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Floyd's Sticker Squad 1.0.11
*** WINNER at Google Play Indie GamesFestival2018 - São Paulo, Brazil! Currently featured on INDIECORNER***COLLECT STICKERS, COMPLETE THE ALBUM and UNLOCKamazingadventures in this casual TIME TRAVELLING SHOOT EM UP formobile! Areal DANMAKU game!Featuring an awesome TIME TRAVELLING mechanic, where you gettoREPLAY each level with your PAST-SELF, making yourselfSTRONGERevery TIME! A great game for shootemup enthusiasts.EARN sticker packs, complete the STICKER ALBUM, and UNLOCK themostmarvelous content in this great STICKER GAME!FEATURES➤ 130+ STICKERS to COLLECT!➤ UNLOCK content and characters by COMPLETING THE ALBUM!➤ AMAZING STICKER PACKS to OPEN and OPEN, including DAILYFREEPACKS!➤ Play with ONE HAND, with very EASY intuitive CONTROLS!➤ Earn PLUTONIUM and UNLOCK awesome, out-of-time PACKBUNDLES!➤ REWIND system where you can REPLAY each level with yourpast-self!A great REWIND ARCADE - REWIND SHOOTER experience!➤ 4+ EPIC BOSSES to UNLOCK!➤ Discover RARE, EPIC and LEGENDARY stickers!➤ 7+ CHARACTERS to UNLOCK➤ 50+ MISSIONS to COMPLETE➤ 5 WORLDS to MASTER➤ TIME TRAVEL mechanic to REPLAY every level!➤ EASY for beginners. CHALLENGING for pros.➤ INSTANT VIDEO REPLAY feature lets you relive the mayhem andsharewith friends in social media!➤ COMPETE WITH SCORE against friends via Facebook sign-in!➤ In this isometric game, YOU ARE the BULLET HELL.DANMAKUlove!➤ Play OFFLINE free anywhere!➤ PROCEDURAL endless LEVELS! A new level every time!SuperSonic!➤ Feels like a retro shooter!➤ Fight and shoot EPIC BOSSES! ☠️☠️☠️➤ ACHIEVEMENTS and LEADERBOARDS! 🏆➤ Twitchy hardcore time mechanics!➤ A Phoenix / Icarus type of game! Great retro classic topdownshooter gameplay! Great STG!➤ Die, die and RETRY all the times you want! Die and tryagain.Every time you RETRY the more powerful you are!➤ Awesome epic boss fights! Lots of bosses to unlock!FEEDBACKVisit our support page to leave your comments! We want to makethegame better for you, so any notes will be super welcome. LANGUAGESEnglish, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.SOCIALJoin the conversation our social networks!
Stickman Battle : Online Shooter 3D 1.6
It’s a battlefield. Be a Stickmanwarriorandsnipe all the enemies.Your seaport is attacked by gangsters. It’s time to teachthemalesson and save your arena. Its challenging GUNshootmissionsoffer you hours of fun and surprises.You will love its online mode. Upgrade your weapons,guns,cannonsand rifles and defeat your online enemies. They areequippedwithmore advanced weapons and ready to defeat you in thiswar game.Bean army man and jump into this online battle.No need to wait. The most amazing shooting game of 2018 isjustaclick away. Let’s download and win this battle.Are you ready to SNIPE? Pick up your Gun!!let’sstartshooting!!Features:Amazing Battle Environment!High Quality 3D Graphics and Realistic Explosive Sounds!Smooth and Easy Controls!Powerful GUNS!Addictive game play and Challenging Missions!Interesting Scenarios to complete!
Galaxy Under Fire 1.11
ME Games
Galaxy under fire is an exemplary Shoot'emUparcade shooter.Cleanse the Universe from its detestable foes.Galaxy under fire is a fast-paced Shoot'em Up arcade shooterspacewar game.Galaxy under fire is the completely advanced space battle,arcadeshooter game on Google Play.A new space galaxy shooterfor2016.Our excellent Galaxy is under assault from intruders.Theyannihilated all of squadron and you are are the only oneleftalive.Go ahead and encounter the fierce fight in space!As one of best pilots, you need to annihilate enemybattleships.In this space shooter game, you will be confronted by huge numberofenemies.Shoot'em Up to win this space battle.Different from other space galaxy shooters.Experience new galactic warfare.A new game with new space shooting techniques.Completely different from other space shooting gamesTry to win this space war in this arcade shooterBecome a galaxy guardian defend galaxy against the invadersaliensin this arcade shooterDifferent lightning fast fighter aircraft, spacecraft andjetfighter planes to select fromDefend galaxy against invader aliens and become a legend galaxyjetfighter pilot.Fight different evil alien bosses in this deepspacebattlefieldDestroy enemy alien forces by destroying alien warships to winthisspace war between mankind and aliensOur galaxy is under attack and its up to you to stop thisalienspace attack and space invasion from evil aliens.Defend Space against enemies.
Phoenix Hawk -Alien Sky Forces Galaxy Attack SHMUP 1.0.12
Phoenix Hawk - Space Shooter SHMUP is newshoot'em up classic arcade shooter located in deep and dark space.Defeatthe evil sky forces!A single ship can succeed where a squadron will fail. Readyyourspacecraft and fly through the chaotic barrage ofmeteorites,bullets and sky forces! Upgrade your space fighter andput an endto the evil Kraathu Empire. Why? Because only you canrestore peacein the galaxy! Shoot 'em up!SHOOT 'EM UP AND EVADE TO SURVIVE - Phoenix Hawk - SpaceShooterSHMUPTake your space fighter to the battlefield armed with an arsenalofcannons and missiles. Taking enough ammo to bring punishmenttoyour enemy. Use your agility to fly through deadly enemyterritoryin this explosive 3D dark space shooter game.REACH THE STARSFly your spaceship through the cosmos and galactic hexagoncitieswhere enemy aviators and skyrockets await. Game on! Use yourskyforce and reloaded weapons to defeat the enemy since 2014!FEATURES- intensive arcade like arcade shoot 'em up gameplay- vast variety of levels await- extreme boss battles- play offline- upgrade your shields, guns, missiles, lasers and magnets- stunning game visuals and skins- accessible to casual gamers, as well as die-hardshooteraddicts- incredible electronic soundtrackThis game is tribute for classic games like: Raiden, SpaceInvaders,Strikers 1945, Apocalypse or Piranha.There are many scrolling shooters but none of them is likePhoenixHawk - Space Shooter SHMUP. This stunning shoot ‘em upgamecombines the classic arcade elements with the newpossibilitiesoffered by current technology. The new installmentjust came out ina spectacular dark style.
