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Omonoia Nea 8.7.8
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The most complete application for Omonoiates by Omonoiates.3000downloads in the first 2 months! More than 9000 userscurrentlyusing the app! News of the best Cypriot football team"Omonoia".News from the following Omonoiatika respectedsites: (omonoia news) Itis autoupdating the newsevery 2 hours whenever you have wifi or 3gaccess. If you want tochange the autoupdate just go to settings.If you have a site thatyou want to be included please let me know.v8.7.6 - Fixed a numberof links to sites, cleanup of unnecessarycontent. v8.7.4 - AddedOmonoia FC and fixed Goal, updatedtrophies, matches, scores v8.7.3- Many changes on the look &feel of the app! - GDPR compliancyfor the ads - Bug fixes v8.6.10- Added ShootandGoal (filter withOmonoia) v8.6.8 - (filter with Omonoia) v8.6.8- Added Omonoia365v8.6.7 - Fixes, Optimizations and Reorganisationv8.6.4 - Variousfixes v8.6.3 - Added AC Omonoia news - AddedTrophies v8.6.2 -Updated Program and Scores for 2017-2018 v8.6.1 -Fixed OmonoiaLiveand other tunning. v8.5 - Added the option toremove categoriesthat you don't like. v8.5.5 - Added new Programand Scores v8.5.4 - Added - Cleanupand rearrangementv8.5.3 - Fix some Gate9 news issues, you may seesome old posts inthe beginning but then it will be fixed. v8.5.2 -Tweaks andoptimizations v8.5 - Added & Kerkida(omonoianews) v8.4 - Updated all links, tweaks and fixes v8.3 - Bugfixesand tweaks. v8.1 - New Material Design! v8.0.1 v8.0 - New Release! - Updated menu - You cannowselect your favorite site - Please send me more sites toadd.v7.6.3.1 - Youtube videos removed for now to troubleshoot abug. Iwill readd it in a few days. v7.6 - Added News fromOmonoiaLive.comv7.5 - Various Fixes and optimizations. v7.11 -Fixes for someAndroid 2.3 crashes v7.10 - Added more youtubechannels v7.8 -Added Omonoia Nicosia facebook page. - some bugfixes. v7.7 - AddedOmonoia-1948 facebook page. - Also new logo -Notification optionsand many fixes - OMONOIA YOUTUBE v6.7 - TotallyNew Interface! -Widget support - Added OmoniaHistory - Added Gate 9UK site! -Kifines - Great Widget Added,,,,,
Links & News for Anorthosis 8.0
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Get informed for all Anorthosis news and articles linksgatheredfrom major sports websites in CyprusEverything you need toknowabout Anorthosis Famagusta F.C:Push notifications to keepyouinformed for every new links added in the appCountdown tillnextmatchPopular links sectionInfoTags: A powerful tool to providemoreinformation about your favorite teamMatches, Fixtures &Resultswith highlightsWall, post your comments, opinions, questionsandthoughts!Polls with ability to suggest your ownpollRateLineup:Rate players and coach's performance after eachmatchTeam sectionwith players information and statisticsTeamStatisticsLeagueTableVideosNext match widgetSearch through previouslinksTabletSupportDisclaimer: Anorthosis Links is not affiliatedwith officialAnorthosis Famagusta F.C
Links & News for Omonoia
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All Omonoia Nicosia related news and articles links inoneapplication Get informed for all Omonoia news and articleslinksgathered from major sports websites in Cyprus Pushnotifications tokeep you informed for every new links added in theapp Countdowntill next match Popular links section InfoTags: APowerful tool toprovide more information about your favourite teamWall, post yourcomments, opinions, questions and thoughts! Matches,Fixtures &Results with highlights Polls with ability to suggestyour own pollRateLineup: Rate players and coach's performance aftereach matchTeam section with players information and statisticsTeamStatistics League Table Videos Next match widget Searchthroughprevious links Tablet Support Add next match to yourcalendarDisclaimer: Links & News for Omonoia is not affiliatedwithofficial AC Omonoia Nicosia
Links & News for AEL Limassol
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All AEL Limassol FC related news and articles links inoneapplication Get informed for all AEL Limassol FC news andarticleslinks gathered from major sports websites in CyprusPushnotifications to keep you informed for every new links added intheapp Countdown till next match Popular links sectionMatches,Fixtures & Results with highlights Wall, post yourcomments,opinions, questions and thoughts! Polls with ability tosuggestyour own poll RateLineup: Rate players and coach'sperformanceafter each match Team section with players informationandstatistics Team Statistics League Table Videos Next matchwidgetSearch through previous links Tablet Support Add next matchto yourcalendar Disclaimer: Ael Links is not affiliated withofficial AelLimassol FC
AC Omonoia Nicosia - Official 1.5.3
Get the latest official, breaking news and updates of ACOmonoiaNicosia club at your fingertips with this Androidapplication. Theapplication provides to the fans and friends of ACOmonoia Nicosiainstant access to: -Club’s news as they areofficially releasead-Football team’s official schedule -FootballSquad info -Footballcoaching staff information -Official footballleague standings-Club’s top scores for the current football league-Club’s playersyellow and red cards for the current football league-Club’sfootball trophies
Anorthosis Famagusta news 1.0
All Anorthosis Famagusta news and articles from Websites, BlogsandFacebook.Get informed for all Anorthosis News and articlesgatheredfrom the webReceive notifications to be informed for everynewadded in the webLeague Table, team Statistics andresult,Transfers, Videos from the First team to theYouth.Disclaimer:Anorthosis News is not affiliated with officialAnorthosisFamagusta F.C
Omonoia News 1.0.6
Omonoia News app ( is anindependentvoice that aims to inform Omonoia fans about everythingthathappens related to their favorite team..The news deliveredandopinions expressed do not represent the official board ofACOmonoia Nicosia Cyprus.Application designed and developed byWajeeMobile Ltd ( Mobile Ltd isnotrelated in any way with the content of the app.
Links & News for APOEL
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Get informed for all Apoel news and articles links gatheredfrommajor sports websites in Cyprus Everything you need to knowaboutApoel FC: Push notifications to keep you informed for everynewlinks added in the app Countdown till next match Popularlinkssection InfoTags: A Powerful tool to provide more informationaboutyour favourite team Matches, Fixtures & Results withhighlightsWall, post your comments, opinions, questions andthoughts! Pollswith ability to suggest your own poll RateLineup:Rate players andcoach's performance after each match Team sectionwith playersinformation and statistics Team Statistics League TableVideos Nextmatch widget Search through previous links TabletSupportDisclaimer: Apoel Links is not affiliated with officialApoel FC.
SNQ Digital
APOEL FC official Android App Stay up-to-date with one ofthegreatest football clubs in Cyprus. APOEL FC provides its fansinCyprus and abroad with free and instant access to: * Thelatestnews on the club * Match calendar * Current standings *Player andtraining team profiles * Match photos *Videos................................................. bySNQ
Η Ανόρθωση Αμμοχώστου ή Ανόρθωσις Αμμοχώστου είναικυπριακόςποδοσφαιρικός σύλλογος που αποτελεί το σημαντικότεροκαιμακροβιότερο τμήμα του σωματείου της Ανόρθωσης Αμμοχώστου.Οσύλλογος ιδρύθηκε στις 30 Ιανουαρίου 1911. AnorthosisFamagustaAnorthosis Famagusta or Cypriot football club which is thelargestand longest part of the club Anorthosis Famagusta. The clubwasfounded on January 30, 1911.
