Top 49 Games Similar to Flap Kitty

Flappy Golf 1.4
Be aware! This is not your average 'flappy' game! INSANELYaddictiveso download at your own risk!Flap your way to the holewith thisunique spin on our famous golf game! Using the now famous"flap"mechanic you must get to the hole in the fewest flaps aspossible!Featuring the courses from Super Stickman Golf 2®, FlappyGolf is afun little project we put together for the Flappy Jamgame jam. Canyou get gold stars on all the holes?Features:- Over52 courses intotal! - Everyones favorite courses from SuperStickman Golf 2®-Simple flap controls- Race your Facebook friendsin King of the Holemode!Reviews:- "This game is incredible. I'vebeen playing itnonstop since I've downloaded"- "This is by far oneof the most funand addicting games I've ever played!"- "It seemslike a joke, butsomehow it turns into an amazing hybrid! Easy tolearn and fun tomaster!"
Flappy Speedway Challenge! 1.0
Who can master the challenge of the Flappy Speedway Arena!!EachPlayer will have 10 seconds to finish 5 stages! Let's see howfaryou can go in this challenge full of obstacle courses.WARNING:THIS GAME IS VERY CHALLENGING! Good luck!! And may the oddsbeforever in your favor! Created by Arvind Srinivasaraghavan&Patrick Mcray of EaSi Games Inc.Connect withArvind: report: on facebook: uson twitter:
Flappy Golf 2 2.0.7
The sequel to the insanely addicting Flappy Golf is here!Featuringthe courses of Super Stickman Golf 3. Play our famous RaceModeeither online against your friends or locally for some seriousfun!Or flap your way to the hole in as few flaps as possible toearnall the Gold Stars. Can you get them all and unlock SuperStarMode? Features:- Online Multiplayer- 29 Courses with MoreComing!-Simple flap controls
Flappy Crush 2.62.0
Tarek Mongy
Tired of flying all these different flappy things between thegreenpipes? Get your revenge and crush them with the pipes instead!Thegame is simple. Tap the screen to close the pipes and crush anyofthose pesky birds trying to pass through! Earn Bone Buckseveryturn you play, and spend them in the Shop to unlock differentpipesand power-ups! Get the highest score and climb theleaderboardswhile unlocking 5 different Game Modes! Flappy Crushcan be enjoyedoffline! No Wifi or Internet connection required!WARNING: Not forthe faint hearted! Lots of pixel gore and bloodinside! (With anoption to switch off the blood to make it less gory☺)
Wing Bird 1.0.7
Wing Bird - A new addictive game. Are you ready? Let's helpbirdsfly upward to get highest score!!!. You must avoid obstacleswhileflying. HOW TO PLAY? You just tap the left/right of the screentopush the bird fly highest possible.
Fappy Bird
A fappy game like the original bird game! Spread your flappywingsand fly like a bird!We all loved the original Flappy game anditsfamous bird, but the developer deleted his famous andchallengingapp. But hey! No worries, we created a clone calledFappy Bird.Yeah we know, it's not the original Flappy game with thewell knownbird but no worries, you will also love it and we arealreadyworking on a lot of features to make it even better.Let'splayFappy Bird and enjoy it. Thank you!Features-Beautiful Graphicsandscenarios-Four Medals~!!! - Easy, Normal, Hard, Veryhard-VariousBackground Graphics~!!!-Simple Controls~!!!-VariousbirdsReferenceresources :Font-
Super idiot bird 1.2.6
Flappy, Clumsy Style Game. Super idiot bird is a simple birdgame.Flapping and bouncing Super idiot bird. Come on flap and jump.Theaim of the game is to blow the bird without hitting the columnsbytouching screen. (Fly without touching the bars, pipesandcolumns.) Each transition is one point. Have a good time. HowtoPlay: Tap anywhere on the screen to fly higher.
Floppy Bird Seasons 1.2
On Air Inc.
The game which has been loved all over the world is now inseasonsmode!Flap the little wings of the poor birds to guide themto flythrough all kinds of obstacles, get as far as possible andcollecttheir eggs.Keep flapping, collect coins along the way,grabpower-ups and use the coins to unlock all seasons, change yourbirdskin and upgrade your power-ups.Increase the challenge levelwithyour friends by unlocking the Advanced season, where there arenoeggs or power-ups, separate score just for the advancedplayers!Thechase is on! Floppy Bird Seasons is an entertaining gamefor anyoneinto infinity running and endless games.How to Play:- Tapanywhereon the screen to fly higher, and beat your ownscore!WARNING:Floppy Bird Seasons is insanely addictive, verysimple but highdegree of difficulty and challenge, don't get angryand be carefulnot to smash your valuable mobile phone!
