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Escape game : The rooms
Welcome to the beautifully crafted and absolutely mind-bendinggamewhere you have to explore 13 rooms filled with cleverlogicpuzzles. Let us transport you into this mystery space andprepareto enjoy the satisfying solving action.«13 Puzzle Rooms» isapuzzle, point-and-click, and room escape game all rolled intoone.Explore each room thoroughly, find items to help you solvethepuzzles and uncover the mysteries that'll lead to yourescape.Brilliant brainteasers will have you hooked but that makesit allthe more satisfying to complete.• Neat and realisticgraphics• Easyand natural touch controls• Beautiful soundtrackperfectly suits tothe adventure• A full hint guide to make sure younever get stuck•Some items can be dismantled • Sometimes you needto combine twoitems.What people say about this game:«This game isso wellthoroughly thought-out and captivating that I can't tearmyselfaway from it. I always was fond of quest rooms etc and 13puzzlerooms can partially replace it for me.»«Really coolbrain-teaserthat makes you think, find and sometimes inventdifferent ways tofind your way out of the room.»The locked door isthe smallesttrial you will have to face. So don’t give upeasily!Contactus:help@mgameday.com
Time To Escape
Can You Escape - Holidays - Out Now!We are glad to present youthebrand new puzzle game - Time To Escape! This room escapeadventuretakes you to the strange museum with many interestinglocations andmind blowing riddles. If you think you are cleverenough to escapethis place then download this amazing game andstart the journey...because it's Time to Escape!↗ Amazing riddles!↗Unique roomdesigns!↗ Tricky brain teasers!↗ Interesting storyline!
Escape game:home town adventure
Classic Room Escape Game "Escape game:home townadventure"Released.This is a classic puzzle game,You must not missit!Manydifferent styles of rooms,Let you constantly observe,judge,calculate, until escape.A lot of fun for you ,Definitelyworth yourdownload.When you are confused,Humanized hints,Help youtoescape.Exciting adventure, so you can not stop ...
Escape game : Doors&Rooms
Simple yet fatally addictiveSee through the tricks and findhintsfor your escape! Never-ending battle of wits againstthedevelopersBe careful, though: one mistake can costyoueverything.★★ Features ★★- Various themed backgrounds -Evolvingdifficulty levels- Stage expansion through constantupdates-Superior graphic quality never before seen in the Escapegenre -Free Game Coins are given away at certain intervals -Intuitive UIand inventory - Absolutely free to play! ★★ Tips ★★-Don't misseven the slightest detail! Even a scrap of paper can be ahint.-Obtained items can be examined, dismantled, and compoundedfor newhints.- Think outside the box. Sometimes, it pays to followyourgut instinct.- Use common sense.- Stay alert and listen.Sometimes,sounds can help you successfully escape.★★ Join Us★★Facebook:
Escape The Ghost Town 2
Solve the puzzles and find all the hidden objects that you havetouse in the locations in order to Escape The Ghost Town.Challengeyourself with the amazing puzzles in many differentlocations.10challenging locations are waiting for you!
Adventure Escape: Xmas Killer
Detective Kate Gray is back in a new holiday murder mystery!Ahomicide victim is found downtown holding a familiar calling card-a snow globe. Kate realizes she is on the trail of thenotoriouslydangerous serial murderer, “The Christmas Killer.” Willthe killerstrike again in seven days? Or can Kate and her teamsolve thismystery in time for the holidays? Put your wits to thetest now inAdventure Escape: The Christmas Killer!Join millions ofhappyAdventure Escape players and save the day!Play this premiumescapegame!- Gorgeous graphics bring the holidays right ontoyourscreen!- Explore the city, question suspects, and hunt downthekiller!- Solve devious puzzles and riddles!- Get the whole gameforFREE! You’re never forced to pay!- Gather tools and items to aidinyour escape!- Memorable characters!- Find hidden objects thathelpyou break free!Solve the mystery in Adventure Escape: TheChristmasKiller! Can you track down the murderer before he killsagain?
Escape game:prison adventure
Classic Room Escape Game "Escape game:prisonadventure"Released.This is a classic puzzle game,You must not missit!Manydifferent styles of rooms,Let you constantly observe,judge,calculate, until escape.A lot of fun for you ,Definitelyworth yourdownload.When you are confused,Humanized hints,Help youtoescape.Exciting adventure, so you can not stop ...
Escape Impossible: Revenge!
