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Agrobase - weed, disease, insect 1.1.3
WEB version: Agrobase is the mostpopularapp for farmers and agronomists. It includes agronomicknowledgedatabase with pests, weeds and diseases catalog and allregisteredpesticides, insecticides, herbicides in a chosencountry. Easily identify diseases, insects or pests in yourfield and find ahassle-free solution for crop protection. Savemoney on pesticides,fungicides or herbicides, aim for higher yield.Agrobase is usedamong crop, vegetable, fruit, nut, horticulturaland livestockfarmers to reach higher farming productivity. This apphas beendesigned to be practical and easy to use in-field by CropAdvisors,Gardeners, Trainee Agronomists and Agricultural Students.Correctlyidentifying specific weed, disease or pest is the firststep toeffective control.  This application features a richandcontinuously updated database of weed, diseases, pest andinsect,also including crop protection product descriptions withlinks –choose the right solution to a specific problem. It alsoprovidesinformation about crop protection product registration andexpirydate, and the most importantly - efficiency on differentissues.This is a great help for agronomists, farmers, distributorsor farmcontractors to find product by their main ingredient,name,category or culture. In the field, a farmer or agronomistcaneasily identify weed, pest, insects or diseases by searchingfortheir common name, Latin name, category or culture. If, byanychance, incorrect descriptions or information about cropprotectionproducts, weeds, diseases or pest occur, please reportthe problemusing Report button. In our database pesticides from allcropprotection manufacturers are included: BAYER, BASF,SYNGENTA,MONSANTO, DU PONT, NUFARM, Dow AgroSciences, AganChemical, ADAMA,Belchim, Cheminova, ISK, FCS, StahlerInternational, BarclayChemicals, Arysta LifeScience,RotamAgrochemical, AgriChem, NissanChemical, United Phosphorous Limited,Nisso Chemical, SumitomoChemical Agro. ➜ In this app you may find:Weed ID, Diseases ID,Pest, Insect ID app for farms who are growing:Corn, Winter wheat,Spring oats, Spring barley, Winter rye, Winterrape, Wintertriticale, Beets, Buckwheat, Winter flax, Spring wheat,Winterbarley, Spring rape, Spring triticale, Winter oats, Peas,Beans,Alfalfa, Canola, White mustard, Sunflowers, Soybeans, Rice,Almondsand other row crops (corn, cotton, rice, sorghum, soybeans,andwheat). ➜ In app you can also find different types ofherbicide,fungicide, insecticide, adjutants, growth regulators,seedtreatment, Foliar Nutrition and other pesticides forprofessionaluse in farms.  ➜ Choosing right pesticide you canuse sprayercalculator, calibrator, calibration, sprayer tank mix,nozzle flowrate, tank mix rate, spray rate, fertilizer spraying,fertilizerapplication, chemicals mixed in the tank, agriculturalapplicators,agriculture, ag, agro, agri, tank mixing , Spray Logs,farm recordkeeping, plants, seeds, soil and water, water pivot,HGCA, basf,adama, bayer, syngenta and other companies. Otheragroculturemeanings like broad-leaved weeds, grass - weeds, youngplant andmature plant growth stages. Tractor, tractors,harvester,harvesters, new holland, case, class, fend ant otherfarmingequipment.  ➜ Also: weed spotter, insect spotter,pestspotter, diseases spotter, wheat, price, forecast,commodities,grain price, grain market, farm managing system, recordkeeper,farm, farmers, farming, farmer, log farm data, vermin,vermins.Before downloading the app, don't forget to check if itprovidesyour region language.
New Weed Farming Simulator 3D 1.0
New Weed Farming Simulator 3DLet’s start work on farm fields tosowweed.Are you ready to grow the weeds in your farmhouse? Ifyou’reready then come and spend your time in marijuana farm. Plantandraise marijuana strains to use different type of pots orfertilizerto increase your cannabis weed growth. Become weed forthe farmerand seeding the marijuana in your farm fields by usingfarmingtractor. Perform your duty as a trafficker and sale ganja toyourregular customer to earn profit in weed sim. Grow the weed inyourfarm fields and take care of them by giving water to yourmarijuanacrop in plant game. After that spray pesticides chemicalsto killinsects that are harmful for your weed growing. Usemultiplemachinery such as tractor, sprinkler and plow to sow weedin yourfarm field in ganja farmer. Become farmer of weed and a quitrebelwith a cause in farming games. In the beginning, use potsforgrowing weed plant and take care of them from insects inganjafarm. Grow marijuana and become weed dealer to supply ganja toyourregular customer to earn money in weed games.You will usemultiplevariety of seeds in your ganja farms and sell them to thelocals toincrease your wealth. Become professional dealer to sellyour ganjaweed to your customer and other drugs addictive in weedsimulator.You will take multiple steps to grow your weed in plantfor games2018. Initial levels are easy to play to build yourfarming skillsin weed farm. When you will cultivate your marijuanafarm then givewater for their earlier weed growth and spray to killinsects inweed games. Use your mind and manage all the things thatare usedto grow the weed in farming games. Save your weed shop fromthugsand dirty cops. Start your work on pot farm to cultivate weedinyour farmhouse to earn money and expand your business inweedgames. We will give you limited time to accomplish yourfarmingtasks in weed simulator. You will take adventure duringperformyour weed farming duties and grow multiple weed plants onfarmfield in match ganja. We will give you realistic farminggamesenvironment with green weed farms. Sell all the weed; ganjaandcannabis to market or other drug dealers to earn profit inweedgames. Save yourself from police and other gangsters who attacktoyour weed shop in cannabis game. We will give you a chancetobecome weed boss and expand your ganja business all over theworld.You will replant the weed farm to increase your cannabisproductionand sell them to market to make money in farming games.Increaseyour weed firm and create branches on different cities tosupplyganja, weed or cannabis. This weed sim gives you in-app tounlockcannabis farms and to remove ads.In plot farmer, we will giveyourealistic weed firm atmosphere with stunning marijuana deals.Athird person takes care all of your work in the weed fieldsbyusing farming tools in weed games. We will give you limited timetocomplete your ganja farming tasks in farming games. When yourweedcrop is ready then third person uses cutter to cut all thecannabisand store them to warehouse in weed simulator. You willtakeincredible fun during play this weed flower. Come andquicklydownload this weed simulator.New Weed Farming Simulator3DFeatures:• Realistic 3D farm simulation• Your own marijuanafarm•Addictive and engaging weed game play• Excitement andadventurousganja game levels• Smooth controls and real backgroundmusic•Realistic animation and game characters physics
Weed Farming Game 2018 1.4
Farming season is here! And you know what that means...time toseedyour weed!Come chill at the marijuana farm and catch somehaze.Mary J, kush, cannabis--whatever you want to call it--is inseason!Be a weed farmer in this unique once-in-a-lifetimeexperience. Takeyour passion to the crops. Grow and take care ofyour very ownmarijuana farm! Use cool farm tools like tractors,sprinklers,plows, rakes and more! The more WEED you grow, the moreprofit youmake! Purchase different strains of weed like sativa andindica andplant it all to diversify your crop! Spend yourhard-earned moneyon more tools from the garage. Maintain and manageyour farmeveryday by spraying pesticides and insecticides, trimmingandwatering your crops. Control the irrigation that waters yourfarm.Tend to your very own greenhouse! Use modern machinery,includingan awesome truck to drive! Drive around your fields andwatch yourseeds of wonder grow into miracles. Around your weedfarm, embracethe rustic, rural environment. Enjoy 3D farminggraphics of roaminganimals, barns, and other plants to admire.Perfect weather and alittle hard work goes a long way for a farmer!Detailed animationsand a smooth user interface will take yourgameplay to the nextlevel.HURRY UP! It’s HIGH time you plant yourcrops!Weed FarmingGame 2018 Features:•Realistic 3D farmsimulation•Your own marijuanafarm•Addictive & engaging gameplay•Excitement & fun packedlevels•Smooth controls &soothing background music•Realisticanimation & physics AboutTap2PlayTap2Play, LLC is a whollyowned subsidiary of Tapinator,Inc.Tapinator (Ticker: TAPM)develops and publishes games on mobileplatforms. The Company’sportfolio includes over 300 mobile gamingtitles that,collectively, have achieved over 400 million playerdownloads.Tapinator is headquartered in New York. For more info,
Neon Rasta Weed Theme 1.1.10
❤ Neon rasta weed theme to DIY launcher theme free ! Neon weedrastatheme has neon weed rasta with smoke on gree weed wallpaper.Coolneon smoke theme with rasta weed wallpaper to make yourandroidscreen cool with luminious green neon light .❤ HD neonrasta weedlive wallpaper with neon light❤ neon weed lock screen toprotectprivacy easy safe❤ neon weed pattern lock + neon passwordlock todiy lock❤ green neon smoke icon pack for 100 popular apps❤greenneon weed phone dialer keyboard + contacts wallpaper❤ neongreensearch widget + clock widget free❤ HD Wallpaper for neonsmoke weedtheme Smoke weed wallpaper free for who love death weedwallpaper.We love the green fire flame designed with green smokeweedwallpaper and neon green lock screen wallpaper. We alsodesignedneon green wallpaper for contacts and neon weed rastaphone dialer.Neon weed rasta theme has neon weed rasta lock screenand greenneon dialer and smoke weed contact wallpaper. We havedesigned 100+neon green icon pack for popular apps for smoke weedtheme.❤ Greenneon screen lock + neon weed rasta pattern lock &pincodelockSmoke weed lock screen to protect privacy easy safe.DIYlauncher is privacy launcher to protect security with smokeweedpassword lock and green fire pattern lock . Set up yourprivate neonweed rasta pattern lock and neon password lock at yourchoice . Nomatter you love fire weed or neon skull theme or deathweed in fire, you will love this neon weed rasta fire theme foryour androidphone.❤ HD Wallpaper for contacts and neon weed rastaphone dialerBeautiful hd wallpaper for contacts will make yousearch contactseasily. Death neon dialer will make everything lookso horror andfury dead skull weed . Everything is death of darkrevenge , youwill love green neon weed rasta theme mad.❤Neon weedrasta Icon Packfor 100+ popular apps Green laser icon pack forpopular apps withlove smoke weed design. Neon green icon pack forpopular apps likefacebook and neon sms whatsapp and green fireinstagram wallpaperetc. Everything looks much horror for yourgreen smoke weed phone.❤highlights of death weed launcherthemeSmoke weed theme can onlywork on CM Launcher . New 5.0launcher is released with new featuresof contacts wallpaper andphone dialer skin and lock screen toprotect privacy . It does notsupport any other one launcher. ✻smoke weed live wallpaper free✻luminious green neon rasta weedscreen lock✻ neon weed rastapattern lock and neon weed passwordlock✻ green neon phone dialerskin and neon rasta sms✻ smoke neonweed icon pack for 100+ popularapps✻ 3D launcher with dynamic toucheffect ✻ Neon weed weatherwidget & green neon clock widget✻Neon weed rasta neon screenlock to protect privacy✻ thousands offree beautiful themes freefor you✻ DIY live wallpaper and DIY iconpack for DIY launchertheme Support DIY live wallpaper in green neontheme center . Greenneon theme to work as s8 theme and huawei p10theme and xiaomi 6 aswell as new x phone. We also design green neonkeyboard theme aswell as green weed applock theme. We have moreholiday themes likeHalloween theme or Christmas theme coming soonfree for you.✻ Morefeatures waiting for your discovery for your DIYLauncher . If youlike neon smoke weed lock theme, please rate 5stars . We willdesign new free themes for you.
Weed Rasta Theme 1.1.2
3D Theme 2018
Weed Rasta Theme is a launcher theme with neon green weedslivewallpapers and green fluorescent icon packs. Download andapplyWeed Rasta Theme for free to decorate your Android phone inneonstyle, you will get a 3D weather and 3D clock to enjoy athemevisual and interactive experience. Weed Rasta Theme isdesigned forbetter using experience. ☆ The cool fashion Weed RastaThemefeature :Green weeds lock screen with dreamy color. Coolfashionwallpaper will be there once you swipe up the fluorescentlockscreen. This provides security for your privacy. Using WeedRastaTheme will automatically apply sorting function. Sort yourappsinto folders and make your desktop tidy.fluorescent skin withcoolstylish icon designs for 56 popular appsCool fashion dreamytheme’sapp icon packs give your phone a brand new lookAnimateddreamystylish fluorescent decorates your phone screenStunninginterface:3D Motion weather forecast plus neon green weedswallpapers andfluorescent app icons, vivid and lovely.☆ Otherfeatures you canenjoy for free in Weed Rasta Theme for HuaweiSamsung:Use WeedRasta Theme for Launcher, no need to root, you caneasily protectsome apps from peepers by hiding them in a specialfolder.Cool WeedRasta Theme for Huawei Samsung has world leadingtransition effectson screens and folders switching and stylish andsimple 3D screennavigation.Weed Rasta Theme for Launcher screenlock (locker)protects your phone from strangersUse Weed Rasta Themefor Launcherautomatically sorting function. Sort your apps intofolders andmake your desktop tidy.Free Weed Rasta Theme stunningiconsdesigned for popular apps and system apps and amazing 3Dtransitioneffects with dark green live wallpaper Weed Rasta ThemeforLauncher app burning flame icon packs to give you a new phoneyounever usedWeed Rasta Theme for Launcher DIY live wallpaper: youcanbecome a designer to make your own live wallpaperhereCompatiblewith all phone models, including OPPO, Huawei etc.☆Things toexpect in our Launcher live wallpaper center:- Over athousand setsof different live wallpaper and tens of thousands ofbeautifulwallpapers. Regardless of your taste, there‘s alwayssomething herethat’s right for you.- The latest 3D launcheranimated livewallpaper and gyro wallpaper, along with a largevariety of 3D livewallpaper, VR live wallpaper, cartoon livewallpaper, with custommade recommendations based on yourpreferences.☆ Before installingdreamy Weed Rasta Theme, you have toinstall our launcher first. Ifyou love this theme, please rate andlet us know your favoritefeatures! Weed Rasta Theme is created tomake your phone unique!
