Top 49 Apps Similar to Chrome Web Store Developer Dashboard

Chrome Remote Desktop
Securely access your computers from your Android device.• On eachofyour computers, set up remote access using the Chrome RemoteDesktopapp from Chrome Web Store:•On your Android device,open the app and tap on any of your onlinecomputers to connect.Forinformation about privacy, please see theGoogle Privacy Policy( and the Chrome PrivacyPolicy(
Google Chrome: Fast & Secure
Google LLC
Google Chrome is a fast, easy to use,andsecure web browser. Designed for Android, Chrome bringsyoupersonalized news articles, quick links to your favoritesites,downloads, and Google Search and Google Translatebuilt-in.Download now to enjoy the same Chrome web browserexperience youlove across all your devices.Browse fast and type less. Choose from personalizedsearchresults that instantly appear as you type and quicklybrowsepreviously visited web pages. Fill in forms quicklywithAutofill.Incognito Browsing. Use Incognito mode to browse theinternetwithout saving your history. Browse privately across allyourdevices.Sync Chrome Across Devices. When you sign into Chrome,yourbookmarks, passwords, and settings will be automaticallysyncedacross all your devices. You can seamlessly access allyourinformation from your phone, tablet, or laptop.All your favorite content, one tap away. Chrome is notjustfast for Google Search, but designed so you are one tap awayfromall your favorite content. You can tap on your favorite newssitesor social media directly from the new tab page. Chrome alsohas the“Touch to Search”- feature on any webpage. You can tap onany wordor phrase to start a Google search while still in the pageyou areenjoying.Protect your phone with Google Safe Browsing. ChromehasGoogle Safe Browsing built-in. It keeps your phone safe byshowingwarnings to you when you attempt to navigate to dangeroussites ordownload dangerous files.Fast downloads and view web pages and videos offlineChromehas a dedicated download button, so you can easily downloadvideos,pictures, and entire webpages with just one tap. Chrome alsohasdownloads home right inside Chrome, where you can access allthecontent you downloaded, even when you are offline.Google Voice Search. Chrome gives you an actual webbrowseryou can talk to. Use your voice to find answers on-the-gowithouttyping and go hands free. You can browse and navigatequicker usingyour voice anywhere, anytime.Google Translate built-in: Quickly translate entirewebpages. Chrome has Google Translate built in to help youtotranslate entire web to your own language with one tap.Save Mobile Data. Turn on Chrome’s Data Saver to browseandnavigate the web while using less data. Save up to 60% of dataasChrome compresses text, images, videos and websiteswithoutlowering the quality.Smart personalized recommendations. Chrome createsanexperience that is tailored to your interests. On the new tabpage,you will find articles that Chrome selected based on yourpreviousbrowsing history.
Chrome Beta
Welcome to Chrome Beta for Android!• Preview the latestfeatures:Try out the newest features. (Sometimes these may be alittle rougharound the edges.)• Give early feedback: Let us knowwhat you thinkand help make Chrome for Android a better browser.Youcan installChrome Beta alongside your current version of Chrome forAndroid.
Chrome Canary (Unstable)
Welcome to Chrome Canary for Android. • Experimental - Thisreleasehas not been tested. It may be unstable or fail to run attimes.Recommended for developers and advanced users only. •Frequentlyupdated - Updates may be distributed up to seven timesper week,consuming 100MB of bandwidth. Be careful when updatingapps overcellular data. • Give early feedback - The best way tohelp makeChrome for Android a better browser. Click "Help &Feedback"from the menu to provide feedback.
Chrome Dev
Welcome to Chrome Dev for Android!• Live on the bleeding edge:Tryout our latest features. (They'll be rough around the edges!)•Giveearly feedback: Let us know what you think and help make ChromeforAndroid a better browser.You can install Chrome Dev alongsideotherchannels of Chrome for Android.
Turbo Browser: Private & Adblocker & Fast Download
Turbo Browser, the top ultra-fast and lightweight browserforAndroid mobile, provides incognito browsing and fast webopeningfor all the users. It enables fast downloading of video,image,doc, PDF & files; secure & fluent browsing with adblockerand antivirus. Night mode is included to give you thecomfortablebrowsing experience. Features:✔Private SearchSearch andread allthe news and information with incognito mode, no traceleft. TurboBrowser gives you anonymous browsing and secureprotection.✔Adblocker ProvidedTurbo Browser has adware guard, whichenables toremove all the ads, popups, and other harmful browserextensions. Aclean browsing experience ensured.✔ Fast Open andDownloadSpeedyand quick web browser for access to any website andany types offiles (photos, videos, doc, PDF, etc). Any files can bedownloadedin a super high speed.✔Multiple Search EnginesIn“Settings”,several search engines here are allowed to choose from.Google,Bing, Yahoo!, Yandex, you can find your lovely style inanycase.✔Data SavingDownload and save all the files from TurboBrowseron the phone; you can browse and sort files by differentselectsinside. ✔ News FeedKeep updated by all the latest newsandinformation around the world with Turbo Browser. Customizeyourpersonal channels inside.✔ Night ModeNight mode helps youcareabout your eyes and cut blue light for eyes, making yourreadingexperience super comfortable.✔ Switch Text FontFree zoom thetextfont on any page inside the search engines from 1PT to 24PT.Wemake sure you can read comfortably on any screen.Try the superfastbrowser for Android right now!Contact Us:For any issueorsuggestion, please send us feedbacks via:Facebook: Twitter: G+: 
Yandex Browser (alpha)
Experimental version of a quick and intuitive YandexBrowser.UseChromium extension stores such as Chrome Web Store orOpera Addonsto increase what you can do with Yandex Browser.Get ridof annoyingads on websites with ad blocking.Protect your personaldata whenusing public Wi-Fi networks and stay away from harmfulorfraudulent pages with the browser’s active securitysystemProtect.View stories, news, and videos sourced from theinternetbased on your interests and presented as a feed withZen.Reduceyour data usage and speed up the loading of webpages andimageswhen your internet connection is slow with the browser’sautomaticTurbo Mode.Hide unrelated interface elements — ads, sitemenus,buttons, or widgets — and leave only the relevant textandaccompanying images on the screen with Reader Mode.Surf the webinprivate using Incognito Mode — Yandex Browser will not keeptrackof your passwords, search queries, or browsing history inthismode.Customize your Yandex Browser with a wide array ofbackgroundsin the wallpaper library to suit any style or mood.Ifyou have anyquestions or suggestions, you can contact us straightfrom the app,or via
Developer Assistant
A powerful debugging app for Android. Developer Assistantmakesdebugging native Android apps as simple as debugging webpagesusing Chrome’s Developer Tools. It allows you to inspect theViewhierarchy, verify Layout, Style, preview Translations andmore.Everything can be done directly from the mobile device. Worksformost Android apps.Developer Assistant uses a mixture ofofficialAPIs and sophisticated heuristics in order to show morethan othertools available at runtime. It’s tailored to helpprofessionalslike Developers, Testers, Designers and Power Users intheir dailyweird tasks.Developer Assistant is… right, the assistantapp, youcan bring it to front at any time by simple gesture likelongpressing the home button.INSPECT ALMOST ANY ANDROIDAPPDeveloperAssistant can inspect Android applications based onofficialAndroid SDK. It supports also web based apps and web sitesrenderedby Google Chrome web browser. Support for other kinds ofapps canbe limited.KEEP CALM & PRIVACYDeveloper Assistantdoesn’trequire root or any specific requirements. It respectssystemsecurity and user privacy. Any data collected from a screenisprocessed locally (offline). Apps and views declared as securearerespected, Developer Assistant even can’t access theircontent.Android assistant apps have access to screen data onlyaftermanually invoked by a user.WHAT YOU GET FOR FREEA 30day trialofprobably the most advanced assistant app dedicated forAndroidDevelopers, Testers, Designers and Power Users. After thisperiod,decide: get a professional license or stay with free, abitlimited, however still usable assist app.CHECKCURRENTACTIVITYDevelopers can check class name of currentactivity,especially helpful for larger projects. Testers willappreciateunified solution to access the app version name, versioncode alongwith common actions like ‘app info’ or‘uninstall’.INSPECT VIEWHIERARCHYTesters writing automation testsand developers chasingbugs can inspect hierarchy of elementsdisplayed on the screen,directly from the mobile device. Theconcept is similar toinspection of web pages with well known devtools shipped with theleading web browsers.✔ Inspect viewidentifiers, class names, textstyle or color.✔ Preview the bestmatching layout resourcesdisplayed next to their root views.VERIFYLAYOUTDesigners, testersand developers can finally check size andposition of variouselements presented directly on the mobiledevice. Did you everwonder what is the exact distance of a givenbutton to a given textlabel on particular device? Or maybe, what isthe size ofparticular element in density points? DeveloperAssistant providestoolkit to help verify and satisfy requirementsfrom designers likepixel or rather DP perfect design.SEE CONTEXTOFTRANSLATIONSDeveloper Assistant gives translationofficespossibility to display translation keys next to textelements,directly on a mobile device. Translators get what’s themostimportant in order to provide quality translation: thecontextwhere a given text is used.✔ Translation keys displayed nexttotext elements.✔ Translations for other languages can bepreviewed(no need to change the language of mobile device).✔Minimum andmaximum length among existing translations.ANDMORE...DeveloperAssistant is under development, stay tuned for newfeatures tocome!
