Top 47 Apps Similar to New Iobit Malware Fighter Pro Tips

AMC Security - Clean & Boost 5.9.8
Get Free and #1 All-in-one AMC Security (a.k.a Advanced MobileCarefrom IObit) to clean, boost and protect your phone andtabletperformance! Trusted by over 20,000,000 users, AMC Securitywillmake your devices running as fast as they are brand new.Availablein 38 languages, AMC Security also offers real-timeprotectionagainst malware, phishing website, protect your mobilesecurity andPrivacy.All-in-one Features of AMC Security:✔Clean anddeep cleanin one tap✔Phone & Game Booster✔PowerBooster✔BatterySaver✔Notification Cleaner✔SecurityGuard✔PaymentSecurity✔Anti-Phishing✔Anti-theft✔WebSecurity✔PrivacyLocker✔Call/SMS Blocker✔App Manager✔Clean anduser-friendly UI✔CallProtection✔AMC SwipeAMC Security - Clean &Boost Features:Cleanand Deep Clean:■One-tap Smart Scan (cleaner):Clean all types ofjunk files (photo junk, system junk, cache junk,and residualjunk), clean privacy records (Clipboard history), cleanapk filesand clean running apps, which will optimize and speed yourphone'sRAM (memory) and free up more storage.■Deep Scan (cleaner):Cleandeep system junks, big files, downloaded files and thumbnailfiles,which will better boost your phone performance and make itrunninglike it's new again.■Notification cleaner: Clean unnecessaryandannoying notifications on your notification bar, stop yourphonefrom slowing down by disturbing and trash notifications.BoostPhonePerformance:■Phone Booster: Boost applications that arerunning inthe background and clean up your RAM (memory) to boost upyourdevice's performances with one tap.■Game Booster: Boost yourgamingspeed and experience and smooth game play withoutlagging.■PowerBooster: Boost and hibernate auto-restarted apps tofree up morememory.■Battery Saver: Initial Mode &Ultimate Mode,Day&Night Mode help save more phone battery.■App Manager:Cleanand uninstall unnecessary apps and APK files to free up morephonestorage.Privacy Guard:■Call/SMS Blocker: Block harassingorunwanted calls and spam messages.■Privacy Locker: Hide yourprivateand important photos, videos, files, contacts and SMS so noone canaccess to it, never worry about privacy leak.ProtectMobileSecurity:■Anti-Phishing: IObit Cloud Services provides aplug-inwhich update in real time so that whenever you access a sitethatdetected as phishing, it will help you keep thetricksoutside.■Anti-Theft: Help lock and alarm your lostdeviceimmediately by sending a message with ‘alarm#’ and passwordfromany other device. You still can locate and wipe data remotelyifthe above way failed to find your device.■Payment Guard: Helpfindsout copycat apps, so that you can uninstall them before moneybeingstolen. Once you launch a payment app, it keeps protecting youallalong in the background.■Web Security: Protect you fromwebsitesthat contain malware, malicious URL and fraudulent content,andwarn you instantly by IObit Cloud Services when heading tothedanger.■Security Guard: Remind you to enable Wi-Fi Securitywhichcan check Wi-Fi’s encryption way, ARP spoofing, and even MITM.Alsoit reviews other important device settings and givesinsecureadvice.AMC Security is here to deal with all issues thatslow downyour Android performance and protect your mobilesecurity!If youhave any questions or suggestions during using AMCSecurity,contact us via [email protected], we will get backto youwithin 24 hrs.Follow us on Facebook to get newest AMCSecurityupdates, giveaways and other cooltips:
Malwarebytes Security: Virus Cleaner, Anti-Malware
Malwarebytes Security: Virus Cleaner, Anti-Malware. Block scamsandprotect your privacy. Our powerful app scans for virusesandmalware, and aggressively detects ransomware, PUPs, andphishingscams. It also blocks calls from scammers. YourMalwarebytes forAndroid free download comes with a 30-day trial ofthe Premiumversion. When the 30-day trial is ended, Malwarebyteswill onlydetect and clean, but not prevent, infections. It’sad-free,forever. Benefits Premium ($1.49 per month, or $11.99 peryear) •Detects ransomware before it can lock your phoneReal-timeprotection shields your device from infection. With mobilemalwarethreats on the rise, advanced technologies deal withdangerousnewcomers like ransomware before they can become aproblem. •Blocks calls from known and suspected scammers CallProtectiondetects when a call is from a known or suspected scammer,then itblocks the call or warns you it may be fraudulent.(Currentlylimited to US-based calls) • Safer browsing experienceScans forphishing URLs when using the Chrome browser and alerts youwhen anyare detected to ensure you have a safer experience whilesurfingthe web. • Detects malicious links Alerts you to bad linksin SMStext messages to protect you from identity theft and otherscams.Free (the Premium version also includes these benefits) •Conductsprivacy audit for all apps Identifies the access privilegesofevery app on your Android device so you know exactlywhatinformation you're sharing. Keep tabs on which apps can trackyourlocation, monitor your calls, or cost you extra in hidden fees.•Finds and removes adware and malware Searches all files andappsquickly and effectively for malware or potentiallyunwantedprograms such as screen lockers or adware, freeing yourAndroiddevice from bloatware.
Sophos Mobile Security
Winner of the AV-TEST awards “Best Android Security 2016” and“BestProtection 2015”For 14 tests in a row, starting September2014,Sophos Mobile Security has hit a perfect 100% protection scoreinAV-TEST’s comparison of the top Android security andantivirusapps.Full features, no advertising, all freeSophos is anITsecurity leader for companies and governments worldwide. Thisappcomprehensively protects your Android device and yourprivacywithout impacting performance or battery life.Withup-to-the-minute intelligence from SophosLabs, appsareautomatically scanned for malware to protect you from data lossandunexpected costs. If your device is lost or stolen, youcanremotely lock or wipe it to safeguard your data.MalwareProtection•Scan apps for malicious or inappropriate content as youinstallthem.• Scan apps and storage media on demand and onschedule.Loss& Theft Protection • Remotely control your devicethrough SMScommands.Web Filtering• Block web sites with malicious,undesirableor illegal content.App Protection• Protect apps withapassword.Privacy Advisor• List apps that access your personaldataor that could create costs.Security Advisor• Get advice on howtoimprove device security.Spam Protection• Block unwantedphonecalls.Secure QR Code Scanner• Check URLs for maliciousorinappropriate web sites.• Add contacts to your address book.•Setup Wi-Fi connections and warn of insecure encryption.PasswordSafe•Generate, manage, and store passwords securely using theKeePassfile format.Authenticator• Generate time-based (TOTP, RFC6238) andcounter-based (HOTP, RFC 4226) one-time passwords formulti-factorauthentication.Managed Mode• Managing Sophos MobileSecurity usingSophos Mobile or Sophos Central lets your ITdepartment monitor thehealth of your device to ensurecompany-wideprotection.Permissions• Permissions are required tomonitorincoming data, and to detect and stop threats. See morehere:• This app uses the DeviceAdministratorpermission.Battery and data usage• Malware definitionsupdate oncea day to keep you protected. This uses a small amount ofdata.• Theinitial full scan of every installed app causes aone-time increasein battery usage.This app uses Accessibilityservices.SupportInformation•Knowledgebase:•Moderatedsupportforum:•Useour SDK for premium antivirus in yourapp:
Mobile Security & Antivirus
Trend Micro
Mobile Security for Android & Antivirus Scan withPerformanceBooster Provides the best protection for Androidsmartphones andtablets delivering 100% malicious app detection! OurAdvanced AIscan safeguards against malicious apps, viruses,fraudulentwebsites, identity theft, ransomware, and crypto-miners.Ourleading antivirus cleaner removes malwares and viruses,boostingyour phone’s performance and allows you to find, lock, oreraseyour device if it goes missing.Key benefits: 📱 Protects youagainstransomware, fake banking, shopping, and financial apps🔍Scans URLsand blocks dangerous sites, keeping you safe whilebrowsing theweb💌 Monitor links in text messages, Facebook, Line,& WhatsAppto alert you of risks before you click them📡 Wi-Fiscanning toreport unsecured network connections🛰 Remote console tofind yourlost phone, recover from common ransomware hijacking, orwipe yourdevice⚙️ Increases device performance with app manager,cleanersystem and app optimizer👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Parental Controls keepyourchildren from accessing unwanted web content and appsTopfeatures:✔️Pre-install Scan - Innovative antivirus feature thatdetectsGoogle Play and side loaded apps with malware beforetheyinstall✔️Billing Security – Top protection against fakebanking,financial and shopping apps that trick you into giving upaccountand personal information✔️Safe Surfing - Use Chrome, orotherbrowsers, and stay clear from harmful websites✔️PrivacyScanner forFacebook✔️Wi-Fi Checker - Notifies you when connectingto anunsecured network✔️System Tuner - Helps you manage batteryandmemory efficiently✔️Malware Scan & Cleaner – Scan &removesmalware to restore your smartphone's normalsettings✔️PrivacyScanner - Warns you of apps that could expose yourpersonalinformation✔️Vulnerability Scanner - warns you of apps thatcouldbe exploited by hackers✔️App Lock - User-selected apps(includingsystem settings) can be blocked from unauthorizeduse✔️Secret Snap- Capture a picture of unauthorized attempts to useyourdevice✔️System Health Check - get notifications for systemsettingsthat may leave you vulnerable✔️Lost Device Protection -Lets youfind, lock, or wipe a missing device, or recover fromattacks✔️AppManager - Helps free up device space by displaying eachapp's lastused date and storage space to enable easy appremoval✔️Just aPhone - Keeps your device powered longer whenresources arelowApplication permissionsThe following permissionsare requiredfor optimal protection and service. • DeviceAdministrator: Used todetect if someone is trying to unlock thedevice; also, to executea user-triggered device wipe in case oftheft• Draw over otherapps: for critical alerts• Accessibility: forSafe Surfing andPreinstall Scan• App Usage Access: for App Lock•Phone: for callblocking• Storage: for scanning apps on your SDcard• Contacts: forcall blocking • Location: for Lost DevicePortal• SMS: formessaging blocking• Modify system settings: forpower saving tools,like Just-A-Phone mode
Solo Security - Antivirus & Security 1.4.2
Solo Security scored a high percent virus detection andmalwaredetection rate, with no false positives.★Solo Securityhasantivirus protection, malware protection, wifi guard,memorybooster, system guard, battery saver, app locker, intruderselfieand various other impressive range of tools.★Only 4mb, It hasalight footprint with no drain on battery life and no impactongeneral mobile or tablet performance.MainFeaturesHighlights:------------------------► Security &Antivirus• Scaninstalled apps, content and SD card contents toprotect your phonefrom virus & security risks.• Protect withpowerful up-to-datevirus database ► Malware Protection• Scan appsfor maliciousmalwares or contents as you install new apps or browseinternet.•Scan mobile contents and SD storage for malwares withfast engine.►Wi-Fi Scanner & Guard• Scan Wi-Fi connection forsafetymeasures.• Guard your personal data from snoopers before itis toolate.► Memory (RAM) & Speed Booster• One tap memorybooster•Boost your phone and optimize your RAMs.► App Locker&Protection• Pattern & Password lock any apps you desirefromprying eyes. ► Intruder Selfie• Allows you to easily capturewhohas tried and failed to unlock your device with wrong pass codeorpattern lock.• Pictures taken will not appear in the phonegalleryand are secured within our app.► Battery & Power Saver•Boostyour phone battery power, save your battery usage frompowerdraining apps • Background app analysis and system booster.►SystemScanner & Guard• It offers robust storage and mediascanning•Clear clipboard and browser history with single tap.► JunkCleaner•With help of our Solo Family app: Solo Cleaner, you areableoptimize & clean your phone up tp 80% more.► CPU Cooler•Withhelp of our Solo Family app: Solo Cleaner, you are able cooldownCPU percentage two-fold.►Safe Browser• Incognito Browserwithoutleaving browser history or trace.• Block web sites withmaliciousvirus, undesirable or illegal contents.If you’re lookingfor asecurity solution for your Android smartphone, and yourprimaryconcern is virus protection, malware protection, speedbooster andsafe browsing, then this could be the right app foryou.If you haveany suggestions or feedback, please reach us at ourFacebook page: or email usat:[email protected] OfficialWebsite:
DU Antivirus Security - Applock & Privacy Guard 3.3.1
100% Free antivirus and mobile security solution for AndroiddevicesPowered by Pro Cloud Technology! Du Antivirus is aFREE-to-downloadantivirus app to help protect your phones and padsfrom variety ofvirus threats, as well as your privacy and yourpersonalinformation.Du Antivirus key features► Scan for viruses,malware,spyware and Trojans - with latest antivirus database►Automaticallyvirus detection and virus removal from Android phones& tablets►Protect your vulnerable personal information fromspyware► AppLockIntruder Selfie► Hide your personal photos &videos in filelocker► Manage your contacts fast & Hide yoursecret calls ►Block unwanted spam calls (this function does NOTcollect userdata)Why Download Du Antivirus?★ Award-winningAntivirus protectionDu Antivirus received “The best antivirussoftware for Android”award from AV-TEST in 2016, a leadinginternational and independentservice provider in the fields of ITsecurity and anti-virusresearch based in Germany. Powered by cloudantivirus engines, DuAntivirus provides super-fast virus andmalware detection and removethreats and other spyware instantly!★It’s 100% FREEDu Antivirusprovides top class security protectionfor absolutely FREE! ★ Findout any thief breaking into yourphoneDu Antivirus helps you findyour lost phone or tablet. Thisprotection tool snaps a picture ofany thief breaking into yourphone and allows you to turn on analarm on the device remotely.★Video & Photo VaultPersonal dataand privacy protection is ourfirst priority. Du Antivirus securitysolution helps you to protectprivacy and defends you againstidentity theft. You can hide yourphoto gallery, private videos andimages, contacts, private callsfrom hackers, protect yourvulnerable personal information and putthem into the file locker. ★Lock your app with password &pattern lock The AppLock featurecan easily lock Facebook,Whatsapp, Gallery, Messenger, Snapchat,Instagram, Gmail,, Clash Royale and any apps & gamesyou choose.Prevent unauthorized access and guard privacy. ★Unwanted callsblocking The phone security solution includes a toolto blockunwanted calls on Android devices. You can independentlysetfiltering rules for incoming calls, add unsolicited contacts totheblack list, and detect spam from non-numeric numbers. Thistoolfunctions only as a call blocker and does NOT in any waycollectuser data or affect user privacy.Highlights of DuAntivirusInternet Security for Android✔ 100% Free virus cleaner:Efficientmalware & spyware removal and antivirus protectionpowered byaward winning anti-virus engines ✔ Worldwide popularity:Trusted by25 million users around the world.✔ Fast virus scanner:Thank forcloud technology, Du Antivirus is much faster than otherpaid antivirus cleaner. ✔ AppLock & Vault: Lock your privateapps,gallery and games from prying eyes and prevent your childrenfrombuying unwanted apps/games✔ Clear phone Cache & JunkFiles✔Small file size: Less than 10MB✔ Scan WiFi networks forencryptionissues, weak passwords and other threatsFor the latestmobilesecurity and protection updates see:Official developerwebsite: OfficialFacebookpage: About developer:DuAntivirusis developed by DU Group, the Leading Developer of AndroidApps,creates innovate, state-of-the-art apps for Android devicesthatare enjoyed by 850 millions of people!DU Antivirus Securitygreatlyrespects the privacy and security of its users. We wouldlike toreassure our users that the issue has already been resolved.Wewelcome all users to continue protecting their Android deviceswithour software in full confidence of their data's safetyandsecurity.
