Top 49 Apps Similar to DJing With Traktor Pro

DJ Lobo 3.3.19
DJ Lobo created his very own app, so you can have his mixes withyouon the go! DJ Lobo is one busy man, that's why you can onlyhear hismixes live during certain times of the week. But with hisall-newiOS and Android app you can now listen in on some of hisexclusivemixes at any time of the day! Best part yet? It'sabsolutely free ofcharge and it comes pre-loaded with hundreds ofMIXES! DJ Lobo makessure to update you on every move he makes,whether it's keeping youtuned into his next event, or making sureyou get hottest mix he'sput together. DJ Lobo's app will give youthe freshest mixes week inand week out at your fingertips!Developed by: EspinalLab, LLC
360 Panorama Camera : HD Panorama Photo Camera 1.2
Now Capture Panoramas is more easy with 360 PanoramaCameraapplication on HD Photos.You can easily create panoramasinseconds. 360 Panorama camera is so easy and quick to use. Soletsyou take picture with Virtual reality fully HD photos of360Panorama view. Real time capture panorama. Features :- -Convertyour phone camera in a 360 Panorama inn a moment. - ForcapturingPanoramas just move phone in the either direction and tapagain tostop it. - Fast and smooth Photo stitching. - HighdefinitionPanorama Photos. - Rotate, Zoom your Photos. - Save yourphoto inyour device storage. - View all saves Panorama photos infolder. -Share Panorama Photo with your friends with 360 PanoramaCamera.360 Panorama Camera - HD Photo could make your Mobile phoneinto apanoramic camera.
Mixcloud - Radio & DJ mixes 26.0.14
Mixcloud is the global community for audio culture. Exploremillionsof radio shows, DJ mixes and podcasts made by passionatecreatorsaround the world, for free. The Mixcloud app gives you afreelistening experience to enjoy anytime, anywhere. Mixcloud App
•Explore a wide range of genres and categories for free 
•Followcreators / DJs / radio stations and keep up with theirlatestshows
 • Tune in to radio stations across the Globe
 • Keeptrackof your listening and streaming history
 • Listen towhat’strending near you and around the world
 • Queue up what youwant tolisten to later 
• Sync your listening experience acrossyourdevices
 Mixcloud Select
 • Upgrade to Mixcloud Select to getmorefrom your most loved creators / DJ channels for a smallmonthlyfee
 • Directly support your favourite artists and the musictheyplay in their shows
 • Listen to Select creators / DJs /radiostations offline
 • Access exclusive shows and posts • Accesstheback catalog of your favourite Select creators / DJs /radiostations Mixcloud Premium 
• Upgrade to Premium to listen toyourfavourite creators / DJ channels without ads or playrestrictions
• Get access to upfront tracklists
 • Access the backcatalog ofyour favourite radio stations without limits MixcloudPro
 • Areyou a creator / DJ / radio host? Upgrade to Pro to getaccess tothe tools you need to grow and monetise your audience
 •Get closerto your fans with Mixcloud live
 • Allow your fans toshow theirsupport by subscribing to your channel
 • Grow a realfanbase
World English Bible 4.4
The Holy Bible (WEB - World English Bible) - BrowseTestaments,Books, Chapters or Verses. - Reading plans: severalreading plansto read the Bible in 30, 45, 60, 90, 180 or 365 days.(Some plansare only available in PRO version). - Resume readingfrom last readverse with a single click! - (New) Desktop Widget:read randomverses every hour. - Settings section to easilyconfigure the app.- Swipe from left to right to browse to theprevious chapter/planor from right to left to navigate to the nextchapter/plan. - Newdesign with ActionBar! Special layout fortablets. - Copy versesinto the clipboard - New IconPack -Contextual search for terms:clicking the search icon you can searchwithin whole Bible, aTestament, a Book or even a Chapter. - A longpress over a versewill addc it to favourites or let you share it onsocial media andmessaging apps. - Browse your favourite verses. Youcan delete eachone of them making a long press. - Set the fontsize: for acomfortable read. Special features in "World EnglishBible PRO": -All plans are available - Choose between threedifferent contrastmodes (day, night, sepia) - Read the Bible inlandscape /horizontal or vertical mode. - No ads. - Improved speed
Cross DJ Free - dj mixer app 3.5.5
The 1st pro DJ app on Android. Mix tracks in perfect sync onapowerful audio engine. Engineered by Mixvibes, digitalDJingpioneer for 15 years. "Cool piece of work." (DJ Mag) "Animpressiveapp." (The Guardian) “Challenging our notions of what canbe doneon a touchscreen.” (Android Police) "Good looks, greatsounding FX,great sync engine, ‘slip’ mode, proper loops and cues."(DJTechTools) /// MIX IN PERFECT SYNC • Accurate BPM detection ofyourmusic, down to the last decimal • Stable sync: one-press, andthe 2tracks never go out of phase • Split Mono: pre-listen yourmusictracks before mixing them (in-app) • Progressive, manual pitchbend• Customizable, manual pitch range (4, 8, 16, 32, 100%). •Accuratebeat-grid editing: make any track sync properly •Parallelwaveforms mode to visually check if your tracks are synced•Quantize feature : hot cues and loops are automatically set onthebeat • Smart-seek: tap on the waveform to fast-forward & getaseamless jump • Automix: let Cross DJ mix your musicautomaticallyfrom any sources while you enjoy the party (in-app) •Externalmixer: control EQs and crossfader with hardware mixers(in-app) ///OUTSTANDING AUDIO PERFORMANCE • Low latency: musicreacts instantlyto your actions • Extremely realistic scratch soundas on realturntables • 1 effect (Low-pass) Visit the in-app storeto get moreawesome effects! • Keylock mode: change BPM withoutaffecting thetone (in-app) • Key detection: detect the key of thesongs and knowwhich tracks sound good together • Autogain:automaticallyequalizes the levels of 2 tracks /// INTUITIVEINTERFACE • 2turntables, full-fledged 3-band EQ mixer - with DJM EQpreset •Sampler: get the best samples in our dedicated store, edityourbanks all & record your own samples (in-app) • MixSoundCloud:explore, play and mix all SoundCloud (need a SoundcloudGO+account) • New Waveform view: scratch & see the music + setcueaccurately • Separate Tabs: swipe to display different panelsoneach side • Large buttons, optimized for small screens •Crossfaderwith 3 modes: cut, autofade, normal • Music player iscompatiblewith MP3s, AAC, FLAC and more • Multiple sorting options:sort yourlibrary by title, artist, album, BPM or length •Navigation byfolder • Large control pads: XY effect pad, 16hot-cues pads •Optimized for mobile & tablet • Optimized forIntel processors/// MINIMUM CONFIGURATION REQUIRED • Android 4.4 •4" screen • RAM:2GB • Dual-core processor /// IN-APP PURCHASES •Record: HQ liverecording of your mixes • Automix: Let Cross DJ mixyour tracks andplay music automatically, from any sources(playlist, album, etc.)• Essential Effects: Bi-filter, Hi-Pass,Delay, Echo • BeatEffects: Phaser, Flanger, Cut • Morph Effects:Crush, Bliss, Brake,Roll • Advanced Audio: split Mono &External Mixer • Keylock:change BPM without affecting the tone/key• Sampler Edit &Record: Let you edit & record your ownsamples through your mic• Feature Pack: unlock all features •Remove advertising: get ridof the ads /// WATCH CROSS DJ PERFORMINGExternal mixer: Mixcloudintegration: StreetDJing: Uservideos: MIXVIBES YouTube: Wantto go next level? Check out Cross DJfor
Drum Pad Machine - Beat Maker & Music Maker 2.8.1
Drum Pad Machine is a popular DJ beats music mixer. Createmusicwith the DJ app in a few clicks by your own. Be a beat maker,mixloops and record your own melodies with super pads onthelaunchpad. Use your imagination to discover a new world ofhip-hoptracks by beatbox maker. We make music production easy! Withthehelp of the Drum Pad Machine soundboard, you can not only learnthebasics of music creation, but mix music beats as well. Agreatvariety of sound effects will help you to create appropriatechordsand use them both for piano and guitar. What you can do withDJmusic mixer: • Make music on a device like a beat maker; •Composetracks, make beats and create mixtapes; • Record sounds bybeatsmaker; • Share music and songs with the world. How does thedrumpadmachine work? First, you will see a colorful field withvariousbuttons. Each new launchpad sector is a new sound forcreatingmusic. Buttons of the same color play similar sounds. Tryour musicmaking app, develop beat making skills and create your ownhits!You can use many sound packs for making music beats. Chooseanindividual theme for beats music. All samples and soundsaredeveloped for you by professional musicians. Beatboxing is easyandexciting even for newcomers. You can use drum machine anywhere:athome, in a music studio, in street jams or during a long trip.Theapp suits both pro beat makers and budding music makers. Ithasdetailed tutorials that will teach you step by step how tocreateand mix music on a drum machine. It won't take very long foryou tofeel like a real DJ. Create beats on a drum machine, make,mix andplay music and share it with your friends! Available stylesofmusic & beats: ‣ Trap ‣ Dubstep ‣ EDM ‣ House ‣ Drum &Bass‣ Hip-Hop ‣ Electro ‣ Future Bass Drum Pad Machine is ahandy,creating music mixer app for playing in real time, as well asforcreating and playing loops. Create tracks 24/7 as a drum padsguru,record hits like a real music maker and share them withyourfriends! This rapper soundboard app is a powerful, easy-to-usetoolto get the best music experience: - get professional musicsamples;- try loops creation with a sequencer; - change tempo andcreatesounds via beatbox recorder; - use launch pad fingerdrummingoption; - record your own tracks and share recordings; -get tipsand tricks by watching videos and tutorials to masteryourbeatmaker skills in music production. Drum Pad Machine is arealpiece of music production and a very entertaining drum game!Makesick beats and create music in a matter of minutes with drumpads!Drop the beat!
REAL PADS: Become a DJ of Drum Pads 3.8.3
Kolb Apps
REAL PADS lets you try the true MPC experience in electronicmusic!A free, fun, user-friendly app! Download it now and enjoy!How doesREAL PADS work? The app transforms your phone/tablet screeninto alifelike simulation of a MPC. For instant playback, all youneed dois tap on the pads. Want to put your own stamp on the REALPADS?Fully customize the app’s pads with your own bespoke sounds.Andthat’s not all, as new personalised kits will be releasedeveryweek! Using the app is simplicity itself, play anywhere andputyour skills to the test! Check out the REAL PADS specs: -Customiseyour kit: load in your own sounds - New kits every week-Multitouch - Studio-quality sound - Recording & VoiceRecordingmode - Export your recordings to MP3 - Works with allscreenresolutions - Phones e Tablets (HD Images) - Free app The appisfree but you can remove the ads and get the premium versionbypurchasing a license. Have a bash and a blast with the bestandmost comprehensive pad app on Google Play! Touch & Play!
