Top 24 Games Similar to Apocalypse - Save the planet

Apocalypse Max 0.55
You, Apocalypse Max, are the lone survivor of thiszombieapocalypse. Journey through heart-thumping,adrenaline-pumpingaction spread out over multiple worlds! Masterin-air maneuvers asyou find your way around precarious platforms.Discover secrettreasures and collect gold as you overcome zombiesand Unlockinsane weapons and find crazy ways to blast past yourenemies.Don't like guns? Wanna get up close and personal? Noproblem! Ripapart your foes with your oversized, battle-hardycombatknife.Apocalypse Max combines timeless zombie slaying funwith freeroaming, acrobatic platforming awesomeness to create anactionpacked, hack-n-slash, shoot-em-up adventure like the worldhasnever seen before! Engage in the epic and timeless battle ofmanagainst zombie in this fast action, 2D adventure withApocalypseMax! * Because of the size of the game, Apocalypse Maxrequiresaccess to the devices files in order to run. If the gameisstalling or closing at the title screen, please insure thatyouhave allowed the game access to the files. Let us know if youhaveany issues. Thanks!WANDAKE STUDIOS-- Twitter:@wandakegamesFacebook: Web:www.wandake.comEmail: [email protected] We hope you enjoy our game!Please rateApocalypse Max.
Zombie Hunter: Post Apocalypse Survival Games 2.4.2
Genera Games
Zombie Hunter is one of the best free zombie shooting gamesever!Survive in a post apocalypse wasteland killing zombies andstoppingthe dead rising in the last day of the world. Shoot intothe dead,stop the unkilled invasion and save humanity in the kingof FPSzombie survival games! Take your sniper rifle and fireweapons, aimto every walking dead and kill zombies as a lonesurvivor toprevent the end of the world.The Zombie Apocalypse hasjust begun!A pandemic is spreading, and people are starting tomutate intosome kind of walking dead. Help survivors by killing thezombieoutbreak and stop the end of the world. Travel to wasteland,takeyour rifle and try your sniper skills shooting the unkilled!Youwill need strategy and precision to stop the assault in thiszombieaction shooter game. Keep your finger on the trigger, surviveandshoot to every living dead!★ Download Zombie Hunter,PostApocalypse Zombie Survival Games, and start killing livingdeadsright now! Become the ultimate zombie killer and stop theundeadinfection! ★SHOOT ZOMBIES AND STOP THE END OF THE WORLDYouare alone survivor sniper that must save humanity from azombieoutbreak. Kill zombies before they can infect people. Youmust bequick in this 3D free zombie shooting game full ofundeadenemies!SEVERAL GAMEPLAY MODES!Shoot zombies hordes, defeatzombiebosses in special missions, play as a zombie instead as asurvivor,use dogs to help you to find treasures and kill enemies.You havemany ways to play Zombie Hunter, the top 1 fps zombiesurvivalgames! NEW MISSIONS AND MAPSTravel to wasteland and killzombieenemies through tens of missions. Use your sniper rifle andshootevery walking dead to save yourself. Stop the dead risingandsurvive one last day in the best zombie shooting games!DOZENSOFWEAPONS TO UPGRADEDo you prefer sniper rifles, assaultrifles,bazookas or machine guns? Choose your favorite one andupgradethem! Fight a living dead army in one of the funniest freezombiegames.STUNNING 3D GRAPHICSZombies are more real than ever!You willbe impressed by graphics, gameplay and soundtrack. ZombieHunter isthe best post apocalypse zombie game with FPS andactionelements!PLAY OFFLINE OR ONLINE!Do you like zombie gamesonline orfree zombie games offline? Play Zombie Hunter wherever youwant.Enjoy this wonderful FPS zombie action game.Use your skillsandstop the undead plague infection! Stop the end of the worldbykilling every zombie. The most powerful living dead is waitingforyou! Get ready to fight against the forces of evil! Huntingzombieshave never been so funny!If you like First Person Shooter(FPSgames), zombie survival games, sniper games and action wargames,you will enjoy Zombie Hunter! Join the Zombie Hunter army andstartshooting every walking dead in the ultimate zombie snipergame!Official gamevideo:
Occupation 1.49
First and Third Person Shooter.Stop zombie invasion and saveyourgirl from zombie's hands!• Open 3D World to explore•Day/Nightcycle to make a more immerse game• 11 different types ofzombiesand monsters• Allied NPCs to help you VS the zombieapocalypse•Possibility to recruit NPCs to help you while lookingfor ammo andfood in the city• Auto-aim for new players and manualaim forplayers that want a harder game!• First and ThirdPersonperspective can be used to make both FPS and TPS fanshappy!•Inventory system that consists in storing food and Healthbags tohelp you during the apocalypse• Hunger system, stamina.•Market:Buy and sell items you find in the zombie apocalypse!•Non-linearmissions• Additional endless game mode (unlocked afterall missionsare done)• VR Headsets support• Hardware input support- gamepads,keyboardsIf you have a fast device - try to turn thesun, moon andshadows on - they are disabled by default.You also candisable agyroscope in the game settings.Please, comment/e-mailwhat's theproblem in the game before giving a bad rating. It willbe apleasure to help my players!Thank You for downloading!
