Top 24 Games Similar to Dinosaur Hunter Highway

Dinosaur Hunter: Jurassic Era
Tired of hunting deer? Now you can hunt DINOSAURS! Battlethroughthe deadly park in 15 awesome, challenging levels to huntdown theking of all dinosaurs. Start your survival adventure on theshoresby hunting other dino favorites like the triceratops,brontosaurus,stegosaurus, and much more! If the T-rex is notferocious enough,then take on the ultimate carnivore Spinosaurus!Earn medals at theend of each level and keep track of accuracy torule! FEATURES: -High definition 3D graphics - T-Rex, Triceratops,Raptor and more!- High impact guns - Scrolling-circular gameplay -Jurassicgameplay environment - Precision timing for reloadedweapon- Protargeting system - "Best shooter for 2014!" - Gamer XAre you upfor the challenge? Start hunting today and get theultimate trophyin this dino hunt in the Jurassic Era (65 millionyears ago!)!
Sniper Dino Mania 1.0.1
dino kill jurassicGet ready for the best hunting adventure ofyourlifeOne of the best hunting games you will ever play!Huntdeadlydinosaurs in this action packed dinosaur game, Dino Hunting–Sniper Shooting. In the most realistic environments, breathtakinggraphics and real time sound effects you get to hunt themallalone. This is for the lovers of first person shooting games intheoutdoors, hills, jungles and Jurassic era surroundings.-Tapping:Tap the screen where you want shoot.- Accelerometter: Tapthescreen and where you will shoot.First Person Sniper3DShootingEfficient Weapon Control & Zoom3D Graphics andSoundeffectsThis option is using the gravity sensor to control theaim.Then press the "SHOOT" button to killTake on the challengeofhunting DINO as they come in different species liketheVelociraptor, T-Rex and more. Don’t let the dinosaurs feelyourpresence or you’ll get hunted before you hunt.
Jurassic Craft 1.0.6
Jurassic Craft - an exciting adventurewithprehistoric reptiles in the cubic universe!Plunge into a world full of danger. Walk around the world andtrynot to be dinosaurs dinner, trembling with fear at the sight ofthemost terrible of them - T-Rex.Collect resources, create different buildings and weapons,explorethe world and fight. Try to to survive in thismadness!Features:- Many of the dinosaurs.- Survival and creative in dangerous conditions.- Craft different items, weapons and armor.- Game shop and daily bonuses in the form of coins.- 4 new game worlds: Islands, Tropical, Savannah,Superflatworld.- Ease of creating objects.- Many kinds of blocks for construction.- Changing the time of day (day and night).- Special items of Herobrine mode: a pick and a sword.- 3D pixel blocks and square dinosaurs are waiting for you!
Dinosaur Hunter 1.0
Owl No. 7
Dinosaurs are back! Embark on a hunting expedition of a lifetime!Dinosaurs, guns, hunting and adventure, come play DinosaurHunter,the ultimate hunting game!Shoot at the dangerous dinosaurswithyour sniper.Kill the dinosaurs now or they will killyou.Walkaround in the incredible Jurassic rain forest, full ofdangerousdinosaurs, where your mission is to stay alive! Load yoursniperand aim at the dinosaurs roaming in the lush jungle terrain.Canyou survive?Set in a realistic Jurassic environment,DinosaurHunter is a fast paced and challenging game. Be careful, ifyoumiss your aim, you will become the prey!Progress throughvariouslevels killing the giant herbivore and carnivore dinosaurswithyour powerful sniper gun.Armed with powerful weapons, a sniperandan expert shooter strategy, hunt the most ferocious animals inthehistory of mankind, become the Dinosaur Hunter!Hunt or beHunted!Download Dinosaur Hunter Now!
Survival Island 2: Dino Hunter 2.6
In the sequel of the popular island survival game you get trappedona deserted island – again! Luckily, you have already learnt alotabout basic surviving rules. If not, you definitely will. Inthesecond part of this island experiment you have the same goal –youhave to survive this nightmare! *** HOW TO PLAY ***GET woodandstones. CRAFT items using ore and trees. HUNT animals and getfoodto stay alive. BUILD houses and hide from strong carnivores.TryFARMING – grow food. You can save your progress any time youwantand next time continue playing from the same point.SURVIVALISLAND2: DINO HUNTER GAME FEATURES:- The second part of yourfavoritegame;- New BIG island with new adventures;- Big open worldwithdifferent secrets and dangers;- March of day and night;-Wildanimal hunting – goats, bears, boars, wolves, DINOSAURSetc.;-Create your own farm;- Get resources and craft usefulitems;-Backpack for holding your items;- Build houses and hide fromhungryanimals.Keep your eyes on the prize, fight for your lifeinSurvival Island 2: Dino Hunter !