Neon Smoking Weed Keyboard Theme 10001009
The Neon Smoking Weed Keyboard Theme is a weed rasta keyboard,whichis specially designed for who love vibrant green weeds. Thevibrantleafy weed keyboard with shiny green smoke keypads, fieryflamingfront keypad, gorgeous neon weed as background, it willmake yourphone screen look more dizzy and shiny. The fabulousgreen weedkeyboard is a free app with the highlights of gesturetyping, slidetyping, emoji prediction, smart auto-correction,voice input, 100+languages, thousands of various free vibrant weedrasta keyboardthemes for you to choose, all are with no adds. Withthe custom NeonSmoking Weed Keyboard Theme, you can type morestylish, smooth andsmart, the sweltering boring typing life willbe more interesting,delight and have fun. You will love to contactyour friends andfamily at any time. Enjoy the vibrant typing lifefrom now on! 🍁Download and apply the Neon Smoking Weed KeyboardTheme, you canenjoy: - 3D supreme HD wallpaper - Exclusive smokeanimation - Withshiny green smoke weed as background/wallpaper -Custom green flamesfront keypad characters - Astonishing HDgraphics - Different typesof expressive emojis, funny stickers andemotions - More free smokeweed rasta keyboard themes/wallpapers ⭐Notice: The Neon SmokingWeed Keyboard Theme is only available withour keyboard installedandroid phones. It is compatible with 99%android phones device. 🍃Install instructions: 1. Download andapply the Neon Smoking WeedKeyboard Theme 2. If you don't have ourkeyboard, the green flamingkeyboard will redirect and guide youthrough the installationprocess. If you already have our keyboardinstalled, you can skipthis step. 3. Open the Neon Smoking WeedKeyboard Theme app. 4.Click "Apply" button, and the smoke weedrasta keyboard theme willbe applied.  5. Congratulations, youhave installed andactivated the shiny Neon Smoking Weed KeyboardTheme. ❤️ Highlightsof the Neon Smoking Weed Keyboard Theme: -More Personalized ThemesThe weed rasta keyboard center offers avast collection of freecustom keyboard themes! Including anime,black, 3D, skull, love,wolf ,neon and more! All keyboard themesare free without ads, allare exquisite font styles and lyrickeyboard! - Sliding Typing/Gesture Typing To type a word byswiping, simply touch the firstletter and glide your finger overthe letters. - SmartPrediction&Auto Complete The cloudprediction featureoffers word/phrase suggestions based onyour typing habits. - EmojiPrediction Emoji prediction featureoffers precise prediction ofemojis. Just type a word and thevibrant leafy keyboard willauto-suggest emojis for you. -VoiceTyping / Voice Input Long pressthe space bar to activate! It willbe more convenient for you typehappily! -Auto-correction You don’thave to worry type a wrong wordanymore, our shiny green leafy weedkeyboard(typewriter) willcorrect it from now on. -Clipboard Itwill be so convenient for youto fetch your copy and paste texts atthe first time. -AdjustableKeyboard You can set the flaming smokekeyboard's height easily tosuit your needs. -InterestingEmojis&Gifs A vast selections ofemojis & GIFs ispre-installed in the fantasy green leafkeyboard theme to add funto your chats!  -Multilingual TypingSuperlative vibrant leafyweed keyboard with custom green flameskeypad characters supportsover 120 languages! If you like this NeonSmoking Weed KeyboardTheme, please support us by rating it andleaving a comment. If youhave any ideas or suggestions, contact usby, we are so happy to receive yourvaluableadvice. Your satisfaction is the biggest payback for us!
Rice Doctor 1.0.10
Rice Doctor is an interactive tool for extension workers,students,researchers and other users who want to learn and diagnosepest,disease, and other problems that can occur in rice; and howtomanage them.This product has been developed by aninternationalteam involving –• International Rice ResearchInstitute (IRRI)•Lucid team at the University of Queensland,Australia• PhilippineRice Research Institute (PhilRice),Philippines• Research Institutefor Rice, Indonesia The AustralianCentre for InternationalAgricultural Research (ACIAR) hascontributed funding for theresearch, development, and production ofthis product.Thisinteractive tool allows users to diagnose or atleast make a shortlist of possible problems occurring in a ricecrop. The key coversover 90 pests and diseases and other disorders.The combination oftext descriptions and images helps users in theprocess ofdiagnosing their problems. Fact sheets on each possibledisorderprovide brief descriptions of the signs and symptoms ofspecificproblems, together with details of any availablemanagementoptions. A keyword search function enables users todirectly accessspecific fact sheets. For further information onthese disorders,users can link to full fact sheets on the IRRI RiceKnowledge Bankwebsite.This app is powered by Lucid Mobile.
Weeds of South East QLD and Northern NSW 1.1.6
Weeds of South-East Queensland and Northern NSW is anidentificationand information tool covering suburban, rural,environmental andagricultural weeds. It is an invaluable resourceused by gardeners,Landcare and Bushcare volunteers, weed controlofficers, ecologists,agronomists, researchers, students, andothers interested inlearning more about the weeds found inSouth-East Queensland andNorthern New South Wales.The originalLucid identification key wasreleased on CD-ROM over 12 years ago.The latest version using theLucid Mobile platform now includes:*An identification key to over700 weed species found inSouth-Eastern Queensland and Northern NewSouth Wales.* A bestpractices guide to identifying weed speciesusing the key* Factsheets with in-depth descriptions of specificweeds* Over 8,000colour photographs of weeds and diagnosticfeatures* Informationabout plants suitable for replacing weeds*Details of Prohibitedand Restricted weeds in Queensland* Glossaryof commonly usedbotanical terms* Report invasive weeds to yourlocal council -coming soon!We thank the following Queenslandcouncils for theirsupport of the development of this app, updatingthe content, andhelping make the app freely available:Brisbane CityCouncilSunshineCoast CouncilGold Coast City CouncilBundabergRegional CouncilThelatest version of the app has a much reducedstorage footprint,images used in the identification tool aredownloaded as required,with the option to download images to yourdevice for use offlineor when using the app with poor networkconnectivity.
(FREE)Weed Rasta Smoke Theme 1.1.2
✪✪✪New weed Green Rasta Theme for launcher user! Apply theWeedRasta Smoke Theme to enjoy more FREE Wallpapers and Themes!Makeyour phone stylish! ✪✪✪Weed Rasta Smoke Theme is our latestFREEtheme with beautiful weed green and smoke effect HD wallpaperandweed green theme icon pack. The weed green theme is packed withHDweed green theme wallpapers and exquisite weed green themeappicons, designed for mobile theme fanatics. Please download theWeedRasta Smoke Theme now, more surprises are waiting for youtodiscover!★To use this Weed Rasta Smoke Theme, you can followthesefollowing steps:1. Download and install Flowing LavaTheme;2.Install Our Launcher;3. Start Our Launcher, go to“Theme--Mine” toopen the Weed Rasta Smoke Theme and apply it toyour phone.★CMLauncher is the safest launcher in the world!Featuresof Weed RastaSmoke Theme:★SMALL - Just 2 MB, CM Launcherdramatically improvesyour device while being the most lightweightlauncher in the world,even beating out APUS, GO Launcher, NovaLauncher and more.★SLEEK -Accelerate your startup speed by 100%!Make your apps load quicker,search the net with speed, and makefull use of the capabilities ofyour phone with no deadweight.★SECURE - Includes the world's #1antivirus engine, whichprotects your personal info and app data,as well as blockingviruses and malware.★SMART - Automaticallyorganizes your apps intointelligent folders based on your habits,and recommends the appsthat are popular with people in yourneighborhood.★STYLISH -Customize your unique wallpaper to fit yourpersonal style!❤❤If youlike our application, please do not forgetto write a review. Thankyou!❤❤❤
Weed Rasta Skull Theme 1.1.14
🍀 Weed Rasta Skull Theme is the most wonderful theme withbeautifulweed green and skull smoke effect HD wallpaper and weedgreen themeicon pack. The weed green theme is packed with HD weedgreen themewallpapers and exquisite weed green theme app icons,designed formobile theme fanatics. This Weed Rasta Skull Theme iscreated forthis smartphone users who like themes related withmarijuana andsmoking weed. This theme is for every rastaman onearth. If you aresmoker, you must love this because it will bringyou a fantasticfeeling. When people are smoking marijuana usuallyfeel love andtogetherness. In this project we have presented ourvision of greenweed and ganja world. Install it and move to grassland. Feel andsee how looks live in colorful colors. Pleasedownload the WeedRasta skull Theme now, more surprises are waitingfor you todiscover! Remember that marijuana and smoking weed may beillegalin some countries. Features for Weed Rasta Skull Theme : ✦WeedRasta green lock screen theme with bling green smoke livewallpaper✦ Animated green weed icons decorating your screen; ✦ Fullsupportfor landscape mode and home - screen switching! ✦ ThisexquisiteWeed Rasta Skull wallpaper with sparkly green weed thememake itunique and stylish. ✦ Amazing Weed Rasta Skull lock screentoprotect android privacy easy safe ✦ This beautiful, freeandenjoyable background is waiting for you! ✦ 3d privacy launchertoDIY your phone with special Weed Rasta Skull Theme ✦ WeedRastaSkull Theme fully supports horizontal orientation and looksamazingon both mobile phones and tablet devices. ✦ Support DIYwallpaperin Weed Rasta Skull Theme center and green weed rastaskull. Getthis Weed Rasta Skull Theme now free for android phone.Weed RastaSkull Theme gives you special smoke feeling for peoplewho lovesmoking. Get this nice Weed Rasta Skull Theme now to get afunnyfantasy unforgettable memory. Please read before install WeedRastaSkull Theme - Require CM Launcher to apply this theme . -Installone launcher first. It does not support other launchers . -Youneed to tap the “apply “ button to apply successfully . Comeanddownload the Weed Rasta Smoke Theme for free and make yourSamsung,Huawei and any other brands of Android mobile stylish.Reggae is aJamaican gender of music and dance, with africaninfluences. Also,Rastafari culture has origins in the same country,promoting peaceand equality. This theme is made by melting red,green and yellow,with a rasta man with dreadlocks in background. Ofcourse, thislauncher contains ganja elements and black finelines.wallpaperswith Rasta man and weed leafs. Wake and bake, lighta pipe, smokepot, get stoned, get blazed or simply smoke weed –call it as youmay, but get this desktop animation and salute MaryJane on yourscreen as soon as you open your eyes! Roll a blunt andget lost in“Weed Rasta Skull Theme”, floating green herbs andfragrantmarijuana smoke on your black background image! Inhale andexhalewith every new green leaf that flies over your screen! AuntMarywill make you feel peace and love just as the Rastafaripeoplepreach! Travel to Jamaica with these “Weed Live Wallpaper“andbackgrounds and lift your spirits! The cannabis backgroundswillmake you chill out and cool off while they'll turn your phoneintoa cannabis garden! Download Weed Rasta Skull for free, pokesmotand live a Rasta reggae life.
