Top 49 Games Similar to Lonely Kids: Lost Magic Temple

City Jump 1.2.0
City Jump is executing mysterious task, jumping betweenbuildings,to avoid obstacles on the wall, to kill monsters, birds,and otherenemies on the way.* Tap screen to jump* Kill enemy byjumping inthe air* Avoid hurdles on walls* POW UP when killing 3enemies ofthe same kind.
Secret AppLock 1.0.3
App Lock - Protect appsSecret AppLock is one of the bestappprotector which could protect your privacy. Please use the applockif other people do not want is to see my smartphone.App lockerwillblock the execution of the application of others.App LockSecurityis an app protector which can basically lock yourapplications suchas contacts, calls, e-mail, sms, photos or any appin your phone ortablet.Protect your apps. Only you can run theapp!GalleryLock:Other people will now not see my personalphoto.Lock Apps:Inthe application of the password when theapplication is run, otherpeople can not run the application.Simplelock setting :It ispossible to apply the lock function simply andconveniently for allapplications.Smart App ProtectorApp Lock - AppLocker - ApplicationBlocking
com.rexetstudio.deathrunportable 2.6.2
Rexet Studio
DeathRun Portable - addictive game in which you will choose theroleof the victim or the killer. In this game, players have twooptions:killers and the runners, they have different targetsrunners need torun to the end of the map alive, and the killer isnecessary in thatit is not, do not let them do it, placing theirtraps everywhere.Runthrough the beautiful worlds, jump onplatforms and bypass or settraps, which should fall your victim.Use your opportunity and donot let the enemy catch you either runaway from persecution basedrole you choose.
Penguin Run 2 1.3.6
Penguin Run 2 is one of the best ICE WORLD adventuregame.Oneday,Penguin Ruba found an ancient map in the warehouse leads to a secret world.Ruba decide to explorethesecret world.But the world is so danger and also many manymonstersin the world.So Ruba need your help.Please help Ruba runout of theworld.You shound runs and jumps across platforms and atopenemiesin themed levels.GO!GO!GO!Penguin Run 2 has many challenginglevelsto play and discover.Features:-Amazing world:ice world,greensnowworld-Beautiful graphics and control-Addictivegameplay-Challenginglevel design(more than 50 levels)-Easy,intuitive controls-Manydifferent enemiesHow to play:- Use button tojump, move and fire-Kill enemies by firing or jumping on theirheadDownload Penguin Run2 now and enjoy the game.
Multi-multiple accounts app 8.1
Clone and run multiple accounts of the same app on one device.1,Getyour social networking apps (like Facebook Messenger,WhatsAppMessenger, LINE, Instagram, WeChat...) logging in tomultipleaccounts at the same time, one account for your personal,oneaccount for business, one account for anything you want. 2,Getyourgame app running multiple instance for several character. 3,Getyour app running in private space, protect user privacy, makeappsinvisible on device.
The Lil Drive Motobike Ron Run 1.0
Lil Run Adventure With Ron game run ron adventure is a runningandadventure game for free today . help lil to collect a goldcoinswith control also collect points and comparison with resultsofyours friends .The new most addictive game for girls and boysisnow available on Android because this.Do you want to take partDonot hesitate to play this game.Of their time in the excitingandexciting adventure with ron .FEATURES:- nice maps- realisticgamephysics - fun and exciting game play- over 30 levels ofgaming-good sound how to play :- Tap the screen to make ron jump.-Collectthe points using the magnet- Override many obstacles enjoyon thisgame and achieved good numbers
com.androidrocker.taskkiller 1.2.15
Do you know that your phone runs slowly when there are toomanybackground apps? Do you want to speed up your phone with justoneclick? Task Killer can help you! Task Killer can help you tokill(close or stop) the running apps of your phone, free up thememoryand increase the speed of your phone! Features: * Killselectedapps: You can select the running apps and kill them withjust oneclick. * Auto Kill: Kill the apps automatically to preventthe appsto restart after being killed. Keep your phone in goodconditionall the time. * Ignore List: Add or remove app from ignorelist sothat you can filter important apps. * Memory status: Showthe usageof your total memory, and show the usage of every runningapps sothat you know which app consumes the most memory.
Autoroid - Automation Device Settings
MIN Studio
Apps that launch and exit apps, connect (Wi-Fi, bluetooth,Earphone)events and automatically set the environment you set. Youcan alsochange the settings of the phone depending on the timewith thescheduling and profile function. Trialversion:✔function - Ability to change settings to user's environmentbymonitoring application execution - Automatic terminationandretention of other app conversions during app launch - Timesettingfunction with scheduling notification setting - Change appsandsettings when connecting and terminating events such asWi-Fi,Bluetooth, etc. - Save setup profile and change settings atonce,and launch launcher support ✔ Possible values - Set up aWi-Ficonnection - Bluetooth connection setup - Screen Brightness-Direction of rotation (force rotation supported regardless ofappsupport) - Automatic screen off time setting - Media volumesetting- Sound mode setting - GPS and mobile data setup (securitysetuppermission is required using ADB tool) - Hotspot settings -Syncsetting - Do Not Disturb setting - NFC setting - Adguard,PowerampThird Party Peristalsis - Other Root privileges can bechanged -Data backup/restore ✔ Support Event - Wi-Fi connection/disconnection - Bluetooth connection / disconnection -Earphoneplugged / unplugged - Battery charge plugged / unplugged -Locationenter / exit - Root Command ✔ How to acquire the settingauthorityto use GPS, mobile data ON / OFF - GPS and mobile data aresecureand require security settings permission. You can notsetpermissions in the app. You can connect the PC to your phoneanduse the ADB tool to enter the following command in thecommandwindow. (adb shell pm grantcom.kmshack.autosetandroid.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS) -Reference ✔ If thesetting isreleased during the execution of the app due to theoriginalfunction when switching other apps, try to solve theproblem byignoring the system UI event and accessing the usageinformation. ✔When do you use it? - You can prevent Wi-Fi fromwasting yourmobile data by automatically turning on Wi-Fi when yourun theYouTube app. - When you launch the navigation app, youcanautomatically make the screen brighter and sound louder. - Youcanalso set the sound to be smaller automatically when you playthegame. - You can set it to landscape mode automatically whenyoulaunch a specific app. - You can also set Bluetooth to turnonautomatically when you run music app. - It is possible to switchtosilent mode automatically at work time of company. - WhencertainWi-Fi is connected, it can switch to silent mode. - You cansetvolume size and music app when connecting earphone. -WhenBluetooth is connected, you can execute the set app. This istheapp that runs the set up or changes the phone's settings atoncethrough connection events. Please send bugs and inquiries tothefollowing inquiry mail. Bugs should be written as much aspossibleso that they can be quickly resolved. * Accessibilityservices areused in this app. ✔ Apply for betatesters✔Community✔Translation support
Modi Run 5.0
Help Modi through all the states and gather the votes to wintheelection and become PM of India. Modi Run is an action gamewherepolitician Modi Runs through all the states and wins overtheelection to become Prime Minister of India.Help Modi Runthroughall of the states including:1. Gujarat2.Maharashtra3.Uttaranchal4. Rajasthan5. Kerala6. Karnataka7. AndhraPradesh8.Bihar9. Utter Pradesh10. Tamilnadu11. Assam12. MadhyaPradesh.13.Punjab14. West Bengal15. Haryana16. Odisha17. Assam18.Sikkim.HelpModi win the election by running through all theelection. If youare a Fan of Modi or a supporter of BJP this is theapp foryou.This Game is not endorsed by Modi or BJP. This game ispurelyfor entertainment made as Parody of Indian Elections.Version1.1:Now Modi will ride unicycle or cycle after learning how to Run.Newlevels 13 to 18 are added.
