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World Cricket Championship Lt 5.6.6
World Cricket Championship just got even better! Play the packofthree of the most electrifying cricket games in the world: -WorldCricket Championship - World Premier League - Super FantasyCricketLeague Don’t have enough points? Request for points fromyourfriends. Taste the success of team work with the all new GangsofCricket! (Success comes with a reward!) Shout out loud and makenewfriends at the SHOUTBOARD! FEEL THE STADIUM COME ALIVE withhighquality graphics, professional commentary and a team thatyoucreate with your friends. Have no doubt about the skills ofyourplayers. They are armed with wide range of cricket shotslikenowhere else!! Watch your massive sixes fly out in Slow-mo...feelthe glory of the moment! Was that a terrific wicket? Check itoutin Action Replay. Challenge your Friend: How good a player areyou?Find out by inviting your friends and challenging them tobetteryour score with the awesome asynchronous multiplayer mode!Playtournaments for unlimited fun, Win matches and go up theleaderboard to meet a lot champions like you! Likeus:**Followingsoftware and hardware requirement is needed for bettergame play, -Android OS 4.0.3 or later - Device powered by an ARMv7(Cortexfamily) CPU - GPU support for OpenGLES 2.0 is recommended -1GB RAM(recommended for fluid gameplay) PermissionsRequired:READ_PHONE_STATE -Enables us to send you pushnotifications onvarious updates & offers ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION- To serve youlocation specific ads & offersWRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE &READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - For saving yourgame progress, statistics,game assets, caching ads & offersRECORD_AUDIO - This isrequired for zapr SDK which is integratedwith this app for thepurposes of profiling the device on mediaconsumption and otherdevice data and utilizing the same to targetrelevant content andads to the device ("Services") pursuant to theterms and conditionsof RBL Services ("Terms of Use")
Cricket T20 Fever 3D 95
Experience the best cricket game in full HD 3D graphics. Youcanplay in a variety of modes including tournaments, ODIs, T20Matchesand the exciting Powerplay style match. Full Game Features:- Full3D graphics with realistic animations and ball physics. - Avarietyof MOCAP animations. - Simple pick up and play controls forbatting& bowling. - Six eye-catching venues including Lords& EdenGardens! - Multiple game play modes that include QuickMatch,ODI,Twenty 20 and the Trophy 2009! - Introducing a new uniquePowerPlay batting mode. Submit your score online and comparewithfriends! - Eight world class international teams to choosefrom! -TV Broadcast style cameras! - Watch the cheerleaders danceto yourshots and wickets!
Beach Cricket 2.5.5
For the cricket enthusiast, the game can be adapted to suitanysurrounding. In this version have a go at ‘Beach Cricket’ andget ataste of the sun, sand and the sea while the willow smacksthecherry!The usual 11 players comprise your team; batsmenarepredefined but you can select your bowlers from theplayersavailable. By winning the toss you have the option to bat orbowlfirst.After finishing one game you can start another.You canplay a5,10 over match.**Following software and hardware requirementisneeded for better game play, - Android OS 2.0 or later -Devicepowered by an ARMv7 (Cortex family) CPU - GPU support forOpenGLES2.0 is recommended
Power Cricket T20 Cup 2018 2.8
Its time to warm up for the T20 World Series!Play against thebestcricket teams from across the world! Use your cricket bat tosmashboundaries!4 Different Modes of game play: Net Practice,TournamentMode, Super Over Mode and Challenge Mode1)Net PracticeMode:Practice and get ready for ODIs, T20s and Test matches inthismode.a) Practice against 5 different types of bowlers: Fast,MediumPace, Leg-Spin, Off-Spin and Swing bowlers. Earn coins byscoringagainst each bowler.b) Practice various bowling styles:Fast,Medium, Off Spin and Leg Spin against Left Hand and RightHandbatsmen. Knock their bails off and earn valuablecoins.2)Tournament Mode: Play 6 unique formats of T20tournaments!a)Tri-Seriesb) Premier Knockoutc) Champions Cupd) PowerCupe) AsiaCup 2018f) Challenger SeriesComplete your quest ofwinning theseprestigious tournaments against some of the toughestcompetition inthe world! You have choice to play each tournamentusing justBatting or both Batting & Bowling modes.3) SuperScorer Mode:a)3 different formats to choose from – 3, 5 and 10overs. b) EarnFREE PowerShots by playing this mode and win alltournaments.c)Compete with your friends and the player around theworld on theleader board by scoring maximum number of points inthis mode.4)Challenge Mode: 50 different but interesting challengesto win. Youwill enjoy this mode the most!POWER CRICKET T20 CUP 2018FEATURES:- Play against the top 14 cricket playing nations,including India,Australia, Pakistan, New Zealand, Sri Lanka,England, UAE, Ireland,Afghanistan, West Indies, Scotland,Bangladesh, Zimbabwe and SouthAfrica!- Simple gameplay. - IncludesBatting and Bowling- 5different types of bowlers to face: Fast,Medium Pace, Leg-Spin,Off-Spin and Swing bowlers.- Bowlers bowlOver and Round thewicket.- Choose to hit straight down the ground,or play the ballon the off side or leg side. - Time your shots,play with oragainst the spin. - Bowl as Fast, Medium, Off-Spin andLeg-Spinbowlers. Bowl Yorkers, Short balls and Spin the opponentsout!-Dominate your opponents using your Power Shots and WIN everymatch!- A dynamic bowling system ensures that no two matches arealike! -Knock the ball out of the park with a range of Power-ShotslikeHelicopter Shot, Dilscoop, Square Cut, Paddle Shot, ReverseSweepand many more! - Great graphics and animations. - Play Cricketindifferent light conditions: Day, Evening and under the LightsatNight. - Record your own Career Profile. - Play as a captainandmanage your own team.Power Cricket T20 Cup 2018 game requiresthefollowing permissions :* ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION : Thispermissionsis required by ad networks.Power Cricket T20 Cup 2018game requiresRECORD_AUDIO: This is required for Zapr SDK which isintegratedwithin this app to analyze offline TV viewing data andservemedia-targeted ads. If you would like to opt-out of thistargeting,please visit the following link: that we use Advertising IDfor serving better ads andimproving the product throughAnalytics.About Games2win:Games2Winis a fun company that believesin creating amazing and enjoyablegames for all ages. We have over800+ proprietary games that areavailable both online and onmobile.Some of our smash hit games areParking Frenzy, DrivingAcademy, Fashion Diva, InternationalFashion Stylist and Car Driving&Parking School. Currently, ourcompany boasts of more than 120+million app downloads and 10million gamers a month. And this isjust the beginning! VISIT US:http://games2win.comFOLLOW US:
MSD: World Cricket Bash 15.7
Hungama Games
MS Dhoni the Movie Game is the official game of the Bollywoodmovie"Dhoni: The untold story" starring Sushant Singh Rajput intheleading role. It’s a Free to play casual cricket game with easytolearn mechanics. - It’s a part of our successful cricketgameCricket Hungama 2016. - In this game we will be playing asSushantSingh Rajput who is acting as Mahendra Singh Dhoni in themovie,and playing through important phases of his cricketingcareer.Unlike other cricket games this game will be focusedentirely onMahendra Singh Dhoni’s career. - The object of the gameis to scoreruns when at bat and to put out, or dismiss, theopposing batsmenwhen in the field. - It’s a First ever mobileCricket game in theworld to incorporate Manual wicket keeping andfielding system.Game Features: - Simple & Easy to learnControls - Uniquebowling mechanic that’s never been done before ina cricket game. -Manual Catching system - Story mode: Play throughmost memorablematches of Dhoni’s career. - A dynamic artificialintelligencesystem ensures that no 2 matches are alike. - Semi-realistic artstyle & Full HD 3D graphics with realisticanimations -Multiple controls options for batting i.e. Taps orSwipes -Upgrade: Upgrade your equipment’s to play better, fasterandstronger - Multiple Modes like Champion, Challenges, Story,Wicketkeeping, etc. - Leaderboards: Check where you stand amongyourfriends and against the world. Be on top here to earn thebraggingrights. - 10 world class international teams to choosefrom! - TVBroadcast style cameras! - Hit the ball out of the GroundwithVariety of shots like Helicopter Shot, Reverse Sweep, SquareCut,Paddle Shot and many more! - Achievements: Become the Conquerorbywinning the Tournament without losing a match or achieveimmoralityby winning 25 games in a row. Achievements help you earnthe extrabuck for your special performance. - Player Profile: Seeyour totalnumber of wins, your rank on the leaderboards, Win/lossRatio,Total runs Scored, Total wickets taken, etc. - Userexperience:Player has full control over team selection, batting& BowlingOrder, Fielding presets, etc. - HD Sound: Feel likeyou actuallyplaying in front of 1000s as they cheer your eachmove.*Permissions: Coarse Location: Coarse location permission isneededto serve you location specific ads &offers.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: We needthesepermissions to cache and read game content during thegameplay.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE (To Check if internet is available ornot)INTERNET (To Download Additional in Game Content from Server,andplay different online game modes) VIBRATE (Provides InGameGratifications) WAKE_LOCK (Prevents phone from going to sleepmode)BILLING (Enables In App Purchases)
Sachin Saga Cricket Champions 1.2.34
Play Sachin Tendulkar’s Mobile Cricket Game. PlayRealtimeMultiplayer with 10 Million Players across the world. Getready toplay as the legendary Master Blaster himself, in thefastestgrowing mobile cricket game! World’s Premier 3D MobileCricket Gamewith high-end graphics & realistic motion capturedanimationswhere you play as the Sachin Tendulkar himself &relive some ofthe most famous moments in real cricket history inconsole qualityplay. (One-days, Tests, T20, domestic, PremierLeague, World Cup –all included). Compete against other Worldcricket teams, completemilestones, & play real world cricketchampionships. Build yourdream cricket team by collecting realplayer cards from over 350real cricketers. Highlights: * Nominated‘The Best Mobile &Tablet Game: Sports (India &International) 2017 Award at FICCI* Sachin Signed Merchandise &Rewards up for grabs in Liveevents! * Super Fans get to meet SachinTendulkar * Manual CatchesAuthentic Gameplay: *Batting - Defence,charge & loft shots.Over 28 batting shots. *Bowling - Yorkers,In-swingers, bouncers& more *Custom fielding *Manual CatchesExclusive Features:Legendary Mode * Play as Sachin Tendulkar in hismost iconiccricket matches in the same settings & stadiums ashe did.Start your journey as a young 16-year-old Sachin & livethroughhis glorious cricketing career of 24 years. * Hit a widerange ofcricket shots the way he did, like his famous Straightdrive, Coverdrive etc. PvP Real-time Multiplayer * Compete withReal Playersonline * Top the League & Engrave your Name in theHall of Fame* Play 2 modes Super Streak PvP & Champions PvP *Use Boostersto score more runs and choose when to opt forPowerplay. SeriesMode *Participate in the epic WORLD Series. Playclassic domestic& high-octane international tournaments likethe Asia Cup,Trans-Tasman Challenge & more. *Experience 20, 50overscomplete matches – Batting & Bowling. *WIN Fan points& geta chance to meet Sachin Tendulkar. *Participate in specialLIVEevents synchronous with real-world tournaments. FriendlyPvPReal-time Multiplayer *Invite & play with your friends.*Pickyour favourite team & challenge your friends to a realtimemultiplayer match. Events Mode * Fight in the Events Mode&compete in cricket matches to top the Time-Limited eventLeaderboards hosted every month. Superior Gameplay *Revolutionarybatting systems that emulates real-world playingconditions in realstadiums resulting in authentic battingexperiences * Motioncaptured batting shots of Sachin himself thatallow you to play allhis cricket shots the way he does * Dynamiccamera angles &replay camera that allow you to relive yourcricket shotsSUBSCRIPTIONS: Subscribe to VIP Pass & get anopportunity toprogress faster & access premium content! Bysubscribing to theVIP Subscription Pass, you get: - Access toPremium Teams &Series Mode - Unlimited revives in Legend mode -Ad free experienceYour subscription will auto-renew every monthunless you turn itoff. You can turn off auto-renewal at any timefrom your accountsettings. Permissions Required: *GET_ACCOUNTS-GET_ACCOUNT - Thisis to verify if our user is synced with theGoogle account onmobile, and generate the key value for eachuser*READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE-Ad NetworkPermission*WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE-Ad Network Permission*RECORD_AUDIO - Thisis required for Zapr SDK which is integratedwith this app for thepurposes of profiling the device on mediaconsumption and otherdevice data and utilizing the same to targetrelevant content andads to the device ("Services") pursuant to theterms and conditionsof RBL Services ("Terms ofUse")*ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION/ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION/READ_PHONE_STATE-These permissions are needed to show suitable ad contentfortargeted user for better ad experience
