Top 21 Games Similar to Fireboy & Watergirl in The Crystal Temple

Oddman is a fast-paced fighter in which you must fight offtheintruders and push them into the piranha infested waters. Passallthe bosses to become the ultimate Oddman. ★ Fast andendlessgameplay! ★ Thrilling boss fights! ★ Collect fighters andplay asyour favourite! ★ Colorful and unique graphics! ★ Fightyourfriends in local multiplayer mode! ★ Stay out of the deadlywaterfull of piranhas! Do you have what it takes to become theultimateOddman? 🏝️🐟🍖
Fancy Pants Adventures 1.0.21
Run through dense forests, underwater caverns, and pirateshipsinsearch of your kidnapped sister in this epicplatformergame.Stomp, kick, and slash your enemies with 40 meleeweapons andanarsenal of moves. Battle Pirates, Ninjas, a GiantPenguin andmore!Features: - Plenty of platform levels filled withsecret rooms-Parkour style gameplay - Many challenges and races.-Unlockables:hats, weapons and PANTS! - World 1 and World 2 canalsobeunlocked. - Gamepad support! - Leaderboards! -Achievements!JoinFancy Pants Man in this platform game as you helprescue hislittlesister, Cutie Pants, from the worst pirates ever.Leap,slide,sprint and smash your way through some of the mostuniquelevels tobe found in gaming. Fancy Pants Man will wieldnewweapons, take onnew enemies and use a ton of new tricksandabilities on his way torescuing his beloved sister.Uniquehand-drawn artwork andgorgeous, colorful visual style.Collect thesquiggles and starsspread throughout each stage and usethem tounlock new awards,costumes and accessories. Developed byBrad Borneand Over the TopGames.
Atomic Super Lander 1.1.84
Atomic Super Lander The doomsday is upon us. The Earth is abouttobe bombarded by an asteroid supercluster! It’s time to cramallable-bodied persons to rockets and fire them blindly into spaceina desperate fight for mankind’s survival! Become acosmicdemolition man! Master the tricks of space flight, fightstrangealien life and plant your nukes in the asteroid cores.Escape tosafety and detonate those rocks to stardust! Key Features:- Uniquecombination of classic lander and platformer gameplay - Abalanceof skillful gameplay and intense action in an increasinglyhostileenvironment - Explore endless amounts of different asteroids-Navigate your spaceship through debris and danger - Brawlwithdangerous alien creatures - Stylistic cartoon graphicsandanimations - Multiple spaceships to help on your mission -Collectachievement cards for an interactive cardhouse - Competeagainstother players on global highscore boards - Controllersupport -Customizable touch controls Follow us for the latest infoand gamenews! •• ••••
Amigo Pancho 2 1.22.1
Qaibo Games
Hey Amigos, are you ready for the best puzzle adventure?! 💪Thehitpuzzle game with over 500 million plays! Help Amigo Pancho togetto the Mountain top! 🙈In the game, you have to fly and get thetopof the mountain. It won't be easy because there are verydifficultlevels. You must make sure your balloons don't getdestroyedbecause it's them that keeps you moving. When you thinkcarefullyabout every step, you will surely be successful. Remember!AmigoPancho has only one way, way to the top!