Dragon fight : boss shooting game
No mercy for bosses in this game!Immerseyourself in the dragon battle and play this awesome shoot’emupgame!FANTASY DRAGONSChoose one of four fire-spitting dragons to fight theenemies!Choose your favorite legendary creature: Skeletron, Blazingwings,Crimson scale or Frost.Fight the powerful bosses today and enjoy one of the bestshoot’emup game!HORRIBLE BOSSESBosses are so dangerous! In this shooting game it takes a longwayto reach them, but when you are close to them, theybecomeunexpectable! All of the enemies are armed with specialweapons andare trying their best to defeat you. Keep clear of themand shootthem first!MISSIONIn this incredible shoot’em up game you will have to avoiddangerousobstacles to keep your dragon alive and ready to fightwith 12different bosses - one in each level. Use your firepower todestroyall the obstacles that you will meet on the way to yourvictory! Allenemies are furious hard fighters. They want todestroy you and keepdominating on the dark side of world.To win this dragon vs boss battle you have to be a highlyskilledshooter! Find the most efficient tactic and use your arsenalto getfree from these terrible enemies.HOW TO PLAY◆ In this shooting game you have to fly your dragon up and downtoavoid obstacles.◆ Keep shooting all obstacles to reach the angry boss.◆ Collect blue power-ups to upgrade your power, red healthpotionsto get additional lives. ◆ The stronger you are, the moreyou winall the battles!AMAZING SHOOTING EXPERIENCEIf you like dragon battle games, you are going to love thisgametoo! No mercy for the mad bosses! Keep shooting, dodgebombs,floating rock islands and ice crystals. Enjoy this shoot’emup gameand clear your way to all the bosses. If you see a teleportgate,use the entrance and enjoy a great time travelinginstantly!EDUCATIONAL VALUEEnjoy dragon battle and STIMULATE your reaction, DEVELOPhand-eyecoordination, self-preservation and self-control, IMPROVEproblemsolving, quick decision making and flexible thinkingskills.NOTICEThis amazing shoot’em up game is completely free to play, butitalso offers in-app purchases.◆◆◆ ABOUT TINY LAB PRODUCTIONS ◆◆◆Tiny Lab Productions is a publisher and developer ofinnovative,high-quality and free-to-play mobile games designed forfamilies.Company is famous for its leading games series Fun KidRacing.Search “Tiny Lab Productions” on the app store and discoverevenmore fun games!Learn more about Tiny Lab Productions and contact us atthefollowing:WEBSITE: http://www.tinylabkids.comFACEBOOK:
Metal Shooter: Super Soldiers
Get your weapons ready for this ultimateactiongame. Metal Shooter is totally platform-style 2D actionshootinggame, you will become a soldier and help Condor - a suppercommandoto collect guns, bullets and slugs, through manybattlefields, shootdown Maddog's army, put the end to them bydeadly strike andweapons.EASY TO PLAY* Use joystick to move left or right.* Tap Jump button to jump avoid obstacles or wannadramatickills.* Tap Grenade button to make deadly explosion.* Hold on Shoot button you will active ""Auto fire"" feature,feelfree to release slugs.FEATURE* Amazing graphics and sounds.* Classic platform game style.* Different characters to choose.* Different kinds of weapons as shotgun, rocket* 3 zones: Forest,Barrens,Depth* 14 kinds of enemy include tanks and helicopters* Hundreds rebels will chase you or you are incredible hero?Lock ‘n Load. Collect hand gun, shotgun, heavy machine gunandrocket launcher and shoot.Download Metal Shooter now FREE and enjoy!CONTACT USMore improvements and new features are coming. Any commentsandsuggestions please contact us
Mad GunZ - FPS online shooter, map craft
Mad Pixel LTD
Are you looking for great online pixelshootinggames with amazing graphics and the variety of game modes?Here isMad Gunz - one of the best online shooter games!Imagine this: you wake up, feed your beloved kitty, and then —allhell breaks loose! Where did Mr. Fluffy go and what is... isthatan armored turkey? Does it have anything to do withthese...unicorns? Uh, what's going here? Well you’re gonna find outin thisadventurous new entry in the pixel shooting online battlegamesgenre! Join this shooting game online and plunge into thecraziestatmosphere! Take up your weird pixel gun and get ready tostart themaddest of the pixel games online survival battle on somepixelshooter online arena! Mad Gunz comes from the school ofonlineshooter games that have strange, cute, pixel art and is justnotlike all online shooting games multiplayer you’ve usedtosee!Mad GunZ is not like regular online FPS pixel shooting games,orother gun shooting games that haven’t surprised you verymuch.Tired of thinking of new tactics in different killing gamesonlinemultiplayer? This online battle games shooter won’t teach youanynew tactics or make endlessly fiddle with your gun settings.Justget out there and shoot your rivals with a banana gun, or ahamsterthrower, or slap them with a handbag! Break into the mayhemofpixel shooter online arena and crush everything in the wackiestnewonline shooter games! No limits for your actions! Team upwithother players, choose your rivals and dominatethebattlefield!What is Mad Gunz - one of the best free pixel shooting gamesonlineabout?★ Far from realistic, but SUPER beautiful pixel art! Just takealook at this pixel games online and you will fall in love withnicepixel graphics!★ The most incredibly weird shooting game online is readytointroduce the oddest armory!beat your rivals with a handbag withadog in it, a huge lollipop or a magic wand. Use explodinghamstersor just shoot them with… cat fur! We bet you’ve never seensuch oddguns in any of killing games online multiplayer! A gun ofyou dreamis here in our awesome online shooting gamesmultiplayer!★ Enemies from the best of gun games, online shooter gamesandonline FPS games, including zombies, crazy chickens and even amadoctopus!★ Plus! What’s the most weird about pixel shooting games oranyother online battle games, you can see not only the gun butevenyour feet in Mad Gunz!Still don’t wanna play this awesome shooting game online -themaddest of FPS shooters? Think it’s just another one ofthoseonline FPS? Well we think you’ll love it much more than anyofother online shooter games, because Mad GunZ has:★ The easiest and intuitive online shooter game controls★ 5 unique maps with easter eggs from your favorite moviesandgames★ Extremely dynamic battles with strange wild enemies are hereincrazy online shooting games multiplayer.★ Moreover MadGunZ is one of the best online shooter gamesbecauseyou can enjoy crafting and building in it! Build your ownmap andcraft items for it in the best killing gamesonlinemultiplayer!Enjoying killing games online multiplayer but can’t findreallyamazing one?This shooting game online is made for you! It is the oneshooteronline you’ve been waiting for! Survive in one of themostadventurous online shooting games multiplayer among allonlineshooter games to save Mr.Fluffy! Mad Gunz is the unique initsmadness FPS shooting game online!Why are you still reading this? Duh. I’m tired of talking aboutthebest online shooter (according to me)! Get one the bestonlineshooter games among other pixel shooting games, createyourlocation or pick any of our maps and start playing!Download the craziest shooting game online now and start thebattlenow!Beat your enemies in the weirdest of pixel shooter online!Feel the rush of great online shooter combat!
王牌特攻 3.7.25262
Gamesofa Inc.
