to blast thebottleswith bottle blast sound effects. Be a bottles shooter expertmasterby playing the most difficult shooting experience games!Nicebottle shouting 3D 2019 give a realistic environment to shootthebottles as in given time period. Challenge yourself as shooterbyplaying this glass bottles shooter sniper game 2019 andperformmore better and accurate shots. You played a lot of shootgames butnot like this with accurate aiming target sniper shooting3d gamewhich is most addictive, fun & attractive shooting game.Thisblast bottles shooting game bring a real time shootingexperienceas a real expert bottle shotter smash 3d simulation andsnipershooting aim your target to improve shooting skills. Aim andshootwith shotguns to get an amazing experience of real timeshooting inthe jungle and forest. Enjoy bottle shouting sniper 3dsimulatorgame have different difficult level as you have to facedifferentchallenging levels. This real expert botle shooting 2019game isexactly what you needed with a modern era of shooting gungames. Doyou love to play real bottle shotter sniper games? Thesebottleshotters 2019 involve the realistic based environment like ariver,the hotel, indoor and outdoor shooting sniper hunting.Sniperhitting shooter expert placed many water bottles atdifferentpoints with a little dark background environments.Identify thetargets & aim the targets to shoot all the bottleswithinlimited time before time over. Grab your gun, aim the targettoshoot the smash glass bottles in this real botle shootingfreegames. Play the epic fun bottle shot 3d game, keep shootingtobreak glass bottles with real shooting bottle game 2019.Realbottle hunter master brings an adventure of bottle 2 flipshotgame. Aim and shot to break flip bottles and become a #01bottlesmash hunter in this bottle break championship challenginggame.Select a gun to start the adventure real bottle shot 3D game.Loadyour real army sniper training gun & be ready to startfiringto smash the bottles in real army bottle smash gun shootinggame2019. Be a sharpshooter of fps shooting games, load yourrealsniper pistol in hand and pull the trigger. Master thearcheryexperience in bottle games. Earn combos in this bottle smashfpsshooting bottle shot games. Bottle shot 3D game free to showyourown shooting gallery with different obstacles & hurdles ontheway. Complete the impossible bottle target shooting missionswithreal sniper pistols. Bottle shooter expert games 3d target giveafeeling of real bottle shooter with bow and arrow shootingactiongames. Every bullet shot will counts in real shooting bottle3dgames 2019. Aim your target carefully. Keep your target bottleniceshot by playing this fun classic action close range shootgame.Target Bottle Shot 3D Sniper 2019 Features: Real gun bottleexpertshooting graphics Realistic hunting games experienceTargetshooting hunting with bottles Modern action weapons assnipertraining guns Realistic bottle shoot games 3d environmentRealbottle target shooting free games Multiple sniper shootinglevelsRealistic glass broken sound effects Real-time huntingsniperexperience Hit bottles down Shoot bottles down with guns Ifyouhave no WiFi, play this target bottle shot expert games3dabsolutely free. Download this interesting real bottle huntingfreegames.
com.hazmob.blockstrikefps 2.2
Block Gun: FPS PvP War-Online gun shooting games Fightcriticalbattles & strike enemies in this modern online FPSarenashooter Here is for you ! If you like Online Shooter ,MultiplayerPVP , Single Player FPS and to be a snipers, so ThisMultiplayerShooting game is for you Annihilate the completion inreal-timePVP, face off against your opponents in blast mode orcheck out ourterrifying single player mode! Block Gun: FPS PvPWar-Online gunshooting games is coming at you with a brand newversion and lotsof new additions to keep the action going at ablazing pace! Withnew maps, awesome weapons and a new elitecompetition system; BlockGun: FPS PvP War-Online gun shooting games- Multiplayer will blowyou away! Features: Intense, immersivereal-time FPS action -Awesome tactical movement system withconsole-like shootingexperience - Different real-world guns tochoose from Addictivemultiplayer gameplay - Work together withfriends to annihilateyour enemies in Team Mode - Experience theterror of fighting offteammates once they’ve become the living dead- Leap over the headsof your adversaries in space mode. Varied andrealistic scenarios -Fair matches with no upgrading systemsavailable for guns - Sniperstyle - Be MVP Are you a fan of theextreme counter terroristsbattles? Here is a good FPS multiplayershooter game for you. Weare ready to change everything of freeonline pvp Androidmultiplayer shooters ( FPS -First Person Shooter). Perfect strikegraphics and high quality optimization for everyFPS lovers. Takethe part at the battlefield of Block Gun: FPS PvPWar-Online gunshooting games ! DOWNLOAD now for Free! ===GameFeatures=== ★100%Action FPS Maps★ 8 maps to get Best FPS ShootingExperience Ever.Ranked Game Mode to get rank and get more coins.Custom Game Modeto create your own game with its rules for yourfriends SinglePlayer mode to play offline against to monsters GoodMaps forSnipers ★ Login to Get Daily Free Gifts★ Login to Get DailyFreeGifts, Login to get Free Daily Quests! Login to get dailyfreeitems. Don’t also miss the bonus EXP and Credits time!  ★20+Weapons, Customize Your Exclusive Weapons and Skins!★ 21 typesofweapons: Glock 18 , USP tactical , P228, Desert Eagle.50 AE,FNFive-seveN, Dual 96G Elite Berettas,MAC10,TMP,MP5 navy,UMP,P90,Galil, FAMAS, AK47, M4A1,SG-552, AUG,M249-SAW,Scout,G3/SG-1,SG-550 commando,AWP ! Detailed Snipers for shooterswholike to be a sniper. Customize your weapon and get a uniqueskinsto be cool Multiplayer FPS player. ★Upgrade Weapon andArmorSystem★ Upgrade your weapons and armor! Claim first place atFPSBattleground Arena! Snipers for shooters who love to be Sniper★TheGameplay★ - Deathmatch: It's kill or be killed. - TeamDeathmatch:Team vs Team fight - Create your own games (create anygamemaps/rules) -Single Player - Campaign Mode -AWP Maps forshooterswho love to be sniper ★Up to 5vs5 multiplayers online PvPbattlemode, fair fight!★ Have a fun with Block Gun: FPS PvPWar-Onlinegun shooting games