🌟 🤗Download "AmigoPancho2: Puzzle Journey" for Android mobile - one of the bestpuzzlegames. Play this game for free! Download it right now! Youwillcertainly enjoy its fascinating gameplay. Say no to moneyandpayments for full versions. With this puzzle game, you will notbebored in school or at work. If you install full "Amigo Pancho2:Puzzle Journey" Android app, you'll play for hours and justwon'tbe able to tear yourself away from your gadget. Beautifulgraphicsand addictive gameplay will keep you captivated for a verylongtime. ************************ SAY HELLO************************😚😜We are constantly working hard on makingthe "Amigo Pancho 2:Puzzle Journey" game better and moreentertaining for you. We needyour constant support to get going.Please feel free to email usfor any queries/suggestions/problems orif you just want to sayhello. We would love to hear from you. Ifyou have enjoyed anyfeature of the “Amigo Pancho 2: Puzzle Journey”game, do not forgetto rate us on play store. What is interesting inthe game?INTERACTIVE PHYSICS PUZZLE GAMEPLAY Erase, rotate, blow,burst,move and help Pancho going higher and higher. Butbe awarning! The puzzle is very addictive! PLAY TOGETHER WITHYOURFAMILY AND FRIENDS A lot of users told us that they playedtheAmigo Pancho together with the family and friends 🙇NEW levelsEVERYmonth! Make your way through the all puzzles and watch outfortraps. Good luck, Amigos! 👉For more information or support,pleasevisit
Colorblind - An Eye For An Eye 1.2
Meet Right Eye, He is in love with Left Eye and the two ofthemlivehappily together, blind to the perils that lay justoutsideofperipheral vision. One day the dusty Pirates kidnapLeftEyeleaving you to suffer retinal detachment and a bitdilated.Withouther, your world is without color….literally! Itturns outthat youare color blind and many things are not visible toyou anymore!Don’t be a lazy eye! Lift the lid on the Pirate's plotandsaveLeft Eye in the ultimate eye test! Features: • Aplatformerlikeyou've never seen before • Go sight-seeing through 3uniqueworlds• Use paint to patch the full spectrum of colors in theworld• Useblue eye, red eye and eye • Collect allthecoinsto unlock "Awesume Glasses" • Don't get cross eyedstaringatpuzzles • Rescue Left Eye and bring color back into theworld•Lots of eye based puns….seriously could this getany‘cornea’?-Important information- This game contains thirdpartyadvertisingand cross promotion for other nitrome games, bothwhichcan beremoved via a one time In App Purchase.
Super Fancy Pants Adventure 1.2.0
Super Fancy Pants Adventure is a wild free-runningadventurewithbuttery smooth platforming and a slick fountain pen!SuperFancyPants Adventure is the culmination of a decade ofperfectingtheFancy Pants adventures. SUPER FANCY FEATURES: ► Somany levels!-56 brand new levels of parkour platforming ►Collections! - Over20pants and hats to collect in brand newchallenge stages►Incredible Hand-drawn Style - Frame-by-frameanimatedworlds,enemies, and friends ► Action-Packed-Attacks! -Wield yourmightyink pen to take down new threats! ► New Moves! -Take controlofFancy Pants man with brand new combos and moves ►SecretChallengeStages - Scattered throughout the world are secretdoorstoincredibly challenging bonus stages, awarding awesomeprizes►60fps gameplay - Perfectly smooth running for aperfectlysmoothplatformer ► Controller Support A DECADE IN THEMAKING TheFancyPants Adventures series started over ten years agoby BradBorne,an indie developer who wanted to redefine videogameplatforming bymaking speed and tight controls feel compatible.Overthe years hehas honed his craft, turning his Fancy Pants gamesintoa worldwidephenomenon with over 100 million plays and becomingoneof the topgames of all time on Kongregate. This newestversion,Super FancyPants Adventure, is a culmination and areimagining ofthe seriesinto a full-fledged title. Whether it'syour first timeplayingFancy Pants or your hundredth, Super FancyPants Adventureis awild run!
