Top 49 Games Similar to Twirling Astronaut Space Jump

ISS onLive: HD View Earth Live 4.3.1
Do you like Space or Astronomy? Did you know you can seetheInternational Space Station with your own eyes passing overyou?And see Earth from International Space Station liketheastronauts?Then you will like ISS onlive App.ISS onLiveprovidesyou with the most spectacular of the International SpaceStation onyour phone or tablet: watching the Earth live from space.You canenjoy watching the land from ISS cameras in HD quality. Seeplaceslike Africa or Australia from space over 400km above sealevel!Itis the closest experience to seeing the earth throughtheEarth-facing Cupola window of the ISS.Through the integratedmapyou will be able to see the position of the ISS at all timesandknow exactly where it is. The map is configurable (map type)anddisplays information about ISS telemetry such aslatitude,longitude, altitude and speed.You can also configure thevisibilityof the orbits, the night/day zone of the earth and thevisibilitylimits of both the ISS and yours.In addition, in thedrawing of theorbits will also appear in yellow the visible pathsof the ISS, toknow when you can see it with the naked eye.There are4 videostreams available: - HDEV (HD Live Earth Viewing Experiment)Camera- Live HD Video streaming view of our planet. - ISS SDsecondarycameras / onboard cameras - Another live video stream thatprovidesEarth views, ISS interior views, astronaut experiments,etc. -NasaTV Channel - TV service of the United States governmentagencyNASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). -NasaTVMedia ChannelYou can watch two channels at the same time inyourdevice, feature specially designed to follow spacewalks, orwatchthe two live cameras.Includes Chromecast support to send thevideostreams to your TV, and watch 3 video channels at the sametimeincluding your device.You can also capture images and recordvideosto share them on social networks.Have you seen theInternationalSpace Station?This is the easiest way to spot thestation, with ISSVisible Passes Detector.ISS onLive App will tellyou when and whereto look for the International Space Station. Youwill never miss apass of the ISS.With ISS onLive you can getnotifications of thefollowing events: - Sunrise and sunsets in ISS(about 15 times in aday) - When ISS passes over you to see yourlocation from space(day passes) - When ISS will be visible with thenaked eye! -Special events like spacewalks, spaceships launchesandothers.Twitter: @ISSonLiveNotes for video transmissionproblemsfrom ISS:When ISS (International Space Station) is on thenightside of Earth, the video image is black, which isnormal.Sometimesvideo is not available due to transmission issuesor when the crewis changing cameras. In such cases, usually youwill have a blue ora blank screen. In few minutes the transmissionshould return, so,please be patient. This is not an app issue.Aboutvideo stream:-Black/Blue Image = International Space Station (ISS)is on thenight side of the Earth.- No Audio = Normal. There is noaudio bydesign.
Solar Walk Lite - Planetarium 3D: Planets System
An awesome 3D model of our Solar system foryouto explore space! Solar Walk Lite - Planetarium app 3Dis atime-sensitive space simulator showing the real orbits, order,scaleand motion of the Sun, allowing you to explore all the 8planets inreal time, more than 20 moons, dwarfs, asteroids,comets, 9 Earthsatellites, 9 dwarf planets and more than 50 stars.You can find andexplore any celestial body with this amazing solarsystem app!***BEST OF 2016***The Lite version of the well-known space simulator isabsolutelyfree, ad-supported and very small in size but containsall the mainfeatures and objects of our Solar system.NO INTERNET CONNECTION IS REQUIRED!The app works perfectly without Internet connection (exceptforgallery and Wikipedia).Explore space and get a little closer to our wonderful universewiththis awesome 3d model of our Solar system!Main Features:💫 Space simulator: realistic space view with real-timepositions,order, size, the inner structure of Solar system planetsand moons,their orbits, stars, comets, satellites and othercelestialbodies.💫 Every planet and the celestial body has an extensiveinformation:size, mass, orbital velocity, exploratory missions, thethicknessof structural layers, and photo gallery with real photostaken bytelescopes or NASA spacecraft during the spacemissions.💫 Orrery Mode on/off - to see the schematic or realistic sizesanddistances between the space objects.💫 Anaglyph 3D on/off - if you have anaglyph 3D glasses youcanchoose this option to navigate through the universe and enjoythebeauty of space.💫 Zoom-in to see objects in close up and Zoom-out to seetheposition of our Solar system in Galaxy.💫 3D models of spacecraft in the application are based onscientificdata collected by ESA and NASA spacecraft andground-basedtelescopes.The best encyclopedia of the Solar system!This is a great planetarium 3D app for the space explorers. Itworksgreat for both kids and adults. Kids love learning aboutspace, andthe amazing graphics and information provided in thisspacesimulator make it engaging and captivating. Kids will alsoenjoy"travel" through space to get an up-close view of theplanets,moons, and stars. In fact, adults may not be able to putthis appdown either!This space simulator is excellent for teachers to useforinstruction, and it is a great resource for students toexploreplanets and space as they learn more about the universe welive in.With Solar Walk Lite - Planetarium app 3D you don'tneed atelescope to see the planets for real.This 3D model of our solar system is a must-have for allspaceenthusiasts! Explore space with Solar Walk Lite!Main Objects to explore:Planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus, Neptune.Moons: Phobos, Deimos, Callisto, Ganymede, Europa,Io,Hyperion, Iapetus, Titan, Rhea, Dione, Tethys, Enceladus,Mimas,Oberon, Titania, Umbriel, Ariel, Miranda, Triton, Larissa,Proteus,Nereid, CharonDwarfs and asteroids: Pluto, Ceres, Makemake, Haumea,Sedna,Eris, ErosComets: Hale-Bopp, Borrelly, Halley’sComet,Ikeya-ZhangSatellites: SEASAT, ERBS, Hubble SpaceTelescope,International Space Station (ISS), Aqua, Envisat, Suzaku,Daichi,CORONAS-PhotonStars: Sun, Sirius, Betelgeuse, Rigel Kentaurus.Get this amazing free app now and explore space with us!
AstroMan - Bir Garip Astronot 2.2.3
Uzaydasın ve gök taşlarından kaçıyorsun. En fazla nereyekadarkaçabileceksin? Karaktere basıp, taşlardan kaç bakalım en uzunsürekimin olacak? Süreni #astroman hashtagiyle Facebook, Twitterveyaİnstagram hesaplarından paylaşmayı unutma.İyi/kötü yorum yapçünküsenin isteklerine göre düzenleyeceğiz.Bu oyun FourdotBilişimtarafından geliştirilmiştir.fourdotbilisim.comFacebook&Twitter @fourdotTRYou're runningaway from the outerspace and celestial stone. Up to where so fewcan? Press thecharacter, let's see how many of the stones will bethe longestwhom? #astro Time with the man hashtags on Facebook, donot forgetto share in Twitter or Instagram account.Good / badcomment becausewe arrange according to your wishes.This game wasdeveloped byFourdot IT.I fourdotbilisim.coFacebook & Twitterare @fourdott
Solar Walk 2 Free:Space Missions and Spacecraft 3D
Meet this awesome 3D model of our solar system to explorespace,spacecraft, and planets in real time without visiting arealplanetarium. Solar Walk 2 Free:Space Missions and Spacecraft 3Disa digital guide of our solar system and a great alternative totheold paper atlases for exploring the universe and learningaboutspace exploration.Explore planets and space in the finestdetailswith encyclopedia of the solar system 🌏 🌕 🚀With thisinteractiveplanetarium 3D you can travel to the outer space,explore planetsin real time, watch satellites, comets and any othercelestialbody, get acquainted with the outstanding space missionsandspectacular 3D models of spacecraft, study celestial eventcalendarwith various astronomical events, learn interestingastronomyfacts. This solar system app is great for both adults andkids👪With Solar Walk 2 Free:Space Missions and Spacecraft 3D youwillget a visual representation of our solar system andspaceexploration! Main features:✭Planetarium - 3D model of oursolarsystem✭The app is a spectacular 3D model of our solarsystemshowing planets in real time, stars, moons, satellites,asteroids,comets, dwarf planets and other celestial bodies. Allcelestialbodies are represented in their correct positions in realtime.General and detailed information, inner structure andvariousastronomy facts are provided in an understandable way.✭3Dmodels ofspacecraft & Space exploration✭Solar Walk 2 Freeintroduces youto the history of space exploration and theoutstanding spacemissions in the finest details. Only with SolarWalk 2 you will beable to see highly-elaborated, realistic 3Dmodels of spaceships,satellites and interplanetary stations in realaction. You will seewhere they started, track the real trajectoryof their flight path,watch gravitational maneuvers, view realpictures made during themission.*✭Astronomical calendar✭Use theastronomical calendar thatincludes various celestial events (solareclipse, lunar eclipse,the moon phases), and other astronomicalevents related to spaceexploration (the launching of satellites,the first landing on themoon, etc). Observe the universe in realtime or select any dateand time and see what happens.*✭Visualeffects✭Solar systemsimulator. Stunning graphics and visuals willamaze you with thebeauty and realness! The textures are reproducedperfectly for youto experience the aesthetic pleasure!✭Spacesimulation3D✭Navigation is extremely convenient - you can observeany planetat the desired angle and visual effects and shadows addto thesensation of the cosmic atmosphere.Interactive spaceencyclopediaSolar Walk 2 Free will satisfy the thirst for knowledgeof allspace lovers!* Available with In-App Purchases. In-AppPurchaseswill not remove ads from the app.
