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Kids numbers counting game 1
Kids counting game is anexcitingeducationalapp for young children. Apps comes with huge setobjectpictureswhich a kid can count. This app covers exhaustivelist ofimagesfrom Fruits/Animals/Objects/Automobiles . Kid plays this with imagination, learningthecountingin most innovative way. When kid touches the object,itanimates byrotating 360 degrees, also prompts the number counted.In the end one get a option to click on therightnumber,reflecting number of object present on the page.Game comes with some nice animation and backgroundmusicwhichwill keep interested.So give it a try and have fun counting the objects.P.S: One can use mute option in settings in case you want toturnoffthe sound of the App.
My Lucky Numbers 1.0.7
How our app works? 🤔The 3 main numbers (from 0 to 99) are generated instantly fromourmathematical functions and numerology, using your day of birthas aseed for the generator.These are your quick lucky numbers for that day, you can usethemthe way you want in the lottery you like. These will help youtofill your pockets, win some extra money or hit the jackpot andifyou are lucky enough become rich or even a millionaire!On a second panel we have an special number generator, on thisoneyou can get help to get your lottery plays. You can selecttherange and the amount of numbers you need and so having morechanceson improving your economy.All these numbers are perfect to generate lottery plays andgivesyou chances of getting that money you need, and you know,it'stotally free at no cost.WE WISH YOU THE BEST OF LUCKS!! 💲🤑 💵
Lotto Draw Machine 2.0
It is the machine simulator used to drawthewinning numbers for a lottery.It is the random number picker with 2D physics engine.You can make your own lottery rules. And you can add 5phases.It is easy to use.NOTE: Technical problems may occur regarding to the specificationofyour mobile.Powered by JBox2D
Multiplication tables 21.0.0
A great app to learn maths:multiplicationtables. With this simple app you'll just pick anumber from 1 to 20and you'll get its corresponding multiplicationtable so that youcan memoriza all multiplications.It's so simple and easy to use.
How to Get Call Detail any Number : Call History 1.2
Prank Media
Now you can use this app to find fromwhichstate/telecom operator a mobile number belongs to. It showscallerinfo like Telecom Location/Provider during incoming call. Youcanalso view the details of mobile number in the call log.Call History Manager keep up to past 1000 days call logs andlistthem category wise for ease of access. Quick and advancedsearchoptions helps you to easily access data you are looking for.Thereare many other features included to manage your call logseasilyand efficiently.How to get call details of any number application helps theIndianprepaid telecom users to find the numbers for specificoperationslike Recharge, Main, Message, Net Balance enquiry,Finding ownnumber and Customer care number. As of now app supportstelecomoperators like Airtel, Aircel, Idea, Vodafone, Uninor, TatDocome,BSNL and Reliance.Thank You..!!!
Learning Numbers Easily 1.1
Learning Numbers Easily is one applicationthatwill help children recognize, memorize and writenumbers.Some of the features contained in this application are:1. Introduction numbers with interactive methods2. Introduction numbers with automatic repeat method3. Learn writing numbers4. Games guess numbers5. Games memorize numbers
Caller Tracker: Mobile Number 1.1
Use our free “Caller Tracker MobileNumber”tools for showing on operator details on your android phonebeforereceiving any call.Quick search for Caller Location Trackeron Mapand Track Indian Mobile Number ,STD code and ISD codewithoutinternet connection, it will display location of callerwithservice providers name, with City, State information oneveryincoming/outgoing calls.-- Key FEATURES --- A Simple & Unique solutions.- Track any incoming or outgoing caller location, serviceprovider,location on map and caller name.- Search any mobile number information with search feature.- Direct check mobile number from your call log on bothGSM/CDMAtechnologies.