Skyturns Platformer – Arcade Platform Game 2.7.9
SKYTURNS - ALL ABOUT SPEED AND FLOW Skyturns platformer isaplatformgame about speed, flow, physics and problem solving.Youcontrol thestickman’s speed and movement as he runs and jumpsoncolorful pathsin the sky, in a race against time. + A simpleyetadvanced platformgame + Speed, flow and problem solving +Raceagainst time + Catchthe flag - reach the goal DYNAMIC PHYSICSANDMANY LEVELS TheSkyturns physics continuously adapt to yourgamingstyle, allowingyou to reach extremely high speeds andjumps.Skyturns offers 70+unique levels in varying arcade stylesandlevels of difficulty.Skyturns is a free download arcadeplatformgame. + Advanced gamingphysics + 70+ Unique platformerlevels + 6Levels of difficulty fromeasy to insane + Free downloadCREATELEVELS The Skyturns platformgame comes with a user-friendlyleveleditor which can be accessed inthe app or in your webbrowser.Submit your best platformer levelsand get them publishedin-game,or why not share your platformerlevels with friends! +Create newplatformer levels with the editor +Share your levels intheSkyturns Platform Game Community + Get yourplatformerlevelspublished in-game COLLECT MUSHROOMS Mushrooms isthe indiegameSkyturns platformer currency, for which you can buyparkouroutfitsand gear for your stickman runner. The more you play,themoremushrooms you will collect. + Collect Mushrooms +Buycloaks,shoes, hats and other parkour items + Style your stickmantoyourown taste THE SKYTURNS PLATFORM GAMES COMMUNITY We lovetointeractwith Skyturns platformer players. We are afriendlyfollowing ofSkyturns platform games indie enthusiasts, andyou arewelcome tojoin us! You can find us here: +Discord GAMES
Draw a Stickman: EPIC
Pencil your way into one of the most creative drawingpuzzlegamesever designed: Draw a Stickman: EPIC! In thisuniquelycraftedcartoon RPG, you become the artist and create yourvery ownstickman hero! Sketch and doodle your way through thecartoonobstaclesthe evil stick man Zarp throws at you! As theartistbehind theadventure, start the game by drawing an originalcartoonhero. Yourhero also needs a friend, so sketch his buddy andgivehim a name!But as you watch your cartoon creations hop rightoffthe page,your stick man hero’s friend heads straight intothedangers of thecartoon adventure book! Send your doodle dudeintothe book to savehis cartoon friend! As the artist, you’llguideyour sketched herothrough the dangerous drawing world to savehisfriend. You’ll usevarious pencils and creativity toanimatesolutions to puzzles orobstacles! Need to get past a pileofdynamite sticks? Use theflame pencil to doodle a fire and blowthemup! Bees in your way?Use the cloud pencil to sketch some raintogrow a pollinateddistraction! Ward off dragon enemies, drawaspider to fightattacking troll hordes, and supercharge atoasterwith thelightning cloud! There is plenty to do in the worldof DrawaStickman: EPIC! Features: - Customizable stick manfeaturethatlets you animate your own hero - Unlockable colors fordrawinglifeinto your character - Plenty of cartoon levels to playthrough-Multiple pencil types for creating and animatingsolutionstoobstacles: A fire pencil to burn down obstacles A cloudpenciltocreate rain or lightning A key pencil to help you unlockdoorsandother objects An axe pencil to help you chop down treesAnarmorpencil gives you added protection to in-game hazards
GraalOnline Classic 2.0
Welcome to GraalOnline Classic, a MMORPG with retro-look!Playwiththousands of players world-wide, explore the world andusevariousweapons such as bombs and bow. You can customizeyourcharacter,chat with other players and send messages to friends.Thegamecomes with everything that made Graal an evergreen ofonlinegames,including more than 15 music tracks. It's possible tocreateyourown house! Choose a style, place furniture and inviteyourfriends!Create your own guild and invite other players to joinyourguild.Ally with other guilds and take over forts! Catchbugs!Explore theland of Graal collecting bugs for your ownpersonalcollection orsell them for some extra gralats! You can getyourvery own BugCatching Net in MoD Town. Enter Houses! You canenterhouses ofother players who have this option enabled.Recommendedfor anyonewho likes medieval RPG or classic consolegames with PvP,or one ofthe other Graal games like GraalOnline Era,Zone,Kingdoms, Zodiacor Unholy Nation. Graal - the holy grail ofonlinegames.
