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iSwitchBox Lite 3.2
iSwitchBox - Way to Smart Life iSwitchBox Smart HomeApplicationoffers you easily connect with various home appliances,includinglights, fan, air-conditioner, exhaust fan, TV, musicsystem,vacuumed cleaners, air purifier, on your smart phones andwearabledevices. Through this app you can monitor, control andscheduleyour home appliances whenever and wherever you are. Forexample,imagine lazy winter morning you get up and your hot wateris ready,in hot summers you entered pre-cooled room. Want toconnect withus? Simply send an email to ,we’ll lookforward to receiving it! 2.39.0
由歐洲優質廚房家電代理商客林渥Clearwell直接經營,簡單的下載安裝APP,讓您不再為廚房大小事困擾,輕鬆享用廚房的美好愉悅體驗。APP特點1.直覺優化的操作介面、輕輕一滑就可以找到產品規格與操作說明2.數種產品操作影片,清潔竅門影片,機器上手不費勁3.當季食材分析,不專業料理影片,掌握食材超簡單4.線上即時客服系統,多元社群連結,無障礙5.使用「臉書帳號」或「手機號碼」即可加入會員6.多元又安全的付款功能,信用卡採最高等級加密系統7.不定時線上優惠促銷活動,即時推播 8.商品出貨、可取貨時發送提醒9.線上看不過癮,GPS定位帶您到實體商店直接操作 客林渥1.在地專業經營超過13年 2.特別嚴選德國業製造90 餘年品牌家電3.以環保節能家電設備,同步歐洲潮流時尚4.搭配提供齊全的廚房品項,全方位滿足您對家中廚房空間所有需求5.專人諮詢,指導安裝,烹飪教學,客服維修一次到位6.最踏實堅固的專業售服團隊,隨時與您共同演繹生活美好
スマート家電コントローラ 4.04.00
【1】アプリケーション概要本アプリケーションは、RS-WFIREX4、RS-WFIREX3、REX-WFIREX1/REX-WFIREX2本体と通信して各種家電製品をリモート操作するスマート家電コントローラです。本体をWi-Fiルーターに接続し、スマートフォンやタブレットからWi-Fiで送られてきたリモコン信号を赤外線に変換して出力します。【2】特徴 ● 宅内で利用する家中モードでは、Wi-Fiアクセスポイントを経由して家電製品を操作●宅外から利用する家外モードでは、クラウド経由で家電製品を操作●部屋の状態がわかる温度・湿度・照度センサー搭載(RS-WFIREX4は明暗センサー)●登録済みリモコン(プリセットデータ)を豊富に用意 ● フォーマットに依存しない赤外線学習方式を採用●複数のリモコンを組み合わせて作るオリジナルリモコン機能を搭載 ● マクロ機能でひとつのボタンに複数の操作を登録●指定時刻にリモコン信号を送るタイマー機能搭載 ● リモコンボタンのウィジェットですばやく操作 ● Amazon Alexaに対応●Google アシスタントに対応 ● my daizに連携 【3】 動作環境 Android4.4以降を搭載した機種(注)制限事項REX-WFIREX1はスマートスピーカー未対応です。 [1] Application outlineThisapplication is a smart home appliance controller thatcommunicateswith RS-WFI LEX4, RS-WFI LEX3, REX-WFI LEX1 / REX-WFILEX2 toremotely control various home appliances. We connect thebody toWi-Fi router and convert remote control signal sent bysmartphoneor tablet by Wi-Fi into infrared and output. [2] Features● In homemode used in the home, operate home appliances via theWi-Fi accesspoint ● In home mode to use from outside the home,operate homeappliances via the cloud ● Temperature, humidity,illuminancesensor deployment to know the state of room (RS-WFI LEX4is lightand dark sensor) ● A large selection of registered remotecontrols(preset data) ● We adopt infrared learning methodindependent offormat ● It carries original remote control functionto make bycombining multiple remote controls ● Register multipleoperationsto one button with macro function ● Equipped with timerfunction tosend remote control signal at specified time ● Operatequickly withwidget of remote control button ● Compatible withAmazon Alexa ●Supports Google Assistant ● Work with my daiz [3]Operatingenvironment A model equipped with Android 4.4 or later(Note)Restrictions REX-WFIREX1 is not compatible with smartspeakers.
com.tedmob.khouryhome 1.0.3
The number one destination for Home Appliances &Electronics.Get everything Khoury Home has to offer – Wherever youare &whenever want. Benefit from the best deals, services,Promotions,& latest ARRIVALS. The Khoury Home App allows youto: • Browsethrough our product selection with over 10,000 productsto choosefrom • Browse through our new La Maison online storefeaturing Homedecorations, Table ware, & Linens from worldrenowned brands •Stay up to date with our latest offers. • Locateany of our 13branches in Lebanon • Create a wish list & weddinglist • Shopor send an e gift card to a friend
Kitchen cabinet design 3.1.1
Kitchen cabinet designGet the latest kitchen cabinetdesignhere!Kitchen cabinet design are the built-in furnitureinstalled inmany kitchens for storage of food, cooking equipment,and oftensilverware and dishes for table service. Appliances suchasrefrigerators, dishwashers, and ovens are often integratedintokitchen cabinetry. There are many options for cabinetsavailable atpresent.A kitchen cabinet design is a room or part of aroom usedfor cooking and food preparation in a dwelling or in acommercialestablishment. In the west, a modern residential kitchenistypically equipped with a stove, a sink with hot and coldrunningwater, a refrigerator, counters and kitchen cabinetsarrangedaccording to a modular design. Many households have amicrowaveoven, a dishwasher and other electric appliances. The mainfunctionof a kitchen is serving as a location for storing, cookingandpreparing food (and doing related tasks such as dishwashing),butit may also be used for dining, entertaining andlaundry.Commercialkitchen cabinet design are found in restaurants,cafeterias,hotels, hospitals, educational and workplace facilities,armybarracks, and similar establishments. These kitchens aregenerallylarger and equipped with bigger and more heavy-dutyequipment thana residential kitchen. For example, a largerestaurant may have ahuge walk-in refrigerator and a largecommercial dishwashermachine. In developed countries, commercialkitchens are generallysubject to public health laws. They areinspected periodically bypublic-health officials, and forced toclose if they do not meethygienic requirements mandated by law.Theevolution of the kitchenis linked to the invention of the cookingrange or stove and thedevelopment of water infrastructure capableof supplying runningwater to private homes. Food was cooked over anopen fire.Technical advances in heating food in the 18th and 19thcenturieschanged the architecture of the kitchen. Before the adventofmodern pipes, water was brought from an outdoor source suchaswells, pumps or springs.Take some pictures that have a verygoodpicture and appreciate someone's work with a score of value.
Senheng Electric 2.7.1
Senheng app eases consumers to locate the Malaysia largestconsumerelectronics chain stores. You can browse electronicproductsinformation and receive the latest promotions and discountsabouton the products. All pictures are for illustration purposesonly.Pricing, specification & availability of products aresubjectto changes without prior notice. While every care is taken,anyinaccuracy is regretted.