EXORUN 1.4.0
Hello EXORUN runners~★ EXORUN infinity loading issueafterexecution..Reason: google play game app isn't installed onyourphone.■ How to install Google play game app1.Connect to googleplaystore, install (or update it) [Google Play game]2.ExecuteEXORUNone more.■ If you can't update game, Please rebootingyourphone.Play an exciting game with the stars. EXORUN!Are youready tostart the adventure with EXO?Let's run with EXO!▶ FeaturesofEXORUN- Official EXO figure characters come to life in thegameworld!- Various game modes, including Stage Mode, Ranking Mode,andGold Dungeon!- First running game to have a costume system!- Getanexclusive pet with the EXO poster collection!▶ Cute 3Dcharacters-You can find the official EXO figure characters in thegame.- Youwill see cute actions and dances.▶Ranking Mode- Competewith usersaround the world in races!- When you upgrade yourcharacter andpet, you can go farther.- Using treasures is essentialto get highscore.▶Stage Mode- KAI, CHANYEOL, XIUMIN, SEHUN, SUHO,CHEN,BAEKHYUN, LAY, D.O.- The teaser ad for our 9 EXO members hasbeenre-created in the game!- Clear many stages and getgreatrewards.▶Costume System- Try on a variety of costumes onyourcharacter.- Casual outfits, stage costumes, andfashionableaccessories!- The costumes will upgrade your character’sabilitiesas well.- Decorate your character stylishly usingdifferentcostumes.▶Poster Collection- Collect all posters of EXOmembers toacquire an exclusive pet.- Your exclusive pet and thesuper powersof EXO will trigger a huge bonus whencombined!▶PermissionRequestsThe READ_PHONE_STATE - Permission isneeded by ouranalytics tracker, to identify behaviour for specificusers.GET_ACCOUNT - Permissions is needed by our analytics tracker,toidentify behaviour for specific users.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE-Permission is needed to read credentials & images tosupportmultiple accounts login.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Permissionsisneeded to save credentials & images to supportmultipleaccounts login.Developer contact informationPuttoEntertainmentLtd.,Unit 805, Samhwan Hipex Building B, 230,Pangyoyeok-ro,Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do,
App Lock Security 1.0.2
App Lock |- Protect appsPlease use the app lock if other peopledonot want is to see my smartphone.App locker will blocktheexecution of the application of others.App Lock Security is anappprotector which can basically lock your applications suchascontacts, calls, e-mail, sms, photos or any app in your phoneortablet.Applock locks the application using a passwordProtectyourapps. Only you can run the app!Gallery Lock:Other people willnownot see my personal photo.Lock Apps:In the application ofthepassword when the application is run, other people can not runtheapplication.Simple lock setting :It is possible to apply thelockfunction simply and conveniently for all applications.SmartAppProtectorApp Lock - App Locker - Application Blocking
Alarm and pill reminder 1.8.4
Application for simple or complex alarms Key Features: AlarmPillReminder General Reminders Speak the title Types ofrepetitions:Hour, Day, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly With annotationsAutomaticcolours labels Red - next execution still today, Yellow -nextexecution tomorrow, Green - next execution the day aftertomorrow.It allows to put multiple executions for the same alarm,thusensuring a great versatility in the repetition settings, itispossible for example to set for the alarm to run on certaindaysevery month, or to repeat daily at non-synchronized times(aftermeals for example) Sleep time (a period where alarms don'tringonly show the notifications) Shows how long until the nextalarmexecution when saving Shows the next alarm in thenotifications,the user can disable or change how many hours beforeto displayEven after the device reboots, it shows notificationsthat were notdismissed You can remove the advertisements for a fairprice.
Notisave - status and notifications saver 3.10.6g
Main features · Autosave notifications shown on Noti-bar · KeepyourNoti-bar clean · Search notifications from all apps at onceSupportsWhatsapp and other messengers. · Autosave new messages ·AutosaveWhatsapp Status · More features will be added soon Readmessagesprivately. Don't miss anything from now on - read allmessages. Readprivately, without leaving "read mark" onmessengers. Simpleinterface. Easy to read. Easy to manage.
Launcher Theme For Phone 7 Plus 1.0
OS Widgets
Launcher for Phone 7 Plus is a free theme for androidusers,including dozens of unified icons and artistic wallpapers,whichcan personalize your device easily.The best and brand newIOS10Icon Pack is now on android and it's free.Do you want toExploreIOS 10 like experience on Android phone s7 for exemple?.Luncherfor iphone 7 is the best Launcher for IOS 10 likeexperience onAndroid. This Launcher for IOS10 is now available forfreedownload. Do You like IOS 8, IOS 9 ? You can customize it tomatchthem too. And It can do it better than Nova launcher &Apexlauncher.Launcher Theme for iPhone 7 will make your Androidphonelook like iPhone7This Launcher"Launcher for iPhone 7" willmakeyour Android phone or tablet look like original iPhone 6 and6Plus. And can do it without installing ADW launcher; Nextlauncher;or M launcher.This launcher application consumes nobattery andincrease mobile idle time. And Reskin custom icon packfor manyapps.Key Features of Launcher : * Set PIN with keypad locktoenhance screen lock security* Consume less memoryandbattery,simple and clean design* Smooth icon animations* Easytouse* Beautiful Wallpaper to decorate your screen* No impact onyourbattery life* Custom icon pack for many apps* QHD andWQHDwallpaper* Power efficient * Smart Swipe down search screen*LongPress to Uninstall Apps* Simulates best OS 9 * No need tointernet*No need to root* Built-In lock and Lockscreen for IOS 10styleNeedto make your phone like an Iphone 7 ? You’re on the rightplace.Nowyou can use The best Launcher for Phone 7 Plus and itsnowavailable for free use. Enjoy!
com.settrade.streaming 3.2
Settrade Streaming for Android is the multi-market internettradingsystem designed for Android device that allows you to tradebothequity and derivatives products with real-time marketinformation.With user-friendly interface, you can easily trackportfoliomovement, real-time quotes, price charts and news whileplacingorders at your fingertips. Streaming for Android gives younot onlyease-of-use but also speed and real-time market informationso thatyou can execute buy/sell equities or derivatives from yourAndroiddevices from anywhere at any time. Key features: -Multi-MarketSupport: Easily access to equity and derivatives marketusing asingle application. - Real-time Info: Track every movementof themarkets, real time quotes and charts to incorporate yourinvestmentdecision. - Trading: Access to each of your equity orderivativestrading account to place orders anywhere and anytime. -Easilyaccess real time quotes and place order more quickly bySmartShortcut function - Promptly view SET Index value, pricingdata ofyour favourite instruments, and your Portfolio onHomescreenWidget. - With "Click” function, you can easily placeorder bydouble tab at the desired price, or cancel by just Drag andDrop. -Enable you to promptly update with every price movement,ordermatching, news, broker's announcement, and information ofyourinterests by Sense & Notifications function. - Increaseeaseand safety of login with fingerprint authentication foronlydevices supporting Fingerprint and running on OS 6.0 and above.-Recommended devices: OS Version 5 and above and at least4-inchscreen size.