Run Candy Run 7.2
RUD Present
Ready to play with Candies in the Plasticine world?Lollipops,caramels, chocolates, toffees, a bubble gum, a sugar,gummy bearsand other friends waiting to play with you. They thinkthat you arethe best player. Collect so more coins as you can tounlock all ofthem. The Candies like fly in the sugar rocket. Don'tforget toupgrade it and other powerups to the maximum level. Gamestory: Fora 100 years candies lived happily ever after behind asweet wall.But one day a hungry child has come and crushed thewall. Gamefeatures: - Simple and fun game play - One touch game -Collect all50 candies! - Unbelievable Plasticine graphics -Differentlocations - Fantastic music - Crazy humor Run with candiesthrowdifferent locations. What location you like more: summeradventure,sprint and winter, dark forest or dungeon? Maybe you liketo runinside hungry boy body?
Mad Dex 2 1.2.8
game guild
You’re in for a heaping helping of exciting adventure in theworldofMad Dex 2, one of the greatest platformers of all time!You’reMadDex. You’re little, but you’re brave. The love of yourlife hasbeenkidnapped by a merciless monster that has taken overthe city,andnow all you can think about it how to save her fromhisvileclutches. Use your special parkour abilities to overcomealltheobstacles, avoid all the traps, beat all the bosses, fightyourwayto the big bad, and save your girlfriend! Put your agilitytothetest as you run, jump, stick to walls, fend off yourevilfoes’deadly attacks, and never give up! Mad Dex 2 isahardcoreplatformer, an exciting, challenging game for anyonewho’swillingto go the extra mile to reach their goal. Features:•Epicfree-to-play action game • 75 levels with variousdifficultiesin 5chapters • Exciting story • Hardcore boss battles •Awesomevisualeffects combined with unique physics and excitinggameplay •Widevariety of traps • Characters with different skillsandupgrades •Peppy soundtrack • Global leaderboard for every level•Speed: getmedals after fast level-complete • Explorer: secretsateach level• We read every review, so YOUR IDEA just might makeitinto thegame one day! Only you can save Miss Dex! Good Luck atthegame !)Thanks for playing Mad Dex 2! Don't forget to rate theappand giveus your feedback. We are constantly trying to improvethegame andwe love hearing your thoughts !
Platform Panic 1.3.0
"Pixel pushing perfection" - 9/10 Pocket Gamer Platformgameheroesthrough the ages have been abducted! Pit them againsteachother inorder to settle, once and for all, which one is thebest! •Can youunlock them all and become king of the leaderboard?•Endlesslyaddictive, procedurally generated retro platformer!•Swipe left,right & up is all you need to move around •Pumpingchiptunemusic by Eirik Suhrke, composer for RidiculousFishing andSuperCrate Box. • Cutting edge retro pixel graphics!ImportantMessagefor Parents This game may include: - Direct linkstosocialnetworking websites that are intended for an audienceoverthe ageof 13. - Direct links to the internet that can takeplayersawayfrom the game with the potential to browse any web page.-In-apppurchases. - Advertising of Nitrome products.
Draw a Stickman: EPIC 3 1.10.19821
Played over 100 Million Times around the Globe and a winnerof5Webby Awards, DRAW A STICKMAN is back and more EPICthaneverbefore! Your creativity will be maximized in the all-newDrawaStickman: EPIC 3! Embark upon an exhilarating newadventuretodefeat the Corruption: solve fun puzzles, outsmartcraftymonsters,and discover an all-new world! So grab yourfreshlypenciledHero—it’s time to be EPIC! **Try the demo for freebeforebuyingthe full experience.** DRAW YOUR OWN HERO! Use thenew,intricatedrawing tools to design the perfect Hero! Be ascreativeas youwant—your Hero can be anything you can draw!LIMITLESSSKETCHBOOK!Store unlimited drawings of Heroes and Tools inyournewSketchbook! Swap between these at any time to spiceupyourgameplay with all your favorite characters! NEW HUBWORLD!Venturearound the new Hub World and meet other characters intheStickmanuniverse! See what they have to say and what they needyouto do!EXPLORE LEVELS! Adventure through new levels packedwithsecrets,collectibles, and hidden pathways! FEISTY MONSTERS!Lots ofnewmonsters to outwit! Be on the lookout for Oozes,Trolls,BullyGoats, and—perhaps the most fearsome of them all—anEvilHamster!FIND LOST COLOR BUDDIES! Find the lost Color Buddies toaddrich,new colors to your drawings! MASTER NEW PENCILS! Useyournifty newpencils to bamboozle bosses and bring to life theworldaround you!UNLOCK EVERYTHING! Unlock new hidden areas as youfindcoloringguides, tool blueprints, and pencils! Can you earn 3Starson everylevel? You’ll see plenty of new characters andsomesurprisinglyfamiliar faces on this new adventure! Who arethey?It’s a secret!Are you ready for an EPIC new adventure?