Spacecraft AR 1.1
Created by NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory, thisstunningeducational app uses native mobile augmented reality tobringspacecraft explorers from across the solar system to whateverspaceyou’re in. Find a flat surface and view interactive 3D modelsrightin front of you, scaled to table-top size or in theirtrue-to-lifeproportions. Take pics with the spacecraft in yourfavoriteenvironments, and explore detailed info about theirfascinatingmissions. This tool is excellent for budding astronauts,teachers,and space enthusiasts. Bring NASA’s journey of explorationto lifein the classroom, home, or anywhere.Features: Interact with3Dspacecraft models of the Curiosity rover, SMAP, Voyager, Juno,andCassini, plus the 70-Meter Deep Space Network AntennaLearnaboutmissions that explore Earth, Mars, and beyondTrue-to-lifeandadjustable size interactionIn-depth information about eachspacemissionCamera functionality
Space Adventures: Flight to the Moon 1.0.3
Each of us has ever dreamed of flying into space. Now you havesucha wonderful opportunity. We present to your attention anewdevelopment game for kids - "Space Adventures: Flight totheMoon".For a long time people have turned their eyes to thestarrysky and dreamed of revealing all its secrets. Especially theywereattracted by a very close, but at the same time suchmysteriousplanet - the moon.Well, young astronaut, get ready to go.Yourspaceship is tucked in and ready for departure.Thisinteresting,fun and colorful game was created especially for youngpioneers. Init, your little ones will have to build their ownmissile forflight and plow the expanses of immense space on it. Butyourflight will be very difficult. In space, you will be trappedinmany surprises and dangers.During the flight you will come acrossalot of meteorites, from which you will need to skillfullyevade.Also with you there will be a space accident, and you, like arealinterstellar mechanic in open space, will do repairs toyourspacecraft, and you will have a small general cleaning ofouterspace, repair the failed moon equipment and engage in battlewithsmall evil lunatics.Our children's educational games are goodinthat they will help your kids in a playful way developthequalities necessary in the further life - color perceptionandmemory, fine motor skills, logical thinking and attentiveness,andthis game also belongs to the category - the game of reaction.Withher, your child will not be bored.All you need is to downloadourspace games, and go on a space trip to meet dangers andfunadventures. Be sure to visit our and wearealsoat:Youtube:
3D Space Walk Astronaut Simulator Shuttle Game 2.0.1
Get ready for an intense 3D space walk astronaut simulation game!Ifyou are a fan of space games, love space shuttles, spacestations,and have always wondered what it would be like to be anastronautand perform a space walk, then this game is for you!!Using avariety of space suit controls, you will need to keep youreye onoxygen and fuel tank levels, as you carefully guide yourastronautback to the docking bay of the space shuttle and spacestation. Thismight sound easy, but you will quickly realize thatcontrolling anastronaut in space is NOTHING like you've everimagined. Too muchthrust, and you will overshoot the space stationand you'll be lostin space. Not enough thrust, and you wont goanywhere. 3D Space WalkAstronaut Simulator is by far the mostrealistic space walk game youwill ever play! Check it out!PLEASENOTE: We are working on a LOT ofupdates to this game. Please giveus your feedback.. but please benice.. :)
ISS HD Live: View Earth Live 5.2.6
VKL Apps
Have you seen the Earth from International Space Station liketheastronauts? It is visible in a 24/7 live video streaming!Ifyoulike space or astronomy, you will like the ISS HD live app.ISSHDlive will show you a live video feed of the EarthfromInternational Space Station directly on your android phoneortablet. ISS HD live offers you an exciting experiencewhereeverything is thoroughly thought and designed, the completeappthat shows Earth video streaming about 400 km above it, with alotof options fully customizable.You will have available astunninglive HD video streaming to your device screen, directlyfrom theInternational Space Station cameras.The app has integratedthenative Android Google Map (ISS tracker) in it, where you canfollowthe ISS orbit around our planet, zoom, rotate, drag, tilt themap.Also, you can choose between different types of map, likeSatelliteor Terrain, and an information window is also presentedwith datasuch as ISS speed, altitude, visibility, country abovewhich ISS isright now, latitude and longitude. Everything iscustomizable fromsettings menu.You have seven different source oflive videostreaming:1. Live HD camera - a wonderful HD videostreaming viewof our planet2. Live Standard camera - this is notHD, but it showsa live streaming of the Earth and from time to timedetails of theISS, like tests, maintenance and communication withEarth3. NASA TV- is the television service of the United Statesgovernment agencyNASA (National Aeronautics and SpaceAdministration).4. NASA TVMedia.5. Spacewalk (Recorded) - BeautifulHD images from cameras ofastronauts outside the ISS.6. Inside theInternational SpaceStation - Take a video tour of each moduleinside the ISS, allexplained by the astronauts.7. Eventual Channel- Temporary livecameras from NASA, European Space Agency (ESA) andRussian SpaceAgency (Roscosmos) You can watch these live feeds inyour televisorusing Google CastYou will be notified when nextsunset or sunrisewill occur allowing you to watch it live directlyfromInternational Space Station. Do you want to see the ISS in theskyat night? This is the easiest way to spot the station. Withthebuilt-in ISS detector tool, ISS HD Live will tell you whenandwhere to look for the International Space Station. You get analarma few minutes before a pass. And you will get a notificationwhenit will pass over your region during the daylight. By this way,youcan admire your country from space.You will be also notifiedwhenspecial events, such as spacewalk will occur.ExploretheInternational Space Station with Google StreetViewAspiringastronauts can now pretend to float on theInternational SpaceStation (ISS), thanks to Google. The companyworked with astronautson the orbiting complex to provide a GoogleStreet View of the loworbit satellite, from its science labs to itsbeautifulEarth-facing Cupola window. Note:When ISS (InternationalSpaceStation) is on the night side of Earth, the video image isblack,which is normal.Sometimes video is not available duetotransmission issues or when the crew is changing cameras. Insuchcases, usually you will have a blue or a blank screen. Infewminutes the transmission should return, so, please be patient.Thisis not an app issue.Twitter: @isshdlive - You can find news,aboutISS, Nasa, Space, Earth and the video streamingInstagram:isshdlive- Pictures taken of the earth by the streaming of the HDCamera, SDCamera and Nasa TVFacebook: isshdlive - Pictures, newsandInformation of ISS HD live app
Scared of deep space? Help the little astronauts to safety,avoidinggalactic dangers! Two different exciting gamemodes:SPACESHIP: helpas many astronauts as you can to the rescuezone, where they will becollected by the spaceship and taken tosafety! But be careful,there are lots of dangers to look out for:space monsters, bombs,black holes... and many more!4 differentdifficulty levels: startingwith the easy one for rookies, up toinsane level, where even themost expert players struggle tosurvive for more than a few seconds!Can you succeed?SOLO MODE: alonely astronaut is lost in space,protect him from intergalacticthreats! In the meantime, how manystars can you collect?Start yourchallenging space adventure now!Can you get a high score?