An escape game that takes you into a haunted house. The game isfullof puzzles in a scary atmosphere.Can you escape this place, itwillnot be easy I assure you! Are you up for the challenge?Anaddictiveand scary adventure game! We hope you will loveit!EscapeImpossible:Revenge features:* Awesome graphics anddifficultpuzzles* Quick to learn, with hours of fun challenges*Eye-catchingand scary gameplay* Ghosts and many more scaryenemies!* Hiddenobjects, locks & keys and more challengesawait* Easy and funto play, but a challenge to fullymasterContactinformation:Webpage:http://fungamesmobile.comFacebook:
The Room
Fireproof Games
Welcome to The Room, a physicalpuzzler,wrapped in a mystery game, inside a beautifully tactile3Dworld.*****************Praise for The Room:• Eurogamer “...resist hurrying and savour every sliding panelandtwist of a dial. The Room is the cave of mysteries fromeveryone'schildhood; a perfect encapsulation of the fear andpleasure ofdiscovery."• Gametrailers “The touchscreen controls really shine. A mustplay”Penny Arcade “This isn’t a title that is hindered by touchcontrolsas much as its set free by them"• Arcade Sushi "I couldn’t stop playing this fascinatingbrainteaser...beautifully crafted"• Indie Game Magazine "Fireproof Games has hit a home run"• Pocket Gamer “More suspense than a thousandbullet-riddledshooters"• Game Informer “Excellently produced, clever puzzlesandspine-tingling music"• Jaysisgames "The immersion overrides any sense ofyoursurroundings beyond the box" "The Room is eye candy forthemind."• IGN “The most realistically rendered objects in a mobile titletodate.”******How are you, old friend? If you’re reading this, then it worked.Ionly hope you can still forgive me.We’ve never seen eye to eye on my research, but you must putsuchthings behind you. You are the only one to whom I can turn.Youmust come at once, for we are all in great peril. I trustyouremember the house? My study is the highest room.Press forward with heart. There is no way back now.AS.******Fireproof Games are very proud to bring you our greatest creation,amind-bending journey filled with beauty, peril and mystery inequalmeasure. Be transported into a unique space that blendsspellbindingvisuals with intriguing problems to solve.• Unsettlingly realistic graphics: The most natural lookingvisualsever seen on a mobile device.• Spine-tingling single finger controls: touch controls sonaturalyou can play with one digit, to fully navigate thismysteriouslybeautiful 3D world.• Fantastical pick-up-and-play design: Easy to start, hard toputdown, the secrets of The Room will immerse you before you evenknowyou're playing.• Compelling layers of mystery: think you know what you'relookingat? Think again.
Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery
Detective Kate Gray’s best friend Melissa, has gone missingafterher “too good to be true” date. Kate investigates only todiscoverthat Melissa has disappeared into a mysterious cult. Useyour witsto solve puzzles and break into the cult. Meet other cultmembersand decide who is friend or foe. Go undercover toinvestigate theshadowy past of the cult and escape withMelissa.Join millions ofhappy Adventure Escape players and see ifyou can solve the CultMystery!Play this premium escape game!-Beautiful graphics bringhaunting scenes to life!- Explore the cultgrounds and unravel thestory behind this mysterious place!- Solvedevious puzzles andriddles!- Get the whole game for FREE! You’renever forced to pay!-Gather tools and items to aid in your escape!-Memorablecharacters!- Find hidden objects that help you breakfree!- It’sfree! No registration, no hassles, just download andplay. Uncoverthe secrets of Adventure Escape: Cult Mystery! Can youbring downthe cult and escape before it’s too late?
E.X.I.T - Room Escape Game -
This is a simple Room Escape Game.Somehow, You are trapped inasmall room with no exit. Let's escape from here by using what isinthis room.- What’s Room Escape Game ? -Room Escape Game is agamethat you explore inside a closed room, find the items and solvetheriddles, and finally find an exit.- When you can’t solveriddles-If you press the "HINT" button, hint cards are arrangedaccordingto the progress of the game. Use it when you can’t solvetheriddles.- When you want to save the game -The state of the gameisautomatically saved. If you want to resume, please touchthe"LOADGAME" button from the title.
Escape Puzzle: New Dawn
Join Samantha and Gordon in an all new adventure! Obtain thevaccinefrom the New Dawn facility, claimed to be the only chanceofprotecting people from the devastating effects of theTorrotovirus.Features• Tricky and challenging puzzles!•Gorgeousgraphics!• It's FREE!• No signup's required, just downloadandinstall!Enjoy this fun adventure escape game!From the creatorsofPrison Escape Puzzle.
Spotlight: Room Escape
Are you ready for the thrilling experiencewithlots of drama and adventures? “Spotlight: Room Escape” isathrilling app based on the theatrical drama scene. What wouldyoube up to if you have been kidnapped and locked up in a strangeroomwith no clue about how you reached there? You literallyhaveforgotten everything and your only aim is to escape from theroombefore time runs out. Start your investigations and findtheanswers to various questions like who kidnapped you, the purposeofyour kidnapping and lot more on the process of finding thewayout.!The game “Spotlight: Room Escape” is beautifully designedwithmysterious graphics and thrilling sound effects. Every objectinthe Room is placed with clear logic around it and eachscenedescribes deep meaning.! Observe, Analyze and use yourlogicalskills to escape the mysterious Room.Get ready for the most adventurous thrilling journey of yourlifewith “Spotlight: Room Escape”. Collect the clues and startbuildingthe plan to escape the way out. The game has intuitivegamingcontrols perfect for players from all age groups. Find outthenecessary things hidden in the room like Torch, Rope and lotmoreto have your Escape plan ready. The game has lots ofmysteriouslevels each designed with unique exit plans. Explore thelocationcarefully and combine various clues to find the wayout.!Check out your detective skills and investigate every sceneandobjects to find the clues. Put on your logical hat and solvethevarious number and letter puzzles to open the locks. The cluescanbe hidden anywhere around you. Solve the riddles and wordsbyinvestigating the clues found. The game requires completepatienceskills and analyzing skills along with the logical thinkingtosolve the scenes quickly and escape out. The game “Spotlight:RoomEscape” is a perfect game for all those who loveinvestigatingitems around and have awesome analyzing and logicalthinkingcapabilities.************************FEATURES************************✓ Awesome 3D graphics with mysterious sound effects✓ Intuitive touch mode gaming controls✓ Lots of challenging levels✓ Thrilling scenes and hidden clues✓ Interesting riddles and puzzles✓ Exciting ways of investigation to find the escape planDownload the most addictive detective game “Spotlight: RoomEscape”and have the adventurous exciting journey while exploringthelocations to find out the escape plan. The game will helpyouimprove your logical thinking and increase the efficiency tosolvepuzzles. Push out your brain and exercise your mind to solvethechallenging puzzles. Complete the levels successfully andunlockthe new crime scene in a new room for morethrillingpuzzles.!************************SAY HELLO************************We are constantly working hard on making the “Spotlight:RoomEscape” game better with more advanced and thrilling features.Weneed your constant support to get going. Please feel freetocontribute and email us for any queries/suggestions/problems orifyou just want to say hello. We would love to hear from you. Ifyouhave enjoyed any feature of the “Spotlight: Room Escape” game,donot forget to rate us on play store and share amongyourfriends.