Neon Weed Keyboard Drug Herb 10001005
I have to admit that our designer who create this Neon WeedKeyboardDrug Herb is really great! As his boss, I am so happy thatour teamcan provide this excellent Neon Weed Keyboard Drug Herbfor anyonewho love elements of Neon Weed Keyboard Drug Herb. ThisNeon WeedKeyboard Drug Herb is specialized in Neon Weed KeyboardDrug Herbrelated font, tone of Neon Weed Keyboard Drug Herb and hdNeon WeedKeyboard Drug Herb wallpaper. It also get along with mostandroidphone brands. If there is any bugs during your using,please feelfree to let us know. We are waiting here for solvingany problemsyou met when you typing with our Neon Weed KeyboardDrug Herb.Pleaseread following direction carefully before you useour Neon WeedKeyboard Drug Herb.Our app should be downloaded andsuccessivelyinstalled in your smart phone at first.Download thisNeon WeedKeyboard Drug Herb, then click on INSTALL. If there isalready oneof our app in your system, then you can use it rightafter clickingAPPLY.You can typing with your finger, I mean, theswipe typing.Anyone who install our Neon Weed Keyboard Drug Herbenable to inputvia their sound.With tech of auto-correction, therewill be no typoany more!We are confident that we know you better!Because this NeonWeed Keyboard Drug Herb can precisely predict theword you type.Richfont style makes your keyboard more unique andstylish. If you wantto switch to another theme, just click intoNeon Weed Keyboard DrugHerb keyboard center. Tons of beautifulthemes are waiting for yourselection. - crop protection manual 1.8
Database of all products for crop protection in Serbia togetherwithmost common diseases, weeds and pests
Weed Green Theme 1.1.7
Hot Launcher
New weed green theme is coming! Apply the weed green theme themetoenjoy more FREE Wallpapers and Themes! Make your phonestylish!weed green theme is our latest free theme with beautifulweed greentheme HD wallpaper and weed green theme icon pack. Theweed greentheme theme is packed with HD weed green theme wallpapersandexquisite weed green theme app icons, designed for mobilethemefanatics. Please download the weed green theme theme now,moresurprises are waiting for you to discover!Come and downloadtheweed green theme theme for free and make your Samsung, Huaweiandany other brands of Android mobile stylish. You can enjoy withweedgreen theme: Cool themes and HD wallpapers- High qualityImagesspecially designed for your phone- Brand new beautifulthemesupdated every day3D themes - Add weed green theme theme toyour 3Dtheme- weed green theme dynamic wallpapers with a variety oftouchgestures, so you can feel the beauty of weed green theme atyourfingertips.- More 3D themes and dynamic wallpapers with fluid3Deffects, experience today's cutting-edgetechnology.LiveWallpapers- Different live wallpapers, including thegold rose,waterfall and many more. - You can also add gestures andparticlesto the wallpapers to make your phone look cool Otherbenefits: s-Different variety of themes, wallpaper, app icons anddailyupdates.- We provide special designs during festiveperiods,whether it's Christmas, Halloween and other holidays, wewill havea theme for you and everyone, so you can feel thefestiveatmosphere that you love.- Like football, basketball andothersports? Find your favorite sports theme here, along withyourfavorite celebrities, cartoons, and anything else.-Experiencesmooth 3D and HD themes and wallpapers regardless of whatphonemodel you useHow to apply the weed green theme theme? To applythetheme, please install our launcher first. Apply the weedgreentheme theme, to make your phone faster, orderly and cool.Theoriginal app icons, clock and weather theme of your phone willbereplaced by the weed green theme theme. We have designedmanycustomized themes for popular apps, these include cameraapps,social apps, entertainment apps, useful tools and messengerapps.Our app also provides you thousands of themes fromothercategories, namely cartoon and anime themes, graffiti themes,goldthemes, pink themes, black themes, love themes and many more.Allof our beautiful themes are free and available at GooglePlayStore. Download and apply weed green theme now! There aremoresports (football, basketball), games and other beautifulthemeswaiting for you!Apply the weed green theme theme now, to makeyourphone faster and organized. The original app icons, clockandweather theme of your phone will be replaced by the weedgreentheme theme. Come and enjoy this weed green theme theme ofyourmobile phone. If you have already tired of the boring screenofyour phone, please enjoy this weed green theme theme!
Oil Palm Pesticide Calculator 1.7
I have developed a calculator apps to help planters to check andgetcorrect herbicides, insecticides and fungicides dosage tocontrolweeds and P & D in oil palm cultivation.Oil PalmPesticidesCalculator Apps divided into 5 parts. The 1st is SprayerCalibrationCalculator. The blue icon provides the informationneeded to fill upin the column. The other features available inthe apps areHerbicides Mixing Calculator, Insecticide Calculatorand FungicideCalculator. The last part is short write up on*general weed and P& D management guide for quick referencespoints for planters.Since planters on move most of the time andcarries smartphones,using an app as quick references will be veryhelpful. Calibratednozzles and correct dosage of pesticides usagesare importantelements to give a good satisfactory kill. This willreduce the overdosage pesticides usages and will be one of thecost saving methodto make sure correct amount of pesticides beenused. Please leavefeedback after using the Oil Palm PesticidesCalculator Apps tofurther improve the feature of the calculator.*Recommended rate forweeds and P & D are base on general weedcondition andenvironment. Please consult with your R & D dept,GM and PA forcontrolling tough weeds and P & D problems.Thankyou
Weed Management Dr. Panjabrao Deshmukh Krushi VidyapeethAkolaMaharashtra
Vivasayam - விவசாயம் : வாங்க விற்க, மாடித்தோட்டம் 2.8
Our Nithra Tamil 'Vivasayam' App is built with an aim topromoteAgriculture and its practices in a natural way. We allstudied thatAgriculture is the backbone of the Indian Economy, butin practiceagriculture practices are getting reduced day by day. Asa smallstep to promote Natural Agriculture and waft the importanceofIyarkai Vivasayam to the people, we designed this app NithraTamilVivasayam. Our 'Agriculture' App helps to start practicingtheagriculture for the people who even don’t know about the basicsofAgriculture. One can get complete details about Agriculturefromour Encyclopedia, Nithra Vivasayam. As our UZHAVAN Farmer’sappguides the farmers in practicing the agriculture from A-Z, ithelpsFarmers in reducing the expenses in cultivating, safeguardingcrops, etc. and gaining them the Velanmai profits.Features:Download our Nithra Vivasayam at free of cost Iyarkaivivasaym appis the Best Agri App in Tamil You can access ourorganic vivasayamapp in offline mode Velaanmai / Agriculture Hereyou can getcomplete details like types of agriculture, farmingpractices inancient times and present days, and modern farmingpractices &kalnadai valarpu Vivasaya Puthakangal / AgricluturalBooks In thiscategory, you can buy tamil books related toagriculture likemaadithottam, veetu thottam, Agriculturaltechnologies, etcAgriclutural News You can stay updated with theagricultural newsthroughout Tamilnadu via this categoryMaadithottam / Roof GardenHere you can know about how to cultivatevegetables in terrace ofyour house and home gardening Water Levelin the Dam You can getdetails of water level in all the dams thatyou found in TamilnaduVaanilai Arikai / Weather Report You can getthe weather report foryour area in each district like temperature,Pressure, Weather,Airspeed and Humidity for 6 days Uram /Fertilizers Here you canlearn about how to manufacture naturalfertilizers and otherinformation regarding fertilizers, used forfarming andsafeguarding crops and plants Kaal Nadaigal / CattleHere you canlearn about complete details of cattle and cattlebreedingAgricultural Equipments One can get to know about theAgricultureEquipments / Agriculture machine used in present andancient timesVithaigal / Seeds Here you can get entire informationabout seedslike cultivating ways, cultivating and harvestingperiodsMukavarikal / Address Here you can get address and contactnumberof Agricultural Science Center in all the districts ofTamilnaduMaaniyam & Kadan / Subsidy & Loan You can knowabout theSubsidies related to agriculture and Loans given tofarmers.Kelvigal & Pathilgal Here Farmers can enquire andreplyregarding vivasaym Farmer’s Side Here Farmers can post theknowninformation regarding vivasaym as articles Media ProgrammesHere weprovide the information about Programmes regardingagriculture inTV, FM, etc Vilai Nilavaram / Price Status You canknow about thedaily market price of vegetables, crops, oils,petrol, diesel,gold, etc Vaanga & Virka / Buy & Sale Onecan buy and saleall the natural agricultural products for uzhavan /ulavan VivasayaSeithigal / Agricultural News One can get latestAgri news orAgricultural information here Vivasaya Kurippukal /AgricultureTips Here we provided tamil vivasayam tips for crops andtheancient procedure for manufacturing of fertilizersVelaanPadippukal / Agricultural Courses You can get completedetails ofall the courses realted to agriculture like ArtsDegree,Engineering Degree, Qualification, College Address,CareerOpportunities and Post Graduate Degrees in Agriculture Weassureyou that through this Tamil Agriculture app you can learnaboutagriculture and all the necessary factors needed forpracticingagriculture Save Agriculture ! வேளாண்மை காப்போம்!
Blue Neon Weed Theme 1.1.4
neon theme is ready for your android phone! Apply weed neontheme,and enjoy thousands of free themes and wallpapers! neon themegivesyou neon live wallpapers with blue background and magic neonhomescreen. neon provides blue magic icon pack .This beautifulneontheme is specially made for guys who love blue and weed. neonthemeis a perfect theme with HD live wallpaper and brings you amagicexperience. Make your device magic and weed with customizedappicon pack, lock screen themes, organized folders, slidingscreeneffects, HD wallpapers and widgets. You will love this weedneontheme to customize your android home screen. No matter youlikeblue HD live wallpaper or weed mobile phone, you will lovethisblue theme with magic decoration. Beautify your android homescreenwith this neon theme now! neon theme is available on mostandroidphones.Features1、neon theme lock screen with blue weed HDlivewallpaper.2、blue weed icon packs decorate your homescreen.3、neontheme HD live wallpaper with blue style gives you avisualexperience you've never seen before.4、neon theme providesadvancedsecurity system and lock screen themes. Your android systemwill beprotected, safe, secure, fast and convenient, with lesspowerconsumption.5、blue skin with weed icon makes you feelmagic.6、3Ddynamic launcher makes your android phone weedstyle.7、DIY HDwallpaper in the best theme center and turns yourcreative ideasinto unique themes right on your phone! neon theme -How toapply?neon theme is specially designed for Launcher. Installourlauncher first and apply it successfully. neon theme doesnotsupport any other Launcher app. neon theme with blue magic HDlivewallpaper is free now! neon theme will let you enjoy a fasterandsmoother mobile operating experience. neon theme has blueballoonand wallpaper, with the weed icon pack style. After applyneontheme successfully, you can also only change thebackgroundwallpaper and lock screen wallpaper while keeping theblue weedicon the same. If you do not like this neon theme, you canalsouninstall it anytime, you can always find your favorite themeson3D Launcher.There are pink, red, yellow, lovely and romanticthemesfor cute girls; Blue, gray and black theme for business, techandauto & vehicle fans; Colorful themes for cartoon andmovieaddicts; Abstract themes and live wallpapers for art fans;Cutepets & animals for animal lovers; Football andbasketballcelebrities for sports fans; Greenery themes for thosewho lovenature; And the starry night theme for those who lovestars. Duringholidays, you can find our beautiful festive themeswhen it's timeto celebrate. There are also 3D themes, livewallpapers and otherfashion elements to redefine your vision. neontheme is made forlauncher to customize your mobile phone with neontheme livewallpaper and weed lock menu. Anything you like can beput intoyour home screen! 1.3.4
When crop pests and diseases occur farmers want immediatesolutions.Time is of the essence. If they have to go searching forinformationwhich takes days to find, it might already be toolate.They need toknow what the problem is, what's caused it, andwhat to do about it.And they want to know now. This app givesextension staff and leadfarmers all the information they need totreat the crop instantly.If there is no way of saving a crop, thesteps should help toprevent the problem occurring in the future.After choosing the cropof interest, a series of simple questionsare asked narrowing downthe choices until a match is possible bycomparing thumbnail images.Each fact sheet is divided intosections on damage, biology and lifecycle, and management. Version7 of the App gives the option toeither view Full Fact Sheets, orMini Fact Sheets which contain asummary of the information in thefull fact sheets. Version 7 of theapp contains 401 fact sheets. Wewould like to thank ACIAR, theAustralian Centre for InternationalAgricultural Research forproviding support in the development ofthe app under a sub-regional(Fiji, Samoa, Solomon Islands andTonga) IPM project(HORT/2016/185). We thank Identic PtyLtd.,( for its development of themobileapp.
Medicinal herbs 8.4.2
The annex contains a description of medicinal plants. Asimplementedin the application easy search.
