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Flags of the countries - Quiz 5.0
This app is perfect for learning the flags of all the countriesorfor testing your geography knowledge: - Several game modesareavailable: world quiz, quiz by continent... - And a challengetotest your eye for details! - You can review and learn the flagsofall the countries using the list mode. - It contains the flagsof199 countries. - The proportions of the flags are respected. -Itis user-friendly. When playing the quiz, the point of the gameisto get as many correct answers as possible, with 3 wronganswersallowed. When playing the challenge, you have one minute toguess amaximum of 20 flags. Will you succeed to reach the bestscore?
The Flags of the World Quiz 3.7.0
The Flags of the World is a unique, outstanding flag quizwhichtakes the flags of the world to the …next level. This time youhaveto paint all 238 available flags and not just to guess them.Allcountry flags are available as well as the most region flags.Fromthe most famous like United States or China flags to therarestlike Vanuatu and St Pierre and Michelon. The beautifuldesigncombined with the variety of available game modes make thisflagquiz the best choice concerning flags and the learning of theworlda fun process. The main purpose of this flag quiz is to paintallthe flags of the world so as to complete the availablemust-haveflags collection where you can have instant access totheinformation of the country or region the flag represents. Youcanuse the difficulty levels and the available freehints/solutionssystem to paint even the most difficult flags of theworld.Completing your flags collection gives you instant access totheinformation of the country or region the flag represents. Foreveryflag there is a quick information section with thecapital,population and area of the country or region and a link tothecountry’s or region’s wikipedia page. In detail flagscollectionprovides: - Quick Information section (capital,population, areaetc) for every flag - Wikipedia Link for every flag- Flags dividedinto continents (flags of Africa, flags of Asia etc)- Flagsdivided into international organizations (flags of UN, flagsof EUetc) - List view to easily access the flags - Sorting options-Search for a flag option The Flags of the World is a completeflaggame where you can find the classical world flags quiz andcapitalsquiz among many other easy or challenging quizzes. Indetail thefollowing flag quizzes are available - Classical - 50 –50 - JustColors - 10 Flags - Level 30 - YES or NO - CapitalsFurthermorethere are many Achievements available to complete andLeaderboardto compare your score with your friends. The Flags ofthe World isa quiz that suits everyone. If you are a flags expert,you willcertainly find it more challenging than you would everexpect froma flag quiz to be. If, on the other hand, you are abeginner atlearning the flags of the world, this quiz will be avery usefultool for you. Many interesting, fun and educative gamemodes willmake you an expert in no time!
Flags and Capitals of the World Quiz 1.8.3
“Flags of the World” is a quiz game (trivia) that teaches theflags,capitals, landmarks ( monuments , tourist places ) andcurrienciesof all world countries in the most fun way possible.You will alwaysremember the flags and the capital cities youlearned with thisgame. You can play Multiplayer games with peoplewho are from allover the world. There are 200 flags, 200 capitalcities, 5 gametypes and 11 levels which will get harderprogressively in thisflags quiz game. Every level has 20 flags, 20capital cities or 20currencies and you have 20 seconds to matchthe flag and country foreach question. If you choose a wrong flag,you will see the name ofthat flag. You will also learn detailslike capitals, currencies andpopulations while guessing a flag ora country, every question. Youcan play Landmarks mode andlearn/guess 20 touristic places of eachcountry from pictures. Listthe flags by levels (according todifficulty) in Practice section.You may study and learn all flagsand countries’ names with ourfunctional flashcards at every level.Guess the country name from 4flags or guess the flag from 4countries. Guess the country flag ofgiven capital city name. Noconfusing mechanics. Simple and moderndesign. You will feel likeyou are competing with yourself.Additionally there is a leaderboardof players around the world.Try more and put your name in Top 100List. You will also competewith other players in multiplayer mode.There is a leaderboard ofmultiplayer players around the world. Tryhard and put your name inMultiplayer Top 100 List. Don’t forget!You will learn all theflags by finishing all the levels with 3hearts in 2 modes. With awide range of languages, learn in yournative language or any otherdesired language. You can use our funand educational app “Flags ofThe World Quiz” in 25 differentlanguages: English, Turkish,French, Spanish, Russian, German,Portuguese, Polish, Italian,Dutch, Swedish, Indonesian, Danish,Norwegian, Arabic, Czech,Persian, Romanian, Ukrainian, Hungarian,Finnish, Korean, Japanese,Bulgarian, Azerbaijani. When you finishthe Flags’ app in alanguage, you may clear your app data and go onlearning flags inother languages.
Nations and Flags 1.0.5
Educational Puzzle for Children: Nations and National FlagsThisisan educatonal puzzle game for juniors and infants. Childrencanlearn location and shape of each continent and each country aswellas the national flag and the capital of the nations by usingworldmap and national flags while enjoying this edu puzzle.Thiskidsgame is also helpful for infants' brain development and finemotordevelopment as they drag national flags with theirfingers.Anotherbenefit of this game is language education sincechildren can learnthe name of each continent, nation, and capitalboth in English andKorean as they answering the nation quiz.●Majorlearning points-Children can learn location and shape of 6continents includingAsia, Europe, North America, South America,Africa, and Oceania.-Children can learn location and shape of majornations in eachcontinent (Containing 75 nations).- Children canlearn the nationalflag and the capital of each nation.- This gameis beneficial forbrain and fine motor development as children dragand drop thenational flags with their fingers.- This game isbenenfical forlanguage education as children can learn the name ofthe capitals,nations, and continents both in English and inKorean.Please browsefor 'VonStudio' for more educational games forchildren.Produced byJJ & Von
3D US Flag 3.2.1
A top quality US flag live wallpaper! A perfect live wallpaperforcelebrating USA independence day or national day! Feel proudofyour country? Let this US flag fly high in yourphone!APPHIGHLIGHTS===============✔ Real OpenGL 3D animation! Not avideoloop or animated gif!✔ Fully interactive! Shake phone, blowwind ortouch screen to let the USA flag fly!✔ Play USA nationalanthem(anthem need to download from internet)!✔ Floatingcloud,thunderstorm, snowing, starry night etc animatedbackgroundeffect!✔ Old and tattered flag!✔ Different flag texture!✔Lightingcontrol!✔ Use own image as flag!✔ Draw, write or sign onflag!✔ Useown photo as background!✔ Use own audio file as nationalanthem!✔Use battery level to simulate wind strength!✔ Capturescreenshotwith Snap! and send to friend!✔ Optimize for both tabletand phone,portrait and landscape mode!✔ Set as live wallpaper orrun asstandalone app!FLAG CONTROL============> Double taptostart/stop wind> Double tap to start/stop backgroundmusic>Scroll up/down to raise/lower flagPERMISSION==========>Recordaudio permission use for blow to fly flag featureWe hope thatthese3D national flag apps are of use to anyone wanting to learnmoreabout the nations of the world. We truly believe that knowledgeofother nations and cultures will help lead to further peaceandunderstanding in the world, and learning about other nationalflagsand anthems is a good beginning.