FamilyAsyst - Wi-Fi Garage Door & Smart Lock
AiGuard - Remote Control your Garage Door > Open, close,monitoryour roller doors from remote in one APP > Notifies youif thedoor is left open > Manage and share the control with yoursmartphone > The offline mode allows you to directly controlwithoutthe Internet > Integrate with AiCam / AiSensor for safetyAiLock- 8 in 1 Smart Lock > Integrated with Wi-Fi & MobileApp –FamilyAsyst, you can remote unlock via 3G /4G LTE /5G or Wi-Fi>Real-time push notifications on doorlock activity and view ofdooraccess log anytime & anywhere > AiLock accommodateseachfamily’s individual lifestyle with the variety of accessmethods:APP, Siri and OK Google voice command, NFC, password,>fingerprint, door card, MIFARE card, key > APP, Siri, OKGoogle,NFC, Card is instantly authenticated for access without theneed topress the wake-up button. > Password can be pressed withrandomnumbers, Random security preventing intruders from checkingthefingerprint marks left. > Withstand high-voltage electricshock(Tesla Coil) > Low Battery Warning – Lock will play musicbeforea week. > Auto Locking – automatically lock after 10seconds ofbeing closed. > Support IP-Cam,embed stream video inApp >Modern and stylish design. AiPlug & AiStrip - SmartHome PowerManagement > Remote on/off your appliances via AiPlugor AiStrip
樂扣樂扣官方旗艦店:生活好幫手 2.43.0
Eros Digital Home 1.5
Eros Group
Eros Digital Home app is your window to the very best inconsumerelectronics and home appliances. Download it for free andenjoyyour shopping anywhere, anytime. Access a wide selection fromTopBrands in Mobiles, Tablets, TVs, Computers, HomeAppliances,Accessories and more. Get deal alerts and updates on thelatestproduct you want. · Happy Shopping : Order Online & getFREE*Delivery across UAE. Easy Returns and 100% customerprotection. ·Smart Search : Look up products, categories or brands.Find whatyou are looking with multi level filters. · Mode ofPayment : Cashon Delivery, Credit/Debit Card, 0%EMI optionavailable. · PeerReviews : Read expert and consumer reviews ofproducts. And shareyour review too! · Never Miss an Offer : Getaccess to exclusivedeals for app users. · Personalized Alerts : Getnotifications onoffers, price drops, order status, new launch,pre-orders etc. ·Share : Suugest and share products to Facebook,Twitter, Google+etc. · Wish list: Add products to wish list withjust one tap ·Secure : Buy with confidence. Knowing that alltransactions aresecurely processed. Your details remain absolutelyconfidential tous. We never use/gain access to your personalinformation. and manymore….. Eros Digital Home welcomes yoursuggestions for improvementof this app. In case you have anysuggestions, queries orcomplaints write to us
iView iHome 2.0.3
iView US
iView iHome application enables users to easily connect withvariousiview home appliances, including smart bulb, smart socketwith USBport , smart touch wall switch, smart vacuum cleaner andmorethrough your smartphones. iView iHome appliances can be alsovoicecontrolled by Alexa through Genie, iView Home Assistant.
Fust 3.0
Die Dipl. Ing. Fust AG ist mit über 150 Verkaufsstellen inderganzen Schweiz der führende Anbieter fürElektrohaushalt,Unterhaltungselektronik und Computer. Mit der FustApp steht Ihnender komplette Onlineshop mit über 60‘000 Artikelnauch auf demSmartphone in optimaler Auflösung und besterBedienerfreundlichkeitzur Verfügung. Mit der integriertenSparkarten-Funktion erhaltenSie Einkaufs-Gutscheine beim Kauf vonVerbrauchsmaterial undZubehör. Start Die Startseite zeigt Ihnen diebesten Promotionender Woche sowie diverse Aktionsangebote. TippenSie auf eine derHauptkategorien um in unseren Onlineshop zugelangen. Bestellen Sieunterwegs Ihr Produkt und holen Sie es ineiner Filiale Ihrer Wahlab. Rund 6‘000 meistverkaufte Artikel sindab Filiallager innertMinuten für Sie zur Abholung bereit. ServiceUnter Serviceinformieren wir Sie über umfassende Dienstleistungenrund um denKauf und Miete aller Produkte, wieGarantieverlängerung,Heimlieferung, Installation, Umtauschrecht undReparaturservice.Die neue Beratungsfunktion „Reparieren oderErsetzen“ basiert aufDaten des Bundesamts für Energie und gibt aufKnopfdruck Hinweise,ob sich eine Reparatur noch lohnt oder ob einErsatz desHaushalt-Geräts vorteilhafter ist. Filialen Sind Siegeradeunterwegs und suchen die nächste Fust-Filiale? MitunseremFilial-Finder finden Sie jederzeit die nächstgelegeneFiliale,sehen die Öffnungszeiten und sehen auf einen BlickwelchesSortiment geführt wird. Sparkarte Kaufen Sie bei Fust IhrZubehör-und Verbrauchsmaterial für Elektro-Haushalt und Multimediaundsammeln Sie Gutscheine für weitere Einkäufe bei Fust. MitdieserApp haben Sie Ihre Sparkarte immer dabei. So einfach geht's:WeisenSie sich mit Ihrem Smartphone oder Ihrer eMail-Adresse ineinerFust-Filiale aus und Ihre Einkäufe werden sofort aufIhrerpersönlichen Sparkarte registriert. In der Sparkarte sehenSieauch: - Sparkartennummer - Sparkarten Zwischenstände anschauenundSparziel abfragen - Verfügbare Gutscheine -OffeneOnline-Bestellungen - Bisherige Bestellungen - EinstellungenamKundenkonto Dipl. Ing. Fust AG, with over 150 outletsthroughoutSwitzerland the leading supplier of household electrical,consumerelectronics and computers. With the Fust app you can usethecomplete online store with more than 60,000 articles onthesmartphone in an optimal resolution and excellentuserfriendliness. With the integrated savings cards feature,youreceive shopping vouchers for the purchase of suppliesandaccessories. begin The home page shows you the best promotionsofthe week as well as various special offers. Tap to go to ouronlineshop on one of the main categories. Order your product go andpickit up at a branch of your choice from. Around 6,000best-sellingitems are prepared from branch camp within minutes foryou to pick.service Under service we inform you of comprehensiveservices forthe purchase and sale of products such as extendedwarranty, homedelivery, installation, conversion rights and repairservice. Thenew advisory function "repair or replace" is based ondata from theFederal Office of Energy and are at your fingertipsnotes whether arepair is still worthwhile, or whether a replacementof thehousehold device is more advantageous. branches Are you justgo andfind the next Fust branch? Our Storefinder you can alwaysfind thenearest branch, see the opening times and see at a glancewhich isout range. savings card Buy Fust your accessories andconsumablesfor electrical household and multimedia and collectcoupons forother purchases at Fust. With this app you have yoursavings cardalways. It's so simple: Identify yourself with yoursmartphone oryour email address in a Fust branch and your purchaseswill beimmediately registered on your personal savings card. Inthesavings card see also: - Savings Card Number - Watch savingscardstandings and query savings goal - Vouchers Available - OpenOnlineOrders - Previous orders - Settings on the account
Wiasonline 5.0.12
W and IA Services – is the leading single- source providerofwarranty solutions in India for manufacturers / OME’s,Air-timeOperators, Retail Chains and Distributors of autos,consumerelectronics, appliances, mobile phones, computers, laptops.We helpyour business do better and our motto is to keep all ourprocessesas simple as possible. We bring in our vast experienceinformulating and managing innovative warranty schemes for allourclients. We provide start to finish warranty solutions forourclients and our focus is on value creation for each andeveryclient of ours. All our schemes are back to back underwrittenbyGovernment Underwriters and thus bringing 100% peace to the mindtoall our clients and their customers. We provide claim surveyorsandinvestigators all across India. We provide seamless claimprocessand experience to all our customer and also on-lineclaimassistance and status check for the customers.