Escape Game: Autumn
You are in a house where autumn leaves, mushrooms and squirrelsarelived.Find and combine items, and solve puzzles, thenjustEscape!After ending, you can play hide-and-seek withanimals!?Canyou find them all?【Features】・Enjoy kids! There are manycuteanimals!・Easy to start for first players. Let’schallenge!・Thereare Hints, so Don’t worry!・Auto-save function!【Howto play】Veryeasy operation method!・Search by tapping thescreen.・Change theviewpoint by tapping the button on the bottom ofthe screen.・Doubletap the item button, it will enlarged.・Keepingthe enlarged item,you can tap another item, and then composeit.・There is a hintbutton from MENU which is the upper left cornerof thescreen.【fee】・It’s FREE!・Let’s enjoy theescapegame!【Jammsworks】programmer:AsahiHirataDesigner:NarumaSaitoProduced by two of us.Our goal is toproduce a game that wouldbe fun for the users.If you like thisgame, please playothergames!【Provide】 Sound:びたちー素材館
201 - New Room Escape Games
201 New Room Escape Games is a combination of point and clicktypeclassical room escape games of different locations and itisdeveloped and released by HFG Hidden Fun Games. These Escapegamesare logically developed with tricky puzzles, adventurelocation,messy clues, and obscured-hidden objects to enter into theclue ofBest Escape games. These games will surely test your brainlogicaland analytical skills. These Free rooms and doors escapegames aredesigned in the sense of real fun, hi-fi scenes, morethrillingtwist, challenging and exciting soundtracks to make youaddictedand crazy for the escape game lovers. One of the best andpopulargrowing room escape game in 2017 with 201 games bunch.Try tobreakthe all doors and mysterious locks through your long memory.Itwill definitely give the huge challenge to your brain. Enjoythisfull 201 games journey mission Once you completed all the gamethatyou impossible to forget the real escape rooms. Are you readytotake this challenge, you will definitely find the differencefromother escape game.FEATURES: Fascinating Collections of 201GamesPolished animation and graphics. Addictive Gameplay(100hours).Riddling Logical Puzzles.Picturesque Doors, Floors,andRooms.FollowUs:Facebook:
Hospital Escape:Escape The Room Games
You wake up in a shabby hospital, You don't know who are youandwhere you are, Escape the hospital is the only way to findtheanswer.Are you ready for the challenge? Let's move!*ExquisiteGraphics* Unexpected Clever puzzles* From easy todifficult,suitable for all players
Faraway: Puzzle Escape
Escape the ancient temples in Faraway: PuzzleEscape thatare full of challenges and mysterious puzzles. Thisroom escapegame will surely challenge your puzzle escaping ability.One of thebest escape games ever! See why we have been globallyfeatured andadored by millions. Room escape puzzlegame that willcompletely challenge your mind, captivate you& offer hours ofamazing mobile gamingentertainment. CAPTIVATING STORYYou'rewalking in the footstepsof your father. He was a collector ofunusual artifacts who wentmissing ten years ago. Your journey willtake you from deserts andoasis to old crumbling ruins of amysterious civilization. They hadconstructed devices and puzzlesto see if you're worthy of knowingtheir secrets. Observe theenvironment, collect items, manipulatedevices and solve perplexingpuzzles to escape templelabyrinths.COMPELLING PUZZLESExplore 18grand temples packed withescape puzzles. Turn, explore, think andtruly open your eyes, ifyou want to experience the best in thisexcellent combination ofescape games and 3D relaxing puzzlegames.IMMERSIVE WORLDEasy tonavigate 3D world which holds moresecrets than it appears on thesurface. One of the most mesmerizinggraphics and ambient soundtrackyou will find in the escape gamesgenre.INTRIGUING MYSTERYCollectpages from your father’s missingdiary to find out what happened toyour family. A puzzle game thatwill take challenge your mind andcompletely engage you!TRY FORFREEYou get to try the escape gamebefore you buy. The first 9levels are available free of charge!Experience the story ofFaraway, a gaming experience with immersiveoriginal puzzles thatimpress.SUPER WIDESCREEN SUPPORTThe puzzlegame looks beautiful onnew 18:9 phones and also shines on tabletdevices. Enjoy stunningand astoundingly detailed graphics that lookexquisite.Enter allnew astonishing worlds of room escape games& puzzles withFaraway: Puzzle Escape!
