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LSD... 1.3
DEDu musst dein Gehirn schützen und den "kleinenWunderpillen"beiihrem bunten Treiben ein Ende setzen!Doch es ist Vorsicht geboten... Deine Wahrnehmung istdurchdieVerlockung beeinträchtigt.Schaffst du es...? Bleib CLEAN!NUR 3,4 MB !!!!!Enjoy...P.S. Bitte schickt mir Verbesserungsvorschläge undbewertetmeinSpiel :DENGYou need to protect your brain and put an end to the"littlemagicpills"!But there is caution ... Your perception is affectedbythelure.Can you make it ...? Stay CLEAN!ONLY 3,4 MB !!!!Enjoy ...P.S. Please send me improvements and rate my game :DDEYou have to protect your brain and put the "little miraclepills"ontheir hustle and bustle is over!But there is caution ... Your perception is affectedbythelure.Can you make it ...? Stay CLEAN!ONLY 3.4 MB !!!!!Enjoy ...P. S. Please send me suggestions and rated my game: DENGYou need to protect your brain and put at end to the"littlemagicpills"!But there is caution ... Your perception is affectedbythelure.Can you make it ...? Stay CLEAN!ONLY 3.4 MB !!!!Enjoy ...P. S. Please send me improvements and rate my game: D
Jungle Monkey 2 2.5.1
Jungle Monkey 2 is a cool and amazing running adventuregame.It'seasy and more fun.The small monkey is very hungry.So he isfindingfood in the jungle.But the jungle is very large anddanger.Somemonsters are in the jungle.Your task is helping themonkey runningout of the jungle and collect more bananas.How toplay:-touchscreen to control the monkey-kill Or avoid themonster-collectbananas as many as you can-run out of thejungleJungle Monkey 2Features:Simple control just running andjumping monkeyGreatphotograph and lovely monkey27 maps and morewill be adds
Talking Monkey 2.21
Talking Baby
Talking Monkey repeats everything you say with a funny voice.AdoptTalking Monkey as your very own baby monkey and help her growintoa super cool fully-grown virtual monkey. Customize talkingmonkeyby choose from loads of accessories to make her look like youlike!Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with talking monkey. FeaturesofTalking Monkey: ✔ Talk to Monkey and she will repeat everythingyousay with a funny voice. ✔ Play with Monkey: Try hitting her withafinger, listen to her rock out on his guitar and have herthrowcutlery at you! ✔ Interact with Monkey: Rub her belly, pokehim orhave her jump the way you want her to! ✔ Feed Monkey: collectherfavorite foods, feed her! ✔ Game with Monkey: Great numbers game-check now the IQ and your brains memory! ✔ Decorate Monkey's home:Choose the best furniture to make her house look cool! ✔Customizeyour Monkey: Choosing from combinations of eyes, skins,andaccessories! Talking Monkey is a free app, play it now for freeandhave big fun! Download Talking Monkey’s FREE and FUN app andenjoyyourself!
Talking Monkey 2.6
Peaksel Games
🐵 Talking Monkey is a fun combo of monkey talk and virtualpetgames. Make monkey go happy by playing mini games with him. Yowillbecome best talking friends before you even know it! 🐵 Chimpyis asilly monkey banana-crazy who loves playing. He might not bethepowerful gorilla, but this virtual pet is a true sweetie. Tohearthe monkey talk, say something and he will repeat what you sayin afunny voice. The game is simple but it is a great pastime. So,hopon a liana and jump into this monkey jungle as you downloadtalkingmonkey, my virtual pet app! Become banana by playing minigameswith the happy monkey! Follow the funny monkey around and makesurehe picks up all the bananas while playing the games. Talkinganimalgames have never been more fun and if you enjoyed talkingcats anddogs, you will most certainly love Talking Monkey Chimpy!Talkinganimals are awesome virtual pets for all those who lovetheir furryfriends. Get this monkey and let them enjoy! TALKINGMONKEYFEATURES: 🐵 Talk to the monkey and he will repeat what yousay in afunny voice. 🐵 Make monkey go happy by playing mini gameswith him.Try out banana dash or liana hop or make sure that theflappymonkey goes through all the obstacles successfully. 🐵 TapChimpy onthe belly to see him laugh and show off. 🐵 Swipe thescreen up anddown to make the monkey jump. 🐵 Tap Chimpy's tail tomake themonkey angry. 🐵 Poke, slap, pet and tease Chimpy to seewhat elsehe can do. TALKING MONKEY MINI GAMES: FLAPPY MONKEY Setyour monkeyrunning and get as many bananas as you can while tryingto gobetween and around the trees. Fly your monkey as a bird andmakesure he gets around all the obstacles. LIANA HOP Make yourmonkeyjump from liana to liana while collecting time and bananas.Thisgame is timed so you better watch out for those timecollectables.FOOD DROP Move your monkey around to get as many goodbananas aspossible. Make sure he doesn't eat a rotten one becauseit meansgame over. Talking games bring along laughter and good moodas oneof the main purposes of these fun 3d games is to make youenjoyplaying with a new talking friend. Chimpy is a talking petappwhich will make you want to show the world what a funnymonkeyyou've got. Talking animal games have never been moreentertainingso join the monkey team on this crazy jungle ride!Talking cats,dogs and other talking animals are fun to play with.But, how coolis it to have a happy monkey as a pet? Don't letyourself spendanother day outside the monkey jungle! DownloadTalking Monkey freeapp and explore the bumpy roads of monkey life!*** This free gameis an intellectual property of Peaksel.