Naturela Smart Home 1.3
Naturela LTD
This app allows easy initial setup of internet connectivity ofgreatvariety of home appliances with built-in controller byNaturela. Theapp also provides access to Naturela Smart HomeMonitoring Systemwhich allow remote control of home applianceswith built-incontroller by Naturela. You would be able to connect,monitor, andcontrol your appliances over the Internet. Fast andeasy fromanywhere.Home appliances that have the Naturelacontroller:- pelletburners- boilers- stoves- water heaters- solarpanels- convectorheaters
ViGiCO 2.1.0
VIGICO is one of the largest retailers of brandedkitchenapplianceretailer in Malaysia. VIGICO is founded in year2005 andfocus onthe concept of Modern Carbon Free Kitchen. Webelieve indeliveringthe best quality of products to our customersto let themenjoypleasant cooking experience. Now the officialVIGICO appputsVIGICO right in the palm of your hand! Stay updatedwithourexciting promotions and latest news!- Newson-the-go!Getnotifiedon the latest recipes, updates and VIGICOpromotions!- EarnVigicocredits and exchange our products!Get 1credit when the oneyoureferred spent RM1! - Fast & Secure CheckOut!Addpurchasesinto your cart and checkout in just a few steps. Weacceptpaymentvia online banking, credit cards, debit cards andATMmanualtransfer. - Easy Shopping ExperienceShop whileyou'reon-the-gowith our user-friendly platform. Enjoy freeshippingforWestMalaysia!.......………….........................................................Gotanyquestions?We'll help you out!Email us at orfindus onFacebook ( Vigico Malaysia ) !
TRYME詩朵‧發掘更美的自己 2.42.11
Wemo 1.24
With the Wemo App, you can control all of your Wemo from anywhereinthe world on your Android devices. Wemo is the simple way toasmarter home. Download the Wemo app and control yourlights,appliances, or a whole room from your couch, coffee shop, ortheCaribbean. HELLO HANDS-FREE CONTROL Pair your Wemo Mini,LightSwitch, Insight, or Switch with Amazon Echo or Google Home andyoucan control your lights, your appliances, or a whole roomwithouthaving to lift a finger. NEVER COME HOME TO A DARK HOUSE Youcanschedule your lights to be on during specific hours, or simplysynclights and devices to the sun automatically. LOOK LIKE YOU’REHOMEEVEN WHEN YOU’RE NOT Enable the “Away Mode” feature and yourlightswill turn on and off randomly, making it look like you’rehome evenwhen you’re not. INTEGRATE WEMO WITH IFTTT "If This, ThenThat" isa free web-based service that opens up an amazing arrayofpossibilities for your Wemo devices. Visit tofind"recipes" for making Wemo Mini turn lights on and off basedonreal-world events, send you push notifications aboutdeviceactivity, and much more. These are just some of the thingsyou cando with the Wemo app. To see what else Wemo can do, For the latest Wemo Device GPLv2 Open SourceCodepleasevisit:
com.solum.keycokitchen 2.2.0
Small! Easy! But all essential features are prepared in KEYCOair(KEYCO Kitchen) * No Charge, No Installation. Just insert intotheoutlet * Tiny and smart design * Alert by LED light and Smartphone* Low power consumption KEYCO air provides you 1. Rapidresponse tothe change of indoor environment (for example, bycooking) 2.Initial coping to the dangerous situation 3. Plan todeal the foodsin appropriate temperature 4. Fresh indoorenvironment to react tothe discomfort index 5. Smart alert viaSmart phone message and LED
be-connected 1.4.6
be-connected mobile app along with Betty-a smart plug offer aniftysolution to manage your home appliances remotely. Be free fromthedaily hassles of remembering to turn ON/OFF yourhouseholdappliances and the unnecessary energy wastage. With Betty&be-connected App you can: • Switch on/off your appliancefromanywhere, anytime • Monitor electricity usage and cost •Secureyour home while you’re away How it works: • Buy Betty onlinefromAmazon, Flipkart, ebay and • Downloadthebe-connected app, register, add your home appliance and youaregood to go be-connected App features: • Remotely turnapplianceON/OFF from anywhere- home, office or even from adifferent city. •Receive notifications and alerts about applianceactivity • Setscheduler for routine activities. Betty will thenautomaticallyturn appliance ON/OFF at the set time and send alertsto all users.• Receive alerts if there is an intruder detected bythe motionsensor. • Monitor daily & month to-date energyconsumption ofyour appliance and track cost savings from usingBetty. • ShareBetty with your friends & family, or anyoneconcerned with theuse of the appliance by inviting them from thebe-connected App. •Restrict & manage multiple users and theirrights over Betty Toknow more visit Forqueries, please write to usat
SmartThings 1.7.38-21
With SmartThings, you can connect and control multipledevicesquicker and easier. No matter where you are, you can monitorandcontrol smart devices, home appliances (refrigerator, winecellar,washer, dryer, oven range, dishwasher, cooktop, robotvacuum, airconditioner, air purifier and etc.) , TVs, and speakersregisteredon the server. [Key features] - Remotely control andcheck thestatus of devices registered through a Wi-Fi AP. - Groupmultipledevices into a Mode and control them simultaneously. -Configureyour device settings, including the time and operatingconditions,and operate them automatically. - Invite others to alocation wheredevices are registered to enable shared control. -The notificationfeature allows you to receive status informationabout your device.※ SmartThings is optimized for Samsungsmartphones. Some featuresmay be limited when used with othervendors' smartphones. ※ Somefeatures may not be available in allcountries. [App requirements]Some mobile devices may not besupported. - RAM size : 2GB over ※App permissions The followingpermissions are required for the appservice. For optionalpermissions, the default functionality of theservice is turned on,but not allowed. [Required accesspermissions] • Location: Findnearby devices using Bluetooth orBLE. Automate actions using GPS.(GPS is optional.) [Optionalaccess permissions] • Camera: Scan QRcodes. • Contacts: Verifyuser information that will be deliveredwhile transferring files. •Microphone: Used to provide voicecontrol function usingmicrophone. • Storage: Save and use pluginsand app data, andtransfer content and files via the app. • Phone:Check for appupdates, identify the user's country, and transfercontent andfiles via the app. If your system software version islower thanAndroid 6.0, please update the software to configureApppermissions. Previously allowed permissions can be reset onAppsmenu in device settings after software update.