Electro Drum Pad
Simply make beats and music by tapping colorful pads, eventhoughbeginners about music theory can create something sounds likeapopular EDM product with their own hands. In addition, weprovidemany melodies, which makes this drum machine full ofstrongplayability and endless possibility. Features: *Withdifferenttypes of high-quality samples*Make your own music tracks,trainyour finger drumming skills *Mix many sounds and melodies inrealtime*Record the music you created*Support share toYouTube,Instagram, Facebook and Google+*Totally 48 padsNewfeatures:Volumecontrol, to diversify your music- You can adjust allsounds withdifferent volume as you likeFade-in & fade-outeffects, to makeprofessional beats - Save all your beats &music with fadingeffectsSupport share tracks on social network-Share beats, sharemusic, share fun!Electro Drum Pad includes soundslike:- Drum-Bass- Loop- Synth- Percussion- Melodic- Lead- VocalComeand becomea music maker!
DJ Remix Dance Music 1.4.4
Do you love the mix music? You want to listen the powerfulandcharismatic music. This is the app for you! This applicationisdeveloped with the following key features: Listening DJ mixmusiconline with latest collection of tracks. You can add songs toyourfavorite playlist to be able to listen later easily. You canlistento music and do other things one of convenience withbackgroundplay modes, customizable through the Notificationbar(notification). Download music to listening offline.
*New Transcendence System implemented: make your Pilotsevenstronger! ■ Attention, Officer On Deck! Welcome to Goddess KissHQ,Commander! We've been waiting for your orders! The GoddessKissteam has gathered from all over the world to follow yourcampaignagainst the dark empire, that lurks among the darkness todestroyand reign with terror! Download Goddess Kiss now to betheircommanding officer and defend the rightful peace and bringjustice!Progressively recruit more members for your team withAnime-CuteGirls, raise their affection levels to become more closeto them!Seasonal costumes from various backgrounds, dresses /bikini andmany more fascinating looks! A kiss will changeeverything! Curebrainwashed pilots with the touch of your lips!Experience athrilling excitement of battling the front lines,strategicallyplace Mecha units into battle as you stoll forvictory! ■ MainFeatures - Talented voice-over actors for GoddessKiss Pilots willgive maximum game-play experience. - PvP Arena:Battle againstother players and show who's best! - Daily Battle:Battle againstthe enemies in different battlefields each day! -Death Match:Eliminate all the enemies that are blocking your way. -Boss Raid:Attack a colossal enemy command ship! Objective? Inflictas muchdamage as possible! - Mecha Skills: Upgrade each skills andusethem strategically to gain victory! ■ Requirements / Notes-Requires device with 2G or more RAM for smoothgame-playexperience. - Additional charges may apply due to VAT /currencyexchange rates for In-app purchases - Under our Terms ofServicesand Privacy Policy, Parental consent is required forpersons 13years or below to download and play GODDESS KISS. - Gamerequiresinternet connection at all times. ■ Mandatory PermissionNotice Thefollowing permission is required to play the game. -Access todevice photos, media, and files : This permission is usedto saveand retrieve game play data. - Access to contact information: Thisaccess is required for Facebook and Google Playfeatures(Achievement & Leader Board). - Access to device status: Thisaccess is required to check the Country Code (MCC) to setoptimumserver for corresponding country.[Facebook][CustomerSupport] Terms of Service:URL:※PrivacyPolicy: Pleasecontactour customer support for all game related inquiries.*Game:Settings> Customer Support Copyright ⓒ DBROS Co.,Ltd. AllRightsReserved. Developer Information: - Address: Wemade Tower,3F49,Daewangpanryo-ro 644beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si,Gyenggi-do,Korea - Phone: 02-3709-2999 - Business RegistrationNumber:220-87-43147 - Communications vendor registrationnumber:2015-Gyenggiseongnam-1372
MixPads 2-Dubstep Drum Pads Dj 4.7
By bringing together our experience and your feedback, we havemadenew MixPads 2 Meet: NEW SOUND MixPads 2 - free music makerhavebrand new original and powerful sound packs in differentmusicstyles: dubstep, trap, cloud rap, glitch and etc. Sample packswithfree beats will be updated and supplemented . Create tracksinpopular and underground music genres UPDATED DESIGN With thenewdesign navigation in the our dj music mixer eveneasier.Concentrate only on the most important things . SHARE MUSICWITHFRIENDS Just press the record button and start creatinghits.Alltracks you can save to SD card and will send to friends .TUNE UPVOLUME With a convenient sound mixer you can set up thevolume andpan for music loops . You can easily supplement your DJset withour sounds . REMOVE ALL UNNECESSARY? We have left only themostnecessary functions for creating HQ dj mixes and musiccreations .Focus on making music, melodies and drum beats WHO CANUSE IT? Youare beat maker, musician , dj or music producer ? Or doyou justwant to spend time cheerfully and profitably? Everyone canfindsomething useful in our dj software TURN ON HQ SOUND FX Useaudiofilters and effects such as delay and reverb . MIxpads 2 -Drumpads & dj music mixer for making remixes; You canrecordtracks, songs , create new music and easily make beats.Noweveryone can make music and record songs.Enjoy!
edjing PRO LE - Music DJ mixer 1.5.4
Discover edjing Pro, the track-mixing app that turns you intoaprofessional DJ, now on its FREE version: edjing pro LightEdition!edjing Pro is equipped with the brand new Sound System ofedjing,the result of five years of R&D, to provide DJs with themostreliable and reactive djing solution possible on Android. ThisnewSound System enables accurate music frequency analysis, evenmoreconcise beatmatching and new sound effects directly comingfromprofessional DJ hardwares. Designed by and forprofessionalDeejays, the look and feel, as well as the ergonomy ofthis newdigital djing solution were especially thought of to makethismixing interface the most intuitive possible. Access: - Brandnewaudio effects, essential for experienced DJs - like the Slipandthe Roll - coming directly from professionnal DJ hardware -Anautomated audio effects synchronization in the BPM, the beatsandthe audio sequences of the tracks to obtain the bestsoundrendering - Manual audio system settings for purists whoprefer atotal control of their set like the Pitch setting mode orthechoice of the crossfader curve edjing Pro LE offers you: -Largeaudio spectrums for optimal beat localizations, making iteasier toadjust your songs settings and bpm matching - Aninterchangeablemixer interface with a vinyl turntables forturnablists souls -Custom beats thanks to the 'Tap BPM' mode:adjust the beatsmanually as you like using natural sweep and pinchgesture - A new'freeze' function to freeze one of the spectrum andplay or replaythe best instants - A smart mini spectrum thatenables you tobrowse throught the track - Perfectly synchronizedrythmic effectson your tracks beats like the Beatgrid, the Roll, orthe RollFilter - A three-band frequency equalizer and filtersavailable oneach channel - A brand new 'Sync' feature for aperfectsynchronization of your tracks Shuffle Playlist with 10songs fromyour music library - A 'Queue' function that you can editin asimple gesture Want to upgrade to the next level? Get thefullversion and retrieve: - A Pre-Cueing' feature that enablestoprepare the next track on your headphones - An unlimited accesstoyour Soundcloud music library - A Deezer access with more than30million tracks available (for Deezer Premium Plus members) -Anaccess to your whole local music library - A smart searchfeatureto find any track in one click on multiple music librariesat once- An 'Automix' function that automatically plays the trackslistedin the queue - Incredilble color effects to give more depthto yourmix like the Super Filter, the Reverb, the Delay, or theEcho Out -A 'Record function' in .wav format to get HQ liverecording of yourmixing performance YOUR CREATIVITY IS NOWLIMITLESS. Let yourimagination run free! edjing Pro enables you toexplore yourcreativity without worrying about technical constraintsbyproposing the best sound rendering ever developed on iPhoneandiPad. No more need for expensive DJ turntables, you can nowremixall your favorite songs and playlists from your Androiddevice. Thereal-time sound processing, the ultra fast audiocalculation andthe precision of the audio analysis enable you toachieve the bestmixtapes. 1GB RAM minimum recommendedWebsite: Contact :
Everybody's Korea Chess Online 1.4.7
All the features are completely free!!!! Sign in with yourGoogleAccount to play and enjoy the live action or single play. Alltheseare absolutely free!!!!! Everybody's Korea Janggi Onlineisoptimized for all smart devices, so people of all ages canenjoyour game. It is very easy and simple to have fun!!TraditionalKorean strategy board game based on smart game designand verifiedAI applied, so anyone can have fun and excitement. Itis optimizedfor all Android devices with very smart UI, fast,reliable, andonline battle. We think these features will makepeople of all ageshave more fun. [Special Features] - Providesoptimal user interfacefor all smart devices. - There's severaldifficulty options -Anyone can enjoy and very convenient UIsettings - Real-time gamesfeature fast-paced interaction betweenplayers. - Four kinds ofchessboard and pieces. Providing HighQuality. - No additionalcharge what so ever, it is absolutely freegame. © FREEON Corp.
Loop Pad DJ Electro Music Simulator 1.054
Loop Pad DJ Electro Music, is an APP that simulates anElectronicMusic Pad based on Loops. Become a professional DJ withhighquality sounds and loops in this free virtual dj. In thisDubsteppads you can create and record your own songs, mixes orrhythms,convert your songs to MP3 and even share them with yourfriends.Connect the device to the speakers and play with yourfriends, setup a party and have fun!. Even beginners can createamazing musiceasily with Loop Pad DJ Electro Music. In addition, ithas severalelectronic drum loops that make it possible to use itsimply as adrum machine. Characteristics: ♫ Different types of highqualitysamples. ♫ Make your own music, train your fingers and yourDJskills. ♫ Mix the sounds you want, in real time and withoutlimit.♫ Record the music you have created. ♫ 112 differentloops.Recorded sessions can be found on the following path fromyour filebrowser: Internal memory / android / data/com.palvesoft.loop_pad_dj_electro_music / files / dat
DJ Songs Mixer 1.4
Folga Apps
DJ Songs Mixer with Music is an application with features remixesofthe song, the beginning, the loop to create, save and playlists.itseasy for amateur dj lovers, come with many features try it nowyouwill love this dj simulator app and makemusicprofessionally.Features:# complete EQ with gain# songlistnavigation pane# beat lock, beat sync buttons# DJ mixer withthemusic you send# Two dj scratching sounds# displays the waveformofeach mixture# DJ mixer with sound effectsUse mp3 music filessavedinto your device and apply Drums, pad, bass and perc as peryourneed and have fun. Apply scratch, kick, hats, snares, loops andusedifferent key effects to the playing sound effectNOTE: This isNOTa music player, it is a controller which requires computerwithinstalled DJ program jam (like for eg: Traktor, Virtual DJ,Mixxx,UltraMixer, Serato etc). See "Usage" menu item in applicationforrefer.