Jurassic Dino Water World 9.38
Tap Pocket
Welcome to Dino Water World where you can have different oceandinospecies, build underwater home, and build your JurassicunderwaterWorld. Explore the mysterious lost world of prehistoricanimals.Collect exciting sea dinosaurs like Mosasaurus andMegalodon theshark. Raise, Crossbreed and Battle with your seamonsters.Features - Free to play! - A wide variety of exciting seadinosaursto breed - Fight in underwater battle arena - Acrossbreedingmechanism - Manage your water world as you would inreal life- thisincludes feeding your water Dinosaurs, and arrangingfood resources
Jurassic craft - dino hunter 1.2
Absolutely unique world, which takes you to the times ofgiantreptiles and dinosaurs. The time of jurassic period is one ofthemost fascinated times in the planet Earth history. Explorepreparedworld and find its secrets. You can modify everythingaround andmake your own jurrassic world. If you allow reins ofyourimagination, there is a possibility to create your ownjurassicpark. Choose blocks which are perfectly chosen for thisworld. Takecare before dinosaurs, which are around. There areseveral speciesof dinosaurs. Most of them are carnivores and theycan be hungry,so you can be their potencial prey. For yourprotection build ahouse, which will be your refuge. Your goal canbe survival andbecome a dino hunter. In this wild world survivesonly thestrongest and the cleverest. Creation possibilities of yourminigame are unlimited. Survival games like this will giveyouadventure and great experience. Create your own buildingsandadjust environment. ✔ Unique dinosaur models✔ Wellpreparedjurassic world✔ Improve environment✔ Great graphics
Jungle Dinosaurs Hunting 2- Dino hunting adventure 1.0.3
THM Apps
Dino hunting season We welcome you to play season 2 of worldamazinghunting game “Jungle Dinosaur Hunting” in a dense and lushgreenJurassic forest surrounded by a long range of snow mountainsfor alifetime dino hunting journey. Now, you are in the world ofwild andangry dinosaurs with huge skulls, large bone crunchingteeth,powerful jaws and legs. In this dino hunting game, you willcomeacross with different dinosaurs which are both herbivoresandcarnivores. You will face the deadliest and grand dinosaurshavingwild teeth over claws like Allosaurus, Brachiosaurus,Diplodocus,Giganotosaurus and armored dinosaurs like Stegosaurusetc. It is anentertainment game with high quality graphics. Thisdinosaur simstarts from the Jurassic home base. In this dinohunting world andquest in the tropical amazon forest. Dino shootingwild hunt Yourmission is to destroy a certain amount of dinohunting on yourprehistoric predators at every level. If you'llsurvive in a dinothanks to your battle skills of the assassin, theneach completedlevel you'll get a new more powerful gun in yourcollection of dinohunting weaponry of sniper shooting. In this dinohunter and snipershooting arena age, craft your way of dino huntingwith snipershooting to the full weapons arsenal to have a choice ofdinohunting weapons and to increase your chances of survival.Dinoshooter sniper hunter Hunt and look at the realisticdinosaurs,from small to giant, from herbivores to carnivores, inthisfabulous simulation and hunting game. This outstandinghigh-endsniper shooting game of dino hunting in the jungles givesyou thewonderful opportunity to search and dive into the impressivesuperdino hunting adventure. You can rescue your life by a topspeed runracing yourself from dinosaurs or attack them in thisdinosaur wardino shooting and sniper hunting game. Dino shootingYou havemodern new sniper shooting and dino hunting weapons likesniperrifles, pistol, light incensory machine guns, dino execarbine,shotguns andAK-47. Since your life is precious, so wearrangemultipurpose modern dino hunting weapons to ensure yoursafety withsniper shooter defense instead of being hunt down by maddinosaurs.Jurassic hunting Jungle Dinosaur Hunting 2 comprises ofdiversethrilling dinos and it depends upon your sniper shootingskills somake sure to use your sniper strike training on groundrather thanshooting species of underwater or normal jungle animalslike deerhunting or wolf hunting world in lake in this action packgame. Itis a test of your sniper shooter & dino hunting skillsbecauseyou can kill as many dinosaurs as you can with your killshotsbeing a super soldier. So bravo & sniper shooter expertbefirm, upfront and keep on hunting these ferocious dinos anddon’tlook back as you are a dino killer not a deer hunter.Angrydinosaur attack Any mistake in fixing the wrong dino huntingweaponsystem scope angle may be fatal for your life as these arerealangry dinosaurs. It totally depends upon your sniper shooting,dinohunting and fighting passion and adventure hunting tour ofjungleworld. Dino hunter This Jungle Dinosaurs Hunting 2 gotflyingdragons, running dinosaurs and fierce deadliest fighting typeofdinos. Jungle Dinosaurs Hunting game features: **ImmersiveEnvironment with Water Lake. ** Awesome and adventurejungleenvironment. ** Amazing action pack game play. ** Excitinggamesound effect ** Daring & most thrilling dino huntingquests. **First Person Shooter game play. ** Extremely challenging.