Hoover Wizard 2.0.7
Hoover Wizard is the App that enables you to manage and controlallthe connected appliances by Hoover. Thanks to an extensivepackageof extra features created exclusively for the App you willhave theopportunity to best benefit from the appliancesenlargedfunctionality. Hoover Wizard App controls all theconnectedappliances equipped with Wi-Fi or One Touch technologyviacompatible mobile devices. The Hoover connected rangeincludesproducts for washing (washing machines and dishwashers) forcooking(ovens, hobs and hoods) and for food conservation(refrigerators).More information available on
Smart IR Remote - AnyMote 4.6.8
Color Tiger
World's best Galaxy S6 Remote, S5 Remote, HTC One Remote, oranyAndroid remote overall!The only Universal Smart Remote ControlforTVs and Home Electronics you'll ever need! Smart IR Remote istheonly IR remote universal app for Android that you'll everneed:it's smart, the best device coverage of all android remotes(900000devices, with more added daily), and it's the only one thatmakesuse of features only your phone/tablet has, that a plasticremote(like the Logitech Harmony) never will. As IR remote controlsgo,especially android remote controls, you'll never findonebetter!Not compatible with Huawei, Vizio or Sony phones. Ofallphones/tablets by LG, only compatible with the G3 & G4(stillin Beta, no recording. Not compatible with LG G3 A or LG G3S)Don'thave a supported phone or tablet? Check out AnyMoteHome:http://anymote.ioSmart Remote works with any Samsung, HTCandMedion devices with an InfraRed Blaster, and most otherbrandphone/tablet with an IR Blaster that runs Android 4.4 oraboveprovided by the manufacturer. Smart IR Remote also works onmostcustom ROMs like CyanogenMod. Smart IR Remote is an universalsmartremote control that can simulate anything that sendsInfraRedremote commands, like a TV remote, Set Top Box remote, DVDremote,BluRay remote, VCR remote, Amplifier remote, AirConditionerremote, AV Receiver remote, DSLR camera remote, etc.Better yet,combine your remotes into a smart remote (activity) sothat on yourcustom remote you'll have the volume buttons to yoursurroundsystem, the channel buttons to control your set top box andthedisplay buttons to control your TV. It's the only Androiduniversaltv remote that can do that, while controlling any otherdevicetoo!Don't have an IR-enabled phone? Don't worry, Smart IRRemote -AnyMote can also work over wifi to act as a Sonos remote,SamsungSmart TV remote, Sharp Smart TV remote, Philips Smart TVremote,LIFX and Philips Hue remote, Kodi / XBMC remote, VLC remote,Rokuremote, Boxee remote, Amazon Fire TV remote, Yamaha & DenonAVRremote, or Amiko A3 remote. You'll no longer need separate appsforeach of these! Is your wifi device not in the list ? Email usandwe'll do our best to add it.Have any questions? Visit ourFAQ: your remote is missing, pleaseemailus and we'll do our best to help!On top of all that, sinceyou'reholding a phone, why not use some of itsuniquefeatures?GESTURESSwipe, tap & hold to change channels,volume,etc. - it's all configurable!MUTE/PAUSE ON PHONE CALLSmartRemotecan now mute your TV, pause your media player, or even switchthemoff, all of that when your phone ringsMACROSGroup commandsinbatches, and then execute them automatically one after theother.Imagine being able to turn your TV, Xbox and surround systemon,switch TV to HDMI 1 all with a singletap!AUTOMATEDTASKSAutomatically execute commands or macros whencertainconditions occur: your phone rings, at a time chosen by you,whenyou use your phone's Volume Buttons. It also hasTaskerplugins!WIDGETSWith widgets, you'll have your favoritecommandsjust a tap away when you grab your phone. Need somethingevenbetter? read onFLOATING REMOTE (CHATHEAD)The floating remote isaremote that stays above other apps which can be shown with justasingle tap and lets you send commands even while you're playingagame on your phoneBACKUP / RESTOREMake a backup once andthenrestore on all your other devicesRECORD REMOTES Exclusive totheHTC One due to hardware limitations in other devicesFordetailsabout permissions, visit onyour computer
하우스앱 - 일상을 아름답게
[인테리어 고수(능력자)들의 온라인집들이] 센스있고 현실적인 이웃들의 인테리어디자인 사진을 확인하세요! 집꾸미기가고민일때 가장 필요한 건 아이디어! 아파트인테리어, 셀프인테리어, 주방인테리어 / 부엌인테리어부터, 거실인테리어,욕실인테리어등 공간공간마다 분류가 되어있습니다. 원하는 인테리어 공간만 쏙쏙 ! 공간별로 가구와 인테리어 소품이 스타일링된이웃들의 사진을 통해 인테리어 아이디어를 얻어보세요 리모델링 하기전에 아이디어를 먼저 수집해보세요.[전문가인테리어디자인 포트폴리오 구경] 지역별로 전문가들이 디자인한 실제 시공포트폴리오를 확인해보세요. 우리집과 가까운동네,우리 아파트의 다른집은 어떻게 시공했는지 보면서, 아이디어도 얻고 리모델링 하실때 마음에 드는 업체도 발견해보세요[핫한인테리어 제품 즉시 구매] 스토어에서 인기 인테리어소품 / 제품들을 바로 구매할 수 있어요 다양한 인테리어소품뿐만아니라, 가구(원목가구 / 소형가구 / 기능성 가구, 침대, 의자, 책상, 쇼파,소파, 식탁, 서랍장, 책장,화장대,거실장, 이층침대, 주방가구)등도 합리적인 가격에 구입할 수 있습니다. 곧 도배, 붙박이장 등 리모델링 시공상품도판매될예정이에요~ [이웃들이 직접 써본 생생한 제품사진] 집 좀 꾸미는 당신! 피팅하우스에 참여하세요. 공짜득템!비현실적스튜디오 인테리어 제품사진 No! 하우스가 만든 ‘피팅하우스’ 제도로 이웃들이 직접 참여한 셀프인테리어 피팅사진이가득!실제 침대에 어울리는 침구 인테리어디자인, 우리집 거실이랑 비슷한곳에 잘 어울리는 소파, 책장, 의자! 직접사용하는가구, 인테리어소품으로 세팅 된 진짜 집 인테리어디자인 사진! [매주 오픈되는 주제별 인테리어 콘테스트!] 햇살이잘드는집 인테리어, 나만의 휴식처, 내가 사랑한 셀프인테리어 매주 주제가 바뀌는 재미! 참여하는 재미! 참여하고 받는상품꿀템! 가구(침대,의자,책상,쇼파,소파,책장,서랍장)부터 인테리어소품(수건,조명 등)을 경품으로 드려요! -카카오스토리인테리어분야 1위 (83만명) - 페이스북 하우스 (37만명) - 인스타그램 #하우스그램#housegram@housegram_ 20만건!~ 인테리어의 모든 것! [접근 권한 안내] • 선택 접근 권한
 -저장공간: 하우스앱이기기에 사진, 영상, 파일을 전송하거나 저장하기 위해 사용 * 선택 접근 권한( 저장공간 )은사용자가 컨텐츠를 등록할때사진 및 파일을 불러오기 위해 요구 하고 있습니다. 이 외에는 권한을 요구 하지 않기 때문에동의하지 않아도 앱을사용하실 수 있습니다 * 하우스앱의 접근권한은 안드로이드 6.0 이상 버전에 대응하여, 선택 권한으로구현되어 있습니다.6.0 미만 버전을 사용 중일 경우 선택 권한을 개별적으로 허용할 수 없으므로, 보유하고 있는 단말의제조사에서 운영체제업그레이드 기능을 제공하는지 확인해 보신 뒤 가능하다면 6.0 이상으로 업데이트하시는 것을 권장합니다.