誰說射擊遊戲就是傳統槍戰,顛覆槍戰的射擊手遊,英雄技能融合跨世代槍戰之作─王牌特攻【王牌特攻】是全球首款英雄射擊競技手遊,遊戲圍繞著「英雄射擊」「角色養成」「團隊競技」,結合TPS玩法,射擊爽度破表,快來一場5分鐘真動作競技的【王牌特攻】★英雄特色★王牌特攻遊戲中有多位來自不同國家、超越凡人且擁有與眾不同技能的英雄,透過遊戲中的戰鬥累積經驗值強化你的英雄,各英雄擁有自己的心路歷程等豐富的劇情模式待你來體驗,同時具有跨越時代的造型Skin,蒐集狂的你絕不能錯過王牌特攻★動作射擊★王牌特攻的遊戲方式採用TPS即第三人稱射擊,爆頭射擊爽感搭配靈活的翻滾設計,為喜愛動作射擊的你精心打造,完整的新手教學讓你一分鐘灌入日積月累的PC操作實力,新手變神手,高端玩家就是你★團隊競技★王牌特攻採用5分鐘4VS4真人即時對戰的遊戲方式,互相較勁你的大局觀與神操作,面對這些各國英雄,想要稱霸全球殺手榜,就要看各位神手給不給力了,各英雄有專屬的定位,坦克、近戰、神射手等任你選擇,同時也考驗團隊間的戰略默契,邀請你的好友一起加入吧!本遊戲為免費使用,遊戲內另提供購買虛擬遊戲幣、物品等付費服務。請注意遊戲時間,避免沉迷。12歲以上之人始得使用,遊戲軟體內容角色穿著凸顯性特徵之服飾、有打鬥未達血腥程度之情節。* 例行維護時間每週一AM5:00~AM8:00(GMT+8)Who is thetraditionalshooting game Shootout, subverting shootout shootinghand travel,hero skills for the integration of cross-generationalshootout ─ace Commandos[Trump] is the world's first special forces hero shootingAthleticshand travel around the game "Hero Shot" "develop the role""teamsports", combining TPS gameplay, cool shot of broken table, afiveminutes Come True action-sports [ ace special forces]Features ★ ★ HeroAce game has a number of special forces from differentcountries,and beyond mortal hero has distinctive skills,accumulatedexperience to strengthen your heroes through the game'scombat,each hero has its own mentality, rich story mode until youcomeexperience while having a shape Skin through the ages,gatheringmad you can not miss ace Commandos★ ★ Action ShootingSpecial forces ace game mode that is using TPS third-personshooter,headshot shooting cool sense of rolling with flexibledesign foryour favorite action shooter carefully crafted, completenoviceteaching make you a minute poured cumulative PC operatingstrength,the novice becomes the hand of God, is the high-endplayersyou★ ★ team sportsAce special forces using live 5 minutes 4 VS 4 immediatebattlegameplay, you are competing with each other in the biggerpictureand the operation of God, these countries face a hero, youwant todominate the global killer list, you will see the hand ofGod tonot to force each hero has unique positioning, tank, melee,etc.shooter as you choose, but also a test of strategicunderstandingbetween the team and invite your friends to jointogether!This game is free to use, and the other offers to buy virtualgamecurrency, items such as paid services within the game. Pleasenotethat the game time, avoid indulging. People over the age of 12mayonly use game software content highlights features of thecharacterwearing apparel, there are less than fighting thebloodyepisode.* Routine maintenance time a week AM5: 00 ~ AM8: 00 (GMT + 8)
Block Battles: Heroes at War 1.0.1
Welcome to Block Battles: Heroes at War, afastpaced super fun competitive online top-down shooter. Jump intothesemobile friendly blocky wars and battle friends or foes.Unlock newheroes each with their own super power. Rise to the topof theleaderboard ranks and force your friends to admit yoursupremacy.— INTENSE ONLINE BATTLES —Got nimble thumbs? Block Battles: Heroes at War gives all thepowerto the player. You move and shoot freely about the map.Noauto-aim. No click-to-move. Just you and your ability todominatethe multiplayer match. Run and gun or head for cover whilewaitingfor your health to regenerate. Then jump from the black oftheshadows, unleash your character's super power and force yourscoreto the top. Marvel at the unique ability of each super heroandwork to unlock them all. There are 3 maps included with theinitialrelease of the game: Pixel City, Iron Station X, andApocalypseTemple. Additional maps will be added with eachupdate.— CIVIL WAR —From Europe to Asia to North and South America heroes all overEarthhave engaged with the super powered beings of Pixel Planet Xin allout intergalactic civil war! Villains and heroes, men andwomen,mutants and iron avengers, beings of all kinds struggleforsupremacy. Perform well in battle and you will be rewarded.Earnchances to unlock each of the blocky heroes. Each hero hastheirown unique super power and stylish blocky pixel look. Who willyouchoose to fight as in this super powered clash?— AMAZING HEROES —Unlock the captain of Earth's Iron Avengers - America Eagle!Or play as the lava man mutant of the apocalypse - Volcano!Who needs a gun when you can create sweet explosions using -CandyMan!Command water as the salty sea captain with the mutant x gene -TheCaptain!Throw flames as the part man, part dog hero - Sparky!Smash as the colossal marvel of the natural world - Heft!Blast lasers as the one-eyed leader of the Pixel Men-Cyclops!Gun for your foe with the iron fortified rocket barrage of -RedSteel!Spread the swarm and protect the hive with - Bee Man!She loves America, the 4th of July and Fireworks - Hoopla!And many more fun characters to choose from...— FAME AND GLORY —Give yourself an awesome online name that will strike fear intothehearts of your foes. Win online, get heroes, show you power.It’stons of fun! Pwn your friends and AI bots. Rise to the topandbecome the marvel of the hero world. Block Battles: Heroes atWaris fully enabled for Google Play leaderboards. Chase yourfriendsscores or go for the glory of ranking on the globalleaderboards.The world needs a hero!The blocky world is in turmoil, the civil war has reachedit'screscendo, the apocalypse is nigh. Will your heroes rise to betheavengers of planet earth or will men and women marvel as youreignin super powered terror?Block Battles: Heroes at War is the multiplayer shootergamedesigned for simplicity and all out fun. Look for updatedgamebalancing and new game content in the near future.
Alien Shooter Free 4.2.5
Sigma Team
This is a ENHANCED version of the LegendaryPCAlien Shooter game which is now available on yourAndroiddevice!Deserted military complex. Hordes of merciless creatures. Hereyouare. Your mission is simple – clear the base so there are justdeadmonsters' corpses left around.- Many hours of game play with story mode and a lot ofasidemissions- Character upgrade facility, try out superhuman fightingabilitiesin an intense battle- Tons of weapons of mass destruction- Useful gadgets - flash lights, medkits, battle drones...- User friendly control schemes with auto-aimoptionavailable!- stand up to the huge crowds of monsters appearing on one screenata time- corpses of the monsters eliminated do not disappear - checkoutwhat happens at the end of every level!Mow them down and stay alive!Follow us on Facebook:
Soldier Reborn 1.5
Soldier Reborn combines the adrenalineofplatform-style games with the action of 2d shooters.ShooterRevenge is a 2d horizontal version shooting adventure game,thescreen good audio production.Soldier Rebornr is simple game and best game about shot andrunninggame.- You alone can break down the enemy army? Come with metal squadandget control of your commando, to win the battle in the game!Thelurking danger, the heavy machine...- Each screen is a challenging game that requires you toreallyingenious and plucky. Held a gun, heavy machine to fightthehostile forces, you have to kill enemies and complete themissionof the hero shooter metal soldier.How to play:- Use d-pad to control metal shooter. Jump to avoidobstacles.Always keep the Shoot button. So easyFeatures:💡 Game with pixel graphic - real retro graphic and attractiveingame play💡 Game play smooth, rich sound...💡 Lots of enemies to fight (trooper, soliders, army, tank,plane,boss ...)💡 Game play retro and amazing.💡 Simple controls which can be enjoyed by everyone.💡 Best shooting game💡 Compatible with all android devices
Pixel Shooter War On Island 3D 1.0
Looking for a fast-paced FPS to play? Thenournew game – Pixel Shooter War On Island 3D – could be justperfectfor you!Welcome to the blocky world! The objective of the game istoexterminate all enemies on your way.**HOW TO PLAY** Use the arrow keys to control your character.Tapthe FIRE button to shoot at enemies.Game features:- first person shooter offline- blocky shooting game- traditional gameplay- cool soundsHave fun with Pixel Shooter War On Island 3D! Show whatyou'recapable of right now!