Multiple Space - Multiple Account & Parallel APP 1.0.9
Velo Mobi
Super app clone & multiple account for parallelspaceOnephone,two accounts,online at the same timeMultiple spacehelpsclone unlimited multiple parallel account for WhatsApp andFacebookor other social & game accounts and keep onlinesimultaneouslyon one phone to separate work and life.You can getdouble whatsappand double facebook easily.Feature:😊 Parallel socialaccounts,including facebook, whats app, line, messenger etc. , helpyou tomanage work and life😊 Data of clones and original appsareseparated,such as double whatsapp😊 Privacy Locker to protectyourcloned account😊 Notification setting to manage notificationofclones😊 Two game accounts, help you upgrade level quickly😊Supportmost of android applications😊 Privacy Locker to protectyourprivate whatsapp clones😊 Support to customize icon and labelofclonesAdvantage:❤️ Easy to use and simple UI❤️ Switch fastbetweendual accounts with just one-tap❤️ Enable Quick Switch toswitch toclones in notification bar❤️ Provider options toenable/disableGoogle Play Service, which can save memory &power for clonedapp. Note:☆ In order to make your applicationrunning well, weapplied most of the android application. But wewon't collect anyuser information.☆ The memory of SuperClone usedis the total sizeof the cloned application
InEDGE 2.1.1
Quess Corp
Today, Business are 24x7, Interconnected & Dynamic, keepingthepace with this need of the hour is to have Real time connect&integration , which calls for Technology led solutionespecially onMobility front.. InEDGE Application platformstrengthens the Field/ Retail Operations with Complete visibilityon activities likeAttendance – Daily attendance HRIS – Salary slip,Leave Mgmt, ClaimMgmt, Grievance PJP – Journey Plan & SchedulerSales &Stock – Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Sales & StockVisualMerchandising – POSM deployment images, Store images,Signboardimages, Retail Audit – Surveys, Asset Audit, MysteryshoppingTraining – Training Material, Pre & Post Test, FeedbackInEDGEApplication is a Mobile based application, enabled with GPS –GeoLocation / Fencing, Time Stamp & GPRS capableofcapturing Live, Real time data, image with validationandproof of execution. Online / Web interface is used asaConfiguration tool & View Real time reports. Our experiencehasshown us that an automated process can significantly impacttheproductivity & output of the people working acrossallfunctions. With a solution-conscious approach, the applicationisdesigned to encourage people in embracing technology by,Supportdecision-making thru customized dashboards & live drilldownreports Monitor real-time data via mobile data capturegivingcontext and location Workforce management to enhancesbusinessproductivity The primary goal is to improveProductivity,Effectiveness & Efficiency of the workforce viatechnologyenablers to overcome challenges and achieve desiredresults.
MASKED 1.061
Note: This is a early version of the game, which functions asademo.Full game is still in development.Short Summary:Masked isadungeon crawler which features a boy that is stuck within astateof purgatory. He has to fight his way to freedom by defeatingmanyfoes to ensure his survival.Masked features 3D aestheticswithsword based hit and dodge based combat.Each dungeon you enterhas aprocedural generated room setup, this means every run willgive youdifferent possibilities and challenges. There are many roomtypesto find, such as treasure rooms, challenge rooms and shoprooms. Atthe end of the dungeon a boss will wait for you. Obtainpower upsto enhance your hero and fight against greaterchallenges.Inspiredby other indie roguelike and roguelite games,this has been anexperiment to execute the same genre in a threedimensional gamesetting instead of a two dimensional. Catered anddesignedspecifically for mobile devices.* Game has support forcontrollers
Interval timer HIIT Training 3.08
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~When you turn off the screen by pressingthepower button to ver 3.0 during the self-timer countdown, ithasbeen improved to work properly! However, the terminal 4.0 orlateronly has been able to operation check android version. (If oneofthe 4.0 generation does not work properly, there is it dependingonterminal) The terminal of the 2.0 generation, because there isthecase that sound or no sound by the terminal, time has come,pleaseuse in the state in which to turn on the screen. While thetimer isrunning (not the background) state that launched the app,hasbecome to the settings screen does notturnoff.~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Is repeated in the time you are set,suchas sports and study , practice and a break , this app isaninterval timer !Are you studying or sports you efficient ?Itissaid that the concentration of human , 30 minutes , and haveonly90 minutes at the longest .Motivation also will bebrokenconcentration is Cut Off , work efficiency will become moreandmore evil .How to recover the power of concentration , it istotake a break right out .Taking an appropriate interval , willbringgreat effect that adding sparkle or study your training , youareworking efficiently.There are no complicated settings andfeaturesin this app .With the simple design , it has beenimprovedvisibility and functionality .Background so you can changethecolor of your choice , please study sports and fun to liven upthemood .Use・Muscle training , exercise , fitness・Combat Boxing,wrestling , and judo・Study or work・Play games, etc.Feature・Thesetting is simple!・I have excellent visibility character isgreater!・Can be the design of your choice by changing thebackground!・Timer sound realistic !