문의하기 판매자 입점등록[InsideHousewives of Interior Professionals] Check out our interiordesignphotos of our sensible, realistic neighbors! What you needmostwhen decorating your house is an idea! It is divided intoapartmentspace, self-interior, kitchen interior / kitchen interior,livingroom interior, bathroom interior and so on. Only yourfavoriteinterior space! Through photos of neighbors styledfurniture andinterior accessories by space Get Interior IdeasBefore youremodel, collect your ideas first. [Expert InteriorDesignPortfolio] Check out the actual construction portfoliodesigned byprofessionals by region. Looking at the neighborhoodnear my house,how we built another house in our apartment, When youget an ideaand remodel it, find a company that you like [Buy hotinteriorproducts immediately] You can buy popular interioraccessories /products right from the store In addition to variousinterioraccessories, You can buy furniture (wooden furniture /smallfurniture / functional furniture, bed, chair, desk, sofa,sofa,dining table, drawer, bookcase, dresser, living room, bunkbed,kitchen furniture) at reasonable price. We will soonsellremodeling construction products such as flooring, [Vividpictureof my neighbors] You decorate your house! Join the fittinghouse.Free Trial! Unrealistic Studio Interior Product Photos No!House'fitting house' system Self-contained interior fittings filledwithpictures of neighbors! Bedding interior design suitable forrealbed, sofa, bookcase, chair that goes well with my living room!Realhome interior design photos set with furniture,interioraccessories for your own use! [Weekly Interior Contest!]The sunnyinterior of the house, my own resting place, I lovetheself-interior The theme changes every week fun! Fun tojoin!Honeymoon products to participate! I will give youinterioraccessories (towels, lights, etc.) as gifts from furniture(bed,chair, desk, sofa, sofa, bookcase, drawer)! - 1st place incacaostory interior (830,000 people) - Facebook House (370,000)-Instagram # Housegram #housegram @housegram_ 20 million!~Everything in the interior! [Access Rights Guide] • Select access-Storage space: The House app is used to transfer or storephotos,videos, and files on your device * Select access rights(storagespace) are required for users to load photos and fileswhenregistering content. You do not need permissions other thanthis,so you do not need to agree to use the app * The House apphasaccess rights to Android version 6.0 or later, and isimplementedwith the option of permission. If you are using aversion lowerthan 6.0, you can not individually allow the selectionrights.Therefore, we recommend that you check with the manufacturerof theterminal you are providing the operating system upgradefunctionand update to 6.0 or higher if possible. Register your store
Une radio Télévision d'enseignement créé par le ProfesseurSENAAteaching Radio Television created by Professor SENA
Mevris 1.1
“Mevris” stands for “Make Everything Smart”. It is asmartlydesigned, attractive, intuitive and human centric IoTplatform thatlets the user control almost any home appliance with amere tap.The application can be integrated with numerouselectronics at onetime, making it convenient for the user to switchcontrols betweenthem. It’s basically an all-in-one universalplatform that allowsuser to control connected devices without anyhassle. Mevrisconnects itself with the silicon chip embedded withintheelectronic appliance to help operate it.Control anyelectricalappliance remotely while sitting at your home or anywhereacrossthe globe. You can access your electrical appliances likeFans,Lights, Table Lamps, Air Conditioners, Water Pumps with singletap.
Trackimo GPS for child pet car 2.3.70
Trackimo Inc
Trackimo is the app for anyone who uses Trackimo devices tokeeptrack of things they care about, like children, pets, vehiclesandpersonal items. Trackimo devices are available on variousconsumerelectronic stores. FEATURES: * You can log in to theTrackimo appwith a user name (your email address) and a password,and you canalso sign up and create a new account. * The app tracksthe currentlocation of any Trackimo device that was assigned toyour accountand displays it on a map. * Switch between Map View andSatelliteView. * Show the location-history of the device in adate-range youchoose. * Set various alarms that the device cantrigger when itmoves around, and see the list of alarmnotifications sent by thedevice. The available alarms include:speed limit alarm, movementalarm, left and right key pressed, SOSalarm and more. * SetGeo-fences: draw areas on the map that willfunction as virtualfences that trigger an alarm when the devicecrosses them. We hopeyou enjoy the app and share it with yourfriends and family! Pleasecontact us with questions andsuggestions. The Trackimo team
Gruppo LUBE 1.8.7
Potrai scoprire l’intera gamma di cucine, classiche e moderne,eliving dei marchi Cucine LUBE e CREO Kitchens: cataloghi,finiture,maniglie, accessori, elettrodomestici, schede dimanutenzione egallery tutte da sfogliare e condividere! Inoltretante funzionitutte da provare: VIRTUAL ROOM Scopri gli spazi,muovitiall’interno delle stanze e immergiti con la Realtà Virtualenellatua nuova cucina. NFC TAG Con l’utilizzo della tecnologia“NearField Communication“, avvicinando il tuo smartphone alletarghettedelle cucine, presenti nei nostri punti vendita, potraiscopriretutte le caratteristiche della tua cucina preferita econdividerle.QR CODE Questa funzione ti permetterà di leggere i QRCode presentinei nuovi cataloghi cartacei interattivi, InCucina eCreative Book,e scoprire i materiali di approfondimento. STORELOCATOR Attraversolo store locator potrai conoscere tutti i puntivendita sulterritorio italiano e contattare il rivenditore piùvicino a te.SHOWROOM Entra nel mondo Gruppo Lube grazie alla visitavirtualedello showroom aziendale per vedere comodamente da casa tuatutti imodelli delle collezioni. Inoltre con un semplice gestopotraisalvare gli ambienti che più ti piacciono tra iPreferiti.MANUTENZIONE Prendersi cura della tua cucina sarà facilee velocegrazie agli approfondimenti sulla manutenzione di ognicomponentein base al materiale. You will discover the full range ofcuisines,classic and modern, and living brands and CREO KitchensCucineLUBE: catalogs, finishes, handles, accessories,appliances,maintenance schedules and gallery all to browse andshare! Alsomany all functions to try: VIRTUAL ROOM Discover thespace, moveinside the rooms and immerse yourself with virtualreality in yournew kitchen. NFC TAG With the use of technology"Near FieldCommunication", bringing your smartphone to the platesof thekitchens, which are present in our stores, you can discoverall thefeatures of your favorite cuisine and share. QR CODE Thisfeaturewill allow you to read the QR Code found in newinteractivecatalogs, InCucina and Creative Book, and discover thedepthmaterials. STORE LOCATOR Through the store locator will beable toknow all the outlets on the Italian territory, and contactthedealer near you. SHOWROOM Enter the world Lube Group thanks tothevirtual tour of the company showroom to see while staying athomeall the models of the collections. Also with a simple gestureyoucan save the settings that you like as favorites.MAINTENANCETaking care of your kitchen will be easier and fasterthanks toinsights on the maintenance of each component based onthematerial.
