Top 47 Games Similar to Duck and Cover

Island Survival
Stranded on a desert island, you must use any means possibletosurvive!Explore the island, venture into dark caves, andencounterterrifying monsters. Featuring randomly generated worlds,crafting,building, and mining, the world is yours to shape andexplore.Island Survival is the most exciting survival gameyet!GameFeatures• Completely unique, randomly generated worlds toexplore•100+ items to discover• Craft tools, items, armour and muchmore•Mining, fighting, building, farming!• The threat of starvationisalways imminent• Dangerous bosses to defeat• Lots of monstersandanimals• Stunning pixel art graphics• Full day/night cycleIfyoulike other survival games, check out Stranded Survival, orbeginyour survival adventure now for free with Island Survival!
Escape games: deserted island
【END:3】Let's escape from deserted island.[How to Play:Escapegame]It is a free game until the end.MenuBGM・・・・ BGM ON/OFF.Save・・・・ save the game.BBS・・・Please share your hintsandcomments to help .
The Ark of Craft 2: Jurassic Survival Island
How did you get to this island?? What If it's your last day?It'sworse than the apocalypse… Because this isn't just a desertisland.You are not alone here... The Island is inhabited bydangerousdinosaurs!!! The Fight for survival has begun...If youlikesurvival games, The Ark of Craft 2: Jurassic Survival Island isallyou need! This is the best survival simulator you’ve everseen!Survival, craft and hunt are waiting for you on the island.Playfree without internet. Open world is here!SurvivalIslandfeatures:💎 Mysterious caves: find a dino cave and collectrareresourcesExplore ancient caves full of dangerous dinosaurs andrareresources. Discover new species of dinosaurs! Collectrareresources, craft tools and weapons, build your own house intheopen world! 🌴New great 3D graphics Enjoy the newest version ofhighresolution graphics in 3D. Survival feels more real than ever.Justimagine suddenly finding an island with giant jungle forestandancient animals. Survival simulator with the best 3D graphicsisalready here!🔫 Dozens of new weapons and vital resourcesApocalypseor desert island... anyway, you have to survive. You cancraftweapons: axe, bow and arrows. They will help you to hunt forfoodand protect yourself in the fight. Enjoy survival craft! Be arealdino hunter!🐲 Evolution goes onThere is a huge collectionofdinosaurs and wild animals on this island. You have yourbestfriend - dodo. It will protect you from dangerous Kentrosaurus.Tryto tame wild Pterodactyls! Collect all the eggs andgetNasutoceratops!🔨 Improved crafting, building andfightingskillsSurvival games...this is not as easy as it seems. Bebraveeven if it’s your last day... The Ark 2 enables you to createandcraft more advanced resources for building facilities. If youlikesurvival craft, this game is all you need! Explore open worldinall possible ways, you are now a true survivor. 🐾 Differenttypesof dinosaursThis game let you discover dinos at once.Realisticwild animals are eager to kill the uninvited guest on thisisland —try to survive as long as you can! Do you want to be a dinohunter?Or you want to have your own dino? Hunt dinosaurs or try totamethem! One of the best survival games is here!What is this? Thisissurvival island, craft and hunt. Real dinosaurs are waitingforyou! Be a real dino hunter! Enjoy new survival simulator rightnow!
Man Vs. Missiles
Fly your plane and avoid the incoming missiles for as along asyoucan!- Use your fingers to control the plane withon-screenjoystick- Collects coins and use them in the Shop to buynew planes& upgrades- Collect Shield and Speed Boost power-upsto helpdestroy and evade these missiles- Deploy Flares to destroythemissiles- 30 levels with unique objectives to complete- Inviteyourfriends and compete with them on the GameCenterleaderboardDownload the game if you choose to accept thischallengeof Man Vs. Missiles!
Steer the plane to collect stars and avoid missiles!- controltheplane with joystick, whole screen or left/right buttons-collectpoints to unlock new planes- normal and fast game modes-shield andspeed boost power-ups- compete with others on Google PlayGamesleaderboardsMissiles! Can you avoid them all?
Cannon Master
Monsters are invading us from the sky. Create missiles todefeatmonsters. ◉ Upgrade the main cannonWhen you defeat monsters,youearn gold. Upgrade the main cannon and missiles with the gold.◉Add sub cannons. Build sub cannons that help with the attack.Subcannons attack enemies in the sky automatically. Each subcannonhas its own characteristics. Try to make good use oftheirfeatures◉ Collect items. If you kill monsters, items aresometimesgiven. Touch the item to obtain it. Items help you havespecialabilities throughout the game. Also, if the itemscollectedaccumulate, their effects could be levelled up! ◉ Create apowerfuloption cannon. Monsters leave option cannon when they die.Optioncannon are provided in the upgrade menu, option cannoncategory.Same option cannons can be integrated to level up to astrongeroption cannon. As the level increases, attack power isincreasedand with some luck, you can have some special abilities.Activelyuse the option cannon’s strength.◉ Defeat boss monsterswithin thetime limit. Boss monsters appear during the game. Bossmonstershave high stamina, so they are not easy to defeat. But ifdefeated,a large sum of gold and items are given. ◉ Defeat boss inboss raidmode. When boss monsters are defeated, the boss raid modeisactivated. When the boss is defeated continuously, the level oftheboss raid mode increases, and the amount of gold earnedalsoincreases!◉ Try out the overheat mode. Overheat modeisautomatically activated when a certain number of monstersarekilled. In overheat, a large number of enemies appear, butmymissile becomes even more powerful! Kill many monsters withastrong missile.◉ Activate overheat with pure crystals. Whenpurecrystals are used, overheat 5x mode is activated. Savingcrystalsfor use in dangerous situations is one strategy!
Survivor Adventure: Survival Evolve
New remaded and inovated in the best way of classic adventuregameson Android app ever is released!How did you get to thisisland? Youdon't remember that... Now you have to survive. Islandsurvival isnot as easy as it seems. Look for food and shelter,craft weapons,hunt or tame animals, grow plants and survive. Thisnew survivalsimulator includes advanced crafting system, hugenumber of startresources, wild animals and weapons. New survivaland craft iswaiting for you!Island survival features:🐯 HuntingTheisland isinhabited by dangerous animals. Try to hunt animals, oranimalswill hunt you. This is very dangerous. Wild animals arewaiting foryou.🐘 Taming animalsThere is not only hunting - but alsotaminganimals in this island survival. There are elephants, lionsandother wild animals. Each animal has a distinctpersonality,temperament and individual character. It won't be easyto tameanimals. Be brave!🔨 CraftIt's a game of survival, so youneedweapons to survive. Craft weapons: axe, pickaxe, spear,etc.Crafting will help you to survive on the island. The bestsurvivaland craft is here!🏠 BuildingBuild your own shelter on theisland.Explore new places, craft tools, collect resources to build.Do itright now!🗿 Explore mysterious cavesThese places are fullofmysteries and secrets. Explore the wilderness and mysteriouscaves.Be careful! It's too dangerous here! 🌴TravelThere are a lotofislands to choose from. Travel, explore new places, discovernewislands. But remember, this is survival!🔥 Survival tips:+ Сutdownthe trees. You need wood to craft weapons.+ This is survivalandcraft, so you can craft many tools like pickaxe, axe and speartohunt, build and find resources. + You need food.Survive,collecting food and firewood in the forest.+ You have totake careof your health to avoid getting into trouble.+ Hunting isverydangerous. You need armor and weapons to survive.The bestsurvivalsimulator is here! There are wild animals, mysteriouscaves,hunting and taming, building, crafting and other things inthegame! Join right now this new cool survival game!
Missile Attack Army Truck 2018 Free
Join the Military and drive US army Missile Launcher tobombmissiles on militants. This army truck driving free game ismostrealistic 3d Missile Launcher simulation war game based onrealarmy tactics.Buckle up seat belt and drive missile army truckinthis 3d Missile Launcher US Army Truck driving simulationgame.Position missle launcher on parking area and fire missilesonmilitants and terrorists. This epic Missile Launcher Army Truck3dsimulator is best realistic army truck driving launcher3dsimulation game.You have a missile launcher, launch thismissilelauncher to save people…!!! Enemies won’t be able to defendyourmissiles. You have amilitary scud launcher and you know howarmaops work in battlefield. Be aware of enemy ammunition andusemilitary tactics now. Be an Army trucker 3d and drive themissilearmy truck launcher with extreme care, avoid crashes. Aimyourrocket launchers towards secret enemy location to destroyenemybase. Attack enemies with missiles. Missile attack willdestroyenemy’s warships. This is modern army battle and you havearmymissile system, attack enemies, destroy them and become arealcommando. Two deadly army choppers are guarding your armymissiletruck war simulator.The military and drive to join the Armymissilelauncher bomb missiles s militants. This Army truck drivingfreegame The Most Realistic 3d Missile Launcher simulation wargamebased on real army tactics.Bukle sub seat belt and driveMissileArmy truck in This 3d Missile Launcher US Army Truckdrivingsimulation game. Position Missle Launcher's parking area andfiremissiles s militants and Terrorists. This epic missilelauncherArmy truck 3d simulator is best realistic army truckdrivinglauncher 3d simulation game.Save people ... if u Hve amissilelauncher, launch This missile launcher !!! Anmis he N'ti BayAbleto Difend Your missiles. U Hve Military Scud launcher and doyouknow how Arma ops work in Bttlefield. Bay Aware OF animeammunitionand her military tactics Now. Bay An Army Truker 3d anddrive themissile army truck launcher with extreme care, AvoidCrases. AIMYour rocket launchers toward Secret Enemy location todestroy enemybase. Attack Anmis with missiles. Missile Attack WillDestroyEnemy'S Vrships. This The Modern Army Battle & U HveArmymissile systems, attack Anmis, destroy subsided and become arealcommandos. TWO Deadly Army choppers Hey Guarding Your Armymissiletrucks War simulator.