Smashing Blocks 1.2.6
Sumada Games
This is not another clone of Flappy Bird. This is something new.Tapto flap the wings and speed up the bird. You must control speedofthe bird to fly safely between trees. Watch out the smashingtrees!!!! Good luck and try to be the best on the ranking.How toPlay:-Tap on the screen to accelerate.Visit us atFacebook:
Floppy Bird 1.0
Move wings and fly away in the world Floppy Bird Challenge. Helphimto flutter and get as far as possible. You must flapp your birdTapthe screen to flap your wings of a bird and avoidobstacles.DownloadBird to learn now will ultimately result! Thegame istime-consuming.It is a platform with pixel graphics.Theplayer mustavoid the columns by flying them located in the gap toget thehighest possible score.Whatever the outcome receiveamedal.Features:- One Touch Control.- Lots of fun.- Nice graphics.
Wing Up 1.0.3
No Power-up
@Wing Up:- "Wing Up brings two taps to the Flappy Bird world" "A new and fresh arcade for fans of Flappy Bird"-by Appszoom.comWhere is the bird going? To heaven? To hisbirdmommy? Play a few rounds and you can help him fly through thewallscreated by an unknown bird God.But be careful, he is asensitivechap, just one touch and he will fall to his demise at thebottomof the ocean. Good Luck![How to Play]- Tap left to 'flap up'left,Tap right to 'flap up' right- Don't hit the blocks.- Try toget 4medals: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.
Fat Birdie : unlimited game 1.2
Who said a FAT BIRD can't fly?FAT BIRDS FLY LOWAwesomeObstacledodging BIRD GAME.Navigate the FAT BIRD throughdeadliestobstacles, and beware this game is very addictive.Thisgame hasunlimited gameplay.Compete with your friends for the topplace onleaderboard using the GOOGLE PLAY LEADERBOARDSBEAT your ownhighscore as well as the TAPS SCORE, a new addition totheleaderboard.This game in NON- PIXEL GRAPHICS, Pure vectorARTSTYLEEasy to play but hard to master!A WARNING NOTE ! Very Funandaddictive!This game contains a fatbird or a birdie and has tobepushed against pipes to cross the barriers. Ultimate scoreisreally hard to be obtained, even is the player is able to cross15score .. its really hard to play....
Rocket Snail 1.1
Am I the next successor to Flappy Bird as I'm hitting Androiduserslike a storm?Thousands of players can't be wrong!DownloadNow!STORYLINE:Rocket has just started his training as arocketeersnail. To past the test, he needs to dodge boulderobstacles thatrandomly spawn along the way to block his flight.Rocket needs youto be his best trainer!It’s not a bird, it’s not afish and it’snot wearing pants! It’s Rocket Snail!HOW TO PLAY:1.Tap the screenconstantly to maintain Rocket's flight across therocky planet. Flyhigher by tapping faster and release to divedown.2. Avoidcollision by guiding Rocket up and down to passbetween the gaps ofthe boulder obstacles.3. Collect jetpacks torecharge Rocket's fueland avoid crashing.4. Collect the shell armorto protect Rocketfrom boulder obstacles and prolong the flighttraining. It alsogives a full recharge when the fuel gets empty.5.Avoid touchingthe ground as it would end Rocket's flight traininginstantly.LET'SROCK, IT'S SNAIL TIME!
Flappy Dunk 1.7.1
Tap to jump into as many hoops as possible. Collect skinsandachieve crazy challenges.
Fly High Jetzy - Free Arcade Games 2.4
Fly High Jetzy is one of the best free simple arcade games. Putonyour Jetpack suite and Fly High to the Infinity andBeyond.Flapping your way out of challenging obstacles.How toplay:-Tapleft or right to move in that direction.-Tap once tojump.-Hold thefor flying.-Stay away form the obstacles.Play withone hand- Simplyhold the tap and slide to move Left and Right. TheAIfeature(Talking features):The AI's name is Jetzy and he issuperFunny and sarcastic. He learns and understands your playingpatternlike where you tap, speed of playing, etc and gives commentsandreviews accordingly, distinctly to each player. -Jetzy willgivepositive reinforcement when you make a high score. -He tellsyounot to get frustrated when you really are, when you come neartohigh score and die just few points away from new highscore.-Probably the only game that suggests you to exit the gameafterplaying it for sometime in its own funny way. -He willunderstandyour playing pattern and surprise you by saying manything aboutyou. -Do not play bad or be ready for a sarcastic insult😜. NOTE:The AI may sometimes insult, if you Play Poorly. If youdon't likehim, YOU MAY "DISABLE" him FROM MAIN MENU :) And Manymore AIfeatures...Apart from that, the game is super fun,challenging andaddictive. It requires certain amount of Focus andGrip to playthis game.Do you like surprises? Well this game isabout to giveyou lots of them.Only about 1% people will ever reachto the scoreof 50. See if you can get into the 1% club.Have FUN :)
Jump Shot - Bouncy BasketBall 1.5
A unique basketball slam jam game experience is waiting foryou!Keep basket shot, stay jumpy and have fun!Features:- Jump ballintothe rim and avoid laser beams. - Each basket shot through therimwill clear your way.- 20 funny nba ball characters tounlock.-Leaderboards and achievements to track your ball shotskills andcompete with other basketball shooters live.- Startjumping toshoot basket to the hoop. Jump Shot - Bouncy BasketBallis not oneof those bird hop games. You have a nba live basket ballto protecthere! They will blink with each basket shot and willelectrified ifyou touch the laser beams.So be careful! Thisbasketball slam jamfrenzy can quickly become a horror story withsome shocking laserbeams! Jump ball to shoot and dunk it to therim. You can dunk fromup side of the rim or dunk it under the jam,each basket shot is 1point. Become a jump shot star by avoidinglaser beams. Remember,you cant skip any hoop. You must shoot andscore each basket forevery rim to neutralize laser beams. Up anddown lasers always bethere even you jump ball shot to a score.Avoid hop around thebasketball court's edges to not get shocked.Dunk to collect gemsinside the hoop to unlock new funny all starball characters. Youshould balance your jump shots by the positionof the hoop to scorebaskets. After a while, ball jump feels easierthat you will feellikean nba slam dunk or an nba 3 point shooterbasketball player inallstars. If you can advance in the game, youcan face a movinghoop or a rotating rim to challange your ball shotskills to itslimits.
