Top 14 Games Similar to Color Picker

Pipette - Color Picker 1.9.2
This simple tool let's You load an image, pan around, zoom inandget the color code just by tapping the wanted area/pixel.FeaturesRGB and HEX color codes.Pipette Plus-Features:-No Ads-Huemodifier/ Color modifier-Save favorite colors -More functionscomingsoon...Icon design by Greg Ives
Camera Color Picker
Color picker in the camera!When shooting with the camera, RGBvalueof the color, CMYK values​​, and HSV values ​​from theshootingresults,Show me the color name of the approximatecolor.Byadjusting the slide bar, you can adjust the shootingrange.Thecolor names that are recorded is 1200 colors over! !Please useyour job, hobby.
Color picker for designers 1.1
This simple color picker offers designers to chose color viaRGBsliders, to see HEX code of the color and to temporarily storeupto 4 different colors.You can set alpha channel to.In newversionYou can save 4 colors to file, load colors from file anddeletesaved files.
Camera Color Picker
Camera Color Picker is a color scheme generator app that letsyoupick colors through your mobile’s camera. You can easily grabthecolor around you by focusing the camera on a specific object.Youcan save multiple colors and create color palette which you canusefor various purposes like choosing paint for your home, lookingfornew color but confused by name and many more… Follow thequicksteps to grab a color with Camera Color Picker:1. Start theapp2.Focus the camera on an object3. Tap anywhere on the screen andtheobject’s color will be selected automatically.4. Save thecolorinto the app database by clicking on save button (Present inrightbottom). You can also pick numerous colors through the cameraandsave them. After that you can choose all relevant colors andcreateyour own palettes or color themes which can be easily sharedwithyour friends with various apps present in your phone.You canalsoshare the grabbed color with your friends directly throughtheColor Picker app. Camera Color Picker Key Features:•Real-timecolor detection.• Save Color• Color palettes generation.•Instantcolor picking by tapping the screen.• Supports common colormodels(RGB, HEX, HSV).• Copy color to clipboard. • Share colorswithfriends.• Turn flash light in low-light conditions.For moreinfovisit our official site: http://theninehertz.comOr contact usforsuggestion and queries.
Color Picker 1.0.0
Tony McGee
Display a range of colors using the Red, Green and Bluesliders.Usethis app to calculate a HTML hexadecimal color code fromany RGBcolor value.Check the Web Safe checkbox if you're stuck in1995!
Color Picker 1.1
color picker.
HTML CSS Color Picker
A very handy Color tool or Color Chooser utility to choosecolorsfor your websites or print media work.Very useful appfordesigners, developers and professionals that work withcolorschemes.Feature of this App :- Choose color in RGB and HEXformat.-Very Clean user interface- Light Weight (only 300kb)- Itsfree (Adsdisplayed)
Color Picker 1.0
Donald Wu
A Color Picker app for any personal use.
RGB Color Picker 3.1
A simple RGB Color picker with hex values.
Get Colors 3.6
Simone Sacchi
GetColors is a simple application that aimstohelp those who - for work or passion - need to explore the rangeofcolors and, in particular, those who work withgraphicssoftware.How to use:with the START and STOP buttons you start or stop the sequenceofcolors randomly generated; at the top of the screen willdisplaythe corresponding RGB and HEX values​​. When the sequenceisstopped, the STOP button functionality changes and becomesSAVE,pressing it you can save the current color on the screen inyourpersonal database of colors and then access it via Settingsmenu orvia COLORS button. To move in the sequence of colors thatarealready created, you can use left and right arrows.Instead, if you want to manually enter a color you can tap ontheHEX value placed in the upper right, or you can open theColorPicker using the the slide interface (from right toleft),recognizable by a small arrow positioned on the right side ofthescreen, allowing you to manually select the RGB and the HEXvaluesof colors.In the Settings menu you can also: access to your archive ofcolors,backup and restore it, choose the theme of the application(just forsmartphone, not for tablet), choose to not displaynotifications andhints, choose to not display the Status Bar(increasing the visualspace, just for smartphone), hide thenavigation arrows, show orhide the Color Picker, show or hide HTMLcolors, manually enter HTMLcolors via name or via HEX value,manually enter the RGB values​​,show 2 additional buttons thatallow you to adjust the generationrate of the colors, reset theoriginal value of this speed, turn offthe Haptic Feedback (not forMotorola Xoom).If you find bug, you want send same suggestions or requestcustomapp,feel free to contact the developer.
Advanced Color Picker 1.4
Convenient tool for designers, developers, painters. Allows youtodetect RGB/HEX/RAL value of color for one pixel or pixelsofvariable area on your picture. Make a photo or choose apicturefrom your Gallery to detect color. Slide across screen byfinger ortouch it to see color RGB/HEX/RAL values.
Camera Color Picker gp-0.0.7
Camera Color Picker is a very light weight app that uses thecameraof your device to capture a color.It analyses in real timethecamera preview and extracts the color that you are pointingat.Youdon't have to take a picture and then pinpoint the color youwant:it all happens in real time.You can save the color on yourphoneand copy several color formats to the clipboard.Currenlty theappsupport hexadecimal, (RGB) Red Green Blue and HSV (HueSaturationValue) format.Camera Color Picker has also a palettefeature: youcan easily combine the colors that you previouslypicked to createbeautiful color palettes.Color palettes can beshared with yourcontacts/friends with the code of their color and alittlepreview.We hope that you will find this small app usefullandelegant =)There are no ads.The app is 100% free.Thein-apppurchases are only here to support us by makingsmalldonations.Camera Color Picker is open source!It can't hideanythingfrom you.If you want to learn more about how it works underthehood, you can find the codehere: happy hacking:)
Color Picker 2.2.3
【color picker】 It turns out the color of the tap position.【color'slist】 This appli will display a list of color information.Colorinformation is more than 400.
Color Picker
Color picker allows you to pick a color using the build inwidgets,or enter a hex value for displaying it. It is simple andeasy touse. Copies the selected color to the clipboard. Matchestheprevious color to the next one. It is optimized formaximumperformance and battery life.