Pixel Fury: Multiplayer in 3D 6.8
Try Pixel Fury: Multiplayer in3Dshooter where you can fight against players worldwide! InthisFPS pocket edition you can use multiply block guns (from axestosniper) and play with friends on awesome maps! Join withthousandsof players around the world! Pick your weapon and startcausinghavoc and destruction in this battle thorn environment ofPixelFury!IN THIS FREE WORLD WIDE MULTIPLAYER YOU CAN:+ Battle against friends with wide variety of gunsincludingbazookas, mini gun, axes, shotguns, combat rifles,sniper, UZI,AK, RPG and many other!+ Earn points to unlock new pixel weapons & characters!+ Choose between different awesome FPS game modesofDEATHMATCH, TEAM DEATHMATCH and CAPTURE THE FLAG!+ Customize your character with VAST SELECTION OFDIFFERENTSKINS!+ Play on AWESOME MULTIPLAYER MAPS IN 3D which areallUNLOCKED!+ Cause HAVOC: Throw grenades, sniper the enemy, shootwithbazooka!Soldier! You have to free your full fury and craft abulletproofplan to survive in these wars of mass destruction. Whichweapon areyour going to pick for survival?Different block guns have different abilities, would it be besttokill the enemy with a close up combat knife or craft a pistolforthat? Sniper him from a distance or extinguish his survivalusing abazooka?Let me tell you this, in this modern shooter game, sniper isgreatfor city maps and it is also a wonderful firearm inteamdeathmatches. While your cops team runs into the robbershordeswith block knifes, kalashnikovs blazing and RPG roaming, youcaneliminate enemies in stealth mode.Another wicked craft is to wait for the robbers to gather up inthecity center and blast them away using a missile like weapon. Oryoucan use a close combat weapon in the fast paced city fights totakethe robbers out from a short range. However, if you wish toenjoygreat multiplayer action in the good old shooting games style,picka colt commando or AK 47 and have fun shooting!You have to constantly improve in this shooting game, the morewarsyou survive the stronger you get. After each match youwillincrease in experience, which allows you to craft new weaponsnskins. Buy modern weapons & fps enhancers like armor, ammoandfirepower to your guns. You can upgrade firearms to improveammocapacity, accuracy and fire rate.There are a lot of different skins in this pixel shooter, playasgeneral, zombie, boy or cop! Pick your war skin wisely, someskinswork well for night time maps, blending in with thebattleground nincreasing your chances of survival, some just lookverycool!You can blast the enemies on different worlds! There are fpsmapswhich take place in a desert or city. You can shoot the robbersatnight time in harbor container fields or during a snowy day inanopen arena or even in space!Be wise choosing the best shooting game mode for you!Duringdeathmatch wars you can shoot all opponents. Get your bestgun outn cause destruction. It is the survival of thefittest.However, when trying team deathmatch, do your best to helpyourmilitary commando! Give them support by using a missile weaponorjump into shooter action with a shotgun!When you have chosen capture the flag mode you have to craftaclever plan. Find the right balance between defending yourcommandooutpost while trying to capture the robbers base. One wartactic isto divide the block army. One great block commando will gobehindthe enemy lines, shooting everyone in the city, while theothercommando will guard your flag in full honor!The battle is yours! Experience a 3D war like never before!Causeimmense havoc!Wide variety of fire arms offer you best & awesomeshootingexperience for hours in this world of action.Join Pixel Fury multiplayer 3D shooter on Google Play! And getyourgun blazing in massive FPS battle!Good luck, soldier!Visit
Metal Squad: Shooting Game
Metal Squad is a shooting action game.Thisgame will take you through series of classic levels,variousenemies and boss battles with amazing experience of sidescrollingplatformer games. Use various weapons filled with slug andpowerups to fight your way through a multiple enemies, metaltanks,copters and put an end to the evil army leader's and hisworld ofterror.Blow up all enemies in Metal Squad! Kill them all in thisamazingshooter game.Please hold your arms up and face dangerouschallengesahead.FEATURE★ Different kinds of weapons, such as shotgun, heavy machinegun,rifles, rocket launchers, and grenades.★ Different characters to choose.★ 5+ unique zone with 30+ Levels★ Different kind of enemies.★ Challenging boss fights★ Amazing graphics, cool music and sound.HOW TO PLAY★ Use the joypad to move★ Tap Jump button to jump avoid obstacles★ Tap fire button to shoot★ Tap Grenade button to make deadly explosionDownload Metal Squad now and let the shooting begin!Contact us at email:★ Facebook: you!
Snow War Shooter 2017 1.0
snow war shooter is a 3d sniper shootinggameinwhich you are going to experience best ever controls,graphicsandcompetitive sniper shooting. In the game snow warshooter, youare ina battlefield surrounded by snow cappedmountains with averycombative scenario. It is the game ofsurvival, either you oryourenemy would survive. All you have to dois to aim by usingyourcommando marksman at your enemies and have to utilize all your gunforce in order to strikeanddiminishyour enemies. in this 3d shooting game you are given awarlikesituation where higher authorities have sent you on amissiontoevacuate the areas from the enemies in a best possibleway andbyusing your skills and alertness you have to deal withyourenemies byfire and fury and achieve the goal of winning thewar.With eachsuccess, the incoming missions become more hard andmoreaccurateshooting is required as the game progress. so, allyouhave to be anelite warrior and courageous commando.Thumbs Up team have put all of their effort to produce this gameinabest possible form which is user friendly and addictive.Wewouldlove to have your valuable response. Yourappreciationandcriticism is highly appreciated.
Blocky Cars - Online Shooting Game
Enjoying car games, guns and wars? Oryou’reinto fighting and combats in online first person shooter facetoface on the pixel arena? Feel extremely fast speed at therallytrack and try one of the best multiplayer online shootinggames,where you can build war machines, tanks or cars, put minigunorhuge turret on your vehicle and begin epic battle againstyourenemies worldwide? It is time to play Blocky Cars Online -pocketfree online MULTIPLAYER Shooter with Cooperative, DeathmatchandHuman battle modes!Try to survive in free online shooter with fun pixel3dgraphics:💥 Collect blocks, craft racing cars or huge blitztanksmonsters!💥 Racing wheels, turbines, mini guns, sniper guns, turrets,spacecars, m16, battle armor for your hero – we have it all inourweaponry to build shooting cars for battles or fast cars forracinggames!💥 30+ pixel guns and war machines turrets and 90+ block forcraftingand 12 maps of beautiful pixel arena 3d world!💥 Develop your own tactics, take part in team deathmatch, formabrigade and combat against your enemies at the pixel arena andthehardest battlefields!💥 Modern FPS mode: get out of your shooting car, combat, makeablitz and as much overkills as you can in shootingonlinegame!Feel free to join battle worldwide or local and defeat them atpixelbattlefield!How often do you find online shooting games with niceanduser-friendly car crafting? Try this multiplayer online 3dshooter!You can craft a car and customize your hero, just use skineditorand choose any modern armor! Make a blitz strike to killyouropponents!Choose your road in the Blocky Cars online game universe! Tryfastracing or epic battles in block city, craft mini cars orbuildgiant tanks and drive them in various game locations to killtheenemies and win.Grab your friends, get into your war machines and start epicteamdeathmatch battles ever!One of the best FREE online blocky games in many countries!It’stime to blitz with your team online!Download Blocky Cars Online now - one of the mostimaginativemultiplayer online shooting games and don't miss newupdates!More guns - More blocks - More war machines - More pixelarenaraces!Fast shooting cars, huge pixel tanks and aggressive war robots –allin one of the best free online FPS shooters!Main Features:🔧 Up to 8 players in the same map in the multiplayer onlineshootermode!🔧 Choose your skin and make its best edition!🔧 12 different maps - block city and pixel arena adventuresarecrafted in 3d for YOU!🔧 Race and Deathmatch mode - customize your car, try carracinggames or take the challenge in Deathmatch!Enjoying this team deathmatch shooting cars game? Join ourofficial#BlockyFans communities and Blocky Cars Online channels onsocialmedia:- Follow us on Twitter at or likeuson Facebook at to get moreinfoabout all our upcoming updates.- Check out our videos and game trailerson us on the pixel battlefield! We are driving warmachines!
Killer Shooter Critical Strike 1.0.3
Killer Shooter Critical StrikeThe top Anti-Terrorist team is preparing to fightagainstterrorists, gangsters and criminals.Join Top Elite Anti-Terrorist team, take up arms, prepareforintense battle, and contribute to human security.Killer Shooter Critical Strike is the most exciting andchallengingFPS (First Person Shooting) game.As a Anti-Terrorist killer, you will work with your team tofightterrorists, sabotage their action plans, remove landminesplaced byterrorists,And resolve hostages.Elite Anti-Terrorist Shooter, no timetohesitate, and immediately take action to destroy criminalsandterrorist groups!  Killer Shooter Critical Strike features:- Realistic realistic scene, exciting FPS shooting experience- Bomb disposal mode, rescue hostages mode and custom mode tochoosefrom- Rich weapons, sniper, assault rifles, pistols, to helpyoucomplete the mission- The impact of sound, experience shooting, explosion, heartbeatandother stimuli- High quality game screen, reflecting the water,reflective,lighting, night, fog and other effects- As a Anti-Terrorist Killer, rescue hostages, clear bombs,destroythe terrorist groups threats.You are a hero against terrorism, a savior to destroy terroristsandrescue civilians in crisis, and it's time to take action!
Pocket Starships - PvP Arena: Space Shooter MMO 1.1.177
Fight in MOBA style Arenas against otherPilotsand climb up in the League.Explore and conquer the galaxy in a Massive Multiplayer Online(MMO)space action for your smartphone, tablet and browser.

• Compete in 1vs1, 3vs3 and 5vs5 Arena fights to climb to the topofthe league• Fight with and against thousands of players to dominatetheGalaxy!• Defeat the terrifying alien fleet.• Experience tactical battles against opponents from all overtheworld.• Create powerful alliances 
• Advanced crafting and upgrade system for your spaceship.• Global- and alliance live chat systems for aeasycommunication• True Cross-PlatformTechnology: you like Space MMOs or RPG - this is your game!A real massive online game with thousands of players,movingsimultaneously in the same galaxy. build your ownspaceship,upgrade your weapons and refine your combat tactics.Prepareyourself together with your friends in a never ending battleforgalaxy supremacyTo play Pocket Starships you need an activeInternetconnection.IMPORTANT: The game is constantly evolving and game mechanicsaresubject to change at any time.Our Forum: http://forum.spectaclegames.comFacebook: Game: case of problems, contact the supportteam:
US ARMY SURVIVAL SHOOTERUS Army Survival Shooter is an epic action packed snipershootinggame. You are going to be a US Commando, an agent to thegovernmentwho is on a stealth mission to diminish terrorists withhisunforgettable tactics and valor. You are going toencounterguerilla force and as a critical strike warrior , you havetocounter terrorists and show your modern warfare skillsinbattlefield. As an army commando you have to plan yourtacticsaccording to your duty of modern days shooting war, readyyoursquad and command fighters to shoot with most advanced guns.Callof war is the duty of a commando and call of mission US istheobligation of a sniper hero like you.You are going to experience the best shooting game everlaunched.You would be in an attractive environment like desertstorm and icestorm and you have to assault your enemies with hightech weaponsand assault guns like bazooka and machine gunsimulation. It isgoing to be a survival war with the best armedforces going tofight against brutality of their savage enemies. Youhave to getrid of these hunter forces through fps and third personshooters.The tension would not be less than a WW2. All you have todo iscontrol your nerves and save the nobleman and tackleyourenemies.US Army Survival Shooter is a free army game and it’s not theKidsarmy game because you have to make sound schemes and completeyourmission by shooting right at the target in battle. Itsswatshooting where you are going to war your enemies andbecomevictorious. So play with your nerves and enjoy theaddictivegameplay and best ever army shooting with real graphicsandcontrols.*** US ARMY SURVIVAL SHOOTER features ****** best shooting game ever*** real army base to attack like modern war camps of armies*** Best Army 3d game*** real assassin shooting misions*** critical strike simulation*** battlefield . with real best controls of gunner andassaultrifles*** best war shoot game*** amazing action. top action game*** Follow the instruction and play the most addictive of thisbestshooting game of 2017
Mountain Sniper Gun Shooter: Top Shooting Game FPS 1.0.3
Get ready for the most exciting andthrillpacked fps sniper shooting game of all times. Mountain SniperGunShooter is a crucial strike gun shooting game in which you havetodefeat the enemy with your relentless sniper shooting skills. Foradesert sniper like you there can be no such fun as being afirstperson shooter and having the authority and the capabilityofshooting your enemy at first sight before they get you.Mountain sniper gun shooter being a desert sniper hero of year2018offers you loads of action packed missions and intriguinglevels toshow your skills as a fierce battle shooter. Though theconditionsand the environments will vary and this war againstterror willtake a deadly turn but you being an army sniper shooterhave to befirm in your action. There will be times when you willhave to be asniper ghost commando as well.There has been an emergency in your city and a call of heroeshasbeen made. In this gruesome times of need theeliteforces have called out for the heroes for help inthiscritical mission. The enemies have surrounded the area andaretroubling the civilians to extreme extent. An infinitewarfaresituation has arisen and you are the best modern snipershooteravailable. Mountain sniper gun shooter enables you to showyourbest sniper shooting skills and prove your worth to thehighercommandos in this sniper shooting elite force mission goingon.This is the best of all sniper games.You are the front line shooter who will be sent in theenemyterritory as a commando sniper shooter in such war shootinggames.Mountain sniper gun shooter is a modern sniper shooter 3dgame soyou will be provided with the most modern and highlysensitivesnipers for your mission. Once in the battlefield youwould have tokeep a trace and record of every necessary action tobe done tosave your life and to defeat the enemy. You have to shootto killthe enemy. You will be provided with sniper bullet that willenableto make as many snipe shots as you want. What more can bewishedfor in free sniper games.Never underestimate your enemy. If you are the bravo snipershooterthen the enemy has also called for a mountain snipershooter. Youare going to have a tough competition. This is the bestpart ofthese commando games. Being a sniper warrior you have toseize themoment and attack on your enemy before they kill you. Youcan be aninvisible commando and very tactfully with infiniteprecision makeshoots at the other side. You are the lone snipersoldier fightingwith the antagonists. A sniper arena would becreated where youwill the frontline commando. The environments andbackgrounds varyin every mission. You will have to fight in Desertstorm, in heavyrain and even on the mountains making accuratemountain snipertarget. Being trained by the elite commando you arecapable of gunstrike shoot killer actions. Mountain Sniper GunShooter is adeadly sniper 3d mountain shooter games.There will be enemies shooting at you from all the sides inthismodern warfare. The reason a call of sniper heroes has beenmade isto eliminate the dark forces completely from your country.They area threat to the civilians. It’s the best among other snipershootergames. As a sniper fps you have the devoir andresponsibility ofmaking actions yourself. You have to make sureyour sniper reloadedfrequently. The deadly sniper is your onlyweapon for yoursurvival. Among all action shooter you have to showyour own of infinite warfare has been made in the desertruins for thesecurity of people. The heads call fps modern fightersand fpsmodern shooter for the mission.Mountain Sniper Gun Shooter Game Features:• An extensive range of sniper riffles
Elite Space Trooper 1.0.2
Enjoy the shooter experience withenhancedgraphics and gameplay.You must protect humanity's destiny by entering thebattlefieldagainst alien invaders. You have to vacate the base fromaliens andleave the planet on kosmoplane.*** GAME FEATURES: ***- This exciting and dynamic game is sure to bring you hoursoffun.- Auto aiming - no longer need precisely aim on enemy.- Easy controls.- Great graphics.Download and play TOP SHOOTER GAMES! And enjoy yourself!email:
SKY ASSAULT: 3D Flight Action 0.2.7
The best 3D action shooting game ever!Protect the continent against the enemy's invasions and becomeahero!【 Introduction 】Unique Hero characters!Different terrains and altitudes present opportunitiesforstrategical gameplay!Exciting battle!A realistic feel to the attacks and fast-paced battles!Engaging gameplay!Put your controls and strategies to the test!【 Features 】▣ Enjoy the game without worrying about Wi-Fi connections orfreestorage space!▣ Unique Hero characters- Each Hero uses a unique weapon.▣ Growth System: Level up and upgrade!▣ Various missions- Experience Episode, Custom, and various other missions!- Enjoy trying out different strategies based on the terrainandaltitudes!▣ Achievement Point-based Ranking Systems- National Ranking System- Individual Ranking System▣ Multi Language Service- Enjoy the game in various languages: Korean, English,Japanese,Russian, and more!