Flappy Rappers
Tap the screen to fly with this super fun AppCollectingMicrophoneswith Masters of Rap A Classic Fun game with a Hip HopSpin Collectas many mics as you can to win Can you make it to thetop of ourleadership Board? Silver, Gold or Bronze the choice isyours!BEWARE: Super Addicting and definitely not easy!
Doge Moon Mission 1.13
HELP DOGE GET TO THE MOON! POOR SHIBE NEEDS YOU! SUCH MISSIONWOW!Control rocket, avoid obstacles and gain points inchallenginggame. Pick up the gauntlet and defeat your friends, bethebest!Chellange Accepted? Let's get to the moon! WOW!Becareful!There are many dangers along the way, use your skills tohelp DOGEin his mission. Functionalities:• So touchable interface!– touchthe display to start Doge rocket engines (hold it, not tap,it'snot flappy bird)• Cute Graphics! – beautiful cartoon graphics•ManyDogecoin! – gain dogecoins during your mission to the moon•MuchLeaderboards! – Leaderboards – defeat your friends and show whoisnumber one!• Very Challenging! – Increasing level of diffculty–everyone can start but only the best will get far• SuchRandom!Very Procedural! So infinite! – play different,procedurallygenerated infinite level each timeReviews:• I honestlycant stopplaying this game!! Dogecoin, to the moon!!!• Thanks Dogefor thatgame!• Very rocket.• 100% better than flappy bird!• Coolphysicsand great effects.• I love Copter gameplay. Good luck braveShibes!(Easter tip - hold to the Doge!) Such mission! Verychopperchallenge gameplay! Plz Help! So Hard! Such Flappy Birdbetter!Indie level > 9000 Wow!
Pootis Spenzer Bird 1.0
In this game, you help the pootis spenzer bird collect itslostsandwiches while facing multiple threats and making theengineerput dispenser here. Pootis Spenzer Bird makes an internetteamfortress meme real, mixing a well-known bird gameplay withsomeadded elements. Using hilarious voice overs, the game aims tobefunny and a good time killer. Key features: - Help thepootisspenzer bird travel long distances and put dispenser here; -Grabas many sandwiches as possible (each one counts as 5 score);-Beware of the evil spy, as he will keep trying to stab you intheface;- Music and voices will make your journey hilarious; -Shareyour results and compete with your friends; - Buy new hats,trailsand backgrounds from the Pootis Shop! How many sandwicheswill yousave from the evil spy? P.S. Put dispenserhere!****Copyrightinfo****- Some in-game music is from YouTubevideos and it iscorrectly attributed respecting the CC BY 3.0License- Some in-gamepictures (spy, heavy, engineer, dispenser andsandvich) are normalscreenshots taken from the game TF2. They arenot assets of thegame itself.- In-game voices are very similar insound to theoriginal ones from TF2, but not exactly the same, theyareimitations of the real ones.- All other content is created bythedeveloper and/or distributed under Royalty Free license.If youarethe owner of any of those assets and you don't want it tobeutilized by this game, send the developer anappropriatedocumentation and it will be instantly removed.