Landit - Space Lander 1.6
Wear the spacesuit of the fearless astronaut Land R. Guy, pilotalander module and join the exciting world of space explorationinthis arcade game inspired by the classic LunarLander.Discoverdistant systems, far and mysterious planets anddangerous celestialbodies. Fight gravity, wind and perils for thesake of science !Also, try not to compromise your mission withunwanted landerexplosions or by getting yourself lost in thevastity of the openspace! - Explore the levels and find all thelanding points.- Showyour lander pilot skills and try to landsafely in everyone ofthem. - Be quick! Impress other astronautswith your records. -Special rewards await!- Space , space , space!Heard that sound?The lander is ready! Countdown is starting! Goodluck, we knowyou'll be alright out there in space!Hopefully...Facebook: the game and you want to support our space adventure,clickhere and buy us anewlander! SpazzoliMatteoLeoniDevelopment:LucaSpazzolispazzoli.luca@gmail.comGraphics:MatteoLeoni
2 Minutes in Space - Missiles Vs. Asteroids 1.4.1
Fly your space ship, avoid missiles, shot back and watch outforasteroids! Collect gold pieces on your way and unlocknewships and weapons!- Control the ship with the joystick,wholescreen or left/right buttons.- 12 Spaceships- 3 Game modes:Moon,Asteroid Field and Orion Nebula.- Collect gold to unlocknewspaceships with different abilities and weapons.- Useshields,weapons, EMP, Speed Boost and other power-ups to helpdestroy andevade missiles.- Make the missiles collide with eachother toincrease final score.- Dodge missiles and avoid asteroidsandnebulas to survive!- Compete with others on GooglePlayleaderboards.For some people, the sky is the limit.Forothers, it’s just the beginning.„2 Minutes in Space” isanadditional proof of it.This free action and survival gamewillthrow you into a world of endless space, full of dangerousobjectsand challenges.Your mission is simple: just survive!Do youfeelsometimes that each next day looks like the previous and thereisnothing that can surprise you any more?Then it’s the right timetoleave this planet and spend 2 Minutes in Space!
Spacecraft 3D 5.9
NASA's Spacecraft 3D is an augmented reality (AR) applicationthatlets you learn about and interact with a variety of spacecraftthatare used to explore our solar system, study Earth, and observetheuniverse. Using a printed AR Target and the camera on yourmobiledevice, you can get up close with these robotic explorers,see howthey move, and learn about the engineering feats used toexpand ourknowledge and understanding of space. Spacecraft 3D willbe updatedover time to include more of the amazing spacecraft thatact as ourrobotic eyes on the earth, the solar system andbeyond!Please lookforward to interacting with even more iconic NASAmissions infuture updates!This app requires a camera.
Galaxy Strike Force: Squadron (Galaxy Shooter) 10.1
9Fox Studio
Air fighter jet shooting combat games on mobile devices are nowthemajority of young love. Images of space fighter pilot gamesaredesigned in a unique style. With the combined power ofspaceshipshooting game classic resistance technology the latestsmartphones.Experience aerial shot extreme air force fighter planegames andrules with new interactive play high.Galaxy Strike Forcein 2017the latest engine added a gorgeous graphics. Squadron strikeforcecontroller super intuitive touch screen and powerful upgradesystemwill make you fascinated. Can sit fired fleet spaceshipbattlegames free for hours.The battle space agencies and many warstakeplace weekly with new levels while you're fighting with galaxywarbattle space games free. Best fighter games air battlescurrentlyattracting more people to actively play with collectionsfighters... The same series of victories will make both regularplayers andprofessional players must waiting while you areupgrading your shipand give customs more deeply into thebattlefield on space galaxyfighter games.Highlight of Air CombatSky Fighter: - Do you immersein the vivid images with the leveltasks to complete?- Many of thecommanders fight extreme with thelegendary strategy game engine-Upgrade shields, guns, missiles,bullets lasers, super bombs ...ingalaxy on fire alliances- Manyfierce battle scenes in air jetfighter- Improve your scores withshooting plane- Beautifulgraphics- Hundreds of a jet plane shootinggames screen is updatedcontinuously- Especially when the networklost power, you can stillhave fun with the spaceship battleoffline- All free Are you readyfor the fight of his life with airforce jet fighter free games2017 - legendary game best fleet todayyet? Quickly downloadfighter plane shooting games to mobile phoneanti-aircraft toexplore the adventurous performances, yet beautifulgraphics!
Space Shooter: Galaxy Force 2.0
Space Shooter, STRIKER is two-dimensional fixed shooter wargame.Inthe galactic, the player controls a spaceship by moving itandfiring at descending aliens. Like a sky destroyer, the aim istodefeat space shuttle of invaders. The player defeats skyinvader,and earns points, by shooting it with the squadron . Asmore aliensare defeated, the aliens movement and the game's musicboth speedup. Defeating the aliens brings another wave that ismoredifficult, a loop which can continue without end.SpaceShooterattempt to destroy your spacecraft by firing at it whiletheyapproach the bottom of the screen. If they reach the bottom,thealien invasion is successful and the game ends. A special"mysteryship" will occasionally move across the top of the screenand awardbonus points if destroyed. Your spacecraft is partiallyprotectedby several stationary defense bunkers that are graduallydestroyedby a numerous amount of blasts from the invaders orplayerIf youare fan of classic Galaxy game, you must play SpaceShooter:Galactic Force now and become a hero protect your galacticthatyour destiny.★ ★ ★ Features ★ ★ ★- Charming sound and music,withHD graphics.- Precision controls.- Space shooter and upgradeyourweapons: wingman support, vulcan camon, energy shield ...-Invadersof 12 big boss.- Classic Galaxy game and complete 30achievement.-Classic Galaxy game with 4 spaceship with anotherpower: rocket,laser and strongest soldiers.
Star Hunt : Sci-Fi Game 2.6
Star Hunt is touted to be a tough, challenging and highlyaddictingsci-fi one touch game. Already excited ?Fly your spaceship fromplanet to planet through the endless space time fabric ofuniversecovering entire galaxies to find a new star system with anearthlike planet in this stimuli challenging game. If you areinterestedin simple but tough sci-fi games, addicting sci-figames,challenging sci-fi games or space flight sci-fi games looknofurther. We have just the right interstellar sci-fi spaceflightgame for you! Now gear up yourself, tighten your seat belt,get onthe space ship because the hunt for the stars and the planetshasbegun. The game might look fun, simple and easy it is thetoughest,most challenging and addicting sci-fi game you would haveeverplayed. Excited enough ?Our story starts in year 2M8K08. Thesun ofthe solar system that we live in is getting close to itsdeath. Itis running out of fuel which will lead to a supernovaresultinginto a dead star. The explosion will be so humungous thatit willvisible from the other side of the Milky Way Galaxy. Tosurvive weneed to fly away! Don't worry we have enough time left toevacuateEarth safely taking everyone with us to our new homeplanet. Wehave a plan, but we need your help to save us all. We arealmostdone with the required logistics to execute theevacuationeffectively, all we need to focus on now is finding theEarth likehabitable planet.Your earlier experience withaeronauticalmanoeuvres will greatly assist you. You will beprovided a spaceship to start with. You will be able to get accessto more and morepowerful space crafts with time and experience asyour flightsbecome respectable. The objective of your mission isthe hunt forthe next habitable planet. You need to make accuratelytimed flightjumps from one planet to the other and keep travellingto the faredges of our solar system through the darkest edges ofspace. Thesci-fi task looks as well as sounds pretty simple andstraightforward as you just have to touch / tap anywhere on screenat theright time, it actually is, the super spaceships are ofveryadvanced sci fi generations and their sci-fi controls areverysimple. All you need is your timing skills and your pilotflyinginstincts. Just do a single touch anywhere on the entirescreen toinitiate the challenging interstellar sci-fi jumps!Thesimplicityand easiness in sync with the equally challenging naturemakes it ahigh quality addicting sci-fi game. Get ready toexperience a neverending sci-fi interstellar journey into the spaceand maybe to theend of it.Chapter 1 : Reach Base on TeslorithumIt'sthe base wehave at the outermost planet of our solar system! Yoursci-fi spaceship will be programmed to apply max thrust normal toour sun!.Just make the jump to the next planet you see. Furtherinstructionsfor the 'Great Leap' into the deeper and lonely darkspace will begiven to you on Teslorithum. The hunt into the neverending spaceis all it takes. If you get through you have alreadydone one ofthe toughest tasks! Teslorithum by the way is theoutermost planetof our solar system and yes we have a basethere.Good Luck!Outerspace is a very dangerous place and is almostendless. We do nothave concrete proofs but there are obvious signsthat humancivilisation cannot possibly be the only one around. Itis highlyadvisable to not make any contact with any sci-fi UnknownFlyingObjects (aka UFOs). You are now trained enough to continueyoursci-fi interstellar journeys!You are about to play thetoughest,most challenging and addicting one touch sci-fi game ever.Don'tget too excited and jump out of your bed.Star Hunt is known tobevery addicting in nature. We suggest the user to not play toomuchof it in one day!We hope your hunt for the next star or Earthlikeplanet is successful.
Space Agency 1.8.9
Do you want to build and fly your own space rockets? Of courseyoudo! Are you a billionaire? No...that makes it tricky.Fortunately,there is a way for us non-billionaires to run our ownspaceprogramme...Space Agency! * Build rockets * Launch satellites*Create a space station * Explore the solar system This is ahighlychallenging and complex game. Only the most talentedastronautsshould attempt it. Have you got the right stuff?