You Must Escape
Your one and only mission in this room escaping puzzle game istofind the way to open different doors and exit each and everyroomthe adventure has to offer.Features:↗ Challenging puzzles↗Logicbrain teasers↗ Easy to start – impossible to put down↗Exploredifferent themed rooms!↗ New rooms added frequently ↗ 100%FREE forAndroid!How to play:Find and combine objects to solvepuzzles. Beateach level by unlocking the door and escapingtheroom!Walkthrough:
Linedoku: Logic Puzzles
Linedoku is a bundle of the best logic puzzle games all aboutlinesand loops.Enjoy colorful flow games, pipe puzzles,one-linepuzzles, connect dots, make infinite loops or link numbers- Theperfect time killers!Challenge yourself, train your brainandbecome the puzzle king! ...or just relax and solve somelevels.OneStrokeOne of the kings of line puzzles. Draw a line fromdot to dotand connect all the paths in 1 line.Block Puzzle: LinesAclassicBlock Puzzle Game interpreted in a new way. Drag and droptheblocks over the board and cover all the dots. Blocksshouldn'toverlap and only be placed on the paths they fitinto.NumberMazeFind a way; Connect the numbers smartly in ascendingorder anddraw puzzling one-line-mazes.Connect all the dots smartlyand fillthe grid to solve the level.LoopsFun level: Infinity. Looppuzzlesabout spinning and connecting cells to create infiniteloops.Discover all the unique art pieces that unfoldthemselves.CrossPathTired of Sudoku? Here's a simple alternative.Fill the grid bydrawing traces on the board. The number of tracesper knot arelimited and can only be drawn as straigt lines. Thelevel iscompleted after every cell in the grid is filled.ColorFlowDrawtraces between dots of the same color and create a flow ofcolors.Fill the whole grid and connect all the dots to master thelevel.Slide The BlocksA classic slide puzzle. Shift and move theblocksand let the colors unroll through the path. Solve the levelbyconnecting all the color sources with each other. The path alsohasto be a closed flow.Color LoopsLink the cells naturally togethertocreate an endless flow of different colors. Be like a weaveroflines.Game Features* Minimalist and adult design* Play thebestlogic games all in one app* One touch gameplay - play smoothlyonehanded* train your brain with 4500 levels completely free toplay*no wifi, no problem - playable offline* Clear your mind inthe'relax'- mode* Fill up brain power in the challenge mode*Freecontent updates* Compare your progress with other players ontheleaderboards
Mystery of Haunted Hollow: Escape Games Demo
Do you love escape games, adventure games, and Point &ClickGames?If you love Escape Games, Adventure Games & ClassicPoint& Click Adventure & Puzzle Games, then you will lovethisthrilling & haunted - Adventure & Escape Game!Escapefromthe town of Haunted Hollow, embark on an adventure, and explorethedeep dark secrets of this town - solve puzzles & riddlesinthis Escape Game & Classic Point & ClickAdventure.Youarrive at the footsteps of Hollow alone.Armed withonly an emptysuitcase, and faint memories… you are determined todiscover thedetails of the life you once lived here.At thefootsteps of theentrance, a familiar apparition appears, leavingyou few answers,and an obscure note shunning you away fromtown.Haunted by visionsof your past, and suffering from amnesia foralmost ten years, youembark on a quest to discover buried secrets,putting the pieces ofthe puzzle together of the life you once had,and to find out onceand for all, what happened to your missingfamily, and this oncethriving village.With only a few tools at yourdisposal, you roamthe desolate area of Hollow, picking up clues,solving puzzles andriddles, & finding journal entries withclues to your past.Willthe secrets you unveil be more than you hadever imagined?——————————————————————Intuitive Design:Designed withthe player inmind, it’s easy to navigate the world of Hollow withpuzzlesdesigned for both the novice, and hardcore player.Stunning&Realistic Artwork:The world of Hollow looks hauntinglyrealistic,with scenes, and locations full of stunning detail&character.Professional Music & Sounds:Professionallyrecordedaudio and sounds make Hollow come to life with unnervingeffects,and music.Addictive & Compelling Gameplay&Story:Compelling even for non-gamers, the story and puzzleswilldraw you in, inviting you to finish this game to discoverthetruth, and secrets behind Hollow!
New escape room:The lost paradise(Horror games)
I open my eyes in a daze, familiar and strange before myeyes.Through an eerie room and a very painful story emerging infront ofyour eyes, all the room as you choose the constantlychanging stepby step, like a person's life, faced with numerouschoices, whethersatisfactory walk to the end, will have to see youhave courage,intelligence quotient (IQ) is not enough... *beautiful 2dhand-painted wind * clever puzzle design * from easy todifficult,suitable forallplayers---------------------------------
100 Toilets “room escape game”
Worldwide downloads exceeded 4 million!Solve the challenginglevelsin our Japanese toilets! This is absolutely brain teaser with100levels! Advance to next room by solving the puzzle now!Features▶Addicting mini puzzles!▶ The only Japanese toilets puzzlesolvinggame in the market!▶ Fully utilization of your devicesfeatures!▶Absolutely free application with 100 levels!▶ VariousAchievementsare waiting for you! How to play- Use all the featuresof youdevice - tilt, shake, swipe, tap, push, to solve the puzzle-Allitems are useful for solving puzzle- Retry if you are stuck inanylevels
Dwarf Old Man Rescue
Games2Jolly - Dwarf Old Man Rescue is a point and click escapegamedeveloped by Games2Jolly Team. We know that you are a great fanofEscape games but that doesn’t mean you should not like puzzles.Sohere we present you Dwarf Old Man Rescue . A cocktail withanessence of both Puzzles and Escape tricks. Good luck and haveafun!!!