Lookout Security Extension
Get the most out of Lookout Safe Browsing by installingthisextension. Surf the web safely with security that protectsagainstsuspicious websites that might infect your phone or stealyourpersonal information. Lookout Safe Browsing, with the help ofthisextension, blocks dangerous URLs while browsing from yourAndroiddevice with Android M operating system or higher.**Note: Tousethis software component, you must have Lookout Security&Antivirus installed first. You do not need to install LookoutSafeBrowsing unless Lookout asks you to do so. Lookout does notstoreyour information or browsing history. Safe Browsing's websiteandcontent analysis is done locally on your device.
Hola Free VPN Proxy
Unlimited FREE VPN | Open the webandbrowse safelyFEATURES• The only VPN that gives you simple access to yourfavoritecontent• Freedom to view applications and websites from aroundtheworld• Browse the web privately & anonymously• 100% Free• Switch countries with easeWelcome to a Better Internet!• Hola is a free peer-to-peer VPN service, that works bysharingidle resources of its users to create a more open Web.• Hola keeps its service free by providing a paid-for,commercialversion of the VPN service to businesses.• Access sites blocked in your country through an innovative peertopeer network• Accelerates browsing• Reduces data costsMore info at you have any questions and suggestions, feel free andsendthem to help_android@hola.orgWe love to hear from you :-)Hola Free VPN contains Lightning Browser and is usedunderLightning Browser Mozilla Public Licence, Version 2.0. A copyofthis license is availableat:* Your use of Hola Free VPN Proxy is free of charge inexchangefor safely usingsome of your device's resources (WiFi and very limitedcellulardata), and onlywhen you are not using your device. You may turn this offbybecoming a premium user. Please see our TOS forfurtherinformation.
Browsec VPN - Free and Unlimited VPN
Browsec VPN - the best way to stay safe while accessingtheInternet. Browsec is trusted by over 2 million users. Joinnow,it’s free!- Browsec protects your public Wi-Fi connectionsfromhackers trying to steal your personal data, passwords andfinancialinformation. Your data will be encrypted and safe.-Improve youronline privacy. Malicious ISPs won’t able to track andsell yourpersonal information. - Our service hides your IP andlocationfrom hackers. Get maximum protection you ever wanted.-Browsecprovides truly free, unlimited and protected surfing. Getanycontent you want. - Easily switch between multiplevirtuallocations. We have free endpoints in US, Netherlands andSingapore.More to come.Check out Browsec Premiumfeatures!-Premium locations. Youcanaccess the Internet via additional Premium locations:USWest, Switzerland, India, Hong Kong, France, Canada,Japan,Australia, Germany and Russia.-Turbo speed,our Premium users enjoy dedicated traffic lanes.-Premium servers.Our best-in-class servers guarantee top performance.-Priority support.When something goes wrong, helping you is our priority.Premiumfeaturesavailable via auto-renewable subscription. We offerfollowingsubscription options: - 1 month for only $3.99-12 monthsfor $31.99(Save33%!)- Payment will be charged toGooglePlay Account at confirmation of purchase- Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24-hoursbeforethe end of thecurrentperiod- Account will be charged for renewal within 24-hourspriorto the end of the current period, and identify the costoftherenewal- Subscriptions may be managed by the user and auto-renewalmaybe turned off by going to the user'sAccountSettings after purchase- No cancellation of the current subscription is allowed during active subscription periodCheckourprivacy policy and terms of use.
MyJDownloader Remote Official
This is the official MyJDownloader Android App!MyJDownloaderaccountneeded: Use the app or go to toregisteryour account.MyJDownloader and this app enable you toremote controlyour desktop JDownloader from your pocket whileyou're on the go.JDownloader is a popular download manager foryour desktopcomputer.• Check how your downloads are doing• AddLinks to yourLinkGrabber• Monitor your clipboard for links• Getnotified aboutcaptchas and solve them• Manage multipleJDownloadersMyJDownloaderis a new service by the creators ofJDownloader. It is currently inthe beta testing stage. Throughthis service you're able to controlyour JDownloader from anywherewith the web interface(, the officialapps and browserextensions as well as apps by third partydevelopers.You need arunning JDownloader on your desktop PC and aMyJDownloader accountto use all features!Go here to register yourMyJDownloaderaccount:http://my.jdownloader.orgPlease send in yourfeedback! Weare very happy about every bit of feedback thatreaches us. Yourwords keep us going. Please use the buttons in theapp or go to
Smart Search & Web Browser – light & fast engine
Super fast Web browser for Android will help you to getsearchresults from various search engines like Google, Bing andotherpopular Internet Web services like YouTube, Amazon, eBayandWikipedia. Quick search and fast Web Browser with voice searchwillhelp you quickly find right site, beautiful images, videosorfavourite music from internet.Download this amazing free appandyou will fall in love with it! More than 1 million downloadsandhigh rating of the app is a good confirmation of it'squality.KEYADVANTAGES+ Rapid launch+ Rich-featured search box andthe abilityto do quick search in many search engines and internetservices +Advanced features like ad blocking for efficient and fastbrowsingand sharing content from Web browserKEY FEATURES+ Easy touseinterface+ Autocomplete search queries+ Voice search+ Adblocking+Incognito mode + Built in QR code scanner+ Night mode withwarmfilter+ Home screen widget+ Easy choice of service forsearch+Visual history for easy access to recently visited websites+Searchon page of browser window+ Swipe toggle between opened tabsinbrowser+ Collection of shortcuts of popular internetwebsitesincludes news, sports and social networks+ Easy managingofBookmarks list + Smart visual history for fast access to therecentvisited websites+ Readability mode+ Catalog of Add-ons (PCmode,Translator & others)+ Interactive page with variouswidgets:Inspiring Quotes, Search Trends, App of The Week, Add-onsandothers.IMPORTANT NOTEIf you faced a bug, please write us toemail:support@smartsearchapp.comIf you liked the app, please writea goodreview and share link to the app with your friends.Enjoybrowsingthe Web with this amazing app!