Army Missile Launcher Truck Burma
Drive army Missile Launcher truck to bomb missiles on militantsinBurma. Be a daring soldier and attack the enemy whichkilledinnocent people in Burma. Drive missile truck 2017simulator,defeat the enemy and save your nation. This army truckdriving freegame is most realistic 3d Missile Launcher simulationwar gamebased on real army tactics. enemy gathered army soldiersalong withtanks and ammunition and sudden attack your territory inshootinggame Law Enforcement Vehicles. They started an endless warwithhelicopter fighter jet bombing on cities. Your enemy alsohaveApache gunship helicopter. Take timely decision drive your 3darmymissile launcher truck and immediate penetrate in enemy campsandlaunch 3d missile on enemy and kill every single soldier ofyourenemy before they play game of blood and fire in territory ofyourcounty.The modern Army Missile launcher truck simulator is anewwar game era with war simulators that combines the modern systemofrockets and realistic scenarios of deadly battlefield withextremechallenges of a war zone. Missile launcher game takes you tothewar zone with mountains and plateaus which has never beensorealistic before. Your enemy is already building up the forceandyou have to destroy your enemy’s secret locations. Drive armytruckon asphalt road and dodge incoming missile attacks. Drivemissilelauncher at the front lines and take out the enemy base withyourextreme launcher attack.You have a missile launcher, launchthismissile launcher to save people. Enemies won’t be able todefendyour missiles. Missile launcher have powerful missiles loadedonjumbo military truck. Drive safe in Missile Attack Army Truck20173d simulation game and attack enemy with 3d missiles. Inmissilelauncher truck game explore the new exciting army missionwithMilitary Missile launcher truck to get the lifelongadventurousexperience. Keep an eye on enemy movement. Become theultimatefanatical army truck driver who is highly skilled indriving realheavy army truck launchers and military vehicles. Inmissilelauncher game Attack on the enemy towers, tanks, air bases,conveysto make successfully combat missions. Get ready for realtimeadventure and simulate your skills to drive with steady speedarmymissile launcher for attack military bases in deadly 3dattackdangerous war crossing through check post. Missile launchergamegave you experience of military fighting. Missile launchergameshow the war zone area in which you attack different basesofenemies. Missile launcher also gave experience to driveheavymissile launcher truck.Game Features :-- Most realistic 3dtruckdriving simulator control.- Zigzag off road roads withrealistic 3dgraphics.-Missile launcher controls system.- Hdoptimize highquality graphicsLet’s play this new Army Missilelauncher war gameavailable free from Google play store. YourFeedback and ratingsare valuable for improvement and more games.
Survival Island: Evolve – Survivor building home
You don’t remember how you got to this island, but nowyou’restranded in the wild. Surviving here will be no simple task.Firstyou’ll need to find food, craft some primitive tools, andbuild ashelter. Think you have what it takes? Your survivaladventure isabout to begin…Game features:*Explore the wilderness!*Build yourhouse from the ground up!*Utilize an extensive craftingsystem withtons of recipes!*Meet the island fauna! *Island survivalsandboxsimulator.Survivalist tips:★Begin with chopping wood in theforest.Wood is used for craft. ★Craft armor and weapons forfighting wildanimals.★Don’t starve, survivor: collect all availableresources tokeep yourself fed.★Craft everything you mightneed.★Keep track ofyour health, or you won’t survive…If you likeother survival games,play Survival Island: Evolve – it’ll be justwhat you’re lookingfor. Begin your survival adventure now!*IMPORTANT. Onlinemultiplayer is still in development and will beavailable soon.Follow our news feed to be the first to know whenyou can play withfriends!We’re on socialnetworks:FB:
Police Block City
Blow up all the dangerous robot army with the swat team PoliceBlockCity! Equipped rocket launcher loaded of missiles, you andyourfellow police squad can go wherever you want and cause mayhemtohelp take out the enemy robots. Stylized gameplay created withcubesto a style you already know. The city police officer areready toserve justice, equipped with fully loaded guns, it is upto you andyour teammates to help destroy all of the robot armieswalking thecity streets, terrorizing the good city people. Withevery robot youblow up, you'll also be able to unlock more awesomeweapons andpowerful upgrades to boost your high score. Experiencesuch amazingpower ups like:FAST BIKE RIDINGDeploy quick transportto get aroundthe city environment using fast agile bikes. Cyclearound the cityand cruise by all the while you fire tons ofrockets and otherweapons.CALL FOR BACKUPLow on ammo and needsupport? Help is coming,look out for a swat team police van andmultiple allies coming toyour aid to help kick cyborg robot butt.Watch in amazement as theydestroy your targets using sniperrifles, grenades, and rockets,earning experience points for you inhelping destroying thedroids.HARPOONS AHOY!Make for a quickgetaway from the enemy robotsor low on health, harpoon to safety -the best way to get to placesfast. Harpoons are the fastest methodof moving around pixel blockcity quickly.ROCKET FUEL JETPACKSReadyto reach heights and explorethe city more? Get to hard reachplaces and the best vantage pointsto take out enemy robots as youfly up to the tops of tallbuildings. Easy to use jetpack makesflying fun and enjoyablewithout any difficulty Arrest and destroyas many evil robots as youcan in Police Block City, shoot, blowup, and drive over as manyenemy robots as quickly as possiblebefore you run out of ammo andhealth. Search the city streets forammo, health, and power ups tocarry on serving justice for thecity people.Be careful whenfighting crime, if you take too manyhits from the lasers androckets you will lose health and die, planyou method of attack andhave a escape plan. You are the citypolice, you mission to helpprotect and serve the city from theonslaught of enemy robotarmy.turn them in to scrap in Police BlockCity!
Survival Island Simulator 2016
You found yourself on a deserted island where you are all alonewithwild hungry animals. Your only friends are mines, ores andtress.Probably people left these lands long time ago because yousee somestrange and deserted houses. You should do your best ifyou want tosurvive even on night! Take a look at Survival IslandSimulator 2016- super addictive simulator of survival in wildlife!Look forresources, gather and collect them. Build houses,weapons andinstruments like axe and pick. Don’t forget to crafttorches andcampfires to be safe at nights! Then hunt on animalsfor food.Beware of predators! Survival Island Simulator 2016gamefeatures:Crafting, survival, hunting and buildingsimulator;Wildanimals and wild life;Cool island adventure;A lot ofdifferentacitvies to do;Wonderful 3D graphics!Be ready for aperfectsurvival game - Survival Island Simulator 2016! Let’s seehowprepared you are on such a nasty circumstances! Good luck andhavefun!
Missile Escape
Missile Escape is a simple, fast paced and addictive 2D gamewhereyour mission is to dodge all homing missiles that comestowards youwith one single objective: shoot you down!Use the simplecontrol tofly your plane and avoid the missiles. Make them collidewith eachother and collect stars to increase final score.MissileEscapefeatures: - Addictive gameplay; - Three control modes:touch,accelerometer and analog joystick; - Collect stars toincrease thefinal score; - Make the missiles collide with eachother toincrease final score; - Survive as long as possible to stayat thetop; - If one or both of the airplane wings has been hit, youcantry to pick up the Tool power-up icon to fix your plane and winasecond chance; - Collect Energy Shield power-up icon toincreaseyour chances against the missiles; - Shoot flares toattractmissiles; - Single engine and jet planes available; -Compete withother players on Google Play Leaderboards; - 45 levelswith 3objectives each! Challenge yourself and try to beat them all;-Free casual game, supported by ads.New Game Mode! - InCheckpointMode the clock runs against you! Collect stars to gainextra timeand survive as long as you can! Check it out!New enemy! -A pursuerplane will randomly appear to knock you down! Can youdefeathim?Missile Escape: Escape if you can!Keywords:missile,escape,avoid, dodge, survive, powerup, casual, airplane, 2d,simple,addictive, family, fast, paced, jet, energy, shield.