Bamb 5.3
Bamb is a Round and Circular object (RCO) that likes eatingaSpace-Cube material, the BANJI!!!Guide Bamb through 4 fun 3Dgamesand 20 different unlockable levels, as well as a newFlappyBird-style Remake, to become a true Bamb master!!!Do youthink youhave what it takes?!For any suggestions, issues orquestions pleasecontact me at [email protected] :)
Try not to hit any planet to complete a level, and also you havetocollect 3 stars. In this way you can go on your adventure. Allyouneed to do is tap on the screen.* Free Arcade Game* FlappyBirdStyle Game* Happy Free Bird Style Game* Stick HeroStyleBackgrounds* Has Mr. Jump Simplicity* AA intelligence* One OfTheTop Free Games* One Of The Top Free AndroidGames*NearlyImpossible to finish, an impossible game but,* There is onlyoneperson who finished the game* If you finish the game pleasecontactus, we have a promotional code for you for our new game*Don'tforget to share our game with your friends
3D Flappy Ball Classic 1.7
Free 3DGame
Best Classic Flappy 3D Ball for android in playstore, Specialgamefor flappy ball game which can able to give you fullyentertainmentto play. Using the now famous "flap" mechanic you mustget to thehole in the fewest flaps as possible!Classic Games Ballis a gamescollection app that contains many addictive games. Itsrememberlike Pool Ball Classic game in android, Experience the funto be aMaster in Flappy Ball! Best of all, it’s totally FREE!Realistic 3Dball animation. Enjoy with "Balance Classic Ball"game.Rollingclassic ball with best foot gear. Color line classicball,Footballor basket ball viewer on 3D graphics. Rapid speed ballbalance onclassic player.Features:!) Free 3D Flappy BallClassic.!)Compatible with all tabs and mobile devices.!) Easy tomove eachother.!) You need to maintain the speed and movement.!)Alldirection you can move for reach to the target.!) Total 9Levelsavailable for your challenge.!) Exciting and Fun levels.!)Moveleft, right, top, bottom by key.!) No need for internetconnection.
Flappy Knife 2.8.4
Want a knife but can't afford it for your budget? Get skinsyoualways wanted with this app.Includes all knives from CS.Fanmadethematic game.
Dream Defense 1.8.200
The night seems endless and full of terrors… Who will saveRobinfrom her evil nightmares, if not her faithful and fierceteddybear? Are you able to protect your friend from bad dreamsandmonsters in this addictive action-shooter game? Can yousurviveuntil sunrise?Play as a brave, gun-slinging toy bear anddefendRobin from scary and sinister creatures that wait silently inthedead of the night, only to attack as soon as she falls asleep.Witha wide range of awesome weapons, upgrades, and power-ups atyourdisposal, use simple touch controls to shoot, bombard, blast,andfreeze the enemy swarms. Challenge yourself to multiplelevels,build toy defenses and defeat the evil bosses!Prepareyourself forendless waves of sinister creatures and creepy monstersand doeverything you can to prevent the nightmares from comingtrue!Please note: Dream Defense is free to play with the optiontounlock items with in-app purchases.• A BRAVE BEAR NEVER SLEEPS–Tap the screen to shoot monsters and save your friend! Only thetoybear knows what dangers lurk in the dark. From sunset tosunriseenemies swarm Robin’s room, so stay alert and watch out fortheevil bosses! • A SMART BEAR ALWAYS HAS A STRATEGY -Fromfire-spewing clowns to giant ghouls, there’s no telling whatcreepyand spooky enemies Robin will dream of next. Find yourenemy’sweakness and pick your arsenal wisely. Choose your bestdefensestrategy and defeat all the creepy demons!• A RESOURCEFULBEAR ISALWAYS PREPARED – Equip yourself with several excitingweapons!Attack the nightmare demons with bb and poison guns, peppersprays,darts and many, many more! Bombard your enemies withexplosives orfreeze them with ice-cream! Fortify Robin’s bed withall sorts ofawesome toy defenses. Build pencil barricades to keepnightmaresaway, or equip laser lamps that shoot monsters from afar.• AWARRIOR BEAR HAS THE BEST GEAR - Unlock new items at the storebycompleting levels and shooting new enemies. Upgrade weapons andusepower-ups to be even more powerful. Put your toy defense upandultimately save your best friend from the evil monsters thatlurkin the shadows.Survive the night and don’t let Robin’snightmarescome true! Play the ultimate shooter game Dream Defensenow forFREE!★ Developer's notes ★• Currently available in French,German,Italian, Spanish, Thai and Simplified Chinese.• DreamDefenserequires an online connection or mobile data to play• Needtips tohelp you get started on the game? Read our officialbeginner'sguide:•Helpus make the game better! Leave your comments and suggestionsin ourfeedback form here: Your opinionmatters!•Dream Defense requires Android version of 5.0 or higher,and aninternet connection or mobile data to play. For the bestgameplayexperience, at least 1GB of RAM is required.Like DreamDefense onFacebook! Gamesformoreupdates! our newsletter at http://www.altitude-games.comHavingproblems?Got a suggestion? We’d love to hear from you! You canreach us at:[email protected] Altitude Games
Infinity Stepping Stone - Tap 1.5
Ice water is now much melt in global warmingEscape away by usingastepping stone before the water struckSimple but it is noteasygamePlease look at the record competition of theworld'susersFlappy Pass stepping stones.Simple addictive free pixeldotretro game.Across The River!