World T20 Cricket Champs 2019 1.9
Play World T20 Cricket Champs – 2019 cricket game for FREE.Chooseyour nation, select your best playing 11 team members andbeat thebest in the Cricket World! Playing for the T20 Cup ismostsatisfying achievement every cricketer dreams of! So, use yourbestPower Shots and Win the Cup for your Favorite team Now! 5MassiveModes of game play: Net Practice, Quick Match, TestMatch,Tournament & Challenges Mode 1) Net Practice Mode:Practice andget ready for ODIs, T20s and Test matches in this mode.a) Practiceagainst 5 different types of bowlers: Fast, Medium Pace,Leg-Spin,Off-Spin and Swing bowlers. Earn coins by scoring againsteachbowler. b) Practice various bowling styles: Fast, Medium, OffSpinand Leg Spin against Left Hand and Right Hand batsmen. Knocktheirbails off and earn valuable coins. 2) Quick Match Mode:Customizeyour match and play against any cricket playing country.You have achoice to play a 5 to 50 overs match. Experience afull-fledged OneDay Match by batting and bowling for your team. 3)Test Match Mode:Includes Quick Test Match and 4 Iconic Test matchseries! Play andWin all the iconic test matches. You can customizethe length of atest match day by defining the number of overs perday from 5 to 90overs per day. Bat and bowl for all 4 innings.Declare your inningswhen you wish to or give follow-on to youropponents when you arein a commanding position. Go ahead andexperience the best of TestMatches. 4) Challenges Mode: Earn PowerShots by completing thebatting and bowling challenges. 5)Tournament Mode: This Modeincludes 4 Different Tournaments to bewon: Tri-Nation Challenger,Champion Series, World Master Cup &Premier League - 2019 WORLDT20 CRICKET CHAMPS 2019 FEATURES: - PlayODIs, T20s and Testmatches against top cricket playing nations,including India,Australia, Pakistan, New Zealand, Sri Lanka,England, West Indies,Bangladesh, and South Africa! - Simplegameplay. - 5 differenttypes of bowlers to face: Fast, Medium Pace,Leg-Spin, Off-Spin andSwing bowlers. - Bowl as Fast, Medium,Off-Spin and Leg-Spinbowlers. Bowl Yorkers, Short balls and Spinthe opponents out! -Dominate your opponents using your Power Shots,and WIN everymatch! - Knock the ball out of the park usingPower-Shots likeHelicopter Shot, Dilscoop, Square Cut, Paddle Shot,Reverse Sweepand many more! - Great graphics and animations. -Cricket groundswith Day, Evening and Night time feel. - Record yourown CareerStats. - Play as a captain and manage your own team. -Hire aBatting Coach or a Bowling Coach to improve your teamsperformanceand help reduce the target scores whenever required. -Maybe hire aBookie secretly for important matches to ensure a Win!;-) WorldT20 Cricket Champs 2019 game requires the followingpermissions: ·ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION : This permission is requiredby adnetworks. · RECORD_AUDIO: This is required for Zapr SDK whichisintegrated within this app to analyze offline TV viewing dataandserve media-targeted ads. If you'd like to opt-out ofthistargeting, please visit the followinglink: Please note that we useAdvertising IDfor serving better ads and improving the productthrough AnalyticsContact us at for anyproblems you mayhave with World T20 Cricket Champs 2019. PrivacyPolicy :
Big Bash Cricket 2.0.3
The Big Bash just got bigger with the best mobile cricketgameyet!NEW & IMPROVED - Daily challenges, unlockables andevenbetter gameplayFULLY LICENSED - Updated teams for BBL|07andWBBL|03GREAT GAMEPLAY - Smash sixes, take wickets and unlockthenew 'Super' modeEASY TO LEARN, HARD TO MASTER - New tutorialsandrefined difficulty levels mean you'll be playing all summer long
Cricket WorldCup Fever 15.0
"Cricket WorldCup Fever" is the most complete cricket game foryourAndroid Phone. Play with your favourite cricket national teamin 4exciting modes of play - "Quick Match", "PowerPlay" “World Cup”andthe turn based styled "Pass-N-Play" modes. #New gamelaunched!Experience our first ever multiplayer cricket game!Clickbelow linkto download can play the game inthestandard One-day or Test match cricket rules. You cancustomizeyour game by selecting from different options -Difficultysettings, Venues and Match duration in the form ofover’s.GameFeatures *************************************** >Experiencethe game of cricket in "Full HD" graphics. High quality3dcharacters and stadiums showcasing the game of cricket likeneverseen or experienced before! > Test match modefeaturing‘mini-innings’ where you can choose between 9, 12, 15over’s perday, with test match regulations in place like optionsto"Declare". > Full Dynamic Fielding showcased in Motioncapturedanimations. > Full user control on changing batting&bowling order. > Spinner, Fast and Medium Pacer BowlingOptionsto change your bowling strategy during the match. > 14teams, 6stadiums & 3 difficulty modes all customizable to yourchoice.> Ball-by-ball Over Analysis > Complete ScoreboardAnalysisshowing how your batsman and bowlers have performed. >Simplepick up and play controls for batting & bowling. Uniquetouchbased controls for "Batting" allowing the player to hit theball inany direction. > TV Broadcast style cameras to bring youacinematic experience! > Full "Replay" mode reliving theshotsyou have played. ** (Cricket WorldCup Fever, the game isnotaffiliated with the official ICC WorldCup 2011 tournament).
Top Cricket MultiPlayer 2.9.4
Here we go “It's time for the toss”, TOP Cricket multiplayerinvitesyou to the virtual cricketing world through this amazinggame. Topcricket multiplayer is a cricket game app for free. Its atop ratedcricket app. Get assured its one of the best cricketgames. As thename suggests its a top free game.Top cricketmultiplayer is one ofthe best new games. Top cricket standsstraight up in the order ofnew cricket games. Play top cricketgame and improvise cricketgeneral knowledge.Top cricket game is souser friendly even thepeople who are new to cricket world willeasily gain cricket generalknowledge.Play top cricket andexperience as if it is a cricketmatch online. Top cricket game isone of the best ever in thecricket games.Play our game and enterinto new cricket world.Bewareof real cricket games as top cricketis the only real cricket game.Minimum Device Requirements - >768 RAM, > 1 GHz Processor& Android OS 4 and above.High-endGraphics enabledExperienceamazing hand drawn graphics of thebackground with dynamicfeaturesEncounter ExtravagantMechanismEnjoy cricket which involveslatest Fluid Ball MotionPhysics technology which provides accuracyto the game.SpontaneousTouch ControlsInherent touch controls easesand provides comfort toplay the game.Legion Game modesTop Cricket2015 offers variousdistinct modes such as Series mode,Tournamentmode and Quickplay.Icc cricket world provides us various cricketformats.Enjoyplaying virtual cricket selecting your favorite teamsin the worldcup mode.You can also have fun playing T20 world cup,Championstrophy and IPL format.Opt for Bilateral series where youplay T20& ODI Match's with 5 or 10 or 20 Overs.World cup is thebiggestmemento in cricket and no doubt one will have a taste ofcricketworld cup by playing our cricket game. Fight and challengevariouscricket teams by playing world cricket championship.Ipl isknown toproduce young cricket players. Play your best cricket inipl t20and also make use of home advantage.Ipl cricket fever occursoncein a year for only 2 months but our top cricket free appwillprevail the ipl cricket fever throughout the year. Winningcricketchampionship will boost your confidence to play morechampionshipon top cricket.You will be having the option to playmore than 24cricketing shots which involve various special shotsofcricketers.Visual experience of transcendenceGet going withawesomeHand Painted Frames and smoothly Drawn Animation.Pad up andswingthe willowEnjoy playing against your opponents withattackingshots. Choose your favorite player among the list to batup theorder. Make effective use of the controls to achieve victoryforyour favorite team.Support your cricket captain by winningthematches Wind up to deliver a ballMark your run up to delivertheball. Hit hard on opposition batsman. Various bowling controlswillallow to have your hoodoo. Create a jaffa out of thebowling.MorefeaturesCheck the live score of your match whileplaying the topcricket game.Help your favorite cricketers to playtheir bestNote:We do know that there are few shortcomings but thereis no need toworry as we update the app frequently.Download TopCricket app ascricket never waits for any season.Cricket is feverwhich shouldnot be cured rather enjoyed.
Real Cricket™ 20 3.1
Real Cricket™ is here and here to stay! For the first time, webringto you our hit cricket franchise and rich cricketingexperience withReal Cricket™ 20! The most complete cricket game inthe world! Forall you cricket fans out there, Intensity of a RealCricket™ game,now on your mobile!!! Welcome to the most authentic,complete andsurreal Cricket experience on your phone. REAL-TIMEMULTIPLAYER -BIGGER AND BETTER 1P vs 1P - Play our classic 1 vs 1MP with yourRanked and Unranked teams. 2P vs 2P - First time in aMobile CricketGame. Team up and play with your friends or randomplayers. CO-OP -Team up with your friend or a random player andchallenge the AI.SPECTATE - Stream your friend's live matches inany of theMultiplayer modes. HIGHLIGHTS Save & share yourthrilling matchhighlights with your friends. FEMALE COMMENTARYFirst time in aMobile Cricket Game with various other combocommentary packs. MOSTINNOVATIVE GAMEPLAY EVER! For the firsttime, feel the differencebetween various batsmen and their stylesof play with Batting Types– Defensive, Balanced, Radical andBrute, each with their uniquecricket shots and aggression levelsmaking it one of the best gamesin World Cricket CHOOSE YOURPREFERRED TIME OF DAY! Choose betweenour Morning, Afternoon,Evening, Dusk and Night timings andexperience different day timesas the match progresses. ULTRAEDGE –SNICKOMETER AND HOTSPOT Reviewthe umpires call for edges and LBWwith the most enhancedtechnology of the ultraedge review systemwhich includes bothHotspot as well as Snickometer. AUTHENTICSTADIUMS Experience themost authentic live stadiums includingMumbai, Pune, Cape Town,Melbourne, London, Dubai, Wellington andKolkata. Each stadiumproviding a unique feel and guaranteed toprovide an experiencedifferent from the other. ALL NEW PRO CAM Playfrom the eyes of thebatsman and feel the thrill of the ballhurtling towards you at 90MPH. Bat yourself into form and shownerves in crucial moments!TOURNAMENTS Real Cricket™ 20 has a goodrange of World CricketChampionships including the World Cup, WorldTest Championship,Asia Cup, Champions Cup, Master Cup, Under 19World Cup and PremierLeagues including the Indian Premier League,Pakistan Super League,Bangladesh Premier League, Big Bash Cricketand Caribbean PremierLeague INDIAN PREMIER LEAGUE – PLAYERS AUCTIONThe only MobileCricket Game in the world to allow users toparticipate in the IPLAuction building their own Dream XI andcompeting for the mostcoveted cup in Premier League history! TESTMATCHES The longest andthe purest form of Cricket is now availableto you in Real Cricket™20 with true to life Match Conditions andGameplay along with Newcommentary and Field Setup options alongwith Pink Ball TestCricket giving you the surreal experience ofplaying Test Cricketunder lights with the Pink Ball CRICKETSIMULATION AT ITS BEST Getstuck in and grind out through the toughmoments. Hitting sixes inno more a piece of cake. UNIQUE PLAYERFACES & JERSEYS Getunique player faces, great looking teamjerseys with numbers on theback! This app offers in-app purchases.*Permissions: To deliverthe best experience we would need somepermissions from our users:GET_ACCOUNTS: This permission isrequired to access Google GamePlay Services including Login,Achievements and Leaderboard.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE andREAD_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: We need thesepermissions to cache and readgame content during the gameplay.READ_PHONE_STATE: We need thispermission to serve you relevantnotifications on various updatesand offers. ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION:We need this permission to detectyour location so as to provideregion-specific content as well asanalyze your regions needs andfeedback better. RECORD_AUDIO: Weneed this permission to allow youto use voice chat feature inMultiplayer.