3D DR Congo Flag Live Wallpaper 4.0.0
A top quality Democratic Republic of the Congo flag livewallpaper!A perfect live wallpaper for celebrating DemocraticRepublic of theCongo independence day or national day! Feel proudof your country?Let this Democratic Republic of the Congo flag flyhigh in yourphone! APP HIGHLIGHTS ================= ✔ Real OpenGL3D animation!Not a video loop or animated gif! ✔ Fully interactive!Shake phone,blow wind or touch screen to let the DemocraticRepublic of theCongo flag fly! ✔ Play Democratic Republic of theCongo nationalanthem! ✔ Floating cloud, thunderstorm, snowing,starry night etcanimated background effect! ✔ Old and tatteredflag! ✔ Differentflag texture! ✔ Lighting control! ✔ Use own imageas flag! ✔ Draw,write or sign on flag! ✔ Use own photo asbackground! ✔ Use ownaudio file as national anthem! ✔ Use batterylevel to simulate windstrength! ✔ Capture screenshot with Snap! andsend to friend! ✔Optimize for both tablet and phone, portrait andlandscape mode! ✔Set as live wallpaper or run as standalone app!FLAG CONTROL============ > Double tap to start/stop wind >Double tap tostart/stop background music > Scroll up/down toraise/lower flagDISCLAIMER =============== * This is a free previewversion. Somescreenshots and features listed here only available infullversion. Feel proud of your country, let this DemocraticRepublicof the Congo flag live wallpaper always flying high in yourhomescreen! We hope that these 3D national flag apps are of usetoanyone wanting to learn more about the nations of the world.Wetruly believe that knowledge of other nations and cultureswillhelp lead to further peace and understanding in the world,andlearning about other national flags and anthems is agoodbeginning. CREDITS ======= Some of the background scene usedarefrom creative commons. Below are their respected links. Thanksforsharing such greatphotos!,_tour_de_l%27%C3%A9changeur_de_Limete_-_20090705.jpg,_from_CCIC.JPG[email protected]/1874048966,_Democratic_Republic_of_the_Congo_-_20061130.jpg
ICS flag trainer 0.0.30
DBG Nautical
This ad free, ICS application (International Code of Signalling)wasdesigned to learn and self-test your knowledge on theICS-nauticalflags. Knowledge of ICS flags and associated messagesis mandatoryin order to pass a test for obtaining a boating, GMDSSor STCWlicense. The ICS flag trainer app has 3 menus. First theBrowsermenu Here you will find in alphabetical order all ICS flagsforletters and numbers. Each flag shows a complete page withpicture,text message, Morse code, signalling with (ALDIS) lightbulb andsignalling with a pennant. You may spent some time onthese pagesbefore going to the next menu. Second the Quiz menuHere you cantest your knowledge with a series of 10 questions. Youcan choosequestions on flags, messages or Morse codes. Start withflags andthen go on to messages and later Morse code. You canalways comeback to this section to test your actual knowledge.Third the Theorymenu Here you will find the text of the ICSsignalling instructions.Use this as background reference. Text isdivided in 10 sections.The more you know the better it is,especially if you have to takeoral examinations. You can give usfeedback via email using theContact button.
Colonial Flag App 1.2
Colonial Flag
Many ask for a mobile resource to help them properly displaytheAmerican Flag. There are different circumstances and events toflythe flag. In most cases, it is a personal choice and the flagcanbe flown everyday. This mobile app provides details on properflagetiquette and suggested dates to fly the flag. Statusandinstructions on flying the flag at half staff are alsoprovided.Other useful resources will enhance your flag experience.It isyour country, your flag, fly it!This mobile app providesthefollowing functionality:-- Notifications for half staff alertsandother flag holidays delivered to your mobile phone-- Listofholidays recommended for flying the flag-- Information onflagetiquette, caring for the flag, proper display of the flag andflagceremonies -- Resources for contacting us, shopping for flags,andreaching out via social media-- Gallery of flags, eventsandability to submit your own photos of flag events
Flags and capitals 2.0.7
Thanks to the app „Flags and capitals of the world” you willlearnvery quickly about flags of respective countries andtheircapitals. The app contains a set of 235 countries, independentonesas well as states with limited recognition (marked with thesymbol* next to the name) or dependent territories (marked withthesymbol **). APPLICATION MODES This app has learning mode andtestalso, so you could check what have you learnt. In both modesyoucan choose which area of the world you would like to learn ortest.It can be whole world or any continent. MODE OF LEARNING – ALISTIn this mode, three things about each country are introduced –itsname, its capital and its flag. You can operate on the area ofthewhole world or restrict the display to a chosencontinent.Countries on the list are displayed automatically inalphabeticalorder, however it is also possible to display them in arandomly(which influences the efficiency of learning andremembering). MODEOF LEARNING – A CONTOUR MAP OF THE WORLD Theapplication contains acontour map of the world: after selecting acountry, its borderswill remain visible; its flag, name and capitalwill be displayedon the side of the screen. TEST MODE The tests arepossible in 3variations: 1. A test of flags – in which you connecta flag with acountry 2. A test of capitals – in which you connect acapital towith country 3. A test of countries – in which you pointout thelocation of a country on the contour map GAME – A DUEL Youcan alsochallenge your colleagues in a knowledge duel. The firstperson tocollect 10 points for accurately matching a flag to acountry wins.You’ve also got the possibility of choosing the areawhich will bethe subject of said duel. YOUR SCORES The applicationremembers thescores you’ve reached in particular tests – you cansee how muchyou’ve improved practicing and playing at the sametime. REPLAYSThe app collects and stores all the flags or countriesyou’vematched wrong in a different bookmark. Thanks to that you cangoover them any time. WIDGET The app contains as well awidgetdisplaying flags, country names and their capitals, which youcanadd to a chosen screen on your phone. LANGUAGES You can learnandverify your knowledge in three languages: Polish, EnglishandGerman. Enjoy!
Geography Master 2.0.58-google
Arian Nace
GeographyMaster will test your knowledge of flags, capitals andmapsfrom around the world, in what is probably the mostcomprehensiveflag quiz app available! Every country in the worldis featured inGeographyMaster. How many can you recognise? QUICKAND EASY TO PLAYGeographyMaster gives you multiple choice quizzesthat are perfectto play for a few minutes or a few hours! NOT JUSTFLAGS You mightknow all the flags, but do you know the capitalcities? Can yourecognise a country from its shape on the map?Thisis the bestgeography quiz game to test your knowledge. Prepareyour geographyexam or simply have fun. Identify Flags, Borders,Capitals, Nationsand Monuments and Famous Landscapes around theworld. Discover newinteresting facts everyday. Challenge yourfriends and play withthis great app.- Collect more points bygiving quickly the correctanswer.- Raise the Multiplier byanswering correct answers in arow.- Unlock Achievements.Bestgeography game on the market. Try outthis educative and fun quiztrivia and test your geographyknowledge.Recognize flags, countryborders and famous monuments.Play with Geography Master Challengewith your family and friends.Identify landmarks from all over theplanet learn interesting factsto impress your friends with yournewly acquired knowledge. Are youfamiliar with the world map?Check your knowledge on Europe, UnitedStates and global geography.
European Countries - Maps, Flags and Capitals Quiz 2.3
If you know all countries in Europe, you can test your knowledge.Ifyou don't know flags or capitals of European countries, orwherethey are situated on the map of Europe, you'll acquire allthisinformation from this simple and entertaining app. * 51Europeancountries: - All independent nations, including 6transcontinentalstates situated both in Europe and Asia (Russia,Turkey, Georgia,Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan).- Cyprus, anisland country inthe Eastern Mediterranean and a member of theEuropean Union (EU).-Kosovo, a partially recognized state inSoutheast Europe.- Evencity-states such as Luxembourg and Vatican.*All flags.* All maps.*All capitals - for example, Bratislava is thecapital city ofSlovakia.* Currencies of Europe: from euro andBritish poundsterling to Swiss franc and Norwegian krone.Choose thegame mode:1) Spelling quizzes (easy and hard).2) Multiple-choicequestions(with 4 or 6 answer options). It’s important to rememberthat youhave only 3 lives.3) Time game (give as many answers as youcan in1 minute) - you should give more than 25 correct answers toget astar.4) New game mode: Identify capital cities on themap.Twolearning tools:* Flashcards.* Table of all countries.The appistranslated into 23 languages, including the most importantEuropeanlanguages (English, German, Spanish and many others). Soyou canlearn the names of those countries in any of theselanguages. Justswitch between them in the app’s Settings!It is avery goodapplication for people who study European geography or aregoing totravel to Europe.From Iceland and Scandinavia to GreatBritain andPortugal. From Reykjavík to Athens. The European journeybegins.