Super Monkey 1.0
SMF Studios
Introducing a new species of Monkey: The Supermonkey!Attractedbybananas, the SuperMonkey can devour an unbelievable amountofbananas and never gets sick of it!Exciting yummy bananasadventuresawait! This is going to be a treat!Have an exciting 100levelsjourney with your own Supermonkey.******* How to Play*******-Tiltphone to move the monkey.- Tap on phone to grab bananafrommonkey's tail.- Grab as much coins as possible to redeem lifelater
Monkey Flight 1.62
Donut Games
BIG 2014 UPDATE with more levels, more packs, more features! * * *** * * * * * * * Launching JABBERING MONKEYS from a palm treehasnever been this fun... and harmless! Use your catapulting skillstobecome the KING OF THE JUNGLE, but watch out for dirty mudpoolsand ouchy rocks, or you might end up as the troop's backscratcheror tree shaker. This is JUNGLE CATAPULTING at its best! ** * * * ** * * * * * GAME FEATURES: - THREE Game Modes: - 1)Classic Pack -2) Jungle Fever (NEW) - 3) Arcade Mode - Extremelysimple controls- Achievements to collect - Lifesavers to help youpass levels ifyou get stuck - Donut Games' famous 3-star system:Increased REPLAYVALUE - Collectors Icon #03 - And much more... * ** * * * * * * ** * "Flexible palm trees, flying monkeys, calypsomusic and babyelephants. What more could you possibly ask for?"Enjoy anotherDonut Games release!
Monkey Evolution - Simian Missing Link Game 1.0.2
Tapps Games
Eek eek! Get ready to really MONKEY IT OUT in this amazingclickerevolution game! Combine different and awesome kinds ofmonkeys andgo beyond your imagination mixing up these crazy funclowns of thejungle! If you’re not that into cute, but would ratherlike itEXTREME, show what you’ve got playing with our spirituousand goofycousin primates! FEATURING• Pantheon: a place for supremebeings tolook down on us mortals and laugh at our misery•Impostors: watchout for impostors trying to steal the spotlightfrom the monkeysHOWTO PLAY• Drag and drop similar monkeys to createnew mysteriouscreatures• Use monkey coins to buy new creatures andmake even moremoney• Alternatively, fiercely tap a monkey to makecoinspopHIGHLIGHTS• Different stages and many monkey speciestodiscover• A mind-blowing story yet untold• The unexpected mixofalpaca-like evolution and incremental clicker games•Doodle-likeillustrations• Various possible endings: find yourdestiny• Noanimals were harmed in the making of this game, onlydevelopersCometo the wild side of the Evolution series games!Pleasenote! Thisgame is free to play, but it contains items that can bepurchasedfor real money. Some features and extras mentioned inthedescription may also have to be purchased for real money.
Jungle Monkey 2.1
Jungle Monkey is a running and jumping game. Ripley is abrave,agile and lovely monkey, one day he went out for pickingfruits inthe jungle. Be careful! There are many angry animals. Theywant tostop Ripley the monkey. Would you like to join him to starttheexciting adventure in jungle? Good luck! ★ How to play ★ - Taptheleft half of the screen for a smail jump - Tap the right halfofthe screen for a big jump - Keep jumping to overcome alltheobstacles. - Please mind the Snakes, the crocodiles and theStonestatue. ★ Feature ★ - More than 80 levels for your challenge-Collect more fruit to achieve high score - Simple tap tocontrolthe game, comfortable feel - Lovely monkey with funnyemotion HappyJungle Monkey Saga!
My Lovely Monkey ! 2.0.0
Baby Monkey is your pet, that responds to your touch. You canplaylots of games with him. ★★★ WHAT HE DOES ★★★ ✔ He can playtheguitar ✔ He can play the piano ✔ He can eat cake ✔ He canbecomefat/slim ✔ He can do some exercise ✔ He can sleep ✔ He cangarden ✔He can swing ✔ He can fish ✔ You can wash him ✔ He can playwithballoons ✔ He can play the trumpet Story :Tom the lovelymonkeygoing on holidays lost his best friend larry the littlepony.Sohelp him to recover happiness and play with him and becomebestfriends ever !Enjoy hours of fun and laughter with BabyMonkey.Thisgame is suitable for all kind of genres from kids, girlsand boysof all ages.
Monkey Jump 1.3
Help this monkey jump over the jungle andtothetop.Collect coins,and avoid enemies.Save the princess.-------------Features:Full screen when running, no ads in your way.Support both tablets and phones.Native android app,super fast.Minimum permissions required.
Bike For Monkey 1.0.0
Help the monkey to accelerate, jump, and avoid crash on themountainin the interesting mobile bike game, Bike For Monkey!Enjoy it nowfor free!FEATURES:Move forward.Move backward.Jump thefrontwheel.Jump the back wheel.