Super One More Jump 1.1.5
SMG Studio
Super One More Jump is a hand-crafted, frantic, onetoucharcadeplatformer. It’s FREE to download and play! Then payonce togetaccess to all the levels and content. Update: Endlessmode isalsofree! Simple to learn one button controls. Hard tomasterlevels.Test your muscle memory, concentration and sanity!Features:- 150+Hand-crafted levels - 80 2-Player Co-Op Levels-Insanely-hardchallenge levels! (no seriously, enter at ownrisk..)- Dailyendless mode : One new level every day! - Circuitmode: Howmanycycles can you do? - Original music soundtrackbyBatterieCustomise your character with easily unlockablethemes&avatars from some of our favorite pixel artists:-TobyDixon(@tbdxn) - Ilija Melentijevic (@iLkKke)-Cocefi(@chickysprout) - Sven 'ptoing' Ruthner (@the_ptoing)-Mister Hk(@mr_hk_) - Stephane Boutin (@JGSBoutain) -Helm(@helm_ll) -Anders Gullmarsvik (@itchabop) - IanCid(@skydevilpalm) How toPlay: - Tap anywhere on the screen to JUMP-Time your JUMPSbetween platforms using power ups, patienceandskill - First playthe levels, then when you are READY take onourdaily endlesschallenges and compete for daily leaderboard glory!-Collect allthree level diamonds to show your mastery Whatplayersare sayingabout SUPER ONE MORE JUMP: "I don't always ragequit butwhen I doit's because of this game" "One More Jump? Morelike OneMoreArrrrgghhh!" "I couldn’t stop if I wanted to" "JumpOnboard,Notime to explain!"
Ristar Classic 4.1.2
Travel the galaxy in SEGA’s classic platformer Ristar, nowavailableon mobile. Play free and rediscover this SEGA gem!Galactic tyrantKaiser Greedy has enslaved the Valdi star system.Leaders of everyplanet have been brainwashed, and only you,Ristar, can free them.Use Ristar’s extendable limbs to swing,climb, grapple and grab yourway across six planets and endGreedy’s grip on the galaxy! Ristarjoins the SEGA Forever classicgames collection, a treasure trove offree SEGA console classicsbrought to life on mobile for the firsttime! FEATURES - Sixplanets to rescue, spanning every corner of thegalaxy. - UseRistar’s extendable arms to smash, grab, and grappleGreedy’sminions - Battle unique bosses across all six planets -Grabenemies to destroy them or use them to pivot through a level-Perform ‘shooting star’ attacks to kill multiple enemies atonce!SEGA FOREVER FEATURES - PLAY FREE - SAVE YOUR GAME PROGRESS-OFFLINE PLAY - GAMES RELEASED EVERY MONTH - DOWNLOAD THEM ALL-CONTROLLER SUPPORT - HID compatible controllers RISTAR TRIVIA-Ristar was originally intended to be a rabbit with extendibleears- The working titles for the game included ‘Dexstar’ and ‘Feel’-The soundtrack was provided by Tomoko Sasaki, the composerofNiGHTS into Dreams... RISTAR HISTORY - The game wasoriginallyreleased in 1995 - Developed by: SEGA - Designer: TakumiMiyake -Lead Artist: Yuji Uekawa - - - - - PrivacyPolicy: Terms ofUse: Game apps are ad-supported andnoin-app purchases are required to progress; ad-free playoptionavailable with in-app purchase. This game may include"InterestBased Ads" (please see more information)​and may collect "Precise Location Data"​(please see​for moreinformation)​. © SEGA. All rights reserved. SEGA, theSEGA logo,Ristar, SEGA Forever and the SEGA Forever logo areregisteredtrademarks or trademarks of SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd. oritsaffiliates.