sniper 1.3
sniperDo you love sniper games . then, enjoy real sniper with bestsnipergames 3d actionBest shooting games presents real world war game withextremehardcore bloodshed of battlefield and blindness of war2survivalfighting. In this sniper 3d action adventure war shootinggame, youare going to love the real fun of thrilling action gamesand canget best shooting games simulation with lots of attractiveandthrilling desert storm games environment and ice stormgamesenvironment. it's the best fun free game with real controlsofsniper games and as a sniper shooter you have to sniper shotallthe secret agent you have got in the list of the secret bookfromthe headquarter. the secret book is so important as a commandoyouhave to work like a super agent and done your work with keepingthesecret. This sniper games is not like simple shooting games of2017but in this sniper games , you have to work being a secretagentand live among secret society for kill shotmilitarymissions.In this sniper games , you are going to get real shootinggamesexperience with shooting car games missions and shooting bikegamesmissions in real ice storm. black ops levels require preciousandskillful shooting . gameplay is totally focused for bestshootinggames to make these sniper games a real awesome battlefieldaction.arma missions need lots of sniping and shooting to steelkill theenemies on their ground. battlefield is full of airstrikeattacks ,tanks and modern heavy fire weapons like bazooka , machinegun andhumvees and you have to use your sniping games skills tounleashthe enemies forces in this game sniper.Army war sniper 3d shooting games is est shooting games freeforaction packed games lover. enemies have destroyed our strongholdand we have to defend our base as a 3d sniper shooter and likeapermainan sniper shooter 3d we have to counter strike ourenemiesat our best. the purge of killing spree . frontline snipershootershoot, shoot and shoot until kill all of them.*** Snow army sniper war shooter Features=> SNIPER=> HARDLINE BATTLEFIELD ACTION=> best shooting game with top action features=> real controls for fps game. control are top realisticinaccordance with first person shooter=> progress the level in 3 regions of desert , mountain andcitygunner mode with a real story based game=> real 3d environment and well define GUI=> top controls like a shooting pro=> actual war battlefield=> ADDICTIVE GAME=> GREAT SNIPER GAME=> BEST ACTION GAME=> THE BEST GAME=> SHOOT AND KILL=> NON STOP ACTION=> REALISTIC COMBAT EXPERIENCE=> ATTACK ENEMY WITH MODERN WEAPON=> BEST ACTION GAME=> UNIQUE GAMEPLAY=> SHOOTING GAMES FOR FREE=> SNIPER=> EXTREME ACTIONS=> TOTALLY FREE=> SNIPER THE ENEMY=> SNIPING=> PERMAINAN SNIPERwe have worked hard to ensure the best shooting gameplay. ifyouhave any problem contact our best shooting games team.
Armored Kitten: Zombie Hunter 1.5
Armored Kitten’s unique art style andhumourmakes the best and totally insane twin stick shooter seen sofar onmobile!Get your Combat Armor and Double Barrel Shotgun ready for anepicbattle with the living dead, enraged zombies, mutants andotherhellish creatures coming from the breached Abyss ofhell!Single Player Massacre lies thru unique destructibleenvironmentssuch as the Mars Surface, the Bio Labs, and theHydroponic Garden.Tons of unlockable content, including dozens ofWeapons, ArmorSets, Combat skills, and Upgrades.Survival Game Mode is full of arcade action. Fight your waythroughthe hordes of foul creatures and go for your highscore!FEATURES• Cute and deadly Kitten as main character!• Single Player Campaign with Survival Mode!• Rich customisation options,• Slay monsters with over 20 weapons.• Collect Loot to buy Upgrades, Guns and Armor!• Unique cartoon style with stylish animation• Awesome Music and Sound FX• Powerups like Quad Damage, Bonus Weapons and more• Procedural generated levels!• Full translation into English, German, Spanish,Portuguese,Italian, French, Japanese, Korean, Chinese andRussian.• No additional downloads after installing the game!Here is the promo code for a free reward: XXXYYZZZLike us on Facebook: us on Twitter:
code TOKI Arcade 1.0
Toki, known in Japan as JuJu Densetsu(JuJu伝説)is a 1989 shoot 'em up platformer arcade game, or a "runandgun"developed and published in Japan by TAD Corporation and publishedinNorth America by Fabtek.It was designed by Akira Sakuma and features elementsoftongue-in-cheek humor combined with the action.The player takes control of an enchanted ape who must battlehordesof jungle monsters with energy balls from his mouth.The ultimate goal is to destroy the evil wizard who cast a spellonthe title protagonist thereby transforming him from an apeback into a human, and rescuing the kidnapped princess. The gamewasported to several video game consoles and home computers.This all ends tragically when the beautiful Miho, princess ofToki'stribe of jungle men, and a potential suitor to Toki, iskidnappedbythe treacherous witch doctor Vookimedlo. Miho is taken to avastgolden palace at the summit of the island, which Vookimedlohasconjuredup for himself to reside in. The wicked shaman then casts a spelltotransform all the human inhabitants of the island intovariousanimalsand beasts, before they can defend themselves against theevilmagic.Toki, Known in JapanasJuJu Densetsu (JuJu 伝 説) is a 1989 shoot 'em up platformerarcadegame, or a "run and gun"Developed and published in Japan by TAD Corporation and publishedinNorth America by Fabtek.It was designed by Akira Sakuma and features Elementsoftongue-in-cheek humor combined with the action.The player takes control of an enchanted ape Who must battlehordesof jungle monsters with energy balls from His mouth.The ultimate goal is to destroy the evil wizard Who cast a spellonthe title protagonist thereby transforming from an ape_him_back into a human, and rescuing the kidnapped princess. The gamewasported to video game consoles Several computers and home.This all ends tragically When the beautiful Miho, princess ofToki'stribe of jungle men, and a potential suitor to Toki, iskidnappedbythe treacherous witch doctor Vookimedlo. Miho is taken to avastgolden palace at the summit of the island, qui VookimedloHASConjuredup for himself to reside in. The wicked shaman Then casts a spelltotransform all the human habitants of the island intovariousanimalsand beasts, Before They can defend Themselves Against theevilmagic.