Flags Quiz 1.05
Do you like to discover new facets for yourself? So, youchosetherightapp.Learn the flags of the world with «Flags quiz».It’sanamazing game fullof fun moments. The concept is simple:youmustguess the names ofcountries flags on thescreen.Let`sstart!Mainfeatures: more than 150 flags; links toWikipedia foreverycountry;Don’t forget about free hints! Use it`sin caseofdifficulty. In app. «Flagsquiz» you can find some kindsofhelp:1.Show correct flag.2. Delete needlessletters.3.Openletter.Attention! You can always ask your friendscorrectanswerthrough socialnetworks.Test your knowledge! Competewithyourrelatives and friends bysubmitting your achievementsandcheck,who’s the clever!Good Luck!
Can you GUESS THE FLAG COUNTRIES based on theirpictures?Testyourknowledge on this gaming quiz to see how you doand compareyourscore to others. Quiz by chihabiapps.Enjoy
World Citizen: Country, Capital & Flag Trivia
World Citizen is a quiz game that will help you learncountries,capitals and flags of the world in easy and enjoyableway! The appis available in 4 languages: English, Polish, French,Spanish(there are more to come) The new version of the app comeswith twomini games. You can start with the Training one first andtry tounlock all golden badges. It is pretty easy at the beginningbut itgets harder when you progress through the levels. TheChallengegame will help you test the knowledge that you have gainedso far.You can choose the level you like and question types youwant toanswer. The more modes you select, the more points you willbe ableto get in a single game. Just remember to answer themcarefullybecause the final score is also calculated based on youraccuracy.Every time you get a new high score it is published to thegloballeaderboard. You can access it from the Statistics sectionandcompare your score against other players around the world. Whatismore, the game has an index of all countries for quickreference.It includes their name, capital, flag and officiallanguage. Learnwhile you Play! Game features: - Two mini games:Training andChallenge. - Three difficulty levels. - Six questiontypesincluding: Flag to Country, Flag to Capital, Capital toCountry,Capital to Flag, Country to Capital, Country to flag. -GlobalLeaderboard, - Player statistics (track how many questionsyou haveanswered and how much time you spent playing the game) - Alist of193 countries presented with basic information including:name,capital, flag and language. Each has a link to Wikipedia whereyoucan read more about it. - Nice graphics and high quality images.-Available in: English, Polish, French, Spanish The appneedsfollowing permissions: - READ_PHONE_STATE - to unequallyidentifyuser when saving scores to the global scoreboard -USER_ACCOUNTS -it is required by Pocket Change. The app needs PhoneStatepermissions to uniquely identify when saving scores in theglobalscoreboard
Flags quiz 3.2.7z
Can you identify the flags based on theirpictures?Testyourknowledge on this gaming quiz to see how you doand compareyourscore to others.
FLAG QUIZ6 3.3.7z
Can you identify the Flag logo based on theirpictures?Testyourknowledge on this gaming quiz to see how you doand compareyourscore to others. Enjoy.Quiz by chihabiapps.
Investmate - Learn to trade shares and derivatives 2.3006.108
Do you have friends in finance? No? Well, now you do.MeetInvestmate: a reliable and helpful education app withcomprehensiveknowledge of CFD trading. Investmate has a lot tooffer forbeginners: courses, tips, quizzes, a glossary of termsandthought-provoking financial content. With all this handy stuffinone education app, you can start from the very fundamentalsandprogress to the ins and outs of investing: you’ll learn what aCFDis, how CFDs on stocks, commodities and indices are traded, howtointerpret charts and build your own tradingstrategy.Investmateis:● Professional. All of our comprehensivecourses, withreal-world case studies, have been developed byexperts in financeto make an expert of you.● Personalised. Thein-app feed providesyou with tailored courses, engaging quizzes,helpful glossarycategories, curiosity piquing educational videos tomeet the needsand skills of a fresh investor. ● Fast. It takes aslittle as 3minutes to complete one lesson and there are shortinteractivequizzes to check your progress.● Mobile. Learn to tradeon the go.Wherever you are, whenever you chose, the mobile appenableslearning the market at a time and place to suityou.●Comprehensive. The detailed, jargon-free financial glossarymakescomplicated concepts easy. ● Straightforward. Clear andplaininterface with all info presented in cards. The app featuresahandy pin option to remember and get back to the material youmostneed. Download the Investmate app for free and dive intolearningfinance right away.Trading is risky and you may lose all ofyourinvested capital.Regulated by the CySEC, license #319/18.
Golden Thread Tarot 0.0.1
Golden Thread Tarot is a modern approach to an ancienttradition.Our belief is that tarot is not about revealing a fixedfuture, butgiving you access to the self knowledge you need to makebetterdecisions.Features:0. Your Mirror - as you save and storereadingsin your log, we build up data about you and your cards,making iteasy for you to find patterns where they were oncehidden.1. TarotDatabase - sortable and searchable database ofcards, giving youdetails on meanings, keywords, suits and number.2.Guided Readings- use either digital cards or physical cards to askand reflect onyour questions.3. Log Your Readings - save and storenot only yourcards, but how you felt about them. Build a databaseof yourthoughts and feelings and see yourself reflected back atyou.4.Illustrated Lessons - make learning the underlying foundationoftarot simple.
Unacademy Educator App 2.9.1
An App that gives you the power of sharing your knowledgewithmillions of learners across India with just a few clicks.Teachinghas never been this easy. Download the App, follow thesimplesteps, and show us your teaching prowess. You are steps awayfromcreating a large impact.
Deep Web: Infinite Knowledge, Education & Learning 2.2.
There shouldn’t be limit to education and learning. That iswhatDeep Web Infinite Knowledge is all about. We want to giveyouundisputed, rare Infinite Knowledge about the topics youareinterested in. Learn the truth in one of the best educationalandlearning apps! More than your regular general knowledge app –DeepWeb is information and educational portal where you canlearntruthfully & upgrade your mind! ARTICLES, BLOGS, STORIES&MUCH MORE Deep Web categorizes information and then presentsit toyou in an intuitive way. Our education and general knowledgeapp isbased on relevant content from high authority sources in formofarticles, blogs, stories, news, researches, how toexplanations.It’s so easy to learn on Deep Web, about wide varietyofinteresting topics. Make use of mobile learning, take yourlearningprocess to a new level! BOOKMARK, COMMENT OR LIKEEverything youread on our free educational app can be liked,commented on orsaved as bookmark. Save the information andeducational pieces thattouch you in your bookmarks and revert backwhenever you feel so!Additionally, you can easily share any contentyou like within DeepWeb on various social media! CONSUME CONTENT INTHE SMART WAY Thegoal of Deep Web is to offer you amazing topeducational content ina neat format that makes it easy for you tolearn and expand yourknowledge. See why our format and content makeuse one of the topeducational apps currently! OUR GENERAL KNOWLEDGELEARNINGCATEGORIES To make use of our educational content in theright way,browse the categories that are of your interests. Hereare ourlearning categories: ☑️ In Deep Web section, Tor, Torbrowser,serial killer, healthy, you will find information aboutdefinitionof deep web, how to access, bitcoin, earning moneymysteries and soon. ☑️ In Animal section, you can find informationabout alligator,ant, arctic fox, baboon, bat, beaver, bear, bobcat,bumblebee,butterfly, camel, cat, cheetah, dog, dolphin, eagle,frog, giraffe,hamster, jaguar, kangaroo, koala, lion, panda,penguin, pig. Alsothere are some general educational text aboutanimals in thissection. ☑️ We are sharing knowledge about how tobecome a hacker,hacking techniques, protecting yourself while onthe Internet,interesting hacking events, history of hacker moviesand so on inHack news. ☑️ In Telekinesis section, you will finddetailedinformation about developing telekinesis, making a psiwheel,telephaty, psyhic, bending a spoon, etc. ☑️ How to & stepbystep articles, in this part of our learning application, youcanlearn, step by step. Creating and training for building adeck,battle with friends and various interesting topics areavailable inthis part. ☑️ In Horror Tunnel section, you will bescared if youread carefully. We are providing some texts abouthorror movies,stories and so on. ☑️ In Woman - Man section, somegood texts aboutlong term relationship, habits of happy people,differences betweenfemale and male friendships, Insta stories etc.☑️ In Internet -Technology category, you will find current newsabout technology.☑️ In Devices section, there are good texts aboutsmartphonebrands. You will improve your level of knowledge! ☑️ Insciencecategory, we are providing some facts that we might not beawareof, mystery of black holes, quick solutions to fixsmartphoneissues, past technological dreams, shopping robots and soon. ☑️ Torelax and have fun, check out our Funny category suppliessomeinteresting texts. You will have lots of fun in this category.---On Deep Web you are educated in the right way! Effectivelyandtruthfully. See why our general knowledge app is one of thebesteducational apps! Download Deep Web for FREE & let it beyour#1 learning app for topics you actually care about!