Space Expedition 1.1
Mobirate Ltd
Space Expedition is an exciting oldschool platform game withacolorful mixture of gameplay genres. This is a story ofbraveastronaut who is to discover what really happened on adistantspace station.Discover new locations, solve puzzles, evadethetraps, fight monsters, operate machines and pilot spaceships inagood old pixel-art atmosphere! You'll have to be smart tocompletequests, witty to escape danger, attentive to overcomeobstacles andbrave to fight the enemy in a open combat. The gamefor real heroesawaits you!Get ready for the adventure, put on yourspace suit andcharge your jetpack - the quest begins! SpaceExpedition, new sharpgame from the creators of Parking Mania andDead Ahead.
Exploration Space 10001.EX.P.SPACE.001
This is a endless paradise crafting game on the Space. Withmanysurprises. You are alone. Can you Survive?
Space Mania - A Lost Astronaut 1.2
Space Mania is a survival game. It is a game about an astronautwhogot detached from its space ship and landed intodifferentterritory. The game brings about an adventure of being inspace andfighting for survival. Game comprises of total 12 deadlylevels.Inthis game you will be facing large number of enemies inhazardousenvironments. You have to kill a number of enemies whiledodgingtheir attacks. You need to shoot hundreds of bullets tobreak downenemies. It's a fight for survival.You do have a abilityof specialattack to break down harder enemies. This game put you attheforefront of battle with space intruders. Save yourselffromgetting burn by the sky of bullets.Key features of Game :-1.HighQuality images optimized for smartphones and tablets.2.HighQuality music which will enhance your experience.3. EasyandAdaptive controls.4. Nice and Clean explosion Effects.5. BuyAssetspack i.e which will help you to reach your destination.Thegame iseasy to handle but harder to master.Come play Space Maniafor greatexperience.Download Space Mania now. Follow usonfacebook:-
Advanced Space Flight 1.6.1
Advanced Space Flight is a realistic space simulatorforinterplanetary and interstellar travel. It is the onlyspacesimulator available that takes into account relativisticeffectsduring interstellar flight.Besides simulating space flightthis appcan also be used as a planetarium, with all known planetsshown inreal scale with their accurate keplerian orbits. It canalso beused as a star chart and exoplanet explorer, showing allsolarsystems with confirmed exoplanets within 50 light years fromtheSun.This is the only app where you can get a sense of thetruescale of the Universe, zooming out throught thousands ofgalaxiesand galaxy clusters until you see the entire observableuniverse inyour screen.Locations:- All Solar System planets plus 5dwarfplanets and 27 moons- All confirmed exoplanetary solarsystemswithin 50 light years from the Sun, making a total of over90+exoplanets.- Over 50+ stars, including main sequence stars liketheSun, red dwarfs like TRAPPIST-1, white dwarfs like Sirius B,browndwarfs like 54 Piscium B, etc.- Experience the full scale oftheUniverse: you can zoom out from a few meters to billions oflightyears, until you see the entire observable universe inyourscreen.Flight Modes:- Realistic Flight: Travel usingoptimizedtrajectories, calculated based on the orbital parametersof theorigin and destination planets to minimize fuel usage. Thesearethe kind of trajectories that would be used in a realspacemission.- Free Flight: Take manual control of a spaceship inspace,activating the engines as you see fit to achieveyourgoals.Spaceships:Advanced Space Flight features severalspacecraft,based on present and future technology:- Space Shuttle(ChemicalRocket): Designed in 1968-1972 by NASA and North AmericanRockwell.It has been in service from 1981 to 2011, making it themostsuccessful reusable spacecraft ever built.- Falcon Heavy(ChemicalRocket): Designed and manufactured by SpaceX, made itsfirst flightin 2018.- Projecy Orion (Nuclear Pulse Propulsion):Designed in1957-1961 by General Atomics. Some early prototypes werebuiltbefore the project was abandoned after 1963.- ProjectDaedalus(Fusion Rocket): Designed in 1973-1978 by theBritishInterplanetary Society.- Antimatter Startship (AntimatterRocket):First proposed in the early 1950s, the concept was furtherstudiedafter advances in antimatter physics in the 80s and 90s.-BussardRamjet (Fusion Ramjet): First proposed in 1960 by RobertW.Bussard, design was improved in 1989 by Robert Zubrin andDanaAndrews.Artificial Satellites:Several human-made satellitesarepresent in the app:- Sputnik 1- Hubble Space Telecope-InternationSpace Station- Kepler Space Observatory- TransitingExoplanetSurvey Satellite (TESS)- James Webb SpaceTelescopeEffects:-Atmospheric light scattering effects, makingatmospheres lookrealistic both from space and from the surface ofplanets.-Planetary clouds that move at different speed than thesurface.-Clouds in tidal-locked planets form giant hurricanes,caused by theCoriolis force.- Stars with volumetric corona and lensflares. Starcolor determined by surface temperature.- Planetaryrings withrealistic light scattering and real-time shadows from theplanet.-Realtivistic effects when travelling close to the speed oflight:time dilation, length contraction and relativisticdopplereffect.Please contact me by email if you have any
Space Venture : Spaceship Sim 1.2
Klapa Games
Do you like NASA spaceships or shuttle? Are you inspired bytheastronauts or are you looking for a spacecraft simulator gameforyour Android device?Welcome to “Space Venture : Spaceship Sim”,anamazing outer space adventure and an addicting spaceshipflightsimulator. It’s your chance to become an astronaut andexplore thegalaxy planets in this awesome spacecraft adventure.It’stime tostop reading and start downloading “Space Venture :Spaceship Sim”.Oh you want some more details about this outer spaceadventurebefore downloading?.......Here you go then!Flying a spaceshuttlein the outer space, becoming an astronaut and a galaxyexplorer wasnot that easy before!How to Play:Our astronautadventure is prettysimple to play. Just draw a line from spacecraftto the Earth toland it back safely. Avoid collision with theasteroids and planetscoming your way. That’s all! Clear all theexciting and adventurelevels, try to collect all the stars in yourway through to get themaximum points and become a greatspaceman.Features:- A universalapp, works best on any Androiddevice including tabs- Fast paced,unique draw a line game-play- Eyecatchy outer space graphics andgalaxy backgrounds- Awesome moviequality sounds and music track-80 exciting spaceman levels- Shareyour high scores on socialmediaJoining NASA, taking a spaceflightin a space shuttle andbecoming a spaceman is not for everyone but“Space Venture :Spaceship Sim” certainly is. This simulator game issimple to playbut hard to master. You’ll need some good astronautskills to drawa line to avoid collision with asteroids and planetsin your way tocollect all the stars. It’s a must have game for youAndroid if youlove spaceman or mission games. Make sure to havesome goodpractice before challenging your friends and family forhighscores. Ahh you are still reading all this and wasting yourtime?It’s time to download our spacecraft simulator. Be a spaceman,drawa line and land safely avoiding the asteroids and planets.Havefun!Don’t forget to leave us a rating and review to let usknowwhat you think about “Space Venture : Spaceship Sim”. Wealwayswant to continue to deliver some of the best and most fungamespossible, and your feedback will play an important role in usbeingable to achieve this goal.
Go Space - Space ship builder 1.1.0
Upgrade your ship to reach the farthest space!☆SynopsisPlanetEarth,year 2XXX…Resource crisis and increasing population ledtocolonization of new worlds.You're tasked to pilot anspaceexploration ship to outer space.☆InfoThe further you go, themoredonations you'll get. Upgrade your ship to reachfurther.Upgradeyour ship to enhance its defense, speed, sensor,etc.You canpurchase various ships and parts to customize yourship.Use simpletap controls to maneuver through space.Upgrade yourship to max toget bonus stat.Compete with players around the worldin RankBoard.■ In case you cannot view ads.This usually happenswhenthere's no ad, when you lost connection to internet, or whenyoureached daily limit.In case you can't view ads continuously,tryagain after completely rebooting this app, and avoid same placeatsame time.■ This game saves player data in device. Deleting theappwill terminate all save data.