GetThemAll Any File Downloader
GetThemAll is a whole new dimension in mobile downloadmanagementsoftware. Tired of searching for zillions of files onwebsites anddownloading them one by one? You will no longer haveto! GetThemAllwill find all files available on the page you view byitself – allyou need is choose what exactly you want to download.Interested invideo? No problem – GetThemAll can download it fromhundreds ofsites. Our convenient browser and speedy downloadmanager will makethe process of searching for and downloading filesas easy asABC.GetThemAll features: - Smart and unique parser,supporting mostsites- Fully integrated web browser - Fast downloadmanager- Smartfile manager- Download in background mode - Transferdownloadedfiles to Google Drive and Yandex Disc- Wi-Fi transfer toyour PCHowto send files to PC - to send bugs andSuggestions:fvdmedia@gmail.comPlease note thatGetThemAll isn'tresponsible for media content which you download.We suggest tocheck first media copyright permissions before todownloadparticular video or audio. Please be careful with it!Thedownload ofYouTube videos is locked because of restrictions of theTerms ofServices.
☆ IMPORTANT ☆Although this app is free to download, to usetheservice WebGuard you need to have an active subscription. Youhavethe opportunity to familiarize themselves with allthefunctionality WebGuard during the trialperiod.DESCRIPTION:WebGuard- the protection of any mobile devicefrom dangerous sites,surveillance, viruses, advertising. Firewalland a real increase ofanonymity in the network, data encryption,and the acceleration ofthe Internet to save money on traffic whileworking with anybrowser, block any banners and video ads.As always- ROOT notrequired!Features:- Block all advertising- Firewall-Increased theanonymity of the Internet by hiding real IP andpossibility tochoose the country of exit to the Internet (currentlyavailable:Germany, France)- Blocks video ads in a popular videoservices-Speeds up the download websites and saves money bycompressingtraffic, ad blocking, rapid domain resolution andothertechnologies- Encrypts data for protection when working inopennetworks (restaurants, conferences, etc.)- Blocks sites thathavedistributed malicious content, viruses (downloading appsfromunknown sources) and fraudulent websites- Informs about thevisitof paid sites- Protects against surveillance (banners,tracking,social networks, etc.) and hides information about theuserExtrafeatures:- NO root permissions required!- The applicationsupportsmore than 500 web browsers- The application monitorsInternettraffic through specially crafted local VPN-channelservice. Thedata is analyzed without the use of third-partyVPN-server, appcontains a built-in local VPN-server.
Lynket Browser (previously Chromer) 2.0.1
Lynket is a unique browser based on Custom Tabs protocolLynketslides over the website from the app, enabling you totransitioninto the website seamlessly. Even if you navigatemultiple times,you can always press X to quickly return to the app,where youleft. Featured in:🏆 10 best Android browsers of 2017.-AndroidAuthority🏆 Chromer gives every app its own custom internalbrowser.-Phandroid🏆 Chromer opens all of your links in a ChromeCustom Tab.-AndroidPoliceFeatures🔵 Lynket works with any browserthatimplements the Custom Tab protocol. It also inherits thebrowser'sbehavior such as tracking protection, shared login info,bookmarksync etc.🔵 Web Heads - Lynket loads links in floatingbubbles andin background.🔵 Article Mode - Grabs only the content ofweb pagesand presents them in a neat interface.🔵 AMP - Lynket canfind AMPversion of page before loading, which can be faster onmobile.🔵 Perapp settings - Configure incognito mode and secondarybrowser forapps individually.🔵 Minimize and Tabs - Multitaskefficiently usingAndroid's Recents screen.Other niceties:🌟Secondary browser🌟Favorite sharing app🌟 Dynamic toolbar color🌟Search suggestions🌟Merge tabs and apps mode.Performance: Lynket'simplementation offloating bubbles and background loading is vastlysuperior to otherfloating browsers due to use of Custom Tabs. Itdoes not hog memoryin RAM and respects Android Lifecycle.Lynket isfree and fully opensource!Your suggestions are most welcome, pleasefind way to sendfeedback in app. Please rate the app if you likeit.😃
Power Browser - Fast Internet Explorer
☆ Fast: Best web browser foroptimizedinternet speed☆ Secure: Malware protection, fraud protection,incognitomode☆ Free: Your free internet browser for AndroidOne of the best web browsers for Android available on the market.Itbrings great speed for internet browsing due tovariousoptimizations of it's web browser engine.Key Features:✔︎ Rapid page load time✔︎ Quick response time✔︎ Tabbed internet browsing✔︎ Protection against malware✔︎ Protection against phishing✔︎ Optimized for low battery consumption✔︎ Incognito Browsing - browse without saving anybrowserhistory✔︎ Bookmarks and top sites✔︎ History (outside Incognito Mode)✔︎ Full-screen mode✔︎ Quick search feature✔︎ Smart DownloadingThis free web browser for Android helps you to navigateextremelyfast through the internet. By utilizing one of the mostadvancedinternet browser engines, page load times and site responsearequicker. Next to its speed, it brings with it a variety ofsecurityfeatures in order to protect you from malware, adwareandphishing.Surf faster from now on 🚀Browser PermissionsA browser needs to support many use cases such as uploadingofpicture and videos to Facebook or YouTube, downloading filesfromthe internet, using websites that need to understand yourcurrentlocation such as Google Maps, etc. Therefore, we requireseveralpermissions. You can find detailed information for what weneedthose permissions in ourFAQ:
Vpn Free Unblocker unlimited
VPN Unblocker is the world fastest VPN service for Androidthatallows you to access your favorite websites from mobiledeviceswherever you are, mask IP-address, protect personal dataandenhance online security.This application can be used forunlimitedperiod time and free of charge! VPN Unblocker makes itpossible fora user to forget about the paid subscriptions. Internetanonymouslyand securely – enjoy your time staying on differentwebsites! Theadvantages of using VPN service:1. Prevents sensitivedata frombeing stolen by hackers and public authorities. 2. Allowsa user toget access to any social media web resources.3. Protectsdata as itpasses over public Wi-Fi network.4. Creates secureconnection toany GSM or wireless networks.5. Does not restrict theTraffic orSpeed of connection. 6. Stops tracking, blocks malwaredomains. 7.Does not require registration. P.S. Unlike 95% of VPNservices, wedo not save your data to servers. IMPORTANT INFORMATIONfor VPNUsers Rate the application only after identifying andattending tothe general technical matters: 1. Before connecting toWi-Fi onyour smartphone, be sure to disable the Unblocker, sincethe IPaddress mismatch issues may occur. The device produces itsowninternal conflicts. 2. A VPN service should be installed and setupon Android device. In most cases, VPN connection can be runonlythough a WI-FI router that has special firmware installed onit,but can you delete it at any moment. 3. To ensure that VPNisconnected and is working correctly, you should enable theauto-lockfeature in the device's security settings and set thesamepassword.VPN Unblocker is an ideal solution to privacyproblems. Itis the best-known, secure and trusted anonymousbrowsing tool ofthe Android VPN app that protects your identity.
Beta TestingCatalog
Do you want to be able to get new features of your favoriteAndroidapps first or try new apps before they are released toeveryone?📲TestingCatalog is a community of beta testers 🎮 anddevelopers 💻exploring android apps and exchanging feedback.You canfind opt-inlinks for many different apps, available for betatesting. You canjoin the related beta testing communities inGoogle+. Daily updatedcatalog 📬 with the new apps for beta testingis waiting foryou!This app was made by beta testers for betatesters. We have thebiggest collection of Android apps for betatesting 🗃 and our maingoal is to connect beta testers and Androidapp developers.Features:* Applications list - a list of Androidapps for betatesting with daily updates.* What's New list - a listof beta appschangelogs and updates from the Google Play and GooglePlus. *Application details - app description with join and opt-inbuttons.You can join Google+ community and open opt-in linkdirectly in theapp.* Help - a small step by step tutorial for betatesters.*Search - Full-text search among our database.* Installedapps - alist of installed apps available for beta testing.* Endedbetashighlighting - ended beta programs apps are highlighted with agreycolor.Any bug reports, feature requests are welcome! Don'tforgetto join our Google+community!📬 Join our Telegram👍Joinour Facebook📸Checkour Instagram!This app requiresa Google account.