Atomic Fighter Bomber Pro
KEEP AMMO AFTER DEATH!ALL WEAPONS!ALL PLANES!ALLMAPSFLARES!NOADS!Fight a continuous wave of enemy vehiclesincluding cars,tanks, anti-aircraft, missile launchers, helicoptersand fighterjets!Annihilate the invaders with canon fire, bombs,rocketattacks, heat seeking missiles or be an atomic bomber withthe MOABnuke!Compete with players worldwide and see if you are goodenoughto climb the ranks to world no.1.Featuring realistic bombphysics,dogfights, weapon upgrades, 4 different planes, epicexplosions andmuch, much more.Happy bombing!
iDestroy Swat: Battle Terror
Blast a Tsunami waves of bugs and zombies and let the laser robotbethe bug eater.Bug terror attack on your screen. Demolishannoyingcrawling pest.Reload more spiders and start the bug fightbyblasting them with snow guns. Put your zombies on duty andbattlethe bugs away. Let you missile weapons do the bug trackingfor you.Explode and destroy instantlyDont be a pester be theultimate bugdestroyer Annoy friends with all creatures and pestthat youterminated. a Destroy the bug outbreak on your devicequicklyRaidbugs, shoot worms & zombies, destroy ants withinsectexterminator robot laser weapons, toss zombies into a buzzsaw likepaper.40+ Weapons! 100+ Bugs for youtoDestroy!-----------------------------------------------------FEATURES★Destroy,torture, smash & explode bugs endlessly.★ WeaponProgress systemto unlock even more weapons!★ Relieve stress byshooting bugs withepic weapons of war!★ Build crazy contraptionsthat kill bugs foryou!★ Play the most addictive, fun,action-packed, Stress ReliefGame for FREE!• Demolish insects,destroy Zombies, blast bugs, kill& smash ants in your pocket.•Wipe out your enemies with nuclearbombs & airstrikes!• Endlesscombinations of weapons, traps andbugs!• Crush Insects to deathwithin seconds.• Destroy photos! Userealistic screen cracks toprank your friends! • Get free in-gamecurrency to spend on newguns with every friend codeyouenter!-----------------------------------------------------CRAZYWEAPONSFreeze,burn and smash your enemies with the Freeze andShrink Rays!Demolishthe ant kingdom! Unleash a hailstorm ofMissiles on thatanthill!Drop an anvil on their head, nail them inplace with anailgun - there is no limit to the destruction you cancause!WEAPONSOF MASS DESTRUCTIONBuild awesome Laser and Teslatowers! Hideexplosive mines and bait the hordes of bugs to theirdoom!BURNTHEM!Burn spiders and ants within seconds with awesomebugexterminator weapons:Fire Grenades, Flamethrowers,Gasolinehoses!Use Bombs and Rockets, order an Airstrike on thebugs! Aim,strike and demolish, earn easy money by destroying hordesof bees,zombies, ants and many more enemies!Use laser mines,explosivemines, paintball guns, nailguns, buzzsaws... you nameit!ATTACK THEBUGSUse Nuclear attacks!Create an epic battle fieldand wage war onspiders, worms, bugs and flies with epic machines ofwar andendless ammo!Your Armory contains Dynamite, Missiles, aMinigun, aShotgun, Explosives, and many more!iDestroy has anendless amountof guns for your insect killing pleasure!A minigun,airgun, machinegun, shotgun, paintball gun, nailgun, ... andmore!Cut the bugsinto pieces with a buzzsaw!DESTROY YOURPHOTOSChoose from your ownpersonal photos or just destroy yourhomescreen.★★★ Various BugVICTIMS ★★★• Waterbugs• Ladybugs• BlackBugs• Zombies...and manymore!In iDestroy you can destroy bugs,zombies and blast shootfreeze all enemies!Lots of action and bloodits nasty.iDestroy is agreat time killing game to blow your steamoff on bugs, and you getall the things you need to GO WILD! Makeendless money with DP whenentering your friends' destructioncodes!★★★TRY iDestroy NOW FORFREE ★★★The game is totally free, freeof cost, gratis! If you likeguns, tanks, ammo, strategy anddestruction with blood and goregames, iDESTROY is the game foryou!Destroy Bugs reload your armsand shoot insects, ants andcockroaches.Get the best Bug reloadedgame and start smashing antson your device.Destroy your phone, bysmashing the screen and burnit black, phone destroy YEAH! Demolishzombies, bugs and flies withthe bombs and explosives. Battle bugsand insects of all nations andwin the bugs war on yourphone.Unlock cool weapons daily! Our pocketbugs war game is thebest time killing game. Demolish, Destroy andExplode bugs iDestroyis a modern bug war game, endless destruction.
Missile Attack Army Truck 2017: Army Truck Games
Join the Military missile games 3d and drive US armyMissileLauncher to bomb missiles on militants. This army truckdrivingfree game is most realistic 3d Missile Launcher simulationwar gamebased on real army tactics. Main mission in modernmissilesimulator is to drive army truck transport missile tobattlefieldand attack enemies with missiles and save your nationaldefensesystem in extreme combat mission with missile shooter game.Startmissile attack war against terrorist with missile battle todestroythem in missile attack game. Ballistic missile game use incriticalsituation with military missile war games 3d 2018.Buckle upseatbelt and drive missile army truck in this 3d Missile LauncherUSArmy Truck driving simulation game 2018. Position misslelauncheron parking area and fire missiles on militants andterrorists. Thisepic Missile Launcher Army Truck 3d simulator isbest realisticarmy truck driving launcher 3d simulation game.Youhave a missilelauncher, launch this missile launcher to savepeople! Enemieswon’t be able to defend your missiles. You have amilitary scudlauncher and you know how arma ops work inbattlefield. Be aware ofenemy ammunition and use military tacticsnow. Be an Army trucker3d and drive missile army truck launcherwith extreme care, avoidcrashes with mines. Aim your rocketlaunchers towards secret enemylocation to destroy enemy base.Missile attack will destroy enemy’swarships 2018. This is modernarmy battle and have army missilesystem, attack enemies &destroy them to become a realcommando. Two deadly army choppers areguarding your army missiletruck war simulator.Be a brave soldier inepic Indian MissileLauncher US armeen Drive 3d game because it’snot like a regularmissile games. War is on…!!! Use your ballistics,skills andmilitary school training in battlefield to repel enemiesto winwar.Keep an eye on enemy movement. Become the ultimatefanaticalarmy truck driver who is highly skilled in driving realheavy armytruck launchers and military vehicles to deploy zones.You areskilled commando and army misil launcher driver whose job istodrive the army missile truck launcher to deploy zones. Enemyhavedeployed troops along border so this is a clear proof that theyarethreatening army to wage the war. Be aware of air fighter jetsanddeadly gunship helicopters at the base along country border.Yourlocation should be kept in secret. No enemy should be able tofindyour location because this mission is very sensitive. Strikethemin this critical situation. Be the ultimate army leaderandcommando for your nation and take xtreme aggressive steps todefendyour country from the enemy invasion. Defeat enemies in thisepicwar game. It’s not like a 4x4 truck game, it’s a missilelauncher6x6 army truck so drive it with extreme care. Don’t let itcrash inthe mountains by getting hit from incoming Missile attacks.Stopenemy before they hit you with rocket launchers and deadlybombs inwar games 2018.You have powerful missiles loaded on jumbomilitarytruck. Drive safe in Missile Attack Army Truck 2017 3dsimulationgame and attack enemy with missiles. As militants andterroristsare hiding so you will use ballistic combat truck toattackthem.Stealth is your military tactic in cold war. Attackonfrontline where enemy is passing off road driving. Armyrocketlauncher will destroy enemies.Tactile militants and burnenemiesinto ashes. Be aware of air jet bombers that enemies havedeployed.Turret and warship are also trying to destroy you. MissileLauncherUS Army Truck Drive simulation game will provide you withextremeballistics, become a member of army games and bomb militantsbeforethey hit you with nuclear bombers.Become a brave MissileLauncherUS Army Truck Driver and become a part of this epic wartruckdriving game. Download Missile Launcher Military TruckDrivinggame.
Atomic Bomber
Fly a NATO ground-attack fighter to repel a Sovietinvasion.It's1970, and the communists are invading Europe. It'syour job to bombthem back to 1916. Tactical nuclear weapons areauthorized-- it'sgonna be fun on the bun! Your bombs fall withrealistic physics.Dodge MiGs, guided missiles, and anti-air guns.