Unicorn Blocker:Adblocker, Fast & Private
*** 50% OFF LIMITED TIME ONLY *** *** The application only runsonSamsung Internet or Yandex Browser *** *** Contact *** Did you know that the dataexpensethat ads waste can be up to quadruple? Unicorn saves thedataexpense that ads waste up to 4 times through blocking ads,andmakes web surfing up to 3 times faster. Also lighter websurfingincreases your battery life up to 21%. Blocks ads • Saves upto 50%of your data plan • Browse up to 3x FASTER • Increase batterylifeup to 21% (from: New York Times) Types of ads block •Blocksannoying pre-roll video ads • Blocks ads that hide and thenappear• Blocks ads that suddenly appear • Blocks ads that wastedata •Blocks sexual ads • Blocks tracking • Blocks pop-up ads •Blocksforced redirects ads Websites with blocked ads • Top1,000Mobile/PC websites • Community • Press • Portal • Blog•Advertising agency Supported Browser • Samsung Internet 4.0orhigher required. • Yandex Browser Required OS • Android4.4(KitKat)or higher required. How to install Samsung Internet• install Yandex Browser• How to change Facebook settings to open links in thedefaultbrowser. - Facebook app -> settings(press and hold thebackbutton) -> Activate "Always open links with externalbrowser"Tip 2: How to sync bookmarks from Google chrome to Samsungbrowser.• Regarding the use of application on Power-saving mode.Theapplication runs without problem even with the Power-savingmodeactivated.
World of Cricket : World Cup 2019 9.7
Welcome to the Next Generation world of Cricket! All the funandexcitement of the Cricket is now in your hands - take yourcountryteam to victory & become the world champion star in thebestmobile cricket game yet! Experience cricket with friends oragainstreal players in online multiplayer PVP mode or playlocalmultiplayer. Show your best cricketing skills againstdifferentcountries. Every cricket lover can now have the best realmobilecricket game at the palm of their hands! You can bash themaximumnumber of cricket shots. ‘World of Cricket™’ has featuresthatmakes it the most the most dynamic and versatile game in theworldof mobile cricket. Be prepared for real insane fun!REALISTICGAMEPLAY & PHYSICS Realistic Bat & Ball physicsforextraordinary cricket experience. AWESOME MODES Playdifferentmodes, get your favorite players, power & train yourteam andmake sure you beat your opponent to ashes in all leagues.Modesincludes Quick Play, Multiplayer, Test Match, Tournaments, T20cup& Challenge Mode. You can win all cups & make yourcountryproud in International Cricket community. ALL NEWHARDCOREDIFFICULTY Want the Game to Be Harder? Well, we tried! It’syourturn now to smash & bash like champs… Play like a pro. FEELTHESTADIUM COME ALIVE High quality graphics, professionalcommentaryand a best team that you create to defeat your opponent.Other listof awesome Features includes: • 25+ different battingshots • Autoplay mode for bowling and batting! • Electrifyingfielding withstunning diving catches & quick throws to surprisetheopponent. • 16 international teams. • Professional audiocommentary& ambient sounds for the ground • Intuitive battingcontrols& innovative bowling controls; Control the speed, lineandlength. Welcome to the most authentic, complete and surrealCricketexperience for Android smartphones and tablets – World ofCricket™.Play against the Premier international cricket teams fromacrossthe world! Use your cricket bat to smash & bash bigboundaries!This is a game built for you - the cricket fan! Playcricket withyour friends over the network or online with thousandsof playersfrom all over the world! You might be a big fan of tennisorfootball sports, you might even love basketball, but thiswillsurely make you feel like you’re playing the InternationalWorldChampion matches. Do you want a taste of real ultimate funofcricket? Download the game now for free!! The unlimitedcricketfever never stops!---------------------------------------------IMPORTANT CONSUMERINFORMATION: World of Cricket™ respects yourprivacy, does not storeany personal information and does not allowyou share thisinformation. We do require a few additionalPermissions to function:1) READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE &WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE For savingyour game progress, statistics,game assets, caching ads &offers 2) ACCESS_WIFI_STATE &ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE Thispermission is required to check internetconnectivity to downloadgame content. 3) RECORD_AUDIO: This isrequired to analyze offlineTV viewing data and servemedia-targeted ads. Granting thispermission is optional. If you'dlike to opt-out of this targeting,please visit the following link: Worldof Cricket™ is FREE to downloadand FREE to play. However, you canpurchase in-app items with realmoney to enhance your gameplay. Gamemay contain third-partyadvertisements that may redirect you to athird-party site.---------------------------------------------
Gujarat Lions 2017 T20 Cricket 1.0.52
Play as your favorite cricket team Gujarat Lions in PremierLeaguesand Indian Tournaments. Hit powerful Sixes, Fours andunleashPower-ups while Batting and Bowling your way to greatvictories andbecoming the Cup Winner in India.Based on the successof GujaratLions T20 Cricket Game with over 1 milliondownloadsEXCITINGMATCHUPS Live your cricket Dream in QUICK MATCH,CHALLENGES andTOURNAMENT modes.THRILLING CHALLENGESBecome aMatch-Winner bytaking on nail-biting match scenarios like 12 ball30 runsrequired. Compete to win in Beginner, Professional,World-Class andLegendary Challenges.LEGENDARY BATTINGEXPERIENCESChoose from awide variety of shots to play lofted or onthe ground, based on theball. Judge the direction of the deliveryand time your shotthrough the gaps on the field or over theboundary ropes withprecision. INGENIOUS BOWLING STRATEGIESSet theSpeed, Direction andSwing / Spin when bowling. Strategize eachdelivery by mixing yourpace, length of delivery and direction topick up wickets.AMAZINGPOWER-UPS Unleash Spring Bat, VampireBatsman and more Batsmanpower ups. Deliver SuperFast Ball, FireBall and more when bowling.FEATURES: • Simple play controls forbatting & bowling•Exciting Quick Match, Challenges andTournament Modes• ThrillingMatchups with popular Teams• AwesomePower-ups• Full 3D graphics,realistic animations batsman motion andball physics*Also optimizedfor tablet devicesThis game iscompletely free to download andplay. However, some game items canbe purchased with real moneywithin the game. You can restrictin-app purchases in your store’ssettings.* *Permissions:-READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For saving yourgame data & progress.-WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For saving yourgame data & progress
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World Cricket Battle 2 (WCB2) - Multiple Careers 2.1.7
World Cricket Battle 2 alias WCB2 is the mostadvancednext-generation 3D cricket game with real cricketsimulationexperience on the Android Platform. World Cricket Battle2 is areal treat to all Cricket Fans who want to try out a widerange ofWorld Cricket Championships including the most authentic MyCareerModes & Real-Time Cricket Batting Multiplayer!REAL-TIMEBATTING MULTIPLAYER Play against Real Opponents in WorldCricketBattle Real-Time Multiplayer mode. Play real battles in thePrivateRoom with your friends or play with a Random opponentthroughMatch-making. Enjoy the game with fun-filled emojis. No Botsareused! AUCTION MODE The much-awaited Premier League Cup AuctionModeis now available with express gameplay with an autoplayoption.MOST AUTHENTIC MULTIPLE MY CAREER MODES This mode gives youanopportunity to start your International Cricket Career inthevirtual game world. You will be starting your cricket careerinStreet Cricket matches and you will progress through variesstagesof Cricket Journey until you reach the retirement age! Ineverystage, you have to accomplish certain target scores andmilestonesto move forward. You will be made as your Cricket TeamCaptain atcertain stages and with your Cricket Captaincy Skills andsuccessrate, you can hold your captainship. UNIQUE & ADVANCEDGAMEPLAYUnlike other Cricket games, World Cricket Battle gives youthe BestCricket Experience with its advanced real-timedifficultyoptimization algorithm with which you cannot cheat the AIand alsohitting continuous sixes will not be easy. The gameplaydifficultywill be unpredictable throughout the game which makesevery match anail-biting match! RAIN & DUCKWORTH-LEWIS METHODFirst-EverMobile Cricket game to introduce this feature. As in reallifecricket, the weather changes are unpredictable and it can playthespoilsport anytime during the match. Here in World CricketBattle,you can choose to play in overcast mode to experience theRainInterruption and D/L method. TOURNAMENTS World Cricket Battlehas avariety of World Cricket Championships including the WorldCup, T20World Cup, Asia Cup, Premier Leagues including the IndianPremierLeague, Pakistan Super League, Bangladesh Premier League,Big BashCricket & Clash Of Fans. HIGHLIGHTS Third Umpire,DRS,Ultra-Edge Detection with Snickometer, Real Life WeatherChanges(Day, Afternoon, Evening, Dusk & Night), D/L Method,Sledging,Numerous Cut Scenes, Variety of Cameras including Batting&Bowling Pro Cam, Players Dressing Room, Change Bat during thegame,Hat/Cap change during gameplay, Drinks to boost battingpower,Commentary Box with Commentators, Cheer Leaders, Net Practice&Dream XI team with all Legendary players, Wagon Wheel,Hawk-Eye& Manual Field Setup. BEST GRAPHICS & ANIMATIONS60+BattingShot, 10 Different Bowling Action & Unique Face andPhysiquefor Top Players. We would need these permissions from ourusers toserve you better. GET_ACCOUNTS: This permission is requiredtoaccess Google Game Play Services to login.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGEand READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: We need thesepermissions to save andretrieve your gameplay. READ_PHONE_STATE: Weneed this permissionto serve you with relevant notifications onvarious updates andoffers instantly. ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: We needthis permission todetect your location so as to provideregion-specific content. GAMEREQUIREMENT Minimum 2GB RAM OS:Version 4.2 and above
World Cricket Indian T20 Live 2020
Cricket Game Play & Live Score Update in your hand!PresentingWorld Cricket T20 Live! The ultimate power-game to testyourcricketing skills! Pick your favorite Team and make them winI.P.Ltournament & champions trophy! Armed with a bat and alimitednumber of balls/overs, Time your strokes perfectly to makesureyour choice remains on the pitch for the longest! Stand up foryourTeam and make a difference as the audience hangs on to youreverymove. Whack sixes consecutively and see your best decisionclimbsthe global leader board charts! Are you ready to win theodicricket world cup and make history? Get World CricketIndianpremier league tournament from the Play Store now for FREE,and getready to take the cricket pitch by storm! OLINE MULTIPLAYERCRICKETGAME #MULTIPLAYER Enjoy playing against your opponentswithattacking shots. Choose your multiplayer room and play withworldwide opponent player. Make effective use of the controls toachievevictory for your multiplayer cricket tournament. Play DailyICCChampions Trophy 2017 Matches! #CT17 ICC ChampionsTrophytournament just got even better! Play against the top8International teams, including India,Pakistan,SouthAfrica,Bangladesh ,Australia ,New Zealand ,England and Sri Lanka!chooseyour favorite team and Bat & make a super six fromaggressivebowlers for all balls. "TO WIN THE ICC CHAMPIONS TROPHYFOR YOURTEAM" #ct'17 Play Daily I.P.L T20 Cricket Season 10Matches! #IPL2017 Indian premiere league tournament just got evenbetter! Playagainst the top 8 I.P.L teams,includingMumbai,Hyderabad,Kolkatta,Gujarat,Punjab,Pune,Bangaloreand Delhi!choose your favorite team and Bat & make a super sixfromaggressive bowlers for all balls. "TO WIN THE INDIANPREMIERELEAGUE FOR YOUR TEAM" #ipl'17 Support you team in LiveCricket#Live Match -> Watch & Support your team in LiveCricketStreaming -> Prediction for Live Cricket Match ->LiveCricket Score update & result in your hand -> Lookatupcoming Cricket Matches Schedule Unlimited Test Match! #TestMatchPlay against the top 14 International teams,includingIndia,Pakistan,South Africa, Bangladesh ,Australia ,NewZealand,England , Afghanistan,UAE,Scotland,WestIndies,Zimbabwe,Netherland and Sri Lanka! choose your favouriteteam and Bat &make a super six from aggressive bowlers for allballs. How toPlay: - Choose Your Favorite Team & Master Batsman- Take a batand hit to make all ball to boundaries - Chase thegiven targetruns using 20 balls and 10 wickets - Your score will beupdate toyour real favorite team in leader board. - Try to get yourteam ontop ranking. - Batsman + Bowlers + Wicket Keeper andFielders arevery important in cricket stadium World Cricket I.P.LT20 2017Features: - Live Cricket Score - Select Your Team of yourchoice! -Real-time lead stats of your Team! - Simple Game play -Real LiveI.P.L Session environment - Daily match: support your teamusingdaily match status game. Hit out or get out in the world’smostpopular cricket game. Like us & Get live cricketscore Thank you for yoursupportjoy2play