Talking Monkey 2.1
Your favourite jungle animal is here, and the two of you can nowbebest friends! This buddy is very smart and funny, and he willbethe coolest virtual pet you have ever had. Download freeTalkingMonkey game app and see what this hero can do! You will behisguide and make sure he sleeps, and takes care about his looksandhygiene. Later you will try the amazing top mini games together,goto the playground, and exercise gym! You and the monkey willhaveso much fun together, so grab your smartphone and installthelatest talking game. It will quickly become your favourite one.Themonkey lives in a house that has many cool rooms. You willmakesure that you unlock all of them and see what each of themhides.In the living room, there are many interesting items! Forexample,you can tap the table to see the caveman who is hidingthere! Tapthe crazy monkey behind the window and see what happens.Take alook on drawer and the colorful fireworks will attractyourattention. Let’s learn the letters together, just watch thetvscreen. Do you know that your little hero has musical talent?Youwill enjoy the sounds he performs on afro drum. Also, he hasabalafon, a wooden xylophone. Listen your cute hero whilehisperformance and you will be amazed. The talking monkey hasabeautifully decorated bedroom. When it is time for him to takeanap, just turn off the lights for him. The roll whistle willwakehim up from his sleep, whenever you want. This animal lovestospend time on the playground. That is where he can jump onhistrampoline and play sports. Jungle boy will surprise you, helikesto climb over the trees and to slide down them. The newestgame isfun to play, it is relaxing and entertaining at the sametime! Themonkey has an awesome home gym, where he comes for hisdailyworkout. He prefers the treadmill, so you decide if he isgoing torun or walk on it. Make sure that your hero stays fit! Nowit istime for some fantastic mini games, so try it together andenjoy inthese popular adventures. Play Jumpy Monkey, cross allplatformsand try to achieve the maximum height. Do not forget tocollect asmany bananas. This fruit will give you incredibleacceleration.Open Pizza Defense and protect this delicious mealfrom the attackof nasty bugs. Beware of spiders and caterpillarsbut try not tohurt butterflies and ladybugs. They are your friendsand will helpyou in your mission. In Monkey Smash do not drop thehammer fromyour hands and hit this wild animals as soon as theycome out ofthe pit. Play Monkey Jump and just tap platform that youwant yourhero to jump on. You will see that these pets hold frogsashostages, so try to release them. Life in the jungle isneverboring, and our monkey leads an impressive lifestyle. He isverymeticulous, too. In his bathroom he can brush his teeth andtake abath. Later he will wipe with the towel. This top game isforpeople of all ages, for kids and teenagers, for adults aswell.Take care of your virtual animal and be the best guide to him.Talkto the monkey, he will listen very carefully. Later he willrepeatyour words! How to play Talking Monkey game app:  Play minigamesto collect more coins  Talk to the monkey and he will repeatyourwords  Take the monkey to the gym  Have fun with him ontheplayground and make sure he gets some sleep  Tickle and slapthemonkey for fun The popular pet care game will surely bring asmileto your face, so do not hesitate and download it on yoursmartphonefree of charge. Slap and tickle your hero for fun, to seehisreaction. You can share with your friends and let them knowthatyou have a new virtual buddy! The monkey will make sure youhave alot of fun together, so install the latest application andsee whathappens in the jungle!
Jungle Monkey 3 1.8
Jungle Monkey 3 is a running and jumping game.Ripley is abrave,agile and lovely monkey, one day he went out for pickingfruits inthe jungle.Would you like to join him to start theexcitingadventure in jungle? Be careful! There are many angrymonsters.They want to stop you in each world.An easy and smoothcontrolmakes it very funny and to jump or run.Good luck!★ How toplay ★-Please mind the gap and the Spikes on the road.- Tap thescreen forjump, double tap for double jump- Tap the relevant skillbutton tofight against the monsters.- Pick up specified fruit toget newability or buff.(Awarding live, whirlwind attack, powershield,assistance via calling a Bulejay)★ Abilities and Weapon ★-SuperBoomerang- Arcane barrage- Whirlwind Attack- Mountingbluejay(Passive Skills)- Power Wave(Passive Skills)-Spellshield(Hidden skill)★ Feature ★- Simple tap to control thegame,comfortable feel- Lovely monkey with funny emotion-Leaderboard ofGoogle Play support,Can you top the Leaderboard?HappyJungle MonkeySaga!
Monkey Airways 1.01
M Games
Take charge of an entire fleet of aircraft in thisaddictive,fast-paced game. You're in control of Monkey Airways, anairlinecutting costs by employing monkeys to pilot their planes.You needto direct planes on a tight schedule; you direct from takeoff tolanding across two continents and twelve levels. You mustland acertain number of planes on time to progress through eachcampaign,also setting high scores by managing your planes in themost fuelefficient way possible. Careful - no collisions! Drag anddropcontrols make this game an easy to pick up and play experienceforgamers of all ages. There are no in app purchases or adverts.Ifyou enjoyed the game please give me a positive rating!
Monkey Swing 1.6
Think you’re just a simple little monkey? Think again. You’reachimp on a mission. That mission? To get from one platform tothenext using nothing more than a sweet swingin' vine. Buckleyourbanana belts, boys and girls. You’re in for the swing of yourlife.- Easy to jump into and start having fun! Just tap and let goatthe right moment to see the monkey fly to the next platform.-Extremely fun and addicting gameplay! Gameplay alone is enoughtokeep you playing, but there are also collectables, scores,andunlockables! - Collect bananas throughout levels to unlocktreasurechests! - Bushels of hats! Collect them all by buying themwithbananas you collect throughout each level. - Continued supportwithnew levels, each adding a twist to gameplay. - No monkey shouldbealone. Compete with your friends on Facebook to find who hasthemost skills and who has the best hat!