Pampers Rewards: Gifts for Babies & Parents 3.4
Welcome to Pampers Rewards, the app that enables you togetsomething back for every Pampers product you purchase.Simplydownloand the Pampers Rewards app, add your baby productpurchase,and earn rewards from coupons on diapers to gifts for thefamily.Join millions of parents now and enjoy 100 points uponfirstsign-in, and another 50 bonus points after you add your firstcode.There are tons of exciting rewards waiting for you: •Pamperscoupons and discount codes for popular baby care brands,Pampersbaby diapers, baby wipes, and more! • Personalized giftslike wallcalendars, photobooks, and photo prints by Shutterfly •Health,parenting, and baby magazine subscriptions includingParentsMagazine, Better Homes & Gardens, and Rachael Ray EveryDay •Baby toys, puzzles, books, and accessories • Donations tovariouschildren’s charities including Every Child Succeeds,FeedingAmerica, and March of Dimes • More great gifts for moms,dads, andthe whole family! Ready to get started? It’s easy: 1.Download thePampers Rewards app and create your account. Alreadyregisteredwith Pampers? Great – all you need to do is sign in. 2.Every timeyou buy Pampers baby diapers or baby wipes, submit theproduct codevia the app. 3. Each code you submit earns you rewardpoints,instantly added to your balance. Plus, to get you off to agreatstart, we welcome you with 100 reward points upon firstsign-in,and another 50 bonus points after you add your first code.4. Youcan redeem your points for the reward of your choice. Choosefrom awide selection of rewards including diaper coupons, discountsonbaby products, baby toys, magazine subscription, and much more!Newto submitting product codes? Here’s how: Find Pampers Rewardscodesconsisting of 10 to 15 characters and/or digits - on stickersonthe inside lining of diaper packs - etched on or underneath thelidof wipes tubs - printed along the back seam of wipes refillpacks.Take a photo of diaper codes using the scanning function inthe appto submit them. Enter wipes codes manually, using theapp’sbuilt-in keyboard. You can earn points by shopping Pampersproductsat Amazon, Walmart, Buy Buy Baby, Target, Kroger, Costco,,and other baby product retailers, both in-store and online.What’sin the app? The Pampers Rewards app guides you along everystepfrom finding and scanning codes from your baby productpurchases,to submitting them for rewards, through browsing the giftcatalog.It keeps you updated on the latest Pampers offers, helpsyou keeptrack of your points transactions, and enables you to orderrewardsand have them delivered to your home. The latest release oftheapp, version 3.0 comes with sleek new visual elementsandanimations to make your user experience even more rewarding.Termsandconditions:
Shutterfly: Free Prints, Photo Books, Cards, Gifts 6.17.0
Welcome to Shutterfly, your one stop shop for holiday cards,gifts,and exclusive deals! EXCLUSIVE DEALS & FEATURES - ONLY ONTHEAPP! • Unlimited free 4x4 and 4x6 prints • Get a free 6x6photobook a month to capture everyday moments • Unlimited freephotostorage to save all the memories on your phone • Plus othergreatdaily deals, only for our app users! SPECIAL DEALS, JUST FORYOUEnable push notifications to be the first to know about allourgreat offers! NEW: FREE PHOTO BOOK A MONTH! Capture everydayfunwith a FREE 6x6 softcover photo book every month. It’s quickandeasy to pop your pics into a book that shares all of life’slittlestories! Exclusively on the Shutterfly app! CUSTOM CARDS&STATIONERY Make your photos shine with one of ourpremiumfoil-stamped and glitter cards in various sizes and trims.Choosefrom a huge variety of options to find the perfect sentimentandstyle that fits your family and friends. Be sure to check outourluxe Tiny Prints collection as well, with exclusive designsfromtop stationery designers. MAKE ONE-OF-A-KIND HOLIDAY GIFTSCreatephoto and home decor gifts directly from the Shutterfly app.Shareyour favorite moments with family and friends. SHUTTERFLYKIDSCOLLECTION Get gifting with all new designs and products justforkids! Shop backpacks, folders, pencil cases, notebooks, beanbags,& so much more. SHUTTERFLY PETS COLLECTION Shop playfulpetgear for dogs and cats! Personalize pet accessories likebandanasor pet tags, and make sure your furry friend is comfy-cozywith aone-of-a-kind pet bed. UNLIMITED FREE PHOTO STORAGE Upload,storeand organize your photos with unlimited free photo storage andsavespace on your device. We will never delete your photos, so youknowthat your pictures are safe and secure with Shutterfly. Uploadfromyour app, then access from any device. THE WEDDING SHOPWeddingplanning? Meet your one stop destination for weddingstationery,bridal party gifts, decor and more. Easily browse ourdesigns injust a few taps and find everything you need topersonalize yourperfect wedding down to every last detail. THE BABYCORNER The bestof our baby collection, all in one place. Createbirthannouncements, baby shower invitations, baby thank youcards,keepsakes and more in just a few taps. 100% happinessguaranteed.