Jom Teka Teki 2 2.3
Sekuel kepada # No 1 Trivia Games - Jom Teka Teki diMalaysiaMencuba game ni jika anda berasa teka teki terlalusenang.Permainan ini khas untuk Malaysian kerana permainan inimenggunakanBahasa Melayu. Game ini mempunyai soalan yang memerlukanimaginasianda untuk mencari benda/jawapan daripada perkataan yangberkaitan.Logik, IQ, dan imaginasi akan dapat membantu anda,bolehkah andamenjawabkan semua soalan Jom Teka Teki 2? Jom mainlahbersama-samadengan kawan-kawan dan ahli keluarga! Buktikan andamempunyai otakyang cerdas. #jomtekateki #tekateki Emoji providedfree by
Cricket Unlimited 2017 4.8
A game created by Cricket fanatics…for Cricket fanatics. Playthebest cricket simulation game this season with the specialPremierLeague tournament mode!IMMERSIVE MODES OF CRICKET INTOURNAMENTS,ODI’s, T20’s & PREMIER LEAGUE WITH EXCITING POWERPLAY STYLES.If you want to spend hours and hours having fun,download CricketUnlimited 2017 and experience the best and havegreat fun withSimple and easy controls like tab, swipe in variousdirections,incredible game of cricket in tournaments, ODI’s, T20’sand PremierLeague with exciting power play styles.Play unlimitedCricket,Score Runs, Select Teams, Hit those Sixes, Don’t get caughtout,Dive and catch them out, Hat-trick the wickets, Hat-tricktheboundary shots! Stay on top of the game against others thatplayyou in the Tournaments. Be the Champion of Cricket with BattingandBowling and other fantastic mini game options.We have designedanamazingly simple gameplay, so that you can play with noproblems.The interface is simple and has easy control. One tab andswipe invarious directions of game play.Play unlimited Cricket.Score asmuch runs as possible and let your friend who is the best.We havea very big selection of professional cricket teams, Hitthose Sixesnow! Gear up for the greatest cricket simulation gameever created!Run as fast as possible and don’t let them get youcaught out,jump, dive and catch them out instantly, Hat-trick thewickets,Hat-trick the boundary shots! Stay on top of the gameagainstothers players in tournaments and defeat them. Be thecricketchampion of the world with batting and bowling and otherfantasticmini game options.This game is perfect for cricket lovers.DownloadThe Best 3D Cricket Action.As the brand new, redesigned andrebuiltofficial app of Cricket Unlimited (CU), Cricket Unlimited2017carries cricket right to your device. Select your team, battingandbowling order, numerous field placements and much more. Playandearn coins to unlock new modes and tournaments now!Gear up forthegreatest cricket simulation game ever created!MainFeatures*Exciting Premier League objectives.* Predict the winner inthePremier League matches and Win exciting prizes.* Enjoyfascinatingtournaments with 15 rounds of unlimited Fun.* LatestUpdatedPremier League teams.* Stunning camera angles that willimmerseyou.* Show your batting power by hitting up to 24 varietiesofshots including the Helicopter and the Scoop.* Encounter aplethoraof bowlers that give considerable challenge.* Enjoy Cricketin backand front view modes.* Look out for weekly tournaments withtons ofrewards.* Watch the cheerleaders dance to your win.* Enjoyversionswith immediate bug fixes.So what do you think you have theskillsto win the tournament? Are you ready to men up and playthisincredible sport? Happy Batting Happy CricketingGive us areviewand tell us what you think! We are always happy to hearyouall.Permissions Required: *GET_ACCOUNTS- GET_ACCOUNTThis istoverify if our user is synced with the Google account on mobile,andgenerate the key value for eachuser.*READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGEAdNetworkPermission*WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGEAdNetworkPermission*RECORD_AUDIOThis is required for Zapr SDK whichisintegrated with this app for the purposes of profiling thedeviceon media consumption and other device data and utilizing thesameto target relevant content and ads to the device("Services")pursuant to the terms and conditions of RBL Services("TermsofUse").*ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION/ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION/READ_PHONE_STATEThesepermissionsis needed to show suitable ad content for targeted userfor betterad experience
Cricket Career 2016 3.3
Over 4 Million Cricketers & Counting Get the most complete3dCricket gaming experience for free!Do you have it in you tobecomethe next Cricket Legend?Can you take on the best of bowlersandrise to the top in the Cricketing world? Do you want toexperiencewhat it takes to become a cricketing great?Do you want tolive thelife of a Cricket Superstar?Play alongside InternationalBattingsensation Murali Vijay who will guide you throughout yourcareerand hear the action packed commentary by Former IndianCricketCaptain Kris Srikkanth while you dazzle the crowds instadiumsacross the globe. Cricket career 2016 by Zealcity studiosis areal-time 3d cricket career simulation game that will allow youtostart your cricket career from any of the 10 nations and over300teams across domestic leagues globally.Take the role of anupcomingCricket batsman, create your own avatar and bat your way tothe topof the cricket world. Start from scratch, build yourreputationwith the bat and live the dream of a cricket superstar.RecommendedDevice requirements:Cricket Career 2016 is a 3dsimulation and thusthe following are the recommended devices to runthe game smoothly-2GB RAM with at least 90mb free space. Superior3d experienceCricket career 2016 is a 3d experience that will keepyou wantingto score more. Play with the most authentic 3d motioncapturedstrokes from the likes of International Batting sensationMuraliVijay. Play in empty cricket grounds to packed stadiums asyou moveup the ladder in your cricket career. Live the dream Startyourcareer from scratch and become a cricket superstar. Score runs,getto the top of the cricket world and live the dream as acricketstar. Exciting Season System Our unique season systemwhichcontains world cups, T20 leagues and domestic competitionsthatwill push your batting skills to the limits. Make sure you stayfitand in form as a gruelling season that will test even the bestofplayers. More features • International Batting sensationMuraliVijay will play alongside and help you become a Cricket superstar•Most engaging 3d cricket gaming experience for smart phonesandtablets • Beautiful cut scenes that will make yourgamingexperience more immersive • Never seen before career modethat willtest even the best of players • Beautiful Motion capturedshots ofMurali Vijay to make your batting as realistic as possible• Over30 cricket stadiums across the globe, you can start from anynationof your choice • Take part in the IPL, Big bash and othert-20leagues (more leagues will get added shortly)• Commentary byFormerIndian cricket captain Kris Srikkanth • Become the darling ofyourfans and build a brand for yourself• Attract sponsors and earnbigmoney to live the life of a cricket superstar • Buy Luxuryitemslike Villas and Cars and live the life of a Cricket super star•Upgrade your kits to hit the balls right out of the stadiums•Trainand practice harder to make it to the top in world cricket •Startfrom the bottom in league cricket and build your name byscoringruns at every level • Negotiate with the best teams andbecome themost paid cricketer in the world • More exciting updateshave beenplanned for the future These are what some of ourCricketers aresaying “Best in gaming Awesome game” suresh.s“Bestcricket game appin the play store !!” -Ajith“Wonderful cricketcareer game outthere”.- Asher“Probably the best cricket game in theplay store” -Vignesh“One of the best Cricket games out there” -Qamar s"The bestCricket game that has ever been made for Mobiles"-AdityaWe dorealise there are a few short comings but give us timeand we willbe adding more new features that will make your cricketgamingexperience unforgettable. For More information, please visitus or consider following us orjoin us @ google+ from here
Street Cricket 4.3
The rough play, the dust, the nostalgia of cricket in yourowngully; that is what Street Cricket is all about! In thisversionthe rules are modified to suit the ground situation whilethe usualexcitement of the game remains intact.Overs:You can play5,10 overmatch.Toss: By winning the toss you have the option to bator bowlfirst.Your Team:There are five players to a team. Batsmenarepredefined but you can select your bowlers from theplayersavailable. After finishing one game you can startanother.How toScore:You can score single runs by running betweenthe wicketIf youhit over the building you score 2 runsIf you hitthe wall you score1 run**Following software and hardwarerequirement is needed forbetter game play, - Android OS 2.0 orlater - Device powered by anARMv7 (Cortex family) CPU - GPU supportfor OpenGLES 2.0 isrecommended
WorldCup Top Cricket Game England, ODI 1.1
Enjoy the India vs Newzeland cricket series game. Top cricketgameis one of the best ever in the cricket games.Play our gameandenter into new cricket world.Taste the success of team workwiththe all new Gangs of Cricket! Play tournaments for unlimitedfun,Win matches and go up the leader board to meet a lot championslikeyou! Beware of real cricket games as top cricket is the onlyrealcricket game. Game Features: Full 3D graphics AmazinganimationsRealistic physics. The Game has 2 Modes Challange Modewhere youhave to complete different chalanges Worldcup mode Hereyou have tocompete the top 14 toughest teams in the world.
com.mobicloud.worldcricket2017 2.5
Experience the best cricket game in full HD 3D graphics. FullGameFeatures: - Full 3D graphics with realistic animations andballphysics. - Simple pick up and play controls for batting&bowling. - Eight world class international teams to choosefrom! -TV Broadcast style cameras! - Watch the cheerleaders danceto yourshots and wickets! - different batting shots and 8differentbowling actions - Enjoy the Tournament Mode for free!-Electrifying fielding with stunning diving catches &quickthrows to surprise the opponent. - Challenging AI opponentTopTrending App on Google play store This app offers in-apppurchases.Add in Game Desctiption *Permissions: To deliver thebestexperience we would need some permissions from ourusers:ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION: We need this permission to detectyourlocation so as to provide region specific content as wellasanalyze your regions needs and feedback better.
com.nautilus.clt20league 1.0.6
Compete with the best T20 teams in Cricket's PremierT20competition! Choose your favorite T20 side and face up againstthewinners of T20 tournaments around the World. CHAMPIONSLEAGUECRICKET - Be part of the Biggest T20 cricket Tournament. -Guideyour team to success - Best of all, Play it for FREE! AMAZINGNEWLOOK INTERFACE - Stunning menus and user interface BE STRIKINGWITHAUTHENTIC CRICKET EQUIPMENT - Authentic Cricket equipmentprovidedby legendary manufacturers – Gray-Nicolls and SS Cricket.CRICKETAT ITS PARAMOUNT - Full user control on team selection,batting andbowling order, 15 fields placements to choose from andmuch moreTRADEMARK REAL CRICKET STYLE - Be part of the experiencethat over2 million users around the world love! Would you pick anyof thesuper rich IPL franchises or would you rather take yourregionalT20 heroes to Champions League Glory!
