Top 8 Games Similar to Swipy Stickman

Stickman Battlefields Premium 2.1.1
Djinnworks GmbH
Now on sale for a very limited time!Experience ultra realisticandaction packed arcade battlefield atmosphere in thisawesometactical arcade shooter. Equip your favorite weapons,explosivesand gadgets and battle through the single player campaignor takepart in the realtime synchronous multiplayer online modewhere youcan even board vehicles, tanks or attack helicopters tobattle youronline enemy players. Play in highly dynamic landscapes,rangingfrom snowy mountains, beautiful beaches to windy forests.Destroytrees, blow out all the windows of buildings or use yourtank totrample down everything right before you parachute behindtheenemies lines.No Ads, No Gold, No Energy, NoIn-appsFEATURES:-Unlock everything by rank, no In-Apps ordisturbing videos- Ultrarealistic and action packed arcadebattlefield atmosphere- Fastpaced arcade military shooter- StoryMode and single playercampaign with more than 100 missions-Realtime synchronousmultiplayer mode- Bootcamp missions- Variousdifferent locations(Beach, Forest, Mountain, Snow, Rain, etc…)-Various weapons (M16,M32, M320, PP2000, Shotgun, M2010 SniperRifle, AT4 Rocketlauncher, Glock19, etc…)- Various explosives(Grenades, RGOs, ATMine, etc…)- Various gadgets and equipments.(Parachute, LaserSight, Body Armor, Camouflage, etc…)- Variousvehicles you cancontrol (Tanks, Humvees, Apaches, Stationary Guns,etc…)- Weathersystem (Rain, Snow, Wind, etc…)- Tons of upgradeableitems andweapons- Integrated leaderboard and achievements tounlockTake alook at the Stickman Battlefields Trailer: free to postyourideas, we will try to implement them as soon as possible
Thankyouvery much for all your support and interest in our games! Wewouldlove to hear your suggestions!
Stickman Ghost Warrior 1.4
Become a mature bravo samurai like paladintorevenge stickman betrayed. With swords and bow he is goingtodefeat all monsters and bosses. Let’s upgrade and equipweapon,your kungfu skill and get the intervention help of fairyqueen andskyrim to fight demon, godzilla boss. Simple controls andhardcoregameplay with a lot of blood you can perform amazing stuntto killyour stalking enemy.Feature:- Realistic wobble, ragdoll physics.- Explore many different tight maps: canyon, Ha long bay, parisinworld war with increasing challenges and even big bosses withaloot of dmg.- Amazing hurt sound , slash effect, blood andhardcoregameplay.- Awesome kungfu combos with his equipment are shaolin prieststaff,clap, cross and swords.- The various continuous functions including choppy aircomboappear.Fight hard and help Stickman revenge warrior fight like astalkingninja to protect and revenge for his relatives and kingdombydestroy evil and monsters.If you like this game please rate and do not forget comments tousabout Stickman Ghost fighting game!
Stickman Fight 1.11.3
i3 Games
Playing role model real boxing physics gamehasnever been so fun before. Let’s start the great fight ofstickmanand become hero of the ring in Stickman Fight arena.Enter into the arena and fight for the survival. If you loveplayingstickman fighting games then this is the game which willamaze youwith the swift handling and amazing features.To win the title in every game defeats your opponent. Alwaysdodgeyourself from the opponents move.Stickman fight is a game of skill and need you to be reallyfastreactive to knockout your opponent.Come out every one and let’s enjoy the stickman fight withfriendsand family.Stickman Fight modes:There are two modes in this epic battle game of stickman whereyouwill be left with 2 choice of selecting the player.1) Super Hero: In this mode there are enemies who havelesserfighting efficiency then super hero but you have to makesurestickman death of more than 2 enemies in most of the levels.SuperHeroes never have fear for death so show your anger in thering andkill them all and come out of ring as an undefeatedstickmanfighter.2) Arsenal Soldier: As you are a soldier, you have to getequippedwith head guard, boxing gloves and in some levels you willhaveswords. Fight with opponent bravely and knockout to kill themallwith your power punches and piercing sword.In this stickman fighting game you have an opportunity tochooseyour player. Some stickman comes with punching gloves andheadguard with stick in their hand. Some characters have glowswordwith them.In stickman fight there are few levels where you need toknockoutthe opponent and dodge from the spears and spikes. Spikegives anew twist to this stickman fighting game.If you love playing stickman games then for sure you are goingtolove this too.How to Play:Very simple game controlsAs this is a physics based game, you have to move the stickmanwiththe help of joystick and bang over the opponent and make sureforstickman death.Move yourself away from the attack of the opponent as this maymakeyou knockoutPunch or kick on the head of opponent to get extra point.Beware of spears and spike.Stickman Fight Features:A real boxing gameA funny physics based stickman fighting gameKnockout your opponent and enjoySome cool boxing gears waiting for youMake the stickman death possible with every move