KoGaMa Friends (Unreleased)
Play games created by the community.Buildgames with your friends. Share games with friends, family, andtheworld.
Total Party Kill 1.0.2
Your party enters a deep and dark dungeon… but the onlywayforwardis creative use of friendly fire! Control 3 differentheroesanduse their unique abilities to solve mind-bendingpuzzlesbysacrificing your teammates! Throw heroes as the Knight,freezetheminto ice blocks with the Mage, or pin them on walls andusethem asplatforms as the Ranger. As long as one hero survives tothegoal,you win the level! Total Party Kill is the winner of theLudumDare43 game development competition with the theme "Sacrificesmustbemade". This extended edition contains improvements suchasredoneart and animations, new soundtrack by KungFuFurby,andchallengingnew levels!
Nubs' Adventure 1.6
Nubs' Adventure is an exploratory platformer in which youhelpNubsrebuild his house after it was destroyed by the evil Reds.ButNubsis not alone! With him on his journey are his friends:thetinywisp Ally and a huge worm named Brute. Explorefourdifferentworld, each with their own secrets, enemies andtraps.ControlNubs, as well as the wisp Ally and the worm Brute.Fight theevilReds in epic boss fights. Solve puzzles and collectdiamondstorebuild your house in this epic platformingadventure!Nubs'Adventure is action and exploration combined withanintriguingstory and a huge world to explore. All this onyourAndroid device!▸ Explore a big part of the world for freeandunlock the full gameonly if you like it! ▸Metroidvania-styleinterconnected world ▸Take control of our heroNubs, the fairy Allyand the worm Brute tosolve puzzles or fightenemies ▸ Four regionswith differentenvironments, traps and enemies▸ Epic boss fights ▸Lots ofpuzzles to solve and secrets to find ▸Compelling storypresentedthrough cutscenes ▸ Awesome soundtrackfeaturing 9 tracks!▸Customizable Controls Getthesoundtrack:
Warriors of the Universe Online 1.6.9
Gamer Mind
About the game: Play singleplayer or online with friendsorstrangersin this anime fighting game. Fight with animecharactersfrom manyclasses such as dragon warriors, shinobininjas,shinigamis and superheroes. You can also create your ownanimecharacters andtransformations in the custom charactercreationmode. Modify yourcharacters look, skills, combos and a lotmoreoptions ofcustomization. Create battles for up to 8characterswith teams orplay in other different game modes. Enterthe towermode to fightdifferent characters and defeat the finalboss to geta reward.Survive in the invasion mode, fighting moreenemies eachwave,improving your fighter's stats and earningrewards. Unlockall uniqueanime characters with different combos,specialabilities,transformations and super powers. Uniquespecialabilities for customcharacters such as ki ball, energyblast,fireball, chakra shield,ball fire dragon, energy ki ball z,superball, power ball dragonshield, explosive kunai and a lotmore.Test your skills in this gameand become the strongest warriorofthe universe! Features: -singleplayer for up to 8 characters-online for two players withautomatch or invite - many game modes-custom character creationwith 7 slots and a lot of custom items-different characters - superheroes - dragon warriorwithtransformation - shinigami - shinobininja - many scenaries-unique combos, abilities and super powersfor each characterNewupdates coming regulary, enjoy!