Solar System Explorer 3D 2.7.8
Neil Burlock
Soar into space and explore dozens of planets, moons andasteroidson an exciting journey through our solar system. Highdefinitiongraphics and atmospheric music will make you feel likeyou arethere!Features:★ HD graphics and awesome music and soundeffects★Easy to use and intuitive controls★ Detailed informationabout theplaces you visit★ Images based on real photos taken bytelescopesor NASA spacecraft★ Ideal educational introduction forkids★ Anatmospheric experience in the vacuum of space!Easy to usecontrolsmake navigation a breeze. A simple tap will send yousoaring intothe outer reaches of deep space. Another tap willreturn you safelyhome to Earth.There’s lots to see and do. Inaddition to beautifulgraphics, Solar System Explorer also includesa great deal ofinformation about the planetary systems you’llvisit. Learning hasnever been so enjoyable!With the new free-flightoption, you cantake direct control and fly the spaceship yourselfand become thepilot. Accompanied by a rumbling engine, you’ll beswooping throughthe asteroid belt, diving through the gas giantSaturn’s rings andsurfing the upper atmosphere of planets. It’s thenext best thingto a space walk!The 3D models in this app are basedon photos takenby NASA spacecraft and ground based telescopes.Because some of themoons around the gas giants have only beenvisited once or twice,we may have partially complete images.Missing surface detail forthese objects is estimated from what canbe seen.In this solarsystem simulator you can explore the brilliantblue-green Uranus,knocked onto its side by a massive collision.Visit theproto-planet Ceres which makes up one third of the mass oftheasteroid belt. Marvel at Neptune's moon Triton which orbits intheopposite direction to Proteus. Take in the sights of theJupiter'sheavily scarred moon Callisto, its surface pockmarked bycountlessimpact craters.Places to visit in this solar systemorrery:The Sun,otherwise known as SolPlanets: Mercury, Venus,Earth, MarsGasgiant: Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, NeptuneMoons: Luna,Deimos andPhobos, Callisto, Europa, Ganymede, Io, Mimas, Tethys,Enceladus,Dione, Rhea, Titan, Iapetus, Miranda, Umbriel, Ariel,Oberon,Titania, Triton, Proteus, CharonDwarf: Ceres, Vesta andPlutoAlso,catch up to NASA's Voyager spacecraft on its lonelyjourney intothe cosmosThis is the 3D simulator for pocketastronomers! Downloadthe old Solar Explorer Lite versionat
Gravity wars: Black hole 1.13
Altair Games
Have you ever created heavenly bodies? And here it is doneinonetouch!Great, now you can fill the vast expanses of space-new,pouring light into infinity, stars!Would you like to launchasatellite into orbit?Take it higher - run a small star intotheorbit of the giant, and it will be beautifulThe circlingaround,demonstrating the beauty of gravity and leaving behindsoftflamingtail.Impressive? - But you can do much more!Createwholeconstellations, expand the boundaries of your possessions,feelyourselfcreator of the universe and meet face to face withhisrival inexciting, spectacular, universal scales of battle!Usethestars as weapons, run through the objects of the opponent,lightupouter space by colossal explosions fromgiantsupermassivecollisions and finally, create the worstuniverseweapon - a blackhole! No heavenly body canto resist herincomprehensible gravity.Traveling by territoryopponent, it willeffectively absorbeverything in its path, notleaving no chance ofpreservation,leaving nothing butof darkness.Do you want to see allthis in 3D?Elementary!The strategy is simple:- There is only oneresource -energy. It is needed to create gamingobjects.- The mainobject is agiant star. To produce energy,You need to launch a smallstar intothe orbit of the giant. More stars - moreproduced energy.-The moregiant stars in a player, the more energy they costspaceobjects.-If a player loses all the giant stars, he loses. GiantcanbeDestroy or shelling with small stars, or by absorbing ablackhole.- Several giants form constellations - this is theprotectiveperimeter of the player's territory. Only the object canpassthrough the perimeter. Foreign objects, except for a blackhole,are destroyed.- Also, you can get energy for destruction orforabsorptionobject. If you destroy the small star in thefirstseconds, after itcreation - then it will give more energy.This iseffective when interceptedattack opponent.There are twosingleplayer modes:- Rating game - is presented in the form of aset oflevels for passing.The effectiveness of each level issummarized inthe overall rating andis entered in the general tableofrecords.-Training battle - a game in normal mode againstcomputerswhere you canchoose the size of the map and the complexityof theAI.There is multiplayer:- Quick game - game in normal mode,withautomatic searchopponent.The number of wins of the player issummedup and entered in the general table of records- "Leaders oftheArena".- other modes of network game in development.***Competewith friends, improve tactics, plunge into a pleasantacosmicatmosphere!
Space Force: Alien war 3.6.2
BSoft Studio
To be a hero, download this Space Force: Alien war game to shootthealien enemies.If you are a fan of space shooting games and liketosimulate galaxy shooting, so Space Force: Alien war game is gameforyou.One day, our beautiful galaxy is under attack of spaceintrudersand the alien shooters. They destroyed all of squadron.You are lasthero of galaxy and will be faced an alien shooter.Your goal will bequite challenging as you will have to save thegalaxy from its alienenemies.Space Force: Alien war game puts youat the forefront of abattle with space intruders. You will takecontrol of the spaceshipand protect galaxy from alien swarms. Inthis "Space Force: Alienwar" game, you will be faced anincreasingly large number of enemiesand deal with many epic bossesin space war.As the game progresses,you will earn the right toupgrade your spaceship to bring it tofull lethal capacity.FEATURE- Amazing lighting and special effects-Includes Power-upsand Bosses!- Leader board global.- Lucky box.HOWTO PLAY- Movespaceship - Kill space intruders- Upgrade spaceship-Change yourweapons.The Space Force: Alien war is now in your hands.Get yourweapons ready for epic battles.Please email us if yourdevice isnot supported, we will try our best to support it.If youlove SpaceForce: Alien war game, please give 5 stars to encouragedevelopers.
Galaxy Sky Force 2.0
Space Air Force 2018Earth's last hope is in your hands, takecontrolof the lone spaceship and protect Earth from alien swarms.Your goalwill be quite challenging as you will have to save theUniverse fromits evil enemies. In this space shooting game, youwill be facing anincreasingly large number of enemies in hazardousenvironments. Asthe game progresses, you will earn the right toupgrade yourspacecraft to unleash its full lethal capacity.HOW TOPLAY:- Touchscreen to move and kill all enemies.- Collect items toupgrade orchange your weapons.FEATURES:- Multiplayer mode- Highquality imagesoptimized for tablets and large screens.- Ability touse activeskills during the space battles.- Beautiful levels withimmersivemissions to complete. - Multiple extreme boss battles. -Upgradeyour guns and lasers.- Space Shooter, Galaxy Attack.Let'senjoy andhave a relaxing moment with Galaxy Attack 2018!