Firefox Browser fast & private
Experience a fast, smart and personalWeb.Firefox is the independent, people-first browser made byMozilla,voted the Most Trusted Internet Company for Privacy.Upgrade todayand join hundreds of millions who depend on Firefoxfor a morepersonal browsing experience.FAST. SMART. YOURS.Firefox is made with you in mind and gives you the power totakeback control of your Web experience.That’s why we design the product with smart features that taketheguesswork out of browsing.SEARCH INTELLIGENTLY & GET THERE FASTER- Firefox anticipates your needs and intuitively providesmultiplesuggested and previously searched results across yourfavoritesearch engines. Every time.- Easily access shortcuts to search providers includingWikipedia,Twitter and Amazon.NEXT LEVEL PRIVACY- Your privacy has been upgraded. Private Browsing withTrackingProtection blocks parts of Web pages that may track yourbrowsingactivity.SYNC FIREFOX ACROSS YOUR DEVICES- With a Firefox Account, access your history, bookmarks andopentabs from your desktop on your smartphone and tablet.- Firefox also safely remembers your passwords across devices soyoudon’t have to.INTUITIVE VISUAL TABS- Intuitive visual and numbered tabs easily let you find contentforfuture reference.- Open as many tabs as you like without losing track of youropenWeb pages.EASY ACCESS TO YOUR TOP SITES- Spend your time reading your favorites sites instead oflookingfor them.ADD-ONS FOR EVERYTHING- Take control of your Web experience by personalizing Firefoxwithadd-ons like ad blockers, password and download managersandmore.QUICK SHARE- Firefox remembers your most recently used apps to help youeasilyshare content to Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype andmore.TAKE IT TO THE BIG SCREEN- Send video and Web content from your smartphone or tablet toanyTV equipped with supported streaming capabilities.Learn more about Firefox for Android:- Have questions or need help?Visit Read about Firefox permissions: Learn more about what’s up atMozilla: Like Firefox on Facebook: Follow Firefox on Twitter: MOZILLAMozilla exists to build the Internet as a public resourceaccessibleto all because we believe open and free is better thanclosed andcontrolled. We build products like Firefox to promotechoice andtransparency and give people more control over theirlives online.Learn more at https://www.mozilla.orgPrivacyPolicy:
Taskbar - PC-style productivity for Android
Taskbar puts a start menu and recent apps tray on top of yourscreenthat's accessible at any time, increasing your productivityandturning your Android tablet (or phone) into a realmultitaskingmachine!On devices running Android 7.0+ (Nougat),Taskbar can alsolaunch apps in freeform windows for a PC-likeexperience! No rootrequired! (see below for instructions)Taskbar isalso fullysupported on Chrome OS - use Taskbar as a secondaryAndroid applauncher on your Chromebook!Featured on PhoneArena,Liliputing,AndroidHeadlines, XDA-Developers, Android Police,9to5Google,Tested, Android Community, All About Android, AndroidAuthority,AddictiveTips, Lifehacker, WonderHowTo, andComputerworld!If youfind Taskbar useful, please consider upgradingto the DonateVersion! Simply tap the "Donate" option at the bottomof the app(or, on the web, click here).Features:• Start menu -shows you allapplications installed on the device, configurable asa list or asa grid• Recent apps tray - shows your most recentlyused apps andlets you easily switch between them• Collapsible andhideable -show it when you need it, hide it when you don't• Manydifferentconfiguration options - customize Taskbar however youwant• Pinfavorite apps or block the ones you don't want to see•Designedwith keyboard and mouse in mind• 100% free, open source,and noadsFreeform window mode (Android 7.0+)Taskbar lets you launchappsin freeform floating windows on Android 7.0+ (Nougat). Norootaccess is required. Android 8.0+ (Oreo) is also supported viaanadb shell command.Simply follow these steps to configureyourdevice for launching apps in freeform mode:1. Check the boxfor"Freeform window support" inside the Taskbar app2. Followthedirections that appear in the pop-up to enable the propersettingson your device (one-time setup)3. Go to your device'srecent appspage and clear all recent apps4. Select an app usingTaskbar tolaunch it in a freeform windowFor more information anddetailedinstructions, click "Help & instructions for freeformmode"inside the Taskbar app.This app uses the DeviceAdministratorpermission. This app uses Accessibility services.
PicFinder - Image Search
Images and search the web for relevant content so you caneasilyfind a photo search tool application. Different image sizes,asimilar picture, match the wide variety of colors and you canfindpictures or images. This application uses the Google imagesearchengine. Photo and image search function: ★Searchfilters    * Safe Search (***)    *Picture Time     * Picture Size    *Photo Mode     * Photo color    *Image Aspect Ratio     * ImageFile Format ★ Viewand photo and image download website ★ Photo Viewmode:   * Finding similar photos    * Findphotos ofdifferent sizes    * Image site browser open  * Image Download    * Photo sharing sitelinks * ImageShareAt the end of the images used in thisapplication, the cacheis automatically deleted. This application isan easy to use Googleimage search engine that helps you searchtool. Photo searchresults will vary depending on the search engineGoogle Images. Ifthat search and found this app in the search siteswill not beblocked. Found some of the images are protected bycopyright law.(***) Safety that appear in search results filteredby offensivecontent, please reportdown.*English-> Please help if you are translated into the nationallanguage,please mail.
Addons Detector
Addons Detector detects addons used by your installedapplications.It has all the tools to find push notification ads andicon ads. Ifyou are looking for the app that uses AirPush or otherpushnotifications, you can easily find the app and uninstall.Besidespush notifications, using this app is a great way to seewhatadvertising agencies apps use, and what tools they haveintegrated.Does the normal scan not detect the spam ads? Enablethenotification monitor and you can easily see which program putsanotification in your notification area. Another cool featurethatwe added is the live scanner. This scanner scans newlyinstalledand updated apps for selected addon categories anddisplays anotification if they are found. This feature is reservedfor usersthat have donated. If you are getting shortcut spam onyourhomescreen, we've added a new icon ad monitor that shoulddetectthat too. **To support us you can now easily donate throughinappbilling.