Into the Dead
In a world overrun with the Dead, youhavesurvived… but for how long?Into the Dead throws you into the gruesome world of thezombieapocalypse where there are no second chances. Do what youhave toin order to stay alive, keep moving as fast as you can, andprotectyourself by any means necessary. When the Dead arerising,run!FEATURES:• Intense gameplay with stunning visuals & sound depictingagrim zombie apocalypse• Unlock an arsenal of powerful weapons and perks to help youstayalive• Missions and minigoals provide constant challengestoovercome• Tablets supported• Challenge your friends to beat your high scores• Ongoing updates to deliver new modes, features, and contentWe love to hear from our players!On Twitter? Drop us a line @pikpokgames and join theconversationwith #IntoTheDeadInto the Dead requires the following permissions to saveplayerprogress:Storage: modify or delete the contents of your USB storageStorage: read the contents of your USB storage
Apocalypse Radiation Island 3D 1.1
You on lost apocalypse island. Can you survive? Can youdefeatmutants or hungry animals?Can you escape from thisstrandedisland?Try to survive at this game now!Find items, useinstruments,clear island from aggressive mutants!+ Survival island3dsimulator+ Realistic survival 3d world+ A lot of enemies+Shooteradventure at lost radiation island like USSR Chernobyl orPripiat+Smart bot system+ Many weapons+ Weather and day changes+goodvisual and sounds effects
Apocalypse Knights 1.0.8
“Apocalypse Knights” is a free Action Game. It’s up to you,theheroic knight, to take back lands tainted with darkness. Youshallsave the world with blessed weapons, armors, ultimate skills,andholy horses. Come, your destiny awaits! ● Background In thecomingfuture, you are the knight faced with demons released fromthemelted Arctic / Antarctic zones. With refined weapons,biochemicalmounts, and skills, you can conquer the demons anddevils in allwaves. ● BATTLE - ULTIMATE SKILL FEATURE ‧You can getmore attackswith progression. ‧Unleash the ultimate skill to killdemons. ‧Eachweapon has a unique ultimate skill. Collect as manyweapons aspossible to see all the cool moves and defeat bosses. ●BATTLE –UNIQUE MOUNT FEATURE ‧Your mount is your partner. You canactivemount mode to enhance attributes. ‧Fight with mounts andenjoy theblazing speed while you smash barriers. ‧Collect all kindsofmounts and impress your friends. ● EXPERIENCE THE THRILLOFDEFEATING MASSIVE MONSTER HORDES FOR FREE ‧The end of the worldin“Apocalypse Knights” is coming and you from the end of world.‧Youcan experience 10 levels of difficulty, 6 different scenes,andmany kinds of monsters. ‧Knockout endless waves of monstersandearn special rewards in the ultimate instance mode. ●ARMOR,WEAPON, AND POTION FOR PROGRESS ‧ You can find ultimateweapons andarmors from the shop. ‧Look closely to find legendaryweapons andarmors. ‧Take the mystic potions and improve yourcharacterability. ● UNPRECEDENETED VISUAL AND AUDIO APPEAL ‧Combingamodern, medieval influenced visual style. You’re theultimateknight with the mission to fight the demons. ‧Enjoy theastoundingaudio experience of your spear piercing through azombie’s gut oryour broadsword slashing through witches. ‧Weutilize the bestperforming engine to power up visual, resolution,sound and gamecontrols.!!! Requirement : Android 2.3.3 or above !!!