Solar Walk 2 - Spacecraft 3D & Space Exploration
Vito Technology
We cannot send you up to space but we can put space on the palmofyour hand!Meet Solar Walk 2, an awe-inspiring 3D model of ourSolarsystem standing out among others with its beauty andvastopportunities.Interactive planetarium 3D in your device.Explorespace anytime and anywhere with our wonderful encyclopediaof theSolar system.Main features include:SPACE EXPLORATION&SPACECRAFT 3D- Models of spacecraft 3D and man-made satellitesinreal action- The history of space exploration - extended infoaboutspace missions- Interesting facts and real pictures takenduringspace missions- Stunning visual effects and beautifulhigh-qualitygraphicsASTRONOMICAL CALENDAR- Various celestial events(solar andlunar eclipse, the moon phases, etc.)- Astronomicalevents relatedto the history of space exploration (the launching ofsatellites,the first landing on the moon, etc.)PLANETARIUM3D-Three-dimensional model of our Solar system and spacecraft3D-Universe simulation to explore space in detail- All spaceobjectsin real time and correct positions- Interactive encyclopediaof theSolar system - plenty of information- Articles from theWikipedia-Different view modes of planetarium 3D(orrery/true-to-scale)TRAVELTHROUGH SPACE- Space exploration: easynavigation between spaceobjects- Intuitive and easy-to-useinterface- Travel in time tostudy celestial events of differentperiods- The time machineallowing to choose the date and track themotion of celestialbodiesThe app contains In-app purchases.Whetheryou are a child oran adult, an experienced astronomer or abeginner, you will enjoyexploring the vast expanses of our universewith this encyclopediaof the Solar system and planetarium3D.Explore space with SolarWalk 2!P.S.- Don’t forget to give yourfeedback - we appreciate it;)
Space Scrollers 1.2
ALIEN SPACESHIPS TRY TO PASS THEIR WAY TO REACH PLANET EARTH,STOPTHEM.◈ Gameplay in four directions, up down left andright,spaceships can come from direction.◈ Swipe your fingeraccordinglyto runaway from spaceships.◈ Astronauts are friendly,don't swipethem away, -10 for swiping them.◈ Score as much as youcan byrunning away from spaceships.◈ Speed of spaceshipsincreasegradually, swipe quick.◈ Different concept andgameplay.Soundseasy? Give it a try, and see how much can you scoreto challengeyour friends.FEATURES:★ Leaderboard★ Achievements★ 4way scrolling★Animated background★ Attractive buttons★ Smoothgameplay★ Coolsounds★ Help optionWe'd love to hear your suggestionsand comments,email us
Planet Commander 1.18
In PLANET COMMANDER , you are the captain of aninterstellarspaceship. Your galactic fleet starts out with a smallcruiser, butas your space base develops, you’ll get to controlbattleships andeven supermassive space cruisers!Start with a smallspaceship, butas your base grows and develops, you’ll graduate tocommanding hugebattleships and super-heavy spaceships. Battle in agalaxy on fireonline with real opponents in the multiplayer SpaceWars game mode,and develop your space fleet.Features: ≛ 6 classesof spaceshipsand galactic starships! Several classes of spaceship,from lightfrigates to supermassive cruisers!≛ Leagues andLeaderboards!Players are divided into different leagues from bronzeto diamond,depending on their level and skills!≛ Galactic teambattle! Spaceinvaders! Fight side by side with other players inteam-basedgalactic battles online!≛ Customize your cosmicspaceship! 100+types of plasma galaxy guns and modules areavailable. You can evenadd a logo and repaint your ship!≛ Over 20galactic spaceships!More than 20 different ships available, allwith their owncapabilities and features, including the Predator,Phoenix,Olympus, Soul Catcher and many others. Improve your skillsandequipment, add turrets, missiles and special weapons!≛ Beautiful3Dgraphics! Perfectly detailed maps and spacecraft textures,enjoygalactic views of cosmic objects such as Jupiter, Mars,Saturn,asteroids and even galactic cities!PLANET COMMANDER Themostdynamic space simulator yet, space battles between massiveshipsand small but sneaky frigates, each one controlled byindividualplayers.★★★ Fight for a place in a global league. Upgradeyourfleet. Customize your ships, repaint them and improvetheirskills!★★★ In-game lobby where you can chat with other playerstoshare your successes and ideas!★★★ Regular updates and newelementsare waiting for you in online multiplayer games. Thisyear’s bestgraphics and perfectly-matched audio will have youspending allyour time playing Planet Commander!★★★ Awesome mobilespace gamewith 3D graphics!★★★ Our multiplayer PvP space shooteriscompletely FREE to download!A galaxy on fire full of epicspacebattles needs a commander like you! Become a legend inthisgalactic space shooter! Let the spaceshipbattlesbegin!⋙⋙⋙⋙⋙⋙⋘⋘⋘⋘⋘⋘Join our galacticcommunity:FACEBOOK:
Space wallpaper-Astronaut- 1.0.0
Take your smartphone into outer space with this astronaut theme!Theicons are space-themed as well, so get ready toblastoff!Personalize Your Wallpaper and Icons With +HOME,theFREECustomization App!To use this theme you first mustinstall+HOME.■What is +HOME?Personalizing your wallpaper, iconsandwidgets has never been easier with +HOME, the FREEcustomizationlauncher app!With more than 1,000 different themes tochose from,you're sure to find a design to suit your everywhim!■Inquiries used are simplyrepresentations and may differ from the finalproduct.
Cosmo Run - Space Dash 2.12
Space game where you can Run/Dash/Fly - a dream to space travelandto become an astronaut space travelerThis space game testsyourreflexes as you race down the galaxy running for life, runningforadventure saving the planets and learning about space. Swipetoturn, jump and slide to avoid obstacles, collect coins andbuypower ups, unlock new game plays, characters, and see how faryoucan run for your life and travel through space andcosmos.Thisspace game promises to provide exhilarating running,jumping,turning, sliding flying and driving action-packed arcadegame withthe great musical background to give you epic experience.If youlove space, cosmos and exploring space-time here is the rightplacenavigate through galaxies and cosmos.A life ofastronaut/cosmonautis not an easy job. Traveling to space needs alot of dedicationand skills.The space game starts with a wreck inan unknown systemdue to spacecraft failure. As a strandedastronaut, everything youhave is an emergency accommodation moduleand a heap of scrap. Butyou are the smartest explorer and spacetraveler in the galaxy, anengineer, a doctor and you have a cleverpair of hands. AnAstronaut/ Cosmonaut you will be a Terranaut.Tocome back home, youwill have to pass through few planets todetermine your currentlocation. For how long you will have tosurvive here, depends onhow well you save every fuel, oxygen so youwill need to breathe,eat and sleep. Everything out there wants tokill you from unknownplanets, loneliness to strange creatures.Space and cosmos are nota safe place. The space game is designed inthe category of spacegames for kids and astronaut. The best spacegames are principledon Space exploration and Space Simulation. Theplots of the gamesinclude lagging concept of studying peoplepsychology which isthemed in space fighting and space shootinggames.This space gamesimulation is a free running game and a funrun. These free gamescome in a package of space infinite runnerwith space adventurerunning games. The game brings retro stylegaming structure and lowgraphics to support all low-end mobilephone platforms.Music : RossBugden
Spaceship Games - Starship 2 4.2.0
Game of spaceships in the purest style of the classic games ofthe90s of the recreational machines.Choose the spacecraft among the12available to win the space war, each ship has aspecialability.These skills are energy shields, special shots,collectingskills, etc ...The levels are composed of four phases anda finalboss.Can you complete all the levels?Are you a good pilotofspacecraft?This game is optimized and takes up little space onthemobile device or tablet.Your spaceship moves to the positionofyour finger on your screen. As it occupies little space it isidealfor any mobile. Dispute this space war with your ship, shootanduse the special abilities to complete the levels.Get to be thebestspacecraft pilot. The mythical matamarcianos of arcade salonsof afew years ago that you pilot spaceships and cosmonaves.Rememberwhen you played the matamarcianos? Remember it playingthisgame.This game has these characteristics:- It is available in22languages:- Translated to English, French, German,Italian,Portuguese, Brazilian, Turkish, Russian, Malaysian,Japanese,Chinese, Danish, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, Indonesian,Arabic,Korean, Thai, Indian and Persian.- More than 50 levels.-Every 5boss levels final.- 12 spacecraft.- 12 special abilities.-Easycontrol.- Game that takes up little space.- Does not containin-apppurchases- Totally free- Can play without WIFI connection,does notrequireInternetconnection****************************************************************Donot forget to rate and review the Google Playtab.Errors andsuggestions send a message to arieshgs@gmail.comwith the subject"Spaceship Game" and its contents.Thanks forplaying
Space Jet: Space ships galaxy game 2.60
An online 3D space shooter Space has never been so close!Joinaglobal online space war, face with everyone or join withyourfriends and create a team!Complete simple daily tasks and earngamecurrency by taking part in battles.20 unique battle machinesarewaiting for you in the store! Unlock and upgrade them all!Moretoenjoy:- Gamers from all over the world fighting in real time-Alarge number of maps- Daily quests- Upgrades for your space jet-Alarge collection of camouflages and decalsAttention:permanentInternet connectionrequiredFacebook:
LEAP Astronaut 1.1
Test your astronaut skills with LEAP. Try to land on specifiedareaswith your spaceship by controlling two thrusters. Not assimple asit sounds! You have to control your speed, momentum, flythroughnarrow passes and watch your fuel and timing!MultitouchcontrolsTryto land your spaceship by controlling twothrusters.Built with realspace physicsThe built-in Box2D Physicsengine allows for arealistic user experience of space physics.3spaceships / landersavailable with more thrust when you reach upto certainlevels.Online Leaderboards and achievementsCompete withothers andunlock achievements.30 levels with increasing difficulty
Space Ship Gravity Simulator 1.0
Top 3D Gamers
Spaceship gravity 3D simulator is an exciting and thrillingracingsimulation game. Ever wanted to be an astronaut or steer yourownspace fighters in the galaxy? Here’s your chance to flyyourspacecraft in pure moonlight and low gravity. Rust to beattheother speedy spaceships, aircraft, rockets and missiles.Don’tindulge in a space war or battle. And don’t bump your rideinto thespace traffic.There is a space racing event going on aspace routein between the galaxy. You can participate in extremeracing combatbeing an earth resident. This may be the mostadventurous trip ofyour life. You may become the best spaceshipdriver in the entireuniverse. Avoid crashing into the satellitesand space stationsmade for gas purposes. You will have to beat youropponentspacecrafts and rockets considering the low gravity. Youwill havetime to complete your objectives and missions. Don’t gethit by ameteor or asteroids. Check your fuel regularly and pick thefuelboost checkpoints to speed up on the road track.This spaceshuttlegame is as much fun as any trucker or car racing game withextremedrag and drift and action! FEATURES:• Tilt or Touch to steer•Different racing missions• Amazing spacecrafts with turboboostengines• Insane 3D space graphics • Realistic spaceeffects•Missions to complete in timeSpace ship gravity is the bestfreespace racing duty games. Buckle your belts up for thisthrillingaction game.