It is an application designed to link sounds as you want allthesounds are as fast 128 bpm this pad has an endless numberofeffects so you can join them as you like do not waste timeandbecome a DJ EDM. EDM ELECTRONIC MUSIC PAD.
E.D.M Electro House Dj Loops 5.4
Electro music Dj Loops Pads, Be real Dj, Create music andmakeRingtones, Record your own Electro house loops and Share musicwithfriends, Studio Quality Dj mixing with Powerful EDM Electroloopsand Electro House Dj Loops ,Be real Dj ,Create your own musicandshare music with friends. Make Music Ringtones with highqualityelectro loops, Drums and bass beats. Electro Ringtone musicmaker.Best Summer Electro Dj Loops, E.D.M Electro House musicPartyMixer. Over 250 + Electro Beats and Music quality Dj loops tomix.Powerful EDM Electro Beats, Powerful Synth leads, Fast&Furious Drum and Bass, Electro House Loops Record musicLoops,Share music with friends, Make your own music.. Connect yourMobileor Tablet to external speakers via bluetooth and make bestpartyshows. Create the best mix for all styles of your favoriteElectrodance music. Music makes you feel better, Enjoy withfriends,enjoying the music, enjoying the atmosphere, somethingelse, orhave fun with E.D.M Electro House Dj Loops. Anytime If youfeeldrained, stressed, overworked, or bored EDM & ElectroHouseDj-Pad will fix it. Enjoy quality loops and become aprofessionalDj. Make your own music and share it with friends. Mixmusic withfriends and have fun with E.D.M Electro House Dj Loops
Dj Trap Beat Maker Mix Pads 1.0.10
Sampler Music Maker Of Beats Trap Enjoy!
Mixfader dj - digital vinyl 1.4.0
Discover the first app fully optimized for scratching.ConnectedtoMixfader - the world's first wireless portable fader - MixfaderdjJ lets you scratch on your smartphone and tablet with thequalityand reactivity of a professional DJ setup.Together, Mixfaderdj andMixfader provide you with the complete functionality ofphysicalturntables. Produce high-quality scratching on the go,sharpen yourtechnique and learn new ones with scratching tutorialsmade by ProDJs.** Requires a Mixfader **THE NEXT GENERATION OFDJTURNTABLESWilling to discover an unprecedentedscratchingexperience?Thanks to a revolutionnary ultra low latencyBluetoothtechnology, Mixfader dj instantly responds to yourMixfadermoves.Mixfader dj emulates the real vinyl behavior and itssoundrendering for the best scratching experience.INTUITIVEINTERFACE-get more scratching control thanks to the speciallydesigned singlevinyl interface, and retrieve all the key featuresof djturntables- possibility to switch between deck A and deck B inaclick- one wide audio spectrum to browse through your songs inasimple touch- one central spectrum that offers a real-timegraphicrepresentation of the sound to help you realize your combosandadjust your scratching- physical turntables dedicatedinterfacethat allows direct access to colored cue points pads oneach deckand view of the spectrums that represent the musicSOUNDSYSTEM-automated audio FX sync on the BPM (loops and seek)-possibility toadd up to 8 hot cues on each deck- 5 sound FXavailable: Phaser,Flanger, Echo, Reverb, Steel- option of adjustingthe crossfadercurve: scratch cut, slow cut, dipped...- possibilityto adjust thecut-in point of Mixfader- possibility to adjust thevinyl inertia,and the starting speed of the vinyl- hamster switchto scratch inreverse mode- real time sound analysis- automaticdetection of yoursongs BPM- manual Pitch adjustment- possibility toassign aspecific role to each one of your Mixfader: crossfader,volume,pitch...- HD recording of your mixes in .wav formatMUSICALLIBRARY-mix +50 000 000 songs: soundcloud, deezer, and your localmp3-access our special free scratch samples, instrumentals andloopsdirectly from the music library of the app- createmultisourceplaylists with all your favorite songs (streaming &mp3)- sortyour songs by BPM or duration- automatic saving of yourtracks data(BPM & settings)- possibility to convert yourrecordings to.mp3 formatPORTABLE TURNTABLES COMPATIBILITY- use yourtimecode oraudio vinyls to scratch with Mixfader and Mixfader dj-scratch onportable turntables: vestax handy trax et Numark pt01-compatiblevinyls: Serato CV02 A-side and B-side ; Serato Control CD; TraktorMK1 A-side and B-side/!\ Android requirements: in order tobuild asetup with Mixfader, Mixfader dj, and portable turntable,you willneed a On-the-go (OTG) cable (to plug your device toyourturntable, more info on Please makesurethat your device supports USB Host, otherwise it won’t be abletodetect the OTG cable (The "USB Host Test" app can help youtestyour device USB Host capability).SYSTEM- 1GB RAMrecommended-Android 4.3 onwards- Bluetooth LE 4.0 is mandatory todetect andconnect to your MixfaderPERMISSIONSTo detect and connectto yourMixfader, the app needs permission to activate yourBluetooth, andaccess your location. This is required by the AndroidBluetoothSystem.Be sure that we do not actually use your location,we justneed it activated to locate Mixfader around you.ABOUTMIXFADER DJ-
Mobile DJ Mixer 1.3
DT Studios
For All who love mixing music, now whit a pro virtual dj you canmixmusic adding 2 songs in disc dj like a real music mixer andplayingthis on a party its simple to with this virtual musicremixer to addmuch effects and dj sounds into you favoritesongs.Features ofMobile DJ Mixer:★ 3-band equalizer for each Deck★10 customizablesample pads Per deck★ IN / OUT and beat basedloops★ One CUE /RECALL point★ Drag and drop from music playlist★headphones orY-cable with pre-cueing★ automatic crossfadehorizontal and verticalmode★ songs Equalizer booster for moreeffects★ powered by 2 DJ Discwith soundtrack so realistic★ Thelarge number of tracks turnablemixer for all★ Live dj party mixrecording with built-inrecorderMusic library integration (mix allfiles and create your ownremix, no access to Google Play MusicMatch: Create a remix of yourfavorite tracks with intelligent songrecommendations. Musicselection and mixing has never been easierand more fun. intelligentsong mixer engine by The Echo Nest. Audiomixer : Flanger, Phaser,Echo, Gate and Crusher create your ownsound Mixer, Tempo,Pitch-Bend, Filter and EQ controls, Looping& Cue Points, SingleTurntable portrait mode, Advancedtime-stretching (requiresquad-core Nexus device), Automatic beat& tempo detection duo.
DJ Mixer Studio Intl: Remix Music 2.0.9
DJ Mixer Studio is a professional simulation DJ app where youcanplay on your phone as instruments for theelectronicmusic! Integrated with all the tracks on yourdevice, DJ Mixerstudio gives you direct access to mix and remixyour favorite songsand playlists instantly. You can crossfadebetween two tracksseamlessly and change the tempo and pitch inreal-time. Differentbuilt-in melodies & sound effects areavailable to mix withyour main music!Features:1.12 loop pad with avariety of soundeffects 2.2 virtual turntables3.Stable sync:one-press, and the 2tracks never go out of phase4.One Key to recordthe music youcreated and share it to facebook or youtube5.Free proaudio FX:Echo, Flanger, Roll, filter and more6.2 turntables,full-fledged3-band EQ mixer - with DJM EQ preset7.Play 2 trackssimultaneouslyand cross-fade between them8.New CUE Waveform and BMPWaveformview: quick switch between CUEs and BMP, scratch the musicand setcue accurately9.FX Locker: lock current fx to free yourfingers10.Optimize app's UX: make operation more natural andeasy11.Fixsome crash bugs: improve stability and compatibility“DJMixerStudio uses Superpowered Audio SDK.”Copyright2013 – 2018,Superpowered, Inc. All rights reserved.”
equalizer music mp3 🎶 - bass booster -dj virtuel 4.0.4
alex xwan
🎧 Welcome to music equalizer mp3 , Volume booster 🔊 – dj mixer🎧🎶The most perfect and most professional music paradise for youtoenjoy your favorite music, Enhance the sound quality ofyourAndroid device with the true Global bass virtualizer, BassBooster,Volume Booster and 9 band equalizer .🎶 perfect Applicationtoamplifier the volume of the phone when you listen to music,videoand movies or when you want a louder volume for music. Thisapp canincrease system volume with a single tap without sounddistortion.This way, you can create great sound when listening tomusic,watching movies, making phone calls online with friends.🎶equalizersound booster allows you to adjust your sound tracks witha 9 bandsequalizer+ and enjoy a powerful bass amplifier. theEqualizer forAndroid will play your music with a stereo sound oflive music LEDVU meter and various wonderful visual sound spectrum.You willabsolutely enjoy this festival of sound and vision.🎶Improve thesound quality of your Android device with the BassBoost, theequalizer and Virtualizer . Make your music , audio andvideo soundbooster like never before.🎶 DJ music Equalizer is anapplicationcreated with the fundamental components, Play SimulatorDJ playeralong with friends of friends and family and feel like areal DJ!in this application you can mix all tracks with a largecollectionof loops house music to make it super cool.Ξ 🚀 9 Reasonstoamplifier Volume Booster and mp3 music player with highbassbooster➤ Increase volume of any audio device with just onetouch➤reverb app – graphic equalizer – music eq (multibandequalizer)➤Volume Booster with music stereo LED VU meter➤ Turn on /off musicplayer with volume boost ➤ Increase volume of any audiodevice withjust one touch➤ Sound Booster really perfect your musiclisteningexperience with music eq➤ Provide 10 equalizer presetsbased onmusic genres➤ you can control the sound➤ Boost soundssettings forringing tones, notifications, call volume, media,alarms and othersound systems.➤ the equalizer 2 is an all-in-onemusic player -equalize - bass booster that offers brilliant soundqualityΞ theequalizer lets you control sound effect levels so thatyou get thebest out of your Music or Audio coming out of yourphone. Applyequalizer presets based on Music Genre, or quicklycreate your owncustom preset with the 5 band equalizer controller.AdditionalAudio Effects supported include: Bass Booster,Virtualizer andReverb presets.Ξ improve sound quality - equalizerapp &Virtualizer effectsThanks to the new audio decodingtechnology, thebass amplifier and virtualizer will enhance yourvolume qualitydirected you enjoy the best free music.Ξ Mainfunction:♪ dj bassmixer- dj bass booster equalize high quality♪speaker booster apps♪du speed booster - volume settings♪ reverbeffect -volume controlwidget ♪ dj apps for mp3 songs mixing music♪System volumeamplifier♪ Does not distort the sound whileincreasing♪ Flexiblecontrol volume and du speed booster♪ Works withmost music andvideo players♪ Activate / deactivate quickly♪amplifier the volumeof an audio file♪ Virtual effect and soundenhancer♪ Increase thebass - bass booster pro❤ If you have anycomments about the musicequalizer with the speaker boosterapplication, please commentbelow or send an email to the developer.We always keep track ofyour comments to improve and create a betterbass and volumebooster app, don t forget rate 5 stars ★★★★★.❤Thanks for Usedmusic Equalizer 2 and increase volume for yourAndroid device .