English for beginners 3.0.5
MobiTeach LLC
Learn English words and phrases with the application Englishforbeginners. Hi! Here is the English tutorial for those who wanttostart speaking English fast and free of charge. You can chooseanyof 48 topics to learn English words and phrases-Greetings/Farewell - Numerals - Pronouns - Family and friends-Calendar and time - Holidays - Age and stages of life - Babiesandchildren - Toys - Parts of body - Colours - The senses - Peopleandtheir character - Feelings and emotions - Clothes - Shoesandaccessories - Hobbies and inerests - Sport - School - Education-Professions - Computer - The world around us - Home -Prepositionsand adverbs - Bedroom - Bathroom - Kitchen - Householdchores -Vegetables - Fruit and berries - Food and drinks - Cooking-Weather - City and country - Village - Transport - Shopsandshopping - Society life - Free time - Books and art - Music-Cinema and theater - Media - Travelling - Nature and environment-History and politics - Health and desease Each lesson consists of5parts (+/- 20 min.): 1. Vocabulary. Learn new words andphrases,the way they are pronounced and pictures which match them.2.Speaking. Practice your pronunciation. 3. Listening. Matchthepicture with a word and/or a phrase. 4. Reading. Choose one ofthewords/pharses under the picture. 5. Writing. Make a word fromgivenletters or fill the gap with a word in the phrase. Create yourownset of words and phrases. You can add words and phrases toyournotebook that are difficult for you to remember or that youneedfor your personal use in the coming days. Thanks to apersonalnotepad, you can independently determine which word tostartlearning, regardless of the topic. You can customize the colorofthe theme, choose the shade with which you will bemorecomfortable. You can set your individual timetable . Click ontheicon with the clock and choose days and hours. You will haveasound and text reminder. You can choose your mode of difficulty:-only words - only phrases - together words and phrases in English-without visual hints (pictures) - without voice hints (records)Theprogramme of each lesson is developed by highly-qualifiedteachersand the voice records are made by professional announcers.You canlearn English words and phrases online and even if you arenotconnected to the Internet. You can also see statistics: -yourprogress in learning English words and phrases; - your progressinpronouncing words; - you progress in spellling and phrasewriting.You can tell your friends about your progress: - share thelink inFacebook - share the link in Twitter - share the link inGoogle+ orany other social network. SUPPORT AND FEEDBACK If youhave anyquestions, write us please: [email protected] We will behappy toanswer all your questions. Thank you for choosing ourapplication!
English grammar learning 2.01
speak English and professionalism rules and englishgrammarlearningThis application makes you become a professionalEnglishLanguage is simply1-contains the most important words of aEnglishin all areas that make you Kaddra to speak, and thewonderful thingyou can hear all the words2-containing basicsruleswhich   1-namesVowels EnglishLigaturespronunciationGenitivepunctuation marksAldmai R.Consciencesof allkinds.....................3-rules all the rules ofEnglishLanguageA total of four stories translated
Qlango: Learn languages easily 1.032
Exocron Ltd.
Learn also Italian, Macedonian, Polish, Albanian, Dutch,Romanian,Turkish, Portuguese, Greek, Lithuanian, Czech,Hungarian,Bolgarian, Finnish or English with Qlango. Fast. Simple.Fun.Wherever and whenever: - Translate texts from a language youknowto a language you are learning while waiting at the dentist -Writedictated texts while you are using public transportation -Searchfor the correct answer among 4 suggested ones before yourbreaktimeruns out - Unscramble the correct answer while waiting atthecashier - Create a sentence from given words before thewaiterserves you the ordered drink - Revise the already learntcontentwithout thinking about when you have to do it again - Learnmorelanguages at the same time by writing, reading, listeningandrevising - Chose from three different game modes or customizeyourown game mode to suit your needs - Use innovative and usefulthreestage hints to find the correct answer - Acquire knowledgebytranslating to the language you are learning and not vice versa-By learning, you are rewarded with more knowledge, whereasyourelephant gets more peanuts - Track statistics with ourQlangoelephant (don't worry, it has memory like a real elephant) -Bragabout your results and share them on Facebook before someoneamongyour friends does it - Complete your weekly plan on the firstor onthe last day of the week (or any day in between) - Cheer upyourday by raffling and redeem your peanuts for useful prizes
Bahasa Indonesia SMA Kelas 12 Revisi 2018 1.0
Buku Siswa Bahasa Indonesia SMA Kelas 12 Kurikulum 2013Revisi2018PDF adalah Buku panduan Belajar Siswa SMA Kelas12TujuanAplikasiikut Mencerdaskan pendidikan anak bangsadanmeningkatkanilmupengetahuan bangsa tentang bahasa indonesia secarabaik danbenarsesuai Ejaan Yang DisempurnakanSemoga BermanfaatNote:Inibukanlahresmi,sumber dari Buku BSE di Internetsemua HakCiptaadalah milikPengembang Buku BSEIndonesian Students Book HighSchoolGrade 12curriculum in 2013 Revised 2018 PDF is a guide bookStudentHighSchool Grade 12Purpose Applications nationparticipateEducatingchildren's educationand increase knowledgeabout theIndonesiannation is good and right in accordanceSpellingEnhancedMay beusefulNote:It is not official, the source ofBSE inInternetBooksall Copyrights are owned by Developer Books BSE
Country Capitals and Currency 3.1
Praveen Yuva
Country Capitals and Currency App provides the importantinformationabout the countries of the world.This App containsCountry info likeCapitals, Currency, Flag, Population, Area,Language, Calling Code,Internet Domain, Continent.Search for aCountry using searchbar.Select Continent to see the countriesbelonging to the selectedContinent.Test your knowledge with threedifferent quizzes.With thisApp you can play three Quiz.CountryCapital QuizCountry CurrencyQuizCountry Flag QuizLearning CountryCapitals and Currency can befun and insightful.Various CountriesCapitals and Currency arefrequently asked in various competitiveexams.
Reading Skills 20.4
Reading is the basic foundation on which academic skillsofindividuals are built. As we know the paramount importanceofreading, it is given the top priority in primary education.Readingis a great habit that can change human life significantly.It canentertain us, amuse us and enrich us with knowledge andexperiencesnarrated. Improving your reading skills will reduceunnecessaryreading time and enable you to read in a more focusedand selectivemanner. You will also be able to increase your levelsofunderstanding and concentration. Many believe that reading isatrue measure of a person's success in academics. Most ofthesubjects taught to us are based on a simple concept –read,understand, analyze, synthesize, and get information. Thisappshows you how to read with greater efficiency and effectivenessbyusing a range of different reading skills.