Swing Monkey 1.2
Sponge Mobile
[Game Introduction]Giving a gift to a girl friend, MonkeyscrollinggameSpeed in a side-scrolling game.National swing game!EscapeBoring routine!Cool ~ ~ ~ ~ take a rope and exploremysteriousLand!Monsters being added eachstage!.[Gameconfiguration]Chapter1-Jungle. 12stageChapter2-IceLand.12stageChapter3-Fire Cave. 12stageAnd More ...[How to play]a.Jump:jumps when you touch the screen.b. Touch the screen whenmonkey ison Jump c. Cut the rope by touch.[AboutUs]Facebook: #!/ SpongegameBlog:[Contact Us]ifyou have anything,please
Monkey Climbing 1.8
Monkey Climbing gameNothing is more wonderful when you winyourself.Overcome by challenging yourself to Keep Climbing game.KeepClimbing is an addictive game that will captivate bringing youintothe world of Monkey jumping. The objective of the game is tomovethe Monkey up higher and keep up always. On each path you willfindnumerous hurdles to overcome: holes, columns, banana and timelimit.To control the Monkey Jumping, You can touch on the buttonof thescreen by 1step or 2step to keep it moving until it reachesthedesired highest. Keep Up, Keep Monkey ClimbingWish you getoveryourself playing through those times. Let's enjoy it at theweekendand you feel love more your life.Let's rate and comment itfor wemake it become best of amazing game!
Crazy Monkey Game
The Crazy Monkey Game is a score kept matching game,featuringvarious monkeys of the world. This game is free andchallenges thememory. Score is kept allowing you to try and dobetter eachtime.Another thrilling feature to the Crazy Monkey Gamethat makesit even more awesome then just a matching game - you mustfind theicons that match in some way! When you make a linked matchthecrazy monkey game for kids & adults will show the link.Youalso get some help along the way. The Crazy Monkey Gameisaddictive and will challenge your memory. Have Fun!!!Monkeysarevery good problem solvers and will go all the way to helpsomeonewith their homework. They are strong minded thinkers andanalyze aproblem in half the time and would charge double the cost.Becausethey are very intelligent they can adapt to anycareer.Gibbons aresometimes called "lesser apes." While theirskulls and teethresemble those of the great apes and they lacktails, gibbons aresmaller, are pair bonded, and do not make nests.In these ways theyare more like monkeys. Gibbons dwell in trees andare known fortheir skill at brachiating, or swinging from branch tobranchsometimes at speeds up to 35 miles per hour. There are abouttwelvedifferent species of gibbons.Some of South America's mostfamousmammal species dwell in the forests the Puma and Jaguar. Theyarevery elusive, so a sighting of these big cats on wildlifeholidaysin Costa Rica is a very fortunate event. There are manyotherwonderful mammal species to be seen, however. In CorcovadoNationalPark, in the far south of the country, the rare Baird'sTapir isoften seen in the coastal forest alongside the more commonNorthernTamandua, Squirrel Monkey, Mantled Howler Monkey andCentralAmerican Spider Monkey. Overlooking the Arenal Volcano,natureenthusiasts can enjoy the comforts of a lodge and the sightofgroups of White nosed Coatis investigating the grounds.CararaNational Park offers the chance to see a Southern Tamandua orWhitefaced Capuchin in the dense forest.All monkeys in Ugandaaremembers of the family Cercopithecidae (Old World monkeys).Theyfall into five genera: Collogues (closely related to theleafeating monkeys of Asia), Cercopithecus (guenons), Papio(baboons),Erythrocebus (patas) and Cerocebus (Mangabeys). Some ofthesemonkeys are nocturnal while others are diurnal. Importantspeciesin Uganda include; Vervet monkeys (Cercopithecus aethiops)DeBrazza’s monkey (cercopithecus neglectus) Bluemonkey(cercopithecus aethiops) I’hoesti monkey (cercopithecusI’hoesti)Red tailed monkey (cercopithecus ascinius) Redcolobus(piliocolobus badius) Black and white colobus (colobusguereza)Patas monkey (erythrocebus patas).Spider monkeys remainedin Belizeas pets and be of any real threat to humans. However, as atourist,it is best simply to note that both spider and howler intheirnatural habitat. Although they are very cute and adorable itisknown that monkeys in the wild to throw objects such asfruits,rocks, and coconut to the people. May touch or feed themonkeys inthe wild for the harm they are known to bite if theyfeelthreatened. It can be dangerous monkeys like any other animalinthe wild.Howler monkeys are the biggest of all nine species ofNewWorld monkeys. And, they have wide nostrils that open from thesideand no padding on their rumps, which sets them apart from OldWorldmonkeys. They are also blessed with a tail that can be usedforgrasping, holding and wrapping around objects. Howlers usetheirtails as an extra arm with which they can use to grasp or hangfromthe tree branches. Given Howlers rarely go to the ground,theirtail comes in quite handy. Since leaves make up the majorityoftheir diet, they prefer to remain above ground where they candineto their hearts content.The Crazy Monkey Game will provide funforhours on end.
LSD Kitty 2.0.2
Help your little Kitty being on an LSD triptoavoid the evil (and cute <3) monsters and the piano! What?Apiano? Really?Yeah, a piano with great music! That's LSD Kitty!Buy it NOW!Oh damn it, it's free!
Curious Monkey
Introducing a new species of Monkey: The Supermonkey!Attractedbybananas, the SuperMonkey can devour an unbelievable amountofbananas and never gets sick of it!Exciting yummy bananasadventuresawait! This is going to be a treat!Have an exciting 100levelsjourney with your own Supermonkey.***** How To Play *****-Tilt thedevice to move the monkey and grab the banana- Tap on thescreen tomove the monkey tail- Try to grab as much coin as possibletoredeem life later- Try to escape from different obstacleslikestale banana, honeybee and many more.