DFNDR Security: Antivirus, Anti-hacking & Cleaner
DFNDR Security is an anti virusandAnti-Hacking app for Android with performanceoptimizationdedicated to keeping your smartphone safe from hackers.DFNDRSecurity (pronounced “Defender”), with more than 130millioninstallations globally, is a top-rated antivirus software bytheAV-TEST Institute.More than a simple virus cleaner, DFNDR Security antivirusforAndroid is packed with powerful features, including:◾ Security Scan◾ Anti-Hacking◾ Lockscreen Charge Monitor◾ Memory Booster◾ Quick Cleanup◾ Applock◾ VPN🛡️Virus Protection & Virus Cleaner withSecurityScan🛡️Scan for viruses contracted through spam, malicious content,orinfected apps with this easy-to-use tool. The spyware removalandvirus cleaner feature gives you the best virus protection andkeepsyour phone in top condition. Choose between the QuickAntivirusScan and the more comprehensive Full Antivirus Scan.🛑Anti-Hacking & Anti-Phishing Protection🛑Anti-Hacking alerts you of phishing-related activities in appssuchas SMS, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, or Chrome without everhavingto click on potentially malicious links.🚀Lockscreen Charge Monitor & Memory Booster🚀Lockscreen Charge Monitor notifies you in real-time whenyourbattery is fully charged to prevent overcharging. Free up RAMandspeed up memory by automatically closing apps that run inthebackground.✂️️Quick Cleanup to Remove Junk Files and Cache✂️Keep your device’s cache clear and eliminate junk files withgreatphone cleaner tools. Easily remove apps you no longer wantwithApp Manager. Free up phone storage space withWhatsAppCleaner and Facebook Messenger Cleaner to make space fornewphotos, videos and apps.🔒AppLock🔒Protect the apps that are on your device with passcodesandfingerprint scan technology.📡VPN (Virtual Private Network)📡Secure your internet connection and protect yourself fromhackers.Get up to 50MB of data per day for FREE!Additional features to keep your Android safe and optimized:★ Advanced Protection- Prevents unauthorized partiesfromdisabling the app's protection features★ CPU Cooler- Lowers the temperature of yourphone’sprocessor★ WiFi Checker- Tests the speed of yourinternetconnection★ Internet Accelerator- Speeds up your connection byclosingapps that are competing for bandwidth★ Anti-Theft- Locks down your stolen phone remotelytoprotect your content and automatically takes a photo ofanyintruder who is snooping on your phone★ Call Blocker- Prevents unwanted calls★ DFNDR Assistant - Sends you tips and notifications tohelpyou better utilize all the antivirus and performance tools theapphas to offerNote: This app requires Accessibility in order to activate thecorefunctions of Anti-Hacking or Advanced Protection.✨Get PREMIUM✨PREMIUM subscription gives you even more advancedfeatures,including: VPN secure connection with unlimited data andtheability to change virtual locations, personalizednotificationspreferences, an ads-free experience, and guaranteedaccess to allfuture premium features.DFNDR Security truly is the defender of your Android device!Visit our website: www.psafe.comJoin our fight against deceptive advertisingPSafe is committed to the online safety and security of ourusers.Unfortunately, some third parties are illegally using ourname andlogo to create misleading ad content, such as in the formof“scareware” falsely stating that your device is infected withavirus. PSafe unequivocally denounces these “scareware” tactics.Ifyou receive a suspicious “virus alert” type ad, please takeascreenshot of the ad, copy the full browser URL link of the adorits redirect and email both to: [email protected] Weappreciateyour support in fighting these malicious practices.How to identify fake virus alertads:
V3 Mobile Security - AntiMalware/Booster/Apps Lock
AhnLab Inc.
V3 Mobile Security is a comprehensive antivirus solution forAndroidphones. Keep your phone and personal information safe witha singletouch without draining your battery.Globally CertifiedRobustMalware Protection• Ranked no 1 by AV-TEST andAV-Comparatives,global test agencies• Recorded 100% mobile malwaredetection(protection)• Earned AV-TEST certification 24 consecutivetimessince 2013Minimal CPU and Battery Usage• Designed to uselessbattery• Lower CPU usage than other mobile antivirusesFastandStrong Mobile Virus Protection• Real-time monitoring:Scansapplications before and after installation• Fast scan:Scansapplications installed on your phone• Accurate scan: Scansallfiles with access permissions and potentially unwantedapplications(PUA)Easy One-Touch Security Scan• Scans after latestengineupdate• Scans for OS fabrication• Scans for rooting,permissionsfor unknown sources and screen lock statusYour OwnPrivacy Advisor•Informs you about what each installed app can do ondeviceadministrator, app payments, location tracking, tapping,contactsaccess and other sensitive information• Provides guideonapplication privileges based on 17 categoriesPrivacyCleaner•Deletes web browser (default browser) connection recordsandapplication cache data ※ Not supported on Android 6.0(Marshmallow)and above. ※ When app cache data is deleted, some appdata couldget initialized.Booster to Speed up Your Phone• Enhancesmobiledevice speed by optimizing memory use.Privacy Filter• Turn onthefeature when you want some privacy with your phone.• Try thenew“Anti-Bluelight Filter” feature!App Lock to Protect Privacy•Locksapp. ※ Not supported on Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and above insomemobile environments.Hidden Gallery for Personal Viewing•Hidesphotos (image files) and videos in the gallery.QR Code Scan•Notifywhen QR code contains malicious app or malicious url withmalwareDo Not Disturb• Silence all calls, notifications and,vibrationswith options you select (time or Wi-Fi AP connection)Stopworryingabout phishing URL!• Detect malware source URL.CallBlock•Restricts caller IDs and international calls; unwanted andunknowncalls can be selectively blocked.< About DeviceAdministration>Restrict Uninstallation Feature: To protect thedevice, theuser can enable the ‘Restrict Uninstallation’ feature.This featureprevents malware or non-administrator useruninstallation of V3Mobile Security. To use this feature DeviceAdministrationpermission is required.#Anti-Malware #Anti-virus#Booster #Cleaner#AppsLock #HiddenGallery #Gallery #Security#Privacy #Filter#Anti-Bluelight #DoNotDisturb
Bitdefender Mobile Security & Antivirus
The most advanced cybersecurity app for Android gives yourdevicesabsolute protection against viruses and malware. To protectyourAndroid after the 14-day trial is over subscribe toBitdefenderMobile Security. NEW! VPN Added Surf the web anonymously&unlock geo-IP restricted content with VPN. Free - 200 MBtraffic /day. Upgrade to PREMIUM VPN and you get: -Unlimitedtraffic-Multiple virtual locations from all over the worldincluding US,UK, IT, AU! Features at a glance: ✔ Malware Scanner -100%detection rate ✔ New: VPN - hide your IP &unlockgeo-restricted content ✔ Account Privacy - verify whetheryouremail account has been breached or not ✔ App Lock - lockyoursensitive apps with a PIN code ✔ Web Security -real-timeprotection for the most popular browsers ✔ Anti-Theft -lock,track, and wipe your phone ✔ WearON - extend BitdefenderMobileSecurity to your smart watch Malware Scanner With anindependentlyproven 100% detection rate, Malware Scanner is alwaysup to datewith the latest intel on viruses and automatically scansapps formalware as you install them. Account Privacy How safe isyour emailaddress? Now you can find out whether your accountdetails havebeen leaked or not by simply running a check withBitdefenderMobile Security. Smart Unlock When you're using atrusted Wi-fisuch as your home hub, Smart Unlock grants you directaccess toyour apps by disabling the PIN. Fingerprint Sensor SupportUnlocksecured apps with the tip of your finger. PIN Timeout30-secondtimeout after 5 consecutive incorrect attempts to accessyour PINprotected apps. Web Security Web Security detects maliciouscontentand keeps your browsing safe for the most popularbrowsers.Anti-Theft Lock, geo-locate, sound an alarm, and wipe yourAndroidfrom any Internet connected device. Anti-Theft even allowsyou tolisten in on your phone, and send out SMS commands. It willalsoalert you in case the SIM card has been changed. Snap PhotoYourphone will snap a mugshot of any person who tries to tamperwithyour phone in your absence. WearON Extend BitdefenderMobileSecurity to Android Wear devices. Don’t lose your device withthehelp of and . (Android 4.3 and up required) Please Note! Thisapprequires device admin permission. This app usesAccessibilityservices.
AVG AntiVirus 2018 for Android Security
AVG Mobile
Get AVG AntiVirus FREE 2018 for Android™ to help protect youfromharmful viruses and malware. Keep your personal data safe withAppLock, Photo Vault, Wi-Fi Security Scan, and AppPermissionsadvisor. Download for Free Now! Over 100,000,000 peoplealreadyinstalled AVG’s antivirus mobile security apps. Join themnow and:✔ Scan apps, games, settings and files in real-time ✔ Boostspeedby killing tasks that slow down your device ✔ Extend batterylifewith Power Save ✔ Clean unnecessary files to free up space ✔Locksensitive apps with a PIN, pattern, or fingerprint ✔Enablelocating your lost phone via Google Maps™ ✔ Hide privatephotos inan encrypted Vault ✔ Scan Wi-Fi networks for threats ✔Check Wi-Fidownload and upload speed ✔ Get insight into thepermission levelof installed apps With AVG AntiVirus FREE 2018 forAndroid you’llreceive effective virus and malware protection, phonelocator, taskkiller, app lock, call blocker, Wi-Fi Scanner andphoto vault tohelp shield you from threats to your privacy andonline identity.App Features: Protection: ✔ Scan apps, games andfiles with ourdual-engine antivirus and remove malicious content ✔Scan websitesfor harmful threats (Android's default browser andChrome) ✔ Wi-FiScanner for network encryption, password strengthand CaptivePortal (ones with 'sign-in' requirement) Performance: ✔Extendbattery life by turning off battery-draining settings withPowerSave ✔ Kill tasks and processes that can slow down your phone✔Clean unnecessary files and free up storage space ✔ CheckWi-Fidownload and upload speed Anti-Theft: Use AVG AntiVirus FREE2018for Android together with AVG’s remote management console ortextmessages (SMS) to: ✔ Locate your lost or stolen phone viaGoogleMaps ✔ Lock your phone and set a lock screen message ✔ Makeyourphone sound a siren ✔ Theftie [free trial]: discreetly emailsyou aphoto of anyone trying to unlock your phone ✔ Device Lock[freetrial]: automatically locks your phone whenever the SIM cardisreplaced ✔ Surveillance Agent [free trial]: remotely capturephotosand record audio from your phone via our website ✔ RemoteHistory:query the call log, contacts and text messages remotely ✔Wipe yourphone and SD card content Privacy: ✔ Hide private photosin apassword-protected Vault to prevent snooping ✔ App Lock[freetrial]: lock sensitive apps to protect your privacy and safety✔Call Blocker: protect yourself against spammers and scammers✔Delete clipboard content and browsing history (Chrome browserandAndroid version older than 5.0) ✔ App Permissions: get insightintothe level of permission required by your installed apps Thisappuses the Device Administrator permission. This permissionallowsyou to remotely lock and wipe your device from appuses Accessibility permission to protect visually impairedandother users against phishing attacks and malicious websites.Byinstalling or updating this app, you agree that your use of itisgoverned by these terms: Google®,GoogleMaps™ and Android™ are trademarks of Google, Inc., registeredinthe USA and in other countries
LINE Antivirus 1.1.15
★Get rid of viruses lurking in your smartphone QUICK!★Theultimatefree anti-virus app!The free calling and messaging app,LINE bringsyou LINE Anti Virus! Let this free security app protectyourpersonal information from malicious programs and apps.Simpleone-touch checks let you stayincontrol!-------------------------------- ▼LINE Anti Virus:MainFeatures -------------------------------- ★Simple one-touchcheckslet you stay in control!Check for any malicious programs orfor anyother malware on your smartphone in just a few seconds. Adetailedscan is also an option: Simply select “Full Scan”.★ CloudengineaddedWe added a cloud engine with more powerfuldetectioncapabilities, providing more secure protection foryoursmartphone.★Real-Time Monitoring for Maximum ProtectionAs wellasdetecting malicious programs, this function alerts youimmediatelyof any abnormal operations by applications and anythreats to yoursecurity through the widget and notification bars;enabling you todeal with high-risk situations as quickly aspossible.★Check whichapps access your personal information at aglanceThis featureallows you to easily check which of yourinformation the appsinstalled on the device are accessing, such ascontact information,location information, calling history etc. Youchoose!You candetermine which apps are high-risk and delete them asnecessary,while apps which you trust can be added to the app’s“Safe Apps”list.★Choose how you want the app to workAs well asadding trustedapps to a Safe Apps list, you can configure whichcontents to scanfor as well as choosing to have Real-TimeMonitoring switched on oroff.★New anti-smishing featureSmishing, orSMS phishing, is ahacking method that gathers personal informationor causes monetaryloss through the spreading of malicious apps viaURLs sent throughSMS messages.LINE Antivirus protects you from suchthreats with itsnew anti-smishing feature.★One-touch optimizationfeatureClean upyour smartphone's usage history and RAM with asingle touch to helpit run smooth as butter.★ Secure FileDeletionFiles can now besecurely deleted, ensuring that no personalinformation can beleaked when changing devices or losing yourphone.★ Addition of theApp Management FeatureManage apps that havebeen installed on yourdevice for a long time and apps that haven’tbeen used in a while.*About access authority[Required accessauthorities]- Internetaccess: a network connection is required formalicious codescanning in the cloud and offline engineupdates.​​[Optional accessauthorities]- Storage: access is neededfor malicious code scanningin storage during a full scan.- ReadingSMS: needed for scanningtext messages including URLs during asmishing scan.- Call: neededfor deleting call history in theoptimization settings.​​■ You canuse LINE Antivirus withoutagreeing to the optional accessauthorities, but some features willbe unavailable.Keep yoursmartphone safe! We hope you enjoy usingLINE Anti-Virus!