Indian Constitution in Kannada 1.8
The Constitution of India is one of the finest legal documentseverdrafted. Being one of the lengthiest in the world with 395Articlesand 12 Schedules, its functional efficacy was doubted bymany whenit came into force on January 26, 1950. This App containsIndianPolity (Indian Constitution) multiple choice questions.Practicingthese questions will be very useful for KPSC FDA SDA,Morarji DesaiTeachers, Karnataka State Police (KSP) Police subinspector, Policeconstable jobs, IBPS(Banking Jobs)(Bank),KSRTC,KarnatakaAdministrative Services (KAS), IAS, IPS, Police Exams,TeachersExam or Teacher Eligibility Test(TET) ,SET, NEET &other exams.It talks about Constitution of India with detailed andthoroughstudy with the updated syllabus. It also includes multiplechoicequestions with answers so as to provide clarity about thekind ofquestions which are asked in the examination. Divided intoParts,Sections, Sub-Sections and Article Lists. It also includesSpeedtest which can be used to test yourself. This study guide aimstoprovide you with all the information needed for preparation ofthecompetitive exams. It has covered all the syllabus andalsoprovided detailed questions and answers for thorough knowledgeandinformation. .. The test yourself questions can be used onceyouhave completed the entire syllabus and it will help you knowhowwell you have prepared for the examination. The app isstudentfriendly and has covered concepts with detailed explanationas wellas clarity. Tags : indian constitution kannada appindianconstitution in kannada language BHARATHADA SAMVIDHANACONSTITUTIONOF INDIA IN KANNADA LANGUAGE indian polity - indianconstitutionkannada Indian constitution question and answer inKannada BhaarataSamvidhana (ಭಾರತ ಸಂವಿಧಾನ) in Kannada ಭಾರತದ ಸಂವಿಧಾನgk kannada(General Knowledge) Exam Preparation ಸಾಮಾನ್ಯ ಜ್ಞಾನ ಕನ್ನಡ
World atlas & world map MxGeo Pro 5.6.0
HPB Labs
World atlas, world map and educational app for geography.Offersmore than 240 countries and territories of the worldwithcomprehensive economic and geopolitical data. Political mapswithregional units (provinces), capitals and major citiesincluded.Designed for smartphones and tablets. • Maps, flagsandcomprehensive data for over 240 countries and territories oftheworld • Interactive political world, continent and country maps•Shaded relief layer for world and continent maps •Historicalpolitical world and continent maps of 1900 and 1960 •Geographyquiz challenge for playful learning • Country comparison,favoritesand distance calculator • World clock with time zonedisplay •World-explorer: the smallest, largest, wealthiest, andmostpopulated countries of the world • Choropleth maps:temperature,area, HDI, population, ... • No online connectionrequired • Noadvertising or In App Purchases • No permissionsrequired Explorethe world through political continent and countryoffline maps.Whether Europe, Africa, Asia, Oceania, South and NorthAmerica:maps of all continents and countries are included. Learnwhere eachcountry in the world is located. View its positionhighlighted on adigital globe. Create your favorite color theme orchoose fromdifferent color schemes for map display. Do you know theflag ofMauritius? Yes? Perfect. Do you also know in which countryMountEverest is located? “World atlas & world map MxGeo Pro”Quizhelps you acquire a geographic literacy in a playful manner.Choosefrom seven geo guessing games: • Test your knowledge aboutthecapitals in the world • Recognize the proper country flag basedonthe outline map • Do you know the top-level domains of theworld'scountries? • Guess the highlighted country on the virtualglobe •Guess the right country by the flag • Do you know the ISOcountriescodes of the world? • Do you know the mountains of theworld? Eachquiz offers seven regional variants: World, Europe,Africa, Asia,Oceania, South or North America. Geo learning app andeducationalgame which is fun for everyone whether children, adults,seniors orteachers. Get ready for your next stay abroad whileenjoying thisgreat world almanac including time zones andstatistical data, suchas population growth, unemployment rate,average age, grossdomestic product (GDP) by sector and other keyfigures. Or preparefor your next geography lesson with this geniusdigital world map.If not traveling our world atlas lets you explorethe world justonly virtually. Enjoy the comprehensive atlas of theWorldincluding Europe, Asia, North America, Africa, Oceania andSouthAmerica with all countries and regional units, capitals andflags.
Maritime Signals 1.1
Ben Naylor
Designed for Navel Officers and Cadets about to take theirMCASignal Examinations, Maritime Signals offers you the simplestwayto learn Morse Code and International Code Flags right atyourfingertips. Learn the Morse Code Alphabet through specificteststhat will teach you how to send and receive Morse Codemessages.TheInternational Code Flags won't be a mystery anymore,learn theirphonetic and meanings, train to quickly recognize themand getready to sail!Features:-Send Morse Code Quiz-Receive MorseCodeQuiz-Morse Code Alphabet Table-Flag to Code Phonetic Quiz-CodetoFlag Phonetic Quiz-Flags Meaning Quiz-Flags Phonetics andMeaningsTable
Volcanoes & Earthquakes 1.12.2
Volcanoes & Earthquakes shows the latest world-wideearthquakes(or only quakes near you), as well as earthquake"I-felt-it"reports, in near real-time and active volcanoes on a mapand aslist, as well as volcano news from all the world. You canfilterthe data shown in various ways, e.g. by magnitude or ageofearthquakes, the distance from your location, the statusofvolcanoes and so on. !*****! Write a nice 5-star review to keepthedeveloper motivated to continue working on this app;-) Features:-See currently erupting volcanoes on a map (more than 1600activeand dormant volcanoes) - Get most recent volcano news,includingvolcanic ash advisories (since v.1.4) - See the mostrecentearthquakes around the world - based on one of the mostcompleteand accurate earthquake data sets on the net; earthquakesworldwideup to 7 days old - Notifications: near-real timeearthquake &volcano alerts - Optional background update atcustom interval -Alert if earthquakes might have been felt at yourlocation - Largerearthquakes (above magnitude 6) available for upto 1 year -Listing of earthquakes near active volcanoes (could beindicationsof volcanic unrest) - Complete volcano listing worldwideA-Z / bycountry / by activity level (since v. 1.4.) - Multiple datasources(more than 20 international and national data sources) -Filterearthquakes according to magnitude, age and distance - Submit/read / view (on map) experience reports ("I-felt-an-earthquake")-Detail information about each earthquake - Detail informationabouteach volcano (incl. eruption list, eruption style)-"I-felt-an-earthquake" reports shown on map - Tectonicplateboundaries - Highly compressed data format to save bandwidth-Optional automatic background loading of data - You can submit usafeature request through comments! Planned features: -Automaticcustom alerts - Add more data sources - Earthquake newsEarthquakedata sources (often updated) currently in use: - BGS:BritishGeological Survey - CEIC: China Earthquake InformationCentre -EMSD: Камчатский филиал Геофизической службы (RussianAcademy ofScience) - EMSC: European-Mediterranean SeismologicalCentre -IGEPN: Instituto Geofísico - EPN - IGN: InstitutoGeográficoNacional - IMO: Icelandic Met Office - IGP: InstitutoGeofísico delPerú - INGEOMINAS: Red Sismológica Nacional deColombia - INGV:Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia -IRSC: IranianSeismological Center - LGRB: Landesamt für Geologie,Rohstoffe undBergbau - GeoAu: Geoscience Australia - GEONET (NZ):New ZealandEarthquake Commission and GNS Science - GFZ:DeutschesGeoForschungsZentrum Potzdam - GUG (U. Chile): CentroSismológicoNacional, Universidad de Chile - KOERI-RETMC: BOUN KOERIRegionalEarthquake-Tsunami Monitoring Center - NOA_HL: InstituteofGeodynamics - National Observatory of Athens - NRCAN:EarthquakesCanada - PHILVOLCS: Philippine Institute of VolcanologyandSeismology - SED: Schweizerischer Erdbebendienst - SSN:ServicioSismológico Nacional - Univ. Helsinki: University ofHelsinki -Institute of Seismology - USGS: Earthquake HazardsProgram / USGSDisclaimer: Although we collect data carefully andmaintain theapplication as well as possible, there is no warrantyforcorrectness or completeness of the information andthefunctionality of the app. The app has no governmentalaffiliationand should not be used for disaster prevention, planningand otherserious businesses.
White Flag 3.8.0
Subsplash Inc
Download the official White Flag Church App to stay up-to-datewiththe latest events, newest sermons and all the happenings atWhiteFlag! Our church is located in South St. Louis CountynearJefferson County. Check out all kinds of interesting contentandshare it with friends via Facebook, Twitter, or email.Formoreinformation about White Flag Church,pleasevisit:http://www.whiteflag.churchThe White Flag App wascreatedwith the Subsplash App Platform.