The lost paradise 2:Escape the horror room
Get Lost in the forest, but the night is coming. You're a girlwhois looking for her home and parents. What are the creaturesyoumet? Friend? Vicious monster? Or something that nooneknows?Puzzles come to you one after another, and the choicesyouhave to make. What leads you to the last, is always yourself.Goandsolve the puzzles, to reveal the truth of the forest and makeclearwhat has happened. To get away from the LostParadise!Features:Darkand horrible 2D hand drawing makes you feelimmersive.The new andchallengeable puzzles! Challenge yourself!Astory with more thanone end! Explore to finish the multiple ends tounlock theachievements!The sequel of the Lost Paradise!Relativelyindependent story will attract you whether you've everplayedprecedingproduction!------------------------------------
100 Crypts
100 Crypts: the most addictive "Room Escape" puzzle gameforAndroid. Break out of the rooms, solve the enigma and open thejaildoor to escape from the Crypt. Download now, it's free"Fromthecreators of the hit "100 Gates" a new great "Room Escape"puzzlegame for Android.How to play - Solve the puzzle/enigma, findallthe hidden objects that you have in the rooms and unlockthecurrent jail door to escape from the room and get thenextlevel/floor- Each level has a different puzzle/enigma to besolved-Use any possible way to unlock: Drag, Shake, Touch thefloor,Swipe, Tap,Tilt ,Push Buttons and so on- Many differentitemsavailableFeatures:- One of the best doors exit game availableforANDROID- Completely free- Amazing Artwork- Complete utilizationofyour devices features!- Addicting mini puzzles!- Gorgeousgraphicsand Sound- Balanced difficult levels: from very easy toveryhardRemember that in some rooms of the first floors you havetocomplete the heist in order to open the doors and advance inthegame.Just try it. You’ll love!!
The Fixies Quest: Kids Riddles
Looking for a brain quest for kids free? Solve puzzles, openroomsin these brain games for kids games for girls: easy riddlesforkids logic games with object finder!🌟You found brain quest forkidsfor free and mystery games for kids! Try this room escapepuzzlegames for free! Complete missions from Grandpus and exploreeveryroom in Tom Thomas house in brain games for kids of 10 years!Basedon The Fixies cartoon!Think hard over brain puzzle gamesforchildren, fix attentively all items and make an investigationtosucceed in find objects game.🔎There are two types of gameplayinkids logic games: detective games for kids and complete brainquestfor kids for free (logic kids development). In the «quest»mode youwill get missions and brain puzzle games for childrenfromGrandpus. To succeed you will need to complete a chain ofactionsin children games for 10 years free like find objects game,putthem into right places. Develop logic kids in quest games forgirlsto make things work, objects find and other.There is so muchnewfor kids to learn about the world around so we can name thisappeducational games for preschoolers!🌍 Play thoughtfully and youwillbe able to tell how a metal detector works and where to useascrewdriver! This is what you learn in brain games for kids of10years.Game features:🔹 Three room escape puzzle games🔹 Roomescapepuzzle games🔹 Educational games for preschoolers🔹 Riddlesgames forkids (kids riddles)🔹 Four detective games for kidsfreeEducation isvery important for kids! Smart games for brain kidscan makeeducational process very funny! That's why we make notonlyinteresting but also educational games for preschoolers andkids.Riddles games for kids has difficulty levels so even thelittleones can play with Grandpus by their side having tips forthem. Inthis quest games for girls you will explore all the cornersof thehouse, feed the fish and fix the remote control. The gamewill beinteresting for those who love mystery games for kids androomescape games. Looking for a brain quest for kids free?Solvepuzzles, open rooms in these brain games for kids games forgirls:easy riddles for kids logic games with object finder!If youarelooking for object finding games or riddle games free thanyoushould try our room escape puzzle games - kids games kids gamesforall ages!About DevGame Studio:We develop and publisheducationaland fun games for children free (kids game for 2 3 yearchild andolder). Our educational games for kids kindergarten arefull ofbeautiful and colorful graphics, interactive games andinterestingcharacters. More of our educational object find andchildren gamesfor 10 years free on our Google Playpage:📩Ifyouhave any questions about smart games for brain kids we arewaitingfor your letters: contact.devgame@gmail.comOurwebsite:
Find The Seed Bundle
We know that you are a great fan of Escape games but thatdoesn’tmean you should not like puzzles. So here we present youFind TheSeed Bundle. A cocktail with an essence of both Puzzles andEscapetricks. Good luck and have a fun!!!