Zombie Apocalypse 1.0
Stommpy Games
Zombie Apocalypse takes you to a world overrun by zombies. Yourgoalis to survive as long as possible by eliminating any threatthatfaces you. Search for supply boxes to keep your healthandammunition levels intact. Compete with other players forthelongest survival time and most zombies killed. How long canyousurvive the zombie apocalypse?
Post Apocalypse City Survival 1.1
GBN, Llc
Welcome to the grim dark futureofmankind!Years passed after a huge nuclear blast, and yourhomecity, oncebeautiful hi-tech megalopolis, become desertedanduninhabitedruins. Now it filled with bandits, marauders,mutantsand crazyrobots. Keep your weapons alert – there are nofriends foryouhere!Fight against mutants and criminals flooded this nuclearruinsoffuturistic city, meet wild animals, rob, kill and hunttoprovideyourself with food, weapons and resources. Exploreruinedcity,quarry resources, craft tools and weapons, buildshelters tohidefrom nuclear monsters and feel like a real survivorplayingthissimulator of post-apocalyptic future!Live the life of real stalker and survive in thislostnuclearblasted paradise city transformed into badlands!Mindsurvivor’sindicators – fighting with mutants and hunting forwildmonsteranimals might be a bit tiring! Keep health, energyandhungerindicators full, if one of it drops – there is no chancetosurvivein this world of monsters, criminals, and crazeddrones!Quarryresources to craft survival tools and weapons, buildsheltersandhide from powerful nuclear monsters – it would help youtostayalive!Upgrade all your survival skill and keep your weapons alert–thisplace is full of dangers! Search for water, hunt wildanimals,quarryresources, find or weapons and be ready for amassive battlefor yourlife! Unravel secret and mysteries of theseruins, provideyourselfwith water and food and find components ofsurvival suitto leavethis place safety!Be ready for scary post-apocalypse adventures withthisgrimfuture world simulator - Post Apocalypse City Survival!Post Apocalypse City Survival features:Horrific atmosphere of post-apocalypse cityCraft tools and weapons to ease your survivor’s lifeAggressive drones, deadly mutants, and mad banditsasyouropponentsInteresting missions, and places to visit!Do your best to survive in this hostile environment–huntsubterranean creatures, build shelters and craft toolsorweapons!Tired of usual island simulators? Test your skillswithPostApocalypse City Survival!
SAS: Zombie Assault 4 1.9.0
ninja kiwi
Purge the undead! Awesome upgradeable guns and armor, uniqueclassskills, and 4 player co-op! Play the most intense zombieshooter onmobile, from the makers of Bloons TD 5.A virus outbreakon adistant trans-federation planet unleashes horrors fromhumanity'spast. A powerful, rapidly growing zombie horde threatensthe veryexistence of humankind, and the only ones capable offighting backare the highly skilled, highly weaponized specialforces of theSAS.Choose from 3 character classes, maximize thefullycustomizable skill tree, and select from hundreds of weaponsandarmor pieces to build the ultimate zombie killing hero.Playdynamic, challenging levels in single player or 4cooperativemultiplayer and give our ravaged civilization its lastbesthope.INTENSE ACTIONZombies swarm the screen, exploding intobitsunder your hail of bullets. Each of the 17 unique zombie typeshavespecial attacks and behavior, and they can evolve -manifestingterrifying new powers as you progress through thegame.And justwhen you think you've beat them all, savage bosszombies hunt youdown, puking out acid worms or storming after youin rage mode.Learn their strengths and weaknesses as you lead theaction across7 story-driven maps with varying victoryconditions.UNBEATABLE 4PLAYER CO-OPQuickmatch with up to 3 otherplayers of similar leveland use the custom skills and weaponschosen by all players to forman effective fire team. Coordinateauto-turret placements, highlevel room-clearing powers like AssaultTeam, Aerial Bombardment,and Zombie Antidote, and move physicsobjects to create temporarycover while you paint the room red.HEAPSOF EPIC LOOTOver 160incredible guns and armor pieces are locked uptight insideincreasingly rare strongboxes that you can find insecret rooms oron the mangled remains of your enemies.Your loadoutincludes apistol and two rifle class weapons - choose from fastfiringsubmachine guns, devastating shotguns, high damage assaultrifles,brutal machine guns, flamethrowers, rocket launchers,lightningguns, and more. Armor up for protection against physical,thermal,and chemical attacks, then round out your arsenalwithauto-turrets, grenades, and special high damage ammo to ripthroughthe undead before they rip through you.AMAZINGRPG-STYLEUPGRADESThe Assault, Medic, and Heavy Gunner classes eachhaveunique upgrade trees, giving each character 19 skills tocustomize.Hundreds of guns and armor pieces have a range of gradesand apowerful RED version when you reach high levels. In additionyoucan add powerful augmentations to your guns and gear whichenhancecore properties like damage and rate of fire, but can alsoimprovereload time, resist damage, and heal.Download for free andplaySAS: Zombie Assault 4 now!Please Note: SAS: Zombie Assault 4isfree to download and play (aside from internet, carrier,data,device, and other services for which the player isfinanciallyresponsible), but some in-game items can be purchasedwith realmoney. You can turn off the payment feature by disablingin-apppurchases in your device's settings.SAS: Zombie Assault 4isrecommended for players 12 years of age and older, and thefantasyviolence, gibs, and zombie blood are to be expected giventhesurvival theme. We have included a "Gore" setting on theOptionsscreen specifically for young or sensitive players, andthisremoves the blood and gibs when Gore is toggled Off.
DEAD TARGET: Offline Zombie Shooting Games
Keep your defense up and shoot zombies in one of thebestfirst-person shooters, DEAD TARGET. Can you figure out the keytosurvival in Zombie Games? Millions of shooters are shooting tokillzombies and save the world, let’s join with them and becomethebest! In 2040, World War III struck, and the country’sfrontierschanged. The zombie apocalypse began. A special sniperteam washired to head to the warfare, collect guns and supply tosavemankind! Fight for survival in a zombie apocalypse withtheshooting games. Choose a best gun to fight against the deadthatare walking toward you. Kill all the dead and don't leaveanyzombies alive!! Are you ready for all the action and adventureinthis awesome shooter game? If you don’t want to be a dead, tryyourbest in shooting and killing in wonderful zombie shootinggames!This Zombies game is an action game where you can: -Shootingzombies in this addictive Shooting game with epic 3Dweapons -Upgrade guns and gear to face the upcoming zombie waves inzombieoffline games - Experience 3D shooting as a zombie hunter inbestzombie game - Slay zombies of all types in to the dead when yousetyour nerve to the highest level ------- DEAD TARGETFEATURES:APOCALYPSE – CAN YOU SURVIVE? - A free FPS offline gamewhere hugewaves of zombies come to you as the storm - Shoot zombiesbeforethe invasion come toward you, the dead can come anytime inthisZombie game - Kill zombie by head shot to survive in thetrulyShooting game VARIETY OF ZOMBIES IN OFFLINE SHOOTING GAMES-Zombies with various killing abilities in the best offline game-Zombie games with some zombies those can be extremely infectedwiththe virus - This Zombie game is one of the Zombies Shootinggamewith the most zombie types POWERFUL WEAPONS OFFLINE GAMES-Shooting game with multiple weapons – A rifle, shotgun, and more-Upgrade the trigger and every part of the gun to shoot zombie-Unlock 3D guns when you rank up and improve your strength tobecomea true killer in sniper games - Discover combat moves inShootinggame using various guns - Shoot zombies with the rightboost tobecome a terminator on the battlefield to win zombie gameADDICTIVEQUESTS & ACHIEVEMENTS IN BEST GUN GAME - Shootingzombies tosurvive in shooting games and complete quests to rank upand unlockmore cool items in sniper games - Shoot zombies so youcan be thelast one standing and become a legend in this zombieshooting game- Weird achievements are always the highest paid inthis zombiegame BATTLE ON DIFFERENT MAPS IN ACTION GAMES - Preventzombiesfrom escaping while