Herbal medicines free 7.0.0
Helpful Books
Herbal medicines are naturally occurring, plant-derivedsubstancesthat are used to treat illnesses within local or regionalhealingpractices. These products are complex mixtures of organicchemicalsthat may come from any raw or processed part of a plant.Herbalmedicine has its roots in every culture around the world.There aremany different systems of traditional medicine, and thephilosophyand practices of each are influenced by socialconditions,environment and geographic location, but these systemsall agree ona holistic approach to life. Well-known systems ofherbal medicinelike Traditional Chinese Medicine and AyurvedicMedicine believe inthe central idea that there should be anemphasis on health ratherthan on disease. By using healing herbs,people can thrive andfocus on their overall conditions, rather thanon a particularailment that typically arises from a lack ofequilibrium of themind, body and environment. Although botanicalmedicine has beenpracticed for thousands of years, it continues tobe of use in themodern, Western world. The World HealthOrganization recentlyestimated that 80 percent of people worldwiderely on herbalmedicines for some part of their primary health care,and theworldwide annual market for these products is approaching$60billion. People in the United States have become more interestedinherbal medicine because of the rising cost ofprescriptionmedication and the returning interest in natural ororganicremedies. Whole herbs contain many ingredients that are usedtotreat diseases and relieve symptoms. Herbal medicine, alsocalledbotanical medicine, uses the plant’s seeds, berries, roots,leaves,bark or flowers for medicinal purposes. The biologicalpropertiesof these plants have beneficial effects. Other factorsareresponsible for their benefits as well, such as the typeofenvironment in which the plant grew, the way in which itwasharvested and how it was processed. The plant is either sold raworas extracts, where it’s macerated with water, alcohol orothersolvents to extract some of the chemicals. The resultingproductscontain dozens of chemicals, including fatty acids,sterols,alkaloids, flavonoids, glycosides, saponins and others.thisapplication contains information herbal medicine 730disesrtaiimages and descriptions are easy to understand. SupportLanguage: -Azərbaycan - العربية - Magyar - català - Čeština - Dansk- Deutsch- English - Íslenska - Latviešu - lietuvių - Español -فارْسِى -suomi - français - Indonesia - italiano - română - 日本語 -한국어 -Nederlands - Norsk - polski - Português - Русский - slovenský-slovenski - Svenska - Türkçe - українська - Svenska - eesti
Vyavasayam Telugu Agriculture 1.3
Janatha Apps
Vyavasayam Telugu Agriculture is Information about AgricultureCropsin Telugu.Some Important Crops information in Telugu LanguageareAdded in Telugu Vyavasayam And Telugu Agriculture.PantalaVivaraaluin Telugu Language.Telugu Information is given For : Howto GrowCrops.Crops Water Management And FertilizerManagement.TeluguAnnadatha information. Basic information aboutTelugu AgricultureAnd Vyavasayam.Sri Vari Sagu And Sri Vari PaddyCrop Management.AllCrops information in Telugu.Telugu Farmers AppForAgricultureRythula Samacharam in Telugu AndPantalaSamachaaram.Telugu Vyavasayam And Telugu Agiculture issimple touse For All Telugu People And Farmers. All information isgiveninTelugu.
Neon Leafy Weed theme 1.1.2
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Weed Rasta Keyboard 2.2
Install instructions:1. Install Weed Rasta Keyboard2. if youdon'thave Go Keyboard or Wave Keyboard, follow the guide andinstall andactivate Wave Keyboard or Go Keyboard.3. Open Weed RastaKeyboardapp.4. Click apply theme button and you'll be redirected tothetheme application screen.5. Click the keyboard previewimage.6.Congratulations, you have installed and activated WeedRastaKeyboardIf you enjoy the app, please share it with yourfriends andleave a review. We appreciate your feedback.
KrushiKing कृषिकिंग 7.0
Krushiking is hyphenated and multi functional applicationplatformdesigned for Indian farmers. Facilitating sharing ofinformationand knowledge about agriculture, weather forecast, cropmanagement,market rates, general updates, governmental schemes,answers offarming queries by agriculture professionals and successstories inagriculture. Krushiking App is a high tech platformupdated andmanaged live by expert agro professionals (M.Sc./ Ph.D.AgriSciences), researchers working in Indian and foreignUniversities,highly qualified team of IT professionals, team ofexpert customercare officers and business analysts, BD for B to B/B to C, dataanalytics and premium access to ERP dashboard.Krushiking Appprovides you authenticate and real time informationusing dedicatedhuman resource teams of more than 90 employees.We doprovidepremium add on features for enterprises Features- WeatherForecastas per location selected Daily updates of market prices ofAPMCs,Mandis, traders Governmental updates- schemes, GRs,subsidies,Trends etc. Extra Series- Dairy farming,vermicompost,sericulture,Organic farming, goat farming and many(more than 45)Calculator for PPM conversion, Sharing utilitiesoptions, seefriends lists and many more social networkingutilities.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FORB2B SERVICES CONTACT ON :
Neon Rasta Weed Keyboard Theme 106.0
We know how much you like Neon Rasta Weed Keyboard Theme tobeautifyyour mobile gadget and that is why we created Neon RastaWeedKeyboard Theme designs that will blow your mind!  NeonRastaWeed Keyboard Theme will bring your phone a new look. You’llfall inlove with this Neon Rasta Weed Keyboard Theme for sure.Neon RastaWeed Keyboard Theme will let a plain keyboard into abeautiful andunique one. Decorate your phone with Neon RastaWeed KeyboardTheme now! If you need a special keyboard style foryour new mobiledevice then you must try this amazing Neon RastaWeed KeyboardTheme. You will not regret a minute spent on thisNeon Rasta WeedKeyboard Theme design because you'll draweveryone's attention. Bethe new trendsetter among your friends,download Neon Rasta WeedKeyboard Theme for free! Neon Rasta WeedKeyboard Theme iscompatible with most Android phones, includingbut not limitedto:Samsung Galaxy Note7, Note 6, Note 5, SamsungGalaxy S7 and S7Edge, Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge, SamsungGalaxy S5, SamsungGalaxy J7,Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge;SonyXperia Z5, Sony XperiaZ4;Huawei P10 and P10 Plus, Huawei P9,Huawei P8, Huawei Mate 9,Huawei Mate 8, Huawei Honor 8;HTC 10, HTCOne A9, HTC Desire 10Pro;OPPO Find 9;Xiaomi Mix, Xiaomi 6, Xiaomi5;Nokia 8 ✨How to Usethe Neon Rasta Weed Keyboard Theme Keyboard:* Note: Please installour keyboard first. * Download the NeonRasta Weed Keyboard Themefrom play store. * Open Neon Rasta WeedKeyboard Theme and click theACTIVATE THEME button. * Kika themeKeyboard that has been loveddeeply by over 20 million users is themost personalized keyboardwith themes for Android! * Kika keyboardprovides many free andstylish keyboard HD wallpapers to decorateyour phone background,like anime HD wallpaper, cute HD wallpaper,emojis HD wallpaper andso on. ✨Featured Themes keyboard *Customize keyboard theme bychoosing your own photos, HDwallpapers, emojis HD wallpapers,applock pictures or launcherpictures. You can also change the themecolors, customize the fontstyles, fonts sizes and colors! You canbe a designer to createyour own theme. * Auto correction and nextword suggestion inkeyboards Copy. cut and paste straight fromemoticon keyboard Fullsupport for mobiles and tablets * Support forover 150 languagesand country. Enjoy the Sexy Emoji Keyboard withcute emoji anddelicate fonts. * Privacy and Security. kika willnever collectyour personal info and collect the photos you set asHD wallpapers.We only use the words typed by you to make thepredictions moreaccurate. * Kika keyboard Theme Center offers allcategories ofstylish android themes. For, example, glitter HDwallpapers likeGolden Bow theme, delicate themes like Galaxy theme,cute animalthemes like Panda theme, etc, which are compatible withalmost allandroid phones, including Samsung (S7 edge / J7 / J8 ) ,Lenovo,OPPO, Huawei, Motorola, etc. You can always find yourfavorite nomatter you like anime HD wallpaper, emojis HD wallpaperor cute HDwallpaper! * Connect Us 1.3
Start Your Agricultural Passion with Tractor In thisfarmingsimulator start your agricultural passion of farming andharvestingwith your heavy duty new tractors. Not just a simulatorgame butmost addictive among other farming games with real farmingandharvesting experience. A fruitful opportunity of tractor drivingtobecome a cargo transporter. This free game is a new farmsimulatoramong the family of farming games 2019. Enjoy therealistic farmingand harvesting levels in addictive and realisticvillageenvironment. Simulate the cool games experience withnewtransporting missions. In 3d games feel the fun ofharvesterdriving and operate the modern farming machinery. A greatfun isstill waiting for you to grow crops, cultivate and harvestthemwith combine harvester. Tractor is an important vehicle forfarmingthat’s why you would be able to drive heavy tractor in thisGame.Let’s test your driving skills in one of the best tractor gameonfarming among tractor games 2019. Farming Game Features:Extremenatural and rural farm environment ever Tunnels and bridgesaddtwist in tractor driving 3D game graphics and advanceuserinterface Multiple charming tasks besides farming Offlinegamedownload for free Drive top 3d tractors Plough, Cultivate&Harvest: Your Personal Farm Farming and harvesting withtractor aretwo both most important passions among farmers and thosewho lovefarming games 2019 and want to experience village farming.As inthis new free game you are going to experience both modernfarmingand village farming, also get a chance to grow your ownfarmfreely. In driving games, tractor driving is a little bittoughtask but its more interesting than other games. Learn how todo funin farming and how to convert it into a business. Become arichfarmer you are going to use heavy tractors and newcombineharvesters. Once you got the basic skills in tractor drivingyoucan transport your own animals in the farm. Growing of farmsfreelyand then transporting the wheat, cotton and vegetables to thecityon your personal heavy-duty tractor would be a great life eventinany farmer’s life. So, start your own modern tractor and enjoythecool weather with great farming games. Grow Farms &Experiencethe Role of Farmer Are you a farm games lover? Andlooking for afree farming simulator in 2019? If yes then newfarming games ismight be perfect one with said features. Hugeopportunity toexperience the true farm & farmer life don’t missthiswonderful game download. Plough the fields with yourlovelytractor, cultivate and harvest with full zeal & zest.Thisfarming game is about realistic farming techniques. Learn therulesof Farming with Tractor and feel the offroad tractordrivingexperience. Join the game of world class farmers for free.Sharethis best farm game among your friends and grab thehighestposition in the off-road tractor driving.
com.ulink.agrostar 4.12.1
What’s in the AgroStar Agri-Doctor App for Indian Kisan? 1️⃣KrishiCharcha (किसान चर्चा) 2️⃣ Weather Forecast for your farm(मौसम) 3️⃣Crop Info (फसल जानकारी) (GJ, MH, RJ) 4️⃣ AgroStarAgri-Shop (कृषीशॉपिंग) (GJ, MH, RJ) Why download the AgroStarAgri-Doctor App forfarmers? ✅ Biggest & most loved onlinefarmer community inIndia ✅ Available in 11 Regional languages:Hindi, Gujarati,Marathi, English. Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam,Kannada, Punjabi, Oriyaand Bangla coming soon!! ✅ Small size: 4.3MB only ✅ Works offlineand in 2G & 3G: All app pages visitedwill be available inoffline mode. The app is specially designed forrural India- verylittle internet data used! ✅ Krishi Gyaan (कृषीज्ञान): AgroStar’s‘Agronomy Centre of Excellence’ (ACE) is a teamof expertagri-doctors who help farmers with farming advice, tips,andsolutions. ACE has helped thousands of Indian farmers getbetteryield and better crop management. In AgroStar App’s ‘KrishiGyaan’section, farmers get best agriculture tips & detailedcropgrowing knowledge not only created by ACE but also fromexpertsources like Agro-won, The Economic Times and severalwell-knownexternal agriculture experts. Features of the‘AgroStarAgri-Doctor’ App 1️⃣ Krishi Charcha (किसान चर्चा) FarmersacrossIndia are now discussing their farming questions withAgroStarAgri-Doctor and fellow farmers! Farmers now post theiragriproblems with pictures, videos & text in their locallanguages.All farmers have now come together to help each otherprogress andwin making AgroStar Agri-Doctor App the biggest andmost lovedonline farmer group in India! 2️⃣ Weather Forecast (मौसम)Farmerscan get accurate weather information for today and the next14 daysfor their exact village location. Weather updates includerainfall,temperature & humidity. In case of severe weather,farmers willalso get alerts to help take preventive action &protect theircrops. Brought to you in association with theworld-renownedweather service provider- Accuweather. 3️⃣ Crop Info(फसल जानकारी)(GJ, MH, RJ) Get expert information about 50+ cropsincludingvegetables, horticulture, floriculture, fodder, cash,oilseed,spices, and pulses. Identify most crop diseases &cropnutrition issues and get to know their symptoms & how tosolvethem using products from more than 150+ quality agriculturebrandslike Bayer, DOW, Dhanuka, Indofil, Ajeet, MAHYCO, Rasi,KisanKraft, Pioneer, Monsanto, Ankur, Honda, TATA Rallis, Kaveri,UPL,Mahindra, John Deere, Kubota, VST, Lemken, JainIrrigation,Rivulis, etc. Mandi prices for crops coming later intheapplication. 4️⃣ Agriculture Shop (कृषी शॉपिंग) (GJ, MH,RJ)Farmers can purchase all products needed for farming fromtheAgroStar Agri-Doctor App. Seeds, fungicides,weedicides,pesticides, bio and organic crop protection, cropnutritionproducts and farm implements like pumps, tractors,sprayers,tarpaulin sheets and mulching sheets are all now at thefingertipsof farmers in this app. Buddhimaan Aur Balwaan! JaiKisan!