Free antivirus and VPN 3.3.6
Download the most complete protection for your Android devicesforfree!Panda Mobile Securityis the free antivirus for AndroidwithVPN that safeguards your privacy by protecting your smartphoneandtablet against viruses, malware and ransomware. And you can useitfrom your Android Wear™ smartwatch too!Panda MobileSecurityincludes:App featuresFREE VPNAvoid prying eyes and accessyourfavorites sites through a private, secure, virtual datatunnel.Don't miss any of your favorite TV shows ever again!•Available forone device• One single default virtual location• 150MB/dayFreeantivirus protection• Real-time scan of every app youdownload andapp updates• Run on-demand scans of files andmultimedia content,even from your smartwatch• Scan any SD card withour antivirusPrivacy auditorThe privacy auditor checks and displaysthe accesspermissions of the apps installed on your Android™ device(accessto contacts, bank accounts, photos, location, etc.).Speed upyourdeviceImprove the speed and performance of your device andreducememory usage by checking app resource consumption inrealtimeAnti-theft and phone locatorProtect and recover your lostorstolen device with the GPS location system:• Locate yourphoneremotely and in real time.• Lock your phone remotely• Wipeallconfidential data from your smartphone remotely• And you canlocateand lock your phone remotely from your smartwatch too.Profeatures•Call blocker: Add phone numbers to your blacklist andblockunwanted calls (requires new permissions: access to the phoneandaccess to contacts).• Theft alerts: If someone steals your phoneortablet, you will get a photo of the thief after threefailedattempts to unlock the device. •App lock: Block access toyour apps(Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagram, etc.) with a security PIN.Protectyour and your family's privacy from prying eyes. • Motionalert: Analarm will warn you if someone picks up your devicewithout yourconsent.• Connect your smartwatch to your phone ortablet: An alarmwill go off if your device moves too far away fromyour watch.•Remote alarm: Set off an alarm on your lost or stolendeviceremotely from your smartwatch. • Remote photo: Take photoswithyour device remotely from your Android Wear™ smartwatch.Thisapprequires Device Manager permissions.
360 Security - Free Antivirus, Booster, Cleaner
2018 BrandZ Top GlobalBrandBuilderFree Security Protection for Android Phone with SpeedBooster,Junk Cleaner, Anti Spyware and Virus RemoverTrusted by 200 million users, 360 Security is the #1all-in-onepower cleaner, smart speed booster and antivirus app thatoptimizesyour background apps, memory storage, junk files &batterypower, keeping your device safe from virus and trojan.Download the super speed cleaner & security appthat’sintuitively designed to protect your mobile in just ONE tap,makingphones run like they're brand new all the time.Why 360 Security is a MUST-HAVE app?★ Effective Speed Booster & Smart Cleaner-Lacking space fornewapps and photos? Just clean app caches and junk files, boostyourphone with ONE click!★ Smart Battery Saver- Battery draining quicker than ever?Killredundant apps that drain your battery and extendsbatterylife!★ Virus Remover for Android-Worried about viruses or phishing?360Security’s top antivirus solution makes sure your device isfreefrom malware, vulnerabilities, adware and Trojans!------------------------------------------Highlights of 360 Security►Security & AntivirusScan installed apps, memory card content and new appsautomatically.360 Security’s latest protection technologiesagainst viruses,adware, malware,etc.►Junk File CleanerDelete all types of junk files (system cache, image cache,videocache and advertisement cache) to free up the storagespace.►Speed BoosterBoost speed to improve the performance and RAM of your phone,boostyour games to make them run smoothly.►Multi-function lock screen*Automatically check phone status when locked toprovideoptimization suggestions*Handy tool can turn on the dial, camera, flashlight quicklyandturn on or off WIFI, Bluetooth, etc.*Provide high-quality wallpaper to make your lock screenmorebeautiful*Manage notification to avoid missing any important info*Support to operate music player on the lock screen*Full charge notification alarm to avoid overcharging►CPU Cooler MasterHelp cool down phone temperature and save power. This functionneedsto enable your accessibility service to help kill backgroundappsand optimize device performance. 360 Security makes your phonestaywith durable power and never overheated.►Anti-theftAn all-in-one anti-theft solution, should you lose yourbelovedphone. A suite of features: Erase, Locate, Alarm & Lockcanassist you with retrieving the lost device and protectingpersonaldata. You can trigger remote features via our web interfaceat►PrivacyPrivacy & App Lock – Prevent data on the device suchasFacebook, Instagram, Snapchat, photo albums and otherimportant& private documents from falling into the wronghands.►Intruder SelfieInstantly snap a photo of anyone who breaking into your appsandrecord the date & time in App Lock for check.►Fingerprint LockUnlock screen quickly and easily with your fingerprint ifyourdevice has the fingerprint sensor, no fear of forgettingpattern orPIN code any more.►Real time protectionScan installed apps & local APK files and also monitoreachinstallation process, provide the best payment &shoppingsecurity.------------------------------------------360 Security is available more than 35 languages:English,Português(Brasil), Português(Portugal),Español(España),Español(Latinoamérica), Pусский, हिन्दी, ไทย,Bahasa Indonesia,Türkçe, Tiếng Việt, Bahasa Melayu, 日本語, Deutsch,Français, 한국어,Italiano, Čeština, Nederlands, Svenska, Polski,Suomi, Română,Ελληνικά, Magyar, Hrvatski, Dansk, العربية, हिन्दी(भारत), Filipino/ Tagalog,etc.► Read in app permissions and usage here:► would like to hear from you:Like us on Facebook: us on Google Plus Community:
Avira Antivirus Security 2018
You’ve found the best free antivirus, mobile security, privacy,andanti-theft app for Android: Avira Antivirus Security.Yourphotos,contacts, emails and credit card numbers are on your phone.In thisera of leaks, Avira Antivirus Security ensures that yourphone’scontents (very personal data) stay secure. More than afreeantivirus app for malware/spyware removal, our full-featuredfreemobile security app provides safe browsing and remoteanti-theftfeatures to track and find your lost/stolen smartphoneortablet.DigitalTrends Review: “You can trust the free versionofAvira to keep your Android smartphone or tablet safe. It hasalight footprint in terms of performance and a sleek,minimalistdesign…” (Top 5 Android Security Apps, SECURITY – MAIN FEATURES • Shieldsyour devices againstspyware and malware• Helps you find, track, andrecover your lostor stolen phone• Protects your personal andprivate data (photos,chats, emails, etc.) from breaches and theft •Shows how each ofyour apps collects sensitive data• Blocksunauthorized access toother apps installed on your device• Designedto be light on systemresources, to help save your batterypowerANTIVIRUS & PRIVACYPROTECTION • Automatically scans appsand their updates for hiddenmalware• Scans external storage units(e.g. SD memory cards)• Showshow each app rates on a privacy scaleaccording to how much data itcollectsANTI-RANSOMWARE AviraAntivirus Security preventsransomware from encrypting your phoneand taking your data and appshostage. Our technology blocksmillions of ransomware attemptsevery month, averting damages ofover €300 per attack.ANTI-THEFT& RECOVERY TOOLS• Triggers aloud siren to locate device (e.g.deep in the sofa cushions)• Tracksphone location on a map (‘cellphone tracker’ in the USA, ‘mobiletracker’ elsewhere)• Locksspecified apps to prevent theirunauthorized access• Prompts theperson who finds your phone tocontact you• Remotely locks or wipesthe device memory to secureyour privacyIDENTITY SAFEGUARD &BLACKLISTConcerned that youremail may have been hacked orotherwise compromised? IdentitySafeguard tells you if that’s thecase.• Checks if you or yourcontacts’ email addresses have beenleaked in a 3rd party securitybreach• Notifies your contacts iftheir email addresses have beencompromised• Lets you blacklistunwanted contact from particularnumbersWEB-BASED MANAGEMENTPORTALWeb-based controls give you remoteaccess to all yoursecurity settings and remote functions (e.g.siren, memory wipe,track location on map)• Oversee multiple devices(cross-platform)through the web-based portalLANGUAGESEnglish,German, French,Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese,Russian, Polish,Turkish, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese (simplifiedandtraditional), Indonesian.SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS
Android 4.0.3–7.1Designed for use on most Android smartphones andtablets(including Samsung, Lenovo, Huawei, LG, Sony, TCL, Coolpad,ZTE,Acer, Asus, Toshiba).NOTE: SMS message blocking functionalityisunavailable for Android v4.4 “Kit-Kat” devices.GET PRO! –PREMIUMVERSION
 (via in-app purchase)NEW! Camera Protection:Control whichapps have access to your cameraAdditional browsersecurity – Blocksinfected websites at the browser level andprovides phishingprotectionMore-frequent updates – Ensures thatyour protection isalways up-to-date against new ‘zero-day’ malwarestrainsPremiumsupport – Avira’s team of security experts offertop-notch techsupportThis app is included in the Avira Primesubscriptionservice. For more on this, please visit
Antivirus BSafe Security Boost - LITE 1.4.2
BSafe Labs
Be Safe from Virus!Protect your phone, using AntivirusBSafeSecurity Boost - LITE - The best security software forAndroidcellphones and tablets!With so many new malware threatsbeingdiscovered per day, it's very likely that your device has avirus.An Antivirus it's now a requirement!Antivirus BSafe SecurityBoost- LITE will secure and improve your Android performance!Downloadand install this top notch security tool and protectyourself witha premium security solution!Our security tool featuresa virusdatabase with a really high detection rate, protecting youagainstviruses, malware, mobile data loss and Android OSthreats.MostAndroid security apps go beyond guarding againstintrusions but, asmany of these functions are built into theAndroid OS, we focusonly on what our users really need, and malwaredetection iscritical!Get our free unlimited version and test ourefficiency!For additional and comprehensive protection, you'll beable toupgrade it and get real time protection always active,without adsdistraction.We provide you the best protection againstharmfulvirus infections, malware, spyware, suspicious hidden filesandtrojans, with daily updates of the virus database.This securityappis also very lightweight, so, it won't be overloadingyourAndroid.How to Use?▶ Just one tap to perform a real quick scanonyour apps and files.▶ A deeper scan will be running onthebackground, so you don't need to be wasting your time, waitingforthe results.▶ In the end, you'll be notified with theanalysisresults and threats list.So simple as that! Some of BestAntivirusBSafe Security Boost features: ★ Protection:- Top notchmobilesecurity and protection - Strong virus detection andprotectionagainst malware, spyware and trojan - Antivirus databasedailyupdated- Realtime security scanner automatically initiated onappinstall- Scan apps, games, memory card and new downloadedfiles-Check and remove malicious content- Scheduled scan★Performance:-System cleaner integrated- Kill tasks that slow downyour device-Low resource usage (won't be overloading mobiletraffic)- Verylightweight - Fast- Suitable for any Android device★Multilanguages★ Free version (unlimited time)★ Pro version -UpgradeOption: Full Scan, URL Filter, App Lock & No Ads (chosethe onethat better suits your needs, with all the best securityfeaturesat a very reasonable cost)Our security solution uses acertifiedantivirus engine, detecting 100% of virus and malware,removing itfrom your device, protecting your phone and also yourpersonalinformation against malware, spyware, and hackers. ProcessManagerwill free storage from the junk files that your phonestoresautomatically. Real-time Protection monitors data as it iscominginto your device to intercept any malware as it entersyoursystem.One Tap Boost will be the smartest way to clean,accelerateand optimize your phone, so you can improve your memoryusage!You'll be able to boost your device any time you need.One TapScanwill be your easiest way to start App Scan.We all know cost isavery important part of the decision making process, so withBSafeyou can chose between the free version or one of thelicensepackages.Android is one of the most targeted platform byhackers.Don't be part of the numbers!Keep your Android deviceprotected,clean and in full speed, with BSafe Antivirus!Download itNow, andremember, BSAFEforever! orsuggestions? Please send us an email [email protected]
Zemana Antivirus & Security 1.7.0
Zemana Antivirus & Security is designed to protect yourAndroiddevice and tablet from any kind of latest mobile threatssuch asmalware, spyware, virus, keylogger, trojans and to keepyourpersonal data safe with its famous anti-keylogging feature.JoinZemana Antivirus & Security community and:✔ Scan yourAndroiddevice 5x faster✔ Efficient adware scanner✔ Protect yourdevicefrom for malware, spyware, virus, trojans, and phishingattacks✔Preserve your private data, with our anti-keyloggingfeature*, bycatching malicious keyboard applications, passwordmanagers and SMSapplications(NEW)✔ Stay safe from latest threatswith ouralways-up-to-date virus databaseZemana Antivirus &Security hasbeen tested and certified by #1 Antivirus testing houseAVTEST.With Zemana Antivirus & Security your Android device andtabletwill get the most efficient antivirus and privacy protection.It isa lightweight security app that has no impact on your batterylifeand it’s easy to use. ANDROID ANTIVIRUS SECURITY – PREMIUMFEATURES(Try 15 days FREE)★ Real time protection Automaticallyscans newlyinstalled applications. There is no need to initiatemanual scan inorder to stay safe. Your Android device is protected24/7 fromvirus, malware, trojan, spyware, adware, keylogger and anyothersecurity threat. ★ Automatic DB updatesKeeps your Androiddevicestay in sync with the up-to-date threat database so youstayprotected from the latest security threats.★Anti–Keyloggerprotection* Detects and blocks malicious keyboardapplications,password managers and malicious SMS applications(NEW)that are ableto track everything you type.★ 24/7 TechnicalSupportStayworry-free. If a threat emerges that doesn’t want to goaway, ourengineers will connect to your Android device and clean upthemalware manually. Install Zemana Antivirus & Security FREEandscan your Android device with the fastest and mosteffectiveantivirus scan and your Android device will always bemalware free.► Upgrade now to Premium version of Zemana Antivirus& Securityand protect multiple devices in your household withadvanced andproactive antivirus security solution.Zemana Antivirus&Security is available in 16 languages: English, Turkish,Spanish,Russian, Italian, Indonesian, Polish, Vietnamese, Bengali,Dutch,German, Portuguese, Bosnian, Croatian, Korean, Hungarian*Somelegitimate keyboard applications are modified by hackerswhichgives them access to track everything you type; due totheanti-keylogger they will be detected and blocked byZemanaAntivirus & Security as malicious. For the latestantivirus andsecurity updates see:
Lookout Security & Antivirus 10.23.2-964159b
We’re excited to introduce Safe Wi-Fi and System Advisor, twobrandnew security features to keep you and your personal data safeandsecure. Safe Wi-Fi- Protects you and your data from dangerousWi-Fiattacks. Get peace of mind as you connect to Wi-Fi networks onthego, knowing that Lookout is checking to make sure yourconnectionis safe and secure. System Advisor - Checks your devicefor rootdetections to make sure the operating system on your deviceisworking properly. Lookout is now the only all-in-one appthatprotects your device, your data and your identity withpowerfulmobile security and identity theft protection LookoutPremiumPlus*:Lookout Premium Plus comes with all of thePremiumfunctionality, plus identity theft protection. ►IDENTITYTHEFTPROTECTION► Cyber Watch: Monitor your personal andfinancialinformation and get alerted whenever anything is foundexposedonline► SSN Watch: Get a history of names, addresses, andotherrecords associated with your SSN and proactive notificationsofchanges that could signal fraudulent account activity andtheft►Social Media Watch: Monitor your social media accounts tocheck ifyour personal information is at risk. Protect youronlinereputation by receiving alerts if you’ve been tagged in postswithoffensive content ► IDENTITY RESTORATION & INSURANCE►24/7Restoration Assistance: In the event of identity theft,certifiedID Restoration Experts are available 24/7 to assist withthetime-consuming process of recovering and restoringyouridentity►$1M Identity Theft Insurance: Premium Plus subscribersarebacked by Identity Theft Insurance that covers up to $1M indamagesand legal fees with $0 deductible**► Lost Wallet Recovery:If yourwallet is lost or stolen, restoration experts will workquicklywith you to contact document issuers to cancel and reordercreditcards and identification contents Lookout Premium:LookoutPremiumincludes all the functionality of Lookout Basic, plusadditionalsecurity to protect your device, your data and yourprivacy. ►NEW!Safe Wi-Fi: Be alerted when a Wi-Fi network you joinis dangerousor under attack►Breach Report: Get timely alertswhenever acompany, app or service you use suffers a data breachalong withclear and straightforward advice on how best to remediatethesituation ►Theft Alerts: Get an email with a photo andlocationwhenever suspicious behavior is detected that could mean ithasbeen stolen►Safe Browsing: Scan every URL link you visit orclickon to help detect threats and alert you of sites that caninfectyour device and steal your personal information►PrivacyAdvisor:See what personal information can be accessed by yourapps►Lock& Wipe: Remotely lock your device, post a custommessage anderase your data Lookout Basic:►SECURITY & ANTIVIRUS•AppScanning: Continuous, over-the-air protection fromviruses,malware, adware and spyware• NEW! System Advisor: Checksyourdevice for root detections to make sure the operating systemisworking properly►FIND MY PHONE• Locate & Scream: Mapthelocation of your device and make it sound an alarm - even whenitis on silent!• Signal Flare: Automatically save yourdevice’slocation when the battery is low ❐ About Lookout Inc.Visitourwebsite to learn more about us!Note:Thisapp uses the Device Administrator permission. This appusesAccessibility services.** Insurance coverage is provided byathird-party and is subject to the terms, conditions andexclusionsof the insurance policy available Lookoutis not a licensed insurer orinsurance agent.