Remixlive - Make Music & Beats 5.1.2
The essential app for instant remixing, powered by prosamples.Winner of Google Play's "Most Innovative Apps" award.Compose musicusing our powerful Step Sequencer, play loops, drumson pads andmake tracks in minutes. Shape your sound by editingsamples andadding powerful FXs. Our 150+ packs are created by prosounddesigners in order to provide the best sound quality. We alsohaveartists packs, including from Carl Cox, RHINO, and many more.Allof our packs are royalty-free, which means you can shareyourrecordings everywhere on social media! “A very intuitive waytomake professional-sounding tracks” – DJ Mag "Remixlive is abreathof fresh air" – DJTechTools "I could keep a crowd happy foran hourwith the Deep House pack" – DJWORX BRAND NEW STEPSEQUENCER•Create, edit and play sequences the way you would do indesktopsoftware such as Logic Pro X or Ableton Live. •A veryintuitive wayto create your own unique patterns, melodies, rhythmsand tracks.•Changing the instruments for each project gives youunlimitedpossibilities like mixing a grid of Hip-Hop loops with aTrap drumset. Key features • Step Sequencer Launch loops in perfectsync. •Finger drum in real time. • Shape the sound with6live-controllable FX + 6 beat repeat pads. • Import songs fromyourlibrary. • Ableton Link: play in sync with any Link-compatibleappor Ableton Live. • Advanced sample editing: ADSR, Transpose&Reverse. • Pad Recording: capture sounds through the device'smic.Finger drum in real time using percussion and note samples,with anadditional “Drum” grid alongside the existing “Loop” Grid.Use theStep Sequencer to record drum patterns, and play them likeloops.Record live input through the device's microphone and captureanysound, voice or instrument. Fine-tune your sounds like in aDAWproduction software by editing their length and envelope(ADSR).Launch several samples per column in multiple mode to createrichand layered sounds. Change the tempo, adjust samples' tone orplaythem in reverse mode, all in real time! Finger​ ​drumming​​mode •Tap the beat in the extra “Drum” grid with percussion &notesamples. • Record patterns thanks to a loop-based sequencer —withoverdub. • Grouped (Link) & exclusive (Shock) triggering.•Route each pad to a mixer line — with its associatedcolor.Control​ ​everything​ ​in​ ​real​ ​time • Tap Tempo and LiveBPMcontrol — with time-stretch. • Play in sync with anyAbletonLink-compatible app. • 6 live-controllable FX (Delay,Filter,Flanger, Reverb,etc.). • 6 Beat repeat pads from 1/16th to 2bars.Complete​ ​remix​ ​toolbox • Mixer: EQs, levels, filters&Mute/Solo on each channel. • Sample editor: Gain, Pan,ADSR,Transpose, Reverse & more. • Capture external soundsthroughthe mic. Sounds​ ​for​ ​every​ ​taste:​ ​150+​ ​sample​​packs •Grid: 24 pads on mobile, 48 on Tablet. • 96 samples perpack: 48loops/FX and 48 drum/note samples. • Colored pads: 16colors tocustomize your grid. Import/Export • Import WAV, AAC, M4A,MP3,Ogg, MP4 files (16/24 bits, no time limit). • Export &importpacks between devices. • Record your performance & shareit viaemail or SoundCloud.
MP3 Cutter & Merger For Ringtone Maker, Mix Music 2.0.2
This is an application for audio MP3 cutter mix converterandringtone maker. This is a MP3 merger for multiple songs, amixingsongs app and an edit ringtone maker. Main features oftheapplication for song mixer and merger: ★ Advanced MP3 CutterTrim -Allow you to customize the length of the audio file - CropMP3 inthe favorite song - Select the start and end points of themusicfile ★ Ringtones maker MP3 & Notification ringtones maker- Setringtone for incoming call, notification tone, or alarm soundsandringtones of specific contacts - Convert MP3 to ringtone andMP3cutting ringtone ★ MP3 merger and cutter - Song merger morethantwo songs. - Merge audio files in different formats -Unlimitednumber of songs in an integration ★ Audio Mixer and BeatEditor -Mix audio with audio to create a new remix. You can becomea realDJ with our application - Choose the volume for each song tocreatethe best remix ★ MP3 Converter and Trimmer - MP3 convertingtoother formats such as AAC, WAV, M4A - Choose the sample rate32,64, 128, 192 K ★ Tag editor music - Change Song Title,Artist,Genre, Year, album title - Choose a photo from the photogallery asthe cover image for the album - Show detailed informationabout thesong - Search for songs in alphabetical order or searchengine ★Recording - The audio recorder is extremely convenient,afterrecording you can use the file to for trimming, merging... ★Videoto MP3 converter - Select the video you want video toaudioconverter - Cut video before video converter to MP3 - 1 touchforvideo to music converter High features that are only availableinthis audio editor and trimmer ✔ Built-in Voice Recorder. Youcanrecord voice or song to set as ringtone ✔ High-quality audiomergerand cutter ✔ Quickly convert video to audio ✔ Mixing audioplayer ✔Intuitive & Modern UI ✔ Sort audio into Trimmed,Merged, Mixed,Recording, Tag Editor for easy searching ✔ Edit thesonginformation easily ✔ Completely Free 3 simple steps in mixmusicapp [1]: Select 2 songs you want to mix [2]: Select the volumeofeach song in the mixing MP3 player [3]: Export music filesandshare them with your friends Are you ready to merge MP3 songs,edittag music, make ringtones from my music and mix songs to makeyourown music remix? Share your product with the rest of theworldthrough social networks! Download this merge songs apptoexperience the best of all. If you have any questions, feel freetocomment below. We always try to upgrade to give you the bestaudiocutter and editor and the best mix MP3 song maker.
DJ Mixer 2019 - 3D DJ App 1.4.5
🎧 DJ Mixer 2019 - 3D DJ App is a music player with a super cool3Duser interface in a virtual 3D world. The 3D DJ – DJ MixerMusicmachine is floating in the virtual area withTURNTABLES,full-fledged 3-band EQ mixer - with DJM EQ preset. 🎧 🎧Experience amusic player in the form of a DJ where you can use itto do the DJwork in a party. With this 3D DJ – DJ Mixer Music anysong can beremake Music mixing software, on the other hand, allowsforopen-ended non-linear composition. This is because the emphasisonmusic mixing software is on music loops, not full tracks.djloopssong can be combined, repeated, edited and distorted in aninfinitevariety of music format. You can crossfade between twotracksseamlessly and change the tempo and pitch in real-time.Differentbuilt-in melodies & sound effects are available to mixwithyour main music! 🎧 Key feature of 3D DJ – DJ Mixer Music 🎧 : ♫Twoawesome realistic TURNTABLES for a music maniac, DJ Mixer ♫ 3DDJ –DJ Mixer Music have bands equalizer for each deck ♫Musicbackground play mode: listen to your favorites songswhileconsulting other apps ♫ Visualizers : 3D DJ – DJ Mixer Musiclinkaudio with visuals. Watch your sound move thanks to 5differentawesome effects for mixer music ♫ Sampler music, mixersampler formixer music: 12 sample banks + possibility to recordyour ownsamples ♫ Seek within track, show elapsed and remainingtime, play2 songs simultaneously and cross-fade between them ♫ 3DDJ – DJMixer Music support for you many audio FX, mixer effect:Flanger,Phaser, Echo, Gate, Bit Crusher, Classical, Club, Dance,Full Bass,Full Bass and Treble, Full Treble, Headphones, LargeHall, Live,Party, Pop, Reggae, Rock, Ska, Soft, Soft Rock &Techno (createyour own sound) ♫ Button click fade – it’s like autofade onclicking the buttons ♫ DJ virtual 3D style compatiblewithsmartphones and tablets. ♫ 3D transition effects on screensandfolders switching for DJ. ♫ Elegant and simple DJ virtual 3Dscreennavigation. ♫ Screen management interface for DJ virtual 3Dwithincredible 3D effect. ♫ Astonishing DJ music mixer weatherwidget.♫ Very small, will not affect system performance. Equalizer&DJ Studio Music allows you to play two songs at the same timefromyour SD card ♫ Battery save function. 💕 Rate us 👍 We’realwaystrying to make 3D DJ – DJ Mixer Music better !!