Super Village Farmer's Vintage Farming 1.1.2
Freeze Games
In this village farmer's Tractor Driving game edition ofvintageFarming pro you will learn how to play the bull carts, andhow tobuy crops to grow in a farm from a 'salesman of the bank ofthetown. you have to do vintage farming this time for this purposeyouhave bull carts, horse carts, Use them as your personalassistantto traditional style farming. First you have to walk toyourtractor, or bulls, or horse carts after that you need to attachtherealistic traditional trailer. After successfully attachedthetraditional trailer, you have to drive your farm tractormachinesinto the village farm, sow seeds in the garden of yourvillage,then Take bull carts with you and start harvesting of yourowngarden, then plough to grow green fields then continuevintagevillage farming until it turns green. When the classicloadingfarming place is lush green, you as a builder and craftperson youhave to cut the green crops as village farmer's duty isto do allalone cultivation is the best part of production, the eraoffarming machines like tractor, Puller,Trailer,Loader Trucks isnew,we are taking you to to old times farming you areperforminghunting, fishing and also was the hand harvester,Nowleave yourtractor behind do hand harvesting then go to the salesmanof thevillage bank to negotiate for your crops price! After thatyou haveto park your bulls and horses! In this game you are as avillagefarmer responsible for crops, seeds buying & goodTraditionalEquipments. This Super Village Farmer's Vintage Farmingis a gameto let you experienced the things of farming you neverexperiencebefore with lots of vintage fun. In Super VillageFarmer's VintageFarming game you have to work as super farmer ingreen fields. Youhave to grow green fields like wheat ,rice, crops& Gram Etc.You as a super farmer have to look after Villagegreen fields bysow Seeds in limited time Otherwise you will loseyour farmingexperience. Super Village Farmer's Vintage Farming gameFeatures: -Play our super farm simulation anywhere and anytime . -Growvegetables & crops in realistic way -Ride on Animals LikeHorseBull carts as a superhero farmer. - Super Awesome 3Ddesign,environment of village. - Easy understanding of game. -Addictivegameplay of village farmer's vintage life. - Endless fun!Living ina super village is always full of excitement,
com.ginortcar.plantas.medicinales.medicina.natural 1.1
Medicinal plants and natural medicine, the most popularhealingmethod in all cultures. Medicinal Plants and NaturalMedicine arebecoming more important in our lives. Discover thefascinatingworld of healing plants. It will be very useful to knowso manyremedies for better health. Many people already usethesetechniques and enjoy day to day living a fuller life. Thereare anumber of advantages associated with the use of medicinalplantsrather than pharmaceuticals such as side effects or lowercost.Medicinal Plants brings you to the natural, concentratingwideinformation of herbs, plants, trees, fruits, homeremedies,indications, symptoms, diseases, pains, disorders andmore, toapproach the good life through the knowledge of thebenefits andproperties that Nature gives us Natural medicine isused for anykind of ailment or health problem and medicinal plantsor any kindof alternative medicine are used. The medicinal plantsapp isdivided into: + Medicinal plants: It knows multitude ofplants andtheir different uses, such as acacia, garlic, heather,sweetpotato, juniper, damiana, boldo, digital, euphrasia ... andmanymore! + Ailments: Find remedy to all those evils that affectusall; Aphonia, whitening skin, dandruff, constipation, sorethroat... + Food: Magnificent guide with the properties of food tohelpus in our health. + Nutrition: Useful tips for betternutritionsuch as: consume bread, eliminate fats, healthy habits ornutritionin the teen. + Healthy Living: Tips and tricks to feelbetter inthe day to day. So simple and as useful as: Drink water,eatvegetables, depression ... It knows multitude of plants andfruitsof medical use used to treat affections in the health.Naturalmedicine seeks to discover and eliminate the root causeofdiseases, not only treatment, but also theirprevention,inculcating eating habits and lifestyle that promotehealth.Natural medicine is also known as alternative medicineornon-conventional medicine and encompasses all treatmentsandtherapies that could have the same therapeutic effectsofconventional medicine but mostly are not based on evidenceobtainedusing the scientific method. * This utility will beconstantlyupdated with new medicinal plants and new naturalmedicineremedies. * If you have any question or wish tocontributesomething, please let us know. Thank you. Download nowMedicinalplants and natural medicine and share with us yourexperience.
com.criyagen 2.2.5
About AgriApp: AgriApp with a bunch of professionals dreamingaboutmaking agriculture more sustainable both ecologicallyandeconomically in quick time with help of technology. Join us inourmission and passion to make this a reality for keepingtheecosystem of food available for generations to come.Thisall-in-one agriculture focused app is completely free.Downloadfrom Google play store and Enjoy the Farming. Happy andHealthyFarming! AgriApp is an IT, ICT and IOT enabled technologycompanywith an intent to bring the technology to the field ofagricultureand food sector. We work on precision and predictiveagriculturewhile building a strong Agri-Ecosystem for the benefitof farmers,economy and ecology. AgriApp works to fill the gapbetween farmersand the right kind of strategic information thusmaking the farmersready for high efficiency technology enabledagriculture productionand marketing. Our Motto AgriApp motto isconnecting theAgriculture ecosystem with the digital world, whileenabling andequipping the farmers with the next generation farmingtechniques.Making each farmer a Digitally Enabled“Agri-Entrepreneur” to SolveFood, Fiber, Fertilizer, Fuel and FeedChallenges. Features: 1.m-Commerce Buy Crop Solution(m-Commerce):AgriApp provides inputsfor Integrated Crop Management (ICM) withIntegrated NutrientManagement (INM) and Integrated Pest Management(IPM) approach.Don’t buy products, buy solutions for your farmingneeds! With thisapproach consult our crop advisors prior to buying,they will helpyou buy solutions for best crop production. And youget theseproducts at discounted prices for going online and some oftheproduct are best bought directly to farm. These are fresh andfreeof overheads and headaches! Shopping is fun and and App. 2. POP’s Explore the Science and ArtofAgriculture with Package of Practices (PoPs) for each crop atyourconvenient time and refer it when you are in field tounderstandall the factors of production leading to profitableagriculture.Expert guide book is with you for all the time and thattoo in yourlocal language. 3. Crop Calendar Agriculture expertsbring youcalendar of events for your crop with respect to entireset ofoperations on real time basis delivered to your mobile to getintooperations. This is one-of-its-kind service offered by AgriApptoenable farmers to address critical crop events at right stagetoenhance the productivity and achieve the full-potential ofthecrop. 4. Chat with Expert You got any question with respect tocropproduction or protection? Our expert advisors are ready toansweryou and support you in your ambition to raise thescientificquotient for farming. Chat and Change the Crop!!! 5. NewsandVideos Enjoy the select news and videos focused onagriculture.Stay connected to the general happenings or adopt newtrends formaround the world for sustainable agriculture. Address:AgriAppTechnologies Pvt. Ltd. Email: Tel/Fax:080-23621645 Mobile No: +91 9108047688/87 Crop AdvisoryServiceAddress AgriApp Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Dept of PlantPathology, BioControl Division, GKVK University of AgriculturalSciences,Bangalore - 560065 Karnataka, India. Fulfillment Address:AgriAppTechnologies Pvt. Ltd. Surveyno-71/5,Doddaballapur-NelamangalaSH-74, Karim Sonnenahalli, DoddaTumkur-Post, Doddaballapura-Tq,562163 Bangalore Rural-dist,Karnataka, India.
🚜 Farm Simulator: Hay Tycoon grow and sell crops 1.65
Farming is nothing like in garden! Buy a plantation, cultivateandharvest crops with tractor, harvester and other farming machinesina full-scale farm simulator! Do all that a farmer does -buyresources, drive awesome farming machines, harvest and sellcrops.Running a farming business is fun and interesting in ournewagriculture farm simulator - American Farming Simulator!Featuresof Farm Simulator: VARIETY OF CULTURES Cultivate andharvestvarious crops on your plantation AGRICULTURE ECONOMY Sellcrops tobuy more resources and better farming machines for yourfarmFARMING MACHINES Use and maintain specialized farm machines inthesimulator, from tractor to harvester CULTIVATION ANDHARVESTPerform all kind of field works on your plantation - plow,seed,water and harvest OPEN FARMING REGION Freely explore vastfarmingregion, find land for plantation, farming machines dealersand moreWORKERS FOR HIRE Hire workers to do farm works on yourplantation.All out farming! Realistic farming is your s toexperience in ornew farm simulator! Complete full agriculture cyclein yourplantation - cultivate soil, seed crops and harvest. And doit withcool farming machines from tractor to harvester. Ready forfieldwork? Then try American Farming Simulator - a new farmingsimulatorand run a prosperous farm! Trading the goods! Agricultureandfarming demand a lot of resources - fertilizers,seeds,watervarious machines like tractor or harvester the spread themandcultivate plantation soil. The more crops you grow at yourfarm,the more you can harvest and sell to buy better farm machinesandgrow even more crops in farming simulator! Mind your business!Runand expand your agriculture business the way you want inthefarming simulator! Each new plantation or machines in signofsuccessful farming, so figure our which crops to grow andharvest,what farm resources to buy, which machines to maintain. Allyouhave from a seed bag to tractor and harvester can be usedforprosperous farming on your plantation! Work on your farm - usecoolfarming machines, cultivate and harvest crops on yourplantation inAmerican Farming Simulator!
Professional World Farmer 1.6
EXPERIENCE THE REAL FARMER LIFE!Ever dreamt about having yourownprofessional farm? Harvesting your own crops which you alsoplantedyourself? Driving in your countryside tractor? Now it is thetimeto live that dream! Become a real farming expert in thisamazingfarming simulation game. No virtual farming simulator hasever beenso realistic!RUN YOUR VERY OWN FARM!Use your cultivator toplow theground before you plant any seeds. Complete thechallengingcountryside tractor driving levels to earn money. Investthat moneyin a better countryside tractor to keep up with thecompetition.CRUISE THROUGH THE 3D COUNTRYSIDE!This amazing farmingsimulationgame has an open 3D countryside map. You have to drive asa realfarming expert across the 3D countryside to your land whereyouhave to plow the ground. Don’t wait any longer with playingouramazing farming simulation game!✔ Real world and realcountrysidetractor driving simulation sounds✔ Ground breakingfarming tractorsimulation physics✔ Adrenaline-filled virtualfarming simulatorexcitement✔ Detailed and unique challenges for areal farmingexpert like you✔ Experience cutting edge 3D open worldgraphics✔Stunning countryside tractor driving dynamics ✔ Realtractorsimulator game features✔ More virtual farming simulatorgames willfollow shortly We hope you will enjoy our farmingsimulation gameand don’t forget to rate us on Google Play!
Real Farming Tractor Sim 2016 1.9
Farming Sim adventure is a new concept where you will feel likeareal virtual farmer. Use modern machinery to experience the lifeofa farmer. Grow your crops and sell them to the market formoney.But before this you will have to go through the completeprocess ofgrowing the crops. Ploughing the field, then sprayingthepesticides , watering the fields and all the rest of theworkrequired for the farming. Do you know that how people harvestinancient time? They face many difficulties during such processwhenthere was no development in technology. Man had to workseveraldays in fields. But now a days this concept has been fullychanged.We can do this work in some hours without any hurdle withthe helpof modern machinery. Get ready to work in field. Pick upyourdevice install this farming 3d sim adventure and enjoy it.Thewheat crop is ready to harvest with the help of harvestermachine.Then choose the fertile land plough it and make path forseed withthe help of drill machine attach with your tractor,transfer theanimals from village to city for sale. After sellingthe animalscome back to give water to your crops, spray your fieldsto killinsects which can damage your crop, wait for sometime whenwheatfully grow again. Harvest them and transport them to warehouseonyour transport tractor. Take crops to the city to sell themforhandsome amount of moneyRemember! if the fuel of tractor ranoutbefore the completion of your level then your level will failandyou have to try again.Your Feedbacks and ratings are valuableforus to keep ourselves busy in creating more fun in the gamestoentertain you, your family and your friends. In case if youfindany bug that needed to be addressed just send us an email, wewillimprove it and reply to your email as soon as possible.
Farmer Sim 2015 1.8.1
Ovidiu Pop
Farmer Sim 2015 is the latest farming simulator that will allowyouto become a real farmer! Start your agricultural careerbycultivating crops in your lands! You can plow, sow andharvestusing lots of different machineries! Sell your harvest formoney totake control of new tractors and combines! Enjoy the newfarmingsimulator playing in an open-world career mode! Have funusingfarming vehicles and become a professional farmer! DownloadnowFarmer Sim 2015!Features:- Realistic Vehicles andMachineries(tractors, combines, plows, harvesters, seeders,trailers...)- EasyTutorial- Grow different plants- Buy animals andmanage them-Purchase new fields- Open-World career mode- Sell cropsfor money-USA and European maps- Auto driving feature- Day-NightCycle-Steering Wheel, Buttons or Tilting controls- Challenge yourfriendsby sharing online your statistics and achievements!Become arealfarmer by playing this amazing farming simulator!