**The partial list of addons we detect: (note:addondefinitions are updated from the server, so there will be muchmorethan on this list. Check the help function in the app to seeallthe addons we currently detect, orvisit, AdBuddiz, AdColony, AdFalcon, AdFlex,AdFonic, AdHub,Adinch, AdKnowledge, Adlantis, AdLib, AdMaker,Admarvel, AdMixer,AdMob, Admoda, adPOPcorn, AdResult, adSage,AdSense, AdStir, Aduru,AdView, AdWhirl, AerServ, AID, AirAd,AirPush Ads, Amazon MobileAds, AMoAd, Amobee, Appbrain, appC,AppDriver, Appflood, Applifier,AppLovin, Appnext, AppNexus,Appodeal, Appsfire, Asterisk,Avocarrot, Axonix, Bead, BeAudience,Brightroll, Burstly, BuzzCity,Cauly, Chartboost, Cheetah Mobile,Clevernet, Datouniao, Daum,Domob, DrawBridge, DU, FacebookAudience, Flurry Ads, FreeWheel,FusePowered, [..]ANALYTICS (74)AD-XTracking, adbrix, Adjust, AdobeMarketing Cloud Mobile, AmazonInsights, Amplitude, Answers,Appboy, Apphance, Applause,AppMetrica, Appsee, AppsFlyer,Apptimize, Apsalar, AreaMetrics,Branch, Capptain, Claritics,Comscore Analytics, Countly, Cuebiq,DisneyMobile Analytics,Dynatrace, Factual, Fiksu, FirebaseAnalytics, Flurry, Gmobi1,Google Analytics, HUQ, InApp, Infinario,infOnline, KakaoAnalytics, Kochava, Kontagent, Krux, LISNR,Localytics, Marketo,Medialets, MixPanel, Moat Analytics,MobileAppTracking, Mologiq,New Relic, Ogury, Omniture (AdobeMarketing), OneAudience,OpenLocate, Optimizely, Placed, Quantcast,Rippll Geowave,scientificrevenue, Segment, Sense360, Signal360,SilverPush, Swrve,TalkingData, Tapstream, Teemo, TUNE, Tutela,Umeng,,Upsight, Vectaury, Vessel, Webtrends,Wisetracker, ZHugeIOCALLSCREEN ADS (5)CRASH REPORTING(13)CROSS-PLATFORM TOOLS (8)DEVELOPERTOOLS (377)GAME ENGINES(26)GAMING (13)ICON ADS (6)LICENSING(15)PAYMENTS (21)PUSHNOTIFICATIONS (20) *** Known issues***Samsung Galaxy 3 keepstalking to me when on my home screenssaying folder is open orsimilar.This seems to be an ICS/Samsungbug. It happens for somepeople and also with other apps that usethe accessibility servicesuch as Tasker, Light Flow and others.Try to fix it:Samsung S3: -Go to Settings -> Accessibility-> Talkback "ON" - Select"Settings" from the bottom of the page- Uncheck all Talkbackoptions - Switch Talkback "Off" again - Goback to Settings ->Application manager -> All - DisableGoogle TTS (text to speech)- Disable Samsung TTS (text to speech)More issue detailshere:'t guarantee that our results are 100% correct.Sometimes addons,like pushnotifications, are integrated in largersdk's, and thedeveloper doesn't need to use them, although wedetect them. Westrive to be conservative about marking apps assuspected, buterrors can occur.sdk analytics, middleware analysis
Firefox Aurora for Developers (Unreleased)
Firefox Aurora is a developmental channelfornew Mozilla Firefox releases.Download the release version of Firefoxhere: Aurora is designed to showcase the more experimentalbuildsof Firefox. The Aurora channel allows users to experiencethenewest Firefox innovations in an unstable environment andprovidefeedback on features and performance to help determine whatmakesthe final release.Find a bug? Report it at Aurora automatically sends feedback toMozilla: to know more about the permissions Firefoxrequests? our list of supported devices and latest minimumsystemrequirementsat marketing: In order to understand the performance ofcertainMozilla marketing campaigns, Firefox sends data, includinga Googleadvertising ID, IP address, timestamp, country,language/locale,operating system, app version, to our third partyvendor. Learn moreby reading our Privacy Noticehere:
Ratings for YouTube™
★★★★★ From the author of Ratings Preview for YouTube™browserextension, with more than 100,000 active users and anaveragerating of 5 stars.Show the likes and dislikes bar over everyvideothumbnail in YouTube's mobile site so that you can know itsratingbefore watching it.How many times have you gone to a videoonly todiscover that it's a total waste? This is speciallyfrustrating ona mobile device, where it takes you more time tonavigate. RatingsPreview for YouTube allows you to take those fewseconds of lifeyou would have lost.Throughout all, thisapp shows abar of likes and dislikes under every video snapshot,just like theofficial one. In this way, you can view the rating ofthe videosbefore watching the actual video, so that you can avoidgarbage andspot amazing ones.Key features:★ Compatible with bothphones andtablets, carefully designed and optimized for both.★ UsesYouTube'sbatch data API, resulting in a lightning fast loading ofthe bars(all of them at a time).★ Customizable rating bar height.★Choosebetween the classic green-red or the modern blue-gray barstyles.★Highlight best videos in every page with a box around them.Youchoose how many, or you can also disable it.★ Optionally showRPscore, which rates every video with an intelligent algorithm from0to 10.★ Toolbar hides when you scroll, so that you cantakeadvantage of more screen size.★ Navigate to copied links,copyvideo links, and share them via email, Twitter, Facebook andmorecompatible apps. You can even open videos with the officialYouTubeapp, if you wish.★ Play videos full-screen (all devices) orchoosebetween in-page and full-screen (only some devices).★ Freesupportis included. If something doesn't work, just tell me, and Iwillfix it.YouTube is a trademark of Google Inc. Use of thistrademarkis subject to Google Permissions. Ratings Preview forYouTube™ isan independent project developed by Cristian Perez andhas norelationship to YouTube or Google Inc.
Battery Charge Limit [ROOT]
NOTE: This app requires ROOT access to work - if you don't knowwhatit is, it is highly probable that your device doesn't have it.Thereis no other way this app can work on non-rooted phones. Notalldevices may be supported as well! If your device is notsupported,please follow the help & support text below. Also, for more information on rootingdevices.The appworks when the device is plugged in and startscharging below themax threshold and will stop once the device iseither unplugged orhits the max threshold, completely stoppingcharging!The app is OPENSOURCE, with the source code found onGithub: Checkout theXDA thread for more help & support:XDA forumlink: request support for a device/issue, please open anIssueon GitHub and a developer will assist you soon!This app isnotresponsible for unintended behavior - though any changes doneby itare usually temporary and typically do not survive a reboot.
Push2Droid (Push to Droid) enables you to send links andotherinformation from Chrome to your Android phone ortablet.Features:✓Send browser links from Chrome to your androidphone or tablet;✓Open Google Maps from Chrome on Android phone;✓Launch YouTube fromChrome browser on Android phone;✓ Select a phonenumber in browserand launch the dialer on Android phone;✓ Selecttext on a Web pageand copy the clipboard to Android (long press atext box to pasteon Android).Installation:1. Install the Push2DroidAndroidapplication and complete the simple set-up process;2. Searchfor'Push2Droid' at Chrome Web Store or download itfrom;3.Install the Push2DroidChromeextension and click on the toolbar icon to sign in4. Clickthetoolbar icon to send the link or currently selected text toyourphone or tablet.
AppLock - Advanced Protection
App Lock - Protect appsAppLock is one of the best appprotectorwhich could protect your privacy. Please use the app lockif otherpeople do not want is to see my smartphone.App locker willblockthe execution of the application of others.App Lock Securityis anapp protector which can basically lock your applications suchascontacts, calls, e-mail, sms, photos or any app in your phoneortablet.Protect your apps. Only you can run the app!Features:*Isinstalled on the mobile phone can be locked for allapplications*Support password lock system* Possible to set the lockdelay time:Once after you enter the password, in the lock delaytime you haveset, you do not have to re-enter the password* GalleryLock:Otherpeople will now not see my personal photo.* Lock Apps:Intheapplication of the password when the application is run,otherpeople can not run the application.* Simple lock setting :Itispossible to apply the lock function simply and conveniently forallapplications.App lock security(AppLock), supportAndroid6.0marshmallows version.Smart App ProtectorApp Lock - AppLocker -Application BlockingYou can lock: Facebook, Twitter,Whatsapp,Skype, Camera and any apps you choose.