Cielo Home 4.5.4
Cielo team makes smart products that are reliable and easy touse.Our smart controllers help you convert your air conditionerstosmart ones. Cielo Home app is associated with oursmartcontrollers. We manufactures smart controllers (thermostats)namelyBreez, Breez Plus, Breez Eco & Breezi for room airconditioners& heat pumps. The associated 'Cielo Home' app givesyoucomplete control of your heating and cooling. Our SmartControllerswork with all types of air conditioners that have remotecontrols.Cielo's smart controllers convert your existing or newairconditioners & heat pumps to smart ones. You can controlyourACs through your smartphone or simple voice commands (allsmartcontrollers are Alexa & Google Home enabled). These areplug& play devices that give you flexibility to control yourairconditioners from anywhere through your smartphones. Breez,Eco& Plus work with majority of air conditioner brands andmodelsin the market. These are DIY products and extremely easy tosetup.These controllers automatically turn the air conditioners OFFwhenyou leave the premises and start to cool/heat on your return asperyour settings. Breez comes with a stylish display which addstoyour home decor whereas Breez Plus is a thermostat likesmartcontroller for your ACs. You can choose any smart controlleras peryour choice for your AC. These smart controllers controlyourductless heating/cooling via infrared, just like yourremotecontrol, and connect seamlessly through your home Wi-Firouter tothe internet. You can schedule your Air conditioners &heatpumps, get notifications about excessive usage, setapplianceaction in relation to your locations and unlimitedcontrols fromanywhere.
Abhi Repair 1.2
Abhi Repair
AbhiRepair is a company which provides ultimate solutions forallyour repairing problems. Our services We expertise our servicesinlaptops, mobiles, bikes and home appliances. Home AppliancesRepair& Service: All types of Home Appliance Repair and ServicelikeAC Service, Air Cooler Service, Generator Service, LED TVService,LCD TV Service, Refrigerator Service, Washing MachineService,Water Purifier Service, Microwave Oven Service, ElectricChimneyService, Geyser & Water Heater Service and more.TrustedProfessional - We screen the professionals and only partnerwithtrusted service providers on our platform • Transparent pricingandeasy payments - You pay based on pre-approved quotes.Seamlesspayment options. • Convenient booking - You can bookservices atyour home at the time convenient to you Location We arecurrentlyin coimbatore. Download abhirepair mobile app today.Customersdelight is our satisfaction. Like us on Facebookat Follow us on Twitterat Follow us on Instagramat Visit uson for more information
iSMART eLibrary 4.6.27
This iSMART eLibrary app functions as an information hubforpublications and videos on health and beauty products,homeappliances and consumer goods as well as some relevantnews.Corporate and achiever videos are also available while contentcanbe shared or downloaded via PDF, images and videos into amobiledevice for offline access.
Founded in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, Amaryllo is the pioneer inAIas a Service. Standalone auto-tracking and fast facialrecognitionare Amaryllo’s patented technologies. Amaryllo providesroboticcamera solutions to transform CCTV into cutting-edge camerarobot.Amaryllo services offer, military grade encryption, computervision,intelligent cloud analytics and flexible cloud storage.Amaryllo appworks across its product lines to provide continuousfeatureupgrades. Amaryllo cameras offer advanced AI features suchas : -Fire Warning Support - Intelligent Heat Map - Smart PathTracking -10 Second Video Playback Alert - Fast Facial Recognition- HumanDetection - Vehicle Detection - Pet Detection To learn moreaboutAmaryllo cameras’ unique technologies and affordable serviceplans,please visit our website at
RTV Westerwolde 2.0.2
Lees het nieuws uit Westerwolde en omstreken of luister naarRadioWesterwolde.Read the news from Westerwolde and surroundingsandlisten to Radio Westerwolde.
RadaPartner - Service provider 2.8
App for Rada Services Partner to receive the request fromcustomersfor repair, maintenance or SOS message for home appliancessuch asAppliances, Electrical, Plumbing, Handyman... Theregistrationprocess shoud be as follow: Step 1: Register yourinformation tothe app Step 2: Rada will contact to verify and signthe contractwith you Step 3: Active your account Step 4: Finishedand receivethe request from customers For more information, contactus: 395.911.911 1.0
UK Zone
No #1 Marketplace In Afghanistan Online selling and buyingproductMobile Electronics & Appliances Cars Bike FurniturePetsBooks,Sports & Hobbies FashionKidsServiceRealEstateAzadBazar.afAzadbazarAfghan bazarZood Zood AfghanistanCarBazarHouse Sell 2.41.0
URBAN UNITS是純北歐血統的電子時尚複合式精品店(SelectedShop),我們首度將電子產品導入時尚的概念。從此,電子產品不再是充滿冰冷的科技感,而是真正屬於熱愛生活的每一個現代人能表達自我、突顯個性的時尚單品!*APP特點* 1.一手掌握Urban Units精選品牌資訊2.多項精選品牌獨家優惠通知3.最新商品影音開箱、圖文介紹、最新活動整合4.與FB粉絲團同步串連,限時活動立即掌握5.快速FB或手機加入會員,立即享有會員專屬福利 6.全新會員制度,輕鬆享有萬元以上優惠7.享有網購7天鑑賞期,讓您安心購物8.手機付款系統使用SSL最高等級加密,安全又安心
Gas Ventilation Calculator 2.2
The easy to use Gas Ventilation Calculator will help you findtherequired ventilation sizes for domestic flueless, open flueandroom sealed appliances up to 70kW (net). It also supportsmultiplerooms, multiple appliances and includes an extractor fancalculatorand a vent size calculator.Flueless:This calculator willfind therequired vent size for flueless appliances such as cookers,grills,water heaters and space heaters. Enter the dimensions of theroomand the heat input of the appliance and the calculator willfindthe vent size required or advise if no vent is needed or thattheappliance should not be fitted in that room.Open Flue:Entertheappliance heat input and select whether adventitious airisavailable or if the appliance is in a compartment andthecalculator will find the required vent sizes.Multiple Rooms:Foranopen flue appliance where the path to outside is via anotherroomuse the 'Walls to outside' option within the Open FlueCalculatorto select the number of walls vents need to be fittedinto. It willalso take into account adventitious air or if theappliance in acompartment as per the selected options.RoomSealed:For a roomsealed appliance simply enter the heat input andthe calculatorwill find the vent sizes required if the appliance isin acompartment.Multiple Appliances:For multiple appliances in oneroomthis app simply provides guidance to remind you of theregulations.The other calculators will then need to be used to findtherequired vent size.Extractor Fan:To find the requiredperformanceof a fan for a room enter the room dimensions and typeand theperformance will be found using pre-set air change rates. AmanualACH can be entered also.Vent Size:A calculator is included tofindthe total size of a vent with rectangular or circular holes.