defending the breached frontlines inofflinegames - A precise shot in offline games can trigger anexplosionthat can save the sniper at the right time - shootinggames withmany kind of lands to discover EPIC EFFECTS IN ZOMBIEHUNTER -Enjoy 3D graphics with realistic lighting to present theinfectionof zombie in the sniper game - Shooting game with gunsthose havedifferent sound effects to represent their real-lifeversions -Experience the dead with realistic graphics in zombiefightinggames LEADERBOARD SHOOTER GAME - Compare your kill recordsto knowwho is the best shooter - Share what you have done in thebestshooter offline game - Shoot the most zombies to become thetopzombie hunter in offline game This zombie shooter is differentfromother Zombie games because of the addictive gameplay, many typeofzombies and guns, a realistic 3D graphics and effects.Asspecially, this Zombie shooter game is offline game, you canshootZombies whenever and wherever you want Can you survive thezombieapocalypse? Protect the frontlines in the FPS game, DEADTARGET.Download now to start shooting zombies in best offline game------NOTE: The game will requireREAD_EXTERNAL_STORAGE,WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE to play some features.
Zombie Apocalypse 1.0.2
Zombie Apocalypse , best zombie game has arrived inGooglePlay!Noted for its high-resolution 3D graphics .Experiencethe funof combat like you're there. Use three different weapons :pistol,shotgun and machine gun .About Zombie Apocalypse :The gametakesplace in a zombie apocalypse, where you have to eliminatehordes ofzombies in three different scenarios . If you manage topass to thenext stage stand to defend :- Cemetery : the birth ofthe plague.-House of Terror : a new horde of zombies forward tryingto reachthe city.- Destroyed City : Survive as long as possible inthechaos of a city destroyed by war against zombies.features:-3levels of graphic detail : low , normal and high .- Spooky3Dgraphics and sound effects .- Possibility to buy morepowerfulweapons . Each is different in terms of number of bulletsper clipand reload time.Are you ready to survive the zombieapocalypse?
WithstandZ - Zombie Survival!
You want to get in a fun adventure based on an ApocalypticZombietheme? So this game is especially for you!You can play aloneorOnline mode with your friends, you will control thecharacterchosen and survive in the zombie world, you can get itemsinhouses, villages, military and other fields.WithstandZ BETA isanopen world game in the emerging genre survival as muchasmultiplayer or singleplayer. Based in the Unturned. Over thecourseof a typical and epic adventure, you'll have to survivesearchingfor supplies and equipment, and to being able to buildyour ownhouse/base/construction.SURVIVAL:You will have to learn anddevelopyour own survival technique, go in search of food andequipment andkeep the thirst, hunger and life of your character instablelevel.EXPLORE:The game features a map of open world, wherewhochooses where to go, it's really you! Therefore, you will havemanyinteresting places to explore andloot.MULTIPLAYER:Themultiplayer/online mode brings a new experienceto players onportable devices like smartphones, Tablets and other,that way youwill enjoy and have fun with your friends, and ifyou're playingalone, it's up to you to decide if you will theplayer "Hero" or"Villain". :)ZOMBIES:Our zombies are constitutedwith an excellentartificial intelligence, that way if you areinside a House, youdon't have to worry about a Zombie appear out ofnowhere, they willonly come after you if you reallywant.FEEDBACK:Our game is stillunder development, and we'd love tohear your ideas andconstructive criticism, that way, if you arewilling to help cansend us an email with your feedback. :DPrivacyPolicy ConsentByinstalling this app you agree to the followingprivacypolicy:''
SAS: Zombie Assault 3 3.10
ninja kiwi