Camera Blocker - Anti Spyware 1.3.9
Camera blocker is an anti spy tool.Camerablocker will disable and block your phone camera and givefullcamera protection against application likeSpyware,Viruses,Malware and Surveillance.Camera blocker will block access of camera to all apps andwholeandroid system (NO ROOT REQUIRED).Privacy protection is very important for every individual.InAndroid platform many applications are available thatusingCamera Permission.They might take photo or record videoanytime in background without knowing to you and may transfer toweb.Camera Blocker - Anti Spyware will protect your privacy byblockingphone camera access against spyware and maliciousapps.The best part of this app is that app itself doesn'trequireCamera Permission. so your phone camera is 100%protected, evenour app can't be use your camera.This app uses the Device Administrator permission. WithinDeviceAdministrator it uses the "Disable Cameras" security policytoprotect your phone cameras.★ For free users ★Free version of app doesn't have any limit in camerablockprotection so free user will get 24/7 full camerablockprotection.★ Camera Blocker Features ★✔ 24/7 full camera block protection or security fromspyware,malware or any type of unethical camera access.✔ Block and protect camera by single tap on widgetornotification.✔ Automatic camera block on specified time interval.✔ Notification app launcher for temporary camera accesstoselected app.✔ See app list that using camera permission.✔ See each camera permission app statistic and probablerisklevel.✔ Get notified when new app installed withcamerapermission✔ Support of front and back camera✔ No root needed.✔ No battery drain.✔ Quick and easy to use★ Camera Blocker will Protect Against ★✔ Spyware✔ Malware✔ Viruses✔ Background and Unethical Camera Use✔ Misuse of Camera by Others★ Most Uses ★✔ Block, Disable, Shield and Protect Camera against unethicalandspyware app threats.✔ Camera Restriction from children's or friends and makemobilecameraless.✔ Camera blocker will detect all camera apps.Download now the best camera blocker app at market.★FAQ★Q.1. Is Camera Blocker have Camera Permission?Ans. No, Camera Blocker doesn't have camera permission andCameraBlocker itself can't access camera.Q.2. How to uninstall Camera Blocker? Why i can't able touninstallapp directly from settings?Ans. For blocking camera, app using administrator function soappcan be uninstall using two ways.1. Open app and you will see "Uninstall application"buttonat bottom. OR2. Go to Android Settings- Security-Device administrator-just unchecked camera blocker and uninstall app normally.(It's our humble request, If you don't getting how to uninstallappthen please contact us before giving any bad reviews or ratings,wewill definitely help you.)Complete FAQ:⚫Note: if you have any suggestions regarding app do nothesitateto tell us. just contact us [email protected]
Anti Malware - Scan Virus
Anti Malware - Virus Scan same an antivirus & security app.Thisis the world's most reliable all-in-one device optimizationandprotection application, free virus cleaner for android.UseAntivirus & Security to protect your phone optimally inyourdaily life.With Anti Malware - Virus Scan you will beprotectedfrom viruses and malicious software in an efficient,antivirus appfor android and easy way and is equipped withapplication lockfeatures, scan and security Wi-Fi, speed up thephone.★ FREEANTI-VIRUSAntivirus application will virus scan on yourdevice toprotect your device against potential threats. Scansystempre-installed and user-installed applications to ensure yourdeviceis always protected. Trojan virus remover for android, antimalwarevirus remover, anti adware for android phones free. Also,removeharmful content or give alerts to your Android device withvirusremover app for android phone.★PHONE BOOSTER SPEED UPCleanupmemory (RAM) and memory booster ram optimizer your phone's speedbyremoving excess background tasks. ★ APPLOCK PASSWORDApp lockerwithpassword of pattern can lock and protect applicationslikeFacebook, WhatsApp, Line and almost all other applicationsfromintruders with applock fingerprint and password.★ WIFISECURITYPROTECTIONThe application helps protect your wifi networkfromhacker attacks. Free, fast and compact network tool. You cancheckwifi security identify rogue Wi-Fi hotspots to protect youronlinesecurity information, detect DNS/SSL spoofing attacks andspoofingARP.Feature highlights of Anti Malware - Virus Scansoftware:Antivirus can clean virus, protect phone, protect privacy,booster,and AppLock. It can warning suspicious, clean virusesspywareblackmail. Anti Malware - Virus Scan include Cleaner,Booster andAntivirus. Find out all Spyware, virus. Privacyprotection withAppLock, keep phone cold. Boost and run fast.AntiMalware - VirusScan is honestable antivirus, 100% free. WithBooster, make phonerun fast, you can boost your phone beforerunning game. WithCleaner can make virus Clean, Kill Trojans andclean Junk files,free more space, max your storage.Anti Malware -Virus Scan is thebest mobile antivirus for android.With AV-Test A+full scoreantivirus engine, both local security and cloudantivirus.TheAV-TEST Institute is a leading international andindependentservice provider in the fields of IT security andantivirusresearch.Anti Malware - Virus Scan same a security &antivirusappVirus Cleaner clean all viruses. Protect Private,Photos, BankInformation, Account, WhatsApp, Facebook, Messager,etc. Keep yourandroid safe and secure, This is AntivirusMaster.Protecting fromany of extortion Virus, malware, adware orTrojans, able to offerthe best anti-virus protection serviceglobally. Viruses remove,antivirus free and Anti Spy ware.Wesupport Full Scan - SD Card todetect all the threats that arehidden on your phone.✔ Lockapplications containing sensitiveinformation, for example:Whatsapp and Facebook✔ Scans applications,games, settings andfiles in real time from virus killer, virusremover.✔ Scan WiFinetwork to detect encryption problems, weakpasswords, and otherthreats✔ Speed up your phone to free up RAM,speed up phoneperformance and ram booster speed up your phone.✔Support to lockapps with fingerprint, lock apps with password, lockapps withpattern.✔ Best antivirus app for android, anti malware andspywarefor android and antivirus apps new 2017.✔ 24/7 phoneprotectionhelps protect your smartphone from potential threats✔Quick andconvenient scanning takes just seconds with mobileantivirussoftware .✔ Antivirus free virus cleaner 2017, virusremoval forandroid
Security Antivirus - Max Clean
Max Antivirus is an economical antivirus app, it can cleanvirus,protect privacy, boost games, clean junks and lock apps.MaxAntivirus include virus cleaner, app cleaner, phone boosterandantivirus. Security antivirus is important. How can you staysafefrom viruses, spyware, Trojans, malwares, vulnerabilities,adwares,privacy snoopers, extortion and Wi-Fi spy? How to defensefromransomware attack? How to find out viruses and ransomware? Howtoquick heal from threats? How to keep cpu cold, system runsmoothwhen gaming?Chose Max Antivirus, it can help you solve alltheabove problems. Max Antivirus is honestable andeconomisireantivirus, 100% free. Security & AntivirusVirusCleaner cleanall viruses. Protect Private, Protect Photos, ProtectBankInformation, Protect Account. Keep your android safe andsecure,This is Antivirus Master.Economical & High DetectionRateThereis no background process with Max Antivirus. It protectingfrom anyof extortion virus, malware, adware or Trojans with a lowbatteryusage, our test team tested the battery usage, Max Antivirusis themost economical antivirus app.Phone BoosterWe use a newtechnologyto boost phone, free up RAM and save battery, normally40% ofmemory can be released, get more available memory by booster.Weuse the features of android system itself to boost, norootprivileges are required, safe and efficient.Boost isreallyeffective, recommend to youGame BoosterBoost games by 40%+whenlaunching. Clean unused RAM before game launching, solveRAMproblems when exiting games. It is useful and effective. Injustone tap you can fix problems with game lagandinsufficient.AppLockWith AppLock, you can add an extrapasswordprotection to sensitive apps. Lock your private apps byusingpattern or fingerprint and keep your secret safefromsnoopers.AppLock support fingerprint for Android DevicesandSamsung mobile. Junk files cleanerClean junk files, residualfiles,unused apks, Thumbnail, browsing history, clipboard and cachetofree up storage, boost speed and improve the performance ofAndroiddevice.WiFi SecurityDetect WiFi spy, Test WiFi speed, MaxAntiviruswill show you how many devices are sharing your bandwidth,withthat you can check out which is WiFi spy, remove all spy byyourrouter manage page to make your WiFi safeandfast.Multi-languagesSupported multi-languages:Arabic,German,Greek, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese,Korean,Polish, Brazilian, Russian, Thai, Turkish, Ukrainian,Vietnamese,Chinese.Security Antivirus Max Clean ! 100% freedownload, get thebest antivirus NOW !
AVG Protection for Xperia™ 6.10.13
AVG Mobile
Protect your Xperia™ smartphone or tablet againstviruses,ransomware, spyware, phishing attempts and other malwareinreal-time with AVG’s full featured Android™ protection.✔ Scanappsand files for malicious viruses, malware and spyware✔ Lockappswith PIN, pattern, or your fingerprint✔ Locate yourlost/stolenphone via Google Maps™✔ Kill tasks and processes thatcan slow downyour phone✔ Filter or block unwanted calls✔ Deletecall history,clipboard content and browsing history✔ Check Wi-Fispeed and scanit for threatsOn top of our many free features, youcan enjoy afree trial of our premium upgrade:★ App Locking –protect sensitiveapps using a password, PIN, or pattern.★ PhotoVault - protect yourphotos against prying eyes★ Anti-Theft: Lockyour phoneautomatically whenever the SIM card is replaced, andremotelyrecord audio and capture photos of anyone trying to unlockyourphone★ Remove ads: Hide all advertisement in your AVGProtectionfor Xperia™ app.App features:Protection:✔ Scan forviruses, malwareand spyware✔ Real-time threat discovery &protection✔ Scanwebsites for harmful threats (Android's defaultbrowser andChrome)✔ Wi-Fi Network Security Scan: check passwordstrength andnetwork encryptionPerformance:✔ Task and processKiller✔ Turn offapps draining device's resources✔ Clear files andfree up storagespace✔ Wi-Fi network speed testAnti-Theft &phone location:(using the AVG website or text messages (SMS))✔Locate yourlost/stolen phone via Google Maps™✔ Lock your phone orwipe itscontent✔ Set a lock screen message✔ Make your phone sound asiren✔Use Camera Trap to discreetly email yourself a photo ofanyonetrying to unlock your phone✔ Use Sim Security toautomatically lockyour phone whenever the SIM card is replaced✔Wipe your phone andSD card content remotelyPrivacy:✔ App Locking:protect sensitiveapps with a PIN, pattern, or fingerprint ✔ Hideprivate pictures ina password-protected Vault✔ Call Blocker: blockor filter spammersand scammers✔ Privacy status management: deletecall history,clipboard content and browsing history (Chrome browserand Androidversion older than 5.0) and protect sensitive apps✔AppPermissions: get insight into the level of permission requiredbyyour installed appsThis app uses the DeviceAdministratorpermission. This permission allows you to remotelylock and wipeyour device from This app usesAccessibility permissionto protect visually impaired and otherusers against phishingattacks and malicious websites.Byinstalling/updating this app, youagree that your use of it isgoverned by these terms:™ is atrademark or registeredtrademark of Sony Mobile CommunicationsInc.Google®, Google Maps™and Android™ are trademarks of Google,Inc., registered in the USAand in other countriesAll othertrademarks are the property oftheir respective owners.