Computer Desktop Encyclopedia 90.0
For more than 30 years, the most comprehensiveandeasiest-to-understand high-tech dictionary. There is nothinglikeCDE. FUNDAMENTALS for BEGINNERS. REINFORCEMENT for EXPERTS.LEARNTHE "CORRECT" LINGO AND TECH TERMS - TALK LIKE A PRO EVERYITCONCEPT BOILS DOWN TO SIMPLE BASICS, which are theunderlyingfoundation in every CDE definition. FEATURES * Instantsearch ofmore than 25,000 definitions about computers andconsumerelectronics. Zoom into noteworthy illustrations, photos,charts anddiagrams. Every day, look up Tech Term of the Day (TTOD)for arandom definition. * Micro to mainframe: covers PCs, Macs,Unix,Linux, Internet, networking, broadband & telecom, fiberoptics& lasers, major products and vendors, wireless&smartphones, acronyms, buzzwords, current topics, etc.*Informative historical content and major product descriptions.*Superior cross referencing and a powerful lookup engine. Findoutwhy PC Magazine gave us their highest dictionary awardandGovernment Technology said we're the "Rolls Royce ofComputerDictionaries."
com.swisspanama.encuentra24 4.19.3
Rediseñamos su App favorita Descargue hoy la aplicación líderquepermite comprar, vender, anunciar en Centroamérica. Anunciodesdecasas, apartamentos, terrenos, inmuebles, vehículos,muebles,artículos eléctricos, para el hogar, oficina, autos y todoproductoque aun tiene valor para ti y para el comprador que tantoquiereencontrarlo. Escuchamos sus sugerencias y trabajamos duroenpresentarles una aplicación que esperamos aproveche para venderyganar dinero en linea. Esta nueva versión, contiene lasmismasherramientas de siempre, ver todos los anuncios disponiblesenPanamá, Costa Rica, Nicaragua y Honduras, puede contactar alosanunciantes por email, chat, sms y llamarlos directamenteporteléfono, puede publicar anuncios clasificados de todo tipo,puedeeditar su perfil, anuncios, puede comprar Resaltadores,Membresías,y Créditos Virtuales, tiene accesos a todas nuestrasformas depago, puede aplicar a ofertas de trabajo y enviar su hojade vida.* Navegacion más intuitiva * Portada rediseñada contarjetas deanuncios dinámicas * Filtro más eficiente y re-ajustablealinventario * Búsqueda mejorada * Publique desde la cámaraverdeflotante. * Edite la foto durante la publicación. *Reorganizamosla cuenta para mostrar su información de perfil,anuncios,productos, y preferencias. * Edite su perfil público. *AnunciosPlatino ahora son mas grandes. * Nuevo menú inferiordirecto a laportada, categorías, favoritos, mensajes y cuenta deusuario. *Menu superior e inferior se escode para para permitirlever máscontenido. * Llame, escriba un Chat desde el app o envié unSMSdirectamente desde listado Platino. * Guarde sus filtrosybúsquedas predeterminadas. * Guardamos el borrador de suultimapublicación. Nos encantaría ayudarle y saber que opina,escríbanosa Redesign your favorite AppDownload todaythe leading application that buy, sell, advertise inCentralAmerica. Ads from houses, apartments, land, buildings,vehicles,furniture, electrical appliances, home, office, car andany productthat still has value for you and for the buyer who wantsto findboth. We listen to your suggestions and we work hard topresent anapplication we hope to take the opportunity to sell andmake moneyonline. This new version contains the same tools asalways, see alllistings available in Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaraguaand Honduras,to contact advertisers via email, chat, sms and callthem directlyby phone, you can post classified ads of all kinds youcan edityour profile, ads, you can buy Highlighters, memberships,andVirtual Credits has access to all our payment, you can apply tojobopenings and submit your resume. * Navigation more intuitive *HomeRedesigned card dynamic ads * Filter more efficientandre-adjusting the inventory * Improved search * Publish fromthefloating green camera. * Edit the photo for publication.*Reorganized the account to display your profileinformation,advertising, products, and preferences. * Edit yourpublic profile.* Platinum ads are now larger. * New Direct to coverbottom menu,categories, bookmarks, messages and user account. *Menu is top andbottom to allow ESCODE to see more content. * Call,write a chatfrom the app or send an SMS directly from Platinumlist. * Saveyour filters and default search. * Save the draft ofits latestpublication. We would love to help you and know what youthink,write to
NEO 1.2.2
This application is used with smart plugs designed byAnkuooElectronics INC.; it’s designed to remotely control yourhomeappliances via very easy access on app to work as ON/OFF, TIMERandPOWER METER and other practical smart home function for dailyuse.Permission description APP calls some of the privacy rightsonAndroid devices, and we have access to these permissionsasfollows: android.permission.CAMERA APP function allows the usertoreplace the device picture; picture can be used fortemporarycamera camera; android.permission.READ_PHONE_STATE Get thephoneIMEI, for better support APP push function;
Panasonic AC Service Guide 1.7.7
Enter and search for error codes displayed by yourPanasonicair-conditioner unit to get instant troubleshooting guideOncedownloaded Panasonic AC Service Guide App allows you to: 1.Accesserror codes and troubleshoot instantly offline 2. Choose toviewerror codes for either residential or package air-conditioner3.Zoom in and out of diagrams or increase text size which allowsyouto view the screen easily 4. Be informed of updated errorcodesimmediately It is an easy to use, intuitive, multi-touchappcreated by Panasonic Appliances Air-Conditioning Malaysia SdnBhd
Use the remote control feature of the Truma App to convenientlyandeasily control your Truma heaters and air conditioning systemsandalso to check the current appliance and vehicle status whileyou’reout and about. Camping becomes easier, more comfortable andsafer.Useful tools in the Truma App at a glance: - Remote controlofTruma heaters and air conditioning systems - Remote control ofAldeheaters - Vehicle status and Truma/Alde appliances can bedisplayedand queried - Calculate the exact gas level - Find thebest parkingspot with the sun alignment display - Level thevehicleconveniently with the levelling function - Find the nearestTrumaDealer or Service Partner - Access Truma operatinginstructions andhow-to videos You can find additional informationon our homepageand in the Truma Service World.