Next Spaceflight - Rocket Launch Schedule 1.7.10
Stay up to date with the latest in spaceflight. This appfeaturesall the key players including SpaceX, NASA, ROSCOSMOS, ULA,BlueOrigin, and more.Features: - A schedule for upcomingrocketlaunches. - A catalog with hundreds of past rocket launches.- Liverocket launch tracking! Get live updates as the key eventsunfold.- Latest news - Upcoming events - Reuse and core history forSpaceXmissions - Commercial and government launch vehicles fromacrossthe globe. - Historic images of rockets and launch complexes.-Detailed satellite maps of launch pads. - Links to livestreamsofupcoming launches and videos of past launches. - A descriptionforeach mission. - Live International Space Stationtelemetryincluding a map with the current location. - Notificationsforupcoming launches (toggle in settings). - Ad free! Seriously,whowants ads?
Voyager Voo 1.3.96
Utopic Games
It is time for Voo to wear his space suit and dive intoourfantastic solar system! Help our friend Voo to achieve hisdream. •Challenging levels• Gorgeous background art • Attractivebonuslevels• Unlockable spaceships• Fps indicator! and many more..Yourtarget is to reach wormholes with unlimited tries. It's up toyouto do it slow or fast! Timing is everything. Pick the bestmomentto move!
Space Nation Navigator 1.3.0
Space Nation
Space Nation Navigator is the astronaut training app that’syourfirst step on a journey to actually travel to space. Startlearningastronaut skills through fun challenges and inspiringminigamesthat utilize NASA expertise. “NASA is collaborating withSpaceNation, a space experiences company based in Europe, ontheirupcoming astronaut training experiences program andmobileapplication.” -“Space Nation’s app will provideaccessto anyone with a smartphone to materials and trainingprograms thatare used to prepare actual astronauts for the journeyto space.” -TechCrunch“We hope an app like Space Nation’s will helpglobalusers better understand what it takes to be an astronaut in afunand entertaining way.” - Mike Read, manager, commercialspaceutilization at NASA’s Johnson Space Center in HoustonSpaceNationNavigator is the first step in the Space Nation AstronautProgram,in which one Space Nation Astronaut will travel to spaceeach year.There will also be opportunities to take part in reallifeastronaut experiences.Space Nation Navigator guides you throughtheexcitement of space exploration, the science of space,motivation,physical fitness, cultural understanding and a range ofotheressential astronaut skills.Unearth your inner astronautthroughquizzes, games and missions. Weekly challenges place you atthecentre of your own space adventure. Astro Fitness gets yourbodyready for life in space.Unlock badges and achievements, andclimbthe candidate ranks to receive mission awards, prizes,andeventually the chance to take part in real life astronauttrainingexperiences.Features: - The first step in the SpaceNationAstronaut Program - one candidate goes to space each year.-NASA isproviding technical expertise through a collaborationagreement -known as a Space Act Agreement - with Space Nation.-Developed withreal life astronaut trainers.- Train in three coreareas - Body,Mind, Social - to develop key astronaut skills.- AstroFitness:Daily, at home physical challenges.- Space related quizzesforcurious minds. - Get social - share your journey with otherplayersin photo galleries.- The chance to win prizes and out ofthis worldastronaut training experiences.- Weekly adventures coveraselection of space skills and equip you for theastronautlifestyle.- Adventures and games updated daily. -Unlockingachievements unlocks more space-related knowledge.-Perfect balanceof education and entertainment: have fun whilelearning aboutspace.- Gain astronaut skills, start leading ahealthier life, bein with a chance to experience real lifeastronaut training - andeven ultimately win a trip to space. Yourjourney begins here.
Space Live Wallpaper 1.0.6
Install this free 3d space live wallpaper and turn your phone intoaspace ship, discover new galaxies, travel through solar systemsandmystical worlds, reach the border of the universe =)FEATURES:-Setof HD space photos backgrounds- Illusion of space flight-Animatedplanets, 3d asteroids, satellites- Glowing stars effect(sparks) -This free 3d cosmos wallpaper fully supports horizontalorientationand looks great on both mobile phones and tabletdevices andsupports screen switching- This space wallpaper appwill sleep whenyour phone is inactive, so this live wallpaper willnot drain yourbattery- Real smooth 3D animations (based on OpenGLES 2.0,compatible with 99% mobile phone devices)How to set thisfree spacewallpaper with 3d asteroids on the home screen of yourphone: Home →Applications → Settings → Display → Wallpapers → Homescreenwallpaper → Live wallpapers → Space Live WallpaperCheck outouraccount for more free beautiful live wallpapers
Galaxy Space Shooter 1.1
Shooter Pro
Galaxy shooter 2 invaders HD is a fast-paced top-downperspectiveshoot space war game.Required skills are more than fastreactionsand memorising enemy invader attack patterns.This spaceshooter isan exciting addictive epic galaxy war game with 120+missions, 100+invaders and a lot of spaceship upgrades.The playermust also havestrategy skills to equip proper upgrades and use theappropriateskills during specific space missions over 16 starsystems to guardthe galaxies.Start your spaceship engines and jointo this ultimategalactic war game.Features:High quality imagesoptimised fortablets and large screensGalaxy shooter Invaders HD isa sequenceto space invadersDifferent alien races, guardians,hundreds ofinvaders to fight againstAbility to use active skillsduring thespace battlesFully customizable spaceships with hundredsofupgradesExciting boss fights100+ missions in unlockablegalaxieswith multiple difficulty levelsGameplay Tips:If you ran outof LY,you can finish accomplished missions again to get more.Rerunning amission on Hard difficulty increases the LY gain.Equipped specialmodules can be used as active skills once withintheir cooldowninterval. Equipped upgrades are passively modify yourshipproperties. If you find a mission too hard, finish anothermissionfirst! You may also change difficulty setting to Easy forthatspecific mission.Different enemies may requiredifferentstrategies. Although a weapon with great amount of damagecan beefficient against large and strong enemies, weapons withsmallerdamage but fast rate of fire could be better against smallerfoes.
NASA Science Investigations: Plant Growth 1.2
Welcome to NASA's International Space Station! As the newestmemberof the ISS crew, it’s your task to familiarize yourself withthestation, and help out with the plant growth experiment. Tryingtomove in zero-g will be different than what you are used toonEarth! Spend some time flying and flipping around thestationwithout gravity to assist you.Once you’ve become comfortablemovingin zero-g, find astronaut Naomi and assist her incutting-edgeresearch: how micro-gravity effects plant growth inspace. Whatkind of light do they need? How do you water plantswithoutgravity? Why is growing food important in space?Collectmissionpatches for completing tasks and for making discoveries. Canyougrow enough plants to create a salad for the astronauts toeat?Launch time!The app also contains information on plantgrowthexperiments, for use in the classroom and at home.