Dr. Safety - Antivirus, Booster, Cleaner, AppLock 3.0.1212
🌟 FREE antivirus and security solution with phone booster,junkcleaner and more 🌟Trend Micro Dr. Safety is a FREE andTOPantivirus app that provides full protection for your Androiddevicewith virus cleaner, phone booster (battery saver and CPUcooler),junk cleaner, app lock, spam call blocker, and safe webbrowsing,etc. Our advanced machine learning AI scan safeguardsagainstmalicious apps, viruses, fraudulent websites, identitytheft,ransomware, and crypto-miners.Key features:🕷️ Virus ScannerandRemover🚀 Phone Booster🗑️ Junk Cleaner🔐 App Lock📵 Caller ID&Blocking🌏 Safe Web Browsing🖼️ Private Photo Vault📧GmailProtection🌐 AD block Browser👀 Facebook Privacy Check🛰️ LostDeviceProtection------------------------------------------HighlightsofDr.Safety:✔️ Virus Detector and CleanerDr.Safety helps detectandremove any virus easily and fast from your device. Itprotectsagainst ransomware, malware, adware, Trojans, fakebanking,shopping, and financial apps, etc. Dr.Safety not onlyscansinstalled apps, memory card contents, but also monitors eachappinstallation automatically to keep your device always safeandsecure.✔️ Phone Booster, Battery Saver, CPU CoolerFrees upmemoryspace and speeds up your mobile phone to save your battery.✔️AppLockLock your privacy from being seen from intruders, lockingappswith pattern and fingerprint.✔️ Spam Call BlockingStopsunwantedand harassing spam calls.✔️ Secure Web Surfing &ParentalControlGo anywhere on the Internet and know you areprotected fromfraudulent or unsafe websites that may containviruses andphishing. Parental control helps keep you and your kidssafe fromunwanted Internet content.✔️ Photo LockEveryone has photosthatthey do not want to share. You can use Photo Lock to keepyoursensitive photos private and locked.✔️ PrivacyBrowserIn-appbrowser provides ad blocking and tracker blockingfeatures,integrated with safe web surfing, ensuring your webbrowsing safeand smooth.✔️ Facebook Privacy CheckChecks yourFacebook privacysettings and makes sure personal information isonly shared withyour permission. ✔️ Mail Protection [Exclusive]24hrGmailProtection – blocks messages containing suspicious linksandattachments automatically.✔️ Lost Device ProtectionIf you havelostyour Android phone or tablet, Dr.Safety can help track itdown,lock it, or wipe/retrieve it to keep importantdatasafe.------------------------------------------Dr. Safetyisavailable in 12 languages, including English, MandarinChinese,Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, Vietnamese, Spanish, Russian,Portuguese,Japanese, Turkish, Italian and French.ApplicationpermissionsThefollowing permissions are required for optimalprotection andservice. • Device Administrator: Used to detect ifsomeone istrying to unlock the device; also, to execute auser-triggereddevice wipe in case of theft• Draw over other apps:for criticalalerts and Battery Saver• Accessibility: for SafeSurfing and AppLock• App Usage Access: for App Lock• Phone: forcall blocking•Storage: for scanning apps on your SD card• Contacts:for callblocking • Location: for Lost Device Portal• SMS: formessagingblocking* This app uses the Device Administratorpermission.* Thisapp uses the Accessibility permission.Learn moreabout Dr.Safety:https://www.trendmicrodrsafety.comIf you have anyquestionsor suggestions, please send us an email [email protected]
Anti-virus Dr.Web Light
Features and Advantages • Quick or full file system scans, aswellas custom scans, of user-specified files and folders. TheSpIDerGuard monitor scans file systems in real-time whenever anattemptis made to store files and applications in the device’smemory. •Neutralisation of ransomware lockers: malicious processesareterminated even if a device is locked; lockers not yet presentinthe Dr.Web virus database are blocked; data remainsintact,eliminating the need to pay criminals a ransom. • TheuniqueOrigins Tracing™ technology is used to detect new, unknownmalware.• Detected threats are moved to the quarantine from whichisolatedfiles and applications can be restored, if needed. •Minimal impacton system performance. • Restrained use of batteryresources. •Frugal data usage due to the small size of the virusdatabaseupdates—a big plus for users whose mobile device plans haveusagelimits. • Detailed statistics reveal what threats havebeendetected and what actions have been taken with them. • Aconvenientand informative widget for working with the SpIDer Guardfilemonitor. This version does not include these importantcomponents:the Call and SMS Filter, the Anti-theft, and the URLfilter. Toprotect your mobile device from all types of malware, usethecomprehensive protection solution Dr.Web Security SpaceforAndroid. This app uses the Device Administrator permission.Thisapp uses Accessibility services.
Power Antivirus – Virus Clean
PICOO Design
★Phone viruses equal to annoying popups and ads, phone runningslowand freezing a lot or even privacy leaks. Our powerfulandprofessional virus removal and clean can keep your phone awayfromviruses, malware, spyware and all kinds of Trojans, and giveyou asafe mobile environmentHighlights: ►Antivirus engine:Professionaldual antivirus engine can rapidly scan all installedapps and filesystem, and remove any viruses or malware on yourphone.►Simple buteffective: With very few power and memory usage,Power Antiviruscan finish virus scan and removal in seconds withonly one tap.With Power Antivirus, your device can run faster whilestayingprotected.Features: ►ONE-TAP SCAN No complicated settingsrequired!With only one simple tap you can scan and remove virusesin only acouple of seconds.►Scan SD CardPower Antivirus canthoroughly scanyour SD card and phone files to find and remove anypotentialthreats and viruses►Scheduled Scan You can scheduleregular virusscan reminder and make sure you phone is alwayssafe.►REAL-TIMEPROTECTIONAny newly installed and updated apps willbeautomatically scanned to ensure a 100% safe mobile environment.
Antivirus Cleaner & Virus Malware Protection 1.1.0
Application for mobile security andantivirusis entirely free and trusted by many users in the world.Its mainfeature is malware detection, spyware removal, virusremoval forAndroid, anti-malware and spyware and adware cleaner andscanner.You can surf the web, access social networks, and cleanvirus atthe same time.* SPECIAL things that this virus scanner and remover forAndroidwill be available to you:✔ Fast and convenient. It only takes a few seconds to kill virusforAndroid phone✔ Antivirus for Android phones free download✔ Friendly. This is an application for secore adware cleanerandantivirus with beautiful interface, easy to use foreveryone✔ Latest. With the latest technology, we always cope withalmost1,000 malware are found dailyApplication for best antivirus for mobile has protected millionsofdevices from online dangers. Let's download delete virusandmalware app and experience 4 level of protection today:1 - Protect your device against mobile threatsWe will scan and remove virus to protect your phone from threatsinrecent times. The application will automatic virus deleteantivirusscanner games, and files, and delete content harmful toyourAndroid device. We will filter dangerous links2 - Antivirus detection and phone booster and cleanerOur technology for antivirus and mobile security is developed bytheexperts and has detected more than 1 million Android malwareandother threats. We will bring you the best virus cleaner ofmobileand memory card. Our application will find all kinds ofTrojans,system vulnerabilities, malware, spyware, adware, spam,hackers onyour Android device and remove them.Also, application for malware scanner and cleaner is alsointegratedadditional features such as antivirus booster andcleaner orantivirus speed booster. Your device will have bettermalwareremoval and protection and better virus protection. So yourphonewill be fully optimized for the application for virusdetector andremover.3 - Check your wifi’s connection, speed and more...This application will scan your WiFi network to detectcodingproblems, passwords and other threats from the public WiFi.Also,we also help you to monitor4 - Protect your privacy and keep your data secureYou will no longer worry about information security for theirphonebecause keeping your data safe is our secure. We willlockapplications containing sensitive data or lock your devicetoprotect the privacy* System requirements:An automatic virus scanner is supporting Android 4.0 and allthelatest smartphones & tablets.* Upgrades and updates:We always try to find and often update to ensure that yourphonealways be protected from the attack of new malware.Come with us to get the best anti-virus protection for Android,sodo not hesitate to download our free virus killer application.Ifyou have any inquiries, please comment below, we will respondasquickly as possible. Please rate five * if you lovethisapplication for a virus checker.
FREE Spyware & Malware Remover
We can really help you * We are a team of ex governmentsecurityprofessionals with over 50 years combined experience in thespyworld. * We have seen how easy it is to spy on anyone atanytimeand we have decided to stop this. People deserve theirprivacy andwe will not stop until we have wiped out all commercialspyware. *Incognito is the only Anti Spyware application thatprotects youagainst real spyware that can be installed on yourdevice by anyonewith a credit card. * You can trust us. We are thereal deal. Weprovide real protection. Read our reviews. * Productupdates andcustomer support are free forever. We have your backfrom now on. *Incognito is not like other Anti Virus products inthat it onlytargets real threats from real spy technologies. * Avirus isdifferent to spyware and most Anti Virus products do notregistermany spyware tools as threats. Incognito is an AntiSpy Appthatdetects and removes malicious Spyware, Malware &Trojansoftware. Are you being spied on by your husband, wife,partner,ex, employer etc? Are you sure? Have they purchased andinstalledspyware on your phone or tablet? How do you know? TheIncognitoAntiSpy scanner will: ✓ Protect you from commercialspyware tools.✓ Stop people from spying on you. ✓ Return yourprivacy. All youhave to do is install Incognito and press StartScanning toeliminate commercial spying android software. If any ofthe spytools that Incognito targets are on your device theywill beremoved. It is very EASY The companies that make and sellthese spytools ( Commercial Virus, Trojan, Spyware and Malware)havemillions of customers around the world. For as little as$7/monthyour husband, wife, partner, ex, employer, employee, etc.can be aspy. They need no technical skills and no training to usethese spytools. They will get access to all information on yourdeviceincluding: ✓ Listen to all of your calls in realtime. ✓ Whohaveyou called and who has called you. ✓ Who have you sent amessage toand who has messaged you . ✓ Where you are right now andwhere haveyou been. ✓ See and hear you in real time. ✓ Every photoand videoon your device. You will never know that they are spyingon you.Until Now Our mission is to make you safe from these spytools. *We purchase these spy tools every week.  * We analyzehow theywork. * We STOP them. Incognito can currently find andremove thefollowing commercial Virus, Trojan, Spyware and Malwaretools. Weare adding to this list all the time and updates willalways befree of charge: mSpy, HighsterMobile, HelloSpy, SMSTracker,mCouple, Cell Phone Tracker, Family Mobile Tracker,MobiStealth,MobileSpy, StealthGenie, PhoneSheriff, SpyBubble,ZealSpy, iCamSpy,LittleSpy. Protect yourself now with a simpleSecurity ScanImportant Note about Anti Virus products Incognito isnot areplacement to Anti Virus. Incognito targets and removesspywareand only spyware. Anti Virus has its place and Incognitodoes whatit cannot do. We recommend that you run Anti Virus andIncognito atthe same time.
Dr.Web Security Space 12.1.1
Complex protection from all kinds of threats for mobiledevices,Anti-virus for TV sets, media players, and game consolesbased onAndroid TV.The product is free for 14 days; after that youneed topurchase a commercial license valid for a year or more. UseDr.WebSecurity Space for Android for free with the purchase ofDr.WebSecurity Space or Dr.Web Anti-virus for PC/Mac. FeaturesandAdvantages• Quick and full file system scanning; scanningofindividual files and folders upon a request.Real-time scanning ofafile system.Unlocking of data from ransomware Trojans anddatasafety with no need to pay a ransom to cybercriminals. Evenwhen aphone is fully blocked, even by blockers unknown to theDr.Webvirus databases.• Detection of new, unknown maliciousprogramsusing the unique Origins Tracing™ technology. • Moving ofdetectedthreats to the quarantine; restoration of files.Passwordprotectionof the Anti-virus settings and access to applicationsMinimal loadon the operating system. • Discreet use of batteryresources. •Traffic saving due to a small size of the virusdatabase updates.•Detailed statistics.A convenient and informativewidget on a devicehome screen.Call and SMS FilterProtection fromunwanted calls andSMS messages.• Selection of filtration modes.-Personal filteringprofiles.• Black list.• Review of blocked callsand messages.Caution: The Call and SMS Filter does not operate ondeviceswithout a SIM card. Anti-theftIt will help in locating adevice incase of its loss or theft; its data can be remotelydeleted ifnecessary. • Blocking of a device after a restart•Blocking of adevice with a request to enter a password forunlocking• Unlockingusing SMS/via the website• GPS coordinates ofa device• Possibility toremotely delete data from a device memoryand its SD card.• Audioalarm• Possibility to display a text on ascreen of a blocked device• Possibility to create a list ofcontacts that will receive anotification on a change of a SIM cardon the lost device with thenumber of the new SIM card, which canbe used when appealing topolice. These numbers can be used tounlock a phone, if you forget apassword.Caution: Anti-theft doesnot operate on devices without aSIM card.URL filterRestrictsaccess to unwanted Internet resources.Blocking of websites thatdistribute viruses. Blocking according tosubject categories(drugs, violence, etc.).White and black lists ofwebsitesAccessonly to websites from the White list Parental ControlProtectsapplication from an unauthorized access and theAnti-virussettings—from unwanted changes by outsiders andchildren.Blockingof access to applications.Blocking of Dr.Websettingsmodification.Password protection Security Auditor •Runsdiagnostics, exposes security issues and proposestheirsolutions.FirewallControls network activity ofapplications.•Filtering of external network traffic ofapplications, that areinstalled on a device, and systemapplications—according to a userchoice (Wi-Fi, network) andconfigurable rules (according to IPaddresses and/or ports, entirenetworks, address ranges);•Monitoring of current and alreadytransferred traffic—withinformation on addresses/ports connected byapplications and onincoming and outgoing traffic;• Detailedlogs.Features of Dr.Webremoval when Anti-theft is installed IfDr.Web Anti-theft isenabled on your device, disable it before theapplicationremoval.This app uses the Device Administratorpermission.This appuses Accessibility services.