Run for Weight Loss by MevoFit 1.2
Whether it is your first run or you are a pro at running, RunforWeight Loss by MevoFit provides you with anything andeverythingyou need for a good run. Run for Weight Loss by MevoFithelps youin reaching your fitness goals by boosting your runningtraining.There is no better app to track your walks, jogs and runs.Join therunning community and get tips from the experts to help youreachyour fitness goals. Whether you are training for a marathon,wantto lose weight or accomplish your set goals for 5K, 10K, 15Krunthis app is just perfect for you. TRACK YOUR RUNS Easily trackyouroverall progress by having a detailed record for each and everyrunin the app:- - Get a map for every run route - Shows yourcalories,distance, time, pace and total steps - Shows your daily,weekly andmonthly performance - Click picture on your run routesand savethem in the gallery - Listen to your favorite music trackwhilst ona run - Easily set goals in the app and see your progressalong theway - View weather information on each workout summaryFITNESS WITHFUN - Join run challenges, get rewards, and shareachievements withyour friends - Earn rewards for you run and usethem to buyexclusive fitness merchandise from the MevoFit Store -Exclusivediet plans to help you make the most of your workoutsessions - Get100+ useful tips to improve your run training,clothes, nutritionand a lot more - Share your running stats androutes with friendson Facebook, Twitter, Whatsapp & more Runfor Weight Loss byMevo is a perfect run tracker application whichhelps bothbeginners and pro runners to track and map their runsusing the GPStracker. It is the best app for anyone who wants toimprove theirfitness or train their running skills. The app isextemely easy touse all you need to do is click on the start buttonto start theactivity tracking. After the run is completed you canview all thestats like speed, calories, and distance. Download theapp now tostart tracking your runs accurately. Looking for overallhealth& fitness app? How about you download theall-in-onecomprehensive weight loss app MevoFit now- 4.0.8806
LBE Tech
Do you have two accounts for instant message applications, tiredtolog in and out to receive double messages form your dualaccount?Do you have double game accounts, want to keep themsimultaneouslyonline to get dual function and double experiences?Do you have twoaccounts for the social network, want to separatework and personallife, double experience your entertainment time?As one of thetop-ranked tools on Android, Parallel Space helps morethan 90million users log on multiple accounts simultaneously onlineonsame device by virtual system. Also, the Parallel Space Litewillprovide a faster performance to simulate your dual accountthrougha high speed virtual system. Parallel Space supports 24languages,and compatible with most instant message apps, game appsand socialnetworking apps. Get Parallel Space immediately to managemultipleaccounts, protect privacy, and double enjoy the fun of yourdualapp. ★Log in to your double instant message apps, double gameappsand double social networking apps • Balance between your lifeandwork easily by the virtual system. • Double game accountsanddouble enjoy the fun. • Almost all instant message apps, gameappsand social networking apps are supported for the dual accountinParallel Space. Data from both accounts won't interfere witheachother. ★Switch fast between dual accounts with just one-tap •Runtwo accounts simultaneously on the virtualsystem, andswitch between them fast with one-tap toeffectively manage yourdual accounts. Tips • If you are using theParallel Space and theParallel Space Lite at the same time,theoretically you canachievable that running more than 2 accountsat once :) Notes: •Permissions: Parallel Space needs to apply forthe permissionsrequired by the apps added in Parallel Space tofunction normally.For example, if Parallel Space is not permittedto acquire yourlocation, you will be unable to send your locationto your friendsin some apps that run in Parallel Space. ParallelSpace does notcollect your personal information to protect privacy.•Consumptions: Parallel Space itself doesn't take up toomuchmemory, battery and data by which are actually consumed by theappsrunning inside. Details can be viewed in 'Storage' and'TaskManager', which could be found in 'Settings' in ParallelSpace. •Notifications: Please add Parallel Space to whitelistorexceptional list of some 'boost apps' to ensure thatnotificationof some social networking apps functions well. •Conflict: Youcannot run two accounts of some social networking appsby using asame mobile number. You should use a different mobilenumber to runyour second account of those apps in Parallel Spaceand ensure thatthe mobile number is active during your first loginbecause therewill be a verification message sent to this number.For anyproblems, please feel free to contact us via the 'Feedback'featureinside Parallel Space or send us an email at:dualappgo@gmail.comFollow us on FB for the latestnews: Join us on Google+Group:
R-navi 4.0.2
[Introduction] Ouen navi (R-navi) is an application thatpredictsthe participant's current position and his/her finish orwaypointtime from the record data of the running competition.Thisapplication can be available at all races offered by RUNNET"Ouennavi" service in JAPANESE domestic races. - At Race Day (Realtimemode) This app gives visual prediction where your familyandfriends are, so you can use it as a race cheering tool. -AfterRace Day (Replay mode) Replay mode will be available. Let'sdisplayyourself and your friends who participated in the event atthe sametime and enjoy the realism of the event day. - Features ·Trackingrunners who want to cheer or follow · Display multiplerunners ·View participant's prompt records and share them to SNS ·Displayyour position · Enjoy replay mode · Send cheering messagestoparticipants [About Premium Plan] You can use basic functionsforfree. But we offer Premium Plan so as to maximize your fun.Thefollowing functions will be enabled when you register the plan.-Track 5 to 50 participants (free plan: maximum 4) - View resultsofthe previous 30 days event [Inquiries] RUNNET Inquiryform *Pleaseselect "About smartphone application" as a question genre.
Typing Control [ Undo edits & Move cursor ] 1.3.0
This app lets you use your volume keys to undo and redo texteditsand also move the cursor in any text field. Features: ✓ Longpresson volume keys allows you to undo and redo text edits. ✓Simplepress on volume keys lets your move the cursor in any textfield .This app uses Accessibility services This app helps userswithphysical disabilities and muscle fatigue, to easily andpreciselymove the cursor inside text fields using the volumekeys.Permissions ✓ This app requires the accessibilityservicepermission in order to be able to move the cursor. ⇒ Thisapp willbe able to retrieve the active window content in order toread thecursor position and to move the cursor. ⇒ This app will beable toobserve the actions related to the interface in order todetect thecurrently active app and then provide contextualfunctioning andper-app settings. ⇒ This app will be able to observethe user'styping in order to detect volume keys events. [ Contact ]E-Mail Website : http://www.tafayor.comFacebook : Twitter: Google plus: 1.1.5
Hot Launcher
Launcher Theme for Whatsapp theme is ready for your androidphone!Apply SSS Launcher Theme for Whatsapp theme, and enjoythousands offree themes and wallpapers! Launcher Theme for Whatsapptheme givesyou Launcher Theme for Whatsapp live wallpapers with AAAbackgroundand CCC Launcher Theme for Whatsapp home screen. LauncherTheme forWhatsapp provides AAA CCC icon pack .This beautifulLauncher Themefor Whatsapp theme is specially made for guys wholove AAA and SSS.Launcher Theme for Whatsapp theme is a perfecttheme with HD livewallpaper and brings you a CCC experience. Makeyour device CCC andSSS with customized app icon pack, lock screenthemes, organizedfolders, sliding screen effects, HD wallpapers andwidgets. Youwill love this SSS Launcher Theme for Whatsapp theme tocustomizeyour android home screen. No matter you like AAA HD livewallpaperor SSS mobile phone, you will love this AAA theme withCCCdecoration. Beautify your android home screen with thisLauncherTheme for Whatsapp theme now! Launcher Theme for Whatsapptheme isavailable on most android phones. Features 1、Launcher ThemeforWhatsapp theme lock screen with AAA SSS HD live wallpaper.2、AAASSS icon packs decorate your home screen. 3、Launcher ThemeforWhatsapp theme HD live wallpaper with AAA style gives you avisualexperience you've never seen before. 4、Launcher Theme forWhatsapptheme provides advanced security system and lock screenthemes.Your android system will be protected, safe, secure, fastandconvenient, with less power consumption. 5、AAA skin with SSSiconmakes you feel CCC. 6、3D dynamic launcher makes your androidphoneSSS style. 7、DIY HD wallpaper in the best theme center andturnsyour creative ideas into unique themes right on yourphone!Launcher Theme for Whatsapp theme - How to apply? LauncherThemefor Whatsapp theme is specially designed for Launcher. Installourlauncher first and apply it successfully. Launcher ThemeforWhatsapp theme does not support any other Launcher app.LauncherTheme for Whatsapp theme with AAA CCC HD live wallpaper isfreenow! Launcher Theme for Whatsapp theme will let you enjoy afasterand smoother mobile operating experience. Launcher ThemeforWhatsapp theme has AAA balloon and wallpaper, with the SSSiconpack style. After apply Launcher Theme for Whatsappthemesuccessfully, you can also only change the backgroundwallpaper andlock screen wallpaper while keeping the AAA SSS iconthe same. Ifyou do not like this Launcher Theme for Whatsapp theme,you canalso uninstall it anytime, you can always find your favoritethemeson 3D Launcher. There are pink, red, yellow, lovely andromanticthemes for cute girls; Blue, gray and black theme forbusiness,tech and auto & vehicle fans; Colorful themes forcartoon andmovie addicts; Abstract themes and live wallpapers forart fans;Cute pets & animals for animal lovers; Football andbasketballcelebrities for sports fans; Greenery themes for thosewho lovenature; And the starry night theme for those who lovestars. Duringholidays, you can find our beautiful festive themeswhen it's timeto celebrate. There are also 3D themes, livewallpapers and otherfashion elements to redefine your vision.Launcher Theme forWhatsapp theme is made for launcher to customizeyour mobile phonewith Launcher Theme for Whatsapp theme livewallpaper and SSS lockmenu. Anything you like can be put into yourhome screen!
Edge+ Screen - Quick Executor 5.1.0
Apps that can run your app very easily and quickly. Just do it.
Parallel Space&Multi Accounts-ES Parallel Accounts
ES Global
ES Parallel Accounts is designed for users to log onmultipleaccounts, including social media, instant message platformsandgames at the same time on one device. It would alsoprotectapp-using privacy and keep them secure in the device.ESParallelAccounts allows users to sign into duel identities on thesamedevice, so that users could easily balance between life andwork.By simply tapping on button, it could switch from one accounttoanother one. If you want to keep your work and life separate,ESParallel Accounts is your best choice. Get ParallelAccountsimmediately to manage multiple accounts, protect privacy,andcustomize your own space.☆ Sign in 2 accounts of one app onthesame device☆ Easily switch accounts through the app ☆Independentapp-install system☆ Install apps inside our app and keepthemsecure and private*Shadow app feature: Sign in 2 accounts ofoneapp on the same deviceShadow app feature is an app Clonefunction.It helps users to log in to multiple accounts of the sameapp, andit will easily balance between users' life and work. Datafrom bothaccounts won't interfere with each other. No matter onlinegames orSNS, ES Parallel Accounts provide you the double experienceatonce. * Insulated zone feature: Install apps inside our appandkeep them secure and privateIt protects user privacy by makingappsinvisible on device with the Insulated zone feature. It makesappsinvisible on device through this feature.It hides users'secretapps without worrying about other people peeking by keepingappsonly in secret space.Come and experience ES ParallelAccounts!Don’t forget to give us a 5-Star rating if you like us!Ifyou haveany problem or you just want to chat with our developers,you couldjoin our Whatsappgroup:
Ganesh Laddu Catch 2.0
ForU Naveen
Ganesh Laddu Catch (Ganapathi laddu catch) fun game for you.Youhaveto help Little cute Ganesh to catch laddu's. Ganesh (alsospelledGanesa or Ganesha and known as Ganapati, Vinayaka ) is theLord ofGood Fortune who provides prosperity, fortune &success. He isthe Lord of Beginnings and the Remover of Obstaclesof both materialand spiritual kinds. Interestingly, he also placesobstacles in thepath of those who need to be checked.GameFeatures:* Junior GaneshLaddu Catch Running animation, having withTraditional Woodenumbrella and water pot while playing.* Smoothsimulation controlswith super addictive gameplay.* Game Play inthe Nice 3DEnvironment.* Avoid Player from Enemy & Obstacles.*ExcellentGame Design with HD Quality Environment and Game scene.*Option toselect different types of dress selection for LordGanesh.* Ganeshisdescribed in the Puranas Son of Lord Shiva andMata ParvathiDevi.*This Game especially for kids while playingthey got to knowtraditional and Devotional.How to Play:-* Tilt andSwipe Options*Swipe up on your screen to jump* Swipe down on yourscreen to slideunder obstacles* Swipe left or right. Timing isimportant!* Collectas many Laddus as you can.
Incorporates the following functions: - Magnifying glass tosearchfor names or packages. - Vertical bar to searchalphabetically. -Filter by user apps, system and all. - Find appsby voice. Byclicking on the app is executed as if it were apitcher. Holdingdown on it a menu will then appear, delete cache,uninstall ect.
to.go v4.7
Flock is a powerful business messaging and team collaborationappthat brings all your work into one place. Today, yourteam’scommunication is scattered across emails, ad hoc messages,andmultiple tools. With Flock you can quickly bring peopletogether,discuss ideas, share information, assign tasks, and trackteamprogress, so your team can focus on what they do best.Flockeffortlessly adapts to your unique needs whether you are alargeenterprise, a small business, or a high-growth startup. WithFlockyou can: • Communicate with colleagues and entire teamsthrough1-on-1 chats and group messaging • Create different channelsforprojects, departments, or topics for focused communications•Effortlessly search previous conversations and channels • Sendandshare files on-the-go • Hold video and audio calls withscreensharing capabilities • Use built-in productivity tools suchasto-do’s, reminders, and polls • Integrate with all yourfavoritetools and services, including Google Drive, Trello, Jira,GitHub,Hubspot, etc. • Rest easy because your conversations areprivate,safe and secure (We are SOC2 and GDPR compliant) •Communicate fromany device - we’re available on Windows, Linux,Mac, Chrome, iOSand Android Flock is free to use for as long as youwant. You canupgrade to our paid plans for enhanced features andincreased usercontrol. To learn more about Flock, visit us
Themes for Lava Iris 351 1.0.3
theme design
Bored from your existing android system and want to trysomethingnew? Install Abstract Theme for Lava Iris 351 Launcher andenjoy acompletely new designed launcher with the latest stylishinterface!! 👉You can’t miss this awesome Abstract theme!!! Applytheme willbe 100% different from others!!! This is all forFREE!!!!! 👉We areproud to made this theme, especially free themedesigned for you! 👉Theme for Lava Iris 351 Launcher makes yourphone to look like thereal Lava phone you want. 👉 This stylishtheme is inspired by thelatest android smartphone, but it can beused with every Androidsmartphone. ✨The Theme for Lava Iris 351Launcher gives you a newunique style, a huge collection ofWallpapers, icon pack. We havealready thought all for you. Allbeautiful skins have been testedextensively and are compatible with99% of the major Androiddevices. You can use it on your SamsungGalaxy, Xiaomi Redmi,Huawei, Vivo, Oppo, HTC or Lenovo! Theme forLava Iris 351 Launchercan be applied to hot smartphones like oppoA57, vivo V5 plus,Huawei P10 Lite, Oppo F3 plus! 👉Beside Theme forLava Iris 351Launcher, we also provide theme for oppo A57, themefor vivo V5plus, theme for f3 plus, theme for Jio phone and someother hot andstylish smartphone themes. And we will keep workinghard to providemore personalized style for you. 👉 What can bechanged with thisskin? - Home screen background; - Drawer screen; -Menu screen; -App icons; - Folder icons How to apply this skin? -Install LavaTheme & Lava Launcher - Install & open launcher- Find yourtheme in Local - Click Apply Button Can I apply it on mytablet?Sure, it has high definition format and can be applied both,phoneand tab! Looking for the best skin for Android to show yourstyle?That's exactly what we provide! All kinds of skins for allkinds offolk! Tech themes, material design themes, cool themes,abstractthemes and more are waiting for you to choose! Designersacross theworld are coming up with new ideas every day! Thanks forchoosingLava Theme & Lava Launcher. If you found it meet yourtaste,rate five stars and share it with your friends. Your supportwilldefinitely inspire us to design more new themes! What aboutthecompatibility with my phone? Looking for the best skin forAndroidto show your style? That's exactly what we provide! Allkinds ofskins for all kinds of folk! Tech themes, material designthemes,cool themes, abstract themes and more are waiting for youtochoose! Designers across the world are coming up with newideasevery day! Thanks for choosing Lava Theme & Lava Launcher.Ifyou found it meet your taste, rate five stars⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ andshareit with your friends. Your support will definitely inspire ustodesign more new themes! 👉 More theme for Oppo, Vivo,Samsung,Xiaomi/Redmi, Huawei, Lenovo themes like theme for oppoA57, themefor vivo V5 plus, theme for Jio Phone and so on pleasefind in ourhomepage
Pydroid 3 - IDE for Python 3
Pydroid 3 is the most easy to use and powerful educational Python3IDE for Android. Features: - Offline Python 3.7 interpreter:noInternet is required to run Python programs. - Pip packagemanagerand a custom repository for prebuilt wheel packages forenhancedscientific libraries, such as numpy, scipy,matplotlib,scikit-learn and jupyter. - Tensorflow is now alsoavailable. * -Examples available out-of-the-box for quickerlearning. - CompleteTkinter support for GUI. - Full-featuredTerminal Emulator, with areadline support (available in pip). -Built-in C, C++ and evenFortran compiler designed by n0n3m4, anauthor of C4droid,specially for Pydroid 3. It lets Pydroid 3 buildany library frompip, even if it is using native code. You can alsobuild &install dependencies from a command line. - Cythonsupport. - PDBdebugger with breakpoints and watches. - Kivygraphical librarywith a shiny new SDL2 backend. - PyQt5 supportavailable in QuickInstall repository along with matplotlib PyQt5support with noextra code required. - Matplotlib Kivy supportavailable in QuickInstall repository. - pygame_sdl2 support(SDL2-based pygameimplementation). Editor features: - Codeprediction, autoindentation and real time code analysis just likein any real IDE.* - Extended keyboard bar with all symbols you needto program inPython. - Syntax highlighting & themes. - Tabs. -Enhanced codenavigation with interactive assignment/definitiongotos. - Oneclick share on Pastebin. * Features marked by asteriskareavailable in Premium version only. Quick manual. Pydroid 3requiresat least 200MB free internal memory. 220MB+ is recommended.More ifyou are using heavy libraries such as scipy. To run debugplacebreakpoint(s) clicking on the line number. Kivy is detectedwith“import kivy”, “from kivy“ or "#Pydroid run kivy”. PyQt5isdetected with “import PyQt5”, “from PyQt5“ or "#Pydroid runqt”.The same for sdl2, tkinter and pygame. There is a specialmode"#Pydroid run terminal" to ensure your program runs interminalmode (this is useful with matplotlib that automaticallyruns in GUImode) Take a part in development of Pydroid 3 byreporting bugs orproviding feature requests to us. We appreciatethat. The list oflibraries we are NOT planning to add yet: - OpenCVAs Pydroid 3main goal is to help user learn Python 3 programminglanguage, ourfirst priority is porting scientific libraries (sosystem-relatedlibraries are ported only when they are used asdependencies ofsome other educational package). Legal information.Some binariesin Pydroid 3 APK are licensed under (L)GPL, email usfor the sourcecode. GPL pure Python libraries bundled with Pydroid3 areconsidered to be coming in the source code form already.Pydroid 3doesn’t bundle any GPL-licensed native modules to avoidautomaticimport of them. The famous example of such library is GNUreadline,that can be installed using pip. Samples available intheapplication are free for educational usage with oneexception:they, or their derivative works, cannot be used in anycompetingproducts (in any way). If you are unsure, whether your appisaffected by this restriction, always ask for a permissionviaemail. Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
Advanced Task Manager 6.4.3
Works on Android Nougat 7.0 with latest system update!! Killtasks,free memory, speed up phone, save battery life, 1 tap boostyourphone. ■ Feature ----------------------------- • Killselectedtasks • RAM Cleaner • CPU lagging monitor (Remind user ifCPUlagged by some apps) • App or game killer • Android optimizer•Ignore apps when kill tasks • Auto kill tasks on every screen off•Regular kill • Startup Kill • One click task kill widget •Quickuninstaller • Show battery life • Support all android version•Kill GPS: Kill apps to stop GPS • Memory Booster, RAM Booster•Memory Cleaner, RAM Cleaner • Permission manager addon forAndroid4.3 (App Ops) • Holo style ■Description----------------------------- The Advanced Task Managercan listall the running tasks on your phone and it can help youstop any ofthe tasks easily and quickly. It is also a taskmanagement toolwhich can manage all the installed apps on yourphone. The taskmanagement mechanism of android system has beenchanged after therelease of the version 2.2 of the android system.Task killerscannot kill the services and notifications on yourphone. By use ofthe Advanced Task Manager, you can thoroughly stoptasks in thefollowing steps: 1) long press the task that you wantto stop 2)chose the “force stop” option 3) press the the “forcestop” buttonon the application info system panel If you want tomanage runningservices, click menu->service, then it will openthe systemservice panel where you can stop running services.**Please notethat installing other task manager or task killertools may makeyour phone unstable or cause potential conflict.** ■FAQ----------------------------- Q: Why do apps restart againafterkilling? A: Some apps are restarted by system events. Appscannotbe prevented from restarting because of system limitation.Wesuggest you to enable auto kill in settings, and it will killtaskson every screen off. It will help to save battery life andreleasememory for the phone. Q: How can I add apps to the ignorelist? A:You can long press the task that you want to ignore, andthen youwill get a poped up context menu, click "Ignore". Theignored appswill not be shown in the task list, and will never bekilled. Youcan manage the ignored apps in settings. Q: How can Imanagestartup apps? There is "Startup Kill" in settings. It canhelp youto kill tasks when system starts up. ■Trademark----------------------------- The Android robot ismodified fromwork created and shared by Google and used accordingto termsdescribed in the Creative Commons 3.0 Attribution License.
Unlimited Friends Search for WhatsApp 1.6
Lisa Studio
Search friends for whatsapp is an app which search number fromthehuge collection and add in your contactsFeature☣ No requirementofauthentication just search contact and all contact will be addedinyour phone.☣ Chat with that added number and make new friends.☣Wehave people with 200+ countries.☣ Select countries from youneednew friends so depending on that country search number willstartand get whatsapp number contacts.☣ Select gender in whichgenderyou are interested so depends on that search numberwhatsappcontact will be added.☣ Select the how many friends youwant to addin your contacts in between 150-1000 depend on thatsearch whatsappnumber execute.☣ Mostly all contacts are live inwhatsapp so youcan chat with them and share your interest withthem.☣ After addingall contact just refresh the contact list inwhatsapp so you willfind contact name with "Search@" prefix whichare added by SearchFriends for Whatsapp application.☣ If you wantto new contact thanjust delete the old contacts by pressing deletebutton than re-addfriends by depending your intrest.☣ If you haveany queries thanread help page from menu.☣ Make new girl/boyfriends by addingwhatsapp number from any country is very easy.☣Talk with peoplewho don't know user so its new experience foruser.Notes : ☣ If youfind any problem with intellectual propertyviolation or DMCA rulesbreak than please mail us☣ We are notaccessing your contact andsaving but we are adding new contactsfor that we required ContactAccess permission your contact is safeso please allow thisapplication to access contact permission.
Coc Attack Strategy Guide
This guide is about the clash of clans attack strategies. Ithasfull troops and spell composition, execution of an attackandvideos of the attack.
Anton C.
All-in-one scheduler for your phone. Create a task once and itwillexecute automatically. Configure time and days of week whenyouwant it to repeat. Morning, daytime, night, weekdays, weekends,youname it! Save battery by switching off unused functions whenyoudon't need them. Here's an example: - Switch ringer off atnightand switch it back on in the morning. - Wake up to yourfavoritemusic by launching your internet radio app. - Make yourscreenbrighter during day time and keep it darker in the evening tosavebattery. - Switch WiFi on when you get home and switch it offwhenyou're off to work. - Automatically turn off mobile data whenyougo to bed to save battery and turn it back on when you wakeupPhone Schedule runs in background, so once you setup yourtasks,you won't need to reschedule them manually, everything isdoneautomatically. *** Mobile Data *** Mobile data is available onallsupported Android versions. I have tested it on stock OS.Howeverit may not work on some phone models, it depends on thedevicemaker. I'm very sorry if this function doesn't work on yourdevice,very often manufacturers block this and there's nothing ican doabout it :( *** Airplane mode *** Starting with version4.2(JellyBean) Android no longer allows third-party apps to switchairplanemode due to privacy concerns. If you have a rooted deviceyou maybe able to work around this with the help of a third-partyapp. Goto Settings -> My device is rooted, and then create anew"Airplane mode(root)" action. List of supported actions:-Silent/Vibration/Normal mode - WiFi on/off - Bluetooth on/off-Airplane mode on/off - Ringer/media/alarm volumes -Switchringtones/notification tones - Brightness(Auto/Custom/Dim) -Launchan app - Mobile data on/off - Reminder - Auto-sync on/off Thelistof actions is continuously growing, stay tuned for updates!-Translations: English(default), German, French, Dutch,Spanish,Italian, Bulgarian and Turkish. Contact me if you wouldlike totranslate Phone Schedule into your native language.Permissions: *Access network state, Change network state - Toenable/disablemobile data * Full internet access - for crashreports, thisgreatly helps to debug the app and prevent crashes *Change youraudio settings - to set silent/vibration/normal modesand changevolumes * Automatically start an boot - to start workingon yourtasks automatically on boot after you reboot your phone *createBluetooth connections, Bluetooth administration, change WiFistate- to switch WiFi and Bluetooth On and Off(No datatransmission!) *Modify global system settings - To enable/disableAirplane mode *Prevent phone from sleeping - to execute your taskswhen your phoneis sleeping * Toggle Sync on and off - to switchauto-sync * Readexternal storage(Test access to protectedstorage)/Write toexternal storage - to save schedule to a file andimport it *Control Vibration - required on some devices to showactionnotifications(notifications are optional)
com.synology.DScam 3.3.0
Synology Inc.
You must own a Synology NAS to run his app, and be runningthelatest Surveillance Station 8.0 to get the complete setoffeatures* DS cam makes it possible to monitor and receivealertnotifications from all your surveillance cameras set up onaSynology DiskStation. Smart features such as PTZ, patrols orlenscontrol allow for perfect control of your cameras in realtime,while advanced filters make it easy to pinpoint any specificeventfrom large lists of recordings. You can even perform allessentialmanagement tasks, from disabling a camera to unlocking anddeletinga snapshot. Find all detailed features about the app onourwebsite: > Surveillance > Mobile App>Specifications
Special Hero Endless Runner 1.0
Stuntman Hero Extreme RunEndless Fun Runner is one of the bestrungame for new android users of 2018. fun with the amazing herorunin the hot volcano adventure, snow and classic oldtemple.different environments and cool animations. One touch gameplaysuitable for all including all users. amazing running gameforsimulator category. This hero endless amazing run is thebestadventure game for this season. It has the best fun run gamewithgreat enhance graphics and colorful scenario. run alongthecraziest scenarios in the fire and snow adventures. collectthegolden coins and booster for performing well. Run and jump alltheobstacles. Special Hero Stuntman Run AdventureAwesome runnergameand endless fun run with greatest adventure. need to focus andfacethe extreme run challenge which you to jump and face somedifferentcreatures in your way. your one mistake can end yourlevel. fun ofamazing endless run adventure through the volcanoesand snow. Run,slide, jump, roll and dodge past any rockets andobstacles thatcome in your way! Collect coins and run for your lifeas thetremendous running fast hero Avoid hitting any type of stoneandfire in your subway like a highway running scenario. Usepowerfulupgrades increase your speed, unlock new levels and growyourcapacity! Different scenarios to run in. volcano, snow, subway,andwater beach! push your speed and jump and slide to for the victory choose your favorite character andcomplete alllevels in your style.If you have anycomplaint/suggestion, pleaseleave us a mail instead:volcanocont@gmail.comFor our upcominggames please visit and likeour - Volcano Gaming StudioTell us whatyou think or check out tips:volcanocont@gmail.comPrivacyPolicy:
Squirrel Run 1.9
STEM Studios
Squirrel run!!! Is an adventurous run game with simple controlsandgreat graphics Squirrel run also having best sound effects,ourlittle squirrel lost all its nuts, which is taken by crazythiefdog, help the little squirrel to run and collect all the nutsbackfrom the thief dog. Just click the screen to make ourlittlesquirrel to run and jump over obstacles and collect all thenuts.This Squirrel run is one of the best adventure run game withbestgraphics and control and music.***Features***1. Tap the screentomake squirrel jump, double tap for double jump.2. Havegoodrelaxing music and sound effects.3. Have two worlds each ofhaving12 challenging and interesting levels.***How to play***1.Just tapthe screen to jump.
Quickify - Gesture Shortcuts
Having trouble finding the application iconyouwant to launch? Do you have to regularly dial, text aspecificcontact? Do you toggle wifi/ringtone/bluetooth and otherphonesettings often? Use Quickify to launch/call/toggle anyapplication,contact or settings....using custom gestures!Quickify allows you to :-1. Launch your favorite applications from all theapplicationinstalled.2. Toggle various tools and settings on phone.3. Call your favorite contacts.4. Text(Sms/Mms) your favorite contacts.5. Open a frequently visited website with just a singleclick.Quickify places a small circular floating icon on your screen.Youcan move/drag where ever you want to as per your convenience.Tapthe icon to start launching you favorite phone apps/tasks.All the permissions needed by the application are usedtoopen/toggle applications. This application does not use internetsono private information is being used/shared bytheapplication.
Angelo Super Run 0.2.34
~ You must have a device with 1.5 GB of RAM to run thisgamesmoothly. ~Angelo Super Run challenges you to test yourskills!Run, jump, and explore while avoiding traps and killrobots.Collect coins and gems to boost your performance, and unlock45incredible characters!IT'S FREE AND YOU CAN PLAY OFFLINE!Thebestendless game you will play this year :)Based on the famousTVseries Angelo Rules.FEATURES: ☼ Play as Angelo and 45otheroriginal characters☼ Win bonuses to help you beat your bestscoreand those of your friends☼ An infinity of levels eachfeaturingunique worlds☼ PLAY OFFLINE☼ Optimized for awesomegameplay!Thisgame is optimized for phones and tablets. PLEASE NOTE:Angelo SuperRun is completely free to play, but some characters,coins and gemscan only be gained via purchase. Advertisements arepresent fornon-players.
jungle spongminion adventure 1.0
jungle spongminion adventure Run is a free running and jumpinggamewhich has for mission Collect coins, avoid different obstaclestocomplete all levels, is a FREE game with addictivearcadegameplay.A very exciting adventure game of Minion.Thisadventureisn't bored game and you have to try it. Avoid the enemiesand runas until the finish line.This is a unofficial Minion gamesCartoonapp.Made By Fans and lover.We are not affiliated in any wayteamtrademark owner cartoon or ddora movies makers and we don'tclaimany relation with them.This application complies with USCopyrightlaw guidelines of "fair use".Run as fast as you can whilejumping,, and knocking Minion off the track in despicablyaction-packedlevels. Rush to collect Bananas and play excitingSpecial MissionsIf you feel there is a direct copyright ortrademark violation thatdoesn't follow within the "fair use"guidelines please contact usdirectly.
Time Runner 1.14.0
This is a great and simple app for any outdoor activity suchasrunning and biking! The app supports both miles and kilometers.Youcan also do interval training based on time or distance. Gettime,distance & pace for your session. Afterwards, view yourpathand pace on a map. If you enable the Google Fit integrationTimeRunner will insert all future sessions into Google Fit!Exportresults to GPX or KML for further analysis. LiveWare™extension forSmartWatch Smart Connect extension for SmartWatchSmart Connectextension for SmartWatch 2
One-stop task manager. Monitor and kill task, speed up phone,andsave battery. Features: * 1*1 widget to monitor memory usage,fastkill task or launch application when click. * Kill task tofreememory. * Sort task by name. * Auto-kill task when screenturnsoff. * Context menu to switch, uninstall, ignore, auto-killorsearch application. * Ignore preferred application when kill.*Bulk select and rich notification. * Directly force stop taskforrooted device. If you would like to translate this applicationtoyour native language, please contact, thanks.
Hide Screen (Sneak a cellphone) 1.3.0
Team SSimple
Hide Screen is a simple and easy tool that 1. Hide Screen(LockScreen) 2. Save battery when you need "Hide Screen" or"Screenguard", such as playing game in autoplay mode or keepingscreen ONfor downloads.
Thing Counter 1.6
Thing Counter is a free tool to count clicks like atallycounter.You want to count kisses, sheep, cigarettes, laps,pointsor anything else? This app is just for you!Features:- 100%free ofcharge and free of ads- homescreen widget (multipleinstances andvariable size)- overview of all active counters- labeland coloradjustable for each counter- advanced settings for resetvalue andstep size- click sound (optional)- count with the volumebuttons(optional)- speech output (optional)- history for eachcounter-simple statistical data- landscape modeThis app does NOTrequireany harmful permissions!It just uses the vibration motor ofyourdevice.Have fun counting! :)
Smart Lock (App/Photo) 5.3.1
Smart Lock provides your privacy in mobile phone from others.Youcan meet here the most essential App whichhidesApps/Pictures/Media Files by managing password. Do youmindsomebody executing Apps or taking a look to pictures andmediafiles on your mobile phone? Smart Lock provides you lotsoffeatures such as locking App, staying awake and lockingautoscreen-rotate. No one can see locked Apps/Pictures/MediaFiles!!!Main Features : - Locking App - Locking each Picture/MediaFile -Staying awake (Executing locked App) - Locking autoscreen-rotate(Executing locked App) - Change notification of mobilephone number- Screen Lock Type : PINs, Password, Pattern,Fingerprint -Supported GIF(Animated) - Can use ad-free App. for awhile throughplaying the reward ads. [ Tip ] - Be careful whendeleting unlockedmedia files. If you do that, you will lost mediafiles. Steps torecover it : Smart Lock Reinstall > Setting >Lock MediaRecovery - If you delete ".SmartLock" folder in SDcard,lockedfiles will be deleted. - If you choose "Clear data" menu(path:Settings > Applications manager > Smart Lock(Free)),information of locked files will be deleted. - App whichhasfunction like cleaning up storage(ex. Clean Master) might beableto delete locked media, so do not delete any relative filesofSmart Lock while cleaning up your smartphone. - Do not forgettounlock and back up locked medias before upgrading firmwareorformatting internal/external SDcard If not, all locked mediasmightbe able to be deleted. - Before deleting Smart Lock, do notforgetto unlock all locked medias and then delete Smart Lock. Ifnot, alllocked medias might be able to be deleted. - Please backupimportant locked media in extra storage. All locked medias mightbeable to be deleted in other Apps or outbreak situation. - AppHide: If "it is not installed application" or is not running inthelauncher, because it is checked "App Hide Mode" at Set up.Pleaseuse dial #789 in your phone and press call. - When notexecutecalling to dial : Run Gallery(Default) on the phone >Select andshare photos > Select Smart Lock and lock > call todial #789- Settings of app > Recovering media file : it canrecoverdisappeared or invisible locked media files.
Yummy Yummy Run 1.0.8
This game increase children's nutritional awarenessSo the designwasvery simple and Suitable for kidsYou can read specialistsopinionhere and scientific studies for yummygame:! The Pleasant and Healthy Running GameEnjoy environmentswhichare rich with colors, delicious, delightful and HealthytooCombinebeneficial FoodCombine the eggs and vegetables. Combinethe milk andfruitBeware the Ice cream, Chips and others becausethey resistyouFight the harmful foodWatch your teeth andcholesterol leveltooWhat a wonder! Cholesterol yes but beware notto let thecholesterol level riseFight the harmful foodmonstersOh!!!Burger,donuts and many othersUse your own Hammer andyour own weaponsEnjoyyourself and run but delightfully
Download Manager 1.2.8
Baltha Apps
Manage downloaded files.
KillApps : Close all apps running 1.11.5
KillApps lets you close all running apps at once by a simpletouch!it saves battery power , and improves performance. Thisappimproves your phone's performance ☆ By speeding up your phone ☆Byfreeing the memory ☆ By saving the battery ☆ By cooling yourphoneYour phone keeps many apps running in the background, whichisconsuming your system resources, and as a result drainingyourbattery and reducing the available memory. Features: ✓ Closeallrunning apps ✓ Close background tasks and services ✓ Supportsuserapps and system apps. ✓ Widget TASK KILLER This app is averypowerful Task Killer that kill tasks and processes. SPEEDBOOSTERThis app lets you speed up your phone when it runs slowlybecauseof the many background running apps. RAM CLEANER This appoptimizeyour phone memory by freeing up RAM, and making space fornew apps.BATTERY SAVER Closing apps helps save battery power andextendbattery life. CPU COOLER Closing apps helps Cool down yourphonetemperature and reduces CPU usage. Your privacy is safe ✓ Thisappdoes not collect any data. This app uses AccessibilityservicesThis app is a great automated solution for users withphysicaldisabilities and muscle fatigue, who struggle whileinteractingwith the screen, especially when doing repetitivecomplicated taskssuch as force closing many apps one by one. Thisapp automates oneof the most repeating task with the user-interface, the task of"force closing running apps" ! and It does so, byclosing all theapps, one by one in an automated way, and hencehelps users withphysical disabilities and muscle fatigue to avoidto manually closeeach app in the system settings. Permissions ✓This app requiresthe accessibility service permission in order tobe able to closeother apps. ⇒ This app will be able to retrieve theactive windowcontent in order to find the button which forcesclosing an app inthe system settings, then emulate a click action.⇒ This app willbe able to observe the actions related to theinterface in order toguide the process of automating the task ofclosing apps , bymonitoring the transition between windows duringthe emulation ofinteraction with the interface. ✓ This app requiresthe permissionto draw above the other apps in order to be able toshow the waitscreen while closing apps. [ Contact ] Email Facebook Twitter Google plus