Baby Panda's Space War-Space Guardians & Spaceship
For more videos, subscribe to BabyBus onYouTube!►►! Super Panda Warrior!Three spacecriminals have run away to space. Space homeland is indanger. Weneed your help, little space guardians ! Armed withstrong spaceweapon, drive cool spaceship and fight against spacecriminals withbaby panda!Hurry up! Turn into space warriors,capture the spacecriminals, and guard the peace of spacehomeland!Start the war!Brave space warrior!Attentions! Three spacecriminals appears!Chase them with strong spaceship. Changelocations quickly and aimat the space criminals. Fire the gun, andstop their spaceships.Watch out! You have to dodge the meteoriteswhile you fight. Yourspaceship will get damaged if you hit ameteorite!You will get alot of rewards each time you catch a spacecriminal! If you catchthem all you will get a medal of honor! Takeon the challenge ofthis great space mission now!----Features ofBaby Panda's SpaceWar----1. Become a brave space warrior, take onthe space mission,guard our space homeland!2. If you capture allthe space criminalsthere will be a beautiful fireworks showing yourhonor! Fight,space guardians!3. Drive an awesome spaceship aroundbeautifulspace!4. Cruise around in space!5. Receive a lot of goldsas aprize!6. Easy to use and simple to understand: vividmovement,touch controls, a 3D video, a detailed screen andmore!———AboutBabyBus———At BabyBus, we dedicate ourselves tosparking kids'creativity, imagination and curiosity, and designingour productsthrough kids' perspective to help them explore theworld on theirown. Now BabyBus has offered a wide variety ofproducts, videos andother educational content for 250 million fansaged 0-8 around theworld! We have produced more than 150 children'seducational games,700 children's songs, and animations of variousthemes spanning thearts, health, and science. —————————————Contactus:ser@babybus.comVisit us:
Space Arena: Build & Fight 1.11.7
It's the year 4000-something. You are a rookie spaceshipdesignerwanting to prove yourself to the world. Enter SpaceshipArena, anentertainment arena of the future, where only the best ofthe bestrule! Competitive Multiplayer Online Game featuring layersof deepspace strategy and endlessly evolving game content!FEATURES:-Unique, never before seen gameplay on Android- Dozens ofexcitingspaceship blueprints to unlock and build- Masses ofdifferentmodules to build with.- Beautiful space battles tovalidate yourdesigns- Beat ships designed by other players toprogress in ranksand leagues- Collect the best fleet in the arenaof flotillas andwin the star war. Take your place as the Top #1ship designer ofSpaceship Battles! This game allows to design andconstructspaceships and starships and send them to arena for clashwithother players in space simulator PvP battles. Participate inyourown space program. Use space engineers to build faster thanlightbattleships, аnd get big star control US:
Space squadron - Galaxy Shooter 5.7
This version allow player compete each other in PVPmode.Spacesquadron: Galaxy Shooter is the best skyforce game forfan of spaceshooting games. it is simulate sky shooting game andSpace war:Space squadron: Galaxy Shooter game is game for you.Thealienswarms is begin to attack our galaxy. They attack all of placeinour galaxy and earth by alien shooters. They destroy manyspacesquadron of us.We only have the last space squadron to defendthem.You become a Hero of galaxy to lead and fight the alienenemies.TheSpace squadron will bring you to fight at many battle atmanybeautiful places. You will control the best spaceship whichequipstrong Missiles, Crew and satellites to protect our galaxy.Ateachbattle you will receiver SpaceCraft Card and gold and don'tforgetuse them to upgrade your space craft and make it to bestronger.You also can unlock strong spaceship with Card or Crystalor in-apppurchase.In Space craft you will faced many alien swarmspaceshipand epic bosses it will become lager in high level and youmust usethe best strategy and upgrade your spaceship right time ifyou wantto pass.Game have many mission to receiver many reward:crystal,gold, Craft Card, Energy free for you.-----------------FEATURE-------------------- Strong interesting with PVP mode allowcompetewith many players- Many space craft for you choose- Amazingskillfrom space crafts- Many beautiful space battleship- Specialeffectsand sound- Various of Enemies and Bosses!- Leader boardglobal.-Lucky circle with big reward.- Special map-----------------FEATURE -------------------- Move spaceship andavoid bullet fromalien shooter- Destroy all space intruders andbosses- Gather gold,crystal, spacecraft card- Upgrade Missiles,Crew, Shield andaircraft- Change right spacecraft at right levelNowdownload forfree game and drive spaceship ready for epic battles.
ISS Detector Satellite Tracker 2.03.17
Have you seen the International Space Station? Or the Chinesespacestation Tiangong 2? They are visible with the naked eye!Thisis theeasiest way to spot the station.ISS Detector will tell youwhen andwhere to look for the International Space Station orIridiumflares. You get an alarm a few minutes before a pass. Youwillnever miss a pass of the International Space Station and youwillnever miss the bright flashes of the iridiumcommunicationsatellites. ISS Detector will also check if theweather conditionsare right. A clear sky is perfect forspotting.Extensions willenhance the functionality of ISS Detector.With an in-app purchaseyou can add comets and planets, amateurradio satellites and famousobjects, like the Hubble space telescopeor the Chinese spacestation Tiangong.• Overview of the comingpasses• Weatherconditions for perfect sightings• Radar screen withpathindication• Current location on a map• Detection of Iridiumflares•Notifications and Alarms• Share sightings with whatsapp,twitter,gmail, email etc.• Automatic location and timezonedetection•WidgetAvailable Extensions (in-app purchase):RadioAmateurSatellitesTrack dozens of ham and weather satellites.Includesradio frequencies and Doppler shifts for mostsatellites.FamousObjectsTrack Hubble, X-37B, Fitsat and moreCometsand PlanetsFindthe planets in the sky. And track comets as theycome closer toearth.ISS Detector combines data, SATNOGS,, minorplanetcenter.netand weather from
Jet-Space 1.3
Russian cosmonaut from spacecraft Oddyssey has landed on anunknownplanet in which he doesn't know what kinds of dangers willfind.Help our hero to overcome the obstacles and achieve his goalusinghis jetpack.There are upgrades and powers available during thegamethat allow you to walk additional meters, get them to achievethehighest score, but beware that some have penalties. Alsodon'tforget to refill oxygen tanks of our character, thisplanet'satmosphere is rich in sulfur, but poor in oxygen.Beat yourfriendsand be the first in your leaderboard.Overcome your ownrecords andunlock (if you can) all medals game.Follow us on TwitterandFacebook to learn about excitingnewgames:
Astronomy for Kids 🚀 Space Game by Star Walk 2
Don’t miss your fascinating journeythroughspace! Get Space for Kids 🚀 Astronomy Game by Star Walk2and start exploring the solar system, planets andstars,constellations and any other interesting celestialbody.Solar system for kids offers a lot of great features:PLAY astronomical game and LEARN about oursolarsystemLISTEN to interesting astronomy factsVISIT planets and stars, comets and any othercelestialbodyWATCH funny educational movies about spaceTEST your knowledge with short quizzesWIN or improve your resultHAVE FUN and learn astronomy!Wonderful astronomy app for kids includes:⭐ Encyclopedia of the solar system⭐ Constellations, planets and stars⭐ Educational movies⭐ Solar system for kids⭐ Exciting astronomical game⭐ Self-check tests⭐ Hubble Space Telescope⭐ And a lot of other interesting things from the worldofastronomyLet's go!🚀
Random Space 1.07
You suffered a wreck in an unknown system due to spacecraftfailure.Everything you have is an emergency accommodation moduleand a heapof scrap. But by good fortune, you are an engineer andyou have aclever pair of hands. Upgrade your habitation, buildassistingrobots, collect enough resources and build a spacecraft.To comehome, you will have to visit all planets to determine yourcurrentlocation. In addition, you need to breathe, sleep and eat –rememberabout it!Design your spacecraft, save every drop of fuel,everytomato sprout and every gulp of air. Nobody knows for howlong youwill have to stay here.Follow planet movement to make aflight atthe right moment when they move closer. Build and againbuild,upgrade, get and remember about your own needs.It will be auniqueexperience for every player – the star system is generatedin anunpredictable manner, starting with visual parameters up tophysicalpeculiarities of planets. Methods to survive on everyplanet differ– required resources available, amount of luminousenergy,atmosphere availability, force of gravity, and surfacearea.Tune inthe beat of the atmosphere of unknown planets andloneliness.I hopeyou will like this story. However, it depends onyou whether thewild space will be friendly with you...
Tuan studio
If you want to become a cosmonaut in the childhood, it is timetomake your dream come true! In this unusual map for Minecraftyoucan capture the space and go to Mars. Download our new MCPEforfree and start your incredible adventure!Before you will startthisdangerous mission, you should start all necessary mechanismsinthis map for Minecraft, they will help you to go to Mars. Butweshall start from the beginning. You are a successful cosmonautNASAand that’s why only you can complete this dangerous andveryimportant mission. In this MCPE map you will find yourself ontheincredibly large space base, and, even you want to startyouradventure as soon as possible, you need to explore the basefirst.You can visit the control center, the humble cosmonaut’sroom, andmeticulously explore every centimeter of the base. It isnot onlyfor your education, you can find a lot of useful thingsthere, thatyou can need during your dangerous mission. Call yourfriends andstart this exciting adventure together, it will be moreinterestingand less dangerous, who knows, what will you find in theopenspace. So download this new map for Minecraft for «ARES-I –MISSIONTO MARS» free, call your friends and start yourimportantmission!-You can download this Minecraft map for free.-Youwillneed to install Minecraft Pocket Edition on your mobile deviceforthis map.DISCLAIMER: This map for MCPE isn’t made or supportedbyMojang. Minecraft and Minecraft Pocket Edition areofficialtrademarks of Mojang AB. The developers of this MCPE mapdon’tcooperate with Mojang. This application fully adheres to thetermsset up by Mojang AB. More info at