3D DJ Mixer PRO – Music Player 1.1.36
🚀 3DJ Mixer studio gives you direct access to mix and remixyourfavorite songs and playlists instantly. You can crossfadebetweentwo tracks seamlessly and change the tempo and pitch inreal-time.Different built-in melodies & sound effects areavailable tomix with your main music ! 3D DJ Music Pro is a musicapp forcreative people and music lovers like you! In this musicAmazingthere are music tracks with different loops, and you cancombinethe sounds, turn it on or turn it off. Manipulate the musicas youwish by adding sound fx (dj sounds effects), using musicequalizersand more! Record your tracks just by pressing MIC button.Designedby and for professional Dj, the look and feel, as well astheergonomy of this new digital djing solution were especiallythoughtof to make this mixing interface the most intuitivepossible.Access : - Brand new audio effects, essential forexperienced DJs -like the Slip and the Roll - coming directly frompro DJ hardware -An automated audio effects synchronization in theBPM, the beatsand the audio sequences of the tracks to obtain thebest soundrendering - Manual audio system settings for purists whoprefer atotal control of their set like the Pitch setting mode orthechoice of the cross curve FEATURE HIGHLIGHTS : • 3Dintegration:mix and remix millions of tracks instantly • Musiclibraryintegration (mix all files and create your own remix, noaccess toGoogle Play Music) • Match: intelligent songrecommendation enginepowered by The Echo Nest. Create a remix ofyour favorite trackswith intelligent song recommendations. Musicselection and mixinghas never been easier and more fun. • Audio FX:Flanger, Phaser,Echo, Gate, Bit Crusher (create your own sound) •Mixer, Tempo,Pitch-Bend, Filter and EQ controls • Looping & CuePoints •Single Turntable portrait mode • Advanced time-stretching(requiresquad-core Nexus device) • Automatic beat & tempodetection •Auto-Gain (allows seamless mixing at same volume levelsbetween theleft turntable and the right turntable) • Support forall majoraudio formats • Support for Bluetooth devices • Supportfor MIDIControllers and audio interfaces (Pioneer DDJ-WeGO3,ReloopBeatpad) ♫ 3D Equalizer DJ Music Mixer ♪ DJ Music MixersupportsMusic Equalizer lets you adjust sound effect levels so thatyou getthe best sound. ♪ Music Equalizer is a volume slider withfive bandEqualizer with Bass Boost and Virtualizer effects. ♪ WithDJ MusicMixer you have Equalizer Music basically makes it possiblefor youto mix, edit and customize the sound of your tracks toensure anoptimal music listening experience. ♫ Use Music DJ Mixer 3DPro ♪3D DJ Music Mixer play 2 songs simultaneously andcross-fadebetween them ♪ Control volume and pitch from verticalslider ♪Select the effects to give from the given list ♪ DJ MusicMixerutterly adjustable music mixing deck ♫ Support Export DJ 3DToVideo ♪ Export Dj Music Mixer to Video DJ with image ♪ 3D DJMusicMixer to Video and Share social ♫ 3D DJ Music Mixer - 3dsoundplayer ♪ Mixer dj 3d sound player ♪ Automatic landscapeandportrait mode ♪ 3D DJ Music Mixer have 10 customizable samplepads♪ 3-bands equalizer for each deck ♪ Virtual dj pro in android ♪3DDJ Music Mixer search Music DJ ♪ Search music for songs ♪ 3DDJMusic Mixer auto-mix feature (random & playlist modes) ♪2virtual turntables with cross fader ♪ Search music foralbum,folder, genres...
Hip-Hop Drum Pads Guru 1.11
Make beats with ready to use professional Sound packs and samplesinHip-Hop Drum Pads Guru! Compose! Compete in finger tappingbeatmaking skills with your friends. Construct your own presetsbyusing Custom Preset feature. Share you recordings to friendsandDrum Pads Guru community! Creation of new masterpieces withStepSequencer or live playing is very pleasant and easy. ***Hip-HopDrum Pads Guru key features: - Big wonderful sound librarywithHip-Hop samples made by PRO DJs and Sound Producers - NewFreePresets released every 2 weeks and frequently - FlexibleStepSequencer - Create your own Presets in Custom Presetconstructor -Record you track and share with friends and community- Editablesamples pitch helps you to make different sounds -Editable padmodes. You can chose between Hold and Tap Mode - Videoandtutorials for beginners - Notification about new Presets -Supportsall screen resolutions and devices - Easy and intuitiveinterface -It's Free *** Join Hip-Hop Drum Pads Guru community andfollow ushere: -Youtube VK -Twitter -Instagram Enjoy the music!
com.barabapps.djmix 1.4
Do you like music, but cant to play musical instruments? A greatwayto find fulfilment becoming the DJ. Download the DJ MixEffectsSimulator app and DJ console will always in the pocket.Tryyourself in the DJs role at a friends party or theclassmatesbirthday. Write music or make mixes of popular tunes.Surprise thefriends with tracks adding new effects. Create aholiday foryourself and the friends. Plump out any party. Be alwaysin thepicture and create! Become a famous DJ with the DJ MixEffectsSimulator app.
Mstudio: Play,Cut,Merge,Mix,Record,Extract,Convert 3.0.3
Mstudio is most advanced & amazing Music Editor! This givesyouenhanced control and professional audio editor features withMp3cutter, Mp3 Player, Mp3 Merger, Mp3 Mixer , Mp3 Extractor,ChangeTempo, Change Pitch, Mp3 Converter, Mp3 Mutter, Mp3Omitter,Mp3Splitter.Its an music center which has all the featureswhich youever want in single application. Mp3 player the best soundqualityplayer with best interface ,Mp3 Cutter for makingRingtone,Mp3Mixer for mixing two audio tracks,Mp3 Merger forjoining theendless audio tracks,Record audio with lots of samplerates andencoding variation,Convert format and bit-rate of yourmusic files.Mp3 Player : Easily browse and play music songs bysongs,albums ,artists and folder. Music & Mp3 Player lets youmanage all yourmusic files more easier. Mp3 player have multiplenow playing UIstyles,Gestures for track switching and many morefeatures whichyou ever want in your music player. Mp3 Cutter : Cutthe best partfrom music tracks and create some dan's favoritetones. you can useit for your Mobile Default Ringtone,Notificationand Alarm Tone.Mp3 Cutter include Waveform of music tracks,Start& End Pointsof Track,Total duration of new creation, 3 levelzooming functionetc makes the Mp3 cutter to handle smoothly. Mp3Merger : Merge asmany song as you can with Mp3 Merger. Just choosethe more than onesongs and create single song without losing soundQuality. You canmerge N number of tracks with just in time.You cansee mergingprocess on your screen with percentage. Mp3 Merger caneasily mergedifferent type of music files ex. One MP3 file andanother WAVEmusic. Mp3 Mixer : Mix sound of two MP3 to createmashup or remix.same or any format of the songs can be remixed. Youcan also choosethe duration of your mashup,for instance you canassign duration ofyour mashup. Mp3 Extractor: Extract audio fromvideo file. whileextracting choose your audio setting like samplerate, channel,Bitrate etc.Enjoy best audio quality in output audio.Mp3 Converter :Easily convert from one format to another. Mp3Converter supports alarge number of formats like - MP3, AAC, WAV,M4A encoder etc. Youcan also choose the sample rate like 32 Kb, 64,128, 192 etc in mp3converter. Speed Changer : Choose audio fromlist,Play preview ofaudio,Change tempo (speed) of audio, ChangePitch rate of audio .create some best audio for whats-app status.Mute Audio : Chooseduration range of audio and mute that part ofaudio in just amoment. Audio Remover : You can remove audio fromvideo filesquickly using audio remover. Audio Splitter : Want tosplit anyaudio into two parts? Mstudio lets you quickly split anyaudio fileinto two parts. Audio Omitter : You can remove or cut-outa partfrom audio. This operations lets you cut out a part from themiddleof an audio file. Audio Recorder : High quality recordingswithoutlimits of time,Choose different types of sample rates andencodingformat, Pause Recording during incoming calls, Put phone insilencemode during recording, Edit ongoing recording using pitchview. Getthe most advanced and professional Audio Editorwithplayer,cutter,merger,mixer, tag editor and see what you havebeenmissing! Create best song tracks, ringtone ,Play yourbestcreation,Create best remixes, shorten music, mashup, Changeformatand bit rate and much more with this tool!
ru.makeandplayapps.realdjclubspidersimulator 2.1
Real Dj Club Spider Simulator Real Dj Club Spider Simulator -createauthor's club electronic music! Try yourself in the role ofDJ forthe installation! Unique Dj console in the style of a spiderin yourphone! Do cool Scratch and Mix! The design of the spiderwill bepleased with the richness of colors and the brightness ofthedesign. Make music compositions by combining different soundeffectsand bits into one. The presented library of bits andfinished trackswill please with the variety even the sophisticatedplayers! A clearand simple menu allows you to turn the mixingprocess into a realattraction of electronic music! Rotate theplates, getting atimeless, legendary sound effect! Mix the tracksinto a quality mix!Set up a disco at home and at school! Clubmusic is loved byeveryone! Scratch on the plates is cool! Sharethe application withyour friends and create together! Happy familyand relatives withthe resulting songs! Get experience points andopen access tohigh-grade quality tracks, for further informationin a single set!Collect the entire collection and make incendiaryparties! Save theresulting music! Start taking the first steps inthe electronicmusic industry right now. Develop a sense of rhythmand creativeimagination. Train your ears by learning all thesubtleties ofmaking music. Who knows, maybe it will be you whowill submit to thebig stage of the most famous openair! Share yourratings andcomments! Create music with us!
Sound Effect DJ 1.14
Play sound effects for every occasion! Is somebody talking toomuchin a meeting? Blow the Air Horn or Whistle and silence them!Did afriend just tell a funny joke? Play the laugh sound and showyoursupport! This popular sound machine is perfect for having funwithfriends or annoying family members. Soundboard includes 79soundeffects and can be customized sound button position. DownloadourSound Effect DJ to your Android phone! We are bringing acollectionof the Best DJ sound effects. Example sound effect inapplication :"Scratching" "Quack Quack", "OH NO!", "Kiss", "FartSound", "Ha HaHa", "Cry", "Cow", Gun", "I Love You", "Yee Haa","Seedy","Gargle", "Crap", "Sheep", "Mix Comical Sound", "PhoneVibrate","Thunderstorm", "Raining" etc. Sound Effect DJ Features: -75 Soundeffects (SFX) - Simple UI and Easy to use - Edit/Swap soundbuttonposition to make a group of sounds you use often. - You canrevertsound button position to our default position by clickingeditbutton and revert button - Stop sound button.
Virtual MP3 Music Mixer
With Virtual MP3 Music Mixer you can create your unique tracksinparty style! You are professional DJ or you just love goodmusic,Mix 8 ready tunes already on the virtual studio dj, remixyourfavorite songs, make great mixes with a pro DJsoftware.Features:-DJ mixer player with your own music andrecording and beat- Niceinterface that looks like a real desk djdubstep music maker-Display accurate bpm music waves- dj mixerplayer with your ownmusic with sound effects- Customizable dj fullmp3 music playerwith equalizer dj high bass- Best dj mixer forandroid, cross djfree mix your music- Owning hundreds dj soundeffects: Flanger,Gate, Reverb, Bit, Phaser- Mix music on deskreviews of electronicmusic dj, dj desk phone music reviews- free djmixer player withyour own music and recording- mix songs to makeyour own music likea home djPreparing your DJ sets in advance notoy-like turntablesVirtual MP3 music mixer supports Music Equalizerlets you adjustsound effect levels so that you get the best sound.with brilliantcolor-coded waveform displays, sample pads, uniqueeffects, andmore.DJ Mixer will show you how it feels to be a realDeejay createamazing mixes equalizer and boost your turntabledjayfor free andeasy.