Super Cricket T20 (Free Cricket Game 2018) 1.2
Qurious Games
Cricket App is one of the most exciting games played amongselectednations in the world. However, T20 cricket game is almostareligion in Asia wherein people are very emotional about thegameand best android cricket game.Cricket T20 is played indifferentformats like Tests which are played for 5 days, ODIs (OneDayInternational) and 20/20 Best android Cricket Free Game Appwhichare merely a 20-over match with both sides playing 20 overseachjust as T20.Qurious Media has endeavored to present SuperCricketT20 app your reliable source for all the Game action onyourAndroid device. The essence of this best new cricket game isspicedup with classy graphics, easy-of-use and sophistication.Engagingmenus, interesting formats and perceptive programming makesthisgame all the more thrilling with ease of controls like, justtapthe screen at the perfect time to bat and score maximumruns.Cricket fever is for all the series is gripping the T20Cricketlovers. And this game will allow you to fulfill all ofyourcricketing madness into an action-packed game. Enjoy hoursofnonstop game play and absolute fun with best cricket appSuperCricket T20 !Download best cricket game that offers loadsofentertaining innings in 5 different modes.★ Premier LeagueMatches– Do you wait whole year for this season to begin? In thisversionof 20/20 there are eight official teams, Choose yourfavorite teamand guide them to victory for the covetedtrophy!★World Cup (CWC) –One of the greatest of all cricketingevents, CWC is full of actionand drama. Pick your team and walkonto the pitch to take yourplace in front of the stumps. You willbe batting, while a playeron the opposite team will be bowling. So,brace yourselves, competewith the best cricket app download free.★Challenge – Rise up tothe challenge and make the most of it.Challenge your opponent, setthe target for e.g. 10 balls 23 runsovercome it and smash your wayto be the winner.★ Knockout – Strikewith expertise to achieve thehighest number of runs in the singlewicket format.★ Practice –Practice makes a man perfect. Rehearseyour shots to perfectionbefore playing the actual T20 match or CWCmatch with no limit tonumber of lives.Key Features:★ Daily Rewards– Collect free runsdaily which will eventually be added to thetotal score earned fromthe various formats you played in thiscricket app.★ GlobalLeaderboard – In this app you can compete withthe other playersand earn the distinction of being on the GlobalLeaderboard.★ DailyLeaderboard – Be on the leaderboard on daily orpermanent basiswith other players placed in descending orderaccording to runsscored by them. This leaderboard can be resetevery 24 hours.★Permanent Leaderboard – Earn a permanent place onthe PermanentLeaderboard by hitting the highest ever score.Moreover, there isno reset for this leaderboard.★ Career Statistics– You can putyour career statistics like highest score, strikerate, centuries,50s and much more. Furthermore, upload yourphotograph or choosethe default avatar.Website:
Cricket MoM - The World Champion 1.36
Cricket MoM by Creative Monkey Games is the most advanced 3DCricketCareer Game developed for Hard-core Cricket Fans! Being"Man of theMatch (MoM)" is the proud moment for every cricketerand Cricket MoMwill put you in the shoes of those batsmen who haveto win matchesfor their team. Play T20 tournaments or WorldChampionship Cups likeWorld Cup / Premier League Cup and take yourteam towardsVictory.Being a Cricket lover you can now play as yourfavouriteCricket Star and Win matches and tournaments for yourfavouriteteam. With your extraordinary batting skills chase hugetargets andwin matches for your team and experience the MAN OF THEMATCHmoment! UNIQUE GAMEPLAYUnlike other Cricket games, CricketMoM has aUnique Gameplay. You need to unlock a favourite playerfrom yourfavourite team and you will play as that playerthroughout thematch/tournament. While you are batting, a BOT willplay alongsideas your Batting partner. Brilliant, isn’t it?MULTI-CAREER MODEYoucan unlock multiple players from multipleteams and can play for allyour favourite players. Individual Trackrecords of each player willbe available for you which makes thisgame as the Best CricketCareer game.GRAPHICS AND ANIMATIONSCricketMoM has the Best EverGraphics and Animation for Mobile Platformswith Unique Player Facesand Sporty Jerseys. Stadiums are sorealistic which looks awesome inboth Day and Night modes. NumerousBatting shots including Frontfoot, Back foot, Down the track,Helicopter shot, Dil-Scoop,Uper-Cut and few Unorthodox shots etc.and realistic bowling &fielding animations along with engagingcut scenes withscintillating actions gives you Real Cricketexperience. Firstmobile game to feature most engaging PresentationCeremony!FULLGAMEOf course, other than individual cricket careerthere is anoption to play for entire team like usual Cricketgames!REALISTICPHYSICSWe have brought the most realistic and exactCricketSimulation to your Mobile phones! Also our Cricket enginehas themost precise batting shot accuracy and hit direction. Soplaying agap shot cannot be easier than this!TOURNAMENTSWorld Cup,T20Championship and Premier League CupTEAMS20 One DayInternational and8 Domestic Cricket playing teamsOTHER FEATURES#Supports bothPortrait and Landscape Modes.# Real-Time ProfessionalEnglishCommentary# Normal and Hard Mode# Smooth and AdvancedCricketGameplay# Easy Bowling Controls with 3D Swing Predictor#FieldChange Editor# Auto Saved Game Progress# Revive Players byWatchingVideo or using Diamonds# Individual Player Track Recordalong withYour Statistics (Matches Played, Won, Runs Scored, 50s,100s, 200s,MOM awards, Avg. Strike Rate)# Over throws# LEDStumpsHOW TO PLAY?1.First Unlock Player of your choice with givenGEMS2. Play well foryour selected "YOU" Player and score highestruns and take your teamto victory.3. Receive MoM (Man of theMatch) award along with GEMS& COINS as additional reward.4.Using GEMS you can UNLOCK NEWPLAYERS and using COINS you canunlock OVERS, NIGHT MODE, STADIUMS,TOURNAMENTS and also BAT FOROTHER PLAYERS IN YOUR TEAM.Follow us onfacebook for moreupdates:
Cricket World Cup Game 1.6
Welcome to the Next Generation in Mobile Cricket Gaming!Everycricket lover can now have the most advanced 3D free mobilecricketgame at the palm of their hands! You can play the maximumnumber ofcricket shots including the famous Dil scoop shot, theHelicoptershot and the Upper-Cut shot! Cricket World Cup Game builtfor youthe cricket fan! You have loads to look forward to! Youcancustomize your players and cheer you team with customizedbanners!Cricket World Cup Championship has features that makes itthe mostthe most dynamic and versatile game in the world of mobilecricket.Be prepared for insane fun!!New Cricket World Cup freegamelaunched! Experience our first ever cricket game!Taste thesuccessof team work with the all new Gangs of Cricket! Play againstthebest cricket teams from across the world! Use your cricket battosmash boundaries!"Cricket World Cup 2017 Game" is the mostcompletecricket game for your Phone. Play with your favouritecricketnational team in 4 exciting modes of play - "QuickMatch","PowerPlay" “World Cup” and the turn based styled"Pass-N-Play"modes. Experience the world free game of cricket in"Full HD"graphics. You can play the game in the standard One-day orTestmatch cricket rules. World Cricket Championship just gotevenbetter!Complete your quest of winning these prestigioustournamentsagainst some of the toughest competition in the world!.You havechoice to play each tournament using just Batting or bothBatting& Bowling modes. Enjoy the Cricket World Cup Tournamentforfree! Cricket World Cup fever free game is here! DownloadCricketWorld Cup Game to feel the heat and experience the passionsoffamous cricket world cup game.Play free tournaments forunlimitedfun, Win matches and go up the leader board to meet a lotchampionslike you! 4 Different Modes of game play: Net Practice,TournamentMode, Super Over Mode and Challenge Mode.Download FreeCricketWorld Cup Game to play multiple cricket related games.Practicevarious bowling styles: Fast, Medium, Off Spin and Leg SpinagainstLeft Hand and Right Hand batsmen. Spinner, Fast and MediumPacerBowling Options to change your bowling strategy during thematch.Knock the ball out of the park with a range of Power-ShotslikeHelicopter Shot, Dilscoop, Square Cut, Paddle Shot, ReverseSweepand many more!Simple pick up and play controls for batting&bowling. Unique touch based controls for "Batting" allowingtheplayer to hit the ball in any direction. Its time to warm upforthe T20 World Cup Series! Download Cricket World Cup Free Game2017now !Play the pack of 3 cricket games in the world:- WorldCricketChampionship- World Premier League- Super FantasyCricketLeagueTournament Mode: Play 6 formats of T20 tournaments!a)WorldCup 2017b) Tri-Seriesc) Premier Knockoutd) Champions Cupe)PowerCupf) Asia Cup 2017Features✔ Simple game play. ✔ Twodifferentbatting controls (Classic & Pro)✔ Batting Timing Meterto timeyour lofted shots. ✔ Two different batting camerasettings(Bowler’s end & Batsman’s end)✔ New fielding, umpire,tossanimations and 26 new batting shots ✔ Time your shots, playwith oragainst the spin. ✔ Full user control on changing batting&bowling order. ✔ Dominate your opponents using your PowerShots andWIN every match! ✔ They are armed with wide range ofcricketshots.✔ Earn FREE PowerShots by playing this mode and winalltournaments.✔ 4 tournaments including World Cup, World T20Cup,Blitz Tournament and ODI Series. ✔ Quick play and alltournamentswith LED stumps✔ 69 different batting shots and 8different bowlingactions✔ A dynamic bowling system ensures that notwo matches arealike! ✔ 3D Wagon wheel with dynamic game data✔ Over40+ in-gamecamera anglesDownload Cricket World Cup Game while it'sFREE!
Smash Cricket 1.0.21
Worlds Best Live Cricket GameBattle your Friends and win theWorldCup in SMASH CRICKET LIVE 16 the best cricket T20 game on theplaystore.⦿ Free to play: Download now and play this bestcricketgame!⦿ Play Friends Online: Battle Friends Live Online andBecomeWorld Champion. ⦿ Offline Mode: Play Smash Cricketanywhereanytime! You don't need an internet connection.⦿ Super 3Dgraphics:Play Smash Cricket in Full HD 3D.Smashing Features:⦿ WorldCupDefeat India, Sri Lanka, Australia and Pakistan to becomeworldchampion!⦿ Online War Super Showdown! Play against friendsorenemies in live online matches.⦿ Dream Teams Over 40 realcricketbatsmen and bowlers to collect and manage.⦿ 6 Cups to WinWorld Cup2015, Premier League, Super Series, Champions Cup,Challengers Cup,and World Cup 2019!⦿ Real physics Protect yourwickets withRealistic bat physics and ball movements.⦿ UpgradeTrain andupgrade your team to become better, faster, stronger!Smashharder!⦿ 6 Unique Game Modes Chase Down, Friendly, World Cup,LimitOvers, Challenge, and Online mode!⦿ Level up Smash sixes andwingames to level up. Unlock new Modes and Cricketers!⦿ HD SoundFeellike a real cricket player as the crowd cheers and reacts toyourevery move.The objective in Smash Cricket is to score as manyrunsas you can in a set number of overs. To win you must watch theballdelivery carefully and tap the left/right swing buttons atrighttiming to score runs. In online mode you play live with anopponentin a race to the top score in four overs.6 Unique GameModes⦿Challenge Mode Beat over 100 unique challenges for bigrewards!⦿Friendly Select your difficulty and play a friendly game.⦿ LimitOvers Play Twenty20, international cricket andeverythingin-between! ⦿ Chase Down Play with an All Star team tochase ascore.⦿ World Cup Battle world famous teams from India, SriLanka,Australia and Pakistan to become champion⦿ Online WarBattleFriends online in a live cricket match! Coming soon:⦿ FriendandGlobal Leaderboards Compete with Cricket players locally andfromall over the world for high scores. ⦿ More Challenges Newballtypes and targets to learn and master.⦿ New game modes WorldCupmode, Championship mode, Premier league, Twenty 20 andSmashChallenges. Smash On!Reach UsTo report any issues with usageorjust to share feedback and tell us how we can improve,
Nikhil Suresh
SUPER CRICKET 2 is the high-definition sequel to the fastestcricketgame on Android! The same quick-thinking, fast-pacedcricketgameplay is now in 3D, with new challenges to match. - 360degreeshot selection: Now you can choose exactly where you want toplayyour shots. No more 'left-right' rubbish! - Multipledifficultymodes let you decide the challenge you want to setyourself. -Google Play Games enabled Leaderboards and Achievementslet youchallenge your friends or the world. - Free-to-play withnopay-to-win means you get all the content for free and cansimplyunlock items by playing the game! - All updates are free,with newmodes like the Indian Premier League (IPL), Ashes,WorldChampionship, World T20 and others coming soon! Join theFacebookpage for details on new releases andupdates:
Cricket Play 3D: Live The Game 1.56
Moong Labs
The premier game of Cricket is on the verge of anEpicBattle!Presenting Cricket Play 3D, a top class cricket gamewhichhas all the thrills, excitement & power pack action ofrealtime cricket.Specially designed game for android mobilesandtablets that gives you the best experience of playing cricketonthe go!This T-20 cricket league season bring out thepassionatecricketer inside you, live your dreams and come outasCHAMPIONS!INTRODUCING BOWLING MODEOn popular demand from allthecricket fans, we have introduced full scale bowlingmode.ExperienceFull Match with batting and bowling mode innings.INNOVATIONSHOTSPlay the full repertoire of exciting cricket shotslike“Helicopter Shot”, “Upper Cut” and “Scoop Shot” TOPCRICKETTEAMSPlay with only the BEST CRICKET TEAMS in the WORLD –INDIA,AUSTRALIA, ENGLAND, PAKISTAN, SRI LANKA, SOUTH AFRICA, WESTINDIESand BANGLADESHRelive the intense arch rivalry of India vs.Pakistan& Australia vs. England matches and other big clasheslikeIndia vs. England & India vs. AustraliaREAL SHOTPLAYFEELExperience the REAL POWER of SHOTS as you HIT THE BALL outofthe stadium through real time vibration feedback.FULL HD3DGRAPHICSExperience the amazing high quality cricket game in FullHD3D graphicsAmazing Live TV streaming style rotating 3DCAMERAVIEWSMULTI MODE SELECTIONPlay with your favorite team inQuickMatch, T-20 and ODI (One Day International)modeSHOTSSELECTIONExperience full range of batting shots and superbballphysicsREALISTIC 3D ANIMATIONFeel the full 3D animationsofbatsman, bowler, fielder and umpire.FULL ON POWER PLAYHit theballstraight out into the crowd using Power Shot button.GAMEPLAYSETTINGSChoose between intuitive swipe mode and easy to usetouchpad mode. Advance users can also choose to enable batsmanmovementthrough assist settings.BONUS!!!On popular demand the 50-50ODI& T20 Challenge are absolutely FREE to play now!PLEASENOTE:Cricket Play 3D is completely free to play, but some of thein-gameitems will require real money payment for purchase. If youdo notwish to use this feature, please set up password protectionforpurchases in the settings of your Google Play Store app.