Hide Photos, Video-Hide it Pro 6.2
Hide Photos, Videos, Apps, Messages, Calls in your phone.COMPLETELYFREE and UNLIMITEDHide photos & videos from yourphoto galleryand access them easily using a secret PIN code. Nowyou can easilyshare your phone without worrying about privacy. --About the app–The app is cleverly disguised as "Audio Manager" inthe AppDrawer.Disguises itself as an Audio Manager app which canbe used toturn the volumes up and down. but if you Long press onthe AudioManager title the actual Hide It Pro app will launch,which isbasically your SECRET VAULT of hidden photos, videos,messages, appsetc.You can Hide photos, videos, or any other filesin your PrivateVaultFeatures1.) App disguised behind a fullyfunctional AudioManager (Other disguises like Calculator etc. areavailable)2.)Categorize media into hidden folders of yourchoice3.) Free Cloudbackup of your files4.) App Disappears fromrecent apps list, can'tbe tracked5.) Gallery with integratedSlideshow and sharing toWhatsApp, WeChat, Facebook etc.6.)Integrated Video player withsupport for VLC player, MPlayerXetc.7.) Multiple lock screenoptions - Pin, Password, Pattern8.)Fingerprint unlock9.) Escapepin/password for times when you getcaught10.) Built in encryptiontool to secure your most importantfiles11.) Other Features likeSecret Chatting, Private Messaging /Calls, Private Browsing,Locking Apps.12.) Hide app icon from theapp drawer ofphoneetc.There are a lot more features like customslideshows, batchdelete, share, unhide, move data between albums,sort files andfolders to your liking etc.Please email us you haveany issues, Ifthe app doesn't install properly do a reinstall,that would solve99% the problemsContact us at: Email :http://hideitpro.comDownloadforPC/Mac
App Protection - App Lock
Applicatin protectionApp Lock is one of the best app protectorwhichcould protect your privacy. App Protection can lock contacts,SMS,e-mail, gallery, settings, calls or any apps by passwordlock.Withthe App Protection, you don't have to worry about yourprivateinformation on your phone to be exposed to other people,you don'thave to worry about your kids messing your phone up bychanging thesettings.Protect your apps. Only you can run theappFeatures:* Isinstalled on the mobile phone can be locked forall applications*Support password lock system* Possible to set thelock delay time:Once after you enter the password, in the lockdelay time you haveset, you do not have to re-enter the password*Gallery Lock:Otherpeople will now not see my personal photo.* LockApps:In theapplication of the password when the application isrun, otherpeople can not run the application.* Simple lock setting:It ispossible to apply the lock function simply and convenientlyfor allapplicationsApp Protection - App Lock
App Locker - Protect Privacy
App Lock - Protect appsAppLock is one of the best appprotectorwhich could protect your privacy. Please use the app lockif otherpeople do not want is to see my smartphone.App locker willblockthe execution of the application of others.App Lock Securityis anapp protector which can basically lock your applications suchascontacts, calls, e-mail, sms, photos or any app in your phoneortablet.Protect your apps. Only you can run theapp!GalleryLock:Other people will now not see my personalphoto.Lock Apps:Inthe application of the password when theapplication is run, otherpeople can not run the application.Simplelock setting :It ispossible to apply the lock function simply andconveniently for allapplications.Smart App ProtectorApp Lock - AppLocker - ApplicationBlocking
Dolphin Jetpack - Fast & Flash
🚀Get Dolphin Jetpack to speed up your Dolphin Browser and enjoymorecool features. Dolphin Jetpack uses Dolphin’s very ownHTML5rendering engine that powers Dolphin for the best HTML5 webgameand web app experiences.The nitty-grittyDolphin Jetpack isanimproved browser kernel with extensivecanvas/GPU/JavaScriptenhancement and behind-the-scenes technology,which makes DolphinBrowser one of the highest scoring HTML5browsers. With DolphinJetpack enabled, Dolphin Browser is 5 - 10Xfaster than the defaultAndroid browser, and keeps you safe from theinternet attack.Largely improve browser performance, further boostthe speed ofbrowsing pages and shopping online, letting you enjoyvideos,movies and TV shows without waiting, bringing you a fastersurfingexperience.🚀More cool features🚀★ Flash Player support.DolphinJetpack optimizes the experience of flash videos and flashgames.Letting you get the best gaming and HD video experience withplayerfor Android support on Dolphin Browser.Click on the linkbelow tolearn how to play flash content in DolphinBrowser.★Auto-FitPages. In desktop mode, double tap or pinch to zoom toauto-fit sitecontent to the screen.★ Better fullscreen experiencewhen playingHTML 5 videos.★ Web Games. Play X-type mode.Check more featuresin Dolphin Lab provided by 3rdparty developers: 1. Should be usedwith the latestDolphin Browser. 2. Please make sure Dolphin Jetpackis enabled insettings.3. After installing, you may restart DolphinBrowser toavoid compatibility problems.About Dolphin BrowserDolphinBrowseris the full featured best web browser for Android. DownloadDolphinBrowser for free to surf the Internet with best uniquefeaturesincluding adblock, incognito browsing (Private browsing),gesture,sonar, flash player for Android tablets and phones.👍👍👍👍👍Over150,000,000 downloads on Android and iOS👍👍👍👍👍 Best MobileWebBrowser on Android Market★ Flash playerGet the best gaming andHDvideo experience with Flash Player for Android support onDolphinBrowser.★ AdblockWith Dolphin Browser adblock add-on, youcan surfthe web without the annoying popups, ads, banners &ad-videos.Find adblock add-on here:★Incognitobrowsing (Private Browsing)Without leaving any history,cookiestraces, cache, etc., Incognito Mode makes the browserperfectlyprivate and secret.★ Fast downloadDownload HTML5, Flashvideos andothers with blazing speed from the Internet. ★ SyncSyncyourhistory, bookmarks, and passwords. Plus, easily open and pushtabsand websites across Android, iPhone, iPad, mobile & pcbrowserincluding Chrome, Firefox, and Safari using DolphinConnect.★ CleanUI and fast navigationLocalized preload top siteslisted, such asFacebook, Amazon, ESPN, Reddit, Bing, etc. ★GestureAccess theInternet by creating a personal Gesture (symbol)for websites andcommon features. For example, drawing a letter ”G”to go to googleor “B” to go to★ SonarDolphin Browser letsyou use yourvoice to search, share on your favorite socialnetworks, bookmarkfavorite websites, and navigate the web withouttyping. ★Add-onsWith add-ons such as Speed Booster, Web to PDF,Translate,Screen Cut, Dolphin Video, Dolphin QR & BarcodeScanner andmuch you can enjoy the best services all for free.👍Welove to hearyour feedback, so send us an email 📧 and if youlike what you see please take aminute to rate us! Join DolphinFacebook Fan page: FollowDolphin on Twitter:!/DolphinBrowser
ARChon Packager 0.9.6
ARChon Packager (formerly Chrome APK Packager) is a convenientwayto produce Chrome ARChon Custom Runtime packages directly fromyourphone.Stuck? chrome packages from either APKs on your phonesstorage,or from apps installed on your phone (It will pull APK)OpentheApp, select an APK or App from list. App Name and package nameareboth pulled from the APK and put into the manifest.jsonfile.Everything is then zipped together in a ChromeAPK folder onyourphonesstorage.Requires Runtime which allows for "unlimited" number ofandroid appsto be installed. (Google Runtime is limited to 4apps.)
This app signs files, APK, or JAR files using yourownprivate keys or one of the four built-in certificates(media,platform, shared, testkey). All output isautomaticallyzip-aligned. ZipSigner can work with existingkeystores, or you cancreate keystores, keys, and self-signedcertificates with this app.JKS and BKS keystores are supported. Acertificate's MD5 and SHA1fingerprints, as well as the SHA1 keyhash, can be copied from thekey properties screen. Think of thisapp as a combination ofjarsigner, signapk, keytool, andzipalign.The built-in keys andauto-selection modes will appeal tothemers and modders. Theability to sign with private keys willappeal to developers. Thisapp does not require root privileges.Seethe website for fulldocumentation.