Quantum 2.5.2
Did you know that there is a world where objects can be inthousandsof places at once? A world where you cannot measure theexactposition of an object, no matter how hard you try? A worldwhereobjects located at opposite ends of the universe cancommunicateinstantly? A world where you cannot be sure ofanything, since it isbased purely on probability? Welcome to theworld of quantummechanics, undoubtedly the most interesting andcontroversialphysical theory of all time! Quantum contains: •Intelligibleexplanation of the basic phenomena of quantummechanics divided into13 chapters • 60 test questions divided into4 tests, where you cantest your knowledge of quantum mechanics
Knowledge is Power 1.3
Knowledge is Power is the companion app you need to play thequizgame full of trivia, tricks and tactics for thePlayStation®4system.Challenge your friends and family to a battleof brainpowerin this competitive quiz for two to six players.Useyour phone ortablet to answer rapid fire general knowledgequestions, compete intouch screen challenges and target your rivalswith an arsenal ofPower Plays.Make sure your PS4™ system isconnected to the sameWi-Fi network as your device and then you'reready to go. Simplyfollow the in-app instructions to connect.Usethis app to:Choose acharacter and snap a selfie using fun filtersthat match thelookAnswer quiz questions without your rivals seeingyourchoiceChoose from a selection of Power Plays and targetyourclosest rivalsEngage in touch screen challenges to be thefasterfinger on the sofaPlay 'Quick Quiz' using just the app andshareyour winner’s photo on social mediaThe application can be usedinthe following languages:English, French, German, Italian,Spanish,Dutch, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish,Russian,Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Latin American Spanish,Turkish,Greek, Czech and Hungarian.PlayLink titles are all aboutsocialgaming that everyone can enjoy. Pop a game into your PS4™system,pick up your smartphone or tablet, gather around your TVandprepare for a refreshingly different experience – without theneedfor multiple DUALSHOCK®4 wirelesscontrollers. note: Thisapp acts asa controller. PS4™ system, the Knowledge is Power game,and theKnowledge is Power Companion App required to play. PS4™system andthe Knowledge is Power game for the PS4™ system soldseparately.Thefollowing Terms of Use and Privacy Policy apply tothe use if thisapp, depending on your countryofresidence:
Knappily - The Knowledge App 1.0.67
Knappily has been featured by Google as one of the five newsappsyou 'must have'. Knappily is an award-winning app that presentsa360-degree view of current affairs and features onpolitics,sports, business, technology, philosophy, mythology,movies, TVshows, and anything that anyone will find interesting.Each knappis an editorial analysis presented in a unique 5W1H(What, Why,When, Where, Who, How) framework, where we anticipateyourquestions and answer them in a format that can easily beconsumed.In a few swipes, you can go from little or zero knowledgeto havinga well-rounded understanding of any topic. Whether youareappearing for an interview or a competitive exam, or you justwantto be more discerning about things that are happening aroundyou inorder to have an intellectual discussion with your friends oratthe dinner table, this is the app for you. Features of Knappily:•Numerous variety of news in just one app through the “Knapps”•Analysis of each news item in just 6 Swipes – What, Why,When,Where, Who, How • Search option to find favorite topics'knapps. •References to the news-sources like popular nationalandinternational dailies (The Hindu, The Indian Express, The TimesofIndia, The Guardian, NYT), news agencies like Reuters, ANI,AFPbesides relevant Youtube video references. • Bookmark to readlater• Notification on newly published apps • Knapps arrangedinCategories for better filtering • Sharing the stories withfriendsthrough various social media including Facebook, Twitter,LinkedIn,Whatsapp, Instagram etc. • Offline mode to go through theKnappseven without the internet • Night mode to have pleasantreadingexperience at night • Copy to clipboard option to get/sharetextfrom Knappily • Zoom images based on requirement • Unreadsectionto go back and read the missed stories
Portuguese to English Speaking 15.0
* Learn English Speaking using an easy, simple yetcomprehensivePortuguese to English Speaking Course which is meantfor teachingyou English speaking. * This is a Portuguese to EnglishSpeakingtutorial which uses a systematic and gradual teachingmethodologywith very interactive English audio sessions for each ofthe sixdedicated chapters. * You are systematically coached to getmorecommand over English language with Portuguese with each andeverylesson that you take. * Confident, fluent English learningandspeaking becomes quite simple and easy as you are providedfacilityto even record your own English exercise sessions in yourown veryvoice for each lesson and save it for future reference. *APortuguese speaking person will also like going through each ofthechapters which are completely interactive in nature, coachingyouthroughout to gain more knowledge as you learn speakingEnglishlanguage with command. * Every Portuguese to Englishlearningchapter is sufficiently provided with quality informationto ensurethat your speaking fluency gets further enhanced. This ishow youcan use this application: ***** Text Based Portuguese toEnglishLearning ***** Audio Based Portuguese to English Learning*****Save your voice recordings for future reference and trackyourimprovement against each exercise. ***** There are sixseparatechapters that are devoted individually for Scenarios,EnglishInterview, Expressions, Colloquial English Speaking,Etiquette andPhrasal Verbs. ***** Take a quiz test on Englishlanguage aftercompleting these chapters. ***** Hence thereby learnhow to speakEnglish using Portuguese Fluently. This languagelearningapplication can also be used by those Portuguesespeakingparticipants who are preparing for BPO, Call Center,EnglishDiscussions and Debates as well as English job interview. Ifyouwant to learn english grammar, it is advised that you initiallygothrough this application get yourself ready for yournextassignment. If I want to learn english, I should beapproachingthis application for the same and go through all thechapters. Thisapp can help you learn english fast using audio. Itis easier tolearn the language using English conversation ratherthan throughan English Dictionary. Learning Spoken English hadnever beeneasier. Exercises, vocabulary and business english makethisapplication a very special one.
BrainUp Daily Knowledge App 1.8
✨Are you looking to learn something new everyday?✨ Brain UpDailyKnowledage App is here to help you. We provide you new videos,anybooks summaries and articles everyday to help you learn. ✨GetSmarter in just 5 minutes!✨ BrainUp Daily Knowledge App helpsyoulearn by providing you bite sized educational content on avarietyof topics like Science, Economics, Business,Entrepreneurship,Mathematics, Self-Help, Motivation and much more.✨Get your dose ofDaily Knowledge with BrainUp Daily Knowledge App.✨ We all know howjunk information is everywhere on the internetand it's a struggleto find meaningful content that we like to reador watch . BrainUpDaily Knowledge App helps you solve this problemeasily. We provideyou the best content and any books summaries andmasterclasses andeveryday to help you learn and get smarter whetheryou're commutingor just procrastinating. BrainUp Daily KnowledgeApp is the bestapp for starting your day with something meaningful,just ask anyof our reviewers . We understand that not everyonelearns the sameway. Hence, we provide you content in the form ofany bookssummaries, articles and videos. However you like to learn,we'rehere for you. In this busy and fast paced world, begin yourjourneyinto self improvement in just 5 minutes a day with . BrainUpDailyKnowledge App is an extremely addictive app and will getyouaddicted to learning. That's our guarantee! ✓ Many categoriesareavailable. All content is neatly organized for yourconvenience.So, what are you waiting for? ✨ Just download our appand startgetting smarter in just 5 minutes everyday with .✨
Bhartiya Samvidhan in Hindi 1.2
Bhartiya Samvidhan(भारतीय संविधान) application provideimportantNotes,Questions - Answers(प्रश्नोत्तरी) and MCQ aboutConstitutionOf India in Hindi Language.This app is very useful forthe studentsand other people who are preparing for government examslike UPSC,CSAT,RAS,IAS , PCS ,Bank PO ,IBPS.RPSC, MPPSC,UPPSC..UPSC, IAS,LDC RAS, SCRA, RAILWAY, PATWARI, RRB, UDC and manymore.Read andPractice various topics in Hindi Language format andincreaseknowledge regarding India Constitution.App presentinformationusing very easy and interactive ways……# Notes : Readvarious topicsof Constitution Of India in detail…- History-Preamble- Articles-Schedule- Parts# Important Questions - Answers(प्रश्नोत्तरी) :Read Important Questions with its answer.#Test/Exam: MCQ -Practice various questions with different options.- Thistest/examis only for preparation.Feature :-* Beautiful, Easy anduserfriendly interface. * Choose text size for better readability*Bookmarks facilities only for notes.* All Content provided inHindiLanguage so easy to read and understand.Disclaimer :-All typeofcontent present in this application is collected fromdifferentsources also do not provide any kind of guarantee,if thereis anyissue or violates your any type of rights please send usemail at“[email protected]”.