App For Children - Kids games 1, 2, 3, 4 years old
- A free game for kids 1-5 years old! Welcome to App For Children-a fun game for kids 1, 2, 3 and 4 years old! App ForChildrencontains a total of 8 games and 8 jigsaw puzzles - all inone appand optimized for both boys and girls. App For Children is afreekids game. The puzzles and games contain over 100 funanimations ofcars, fire trucks, buses, police cars, trains and muchmore. When apuzzle is completed it turns into a fun andentertaining game forkids. The interface of the app has beenoptimized to suit toddlersand children 1 year, 2 years, 3 years and4 years old. The appcontains the following kids games: - Build acar - Train - Icecream truck - Police car - My first boat -Airplane - Fire truckadventure - Truck driver Games for kids are agreat way forchildren and parents to have a fun time together,while learningabout cars, trains and puzzles. Toddlers quicklylearn to use AppFor Children by themselves. All the puzzles aim totrain yourchild's logical thinking as well as being really funandentertaining. LOTS OF PUZZLES & GAMES This free game forkidscontains 8 games and 8 jigsaw puzzles. The games containcars,trains, police cars and other fun items and has beenequallycreated for boys and girls. CAREFULLY TESTED App ForChildren hasbeen tested by boys and girls of 1, 2, 3 and 4 yearsold. We thinkit is important that all kids games are tested onchildren duringdevelopment. KEY FEATURES - Free kids games -Puzzles and soundsspecifically chosen for kids and toddlers - Theapp suits both boysand girls - Cars, police cars, trains, buses andmuch more - Freeto download - Aimed at toddlers 1, 2, 3 and 4 yearsold. App ForChildren is brought to you by Tappy Happy, creators offun apps andgames for kids 1, 2, 3 and 4 years old. All our kidsgames are freeand tailored to both boys and girls.
T20 Cricket Game 2017 1.0.16
Experience the game in different modes!T20 CRICKET 2017 MODEBeapart of a world class series with the all enthrallingTournamentMode - Experience the passion, walk down the pitch to abillioncheers and play the larger than life T20 CRICKET 2017.CHALLENGEMODETake on new tests in Challenge Mode - Play and guideyour teamto victory while batting or bowling through gruelingrounds ofintense cricketing action. Unlock each challenge bytesting yourskills in batting or bowling.QUICK MATCH MODEPlay itfast in QuickMatch Mode - Select your favorite team and playagainst opponentswho are fighting for the title.HIGHLIGHTS- Choosefrom 12 teams-Play in Auto and manual batting modes- WatchCheerleaders dance toyour shots and wickets- Simple touch controlsto bat and bowl-Tutorial section included teaching step by stepbatting and bowlingcontrols of the gameBe the one for whom a nationcheers!Downloadnow to live the experience!* *Permissions:-READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE:For saving your game data & progress.-WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE:For saving your game data & progress
Cricket WorldCup Game Pak vs NZ Series 1.1
Complete your quest of winning these prestigious tournamentsagainstsome of the toughest competition in the world! Play againstthe bestcricket teams from across the world! Use your cricket batto smashboundaries!Select your teams from India , Pakistan ,Bangladesh ,Sri Lanka , Australia , England , West Indies , SouthAfrica ,NewZealand , Nepal and Afghanistan and play all tournamentlike worldcup , champions trophy and t20 cricket world cupwithbest teams andplayerGame Features:Full 3D graphics with realisticanimations andball physics.The Game has 3 ModesChallange Modewhere you have tocomplete different chalangesHigh Score Mode Hereyou can score asmany rus if you have good skills so make your bestscorehere.Worldcup mode Here you have to compete the top toughestteamsin the world.
Gujarat Lions T20 Cricket Game 2.0.56
Get ready for intense T20 Cricket Matches as you play withyourfavorite team Intex Gujarat Lions in Premier Tournaments andtheIndian League. Blast Sixes, Fours and unleash Power-upswhileBatting and Bowling your way to great victories and becomingtheCup Winner in India.EXCITING MATCHUPSLive your cricket DreaminQUICK MATCH and TOURNAMENT modes.MASTER-CLASSBATTINGEXPERIENCEWalk on to the Pitch and choose from a widevariety ofshots to play lofted or on the ground, based on the ball.Judge thedirection of the delivery and TIME YOUR SHOT through thegaps onthe field or over the boundary ropes with precision. CLEVERBOWLINGSTRATEGIESSet the SPEED, DIRECTION and SWING / Spin whenbowling.Strategize each delivery by mixing your pace, length ofdeliveryand direction to pick up wickets.AMAZING POWER-UPS UnleashSpringBat, Vampire Bat and more Batsman power ups. DeliverSuperFastBall, Fire Ball and more when bowling. FEATURES: • Simpleplaycontrols for batting & bowling• Exciting Quick MatchandTournament Modes• Thrilling Matchups with popular IndianLeagueTeams• Awesome Power-ups• Full 3D graphics, realisticanimationsbatsman motion and ball physics*Also optimized fortabletdevicesThis game is completely free to download and play.However,some game items can be purchased with real money within thegame.You can restrict in-app purchases in your store’ssettings.**Permissions:- READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For saving yourgame data& progress.- WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: For saving yourgame data& progress 6.9.0
Play t20 real top cricket games of 2018 and 2019 free liveonlinewith your friends/family with HD 3D top cricket gamegraphics.Select your cricket team from India Pakistan BangladeshSri LankaAustralia England or any other top cricket team and playt20, ODI,one day and test cricket free and improve your cricketskills usingthese top best real 3d cricket games. T20 Cricket GamesNew HD 3Dhas all collection of customized tournaments of t20cricket worldcup live game, ipl 2019 t20 real cricket games 3d,bpl, star sportslive online, live psl t20 cricket game, ptv sportslive cricketgame, champions trophy 2019 and ind vs pak t20 cricketgame offlinematches. You can also play online and offline livecricket gamesand challenge your friends/family for live onlinegames with 3g 4ginternet connection.
com.bigfreegames.real.cricket2018 2.1
Play the new generation mobile cricket game with lot ofchallengesand championship for all cricket lovers. This is anadvance cricketgame with great cricket world features and mobilecricket fun. Trydifferent batting shots with perfect battingcontrols and animationonly in this cricket game on android. It'stime for all our cricketchamps to get ready and enjoy T20 matcheswith internationalstandards and team. You can also play 50 oversmatch or any otherformat of your choice as per your requirement.Try an intensivecricketing experience an advance cricket, battingshots, multiplecamera angles, customized teams and players. You canhit fours andsix as game progress & once you become controlsfriendly.Challenge and win the world cup - Test your skills andstick toyour fierce batting style throughout the tournament. Wholeworld iswatching you - Can you become an international player andknock outall the bowlers on field? Then, Let's play!