Phone to Chrome
Phone to Chrome is an app that allows you to send links fromyourphone to Google Chrome on your desktop. You can click onlinks,select Phone to Chrome, and forward them to your desktopNote:Youneed to download the Chrome Extension on your desktopfrom as well!**WARNING:**Thisextension is currently only available for users who alreadyhavethe Android app installed. The Android app has beentemporarilytaken down from the store while certain issues arefixed. If you'venever used this extension before, please consideralternatives fornow! Sorry!Instructions for use:- Download thePhone to Chromeextension on your desktop from the ID from extension tosettings page of this app- Sacrificea car to Satan (a golf cartmight do if you negotiate)- Click on alink and select Phone toChrome as the application to open the linkin OR open the link inyour browser, click "share" and select Phoneto Chrome-Rejoice!That's all you need to do to set the appup!Featuresexclusive to Phone to Chrome Pro:- Send links to yourcomputer evenif your computer is offline (allowing them to bequeued to openedlater)- Send links to several computers using theapp (the freeversion restricts you to pairing with one computer)
[ROOT] X Privacy Installer
This application will help you to install XPrivacy, theultimate,yet easy to use, privacy manager.✦ ✦ ✦ Root required ✦ ✦✦If youdon't have the Xposed framework installed already, theinstallerwill help you to install this framework, since it isrequired torun XPrivacy.Android 5.x Lollipop devices: you will needto installXposed for Lollipop manuallySee here for installationinstructions:, pleasegohere: applications from leaking privacy sensitive databyrestricting the categories of data an application canaccess.XPrivacy feeds applications fake data or no data at all. Itcanrestrict several data categories, such as contacts or location.Forexample, if you restrict an application's access to contacts,thatapplication will receive an empty contacts list.Similarly,restricting an application's access to your location willsend afake location to that application.XPrivacy doesn't revoke orblockpermissions from an application, so most applications willcontinueto work as before and won't force close (crash).Read moreaboutXPrivacy here:
VPN Browser for
A fast browser that allows you to use all the features of asocialnetwork using proxy and VPN technologies. The applicationisintended for users from Ukraine.
MyAppSharer let you to easy share your apps to your friendsorbackup, you can share by link of Google play or directly shareAPK(App's full package).MyAppSharer support many method to shareyourapps, you can share by message, Gmail, bluetooth, what'sapp,facebook, QR-Code, Dropbox etc..By using the feature to exportAPKto SD card, you could backup your app to your SDcard.MyAppShareralso support share multiple apps at one time, andsupport instantsearch, easy to find your apps.Here is a demo videofor sharing apkbetween devices.Thanks "Flo WolfOne" providethevideo.* Nexusdevicescould not receive APK via Bluetooth, to workaround thisissue,please use "Android Beam" or "Bluetooth(zip)" instead.p.s. 1.Youcan install "Barcode scanner" to support share link byQR-Code.2.Install "Dropbox" to support share APK to Dropbox.3. Ifyou likethe app, you could donate the app from settings menu toremoveAd.Disclaimer: Before share APK, please make sure you havetheredistribution right.
Translation for Next Browser
Translation for Next Browser is a simple and usefulbrowserplug-in.It can translate the entire webpage into yourfamiliarlanguage.With it, no longer afraid do not understandforeignlanguage websites.Thanks for using and we hope you will loveit.Touse this extension,you need to install the NextBrowser,thesimplest and fastest browser.More extensions all inNextBrowser.Other strong extensions to further extendfunctionalitywithout limitation:- QR code for Next Browser- Pocketfor NextBrowser- Screenshot for Next Browser- PDF for NextBrowser-Evernote for Next Browser- Auto Refresh for Next Browser-Facebookfor Next Browser- Private Bookmarks for Next Browser- DefyPagesfor Next Browser- Browse faster for Next BrowserKnow moreaboutNext Browser: on:Facebook: YouTube:
Inspect and Edit HTML Live 2.1.3
Introducing Inspect and Edit HTML Live An application whichcanchange style and layout in real-time.List of features: ✔️️Inspectelements - touch a web element to view the source code✔️️Editwebsite source code✔️️ Inject javascript into the givenwebpage✔️️View html source code ✔️️ Change the css style of variouswebelements🔹 Inspect and edit website source codeThisapplicationallows you to do similar things to what firebug andchrome webdevelopment tools do on the desktop. Tool can be alsoused tomodify web pages - this could be useful to test website thatyouhave published online.You can also improve your javascriptcodingskills by injecting one-liners into given webpage.🔹 LearnHTML andCSSInspect and Edit HTML Live can be used to learn webdevelopmenttechnologies such as CSS, by reading and changing thecode ofwell-designed web pages you can learn a lot! Applicationalsosupports viewing javascript as well.🔹 Please noteThe codechangedon any website will only be stored locally on yourdevice,therefore it will disappear after the page refresh. DO NOTUSE THISAPPLICATION TO DO STUFF THAT YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO DO. THEDEVELOPERIS IN NO WAY RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY MISUSE OF THISAPPLICATIONYou alsohave an option to list all the particular webelements like linksor paragraphs, this allows you to view the webpage elements evenmore easily! If you like this application pleasedonate bybuying:Donation for my appsBy installing this app youagree to thefollowing privacypolicy:
Root Check
Got root or a custom ROM? Root Check will let you know ifyourAndroid is rooted for root access and custom ROM installation.Madewith 100% pure Android love for root users.NOTE: Root Checkdoesnot root your device and does not modify any system files. Thesolepurpose of the app is to check whether or not a device hasrootaccess. It also provides helpful information about root andROMsfor Android.Root Check is a great root checker tool for anyonewhois interested in becoming, or is a root Android user. Itprovides ahelpful root & custom ROM guide, root terminology(learn moreabout fastboot, flash, ROM), frequently asked questions,andeverything you need to get your root journey started. RootCheckwill not root your device, but it will give you expertknowledgeand point you in the right direction.So you have rootaccess...what next? ⚡Root Check provides the most popular root& ROMapps on Google Play. Find the best root apps & ROMtools, andsee your currently installed apps that can providerootfunctionality.With a material design, Root Check is one sexybeastof an app 😉. It is the smartest and fastest root checkeravailable.Don't waste your time on outdated root apps. This is thereal deal;developed by one of the top-rated root developers onGoogle Play,JRummy.⚡What should our next app be? Let us know whatyou thinkhere:⚡Join theJRummy RootCommunity:⚡Join ourBETAprogram to testnewfeatures:⚡Feedback&Suggestions:⚡
Boat Browser for Android
Boat Browser is a fast, smart and cool Mobile Browser; thatbringsan amazing Premium web experience. It is fully customizable,andyou can easily change the button's locations as you choose andyoucan install your favorite add-ons to make your browser evenmorepowerful!What’s special?1. More CustomizableWe have optimizedthedefault features listed in the (Side) Toolbar. And youcancustomize the features as you like: re-arrange, add andremovebuttons, just by dragging the corresponding icon.In additionto thetoolbar customization, you can also personalize thebackgroundcolor and the action of the Volume Keys. You can set theVolumeKey's action to switch tabs, scroll up/down the page or zoomintothe page. 2. Personalized ThemesBored with the default theme?Can'tbe satisfied just changing the theme’s color? No Problem!BoatBrowser’s got you covered!Boat Browser’s team will supply youmoreand more cool themes and styles, to make your browsercompletelypersonalized! 3. Add-onsAn Add-on is the unlimitedexpansion ofyour browser. Customize your browser by installing BoatAdd-on’sthat will enhance your browsing experience. These featurescan beeasily found in the Side Toolbar, after installation.Wewillcontinue to develop a variety of popular and fashionableadd-ons.Keep your browser up to date!4. PowerfulBookmarksManagementBookmarks Manager supports new folder, drag anddrop,batch delete, import, export and Sync with stock browserbookmarks!5. Side ToolbarYou can reach the toolbar by swiping theright sideof the screen. And, if you don’t like it, just change thesettingsin setting menu. We hope it will bring you a new quicker,smarterbrowsing experience from now on! 6. Speed dialAdd yourfavoritewebsites into the speed dial menu and keep them handy :).Folderfor speed dials is supported (Pro feature)7. FloatingtabThisfeature supports multi-windows as PC does. You may floatmultipletabs on any app. Boat Browser also supplies some veryusefulfeatures like,- Video & Flash Video Support… (In Android4.4plus flash doesn't work on some devices)- Voice Command andVoiceSearch…- Support App to SD function…- Support Cache toSDfunction…- Easy file Downloading- User Agent Switching thatallowsyou to view websites/web pages, in many formats!