Stickman Revenge: Shadow Run 0.0.10
Stickman Revenge – You will engage in the Revenge Adventure oftheStickman and save Stickman Village once again. Stickman Villageofbeing an exotic disease caused by the curse of the EvilSorceress.Legend has it that if Stickman want to neutralizewitchcraft, theyshould have to collect five ingredients in fivedangerousplaces.Players will be transformed into the Stickman inStickmanRevenge: Shadow Run to obtain the ingredient, neutralizetheSorceress's Magic and revenge for the Villagers. Players willhaveto control Stickman overcome dangerous obstacles butalsoexciting.#### Features:Ø The game with flip mechanism helpsrunnerdodge obstacles and increase the diversity of the trapØEachdifferent Stickman have unique abilities to support duringtherun.Ø Character upgrade system helping Stickman run farther.ØTheitem support on various roads.Ø Story Mode Gameplay includes 5mapscorresponding to 5 materials that Stickman must collect.ØEndlessMode: Stickman runs continuously with no stops#### How toplay:ØControl Stickman running overcome the obstacles on the wayØCollectcoins to buy items to help Stickman pass easierApplicationsshouldbe granted the followingpermissions:+[READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE,WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE]:Permission to save necessary game dataexternally+[GET_ACCOUNTS]This right is need for the linkage andnotification between yourgame account and google accountinformation.+[READ_CONTACTS,READ_PHONE_STATE] Permission to syncyour Address Book and accessdevice status for Friend Invites.PlayStickman Revenge to transforminto the Stickman find the justice,and revenge for thevillagers.Download Stickman Revenge: Shadow Runand do not forgetthe 5-star rating if you like it!Contactus:
Stickman Forest Swing 1.0.3
Rope, swing and fly through the most dangerous forest onthisplanet. Find out how to avoid all the limbs in thiscreepyenvironment!
Stickman Dreamer 1.0.0
Don't get lost in your dream, escape your nightmare by runningasfast and as far as you can.Just tap the screen to jump,touchlonger to make bigger jumps. Its easy, isn't it?What is yourbestscore?A new Djinnworks Arcade Game (minimalistic and awesomegames)from the makers of the worlds best Stickman GamesincludingStickman Soccer, Stickman Football, Rope'n'Fly, StickmanBaseJumper and a ton more...
Stickman Dash
Hey guys, are you ready for a completely new game aboutStickmanfight? This name is Stickman Dash. An action game about thehead-ondash between Stickman and Zombie - a fierce stickman fightof stickman vs zombie. You will love it if you are a big fan ofDash Gameand Stickman game.Stickman is overcoming the challengesanddefeating the Zombie, a cross-cutting and very difficultmission.It requires stickman having to dash and eliminatecompletelydisgusting zombies. Those missions of this dash game aretotallycontrolled by yourself! In the Stickman Dash, the zombiesalwayspresent and the zombie dash and stickman fight will neverend,unless you kill the Zombie Boss - the loudest, strongestZombiesthat you never ever seen before. There are many zombies andtheyalways want to kill stickman immediately so that the Stickmanhasto run non-stop and kills as many zombies as possible inthisstickman game! Stickman will not be afraid of anyzombie.WithStickman Dash you will be experienced the feeling you’venever hadin other dash games and Stickman games.How to Play:- Touchleftbottom to control Stickman jump- Touch right bottom tocontrolStickman shoot Zombie- Scream and shout louder and louder.Runstickman run as far as possible to overcome every obstacle.-“Ishoot Zombies to gain coins – Don’t forget me not anormalstickman. I’m the strongest one." - That's our game's slogan-Let's remember it!Game Features:- Visually stunningupdatedgraphics, characters and weapons- Gameplay is optimized fortouchscreen devices- Store is diversified with coin shop, itemsshop-Leaderboard for excellent gamersDownload Stickman Dash andfeedbackfor us, please! And don’t forget to give thanks and give us5*,too!Application should be granted the followingpermission:+[GET_ACCOUNTS] This right is need for the linkagenotificationbetween your game account and google accountinformation+[READ_PHONE_STATE] Permission to sync your Address Bookand accessdevice status for friend invites.Thank you so much andWish you behappy!
Go Kill Doodle Stickman SNUX 4 1.0
Doodle Stickman is our paper hero buthe'ssuperdumb and needs your help to not die. It's your job tohelpyour buddydown and… earn kill points :pDismount him hard and get enough kill points to win. Tap tomakehimjump like a crazy ragdoll and find ways to toss himdownhill.Yourgoing to love this doodle stick man action!!TOP POINTS★ Amazing kill ragdoll physics as you throwthestickmanaround.★ Find ways through 3 different level layouts - turbo,downhill,andopen plan.★ The best doodle art and country fun music to play to.★ Just 3 easy controls; drag the arrow, let go to dismount,andtapto jump.NOTES- Turbo Time mode coming soon, live for as long as youcan,keepupdating your version.- Join us on facebook and post your best score: have fun and don't die :)