Gully Cricket Game - 2019 1.9
Get back to real street cricket fun with Gully Cricketgame!Games2win brings you the popular Indian gully cricket onmobile forthe first time! Warm up for the T20 World Series byplaying cricketin your own Gully! Play more than 100 differentmatches in realIndian gullys. Break neighbor’s window panes and carwindshields,hit passing auto rickshaws, Golawala, Kapuswala(cottoncardner),knock down the milkman, etc. like in a real gullycricketmatch. Choose your own team combination and manage thebattingorder to blast your rival teams! Select your bats, balls andstumpscarefully to make sure you win all 100 + matches! 3 MassiveGameModes: Arcade Mode, Tournament Mode and Gully Ka Raja: 1.ArcadeMode: a) 5 Wickets - 30 Balls: Play your best in 30 balls andgetto the top of the leaderboard by scoring your best. b) OneWicket -Unlimited Balls: Can you stay unbeaten and score your best?Testyour cricket playing skills in this challenging mode.2.TournamentMode: 15 different Tournaments to be won: Play againstvariousteams in and around your gully. Earn coins by winningmatches.Upgrade your bat, ball and stumps to play with the bestcombinationand win against tough opponent teams. 3.Gully Ka Raja:Beat 15different teams and conquer 3 different Gullys. These teamswillcome back and keep challenging you even after you haveconqueredthe gully. So, you have to always keep winning to be theRaja ofthese Gullys. Let’s see who can remain the undisputed Kinghere!GULLY CRICKET FEATURES: - Simple gameplay - More than 130Matchesto be won in Tournaments and Gully ka Raja modes - Lots ofrealfunny moments to look out for - Swipe to hit straight downtheground, or play the ball on the off side or leg side - Timeyourshots; play with or against the spin - Dominate youropponentsusing your best team combinations and WIN every match! -Completethe daily challenges to earn more coins - A dynamic bowlingsystemensures that no two matches are alike! - Knock the ball outof thegully by upgrading your bat and ball - Great graphicsandanimations - Authentic Gully Cricket scenarios to play in -Recordyour own Career Stats - Play as a captain and manage your ownteam- Also contact your Umpire secretly for important matches toensurea Win! ;-) - Play with mobile volume ON to experience thenostalgicGully Cricket matches you have played. - Win matches andcompeteagainst your friends on the Leaderboard. This app requiresthefollowing permissions : * ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION : Thispermissionsis required by ad networks. Please note that we useAdvertising IDfor serving better ads and improving the productthrough Analytics.About Games2win: Games2Win is a fun company thatbelieves increating amazing and enjoyable games for all ages. Wehave over800+ proprietary games that are available both online andonmobile. Some of our smash hit games are Parking Frenzy, SuperHighSchool Bus Driving Simulator 3D 2019, InternationalFashionStylist: Model Design Studio, Driving Academy 2: Car Games&Driving School 2019, City Car Driving & Parking SchoolTestSimulator and Driving Academy - Car School Driver Simulator2019.Currently, our company boasts of more than 220+ millionappdownloads and 13+ million gamers a month. And this is justthebeginning!  Contact us at foranyproblems you may have with Gully Cricket. VISITUS: FOLLOW US: PrivacyPolicy:
India vs Pakistan 1.3
Are you ready to face the biggest sports rivalry of all times?It’sIndia vs Pakistan - a game charged with high pressure andhysteria!From the makers of successful games like Power Cricket T20andWorld Cricket Champs, comes another fiery game - India vsPakistan2016. Choose your team, India or Pakistan, and challengethe restof the world.Blast the fours and sixes to dominate theopponents.Hit the popular helicopter and sweep shots to help yourteam claimthe big win. Battle the ultimate rivals on home groundandinternational tours. Bat in the most thrilling matchesincludingWorld Cups played in the last 4 decades. Knock outstandinginningsand become a world-wide legend. The game also includes50challenges, and as you win, FREE PowerShots.Keep yourwinningstreak going! Download India vs Pakistan 2016 for FREE fromGooglePlay Store.India vs Pakistan Features: - Choose your favoriteteam– India or Pakistan – and play against the rest of the world!-Takeon your opponent in 100 grueling matches.- Play 50additionallevels in Challenge Mode. And as you win the challenges,earn FREEPowerShots.- Recreate iconic victories in World Cup andotherlegendary matches. - Outshine on home ground and tours –UAE,Canada and others. - Face superb bowling - Fast, MediumPace,Leg-Spin, Off-Spin and Swing. - Use Power Shots and shocktheopponents. - Play under Day & Night light conditions. Thisapprequires the following permission:* ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION :Thispermission is required by Ad networks.India vs Pakistangamerequires RECORD_AUDIO: This is required for Zapr SDK whichisintegrated within this app to analyze offline TV viewing dataandserve media-targeted ads. If you would like to opt-out ofthistargeting, please visit the followinglink: note that we useAdvertising IDfor serving better ads and improving the productthroughAnalyticsAbout Games2win:Games2Win is a fun company thatbelievesin creating amazing and enjoyable games for all ages. Wehave over800+ proprietary games that are available both online andonmobile.Some of our smash hit games are Parking Frenzy, StarFashionDesigner, Fashion Diva, Power Cricket T20 and BFF HighSchoolFashion. Currently, our company boasts of more than 120+millionapp downloads and 9 million gamers a month. And this is justthebeginningVISIT US: http://games2win.comLIKEUS: us atandroidapps@games2win.comfor any problems you may have with Indiavs Pakistan.PrivacyPolicy:
Stick Cricket 2.7.8
Hit out or get out in the world’s most popular cricket game,StickCricket®! Easy to play yet hard to master, Stick Cricketoffers youthe chance to: DOMINATE THE WORLD From minnows to moderndaymasters, only a Stick Cricket legend can successfully unlockandconquer all 14 countries en route to World Domination. WINTHEWORLD CUP The most coveted silverware in cricket is up forgrabswhen you unlock this mode. Do you have what it takes to becomeanational hero? SLOG THE STARS FOR SIX Pad up for yourcountryagainst the greats in All Star Slog. If their reputationdoesn’tscare you, their fierce bouncers might! WIN THE WORLD T2 16teamsbattle it out in Bangladesh in an exhilarating two-overtournamenttussle. HUMILIATE YOUR MATES Take on your friends viaBluetooth inthe ultimate battle for bragging rights. Pro Packunlock required.TEST YOUR SKILL Get your eye in with a net sessionat the Academy,or take a skill test to improve your technique.TRACK YOUR STATSLook back at all the carnage you’ve caused! Justmake sure yourcareer run rate is more like Botham than Boycott. ---StickCricket, a title of “legendary status” (Pocket-Lint),boasts“hellishly addictive” gameplay (Gizmodo) and is “like seeingtheworld through Chris Gayle’s eyes” (Sport Magazine). Bydownloadingthis app you are accepting ourEULA: Important message:Thisgame includes in-app purchases.
T20 Cricket Games ipl 2018 3D 1.7
Play new live cricket games ipl t20 2018, and cricket world cupwithyour friends online. T20 Cricket Games ipl 2018 3D app has newfreet20 real cricket games HD 3D from 2016 to 2018 in one app foryourandroid mobile and tablet. You can play new t20 top cricketgamesfree with hd 3d graphics from 2016 to 2018. For ipl t20crickettournament you can select any ipl real cricket team,whereas for t20cricket world cup you can select your team fromIndia , Pakistan ,Bangladesh , Sri Lanka , Australia , England ,West Indies , SouthAfrica , New Zealand , Nepal and Afghanistanand play all tournamentlike world cup , champions trophy and t20cricket world cup, ipl t202018 and customize leagues matches withbest teams and player. Youcan also play real live online cricketgame with your friends withonline t20 cricket game live andchallenge your friends. For onlinereal cricket game you will need3g 4g or wifi internet connectionand you don't need internet foroffline cricket game.
Women's Cricket World Cup 2017 1.0.3
We bring to you Women’s Cricket World Cup 2017, the World’s#1Women’s Cricket Mobile Game. Watch dashing & bold womenbatwith elegance, bowl with precision & field with grace.Comeexperience the action and play to be the world champion of2017.Download this for best cricket game experience in 3D. Playwith theTop 8 international teams in Women’s Cricket across 4differentgame modes in up to 50 overs match to become the ultimatecricketchampion. Feel the stadium come alive in close encounterswithstunning graphics and real-life animations as you hit massivesixesand bowl out Top batsmen. Our Ever-Expanding Feature List: •Playthe 2017 World Cup & Win • Play as your favoriteinternationalcricket team • Choose from four unique gamemodes/formats •Customize your game length by choosing from a 3overs to 50 oversmatch. • Beat competitive opponents against aChallenging AI •Boost your experience with simple controls, easygameplay. • Enjoythe Ultra-smooth batting, bowling & fieldinganimations for anenhanced sporting experience. • Hit bowlers forfours and sixes allover the park. • Exciting in-game Commentary& Close encounters• Play only to bat, bowl or both. • Usestrategies in game andoutsmart the opposition. • Flex your battingorder and surpriseopposition gameplay with special tactics. •Engrossing real-lifestadiums and rich environments in 3D. • Choosebetween 2 differentbatting camera angles. • Watch Slow motion sixesand live themagical moments. • Switch between day & nightmatches and playunder floodlights. • See the cheerleaders dance toyour music Thisgame is completely free to download and play.However, some gamepower-ups can be purchased with real money withinthe game. You canrestrict in-app purchases in your store’ssettings. If you like usgive us a star, if you love us, tell uswhy… Permissions Required:*GET_ACCOUNTS- GET_ACCOUNT - This is toverify if our user issynced with the Google account on mobile, andgenerate the keyvalue for each user. *READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - AdNetwork Permission*WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Ad Network Permission
Cricket Game : FreeHit Cricket 1.8
Free Hit Cricket brings the best real 3D cricket fever fromallaround the world. Unlike from other games available in themarket“Free Hit Market” give’s the option to play ODI, tournamentand T20matches. Apart from that players get the choice to selecttheirfavourite team among from world’s best playing champion team.TwoMassive GamePlay Mode:- Quick Match and Tournament Modes1.QuickMatch:- Free Hit Cricket gives you the option to customizeyourcricket game as quick cricket game and select your team andplayagainst other cricket tournament playing countries. Alongtheoption to play from 5overs to 20overs. Even experience themostlikeable platform- t20 cricket game. 2.Tournament- Selectyourfavourite playing team among from other best eightavailablecountries. Be a part of the cricket tournament game.UnmatchedLimelights:- 1.Batting:- Free Hit Cricket gives yourealisticbattery experience in Virtualistic Way, which feel quitefeelnatural and accurate while smashing your favourite shots. Even“Loft Button-onscreen” can be used to smash six in thefavouritedirection to fast –end the innings. 2.Bowling:- FirstCricketchampionship game provide outstanding and sensationalbowlingexperience, right on Android. Options to bowlleft-armfast,right-arm fast, short bowls, straight, off-swing, bowlyorkerand many other ways. 3.Fields/Ground:- Free Hitcricketconsolidated best three stadium in the game from the India-EdenStadium of Kolkatta, Brabourne Stadium and VidarbhaCricketAssociation (VCA) Stadium from Mumbai respectively.4.Teams:-World’s best cricket tournament game provides top 7leading cricketplaying countries- India, Bangladesh, South Africa,Sri Lanka, NewZealand, England, Australia. 5.Modes:- Play yourfavourite inningin 3 different modes available- ‘BAT’, ‘BOWL’ orBoth to play in atournament or quick matches. 6.Controls:- Free HitCricket comeswith easily understandable controls – ‘TAP’ or ‘SWIPE’integration.7.Levels:- We have tried the gameplay in threedistinctive level-Easy, Medium and Hard. So we tried it! Now it’syour turn to checkyour level... Underline Features:- 1.Fullyequipped modernisticbatting and bowling styles (from Pull to Sweepwith all major 16style shots) 2.Great Graphics and Sound, feelslike actuallyplaying in the stadium as crowd cheers on your everymove 3.Playcricket in different levels- Easy, Medium and Hard.4.Fullyequipped modernistic batting and bowling styles (from Pullto Sweepwith all major 16 style shots). 5.Full match streaminglivecommentary as like real. 6.The game is smoother than any otherfreecricket game available in the store with nicely presented.7.Earnas much as points by scoring the maximum runs. 8.In-GameStore,double up your power by purchasing additional features eitherforenriching batting, bowling or vice-versa experiences *All thebestto cricket lovers because you all are going to own the bestreal 3dcricket game along own team captain. Language: English LikeandFollow us on Facebook, Twitter for more updatesTwitter: Language: English LikeandFollow us on Facebook, Twitter for more updatesTwitter:
Cricket Games 2017 New Free 2.05
Play the free cricket games of play store to win World Cup andRealCricket league matches and play live cricket matches withfriends.Play cricket tournaments of World Cup, T20, IPL T20 Cricketgame2017, PSL T20 Cricket game 2017, Play cricket World Cup withrealteams, plan tournaments and league matches and improve yourcricketskills. Pick your favorite Cricket world cup league teamandplayers and win matches by utilizing your cricket skills. Thisappis especially developed for cricket fans who enjoy to playcricketgames. All of the cricket games are now just one click awayand are100% Free. Application provides the list of best Freecricket gamesfrom of 2016 based on downloads, ratings, from Playstore andpresent to you in one place. These cricket games have RealCricketTeams, real grounds, tournaments planning, realistic andstunning3D graphics, cricket world cup matches and league matches,HDquality graphics, and the cricket teams including India,Australia,Pakistan, Bangladesh, England, Sri Lanka, Zimbabwe, WestIndies,and South Africa etc. Using these games you can play allsorts ofmatches including T20, ODIs (One Day) and Test Matches.Please rateour app to appreciate our efforts!