DJ Player 7.0
DJ Player 2019 Audio Player & Video Mixture like DJ Softwaretouse multiple songs in single time for playing in party. Youcanfind 3d sound effect on songs Play in your personal party&enjoy a day. D J Player Latest App Download & installourapplication on your any android version devices with wholenewfeatures of Multiple Player with sound Effects, Bass, Treble,Djmix songs, DJ Mixer Pro Software, Video Music Mixture, djplayermobile app, Arrange Multiple Video in single Playlistwithbackground of different Audio song, Pioneer Dj Sound, DJStudio, DJliker, Video Player 2018, 9 songs selection in singletime (15Songs in Paid Version), 3 Songs Sequence with Fade in FadeOutSupport (5 Sequences in Paid Version), New UI design &latestAndroid version support with Video playing background ofdifferentaudio. DJ Player app 2017 is application providing asolution to djplayer 3d 2018 for manage a Songs mixture, VideoMixture &Audio/Video Mixture assign more Quality. Currently weare providing4 Features in our application as below DJ Player musicmixer pro -In this Section you can select 3 song & easily playwith ourFade in & Fade out effect to play multiple song as DJSoftwareto up down your different song. Audio Player (DJ Player2018) -Create Playlist & enjoy your music when you aredriving,walking, gym or any type of activity with sound effect.MultipleSongs Player - You can select 10 songs & play withStart &stop to arrange a music. Video/Audio Mixture Pro - Ourgreatsupport to manage video & Audio in single time, You needtojust follow the screen. First add Video on left screen thenaudioon the right screen & play with sound up & down tomixVideo as a view & Audio as a sound to enjoy Video/Audioinsingle player User will enjoy from any location like India,UnitedStates (US), United Kingdom (UK), Australia, China, etc youcanplay with your song easily just on finger More is coming soonkeepvisit the app page #djplayer #musicplayer #audioplayer#djmixer#djliker
Electro Drums Pad Dj Mix 1.6
Electro Drums Pad Dj Mix - Powerful Set of Sheet Music SetDjMixDrum Pad Electro Mixing your music is easy - read this - DJ MixPadis a mix of powerful sheet music.You can play together withyourfriends, Electro Drum Pads is made for everyone who likesmusic,who loves to make beats and rhythms and for those ones whojustwants to have fun.TO USE: There are wonderful tempo plateswithmany sounds: drum, bass, professional piano ...It hasbeendescribed as a master DJ and can be used at night at the djmixmaker.Electro Drum Pad beats and music within your phone ortabletwith Drum Pads.Fun to use with this Electro drum machine.Learnabout new tempo, Shuffle, Electro Echo, etc.
3D DJ Mixer Music 6.9.88
🚀3D DJ Music Mixer, Good DJ software can make all the differenceinyour performance. If you wannabe DJ, starting here withthebeginner. Despite being an ultimately paid product, thisfreeversion of app doesn’t have any limitations in terms offeatures orcommercials. With DJ Music Mixer you needn't bother withany customcurriculum or music aptitudes. Simply utilize yourimpulse andbegin music making without any falterings. Plunge intomusiccraziness with this DJ scratch cushion. 3D DJ Music Mixerappenables you to mix, remix, scratch, loop or pitch your music inthepalm of your hands. You can also create, save, and loadplaylists,and mixes songs. 3D DJ Music Mixer is a music app forcreativepeople and music lovers like you! In this music Amazingthere aremusic tracks with different loops, and you can combine thesounds,turn it on or turn it off. Manipulate the music as you wishbyadding sound fx ( dj sounds effects), using music equalizersandmore! Record your tracks just by pressing MIC button. ♫ 3D DJMusicMixer - 3d sound player ♪ 3D DJ Music Mixer advanced BPMadjustmentusing the 'Tap BPM' function with beats synchronization ♪Automatedaudio effects sync on the beats of your songs (Loop, Cue,Seek...)♪ New FX: Roll and Roll Filter ♪A 'Slip' mode that can beactivatedfor Loops and Scratch ♪ 3D DJ Music Mixer auto-mix feature(random& playlist modes) ♪ 2 virtual turntables with crossfader ♪Mixer dj 3d sound player ♪ Automatic landscape and portraitmode ♪3D DJ Music Mixer have 10 customizable sample pads ♪3-bandsequalizer for each deck ♪ Virtual dj pro in android ♪ 3D DJMusicMixer search Music DJ ♪ Search music for songs ♪ 3D DJ MusicMixersearch music for artist ♪ Search music for album, folder,genres...♫Smart Recoded Dj Mix Music - Mixer dj 3d sound player ♪DJ MusicMixer Recode and play mixer dj ♪ Mixer dj 3d sound player♫3DEqualizer DJ Music Mixer ♪ DJ Music Mixer supports MusicEqualizerlets you adjust sound effect levels so that you get thebest sound.♪ Music Equalizer is a volume slider with five bandEqualizer withBass Boost and Virtualizer effects. ♪ With DJ MusicMixer you haveEqualizer Music basically makes it possible for youto mix, editand customize the sound of your tracks to ensure anoptimal musiclistening experience. ♫ Use Music DJ Mixer - 3D TiestoDj - 3D DJMusic Mixer play 2 songs simultaneously and cross-fadebetween them- Control volume and pitch from vertical slider -Select theeffects to give from the given list - DJ Music Mixerutterlyadjustable music mixing deck ♫ Support Export DJ 3D To Video-Export Dj Music Mixer to Video DJ with image - 3D DJ Music MixertoVideo and Share social ♫ And also: ♪ 3D DJ Music Mixerautomatedand precise BPM detection for your songs ♪ Continuous Syncand 12loop pad with a variety of sound effects  ♪ Music Mix awideaudio spectrum for optimized beats detection ♪ 3D DJ MusicMixerPro audio FX: Flanger, Echo, Loop, Hot Cues, Equalizer ♪ 3DDJMusic Mixer HD recording of your mixes in .wav format ♪ Shareyourmixes on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, WhatsApp ♪ DJ Music Mixer3Dno popups everywhere, everyday ♪ 3D DJ Music Mixer is nopremium,platinum only features ♪ Export Dj Music Mixer to Video DJwithimage 🚀 Tks for used 3D DJ Music Mixer
Electro Music Drum – DJ Mixer 1.1
All new Electro Drum Music Pad ! Make beats and music with freshEDMsample packs! Use new pitch effect to make your beats evenbetter!Watch tutorials from Drum Pads 24 Crew in the Video andTutorialssection!A Top high quality soundtrack and sound designstyle is likereal with amazing vibration animation on play.ElectroDruminterpretation will make your music sound as a producer ofpopularEDM!Playing on the road with signs of professional studioandcollaborate with friends!All new Electro Music Drum Pads Makebeatsand music with fresh EDM sample packs! Use new pitch effectto makeyour beats even better! Watch tutorials from Drum Pads 24Crew inthe Video and Tutorials section!Electro Drum is thegreatapplication to make beats and music on your phone or tabletwithyour fingers.Electro Drum Pads Applications This option allowsyouto discover your sound design style. The course is fun andenjoythe sound design.Dj Mix Drum Pad Electro Mixing your music iseasy- read this - DJ Mix Pad is a mix of powerfulsheetmusic.Electronic Drum Beat Pad 16 high quality studio sound.Thisoption allows you to discover your sound design likeprofessionalstudio sound . You play on acoustic drums, or justlearning?Try our unique electro drums. Connect to speakers orheadphones andplay your drums! Try to play electric drums beforebuying. Anotherkind, a different sound impact, but also very highquality andinteresting!Applications Electro Drum Pads works tocreate musicand songs in different styles. A unique soundtrack andsound designstyle is different.Dubstep all the best traditions, anewmagnifying glass, bits of samples! Combines music, in auniquesimulator console dubstep!Dj Mix Tworzenie MuzykiApplications Thisoption allows you to discover your sound designstyle. The courseis fun and enjoy the sound design.Enjoy Electrosounds Buttons DrumNow you can play Electric Drums. Make beats andmusic with freshHigh Quality soundtrack and sound design style islikereal.Electronic Drum Beat Pad 16 high quality studiosound.Thisoption allows you to discover your sound design likeprofessionalstudio sound . Electro Drum Pads DJMusic interpretationwill make your music sound as a producerof popular EDM! This is abeat app for drum pads, EDM pads. Playingon the road with signs ofprofessional studio and collaborate withfriends! Here you canmake music in beat maker go where beatsapp in making music withmusic pads to launch pad and helps in remixmaker to make soundwith drumpads on touchpad. To play, simplytap your fingers onthe drum. And drum sounds are playedsimultaneously. Choose aweight heavy volume as needed. It soundslike real drums.ElectricDrum Pads to help you design andimagination. Sound design ormusic. Ideal for those who begin todesign sound. It can be easy touse and allows you to evolve interms of design and style ofmusic.What we have inside:>Professional studio sounds> Newsound packs every month> Videoand tutorials> Pitch sliderbar> New fresh designDrummer knowsthat practicing drumsregularly is a way to success.It can be easyto use and allow youto evolve in terms of design and style ofmusic.Electro Drum Padshas different type of samples:✔ Awesomewobbles✔ Base lines✔Different Snares✔ Synth chords✔ Vocals✔ Kiks✔Hi Hats✔ FXYou canplay together with your friends, Electro DrumPads is made foreveryone who likes music, who loves to make beatsand rhythms andfor those ones who just wants to have fun.Thank You!!!