McAfee SpyLocker Remover 1.0.6
McAfee SpyLocker Remover forAndroidhelpsdetect and remove SpyLocker (SpyAgent) malware. Tostayprotectedfrom a variety of mobile malware, includingSpyLocker,download theMcAfee Mobile Security App: is SpyLocker (SpyAgent) malware?SpyLocker (SpyAgent) is a new Android threat that collectsdataonyour device and sends it to a server. It targets customersoflargebanks in Australia, New Zealand and Turkey. Thisbankingmalwaresteals login credentials from 20 mobile banking appsusingfake loginscreens. This information is sent to a commandandcontrol server tobe used at a later time for profit.How does SpyLocker (SpyAgent) malware work?1. SpyLocker (SpyAgent) generates an overlay to coverthelaunchedbanking application login screen, which can’t beskippedunless youenter your mobile banking credentials.2. If you enter your banking credentials, your informationwillberecorded and passed to the server of cybercriminals.3. SpyLocker can even bypass two-step authenticationbyinterceptingall texts (SMS) from the bank and immediatelyremovethem from theclient device, so as not to attractanysuspicion.4. If you attempt to delete the fake Flash Player, afalseoverlaymessage will claim that the “Administrator willbedeactivated”.This false warning blocks access to deactivatethedeviceadministrator privilege so you will not be able tocompletetheuninstall.Note: In addition to targeting mobile banking apps,SpyLockeralsotries to obtain your Google, Skype, eBay, andPayPalaccountcredentials.Will McAfee SpyLocker Remover fixtheSpyLockervulnerability?Yes, the McAfee SpyLocker Remover is designed to scanyourAndroiddevice and remove SpyLocker malware if detected. Here’showitworks:1. If the fake Flash Player is found, you will be redirectedtotheDevice Administrators privilege where you will seeFlashPlayerlisted.2. McAfee SpyLocker Remover will prevent the malwarefromblockingaccess to the Device Administration list.3. Once you successfully deactivate the malware from thelist,youcan uninstall the malware via Settings>App/ApplicationManager > Flash Player >Uninstall.How do I know whether or not my Android device isinfectedwithSpyLocker malware?There are few ways to confirm if your Android deviceisinfectedwith SpyLocker malware:1. Download McAfee SpyLocker Remover and initiate a devicescan.Thescan will alert you if your device is infected.2. Check Device Administrators found under Settings>Security>Device Administrators and look for FlashPlayer.If youcan’t remove it from the administrators list and youareblocked byan overlay screen, your device is infected.How do I prevent SpyLocker malware from attackingmyAndroiddevice?SpyLocker (SpyAgent) malware is only availablefromuntrustedthird party sources. Avoid installing apps fromanyunknownsources, especially those seeking deviceadministrationprivileges.For real-time safeguard of your device,McAfee MobileSecurityprovides proactive protection to SpyLockermalware,alerting you ifyou need to remove the malware.Do I need to install this app if I am currently aMcAfeeMobileSecurity user?McAfee Mobile Security provides real-time protectiontodetectmalware and its variants and alerts you if you need toremovethemalware. If your device is not affected bySpyLockermalware,McAfee Mobile Security is all you need to keep youfreefrommalware. However, if your device is already infected, youwillneedto download and install McAfee SpyLocker Remover in ordertoremovethe malware.Learn More about SpyLocker:►Download McAfee Mobile Security:►Like us on Facebook:►Follow us on Twitter:
Camera Guard™ 3 Webcam Blocker & Anti-Spyware 3.0.8
Camera Guard™ 3 Free Edition★★★★★ High-Secure Camera Protectiontoprevent spying★★★★★ Best Camera Security App & SmartCameraBlocker★★★★★ Anti Spy: App makes sure that no hacker, spyorspyware can observe you★★★★★ Deep Detective™ detects evenunknownattacks★★★★★ NEW: Deep Detective™ Live: Anti-SpywareScanner(subscription)★★★★★ ProtectStar™ apps are preferred by morethan1.000,000 users in 123 countriesThis app uses theDeviceAdministrator permission.This app usesAccessibilityservices.Camera Guard™ from ProtectStar™ makes surethat no hacker,spy or malware can observe you. With just one singleclick thecamera of your smartphone will be completely protected andblockedagainst applications like Spyware and Surveillance.Preventspyingand end unattractive tapingNot only millions of users, butalsofounder of Facebook™ Mark Zuckerberg and FBI-chief James Comeytapeover the webcam of their devices. With good reason: Everythingandeverybody is spied on! We know this since June 2013 when thefirstNSA documents were revealed by whistle-blower Edward Snowden.Sincethen increasingly threatening details are beingconstantlyuncovered. But not only have hackers found solutions tomisuse thewebcam without a warning signal to the user, but also thelatestmalware is highly dangerous, because it specificallytargetscontrol of the integrated webcam.Anti Spy: See nothing – Forthosewho should notWith only one click the protection is activatedandCamera Guard™ blocks and observes all programs and processesthattry to access the webcam of your smartphone. Everyattemptedsecurity breach will be reported with a signal.To furtherpreventmanipulations, the individual settings of the software canbesecured with a pin that is especially secured by a hackersafeprotection.While all accesses and warnings areconvenientlyprotocolled in the log file, the intelligent DeepDetective™detects even previously unknown attacks.Deep Detective™:A smartinvention against (un)known threats.With the Deep Detective™wehave created an intelligent and versatile detective thatobservesall accesses to the Android™ device – similar to a firewall– onlysmarter.Deep Detective™ permanently controls which process orappcurrently attempt to access the camera. Additionally itreportsknown – and thanks to modern heuristic methods – alsounknownattack attempts. Every possibility to spy on you isproactivelyrestricted from hackers, spies and Trojans.AnidealcombinationCamera Guard™ can, especially with activatedDeepDetective™, be used ideally in combination with otherexistingsecurity solutions like anti-virus scanners orfirewalls.Anti-virus scanners and personal firewalls have alreadybeenstretched to their limits for years: With Camera Guard™ yousurpassthose limits, because the software observes and securesspecifichardware components that couldn’t be protected by modernsecuritysolutions – until now!In addition with Micro Guard™ - asecuremicrophone protection app - you have a complete andpowerfulsolution against any surveillance (block camera &blockmicrophone).Features "Free Edition":+ Anto Spy: NewinnovativeCamera block app+ Camera protection+ Camera blocker+DeepDetective™ Lite+ Deep Detective™ Live: Anti-SpywareScanner(subscription)+ Camera can be added to whitelist+ List ofApps withcamera access+ Logfile protocol+ Passcode protection+Widget+Protection against Bixby assistant on Samsung Galaxy S8&Galaxy S9(If you have any problems please contact us beforegivingany negative review. We're happy to assist you)
Dr. Booster - Boost Game Speed 2.0.1077
Dr. Booster smartly frees up memory space (RAM) to boost yourphone,speed up Android game apps, and detect malware, so yourfavoritegames—as well as over 70,000 other apps—run faster andsmoother!★Downloaded more than 10 million times globally ★ ★ Theno. 1 mostdownloaded game booster worldwide ★ ★ Ranked amongGoogle Play’s2016 Top 10 Free Tool Apps in for 8 consecutive weeksin Japan! ★ ★Boosting mobile app performance by 1.2x on average ★★ Highly ratedat 4.3 stars by 100,000 users ★ Key features: (2 NEWfeatures)★ NEWDirect Boost: launch your favorite game apps andpowerfully booststheir speed performance with a touch of ourfloating boost button.Doesn’t get any faster than this! [supportedby Android 5.0 andabove only)★ NEW Store on SD Card: not enoughstorage space on yourmobile? No problem, move Dr. Booster ontoyour SD card memory tosave space! ★ Smart Booster: boosting speedperformance in real-timeand smartly frees up memory space up to1.2 times while you play.★Antivirus Scan for New Apps:automatically adds your newlydownloaded apps to Dr. Booster andscans for malware! ★ FlexibleOrganization: customize and arrangeyour game apps however you wantby pressing and dragging app icons,easy! Suitable For: • Mobilephones that lag when you’re playinggames 3 Simple Steps: Step 1:Download Dr. Booster.Step 2: Gamesand apps are automatically loadedinside, customize yourorganization. Step 3: Open up your game andpress our floatingboost button to experience a turbo-speedboost!About the developer:As of December 2016, Dr. Booster hasregistered to operate underthe name of Soocii, a subsidiary ofTrend Micro, to provide userswith even better quality products andservices. Please for more information or contactus [email protected] As of December 2016, Dr. Booster hasregisteredto operate under the name of Soocii, a subsidiary ofTrend Micro,to provide users with even better quality products andservices.Please visit for moreinformation orcontact us at [email protected] Dr. Booster - BoostGame Speedsupports 10 languages, including English, MandarinChinese(Traditional), Bahasa Indonesia, Thai, Vietnamese,Spanish,Russian, Portuguese, Turkish, and Japanese. [Terms andCondition]Activating Dr. Booster means you understand and acceptthe terms ofservice for this application. Read themhere[Android 5.1.1] For Android5.1.1users, permission is needed for Dr. Booster to boost yourdevices.
Solo Antivirus - Malware & Spyware Protection 1.3
★Protect your Android phone againstviruses,malwares and unwanted popup ads with simple yet powerfulSoloAntivirus.Auto scan apps when installing, downloading or Block malwaresinreal-time with up-to-date virus database.★Less than 4mb, It has a light footprint with no drain onbatterylife and no impact on general mobile or tabletperformance.Main Features Highlights :► Antivirus Protection• Real-time virus protection, scan and monitor your phone withnoperformance lagging.• Protect with powerful up-to-date virus databases.► Malware Protection• Auto scan apps when installing.• Auto monitor when browsing, protect against phishing sitesoronline threats.► Clipboard & Browser Cache Cleaner• Erase Clipboard histories and browser caches to protectagainstprivacy leaks► Junk Cleaner• Clean junk files and save more spaces.If you have any suggestions or feedback, please reach us atourFacebook page: email us at: [email protected] Website:
Antivirus Cooler 1.2
ANTIVIRUS - Protects your Android mobilephoneor tablet against viruses, malware and spyware.ANTIVIRUS for Android is a FREE-to-download antivirus solutionthathelps protect your smartphones and tablets, as well as anypersonaldata stored on your devices, against dangerous mobilethreats,viruses, spyware, Trojans etc.Cooler master - Professional temperature monitoring andcontrollingapp that detects and closes heavy resource consumingapps to reduceCPU usage and lower phone temperature.■ Antivirus Engine: Virus and malware scanner automaticallyscansfor infected/dangerous apps and Trojans upon first use.IncludesWeb & file scanning for complete mobile protection, andalsoprotects against spyware and viruses.■ App Permissions - threats detector: Provides insightsaboutinstalled apps and helps you understand your apps’ accessrights,ad network integrations, and permissions.ANTIVIRUS - quick and easy way to scan your device fordangerousapps
Security Antivirus 2018
Muel Dev.
You are one step away from cleaninganymalicious threats found in your device. Protects yourAndroidsmartphone or tablet against all threats coming fromviruses,malware, adware and malicious threats. This AntivirusSoftware candetect threats in installed apps and even in files inyourstorage.Main features :- update for new year 2018.- One touch to scan- Scanned check all drive.- Suitable for any Android device- Ultra fast scanning engine- Minimum system resources required- Works flawlessly with all Android device- Detect threats in apps and on SD-Card- Check files on install- Clean Memmory- App pattern locker for Lock Secret Application- Manager your app- Monitor smartphone information- Delete threats immediately- Fastest scanner- Never slows down your mobileYou should select use an Security Antivirus 2018.Thank you for download Security Antivirus 2018
Mobile Antivirus & Security 1.8
Mobile Antivirus & Security for every Android deviceprovidesthe incredible protection from harmful virus, spam letter,malware,spyware and keep all your data safe and secured. Moreover,weprovide you 3 in 1 applications.Go!Go!Go!Download for FreeNow!MAINFEATURES:✪Scan apps, settings, files & media in realtime✪Lock/ wipe your device to protect your privacy✪Kill tasks thatslowdown your device✪Browse the web safely &securely✪Monitorbattery, storage, and data package usage✪ProactiveAnti-Theft whichnotifies you of suspicious activity ✪ Scheduledscanning of apps,settings, files✪ Safe browsing and phishingprotection✪ DeviceMonitoring of critical settings✪ ApplicationAudit of installedapps to tell you what they have access to✪SMS/MMS/Call blocking✪On-charger scans to preserve battery lifeGo.Explore. We have morefree and amazing features for you to get.Protect your smartphoneor tablet with Mobile Antivirus &Security..PRIVACYTo protectyour Android device and valuableinformation, we will ask you toallow us some permissions. We willNEVER use these permissions fordata collection or marketingpurposes. We also give more detail inour policy below.CUSTOMERSUPPORTContact us [email protected] if you have anyquestion or need help.
Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus: AppLock & Web Security
Kaspersky Lab
⭐ Free antivirus and phone security solution for Android™ devicesbyKaspersky Lab ⭐Kaspersky Internet Security for Android isaFREE-to-download antivirus solution to help keep phones andtablets– that can be even more vulnerable than your computer – aswell asyour private information secure from online dangers. Our newAppLock feature also protects personal data from prying eyes.ProductfeaturesBackground check — scans for viruses, spyware andTrojansAntivirus protection — acts as a virus cleaner &automaticallyblocks malware from phones & tabletsApp Lock —lets you add asecret code to access your private messages, photosand moreFind myphone — tracks & finds your Android phone ortablet if it’slost or stolenAnti-Theft — protects vulnerablepersonal informationfrom prying eyesAnti-Phishing — keeps yourfinancial informationsecure while shopping & banking onlineCallblocker — blacklistsunwanted phone calls and text/spam messagesWebfilter — filters outdangerous links & sites while surfing theWebKaspersky InternetSecurity for Android includes:🔍 Backgroundcheck Our antivirus forAndroid scans downloaded apps for malware,spyware and otherinfections using a background check to give youprofound virusprotection & keep your devices secure againstdigital threats.🛡Antivirus protectionIf the background checkdetects malware,Kaspersky Internet Security for Android acts as avirus cleaner byblocking viruses and dangerous apps, links andfiles.🔑 App LockOurApp Lock feature protects private communication& financialswith a secret code to access confidential apps youhave selectedand hides sensitive data (messages, photos, files andmore) on yourdevice from wrong hands.*📱 Find my phoneKasperskyInternet Securityfor Android helps you track and find your lostphone or tablet. Youcan turn on an alarm on the device remotely,lock and locate yourphone, wipe personal information (messages,photos and videos) andtake a mugshot of the person using yourdevice if it’s stolen.🕵Vulnerable personal data, privacy protectionOur solution forAndroid helps protect privacy and defend againstidentity theft.Hide your contacts, phone calls and text messagesfrom prying eyes,protect vulnerable personal information andcontrol what others cansee if they pick up your device.*📵 Unwantedcalls and SMSblockingIt includes a tool to blacklist unwantedcalls, messagesand spam on Android devices. You can set filteringrules forincoming calls and SMS texts, add unsolicited contacts toablacklist, block SMS texts with ads and detect spamfromnon-numeric numbers.🌍 Blocking dangerous sites and links duringWebsurfingOur powerful antivirus for Android protects your devicefromInternet threats while you are surfing the Web - byblockingphishing and other dangerous links.* That’s why our viruscleanergrants you profound virus protection & helps keepyourvulnerable financial data and privacy secure while makingpurchasesonline.⌚ Support of Android Wear to control yoursecuritystatusUsing voice control you can activate the ‘Find myphone’function, run a scan for viruses, spyware, malware andotherthreats, get protection status updates.* Functionality isavailableonly in Premium version.This app uses the DeviceAdministratorpermission and Accessibility services.
Antivirus 2017 1.2.0
Using Antivirus 2017 for Android phonesandtablets you’ll receive effective, easy-to-use virus andmalwareprotection, as well as a real-time app scanner.Antivirus 2017 is must have mobile security app and its freetodownload from Google Play.Features Antivirus 2017✔ Real-time protection✔ Ultra fast scanning engine✔ Defends against malicious apps, viruses, malware andspyware✔ App Lock✔ Scan SD Card for infected files.✔ Setup automatic scanning time.✔ Safe your phone from phishing attacks.✔ Supported Language : English, Française, Português,BahasaIndonesia, Italiano, العربية, ภาษาไทย, Tiếng Việt, 日本語,한국어,中文(简体), 中文(繁體)Deutsch, Português do Brasil, Pусский,Türk,Español,NOTE: Please read the Privacy Policy Statement before Acceptingtheit upon downloading the app. If you wish not to AcceptPrivacyPolicy Statement then please don’t download the app.-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------
Antivirus - Virus Cleaner & Phone Security [PRO] 2.7
Antivirus - Virus Cleaner & PhoneSecurityfor Android Security helps protect your phones and tabletsfromharmful viruses, malware, spyware and dangerous textmessages.Especially, Antivirus will keep your personal data safewith "applocker" feature. No more worries about private picturesormessages. Let's download Antivirus - Mobile Security totrynow!With Antivirus - Virus Cleaner, you’ll receive effective virus&malware protection, as well as a phone locator, app locker,taskkiller, call blocker, WiFi Scanner to help shield you fromthreatsto your privacy and online identity.Virus Removal & Mobile Security Features:★ Super Virus Cleaner - Keep your device safeAntivirus - Virus Cleaner detects virus & malware bycustomizedscan and removes virus and malware.Phone Security - Mobile Security protects phone and alsoyourpersonal information against malware, anti spyware,andhackers.★ App Locker - Smart App LockMobile Security helps lock sensitive apps to protect yourprivacyand safety or lock your phone settings to secure itsconfiguration.You can add extra password protection to any apps youwant. Lockyour private apps by using PIN and keep your secret safefromsnoopers.★ Call BlockerPhone Security can lock all unwanted calls. You can add numbersorcontacts to the blocklist at any time. Your blocked callhistorycan also be reviewed later. Get the smart Call Blocker fromMobileSecurity 2017 now. No more harassment.★ WiFi SecurityAntivirus - Phone Security protects your wifi by detecting wifispy.Virus Removal also helps you feel free to surf theinternet.★ Memory Junk CleanerVirus Cleaner - Phone Cleaner cleans app cache, residual files,adjunk, unused package and memory cache.Android security deletes all types of junk files (systemcache,image cache, video cache and advertisement cache) to free upthestorage space.★ Apps ManagerFree Antivirus scans apps and cleans up wasted files★ CPU CoolerAnalyze the CPU usage dynamically and detect applications thatareoverusing the CPU to determine the cause ofphone'soverheating.Allow you to disable the overheating apps with a simple clicktoreduce CPU usage and cool your phone.★ RAM BoosterDetect inefficient apps that waste battery and slow yourAndroiddown;Go through your phone and clean up your system memory,increasingthe performance of your phone or tablet and improvingyour batterylife★ Battery SaverInstantly find and fix battery power consumption issues bystoppingthe power-draining apps from running.Moniter the power consumption of all running applications anddetailthe application manager.Clean your system garbage to prolong battery life.If you have any comments or suggestions, please let us know. Wecareabout your feedback!
Anti Adware 3.6
Advanced Adware protection for mobile. Adware remover with aliveprotection mode optionIs your device safe from threats? AntiAdWaredetects adwares on your phone or tablet and easily offers youtoremove them. The live protection automatically alerts you ifanadware or malware is found when you install a new appA lot ofAdNetworks now push ads to the standard Android notificationbar,install icons on the mobile desktop, modify browser bookmarksanddefault homepage. With Anti Adware, you will be able to knowwhichapp is responsible for these ads and will be able to removethemeasily. Anti Adware improves your security. Keep your mobilesafeand don't hesitate to use also antivirus.Currently detectedAdNetworks includes:• AdFonic• AdKnowledge• Admia• AdMob•Aduru•AdWhirl• AirAd• AirPush• Appenda• Burstly• Casee• Cauly•InMobi•JumpTap• LeadBolt• LogiaAd• MDotM• Medialets• Millennial•MobClix•MobFox• MOcean• Moolah Media• MoPub• Pontiflex• Smaato•StartApp•Youmi• ZestAdz• PingJam• AppFlood• TapContext•AppGrade•MobileCore• AppWiz• Adbuddiz• GamesChart• StartAppPostCalland alot more...Permissions:INTERNET: to update adwaredatabaseVIBRATE:when an adware is detected
Antivirus & Mobile Security
Free Antivirus and Mobile Security for Android smartphoneswithenhanced features. Quick Heal Mobile Security protects yourphonefrom viruses, infected and harmful apps. It lets you lock appsandblock unknown calls. It scans apps before you download themfromGoogle Play and also scans apps in the background to ensuretheyare safe. Additionally, it lets you upgrade to premiumfeaturessuch as SafePe (for safe mobile banking) and ParentalControl.Tolearn more,visit This appusesthe Device Administrator permission.Features & Benefits :★AppLock lets you lock Android applications with a secure PIN.★Wi-FiScan alerts you whenever your mobile device detects anunsecuredWi-Fi network. Connecting to such networks can letattackers stealyour sensitive information.★ Scan Before Downloadautomaticallyscans apps even before you download them from theGoogle PlayStore. It also informs you whether an app is safe toinstall ornot.★ Scans your apps once they are installed.★ FingerPrint Unlocklets you unlock instantly with your fingerprint for allthecompatible devices.★ Call Filter blocks unwanted incomingcalls.★Quick Heal RDM allows you to access various features on yourdevicewhen the device is not physically accessible.★ BackgroundScaninspects every downloaded app to ensure it’s safe. Theantivirusengine also scans the entire device for viruses and othermaliciousprograms.★ Anti-Theft prevents your device from beingmisused byallowing remote lock and data wipe. The mobile trackinganti-theftfeature also helps you track your device in case it islost orstolen.★ Intruder Detection takes snapshots of anyone whotries tounlock your phone with a wrong PIN.★ Privacy Advisor helpsyoureview apps installed on your phone and their permissions whichmayaffect your privacy.★ Security Advisor guides you aboutthesettings that affect the overall security of your smartphone.★CallForwarding allows you to forward all incoming calls toapredetermined number. This procedure can be configured viatheRemote Device Management portal. ★ Share App allows you toshareyour Quick Heal Mobile Security app with other Androiddevices.★Register with TRAI allows you to register your number withthe DNDservice of India. You can also raise a complaint with TRAIagainstunwanted numbers. (Only available in India)★ Activitygivesin-depth reports on all the activities carried out by QuickHealMobile Security on your Android device.★ Regular AutomatedVirusUpdates take automatic virus definition updates.★ SecurityShielddisplays the security level of your device and dataprotectionstatus through a graphical representation.★ QuickSettingsNotification gives you one-touch access to various devicesettingssuch as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Mobile Data, Brightness, andTorch.★Trusted SIMs List is beneficial for users using multipleSIMs.★Message Center brings to you the latest news on mobileprotection,security alerts, Offers and other important informationrelated toIT security and web security.Follow us onFacebook: us onTwitter: us onGoogle+: our officialblog:
Antivirus Pro for Android™ 1.4.1
Free Antivirus in real time to increase security forAndroid™devices.Antivirus Pro for Android™ (free) protects youfromviruses, malware, spyware, and helps to keep your personaldatasafe.Analyze applications, security settings, files, and mediainreal time to search for applications, viruses, malwareandmalicious spyware.The most important is that Antivirus ProforAndroid™ provides proactive security protection againstpotentiallydangerous applications that may disclose your personalinformationor content that use the battery or excessively data orhave anintrusive behavior.Antivirus Pro for Android™ allows you tocontrolyour mobile experience.Features:• App Advisor with ProToolMobileInsight, verify AUTOMATICALLY applications for potentialsecurityand privacy risks, excessive battery usage or data orintrusivebehavior• Anti-Malware with ProTool Mobile Insight,detectsmalicious applications and viruses• Fast and professionalengine,The professional search algorithms on the device and in thecloudprovide rapid analysis and virus detection in depth toincreasesecurity• Lightweight and reduced battery consumption,Consumesless phone memory and battery power than other mobilesecurityapplications, providing the most comprehensive mobileprotection•Totally freeOur advanced social antivirus algorithm isupdatedregularly and allows analyzing the latest security threatsto yourandroid.Contact us:E-mail: [email protected]+:®, Google Maps™and Android™ aretrademarks of Google, Inc., registered in the USand othercountries
Antivirus for Android 2.4.0
★★★ Over 13,500,000 Threats Caught! ★★★Antivirus forAndroidprevents the spread of viruses and malware that affect bothAndroidand Windows by detecting them on your device before theygetspread.Antivirus for Android has a proprietary real timeprotectionscanning engine that scans both apps and files forviruses andmalware as you install them. Antivirus for Android isone of theonly securityapplications that scans files and looksinsidecompressed zip files as they are created or changed onyourdevice's storage!Itus Mobile Security has put their besteffortsforward to ensure that Antivirus for Android is as simple asit canget.Antivirus for Android Features★ State of the artscanningengine built for Android★ Real time protection scans apps,files,and looks inside zip files as you install them★ Deep scanwill scanthe entire contents of your apps for deeply embeddedviruses andmalware★ Scans the files on your SD card for bothAndroid andWindows viruses★ Beautiful simple interface★ Optimizedfor tablets★Voice notifications when threats are detected★Analytics shows howmany total viruses and threats are caught byAntivirus for Androidevery day!Test & Compare UsTo test justhow good Antivirus forAndroid is you can get our Test Virus app onGoogle Play at us against the competitionby downloadingour Test Virus. Some competitors will detect theinstallation ofthe test virus application. How many will detect thetest virus itextracts? Very few.How many will detect the test virusembedded ina zip file it extracts? Almost none! Give it a try foryourself andsee how Antivirus for Android blows awaythecompetition!SocialFacebook:
AVS Antivirus 2017 1.1.1
AVS Antivirus 2017AVS Antivirus 2017 for Android devices to help protectyoufromharmful viruses, malware, spyware.AVS Antivirus 2017 is right here do deal with all issueswhichslowdown your android device performance! Helps you to clearalljunkfiles, force stop apps running in background, scan thesystemandapps to keep your phone safe. What‘s more, you candeleteunusedapp with Apps Manager, cool down CPU temperature, andlockyourprivate apps with Clean Android. Morefeatures,moreconvenient.Main features of AVS Antivirus 2017 :✔Free Antivirus✔ Scan apps and games, files, media in real-time protection.✔ Find My Phone | Anti-theft (New!)Allows you to locate, lock and alarm your lost device. Youcanalsowipe data from your lost phone to protect your privacyandavoidfurther loss.✔ Applock Mobile SecurityProtect your apps & your privacy with pattern password.Lockyourphotos, gallery and messages from other people. No worryaboutyourchildren from buying unwanted apps/games withthissafetyfeatures.✔Quiet NotificationsThere are always many annoying notifications when we usethephone.Clean Android helps gather and block alltheunimportantnotifications to make them quiet and clean, phonebeingmoreeffectient ,antivirus privacy.✔Mobile Security & Antivirus tablet antivirusScan the system,My Android Cleaner pre-installedanduser-installedapps to keep your phone safe from Block andremovemalicious virus,protect your device in real time .✔Memory Card ScanScans the files and zip files on your SD card and internalmemoryforviruses and malware that can cause havoc to allofyourdevices.✔Caches CleanerClean junk files. Save you more available memory & space.✔ Supported LanguageDeutsch, Español, English, Française, Português, PortuguêsdoBrasil,Pусский, Türk, Bahasa Indonesia, Italiano,العربية,ภาษาไทย, TiếngViệt, 日本語, 한국어, 中文(简体), 中文(繁體)NB : Please Read Privacy policy Befor DownloadingAVSAntivirus2017.