Dinosaur ark survival evolved 3.0
If you like dinosaur ark survival evolvedfreegame play – try our apps!In this version of dinosaur ark survival evolved game. Youwillhunt down one of the most dangerous dinosaur creature everlived onthe city. such as, T-Rex, Raptors, Dimetrodon, Pachy,Pteranodonetc,..Dino Hunter World is a very interesting game with somecompellingHD graphics which will test your hunting skills.Features of Dinosaur Hunter World GameFollowing are the main features of dinosaur hunter game thatyouwill be able to experience after the first install onyourdevice.- Beautiful and colorful retina 2D graphics- Easy game control- No Internet Connection Required.- Classic platform game style.- Free Download!Thank you for playing our games. We read all of your commentsanddo our best to make the game better. Keep going!FOLLOW US atTwitter @iGamePlayStudio
Jungle Dinosaurs Hunting Game - 3D 1.0.8
THM Apps
This dino hunting 2018 You don't have to be a dino hunting freeanddinosaur digger and dino hunting dig the ground in thesearchingdinosaur hunt of dinosaur bones and fossils dinosaurhunter, JungleDinosaurs Hunting Game - 3D in this hunter, dinosaurhunting gamesof the dinosaur apocalypse dinosaur hunter the dinosanddinosaurios aren't extinct so make such games to recalldinosaurhunting games, dino games are dinosaurs were created fromDNA andmake dinosaur games, and hunter further dinosaur huntingevolutionis now going hunting, Jungle Dinosaurs Hunting Game - 3Dthese dinohunting games creatures are formed in Jurassic from eggslong agolike deer hunter and are enormous hunt., carnivores arejust likeDinosaur era has come show real Jurassic games, deerhunter andDinosaurs among us are free hunting games, JungleDinosaurs HuntingGame - 3D dinosaur hunting games carnivoresreptiles and theircarnivores dinosaur animations are carnivore asreal dinosaurhunter, hunting game dino Become an ultimate bestdinosaur gamesheroic dinosaur hunter hunting games dinosaur, JungleDinosaursHunting Game - 3D strike the free hunting games dinosaurs,catchyour prey in time and enjoy free hunting games JungleDinosaursHunting Game - 3D. Jungle Dinosaurs Hunting In this hunteragehunting, your way hunting games to the full weaponsJurassicarsenal to deer hunter have a free hunting games choice ofweaponsfor carnivores and to increase your chances for carnivoresdinosaurof survival and carnivore more high powered weapons whichhelps inhunting of dinosaur hunter of different types are availablehuntinggame dino: pistol to make best dinosaur games, grenade forbestdinosaur games, machine gun for best dinosaur games, sniperriflemust use best dinosaur games, submachine gun for hunting,lightmachine gun for hunting, carbine for hunting, shotgun forhunting,flamethrower free hunting games, grenade launcher freehuntinggames, rocket launcher free hunting games. Jurassic dinohuntingThis hunting games dinosaur sim starts from the bestdinosaur gameshome base. In this dinosaur new game 2018 dino worldquest in thedinosaurs tropical forest dinosaur hunting games:dinosaur newgames your mission is to hunter and destroy a certainamazinghunter amount of hunting on dino hunting 2018 you predatorsdinohunting 2018 at every level dino hunting 2018. If you'lldinohunting free and survive T-rex in a fight with dino huntingthanksto your battle of dinosaur hunter skills of the dinosaurhuntinggames, then dinosaurios for each completed dino games levelyou'llget dinosaurs games a new more powerful dinosaur games gun inyourweaponry which helps in hunter. Jurassic dino hunting Deerdinosaurhunting games Hunter, please note that hunting gamesdinosaur thisversion of Carnivores is no the best dinosaur gameslongersupported dinosaur new game 2018. Though, the new dinosaurnew game2018 Carnivores dinosaur new game 2018 is availableforinstallation T-rex and dinosaur new game 2018. In order tosavedinosaur new game 2018 your progress, don't forget dinosaurnewgame 2018 to connect the dinosaur new game 2018 game to Playstore.Carnivores and dinosaure hunting games are just likeDinosaurHunter is a hunting simulation hunting games dinosaur thatiscompletely true the best dinosaur games to life andtotallydinosaur new game 2018 breathtaking T-rex dinosaurs. Youland on adinosaur hunting games distant planet dinosaur new gameshunter bydinosaurs and carnivores and dinosaur, carnivores newgamesprogress carnivores wildlife observer to a stealthy andJurassicwith T-rex hunting. All dinosaurs in Jurassic are in full3Dcomplete free hunting games. Game Features Jungle DinosaursHuntingGame - 3D: 1. Dangerous Jungle Environment 2. Wild Dinosaursoutthere to hunt 3. Hunting Different Dinosaurs 4. Smart andSmoothSniper Gun 6. Best Sniper Shooting Experience in jungle7.Excellent Graphics