Virtual DJ Sound Mixer
You love Creating Music ? You want to be like real dj stars ?thisVirtual DJ Sound Mixer it is for you its a virtual DJmixingStudio, very simple and easy where you can mixing music andadd djloops to ready songs or own soundtracks be ready and creatyou bestmixes now.Features:- DJ Music Mixer advanced BPM adjustmentusingthe 'Tap BPM' function with beats synchronization‐ Automatedaudioeffects sync on the beats of your songs (Loop, Cue, Seek...)‐NewFX: Roll and Roll Filter‐ A 'Slip' mode that can be activatedforLoops and Scratch- DJ Music Mixer auto-mix feature (random&playlist modes)- 2 virtual turntables with cross fader-DJapplication is compatible with Android phones and tablets-edjingdj music mixer studio prothis dj software containhighest-qualitysound for a total of 40 loops in the mix to be atotal of 8 tracks,this is all in the mix recording as pause.Keyboard piano functionas a pad dj to let you add fx djay, sound djof piano, saxophone oran organ, string instruments, music, favoritesong mixer in the mixas a performance of dj softwareselecting djplaylist to remix songon a video dj or creating mixes of dj remixcratching and movingdecks to mix dj if you are looking for freeonline sound effects orsounds effect library free then this is theapp dj mixer player foryou! If you want to download dj soundeffects.
com.mixsoundlite.djvirtualpro 2.0
Virtual DJ Music Mixer is a virtual mixing software DJ and easytouse, provides some songs in the play with the equalizersupport.You can add playlist from sdcard or the default playlist(MP3).allows you to play music to become a professional DJSpecialFeatures DJ Music Pro: - With the equalizer function you canequatethe best music mix with advanced quality - Changes in tempo /pitch/ BPM - Create / open / edit a playlist - Two dj scratchingsounds- Displays the waveform of each mixture - UI is simple, easyto use- Optimized For all mobile devices and tablets - Create avirtualdj equalizer Profesioan more real.
Audio MP3 Cutter Mix Converter and Ringtone Maker 1.86
The most powerful and complete Audio Editor! It has all thefeaturesyou would ever want in an Audio Editor!! Trim Audio – MP3Cutter forRingtones, Merge two or more audio files, Mix AudioClips, ChangeMetadata fields like Art Cover, Music Album name etc,Convert fromone format to another - MP3, AAC, WAV … and the listof app featuresgoes on!! App is completely FREE!! No limits!>>>>Features <<<< ➜ MP3 Cutter: Select thebest part fromthe Song then trim and cut the desired part of thesong for using inRingtone, Notification tones, Alarm tones.Inbuilt player for easyselection of ringtone cutter startlocation, end cut location andwaveform support. Mp3 cuttersupports cutting of MP3, AAC, WAV, M4A,AMR etc. ➜ Easily choosethe Songs, other audio files from the list.You can search the listof songs. Also Music, Ringtones,Notifications, Alarms are markedseparately so that one can chooseeasily. Also songs are listedalphabetically, so that one can chooseby just browsing as well. ➜Ringtone Setting: Set Trimmed audio asRingtone, Notification Tone,Alarm Tone. Apart from default ringtonemaker, you can also useringtone cutter for a particular contact. ➜Audio Mixing Tool: MixAudio of two songs to create remixes. Same orany format songs canbe remixed. You can also choose the Volume, forinstance you cankeep one song at low volume and another at highvolume in yourmashups. ➜ Merge Audio: Merge two or more AudioClips. You canmerge any number of Audio clips and make a uniquetone withringtone cutter. Merging of different formats is possiblefor eg.One MP3 file and another WAV music. . It also supports FadeIn/Fade Out support thus giving a professional output. ➜MetadataEditor: You can change a number of metadata tags of a Songlike –Song Title tag, Cover Art, Music Album name, Singer Name/Artist,Genre, Composer, Year, Track number and more. This givesyouenhanced control and professional audio editor features withmp3cutter. You can choose a photo from your gallery for using inartcover in the tag editor. ➜ MP3 Converter: Easily convert fromoneformat to another. Supports a large number of formats like -MP3,AAC, WAV, M4A encoder etc. You can also choose the sample ratelike32 Kb, 64, 128, 192 etc in mp3 converter. ➜ Supports largenumberof formats in all the features - MP3 Cutter, Merge, MetadataSongEditor etc. ➜ Easily access your music creations. Music outputlistis well organized, stored in different tabs like Trimmed Audiohasthe cut mp3 files, Merged files, Metadata change files &FormatConverter files. You can browse your music and search. Youcan playa particular file, set as default ringtone. You can alsouseringtone cutter for a particular contact. ➜ Share yourcreationswith the world! Share on Faceboook, Whatsapp, email andmore. ➜ Mp3Player: Inbuilt Mp3 player in the app. ➜ Recorder forrecordingyour voice and music. Use these recordings in ringtonemaker,remixes etc. . ➜ Super Fast processing & rendering! ➜Intuitive& Modern UI Get the most powerful Audio Editor withmp3 cutterapp and see what you have been missing! Create best songtracks,ringtone cutter, remixes, shorten music, mashups, tag editorandmuch more with this tool! App uses FFmpeg under permission ofLGPL.
Opala Studios
Super Pads Lights is a beat maker app. It works like areallaunchpad, but in a simpler way. You can choose predefinedkits,with beats and loops inspired by famous tracks. But if youalreadyare a beat maker pro, you can create your own sound packsandperform your beats and loops in a fun way. You'll rockplayingmusic with awesome light effects! Ready to feel like a realDJ?Drop the beat! FEATURES: • Easy to play • New tracks, beatsandloops every week • in-app tutorial and YouTube videos •Connectionwith Novation Launchpad • Light Effects • Synchronicity:the lightsfollow the sounds • Audio recorder • Easy to use audioeditor •Import audios from your device library • High qualitysounds • Noneed to update to get new tracks ★ AN EASY-TO-USELAUNCHPAD: Youdon't have to be a professional DJ to use Super PadsLights - werelease new kits every week, inspired by famous tracks,withpredefined beats and loops. Play famous hits, like Faded andAlonefrom DJ Alan Walker, besides DJ Martin Garrix, Skrillex,Marshmelloand others. ★ CREATE YOUR OWN MUSIC: Become a beat makerwith the"create kit" tool. Import samples from your device libraryor usethe mic to record sounds and even beatbox performances. Shareyourlaunchpad kits in the community tab and everyone will be abletoplay your beats and loops. ★ EDIT AVAILABLE TRACKS: If you wanttouse some sounds from an available kit, you can edit it andchangespecific beats and loops, as you wish. It's very simple: openthemusic kit, than click on the edit button. You can save yourmusickit and share with other beat makers. ★ AUDIO RECORDER:Performyour beats and save the audio with the record tool. Beforeplaying,click to the record button and click again when you'redone. Thenedit your music file and save it! ★ EVERY MUSIC STYLE:Super PadsLights has remixes kits inspired by many styles likeelectro, edm,dubstep, hip hop, trap, rap, drum & bass and pop.You can alsosend us music suggestions, we make music every weekbased in whatyou want to play! Anyone who loves music can playSuper PadsLights, from the beginner to the professional beat maker!If youwant to become a DJ, this is a great start! Who create ourbeats?We have an awesome beat maker team around here, creatingeverythingfrom scratch! We don't use the original songs, we makeeverythingin our own studio. Each launchpad kit is inspired by afamous song,but the beats and loops are made by some DJ from ourteam. So feelfree to use our sounds in your compositions :) BECOMEASUPERPADDER: Subscribe to our YouTubeChannel: Follow us onInstagram: Do you wanna talkto us?-> SUPER PADS LIGHTS, you canmusic.
Simulator Club DJ 1.9
Simulator Club DJ - this simulation game where you can createaroundthemselves a real disco! Do you like club music and mixes?Doyouwant to try yourself as a J or MC? You have a chance withourapp!Write your track and save it on your phone! Amaze yourfriendsand loved ones cool music!Be the center of attention with anewmusical setting!Make a disco at home or at a party!Turn on thegameand start to do mixes with the plate! You can do cool Scratchonthe record! As well as making music in beautifulSamples!Surpriseyour friends and loved ones!Mix of differenttracks!Thank you forplaying our game and application! Leave usfeedback and evaluation,and we try to make our games even moreinteresting!
Free DJ Mix Music 1.4.2
Free DJ Music is the best dj mix music application, you canlistento the most popular album, play your favorite music genres.You canadd thousands of tracks into your favorite playlist. Free DJMusiclets you discover amazing nonstop, edm, house, dubstep musicandmuch, much more. Free DJ Music also is a best mp3 musicdownloader.You can download all songs that you love. Free DJ Musicis also thebest music media player, it has beautiful and intuitiveuserinterface, you can repeat and shuffle songs. You can listen tofreemusic like a with or without wifi. KEY FEATURES : + Search andfindfree music and song tracks + Explore free music online bypresetgenres + Download mp3 music for playing offline + Manageyourfavorite music and songs + Shuffle and Repeat mode + Play musiconbackground + Music player widget =====COPYRIGHTINFORMATION=====All music are created by artists for free oninternet, Free Musicdoes not have any direct control of theircontent. All trademarksand copyrights are used here under the termsof Fair Use and theDigital Millennium Copyrights Act (DMCA). If youhave any furtherquestions, please feel free to contact
Real DJ Free 1.0
Real DJ FreeReal DJ Free - application that turns your phone intoavirtual DJ console!Involves electronic music? Do you like theclubatmosphere? Then this game is for you!Create your tracks fromthesounds presented in this game!At your disposal a huge catalogofsound effects, allowing you to create unique compositions!Savetheresulting creations and share it with your friends!Take thefirststeps along the path of professional MS and DJ!In this gameyou cancreate music in suchdirectionsas:-Techno-Dabsep-Rock-Lounge-Acid-Hardrock-House-ElectroDoSkretch records and mix samples!Train your earsand sense ofrhythm!In this game you will get an infinite freedomofcreativity!Combine the provided sounds and effects into yourownunique mixes!Leave your comments and ratings! Play with us!
rekordbox is a music management App for Pioneer DJ products. Youcantransfer music files from your Mac/Windows to this App topreparefor your DJ performance such as creating playlists, settingcuepoints, and so on. Changes and settings that have been made onyourAndroid device can be written back to rekordbox on yourMac/Windowsfor further editing and playback. You can also playmusic files inthe Android version of rekordbox with Pioneer DJproducts thatsupport this App. (currently CDJ-TOUR1, CDJ-2000NXS2,CDJ-2000NXS,CDJ-900NXS, XDJ-1000MK2, XDJ-1000, XDJ-700, XDJ-RX2,XDJ-RX andXDJ-AERO are supported.) Main features : Transferringmusic filesfrom rekordbox on your Mac/Windows to this App viaWi-Fi. Changesand settings that have been made on this App can bewritten back torekordbox on your Mac/Windows for further editingand playback.Importing existing music files from your Androiddevice. Settingmemory cues/loops, hot cues/loops. Analysing andediting beatgrids/keys. (Please note that features such as memorycues/loops andhot cues/loops are not included in XDJ-AERO.)Editing comments andrating tracks. Creating and editing playlists.Playing music filesin rekordbox with Pioneer DJ products thatsupport this App. (USBand Wi-Fi connection can be used withCDJ-TOUR1, CDJ-2000NXS2,CDJ-2000NXS, CDJ-900NXS, XDJ-1000MK2,XDJ-1000, XDJ-700 and XDJ-RX.USB connection can be used withXDJ-RX2. Wi-Fi connection can beused with XDJ-AERO. A Wi-Fi routeris required to connect this appto CDJ-TOUR1, CDJ-2000NXS2,CDJ-2000NXS, CDJ-900NXS, XDJ-1000MK2,XDJ-1000, XDJ-700 and XDJ-RXvia Wi-Fi.) We recommend you installthe Mac/Windows version ofrekordbox (Ver.4.0.6 or later) on yourcomputer to use this Appmore effectively. The Mac/Windows versionof rekordbox can bedownloaded for free from Pioneer DJ rekordboxweb site: Please note that Pioneer DJ doesnotguarantee that this App works without any issues on any devices.