Missile Launcher Simulator Truck
Enjoy truck driving with new age of army missile and truckparkinggames. You are a skillful army trucker and been hired for amissionto drive truck containing missile launcher from one pointtoanother. Drop safe epic military vehicle and park missiletruckvehicle to a safe location. Avoid hurdles during missilelauncherdelivery to the attacking point. Be a trained army truckdriver toshow extreme skills in this army missile like parkingtruck gamesand army games. This Scud Missile Launcher Game is notlike anyother Truck duty or cargo truck game. Here your mission istosecure your cargo delivery in cargo truck with missilelauncher.You have to perform your 4x4 truck duty for a criticalmission.Drive safe 6x6 truck because it is carrying very importantmissilemission for army. Be aware of enemy locations and theirtroops withkeeping an eye on the timer. Army of enemy may attackyou withbombs and missile because enemy wants war to destroy yourdefensesystem with all army projects. Join the Military and drivean armytruck to bomb missiles on militants. This army truck freegame ismost realistic Missile Launcher simulation and war gamebased onreal army tactics. So you need to be a sharp mind to provethat youare the only one to command your army team.This MilitaryMissileLauncher Attack game offers you more than you want in atruckparking game and other military games. This new and moderntrucksimulator takes you to a challenging missions like armytrucksimulation games. This army game offers you good controlsandhandling of a missile launcher truck like popular truck gamesandmilitary games. Escape from the side wall and corner of theunitroad because enemies put bombs and other mines under the roadwhichcan destroy your missile launcher truck. Keep an eye on thetimerto win the level of this Us Army Missile Launcher 3d game. Youhavemore powerful missiles and trucks as compare to your opponents.Soperform like a real army soldier to destroy all enemy troopsandother hidden places. To become a leader of your own army followtheinstructions and take your 6x6 truck to the attacking positiontocomplete the level of this Army Missile Launcher Truck 3d game.Setaim of your rocket launchers towards secret enemy locationtodestroy hidden enemy base. Missile attack will destroyenemy’swarships. This is new army battle and you have army missilesystem,attack enemies, destroy them and become a real 3d commandolikepopular army games and other military games.Be a bravo truckerwithyour army truck to perform efficiently in this MissileAttackLauncher Simulator game. Play all levels of your missilelauncherto destroy the enemies. Get ready with your own army truckto showextreme driving skills of a truck like popular truck gamesand armygames. Realistic environment of this Real Missile LauncherTruckDrive game will enhance the excitement level to play like afamoustruck games. Perform well to become a hero of all truckdrivers. Sowhy are you waiting for? Enjoy and download this MissileLauncherSimulator Truck game to real soldier of an army. Yourcomments andsuggestion will be helpful for our team. Good Luck.FEATURES: •Smooth handling and controls of all army truck.•Realistic missilelauncher environment.• A lot of exciting armycargo levels.• 3Dgraphics with HD animations.• Addictive army gameplay.
Missile Attack War - Modern Battle of Ships
Missile Attack War – Modern Battle of Ships is one of the bestarmymissiles and most thrilling missile attack games.Missilesimulation game is design for passionate army games shootingloverwho search for missile, enemy base missile, bomb missileblast. Ifyou have are a sniper with good aim, passion and you arelookingfor army big missile attacks game than aim and blast themissile toget realistic defense experience like as missilecommando,launching missiles, and missile army commando system.MissileAttack War army missile shooting adventure is a survivaldefensegame to fight against the enemy force and destroy them asgorillacommando. It is soldier's duty to shoot missiles and destroytheenemy camp for survival of your island. In these missiles attack3Dgames, demolish the enemy through latest physics basedmissilessimulation system. Join this amazing missile game 2018 toget muchfun playing warship defender of army missile and thrill asUs armyman and save your island. Missile Attack War – Modern BattleofShips If you are one of those who like strategic andtechnicalbattle or you are a daydreamer of becoming a super missileattackcommando of war and soldier think one real army commando canbe thebest commander then this missile is right and perfect foryou. Keepa watchful eye contact with enemy attack targets fromdistantpositions, defeating the enemy military armies inmilitarycombat.Missile Attack War – Modern Battle of Ships worldactionswar battle feel the missile feeling attack war, in whichonlycommando fight against your rivals. Know your strength andpower toimprove your accuracy and your skills as a shooterthroughalignment.Destroy the enemy and battleships with powerfulmissiles.Destroy the enemy's ships and weapons from the target zoneand winthe battle with the modern missile machine system.MissileAttackWar – Modern Battle of Ships Keep an eye on enemy war ofmissilemovement. Become the ultimate army missile attacker who ishighlyskilled in heavy army missile launchers hero of furioustankattacker. Soldier is a trained skilled commando and armymissilelaunchers whose job is to destroy the enemy ships. Yourlocationshould kept in secret. Enemy ships not be able to findyourlocation because missile guns mission is very sensitive.Strikethem in this critical counter situation. Be the bravecommando foryour island and defend yourself from the enemy attacks.Defeatenemies in this epic war game. It is a missile launcher warso doit with extreme care. Missile Attack War – Modern Battle ofShipsFeatures:• Amazing 3D simulation system.• Realistic &detailedwar zone strikes.• Action packed battle game.• Engaging warzonescenarios.• Simple and easy controls.• Powerful missiles forwar.•Perfect action fight simulation.• User-friendly GUI andcontrols.•Fast and intense action.• Realistic missilesexplosions.MissileAttack War – Modern Battle of Ships is an amazingwar game to fightagainst enemy and demolish their ships to show offyour missilesimulator skills. Destroy all the enemies’ ships bytaking themissile system command and explore the war in 3D to enjoythe bestexperience. Missile Attack War – Modern Battle game hashighquality 3D graphics, smooth controls. There are best missilesystemcontrols and shooting facets in Missile Attack War – ModernBattleof ships game. This shooting game uses realistic physics inthemissile launcher system. Enjoy this game with amazing islandwarenvironments with epic 3D action. Complete the mission to moveonmore thrilling missions. Use different techniques to destroyenemyeasily and enjoy Missile Attack War – Modern Battle of Ships.Thiswar battle game is one of the best games with highlythrillingmissions.
Modern Army Missile War
The modern Army Missile War simulator is a new war game era withwarsimulators that combines the modern system of rockets andrealisticscenarios of deadly battlefield with extreme challengesof a warzone.In this modern system of warfare 2017 enemy Turretsand tanksattack you and you have to destroy them by targeting withyourgunship machine and successfully destroy there helicopterswithrocket attacks.You have the chance to eliminate theenemy'sheadquarters and warships in the target area with yourgunnerstrike with a precise shot in the combat area of BattleFury.If youare one of those who like strategic and tactical battleor you area day dreamer of becoming a sniper commando of war andyou thinkyou can be the best commander then this game is right andperfectfor you.Keep a watchful eye contact with enemy tanks andattacktargets from distant positions, defeating the enemy militaryarmiesin military combat.In this world action war battle feel thefeelingof war, in which only you fight against your rivals. Knowyourstrength and improve your accuracy and your skills as ashooterthrough alignment.Destroy the enemy tanks and battleshipswithpowerful rockets and missiles. Demolish enemy's vehiclesandweapons from the target zone and win the battle with themodernmachine gun.Attack on the enemy towers and tanks tomakesuccessfully combat missions. Destroy the enemy turrets andwarshipin the target area, dismantling them in missile warbattlezone.Keep a vigilant eye contact with the enemy and attacktargetshiding positions enemy tanks military in the war of militaryrocketdefeat. Do Not get lost and use your extreme targeting andskillsto shoot accurate shots in the air hostile tanks andvehicles.2017Modern Army missile war simulator will give you theopportunity toplay the 3D combat zone and experience the best warwith realisticsimulation of missile system to explore complicateddetails in thegame with High-quality 3D and stunning graphics withan actioncombat simulation battle, intuitive shooting controls inthe 3rdperson and various other areas in the modern simulatorrocketsystem war.FEATURES OF Modern Army Missile War:- Incredible3Dsimulation of a rocket system simulator- Realistic war zonestrikesand detailed- action the game beaten.- Engage scenarios warzone-Easy and simple control- Powerful missiles for the war-Perfectaction combat simulation- GUI and user-friendly controls-Fast,intense action- Realistic explosion of rocketsHOW TO PLAY:-Dragset a specific target- Press to target your goal carefully-Pressthe "missile" to take-Destroy the enemy defenses, ships,turretsand tanks - Clear levels unlock other missionsDownload andplaythis new Modern Army Missile War game from Google playstore.YourFeedbacks and ratings are valuable for us to keepourselves busy increating more fun in the games to entertain you,your family andyour friends. Note:-In case if you find any bug thatneeded to beaddressed just send us an email, we will improve it andreply toyour email as soon as possible.