Dinosaur Hunter Survival Game 1.0
★★★ Dinosaur Hunter Survival Game ★★★Jurassic world is one ofthemost exciting period of the earth´s history. The worldwasinhabitedy by giant reptiles, which has one thing verycommon.Mostly are these animals very dangerous. But not for you.You havebecome a dino hunter and you have to hunt them. You appearon theisland, which is full of these animals. For the start, youcan usea small fortified cabin, where you can hide. The cabin hasaseparate hidden underground entrance. Next to the cabin you canusealso a big cage for captured dinosaurs. Besides dinosaurs youmeeton the island also really big spiders and scorpions.Fortunately,you are not defensless. In your arsenal you can findfor exampleAK-47, Scorpion, some knives, an axe, hammer and amachette, whichyou can use. ★ Many kinds of dinosaurs★ Otherprehistoriccreatures★ Big arsenal of weapons★ World full ofmonsters★★★ How ToPlay ★★★- Explore the world- Hunt the dinosaurs-Capture them in acage- Survive attacks of them
Jurassic craft - dino hunter 1.2
♛♛♛ Jurrassic craft - dino hunter ♛♛♛Start out the journey tothetimes, when the world was inhabited by large reptailes. Theworld,you know only from movies, you can experience on your ownskin.Everything is well prepared for you and it is only up tou you,ifyou can survive. You encounter many species of dinosaurus,whilesome of them are really small and sweet. However, there arealsospecies, which are not so sweet. These dinosaurs are stillhungryand you can be their potencional prey. Therefore, you have tobevery carefull during exploration of this jurassic world. Tostartyou should build some cabin, where you can hide yourselfbeforethese bloodthirsty creatures. If you can survive, you canbecome agreat dino hunter. Concurrently you can modify this worldaccordingyour imagination. You can pick from many types of uniqueandtypical blocks for this period like magma, rocks, stoneetc.¨♛Unique models of dinosaurs♛ Excellent graphics♛ Many typesofblocks♛ Well prepared world♛♛♛ How to play ♛♛♛- Build acabine-Explore the word- Be aware of dinosaurs- Become a dinohunter-Survive
Dino hunters puzzles for kids 1.0
Pepworks presents Dino hunters puzzles for kids!„Dinohunterspuzzles for kids“ is a must have for every child andteenager wholoves dinosaurs and prehistoric animals! 18 lovelyjigsaw puzzlesfor children and teenager, developed by parents andtested by boysand girls to suit the tastes and learning abilitiesof children andyoung teenager from ages 6 to 16. Your kid (youngteenager) willjust love these faithfully and dramatic jurassiccreatures. Thisfun matching jigsaw game for kids and youngteenagers helps improvevisual perception & develop fine motorskills by dragging &dropping puzzle pieces to match thesilhouette. The puzzles givepositive and pleasant feedback for thechild for each part and onpuzzle completion. Trains skills like:shape recognition, logicalthinking, tactile and cognitive skills,problem solving,concentration and memory."Dino hunters puzzles forkids"-Story:Hugedinosaurs live in an exciting and thrilling world.Discover thefascinating world of the dinosaurs!Meet the giant, theT-Rex, theking of the giants or the Triceratops, one of thepeaceful andgood-natured giants. Admire the giants that migratethrough theprimeval kingdom.Girls and boys will be fascinated oftheseanimals. Each dinosaur has its own, strong character. Admirethesnarling and infamous Carnivores. The puzzle - "Dinosaurswalkingwith fun 3D" will fascinate you and your kids. Have fun onthejourney into dinosaur´s land.„Dinosaurs walking withfun3D“-Features: 3D Puzzles in HD, that look like sitting inthecinema! (We mean films like Jurassic Park, the lost world(film),the dinosaurs in King Kong (film) or PrehistoricPark(documentation) You can solve puzzles with CarnivoresandHerbivores like the Ankylosaurus in 3D, Brontosaurus in3D,Stegosaurus in 3D, Triceratops in 3D und T-Rex in 3D. If youlikedinosaur films in cinema you'll love this puzzle! 18jigsawpuzzles, from 6 to 14 pieces with friendly 3D dinosaurslikeVelociraptor,T-Rex, Brontosaurus, Brachiosaurus,Triceratops,Plateosaurus and many more.Collect stickers of eachdino in thesticker book.Positive feedback for each action yourchildmakes.(Once a puzzle is finished, touch the fallinggold-stones:)Dramatic music, sounds and effects.Large pieces, easyforchildren to pick and move.Increasing difficulty level as yourchildadvances from puzzle to puzzle.HD graphics, suitable for newHDdevices.If your kid likes this game please rate the app or writeareview and take a look at the other upcoming free puzzlesfrompepworks!