Tour Monkey Game 2.2
Tour Monkey is the game you expected, fast, fun andentertaining.Monkey get you to the funniest parts of the world,visit them allin a quick and entertaining manner. Get through thelevels and trynot to die, while Monkey moves to overcome obstacles!Remember thatbananas are keys!Download the game to your smartphoneor tablet andstart to enjoy the adventure, known around the worldwithoutleaving your site, this game promises amounts of fun.Features:-Easy installation -Story-mode -Simple arcade-type play-Severallevels of play depending on experience
Monkey Bash 2.0.10425
Megatouch LLC.
Monkey Bash crazy simple and addictive - tap the screen to takeaswing and send your intrepid stunt monkey into the atmosphere...orat least to the far side of the circus tent with the help ofbananapeels, ramps, and trampolines.This super goofy game featuresthreesuper fun game modes featuring achievements and leaderboards:-Classic - build your 5 best distances by launching our stuntmonkeyacross the big top- Quick Play - see how far you can makethemonkey fly with just one swing- Super Circus - one swing anddonebut with super ramps, boosts, and a sweet helmet to crashthroughbarrelsWhen you're done bashing, check out these otherawesome appsfrom Megatouch:Monster Madness® – classic match-makingwith aspooky twist Rock Mahjong™ – the mahjong game that beats upothermahjong games FOLLOW US: NEWS:
Monkey Run
Monkey Run is money game where monkey runs to reach the bananatreefor its food. Help Monkey Run, Jump and Fly to reachitsdestination. Help keeping the monkey happy by helping it reachthefood or else it will turns into angry monkey.Keep the monkeyhappyby helping it run and help Monkey jump and flight to reachthedestination jungle fast enough. Help angry monkey turn intoHappyMonkey by reaching the banana tree.Monkey Run is a funentertaininggame and easy to play with simple rules. Monkey Run isthe bestentertaining game. Help Monkey reach the banana in Monkeyjump forit to enjoy the tasty banana's.Now Monkey run with newlevels whereMonkey Blasts through Ice Age land. Help Monkey battlethrough thehard new levels with monkey jump and Monkeyflight.*********How toplay*********:Use left/right arrow tomove.Use up arrow tojump.Click jump quickly to double jump.Jumpover your enemy to killthem.Collect as much as coins.Fall off theground will end thegame.-------------Features:Full screen whenrunning, no ads in yourway.Support both tablets and phones.Nativeandroid app,superfast.Minimum permissions required.
Filchy Monkeys Fun Monkey Game
Monkeys are fun, monkeys are naughty,Monkeysare awesome.... They are Filchy Monkeys. The Monkey Game.nah TheMonkeys Game. The Fun Game."Monkey See, Monkey do" is a popular idiom also it is a story ofasmart cap seller luring the monkeys to throw the caps thattheystole while he was fast asleep. Catch all the hats that theFunMonkeys throw at you.Children would simply love the colors and the story and yesTheNaughty Monkeys too. Relive your childhood, bring backthechildhood stories. Download now and experience the naughty andfunmonkeys. Fun Monkey Game is all fun and Monkeys are here toknockyour hats off. The Fun Monkey Game will definitely be a greatfungame for the kids and family.Filchy Monkeys are here to knock your hats off.... Monkeyequalsfun, monkey game equals fun game. Filchy Monkeys are here...AMonkey Game for the kids and the entire family. A cool Monkeygameto have complete fun. The coolest Monkey Game. Monkeys readytoknock your hats off. The monkey game is all set to get betterwithMonkey updates and much more fun with the monkeys. Monkeysarecrazy and they need to have fun. Crazy ness and funisguaranteed.Filchy Monkey is a game full of fun and surprises. Collect thehatsthrown by the monkeys and score as many points bycollectingmaximum hats. But beware of things like snakes, bombs aswell.Challenge your wit with the monkeys and beat the high score. Afunfilled story based game to be enjoyed by children as well astheadults. Children would simply love the colors and the animalsthatthe game has. Monkey C Monkey doFun Game is here... Get going.. Catch the Monkey...DownloadtheMonkeys Game. Play the Monkey Game. A Fun Game for kids andforeveryone. The Monkey Game, The Kids Game, The coolMonkeys.There is an array of animals from Monkeys, Elephants, Deer,Eagles,fruits like Bananas and we even got a fish. Run is what theplayerhas to do to catch the hats. An infinite game like Temple runwithloads of surprise monkey fun put in. Monkeys ensure a greattimewith the Monkey Game. A fun monkey game with some naughtymonkeysand animals and bananas. The Monkey Game is definitelyworthplaying and having complete fun.Here comes a Monkey Game which is addictive, simple and fun anditscalled "Filchy Monkeys". Its gonna blow your hats off. A FunGame.Monkey ready to blow your mind off with the Fun Game.Catch the Bananas to gain extra life and more. Fruits give youanextra life and have fun with the Monkey Game.Aitrich believes in providing the best entertainment to theusersand nothing can surpass the entertainment that an addictivegameprovides. Download the Monkey Game Filch Monkey is the wayforward.Monkeys will knock your hat off. What are you waiting for,downloadnow and get ready to beat the monkeys.Filchy Monkeys.The Monkeys Game
Jump Monkey 2.1
Send monkeys flying to the home tree!!! Great game forkids!!!Basedon the old kids game "Jumping Monkeys" this gamesbrings to themobile the excitement of compete against your friendsby launchingmonkeys with precision and hanging they in the bigtree.Gameplaysimilar to Angry Birds, but simpler, just drag yourfinger into thescreen to give power to the catapult and release tosend themonkeys flying.With local multiplayer, turn based, twoplayers cancompete to see how many monkeys they can save!Now withsingleplayer mode!Game in constant updates, please let us know whatwecan do to improve it!!!Contact us atcontact@nakedmonkey.mobiGameengine - Cocos2d-x( physics -Box2D( FX -
LSD Kitty: UP! 1.1.1
Help your little Kitty being on an LSD triptoavoid the evil monsters by swiping the screen and batlle withyourfriends for the best highscore on Google Play!