Mini Unicorn Dash 3
A beautiful picture of the cool running across the boardgame.Players simply control the unicorn to run jumping and sprintin thevalley.Get extra points by touching Green Elf andsplintingamethyst. The farther you advance and the higher thescore.Thecontrol of the game is very simple,the traditional virtualkeys arevery easy to operate.
Player Battle Craft 1.3.0
Wakodo Game
Worldwide multiplayer shooter survival player unknownFreegoldDrivepolice car, truck, tankHeavy weaponOffline modeBe careful
Slingshots vs. Zombies 1.0
Get ready to fight a mob of zombies with the craziest weaponsfromthe popular Slingshot Channel! Use your arsenal of 9 weaponsmadeby Jörg Sprave — slingshots, crossbows and more — toeliminatemultiple types of zombies and bosses before they get tooclose!Enjoy Jörg's famous laughter and celebrate his signatorylines! Doyou have what it takes to survive the zombie apocalypse inthisofficial mobile game for The Slingshot Channel?This appoffersin-app purchases and advertisements.• Fight zombies withJörg'scraziest weapons from The Slingshot Channel!• Try out"TheFeatures" of the Drill Powered Gatling Gun, Verminator andmore!•Experience the devastating power of the mighty Airzooka!•Unlockweapons and items to defeat multiple types of zombies andbosses!•Upgrade your weapons to improve your arsenal against themob ofdead!Visitthedeveloper:
Lemon Fire 1.2
No in game advertisements, no in game purchases.What are youapeasant? a Knight? a King? or something out of this world?PlayLemon Fire and see where you rank on the leader boards.Selectyourown difficultly, this game caters for both casual andcompetitivegamers, depending on your level selection you can makechasinglemons as easy or as difficult as you wish.Play now forFREE.
Kicau Murai Master 8.1
heni olala
Aplikasi ini adalah aplikasi sederhana berisi audio kicauburungmurai master. Dan bisa membantu burung murai anda untuktambahgacor. This application is a simple app contains audiochirpingmagpie master. And can help you to add a humming birdgacor.
Flappy Vigo for Tablet PCs
Attention! For optimal game performance, you are recommended tohavea device with at least 200 MB of RAM. I'm recommend 1024 MBofRAM.----------------------------Flappy Vigo - an endless gameaboutflying heads, reminiscent of other Flappy games, but with itsownfeatures.Features:- 4 languages: English, Russian, ChineseandUkrainian;- Different game modes: Omega mode, Blind mode andtheSoviet mode;- New characters: 10 characters from differentgamesand universes to choose from, which have their own music inthegame;- The game has an end: You can finale the game, but onlyifyou score 9999 points. Nobody else could, would you dial?-Highscore table: Beat your record and it will be saved in the menu,atthe top!----------------------------The original creator ofthegame - Maximus Games, he gave me the rights to the game andIposted it on Google Play. For questions about the game,pleasecontact him: (his pageinVKontakte).----------------------------I also warn you, if youturnon several modes at once, there may be performance problemsandmusic in the game. It is recommended to turn off all modesbypressing "Normal mode" and then just turn on some other mode.
Flappy Kings 1.3.2
Make money by competing against others and/or entering intoourFlappy Kings Sweepstakes.Flappy Kings is a money making gamewhereyou fly as a bird through pipes and compete against otherplayersto win real CASH and GIFT CARDS. You can also increase yourchancesto make money by participating in our Flappy KingsSweepstakes!Under our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, you mustbe at least13 years of age to play or download Flappy Kings. Anetworkconnection is required to participate in tournamentsandsweepstakes.FEATURES● As you fly, dodge obstacles and fierceenemyattacks to become the King of Flappy Kings● Compete againstotherplayers to win real cash and gift cards● Participate insweepstakeevents to win real cash and gift cards● Winners are paidoutimmediatelySUPPORTHaving problems? contact us in game by goingtoSettings > Give usFeedback.PrivacyPolicy: ofService andTournament/SweepstakeGeneralRules:
Flappy Cat 1.8.26
Jógvan Olsen
Try to get as much score you can and compare your best withyourfriends through the Google Leaderboards.
Mr Flap 2.0.7
Say hello to Mr Flap, the little square bird that'll make yourheadspin! How far can you get?
Switch Ball 2.0
Try to overcome yourself
The Flapping Dead 2.0 2.0.4
In The Flapping Dead you can play as 24 of your favoritecharactersand try to stay alive as long as you can againstobstacles and thezombie horde. Unlock new characters as you play orunlock them allright away! Don't let your character become part ofthe zombiehorde!Game Features:Easy one touch control.24unlockablecharacters.In app purchase to unlock all the charactersatonce.Dark and scary zombie apocalyptic environment.Now 3differentplays modes to keep it different and new!Now you have theoption towear "Riot Gear" to help you go farther then everbefore!How toPlay:Tap anywhere on the screen to keep your favoritecharacterflying.Don't hit the trees/fence or the zombiebirds.Feedback isalways wanted and welcome!!
