Top 4 Games Similar to Tappy Feet

Shoot the Stinky Feet 1.0
Shoot the Stinky Feet uniquely blendsthegenresof arcade, shooter and runner games, producing the bestgameoffrantic action and endless adventures. Help Dash and hiscrazytroopof heroes to escape from hundreds of stinky feet,jumping anddodgingas quickly as possible on the backs of some ofthe mostpicturesquecrafts whilst firing immensely powerfulweapons. Do youlike JetpackJoyride? Are you addicted to MetalSlug? Then you’llLOVE StinkyFeet!Download Shoot the Stinky Feet now on mobile ortabletcompletelyFREE!Try to survive an army of stinky feet, dodging a hailofbulletswhile you unload all your artillery on them. Duringyourrun, getpower ups to increase your firepower and collect coinstoupgradeyour guns, ships and statistics.Your escape begins, but your enemies will not let yougoeasily...With simple movements of your finger you will havetoavoid aninfinite number of bullets and destroyinexhaustibleopponents onyour journey toward salvation.Armed from head to toe you will quickly sail throughthemostdangerous waters. Improve your guns and boat with the goldyouearnin each fight and become the hero your military teamhavebeenwaiting for.What is the biggest combo you can get? Complete allthemissionsand challenges to increase your military rank!Game features:★ Classic action adventure arcade stylewithoriginaltwists.★ Very easy to play and completely FREE!!★ Awesome 3D graphics, with fascinating effects oflightandcolor.★ Became a gunslinger and shoot potent weapons likethehomingmissile, machine gun, flamethrower, classic pistol,laserandmore!★ Rush through 9 incredibles stages that increase thedifficultyandfun.★ Simple and intuitive interface. Leap and shootwithonefinger!★ Brutal music and sound effects.Join thousands of players in this exciting adventure!Youwon'tstop shooting, jumping and dodging. Play now for free!Download Shoot the Stinky Feet and start playing NOW!
Six Feet Under 1.0.1
You are trapped on a subterranean cavewhereanunknown virus outbreak is causing brain mutations on people.You are the only survivor and must use your gun todefendyourselfagainst the zombies, but watch out, you only countwiththreeammunition clips. To get more ammo keep an eye on theminecart. Itcould seem an easy task, but is not......mining is over, butchery has begun!FEATURES- Progressive enemies sistem: Zombies get stronger every10waves,also increase its number.Find the best strategy to beat the most powerfull hordes.- Infinite gameplaying: The game time depends onyourskills,train hard and get as far as you can.- Original gameplay that achieve an uniquetensionatmosphere.- High quality 3d graphics and animations.- Wave score system. Try to beat your own records andcompareitwith your friends.- Zombies !