Monkey Shoot 1.1.0
A thrilling monkey bubble shoot game comes! Play as Kong! Followthemonkey buddies, start wonderful superhero legends! MonkeyShootfeatures: - Fun and easy to play - Stunning graphics andeffects -Over 210+ levels and more will come! - Interesting propsandspecial skills • Various kinds of obstacles that make game morefun• Seven worlds: Jungle Adventure, Mysterious Island, Sky City,andetc... Free download and enjoy it, let's start!
Crazy Monkey 1.1
AQUA Studios
Crazy Monkey- The most addictive game in playstore. Balancethemonkey on the platform to help him eat all the fruits. Dont lethimtouch anything that looks sharp and danger. Crazy Monkeyisabsolutely free to play. If you are unable to get all the fruitsinthe given time and life, then you can get the life and timethroughcoins. Collecting the stars will add on your coins. Sixdifferentsuper monkeys with six different dresses will be waitingin thefuture levels. SOONER THE LEVELS YOU COMPLETE THE MORE COINSYOUMAKE!!!!!Crazy monkey features:1)Yummy Yummy fruits that willmakeyou to play more2)Three sparkling stars which add on yourcoins3)Easy and intresting to play4)Hotpots, Skulls, Bones,Wheelbladesetc... will kill the monkey. Safe movements is must toreach theforthcoming levels.5)Leaderboards to watch your friendsandcompetitors. 6)Easily sync the game between devices and unlockfullgame features by using your coins. By downloading this game youareagreeing to our terms of services.
Monkey Flight 2 1.03
Donut Games
Your favorite monkeys are BACK! This time they've carriedtheirelastic, whippy, inflatable palm tree to THREE new places formoremonkey-flinging fun. - The deep jungles of CAMBODIA - Thesnowylandscapes of ANTARCTICA - And the blooming forests of ENGLANDBendthe tree, release and send those jabbering, laughing fellowsflyingthrough the air. How much goodies can you collect beforefallinginto a mud puddle? Just as hilariously entertaining as theoriginalgame, but with more levels and crazier features than everbefore! ** * * * * * * * * * * GAME FEATURES: - THREE Game Modes: -1)Tropical Takeoff - 2) Frozen Fish - 3) Forest Fruit - Lifesaverstohelp you pass levels if you get stuck - A handy summary sheettokeep track of your scores and progress - Donut Games' famous3-starsystem: Increased REPLAY VALUE - Collectors Icon #38 - Andmuchmore... * * * * * * * * * * * * Enjoy another Donut Gamesrelease!
Jungle Monkey Bubble Shooter 2.2
Bubble Shooter is the one of the most famous games that youalllove. This arcade game takes you to a jungle journey with a lotofinteresting puzzles.Lots of people like classic bubble shooter-it's simple, funny and easy to play. So if you have neverplayedthis kind of games it's recommended to install free junglebubbleshooter to your mobile device and make sure in thesimplicity, easeand addiction of this game. Even if you like theball blastinggames such as frozen bubble you will enjoy playing ourmonkeyjungle adventure with a various featuresandimprovements.Gameplay:The aim is to shoot the bubbles in ordertomatch 3 or more balls to make them burst. Just tap with yourfingeron the gamefield, choose the right angle and traectory andblastaway the bubbles. Clear all the bubbles to level up. Use thewallsto bounce balls and make combinations of three bubbles.Challengeyour friends to see who can get more points and completemorelevels.There are 2 game modes:1. Puzzle Mode - The aim is toclearall the bubbles on the gamefield. Hundreds levels ofsagapuzzles.2. Arcade Mode - The bubbles will slowly go down soyouneed to shoot quickly to avoid death.Jungle Monkey Bubble gamewillintrigue you and keep entertained for a long time. It startsfromsimple levels and proceed to the most difficult epic levels.Kidswill enjoy playing this game because of the lovely colorsandbeautiful design. Adults will also be impressed by wonderfuldeluxegraphics and enthralling gameplay.You can continue playgameanytime and be sure that you dont lose your progress. Ourmonkeybubble shooter is free to play and with a hundreds of levelsyouwill never get bored.This all makes it one of the mostinterestingshooting games with colored balls for the wholefamily.Features:1.Puzzle Mode with hundreds levels of epicpuzzles.2. Arcade Mode 3.Ball Bounce Ability4. Easy and fun toplay5. High ResolutionGraphic6. Great Gameplay
Find the Monkey Lunchbox Game 1.1
Forget, 'where's the ball'? Where's the Monkey?You win if youcanfind the Monkey in the barrel.
Flappy Monkey 1.0.2
In this addictive game get flappy by tapping the screen ofyourdevice while avoiding the obstacles.It's your job to guidethemonkey fly through all kinds of obstacles to get high score.Theplayer who is in control of a flying monkey must dodge allthecolumns by going through the empty gaps in order to gain thebestscore. Game Features : - Simple one touch controls: touch toflap -Easy and fun to play, but a challenge to fully master -Stunninggraphics: beautifully detailed world comes to life on. Howto Play:- Tap anywhere on the screen to fly higher!