Real Tractor Farming Drive 3D - Land Cultivator 1.1
Games Tree
Real Tractor Farming Drive is the best farm cultivator where youcandrive heavy engine Russian, Holland and Indian tractors inyourfields to grow your favorite crops and farming fields. Littlefarmcultivator fun drive 3d is a real tractor driving and farminggameamong the farming tractor simulator games. If you havenoexperience about this big harvesting machine and no idea offarmmachine to cultivate and control then this best farmingsimulatorgame is only for you. This off road tractor landcultivator extremefarming adventure will train you as a pro tractordriver and givesyou great tips of agriculture and crops cultivationand fieldsfarming. Real tractor village farm simulator also tellsyou how toincrease crop production with latest forming andcultivationmethods so play this farm drive tractor games.Realtractor Farmingdrive 3D gives you the unique concepts aboutcultivator farming,agriculture, cultivating and harvesting ofcrops. If yourprofession is farming then this farm tractortransport 3d games arebest for you. enjoy the real fun of bigwheeler tractor drivingthrough this brand new real heavy tractorfarming simulator gamesand prove that your are the legend player ofthis farm tractordriving simulation games. At present our economyis mainly dependon agriculture sector so we introducing thegreatest and latestmethod of farming with super speed tractorsimulator. A free andfast tractor farming and driving 3d game nowin your androiddevice.Modern tractor farming simulator 2017 is muchaddictive 3dsimulation game for genuine virtual ranchers with superpowerfultractor which will help you in ploughing many Acer land.Cultivatedifferent crops e.g. rice, wheat, corn and many other sameyieldsthrough this fast cultivating machine. Large variety oftractortrolley is available for you choose your desired powerfulfastspeed tractor and drive on off road village track and reach onyourfields. new off road tractor driving farmer adventure is bestfreegame for farming and tractor driving lovers, play this newestandlatest real tractor farming and driving simulation 3d gameandenjoy the real fun of amazing life. Let's play Harvesttractorfarming.In this tractor forming simulator 3d game your mainmotiveis that you have to start your big wheeler tractor fromgarage andthen connect plowshare and drive for fields according togiveninstruction. At first you have to drive your super poweredtractoron off-road track and then start your activities likefieldplowing, pesticide spraying watering the plants, seed the farmforgrowing wheat, cotton rice and many other crops. In everylevelyour task will be different like harvesting crops transportingthemto markets, multiple interesting and challenging missionarespecially designed for you accept all challenges. Moderntractorfarming simulator 2017 contains ultra HD and 3D graphics,nice andmind blowing effects of sounds make this top trendinglittle farmfun 3d more addictive among the free farm drive tractorgames.Beautiful and eye catching several environments of this topratedfarm tractor simulation attract your attention on game side.Wesure after playing this real tractor driving and farming gameyoucan confidently say that you are the best tractor driverandultimate cultivator of modern age. Instantly download thisrealagriculture drive tractor in your android device, there isnointernet or WI-FI connection is required to play thismoderntractor farming simulator 2017.How to play: Use Break buttontostop vehicle. Pause to stop game at any time. Accelerator istoincrease speed. Left/ right buttons or steering wheel is tomoveleft and right.FEATURES: Become a real farmer  Enjoy allstagesof having a farm  Get out in the field and harvest yourcrops Realistic farming simulator  Well designed off roadenvironmentDrive tractors and a combine harvester
Silage Transporter Farmer Sim 1.0
You are on your farm, get a chance to buy its farm and fulfillyourdream of becoming a successful farmer. The world needseducatedfarmer like you who knows the importance ofnutritious,cultivation, crops growth, pesticides and harvesting.This SilageTransporter Tractor Farm Simulator is the best farmingsimulationof 2017 in which you have to maintain and build your ownfarm withthe help of farm tractors and seedling harvesters andcultivating.Buy his farm and also make your own farm in that areato full enjoythe farm life adventures. Cultivate land, grow maizecrops and cutyour crops for further processing. Farm truck givesyou bestfarming experience and you will be working like a realfarmer ofthis technological era. You will be driving long anddifferenttruck like harvesting cargo tractor; hill farm trucktractor andparking those tractors in like a pro farm tractor driver3Dparking. Tractor parking is skillful task and in this farmtractorsimulator you will be mastering this parking skill. In thisfarmquest grow farm fresh foods for your country. Silage is thebestfeed for animals. Shortage of feed is covered with silage andithelps to increase production especially milk giving animals.Cutyour field crops and load in trolley to transport forsilageprocessing. Silage processing machine will crush plants. Nowit canbe fed fresh to animals or maybe stored by making silagebales.Transport silage to feed your own farm animals. There aremanycattle farms around you, transport silage to these cattle farmstoearn money. Download FREE and enjoy farming simulator, farmtractorparking & live like a Farm truck driver.
Farming Simulator Game 2018 – Real Tractor Drive 1.4
This farming game is fully offroad driving. The only trackthatleads to the village is very dangerous off road track.Amateurdriver cannot show skillful tractor games driving on theoffroaddangerous track. The farmers are farming crops, raisingvegetablesand fruits in this farmer town game.Farming SimulatorGame 2018 –Real Tractor Drive is a 3D entertainment game. In modern&technology century many people don`t know the method offarmingbecause of living in cities with their busy fast life butthey wantto know and enjoy the real farming life. For those kind ofpersonsFarming Simulator Game 2018 – Real Tractor Drive is perfectgame.In this farming simulator game you have to play as acultivator anda harvester. In Farming Simulator Game 2018 you willdrive modernmachinery to experience the life of a farmer. Grow yourcrops andsell them to the market for money. These farmers also needtosupply these farm crops and raw food to the market in thisTractortransport simulator and farming cargo game. There is noexperttractor trolley games driver that can supply food to themarket inthis farmer crops town game. The villagers have hired youastractor driver cargo supplier.Get ready to work infield.Everything you do on your farm has consequences. Consideryourcrops like the ingredients in a recipe; the quality of yoursoil,your seeds, and your planting practices will determine theoverallstrength of the final product — the crops you are growing.Onceyou've tested and amended your soil, it's time to get it readyforplanting. Plow the field, then spraying thepesticides,cultivating, watering and harvesting the fields and allthe rest ofthe work required for the farming. Cultivate crops onyour ownland. Sow the crops using seeding machineries. Harvest yourcropand enjoy this Simulation game. Enjoy this realisticharvestingmachine game and cultivating excitement. Plough your farmland, usegrain seeding plough planter tool to aggregate your land.Be a partof agricultural life working in this driving game.Farmhousing isvery unique to enjoy the life of US farmer as well aslife of avirtual farmer. Take part in the livestock farming andenjoy thenew techniques of modern farm.New farm is at your palm youjustneed to harvest crops and have a proper grip on thefarmingmachines. In this game you are going to enjoy the realistic3Dgraphics and smooth controls of the vehicles. In realisticfarm,multiple types of machinery is given for you. In this forageplowfarming you have to play as a professional farmer. You have todofarming in into different levels. Buy seeds from shop,drivetractor trolley and go to a shop for the purchase in thistractorfarming simulator. In next level of harvester simulator youhave todrive plowing machine from that area where all the machinesareplaced for the countryside farming. Drive the plowing machinetofields to fulfill your harvesting dreams. Also do plowingfullfield using machinery in fun farming game.You will have atractor,trailer, trolley and farming machinery for mission of fieldfarminggames. The crops and farm fresh products need to deliver tothemarket on time in this farming game free. You have to taketheresponsibility in this transporting cargo game.ABOUT US:We,TycoonGames Studios, provide entertainment with responsibilitytomaintain quality. We always welcome feedback and comments. Youarerequested to review and comment so that we can make gamesbetterfor our valuable players.Please remain intact for updates.Formoreinformation,
Primitive Farming Machine - Harvesting Rice 1
Ashal Games
Download village modern farm and get ready for theharvestingfarmland challenge! In this your goal is to do plouging,seedingand watering for the rice crop. As you move towards thechallenginglevels of farm construct simulator it will increase withmore funand addiction. Be an active member of fun farming game andtake thefeel of super farming. The fun of tractor driving willnever be thesame when you play this additive harvest crops createdby AshalGames. Here in this cropping farm you will enjoy therealisticgraphics that will give you the feel that you are workinglike areal farmer. Great environment of design and craft will giveyou abeautiful feel while working in the village modern farm.Smoothsteering controls, and heavy machinery handling are theawesomefeatures of primitive harvesting that make it perfect foryou. Justdownload this super farming and enjoy planting, thresherandplowing on green farms. In this 3d farm you have to harvestricethrough different machinery and perform farming activities.Allprocesses of farming in harvesting farmland are dividedintodifferent levels. The first task which is assigned to youintractor cargo transport is to plow the area for the rice crop.Thefield is ready for seeding in fun farming game. Now you have todoseeding with the help of sack in countryside farming. In thislevelyou have to do watering in the field as you have to sow seeds.Youhave to do watering the area by walking around the fieldincropping farm. At the moment you have to plow the area withhorsein village farming. There is a large field and you have tomove inthe field with the help of bull cart. Once you are done withtheploughing now you have to do watering in that field with thehelpof cattle pump in super farming. This task all about thepicking ofthe plants from the small field in farms frenzy. You haveto walkin the field and pick the crop and put them in the smallsack inprimitive harvesting. There is a tractor you have to drivethattractor towards the shop in old harvester in primitivesurvivor.Here in this level you have to drive the harvester throughthefields and cutting up the plants into little bundles andleavingthem behind in big farm. Use thresher to excavate the ricearoundthe field in sowing. Take the trolley to the city which isfilledwith the rice and sell their and earn money with cropproduction.This game is all about the threshing and planting in oldfarmingand has fun! Primitive Farming Machine: Harvesting RiceFeatures:★Play our farm games free for FREE on any Android device★Buckle upyour seat belt and take control of awesome combineharvester★High-quality 3D graphics★ Many hours of free fun of oldfarming★Awesome environments of primitive plowing★ Enjoy awesomegamedesign, created by a team of top game designer.★ Enjoysuperimmersive environment and realistic sound effects.★ Finishalllevels, with different objectives and challengesDownloadvillagemodern farm and enjoy the FREE thrill everything will showyou aperfect mega gamer of this forage plow farming.Do not forgettorate us or give us feedback!
Tractor Simulator 3D:Farm Life 1.1
➫Get ready for new Tractor Simulator 3D:Farm Life simulationgamethat includes plough, seeding, watering and transporting goodsinvillage farmhouse.Drive fully 3d detailed farm tractormodel.Transport ripped crops to town, sell your crop to earn moneyandenjoy realistic cultivation fantasy like a farmer. Sitbehindsteering wheel of agrigate tractor driving for plantation.Drivetransporter silage wagon in different locations load yourtractorwith other realistic attachments like harvester, seeder,backhoeand more. Steer in reverse to attach the farming frenzyattachmentsto your tractor. Drive careful and manoeuver this bigfarmervehicle parallel or in reverse for various situations. Usegaspedal and brake pedal for precise driving with smoothcontrolsonboard. Good luck for driving threshers or silage wagon onfarmland that’s not easy task to do.🔧 Tips: How to playThe gameplayisreally beautiful with lovely countryside agricultural farmandcomplete village environment. Enjoy this village farmer lifewithdifferent machines like threshers and seeders to harvest andplowyour farm Introducing a new chapter in the farming simulatorgamesto complete your complete farm simulation story. Immerseyourselfin Tractor Simulator 3D:Farm Life with multiple gameplaylevels toenjoy real farmer’s life. Plow your lands, grow crops,water yourfarm and harvest the final crops. Once the crops areharvested useyour cargo truck to load it with crops like hay,barley, wheat andmany more. You driving routes as the farmer willbe village andcity. Play as the hill farmer truck driver to drivefarmingtractor, cargo truck and perform plowing, harvesting,seeding andwatering. Farming Simulator games are in trend but webring in acomplete story to play and enjoy. Accomplish transportchallenges,tractor driving and harvester driving experience. Getfeel of reallife farming simulator experience and maneuver yourdump tractor infarmhouse for cultivation process.It's amazing toplant seeds inthe farm and then plow the field as skilled farmer.Play to manageand grow your own farming land. Be careful aboutseasonal changesthat might affect crops and take care of yourfarming fields. Playto fulfill the needs of people by growingplants and vegetables.You will enjoy Tractor Simulator 3D:Farm Lifegame by playingit.Additional 3d game extra features▶ RealExperience of DrivingTractor, Truck & Farming Vehicles▶Real-time Farmer Experience▶Manage everything at your own farm▶Enjoy all stages of having afarm▶ Smooth steering control withhydraulic break and accelerationpaddle▶ Quality farm environmentwith realistic farming cargotractor.👌 Explore more fun with theZAPPYstudio. ratings are valuable for us to keep ourselves busy increatingmore fun in the games to entertain you, your family andyourfriends. In case if you find any bug that needed to beaddressedjust send us an email, we will improve it and reply toyour email assoon as possible.