Sense Home Energy Monitor 28.0
The Sense app connects to a Sense home energy monitor orWiserEnergy monitor installed in your home’s electrical panel. TheSensemonitor analyzes changes in current and voltage one milliontimesper second, giving you insights into your power consumptionwithunprecedented accuracy. It connects to your home's Wi-Finetworkand then reports real-time and historical energy use toouriOS/Android/Web apps, so you can monitor your efficiency andhomeactivity from anywhere. Over time, Sense's machinelearningalgorithms identify unique signatures in the power useofindividual devices within your home and match them againstagrowing database of appliances and home electronics. To purchaseaSense monitor, visit Customer supportWebsite: Email:
Elektro3 Store EDM - Hardware, DIY and Gardening 1.15
Welcome to Elektro3 S.C.C.L.’s App. A company dedicated totheimport and distribution of supplies for hardware and DIYstores,small home appliances and gardening. We are committed toconstantlyenlarging our catalogue to give you the latest technologyand awider choice. We also aim to offer our clients a fast andefficientservice. On our App you will find a catalogue of more than9.000products in stock: décor, DIY, electric material, lighting,LED,installation supplies, small home appliances, tools,caraccessories, garden, swimming pools, home, cooking, kitchenwareandmuch more. Elektro3’s App is a useful tool synchronized toourwebsite that allows you to work anytime, anywhere. Work easilyfromthis app and our website thanks to its real-timesynchronization.Signing up is really easy! Send us an with your VAT number or ClientCodeand your telephone number. You will receive your logincredentialsand a user guide within 24 hours.
My Smitch 2.3.1
Control Switch on/off any light, fan or appliance. Regulatefanspeeds or dim lights. All this from within your home or anywhereinthe world. And yeah, your existing switchboards still workasusual. Schedule The on-board timers allow you to scheduletheswitching on and off of any appliance at your convenience.AnalyseAnalyse the power consumption pattern of every switchboardin yourhouse and start saving energy. To learn more about Smitchproductsvisit
Remotestick 2.6.16
Note: Due to lack of time to maintain this app I have decidedtogive it out for free. Remotestick was released back in 2011.Sincethen, the Android eco system has evolved quite a bit and tomakethis app justice a remake is needed. Until thathappens,Remotestick will remain free of charge. Thank you allforsupporting the app!Remotestick lets you remotely control lightsandother electronics as well as monitor sensors fromyourphone.Requires a Telldus Tellstick with Telldus Live!activated.Please read more about Telldus and the differentTellsticks at Obviously, you will also needadditionalhardware to control and/or monitor. Please see Telldussite forcompatible devices,✓Control lights, radiatorsor other electronics (called devices)✓Add devices to groups foreasier control✓ Create scenarios tocontrol a set of devicesindividually in one go✓ Schedule a deviceto be controlled at aspecific time or at sunset/sunrise (RequiresTellstick Net)✓ Readsensor values✓ Background monitoring ofsensors and graphs✓ Easierand faster control by using a floor planview✓ Create even morecomplex scenarios with sensors and devicesusing Tasker or Locale✓Access devices and sensor from yourhomescreen with widgets✓ Controla set of devices by holding yourNFC enabled device in front of anNFC tagA Tellstick is used tocommunicate with wireless consumerelectronics on the band 433MHz(European standard). When activatinga Telldus Live! account theTellstick is getting accessible byRemotestick through Internet.✉Please, do NOT ask questions in thereview section as I'm unable toanswer them from there. Send ane-mail to web site athttp://remotestick.orgFollow onTwitter: onFacebook:
Zantrik/Jantrik, vehicle lifeline in Bangladesh 0.7.12
Zantrik/Jantrik is the most reliable automotive service platforminBangladesh. With Zantrik app, you can get: 1) Maintenancehomeservice for your vehicle 2) Quality assuredtroubleshootingservices at Zantrik authorized garages, (supervisedunder Zantrik'sown automobile engineering team) 3) Country wideRoadsideAssistance, 24X7
Axial Control Paid
Axial Control (Formerly InControl Home Automation) allows youtocontrol your z-wave and clipsal lights and other appliancesfromyour phone. Features - Page dashboard with assignable shortcuts-Cloud Support & Direct Connect options - Check to see ifyourlights are currently turned on or off - Turn lights and devicesonand off - Control light dim level - Control Z-Wave Thermostats(fanon/off, cool/heat & temperature) - Scene setup andactivation -Scene triggers and conditions - Scene & DeviceWidgets - Createevents -- like Sunset and Sunrise -- and turn on oroff lights -Advanced Rule creation - Window/Door Sensor support -Open/closegarage doors - Device Timer - Z-Wave Support - Z-Wavelock support- Sonos Support (Control Zone Players & Z-Wavedevices in asingle scene) - Belkin WeMo switch support - Multi-Usersecurity -Clipsal Support - Tasker integration for voice control(Tasker >Action> Plugins > InControl) Please note:Requires free PCsoftware available at and acompatible USBZWave controller. Some features require paid versionof AxialServer software. For support, questions or to request newfeaturesvisit
... auf den Spuren nach günstigen Preisen. 3.6.1
Die hilft Dir, Preise für DeinLieblingsproduktbei verschiedenen Händlern zu vergleichen und zumgünstigen Preiseinzukaufen. Du bekommst schnell, übersichtlich undunabhängig diebesten Angebote angezeigt. Profitiere von dengünstigstenHändlerpreisen, die ständig aktualisiert werden. Findedeinen Preisaus vielen Onlineshops und Millionen von Angeboten.Ganz einfachsuchen, finden und dabei Geld sparen. Die besten PunkteimÜberblick: - Merkliste für deine Lieblingsprodukte -ErhaltePush-Nachrichten, wenn der Preis fällt - UnabhängigesRanking mitden besten Preisen - Riesiges Produktportfolio austausendenOnlineshops - Preishistorie für mehr Transparenz Viel SpaßbeimStöbern. Eurer guenstiger-Team The app helps youtocompare prices for your favorite product at different retailersandbuy at a low price. You get fast, clear and independent thebestoffers. Take advantage of the cheapest dealer prices, whichareconstantly updated. Find your price from many online shopsandmillions of offers. Just search, find and save money. Thebestpoints at a glance: - Watchlist for your favorite products-Receive push messages when the price drops - Independentrankingwith the best prices - Huge product portfolio of thousandsofonline shops - Price history for more transparency Enjoybrowsing.Your guenstiger team
VMS Hypermarket - Online Grocery, Vellore & Ambur 2.2.2
Buy grocery, mobiles, electronics and home appliances onlinefromVMS Hypermarket at best prices and get them delivered atyourdoorstep. VMS app takes all the pain out of shopping, nomoredriving to the supermarket, facing parking hassles andspendingyour precious time just to make routine purchases. All youneed todo now is to spend a few minutes on your smartphone andcompleteyour shopping in a snap. VMS Hypermarket app is designedfrom theground up to make it easy to shop online and at the sametimediscover great offers, best deals and exciting new productswithschedule delivery as per your convenient time slot.Deliverylocations - Vellore, Ambur, Vaniyambadi, Thirupathur&Pernambut (Tamil Nadu)
HERZ FBH - Floor Heating Calc 2.1.3
Optimal dimensioning, appliance and setup of a floorheatingelements are keywords for perfectly functional floorheatingsystem. The system has to be designed, managed andexecutedstrictly following recent standard procedures.HERZ FHcalculatesand visually represents output information:maximaloverall floorheating surface area heated with single heating loop(pipe lengthup to 100m)overall pipe length for complete floorheatingsystemnumber of heating loops (for choosing distributors)Themostimportant and most useful outputs are:overall heatingmediunflowheating capacity of the floor heating systempressure drop(forcirculation pump sizing)