Update News: Awesome new map - Electronics Factory in China5-starzombie-shooting awesomeness and co-op multiplayer!EliteSASoperatives handle the darkest missions, the worst hot zones-things we are not meant to know. Inserted without backup,eitheralone or as a 4 person squad, you will be sought by thewalkingdead, by hordes of unspeakable numbers. Your only option -paintthe ground with every last one of them.From the creators ofBloonsTD 5, comes the best co-op shooter on Android! Rank up 50times andunlock awesome weapons and perks with every rank. Dozensof gunsand special weapons, 17 unique maps, and hundreds of zombiesonscreen at a time.And that's just single player! Playco-opmultiplayer at any time with super-easy matchmaking geared toyourlevel. Huge fun to jump into a game at the same time withfriends,and doesn't matter what device you have - Android and iOSusers canseamlessly play together.Based on the ground-breakingflash game byNinja Kiwi, but completely rebuilt and optimized forAndroid, SAS 3has been battle hardened by millions of plays andundergoneextensive tuning and balancing to create the best actionshooteravailable on the Play Market!Killer Features:★Intensezombie-blasting action shooter gameplay!★ Eviscerate thezombiehordes in single player or in 4 player co-op multiplayer★ 50Ranksto unlock, each granting access to a new weapon or perk★44devastating weapons like Auto Shotguns, Browning MachineGuns,Flamethrowers, and RPGs★ 2 Sentry gun classes and 3 grenadetypesfor serious room clearing★ 17 challenging maps, each withverydifferent hazards and kill zones★ 12 relentless zombie types,withgraphics that support hundreds on screen★ 3 vicious game modes-Onslaught, Purge, and Apocalypse★ Multiplayer play from(almost)anywhere in the world
Alien Apocalypse 1.0.9
The invasion of Earth has begun!The Alien invaders are settinguptheir bases in the heart of the tropical jungles of the planetandeverything now seems lost... but fortunately the human racehaveZambo on their side!Zambo, the arsenal man, alone is worth awholearmy! Equipped with bombs, pistols, machine gun, plasmagun,flamethrower and bazooka ...He is an unstoppable force! Andwhat ofhis powerful robot "the pulper" that he can drive inbattle?Who canstop you? Run through the jungle to fight the hordeof horrible andslimy alien creatures from other worlds! The missionis to destroyall the alien spacecrafts's cores and eliminate theenemy.The warhas begun, play as Zambo and go down in battle now!!★Features ★-Complete missions and destroy all the alien spaceships!-Equip avariety of weapons and smash to pieces all the monstrousenemies!-Enter robot mode, become invulnerable and get themaximumfirepower!- 3D graphics of the highest quality and in FullHD!!!-Collect coins to buy several items and power-ups in a wellassortedvirtual store!- Supports Google Play Games: compete withplayersall around the world thanks to leaderboards andachievements!-Supports both smartphones and tablets!For anyquestion about thisgame contact us at [email protected]
Doomsday - Survival Day 1.3
Doomsday is a 2D science-fiction shootinggamewith different game modes and exciting stories and scenes.ThrilledZerg dominates the world in the Doomsday. You are onesurvival fromthe heavily armed Elite Squad and you can enjoy theexcitingfighting against waves of monsters and horrible Bosses invariousbattlefields, such as the devastated cities after war,abandonedmilitary bases in space, and desert ruins on exoplanet,whileupgrading your guns&characters, and utilizing specialitems.Kill all the Zerg in the cruel star wars!FEATURES:● EASY CONTROLS(control the directions+ AUTO-Fire)● Fantastic SCIENCE FICTION graphics● SUPER rocking and cool battle field● Amazing GOD VIEW fight, ENJOY the impression!● Dozens of powerful and incredible WEAPONS● More than ten characters of warriors with their ownspecialabilities.● Special subsidiary items provided, and diverse items droponbattle field● Fully interaction with other players! Fight with your friendsandshow your strength in the ranking list and military rank● Story mode: Kill the numerous monsters in differentchallengingcheckpoints. Complete MISSIONS and make theachievement!● Endless War mode: Survive as long as you can! It is not onlyaboutyour damage, but also your strategy and controls! Rankinglist iswaiting for your name!● Defensive mode: Protect your BASE from the invasion of wavesofmonsters. You have to fully consider your character’s abilitiesandfirearm’s power. Great rewards would be given!