Nautical Flags 2.0
"Nautical Flags" teaches you all signal flags which are usedtocommunicate with messages, at times because radio silenceisrequired. The system of international maritime signal flags isonesystem of flag signals representing individual letters ofthealphabet in signals to or from ships. It is a component oftheInternational Code of Signals.Also known as signaling flags,theyare a set of flags of different colors, shapes and markingswhichused singly or in combination have different meanings. Theflagsinclude 26 square flags which depict the letters of thealphabet,ten numeral pendants, one answering pendant, and threesubstitutersor repeaters. Also used for sailing and races
Java Deep Learning: Core java 1.0.4
Java Deep Learning Developed by Learner's for Learners. We arehappyto bring a java app which covered all major parts! Learn javalike apro download the app now and enhance your java skills tonext level.We basically divided app into five major modules eachhas its kindof preferences Learn consists of : • LanguageFundamentals •Operator and Assignments • Flow Control • Modifiersand Interfaces •OOPs • Exceptional Handling • Multi Threading •Inner Classes •Garbage Collector • java.lang Package • java.ioPackage • RegularExpression • Serialization • Collection Framework• Generics •Development • Enum • Assertion • Internationalization(I18N) • JVMArchitecture Code consists of examples of javaprograms Interviewhas 120+ questions which are frequently asked injava interviews Vsis a different concept which has collection ofsimilar methods andfunctions Packages has the informationregarding interfaces andclasses of • java.lang • •java.util Help : we will be therefor you every time, withpromising replies with shorter responsetime Prerequisite: Usershould have prior knowledge about classesobjects methods. And ableto configure and run java programs oncomputer By using Java DeepLearning we are confident that you willsurely increase yourknowledge in java and able to develop many javaprograms WeAwwalsoft are very much dedicated to give promisingcontent whichever app we build this is our moto! Java Deep Learningwill surelyenhance your Skills to next Level
عبدالله السبع 9.0
عبدالله السبع خبير تقني يهتم بكل انواع العلوم الخاصة بالحاسوبويهدفلنشر المعرفة والوعي للشباب المهتم بالتقنية سواء لمنتجات شركةآبل اواي شركة آخرى او اخر البرمجيات وكيفية التعامل معها. تطبيقعبداللهالسبع الرسمي يوفر عليك الوقت في الحصول على كافة الشروحاتالقديمةوالجديدة مع إستخدام خاصية البحث وخاصية رقم الشروحات ويتميزبالآتي :- جميع الشروحات المرئية والنصية بمكان واحد. - جميع الشروحاتفيانسقترام واليوتيوب بمكان واحد. - خاصية البحث للوصول السريعلأيمعلومة. - خاصية رقم الشرح للتحويل الى روابط خارجية. -إمكانيةالوصول للتطبيقات مباشرة. - إمكانية الاستفادة من الإشعاراتلمعرفة كلجديد. - المشاركة في المسابقات المستقبلية. - مكتبة ارقامالدعمللشركات الدعم التقنية. - نبذة عن عبدالله السبع وطريقةالتواصل.محتوى التطبيق متجدد بإستمرار ومدعم بالإشعارات بشكل لحظي.AbdullahAlsaba is a technical expert interested in all types ofcomputerscience and aims to spread knowledge and awareness of youngpeopleinterested in technology, whether Apple's products or anyothercompany or the latest software and how to deal with them.Theapplication of Abdullah Al-Sabaa official provides you with timetoget all the explanations of old and new with the use of thesearchfeature and the number of annotations and features thefollowing: -All visual and textual explanations in one place. - Alltheexplanations in Ensctram and YouTube in one place. - Searchfeaturefor quick access to any information. - Explanation numberattributefor conversion to external links. - Direct access toapplications.- Possibility to take advantage of notifications tofind out allnew. - Participation in future competitions. Librarysupportnumbers for companies Technical support. - About AbdullahAl-Sabaaand the way of communication. The content of the app isconstantlyrenewed and supported by notifications instantly.
Learn and play. Korean words - vocabulary & games 5.7
This engaging game of skill is a mobile tutor for self-studyofvocabulary and phonetics on the beginner’s (elementary,basic)level. The word list includes words from various topics usedineveryday life (most common words). This self-teaching game helpstolearn productively correct pronunciation and orthographythroughvisual and audio support. The game consists of severalstages sothat the learning process is more efficient: • Training –learningthe alphabet ABC, parts of speech, such as nouns,adjectives andverbs with phonetic transcription through flashcardsand soundaccompaniment. • Language quiz – testing of the knowledgeof thewords happens through fun and simple games: 1. Readingandassociation: choosing the right word for the picture.2.Visualization: choosing the dynamic moving images for the words.3.Spelling test: writing words and spell check. Simple interface,HDtablet and phone support, graphic themed photos and highqualityvoice work by native speaker improve listening comprehensionandallow concentrating on the training material. This ensuresquickand efficient learning process. The app contains thefollowingtopics: vegetables and fruits, wild animals, domesticanimals,animal body parts, birds, sea life, home, bathroom,clothes,colors, transport, human, body parts, tableware, homeappliances,food, toys, school, nature, natural phenomena, insects,numbers andfigures, geometric shapes, musical instruments, tools,sport,summer sports, winter sports, travel, entertainments,office,infrastructure, shop, society, professions, informationtechnology,prepositions. With this interesting and entertaininggame you oryour child will be able to add new words from scratch totheirvocabulary through playing. The speaking vocabulary isthefoundation for good oral and writing skills. Interactive(adaptive)teaching is an easy and accessible way to study foreignlanguageeffectively. For kids, this course is not only a fast andeasy wayto learn to speak and write, but is also a way to buildupon theknowledge acquired at school or kindergarten. Parents canuse thisapp as preschool lessons by method of Glenn Doman'sflashcards.This learning app includes the translation of words morethan 10languages. This is practically an illustrated dictionaryandexercises for learning Korean that helps beginners, juniorsandchildren to learn Korean words through playing. Studying Koreanathome will help you quickly learn to speak Korean and to readinHangul. Spoken Korean from scratch it's easy. 한국어를 배우는 쉽습니다!Thisfree app works in offline mode. The paid version has no adsandcontains detailed results, helping you to analyze the leveloflanguage proficiency.