Draw a Stickman: EPIC 2 1.3.0
** Winner of 5 Webby Awards - Draw a Stickman Franchise ****Playedover 100 Million Times around the Globe ** Grab yourpenciland getready for the most creative DRAW A STICKMAN adventureyet,with thefirst 2 levels FREE! Imagination is the key, as youentera magicalstorybook land full of mystery and wonder,unusualcreatures andenigmatic puzzles! Create your own originalstickmanand then watchit come to life in DRAW A STICKMAN: EPIC2!Challenge yourself tounlock every secret, collect everydrawingand share your creativitywith the world! BRING YOUR DRAWINGSTOLIFE! Unleash your creativityas you draw a Stickman from yourownunique perspective, and thenwatch your animated Hero come tolifebefore your eyes! Make everyidea a reality by savingunlimiteddrawings in your Sketchbook, andsharing them with friends!A NEWSTORY Embark on a perilous journeythrough time! Draw yourStickmanand create a friend! But bewarned….disaster falls upon yourally!It’s up to you to become thehero! Maneuver your way throughthemagical world of EPIC 2 in aquest to save your partner!YOURDRAWINGS MATTER Create and saveunlimited drawings inyoursketchbook! Use them throughout youradventure! SHARE ANDRECEIVEDRAWINGS WITH FRIENDS With the newshare feature, you can nowsendyour creations to your friends! Theywill then be able to useyourdrawings in their own epic adventures!FIGHT EPIC BATTLES Faceoffagainst inked-out goblins,tongue-lashing frogs,fire-breathingdragons, and BIG bosses! Youmust use your ownstrategies to solveintriguing challenges andpuzzles, while battlingall new villains!Jump in to thisaction-packed adventure that allowsfor endlesscreativity! As youexplore each colorful environment,choose froman assortment ofdrawing pencils and tools to help yousuccessfullyovercome everyobstacle along the way. New featuresandenhancements allow you tochoose from a larger color palette,alongwith a variety of pencilsizes. With the new share feature,sendyour drawings to yourfriends! Unlock hidden Color Buddies,locatepuzzle pieces, andenjoy new drawing pencils for Wires, Eggs,andIce! This is anexperience like no other, personalized by you!DRAWA STICKMAN: EPIC2 is the sequel you’ve been waiting for andissure to offer hoursof entertainment to avid gamers andcreativeminds alike!
Super Phantom Cat 1.162
Veewo Games
Surprise! Thank you our fans and Google Play for rewardinguswiththe BEST OF 2016 GAMES! 4.5/5 - "It is a pretty perfecthybridofthe new and old." - TouchArcade - - - - - - - - - - --SuperPhantom Cat is a retro-inspired 2D platformer that payshomageto8- and 16-bit classics games. In Super Phantom Cat, playerstakeonthe role of Chemist White and embark on anaction-packedjourneythrough the Phantom World. - - - - - - - - - -- - WhenChemistWhite was a small child, he was saved by SuperPhantom Cat-- whothen became his personal hero. Years later, FlashCat takesChemistWhite on a journey to the Phantom World; there,ChemistWhitediscovers he can collect data shards and change into anumberofcharacters -- including the all-powerful Super Phantom Cat:)Theworld of Super Phantom Cat is filled with challenges thatwillmakeany platforming fan jump for joy. You’ll need quickreflexes asyoupull off incredible feats such as bouncing on amonster’s headtoland on a difficult-to-reach platform or rapidlyjumpingbetweensmall platforms to get across a massive chasm. You’llneedto beinch-perfect if you want to make it totheend.********************************** • A modern twistonretroplatformers with a quirky plot • Clean, colorful artandwhimsicalcharacter design • Awesome chiptune soundtrack•Hardcoreplatforming gameplay that’s perfectly tunedfortouchscreens •Fully customizable controls • Bonus levels forevenmore challengeand depth • Endearing unlockable charactersrangingfrom a cutechicken to a menacing vampire (everything inbetween) •Only twoIAPs, which are used to get energy drinks andunlockspecialcharacters ********************************** If youhaveany ideason how we can improve our game, please let us know :) Like usonFacebook: Follow usonTwitter:@VeewoGames and @SuperPhantomCat