Dino Hunter Sniper Pro 2.0
Hunt and shoot DINOS!*NEW MAPS**SIX weapons to choose*-FULLY UNLOCKED-Features:*Intense Action*Precision Hunter Aiming*Simple Controls*Unlimited Hunting
dino survival: dino hunter 3
dino survival: dino hunternew hardcore game where you have to hunt for dinosaurs, andtoinvestigate the open world. The game presentedin caves asdinosaursthirst kill you prove that you can survive!features:- Open World.- A large number of dinosaurs.- Realistic 3D graphics.
Jurassic Dino sPark 2016 1.0
Jurassic Dino sPark 2016Hunting the Jurassic world dinosaurs isthebest thrilling action and adventure free game for Android usersallover the world.VISIT EXOTIC Jurassic LOCATIONSKill dinosaursinlush and dangerous Jurassic environments like theshipwreck-strewncoast, overgrown jungle and dinosaursboneyard!Stegosaurus,Rinosaurus, T-Rex and many other Dino are inthis amazing latestgame. It has multiple levels of differentenvironments for androidbest free shooting player across the worldto have the ultimatethrill of dinosaur hunting expedition. Huntersfrom all around theworld are waiting for this free game which willbe soon on applestore and other mobile markets of applications andgames.Carnivoresdinosaurs and sharp shooter sniper hunter is onthere way to killthe beasts. The controls are amazing best featureis sleeksensitivity and touch screen usage to kill with preciseaccuracyand best graphics will make it almost real.Into the extinctworldof Dino this lone ranger and last survival in the deadlyanimalland , make your way out of there world before its too late.Youare the real hunter in this best sniper game , so get ready tofacethe adventure of Jurassic Dino Adventure HuntingInteractiveThisfree Android game has been designed with latesttechnology ofgaming world keeping the mobile heating issue andgraphic capacityin our top priority.Best sniper rifle and otherguns are in thisgame for better game play and adventure of DinoJurassic world.Ithas to be ranked in best of all dinosaurs freehunting games. So bea part of our gaming world and enjoy our freeaction games.
Dinosaur : Jungle Run 1.0.0
Dinosaur : Jungle Run is an exciting game specifically designedforkids. It is not a complicated game whereby you need tostrategiesor even need in-depth knowledge in gun battle or so butit rather alight and easy type of game that we can play everywhereand doesn'tconsumes long hours to play. It is an enjoyable game,let's try it!HUNT DINOSAURHunt or be hunted! Embark on the dinosaurhuntingexpedition of a lifetime to kill the ultimate dino inDinosaur:Jungle Run. Journey to a hidden, untouched Jurassic islandand killthe most ferocious animals in history.You are running in ajunglewith Amazonian environment full of dangers, where yourmission isto stay alive and kill the dinosaur that is runningtirelessly inthe jungle. In this exciting dinosaur kid’s game,there is only onewinner, you the hunter or your enemies - ruthlessbloodthirstydinosaur. The dino will be assisted by a jungle monkeythat willthrow at you bananas and mangoes trying to kill you. Butif you areskill enough to avoid the bananas and mangoes by jumpingorshooting to destroy them you will surely come out aswinner.Collect as much points as you can by shooting at theincomingbananas and mangoes that been thrown by the naughty monkey.Killthe monkey then you will get the dinosaur as well. That istheoverall concept of this dinosaur hunting & junglerunninggame.Be careful, because not only you are hunting, but alsoyou arebeing hunted. Become the ultimate dinosaur hunter, catchyourprey!VISIT EXOTIC JURASSIC LOCATIONSKill dinosaurs in lushanddangerous Jurassic environments like the overgrownAmazonianjungle.EQUIP POWERFUL WEAPONSLoad up on firepower withdestructivemachine gun. What you need is an expert hunter to killthesedinosaurs! Your mission is to destroy a certain amount ofhuntingon you prehistoric predators at every level. If you willmanage tosurvive in a fight thanks to your battle skills, then foreachcompleted level you will get more powerful gun inyourarsenal.EXPERIENCE AMAZING GRAPHICSDynamic shadows, hi-restexturesand realistic Jurassic models all combine to make this oneof themost beautiful dinosaur shooter kids games on your mobiledevice!
Dino Hunting Pursuit; Shooting Adventure 2018 1.2
Dinosaur Hunting Valley 2018 Best dinosaur hunting expedition,nowsail towards foreign forest lands to protect thehumanity;Dinosaurattack on the population is killing people inmasses. Dinosaurmonsters have broken out labs and they areunleashed now. Biggestthreat ever, which can lead towardsdestruction of the wholejungles. Only Destructive weapons likerocket launcher and multiarrow shooting crossbow can save younow.Accurate SniperShootingSniper gun in this game is fasted inreloading and shootingthe dinosaur attackers. After first shot,dinosaurs become alertand they start sniffing to find out where thebullets comingfrom.All Dino Hunting pursuit can end in hunterbecoming the prey,so be careful. Be quickest and precise inshooting the dinosaur tosave the time. This hunting game has a bigportion assorted for thesurvival thrill. Collect dinosaur skullswith the sniper gun. DinoHunting Pursuit; Shooting Adventurefeatures:* Greenery, jungle andforest graphics in the game aredesigned for the best gameplay.*Smooth running dino hunting gamewith lethal weapons. * Arsenalfull of lethal weapons.* Aiming andzoom scope in the dino huntingpursuit are amazing.Dino HuntingPursuit; Shooting Adventure is atotal free game, download now fromthe Google Play Store. Evaluateour app through ratings and reviews.Don’t hesitate to give yourfeedback.Join us at the social mediahere:Facebook:
DINO GUNSHIP: Hunter Pro 3D 1.1
Studio 2Beans
WARNING: If mindless dinosaur killing isnotyour thing - this simulator isn't for you!Forget hunting deer and duck, travel back in time and becometheultimate dino hunter in stunning 3D!EXPLORE STUNNING 3D Jurassic ENVIRONMENTSImmerse yourself in ancient forests, blistering hot deserts,evenan erupting volcano! Travel back to the time of the T Rex,Spinosaurand Raptor!AMAZING REALISMShoot a feeding pterodactyl and watch the rest of the herdscurryinto the air to escape your deadly army gunship! Thepowerfulanimation system brings these dinosaurs to life in thishuntingsimulator!DEADLY ARSENAL OF WEAPONSYou will be equipped with highly realistic modern weaponslikeM-16 assualt rifles, MK-41 sniper rifle, and even high-endfutureconcept weapons. Who said the Dinos ever stood a chance?THRILLING MISSIONS AND CHALLENGES16 thrilling missions with an additional 10 already inproductionfor the next update. Earn trophies as you progress. Canyou becomethe ultimate dinosaur hunter?FREQUENT UPDATESFPS STYLE GAME PLAYDino Gunship Pro has all levels and weapons unlockedwithoutneeding to pay from within the app. No ads are shown withintheapp.
Flying Dinosaurs 1.0.2
Triapps Inc.