Missile Attack War - Army Gunner Battle of Ships 2
Join the army and launch US army Missile Launcher to bombmissileson militants in this missile launcher game. MissileLauncher 3dArmy simulation game missile attack realistic 3d MissileLaunchersimulation war game missile attack army 2018 real armysituations.This epic Missile Attack War - Army Gunner Battle ofShips 2 is atop new FREE army missile launcher 3d simulation game.Positionyour missile and launch missiles on militants andterroristsmissile attack games on your city. Missile games amissile launcherwith you, launch this missile launcher and boom…!!!Enemies won’tbe able to defend your missiles attacks. Missileattack army 2018an army missile launcher; missile attack battlearmy games battlein battlefield. missile launcher games militaryaction mind now.Drive the missile army attack truck launcher withfull care, avoidcrashes and launch missile attack 3D war. Aim yourrocket launchersand attack towards enemy base. Attack enemies withmissiles androckets. Missile attack 2 will destroy enemy’s warshipsmissilestheir weapons. Missile Attack War - Army Gunner Battle ofShips 2is the missile launcher army missile attack system attack 2enemiesdestroy them army missile a real action commando. 2 deadlyarmyhelicopters are guarding your army missile truckwarsimulator.Missile game Missile Attack War - Army Gunner BattleofShips 2 is full of action shooting game. War is on…!!! Useyourballistic missiles skills and SSG training in battlefield –warzone. Missile Attack War - Battle of Ships 2 game is a bestmissilebattle game along with real-time physics simulation systemto armymissile become a pro missile attack simulator 2. MissileAttack 2is a commando combat search operation to learn and fightuntil killor death as elite commando shooter.Missiles on enemymovement.military truck ultimate best army action missile simulatorgame,who is army missile in launching missiles attacks onenemiesmissile warfare missile launcher game commando and armymissileattack launcher driver whose job is to destroy the enemies’deadzone bases. Enemy have deployed enemy’s army truck gameandthreatening your army to the war. Be aware of deadly tanksanddeadly gunship choppers at the base along country border.attackenemies secret army attack high quality radar system gamecombatfind out enemies. Strike them all in this best action gameincritical situation. Be the ultimate army leader and bestcommandofor your nation. Defeat your enemies in this epic war game.It’snot like a 4x4 army missile jeep game, it’s a missile launcherarmyattack game. Feature of Missile Attack War 2 are*RealisticBattlefield Zone*Best Missile Simulation Attacks*HighQualityGraphics*Stunning Sound Effects*SmoothControls*EasyNavigation*Free to PlayMissile attack war 2 systemsimulator-wargame is one of the best missile defense playingmissile attackgames 2017 on the play store. Missile simulation gamerocketdefense for passionate gamer who search for best missileoperation.nuclear missile passion of playing best shooting gamesand armyattack for army missile attack games attack enemies theright pageto get realistic experience army truck game armycommando. Thisarmy missile shooting adventure game is a survivalgame to fightagainst the enemy attack force and destroy them asgorilla commandoattack. It’s your duty to shoot missiles anddestroy the enemy forsurvival for the betterment of your country.Missile launch gamemissiles attack 3D games. In this best commandogames, missile 3dgames locate the enemy commando force base campsand shoot thelauncher to missiles launcher and become a hero ofyour nation.Missile Attack War 2 army battle game missile attackerto getexperience of missiles simulator and join the army fortheirsurvival in this top survival games. Start playing and getinto thereal war zone.
Extreme Missile Attack Simulation
Be a cold-hearted army commando to take charge of a heavymissilesystem and neutralize the enemy brutal attacks. Now it istime toshow your enemy that what you are capable off. Stop theenemytroops in your territory by firing the deadly rockets attheirconvoy. Buckle up for the ruthless war and start attackingtheenemy gunship choppers & battleships to defeat them. Youarein-charge of an army missile simulator to attack thein-comingenemy battalions and infantry. Use the precisely sharpmeasures todestroy them all and don’t miss a single target. Youhave to bevery fast while firing the missile as time is reallyshort. Try toattack multiple objects at the same time and use thetargetedmissiles for full accuracy. The aerial view through radarapparatuswill help you to take out the farther enemy hideouts. So,be theperfect missile system operator and finish off your enemy assoonas possible.Unlike other missile launcher games, thisdeadlywarzone game will give you the real taste of nuclear missilelaunchwith destructive missile bombs. Demolish the enemy in extremewarzone by attacking their battle ships, tanks and watchtowers.Inthis era of warfare, the war simulators and modern techniquesareneed of the hour. Get the full experience of modern missilesystemsby playing multiple combat missions in different war zones.Try todestroy the enemy watchtowers and turrets by using theballisticmissiles. The guided missiles are useful for destroyingthe movingobjects like gunships battle crafts. Each mission has thefixednumber of missiles. So, be cautious and don’t waste theammo.Thearmy missile simulator is one of the best military defencegameswith real thrilling and adventurous missile shootingmissions.Control the modern missile systems to destroy the enemySAMlaunchers, tanks, battle ships, and navy crafts using thesurfaceto air missiles. This missile launcher game has multipleamazingbattle zones and rocket launcher sights to attack the enemybasecamps by using long-range guided missile. Select the mostpowerfulmissile simulator with speedy rockets and multi-barrels toabolishthe enemy warships quickly. Complete each battle shipmission toget cash rewards and upgrade your missile system withmore powerfulepic missiles. Keep an eye on timer and try tocomplete the missionbefore times run out.Top Features:- Extremestrikes against enemytanks and battleships.- Multiple new &modern missile attacksystems.- Time to complete each combatmission.- Perfect AI ofenemy tanks and fleets.- Ultimateaction-packed war game.- Easy toplay, but hard to master.- Realmissile blasting sounds. How toPlay:- Use the virtual joystick tomove around.- Swipe your fingeracross device screen to set aim.-Tap either ballistic missilebutton or guided missile to shot.-Destroy all the objects tocomplete each mission.- Clear allmissions in time.If you like thisgame, please try our other gamesby clicking “More from Developer”or by visiting our publisheraccount. And don’t forget to rate andreview.
Call of Military Missile
Call of Military MissileDo you have Dare to assault againstotherarmy ? Rivals have modern nuclear weapons, armors,gunship,Warship. Result of this battle may be in favour if you playyourroll very well. Deadly air strike is require to destroy thembutthey damaged our Fighter plane, helicopter & airbase. InthisElite war game you have chance to become a soldier fromnormalcitizen. In this combat your job is to become a missilecontroller& complete such a impossible mission. Launch themissile &air the target. Lots of rivals army tank & campyou havedestroy in area. Country gives you such a bigresponsibility toprotect your territories. Now You have survive& defense againsenemy force. Your Killer attack is mandatory toprotect yourcountry. You have to win against this army clash bysurgicalmissile strike. How to Play ===========Destroy the targetandcomplete the mission before your missile launcher destroymonstermilitary .You can easily find your target in radar byredspot.-> Here Two Types of Missile 1) Controllable Missile :Whenyou click on fire button than missile launch now You havetocontrol this missile by Device tilt and aim the target.2)Noncontrollable Missile : Just click on targeted area & firethemissile. After missile fire you can't control that missile. Itcanautomatically reach to it's target.
If you love planes, if you want to escape from missiles, if youwantto be a HERO, just play it!-You can buy new planes.-Takecustomersand release to station.-Escape from missiles with doingmaneuver ORinflict them.************************ -HighScoresystem-New mode(Night) WILL COME!
Missile Attack Launcher:Military Missile Launcher
Military combat training includes the missile launcheroperations& air control. Get the best soldiers on missilelaunchoperation. Bombardment by enemy planes can be dealt withstrikermissiles plane crushers. Army truck mobile missile launchsystemsare most lethal weapon in your arsenal. Drive launcher tomilitantlocations and destroy their territories. Buckle up the seatbeltand position missile on the incoming enemy plane target.Firemissiles at militants. Lock the enemy plane coordinates andbringdestruction to them. Realistic army truck driving isclassicexperience in the Military Missile Launcher Simulator. Fightinmost brutal battlefield to repel enemies back to theirshores.Enemy airbase has been located and locked by the spies. Makeit atarget and lose the cannon. Scud missile launcher militarycombatexperience is worth to enjoy. Launcher army truck fullofexperiences like army truck driving and missile launcherarmytrainings is extraordinary. Missile launcher army commandosareexpert at firing from army truck. Militant terrorists andpeacebreakers of the country needs punishment so the missile attackonenemy is what brave soldiers will do. Take the army truck tothedeploy zone and open the hell gates on the rival nation. Steertheplane to shoot enemy jets and warships. Avoid missilesfromenemies.Military Missile Launcher Simulatorfeatures;Realisticmissile launch competition between archrivals.Successfully destroyenemy helicopters with long rangestinger missiles.Remote controlmissiles for changing trajectoryduring the wayBallistic flights ofburning hot missiles towards theheinous army enemy camps.Modernarmy missiles are the great weaponagainst enemyGreat military& modern simulator of army missilesis best for massdestruction in enemy campsThis missile warsimulator brings thefury & fire to the enemy landsTarget lockand deadlybattlefield extreme challenge war is guaranteed in thissimulator.Warfare system missile launcher truck, drag thecompetition to theenemy front and scare themA new simulator rocketsimulator is bestof new war era attack targets.It combines all warstrategies withthe modern techniques and target gunship helicoptersanddronesEnemy drone bombardment is real. Enemy headquarters arefullof warships target eliminate gunner strike weapons. Combat areaisin need of precise shooters and tactical battle andenemyengagement experts. Best commander of army truck drivemissilelaunch knows where to hit enemy to get most kills withonemissiles. Distant positions of enemy army makes the targetmostprobable to miss so make the wind and climate calculation sothetargets don’t get missed by even inches. War zone simulator isbestof missile launcher games 3D. Missile attack through army truckisamazing innovation in missile launching system. Realbattlefieldstrike zone challenges in realistic missile game.Convenient andreliable controls makes this extreme militant controlterroristoperation easier and smoother to play. A dangerous battleof cargotruck army missile system is unbelievable. Enemies’ bodiesneeds tobe on battlefield in the army missile attack war game.Missile gameunblocked with all levels to play and it offersthrilling world warchallenges to prepare your mind for the reallife action. Furiouscommandos and mountain environment for armytruck battle hero isreal deal of survival and adventure simulator.Army delivery weaponarsenal to remote army camps in army trucksagainst enemy massdemolition missiles is real challenge. Do notforget to mind theirgunship helicopter strike guns throwing fireover the whole area.