Flappy Rap
A new spin on the flappy game genre! Flap through pipes asyourfavorite rappers, hear their catchphrases, and collect moneytounlock new rappers! Compete with your friends to beat eachother'shigh scores, and be the best.Consider this a sequel, fromthecreators who made Flappy Sosa.
Dunk Hot 1.8.2
Tap to start and score as many dunk as possible before time out.Howmany airballs and buzzers can you shot? We offer many skinsofnation theme, and some other special skins. And different gamemodeare waiting for you. - Classic mode: endless time, shot as manyasyou can. - Season mode: fight with 30 basketnall teams inlimitedtime. - PVP: fight with real palyers!
Twist and Switch 1.3
Download and Install Twist and Switch. This is a premium appwithfocus on quality. The app is designed with lot of passion andhasbeen tested on multiple devices.Twist and Switch is waiting foryouand you will love using it.Install this Twist and Switch appandyou will see that it is a high quality app! If you likedusingTwist and Switch then do leave a review for our app.If youareexperiencing any issues or have comments and suggestions,pleasecontact us through thisform, we will doourbest to help you!
Birds Photo Frame 1.0
Birds Photo frame is nice app that lets you customize yourphotos.Choose a photo from your gallery or take it with the cameraof yourdevice, select a frame and generate your photo .1. Select aphotofrom the gallery of your phone and use this image editortodecorate it.2. Capture a new image with your camera and applyacool photo frame to it.3. Rotate, scale, zoom in, zoom out ordragthe photo to fit the frame as you like.4. Choose from framesindifferent shapes and colors and try them all out.5. Place Textasyou want.6. Swap photo direction.7. Add color effects tophoto.8.This app supports all screen resolutions of mobile andtabletdevices.
Snail Defender - Snail Battles 1.0.6
Introducing the all-new game, the extremely fun SnailDefenderstyle. The game takes you to a wild, wild world where youcommand amercenary army to destroy the strongholds, withextremelyattractive gameplay. It will make you unable to move youreyes,where the ego to the throne, where you can dominateeverything, inthe game you spoiled the freedom to spread acrossyour strategy.Game is rich picture. you will fight In many places,many differentlocations, you can now recruit more members withdifferent weaponsabilities to give you different options in eachbattle. ★ Optionsand how to play Snail Defender ★ + You ride on thesnail with yourteammates to attack the strongholds + When you gothrough somelevels you will be able to recruit more but new memberswithdifferent abilities + Upgrade your warriors to become stronger+Great graphics and sound In the game you will play as the leaderofthe attacking fortress, make reasonable choice warriors bringoutcombat to match each battle. The game gives youflexibility,agility in the gameplay, Train yourself to become thereal leader,fast-paced attacking enemies to win. Extremely richplay will makethe network more playable as you like, taking youfrom scene toscene, effects The weapon of the warrior is extremelybeautiful, donot despise the enemy, the enemy also has specialweapons to attackyou immediately. ★ snail game features ★ + Freegames, if you wantto quickly upgrade can buy cents in the store +Game capacity isextremely light ★★★ Best game in defender games ★★★★★ PlayEverywhere ★★ ★ For All Ages ★ If you have difficultyplaying orare willing to contribute to the game, please email usat:[email protected] Thank you for downloading ourSnailDefender game, wish you happy gaming.
Flappy Super Man Bird 1.0
Mazz Games
Welcome to the world of Amazing Flappy Super Man Bird!Downloadthisamazing flappy bird game to have unlimited fun at anytime,anywhereon your fingertips.The story of Amazing Flappy Super ManBirdrelates that it was born on the planet Krypton, beforebeingrocketed to Earth as an infant super flappy bird.This amazingbirdis rough and tough like superman.. Strong like superman! Fastlikesuperman.. A complete superhero bird!Going crazy for a one waytriparound the world of steel.. Soaring new heights!Your superpowerscan only make you fly.. Keep it up and fly like superman..Ifyoubump into steel.. You die.. So keep your spirits high andyourflappy bird higher.."Is it a bird...Is it a plane...No ItsAmazingFlappy Super Man Bird"Go flying you crazy birds!How toplay:Tap anywhere on your screen to keep Amazing Flappy Super ManBirdflying,Avoid pipes while flying to score more.Fly as faraspossible.Don't let Amazing Flappy Super Man Bird fall or hitanypipe.Features:Classic 8 bit Flappy Bird characterEasy and funtoplay, but an addiction to cope withStunning graphics:beautifullydetailed world comes to life on your mobile,tabletSimple controls:One touch gameplayAmazing Flappy Super ManBird has been tested onlatest devices such as Samsung Galaxy S5, LGNexus 5, Nexus 7, HTCOne M8, Sony Xperia Z and continue to workwith upcoming flagshipphone Motorola Nexus 6.To support ourdevelopment of FREE games, wehave implemented ads in this game.Forany kind of suggestion,please drop a word and our team will getback to you.Disclaimer:Allthe graphics used in this game aredesigned by our team.