Injustice: Gods Among Us 3.1
Build an epic roster of DC super heroes and villains and getreadyfor battle! INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US is a free-to-playcollectiblecard game where you build a roster of characters, moves,powers,and gear and enter the arena in touch-based 3-on-3 actioncombat.FIGHT Use the touch screen mechanics of your mobile devicetobattle your enemies in 3-on-3 action combat. Swipe and taptoperform combos and build your power to pull off special attacksandsuper moves taken straight from the console version of thegame.LEVEL UP Build your move set, increase your powers, upgradeyourcharacters and gear, and beat your competition. Constantlyevolveyour card collection to fit your style of play and put yourbestteam forward as you take on a series of DC super hero andvilliancombatants.z ONLINE MULTIPLAYER Take on real opponents inOnlineMultiplayer Battles. Compete against players worldwide ontheleaderboards, and in tournaments filled with awesome rewards.Watchreplays of your previous offensive and defensive battles tohoneyour skills and your team lineup. Lead your team tovictory!MASSIVE ROSTER Collect and play as your favorite DC Comicsicons:Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, The Joker, Green Arrow,Flash,Bane, Green Lantern, Doomsday, and many others. With eachalternateversion of these iconic characters you get a new set ofpowers andmoves, and a whole new fight! AMAZING GRAPHICSDeliversbest-in-class graphics on your phone or tablet, withcustomanimations for every single super hero and villain. Take thebattleto Arkham Asylum, the Batcave, The Watchtower, and othericoniclocales from DC Comics, fully rendered in 3D. PleaseNote:INJUSTICE: GODS AMONG US is free to play, but it containsitemsthat can be purchased for real money.
Dead Bunker 4 Apocalypse 1.11
Action-horror, where you continue to play as the mercenary,whichwas sent to the secret laboratory for to get the workingsout.While you were searching for the necessary documents,somethingterrible has happened... Virus has broken loose! Thosepeople whowas able to stay alive, gathered into the groups andtried toresist infected. Scientists were trying to find thenecessaryinformation about the disease and invent an antivirus.Fight forthe surviving began! But you do have got everything tostop theepidemic.The results of the runaway experiment at large.ObjectB-18 is destroyed, but the mischief has broken loose - themischiefthat destroys everything on its way, changed all livingthings intodead. How can we stop the epidemic right now. Or thereis the onlyway - to try to survive?
Killer Klown Apocalypse! 0.1
Al Rome
In the post Apocalypse, the Killer Klowns have mutated intozombiehybrids. Don't let them bite you or you yourself will becomeone.
The bunker: Zombie apocalypse
During the zombie apocalypse, you hid in a bunker.But steeldoorsand concrete walls were powerless against the undeadhordes.Clearthe streets, explore the town and collect variousthings tosurvive. - Shoot zombies in awesome 3D game. - Upgradeyour bunker.- Collect useful items. - Hunt down horrible monsters
Zombie Apocalypse 1.0.7
Zombie Apocalypse : Year 3013 A dawn of new year era hasbegun.Weare seeing Crime, Unemployment, Drugs, Abuse has reachednewheights. Zombies are thirsty for the blood… Welcome to theNewWorld… Welcome to Zombie Apocalypse.Zombies are fictionalundeadcreatures typically depicted as mindless, reanimated corpseswith ahunger for human flesh,and particularly for human brains insomedepictions. The "zombie apocalypse" concept, in which thecivilizedworld is brought low by a global zombie infestation, hasbecome astaple of modern popular art. By 3000 the influence ofzombies inpopular consciousness had reached far enough that theUnited Statesgovernment's Center for Disease Control used the ideaas a theme topromote disaster preparedness. You are the SURVIVOR INthe world...standup for a cause, for humanity..SAVE YOURSELF FROMTHEZOMBIES.HOW TO PLAY:LET THE SCARED HUMANS RUN THROUGH THEZOMBIES,DONT LET THEM TOUCH YOU. ELSE EVEN YOU WILL BE AFFECTED.HOW LONGcan YOU SURVIVE?