Traffic Fighter
Clear the highway from traffic with a minigun or send the carinfront of you flying to the sky with a missile. Upgrade yourweaponsand buy new battle cars with cannons and turrets to causemorehavoc and get higher score! You get more cash the more carsyoudestroy out of your way and the longer you survive on theroad.THEULTIMATE ROAD FIGHTERTraffic Fighter is the coolest deathracergame featuring:- Four post apocalyptic environments:countryside,city, bridge, slum- Lot of cars to gun down includingpolice cars,military trucks and tanks- Realistic car physics withcool gun fireand explosion effects- Massive fire power: minigun,rockets,cannon, tank turretFight your way through four maps andavoidcollisions with vehicles of different type and size. It takesmorefirepower to destroy bus, truck or even a tank than a taxi orSUVwhich you can shoot away with a single rocket. Upgrade your gunstocause more damage and mayhem!Easy gameplay:1. Tilt your devicetosteer2. Press fire to shoot or launch a missile to clearthewayFast paced car shooting with epic car crashes andtotaldestruction!Rate the game if you liked it!
Anti Aircraft Patriot Gunner
Get ready for the action of 3d shooting game. Your mission istodestroy the enemy planes. You have to attack on as manyenemyshooter aircraft as you can by using an anti-aircraft gunner.Ifenemy’s air-force strike on your country’s assets then thesegunsare used to shoot them down. When you love hitting the bigbulletson F-16 or any other aircraft then this is your game.Surgicalstrikes is type of air force military attack that is madein anexact way in a combat arena world war.You might have playedothershooter games full of action shooting and the thrill ofshootinggun simulation game. But we recommend you to play thishelicopterattack game and play the role in the defence of yourmilitary. Thismulti weapon top patriot gun is actually a thrillinggame to giveyou a real fun and joy of heli shooting.Severalterrorist soldiershave attacked your land and they are equippedwith heavy machinerylike helicopters, tanks and armoured vehicles.The enemy jetaircrafts are also a big threat for your survival. Youhave tocounter this threat and take down warrior chopper crafts.Performyour duty and enjoy the real time experience ofwarsimulation.Flying a jet fighter in flight simulator air attackgameand supervise your jet fighter to take on the enemies in thisjetfighter bombing game. Detect enemy on ground and lock ontoattacking enemy bombers with your highly equipped jet fighterandshoot them to death. They have placed their troops and readytomove forward into your base camp. It is time to defendyourairspace along with your outstanding gunship fighter jets inenemybattlefield. Take part in this non-stop explosive strike onrealApache helicopter and feel like a real patriotic fighter pilot.Youhave huge collection of ballistic missiles, guided missilesandanti-aircraft weapon. Play ultimate counter attack chasedogfightwith powerful gunship copter. As a front line pilot launchattackon enemy’s deadly gunship helicopter.Join sega fightingforanti-terrorist and world elite forces. Experience exhilaratingoflosing battle against your rival competitor. Beat terrorismwithanti terrorist action game. You need to take charge of thesegunsand take the gunner war to the american aircraft. You needtoprotect the navy air gunner warship from attacks, securingthesupplies till we reach the island borders. But, the battle won’tbeover, even after securing the warship to the base. Theseareunexplored territories, the japanese can attack us aerially.Stayon your toes and foil a message surge by the enemy, as theywill beeyeing to destroy the water tanks supply to cut us offcompletely.Enter into battleship world with your F-16 super sonicairplane,fly plane over enemy warship and destroyer. Shootingbullets andbombardment will change the war situation in your favor.Be realflying machine pilot in newest war-games. *** Features ***👉Comfort quality visuals & unique controls.👉 FirstPersonShooter playing based on full 3D graphic & CG effect. 👉Smoothphysics and HD graphic rendering👉 Hitting and enjoy strongsoundeffects. 👉 Thrilling control by lean. *** Habit-forming gameplay***👉 Straight to action combat flight game.👉 Shooting forthefighters attacking in every route.👉 Fast move among the fourgunnersight.👉 Protect the whole formation of the B-17 bomberswithplayers.👉 Three difficulties: normal, hard, and extreme –differentspeed, weapon power of the fighter. 👉 Shoot down thefighter withitems to get bonuses. *** Specific target objects *** 👉Fighterswith the different flying and attack power. 👉 Sevenformations ofjets composed of 1 to 3 planes per fighter. 👉 Threeweapons andthree aggression tactics per plane – Boss monster flyingobject.Wecontinuously update our games. Your suggestions &reviews wouldbe great pleasure for us.Sniper Victory is yours!Joinus onFacebook:
Rocket Reprieve
A hostile army is approaching. Their engineers haveinventedmissiles and the Kingdom is about to be bombarded. Onlyyou, thewise wizard of the Kingdom stands a chance to repell thisattackand annihilate the enemy. Is your magic powerful enoughtowithstand the evil army?- 4 unique continents to defend-Severalmystical spells to master- Upgrade your wizard'sabilities-Customize your wizard's appearance
US Military Missile Attack 3D Bridge Construction
Are you Read to shoot your enemy? This US military attack gameofbest tank assault game provide the facility to shoot yourdeadlyenemy and kill the enemy who is to killing the innocentpeople.This is the best survival game of missile simulatorwargame.Military Attack Assault 3D: Survival Shooter Game Thisbestmissile game is really for the attacking on the deadly militarywhokill the innocent people. This best survival game has therealphysics and good trajectory of shooting missile to kill andsurvivehimself. This missile launcher game is the best missilelauncher 3darmy simulation game and good tank assault game in 2018.You havebest adventure game and modern mission to shootthemissile.Military Attack Assault 3D: Survival Shooter Game isthebest 3d missile launcher simulation war game and the warwithdeadly enemy. This real army situation game trigger you toenjoythe moment of launch the missile and epic missile Attackwarenvironment and eye catching graphics. You have modern battleofship and new free army missile launcher 3d simulation gameishaving the feature of army missile truck war simulator. Thetruckmission game have the deadly gunship chopper best ultimateleaderand gunship game.Military Attack Assault 3D: Survival ShooterGameis the Army Attack missile truck 2018 game of 3d worldenvironment.You have the best best truck adventure missile game andmodernbattle missile truck simulator game. This is the epic andfreakingwar game passion game in 2018.
Super Speed Rocket GO
Touch to fly, you will manage and collect rocket fuel that wouldflyas far as possible. Collect coins that would pump parametersrocketand the magnet will help you get more coins.
3D Army Missile Launcher Truck
Army Attack missile truck 2017Explore the new exciting armymissionwith 3D missile launcher 2017 simulator to get thelifelongadventurous experience.Be a daring soldier and attack theenemy.Drive missile truck 2017 simulator, defeat the enemy and saveyournation.You have never experience more realistic missilelaunchersimulator 2017 game before, so get the roller coaster ofadventureand thrill.This is the unique army missile attack war gamethatwill take you to the unseen domain of battlefield withmorerealistic and exciting 3D effects will capture yourattention.Be anArmy truck off road driver and champions your gamingskills to anew level.You are a passionate and brave soldier andwant to saveyour nation by bringing down your notorious enemy.Thegame takesyou to the war zone with mountains and plateaus which hasneverbeen so realistic before.Your enemy is already building uptheforce and you have to destroy your enemy’s secretlocations.Youwill be given different missions where you find a newchallengewaiting for you like destroying the convoys and airbases.So totest your gaming skills, just get on the modern Battlemissiletruck simulator to explore your freaking war gamepassion.The gameprovides you with awesome army truck which is usedto carry 3Dmissile launcher simulator to launch your missiles todestroy theenemy bases.Aim your missile launcher to enemy’s mostimportantlocation, which will be specified in each level, selectyour rangeand destroy the enemy.You have to defeat the enemy somuster upyour military skills and battlefield tactics to win thebattle.Arange scale is given to you to select the range of yourmissiles soin this way, you can control the range and direction ofyourmissile.Destroy your enemy locations in each level and beavictorious and patriotic soldier otherwise you will losethelevel.You have never explore the aura of adventure and war zone,sojust join the army mission and be the exceptional hero of theArmymissile attack war game. As a brave and experienced soldieryoudrive your 3D Army Missile Truck with great precautions ontheareas comprised of plateaus and off roads by tackling hurdlesonthe way. You have to bombard enemy bases with yourmissiles.Thisgame will be offering you a thrilling chance toexplore itsexceptional background scores and sound effects.Drivethis crazyarmy us missile launcher to get thunderous experience ofgaming.This is not a typical game of 3d tractor simulator and thereis anexceptional missile parking game that give a journey of luxuryinnew prado. Army Attack missile truck 2017 is all about actionandchaos that takes you to real battlefield.Initiate thedestructiveattack on the enemy with Missile launcher by applyingall yourmilitary and warfare tactics, and don’t give any secondchance toyour opponent to fight back.Complete each mission and bealegendary soldier of Missile Launcher Army truck simulatorgame.Sowithout any delay just grab this astounding 3D Army Missileattackgame 2017 and download it now.Features:* 3D Army truckmissilelauncher simulator which has never been so real before.*Amazingand varying landscape to challenge a gamer’s driving andgamingskills.* 3D effects and war zone aura.* Exceptional soundeffectsand background music to represent the battlefieldscenario.*Awesome and challenging Army Missions in each of the 10levels.*Predefined set of missile ranges to launch the missile andhit theenemy target.How to play:Tap to Turn left.Tap to Turnright.Hitbrake to stop.Tap throttle to accelerate.