Maze Cat - Rookie
Find the Maze with RookieTake the adventure into the Mazegameworld.Easy game play and rules. Anyone can pick up and playMazeCat!Clear more than 2,000 dynamic mazes with Rookie thecat!JoinRookie the Maze Cat on a fun adventure — anytime andanywhere!▶Maze Cat - Rookie Official Fan Page: game supports'한국어','Indonesian', 'Bahasa malay', 'English', '日本語', '中文简体','中文繁體','Deutsch', 'français', 'Español', 'ไทย', 'Русский','Arabic'.【MazeCat - Rookie Features】☞ An addictive game enjoyed bypeople allaround the world!☞ Maze Cat's cute mascot Rookie is readyto leadyou through more than 2,000 fun puzzles!☞ No Wi-Fi? Noproblem!Play anytime without an internet connection.☞ A small gamethat canbe downloaded by any device!☞ Enjoy single player mode andproceedthrough a ton of exciting mazes.☞ Dark Mode - Find out a wayin thedark.☞ Happy Christmas Mode - Please take Rookie'sgift.☞Experience various themes Desert, Winter, Stone Age, etc☞Supportsall tablet devices!- This game is acceptable for purchasingtheitems partially. When purchasing the items, the additionalcostscould be occurred and limited Consumer Right of Defenseaccordingto the item types.▶ Let's Enjoy SUPERBOX ◀☆ SUPERBOXOfficialWebsite☞☆ SUPERBOX Official FanPage☞☆ SUPERBOX CustomerCenter☞E-Mail :
Escape Through History
A mysterious time portal beacons you…Are you ready to step intoitto journey through history? It is a quest to overcome theepicevents that mankind has ever experienced. Get immersed in therichand vibrant locations spanning across eras and show your skilltoweave your way out of them. Do you think you have got what ittakesto be the chosen one to find out how it all ends?... Bewareasthere is no turning back once you are in!Features:↗Amazingpuzzles↗ Tricky brain teasers↗ Intuitive and easy to start–impossible to put down!↗ Time travel different eras↗Constantupdates↗ Unique atmosphere↗ Auto-save function↗ FREE forAndroid!↗Enter the biggest adventure of your life!How toplay:Search andcombine items, solve puzzles and try to beat eachstage to discoverwhat's behind thedoor!Gamediscussion:
Escape game : Doors&Rooms 2
Find out what’s behind each and every door as you proceedthroughthe series of elaborate rooms you are trapped in. Do youhave whatit takes to be a true detective, and think your way toescape? The3rd update is completed, Flex your brain muscles withthe 3rdupdate. ◆ FEATURES ◆ ◆ Puzzle your way past rooms of alltypes,ranging from living rooms, to bars, to garages and hospitals.◆ HDgraphics that are never before seen in escape games! ◆ TheMemomenu is now available for use in game! ◆ Start escapingimmediatelywith intuitive UI and easy to learn mechanics! ◆ Don’tbe toohasty, rooms get harder the deeper you go. Paying attentionto thelittle clues is the only way you will survive! ◆ AbsolutelyFREE toplay!! ◆ FREE TIPS ◆ ◆ Don’t miss even the slightest detail!Even asmall scrap of paper in the corner can be a hint to freedom!◆Obtained items can be examined, dismantled, and combined fornewhints. Use your smarts and logical reasoning to find your wayout!◆ Think outside of the box. Sometimes, it pays to follow yourgutinstincts! ◆ Stay alert and listen. Sometimes, even sounds canhelpyou successfully escape! ◆◆ Developers ◆◆Facebook:
Happy New Year 2018
We know that you are a great fan of Escape games but thatdoesn’tmean you should not like puzzles. So here we present youHappy NewYear 2018. A cocktail with an essence of both Puzzles andEscapetricks. Good luck and have a fun!!!
Escape Games: Fear House 2
The game is full of puzzles in a scary atmosphere.Can youescapethis place, it will not be easy I assure you! Are you up forthechallenge?An addictive and scary adventure game! We hope youwilllove it!Game features:- nice graphics- solve puzzles- find,combineand use items- find solutions- kill zombie- use your brainand youmindEscape this fear house and win thegame!Facebook:
Escape game : Doors&Rooms 3
The finest yet in the Doors&Rooms series! The game thatwillawaken and stimulate your brain development!Everything isperfect!All you need is your reasoning power!Test and challengeyourdeduction skills through much more elaborate andsolidifiedstages!Discover the hidden items located in various roomsanduncover clues to escape.You may occasionally find items thatwillunveil secret rooms.Of course, you must identify the correctwaysto use them. The doors to secret rooms aren’t that easy toopen!◆Featured ◆# Inference based system linked to acquisition ofitemlocated in various rooms# Breathtaking brain-battlesagainstmerciless tricks and riddles# Unveiling secret rooms byobtainingspecial items# Strength level based system that allowsmultiplestage plays# Loss of strength by uncovering dangerousobjects andstrength upgrade system # Continuous chapter updates◆Tips ◆- Aroom where you obtain the item may not be the room whereyou mayuse the item – Do not linger in one place.-The place whereyouobtain the item to open a secret room may not be the samelocationto use it. - If your game is over by selecting too manydangerousobjects, upgrade your strength.- If the puzzle is toohard, use the‘troubleshooter’ to solve the puzzle.The D&Rescape series willbe constantly released to stimulate and havepositive influence onbrain. Please keep your anticipation andinterest.A new chapterwill be released on the 4th week of August.Brace yourselves forthe endlessly unfolding stages!▶ Developers◀Facebook:
Can You Escape Underground Mine
Can You Escape Underground MineThis is a point and clickescape.Assume that you are trapped in an underground mine where youareworking now. You need to find a way to get out of the minewithwhatever things available. Use clues and solve puzzles to makeyourescape from the mine. Have fun!Features: -Nicegraphics.-Awesomepuzzles.-Finding hidden objects.-100% free escapegame app.-Autosave option.Download the game for free now and enjoysolving thepuzzles.