Mr. Gun Shooting 1.0.6
The most amazing gun shooting game in 2018. Probably the samein2019! [Time Limited] Play Mr. Gun Shooting and cash out now!Passeach 5 levels to get a chance for lottery! Win the biggestprize ——Amazon Gift Card! We are simply sharing back our adrevenue. Thankyou all! App Features *Simple but addicting gameplay!*Thousands oflevels! Challenge yourself! *A huge variety of gunsand outfits!Choose your favorite! *Win REAL money and cash outeasily! Thanksfor your playing! Rise up stairs, shoot at bad guys,earn coins andunlock guns! What you need to do is just to aim well.Choose yoursuper gun for your gunman. Click on the screen toindicate in whichdirection your pixel gun will rotate. Everythingelse will happenautomatically. Our game contains a large number ofweapons! Moreweapons are coming soon! Do you like to shoot quicklywith apistol, kill the enemies immediately from the shotgun, orconducttargeted fire from a sniper rifle? Pick up the perfectweapon foryourself and check how high you can climb the stairs andbecome thenext gun master!!!
GiftMoney - Earn with Gifts 0.0.1
Earn by click on gifts Earn by click on gifts Earn by click ongifts 0.9.80
Get cash, free prizes, and other great rewards with Match ToWin!Win real prizes and cash out via Paypal! Get cash andscorerewards! Earn coins that can be redeemed for cash,PayPal,restaurant discounts, gift cards and more! Play match 3puzzlegames set in a tropical Hawaiian paradise. Matching games arefreeto play! Solve puzzles any time you want - you never have tospendto enjoy Match To Win! Win real money from our $200 instantwinnerchests! Win money with new chances to open the chest andfindtreasure inside every day. MATCH TO WIN FEATURES MATCH 3 FREEMATCH3 GAMES • Match 3 gameplay! • Match three pieces create combostoearn more coins • Unlock daily gifts and special offers byplaying• Start matching game levels with a free booster PUZZLESWITHBEAUTIFUL GAMEPLAY • Play puzzle games across the HawaiianIslands• Match 3 around the volcano or over Waimea Canyon! • Solvepuzzlesin even more exciting vacation destinations to come! WINREWARDSWIN REAL PRIZES • Win free cash rewards • Win real cash – upto$1,000 monthly and $50 daily • Win prizes from our treasurechests– up to $200 instantly! • Free cash giveaways are alwayschanging,so check back often! EARN REWARDS • Earn coins daily • Getcashrewards for your coins • PayPal, gift cards, and more! WINPRIZESWEEKLY • Earn bonus coins each week • Win big when you clearfivelevels between Thursday through Sunday Play match 3 games withaHawaiian theme! Earn real prizes with Match To Win! Downloadnow!Privacy Policy - Terms ofService - Support
Practiscore Matchbook 0.96.0
Get notified of everything happening at your nextcompetitiveshooting event. Practiscore Matchbook provides:*Instantnotification of your scores * Match Director notificationsstraightto your pocket* Track your friends and competitors in realtime*Quick and easy access to all match documents and stagediagramsAndbest of all, it's Free!Matchbook is part of thePractiscore familyof apps. PractiScore is a complete practicalshooting or timedshooting competition match scoring system. Itsupports allpractical shooting variants, including USPSA, IPSC,IDPA, 3GN,iCORE, SASS, Steel Challenge, GADPA, PRS, NRA Action,Time+/pointsand Time+. It is also flexible for building your ownscoringapproach for outlaw multigun or other variants. It alsosupportsprecision competitions such as PRS and NRA Bullseye.Developed byKen Nelson to operate his very active Southern UtahPracticalShooters (who run 2 to 3 matches per week, plus 6+ majormatches ayear, it's purpose is to make a club director, matchdirector, andstats officer's life good again. To give them backtheir weekendnights, and to let shooters have instant, accurateresultsimmediately on last shots fired.It was developed by apracticalshooting club director to make his, and other shootingclubdirector jobs much much easier. It makes managing and scoringanysized match quick, easy and fast.