Flappy Chapulin 1.3
JPazR Apps
This is the flappy version of el chapulin colorado. Help himfindhis hammer, chiquitolina pills and also his chicharraparalizadoraenjoy the best chavo del ocho and chespirito game...Máságil queuna tortuga, más fuerte que un ratón, más noble que unalechuga, suescudo es un corazón... ¡Es el Chapulín Colorado!Elmejor juego deel chapulin colorado, ayudale al chapulin colorado aencontrar sumartillo, sus pastillas de chiquitolina, y tambien suchicharraparalizadora.. Comparte tu resultado con tus amigos ycompite paraser el #1
Bird Sounds 1.12
Bird Sounds suitable for all age groups- 80 high-qualitypopularbird sounds, calls, voices and bird images.- Bird sounds foryourentertainment and helps you relax after an hard day!- Birdsoundsis the perfect app to have a good time with your friends.-Soothingmusic and sleep sounds for every one- Absolutely relaxingfornature loversYou can feel forest ambience and listen forestbirds,tropical forest birds Australian king parrot, Australianmagpie,Australian owletnightjar, barnowl, billedcuckoo, blackfacedcuckooshike, bluejay, brushcuckoo, canary, cardinal,chaffinch,common black bird, commonmyna, commonstarling,crimsonrosella,crow, eagle, fantailedcuckoo, figbird, galah,geese,greybutcherbird, hoopoe, koel, loon and much more.This apphasgreat photos of various birds along with their sounds. Verycooland cute. Enjoy!
Eagle Live Wallpaper 5.5
LWP World
Eagle Live Wallpaper is a new animal inspired app for allbirdlovers who want to decorate their smartphone screen in themostamazing way! These stunning HD background pictures will leaveyouspeechless! You can now admire this beautiful, awe-inspiringbirdform up close. Fly like the eagle beneath the clear blue skyandover the tall mountains covered with snow. Explore wildlifewithphenomenal high resolution eagle pictures on your Android™andSamsung Galaxy device. You can watch this amazing bird fromfaraway, or get a close look at the intelligent and sharp eagleeye.-Amazing 3D live wallpaper for your phone!- Animatedeagleslandscapes decorating your screen;- Full support forlandscape modeand home - screen switching! - Amazing HDgraphics;- Socialshare button and more- This beautiful, free andenjoyablebackground is waiting for you!Follow the installationinstructions:Home - > Menu - > Wallpapers - > LiveWallpapers- Motionof flashes and lights keeps changing with time.-You can choosefrom several different Eagle background themes.-Optimized BatteryUsage- Compatible with 99% mobile phone devices.-The wallpaper appwill sleep when your phone is inactive, so thislive wallpaper willnot drain your battery.- Eagle Live Backgroundfully supportshorizontal orientation and looks amazing on bothmobile phones andtablet devices.Eagle Live Wallpaper brings theamazing and exoticwildlife to your smartphone! You will lovestunning HD backgroundpictures of this awe inspiring wild animalspecies. Explore therich flora and fauna of high mountains withthis wonderful newanimal live wallpaper! Eagle is a large andstrong bird of preywhich symbolizes liberty, power and strength.Therefore “images ofeagles” are often found on national flags. Thebird is extremelyintelligent and powerfully built, and it postureis truly aweinspiring. Just look at the “eagle eyes” and you willconclude thatthey are really a remarkable species. Various speciescan be foundacross the globe: Imperial Eagle, Golden Eagle, CrownedSolitaryEagle, Bald Eagle, Crested Eagle, Aguila Mora, Aguila Real,ToedEagle and many more.„Eagle Live Wallpaper“ is perfect foreveryonewho loves animals. Enjoy the breathtaking view of „proudeagles“with wonderful animals backgrounds will take you away fromeverydayworries and give you a unique experience of wildlife andcompletefreedom. You don't have to go on a a high mountain to seetheseamazing birds! All you should do is download this fantasticanimalsapp right now, completely free of charge! *Android™ is atrademarkof Google Inc.*This app is not affiliated with or endorsedbySamsung.