Aim and Shoot the secrets of prehistoric volant reptiles inFlyingDinosaurs Hunter !Flying reptiles ruled the skies formillions ofyears. Pterosaurs, however, were not dinosaurs and theyare not theancestors of modern birdsFlying Dinosaurs Hunter withthe advent ofclimate change in 2016, all jungle began to suffertemperaturesnever recorded. Extreme cold of -40 degrees or intenseheat of 50degrees, the river became deserted, since no one couldspend halfan hour outside. As if that were not enough, the animalsbegan toact differently. This was not important until the FlyingDinosaursbegan to migrate. By doing so, destroying everything inits path,seemed to be angry with the human race. No matter whereyou are, noplace to hide from them.You are Quetzalcoatlus, a 24years oldcitizen who used to travel to hometown to visit hisgrandfather andpractice target shooting with Grandpa’s rifle.Yourmission is totry to survive traveling the world looking forsupplies andpreventing attacks of Flying Dinosaurs.Many adventuresawait you ifyour skills allow you to survive.Your adventure startshere, areyou ready?HUNT OR BE HUNTED.Grab your rifle and defendyourself.Many Dinosaurs will try to attack you, but your speed andaccuracywill determine whether they flee from you or if you will betheprey.Try to shoot down all the birds you can before time runsoutand give them a lesson, teach them who the boss is. If you runoutof time or ammunition, you're finished.LEVELSAs cities cometoruin, go traveling to different parts of the world trying toescapeand survive. There are many levels that we have prepared, butitdepends on your level of Survival see how far you canget.BECOMETHE BESTYour accuracy and speed will determine how manybirds youare able to shoot down. Invite your friends and protectyourselffrom these invasions.Try it!This application was createdtoentertain in a simple and easy way. Over time we willupdateversions and adding more appropriate functions, the samewithcorrecting errors that may exist. If you have comments on howtoimprove it, evaluate the application and review it, weappreciateyour comments.Watch high quality pictures of pterosaursand beamazed by artistic sound interpretations of theseextinctanimals.Pterosaurs are known to have been eaten bytheropods. EarlyCretaceous fossil of three cervical vertebrae of apterosaur withthe broken tooth of a spinosaur embedded in it. Thevertebrae areknown not to have been eaten and exposed to digestion,as thejoints are still articulated
DinoSaur Sniper Hunter 1.1
Hello Soldier we are in dinosaur age again,you are onlyequippedwith long range sniper so hold it firmly.Hunt or be hunted!Embarkon the dinosaur hunting expedition of a lifetime to killtheultimate game in Dinosaur Sniper Hunter.HUNTDINOSAURS:StartJourney to Jurassic island and kill the mostferocious animals inhistory. Encounter Jurassic beasts long thoughtextinct, from thedocile stegosaurus to the terrifying T. rex.VISITEXOTIC JurassicLOCATIONS.Kill dinosaurs in lush and dangerousJurassicenvironments like the Deadly dark jungle.In this epic gamethedinosaurs are not extinct. These dinosaurs are as real. Becomeaultimate dinosaur hunter, catch your prey!Their are somelargeDeers walking around so you can shoot and huntthemalso.DISCLAIMER:This app is made for mobile entertainment only,anddoes not promote Real Animals hunting.
Deadly Dino Hunting Game 1.3
Do you love dinosaur games? if yes then Dinosaurs HuntingSimulatorgames is must to dino hunting to download and enjoyplaying anamazing action pack Dinosaurs Hunting Assault game free.Dinosaursare deadly predator you are going to face in jungle whichincludesCarnivores, Herbivores and Omnivores types. You gotathletic bodyand equip with modern shotguns full of ammunition sodon’t beafraid, have good eye contact, keep your aim high in thismassivehunting adventure game while raiding the tyrannosaurusrex,stegosaurus and tyrannosaurus raptors hideouts where they layeggsso shoot them being a top shooter 2016. This dinosaurs game isfullof immersive 3D jungle environment so being a best dino hunterdareto raid proactively in this hunt exploration being a lonesurvivor,so slam your prey to win the war from deadly dinos.Whileplayingthis dino hunting game you must be active to survive in thisdinohunter mission else these wild and deadly dinosaurs could killandattack at you any time and dino hunting expeditions in junglewithend soon and you are to re-start it again. This dinosaurs gameisnext level game unlike bird hunting game, animals huntinggame,deer hunting game as these are wild and deadly dinos withfierceattack and ultra sensitive smelling skills and they couldbecomefierce if you provocate them so take this dino hunt adventureareal skill test for your sniper shooting and gunshootingexpertise. So if you are brave enough go for it and be areal heroin this combat in a dino war. To give users an overview ofthe prehistoric dino hunting, our team has developed DinosaursHuntingAssault 3D game, which is a real dino hunting game simulatorinmodern age. The Dinosaurs Hunting Sim 3D game has a real3Denvironment with best graphics and different species of Dino.Manyadvance weapons are available in the game to entertain theplayerin every possible way. Guns with different damage rate andamazingshooting style are available in the game store which will beonlyunlocked if you survive for some levels, scoring best.Limitlessammunition is available free for the player to hunt asmany Dino’sas he can in each level. Best 3D graphics and visualeffects areused in the Dinosaurs Hunting Sim 3D game, whichprovides realprehistoric jungle effect. This Dinosaurs Hunting Sim3D game willsurely amaze you. The player has to seek the Dino’s andkill assoon as possible, before they kill you. As Dino’s areverydangerous, so the player has to hide in a territory where he isnoteasily discoverable. Try to hit headshot which will kill theDinoquicker. If you hit a shot and Dino doesn’t die, then themightydino will be much angry and you can suffer more. Keeping inmindall the hunting techniques, now it’s up to you that how youhandlethese mighty Dino’s. If you are feeling excited for it, thego forit bravo, here your dream Dinosaurs Hunting 3D game is outand letsenjoy real dino hunting game.-----: Game features of DinoDeadlyGun Shooting: -----** HD graphics.** Multiple modern guns.**Avariety of angry dino predators including t-rex.** Has detailed3Dforest, Desert & snowy environments.** Full of ultimatehuntingexpedition simulator game.** Unique Dino Simulator challengetowin.