Commando Sarah : Action Game 1.9.1
> “It plays as good as it looks.”Playshooter games.> “Sharp controls, impressive graphics.” Role playingactiongame.Here is some striking news for you. We are ready to change anideaof free online Android 3rd person shooter actiongames.Jaw-dropping graphics and optimization even forlow-performingdevices. Commando modern action warfare will begin inyour smartphones.Sarah prefers to work alone? Then step into the thrillingsolocampaign as Sarah shoot her way through one dire situationafteranother to save a world. Sarah kill all enemy to make hermissionsuccessful. This is a commando war shooter game which hasamazingaction features.Features-7 different levels .-5 different types of weapons.-Pistol: colt 1911-Rifle: ak47, m16-Submachine gun: ump-Machine gun: mg42- Customize your weapon.- Auto aim selection for enemy hunt.- Health bonus for gaining maximum game plays time..-Reliable control.-Player can go to settings on runtime.-Automatic reloaded guns.-Camera sensitivity.- High quality HD graphics.-Screen adjustment is very nice.-A player can use different types of vehicles in differentlevelslike bike, jeep, truck-It has 3 different player modes-Easy-Medium-HardHow to play+ touch shoot button for fire.+ touch pause button to stop the game.+ Select joy stick for game play.+ To change weapon touch weapon change button+ touch aim button to lock your enemy.+ To pick medic kit, ammo and weapon touch pickup button.Commando Sarah - Action Game will be updated constantly. Pleaserateand give your feedback for further improvement of thegame.FOLLOW
Last War: 3D Pixel FPS 2.0.2
BitBurst GmbH
Last War is a low polygon ego shooter. Itisone of the few FPS mini games with automatic shooting. Lookforwardto a large number of weapons, skins and other equipment withthefun fps.What do pixels and blocks have to do with a qualitative andfunnyweapon game? Quite simply, ego battle! This game has aqualitativewonderful pixel style!Decisive is the tactics in Last War. Hide behind blocks torebuildHealth Points or rush straight into combat. Last War is notjust aboring shooting game, no! Find out for yourself in the Super3DShooter.*** Multiplayer ***This game stands out due to its many possibilities andinnovativegame mechanisms. It takes place at a time when war hasbroken outand everyone is fighting for their survival.It does not matter which nations or peoples the warriors comefrom.The ultimate goal is to win as many trophies aspossible.Play with and against players from all over the world oragainstfriends, acquaintances or colleagues. You can create yourownindividual servers and join selected ones.Earn experience points in PvP to advance levels. Yourexperiencewill unlock new weapons and features.You can choose between different game modes. Last War:ApocalypseStrikes is a free shooter with co-op mode.Join the 3D War of the category weapon games and experiencemegaaction in this PvP combat simulator.*** Arsenal ***Unlock different weapons you can buy with gold and silvermedals.Weapons differ in damage, fire rate, accuracy, magazinesize,number of magazines and their articles.Let the bullets fly in the 3D Shooter! There is a huge arsenalofpistols, submachine guns (MPs), assault rifles as well assniperrifles and special weapons at your disposal.*** Progress ***Collect EP and upgrade levels to unlock weapons and otherfeatures.The daily Shooter mission helps you to get level upfaster.In addition, several grenades can be unlocked to reinforcetacticalbattles. They often decide whether your tactics andstrategy workor not.Choose one of many creative skins to present yourself tootherplayers. Different characters can have different effects onothersurvivors.In the ranking you can advance by winning by collectingtrophies.Many exciting objects and possibilities are alsohidden.You can discover everything else yourself in the game. Have funwithit!
Range Shooter
Range Shooter is a 3D first personshootersimulation game with stunning details and addictivegameplay.Hi there rookie!Welcome to your basic and advanced shootingtrainingsimulation.As you start the simulation, your first trainer will meet youandguide you through the basic stepsThere will be different trainers for every range and it wouldbewise to listen to them.Good luck.Choose your weapon and test your shooting skills withcountlesschallenging missions!Try different weapons in specialised ranges, fight for newmissionsor high scores.Now pick up your gun, step into the action and proveyourself!TOP QUALITY GRAPHICSEnjoy the next generation graphics quality right onyourdevice.Top quality 3D environments, detailed gun models, realisticphysicsand special effects are all part of the simulation.CHALLENGING GAME MODES & TRAINING RANGESTest your shooting skills in 3 unique training ranges and5different game modes.Eleminate terrorists, rescue hostages, race against targetsandtime.TONS OF UPGRADEABLE GUNSArm yourself with highly detailed guns ranging from classicpistolsto assault rifles, sniper rifles and many more!Unlock new weapons and upgrade your guns with damage, accuracy,rateof fire, reload speed and clip size upgrades!EASY CONTROLS DESIGNED FOR MOBILEGet comfortable with easy to use controls and focus allyourattention just on your enemies.Select Touch Aim or Sensor Control as you like.DAILY REWARDSGet your daily bonus every day, multiply with everyconsecutivevisit.COMING SOON!Online Multiplayer Mode!Brand New Training Range!Tons of new Weapons!KEY FEATURES- Single Player and Multiplayer options- 5 Challenging Game Modes: Time Attack, Missions,Challenge,Hostage Rescue, Survival- Three Shooting Ranges: Pistol Training Range, AssaultRifleTraining Range, Sniper Training Range- Realistic weapons: Pistols, SMG's, Shotguns, Rifles,Snipers- Upgrade Options: Damage, Accuracy, Rate of Fire, ReloadSpeed,Clip Size and Ammo Capacity- Rich Target Variety: Stationary and Moving Targets,SuicideBombers, Terrorists etc.- Stunning 3D graphics with quality options- Easy & comfortable control options- Online Leaderboards and AchievementsPlease rate us and give your feedback for further improvement ofthegame.Visit our official site at
Rez Infinite 1.0.3
Enhance Games
Rez Infinite must be seen—and heard—tobebelieved. (40+ awards & nominations!)Daydream Ready Headset & Controller is required to play.*Free trial included. Unlock the full game to enjoy all of whatthegame has to offer!One of the most critically-acclaimed games of all time comestoDaydream in style: Experience 360 degrees ofmind-blowingsynesthesia as you blast through waves of enemies andgianttransforming bosses, with colors and sounds that sync andblend tothe beat of Rez’s legendary techno soundtrack.Survive the cyberspace gauntlet of the Project-K networkandreawaken Eden to save a world on the verge of societal collapseinthis action-packed arcade shooter.“…this is one VR videogame that should be in your library.”-VR Focus“I'm struck by how gorgeous and thrilling the classic game is,16years later”-Eurogamer"the all-new Area X stage is one of the best virtualrealityexperiences we’ve ever had”-Metro (UK)“there’s no denying the magical way that this game combinesmusic,visuals and gameplay together.”-The Sixth Axis- Incredible Environments: Experience classic Rez levels Areas1through 5 optimized for mobile VR, and an all-newfree-flyingexperience in Area X.- Beautiful Soundscapes: Become immersed in Rez's incrediblemusicand sound effects.**Wired headphones highly recommended for the bestaudioexperience.Language options: English, Japanese, French, Italian,German,SpanishFollow us for the latest updates:Twitter:
HAWK – Force of an Arcade Shooter. Shoot 'em up! B.V.
One body is nobody! Gather your bros andkickthe living heck out of tyrannical Autocrat's armadas in aseries ofbreathtaking aerial battles! The enemy outnumbers you, butyou'renever alone -- the unique co-op mode allows you to joinforces witheither your bro or a new friend! Shooting neverends.With a broad range of aircraft and upgrades to choose from,avariety of missions and challenges, Hawk is a good ol'adrenalineoverdose. There's absolutely no way you'll ever getbored! So beready to attack.Maniac bros will help you choose the best guns and surprisetheenemies with destructive missiles. Keep your strongestweaponsreloaded to deliver a crucial strike to the enemies’ fighterjets.True bullet hell where metal melts.– Exciting campaign: more than 190 levels full of enemiesandbreathtaking action!– Unique co-op multiplayer: team up with your battlebrothersto overcome challenges or join forces with random playersfor evenmore fun!– Additional modes: Arcade, Team-up and Assault, each ofthemradically changing the gameplay!– Perfect Shoot ‘em up: Lots of fighter jets,battlecompanions, ammunition and guns, and devices to choose from:yourpersonal armory is packed with hi tech!.– Huge bosses: battle and defeat enemies that are so bigtheydon't even fit the screen! And wipe out swarms of theirminions!Find pieces of the Danmaku barrage of bullets.– Great visuals: Tired of space and lasers? Try outflying!Amazing 3d graphics will make you forget that this gamegenre isold school. Vertical shooters have never been better. Epicsky warsare full of excitement. Choose your «phoenix» and free thecountryfrom invaders. The symphony of air war and heroes' charismaareunforgettable!– Retro modernized: Played Shmup (STG) games before?Thinkthis is retro? We prove you are wrong. This top-down shooterwillmake you say «wow» and revive the best impressions of yourscrollchildhood. No matter you are a fan of Strikers, Tyrian, AceSquad,Razor or Airborn or you participated in battle actions in1945. Youwill become the fan of our freedom squadron!Take your Broforce to victory. Feel the bullet force.