Weed Keyboard 2.2
Install instructions:1. Install Weed Keyboard2. if you don't haveGoKeyboard or Wave Keyboard, follow the guide and install andactivateGo Keyboard or Wave Keyboard.3. Open Weed Keyboard app.4.Clickapply theme button and you'll be redirected to the themeapplicationscreen.5. Click the keyboard preview image.6.Congratulations, youhave installed and activated Weed KeyboardIfyou enjoy the app,please share it with your friends and leave areview. We appreciateyour feedback.
Neon Rasta Weed Theme 1.1.2
❤ Neon rasta weed theme to DIY launcher theme free ! Neon rastaweedtheme has neon rasta weed with smoke on gree weed wallpaper.Coolneon smoke theme with rasta weed wallpaper to make yourandroidscreen cool with luminious green neon light .❤ HD neonrasta weedlive wallpaper with neon light❤ rasta weed lock screento protectprivacy easy safe❤ rasta weed pattern lock + neonpassword lock todiy lock❤ green neon icon pack for 100 popularapps❤ smoke neon weedphone dialer keyboard + contacts wallpaper❤neon green search widget+ green laser clock widget free❤ HDWallpaper for neon smoke weedtheme Neon light weed wallpaper freefor who love luminious weedwallpaper. We love the green fire flamedesigned with green smokeweed wallpaper and neon green lock screenwallpaper. We alsodesigned neon green wallpaper for contacts andneon rasta weed phonedialer .Neon rasta weed theme has neon rastaweed lock screen andgreen neon dialer and smoke weed contactwallpaper. We have designed100+ neon green icon pack for popularapps for smoke weed theme.❤Green neon screen lock + neon rastaweed pattern lock & pincodelockSmoke weed lock screen toprotect privacy easy safe. DIYlauncher is privacy launcher toprotect security with smoke weedpassword lock and green firepattern lock . Set up your private neonrasta weed pattern lock andneon password lock at your choice . Nomatter you love fire weed orneon skull theme or luminious weed infire , you will love thisneon rasta weed fire theme for yourandroid phone.❤ HD Wallpaperfor contacts and neon rasta weed phonedialer Beautiful hdwallpaper for contacts will make you searchcontacts easily.Luminious neon dialer will make everything look sohorror and furydead skull weed . Everything is luminious of darkrevenge , youwill love green neon rasta weed theme mad.❤Neon rastaweed IconPack for 100+ popular apps Green laser icon pack forpopular appswith love smoke weed design. Neon green icon pack forpopular appslike facebook and neon sms whatsapp and green fireinstagramwallpaper etc. Everything looks much horror for your greensmokeweed phone.❤ highlights of luminious weed launcher themeSmokeweedtheme can only work on CM Launcher . New 5.0 launcher isreleasedwith new features of contacts wallpaper and phone dialerskin andlock screen to protect privacy . It does not support anyother onelauncher. ✻ smoke weed live wallpaper free✻ luminiousgreen neonrasta weed screen lock✻ neon rasta weed pattern lock andneon weedpassword lock✻ green neon phone dialer skin and neon rastasms✻smoke neon weed icon pack for 100+ popular apps✻ 3D launcherwithdynamic touch effect ✻ Neon weed weather widget & greenneonclock widget✻ Neon rasta weed neon screen lock to protectprivacy✻thousands of free beautiful themes free for you✻ DIY livewallpaperand DIY icon pack for DIY launcher theme Support DIY livewallpaperin green neon theme center . Green neon theme to work ass8 themeand huawei p10 theme and xiaomi 6 as well as new x phone.We alsodesign green neon keyboard theme as well as green weedapplocktheme. We have more holiday themes like Halloween themeorChristmas theme coming soon free for you.✻ More featureswaitingfor your discovery for your DIY Launcher . If you like neonsmokeweed lock theme, please rate 5 stars . We will design newfreethemes for you.
Real Tractor Farming Simulator 2018 1.2
Zygon Games
Farming is lot of fun. People living near countryside mostlyrelatedto farming profession. Farmers of US are the best farmersas theyare very hard working, passionate about their work and knowthemodern technology of the farming. John loves farming so he cametoUS to learn farming. He came to a famous farmer to learn the artoffarming. This whole family is well reputed farmers. This farmerhaslots of acres fertile land and animals like cow buffalochickensgoats etc. He also has machinery like farming trucks,harvester,crop choppers, trolley and sprayer. So this is the bestplace forJohn to master knowledge of farming and become the bestfarmingexpert. American farmers who produced pure natural food andfreshfruits and contributed in the economy of their country. Theyusuallygrow rice, wheat, corn crops, cotton and sun flower fields.Now heis learning forage plow farming from traditional Indianfarmers. Itsforage plow farming season so its perfect time toharvest yourcrops. They also had a small market after crossing theriver. Thisrealistic 3D graphics game is based on John's life.This awesomefarming simulator game provides you a great chance tobecome aharvester driver and enjoy harvesting farm simulator game.Now enjoythe real heavy tractor farming simulator 2018.Grow newcrops andsell grains & crops to a market for money. But beforethis youwill have to go through the complete process of growingthe crops.Plow the field, then spraying the pesticides , wateringthe fieldsand all the rest of the work required for the farming.You are alsorequired to transport the animals to the city marketto sell themand earn profit. Drive your machinery carefully ascountryside roadsare very bumpy. So this game is depicts thecomplete picture of thefarm life. You will also drive heavytractor trolley for cargoanimals and crops. Now its time to becomea virtual American farmer.Enjoy farm tractor driving and parkingin this master of all farmingsim game. Farming Simulator adventureis a new concept where youwill feel like a real virtual farmer.Use modern machinery to becomea successful farmer.How to PlayTractor Farming 17:First of allvisit your farm so that you canharvest crops and manage your ownfarm. Then choose the fertileland plough it and make path for seedwith the help of drillmachine which you would attach with yourtractor, transfer theanimals from village to city for sale. Afterselling the animalscome back to give water to your crops, sprayyour fields to killinsects which can damage your crop, wait forsometime when wheatfully grow again. Harvest them and transportthem to warehouse onyour transport tractor. Find a used tractor andother farmingvehicles, plant seedlings first and reap them later,take care ofyour livestock, and trade goods at the local market.This is thebest open world farm game ever on mobile totallyfree.Real TractorFarming Simulator 2017 Features:- New highlydetailed 3D graphicsand a slick user interface.- Best open worldfarming simulator everon mobile or tablet - totally free.- Amazingfarmer experience inthis harvesting simulator.- Dozens of realistictractors, trucksand other farming vehicles to use- A store to buythe necessarymaterials and machines- Drive tractors and a combineharvesterperform heavy tractor cargo
Tiny Farmer Family : Building Tycoon & Farming Sim 1.1
Sablo Games
Farm sim the most unique game which is FREE to download. Enjoytodrive and build with full of fun. Fulfill the driving maniawithfarming simulator. Take your cap and sit behind thegiganticmachinery to build the builder story. If you love farmvillage thisis perfect for you. Enjoy the ultimate pig farminggames where youare given the chance to prove your strategy of mylittle farmer youare on the mission to reach the title of my biglittle farmer. Doit in the best possible way and enjoy this tinysimulation createdby Sablo GamesBeing the player of this games yourrole is like afarmer who has to build his house, growcrops/vegetables to survivein a jungle. The story of this littlefarm revolves around thestone age where a person is stuck in thejungle with his family.Here in this tropical island games he needsto get survival of hisand his family. For this purpose he has towork hard. If he doesnot work the beast of the jungle will eat hisfamily. Now the firststep of this tiny simulator is to need shelterfor his and hisanimals. Being the player of this town tycoon youhave to constructherd for animals. You have to pick wood fences andplace them onthe marked area. The next step of this virtual petgame is to makeroof of your herd. You have to pick wood pieces andplace them onthe marked place to make roof of the house in thisfarm Expert. Youneed to drive animal van from city to village inthis farm harvestspring season. Now the second step is to dosomething for hunger inthis city construction game 2017. You haveto plow the field. Thefirst step of ploughing is seeding thenwatering in this farminggames. Before you did watering, you have toconstruct a tube wellin this building tycoon games. You have digmarked area 2 timeswith the help of excavator. You need to justpick bricks with thehelp of mobile crane and make the walls fortube well in thisexploration games. The next level is to dowatering in your fieldin this construction world. In this citybuilder vehicles nextlevel is harvesting. Then you need to pick haybales with the helpmobile crane and put them into thrasher. Youhave to drive thrasherwhich automatically take out seeds from haybales and fill theminto the 3 boxes. The next work which isassigned to you is toconstruct barn to store your food. Then thenext task is to makethe house for yourself here you need to followall the constructionsteps which you followed previously in thisconstruction simulatorgames. Plow another food for your animals andyourself and so on.Be the active member of this town building gamesand have a lot offun. Tiny Farmer Family : Building Tycoon &Farming SimFeatures★ Challenging Mission of game★ Enjoy Farm simfun★Realistic environment of construction builder story★Smoothcontrols of construction vehicles★ Many hours of free fun★Amazing3D Graphics What you are waiting for? Download Tiny FarmerFamily :Building Tycoon & Farming Sim and enjoy the FREE thrillofbuilding sit. It is more interesting and more colorful whichisholding building construction games for you. Easy gameoperationwill enable you to calmly face the challenges and completelevelsof building simulator. Everything will show you a perfectmegagamer in this digging machine. Download this virtual petgamecreated by Sablo Games Do not forget to rate us or giveusfeedback!
Farm Sim 2018: Modern Farming Master Simulator 3D 1.2
Farm Sim 2018: Modern Farming Master Simulator 3D is here!BecomeaLocal Farm Manager by Cultivate & Harvest Crops in thisFarmerSim 17!!Farming simulation has taken a step forward with thisbrandnew concept of real farming Sim game of 2018. In this farmingSimconcept, you have to make use of a combination ofadvancedmachinery like harvesters, hydraulic cargo transportersetc. andalso the traditional farming instruments like cowharvesters andbuffalo pulled water sprinkler. This extremecombination oftraditional farming and modern technologies willrevolutionize thefarming simulation games. Now you can make use ofyour barren landwith modern technology and make it plough-able.Become a realfarmer by taking control of your green farm, off thecity inbetween the fairy meadows.Plough a variety of crops indifferentportions of your farm and grow them by feeding with freshwater andpest control fertilizers. Take a good care of your largefarm anduse proper farming techniques to obtain a high yield. Takethe bestout of your agricultural career by cultivating your mudfarm andtake your agricultural career to the peaks which you nevertouchedbefore with the use of modern harvesters and tractors. Thenewharvest time tracker helps you to perfectly time the growingperiodof the harvested crops. Grow your sim farm in the bestpossible wayand make sure you sow seeds just after buffaloploughing of yourrough land. You can also make use of heavytractors for ploughingthe large fields. Transport the ready cropsto city market with thehelp of heavy tractors and tractor trolleys.Tractor trolleys arethe best way to transport a bulk quantity ofready crops in lesstime. Community market is the place where youearn money by sellingyour fresh crops. This challenging andexciting farming game iscomposed of farming missions with variouslimitations in eachmission. You have to complete various farmingmissions in the givescapacity and machinery. You have to prepareyour barren land forsowing, sow seeds, water your crop fields,harvest the ready crops,transport to community market, and sell thefeedstock. Youragricultural career is successful or not depends onhow muchfeedstock you prepare in the specific time allotted to you.Becomea modern farmer of this era by playing this farmingsimulator.Makeuse of different field patterns to obtain bettercrops fields andalso vary your water feeding to young crops. Grainseeds need aspecific time to grow, so do not rush. When you seesmall plantsemerging out of grain seeds, then do the watering andalsodistribute fertilizer grains to the large farms to save themfrompests and insects. Enjoy village life in this farmingsimulationgame while aggregating your barren land at the same time.Uselittle cranes to load heavy duty tractor trolleys with thereadyfeedstock. Sell your ready crops to earn as much as you canand bethe most successful farmer sim in the town. Farm Sim 2018:ModernFarming Master Simulator 3D Features:- Village lifeexperience withmodern farming techniques- Slick user interface toenjoy thisrealistic farming simulation game- Intuitive controls ofheavytractors, harvesters, and water sprinklers- Excitingfarmingmissions- Variety of seed grains to grown differentfields-Advanced threshers and cargo transporters- Off roadvillageenvironment- Excellent graphics and close to naturerealisticfarming
Tractor Driver Agri Farm 1.0
Tractor Farming Crop Harvest Driving Game 2018 Bestdrivingadventure in the tractor driver, while you transport goods,deliverstock and provide food to the citizens. Agri farm simulationis thebest heavy tractor job. Heavy duty tasks like pulling thetons ofloads of trolley with the tractor. Take as extra, harvesterjob inthe tractor driver game to top all the farmers in growth&productivity of your food. Heavy duty of goods transport tothegrain market across city maps in the challenging driving task,andnot every driver is up to take it. Glimpse of cityscapes fromthefarm area deceives the distance that tractor driver will havetocover to fulfill the farm transporting chores. Elitedriving,handling and controlling on the most rough roads while youaretransporting the goods. Legendary farming competitions are on,sobe prepared to show your skills as the tractor driver.Ignitetheengine and take the tractor to the plow and otheragriculturemachines. Drive on muddy farm roads and slippery paths,reachdestination in time. Clear up the head for the real tractordrivingfull of challenges. Best game experience is for winners,bringmaximum stars to the board, do the maximum transport taskstoachieve it. Thrilling simulation for you to get worked on, handsonsteering wheel and eyes on the road will make it possible.Collecthay and grass to feed animal, make shelter out timber, rawwoodfreshly cut from old trees. Trim the plants at the boundaryhurdlesand spikes to make proper farm appearance. All farmranchmanagement in the tractor driver agri farm are purelyrelatable tospending a weekend at a farm. Put the farming boots andignite theimmense horse powered tractor trolley. Get in line tobecome thebest tractor farmer in the whole country. Compete withneighboringfarmers in yields and animals. Bring heavy tractor tofields, plowthe fields, get fields ready for cultivation and makethe best outof the farming adventure. Farming of wheat cotton, riceand othermajor crops in the huge farm. Give a Booster to yourAgriculturecareer with building storage units all over the farm.Make themaccessible by building little streets and carving paths toreachout with tractor trolley so you could deliver the finalproducts tothe storage units.Real virtual farmer opportunity here.Fromwatering the fields and spraying the pesticides with tractor,takethe farming to the next level. Fulfill your harvesting dreamsandmake money by selling your farm animals. Successful farmercareeris opportunity here. Educated farmers are blessing toconsumers asthey increase productivity. Farm tractors and seedlingharvestersconvert the money spent into revenue. Now is the chanceto growdifferent plants. Manage the newly purchased animals in theopenfields and natural environment. With the combination offarmingforage plow harvester and wheat farming tractor, agriculturehasbecome easy thanbefore.