- Multi-touchPinchto Zoom support - Super easy copy/pasteThe add-ons can beeasilyfound by searching the key worlds below, in Google Play:1.Boat FBAdd-on 2. Boat Password Manager Add-on3. Boat URLShortenerAdd-on4. Boat Web2PDF Add-on5. Boat Tab History Add-on6.Boat ShowIP Add-onAlso, there are some features which need purchaselicensekey to unlock, including:1. Removes the banner Ads in thebookmarkpage and the interstitial Ads when exit browser.2. Supportstheability to delete ALL speed dial icons, including thepreseticons.Please download license key apk file fromGoogleplay free version, users may see two kinds of Ads:1. Bannerads insome pages, such as bookmark page.2. Interstitial ads whenusersexit the browser. 3. Native ads in home page, etc.This is aBrowserfor you! If you have any problems with it, please let usknow. Weare committed to providing you with the best Browseravailable!OurEmail: boatbrowser@gmail.comFind out more about usvia:Twitter - plus -
App lock
App lock with EmojiLock your applications with keypad andpattern-Easy to use and fast.- Application lock, best app lock&privacy guard , is the most smart Application lock !- AppLockcanlock Facebook, Whatsapp, Gallery, Messenger, SMS, Contacts,Gmail,Settings, incoming calls and any app you choose.Ensuresecurity.It's easier for you to protect your private datawith theAppLock ! With AppLock , nobody can check your sensitiveapps ,gallery and messages except yourself . Applock, a must-haveprivacyguard !App lock, will lock and protect apps using apassword!(e.gFacebook, WhatsApp, Game, Chrome, .... and any app youchoose)★★★Feature- AppLock with emoji very nice- Lock applicationswithkeypad or pattern- Lock very effective and high security-Lockmessage, Lock call, Lock phone setting ...- Power saving modetosave battery.- App Lock can lock your photos , gallery andmessagesfrom prying eyes and nosy friends . To be your privacyguard !-Full protection for your phone.- Never worry about a friendborrowsyour phone to play games with mobile data again!- Neverworry abouta workmate gets your phone to look the gallery again!-Never worryabout someone reads private data in your apps again!-Never worryabout kids mess up Settings, send wrong messages, payinggamesagain!- Lock any apps(message, Game, Photos, Videos ...)-LockGoogle Play to prevent buy games, movies, books- Lowercapacity,less memory.- Support all devices and multiple language
Evernote for Next Browser
Evernote for Next Browser is a simple extension for your webbrowserthat makes it quick and easy to store just about anythingyou findon the web as a note in your Evernote account, includingselectedtext, articles, and even entire webpages. A typical webbookmarkwill simply point to a website, which may change or bedeleted overtime. Evernote Next Clips are permanent snapshots of awebpage thatpreserve navigation, text, images and links, and arealways fullysearchable and available on all your devices anytimeyou needthem.To use this extension,you need to install the NextBrowser,thesimplest and fastest browser.More extensions all inNextBrowser.Other strong extensions to further extendfunctionalitywithout limitation:- QR code for Next Browser- Pocketfor NextBrowser- Screenshot for Next Browser- PDF for NextBrowser- AutoRefresh for Next Browser- Facebook for Next Browser-PrivateBookmarks for Next Browser- Translate for Next Browser-Defy Pagesfor Next Browser- Browse faster for Next BrowserKnowmore about NextBrowser: us on:Facebook: YouTube:
User Agent for Google Chrome (root required)
(Requires Root)User Agent switcher for Google Chrome allows youtochange to the way your Chrome Browser is viewed ontheinternet.Essentially masquerading Chrome as a compatiblebrowserallowing you to view or visit websites that prevent or allowusagebased on Operating system or browser type.Known Issue:Upgrades to1.1.0+ may need to uninstall and reinstall the app.Appis fullfeatured. no additional installs required for anyfeature.Features: - 11 Supplied User Agent options - NEWCustomizablewidgets for quick useragent changes - alternate sortorders - iconsfor the most popular devices - NEW Light and DarkTheme selection -option to launch Chrome on selection - Supports :- Chrome - Chromebeta - Chrome Dev - edit and customize each useragent string -delete user agents you do not want - add new useragents strings -LONG PRESS ON AGENT TO EDIT- Chrome User Agent isin no wayaffiliated with Google Inc. or the Chrome Browser.
Day by Day Organizer
Day by Day is a planning application designed to fullyimplementGoogle Calendar and Google Tasks as an all-in-oneAndroidapplication. With its help you can plan your future scheduleusingany Android device and this schedule will be available for allyourphones and tablets connected to Internet.Features:▪presentation ofevents and tasks in one list▪ synchronization withGoogle Calendarand Google Tasks▪ incorporation of your contacts’birthdays intothe common list▪ easy-to-handle agenda and monthview▪ text monthview, text week view, day view▪ interactive widgeton the devicedesktop▪ configurable widget layout▪ lock screenwidget in Android4.2+ Jelly Bean▪ birthday reminder▪ voice input▪searchfunctionDemo mode in free version has the followingfunctions(after demo mode is over, only in full version):▪ textmonthwidget, week widget - Android 4.1+ supported ▪ ability tousedifferent profiles in widgets and the app▪ invitations foreventsand check of guest list▪ Tasker app is supported. E.g. youcan havea task reminder to go off when you come towork.▪subtasksor todo lists in your events and tasks▪ rich set ofoptions forrecurrent task▪ priority in tasks▪ users can share textinformationfrom another app with Day by Day, for example, whencreating task orevent (full version only)You will be able tocreate the events withfixed beginning and end, as well as theevents which due to acertain time or which could be postponed, inany case you will beprompted to set a reminder which will help youkeep track on yourschedule.This organizer is so simple that nofurther explanation isactually needed, just download and enjoy!Useour Chrome (Chromium)extension to add tasks and events quicklyright from yourdesktop!For more details visit Chrome WebStore: wishes you more interesting events and tasks youwould love toaccomplish with a little help from Day by Day!You canmake atranslation of the application to your languagehere: can vote for newfeaturesor suggest your own onehere: team
Private Bookmarks for Next Bro
Private Bookmarks for Next Browser is a safety extension forNEXTbrowser. You can add private bookmarks and set a password forthem,which to strengthen the protection of personalprivacycontent.Thanks for using and we hope you will love it.To usethisextension,you need to install the Next Browser,the simplestandfastest browser.More extensions all in Next Browser.Otherstrongextensions to further extend functionality withoutlimitation:- QRcode for Next Browser- Pocket for Next Browser-Screenshot for NextBrowser- PDF for Next Browser- Evernote for NextBrowser- AutoRefresh for Next Browser- Facebook for Next Browser-Translate forNext Browser- Defy Pages for Next Browser- Browsefaster for NextBrowserKnow more about NextBrowser: us on:Facebook:
Deft Pages for Next Browser
Deft Pages for Next Browser is a simple and usefulbrowserplug-in.Just a few seconds,such as take a deep breath, itcan helpyou open a set of web pages. What you need to do is justenjoy yourfavorite websites .You will love it.To use thisextension,you needto install the Next Browser,the simplest andfastest browser.Moreextensions all in Next Browser.Other strongextensions to furtherextend functionality without limitation:- QRcode for Next Browser-Pocket for Next Browser- Screenshot for NextBrowser- PDF for NextBrowser- Evernote for Next Browser- AutoRefresh for Next Browser-Facebook for Next Browser- PrivateBookmarks for Next Browser-Translate for Next Browser- Browsefaster for Next BrowserKnow moreabout Next Browser: on:Facebook: YouTube:
XDA is the first and only app built entirely in-house with ourownAPI to access the famous XDA Forums. istheworld's largest Android forum where you can come to discoverapps,ROMs, root tools, kernels, and more, or you can make somefriendsand just talk about phones. Features:- Fast- Fully materialdesign-Read, write, and reply to threads- Full support forquotes/mention-Light/dark themes- Notification support- Greatsearch toolsEnjoy!