Happy Monkey Friend 1.0
Poo and Play
Welcome to Happy Monkey Friend you enjoy dancing and singingsoonJana feed .Adopt your own kitten and help him to become anadult.Take good care of your pet and pay him happy - feed it , playwithhim and raise him as your own babywhat I 'm Flappy no it'snotthat! this is what I am Monkey or even better what I 'mhappy!Thestory begins in the experimental laboratory of ProfessorGoduxformer friend of the great Father of genetics animals youwilllearn to speak with a trained monkey and teach him to walk likeababy this adventure you take along under the orderscommanderJoseph mission with great ambition to discover therelationshipbetween animals and chimpanzees genetically modifiedwithcybernetic module Happy Monkey Friend will make you go up totheceiling is very funny transform your voice with this parrot !Thechallenge now is to take your time to give your advancedscienceand take the step between man and his cousin, thechimpanzee.Future to come : Bananas to feed your pet Jana !HappyMonkeyFriend more than just a game it offers a fun side of whatmakepeople laugh and it is close familyall teamPooandplayremercie.Vôtre support you means a lot to us!WithEveryplayincludes to share your replay on social networks such asFacebookand Twitter !ps: this message is Jana Fan on you like girls:)
Monkey Fruits Crush 2.2.2
The Second Project of RiverApps!"Monkey Fruits Crush"TheUpdateyou've all been waiting for! Check it out right now!TheFruits wereliving happily with Mr.Monkey... But one day!!!They werekidnappedby the Evil Monsters!Rescue the Cute Fruits from theMonsters!TheCute Fruits are waiting for your helping hand~!Featuresof "MonkeyFruits Crush"!★ Rescue the Cute Fruits that werekidnapped by theEvil Monsters!★ Introducing a new & cute StageMap! Pleaseenjoy the cute Stages!★ New Splendid Effects! ~ Enjoythe game withmore excitement!★ More than 150 Levels! Check it outrightnow!“Monkey Fruits Crush" Update Details!★ A Whole New StageMap!★Mind-blowing New Effects! Bang Bang! Enjoy the game withmoreexcitement!★ More than 150 Stages! – More missions for youtorescue the Cute Fruits!★ Introducing new Evil Monsters! ~Pleaserescue the Fruits before the Green and Orange Caterpillarsgobblethem up!★ Additional new Items! Plus 1, Spoon, Pudding, andCaneItems★ Introducing a new Jewel Shop! Purchase Jewels to buyItemsand Hearts!★ Now able to login with Facebook!(If you loginwithFacebook, the game data can be restored even when you re-installor change your mobile phone!)[How to Play]★ You can seetheMissions you have to gather on the top of the page.★ All youhaveto do is match 3 blocks of the Same Color.★ If you match 3Fruitstogether, you get a +1 on the Fruits around them withfixedprobability. ★ If you match 3 Fruits both across and down, yougeta +2 on the relevant rows and columns with a fixed probability.★Ifyou match 5 Fruits of the Same Color, they all disappear.★ Inthecase of the Fruit locked inside the thorns, it'll be releasedifyou match it with Fruits of the same color.★ Crocodile vanishifyou match blocks around them.(But you have to do this 3 timesforit to disappear.)If you are a fan of RiverApps, please ‘like’ourFacebook Page ~Check out our latest news~ !Facebook:
Bubble Monkey
The newest hit Bubble Monkey is now onAndroidfor FREE!This is the only bubble shooting game with two differentexcitinggame modes – adventure and classic – which will keepplaying forhours.Help Bubble Monkey shoot all the bubbles in the sky! Tap thescreento shoot combinations of 3 or more bubbles in a row and blastthemup! Clear all the bubbles to level up.Highlights:- 20 different levels of increasing difficulty- 18 challenging missions awarding you with additional coins- 2 Game Modes – Greedy and Sharp- 4 Difficulty Levels – Easy Ride, Novice, Expert and Master- Free PlayScape coins to buy in Hungry Fish shop andotherPlayScape gamesYou can also use the special power-ups:- KAPAOW: Special dynamite that will blow you away- WOOSH: Special cannon power which will shoot straight throughthebubbles- SHAZAM: Special color power which will get your colorinorder
Monkey Hunt 1.61
Monkeys are running around behind the blocks.Catch monkeys whenstaybehind the blocks.Touch the block,Then they will be captured.
Jump Monkey 1.0
Players need to control jumping monkey jumping to escape theguardsheaven, reach the top.Games focus jumping rhythm and graspguardaction, which requires the player a good hand speedandresponsiveness.The higher the number of layers, the guard willalsoincrease the number of players will be more dependent onrhythm.Agood grasp of rhythm, easy to get high scores.
Monkey See Monkey Do 5
In Monkey See Monkey Do, it could not be simpler than to watchwhatthe monkey does and follow his moves. Easy eh? you collectbraintrophies from each game you play, Dufus, Amoeba, PrimateCavemanand Human) were fairly confident there wont be many humansoutthere, But why don't you take, the Monkey See Monkey Dochallengeand prove us wrong.
Monkey Game 0.2.0
Monkey On A Rope is a game of skillforallages.It's really easy to play; just slide the monkey along theropeanddrop him on some fruit. You can't move him when he's ontheground sowatch out for the crocodiles!Points are scored for each piece of fruit the monkeyeats;threepoints for a banana and one point for a pineapple. If hegetshitby a crocodile or is on the ground for too long withouteatingheloses a life.The game is over when the monkey has no lives leftor,whilststill hanging from the rope, he collides withanythingthat'sfallen to the ground.Swipe left or right anywhere on the screen to slidethemonkey,holding your finger down for longer to slide faster.Swipedown todrop him.Thanks to Vicki Wenderlich ( the majority of the game graphics.Have fun!