Ghost Town Adventures: Mystery Riddles Game
Welcome to Ghost Town!Start an incredible journey into thecursedcity and unveil the story of haunted houses! Adventures,riddles,unsolved secrets and mystical stories await you!Key gamesfeatures🎃Side stories If you like narrative and want more, you willlikelots of the side quests that reveal all aspects of game.Everyupdate brings new exciting stories and episodes.🎃 Uniquegameplay:Explore mysterious houses and reveal the secret of GhostTown.🎃Detective plot and beautiful story of the mysterious GhostTown.🎃 Anew friend: Meet Anna — brave little witch who can solveanyriddles!🎃 More than 100 characters with mysterious storiesandriddles - only you can reveal their secrets!🎃 Dangerous enemies—Tricky ghosts, mysterious spooks and the main villain -theDramatist.🎃 Exciting alchemy — Mix the magic ingredients andgetmagic potions.🎃 Hidden objects — Look for and find loopholesandhidden paths, secrets, treasures and magic gems!🎃 Dialogues —Talkin many episodes with characters, make you own choices.🎃 Fight—Fight evil spirits, zombies, carnivorous plants, frozen giants,mysinging monsters, etc.The plot of our game is quite simple andatthe same time extraordinarily challenging. The mysteriousDramatistsent a spell to a mysterious city populated with kind andaffableghosts. The villain forces the unfortunate ghosts toperformunfamiliar roles in his mystical production. Together withthefearless sorceress Anna help them to throw off the terriblemasksand return peace to the city!You have to go through a lot oftests,solve many mysteries and reveal the veil of secrecy thatenvelopedthe city. Only then good will finally be able to triumphoverevil.Meet new characters and enjoy the best gameplay inGhostTown!Enjoying Ghost Town? Learn more about thegame!Facebook:
Adventure Escape: Time Library
Can you solve the mystery and escape the Time Library?Bored outofher mind in snowy Littleton, Alice decides to go to the librarytorestock on some books. She meets Hiro, a self-styled“internetpersonality,” and together the two become unwillingpartners in atime-travelling adventure that has consequences farbeyond whatthey imagined. Join millions of happy Adventure Escapeplayers andsee if you can solve the mystery of the TimeLibrary!Play thispremium escape game!- Beautiful graphics bringhistorical scenes tolife!- Travel through the past and find longlost treasure! Butwatch out… there is something sinister brewingbeneath thesurface!- Complete 9 chapters - all FREE - each withunique escapechallenges!- Gather tools and items to aid in yourescape!-Discover the mystery of the Time Library!- Hilarious storywithmemorable characters like Hiro!- Solve devious puzzlesandriddles!- Find hidden objects that help you break free!- It’sfree!No registration, no hassles, just download and play. Discoverthesecrets of the Time Library! Travel to the past and escapewithlong lost treasure. But watch out… there is somethingsinisterbrewing beneath the surface.
Rainy Escape
We know that you are a great fan of Escape games but thatdoesn’tmean you should not like puzzles. So here we present youRainyEscape. A cocktail with an essence of both Puzzles andEscapetricks. Good luck and have a fun!!!
Escape Game: Bank
【END:3】Escape from the bank.[How to Play: Escape game]Let'sescapewith hints and items.The game is free until theend.MenuBGM・・・・ BGMON / OFF.Save・・・・ save the game.BBS・・・Pleaseshare your hints andcomments to help .
Escape The Ghost Town
Solve the puzzles and find all the hidden objects that you havetouse in the locations in order to Escape The Ghost Town.Challengeyourself with the amazing puzzles in many differentlocations.15challenging locations are waiting for you!
Roll the Ball®: slide puzzle 2
Roll The Ball: slide puzzle 2 is a simple addictive unblockpuzzlegame, it makes you keep playing for FREE!Do you like thegamegenres as below? Great! Roll the Ball 2 has all the elements.;)•Family Puzzle Games, Enjoy the game with you family.• MazePuzzles,Find the exit!• Sliding Puzzles, Just move and move!•Puzzle Games,Thought-provoking fun.• Brain Teasers, Test yourself.Exercise yourbrain.• Escape Games, Can you get out? Let's go.•Hidden ObjectGames, Find the hidden path.• Physics Puzzler,Physics-basedgaming.• Match-3 Puzzle, Easy to learn but hard tomaster.• RetroGames, Revisit the classics• Exam Prep &Tutoring, Practicemakes perfect. Train you brain to active mind.HOWTO PLAY• MOVE theballs with your finger.• BUILD the path for movingthe ball to thered GOAL.• USE the SPECIAL tiles.• GET threestars.FEATURES• MAZEPUZZLE: Find the path.• SLIDING PUZZLE: Anessential is for theadult to kids of all ages.• TONS OF EPICLEVELS: You can enjoy thegame enough.• NO TIME LIMIT: Play at yourown pace.• NO WIFI? NOPROBLEM! Games you can play offline.• MOREVARIATIONS: Moving,Rotation mode to challenge & Star mode torelax.• USEFULIN-GAME FUNCTIONS:- RESTART: Just restart a levelquickly.- HINTS :It's a good friend. Of course, it may be wrong.•GET DAILY BONUS& GIFTS: The Santa may give gifts to you. Checka message boxoften.• ANNOYING ADS? NO PROBLEM! Buy AD FREE(USD1.99) orParticipate in ads improvement program by in-game Email.•OPTIMIZEDANDROID & GOOGLE PLAY GAMES- Support both PHONES&TABLETS.- Support both ARM & x86 DEVICES.- LEADERBOARDS&ACHIEVEMENTS from Google Play Games.- CLOUD SAVE: Yourgameprogress is being saved online with Google Play. You can syncyourgame progress between devices, phones & tablets, using thesameGoogle Play Account. It's may required to sign in Google+.It'ssupport game progress only, not hints, not auto-save. Becareful,if you tap the "Save" or "Load" button, it will worksatonce.UP-TO-COMING WITH GOOGLE PLAY GAMES & GOOGLE+- CLOUDSAVE,LEADERBOARDS & ACHIEVEMENTS from Google Play Games.-RECOMMENDTO GOOGLE+ FRIENDS- MULTIPLAYER GAME, QUEST, GIFTS- APPINVITE, APPINDEXINGNOTES• Roll the Ball contains the ads likebanner,interstitial, video and house ads.• Roll the Ball sellsIn-appproducts like AD FREE, Hints and levelpackages.E-MAIL•help@bitmango.comHOMEPAGE• FACEBOOK•'s ROLLTHEBALL. Let's CRUSH THE PUZZLE. lol