Math Multiplication Table 1.1
How memorizing multiplication withEasy,Practical, and memorized Fast Multiplication is themathematicaloperation of scaling one number by another number. Thisoperationis one of the four basic operations in elementaryarithmetic (theothers being addition, subtraction, and perbagian).Multiplicationis defined for all numbers inside the tribessummation repeated(multiplication is repeated addition forms); forexample, 4Multiplied by 5 (Often pronounced "four times 5") can becalculatedby summing 3 copies of 4 together.Friends of the reader, sometimes there are children who havegrade4, 5, even 6 class have not memorized the multiplicationresult1-10 or 1-100. Whereas children should have memorizedthemultiplication by rote up to grade 3, even better ifsincekindergarten or grade 1 kids have memorized themultiplicationresults to 100.Actually, the majority of kids are smart, but sometimes theyareafraid it first with a shadow that memorizing numbersinmultiplication is difficult. To overcome the difficultiesofchildren in learning to memorize multiplication actuallymanymethods that can be done such as multiplication with the song,withthe help of a finger, a stick, 1-100 multiplication tablesandmethods as well as other media. But this time I would like toWaysMemorizing multiplication with easy and fast to usepracticalmultiplication table
Fraction to Decimal
GK Apps
This free math calculator is able toconvertfractions into decimal numbers. You can convert commonfractions(like 1/2) and mixed fractions (like 2 4/5).The best mathematical tool for school and college! If you areastudent, it will help you to learn arithmetic and division!Note: A common fraction consists of an integer numerator,displayedabove a line (or before a slash in this app), and anon-zerointeger denominator, displayed below (or after the slash)thatline. Numerators and denominators are also used in fractionsthatare not common, including compound fractions, complexfractions,and mixed numerals.
Unlimited Friends Search for WhatsApp 1.5
Lisa Studio
Search friends for whatsapp is an app which search numberfromthe huge collection and add in your contactsFeature☣ No requirement of authentication just search contact andallcontact will be added in your phone.☣ Chat with that added number and make new friends.☣ We have people with 200+ countries.☣ Select countries from you need new friends so depending onthatcountry search number will start and get whatsappnumbercontacts.☣ Select gender in which gender you are interested so dependsonthat search number whatsapp contact will be added.☣ Select the how many friends you want to add in your contactsinbetween 150-1000 depend on that search whatsappnumberexecute.☣ Mostly all contacts are live in whatsapp so you can chat withthemand share your interest with them.☣ After adding all contact just refresh the contact list inwhatsappso you will find contact name with "Search@" prefix whichare addedby Search Friends for Whatsapp application.☣ If you want to new contact than just delete the old contactsbypressing delete button than re-add friends by dependingyourintrest.☣ If you have any queries than read help page from menu.☣ Make new girl/boy friends by adding whatsapp number fromanycountry is very easy.☣ Talk with people who don't know user so its new experienceforuser.Notes :☣ If you find any problem with intellectual property violationorDMCA rules break than please mail☣ We are not accessing your contact and saving but we are addingnewcontacts for that we required Contact Access permission yourcontactis safe so please allow this application to accesscontactpermission.
Numbers Game - Numberama 2.8.65
A casual/addictive/puzzle gameforeverybody.Numbers Game is a fun and addictive mobile version of theoldNumbers Game (some people call it Numberama, Take Ten, SeedsorNumbers - the Numbers Game) you played with paper and pen, nowforAndroid phones and tablets. It is a cool game for kids andadults,in which you have to cross out all numbers on thescreen.Numbers Game uses no critical permissions, needs nearly nostoragespace, and is totally free and ad-free (no in-apppurchase).-HOW TO PLAY-In this logic game you have to find two numbers which are thesameor together ten (10). Then the two numbers will be crossed out.Forexample 7 and 3, 1 and 9 or 6 and 6.The two numbers have to be side by side or about each other.Bydoing this you can skip crossed out numbers.If no more numbers fit together you have to press the "Check"buttonand all the not crossed out numbers are written behind theremainingones. You have to look carefully, that you do not missany matchingnumbers.The goal is to cross out all numbers. Try it out now!This numbers game has following featuresandadvantages:- 5 modes- instruction- statistics- automatic save/load- back button to undo the last turn- help button (if you can't find two numbers whichfittogether)- restart button- clear button to remove empty lines- possibility to change colors (highlight combinations, switchtodark for playing in bed,...)- simple UI- share your result on Facebook, Whatsapp,...- compatible for most Android devices- totally free (no in-app purchase)- no adsThe Numbers Game Numberama (Take Ten, Seeds, Numbers - theNumbersGame) also makes kids to count and improve some basic mathornumeracy skills. For adults it is a funny and addictive numbergameto train the brain. A good alternative for sudoku, numberpuzzlesor crossword puzzles.Note: You might need some patience for solving the game!Now explore deep challenge for you mind and enjoy this numbergame,Numberama, Take Ten, Seeds, the really different number puzzlegameor whatever you call it and try to cross out all numbers inthebest time killer ever!Lars
How To Win Lotto - Lotto Winning Numbers 2.3
If you are thinking 'how to win lottery'or'how to win lotto' then we have compiled some system withinthisapp with which you can get help with lotto winningnumbers.The lottery can be a really exciting stuff if you win it and ifyouare one of the lottery winners then this can be the keytoriches.Use the method in this app before you buy your nextlotteryticket.So, whether it is online lottery or lottery draw you need toseethis system to get the answer of the question ' how towinlotto'.Install this app for free and we hope that you will likethis.
Lucky 4D Spin 3.0
twin guns
"Hmmm...which 4D numbers shall I buytoday?"Does the above scenario sound familiar?Feeling stuck in deciding which 4D numbers to buy?Fret not, let Lucky 4D Spin decide it for you!It is free & easy to use, all you have to do is startspinningthe wheel of fortune!So come on & download this tool, it is specifically designtohelp you figure out your Lucky 4D numbers!Good luck & may the God of Prosperity shines upon you!
Maths X Solutions for NCERT 1.9
Easify Apps
Chapterwise and Exercisewise solutions ofMathsTextbook of Class 10 ( CBSE Board)Easier navigation using Exercise number and Chapter number.Total number of pages : 604 .Works without internet connection.Chapters Included :1. Real Numbers2. Polynomials3. Pair of Linear Equations in Two Variables4. Quadratic Equations5. Arithmetic Progressions6. Triangles7. Coordinate Geometry8. Introduction to Trigonometry9. Some Applications of Trigonometry10. Circles11. Constructions12. Areas Related to Circles13. Surface Areas and Volumes14. Statistics15. Probability
True Phone Number Locator 2.4
Are you getting calls from unknown number?Doyou want to know from where that person is calling? Now you canuseMobile Number Tracker to find from which state/telecom operatoramobile number belongs to. It shows caller info likeTelecomLocation/Provider during incoming call. You can also viewthedetails of mobile number in the call log.Only for IndiaFEATURES:- No Internet connection required, Works offline as well.- Locate phone number area and state.- Find address from map.- Updated with latest 7XXX and 8XXX Series- Includes Videocon numbers, Landline Numbers andTollfreeNumbers.- Analyses you call logs information- View call logs along with operators information- View list of your Contacts with Area and operator name- Updated Mobile number database.- Shows Caller Information during the call.
Coloring by Numbers - Pix Draw 1.5
Avar Apps
Get the opportunity without strainingtocolorize pixel drawings from very simple to very complex,justfilling in the cells with the numbers correspondingcolors.Coloring does not require special skills and anyone will beable tomaster the application without difficulty. Enjoy thisprocess, younever get bored.
Gadi Number se Vahan Malik ka nam Pata kare 1.0
Sikho India
Check two wheeler and four wheelerownerinformation. Verify vehicle registration detail inIndia.People who buy second hand or used car or bike can know who ownthebike.You can check owner detail of any suspected vehicle near you.Find Owner details, address, Company brand and model number ofanyvehicle.Chassis Number, Engine number and registration status can befoundwith Gadi Number se Vahan Malik ka nam Pata kare app.
Video Status - Lyrical 1.2
Video Status app is the most popular apponplay store for sharing video status. We have thousands ofshortvideo status for social media platform like WhatsApp,facebook,line, we chat etc. update every day new video songsstatus. thisapp made by makewell infotech.Are you a WhatsApp status/stories addict? then this app is foryouand Your Love.Download latest video and Share with your friends.Love Status videoRomantic Status videoFunny status videoSad Status videoCute Status videoThere is a new trend of keeping famous video as status. Wehavedifferentiated videos in categories so that you can quicklyfindthe images, like Funny Status Video, Love Status Video, MissyouStatus Video, Love Song Status Video, Sad Video Status, CuteStatusVideo, Valentines Day Status Video, Christmas Status Video,NewYear Status Video, Diwali Status Video, Newyear StatusVideo,Ganesh Chaturthi Status Video, Janmashtami Status Video,FriendshipStatus Video, Rakshabandhan Status Video, Love VideoStatus,Valentine Day Status Video.So, what are you waiting for? Just install the app
Times Tables and Division game 1.3
Learn Multiplication Table from 1 to 10andpractice Division playing Times Tables game.This easy math game will help you or your kinds learn timestables.Practice in multiplication and division. Prepare schoolhomeworkand pass math tests and exams.Times Tables math app has two modes "Test" and "Learn".Passing "Test" you can fast and effectively check your knowledgeofmultiplication and division. There are 3 levels of difficultyformultiplication and 1 for division. Try all 4 levels of testtoensure you can multiply perfectly!"Learn" contains 9 tables for each digit from 2 to 10 and linktopractice one digit math quiz.Enjoy learning multiplication table and division playing thiscoolmath game!
Status Story Video Clip (Lyrical Videos) 2018 1.8
Using Best Status Story Video Clip App YoucanDownload and share status story clip in Social Media likeWhatsApp,Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Hike and many more.Status Story Video Clip has a large collection of high qualityvideoclip for your social accounts like WhatsApp, Facebook, hikeandothers. Set your Status Story depends your emotion,moodandday.Using Best DP and Status App You can Download and share ImageinSocial Media like Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Hikeandmany more.App Features~ Best Couple DP Photos~ Love Quotes Photos~ Love HD Wallpapers~ Sad Images~ sad Quotes~ Alone Photos~ All Type of Status- Upcoming New Features like~ Happy quotes Images~ Alone HD Photos~ Cute Baby Photos and Others~ Offline/Online New Romantic Status~ All Type of Status NewProfile Picture Categories---------------------------------------LoveFriendshipCute CoupleLove QuotesMiss You StatusLove StatusRomanticGood MorningSadSad StatusAlone DP & StatusStatus Language Categories-----------------------------------------EnglishHindiGujaratiMarathiTamilBanglaTamilTeluguPunjabiStatus Categories-------------------------------------------AtitudeFunnyFriendshipLifeLoveSadMotherMotivationalFatherCoolFlirtCute LoveI love youGood NightGood MorningFoolKissRomanticMiss YouTruthExperienceHappinessHopeSuccessTimeShivaIndependenceChristmasKitesRepublicValentineAllinoneDiwaliNavratriGaneshaJanmashtmiSmileHumorInspiringBestAngryWittyCrushRelationshipEmotionalCrazyExamPoemShotRememberParentsBest Status and DP has a large collection of high quality imageforyour social accounts like Whats App, Facebook, hike and others.Setyour DP (Display Picture) and Status depends your emotion,moodandday."Best DP and Status" Application Provides user to save and shareDPphotos,Quotes photos and wallpapers- Added Couple Photos- Added Love Photos- Added Love Quotes- Added Sad Photos- Added Sad Quotes- Added Cute Girl Photos- Added Alone Photos- Added All Type Of Status- Rose Day Photos- Propose Day Photos- Chocolate Day Photos- Teddy Day Photos- Promise Day Photos- Hug Day photos- Kiss Day Photos- Valentines Day Photos- Daily Updates Photos~ This Application through set Status Story Video Clip foraccordingto your mood and sharing all status story.Disclaimer:This app brings you the official free public content availableWeare