Apocalypse Pixel 1.00
Rixel Studio
Apocalypse Pixel - This survival, horror, shooter in onegame!Thisgame will force you to survive in an abandoned pixelworld, tofight with zombies, to build their city, to unite withotherplayers for survival!Advantages of the game:- Multiplayer,Singleplayer, co-operative mode- Large open world- Craft andinventorysystem- Many weapons- Survival- Day and night (watch outfor thenight, use the day for isssledovany)- Excellent graphics andaudiosupport- Automobiles- Building Your suggestions and commentsyoucan send our of electronic mail and we will be happy toansweryou:[email protected] Pixel game isNotassociated or connected with Mojang AB and it's game Minecraft-Pocket Edition.Apocalypse Pixel game is Not associated orconnectedwith Nelson Sexton and it's game Unturned.
Zombie Killer: Doomsday 1.0.0
Zombies Killer Doomsday, the bestzombieshootergame is available for free in android today! Controltheelite zombiekiller, run and jump through the abandon city inLosAngeles. Smashand shoot incoming zombie that attack you,andremember that don'tlet them bite you. Collect ration andammoalong the way, alsocollect coins for higher score.Be aware of powerful zombie monster on the streetroad,sometimesis smarter to avoid the zombie horde. Defeat thefinalzombie bossand defense against your own city.Zombie Killer doomsday is located in city of Los Angeles,oneofthe most beautiful cities in the world.You will enjoy the colorful graphics of LA city environment.Tips:1:Shoot and smash all the zombie2:Shooting fast!3:Complete level by surviving till end of the mapGame Features:★Classic Zombie Shooter Game★Experience the epic thrill of killing a zombie via mobile★It lets you choose up to 4 maps, up to 60 challenging levels★Earn coin for high score★Free and No IAP★Many types of running zombie with different ability★Intense zombie-blasting gameplay and background music★Optimized interface for all types of phone & deviceDownload this full version game now and enjoy unlimitedplay!DoomsdayKillerZombies,the best zombie shooter game is available for freeinAndroidtoday! Control the elite zombie killer, run and jumpthroughthecity abandon in Los Angeles. Smash and shoot incomingzombieThatattack you, and Remember That do not let them biteyou.Collectration and ammo along the way, ook collect coins forhigherscore.Be aware of powerful zombie monster on the streetroad,sometimesit is smarter to avoid the zombie horde. Defeat thefinalbosszombie and defense against your own city.Zombie Killer doomsday is located in the city of LosAngeles,oneof the most beautiful cities in the world.You will enjoy the colorful graphics and LA city Shoot and smash all the zombie2: Shooting fast!3: Complete level by surviving till end of the folderGame Features:★ Classic Zombie Shooter Game★ Experience the epic thrill of killing a zombie via mobile★ It lets you choose up to four maps, up to60challenginglevels★ Earn coin for high score★ Free and No IAP★ Many types or running zombie with different ability★ Intense zombie-blasting gameplay and background music★ Optimized interface for all types of phone & deviceDownload this game now full version and enjoy unlimitedplay!
Survive The Zombies 3D 1.1
There is someone walking behind you. Exact, something, notsomeone,because these are dead walking zombies, and its want tokill you.Try to save your life in Survive The Zombies 3Dadventures!HOW TOPLAY: Use joystick to move, use shooting buttonsto aim and shoot.You can hide from zombies, or you can try to killthem. Useeverything that can help you – even simple shovel can saveyourlife.Survive The Zombies 3D game features:• Zombieapocalypsesimulator in 3D;• Real zombie survival;• Strategy gamegenre;•Virtual 3D city to explore.Survive The Zombies 3D – try toescapethe city using your strategy and shooting skills. Look behind–they are almost here.
2016 Zombie Apocalypse 1.1
The countdown has begun. During 2016 one of the manysecretexperiments on neurological medicine went wrong. What wasintendedas a breakthrough in understanding brain he unleashed aplagueimpossible to stop.A small army regiment must defend fourstrategicpositions avoiding falling into the chaos of an endlesshorde ofzombies.- 4 Levels to defend.- 7 different types of zombieswithunique behavior.- 5 weapons to fill lead the enemy.- 4specialweapons to wipe out all the zombies.- Improve your barricadeandspecial weapons for these resist more and recharge before.-Andmany more surprises.2016 Zombie Apocalypse will test yourreflexes,your coolness and strength of your phone or tablet, allaccompaniedby a thrilling music and visual effects.