Rocket Launcher Traffic Shooter
Rocket Launcher Traffic Shooter:it is best rocketlaunchergame.Shoot traffic with rocket launcher is trackingrocketlauncher which find the target auto and will destroyit.Trafficrocket shooter game is full of action. Hunt the 18Wheeler truckwith rocket launcher.Shoot oil tanker with rocketlauncher andenjoy the blasting effects.
Space Frontier
Blast off for the stratosphere with Space frontier, theaddictivephysics rocket game that your friends will want to play,but theycan’t! It’s your phone, mate.Your mission is to launch yourrocketas high into orbit as possible. Simple touches control whenyourelease each stage in your rocket. Earn in-game currencyfromsuccessful launches and spend it to acquire new partsandstyles.Easy to play but hard to master gameplay means you’llbecoming back again and again for one more boost.
Road Riot
Road Riot is the global sensation that defined the CombatRacinggenre!This addictive, action-packed shooter will put yourdrivingskills to the ultimate test! Dodge missiles, destroy enemycars,and leave a trail of destruction as you race to the top oftheworldwide rankings! says Road Riot Combat Racing“payshomage to arcade classic.” What’s not to love? Fast cars, bigguns,sleek armor, and glory are waiting foryou!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Racing cars has never been thismuchfun! Road Riot Combat Racing challenges you to:: * Race, shoot,anddestroy all kinds of rivals while speeding down theroad!*Customize your ride with 15 levels of weapons, armor, sideweaponsand turrets as well as five types of specialty cars: SportsCar,Magnet Car, Missile Car, Laser Car and Blast Car.* Dodge awayfromrandom rockets, missiles, and roadblocks while jumping over tograbpower ups like, boosts, wrenchs, score multipliers, and magnetstogain additional advantages over enemies and bosses.* Earncoinsalong the race to wisely finance your upgrades on weaponsandarmor.* Earn gems by completing missions and achievements toextendyour life, beat your old records and rule the leaderboard!Thesuper smooth and simple controls make your playing intuitiveandenjoyable whether you’re on a phone or a tablet. Mostimportantly,it is FREE TO DOWNLOAD and FREE TO PLAY! Join millionsof playersworldwide today as you race past enemy cars, tankers, andchopperswhile dodging incoming missiles and gunfire![EL4]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Game features in anutshell:✔ AMAZINGRACING EXPERIENCE.- Speed your way through enemytraffic whileshooting down your enemies in 3 differentenvironments- Fighthead-to-head with dangerous Tank Bosses as wellas shooting carsfrom rival groups- Dodge missiles, gun fire, andtrafficbarricades- Race through over 100 missions and achievements-Pickyour favorite colors with 6 different paint choices ✔COOLESTSHOOTING WITH VARIOUS WEAPON, ARMOR, AND CAR TYPES- Upgradeyourmain weapon and armor up to 15 times to blast through enemycars -Fire side-mounted weapons for wide range shooting- Addautomaticgun turrets to lock onto enemy cars during combat- 5combatvehicles to customize for maximum destruction: Sports Car,MagnetCar, Missile Car, Laser Car and Blast Car ✔ TONS OF BONUSESANDPOWERUPS TO EARN- Get daily coin and jewel rewards to upgradeyourcar even quicker- Grab an edge with 5 different power ups:nitrousboosters, double weaponmounts, repair kits, powerful lootmagnetsand score multipliers ✔ PLAY WITH FRIENDS AND RULETHELEADERBOARDS- Connect to Tango and race with your friends alloverthe world to compete for higher scores on the weeklyleaderboard-Brag, send lives and invitations to challenge yourfriends and getcoin rewards.- Test your luck and win surprisingrewards by playingMystery box Road Riot Combat Racing is one of thebest fast pacedracing games around that is sure to get youradrenaline pumping!Step on the gas and download Road Riot CombatRacing today!~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~-For more info about RoadRiot CombatRacing - Tango, check us out here: -Forany questions or feedback, reach ushere:
AirRush : Missiles War Plane Attack & Escape
Experience intense air-to-air airplane attack combat inthisadrenaline pumping game. You have to shoot down planes usingwiderange of weapons and also have to escape enemy missiles.AirRush isone of its kind airplane war game which brings to you funandchallenging missions. AirRush has two modes - Single playerModeand Multiplayer ModeSingle Player ModeThis is an endlessshootermode that has a unique game play which puts your reflexes totest.You have to escape missiles and shoot enemy airplanes byusingweapons such as missiles, rockets, machine gun, shield andmineswith each having unique capabilities. You also have tocompletechallenging missions. As you complete missions and progressfurtheryou learn new tricks and you can unlock unique planes withpowerfulshooting weapons.1. Guided Missiles - Shoot heat seekingmissile tolaunch deadly attack that will follow and destroy enemy.The fireand forget capability of this missile makes it a deadlyweapon thatdoes not spare its target.2. Rockets - Aim and shoot todestroyenemy airplane in a single shot. 3. Machine Gun - Unleash avolleyof bullets at enemy airplane.4. Mines - Drop a mine mid airtodestroy missile following your airplane. Strategically placeminesso as to destroy enemy airplanes.5. Shield - It gives toextraprotection to keep you going in hostile environment againstenemyattacks.Multiplayer ModeIn this mode you can set upairplanedogfight matches with your friends. Multiplayer modesupports up to4 players over a LAN WiFi connection. You playagainst your friendswhere you have to shoot down their airplane toscore points. Theone with the highest score at the end of matchwins. In this modeyou play real time multiplayer with friends.Hopeyou guys will likethis game. Feel free to contact us in case ofanyissue/query/suggestion at mshahidplay@gmail.comThanks!
Air Wings - Missile Attack
Air Wings - Missile Attack is a game in which you must controlanairplane and dodge as many homing missiles as you can. Makethemcollide with each other and collect stars to increase finalscore.If one or both of the airplane wings has been damaged pick uptheRepair power-up to fix your plane. Take Shield power-uptotemporarily dodge taken damage. Survive as long as possible tostayat the top. Go plane and have fun!- free, fast, casualandaddictive gameplay- simple controls- shield and repairpower-ups-great visual and sound effects- compete with others ongoogle playgames leaderboards
Squadron Galactic Missile Game
Squadron Galactic Game: Avoid Missiles in space galactic,protectyour helicopterOuter space has an other terrible war it isstrikersin 1945 between Earth and aliens. And our missions isprotect Earthby using modern weapons as: helicopters, wingman,hawkeye, robot,plane, jet to againts attack of rocket.Let ourSquadron helicopterpilot become raiden and fighter engage in combatmissions aroundthe space. You must control the plane with joystick,whole screenor left/right buttons to avoid missiles androckets.More exactly,in the galactic, the player controls aspaceship (or helicopter) byflying it and fight by avoidding atdescending aliens. Like a skybreaker, the aim is to defeat spaceshuttle of invaders. The playerdefeats sky invader, and earnspoints, by avoid and receive yellowstars. More you get stars andmore time, more you receive point tobuy more airplane. You can buyhelicopters, flying robot,plane...Become a part of Squadronsurvive, by your skillfulcontrol, Space Shooter attempt to destroyyour spacecraft hit toyour airplane. You'll become the hero ofspace fighter pilotinvaders.★ ★ ★ Features ★ ★ ★- Lots of choicefor figure yourairplane simulator: + Plane + Pilot + Wingman +Hawkeye +Helicopters robot.- Vivid image resolution.- Attractiveelectronicrock music.- Diversifying system achievements.- Game 6beautifullandscape.- Simple gameplay.- 40 enemies with a dangerousweapon.-40 kinds of excellent fighters.- System upgrade weapons andprop.-6 BOSS terrorist, armed with smart AI.- Gravity sensor systemandsupporting comments.- Install directly to the SDcard.Squadronsurvive is so difference. It come from our SpaceShooter:✨ SpaceShooter does NOT require any internet connection.You can enjoyspace Shooter flying in the galactic, or whiletraveling on a realflying plane, or in the car on the road, orduring services in atemple (or maybe even on toilet!). It meaninfinite warface.✨Limited data usageOur free game will not consumetons of data fromyour mobile plan and all this space invaders forfree game.✨Compatibility and supportWe're working hard (andcontinuously) sothat all Android phones and tablets run the gamesmoothly.SquadronGalactic Missile Game - Let's play now!