Dino Shooting Clash 1.2
Dino Shooting clash!!!Best shootinggameof all time!!!Returning back to the Jurassic world to end the very lastbreedof few left over dinosaurs. Soldier of modern world hasreached theworld of dinosaurs to shoot them down with the best armyrifle tohunt dino. These dinosaurs are at your mercy to kill themdown orthey will be alerted towards you on the first fire form thesnipergun. This is a best sniping game with amazing new schoolfeaturesof best android free games.Ever wanted to play with dinosaurs in Jurassic Park? Now youcan!Move around in the jungle and Snowy Mountains and rough tracktotrack down the dino and killing them like a professionalsnipershooter.A Jurassic world for you to discover a dinosaur orbecomediscovered. Become a Sniper or FPS style free roam anddiscovermany dinosaur deadly carnivores to the best hunter.Thisgame willoffers In-app purchases to instantly unlockAnimals/Weapons/Items.all these can be unlocked by playing andprogressing through thegame, in our next update.JOURNEY THROUGH THE DINO WORLD – Dare to trek across theworldwhile evading terrifying pterodactyls, raging rivers, andmore! Asthis game is full of adventure and best gaming mobileandroidgraphics of all time.Before you download this dino hunt game the best ever clashofhumans and dinosaurs, please consider that this appincludesadvertising, some of which may be targeted to yourinterests.Hunt or be hunted! Embark on the dinosaur hunting expedition ofalifetime to kill the ultimate game in Dino Hunter: DinoShootingclash,.EXPERIENCE AMAZING GRAPHICSDynamic shadows, hi-res textures and realistic Jurassic modelsallcombine to make this one of the most beautiful dinosaurshootergames on your mobile device so have fun with the dinohunting !VISIT EXOTIC Jurassic LOCATIONSKill dinosaurs in lush and dangerous Jurassic environments liketheshipwreck-strewn coast, overgrown jungle and dinosaur boneyard,snowy hills and deserted islands!EQUIP POWERFUL WEAPONSLoad up on firepower with destructive weapons like theamazingsniper gun and more over rocket launcher and crossbow.You’ll needa powerful arsenal and an expert shooter strategy tokill thesedinosaurs!People have already spoken***** “this is the best free game of all time “Kotaku***** “working of developer has brought us the real feel ofextinctanimals like dinos of lost world“ Gamezebo***** “you people are setting up the standards toohigh”Modojo***** “shape shooting yeahhh!!! My best loving free androidmobilegame”Twitter team memberFEATURES• Actual thrill of shooting and dino world• Amazing 3D graphics and prehistoric Jurassicparkenvironments• Many thrilling levels• Awesome gameplay with attacking animations
Dino Hunting: Cube World 3D 1.3
Your magic time machine has broken, and now you are strandedinprehistory world swarm with huge frenzied dinosaurs. Morethanthat, everything is made from cubes and pixels like in videogame.Seeing that it's a game, let's play! Luckily, you have a pixelgunso you can give battle to carnivores. Humanity doesn't exist,youare alone on earth with angry hungry dinosaurs. You have tohuntdinos unless you want to be eaten. Even cave men have nevermetdinosaurs, so you are the first man who has such a chance.Afterthis adventure deer hunting will be boring for you...ifyousurvive, of course. Aim and shoot carefully, good luckyou!DinoHunting: Cube World 3D game features:• First person shooter3D;•Amazing pixel design;• Time travelling to prehistory;• Realangrycarnivorous.Explore unbelievable cubic prehistory world as adinohunter and have fun with Dino Hunting: Cube World 3D game!