White Tiles 4 : Piano Master 2 5.9.3
"White Tiles 4" now has 300 AWESOME FREE MINI GAMES. Tap BlackTileor colorful tiles, don't touch the white one. 【Game Features】:◈300 Awesome Game Modes ◈ Mixer system : Play 2 or More modes atthesame time. ◈ 5 Instruments : Piano, Guitar, Drum, Dubstep,Classic.◈ Shake system : Shake your phone to switch modes. ◈ 100TilesColors ◈ Easy to play for all ages. ◈ An unparalleledgamingexperience 【Some Modes Descriptions】: ◈ Multiplayer Mode :Playwith your friends on same stage. ◈ Amazing Mode : There are somanytiles, Don't miss anyone. ◈ Lighting Mode : It's gettingdark,watch your step. ◈ Reverse Mode : The tiles go into reverse.Try toTap it. ◈ Flappy Mode : Fly in the sky like a cute bird. ◈CrossyMode : Just cross the road. ◈ 2048s Mode : Try to get 2048tiles. ◈Heartbeat Mode : Don't Lose Your Heart! One tile one heart,ifmiss, you will lose 5 aa hearts. More Modes are in the game.
70 Bird Sounds and Ringtones 1.2
Bird Sounds and RingtonesTop Birds RingtonesBird SoundEffectsRingtonesNow you can have the sounds of different birdspecies inone app. Get rid of stress and relax completely withbeautiful birdchirping on your deviceEnjoy this best collection ofBirds Soundsand Ringtones and Set as ringtones, alarms,notification or save toplay them.In Top Birds Ringtones you canlisten and choose yourfavorite bird song the most populate in theworld like the canary,the goldfinch and choose them for yourdefault ringtones andmessages ringFeatures of Birds Sounds andRingtones:- Very easy touse interface , just tap on list and setthe sound as your choice.- Compatible with 99 % Mobile Devices .-Completely free , this isthe full version .- No annoying byupdating every single day.- Setany song as a call, notificationalert or alarm ringtones.- WorkofflineDisclaimer:-*This app is notaffiliated with or endorsed byany artist or Music Company.*Soundclips used in app are underpublic domain license and/or CreativeCommons license.
Bird Sounds 5.0
Sound Factory
Bird Sounds is a great new app for all those bird lovers outthere.Now you can listen to beautiful bird melodies coming fromdifferentbird species, whenever your phone makes a sound. You willlovethese high quality nature sound ringtones. Bird Sounds offersyoutremendous selection of lovely message tones, loud alarm soundsandpleasant ringtones. Discover the magic of bird languagewithbeautiful sounds of eagle, sparrow, flamingo, humming bird,owl,crow and many more types of birds! Download Bird Sounds forfreenow and enjoy these wonderful bird ringtones![ Features ]- Holdtheplay button to set sound as ringtone, notificationsound(SMS/email) or alarm.- Assign as ringtone to specific contactinyour contact list.- Easy to use UI, Bird Sounds App worksinlandscape and portrait mode, optimized for all tabletsandsmartphones. - Best collection of bird sounds &ringtones!BirdSounds will take you to the unspoiled nature amongvarious Birdspecies that produce the most incredible sounds andbeautifulsongs. “Bird Sounds” will help you relax and be one withthe natureevery day. You can choose from an extensive selection ofvariouslovely free ringtones. Pick your favorite free sound fromthis birdsound effects soundboard and set it as a SMS alertnotification,chat notification, ringtone or alarm sound! Assign abeautifulcanary song or a loud sound of a rooster as your wake upalarm. Beone with the nature every day! Download free Bird Soundsnow!BirdSounds is also a perfect new app for kids. You can teachyour kidsthe names of different bird species and the sounds theyproduce.Your kids will have tons of fun listening to the birdsounds,trying to guess what sound belongs to which bird. Let yourkidschoose their favorite bird sound and assign it as aringtone,message sound or alarm notification. Download Bird Soundsfor freenow and start enjoying these bird ringtones with yourfamily! Thisapp includes many different Bird sound effects:sparrow, eagle,owl, pigeon, crow, humming bird, turkey, duck andmuch more! Youcan browse through bird’s songs, noises they make andtheir specialmating calls. Get it now for free and discover thebeauty of birdmelodies! Feel free to contact us for any questionsor feedback.
Merch Mania 2.0
Don't Blink
You've made it! You're famous! Now it's time to run thegreatestmerchandise store on the web. Take on the challenge ofrunning asuccessful merch business by opening your first clothesstore. Withmore stores to unlock and many challenges on the way,Merch Maniawill have you hooked from the beginning.FEATURES:-Run upto 4separate merch stores-Design your own clothing,accessories,footwear and electronic devices-Sell your creations toearnmoney-Constantly add new items to your line-up, and re-brandyourstores to set them back to the beginning to try again with anewbonus multiplier-Hire geniuses to automate your work-Upgradeyourgeniuses to improve their workflow-Complete research toadvancethrough the game and receive bonuses-Use boosts to increaseyourrevenue by up to 100x-No internet connection neededWeloveinteracting with our players! Join the conversationonTwitter: like usonFacebook: outourselfies onInstagram: Jay fromDon't Blink Studios