PGC 2.3
Punjab Group of Colleges “The Largest Educational NetworkinPakistan” strongly believes in revealing world-class educationtothe potential intellectuals. The chief objective ofestablishingPGC app is to stand with the revolutionized world wheretheinnovation in technology has all the dilemmas sorted forstudents.The app is designed to reveal just in time information,relevantcourse-based material for swift learning andnecessaryadministrative updates.PGC App provides every individualwith anAll-In-One Solution. The App facilitates the learningfanatics withthe major features related to1. Campus Network: Putsforward theinformation of 390 campuses in 111 cities2. Programme:It exposesyou to the programs offered in differentcities/campuses3.Admissions: Gives you the information onadmissions andscholarships4. News & Events: Updates you on allthe happeningsat various PGC campuses5. Profile: Provides you withall theimportant and personal information6. Time Table: Informs youwiththe weekly schedule of classes7. Attendance: Keep track recordofyour attendance8. Fee: Keeps you posted on the program fee anditssubmission9. Result: An overview of your test and examperformancesinstantly10. EL by PGC: Enhance your way of learningwhile makingit handyStriving for an ideal future of its students,Punjab Groupof Colleges gives access to world-class education forthe learningfanatics. The main objective of including E-Learning inthis appwas to make learning handy and at your fingertips. Byallowing theapp to be a part of your learning journey every day,you bear thecapacity of sitting back home and upgrade yourknowledge withoutwasting your time. Lamenting the fact, the app isdefinitely ‘ABetter Solution Than Tuition.”- The app offershundreds of syllabusrelated MCQs which will benefit you to prepareand practice for theexam. Learning through this feature becomessimple and increasesyour overall performance. All this is supportedby Practice Keypad& Results.- Permits the user to enhance theirskills andintellect by thoroughly going through Video Lectures.-Allows theuser to prepare for the exams by directly accessingAllIntermediate Boards Past Papers of last 5 years on the appforeffective learning.This app will provide you with an edge toexcelin the world of learning, sharing knowledge and producinggreatresults.
Nautical Flags Helper 1.4
Pirate Cats
International Code of Signals (ICS) flags are commonly usedbysailors to communicate with each other for navigationandsafety.Nautical Flags Helper is an app for memorize flags usedbymerchant ships, commercial fishing and private yachts.Youwilllearn numerical and alphabetical flags. Each cardadditionallycontains semaphore flags and Morse code. Also youalways may take aquiz and see your progress. Enjoy.
Geo Challenge - Geography Quiz 1.1.2
Geo Challenge is a fun and challenging geography quiz gamewithbeautiful graphics and animation to test your geographyknowledgeof the world. This exciting geography game comes with 4mini-quizto test your knowledge in 4 categories: country flags,countryborders, major cities of the world and famous landmarksaround theworld. Complete all 4 categories in a single challenge.Eachmini-quiz lasts for 60 seconds. Answer as fast and accurateaspossible. Extra bonus and time are awarded for consecutiverightanswers.Improve your world geography knowledge with this quizgame.Whether you are a geography student, avid traveler orgeographyexperts, you will sure enjoy this fun quiz game.Usetraining modeto improve your geography knowledge in different areas. Beat yourown score or sign in to Google Play to compete with yourfriendsand the rest of the world!4 mini-quiz:Country flags - Testyourknowledge of 219 country flags. Choose the right flag forthecountryCountry borders - Test your knowledge of 109countryborders. Choose the right country that matches the mapMajorcitiesof the world - Test your knowledge of 152 major cities oftheworld. Pin them at the right location on the mapFamouslandmarksaround the world - Test your knowledge of 107 famouslandmarksaround the work. Pin them at the right location onthemapFeatures:1. Google Play Leaderboard and Achievements2.Training- train in each mini-game. Training score will not beranked.3.Profile - challenge stats4. In app purchase - remove ads5.Settings- Sound, Music, Left/Right handed, Tap or Tap andpoint.Thelandmarks/attractions images were obtained from Internetforeducational purpose and are not intended to infringeanycopyrights. They were chosen because of suitability andaestheticreasons. If you own the copyrights to the images and wantthem tobe removed from the game, kindly contact us. Thank you.
PictureThis - Flower & Plant Identification
Instantly identify plants. Accurate, fast and content rich!Inaddition to description and plant care tips, enjoy beautifulplantpictures around the world. PicturesThis helps more than30,000,000users identify, learn, and enjoy all kinds of plants:flowers,trees, succulents, cacti and more! When you take a walkduringsunny days, have you ever come across a beautiful flower youwouldknow more about? When you’re at vacation with families,havechildren ever asked you questions about plants? When you’redoinggarden work, have you ever need tips on plant caring? Simplytake aphoto of the plant, PictureThis answers all the questions foryou.PictureThis is capable of identifying 10,000+ plant specieswithaccuracy of 98%, better than most human experts. Withrevolutionaryartificial intelligence engine, it’s constantlylearning fromexperts and specialists, identify more and bettereveryday. And nowit’s all at your fingertips! Picture this plant,and Enjoy!Thousands of users'choice: PictureThis, with entertainingandeducational function, is suitable for different users.Plantlovers, photographers, garden planner, travelenthusiasts,children, students, teachers, People who love gardeningand need aplant identifier & a plant nanny. Key Features: -InstantlyIdentify thousands of plants, flowers, and trees withadvancedartificial intelligence - Learn more about plants,includingbeautiful pictures around the world - Get suggestions andadvicefrom a network of friendly garden and horticulturespecialists--Plant care tips and water reminder, help you bettergrow yourlovely plants. - Easy-to-use interface with friendlyguides to helpyou get the best photo - Quickly and easily shareyour photos witha growing community of plant lovers - Keep track ofall the plants,trees, and flowers you identify in your own personalcollectionPictureThis team hopes to build a vibrant community forplantlovers and help more people know more about plants.PictureThis isalso a recommended-app on Google Play. User Comments:“lots helpfor my children to learn new plants! Good App” -xy w“Easy to use.Snap a photo of the plant and the app brings up.a fewclose matchesfor you. Choose the best match and voila” - RobertCohen “Veryuseful. Previously used book that was over 30 years oldand weigheda ton. Since the book was published thousands of newplants havebeen listed. This app. provides all the information youcouldpossibly need. Used it in Thailand - very informative.” -AnneInnsCONNECT WITH
Norwegian flag days 1.4
Text and description in app is so far in Norwegian only.Englishtext will be availiable soon. For each flag days there is ashortdescription and history.
Hiragana Pro 1.4.4
Gerson Luca
I know what you're thinking.. how can anything this purple beusefulto you in your tireless pursuit of knowledge.I was in thesameboat.. I had the same doubts. But then I realized I wasthedeveloper.. and darn it.. I should probably stand behindmyconscious decision to pick this color! So I offer youmydefense:Don't let its colorful nature fool you.. This app ispurebusiness, buddy!Hiragana Pro is determined to help you takeyourkana recognition skills to the next level by fooling youintothinking you're playing a game! You'll never see itcoming!Itstarts you off with some multiple choice.. just to getyour feetwet. Then, out of nowhere, it kicks it into high gear witha littlekeyboard entry!Before you know it, you're going to bereadingJapanese like a.. Japanese person?Check out thelife-changingexperiences that some users have reported:★ "My catplayed HiraganaPro.. now it only meows in Japanese" - Concerneduser★ "I use thisapp 3,000 million gazillion times a day.. my Momthinks that's aproblem.. but I know better!" - Anonymous★ "This apphas doubledour team's win percentage.. don't ask me how!! Shoot.. Ijust gaveaway our secret!" - Youth basketball coach★ "Crime,homelessnessand pollution have all dropped significantly in thelast year. It'sall thanks to Hiragana Pro!" - President Tru..*ahem* A current USPresident★ "Will recommend to all my friends" -HermitIf yourexperience with this app rivals any of thesereviewers', pleaseleave a review and let us know how this appchanged your life inunimaginable ways.
Your Age | Calculate age 4.5
Application features: Calculate the age in detail from day,monthand year. Convert between Gregorian and Gregorian dates. Knowthename of the day you were born. Find out the day of Christmas.Findout your horoscope and tower recipes. A paragraph occurred onthisday of the Gregorian date. Knowledge of the Hijri date of thebirthdate of the Gregorian calendar. Find out the Gregorian historythatcoincides with the date of your birth. The applicationprovidesseveral languages including English, French, German,Spanish andTurkish. Tag words: Age, Calculate Age, Age, Horoscope,Calculator,Age, Calculator Age, AD, Hijri, Calculate Your Age
Swag IQ 1.5.3
Swag IQ is the live trivia game show where you test yourknowledgeto win huge cash prizes. It’s free. Just download the appto play.* Prizes are paid to winners in the form of SB points,which areredeemable for popular gift cards or PayPal cash.