just providing the way to stream videos. We don't claimrighton any file in this application. We do not have any ownershiporresponsibilities regarding the videos or their content. Allthevideos provided in this application has the copyrights oftheirrespective owners.All the images and video content is ownedbyrespective companies/individuals and the app developer is nottheowner for any of visual, audio and video contents.By usingthisapplication, you agree to abide by local and nationalcopyrightlaws. If you believe any of the video violates copyrights,thenplease report the video to me and i removed this video. Foranycopyright violence complaint please write
Sad Video Status 1.2.1
Sad video status app will provide youlargecollection of Sad song status and lyrical videos.You can get Sad video status of all categories in this app.TheApphave fast servers for video status downloading andstreaming.The app also contains 30 second video song status and 30secondwhatsapp status.You can get Sad Video status for whatsapp from the app.We'llupdatethe status on daily bases.We have largest collection of SadSadvideo status for you.This App also has lyrical videos forwhatsappSad video status download.Sad Video Song Status: A Large Collection of bestvideostatus to share with your Sadly friends and SocialMedia.Latest / Popular Video: Here you get to the newlyuploadedvideo or Popular video which is Sad by everyone.Instant Share : Quickly share short Sad video statusonBiggest Social Networks.Request Video : Tell us your favorite song and we'lluploadedLyrical Video Status on public demand category so you cangetEasily.Features of Lyrical Song Status App :- Awesome User Interface- Explore 10000+ Lyrical Videos- Daily New Video updated- Smart Search- Faster Video Loading- One click to Download and instant share.- Special Status videos for Festivals and events- Share on Social Media.- Video Preview Facility Available.
This app will help you to Scan theSINGAPORETOTO 4D numbers and Check the last 5 years results(Including newTOTO 6/49 rule and 4D iBet). Never worry about losingmoney bymistake again!!!It also has following features:- TOTO keyboard and 4D/SWEEP smart manual input can help you totypefaster than ever!- QuickPick generator for TOTO and 4D.- Frequency tables and statistical charts.- TOTO common Triplets.- New result notifications.
video song status 2018 5.0
Best app for Video song status : lyricalvideosongVideo song status is a large collection of lyrical videosongsstatus to share on your Social account.Now you Set your video status according your mood andemotion.Video Song Status has best collection of Video Song Status foryou,you can upload or share it in your social accounts.Video Song Status serves variety of short videos which issuitableto post on social media directly.Video Song Status is a great video status application havingvariouscategories Videos status.Key Features:Explore thousands of videos.Daily updated videos on time to time.Fantastic Great User InterfaceSmart SearchPost / Share instantlyEasily Download VideosSmart Video PreviewShows related videosShare video links to friends with one clickIMPORTANT:- If you notice that any content in our app violates copyrightsthanplease inform us so that we remove that content.- All images used in this app are believed to be in publicdomain.If you own rights to any of the images, and do not wish themtoappear here,- If you have problems contact us directly to ouremailaddress.- Thank you For Choosing Us.
The app is right for you nightcoremusicenthusiast. Inside this app there are more than 2000 bestnightcoresongs you can enjoy anywhere and anytime for free. Youjust openthis app and play your favorite nightcore song. Somefeatures inthis app:# 2000 ++ Nightcore Songs, you can count it: D# 10 Different nightcore music genres# 12 Best playlist, you can choose the playlist you like# Play, Pause, Repeat, Loop, Shuffle# Share to another nightcore fans# Find songs by alphabetic title# Design Interesting and easy to use# You can request the addition of songs through the formsongsrequestDisclaimer- In this app YOU CAN NOT DOWNLOAD NIGHTCORE SONG,juststreaming.- All credits go to the creator of the songs. We do notownit.
Punjabi Video Songs Status 2018 5.0
Pl Developer
WhatsApp Punjabi Videos, 30 SecVideos,Download, Punjabi Videos, Subtitles Videos, Love Videos,VideoStatus👫 One Click Download 👌Here you will find best song status for your WhatsApp in smallsizeand best quality.This Application Collection of Status Video :Punjabi Status videoPunjabi Categories:-Love Images-Sad Images-Romantic Images-Love Status-Sad Status-Romantic Status-Love Shayari-Sad Shayari-Romantic Shayari-All JokesAre you a WhatsAppp status/stories addict ? then this app is foryouand Your Love.Download latest video and Share with your friends. Sharing photosiseasy but making a video of your feelings or the song you’recrooningis difficult as hell. Here you will find best song statusforyourWhatsup in small size and best quality.Thank you for Downloading Application.How to use this App?* Install Punjabi Video Status form Play store* Open the App.* Broswe the video u like.* Download the status video if you want.* You can set video status by clicking the Button.Have an Good Day!Thank you
Touch the Numbers for Android 8.1g
-- New mode "Level Challenge"added!--Aim the "Level 100" by clearing the stage appearingOver 7MM DL App!! "TOUCH THE NUMBERS"Touch the numbers from 1 to 25 as fast as you can, and becomeaworld record holder!"Touch the Numbers" is a simple game for training yourreflexesand peripheral vision.Peripheral vision is an essential skill for playingbaseball,football, basketball, and various sports.- Can submit your best record to Twitter (Twitteraccountrequired).
How to get call details of any number 4.0
Black Hash
How to get call details of anynumberapplication helps the Indian prepaid telecom users to findthenumbers for specific operations like Recharge, Main, Message,NetBalance enquiry, Finding own number and Customer carenumber.
1300 Maths Formulas 1.10
Easify Apps
Maths Formulas which are available oninternetare presented here in the application so that they areavailableanytime anywhere with mobile devices.Added Maths Tricks and Maths Games.The index for Maths Formulas is searchable.Total number of formulas : 1300Works without internet connection.Topics included :Number SetsAlgebraGeometryTrigonometryMatrices and DeterminantsVectorsAnalytic GeometryDifferential CalculusIntegral CalculusDifferential EquationsSeriesProbability
Punjabi Latest Video Status - Lyrical Video(2017) 1.0.5
I infotech
👫 One Click Download 👌😍 If U Love It Plz Rate It ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Sharing photos is easy but making a video of your feelings orthesong you’re crooning is difficult as hell. To solve this, wehavedeveloped market’s first Punjabi Video Status App. Here youwillfind best song status for your WhtsApp in small size andbestquality.This Application Collection of Status Video :Punjabi Status videoAre you a WhtsAppp status/stories addict ? then this app is foryouand Your Love.Download latest video and Share with your status app serves variety of short videos 📹 which issuitableto post on WhtsAppp directly.WhtsApp has made it very easy to express your mood bysharingphotos/videos on WhtsApp Status. Sharing photos is easy butmakinga video of your feelings or the song you’re crooning isdifficultas hell. To solve this, we have developed market’s firstWhtsAppVideo Status App. Here you will find best song statusforyourWhtsApp in small size and best quality.Thank you for Downloading Application.How to use this App?* Install Punjabi Video Status form Play store* Open the App.* Broswe the video u like.* Download the status video if you want.* You can set video status by clicking the Button.
Malyalam Video Songs Status 1.0
Groming Lil
Sharing photos is easy but making avideoofyour feelings or the song you’re crooning isdifficultashell.Here you will find best song status for your WhatsApp insmallsizeand best quality.WhatsApp Malyalam Videos, 30 Sec Videos, WhatsApp VideosForStoryUpdate, Download, Malyalam Videos, SubtitlesVideos,WhatsAppStatus Video, WhatsApp Videos, WhatsappMalyalamVideos.Through this app you can download the video status in yourmobileforlater use, also you can share the video directly toyourfriends onany social media. This is totally free app whichcostnothing and youwill enjoy a lot using this app.