American Farmer : Best Farming & Harvesting Sim 1.1
The early bird catches the worm, and the early farmer sowsthecrop!Agriculture is one of the biggest industries in theUnitedStates, feeding millions of Americans daily. Start yourcareer as aproud American farmer and cultivate the best farm in theworld! Thegame provides realistic farming and harvestingexperience. Utilizevarious awesome farming tools like the plow,hoe, seed drill,tractor, and truck: sow the seeds, and then harvestwhen the cropis ready! Grow various crops like Barley, Wheat, andCanola. Ridearound your farm to water, spray, and take care of yourrows.Choose different seeds, tools, and fertilizers from your shed;anddifferent colorful trucks to drive from your garage! The processoffarming is demanding and tough, but with a little patienceanddetermination, your seeds will grow! After you’re doneharvesting,head over to the market and sell your crops. Bargain andmake aprofit. In the end, feed your town or city, and do it alloveragain from sunrise to sundown! Use the profit to purchase morelandto become the wealthiest farmer in town! Get ready to embarkonthis rural adventure. Remember...nature dictates you sow whatyoureap!American Farmer: Best Farming & HarvestingSimFeatures:•Easy and smooth game play.•Realistic 3D Farming andRuralenvironment!•Multiple cool farming tools to use:Tractor,Harvester, Seed Drill and Sprayer•Grow Wheat, Barley andCanola atyour farm & sell to meet your daily needs.•Spread andHarvestthe crops with realistic farming tools.•Store the endproducts instorage tower.•Use the cash to buy better tools toimprove youryield, and purchase more land.About Tap2PlayTap2Play,LLC is awholly owned subsidiary of Tapinator, Inc.Tapinator(Ticker: TAPM)develops and publishes games on mobile platforms. TheCompany’sportfolio includes over 300 mobile gaming titlesthat,collectively, have achieved over 400 million playerdownloads.Tapinator is headquartered in New York. For more info,
Farm Tractor Simulator Agri Land : Tractor Driver 1.2
Agriculture lands needs to vaster, to encourage farmersagriculturelands are supported by professional farming consultants.Become thehero of the family by growing crop yield to a newmaximum. Realfarm needs a perfect tractor driver operator to pulloff all thetask that the ranch employees required to do. Ruralenvironmentwith peaceful themes are added to increase the userinterest. Thistractor driver is multi talented guy. From sloughingthe fields tomaintain the grain stock in the stores everything iscontrolled byone man. Now ship the crops to the markets with theamazing tractorcargo skills of driving. This simulation has a majorpart of thejob as plowing the fields before the big crop harvestingday come.Best technique for agriculture success are rewarded withcoins andpoints in the game. Extensive details in the environmentjust tomake sure the greatness in the quality of simulation forthefarming. Authentically equipped instruments are made in thebestagriculture manufacturing firms. Cut the plants and timber tosellin the market. Make fences of the extra timber to protect thefarmfrom the invaders. Animal transport to the city for sale totheslaughter houses and meat market is profitable for the businessoffarm tractor simulator agri land owner. Start your weekendbydriving 4x4 tractor on mountains. It gives you acompleteexperience of farming in a new way. So are you ready forthisamazing tractor driving craze? It is real fun to ride and driveonit. This game is especially for those who loves farmingandploughing in real farms. You’re a farmer and your grains arereadyfor cultivate. Drive your tractor from your farm house and gotoyour fields for cultivate and plow. Your farmland livingwithcowshed pet cat, stray dog and horse. Work on alivestockenvironment. A jungle is also held on your farms way wherelion,deer, bear, and other animals are walking. You can also enjoyhillyarea with grass, rocks, large mountains etc. When your grainareready harvest it with harvester machine simulator. Afterharvestingput this grain into trolley and joint this trolley withyourtractor. Work like a transporter. Park trolley into right placeingiven time. Make your way around these farm roads then parkup.Drive careful and maneuver this big farmer vehicle parallel orinreverse for various situations. Once you have complete yourtaskyou will move onto the next level and need to park up in anewspot. getting more powerful tractor you have to completeeverylevels with 3 stars. After getting 3 stars you have enoughdollarsfor purchasing a high powerful tractor. In differentlocations loadyour tractor with other realistic attachments likeharvester,seeder, backhoe and more. Farming is not an easy work itis veryhard working for a farmer. This game is totally based on arealfarmer life. Tractor driving and parking gives you realdrivingvehicle simulator environment from start to end. Completemissionssurvive through different mission and complete tasks tounlock thenext mission. After playing this game you become parkingmaster.This parking mania game available on google play for everyage andgender and better than other driving games. So download andplaythis extreme tractor driving game. Farm Tractor Simulator AgriLandfeatures: • Ultra realistic endless driving environment. •30addictive levels. • Realistic vehicles • Time based levels. •HDquality graphics. • Realistic animated people • Energyboostinggame sound. • Cab view with side mirrors • Different cameraviews:up & behind, driver view, near the wheel. • Smoothsteeringcontrol with hydraulic break and acceleration paddle. •On-screenvehicle controls • Totally free of cost game How to play: Movestaring left and right to control tractor.  Use acceleratorpedalto increase speed.  Use gear lever up for forwarding and downforreveres.  Use brake pedal to stop. This free game is supportedasper Google Policy.
Real Farming Simulator Game 1.5
Novatech Inc.
Real Farming is not an easy task its great job if you performthisjob with sincerity than you will enjoy and it will be a greatfun.Peoples living in rural areas mostly perform farming asprofessionthey produced natural food like contribute in the economyof theircountry. They usually grow different type of crops likecorn crop,sugarcane, wheat. Now its best time for you learnt realplowfarming by farming simulator game: real tractor farming inthisseason and start harvest your crops. Be careful about allthemachinery and driving because rural areas roads are alwaysveryrough and bumpy. This real tractor farming simulation 3Dgameprovides you a great chance to become harvester and cultivatecropscell them into different markets for money. Before cell thoseintothe market you will have to run through complete processgrowingyour crops cultivate the grass land, plant seeds, wateringtheplants, spraying the pesticides and threashuring the crops andallthe remaining works required before cell them into the marketandearn revenue. You are also necessary to transfer themtomarketplace. Every stage of farming simulator havedifferentmission, so you will have to complete all the missions tocultivateand grow the crops. Become a real farmer and control yourgrowingfield in this off road sim farming game. In this tractorfarmingsimulator not only drive tractor you will use for theharvester aswell combined. Now it’s time to become actual farmerthrough thisoff road tractor farming sim 2017 experience craneshugeconstruction material, heavy tractors and harvesters. Butbecareful about your all assets these are very costly. Off roadSimFarming Game 2017 adventure is a new concept where you willfeelreal farmer and tractor driver Features of the RealFarmingSimulator Game New high quality 3D graphics and realisticusercontrol Get an amazing experience of real farmer Drivetractorcombined with the harvester Take cares of your machinery,crops andcell them into market for profit Enjoy all the stages ofhavingreal farming and complete the mission Control everything atyourown farm and cultivate the crops Become the real farmer andfarmingtractor driver manage everything at your own field and growthefield for high yield and cell those into the market forhighprofit. We hope will like this farming simulator game: realtractorfarming and rate it high on the Google play store. Don’tforget tovisit our more games.
Real Tractor Farmer 2018: Farming Games 1.03
Real Tractor Farmer 2018: Farming GamesCultivate, harvest dothereal village farming for freeDo you want your own US farm whereyoucan pursue your tractor farming skills? Zact technologyproudlypresents yet another exciting farm simulator game featuringtheheavy tractor simulator 2018 on Google plat store.If you wanttoexperience some real twist from the hustle and bustle of bestrurallife and want a refreshing start to your farming passion, thenthistractor cargo sim, which is double tire tractors based on therealagriculture life. America has been injecting unabated effortstorenew the farming techniques. In this tractor gameagriculturesector is under light.One of the best tractor games andfarmergames, this harvester tractor simulator is all about excitingtouralong the real village farm. Now amplify your farmer passionandU.S farm 3d mania with this tractor simulator. Keep exploringthereal us farming with this heavy tractor simulator games. Trythisdouble tire tractor simulator. Have the real fun in thefarmsimulator in hot locations off Road Mountains. Try Americantractorwith heavy cargo load now.Unlike from heavy tractor gamesand farmsimulation games, this heavy cargo tractor farming gametakes youto the exotic rural locations of whereas cities where youcan growstrawberries and other vegetables in US farmalong withfarminggames 3d. The heavy tractor simulator is a driving transportgamewhere the rural life is waiting for you. Leave the robotic lifeofthe city for a while and avail this chance to get close tothenature. Enjoy the cargo tractor driving game now to getstimulatingspirit of tractor driving in the farms of harvester.Your Americantractor is here for you to drive in this cargotransport game.Drive the most realistic tractor driving in thiscrop harvestergame. HOW TO PLAY:Cultivate the rice seeds in thefarm. Be carefulwhile driving the heavy tractor driving simulatorin this Ruralfarming tractor sim: farmer game. Your farming land isnowavailable and is highly appropriate to grow the crops. Theseasonis suitable for US farming. Now use the seeder for sprinkleseeds.The young plants and seedlings require the water. Water thefarmplants in this double tire tractor farming 3d game. The youngcropsare vulnerable to the pest and fungus attacks. So hurry upinspraying the pesticides with sprayer in tractor trolleysimulator.• Enjoy Harvesting Season In Heavy US Tractor HarvesterGame:Asharvesting is celebrated as festival in America so be a partofthis festivity as real harvester 2018.Harvest the crops andgatherthem to ground which will be taken to market in cargotransporttrailer game. • Transport The Cargo And Harvested CropsToMarket:The reward of a farmer is his healthy crops whichhedelivers to market. This tractor simulation game provides therealtrailer simulator plus the tractor trolley simulator totransportfarm harvest to market to earn revenue in real farminggames&tractor games. Download now new farming cargo tractorgame andenjoy harvester transport challenge.Real Tractor Farmer2018:Farming Game Features:1. Realistic farms with us tractortrolleydriving simulator2. Thrilling cargo transport challengeswith cargotractor simulator3. Amazing visual and sound effects intractorparking games4. Smooth controls with hydraulic brakes intrailersimulator 3d game5. Modern farm machineryBy playing thisgame youagree to our privacypolicy We encourage you tohelpus improve this tractor game by giving your impressive andqualityfeedback.