Galaxy Shooter - Space Shooter
This space shooter is an excitingaddictiveepic galaxy war game with 120+ missions, 100+ invaders anda lot ofspaceship upgrades.The player must also have strategy skills to equip properupgradesand use the appropriate skills during specific spacemissions over16 star systems to guard the galaxies.Start your spaceship engines and join to this ultimate galacticwargame.Galaxy shooter 2 invaders HD is a fast-paced top-downperspectiveshoot space war game.Required skills are more than fast reactions and memoryenemyinvader attack patterns.Features:High quality images optimize for tablets and large screensGalaxy shooter Invaders HD is a sequence to space invadersDifferent alien races, guardians, hundreds of invaders tofightagainstAbility to use active skills during the space battlesFully customizable spaceships with hundreds of upgradesExciting boss fights100+ missions in unlock-able galaxies with multipledifficultylevelsGameplay Tips:If you ran out of LY, you can finish accomplished missions againtoget more.Rerunning a mission on Hard difficulty increases the LY gain.Equipped special modules can be used as active skills oncewithintheir cool down interval. Equipped upgrades are passivelymodifyyour ship properties.If you find a mission too hard, finish another mission first!Youmay also change difficulty setting to Easy for thatspecificmission.Different enemies may require different strategies. Althoughaweapon with great amount of damage can be efficient againstlargeand strong enemies, weapons with smaller damage but fast rateoffire could be better against smaller foes.
Air Fighter: Airplane Shooting
Fight the wicked goblin invaders and beattheboss in air combat to be the savior of Mooshmooland! HelpIronpaw,the brave Panda Commander, to fulfill his mission anddefeat theboss monster in his modern aircraft! Download ✯ PandaCommander:Air Combat ✯ and this intense blaster will replace allthe otherairplane shooting games you used to play!✈ FEATURES:➤ Fast-paced gameplay with intense levels➤ Extreme endless boss battles➤ Beautiful level design and immersive environments➤ Colorful HD graphics and vivid characters➤ Upgrade shields, guns, missiles and bombs on yourjetfighter➤ Buy power-ups to cause more damage to enemy warplanes inaircraftbattle➤ Start the air strike to save Mooshmooland from evilgoblininvaders➤ Follow the instructions Rikuto-sensei gives you to win theairwar➤ Boost your metal storm jet fighter to be the bestplaneshooter➤ Intuitive controls for both beginner “shoot 'em up” playersandhardcore gamersOne morning Panda Commander received a disturbing callfromRikuto-sensei. 'We're under air attack! The portal is open,goblinsare everywhere'! Now it's up to brave Commander Ironpaw tosaveMooshmooland from evil space invaders! Start the infiniteairdefense flight, be the best plane shooter, enter theendlessdogfight and shoot 'em up all! If you're into jet battlegames,Panda Commander: Air Combat will become your favoriteshmupairplane fighter simulator!Equip your gunship battle jet with the deadliest weapons andstartthe metalstorm airstrike! Upgrade your warplane and firemissileslike a rattlesnake! Buy upgrades for shields and guns, andunlocksuper weapons like bombs, lasers, and metal blades to performamass destruction on the rival airship! Start the firestorm,enterthe endless crazy boss fight and show your domination on theairbattlefield! Get heavy machine guns and cannons for themaximumstrikeforce and become the panda gunner hero!✯ Panda Commander: Air Combat ✯ is the most intense shoot 'emupplane simulator 2015! Start your air defense flight, fulfillyourwarfare duty, complete the jet air strike mission, and fight intheepic boss battles to destroy the furious enemy forces and winthedogfight! If you're a fan of shmup and other war games, andyouloved to play vertical retro aircraft battle arcade games,thisawesome fly plane flight simulator 3D will become yourfavoritenavy fighter pilot game!If you're bored by all the air “shooting games” withmilitarywarplanes in World War II, you'll be thrilled when youengage in anepic panda jam dogfight with angry goblin spaceinvaders! Enter theworld of aircraft and this fast-pacedaction-packed gameplay andextreme metalstorm missile strikeforceattack waves will provideyou hours of fun! ✯ Panda Commander: AirCombat ✯ is one of thebest flying and shooting games, so if you'relooking for anultimate airplane flight simulator experience withloads of topdown bombing and shooting action, this cool gunshipbattle jetfighting game is all you need!Who doesn't love to play shooting games? No matter whetheryou'relooking for some fun games for boys and girls, kids andadults, oreven seniors who love playing retro arcade games, thisairattackbattle command “flight simulator” game will completelyblow yourmind! You'll have a blast being a brave panda commanderplane pilotand gunner shooting and dodging missiles, bombs, laserbeans andenemy airships! So, what are you waiting for? Download“PandaCommander”: “Air Combat” and embark on an intense warfareairstrikemission to save the world!
Rocket Launcher Traffic Shooter 1.1
Rocket Launcher Traffic Shooter:it is best rocket launcher game.Shoot traffic is tracking rocket launcher which find the target autoandwilldestroy it.Traffic rocket shooter game is full of action.Hunt the 18 Wheeler truck with rocket launcher.Shoot oil tanker with rocket launcher and enjoytheblastingeffects.
Sky Force Reloaded
“Sky Force Reloaded” is the spirit of theretroarcade shoot‘em ups, captured with modern visuals and design.Newentry in the series will keep you entertained with all thethingsyou’ve came to love in scrolling shooters. Meatyexplosions,incinerating lasers, collosal bosses and diverseaircrafts topilot.“Sky Force Reloaded” is not your average top-down shooter. Itwilldraw you in with its beautiful environments and intenseeffects. Itwill keep you with its superb gameplay mechanics,progressionsystem and in-game collectibles. It will leave youwishing formore, once it’s over. Fortunately, there’s a lot ofshooting beforethat happens.* Master 15 beautiful and immersive stages with challengingmissionsto complete.* Battle countless invaders with enormous and intimidatingbosses.Laugh when they explode, cry when they strike youdown.* Assault ground, naval and air enemy forces.* Unlock new difficulty modes, all the way from NormaltoNightmare.* Put yourself in danger to rescue missing operatives fromthebattlefield.* Assemble and test 9 different aircrafts. Pick your favorite,withits unique features and play style.* Hunt down 30 elusive bonus cards to add even more depth tothegameplay. Some of them will grant permanent benefits, whileotherswill boost your abilities only temporarily.* Install hundreds of upgrades to your guns, shields andotherequipment. Turn your jet fighter into a flying tank.* Complete in-game objectives to unlock 8 assistingtechnicians.Choose one of them to help you with their specialskill.* Spot the wrecks of your fallen friends and get rewards forpickingthem up.* Appreciate highly polished gameplay and well balanceddifficultycurve, whether you consider yourself a casual gamer or adie-hardbullet hell fanatic.* Enjoy professional voiceover and incredibleelectronicsoundtrack.* Enter the Weekend Tournament on one of 5 speciallycraftedinfinite stages. Attack your friends’ hi-scores and claimthe topposition in the loeaderboards!Welcome to your new favorite shmup. Welcome to SkyForceReloaded!
Chicken Shooter
This is a classic Shoot'em Up. Your goalwillbe quite challenging as you will have to save the Universe fromitsintergalactic chickens. In this game the chickens want toattackthe earth and we must defend ourselves.In this "bullet hell" shooter game, you will be faced withanincreasingly large number of projectiles and enemies. As thegameprogresses, you will earn the right to upgrade your spacecrafttobring it to full lethal capacity.If you like space shooting and survival games and like tosimulatesky shooting in for glory and duty, then Galaxy SpaceInvader isthe one you should be shooter playing.Start your spaceship engines and join to this ultimate galacticwargame.Features:- Multiplayer mode- Easy to play, Hard to master- Fast smooth action on phone or tablet- Includes Power-ups and Bosses!- Great sound effects and soundtrackThe Space's future is now in your hands. Download ChickenShootertoday!