NCS Music 1.3.2
★★★★★ INTRO ★★★★★ Who are we? We are NoCopyrightSounds(NCS)-dedicated music collective, providing copyright free soundsforcreators to enhance their original content, safe frominfringement.NCS releases music created by a variety of differentmusicians,mainly royalty-free music that can be utilized onmultipleplatforms and services, such as YouTube and Twitch. Thelabelmainly publishes music that pertains to the electronic dancemusicgenre as well as other alternative themed music. This is thebestmusic player of NCS Music. We offer you the audio player thathasthe most popular and accurate music mix, according to yourtaste.NCS Music: Best NCS Music is designed for the true musiclover andwho just wants to relax listening to the best tracks.★★★★★Features ★★★★★ NCS provides awesome features as: - Highqualitymusic streams from SoundCloud API - UI: modern and friendly,easynavigation so you can find music easily. - The best songs,thelatest daily updated. - Top New, find current issues in oneplace .- Show playlists most popular listen and download withgenres:Dance, EDM, Dubstep, DeepHouse, Electro, Progressive,Trance... -Free mp3 music of your favorite choice - Noregistration, no fees★★★★★ Genres ★★★★★ # Dance & EDM # Dupstep# Electronic # House# Drum & Bass # Trap ★★★★★ NOTE ★★★★★ * Letus know of what youthink about our idea in the reviews and whatcould be improved foryour music relaxing. * NCS music may use largeamounts of data andcarrier data charges. For best results, werecommend you connectyour device to trusted WiFi networks whenavailable. * By complyingwith the API Terms of Use, we do notprovide caching anddownloading any tracks * If you likeSoundCloud®, you can find morein it's great nativeclient:★★★★★COMMUNITY ★★★★★ Like what you hear? Let us know, and shareyourdiscoveries with the world.SoundCloud: Privacypolicy:
Toddler Shopping 2 3.0.0
Toddler Shopping 2 has 13 awesome store aisles for your toddlertoexplore. Drag and drop grocery store items to drop them inthegrocery cart--it's easy enough for even very young toddlers.Yourkids will have a blast collecting all the groceries, checkingout,and loading the groceries into the car. This is a an awesomefungame to help your young kids appreciate the grocery store.AisleCategories include: Dairy, Produce, Party, Tools, Household,Books,Outdoor, Clothing, Pet, Babies, Canned Food, Boy Toys, GirlToys Solet's go to the Toddler Shopping store! And don't forget topick upsome milk and diapers. If you like this app, be sure tocheck outthe other apps by Russpuppy!
Music Volume EQ — Equalizer Bass Booster Amplifier 4.7
Ξ Best bass booster & music volume equalizer for Android🎧Control your music volume, boost your music and amplify youraudiowith Music Volume EQ. Listen to the top songs in your musiclibrarywith the BEST audio control & bass booster app forAndroid!Music Volume EQ has various features including live musicstereoled VU meter, five band Equalizer, amp, bassboost, 3Dvirtualizer,slider volume & audio control. To get the bestresults, pairMusic Volume EQ with your best headphones. If youdon’t have a pairof headphones or if you want to use a speaker, youcan still enjoygood music with our app. Music Volume EQ is also agreat speakerbooster and bass booster if you use a Bluetoothspeaker to listento music. All of us install Android music playerto play top songsin our music library. We hope to listen to goodmusic with highquality sound (maybe even surround sounds like inwhen you are insurround theaters!). However, even with the mostadvanced mp3 musicplayer, you will still high quality audio controlapp to get thebest sound, even if you are using the best hifiheadphones in themarket. That’s why you need Music Volume EQ, thebest audiocontrol, speaker booster, amplifer, and equalizer! Youcan adjustand amp audio and also enjoy live visual with our 3DVirtualizer. ΞFeatures of Music Volume EQ ✔ Media audio control ✔Five band musicequalizer ✔ Bassbooster effect - speaker booster ✔3D Virtualizereffect ✔ 9 equalizer presets with Custom Preset ✔ 2themes (Classicand Material theme) ✔ Listen to good music whateveraudio playeryou use ✔ Stereo led VU meter ✔ Home screen widget ✔Lock mediavolume ✔ Loudness enhancer - Volume boost amplifier (OnlyforAndroid version 4.4 and higher) ✔ Great for hifi headphones✔Circular music beat bars ✔ Video volume booster ✔ Audiblesoundspectrum ✔ Live Wallpaper ✔ Option to use System Equalizer Ourappis compatible with most Android music players & videoplayers.That means you can still enjoy good music with yourfavorite MP3Music player to play your top songs from your songlibrary. It justtakes a few simple steps to enjoy surround soundjust like insurround theater from your phone. Ξ How to install& use: 1.Put on your best headphones 2. Turn on your Androidmusic player toplay top songs from your music library. 3. OpenMusic Volume EQ andadjust sound level and frequency. 4. To savecustom preset pressSave Preset on the list and type preset name. Todelete preset,long press presets name and delete. 5. Select yourpreferred theme:Classic or Material 6. You can switch tofull-screen visualizationand enjoy in a stereo sound booster. 7. Toclose the applicationand remove from Status Bar long press apppower button. So, whatare you waiting for? Are you ready to immerseyourself in the bestquality surround sounds like in SurroundTheater? Do you want toenjoy the best hifi quality sounds on yourheadphones? Simplydownload and use Music Volume EQ now for FREE! Wehope that youenjoy our sound booster equalizer app! If you do,please take aminute to support our app by leaving a rating andreview.
Drum Pads Guru 1.27
Drum Pads Guru - is a sampler and drum machine for creation musicinvarious music styles(FutureBass,Trap,House,Funk,Hip-Hop,EDM,Electro and others). Makebeatswith ready to use presets (sound packs) and samples!Compose!Compete in beat making skills with your friends. Easycontrol andseparation pads by color make creation of newmasterpieces verypleasant and easy. *** Drum Pads Guru keyfeatures: - New FreePresets released every month and frequently -Flexible sequencer -Record you track and share with friends -Editable samples pitchhelps you to make different sounds - Editablepad modes. You canchose between Hold and Tap Mode - Big wonderfulsound library invarious music styles created by PRODJs(Dubstep,Hip-Hop,Trap,EDM,Future Bass,Electro,Chill etc.) -Videoand tutorials for beginners - No more need update up to getnewpresets. New Presets will come automatically - Notificationaboutnew Presets - Supports all screen resolutions and devices -Easyand intuitive interfac - It's Free *** Join Drum PadsGurucommunity and follow us here: -Youtube VK -Twitter Enjoy the music!
Dance Ringtones 2020 6.1
This is the world's top popular DJ electronic audio, Bestnightclubmusic effects ringtones, Which can shock your hearing, soyou feelthe world's best dj Remix of charm, It is different fromtheringtones you've heard in the past, The ringtone here willgiveyour phone a distinctive personality, but also let you hearthemost fashionable DJ Remix Electronic music. Importantly, allthisis free, you can completely free use of this application, veryeasyto customize your own ringtones, SMS ringtones, ring tones,alarmtones, alarm clock, and your phone all the sound effects. Doyoulike DJ remix music? Use this sound as a ringtone, is a verycoolthing! Now, you can download this application for free, therearethe world's top DJ remix sound, super nightclub music, stylish3Dsurround sound, multichannel and stereo, we from millions ofDJmusic carefully selected the most popular songs and music, Youcaneasily use them, DIY their own Android phone, you can settheringtones, alarm clock ringtones, SMS ringtones,notificationringtones, and the phone on a variety of sound effects.You canalso set different ringtones for different contacts on youraddressbook. Use these ringtones, you can appreciate thedistinctivepersonal effects. These ringtones are high-quality HI-FIsoundquality, the volume is very loud, it sounds very loud, becauseinthe production of these ringtones in the process, we use anewtechnology for music post-processing. This application canmakeyour phone the largest volume, and the sound will not bedistorted,no damage to the sound quality. This is the most advancedvolumeamplification technology. Club and Dance ringtones is coolandroidapp featuring collection of top disco and club ringtones. Inthisapp you can find various sounds such as dj mixes, trap,electro,even some dubstep melodies. With this app you will neverhave tostop the party, just choose your favorite sound and use itasringtone, contact ringtone, sms notification sound or set asalarmand wake up with most popular club music and start new dayfull ofenergy. With this app you will always have club and discomusicwherever you are. Download Club and Dance Ringtones now andenjoydisco ringtones on your phone! Features: ♫ This is thebestringtone 2020 app for mobile phones and tablets! ♫ High qualitySMSsounds, notification ringtones and alarm tones for your device!♫Includes the most popular sound effects: DJ sound effects,“clubmusic ringtones", “techno ringtones", house music, dancemusictones, “hip hop ringtones", funny sound effects, funnyvoicemessages, voice ringtones etc.; ♫ Easy to use interface: justtaponce to listen to the sound and hold to set it; Set as a ringtone,SMS notification alert, alarm sound or assign it tospecificcontacts; ♫ New 2020 Ringtones are the most amazing freemusicringtones that you must have! ♫ Completely free, this is afullversion; when the application is downloaded to your mobilephoneyou can: 🎧 choose your new original and determine as freecallertone, cool sms tone, notification or special alarm. 🎧Varioustones, advanced design and easy interface to use foreveryone. 🎧 Atimer to play the original melodies of your mobile,unlimited musicplayback. A wide variety of playlists. New greatmelodies torefresh your phone. 🎧 Set the Favorite Sound widgetbutton on yourHome screen. 🎧 Possibility to share 2020 at any timevia all socialnetworks or by message or mail. 🎧 Compatibility 🎧Make yoursmartphone exceptional with our new!!!