Jumping Monkey 1.1
Experience the adventure of Jumping Monkey, the pixelmonkey,through a series of obstacles in which you lead him. Competeformedals and high scores!How to Play:-Avoid the columns andjumpthrough the gaps between the obstacles by tapping the screen
Monkey Surfer 1.5
Do you love the sea or a banana?Bunchofbananas have fall into the sea! This is a big present.Let'sgosurfing and collect it all. But beware of the bad fish,tryingtoattack you.Endless surfing game that will challenge you to go as far asyoucan.You will enjoy and get exited with the speed .Features- free to play- smooth and easy control, using accelerometer- colorful graphic style, bring you the delight of summer- many kinds of obstacleMonkey Surfer is developed by Donuts Bangkok co., Ltd
Curious Monkey - Kids Game 1.0
Kiddy Games
♦ ♦ Free Curious Monkey Game ♦ ♦This is for all the petmonkeylovers out there, help the curious monkey to grab all thefreshbananas. you need to be quick, but be careful and don't touchthebombs...All you need to do is to drag the yellow bananas intothemonkeys bag and the brown bananas to the bin, collect the coinsandavoid the bombs - before the time runs out.This game isdesignedfor little kids and suited for toddlers, small kids,preschoolersand children in elementary school.Game Features:★ Freegame.★ Veryfun.★ Lovely graphics and music.★ Easy to play, suitedfor allages.★ Toddlers friendly (no in-app purchase).EducationalValues:♦Eye hand coordination.♦ Recognition and analysis.♦ Quickthinking& decision making.♦ Logical reasoning (the ability torecognizeand classify objects).Enjoy!
Fruity Monkey 3.0.5
Wharf Games
Match fruit together in juicy combos - the more you match thebiggeryour score! Be the best Fruit Matcher! Challenge yourFacebookfriends and become the fruitiest person out of everyoneyou know!But watch out for Marlon monkey, who just can't stophimself fromstealing your fruit to satisfy his sweet tooth. Usebonus items toreach a higher score or just to keep Marlon frommaking trouble.Colourful and fun with catchy, bouncy music!
Bubble Monkey Valentine's Day!
Special edition of Bubble MonkeyforValentine’s Day!Bubble monkey Valentines is a special edition for Valenite's Dayofthe beloved bubble shooter game – Bubble monkey!Help Bubble Monkey shoot all the bubbles in the sky! Tap thescreento shoot combinations of 3 or more bubbles in a row and blastthemup! Clear all the bubbles to level up.In this Valentine's Day edition you'll enjoy TWENTY cool levelsofbubblicious fun. Bubble monkey is dressed up for the occasionandlooks better than ever! Enjoy the romantic atmosphereofValentine's Day & send the game to your loved ones!Play this heart-touching Bubble Monkey version for FREE!Highlights:- 20 different levels of increasing challenges- Variety of missions to complete and win rewards- Special bonus levels
Talking Monkey - Cheeky Monkey 1.00
A Talking Monkey that generates Monkey Sounds.Don't go ape or bananas but can you talk to monkeys? Yesyoucan!Fascinate and amaze your gorilla friends with your veryowntalkingmonkey. Thrill to random monkey and ape sounds asthischeeky chimpchatters and shrieks to its hearts content.Swingthrough virtualtrees of monkey sounds and screams. Thisanimalsounds app is adelight as its like having your very own zooofsounds right on yourdevice.Talking monkey is fun for all ages and will dazzleandamaze.Wonderful crowd-pleaser and joke and all for theunbeatablepriceof FREE.Talking Monkey Features Include:* High Quality Monkey Graphics* Random Chimp Sounds or Monkey Sounds* Press to Hear monkey Talk - Release to Stop monkey Talk* Animated Mouth as Your Monkey Chats Away* Move to SD Card FunctionalityChat with a chimp or monkey today!
Monkey King havoc in heaven
Parkour Monkey King havoc in heavenThe best Kung Fu monkeyparkour,challenge the limit, over limit!Get your honour havoc inheaven,become king QitianThe monkey king havoc in heaven, destroydivinetroops descending from heaven, fight god.* new battlefield!Thechallenge of global ranking* fantasy Wonderland palacescene*passionate music, sound effects* skip, leap, accelerate thebestbar, various combination of actions* achievement system to rich
Monkey Boots 1.1
Escape the Elephant Stampede! Controls Right Button - Jump /StompLeft Button - Slow Down Get extra points for stompingtheElephants!
Up With Monkey 1.0.6
Up with Monkey is game about asupercutemonkey Zazar!This is journey of monkey Zazar, he must to escape fromthejungle,where the bear always want to catch him.This game have 4 modes in this time and will beopenedmoreafter.Monkey Zazar have to escape with your help, please savehim!!Feature:- Very 4 interesting modes.- Very Simple game play, your kid also play.- Funny sounds- Amazing Effect design.- Share to social game community.- High score google.- Update weekly and monthly.Tip and Trick:- You can kill the bear if you chose correct time.- You can get more high score if you challenge you harder.- The social will make you more fun and more friendstoplaywith.Help monkey Zazar save the Jungle!Dont forget let your kids play, more fun!