Epic Cricket - Best Cricket Simulator 3D Game 2.78
The quintessential game of Cricket is about to witness themostradical transformation ever since the advent of modern ODI andT-20Cricket formats on mobile gaming platform with EPIC Cricket!NazaraGames and Moong Labs is proud to present “EPIC Cricket –BestCricket Simulator Game” built for the truly passionate fansofCricket game all over the world! We have developed EPICCricketwith one and only one objective in mind, i.e. to fulfillthedesires of the millions of followers of the game to have themostcomplete and immersive experience of playing Cricket onmobileplatform like never before. The team behind the game hasdeployedcomplex algorithms and techniques to build an amazinglyrealisticexperience that will leave a lasting impression on gamer’svisualand auditory senses. GAME FEATURES: + HD quality visualswithlife-like international players + Full match live commentary +Fullrepertoire of modern batting and bowling styles (from reversesweepto helicopter shot, and googly to doosra) + Players withmatchingcapabilities to international stars + All major Cricketplayingnations********************************************************************************************Epiccricket respects your privacy, does not store anypersonalinformation and does not allow you share this information.We dorequire a few additional Permissions to function:1.READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE & WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGEThesepermissions are needed to cache and read ad content during thegameplay2.ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION/READ_PHONE_STATE/ACCESS_FINE_LOCATIONThesepermissions are needed to show suitable ad content fortargeteduser for better ad experience 3. GET_ACCOUNTS Thispermission woulduse your google account name and picture to show iton theleader-board once you sign in 4.RECORD_AUDIO This is requiredforzapr SDK which is integrated with this app for the purposesofprofiling the device on media consumption and other device dataandutilizing the same to target relevant content and ads to thedevice("Services") pursuant to the terms and conditions of RBLServices("Terms of Use")
Hitwicket - Cricket Strategy Game 3.0.53
🏆 Hitwicket: Cricket Strategy Game is the new MultiplayerAwardWinner Free Cricket Game where you can participate in theWorld CupCricket Championship! 🥇'Best App' Award - HYSEA AnnualProductAwards 🥇“Top 10 Global Startups in Sports Innovation” -HYPEFoundation, UK 🏏 Join over 2 Million Real Cricket Managersandexperience one of the most addictive free to playMultiplayercricket game on mobile! Join and see what it takes tolead yourteam to Glory! Lite, Fast, Exciting and Fun - one of thebestCricket games! Play Now. 👑 Don't be a Player, be the MANAGER ofanUltimate IPL style T20 Team and conquer the world! Be morethanjust a Player - this one’s for the cricket fan in you! 👬Joinmillions of Cricket Managers and strive to be the Best! DreamTeamof 11 is in your hands, lead them and take the WORLD CUP andmorehome! 🎖 Hitwicket will test your Strategic skills like nootherCricket Game - this is one of a kind! Truly a real treat forallCricket fans in the World! ⭐️ Team Management: Select your Top11players through IPL style Auction to form a T20 PremierLeagueteam, Manage Finances & talent, Build Strategy,UpgradeStadium, Let fans be Cheerleaders to make your team a T20LeagueChampion ⭐️ IPL-Style Auction: Join the saga of real time,livePlayer Auction and Simulate your own IPL style T20 auction !Builda team that can withstand all Challenges in the World CupotherSuper Leagues! ⭐️ Advanced Match Simulation: Decide who islikelyto score big or who is going to bowl well and take wicketsgiventhe match conditions. Experience the thrill of nail bitingonlinecricket match simulation with thrilling ball by ballcommentary,like live stream or TV! Hitwicket is more than just oneof theFantasy Cricket Games - it’s the best! ⭐️ Multiplayer GameMode:Compete in real-time multiplayer and challenge other Managerstoplay fast 5 - Quick Match - Over or T20 cricket games and wintheWorld Cup Cricket Championship ! ⭐️ Training: Train yourPlayersand Upgrade them across 6 different Skills, assemble themandconquer the World of Cricket - be the World Cricket Champion!⭐️Championships: Compete in the League, U20 World Cup or theBlitzTournament held by users with real prizes, Play to Win! TheWorldChampionships will test the real Cricket Manager in you! ⭐️WorldCricket Championship Cup: Get chosen by premier Managers toleadyour Country in the Hitwicket T20 World Cricket ChampionshipCup2018 with your super strategy skills. ⭐️ Stadium: Build aBigStadium for your Team and create a saga when you bash bigPremierLeague rival managers big time or host World Cup CricketGames! ⭐️Build your Legacy: Bash big oppositions, win CricketPremier LeagueChampionships in the virtual World of Cricket andwrite a real saga- truly one of the best Cricket Games out there.⭐️ ExcitingRewards: Unlock exciting rewards by winning matches,tournamentsand unlocking Daily Kits! ⭐️ Customize: Assemble yourSquad andcustomize your players - Create your Dream 11, Lead andCoach themto Cricketing Glory! Are YOU READY for the ultimateCricketchallenge?
Cricket Champions Cup 2017 3.0.3
Cricket Champions Trophy 2017 is not an easy title to win.Comeexperience the top rated cricket game on mobile phone and playtobe the world champion for 2017. Download this for best cricketgameexperience in 3D. Play with 8 international teams in 4differentgame modes in up to 50 overs match to become the ultimatecricketchampion. Feel the stadium come alive with stunning graphicsandreal-life animations as you hit massive sixes and bowloutlegendary batsmen. Exclusive features: • Pick yourfavouriteinternational cricket team • Choose from four differentgame modes• Challenging AI and difficult to defeat opponents. •Enhance yourexperience with simple controls, easy gameplay. •Immerse yourselfin real-life stadiums and live the environments. •Play only tobat, bowl or both. • Customise your batting order andsurpriseopposition gameplay with special tactics. • Use strategiesin gameand outsmart the opposition. • Set the game length bychoosing froma 3 overs match to 50 overs match. • Experienceultra-smoothbatting, bowling & fielding animations. • Hitbowlers for foursand sixes all over the park. • Customise yourgameplay with twodifferent batting camera angles. • Watch shots inslow motion andlive the magical moments. • Switch between day &night matchesand play under floodlights. • See the cheerleadersdance for you!This game is completely free to download and play.However, somegame power-ups can be purchased with real money withinthe game.You can restrict in-app purchases in your store’ssettings. If youlike us give us a star, if you love us, tell uswhy… PermissionsRequired: *GET_ACCOUNTS- GET_ACCOUNT - This is toverify if ouruser is synced with the Google account on mobile, andgenerate thekey value for each user. *READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - AdNetworkPermission *WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Ad Network Permission
T20 Cricket 2018 5.0.5
A complete packaged free cricket game / cricket app for yourAndroiddevice where you can play the cricket game along with livecricketupdates for IPL Cricket 2018, Champions Trophy 2017 andWorld T20Cricket Tournament T20 Cricket 2018 allows you to checkout livecricket buzz and cricket info such as, ● Cricket livescores andupdates ● Match schedule, fixtures, Points table, andresults forIPL T20 2018 and Champions Trophy ● Orange cap, Purplecap and allTop player statistics ● Current daily cricket newsanalysis andCrazy IPL facts ● Famous Quotes of the day by aCricketer ● Historyof all IPL Cricket Tournaments and World T20Cricket TournamentsPlay the best T20 cricket 2018 games among yourfavourite 16International Cricket teams and 10 IPL Teams: MI, KKR,RCB, DD, SRH,KXIP, GL, RPS, CSK and RR in 3 fun and exciting modesof game play ●Single Player : Play with an opponent ● Two Player :Play with afriend ● Tournament : Represent your team globally Withintroductionof an all new 2.5D game play experience, enjoy thefeel of both 3Dand 2D tap to play where you can ● Play the gamewith your choice ofovers: 10, 5 and Super Over ● Select day ornight matches of yourchoice ● Enjoy batting with a different crazycricket style ● Getcomplete ball by ball and over by over cricketanalysis of your game● Hit maximum sixes and fours to entertainyour cricket fans ● Sharethe live cricket scores and cricketupdates on various socialnetworks. Note: Don't let your stumpsblow away or get caught in thestadium audience and lose wicketStay connected to internet forscore postings and live cricketscore and cricket updates Play morematches and stay on top ofleader-board and share your score on topsocial networks Website : Facebook: Twitter:
com.vroovy.jadeja 4.1
Hungama Games
Hungama Games proudly announces the official mobilecricketsimulation game endorsed by the world’s best All-Rounder –RavindraJadeja. Step into the shoes of this indomitable all-rounderandparticipate in the adventure of his rise from humble rootstobecoming one of the Cricket world’s – and the India Nationalteam’s– most valuable players. Engage in key highlight matchesthatdefined Ravindra Jadeja’s career and face the challenges hefacedon the path of becoming a legend. Focused around simplicityandeasier controls, the official game contains modes to engageallplayers with highly dynamic matches featuring worldclassinternational teams to compete with and against. Be dazzledbylife-like visuals and animations with multitude ofsignaturecricket moves, authentic stadiums, and lively players inthisultimate cricket experience. The plethora of content caters toall:start Career mode to relive the star all-rounder’s journey;playExhibition and Quick Match options for quick cricketing fun;stepinto the dressing room and train your player as you seefit;participate in special events to earn bragging rights, and towinmerchandise signed by the Sir Ravindra Jadeja himself!“RavindraJadeja: Official Cricket Game” will be released withsingleplayerat launch with Multiplayer added to the game in a laterupdate.More information about the game, - Simple & Easy to learnControls - Story mode: Playthrough most memorable matches of “SirJadeja Career” - Special andPower Shots - A dynamic artificialintelligence system ensures thatno 2 matches are alike. - Realisticart style & Full HD 3Dgraphics with realistic animations -Multiple controls options forbatting i.e. Taps or Swipes -Authentic Stadiums - Upgrade: Upgradeyour Batsman to play better,faster and stronger - Multiple Modeslike Exhibition, Story, QuickPlay, and many more will be addedsoon to the list - Leaderboards:Check where you stand among yourfriends and against the world. Beon top here to earn the braggingrights. - 10 world classinternational teams to choose from! - TVBroadcast style cameras! -Hit the ball out of the Ground withVariety of shots like, dilscoop, Helicopter Shot, Reverse Sweep,Square Cut, Paddle Shot andmany more! - Achievements: Become theCenturion or achieveimmorality by winning 25 games in a row.Achievements help you earnthe extra buck for your specialperformance. - Player Profile: Seeyour total number of wins, yourrank on the leaderboards, Win/lossRatio, Total runs Scored, Totalwickets taken, etc. - Userexperience: Player has full control overteam selection, batting& Bowling Order, Fielding presets, etc.- HD Sound: Feel likeyou actually playing in front of 1000s asthey cheer your each move.*Permissions: Coarse Location: Coarselocation permission is neededto serve you location specific ads& offers.WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Weneed thesepermissions to cache and read game content during thegameplay.ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE (To Check if internet is availableor not)INTERNET (To Download Additional in Game Content fromServer, andplay different online game modes) READ_PHONE_STATE (Weneed thispermission to serve you relevant notifications on variousupdatesand offers. Also, allows us to Show Pause Menu on Call orSleepinterrupt) VIBRATE (Provides In Game Gratifications)WAKE_LOCK(Prevents phone from going to sleep mode) BILLING(Enables In AppPurchases)
Cricbuzz - Live Cricket Scores & News
The best Cricket App to follow Live Cricket and everythingelserelated to Cricket 🏏 ⚡️ Superfast scores and commentary 💬Highlyengaging and entertaining ball-by-ball commentary 🔔Notificationsfor live matches and breaking news 📝 Latest cricketnews andeditorials 📅 Schedules of upcoming matches 🎬 Exclusivevideocontent and match highlights videos in some countries 📈Rankings,Stats and Records 🏆 Special content for major tournamentslike ICCCricket World Cup, T20 World Cup, Champions Trophy, IPL etc🌍Extensive coverage of all International cricket, IPL, BBL,CPL,Natwest T20 Blast and other major cricket tournaments acrosstheworld. Tons of domestic cricket coverage too. Live cricketscoresand commentary – Live score updates – Ball by ball commentarythathelps you visualize the action – Analysis by Harsha Bhogleandother cricket experts – Notifications at all interesting momentsinthe match – Share the score with your friends – ScoreswidgetLatest cricket news and opinions – Latest cricket news fromaroundthe world – In-depth analysis of all the latest happenings –Weeklyarticles by Harsha Bhogle and others – Match and seriespreviews,reviews, photo galleries etc Cricket Videos – Videohighlights forselect matches in select countries – Exclusive videosby HarshaBhogle Comprehensive cricket coverage – All Live,In-progress,upcoming and recent match details – Schedules for allupcomingbi-lateral series and tournaments – Archives of all cricketmatchesgoing back to the 1950s Rankings, Records and Statistics –ICCPlayer and Team Rankings for ODIs, Tests, and T20Is – Overallandseries stats and records Cricbuzz App may request youpermissionsfor the following Storage We need this to locally storesome datalike images when you are using the app. This helps usminimize datauage and also make the experience fast and fluid.Accounts We needthis to automatically populate your Gmail Id whenyou try to sendus feedback. Location We need this to curate ourcontent and showyou the most relevant content on some sections ofthe App. eg:Matches, videos, news etc on Home screen. We will alsouse this foradvertising purposes. If you would like to followcricket in IndianLanguages (Hindi, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Marathiand Bengali arecurrently supported), please check out our AppCricbuzz - In IndianLanguages on Google Play