Super Antivirus & Virus Cleaner (Applock, Cleaner) 1.0.3
Nozzle Ltd
Super Antivirus & Virus Cleaner isthebest security apps for feature phones with antivirus, viruscleaner2018 faster and most powerful.Antivirus and Mobile Security apps for android completely freeandhelp protect the most reliable phone. With supportantivirusapplication protects your phone, help virus killer,android virusremover the device and find out the malware and removethem,quickly clear the virus; Antivirus Security Protection alsoofferadvice for virus remover for android .Phone antivirus software eliminates viruses, protect yourphonethreats to destroy all other unwanted. Antivirus for androidworkssuper fast, lightweight and extremely secure, Super Antivirus&Security antivirus software is the best android, it isoptimized onyour Android phone and is widely trusted. Discovery ofTrojanhorses, system vulnerabilities, antivirus malware trojan,spyware,viruses telephone and adware on your Android device andremovethem.Keep your Android device safe and secure with apps to clean upthevirus in mobile free Antivirus & Virus Cleaner Super.Antivirusfor android, remove malware with mobile phone viruscleanersoftware on our mobile. Applications helps remove virusandroiddestroy spyware and ensure your phone is always absolutelysafe.Free app cleaner and virus remover to protect your phoneandprotect your phone against threats.Feature Highlights Antivirus & Virus Cleaner Super:➤ 5MB storage applications➤ Protection laminated fix system remove virusandroid,vulnerabilities and scan new apps➤ Remove the malware, android virus cleaner and spyware.➤ Phone security anti malware and virus protection free➤ To protect your personal data, protect phone from hackers➤ antivirus for android phones➤ Best mobile antivirus and internet security for android, bestappto remove virus➤ Protection 24/7 phone help protect your smartphone frompotentialthreats➤ Auto anti virus scan in mobile, malware and virus remover➤ Quick and convenient as the scanning only takes a fewseconds,faster than 200%➤ Lock private apps contain confidential information➤ Disconnect the action slows your device➤ Virus and protect your phone and optimize storagecapacity(internal memory and SD card)➤ Free virus scanner and remover for android, virus malware andspydetection➤ Free (Ads)➤ Anti virus protection for android software to help protectthesafety device➤ Easily downloaded to your phone virus cleaner, virus deletePlease download anti virus shield security software on yourphoneto use and rated 5 * antivirus 2018 app for your phone tosupportthe developers.
AntiVirus for Android - 2018
AntiVirus Mobile Security - Protects your Android mobile phoneortablet against viruses, malware and spyware. FreeProtection.Newsystem and barrier from contemporary types ofthreats, viruses andtrojans which have already learned how tooverride many out-of-datesecurity systems and can easily andinvisibly intrude into mobiledevices. Just let your phone taste newsecurity module engine, andvery soon you will be convinced inefficiency of our AntivirusAndroid 2018 software.► SpeedBoosterClean your phone system andboost your device.► Security& AntivirusWe can lock for you:►Selected applications►Installing / Uninstalling apps► Play Store►Browser► Settings►AppLock Hide Private Chats ► Lock your Apps, ex:Viber, WhatsApp andFacebook► No one can find out your secrets!►Multi-Protection: Fixsystem vulnerabilities and scan new apps,file systems and websitesto ensure your device's safety and yourprivacy in real-time. ►AppLock & VaultLock your photos,gallery and messages fromprying eyes and nosy friendsPrevent yourchildren from buyingunwanted apps/games ► Find Phone |Anti-TheftLocate your phone on amapMake the device yell to findit.Lock the device to protect yourprivacy.► APP & SYSTEMSCANNERScan pre-installed and installedapps and the file system tokeep your phone safe from virus, trojan,vulnerability, adware,malware and spyware.► SD CARD SCANScanexternal SD cards thoroughlyto detect and delete threats.► JunkCleaner (Cache Cleaner)►ON-INSTALL SCANPrevent harm to your devicewith real-time scanningof new applications and updates.► SCHEDULEDSCANRoutine automaticscanning allows for passive security.►Realtime protectionScaninstalled apps and local APK files in real timeand also monitoreach installation process.► SMS FILTERBlockunwanted incoming SMSmessages.► CALL BLOCKINGPrevent harassment byblocking unwantedphone calls.► SAFE BROWSINGBlock malicious URLsand protectyourself against phishing websites with instantwarningnotifications. Surf the web protected.► Wi-fi scannerAnalyzeWi-Finetworks around you! Scan Wi-Fi networks and avoid threats►AppManagerManage apps, APK files and move files to SD card►NetworkTraffic Stats | Data usageMonitor your data usage sincedevicerestart. ► PrivacyProtect your calls, text messages, contacts&appsProvides insights about installed apps and helps youunderstandyour apps’ access rights and permissions.► AddetectorScan andprotect your phone from potential privacyviolations and identityleaks through ads displayed by apps via themost commonly usedadvertising networks.► BackupSave phone space bybackup, restore,transfer apps.► Security advisor► FinanceprotectorThis app usesthe Device Administrator permission.Supportedlanguages: English,Russian, Spanish, German, Portuguese
AT&T Mobile Security 2.0.13-faf88fc
AT&T Mobile Security helps protect your phone frommalware,viruses, and system threats. An all-in-one mobile securityapp thatprovides proactive detection and malware/virus protectionfor yourAndroid phone. AT&T Mobile Security Basic: AT&TMobileSecurity protection includes the following Free* features:AppSecurity• Scans apps and files for malware and viruses.•Helpsprotect you from unsafe apps and files.System Advisor•Notifies youif the operating system has been tampered with.AlsoincludesAT&T Call Protect for more control over nuisance callsat noadditional charge. *App download may incur datachargesAT&TMobile Security Plus:AT&T Mobile Security Plusincludes all thefunctionality of AT&T Mobile Security Basicfree features, plusadditional security to protect your device, yourdata and yourprivacy. • Secure Wi-Fi VPN (Virtual Private Network):Helpsprotect your data over open (unencrypted) Wi-Fi networks. •BreachReports: Get alerts about company data breaches along withhelpfultips. • Theft Alerts: Get an email if suspicious activityisdetected on your phone. “This app uses the DeviceAdministratorpermission” Avail. for AT&T postpaid and businesswirelesscustomers with eligible wireless service. Excludesgovernment andAT&T PREPAID. Compatible device req’d andincludes AT&T HDVoice-enabled Android smartphones. Smartphonessold by othercarriers may not be eligible.A monthly recurringcharge of $3.99per month is required for AT&T Mobile Securityand Call ProtectPlus. Learn more MobileSecurity & CallProtect: Service includes access to AT&TMobile Security andAT&T Call Protect. Req’s download ofseparate apps. AT&TMobile Security: When Mobile Security appis installed, Call Protectfeatures like Automatic Fraud Blockingand Suspected Spam Warningwill be enabled. App Monitor: AT&TMobile Security is notguaranteed to detect or protect against allviruses and malware;detect or protect against all rooting; norprevent data breaches ordevice theft. AT&T Call Protect:Automatic Fraud Blocking: Mayinadvertently block wanted calls;settings can be adjusted to turnoff blocking or allow specificallydesignated numbers. SuspectedSpam Warning: Must be in AT&T HDVoice coverage area forsuspected spam call alerts. Suspected spammay include servicemessages and/or other permitted calls. AT&TMobile Security& Call Protect Plus $3.99/mo. Serviceauto-renews every 30 daysunless canceled. Cancel anytime withineither app. Learn more aboutmanaging your features, by callingcustomer service at800.331.0500 (or dialing 611 from wirelessphone). Custom CallBlocking: Suspected spam calls are automaticallysent to voicemail.All call settings can be adjusted to allow,block, or send tovoicemail based on your preference. Managesettings via app.Enhanced Caller ID: Must be in AT&T HD Voicecoverage area tobe alerted to caller name and location. ReverseNumber Lookup:Limited to 100 queries per user within 24-hourperiod. Secure Wi-FiVPN: Automatically enabled only when yourdevice joins an open(unencrypted) Wi-Fi network. Does not work whenusing certain videostreaming apps. Not available while roaminginternationally.Eligibility: Avail. for AT&T consumer andbusiness (except forgovernment) postpaid wireless customers witheligible service. Notavailable for AT&T PREPAID customers.Device requirements:Compatible device is required and includesAT&T HDVoice-enabled Android smartphones. Phones sold by othercarriers ordirect from device manufacturers may not be elig. Rates:Includesaccess to both services but requires download of separateapps.Data charges may apply for app download and usage. Otherchargesand restr. may apply.For complete terms for AT&TMobileSecurity, see For complete termsforAT&T Call Protect, see
Power Security-Anti Virus, Phone Cleaner 2.0.0
🏆 Google Play top-ranking mobile security antivirusapp🏆PowerSecurity is a free antivirus app that deeply scans yourdevice forany mobile security threats and protects your Androidphone fromvirus, malware, adware and spyware.Power Security is amobile phonesecurity pro & antivirus app, built with powerfulmobilesecurity service, phone cleaner & speed boosterwidgets,especially the security anti virus scanner, mobile viruscleanermaster, phone memory space cleaner, system cache cleanermaster,phone speed booster mobile, and spam call blocker.Besidesmobilevirus scan & free anti virus clean, this free mobilesecurityantivirus protection app offers:• WiFi Scanner &NetworkAnalyzer: for WiFi safety and WiFi speedtest/check• CPUCooler Master: cool down phone CPUtemperature(monitor)• Battery Saver Pro: effective batterypowerconsumption• Notification Manager: clear & fullprivacyscreen message security notification bar• MessageSecurityProtector: hide message content preview on notification barwithmessage security service• Gallery Vault Locker forPrivacyRisk: uses Gallery vault pro full privacy lock to locksecret photoalbum & video, then keep privacy safe• AppLocker forPrivacy Lock: keep sensitive content safe in importantapps withpassword protection• Privacy Cleaner Master: forinternetsecurity to keep privacy safe & web protection forsafebrowsing• Spam Call Blocker: for real-time callsecurity,identify fraud call numbers and auto block spamcalls/unwantedcalls• Phone Status Monitor: for Android phone'sreal-timestatus monitor & mobile security antivirusPowerSecurity -Antivirus, Phone Cleaner Master & Phone SpeedBoosterPowerSecurity is a top antivirus app with mobile securityservice &antivirus engine that deeply scans virus for mobilesecurity riskand ensures Android phone security with anti virusprotection,malware protection, anti-spyware detector, privacy risk&adware blocker.1. Anti Virus Protection with Mobile VirusScanner,Virus Detector & Virus RemoverThis phone security pro&free antivirus app will protect device safety withantivirusengine, WiFi spyware detector, trojan, anti malwareprotection andantivirus scanner & anti virus cleaner, whichkeep device fromphone security threat & privacy risk. Full antivirusprotection deep scanning:• Phone virus detector, virusremover& virus killer is for mobile virus clean, virus scan andantimalware removal• WiFi spy/safety scanning is forDNS/SSLhijacking, app attack & WiFi passwordencryptioncheck• Online safety/threat scanning is for webprotection& use privacy cleaner to remove full privacy risk2.Real-timeMobile Phone Security Service & Protection AppThismobilesecurity antivirus app will deeply scan installed apps inrealtime, and do auto virus scan & virus clean, anti-spywareandanti malware removal.3. WiFi Safety Check & SpeedAnalyzerThismobile phone security pro & free antivirus app willdetect andidentify phishing Wi-Fi network, monitor network trafficandprotect phone's online safety with security service & antiWiFispy.4. Powerful Phone Speed Booster & RAM BoosterPowerSecurityphone booster mobile will kill background app, clean appcache& boost mobile phone speed.5. System Cache Cleaner Pro&Junk Cleaner MasterPhone memory full? No phone storage spaceforphotos? Need to clear/clean cache? You can do phone memoryfulldeep file scan, clear cache & clean junk files withPowerSecurity phone cleaner master, to release phone memoryspace.6.Smart App Locker for App LockApp Locker is a smart applockforprivacy lock with password protection. It locks important appstoprotect privacy lock information & keep privacy safe.*Callblocker needs permissions to access your phone & readcallhistory & contacts.* Email: [email protected]
Antivirus & Mobile Security 1.1.2
Just try Security Android 2016, the mobile security guard toprotectyour mobile security,protect Android devices from harmfulvirus.Security Antivirus Android to clean the RAM and speed upyour phonesecurity. The best deep power cleaning app.gosecurity!Your bestphone security protection and privacy guard& APPLock security Antivirus gratis! Itprotects your Androiddevices with functions of Security andanti-theft, and ensures yourInternet SecurityDeeply Scan andRemove Virus!Even without internetconnection! Download Securityapps Android now! Security apps 2016free helps you: - To detectTrojans.- To prevent informationleakage.- To detect maliciousdeduction.- To detect malicioussoftware.- To prevent systemdamage.- To detect the remote control.-To detect the hackerblackmail.- To detect the fraud tricked SMS.Thefunction of killingvirus only takes you the memory of 2M!Have youever faced theseproblems? 1. When browsing the web or download themalware threats,you didn’t notice, the toxin gets active into yourphone.2. Phonealways becomes lagging after using several months,then you have toreboot it.3. Storage becomes smaller and smaller,you should oftenclean photos and files and learn to masterarranging. What can FREESecurity software do for you?★ Scan theapplication program, anddelete the malicious content.★ Clean junkfiles.★ Clean junk APK.★Turn off unnecessary background apps.★ Turnoff unnecessarywidgets.★ Boost up your phone.Security free,downloaded for androidusers.Security App free, protecting security,your privacyguard.Download for Free Now!※ Lite, Easy and Fast!※Full clean foryour phone! ram boostersecurity Give your phone 360°speedboost.Security app is a gratis Optimizer and Android Security is Lite and fastSecurity & Clean(cleanermobilemaster)can help you to detect to clean the junk files, topreventunnecessary apps consuming too much power andenlargestorage.Download this FREE cleaner & booster master, Itcanboost the speed of your phone by up to 80%! With theadvancedtechnology, Security smartly clears RAM and releasesbackgroundapps, including some apps that haven'tbeenrooted.-----------FEATURE-----------☆ mobile securityliteScanningapplications, apk to detect malicious applications,viruses,malware and spyware.☆ RAM cleaner Detect the health of yourphone,Antivirus and junk files in seconds. Make it easy to enlargephonestorage. ☆ APPLOCKAppLock can lock your gallery from pryingeyesand nosy friends . To be your privacy guard !AppLock can lockanyapp you choose. Prevent unauthorized access and guard privacy.Ensure security ! ☆ Super cleanerSoftware usesaccessibilityfeatures and helps you to stop unnecessary apps andclean hiddenjunk files. Make your phone to become smoother.The bestSecuritygratis gives your phone 360 ° speed boost. You deserve tochoose!▲Choose Security, can provide you the first-class free,anti-virusand security virus protection, it can keep away harmfulvirus,malware, spyware and spy SMS, and protect yourpersonalinformation. ▲ Choose Security gratis, your phone will beturbocleaner, you will never worry about lacking of enoughstorage.▲Choose Security gratuito ,great booster, you will neverworry aboutlag of is the cleaner master, Boost upyour speed injust one tap.Security A free app!Security gratis, thebest smartCleaner Mobile Master & virus protection, thesmartest privacyguard . Give your phone 360 ° speed boost.Descargarsecuritygratis!SecurityCommunities[email protected]