Crazy Pilot vs Missiles
Our pilot needs your help in order to escape from themissiles.Collect the STARS within the game to accumulate points andto buynew and faster aircraft. Check out the High Score Table toview thescored points of your friends and your ranking.Have fun!
Orbit or-Beat
Please contact me on email about problem Provided by NoCopyrightSounds:Syn Cole - FeelGood: Cole: 2.Music ProvidedbyNoCopyrightSounds:Tobu & Itro -Sunburst: : Provided byNoCopyrightSounds:DEAF KEV -Invincible: KEV: 4.Music ProvidedbyNoCopyrightSounds:Disfigure - Hollah!: 5.Music ProvidedbyNoCopyrightSounds:Different Heaven - Nekozilla: Heaven: 6.Music ProvidedbyNoCopyrightSounds:RetroVision - Puzzle: 7.Music ProvidedbyNoCopyrightSounds:Brig - Spoil: 8.Music ProvidedbyNoCopyrightSounds:Different Heaven & EH!DE - My Heart: Heaven:!DE: 10.WastedWaves:Krale-Heartbeat (ft. Jasmina Lin): 11.Music ProvidedbyNoCopyrightSounds:Electro-Light - Symbolism [NCS Release]:
Space Agency
Do you want to build and fly your own space rockets? Of courseyoudo! Are you a billionaire? No...that makes it tricky.Fortunately,there is a way for us non-billionaires to run our ownspaceprogramme...Space Agency! * Build rockets * Launch satellites*Create a space station * Explore the solar system This is ahighlychallenging and complex game. Only the most talentedastronautsshould attempt it. Have you got the right stuff?
Island (Unreleased)
Oasis Feng
On this Island, you can:* Isolate app, for privacy protection.* Clone app, for parallel running.* Freeze app, to completely block its background behaviors.* Hide app, for various reasons.* Archive app, for future quick installation.……If your device is not encrypted and you don't want to do that,youcan skip this limitation manually, please refer to the XDA postfordetails:
Rainbow Rocket
Mix colors and blast asteroids in this challenging rocketarcadegame!Put your brain to the test as you mix and match colorswhileasteroids hurtle towards you!Mine coins and obtain newrocketships, and climb the world ranks! Protect the rainbow atallcosts!FEATURES:- Vibrantly colorful gameplay that willchallengeboth your reflexes and your ability to think fast underpressure-Nearly two dozen unique rockets to unlock- Google PlayLeaderboardsand Achievements to keep track of your mastery of thegame- Twogame modes, Classic and Meteor, with another coming in thefuture-Multiple music tracks to get your groove on while blowingasteroidsawayDownload for FREE today!*We make use of theEXTERNAL_STORAGEpermissions to provide you with 'score card'graphics at the end ofyour game rounds.
Boler controls the exit of the maze. Get weapons to destroy wallsormove traps. Make Boler drag objects for keys that openedthepassageways to a new level . You will develop both defense andjumpheight based Boler collect fruits. With collecting stars youcanbuy ammunition , which is available at the store, bothforimprovements to the missiles. Do not forget all the running youcanbefore time runs out ...
Rocket Launcher - Fastest Lightweight Launcher
The Fastest Launcher Available for Android!Rocket Launcher isalightweight Android launcher built solely to be thefastest,sleekest Android launcher available. Simple andminimalistic,Rocket Launcher provides a delightful new interfacefor Androiddevices.Rocket Launcher makes it easy to find yourfavorite Androidapps, search the web, and keep your Android deviceoperatingsmoothly. It's super fast. It's super efficient. It'ssimply thebest of the launcher apps available for Android.KEYFEATURES:• Fastand Efficient: We're obsessed with Android devicespeed. Becausewe've built Rocket Launcher with only what it needs,and no bloat,the launcher runs smoothly, finding what you need fastandefficiently. None of the lag or crashes that are so well knowntoother launchers for Android.• Apps and Homescreen: RocketLauncheris a lightweight Android launcher built solely to be thefastest,sleekest launcher available. Simple and minimalistic,RocketLauncher provides a delightful new interface forAndroiddevices.Rocket Launcher makes it easy to find your favoriteapps,search the web, and keep your phone operating smoothly withitsteeny tiny operating footprint.ABOUT THIS VERSION:We have onegoal;to make your Android experience better. That means making appsthathave your needs as our top priority. Rocket Launcher deliversapersonalized and intelligent Android Launcher that WILL makeyourmobile device experience better. Best of all it's FREE andloadedwith potential! We're constantly looking at feedback in ordertomake the next versions even better. Keep an eye out forupdates,and let us know what you think. Enjoy Rocket LauncherforAndroid.Rocket Launcher. A sleek and lightweight interfaceforAndroid Devices. Your Device. Your Speed. Your Style.
A Giant Asteroid is about to destroy your planet, what do youdo?Stuff all bags with nuts and buy a one-way ticket to Mars! Atleastthat's what Squirrels think.You will be on a constant huntforacorns – in the mountain high, in the ocean blue and in thevolcanoheart. But you will never be alone, dozens of othersquirrels willbe by your side as a Wise Old Shaman helps you tostay alive...more or less.Game features: * Multiplayer OnlineArcade Game * Richand unique game world * Arena – a place fornon-stop squirrelwarfare * Magic, enemies, challenges, clans andmore * Support iPadand Android device When the world is coming toend it's time to gonuts!
Just a Line - Draw Anywhere, with AR
Just a Line is an AR Experiment that lets you make simpledrawingsin augmented reality, then share your creation with a shortvideo.Touch the screen to draw, then hit record and share what youmakewith #justaline. Just a Line works on any device thatsupportsARCore.This is an AR Experiment. To learn more, can also find the open source code forthisprojectat to let you draw in AR and recordvideos.Microphone: Needed tolet you record videos of drawings youmake.Photos/Media/Files:Needed to let you save videos of drawingson your device.
Army War Missile Cargo Truck
Drive your extreme militant cargo trailer in dangerous battleareawith brave!It's time to drive your army delivery truck andbecomethe best military truckerThis army war missile cargo truckgame2017 offers thrilling world war challenging missions inthemountains environment. Fight as front line hero commando infurioustank and battle trucker driver game. Drive transporter trucktodestroy enemy war trucks. Transport 3D missile to base campbydriving hill trailer through off road terrains. Drivingbattletruck in war zone is very dangerous. Survival of yourcommandodriver is the main challenge in this war trucker simulator.Showcourage and power of a legend to conquer this world war inhillymountains area by driving transporter trailer.Get ready forrealtime adventure and simulate your skills to drive with steadyspeedarmy trucker for cargo military supply in deadly 3dattackdangerous war crossing through check post. Enemy strike hasbeenstarted and your base under attack and your duty totransportmilitant and explosive weapons as a soldier spider. Yourduty topick extreme weapons as a commando from battalion checkspost anddrop them in different army bases. If you are driver andcan driveas an army new spider long delivery trucker on mountainsroadthrough heavy rock stones then this game is very realisticforyou.Your duty is to drive battalion trailer, pick themilitantammunition from your main army base and drop in war area inthisarmy war truck: parking games 2017. You are a real brave 3dfightersoldier who operates and manages battalion vehicles incombat inevery time of day and night. Transport and deliver as furytherequired combat service supports, missiles and weapons inwarfarearea. Don’t rush or smash your vehicle otherwise missileswillcrash in the hilly area. Become a brave military soldier as aspydriver in this army battle cargo simulation game.Aftercompletingthe first thrilling monster level you will permute to thenextfurther crazy mission level. Your little mistake can failyourmission. After completing the level you can unlock the nextlevel.If you fail to deliver as spy the animations on the checkpost thenmission will be over. The environment of this army cargodeliverytruck game is most realistic hilly and thrilling. GoodLuck!Features:Army truck equipped with sub machine guns toeliminatetargetsBreath taking challenging and war driver missionstestingyour car drive skillsAmazing 3D truck driversimulatorexperienceSmooth and real physics controlsBackground musictoenhance your game playOff road hilly environmentStunningHDGraphicsWeapons heavy delivery vehiclesIts totally free toplay.Soget it now from Google play store for your androiddevices.Quicklydownload this interesting game.Exciting game playMultiple cameraviews for racing Different multiple challenginglevels Stunninggraphics It’s totally free to play. So get it nowfrom Google playstore for your android devices. Quickly downloadthis interestingarmy missile transport driver game. Play this modeand give yourfeedback for improvement of game play more. Yourcomments andfeedback are valuable for us.