Apoel Sinthimata 1.94
Apoel Nicosia is the best football team in Cyprus and isworldrenowned for its UEFA Champion's League participation inthe2011-12 season, qualifying all the way to the top 8 teams!It'salso world renowned for its fan base, which is one of themostpassionate in Europe. Listen to Apoel's sinthimata (chants)asrecorded live in various games.
Links & News for AEK Larnaca 8.0
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All AEK Larnaca FC related news and articles links inoneapplicationGet informed for all AEK Larnaca FC news andarticleslinks gathered from major sports websites inCyprusPushnotifications to keep you informed for every new linksadded in theappCountdown till next matchPopular linkssectionInfoTags: Apowerful tool to provide more information aboutyour favoriteteamMatches, Fixtures & Results withhighlightsWall, post yourcomments, opinions, questions andthoughts!Polls with ability tosuggest your own pollRateLineup: Rateplayers and coach'sperformance after each matchTeam section withplayers informationand statisticsTeam StatisticsLeagueTableVideosNext matchwidgetSearch through previous linksAdd nextmatch to yourcalendarTablet SupportDisclaimer: Aek Links is notaffiliated withofficial AEK Larnaca FC
Πηνελόπη Δέλτα, Έργα
Δωρεάν εφαρμογή / βιβλίο με έργα της ΠηνελόπηςΔέλτα: - Για τηνπατρίδα(νουβέλα) (1909)- Παραμύθι χωρίς όνομα (1910)- Τον καιρότουΒουλγαροκτόνου (ιστορικό διήγημα) (1911)- Παραμύθια και άλλα(1915)(Ο φόρος της δόξα - Πρωτοχρονιάτικο παραμύθι - Εκεί π'ανθίζουν οιδάφνες - Τρεις βασιλοπούλες - Τα τρία κεράκια -ΜεσολογγίτικαΧριστούγεννα - Η καρδιά της βασιλοπούλας)- Η ζωή τουΧριστού(Δίτομο) (1925)- Τρελαντώνης (μυθιστόρημα) (1932)-Μάγκας(μυθιστόρημα) (1937)- Στα μυστικά του βάλτου (μυθιστόρημα)(1937)――――――― ――――――― ――――――― ――――――― ――――――― Η ΠηνελόπηΔέλτα,(Αλεξάνδρεια της Αιγύπτου 1874 - Αθήνα 1941) ήτανΕλληνίδασυγγραφέας, γνωστή κυρίως από τα ιστορικά της μυθιστορήματαγιαπαιδιά, η σημαντικότερη ίσως γυναικεία φυσιογνωμία στιςκρίσιμεςγια τον Ελληνισμό πρώτες δεκαετίες του 20ου αι. Τρίτο παιδίτουΕμμανουήλ Μπενάκη και της Βιργινίας Χωρέμη. Είχε δύομεγαλύτερααδέλφια, την Αλεξάνδρα και τον Αντώνη, τον γνωστό«Τρελαντώνη» τουομώνυμου βιβλίου της. Μετά τη γέννηση της Πηνελόπηςακολούθησανάλλα τρία παιδιά, ο Κωνσταντίνος (που πέθανε σε ηλικία 2χρόνων), οΑλέξανδρος και η Αργίνη. ――――――― ――――――― ――――――― ――――――――――――――Development of Android application by Automon(AntonisPanoris):http://www.automon.grinfo@automon.gr Apps byAutomon: Play BooksbyAutomon: Google PlayGamesby Automon: GooglePlayYouTubersbyAutomon: projectsPenelopeDelta: -Forthe home (novel) (1909)- Unnamed Tale (1910)- At the time ofBulgar(historical novel) (1911)- Tales and others (1915) (taxglory - NewYears tale - Here p bloom laurels - Three princesses -Three candles- Mesolongitis Christmas - The heart of theprincess)- The Life ofChrist (Two-volume) (1925)- Trelantonis(novel) (1932)- Mangas(novel) (1937)- The secrets of the swamp(novel) (1937) -------------- ------- -------------- Penelope Delta (Alexandria,Egypt, 1874 - Athens,1941) was a Greek writer, known mainlyhistorical novels forchildren, perhaps the most important femalefigure in criticalHellenism first decades of the 20th century.Third child ofEmmanuel Benaki and Virginia Choremi. He had twoolder siblings,Alexandra and Anthony, the famous "Trelantonis' bookof the samename. After the birth of Penelope followed by threeother children,Constantine (who died at age 2 years), AlexanderandArgini. ------- ------- --------------------- Development of Android application by Automon(AntonisPanoris):http://www.automon.grinfo@automon.gr GooglePlayAppsbyAutomon: GooglePlayBooksbyAutomon: GooglePlayGamesbyAutomon: GooglePlayYouTubers byAutomon:
To REPORTER News app είναι το επίσημο app του πολυθεματικού–ειδησεογραφικόυ Portal Reporter Κύπρου. Μια μεγάληδημοσιογραφικήομάδα φέρνει κοντά σας τα τελευταία νέα και εξελίξειςσε όλους τουςτομείς. Με προσήλωση στην εγκυρότητα και τηναντικειμενικότητα καιμε αιχμή του δόρατος την αμεσότητα, ο Reporterέχει γίνει κόμβοςενημέρωσης και ψυχαγωγίας καθ’όλο το 24ωρο, γιαό,τι συμβαίνει στηνΚύπρο και τον κόσμο. Κατηγορίες στο • Headlines:Κύριες ειδήσεις – από όλες τιςκατηγορίες • Τοπικά Νέα • Οικονομία- INBusiness Νews • Celebrity •Video • Αθλητικά • Πολιτική •Αστυνομικό Ρεπορτάζ • Ελλάδα, Κόσμος •Viral News • Απόψεις •Interactive content - Multimedia – Listings –Infographics •Χρήσιμες Πληροφορίες – Διάφορα • Goldnews To REPORTERNews app isthe official app of multidisciplinary - Portal NewsReporterCyprus. A great journalistic team brings you the latestnews anddevelopments in all areas. With a commitment toaccountability andobjectivity and spearheaded the immediacy, theReporter has becomeinfotainment hub 24 hours a day, for what ishappening in Cyprusand the world. Categories in •Headlines: Majornews - from all categories • Local News • Economy -INBusiness NEWS• Celebrity • Video • Sports • Policy • PoliceReportage • Greece,World • Viral News • Views • Interactive content- Multimedia -Listings - Infographics • Useful information -Miscellaneous •Goldnews
Τα ψάρια της Κύπρου 1.7.1
Μια καινούρια ηλεκτρονική εγκυκλοπαίδεια για τα ψάρια τηςΚύπρου,όπου μπορούμε να ενημερωνόμαστε για το κάθε είδος ψαριού!Τέλος στοδεν γνωρίζω τι ψάρι ψάρεψα... πλέον γνωρίζω το πωςτρέφεται καιποια είναι η συμπεριφορά του! Μπορείς να ψάξεις το κάθεψάρι ανάόνομα και φωτογραφία για να μάθεις χρήσιμες πληροφορίες. Anewonline encyclopedia about fish Cyprus, where we are informedforeach type of fish! Finally I do not know what the fish I know how it feeds, and what behavior! You can searcheachfish by name and photograph to find out useful information.
Whats Web 5.0
This app is the best and powerful tool to clean and backupreceivedand sent media via Whatsup and also you can open twoaccount insame device. Whats Web features Whats Web: Would you liketo opentwo account in same device or same account in multipledevices thenthis app for you. Now you can use same account inmultiple device.Whats Web is the easiest and fastest applicationthat you can openchat messenger application on your mobile andControl anotheraccount with the same device!!! Whats Cleaner:Themost importantfeature of this app; is that you can clean Whatsupmedia from yourAndroid phone or tablet automatically by a regularinterval or by astorage limit. Whats web offers you a high-qualitydesign and auser-friendly interface. Status Saver:Currently onWhatsup you canonly view your friend’s status (image or video), butif you want tosave it for your use there is no option. Don’t worrythis app willsolve your problem. With Whatsup new status feature,all statusautomatically disappear after 24 hours. So with our appyou cansave your favorite status and can access them anytime.Disclaimer:Whats web is created by us, and it not an officialWhatsAppapplication and not associated with WhatsApp Inc.
Greek TV 1.0
Με το Greek TV μπορείτε να βλέπετε σε Live Streaming από τησυσκευήσας (android tablet, box, phone) Eλληνικά και Kυπριακάκανάλιααπολύτως δωρεάν.ΠΡΟΣΟΧΗ: Το team δεν κάνει live streamingγιανομικούς λόγους Πνευματικών δικαιωμάτων άρθρο 52 του ν.4481/2017οτι βλέπεται είναι από τα επίσημα κανάλια.Οτιδήποτεαπορίες καιπαράπονα έχετε απευθυνθείτε σε αυτά.Απαραίτητεςυποστηρικτικέςεφαρμογές:*IPTV Core*MX Player*VLC*YouTubeΗ εφαρμογήΔΕΝ περιέχειδιαφημίσεις, τυχόν διαφημίσεις προέρχονται από τηνεφαρμογή IPTVCore.The Greek TV you can see in Live Streaming fromyour device(android tablet, box, phone) and Cypriot Englishchannelsabsolutely free.CAUTION: The team does live streaming forlegalreasons Copyright article 52 of l. 4481/2017 that are seenbyofficial kanalia.Otidipote questions and complaints youcontactthem.Necessary support applications:* Core IPTV* MX Player*VLC*YouTubeThe app contains NO ads, any ads from the CoreIPTVapplication.
Windguru Old 1.1.12
This app is just a reincarnation of the old 1.x version oftheWindguru app for those who prefer it to the newer WindguruLitethat is also available at Google Play.This old app will notbedevelopped further, it's simply too difficult to maintain theoldand outdated code...WARNING! If you do not know anythingaboutWindguru and you are looking for classic weather app withanimatedweather pictograms, this is NOT FOR YOU! :-)Please notethat theoriginal Windguru website is made as a Progressive web app,whichmeans it can work just like an app on your Android deviceandoffers full functionality. It's recommended to use it likethat.More info at This WindguruLiteversion is only a simple alternative available from GooglePlay.
Free Books Discovery 1.5.2
Join the largest free book search engine and download BooksMorethan 10 million of books, free books and download fromtheencyclopedia in a seamless and very fast manner. We collectingallthe free search-engines that provide direct download ofsourceswith support for changing the name of the book through thedatabasewithin the application Saving time and trouble searching –theapplication works at your convenience-one of the mostimportantfeatures of the unique application that gives it a widepreferencefor the most important existing applications in the storeis animportant application for students, researchers andscholarsthroughout the world in all scientific and literary fields.Theapplication does not stop searching for everything relatedtokeyword you looking for, all of the resources you need arewithinone application to explore free books with a free tool,seamlessuse of search and download Areas of application: realism –FictionSci-fi, drama, adventure, thriller, Romance, mystery,horror,health, travel, children's books, guide, book Religiousandspiritual, scientific books, history, mathematics,poetry,Encyclopaedia, Dictionary, short stories, art, booksCooking,memos, the book can belong to more than one type or eventwo typesof previous species, it may be a mixture of excitement,horror,adventure, or a mixture of drama, romance, and otherexamples. Theapplication is available to all MENA Countries fromthe ocean tothe Gulf, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Bahrain, Qatar,Kuwait, Oman,Jordan, Palestine, Ethiopia, Algeria, and Libya
Web Browser & Explorer 24.8.8
This is no doubt the fastest browser ever 👍👍👍Over5,000,000Download👍👍👍 Web Explorer rewrite the stock rom of AndroidBrowserand eliminate unnecessary module to make it 30% faster thannormalandroid browser. You can compare our free browser with someof thebrowser in the market and their speed is way behind. Wehaveincluded the function that was included in many premiumbrowsers.Our tabbed browsing is a concept that was inspired by theearlierversion of famous internet browser that could enhance theuserexperience. The bookmarking function also let you explore thewebpage that you liked previously. So move on now and downloadthispowerful web explorer. Powerful Features ✓Enjoying freebrowsingwith public wifi ✓Fast Speed over 3G/4G network ✓Bookmarkyourfavorite websites on your browser ✓Navigate Faster withacceleratedweb page loading ✓Choose your own searchengine, ✓Download Music, Mp3 ,Movie,Video andmany more ✓Quick access to Youtube and Facebook ✓Safebrowsing modeprotect your privacy ✓Save data costs in 3G/4G mode✓Full Screen✓Import bookmarks from Firefox, Opera and Chrome Weupdate a newversion every month, stay tuned.
Beach HD free Wallpapers 1.1
★★ Beaches ★★ ★★ Tropical beaches ★★ ★★ Tropical beachesHDWallpapers ★★ Free HD beaches wallpapers - Set Wallpaper -Sharewith your favorite apps. - Use as background for socialnetworks:facebook, instagram, whatsapp, line ... - Use it as abackgroundfor another picture. - It works without internetconnection. Do notconsume data rate. You can use and share freewallpapers on socialnetworks, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram,WhatsApp, Line, Image apps,email, ... Beautiful beaches with palmtrees, beaches with finesand and clear water, rocky beaches, sunseton a beach paradise,beaches and clear turquoise water. Close youreyes and imagineyou're at the beach, sitting on the sand with thesun lighting upyour face and the waves crashing on the shore. Nowyou can get thesame feeling downloading this application andputting one of thesepretty pictures as wallpaper. You can evenshare these pictureswith your friends and send them to otherapplications.
Auto news Greek 1.0
Οι τελευταίες ειδήσεις από τον χώρο του Αυτοκινήτου καιτηςΜοτοσυκλέτας. Ειδήσεις, νέα, παρουσιάσεις, αγώνες, νέαμοντέλα,φόρμουλα1, δοκιμές, συγκρίσεις και πληροφορίες από τιςκυριότερεςΕλληνικές ιστοσελιδες που αφορούν στο χώρο τουαυτοκινήτου και τηςμοτοσυκλέτας. Η εφαρμογή περιλαμβάνει και widget(γραφικά στοιχεία)4x2 - 4x1 The latest news from the world of Carand Motorcycle.News, news, presentations, games, new models,formoula1, tests,comparisons and information from the major Greeksites on the areaof ​​automobile and motorcycle. The applicationincludes widget(widgets) 4x2 - 4x1
Skroutz - Σύγκριση Τιμών
Skroutz S.A.
Get the best prices and compare thousands of products withtheleading Greek Price Comparison App ( Monitorpricedrops for your favourite products! Skroutz app lets youeasilycompare products prices across 2.500+ Greek E-shops. Mainfeaturesof Skroutz Price Comparison App ► Price Comparison: Searchforproducts & compare prices across thousands of online shops,soyou can always find the best deals ► Product Reviews:Readthousands of products reviews from real users ► Price Alerts:Setprice alerts for any product you want & receive anin-appnotification when it reaches your target price. ►FavoriteProducts: Make lists of your “Favourites” & get in-appalertswhen their price or availability changes. Also, if you arealreadya member of price comparison engine, you canSynchroniseyour “Favourites” to your account! ► ProductSpecifications &Details: View & Compare product specs, seeproducts images etc.► Price History: Check price history of anyproduct & buy it atthe right time ► Smart Product Search: Useour fast product searchengine with autocomplete & voice searchfeatures ► ProductFiltering & Sorting: Apply smart filters& sorting optionsto narrow your results withease--------------------------------------------------------------------------Skroutzmobile app brings the next-generation price comparisonshoppingexperience on-the-go. Search, Compare Prices & Get thebestdeals! You can find the best prices and monitor every pricedropfrom a huge product database, in categories like: -Electronics:Mobile Phones, Tablets, TVs, Laptops, Video Games,Cameras -Fashion: Clothing, Trainers, Watches, Sunglasses - Baby& Kid:Kid's Trousers, Baby Car Seats, School Supplies, LEGO -HomeAppliances: Fridges, Dishwashers, Vacuum Cleaners, WashingMachines- Sports & Fitness: Bikes, Sports Shoes, SportsJackets, GymBags - Beauty: Face Creams, Perfumes, Hair Colour, EyeLiner Foryour favourite brands: Samsung, Xiaomi, Adidas, Nike,Apple, Huawei,Bosch, Philips, Sony, LG, Converse, New Balance,Frezyderm, HP,Lorelli Bertoni, Reebok, Asics, Tommy Hilfiger,Makita, Lenovo,Solgar, Vans, Dell, Korres, Einhell, Casio,Panasonic, Inart, Izzy,Morris, Vichy, Puma, Asus, Ray Ban,Apivita, Nakayama, Mayoral,TP-LINK, Under Armour, Aca, AEG,Superdry, Eleaf, Nokia, As Company.
U Launcher Lite-New 3D Launcher 2019, Hide apps 2.2.19
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beIN SPORTS TR 1.5.36
One of the biggest sport platform of the world beIN SPORTS areinTurkey anymore. Turkey's leading football channel LigTV changeditsname as beIN SPORTS. From now on you won't miss a singleinstanceof the action with beIN SPORTS TR application. With thisapp, nomatter where you are, you will be able to follow and watchcurrentfootball news and video clips as well as match highlightsand goalsfrom Spor Toto Super League, English Premier League,Spanish LaLiga, Italy Serie A, France Ligue 1, Turkish AirlinesEuroleagueand Turkish Basketball League. Additionally, with thebeIN SPORTSTR app, you will be able to follow the latest news aboutyour team,keep track of game results for you 'iddaa' bet list,follow yourfavorite beIN SPORTS reporters' latest articles and viewphotosform the image galleries.
 With the beIN SPORTS TR Androidapp, theworld of football is at your fingertips! CepteGol is aservice thatlets you to watch high quality videos of all goals andimportantevents from SporToto Super League matches during the matchtime.You can subscribe to that service using "CepteGol" buttoninapplication menu. CepteGol subscription costs 8.92 TL per monthperteam and 11.16 TL per month for whole teams. This fee ischargedfrom the credit card associated with your iTunesaccount.Subscription automatically renews unless auto-renew isturned offat least 24-hours before the end of the current period.Accountwill be charged for renewal within 24-hours prior to the endof thecurrent period. Subscriptions may be managed by the userandauto-renewal may be turned off by going to the user'sAccountSettings after purchase. No cancellation of the activesubscriptionis allowed during subscription period. On cancellation,you maycontinue using the service till the end of the period.
Dolphin Jetpack - Fast & Flash
🚀Get Dolphin Jetpack to speed up your Dolphin Browser and enjoymorecool features. Dolphin Jetpack uses Dolphin’s very ownHTML5rendering engine that powers Dolphin for the best HTML5 webgameand web app experiences. The nitty-gritty Dolphin Jetpack isanimproved browser kernel with extensivecanvas/GPU/JavaScriptenhancement and behind-the-scenes technology,which makes DolphinBrowser one of the highest scoring HTML5browsers. With DolphinJetpack enabled, Dolphin Browser is 5 - 10Xfaster than the defaultAndroid browser, and keeps you safe from theinternet attack.Largely improve browser performance, further boostthe speed ofbrowsing pages and shopping online, letting you enjoyvideos,movies and TV shows without waiting, bringing you a fastersurfingexperience. 🚀More cool features🚀 ★ Flash Player support.DolphinJetpack optimizes the experience of flash videos and flashgames.Letting you get the best gaming and HD video experience withplayerfor Android support on Dolphin Browser. Click on the linkbelow tolearn how to play flash content in DolphinBrowser.★Auto-Fit Pages. In desktop mode, double tap or pinch to zoomtoauto-fit site content to the screen. ★ Better fullscreenexperiencewhen playing HTML 5 videos. ★ Web Games. PlayX-type fullscreen mode. Check morefeaturesin Dolphin Lab provided by 3rd partydevelopers: NOTE: 1. Should be used withthe latestDolphin Browser. 2. Please make sure Dolphin Jetpack isenabled insettings. 3. After installing, you may restart DolphinBrowser toavoid compatibility problems. About Dolphin BrowserDolphin Browseris the full featured best web browser for Android.Download DolphinBrowser for free to surf the Internet with bestunique featuresincluding adblock, incognito browsing (Privatebrowsing), gesture,sonar, flash player for Android tablets andphones. 👍👍👍👍👍 Over150,000,000 downloads on Android and iOS 👍👍👍👍👍Best Mobile WebBrowser on Android Market ★ Flash player Get thebest gaming and HDvideo experience with Flash Player for Androidsupport on DolphinBrowser. ★ Adblock With Dolphin Browser adblockadd-on, you cansurf the web without the annoying popups, ads,banners &ad-videos. Find adblock add-on here: ★Incognito browsing (Private Browsing)Without leaving any history,cookies traces, cache, etc., IncognitoMode makes the browserperfectly private and secret. ★ Fast downloadDownload HTML5, Flashvideos and others with blazing speed from theInternet. ★ Sync Syncyour history, bookmarks, and passwords. Plus,easily open and pushtabs and websites across Android, iPhone, iPad,mobile & pcbrowser including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari usingDolphinConnect. ★ Clean UI and fast navigation Localized preloadtop siteslisted, such as Facebook, Amazon, ESPN, Reddit, Bing, etc.★Gesture Access the Internet by creating a personal Gesture(symbol)for websites and common features. For example, drawing aletter ”G”to go to google or “B” to go to ★ Sonar DolphinBrowserlets you use your voice to search, share on your favoritesocialnetworks, bookmark favorite websites, and navigate the webwithouttyping. ★ Add-ons With add-ons such as Speed Booster, Web toPDF,Translate, Screen Cut, Dolphin Video, Dolphin QR &BarcodeScanner and much you can enjoy the best services all forfree. 👍Welove to hear your feedback, so send us an email📧 and if you like what you see please takeaminute to rate us! Website: JoinDolphinFacebook Fan page: on Twitter:!/DolphinBrowser
Weebly by Square 5.38.0
Weebly, Inc.
Over 50M artists, makers and creative entrepreneurs around theworldhave already created a website or online store using Weebly.Enjoythe freedom to create, launch and grow your online businessorwebsite directly from your phone or tablet, wherever,whenever.Enjoy a simplified process of building your site with oureasy dragand drop builder. Tell your unique story and build yourbrand withWeebly. "Weebly's clear, usable interface, attractivethemes,strong commerce features, mobile capabilities, and siteportabilityearned it a PCMag Editors' Choice for modern sitebuilders." - PCMag “They have extended their reach into afull-service platformthat provides not only organization anddesign, but ecommerce, anew robust app center for third partyplugins, analytics, cloudhosting, and most recently, completely newmobile apps for siteediting on the go.” - Forbes Android Mobile andTablet Features:Create your online store: • Use the intuitivedrag-and-drop builderdesigned specifically for touchscreen • Addproducts to your siteusing images directly from your photo library• Customize your sitewith fully responsive online store themesoffered on Weebly desktopCreate your website: • Use the intuitivedrag-and-drop builderdesigned specifically for touchscreen • Uploadimages directly fromyour photo library, select from a wide range oftext, media anddesign elements • Customize your site with the samefree,responsive themes offered on Weebly desktop See all youractivityin one place • Monitor all of your site activity inreal-time fromthe Site Dashboard • See more detailed stats on sitetraffic, storeorders, form entries, and more from the Insights tabRun yourbusiness from anywhere • Build and manage your online storefromanywhere. • Process and fulfill orders, add products,checkinventory, and receive notifications when a new order isplacedCreate a blog and stay connected to your visitors • Publishyourthoughts with the blog post editor • Instantly respond toblogcomments and form entries, reply to customer inquiries andstayconnected to your followers from anywhere • Never travel farfromyour loyal readers, customers and fans Weebly's privacypolicy: Weebly's terms ofservice:
Study IQ: Coaching Classes 1.0
web app
study IQ provide videos for every compitive exam. with the helpthisvideos you can clear every govt. job exam.Expert in allgovernmentexams such as UPSC, SSC CGL, Bank PO, LIC, RBIAssistant, RBI GradeB, IAS/IRS/IPS, State PSC exams like UPPSC,MPPSC, MPSC, TPPSC,TPSC, HCS, RAS , CLAT, Hotel Managemententrance, BBA and hundredsof other exams.share this app withfriends .best of luck for yoursfuture exams.
Tribe Games™ 4.2.6
Tribe, Inc.
Tribe is the first live multiplayer games platform. Each of ourfunand silly games let you see and hear up to 8 of your friendswhileplaying together. From now on, you can challenge them inreal-timewhen you’re physically apart!- More than 1 million friendsuse itevery day.- Apple Editors' Choice in 100+ countries.- “BestApp ofThe Year” TIME.- “Top 5 Most Beautiful App” Google.- Weupdate theapp every week with new silly games.Need help?Tweetus:@heytribeSnapchat us: heytribeEmail us:
Windguru Lite 2.1.2
The official "Lite" app to access wind and weather Warning! If you do not know anything aboutWindguruand you are looking for classic weather app with animatedweatherpictograms, this is NOT FOR YOU! :-) This app works similiarto thefull website at but only offers the mostimportantfeatures: forecasts, live stations, maps. Development ofthis Liteapp will go on, now it's just a subset of the web versionbut soonit should bring some "old good" features of the oldapp( an alternative for those who wish something between thefullsite and the old-school app The app now supports addingfavouritesfor quick access even for anonymous users. You can useyour windgurulogin to access favourites associated with yourexisting account andto view PRO forecasts (if you are a PROsubscriber) Please note thatthe original Windguru website is madeas a Progressive web app,which means it can work just like an appon your Android device andoffers full functionality. It'srecommended to use it like that.More info at This Windguru Liteversion is onlya simple alternative available from Google Play. Incase you preferthe old app, find "Windguru Old" on GooglePlay: one of the old APK files manually fromhere:
ID Photo application 1.1.26
You can easily create ID photo data from photographs taken withasmartphone. It is also possible to save individual photo data.Theability to retake the photos as many times as you like makesthisperfect for creating ID photos of children too. This appcreatesdata that matches the general print size of photos - 4x6size(101.6mm x 152.4mm). You can print photos at home if you haveaprinter capable of printing photos from smartphones ordigitalcameras as the created file format is the same as that ofphotostaken on most smartphones and digital cameras (JPEG). Thesize ofthe ID photo can be specified from the following options. -height51 × width 51mm (2 x 2 inches) - height 25 × width 25mm (1 x1inches) - height 45 × width 35mm - height 50 × width 35mm(2inches) - height 48 × width 33mm - height 35 × width 25mm (1inch)- height 45 × width 45mm - height 40 × width 30mm Other sizesofdifferent height and width can also be specified. You canalsospecify the number of cropped ID photos to be placed on asinglephoto print. ID photos of different sizes can also beincluded on asingle photo print. Black and white (gray-scale) IDphotos can alsobe created from a color photo. The size of thefinished print is4x6 size (101.6mm x 152.4mm) by default, but youcan change it.
Samsung Internet Browser Beta
Samsung Internet Beta gives you early access to the newestfeaturesof our secure, private and optimized mobile web browser.NewFeatures for you * Browser Extensions (M OS or higher, GalaxyStoreRequired) We introduce general purpose Browser Extensions,such asMate Translate. These can be installed from the Galaxy Storetobring even more features to the powerful Web Browser. Tap“Add-ons”in the menu to learn more. * Tab Bar for Phone You can nowenable atab bar beneath the URL bar to see open tabs, like ondesktop webbrowsers. This can be turned on under the "Appearance"menu. *Video Assistant Video Assistant is back to support you toenjoyvideo watching experience more than ever. With the purplefloatingbutton, you can easily change to watch as full-screenorpopup-screen. * Customize menu You can relocate buttons onbottomtoolbar as you like. All of buttons in ‘more’ menu will bethecandidates. * Tab Manager Renewal Try our newly decoratedlist-viewmode of Tab Manager. Security & Privacy SamsungInternet helpsyou protect your security and privacy while browsingthe Internet.* Smart Anti-Tracking Intelligently identify domainswhich havecross-site tracking ability and block storage (cookie)access. *Protected Browsing We will warn you before you can viewknownmalicious sites to prevent you from visiting web sites whichmaytry to steal your data. * Content Blockers Samsung InternetforAndroid allows 3rd party apps to provide filters forcontentblocking, making browsing safer and more streamlined.EngineVersion We are using Chromium 75 as the browser engine.Thefollowing permissions are required for the app service.Foroptional permissions, the default functionality of the serviceisturned on, but not allowed. Required permissions noneOptionalpermissions Telephone: Used to check device-uniqueidentificationinformation for app analysis information Location:Used to providelocation-based content requested by the user orlocationinformation requested by the webpage in use Camera: Used toprovidewebpage shooting function and QR code shooting functionMicrophone:Used to provide recording function on webpage Contacts:Used to getthe device account information for cloud sync Storage:Used tostore files when downloading from webpages If your systemsoftwareversion is lower than Android 6.0, please update thesoftware toconfigure App permissions. Previously allowedpermissions can bereset on Apps menu in device Settings aftersoftware update.
Security Master - Antivirus & Mobile Security 4.2.9
Antivirus Security use accessibility services to improveboostfeature in some devices. Most Efficient Antivirus &Securityapp in Google Play Store. Easy Scan & Deep CleanAndroiddevices. UPDATE: Scan for the latest Adups securitybreach(unauthorized data loss to China). #1 Antivirus Engine byAVTEST & Mobile Security is an FULL-FEATUREDantivirus &security app which can scan viruses, malware,spyware, trojans,phishing attempts, unsafe web browsing and anythreats on yourdevices. Based on next-generation behaviordetection technology,Trustlook delivers one of the fastest virusscan in mobile securityindustry. Why you need Antivirus App? Withcyberattacks andmalicious apps targeting Android smartphonesincreasing infrequency, everyone may be at risk of financial lossor informationdisclosure. Trustlook Antivirus Mobile Security canhelp to warndiscovered potential risks, clear existed threats,provide acomprehensive protection to enhance your phone securitysafer. Whatyou can do with Trustlook Antivirus Mobile Security? ✓AntivirusCleaner & Security Protection - Provide real-timemalware/virusprotection to ensure phone safety, antivirus security✓ Scan -1-click to Scan Virus, Junk, Web, Apps, Media, Settingsand resolveall ✓ Boost Cleaner - Clean cache/junk/memory, Optimizebattery& storage to Boost phone speed ✓ App Manager-Manage/Backup/Uninstall existed apps on your device ✓ Backup&Restore - Batch Backup apps, contacts, calls, SMS to enhancedatasecurity ✓ Find Device & Antitheft - Find/Lock/Wipe yourlostor stolen mobile devices ✓ Wi-Fi Security - MonitorsurroundingWi-Fi and point dangerous ones out ✓ ID Check - Scan& Check tosee if your email address has been hacked ✓ WebProtection - Scanwebsite URLs to prevent phishing and inappropriatewebsites to kids✓ Payment Security - Detect payment environmentbefore purchasingonline Highlights of Trustlook Antivirus MobileSecurity ★All-in-One: Get everything on your device. All featuredwith VirusScan, Virus Cleaner, Speed booster, Phone Booster, PhoneCleaner,App Manager, Backup & Restore, Find Device, Wi-FiSecurity, IDCheck and so on ★ Advanced Real-time Protection:Ourstate-of-the-art antivirus protection technology doesreal-timedetection and keeps malicious apps or harmful viruses awayfromyour devices ★ Trusted Source: We are the built-in virusscanengine of Huawei phones and are headquartered in the heartofSilicon Valley ★ Keep Updating: Scan vulnerabilitieslikeBadKernel, Stage Fright, Heartbleed, Adups… InstallTrustlookAntivirus Mobile Security app to start receiving thebestmalware/virus protection available!
TUTTO mercato WEB
TC&C srl
TUTTO mercato WEB è un sito di notizie sportive(calcio)particolarmente attento al CALCIOMERCATO. Altrefunzionalità: -Risultati partite in temporeale (con notifiche push)con relativacronaca delle principali partite -Classifica/Calendario delleprincipali competizioni - Archivio fotoe video - TMW Radio -Widget Orologio (non funziona spostando l'appsu SD) TUTTO WEB market is a sports newssite(football) particularly attentive to the CALCIOMERCATO.Otherfeatures: - Matches results in storm (with push notifications)withrelative chronicle of the main matches - Ranking / Calendar ofthemain competitions - Photo and video archive - TMW Radio -Clockwidget (does not work by moving the app toSD)
Status Saver 2.32
Loved a Friend's Status? Well, You are at the Right App page 😉Howto Use? 1 - Check the Desired Status/Story... 2 - OpenStatusSaver, Click on any Image or Video to View... 3 - Click theSaveButton... OR 1 - Check the Desired Status/Story... 2 - Hold onaStatus to Enable Multi Selection, 3 - Select "Save" fromtheToolbar Menu! The Status Image/Video is Instantly saved toyourGallery! 😉😃 The Only App in the Store which shows you Statusesfrom4 Different Apps/Environments! They include - 1) NormalStatuses,2) G.B Statuses, 3) Business Statuses, 4) Normal StatusesfromParallel Space Pro! Notable Features: * Multi Save, Delete,Repost/ Share, Delete, * Easy Repost even without Saving, * Easy&Fast Saving, * Built in Image Viewer & Video Player, *EasyNavigation! Still Reading this? 😛 Go get the App & startSavingStatuses 😃 Hey wait, Please do give a Good Rating if youliked theApp! 😀 Probably a 5 Star 😁😃
Κατεβάστε τώρα, εύκολα, γρήγορα και εντελώς δωρεάν, την εφαρμογήσεοποιοδήποτε κινητό σας ή tablet (Android 4 και άνω), κάνονταςscanή πληκτρολογώντας την κάρτα σας Eurobank που συμμετέχειστοΠρόγραμμα Επιστροφή & εισάγοντας -μόνο την 1ηφορά-ονοματεπώνυμο & email. Appίστευτη νέα εφαρμογή! Τώραπαίζετεστα δάχτυλα το Πρόγραμμα Επιστροφή, αποκτώντας άμεσηπρόσβαση σεπερισσότερες από 8.000 επιχειρήσεις, όπου και ανβρίσκεστε καιέχοντας ανά πάσα στιγμή εικόνα των διαθέσιμων ευρώΕπιστροφή πουμπορείτε να αξιοποιήσετε άμεσα στις αγορές σας μεΠιστωτικές &Χρεωστικές κάρτες Eurobank, που συμμετέχουν στοΠρόγραμμα. Βρείτεόλες τις απαραίτητες πληροφορίες, που από σήμεραμπορείτε να έχετεσυνεχώς μαζί σας, όπως: - Αναλυτική πρόσβαση στοιστορικό τωνσυναλλαγών για συλλογή & εξαργύρωση με επιλογές6μήνου &12μήνου που είναι διαθέσιμα για τις αγορές σας. -Ειδοποίηση για ταευρώ σας που πρόκειται να λήξουν. - Μοιραστείτε μετους φίλους σαςαποκλειστικές προσφορές του Προγράμματος, καθώς καιενδιαφέρονταάρθρα. - Τις επιχειρήσεις που βρίσκονται κοντά σας, γιαόλες τιςκαθημερινές συναλλαγές σας (super market & πρατήριακαυσίμων),από την νέα ενότητα Επιστροφή Καθημερινές Αγορές, καθώςκαι για ταΤαξίδια σας από την ενότητα Επιστροφή Ταξίδια. - ΤαπλησιέστεραΚαταστήματα ή ATM Eurobank & Nέου ΤαχυδρομικούΤαμιευτηρίου. -Την νέα ενότητα για τις online αγορές σας μεΕπιστροφή. - Tιςεπιχειρήσεις του προγράμματος Επιστροφή ανάενότητα: Εμπορικά,Hotels, Γεύσεις, Health, Αuto Μoto &Ψυχαγωγία by JKM. - Άμεσηπρόσβαση σε όλες τις εφαρμογές τηςEurobank. Η εφαρμογή ΕπιστροφήApp υποστηρίζει ΜΟΝΟ τις κάρτες πουσυμμετέχουν στο πρόγραμμαεπιβράβευσης Επιστροφή. Δεν υποστηρίζειτις κάρτες: Prepaid Visa,Yes Visa, Reward Visa & WorldMasterCard, Ηλεκτρονική Visa,Masoutis Visa, Electronet FamilyMasterCard καθώς και τις BestlineVisa, EuroLine Home, MagnaΓερμανός, Makro, Νέα Γενειά Ζηρίδης,Longchamp, Electronet, Nota,LR, Elephant Easy, Ευρωπαϊκή Πίστη,Ράδιο Κορασίδης, Oriflame καιDanos και τις PostCredit. H εφαρμογήείναι optimized για κινητάτηλέφωνα και tabletσυσκευές.-----------------------------------------------------------Wewould like welcome you to Epistrofi App, an innovativeapplicationfor your Smartphone by Eurobank. Download theapplication for freeand have access to all useful informationconcerning Epistrofiloyalty programme: - the 8,000 plus merchantsparticipating atEpistrofi loyalty programme - their participatingpercentage ofreturn on expenditure - exclusive offers and -available euroscollected by using your Eurobank debit and creditcards 8
Η επίσημη εφαρμογή του!!Στην πρώτη έκδοση της νέαςμαςεφαρμογής σας παρουσιάζουμε:1. Ανανεωμένο intreface2. Δημιουργίαεξαρχής της εφαρμογής για πολύ γρήγορη περιήγηση3.Δυνατότηταπροβολής πρόσφατων ειδήσεων και άρθρων από το site4.Δυνατότηταπροβολής όλων των επόμενων αγώνων του Ολυμπιακού5.Δυνατότηταπροβολής των ποιο πρόσφατων φωτογραφιών από το άλμπουμμας (σύντομαόλο το album διαθέσιμο)6. Live Wall, το ζωντανόελεύθερο chat στοντοίχο της εφαρμογής!7. Videosκι έρχονται πολλάακόμη όπως:WebRadioGet and Upload PhotosFans Wall& συνεργασίεςγια ναδιαβάζετε όλα τα οπαδικά ερυθρόλευκα sites μέσα από τηνεφαρμογήμας!Tags: Ολυμπιακός, Olympiakos, Θύρα 7, Gate 7, Ultras,osfp,photos, riots, fans, supporters, οπαδοί, οπαδικάTheformalimplementation of !!In the first edition of ournewapplication we present:1 Refined intreface2 Create the outsetofthe application for a quick tour3 Ability to view recent newsandarticles from the site4 Ability to view all coming Olympicgames5Possibility of what recent photos from our album (soon thewholealbum available)6. Live Wall, live free chat application onthewall!7. Videoscome and many more such as:Web RadioGet andUploadPhotosFans WallAnd collaborations to read all the red andwhite fansites through our application!Tags: Olympiakos,Olympiakos, Gate 7,Gate 7, Ultras, osfp, photos, riots, fans,supporters, fans, fan
Super League Greece 1.3.4
OTO | Dev
Η επίσημη εφαρμογή του Ελληνικού πρωταθλήματος Super League,μεστατιστικά, Live αγώνες, τελευταία νέα, Αποτελέσματα αγώνων. -Γιατα Πρωταθλήματα Super League ανδρών και όλα ταπρωταθλήματαΥποδομής Κ-20, Κ-17, Κ-15Επίσης προσφέρει:  -Ειδήσεις καιτελευταία νέα από την διοργανώτρια αρχή   -Bαθμολογία  -Πρόγραμμα- ΣτατιστικάΔωρεάν για όλους !!ΠερισσότερεςΠληροφορίες στο www.superleaguegreece.netThe formalimplementationof the Greek League Super League, with statistics,Live games,latest news, sports results.- For Leagues Super Leaguemen and allInfrastructure leagues K-20, K-17, K-15Also offers:-News andlatest news from the organizing authority- Bathmologia-Program-StatisticsFree for all !!More
Crimson Sunset Launcher Theme 6.0.2
Faded shades of pink and purple paint the sky to bring abusinesslook.The preview image showcases the overall style, theactualeffect is based on installation.This launcher theme is freefor ourlauncher users. Crimson Sunset has a faded wallpaper incrimson.It’s painting hd. This launcher theme provides you highqualityicons and wallpaper. If you like the change of faded color,thenyou can’t miss this launcher theme!★Notice:This is notastand-alone app - You must have "Hola Launcher" touse!DL:★HowtoApply the Theme:1. Download and install this theme; 2. MakesureHola Launcher is open; and3. Go to Personalize, Theme, choosethistheme and apply.★Hola Launcher: Google Play Best of 2015Winner!★Experience a clean, simple launcher with beautifulthemes,wallpapers, and fonts!★ Enjoy hundreds of free high-qualitythemes,wallpapers, and fonts. Updated every Friday! ★ Get 10,000elegant,high-definition icons to set your device apart from therest.★Automatically delight you with a new, free, and gorgeouswallpapereach day & make different day from the one before.★Use HolaShine, a simple swipe from a bottom corner opens a smartmenu ofyour frequently used apps and settings.Visit our Facebooksite: you have any question,pleasecontact us:holalauncher@gmail.comOr visit our official website:
Rodali Keyboard ৰ'দালি কীব'ৰ্ড 1.1
Rodali Keyboard (ৰ'দালি কীব'ৰ্ড) for Android is an inputmethodeditor(IME) for Assamese input. This application is basedonAndroid Soft Keyboard and serves the purpose to writeAssameseUnicode on Android platform devices. Rodali aims to give areallyeasy interface to its end users to serve the purpose ofwritingAssamese on a wide variety of applications like shortmessagingservices, text editors and web applications. Rodaliincludes fourdifferent layouts to include all the letters ofAssamesealphabet.Features:1. Supports Android v3.0 or laterversions.2.Switching between English input and Assamese is easy.3.Dedicatedkeys for Assamese numeric symbols and special symbols.Separatephone keyboard for inserting phone numbers in English. 4.Includesa graphical interface to help you setup your defaultinputmethod.Rodali Keyboard is developed by Society forLanguageTechnology Development, Assam. For user manual and help youmayvisit the developer website or send a direct message fromyourapplication itself.
com.movisoft.photostory 5.7.8
Free Slideshow Maker & Video Editor is a professionalvideomaker with free video filters. Photo slideshow transitions,slowmotion, fast trimming, reverse video and more features, to helpyouto make great video show in one minute! Video Maker of PhotoswithMusic & Video Editor have many video editor tools, youcanselect photos and video from your gallery, and it’s totallyfree,without watermark. You can add video filters, transitions,music,voice over to the video, and you can rotate, zoom, trim,splityourvideo. You create make slow motion video show easily, justchangethe video speed, then a amazing slow motion video show willbeready! ★Features of Free Slideshow Maker & Video Editor: *Editvideo with amazing features, like adding text into video,picturein picture, trim video, crop video * Add music, and you canalsotrim the music. * Customize duration of the videoaccurately★Professional video editing tools of Free Slideshow Maker&Video Editor: * Youcanedit/merge/trim/split/reverse/duplicate/rotate/blur/collageclipsor videos. * Zoom in and out. Let your audience focus on theregionyou want! * Fast motion/slow motion to adjust and control thespeedof every video clip. * Video dubbing. Add your own voice orsoundeffects we provide to make the video even cooler. * Videoreverse,video playback to make a funny and creative originalvideo.★Powerful video maker – Add music ,text, filter, transitiontovideo * Quick editing with video slideshow maker * Video editorappwith intuitive and user-friendly timeline interface * Add20+awesome filters , make your video show fantastic. * Add 10+classictransitions to video, make your video show high quality *Add textwith various fonts, and different animations
Eagle VPN-Free·unblock·proxy 2.5
100 % Free VPN proxy client,Eagle VPN--Secure Tunnel is thebestfree VPN app. Secure Tunnel - Free VPN & WiFi SecurityMasterOne tap to connect No sign-up or registrations High speed VPN- Weprovide the fastest server for you Eagle VPN The bestunlimitedfree VPN clients for android. Eagle VPN- The best free&unlimited vpn tunnel for android to unblock sites, watchonlinevideo, bypass blocked apps, secure WiFi hotspots andbrowseprivately & anonymously. Eagle VPN-Free VPNproxymaster&Super VPN Shield! * Install Flash VPN for thefollowingfeatures: → Unlimated time, Unlimated data, Unlimatedbrandwidth →Simple, easy to use, one tap connect to VPN → Noregistration orlogin required → No Log is saved from any users →Encrypts youinternet traffic → Protect your security and privacy →High speed →Use high security SSL VPN tunnel mode → Provide globalVPN serversnetwork(USA, UK, Japan, Singapore, Germany, etc) → TopSSL VPNrouter(VPN gateway) for android → High-speed anonymous VPNServicefrom Private Internet Access Fastest - Connect successfullyas ahare with high VPN speed. Easiest - One tap to connect to VPNproxyserver. ####Please don't download BitTorrent, any P2P willgetaccount blocked!###
free steam keys 1.0
Grab free steam keys, CD keys, Game keys & Codes everyweekyoucan claim 1 random steam cd key every week Generate freeSteamgames keys, easy, just follow a few steps.All legally!HOW DOESTHISALL WORK?1 submit your steam and email id2 complete 1 task 3chosea random key4 enjoy your cd keyWith this app, you can getgames,steam games keys to your Steam account for FREE!
App Lock - Privacy Vault 1.2.03
- Lock any apps such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Photos, Call,Contactsand Browser to protect your privacy. - The safest andfastest applock for android. - Lock gallery, messages,email,browsing historyand call history. - Prevent your childrenfrom buying unwanted appsand games with AppLock. - No one can findout your secrets andprivacy. - Super kernel,take little memory,very fast and nodisturb. - Give you most powerful protection. -Support alldevices. - Absolutely free.
Sattaking App 1.0
RE-DOWNLOAD AND INSTALL THOSE APPLICATION IS NOT WORKINGPROPERLY.THIS MAY SOLVE YOUR ISSUE.Due to policy issue in app, Irequest youto please uninstall the earlier version and re-installlatestversion of app for more feature.Thanks You.In this app, youcan seesuper fast results direct to your mobile with just a clickaway.Youjust need to download and install.Have a FunEnjoy!!!Disclaimer:Please not that this application is web basedand if you have anycomplaints please contact respective owners.Official website ofresult linked: http://www.satta-king.inand
VPN Free 1.6.0
VPN Free
The best vpn for Android - 100% free!* Unblock any site orapp.(Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, etc...)* Change your IP &connectto more than 24 countries. * Absolutely unlimited and reallyfast.*Become absolutely anonymous while surfing the web. *Downloadtorrents and share files securely* No Logs - get 100%privacy to doanything legal you want on the web. Nobody will knowabout itincluding us!Just try us - it works!
Atom VPN (100% free) 3.1.2
No needs for sign up and sign in, just click one button to connectaVPN server. Unblock websites or app without censorship. Watchvideosfrom any countries with blazing fast speeds. Hides your IPaddressfrom hackers and spies. Android system will close AtomVPNautomatically when your device's memory is low and you arenotusing it.
Free Wifi Password ( 2017 ) 15.0
Free Wifi Password ( 2017 ) is a security tool that helps youtogenerate a long random alpahanumeric password to provide youabetter security in your wifi network. Notice this app willNOThack, steal or retrieve to you any 3rd party wifi networkpasswordit's just a security tool to help you to incrase yoursecuritygenerating long random passwords that you have to set itmanuallyto your router or copy paste from the app. For example incase of ahacking brute force attack is most difficult to hack alongercombined numbers and characters password than a normal one.Thepuropose of this app is help you in this task. Also FreeWifiPassword 2017 contains other few features like check the macofwifi networks arround you, or the kind of security like wep,wpaand other useful information. If you find this applicationusefulplease leave a comment or rating thanks.
The Holy Bible Offline, Text, Image, Audio Share 1.8
The Best Bible for your Android phone Arrived the best andmostversatile Bible for your cell phone or tablet, holy bibledigital,Meditate and read the word of God got much easier with ourFreeApplication of the word of God, lightweight and simple touseapplication, the only one with search by voice, that's right,speakthe Book, Chapter and Verse and the APP recognizes and showsyouthe corresponding text, our Application will revolutionize thewayyou read the Bible digitally, share the verses in the form oftext,audio or Images, share through their social networks andMessagingApps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and alltheirsocial networks, Our key features are ✔ MiscellaneousLanguages​​and versions of the Holy Bible, ✔ Easy reading withchanging thesize of the text or font (Font), ✔ Daily notification,You willnever forget to read the Bible again, ✔ Image Sharing, Youcreateyour image by changing whatever you want, ✔ Easier nightreading, ✔Save your favorite verses with just one touch, ✔Automatic readingmade by Google's voice, ✔ Easy Search when findingthe Book, ✔Change the Theme Color so you have the look that suitsyou best, ✔Look for words throughout the Bible so you can easilyfind someBiblical reference