Ruined Town Escape
You are trapped in abandoned building.Solve the hidden mysteryandpuzzle in adventure and discover hidden objects This game isRoomEscape Game feature-length that has a lot of stage, it ispossibleto challenge the next unknown stage each time you clearonestage.First, the difficulty of the game is simple.But as thesecondhalf, it will be difficult.There exists a variety oflocations forthis game.For example abandoned house,brick hall,unused stair,darkroom,old temple,wall,such as elements.Will you beable to reach upto where?Paid version can play comfortably becausethe ad is Items that were placed in hand , appears a redline aroundwhen you tap in neutral state.It can be used by tappinga differentlocation in this state.When you tap again items thathave been ared lineYou can display an enlarged view of the item.Tapanotheritem in the enlarged state, it is possible to tap an itemthat wasexpanded.You can combine a part of items.When you press thebuttonin the upper right corner of the volume adjustment and onthevolume, you can turn off.When you press the top left corner ofthebutton to return to the screen of the stage select.After gonesometime, it will appear the play button the video of youtube intheupper left corner.And advertising videos press this buttonisplayed, you can see the capture video of stage1 ~ 6inyoutube.Don’t spoil the game inreview.Musicby DOVA-SYNDROME(BGM:Forest) HorrorSounds Soundeffect-Lab PocketSound
Escape: World of Puzzles
Try to complete the next game from adevelopersof the popular puzzle: 100 Doors Seasons!You are planning a trip to New Year or Christmas?Then this game is for you!Your goal - travel around the world!But for this we came up with an amazing puzzle for you,solvingthem, you will be able to discover the new floors.Solve the puzzles and open the door in order to escape to thenextroom!Immerse yourself in this interesting and exciting world ofsecretsand mysteries.Now available 50 doors - puzzles!↗ Addicting mini puzzles!↗ Hidden Object Games↗ Amazing HD Graphics!↗ Relaxing Music↗ Regular updates of new worlds!↗ it’s FREE!Escape from the world! ✌
Cute Pup Escape
Games2Jolly - Cute Pup Escape is a point and click escape gamefromgames2jolly family. A naughty boy caught a pup from forestandlocked-up in cage and ruined the pup's happiness, In ordertorescue then you need to find the clues to solve the puzzleyou'llencounter. Play well, good luck.
Horror Escape
Can You Escape - Holidays - Out Now!Dare to enter theabandonedasylum full of scary locations? If you think you are smartenoughto face this challenge and solve all the puzzles and riddlesthegame has to offer then download this game now!↗ Epic minipuzzles!↗Amazing graphics!↗ Unique atmosphere!↗ Innovativeriddles!↗ ...andit's FREE!
Escape Game: Rooftop
【END:2】Let's escape from the rooftop.[How to Play: Escapegame]Let'sescape with hints and items.The game is free untiltheend.MenuBGM・・・・ BGM ON / OFF.Save・・・・ save thegame.BBS・・・Pleaseshare your hints and comments to help .
High school:The Mystery Room Escape Game
* This is a high-quality 2D decryption game, from theaestheticscene and mysterious atmosphere, coupled with the story ofthe richtwists and turns of the mysterious world.   * Onceyou enter the game, your wisdom will be the only weapon. Wanttofind this world hidden mysterious force, only to solve thepuzzle,reveal the mysterious power behindthetruth!     * Perfect hint function thatallowsyou to enjoy the game with ease
Escape games:Sea House2
【END:3】Let's escape from the house where the sea is visible.[HowtoPlay: Escape game]Let's escape with hints and items.The gameisfree until the end.MenuBGM・・・・ BGM ON / OFF.Save・・・・ savethegame.BBS・・・Please share your hints and comments to help .
Escape Game: Otsukimi
You are staying the house with a Otsukimi Rabbit and shyBambooPrincess.Find and combine items, and solve puzzles, thenjustEscape!After ending, you can play hide-and-seek withanimals!?Canyou find them all?【Features】・Enjoy kids! There are manycuteanimals!・Easy to start for first players. Let’schallenge!・Thereare Hints, so Don’t worry!・Auto-save function!【Howto play】Veryeasy operation method!・Search by tapping thescreen.・Change theviewpoint by tapping the button on the bottom ofthe screen.・Doubletap the item button, it will enlarged.・Keepingthe enlarged item,you can tap another item, and then composeit.・There is a hintbutton from MENU which is the upper left cornerof thescreen.【fee】・It’s FREE!・Let’s enjoy theescapegame!【Jammsworks】programmer:AsahiHirataDesigner:NarumaSaitoProduced by two of us.Our goal is toproduce a game that wouldbe fun for the users.If you like thisgame, please playothergames!【Provide】 Sound:
100 Doors 4
Sequel of the famous room escape games: 100 Doors, 100Floors,Hidden Escape and other. New unique and exciting puzzles innewescape game: 100 Doors 4.Solve puzzles, use items and useallpotential of your mind to open the door and escape fromtheroom.Don't be buried!Features:- unique floors in openspace;-addictive puzzles for your devices;- great graphics anduniquefloors design;- continuously updates with new floors;- allthepuzzles is free;Have a problems with the game or have an idea?Feelfree to contact us!How to play:- open the door to escape fromtheroom;- use all abilities of your device, such as tilt,shake,swipe, tap, push, to solve the puzzles;- find and useitems;Followus on Facebook: