Top 49 Games Similar to Crazy Bowls

Girls Dish Washing - Cleanup 1.0
After copious meals & beautiful day.. it is must youhavekitchen cleaning game especially dish washer for your girls.Sokids, toddlers and sweet girls.. clean up your house kitchenandhelp mommy in arranging crockery in dish washing game. Afteralllast night was a party night and your mom is tired in makingyummymeal, so its kids wash & clean time… 🎊 🎊 🎊 So cleanupthesedining dishes and arrange them. We hope this kids dish washinggamewill make your babies learn cleaning house with easy levels.ThisGirls dish Washing is new addition to house Cleanup & isalearning game for young ladies to be.. so have fun!Greasy ..stickydishes are piled up in the messy kitchen sink… Hard-workingkid!Wash them up.Make your sweet baby learn how we have tocleankitchen once their favorite food has been cooked. Throw trashanddebris in trash to make utensils easily washable. Cleanse thesteeldish after your cooking game, add detergent on foam. Enjoylatherin your hand once you have made dishes clean and rinseplates,forks, spoons, cookers and so on. Once the water has beendrained,take a towel and cleanse all vessels.Once the dishes havebeenwashed, arrange vessels in closet and make sure they arenotbroken. Be very careful in arranging dishes which are gatheredonthe table once it has been cleaned by mommy. This will makeyourchild learn different shapes like of frying pan, pressurecooker,water kettle & filtering funnel.Once you have arrangedcloset…you have to pile up crockery and gather them separately fromdishbasket. This task will make girls learn how much difficult itis tobe cleaning kitchen. Pile up spoons, forks & water glassesinseparate pans to make your sweet baby learn important thingsofkitchen.And now with this complete kitchen cleaning mania,putyummy food back into refrigerator and also make food which doesnotrequire to be in fridge to be placed on tablecloth. Soarrangetable and fridge with food to complete your great missionand makeyour daddy happy.So Download this kitchen clean up andLearn prettygirls and guys as well.. as Dish washing helps you makeyourkitchen clean. Which now is good job for all so make yourbabieslearn cleaning skills in Girls Dish Washing.
Kitchen restaurant cleanup 4.0.20
The kitchen restaurant clean up game is a fun clean up game thatisgreat for anyone who may like a challenge and who likes to beattheclock. This clean up kitchen game gives you a chance to cleanupyour messy kitchen before the time runs out while collectingpointsalong the way. Here you will be able to straighten themicrowave,stack the plates, refrigerate any lose vegetables, andstraightenthe glasses, eggs, frying pan, and bowels back into thecupboards.You can also finish your cleaning session by sweeping thefloor,mopping up any excess water, and scrub all messes from yourbenchtops and cupboard doors. So if you like to challenge yourself,thenwhy not try this fun kitchen restaurant clean up game today andseeif you can beat the clock.Features: • STRAIGHTEN themicrowaveready for cooking!• STACK the plates in the cupboardneatly, readyfor eating!• PLACE any lose vegetables or food backinto therefrigerator!• STRAIGHTEN the glasses, frying pan, eggs,and bowlsback into their rightful place in the cupboard!• SCRUB allthe messoff the benches and doors with your sponge!• SWEEP thefloor freeof loose dirt and grime for extra cleanliness!• MOP upany excesswater lying on the floor! • CLOSE the cupboard and fridgedoor tomake your kitchen look professional!• PICK up any rubbishand throwit away in the bin so your kitchen is nice and clean!•ENJOY racingagainst the clock to clean your kitchen ready beforeyou startcooking!
My Restaurant Kitchen - Chef Story Cooking Game 1.1.1
Do you like cooking games? Start cooking meals and make yourowncooking story as a chef in My Restaurant Kitchen. Making foodwasnever more delicious than now!Start doing your own groceries inthesupermarket like vegetables, fruits, meat and otheringredients.Pay at the cash register and take your ingredients toyour ownrestaurant kitchen. Also shop some clothes on black fridayin theshopping mall to have a great chef outfit.Ready? Let’s startday 1in My Kitchen Restaurant and serve customers the diner mealsthatthey want. The food is yours, bake and cook delicious meals inthebest restaurant games for girls and kids. You are the best!Servecustomers and write the best chef story in history. Can youmake MyRestaurant Kitchen a successful cooking game for kids? Wehavefaith, let’s go!Features of My Restaurant Kitchen:- Doinggroceriesin the supermarket for the best ingredients- Get yourownvegetables, fruits, meat, cooking gear and many more- Shopyouroutfit in the shopping mall for the best chef outfit of theyear-Dress up like a chef and start cooking in this free gamesforgirls- Bake food as hamburgers, hotdogs, spaghetti and more-Startcooking your ingredients into sweet meals- Cleanup yourkitchenafter a hard day of work- Enjoy the best cooking games forkids andgirls long timeMy Restaurant Kitchen is easy to play forkids. It’sa must play kitchen cooking game for kids from Top GirlGames andone of the best cooking games online right now!We publishmanydifferent easy to play girl games apps. We hope you will enjoyitand that you give us the love by liking our Facebook page orfollowus on twitter or Instagram. Top Girl Games will keep you upto dateon cooking and baking games.★ Facebook-★ Twitter-★ Instagram-
Kitchen Craze: Master Chef Cooking Game 1.7.3
🍳🥘🍜Do you love new cooking games? Then check out KitchenCraze:Master Chef Cooking Game, one of the Play Store’s best newfree toplay cooking and restaurant simulations! ⭐The feverishcookingmadness of Kitchen Craze: Master Chef Cooking Game willprove achallenge for even the greatest of Master Chefs. Thisfunrestaurant game lets you practice your time management skillsasyou take over the kitchen in restaurants around the world.Nocooking game is more fun, and no restaurant simulation ismoreaccurate! This new kitchen game challenges you to servehungrycustomers in kitchens around the world! Tackle everythingfromexotic fine dining to fast food, including restaurants like:🍕NEWThe Pizza Palace! Bake good pizzas and cook wonderful chickenwingsin this Italian restaurant simulation! 🍪NEW The Dream Deli!Servesandwiches while cooking tasty cookies in this fast foodcookingsimulation! 🍣The Sushi Spot! Prepare savory sushi and cookJapanesedelicacies in this exotic restaurant simulation! 🍔 TheBurger Barn!Fry up the perfect burgers and cook hot dogs in thisawesome foodcourt restaurant simulation! ... and so many more!🍩Donuts!🐟Seafood! 🌮Mexican! The list goes on! Become a Master Chefas yourtime management skills improve with each new restaurant andits ownunique kitchen! Scramble around these restaurants and othersas youdiscover why millions of players have enjoyed the cookingmadnessfound in Kitchen Craze: Master Chef Cooking Game! Nosimulation isas crazy, or as challenging a test of your world cheftalents!⭐Features:⭐ 📱Play offline or online, no internetconnectionrequired! 💸Free to play forever, no purchase required!👯Serve acast of crazy characters! 🌎Cook food from kitchens aroundtheworld! ☝️️ The fastest new cooking game on the Stores! Nowwithtapping! Dragging was sooo 2017! 🎉 Hundredsof challengingslevels!💯 Share your scores on social media and show your friendswhyyou’re the greatest cooking game player in the world! ⏰If yourtimemanagement skills are good enough, master the simulation andbecomea Master Chef! What are you waiting for? Download KitchenCraze:Master Chef Cooking Game! and catch the cooking fever!Discoverrecipes as you embark on a journey of crazy cooking fun,buildingyour time management skills and exploring the test of atruerestaurant simulation! You’ll start at the bottom, but bybuildingyour kitchen and managing all the cooking madness, you’lluplevelyour chef game and build a true restaurant empire! DownloadKitchenCraze: Master Chef Cooking Game! now and reveal the clevertwistthat has made this fun new cooking game the leader among eventhemost popular cooking dash and time management games. Thenyou’llunderstand why this cooking game comes from the makers of theFoodCourt Fever series, which has been enjoyed by over TENMILLIONPLAYERS. Like us onFacebook! Follow usonInstagram!
Cooking rainbow cupcakes 1.0.1
Become your own bakery and make your own cupcakes in thisexcitingcooking game. You’ll go through all of the steps frombaking toserving your creations in this cake game. When you’reready tocook, just take out the ingredients you need, mixeverything, bake,and you’ll have delicious cupcakes in notime!Features:● Take outall of the ingredients you'll needincluding milk, eggs, flouretc.● Separate the egg whites from therest of the eggs intobowls.● Mix all of the ingredients in the foodprocessor.● Add thefood coloring and then put the cupcakes into theoven.● After thecupcakes are baked, mix the frosting, and you'reready to decoratethem.● Choose different cooking items to decoryour deliciouscupcakes!
Cooking Burger Chef - Kitchen Game 1.0
Burger Making in Kitchen Let’s open your own burger shop, tieyourapron and make some hot and crispy burgers to test yourcookingmania time management skills. Cook delicious fast foods fromallover the world with this FREE fast-paced time management game.Youwill be able to practice your skills in kitchen cooking,frying,serving and dealing with the rush of hungry customers.Usemore thanhundred ingredients to cook several fast foot orders forsome rushcustomers. Play as a crazy chef inside your burger shop,try allthe possible kitchen appliances, from coffee makers, pizzaovens torice cooker and popcorn makers. Use cooking techniques andsharpenyour cooking skills to cook some delicious fast food itemslikeburgers, steaks, French fries, fresh juices and much more to arushof diners.Take orders from your customers and make arecipeEnjoythe addictive time management game and deliver orders ontime,don’t be late your customer order or your customer might angryandgo away without taking their ordered food. Be the masterkitchenchef to prepare fast food orders for serving hungrycustomers ontime or else they might get angry. A lot of Customersare arrivingat crazy cooking kitchen and they are hungry, you haveto checktheir demands and deliver right tasty fast food orders. Maydinersorder delicious burgers, French fries, crispy chickens,juices,pizza, coffee, hamburgers, salads and much more, so gatherup allthe items and fulfill the taste of your hungry customers.Time isnot only going to sharp your cooking skills, it is time totakeyour cooking to whole new level, cook your way to be the superchefwith fast-paced time management game.Burger Making in theKitchenGame PlayPlay Cooking the fun of Fever tasty Burger and showhowyou manage time, how fast you can server food to customers. Thisisunique opportunity to acclaim yourself as the cooking master.Yummychallenge of dealing customers on your burger shop, serve rushofhungry nature customers on time and enjoy the real cookinggamefever adventure. Running pizza, burger shops and restaurant isnotan easy task especially when the diners rush in with hungrynaturelooking for tasty fast foods. Raise your level of speedandaccuracy with each challenging level because each coming levelgetstough with time.Never miss the best Cooking Burger Chef:KitchenGame, if you want a significant entertainment. enjoy Easyandaddictive cooking adventure to become a top chef intheworld!Cooking Burger Chef Fun Kitchen Key Featuresdifferentfooditems! Multiple levels to completeupgrades for yourkitchenappliances and interiorMany ingredients to choose from, justlikein a real burger shop: bread, cheese, crispy burgers,chickenpatties, lettuce, onions, pickles, and much more.Addictivetimemanagement game playMany side dishes like ice creams, frenchfriesand muffinslots of dishes to cook usingseveralingredientsdifferent kitchen and burger shop locationsrunyour ownshop and server customersfast paced and time managementcookinggameYour suggestions & feedback are Really matters forus tokeep working on new • Volcano Gaming Studio★ If you haveanycomplaint/suggestion, please leave us a mail instead :★[email protected]★ For our upcoming games please visit andlikeour - Volcano Gaming Studio★ Tell us what you think or checkouttips: [email protected]★ PrivacyPolicy:
Kitchen Chef Cooking Games Madness Cook Restaurant 1.05
Join the new cooking games and start your chef adventure today.Openyour own fried chicken restaurant, cook and sell and continueyouradventure with the Italian pizza and pasta restaurant. Whenyoureach the 71th level start cooking in your american fastfoodrestaurant with burger and hot dog. If you reached level 121youalready unlocked the British Steak Grill and sausagerestaurant.After cooking in these restaurants, continue withMexican Tacos,Burrito and Nachos Restaurant next, at level 161.When you passlevel 201 of our cooking game you have reached theJapanese SushiRestaurant. You will notice a big variety of sushiand dishes aswell as relaxing zen music which we hope you willenjoy. Finish inthe 7th restaurant with Chinese Noodles restaurantand preparetasty ramen. Cook like nobody has ever cooked and becomethe superchef star master. Features:- 7 incredible uniquerestaurants withplenty of food dishes- 280 levels of tastychallenges - addictivetap drag and drop gameplay like never before-many types of gemrewards for every user.- delicious foods likeburger, sushi, pizza,noodles, tacos, burrito and a lot more- levelup your chef andunlock new levels and upgrade your kitchenappliances.Continueplaying and upgrading your kitchen until youfinish all the cookinggames we provide.Have you started the grillyet for the steak?Ourgame offers a big list of dishes and theirrecipes teaching you howto properly cook burger, pizza, sushi andmuch more. Cook deliciousfood and serve your customers before theyhave a nervous break downand leave without paying. Your kitchen isyour place of worship,your temple if you will so don't disappointyour fans and startcooking delicious art burger, noodles, sushi,pizza, pasta or hotfried chicken. Start your crazy cookingadventure and use yourenergy to unlock all 7 restaurants and finishall 280 chef levels.Don't forget to upgrade your kitchen appliancesin your kitchen forthe best results and to increase your speed andprofits. Mexicannachos, tortilla or fajitas go great with freshguacamole or salsasauce. Yummy! We also have Indian curry foodcoming up as well asfrench desserts restaurant with cakes, donutsand cupcakes or icecream. Play our cooking games and enjoy the bestchilling music,the best looking graphics and the most complexgameplay. Which typeof bird do you like the most as food friedchicken or stuffedturkey? Street food trucks or ordering intonight? Either way youshould try to eat very healthy food andexercise at least 30minutes each day. Eat burger, Pizza and hotdogs in moderation.prepare the Grill and let's have a good oldfashioned american BBQbarbecue. You may ask yourself, with allthese cooking games on thestore, which one is the best, which oneshould I download and play?The answer is simple, Play our KitchenChef Cooking Games MadnessCook Restaurant today!
Cooking Pasta In Kitchen 1.0.5
If you love food and like cooking in kitchen, you willcertainlylike the cooking challenge provided by the game—Cook theMostDelicious Pasta. In the game, you shall firstly preparematerialsyou need. Use a noodle maker or a rolling pin to preparethe noodleyou like. Cook the noodles. Prepare spices… Lastly,invite you bestfriend to enjoy the delight. It is really awesome.Right, pleasedon’t forget to prepare them a cup of ice cream ordrink! Features:1. Mix flour personally. 2. There are 9 pastaspecies(E.g:Spaghetti, Fettuccine and Fusilli and so on) and 27flavorformulas. 3. Search for flavor formula and prepare youruniqueflavor. 4. Select different ingredients and decoration foryourpasta. 5. Make ice creams and icy drinks. 6. There aremultipletableware options. 7. Invite your friend to enjoy thedelicacy.
Kitchen Story : Cooking Game
Kitchen story is an addictive fun cooking game, where anyonecancook all kinds of dishes. Own you’re food court, cook foodandserve customers as quick as possible to earn maximum profits.Ittests your time & resource management skills. Travel thewordand explore varieties of recipes and beat different chefsaroundthe globe. You will absolutely love the gossips andchallenges ofthe chefs, download it now! Kitchen story: Diner Cafeis anaddictive restaurant game where you open a classy cafe andservecustomers delicious recipes. Serve coffee, cook bakery itemsandmore, and immerse yourself in an addictive restaurantsimulatorthat’s brimming with exciting tales and stories. Kitchenstory:Diner Cafe has lots of Recipes & Stories inside a casualgame!Gossip & compete with cafe chefs in a story mode that issodeliciously addictive for girls, you’ll never want to put itdown!Become a famous chef and build your bakery, cafe or restaurantwithcooking the best food and drinks in a story game that lets youplayyour way. Exciting features in this restaurant simulator letsyou:• Build and scramble a bakery, or restaurant • Open cafes&compete chefs at different locations with great ambience– Bethebrightest Cafe on the street. • Use Power-ups and Booster formoreefficient time-management! • Develop your own serving strategytomaximize your profit and thrive in game. • Bring your restauranttolife with impactful stories and colourful customers for kidsandadults. • Upgrade your Appliances to speed up the food line!•Gossip with chefs & each story is unique at Cafe! • PlayinEnglish, French, German, Russian, Italian, Spanish, Thai&Indonesian! Features: Cafe & Restaurant Simulator • OwnCozykitchens across different locations • Make a business paradiseatyour cafe by taking big risks & serving correctly. CafeTreats& Bakery Sweets • Coffee mania, desserts, dinners, andhotdrinks for restaurant fans! • Bakery treats and restaurant eats!•Savor hours of content with 350+ levels in over 7 uniqueLocationsand look for new Levels added regularly! Story mode withuniquecharacters and meaningful relationships. Beat eachcompetitor, aworld class chef, and experience your own restaurantadventure inthis nice life simulator so as to Rise as super chef.Timemanagement cooking games fans from all over the world havealreadystarted their story & loved this game. If you like ourwork,please like us on Facebook, to offer you better games. CONSUMERINFORMATION: Kitchen Story respects your privacy,does not storeany personal information and does not allow you sharethisinformation. We do require a few additional Permissionstofunction: 1) READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE &WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGEThese permissions are needed to read/writedata of downloadedcontent for new kitchen areas / competitors. 2)ACCESS_WIFI_STATE& ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE This permission isrequired to checkinternet connectivity to download new game contentfor new kitchenlocations / competitors Kitchen Story is FREE todownload and FREEto play. However, you can purchase in-app itemswith real money toenhance your gameplay. Game may containthird-party advertisementsthat may redirect you to a third-partysite.---------------------------------------------
Order Up!! To Go 1.65
Time to release the chef inside you...Order Up!! To Go isadelicious blend of frantic kitchen cooking and restaurantempirebuilding. Chop, roll, slice, and dice your way to culinarystardom.Optimized specially for Android, featuring perfect controlsandcomic kitchen action, this is one time management game thatwillkeep you busy for hours.• RESTAURANT EMPIRECook your way acrossavariety of restaurants, each with their own menus to unlockandmaster. Put your culinary skills to the test as the challengerampsup!• ARE YOU A NATURAL IN THE KITCHEN?Use the perfectlydesignedgesture controls to prepare and cook your recipes. Flickburgers inthe air, carefully chop your veg and drop fries into thefryer allwith the touch of a finger!• PERFECT GAMING RECIPEAs wellaschopping, slicing, flipping and frying you will also have tokeepyour kitchen in ship shape. Fight off fires, rat invasions andevenhealth inspectors. • A WORKER IS ONLY AS GOOD AS HIS TOOLSAsyouplay through the game, upgrade your restaurants with new,betterequipment. Purchase up to 6 restaurants in game, each withits ownunique cuisine!
Restaurant Craft: Design Fever 1.2
Design your restaurant! Building & crafting. Build a cubeblockydream bistro! Craft furniture & decorate! Start cookinglikemama! Become a master chef in Exploration free game!One of thebestcooking games for freeThis restaurant needs a master chef likeyou!Countless possibilities to furnish interior of bistro! Becomeainterior designer! Great game for teenagers! Squareblockyrestaurant! Pizza & donut shop! Start cooking. FeverPizza orBurger Bomb you name it! Build a blocky cube kitchen you’vealwaysdreamt of and decorate it! Start cooking like mama -customers willlove it! Invite high school friends, boyfriend,girlfriend, boysand girls! Bring cute little animal pets - puppydog, kitten catand more! Make here a date or party! Create abreakfast, lunch ordinner party! Serve different types of squarefood! Traditionalmeals, fast food, great pizza, hot dog, big burger- any of them!Design & craft fancy decoration to customize yourbuilding! Oneof the best Exploration cooking games for free. Craft& buildyour own kitchen - cook like your mama!Feel like a chef!Choosefrom many blocky cube decor items! Craft & build evenmore in aExploration cooking mode! Square rooms need a decoration!Build adream restaurant, decorate and show it to your mama,boyfriend,girlfriend, high school friends or even pets! Serve thembigburger, great pizza or any other square food. You’re achef!Furnish a kitchen! Place a blocky cube kitchen sink, greatpizzaoven, square fancy table & chairs. Cook food for yourmama,boyfriend or girlfriend! Extreme fun with cooking! Squarecooldecoration make food even better! Small blocky cube bistro canturninto great restaurant! Design, decorate & build it in amasterchef fashion! Food fever! Great building &craftingexperience!Exploration of master chef’s worldCooking feverstartsnow! No time to waste for other design & decoration apps!It’sa best free game for high school boys and girls who want tobemaster chef in their own restaurant! Take control overbistro,design and decorate every square room and kitchen with cubeblockytable, chairs and other furniture! Impress your mama,boyfriend,girlfriend, high school friends or even cute pet animal!Make agreat pizza, big burger or craft other food! It’s a hot dogfever!Exploration of restaurant world! Best free building &craftinggame for teenage boys and girls! CORE FEATURES:Design yourownrestaurant!Decorate it however you want!Choose from manydecoritems!Crafting more decorations!Feel like a masterchef!UPCOMINGFEATURES:Multiplayer mode! (multi craft)Co-op mode!(partycraft)Story mode!More Building & crafting decorationitems!(design craft)More dating options with boyfriend orgirlfriend!(date craft)
Kitchen Queen : Chef's Fever of Cooking 2018 1.3
Do you love cooking games? Are you crazy to become kitchenqueen?Ifyour fever of cooking is rising high to cook the mostamazingdishes in your kitchen.Kitchen Queen : Chef's Fever ofcooking 2018is the best cooking game for the people love cooking.With the bestdigital cooking experience ever, this cooking storyenables you tocook amazingly delicious dishes for breakfast, lunchand dinner atkitchen. Become the best chef in house for your familyand friends.If you have a fever of cooking and like to play cookinggames,start playing Kitchen Queen : Chef's Fever of cooking 2018now andimprove your cooking skills.Whether you own a restaurant oryouwant to cook delicious meals for your family at yourkitchen,Kitchen Queen : Chef's Fever of cooking 2018 will help youto learnabout cooking tools, utensils, cooking range and pans. Youwillhave real fun in cooking delicious meals in your home kitchenandrestaurant kitchen for your family, friends and customers.KitchenQueen : Chef's Fever of cooking 2018 is totally free and youcanimprove your cooking skills in this kitchen game bytryingdifferent recipes and dishes. You can cook all continentalandlocal dishes by showing off your cooking skills in thiscookingrush. You can learn to cook them right while satisfying yourfeverof cooking in this amazingly interesting cooking adventuregame. Ifyou love cooking games, you are definitely going to lovethisKitchen Queen : Chef's Fever of cooking 2018. We have createdacomplete kitchen story in this cooking game by making you akitchenqueen so you can prepare delicious dishes in kitchen andservethem. Kitchen Queen : Chef's Fever of cooking 2018 features:-Multiple cooking levels- Different kitchen environments athome-Amazing cooking tools and delicious dishes to cook- Simpleandeasy-to-use tap interface.Cook delicious meals from all overtheworld in this free to play cooking game. You can upgrade yourtoolsand kitchen to cook the tastiest dishes. Kitchen Queen :Chef'sFever of cooking 2018 is one of the best cooking game andasabsorbing as fever. Have fun cooking at your kitchen anddon’tforget to share it with your friends and family. Start playingthiscooking game now and don’t forget to tell us about yourcookingexperience in this kitchen game. You'll love Kitchen Queen :Chef'sFever of cooking 2018 more than any other cooking games youeverplayed. Download this kitchen fever cooking game now and betheKitchen Queen!
Kitchen Fever Pizza Chef 1.1.3
A lots of customers are arriving in the crazy chef restaurantyouhave to check out their demands and deliver them right order.It'san addictive cooking game full of delicious fast food items.You asan expert chef will be involved in cooking various kind ofpizzaswith different flavors. Different kind of slushes, fries andcoffeeavailable to be served.There are 45 free levels in this game,asyou will progress through the game various unlocked times willgetunlocked to keep your interest intact.This game is not onlygoingto sharp your cooking skills but also will teach you how tomanagetime, the best serving food game with levels. Servehungrycustomers on time or else the might get angry, keep an eye ontheclock & no of customers to be served and u are good togo.youcan serve your customers round the clock with variety of foodtypesfor breakfast, lunch, dinner or mid way deals just likearestaurant. So be the best master cooking chef and quenchyourpizza fever with our pizza chef food maker game full of yummyandmouth watering cooking food items.Play our other girls gamesandgame for kids rate us give your [email protected]
Street Food Kitchen Chef - Cooking Game 1.1.10
The number one free cooking games for kids! Street food at afoodtruck festival is the best way to try new kinds of food. Beakitchen chef and use the food maker to cook different dishesinlots of free cooking games for kids. Make your best meal inthisrestaurant and help the customers on your stand. Fever willstartin this carnival fair of street food, are you ready for it?Let’splay Street Food Kitchen Chef right now! ⬩ Ice Cream StandPick acone and craft balls of ice cream. Decorate your ice creamsandwichand voila. Yummy! ⬩ Fruit Juice Stand Mix fresh fruits andice inone cup for happiness. Add milk and sugar for a tastymilkshaketoo! ⬩ Popcorn & French Fries Stand Pop popcorn withbutter andbake french fries in oil. Your fast food truck stand willbesuccessful! ⬩ Pizza Stand Bake a pizza in the oven and decorateitwith vegetables, meat and tomato sauce. Delicious! ⬩HamburgerStand Bake bread and get burgers on it. Add vegetablesdecorationand make the best burger in town! This food truckfestival lets youcook different dishes and the best meal in town.Start the fever ofa real restaurant or carnival fair and use thefood maker how itshould be done. Street Food Kitchen Chef is one ofthe best freecooking games for kids, if not the best cooking gameonline.
Cooking Game - Master Chef Kitchen Food Story 1.5
Welcome to your Cooking Game - Master Chef Kitchen FoodStoryfeatured with time-management and food-cooking gameplay.Bake,cook, and grill your way to world-wide restaurant chef fame!Therestaurant world awaits a hot new chef in this addictively funtimemanagement kitchen game. Be a top chef and do it all in newandaddictive cooking game. Dash around the kitchen grillingtastyburgers, and cooking world-class meals and desserts. Fastplayisn’t enough though; happy customers are needed to buildyourrestaurant empire. Are you up for the challenge, Chef?Practiceyourcooking techniques and management skills. Making burgers, hotdogs,desserts and multiple juices have never been so much funandexciting! There are so many fun ways to cook and serve.Thecustomers in this game can’t wait for you to show up andcookdelicious food for them. Though, it will be a realcookingchallenge! But nothing you can’t handle as the best cook intown!This cooking game is a fast paced game. Keep up with therushhours, become better at time management. What makes thiscookinggame so fun is that there are endless amount of levels andthelevels are loaded with enough orders to enjoy. Get your chefhatand start cooking!Cook delicious meals & desserts from alloverthe world in this FREE addictive time-management game! Withachoice of 3 unique locations more will be added soon, fromDessertsand Fast Food Restaurant, you will be able to practice yourskillsin a variety of settings and cooking techniques. Usemanyingredients to cook several tasty dishes. Decorate yourrestaurantsto attract more clients. Upgrade your kitchen andproduce an evengreater variety of dishes. Oh, and did we say thatthis game is asaddictive and as engrossing as fever? Have funcooking and don’tforget to share your delicious meals with yourfriends onFacebook!Cook Up Fun Anytime, Anywhere• Play CookingMania MasterChef offline on your android device after downloadingfrom googleplay store Wi-Fi not needed!Play a Chef in this Fast& FunRestaurant Game!• Bake, grill, and serve food by using asimple TAPand PLAY mechanicCook in a variety of settings• Multiplefood itemsand kitchens in the game for unlimited funTest RestaurantKitchenSkills!• Dash through kitchen service to earn big tips•Cookingtechniques expand with new restaurantsFun Cuisine &KitchenUpgrades• Delicious ingredients can be upgraded• Managetimeefficiently with kitchen upgrades Fun & PowerfulCookingBoosts• Time-management with fantastic boosts• Serve yummyfood,cook fast & go organic for more tipsFun Levels toMaster,Chef!• New levels and cities around the world addedregularly•Savor hours of exciting time-management fun forandroidgamersKitchen Challenges Require Strategy• Serve food fastto wintimed levels• Scramble through minimum score levels to earntoptipsFun chef games are free to play!• Time ManagementmeetsStrategy, meets tasty quests• Bake & serve in burgerjoints,bakery items• Beat levels to earn coins for FREE to upgradeitemsand unlock new shops around the worldHow to play: - Useinteractivecontrols to play the game- Try different tools to makeyour foods-Mix various ingredients to create the unique flavor andcolor ofyour foods- Decorate your foods with beautiful sprinkles,candies,fruits and cream toppings and enjoy the yummy foodsDownloadCookingGame - Master Chef Kitchen Food Story now for unlimitedcookingfun.
Cooking Classic Cheese Lasagna 1.0.2
It’s time to cook the classic cheese lasagna and the bestthingabout it layering it with cheese, sauces and pasta! Everyonelovescheese lasagna and it’s traditional. Take your time in thegroceryto pick the right ingredients and then bake it tothefinest!Features:* Shop all the ingredients required fortherecipe.* Purchase some food from vendi with the gold coins.*Prepare, mix and cook the ingredients to make lasagna.* Layerbylayer add the ingredients then bake.* While waiting wash dishesandwait until lasagna is cook.* Decor your lasagna for your taste.
Yogurt Factory – Cooking game 1.0
Paradise filled flavored yogurt cooking game Littlefellows!Congratulations be best farmer, transporter, factory workerandyogurt maker in crazy milk factory farm turned to yogurtfactorycooking & kitchen world mania! Milk is an essentialingredient,there’s no yogurt without milk so rush into milk factoryto collectmilky bottles of fresh cow supply. Dash for cookingyogurt &enjoy delicious dessert treats, frozen yogurt, greekyogurt, &top selling spoonable yogurt falvors of blueberry,strawberry,vanilla, black cherry, peach, key lime & heavenlyflavoredyogurts for all milk & dairy lovers! A unique game foruniqueplayers who love cooking games & café fever. Yogurtfactoryopen to hire little kids & give them kitchen adventure,cookingrush, café fever & top chef skills, all in one Thisfrozenmania dessert cooking & maker game is every kids’ treat!Havean icecream yogurt, sundae blast in yogurt factory wherelittlechefs can cook different yogurts with mouth-watering favorsindessert factory. You can even use cooked & curdled yogurttomake ice lolly, cone biscuits ice cream, frozen popsicles&even in inspired chocolate fudge bars! All chefs dash incookingmania café fever & get listed to get hands on experienceformastering the art of sweet treats basic ingredients &enjoywith friends & family. Winter is coming like frozen dash!Getyour fur coats & leather jackets on! Start creating foodmagicin winter snow covered & summer hot filled roads! Yogoblastbecause YOLO! Get your fancy cups & give yourself asweetdessert treat! Yogo berry blast is best kind of yogurt. Yogurtislove. Why? Because no vegans, vegetarians or non-vegs areevergoing to fight about it, unless they turn against milking cowsforfresh milk, which would be ridiculous! Back to future!Yogurtlovers & little kids come in & join this frozencookingdelicious dessert mania to make customers happy &delivercustomer orders by packing flavored & simple yogurt indairyboxes & ship them off as cargo in dessert transportertrucks!Yogurt maker game guides you through the process to not messup aperfect batch of fresh milk to curdle into yummy yogurt &dairylove. Kitna maza aye re na! Be best chef in café fevercookingworld in yogurt factory kitchen adventure & get lost inworldof frozen winter desserts & summer ice creamy blast!
Little Panda Chef’s Robot Kitchen-Kids Cooking
Have you ever imagine that you are cooking yummy food in aspacecapsule? Ever wanted to be a space chef? Now, BabyBus bringsyou aspecial cooking game,“Little Panda Chef’s Robot Kitchen”,wherekids will be exposed to multiple recipes and fantastickitchenmachines. Join little panda’s robot kitchen, dress up as aspacechef. Don’t forget your chef’s hat! CREATIVE CHEF In LittlePandaChef’s Robot Kitchen, you will have enough freedomtocook what you want to try. Come to unleash yourcreativity,choose a magical kitchen tool you like, and cook yourdream disheswith little panda. VIRTUAL COOKING You will take chargeof your ownrobot kitchen, a complete virtual kids cooking game inwhich youcan practice cooking skills and learn new cookingtechniques, thengrow as the best little panda chef. FRIENDS’REACTION You will alsohave fun while feeding animal guests. Invitelittle panda’s friendsto have a taste of your food and payattention to theirpreferences. Their reaction might be differentevery time.Features: ♥ Fantastic kitchen machines: flying pot, ovenrobot,music grill and more ♥ 20 different ingredients andcondiments:potatoes, tomatoes, chicken, ham, eggs, pepper and more♥ Kidscooking in different ways: slice, mix, boil, fry, bake andmore ♥ 3adorable little panda’s friends to feed ♥ Kid-directedgame: norules or time limits, just unleash your imagination andcreativityAbout BabyBus ————— At BabyBus, we dedicate ourselves tosparkingkids' creativity, imagination and curiosity,and designingourproducts through the kids' perspective to help them exploretheworld on their own. Now BabyBus offers a wide variety ofproducts,videos and other educational content for over 250 millionfans fromages 0-8 around the world! We have produced more than150children's educational games, 700 children's songs, andanimationsof various themes spanning the arts, health, and science.—————Contact us: [email protected] Visit us:
Coloring Book for Food kitchen 1.0
Kitchen Coloring Book for Food game comes with the bestfoodcoloring book of the year with amazing food items from thekitchen.Fruits, bakery, fast food, vegetables, candies, ice cream& somuch more for the little chef. Enjoy coloring pictures ofall thefamous food items in this girls coloring book & createyour ownunique combinations with amazing colors of rainbow and somuch morein kitchen. Enjoy the happy tour of colorful kitchen withfoodcoloring pages including ice cream coloring pages & fastfoodcoloring pages for the little chefs. Colorize the coloringpageswith burgers, pizza, sandwich vegetables & colorfulfruitsalong with delicious candies with the most eye catching&unique combinations using crisp food colors. This amazingkitchenfood coloring book for toddlers help you & your childrennotonly learn the art of coloring but also helps enjoying leisuretimewith some soothing relaxation.Enjoy this kitchen food coloringbookfor kids and enjoy!
Cooking Games Craze - Food Fever Restaurant Chef 1.50
Start a new cooking adventure in which you will learn how tocookpizza, spaghetti & discover new delicious recipesforfree!Cooking Games - Food Fever Restaurant Chef Kitchen is oneofthe top food maker games & you will be able to Upgradeyourkitchen & serve your customers with food!Learn to bakenewrecipes like hot chicken wings with french fries &chips!ChefWorld will be your guide & you will learn how to cooktastydishes & meals!Beat your fever of the free cooking gamesforgirls today and cook mama's delicious meals,dishes and dessertsinevery country in the world!Bake tasty desserts and Fast Foodgamesfor girls & discover Oriental Restaurants andChineseRestaurants, you will be able to cook and learn a varietyofcooking techniques. In your first level you will find out howtocreate tasty food with a cup of fresh beans coffee & learnnewrecipes on your way!Second level will cover delicious americanpie& dessert from an original recipe. Next levels will teachyouhow to cook your favourite donuts, cheesecake & brownies.Forthe dessert you will learn the ice vanilla cream or chocolatecream& fruit cakes secret formula!Fried,baked & grilled,thePork Chops recipe is the best!We will tell you about thefreshseafood challenge as well & the real italian dishes!Theamerican restaurant has it all, you will learn to serveburgers,sausages & learn to condiment the burger meat withease!Theperfect burger is made with ketchup, mayonnaise and just asmallamount of mustard!The Chicken Fried & crispy chicken wingsarea game changer!Use lemons to prepare a special white saucewithgarlic & sour cream & milk !When you cook with mama&she tells you to eat your vegetables, then you eat them inorder towin this cooking game! The italian restaurant is a classicone,we'll teach you how to make pizza & spaghetti!We haveuniqueflavours for Pasta Bolognese,Carbonara,Tortellini&Arrabiata!We also have various types of pizza like pepperoni,pizzacarnivore & pizza cannibale. The bakery restaurant isanexquisite one because my mama cooking there!She will makeyoucookies,banana split dessert & a banana smoothie!The cakesthatshe makes are internationally recognized!Smoothies &milkshakesare the tastiest ever! In barbecue restaurant you willlearn how toCook new food recipes like Hot Chicken Wings withgarlic sauce orhot chili sauce as well as french fries and severalother types ofchicken meat & also grill some beef ribs or porkchops &delicious Stew or Chicken Parmesan. In the Mexicanrestaurant, weadore to cook Chicken Fajitas, slice meat and veggiesto wrap themin the tortilla!We have our proprietary blend forGuacamole recipeto fit perfectly with the Mexican Burrito, Nacho& Taco!Thesecret here is to choose the best olive oil, tomatosauce &fresh avocado! The indian cuisine which is one of akind!The IndianChicken Curry is at the base of indian food!Cooktasty Samosa withsome Tandori chicken or Rogan Josh.Don't do itwithout Naan breador tortilla for dinner.Chole Chickpea Curry orPalak Paneer spinachand cottage cheese are recommended for theelders & it's adelicious lunch.Did you know that Chaat is themost delicios snackin India? Chinese cuisine is the best &always a delicacy! PorkDumplings as snacks and Shrimp with Broccoliin Garlic Sauce fordinner is the main course in this country! FriedRice which has thebest complex carbohydrates mixed with soya saucefor healthybodybuilders!Japanese sushi shouldn't be forgot!Tempuraand SashimiSushi are tasty & a hot bowl of Ramen or Makizushiwill makeyour day! Make sure your sushi rice is cooked with wasabiand soyasauce to perfectly season the food! Features: - 4ExoticRestaurants with tasty food - 100+ Levels of cookingdeliciousrecipes - Best cooking gameplay! - Serve your hungrycustomers Playour new cooking games & download Cooking Games -Food FeverRestaurant Chef Kitchen today!
Kitchen cooking Cash Register 1.2
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Most of the time people say if you want to live a long life thaneatgood and healthy food. Tasty and yummy fast food can changeandsatisfy your mind for different diets. The way, people love toeatpizza and burger in different countries of the world, isdifferent.You can also run your own pizza and burger business toovercomeyour cooking fever. Just go outside and learn about kitchencookingfever. Life is the name of enjoyment and you can enjoy yourlife bymaking food of your own choice like making pizza andburger.Let usstart your work, go to supermarket and buy all itemsfor pizza andburger. Take your shopping cart and select all itemsfrom shelvesof supermarket like meat, eggs, flour, vegetables,tomatoes,cheese, black olives, green olives, green peppers, redpeppers,onion, garlic and mushrooms. The supermarket managerwilldefinitely assist you in fast food specific shopping. Yourshoppinglist will be checked out at cash counter and the cashierwillcharge amount through cash register automatic machine.Submitdesired amount for all the purchased items and cashregistermachine will print a computerized cash receipt for yourrecord.Please don’t forget to receive remaining amount from thecashier.You can also upgrade your manual point of sale. Aftercrazyshopping, come back home and start cooking at kitchen forpizza& burger making just like an expert chef. This is thegoodcooking time for mommy and kids. Add all ingredients into abowland mix them all by using mixture machine, pour it on bakingdish.Design the dough of pizza and burger in different shapes. Putitinto oven for few minutes. After baking, decorate the pizzadoughby topping of different things like olives, onions, cheese,andmushroom. Then go ahead for making burger for kids, put allthingsinto the burger bun and decorate it by topping. Make its lookmoredelicious by applying tomato and onion crisp. Pizza and burgerarenow ready to serve in front of friends and family. Girls lovetoplay, food maker cooking games and enjoying by making deliciousandmarvelous pizza and burger. Total fun time pizza and burgerpartyis ready to celebrate.
Rainbow Doll Cake Maker Chef 1.0.2
Get ready to make some super rainbow doll cakes as master chefofyour kitchen. Julia is little, but she wants to be the worldchefone day so she is learning to bake cakes and shortcakes.Notonlyfor fun, but to have a nice cooking skill, this cake makinggame iscertainly helping Julia to be a better cook.At first shefeltlittle puzzled going into her mama’s kitchen for cake cooking,butwith right confidence and utter dream to be a happy chef, Juliaislearning fast. And now comes the interesting part, as soon asshewill learn the right baking skills, you will see another updateofthis cooking game in which Julia will be cooking moredishes.FromMexican food to continental recipes, Julia will be akids masterchef, for sure. Features Rainbow Doll Cake Maker Chef•ColorfulCooking Game• Decorate Delicious Cakes• Fruit Cake Recipes•KidsChef in Action• Best Baking Game
Super Chef Kitchen Story Restaurant Cooking Games 1.7
Super Chef, cook & serve delicious restaurant café foodtofamily restaurant customers in this time management finecookinggame. Cook super chef’s top restaurant food and servedeliciousfood truck steaks, scrumptious pizza, crazy burger andmuch morefine cooking food items in family restaurant cooking game.Cookingqueen, get ready to cook family restaurant café food andservedelicious meals in this food management best restaurantcookinggame. Own your food truck court, tap to cook super virtualcheffood and serve customers as quick as possible in restaurantcookinggame. Test your time & food management game skills tobeawarded as super chef of family restaurant food cookinggame.Kitchen Chef! Roll up your sleeves, tighten up fine cookingapronand wear master girl chef hat to become super chef cookingmasterin kitchen craze my restaurant cooking game. cook NY timescookingstreet food and become the part of chef cooking competitionin foodindustry, so work hard to win best restaurant top chef townawardin virtual chef restaurant cooking game. Super Chef! If youwant tobecome virtual restaurant owner then play this bestrestaurantcooking game and fun time management game. Utilizeamazing chefcooking culinary experience of my cafe, coffee shop,familyrestaurant and fine cooking gained by playing differentrestaurantmanagement super chef cooking game. Super virtual chef!Greethungry customers, take orders, cook and serve delicious mealswhilekeeping food cooking time management in mind to experience NYtimescooking in virtual restaurant super chef cooking game. SuperChef!With each increasing level of restaurant cooking gamefoodsimulator, number of customers will arouse in kitchenfevercreating extreme fine cooking challenge for super chefinrestaurant serving and cooking game. Let’s open your ownfamilyrestaurant burger café and cook some hot & crispy crazyburger,grilled chicken, tempting pizza and much more super cheffood.Sharpen your fine cooking skills and cook some delicious fastfoodin kitchen fever restaurant cooking game. Customers are hungryandneed some hot food so speed up but don’t burn top chef food inchefcooking game. Gather up all super chef fine cooking itemsandfulfill appetite of hungry customers. Time to take your cookingtoa whole new level with fast paced cooking, customerserving,cooking and running own fast food restaurant. Running chefcookingmy restaurant is not an easy task so begin your cookingnow!!!Features: • Challenging my café restaurant cooking gamelevels! •Real time virtual restaurant & fine dining experience!• Beginyour cooking game with chef story food journey in restaurantgame!• Satisfy your fine cooking kitchen craze in virtualrestaurant! •Amazing virtual chef cooking restaurant graphics andsound effects!Play virtual chef cooking game and accomplish allchallengingcooking adventure story & cooking game levels!Download virtualchef cooking game and give us your feedback, so wecan make bestchefs new restaurant cooking story game for you.
Potato Chip Factory Crazy Fun 1.3
potato fries is a trim slices of potato that are deep frying,bakingand popping until crunchy and crispy. You can eat potatofries as afast food, side dish or appetizer and it will also beconsider as apredominant part of the snack food. You can alsoenjoy potato frieswith cold drinks in your kitchen.The secret of“Potato Chips FactoryCrazy Fun” is finally out of bag: Homemadefries are not normallycrispy and crunchy so make your own potatofries in our potatofactory with full of fun. How to make Frenchfries in your kitchen:Potato fries that are perfectly crispy arenot so difficult butthere is a trick to cooking the golden crunchyand tender; butteryinside. So potato chef kitchen share theirtricks and tips forcooking them perfect every time with fun.Growup your kids withpotato French fries; breakfast, lunch, dinner andyou will enjoy thefry’s fast food at your table any time of theday. Tip & Tricks• In chef factory you have to grow the potatoin farming land.Before you grow the potato, start digging in tofarm land in properway. After that, put potato seeds in to farmsoil.• When potatofully ripe in the farm deliver it into deliverytruck to factory forcooking the hot potato.• Wash the potato andthen pass it throughthe chef isolated maker machine for cookingthe best hot fries.•Slice and cube the raw potato in to same sizethat all slices willcook evenly and they shouldn’t be too thickand thin. All thesethings always keep in mind in our chef kitchenfactory.• Kitchenfactory use the best and healthy oil for cookingthe hot potato fastfood. After using best oil put the potatoslices into preheated oiland fry them for 2 to 4 minutes.• In thisphase pack the chef hotpotato by using the packet maker machineand then seal it.• Hotfries is ready, now deliver the factorychips into delivery truck tothe shop.
Cake Maker Chef, Cooking Games 9.9
Everyone needs to cook cake on different occasions likehappybirthday, wedding cakes & family get together etc. So acakemaker chef is needed for these parties. We proudly present abestcake maker crazy chef cooking game for little kids&girlsFunctions of Cake Maker Chef Game*** Find the cakemakingingredients and dishes from kitchen cabinets.*** Prepare thedoughof hot cake.*** Collect the coins by playing the mini gamestopurchase the cake making tools.*** Bake the Cake dough inoven.***Decorate the cake by different decorate able items.***Decorate thecake serving room background.*** Set the height ofdeliciouscake.*** Serve the cooked cake.So download now cake makercrazychef game and start learning and enjoying.
Pizza Factory Delivery: Food Baking Cooking Game 1.0.2
Pizza factory delivery is a pizzas maker and baker game forcrazyentertaining and fun kitchen time. Pizza maker is fun butmaking afair food pizza in real factory simulator is a big deal.Baking andmaking in restaurant or pizza shop is easy and straightbakerprocess but in food factory the pizza maker process isverycomplex. Little chef needs more than a master class cookskillsbecause the factory food kitchen is huge and full of plantandautomated machines. You need bake and cook the delicious fastmealin large factory plants and then deliver it to the customerfordinner and lunch party, wedding and birthdays. Little boysandgirls! Do you like to be a pro world class cooker. Well let'sjointhe most popular pizza shop in town. This pizza shop allowitscustomers to see the live baking process and they cancustomizetheir yummy and tasty food with wide range of sausages,veggies,meat, chicken and cheese. Pizza cooking never been so muchfun asin this kitchen cookery game. Customers are ordering cuisinepizzasof different flavors and toppings. Star cookery chef! Beready inthe bakery kitchen to make, bake, design and decorate themostamazing and wonderful pizzas. Pizza making and bakery iscomplexthen preparing other carnival and fast food stuff likeburger,hotdog, sandwich and ice cream. To bake and cook the hot andspicypizza first mix the flour, baking powder and eggs then roll ittomake and prepare the perfect dough. Add customized sausageslikejalapeno, chili sauce, ketchup and cheese curd on the dough.Top upthe carnival pizza with chicken, beef or steak pieces. Placethicklayer of cheese on the pizza dough. Place the pizzas in thebakeryrestaurant oven and bake it properly. Now pack the dinner andlunchmeal in the boxes. Most wonderful and amazing cuisine is readyfordelivery. Give the food box to the pizza delivery girl andpizzadelivery girl will deliver the order in time. Thiscookingsimulator game contains a lot creative and learningactivities. Nowdownload this pizza factory delivery game and havebest cheflearning class experience.
Cooking Games Kitchen Rising : Cooking Chef Master 1.22
Cooking Games Kitchen Rising : Cooking Chef Master is aFreesimulation game for girls, women, boys, men and kids in whichyoulearn all sort of traditional recipes from all over the world,fromUSA, Italy, France, India, China, Japan, UK, Turkey, Mexico,Braziland other places. Cook amazing dishes like Sushi, Spaghetti,Pizza,Burger, Shawarma, Kebab, Noodles and all sort of dessertslikeCake, Cupcake, Cookies, Donuts. Try Cooking Games KitchenRising :Cooking Chef Master today for Free and be part of the fun!Scrambleyour Kitchen in your attempt to cook super recipes, superfood as achef that is rising in his own town! Start your businesssimulationgame today and be the master chef you always wanted to bebycooking spectacular food. Have a story you want to tale? Tell itincooking! Try our street food and stand out from the other chefbyusing your creative fever in a positive way. Cook amazingtallburgers or hotdogs, Fry some French fries, or simply grillsomekebab. Remember Sushi is always served raw! Never cook or burnthesushi. Boil some octopus and burn some shrimps into amazingTempuradish. Free fun but a lot of cooking work? There is no easysuccessrecipe in being an amazing chef. You will cook the dishesfrom yourchildhood reminding you of your mama dishes as a kid. It'stime tofest into some amazing cooking food games from all over theworld.Play our games and you will become a master cook. Unlockthecomplete Cookbook. Let's cook mama style together withCookingGames Kitchen Rising : Cooking Chef Master. Fancy Americanburger,steak or hotdog? Don't forget to put some ketchup on it!Want tocook organic sushi healthy for your family? we will teachyou how!Play our game today for free and let the epic memoriesbegin! Bakeamazing cupcakes in rainbow colors or simply be part ofthe maniain cooking Indian dishes like Samosa, chicken tikka,chickentandori, butter chicken, naan, masala or paneer malai.Japanesecuisine is so fancy with ramen, sashimi, sushi, mochi, butalwayshave some wasabi next to you! You like more european foodlikefrench kitchen? Escargots, Jambon, Burgundy or french onionsoup?Or do you like British food better like fish and chips, Applepie,Full breakfast, Yorkshire pudding, Gravy, Pork pie andShepherd'spie as well as great dinner in the diner. If you are inthe moodfor british breakfast with beans and eggs you can also haveanelegant italian dinner with pasta, spaghetti, pizza, lasagnaandother delicious treats. Cook and server delicious pizza orburgersbut dont forget about the elegant sushi either! Start yourown Cakeshop and bake wonderful desserts and sweets. Become a chefknownall over the world and use your craze and craziness you defeatyourrivals! Time-management kitchen game has never been more funandaddictive. Grill meat, chop the vegetables bake the cookies,cookthe stew and serve all the wonderful dishes to yourcustomers.Don't waste too much or the craze will get to them andwill leaveyour restaurant without paying cause of their angerfever. Prepareonly the most tasty dishes in your restaurant!Download CookingGames Kitchen Rising : Cooking Chef Master todayfor FREE!
Cafeland - World Kitchen 2.0.2
Get Ready for the Holidays with Google Play’s FestiveUpdates!Design your cafe world and join cooking with Chef Eva'srestaurantgame! Write your own restaurant story in Cafeland today,Chef!Master your cooking and design your 5 star cafe to be the topchefin the world! Run your own restaurant and get carried away inacooking fever! Home cooked meals and fresh coffee are waitingforthe customers. Just say “I’ll decorate my cafe and I’ll also addalovely garden!” and your cafe will thrive! FROM A SNACK BAR TOAWORLD FAMOUS CAFE! Decorate and design the place of your dreamsinthis cafe game! Cook tasty food to keep your customers happy -Fromthe creators who brought you Cafeland, it’s a fun-tasticnewcooking game! In Cafeland, you have dozens of differentdishes;desserts, appetizers, fast food and many more which makethis theperfect kitchen game! Not to mention that there arehundreds ofshiny new items to decorate your place. Are you ready tobe theowner of your cafe business? Then start your restaurant gameinCafeland because this place is for you, chef! BE THECULINARYMASTER! * Serve dishes from different cuisines. * Cook onmultiplestoves and serve a variety of meals. * Unlock new recipesand growyour menu. * Fill your counters with plates of yummy dishestoplease your customers. * Choose from a variety of foodcategories.* Make the best burger in chef town. * Deliver qualityseafood. *Spread the dough for a crispy pizza. * Bake a moistchocolate cake.* Prepare a zesty stew. * Bake, boil, fry or saute;every dish willcome out as perfect! DESIGN YOUR DREAM CAFE! *Choose from hundredsof fancy decorations. * Build special items toboost your income. *Cover your walls and the floor with only oneclick! * Open up adeli. * Design a hip bistro. * Manage a seafoodrestaurant. * Own afancy venue. * Entertain VIPs at a celebritylounge. * Become theowner of luxury dining. * Take over the city! *Design and decoratea world famous cafe! ATTRACT CELEBRITIES AND WINGIFTS! * Invitecelebrities to your place from all around the world.* Prepare yourcafe to host them. * Get good remarks and win mysterygifts! RULETHE CATERING BUSINESS! * Race against time to preparecateringorders. * Fill catering boxes with different categories offood. *Deliver gourmet meals for special customers. * Get help fromyourfriends! * Earn money and great prizes for finishingcateringorders! BE A 5 STAR CHEF! * Become the master of this cafeworld! *Listen to your customers and find out about the good andthe bad. *Keep the place clean. * Expand to have more room! *Increase yourcapacity. * Fill those vending machines! * Decorate toyour heart'sdesire! * And make it fun for everyone! PLAY WITHFRIENDS ANDBECOME A SOCIAL BUTTERFLY! * Visit your friends and helpthem out.* Send mystery gifts to each other. * Ask for help in yourcateringbusiness. * Join the community and meet new chefs! TACKLETHEQUESTS OF THE KITCHEN! * Meet the Cafeland crew and let themguideyou along the way. * Complete the tasks hand in hand with Eva!*Let Katie help you out with supervisor tasks. * Ask for Chriswhenthere is an item to build. * Join Grandpa Tony in trying outhisnew recipes! Facing issues while playing Cafeland orhavesuggestions/feedback? We would love to hear from you! UsetheContact button in settings while you are in the game or e-mailusat: [email protected] ©2016 Gamegos - All RightsReserved
My Restaurant Cooking Story - Girls Cooking Game 1.3
Tenlogix welcome you to My Restaurant Cooking Story - GirlsCookingGame that make you best restaurant chef in girls cookinggames2018.Cooking Chef! Be ready to relive kitchen fever toenjoyawesome real cooking fun games 2018. Learn fine cookingmanagement,time management and restaurant management skills to becalled superchef of Best Restaurant Chef free Cooking Games 2018.In MyRestaurant Cooking Story - Girls Cooking Game take ordersfromhungry customers and serve delicious cooking food of town.Writeyour own chef restaurant cooking kitchen story in bestcookinggames 2018. Time to embark awesome cooking journey in topkitchengame. Come out of food truck and enter into my restaurantcookingsimulation games where restaurant chef cooks awesome fooditems forcooking restaurant like bbq, cupcakes, pan cakes, popcorns, icecream fulfilling their kitchen craze and be called thesuper chef.In initial levels of top cooking games, first super chefwillprepare food at a time learning to manage chef restaurantthroughtime management and become super chef of kids cooking games2018.MyRestaurant Cooking Story - Girls Cooking Games will makeCookingqueen & kids super chef of this crazy kitchen cookingstory.Super chef is preparing delicious food items to fulfilrestaurantchef’s kitchen craze in food management best restaurantcooking fungame. Be a part of this restaurant cooking simulationgame becauseeach increasing level will increase the number ofcustomersarousing kitchen fever & food fever challenging kidscookingjourney making it best Restaurant Cooking Games 2018.Download thisRestaurant Chef best Cooking Games & be a part ofcookingmadness at peak time to cook serve delicious food tohungrycustomers. Cook amazing food to perfection to be called superchefof kids crazy cooking games 2018.With best Restaurant Cookingandtime management skills you can serve dozen of food items whetheritbe fast food, bbq, ice cream, pop corns, cupcakes or drinksincrazy Kitchen best restaurant game. So take command ofMyRestaurant Cooking Story - Girls Cooking Game and fulfilltheappetite of hungry customers in cooking restaurant cafe story.MyRestaurant Cooking Story - Girls Cooking Game is addictivefreecooking games for girls where you as restaurant chef willhandle myrestaurant to make awesome kitchen cookingstory!Features:• Welcomehappy customers in my restaurant!• Amazeevery one with finecooking skills in kitchen games!• Cook Servedelicious food tohungry customers!• Fans of best cooking games willlove managing myrestaurant!• Best graphics, sounds and animation ofnew cookinggames!
Cooking Games - Chef Food Fever Kitchen Restaurant 1.08
Free Cooking Games - Chef Food Fever Kitchen Restaurant games isafree new girls cooking games where you learn how to preparedishes& serve tasty food recipes with top chef Alicia!Youwillexplore world cuisines like chinese food,italian food,mexicanfood& of course fast food!Play this tasty dash game & learntocook mama's delicious taco recipes!Defeat your Kitchen feverofcooking today and become a top chef star & create yourownrestaurant!Become as famous as Oliver or Ramsay or Nigella anddashdinner!It's easy to achieve the rising chef after you masterthefree cooking food & bio food challenge in your town.Howtoplay- Drag & drop your foods on the dishes after youcooked& baked them properly.- After the recipe is completed,you willgive the cooking food to your clients to eat them!- Upgradeyourkitchen design & Create your own steakhouse andprepareincredible steak or other delicious meals!Features- Tonsofcombinations of dishes to cook by selecting over 300ingredients!-2 worldwide Restaurants to create tasty recipes!-Upgrade yourkitchen with tons of appliances!- Upgrade blenders,coke machines,milk shakes & ice cream machines to increase youroverallnumber of clients & increase their waiting time&patience!- Join us and Make your favorite Cream Ice Maker onyourmobile device!- Discover recipes for pasta,pizza &chickenrecipes!- Grow from an amateur chef to a chef master!- Freecookinggames for girls & Free cooking food games!- PrepareSoups andStarters, Pasta and Pizza, Cakes and Cookies and otherdeliciouscuisines- Create basic dishes like burger, pasta, hot dog,pizzaand tasty desserts like ice cream and cakes!- Defeat yourfever ofKitchen & become the best chef in town!- Women adore tostay inthe kitchen and prepare the perfect dinner and dash fortheirfamily!- The dash of cooking will make you the best cookingchef inthe world!Serve delicious diner to your hungry customerslike areal super chef master!- Top Chef Gordon is the boss and youhaveto do what he says, otherwise your meals and cookies willbeburnt!- You will enjoy this Fast Food Maker game very muchandlearn how they serve on the streets of famous cities and mastertheart of street food maker!- Top chef of the World will teach youhowto prepare hot dog or tacos and fries with ketchup topping!-Openyour cake shop and serve your clients with tasty pastry!-Multipleclients will want to eat hot dogs or hamburgers, so try tomakethem fast and dash the dinner in record time!- You will learnthebasic ingredients for foods like ramen or sushi or hot dogandpizza!- Choose wisely your flour to make donuts with sweet jamandsugar powder!- Cook the perfect dinner with dash becausewomenadore to stay in the kitchen and prepare the perfect dinnerfor theloved ones!- Of course,don't forget about the pizza gamesandyou'll love the maker pizza games too!- Multiplechallenges,puzzles with different levels and hamburgers to servethe customerswith!- Addicting restaurant time management game andhamburgermanagement!- Serve fresh hot dog with mustard and Ketchupto makemore money!- The fever for cooking is strong, so try tocollaboratewith your apprentices like a real new cooking chef &make thishappen!- Ever wanted to play donut games or burger gamesor servestreet food?Now you have the opportunity to bake your ownkind offoods & play some pizza maker games like this one!-Become thenext world fever cooking & make some deliciousdishes!- Servetasty snacks to hungry foodies clients that visityour Restaurantgames & even vegan recipes!- Create your ownkind of cookies orcupcakes & defeat your fever of cooking newtoday!- Start thedash cooking and create tasty recipes!Download theNew CookingGames - Chef Food Fever Kitchen Restaurant games &become areal cook master of the world!
Donuts cooking games 2.0.5
When it comes to cooking yummy donuts, you know it has to bedoneright the first time! With this donuts cooking game you caneasilybecome the best chef and make the tastiest donuts availablefor allto eat. Here you will be able to mix your eggs, milk, sugar,salt,and softened butter into the bowl before adding your flourandvanilla extract mix to make your full donut mixture. Next yougetto let your mixture sit and set before getting to roll it outonthe cutting board. You can then cut your donut shapes out andcookthem in the hot oil until they are golden brown. Lastly you gettoeasily decorate your new and yummy treats with all sorts oficing,candies and colors which will make your donuts stand out. Soif youlove these round treats and want to try your hand at it, whynottake a look at this free cooking game today! Features: • Placetheeggs into your mixing bowl and beat them together! • Add themilk,sugar, salt, and softened butter with your eggs before mixingthemixture! • Place flour into a large bowl, add extra flavorandvanilla extra for that yummy taste! • Mix your flour mix andyouregg mix together to make your donut batter before rolling itwithyour hands! • Place some clear wrap over your mixture and letitsit for a while! • Place flour onto a cutting board and rollyourmixture out! • Cut your donuts out and place them onto a plate!•Place oil in a pan and heat it up before placing your donuts inthehot oil! • Turn your donuts over before placing them on a plateandturning your stove off! • Decorate your donuts with all sortsoficing types, candies and colors to make the best donuts ever!
Cooking Scene Chef
Cooking Scene - Chef Career is one of themostbeautiful cooking games for kids but also for adultspassionedabout working in our kitchen.We've tried to recreate the feeling of being a chef and triedtomake you go through all the stages in a professionalchef'scareer.You may consider yourself a lucky chef because you have newcookinggames with many levels that imitates the live that chefshave in arestaurant with good and bad.Like in many cooking games contests you see on TV, chefs have togothrough all kind of challenges to see which are their abilitesandfor which dishes they are prepared.In our restaurant game all these skills need to be perfect soyoushould become the best restaurant chef out there.In the beginning of our restaurant game you must cook simpledishesand clients are easy to please, but also the coins you earnare notso much.The hard earned coins in the restaurant game should be investedinperformant cooking tools so that the serving time and thequalityof dishes will improve and the coins earned will surely bemorethan they used to be.The burger recipes will be different, some of them only withmeatand lettuce.Customers also want fries, hot dog or sweets in ourrestaurantgame.For all customers your cooking has to be fast as possible andservethem with the dish they've requested in this restaurantgame.Sooner you upgrade the kitchen tools sooner the complexity inthesecooking games will raise and the feeling in the kitchen willgetmore intense.Your skills as a profession chef will be tested and for suretherewill be moments in which you may want to drop your chefcareer, butwe advice you to go further and with perseverence you'llmanage tocomplete these cooking games and finish any challenge thatyou canmeet in your job in the kitchen.We have only one rule in this restaurant game, a golden rule thatwefind in most of the restaurants worldwide, our client - ourmaster!We have to guide ourself after this rule and if we can handletocomplete each challenge we will get in these cooking games, youcansurely become on of the most appreciated professionalchefs.In some levels you'll see that you won't handle the avalancheoforders coming from our hungry customers that want to taste allthedelicious dishes.Some of them will leave unhappy but others will not havethepatience to let you finish the order they've requested.Don't get discouraged, be patient, earn and raise money andupgradeyour kitchen tools and you will see that with professionaltoolsyou will have enough time to cook fast and you will managetoplease even the most picky clients.
World Chef
Social Point
Do you like exotic food? Are you more ofaburger and fries kind of person? Either way, there’s a spot foryouin the kitchens of World Chef, the most international cookinggame,with chefs and recipes from over 20 nationalities!World Chef is a happy place where the kitchen never closes,thewaiter always has a big smile on his face and the food is sogreatyou should probably play with a bib on.Open your restaurant, give it a name and decorate it to yourtaste!Then start cooking world cuisines and serving customers! Yourplacewill soon become so popular you’ll have to make itbigger!Expand your menu with every new international chef: Tacos,pizza,sushi,... The whole world can fit inside one restaurant!Thesuccess ladder will lead you to welcoming VIP diners andevencatering special events! You will soon master the art ofrunning atop restaurant.And remember! This is not a fast food joint, take your timetoslow-cook your best recipes. Your customers know they will beworththe waiting.----FEATURES:Create, decorate and run your own fine dining restaurant!Craft exclusive decorations at the Design Studio.Buy and trade fresh ingredients and cook increasinglydeliciousdishes.Build yourself a dock, get a boat and start importingexoticingredients!Serve your finest cuisine to customers from all aroundtheworld.Increase your popularity and see how all the VIPsbecomeregulars!----World Chef is FREE to download and FREE to play. However, youcanpurchase in-app items for the game with real money. If you wishtodisable this feature, please turn off the in-app purchases inyourphone or tablet’s Settings.
Cooking Games Cafe - Food Fever & Restaurant Chef 1.0
New Cooking Games Fever Food Maker is a free cooking games forgirlswhich adore french cuisine or american cuisine!The gameteaches youhow to cook delicious dishes and manage your ownrestaurant storyand become a true Super Chef master in kitchengames!Start yourkitchen business today with & become as famousas Oliver orRamsay and dash dinner!Beat your fever cooking todayand cookinglike mama delicious meals,dish and desserts from everycountry inthe world!Chef Games will teach you to cook tastydesserts and FastFood games to an Oriental Restaurant and ChineseRestaurants, youwill be able to cook and learn. Use the best bioingredients to cooktasty dishes.Enjoy all the kitchen appliancesfrom pizza ovens tocake maker games to popcorn maker and &coffee makers and torice cookers.The dash cooking will make youthe best cooking worldchef!Serve delicious diner to your hungrycustomers like a realsuper chef master!How To Play:- Join us andMakes your favoriteCream Ice Maker in your mobile device!- HelpMasha and her friendsto cook the perfect dinner dash and dish!-Women adore to stay inthe kitchen games and prepare the perfectdinner dash for the lovedones!- Top Chef Gordon is the boss andyou have to do what he says,otherwise your meals and cookies willbe burnt!- Steal some reallygood recipes for preparing hot dogs ortacos and french fries withketchup toppings!- Of course,don'tforget about pizza games andyou'll love the pizza maker gamestoo!- Multiple challenges, puzzlesof different levels andhamburgers to serve the customers with!-Addicting restaurant storytime management game and hamburgermanagement!- Serve fresh hot dogwith mustard and Ketchup to makemore money!- The fever cooking isstrong, so try to collaborate withyour apprentices like a realstar cooking chef games!- Play multiplechallenging levels andserve the dinner in the dish or on the platesof your customers!-You can bake tasty foods like ramen or sushi orhot dog and pizza& extra bonus of steak!- After playing thegame, you will bethe best star chef in town & you will do mamacooking!- Everwanted to play donut games or burger games or servestreet food?Nowyou have the opportunity to bake your own kind offoods & playsome Pizza Maker games like this one!- A truemaster chief willknow how to prepare delicious foods!- Create yoursteakhouse andtaste incredible steak!Features:- 4 worldwide uniquerestaurants!-Simulates real time manager games!- It's cooking time,Upgrade yourkitchen appliances and interior!- Decorate yourrestaurant games tobring more clients to buy fresh food!- Createyour own kind ofcookies or cake games!- Beat your fever of cookingtoday!- Startthe dash cooking and create tasty recipes!- Play withtasty icecream maker graphics and functionality!- Help Masha in hercookingdash adventure and help her discover her top chef abilities&be the best chef in town!- Start your restaurant gamesbusinesstoday and you will become a chef world!- You will enjoythis FastFood Maker game very much and learn how they serve on thestreetsof New York or Sydney and master the art of street foodgamesmaker!- World chef will teach you how to prepare hot dog ortacosand fries with ketchup topping!- Open your famous cake gamesmakerand serve your customers with some tasty pastry!- Multipleclientswill want to eat hot dogs or burgers, so try to make themfast anddash dinner in record time!- You will learn the basicingredientsfor foods like ramen or sushi or hot dog and pizza!-Choose wiselyyour flour to make donuts with sweet jam and sugarpowder!- Takecontrol of the kitchen and demonstrate the skills of amaster chefin 2018!Download New Cooking Games Cafe - Food Fever&Restaurant Chef and become the Super Chef master the cuisinesallaround the world!
Barbecue Chef 1.0.7
bweb media
Cook up a fancy barbecue treat with this great cooking game!Hereyou can mix up your saucy ingredients ready for your marinate,cookyour chicken until its tender, as well as decorating the plateandserving it up in style. Great cooking fun to be had, becomethebarbecue chef you’ve always wanted to be! FeaturesMix allyouringredients together to make your tasty marinating sauce. Coatyourchicken and cook it until it’s nice and tender. Serve upadelicious meal and decorate the plate to make it lookfabulous.Prepare another round and cook up a fabulous feast.
Lunch Box Maker - Donuts Shop YUMMY TO THE TUMMY 1.0.2
FROS studios
Hey kids ! Are you ready play another lunchbox series fromFROSstudios . Let us take you to the kids kitchen where you canenjoycooking games for kids . In this little kid game you willlearncooking a cooking mama , you will make to make donut whichisfavorite princess food .This holiday game for kids is a freegamesfor kids which is holiday kids games in there vacationsfromschools . There are two portions of this game Kids donut makerInthe first part of you have to make the doughnut for princessinyour baking salon ,she is waiting for you in the schoolfollowingsteps are required in this desserts makerfood ingredientsmixingdonuts cutting frying donutsdonuts decoration You candecorate youfood as per your wish , there are multiple options forfooddecoration kids lunchbox for school Now pack your lunch food ,putall these yummy donuts in your lunchbox which is your schoollunch. Now pick up lunch and move back to school , you can enjoythis inlunchtime where all other fellows have there meal boxes . Sowhatare you waiting for , enjoy this cooking game for kids.Features:-Free making game for kids- Best donuts making game-VeryInteractive and intuitive controls & graphics to playthegame.- Cook donuts for your lunch box.- Making lunch box foodwhichis your favorite.- Make best fast food and share it withyourfriends.
Street Food Stand Cooking Game 1.2
A street fair is a perfect place to experience street food.Thinkyou have what it takes to get customer’s mouths happy withyourcooking in Street Food! Start cooking your own yummy snacks inthisamazing virtual kitchen. Fry up some hot dogs and decoratethemwith ketchup and mustard, create hamburgers, french fries,nachos,pizza, then add some amazing toppings so they look as goodas thetaste. You will love playing chef games as they make theirfavoritefoods, and you'll love that cooking up a chef quality snackdoesn'tmess up your whole kitchen! Make These Fun Fantastic Foods:*HotDog! *French Fries! *Nachos! *Pizza! *Burger! Product Features:-Asuper fun food-making game -Make yummy foods from scratch -Tonsofrealistic cooking tools to play: spatula, cooking pan, knife,oven,food blenders and so much more -Tons of food materialsanddecorations to try: flour, sparkling sugar, sauces, meats,cheeses,olive oil, salt, milk, eggs, sprinkles, candies, fruits andso muchmore How to play: - Use interactive controls to play thegame - Trydifferent tools to make your foods - Mix variousingredients tocreate the unique flavor and color of your foods -Decorate yourfoods with beautiful sprinkles, candies, fruits andcream toppingsand enjoy the yummy foods
Milkshake Cooking Beach Party 1.0.1
Are you tired of simple 2d cooking games? Don’t worry; youhavelanded on the right place to experience a new type of cookinggamein which you will work as beach restaurant owner and as masterchefof your own beach parlor, you will serve guests with all kindsofdelicious milkshakes. A fun desert game of your choice in whichtheart of real milk shake cooking will provide you the utmostcrazyfun of real food maker cooking game. No compulsion, spend aboysnight out or girls night out; the choice is yours to celebrateyourbreakfast, dinner or lunch at beach party. Unlike cakecookinggames at beach parlor on the occasion of summer vacations atMiamiBeach, this milkshake maker will soothe your cooking skills totheultimate level. So celebrate your days at girls beach partywhereboys are also invited and when boys beach party begins, thebeachmilkshake will be the foremost cooking dish to serve.Thoughmilkshake is not the best dish at the wedding party but manykidsalso like all types of milkshakes at all types ofoccasions.Features Milkshake Cooking Beach Party • Drink MangoMilkshake atBeach Party Restaurant • Drink Mango Milkshake at BeachParlor •Drink Banana Milk Shake at Girls Beach Party • DrinkChocolate andStrawberry Milk Shake • Cherry Milkshake for BoysNight Out atBeach • Awesome Sea Graphics with Best Cooking Game • AModern FoodMaker Desert Game at Beach • Milkshake Beach Parlor forKids andBoys
Meat Factory Cooking Chef - Game for kids 1.2
Cooking Club
It’s mutton time.World is waiting for grilled mutton, hotmeatloafand yummy steaks so get ready with your mutton recipes forthe realworld meat cooking game and factory simulation. Have youeverthought how to make meat in the mutton factory? Or have yourevervisited any slaughterhouse where you have seen muttoncuttingprocess with your eyes? If yes, BRAVO! If no, don’t needtohesitate as the meat game will teach you how to make cuts ofmeat.But stop! All vegan and vegetarians are warned to not enter inthebutcher shop as they can’t bear meat maker process withsharpknives.Let’s start meat factory maker process with cattlefarms andcollect healthy goats for meat. Cattle farming is a crazyfunadventure for the little chef and kitchen master. Pick the goatsinthe delivery truck and take it to crazy chef’s meatfactory.Slaughter the goats in the factory’s slaughterhouse. Firstof allcheck the machinery and tools whether they are working in thesoundconditions or not. after slaughtering, remove hairs and skinofgoat and dip it into hot water to remove extra hairs andblood.Clean and wash the meat properly to remove blood otherwiseit’llharm the taste of steaks and grilling mutton. Make cuts ofmeatthrough the sharp knives of cutting machines. Make batterwithmixing tasty ingredients such as soy sauce, vinegar, salt etc.toenhance its taste and to make it crispy.It’s meat cookingtime.Cook yummy ribs and go through the steak maker process inthecooking meat game under the supervision of head chef. Makebreadcrumbs in the kitchen and dip mutton in it to crunchy,crispymutton cooking. Once you have done with the dipping, fry iton thegrill but take care of meat cooking temperature as you mayburn itor it may remain uncooked. Adjust meat cooking timer like astarchef and cooking mouth watering mutton to satisfy yourcookingmania.Start your kitchen story from slaughterhouse and endit onthe hot grilled mutton. Finish mutton delivery process byloadingpackets on the delivery truck and send it to thesupermarket,bakery shop, and fast food restaurant. In this way, gothrough yourkitchen fever in the real world meat food game.
Food Court Fever: Hamburger 3 2.7.3
🍔🍟 Do you want to be a 🍕 PIZZA Shop’s super chef? Are you fondoftime management, seafood cuisine, or new cooking games?🍳? TheFoodCourt Fever series are the world’s most addictive timemanagementgames, played by over 10 MILLION users! Food Court Fever:Hamburger3 the delicious burger shop game introduces the NEW PIZZASHOP 🍕after the successful Burger shop, Seafood Restaurant &SushiRestaurants release to challenge the pizza making skills ofmostSuper Chefs. Run your own Pizza shop & serve deliciouspizzasand become a super chef time management gamespecialist.🍔🍟Endlesscooking fun in this kitchen scramble! Take arising star ⭐ from abeefy burger master, Seafood chef, Japaneserestaurant chef andthen into an expert Pizza chef 🍕! 🍔🍟Fast-paced,challenging timemanagement⏰ Master Six different restaurants -Burger shop, Donuts,Mexican, Sushi, Seafood & Pizza Shop!🍔🍟Getinto super chefmode! Enjoy the feverish cooking and time managementchallengesthat come fast and furious in this new restaurantsimulationgame.Download Food Court Fever: Hamburger 3, the highlyaddictivenew restaurant management game. Perfect for all superchefs aroundthe world, and any new cooking game lovers seeking away to improvetheir time management skills while having fundrooling overdelicious pizzas 🍕, seafood dishes, AND tasty Japanesefood! Anexciting restaurant management game with a uniquecombination of acooking scramble, serving food, and timemanagement.Can you prepareall the orders in time, even during peakrush hour? Customers arequeuing up in the food court to taste thebeefy burgers,mouth-watering Mexican, delicious donuts, seafoodcuisines, yummypizzas and succulent sushi. You are a world-renownedMaster Chef,specializing in multiple cuisines from around theworld.😋 Upgradeyour equipment, earn coins and gems, and expand yourrestaurantempire to include four types of awesome restaurants:Mexican,burgers, donuts, sushi, Japanese cuisine, seafood and thenew Pizzashop🍕 in this fun fast food burger master chef game.OURNEWRESTAURANT GAME FEATURES:🍔 Play more than 220 different levelswithincreasing star super chef challenges!🍔 Feed the world inmultiplestylish restaurants.🍔 Combine exciting ingredients inmultiplerestaurants: Mexican, donuts, burgers, Japanese food,sushi,seafood and the NEW Pizza shop!🍔 Earn money to upgrade yourkitchenand tools in this awesome cooking and time managementgame!Thereare numerous restaurant management games but few standout from thecrowd with the crazy kitchen scramble,🍕 pizza making,awesomeburger shop and seafood restaurant management. Food CourtHamburgerFever: Burger Cooking Chef is the leader for a reason -nothing ismore fun and addictive than this food making game, whichchallengesyou to test and improve your time management skills as aSuper Chefin the completely new cooking game. Do you think you canmaster thekitchen scramble and conquer the cooking dash? Challengeyourcooking and time management skills! The more you play thisNEWrestaurant game, the more ingredients including sushirecipe,seafood cuisine and customers you unlock, and the more FUNkitchenstory you have traveling as a Master Chef to restaurantsaround theworld!😋🍔🍟Download the most fun and addictive restaurantmanagementgame Today! Build your restaurant empire🏩 with yourtimemanagement⏰ skills and burger, sushi making, lobster cooking&🍕 pizza making in the all-new restaurant game🍔🍟. One of thehighestrated and most chaotic cooking games in the stores.Like usonFacebook! on Twitter! Pin usonPinterest!
Super Chef Beach Bbq Kitchen Story Cooking Games 1.0.8
Welcome to summer cooking island that is the best time forthrowingan amazing barbecue beach party for family and friends!Cook bbqgrilled spicy food, and start preparing some tasty treatsin thiskitchen food maker bbq cooking game. Live your dream tobecome asuper chef and follow spicy delicious bbq grilled foodrecipes inbeach barbecue cooking game. Enjoy cooking saucy barbecuerecipesand spice packed flavor and fragrance rich grilled barbecueonsummer beach cooking game. Explore top cooking game adventureandrun own barbecue cooking restaurant like you’ve always wantedonbeach. Give your inner food chef a new cooking challenge withthisrestaurant bbq cooking game! Here you can prepare and grillsaucybbq food for hungry customers! Super chef, get ready tocookdelicious saucy grilled cuisine on summer beach cookingfoodrestaurant cooking game. Take out your hidden inner chef talentandstart cooking in this crazy grilled bbq kitchen summerbeachrestaurant cooking game. Grilled bbq cuisine will give youthecomplete gratifying beach party barbecue grillingcookingexperience. Be the owner of most famous beach grilled bbqfoodcooking restaurant in the world. Practice grilled bbq foodcookingtechniques and time management techniques in bbq restaurantcookinggame. Summer beach grilled barbecue food have never been somuchdelicious and exciting before in bbq cooking restaurant game!Thereare so many fun ways to cook and serve on summer beachcookinggame! Hungry customers waiting in queue can’t wait for superchefto show variety of delicious saucy grilled bbq inrestaurantcooking game! Cook variety of delicious tandoori masalagrilled bbqand serve it on cool breezy beach in barbecue cookinggame! Though,it will be a real bbq cuisine cooking serving gamechallenge foryou! So get ready for bbq cooking on beach! Work inyour own beachbbq grill kitchen to fulfill food dream of becoming asuper chef.Leave your mark as top chef in beach bbq restaurantcooking world.Live your dream as beach bbq top chef and make itbig! Thisaddictive barbecue grilling cooking time management gamebrings allbest crazy cooking experience in beach bbq restaurantcooking game.Top chef doesn’t only know how to deal with timemanagement gamebut also makes sure the use of best food makingequipment andmasala saucy bbq food ingredients in free cookingrestaurant game.If you are excited about beach party bbq cookinggame so this is amust try cooking game for you! Are you ready totake cookingventure and become the world famous chef, so are you upfor beachbbq cooking game challenge? Tie up apron and get ready tobecomethe best chef in bbq cooking game! Be creative and make thebestcombination with saucy grilled bbq food ingredients! Superchefbeach bbq kitchen story cooking games features: •Multiplechallenging beach bbq cooking game levels! • Amaze everyonewithfine cooking adventure skills! • Serve delicious saucy bbq foodtobeach customers in restaurant cooking game! • Test yourcookinggame adventure and time management skills! • Best beachpartyrestaurant cooking game graphics and sound effects! Playbeachparty grilled bbq restaurant cooking game and accomplishallchallenging cooking adventure story & cooking gamelevels!Download super chef kitchen grill beach party cooking gameand giveus feedback, so we can make best chefs beach party newrestaurantcooking game for you.
Masterchef Cooking Games: Fun Restaurant & Kitchen 2.8
Love cooking, baking & decorating food? We've got the gamesappjust like How our super mom's used to make with all her loveanddedication for us! This cooking game will teach you everythingyouneed to know about kitchen recipes in a fun & easyway.Decorate all types of ice creams, cakes, pastries,donuts,cupcakes, Small cakes now and explore the talent in you! -You canfind out exactly what you need for dough, sauce, andtoppingcombinations for pizzas - If you've got more of asweet-tooth, notto worry because we've got plenty of Ice Creamrecipes to satisfyyour love for fudge! - And if you love Baking,we've got a wholelist of Cake recipes from carrot to cheese, poundto spice! If ithas flour, eggs, and sugar, then we've got youcovered! - You canmake burgers and sandwich with your favoritechoice of veggies,cheese, spices, sauces, herbs, and bread. You canalso decorate theway you want it. - Who doesn't love ice creams?You can choose fromthe type of cones and your favorite flavor scoopwith yummydecorations, fruits, toppings, syrup - We offermouth-watering freecooking games in every category and flavor youcould ever imagine!With all of the savory cooking games that wehave, it's simple toadapt your own style and flair to each dish andshow off your newcooking skills. FEATURES OF MASTERCHEF COOKINGGAMES ARE: ⍟ 10 fooditems to choose from: Burger, 2 types of IceCream, Sandwich, 2types of Cakes, Pizza, Donuts, Pastries, andCupcakes ⍟ Save andshare photos and images of your creations ⍟ Lotsof options andingredients are available for you to select and makeyour recipesfrom So just grab your spoons, spatulas and startmixing, frying,baking and sauteing with Cooking Games app in a funand creativeway without you worrying! So what are you waiting for?Downloadthis app now & play, enjoy and explore the chefs insideyou
Sushi game cooking game-simulation restaurant game 2.14
This is a simulations sushi cooking restaurantgame,simulationmanagement a sushi restaurant.By cooking the sushicustomerswant,simulations the general restaurant operation process,enjoythe food and the restaurant happy! You need to pay attentiontocooking food time, do not let the food is broken; guestspatienceis also very important, when the Guests wait for a certaintime,you will lose the guests, I wish you a big money in it, becomeawinner!restaurant games japanese sushi
Burrito Maker Fever Mexican Food Tacos & Tortilla 1.0.1
2d fun zone
Burrito maker games with perfect essence of cooking burritosandtortilla recipes for the sake of cooking in the kitchen andcookinggames for girls. Kitchen cooking games are too famous amongthekids and boys who love to play kitchen and cooking games andfoodvan games. This chicken roll cooking game provide you all whatyouneed to have a perfect burrito out of flour tortilla. Maketacosand tortillas for you family and friends like you do in eggrollmaking games and taco food games. Easy to understand theprocess ofmaking mexican food of roll making games. Taco games forkids aremany in numbers but this cooking kids game is differentwith itseasy to understand and specialty of best of cooking gamesstep bystep. Try out different food like chicken, mutton and beeffromonly cooking games in this burrito maker fever for the loveofshawarma cooking games and bhelpuri making games for yourfriends.Mexican cooking games are much famous among the kids andchildrenof your age who love to play toco games for free and foodcookinggames. Do not forget to share the food with your family andcut theburrito maker fever into half as in food cutting games.Allanimations and controls of eating food from food eating gamesandfood making techniques of food making games are combined inthistaco making game where you can roll your own burrito withyourfavorite topping on top of the tortilla as you like same asyoulike to do in other food maker games and food restaurantgames.This food truck chef cooking game allows you to trydifferentingredients for making your flour tortilla and try tobecome champof food truck games and food street games for once andfor all.Keep your kitchen clean after using it as your friends doinkitchen restaurant clean up games after they play their tacogamesfor free. Burrito Maker Fever Mexican Food Tacos &TortillaFeatures:Famous recipes for kitchen games for girlscooking.Awesomeplatform of kitchen cleaning games.Food making andkitchengames.mexican cookbook free of mexican food recipes inhindi.Bestkebab maker and cooking kitchen games.Best egg rollrecipe from eggroll making games.Download best food kitchen gamefor the sake yourlove to the mexican food of kitchen games 2018 andcooking games.Best combinations of gameplay of cooking games forgirls free withlevels and cooking games for boys at one place ofcooking in thekitchen games and burrito maker games with adventureof learningflour tortilla and Mexican taco making.
Beach Restaurant Master Chef 1.26
Here is the Beach Restaurant Master Chef game where you cancook,serve and earn a place where the kitchen on beach never closesandthe waiters and chefs always have big smiles on their facestoserver you best in this cooking game. The smell of the kitchenit'slike you're really in your very own restaurant! It all belongstoyou, our new restaurant manager. You'll be able to make themostdelicious and popular meals around, all done in the world'smostluxurious and top-grade Beach Restaurant Master Chef. You canevenserve customers personally. Cook delicious meals and dessertsfromall over the world in this FREE addictive time-management game.Youwill be able to practice your skills in a variety of settingsandcooking techniques. Use more than a hundred ingredients tocookseveral hundred tasty dishes. Try all the possiblekitchenappliances, just like in real life! Upgrade your kitchenandproduce an even greater variety of dishes. You can practiceyourcooking skills in a variety of settings and cooking techniquestobecome a perfect chef game winner. Use lot of ingredients tocookseveral tasty dishes. Take command of the kitchen anddemonstratethe skills of a master chef. Start with burgers and colddrinks andwork your way to becoming the best known restaurant inthe city!Sharpen your skill as you prepare, cook, assemble andservedelicious menu items in each exotic restaurant. Controlthefast-paced chaos as you dash your way around the kitchen,preparingmeals for crazy customers in Beach Restaurant Master Chef!Collecttons of tips for excellent service and make those profits!In this2016 and 2017 cooking game you will get everything that youarelooking in a kitchen game or restaurant game. You can cookformultiple customers at a single time to improve your cookingskillswithin your Beach Restaurant Master Chef. So get ready tocreateyour own story of success in your restaurant. Upgrade yourkitchenwith variety of dishes to serve and cook fast in thisrestaurantgame so that you won’t get any fever while cooking inthis cookinggame? Hit it to become best chef in town who can cookdeliciousmeals for their café customer and rollover all otherburger gamesor pizza games with this Beach Restaurant Master Chefand be acooking king . And remember! This is not a fast food jointtakeyour time to slow-cook your best recipes. Your clients knowtheywill be worth the waiting. Features: * lots of sea food dishestocook using multiple ingredients * unique locations to cookFastsalmon fish , toasts , crab , tuna fish , sandwich , fruit cups,turkey , coconuts , sauces and a lot of drinks like Green soda,redsoda ,violet soda * Hundreds of upgrades for yourkitchenappliances and interior to earn more money. *upgradekitchenappliances in this cooking game to cook and serve faster*Unlockmore difficult levels as you proceed towards perfection ofcookingin Beach Restaurant Master Chef.
Caramel Popcorn Factory Chef 1.0
Hey little kids chefs! Kids fun studio is back with anotherexcitingfactory game. Yes you heard it right! After the success ofIce creamfactory & amazing Popcorn Factory simulator, herepresentscooking game fun with more thrill and excitement CaramelPopcornFactory Chef Welcome to real world factorysimulationsetting!Caramel Popcorn factory chef is cooking game funfor allmaster cook boys and girls who love cooking and baking justlikeany cookie games and love to make their own kitchen story. Butthistime, scenario is changed and same like popcorn maker game.Work asfactory worker operate heavy factory machinery and plants tomakethis healthy snack within few minutes. This snack maker maniawilllet you to learn process of popcorn making, from growingcornplants in the farmer farm to cooking of popcorn in factorymachineplants. Little boys and girls get ready to be the part offactorymania & adventure. This game is as much fun as ice creamfever& candy factory. Running a food business can be funandchallenging thing, and with this popcorn maker game you canknowjust what it’s like to own your business in of these bestcoockinggames. So, let’s get it started in this free cooking gametoday!Farming & Seeding Corn in Farm Land Farm worker! Growingandharvest the crops isn’t an easy task. So carefully controlthisfarming process. Dig up the farm land and seed the cornplants.Water the veggies and take care of the farm. Wait for corngrows upand then harvest the crops. Factory worker are waiting!Hurry up,Pluck the ripe corn and start the fill process in theboxes fordelivery truck. Corn Grain Extraction Delivery truck ishere infactory garage! Put the corn in to the machine and extractthe corngrains. Then cleanup and wash the grains to remove rottengrains.Dryer Process After washing and extracting corn grains thenextprocess is drying the corn. Little star chef to dry the cornpassit through the high temperature dryers. Caramel Flavor MakingPutbrown sugar, baking soda, karo, butter and vanilla extract inthisheavy machinery, mix it well and place it on high heat forsomeminutes. Caramel flavor is ready for the popcorn. Cooking&Popcorn Maker Process The most amazing part of the game,afterdryer process time to cook popcorn. Add caramel withsweetenerflavor in the plant. Heat it up for few hours and thedeliciouspopcorns are ready for fill. Fill the popcorn in thepackets anddeliver it to super markets, shop, bakery and differentfoodrestaurants.This cooking game for fun is adventure thrillingfunwith real factory processes. Cook like best chef, learn howtocooking carnival food in fun fair cookie games. Enjoy yourcaramelpopcorn in movie night with friends and family!
Crazy Kitchen Seafood Restaurant Chef Cooking Game 2.1
Have you ever experienced crazy cooking food in NewRestaurantKitchen Food Cooking Game? If No then play Crazy KitchenSeafoodRestaurant Chef Cooking Game to fulfil all your outdoorrestaurantcooking desires in this super restaurant chef kitchencooking gamesfor free 2018. Super Cook! Grab the amazingopportunity to gain topKitchen chef’s fine cooking experience inNYC Food Chef Restaurantkitchen Games. Crazy Kitchen Chef! WearRestaurant Chef’s Apron,gather all your equipments in Crazy KitchenSeafood Restaurant ChefCooking Game to have Chef Restaurant CookingFun & to impressTop restaurant food customers with top chef’sfine kitchen skills.Kids Food Chef of top cooking games! Startcrazy Cooking Journeyand become No.1 super chef in town byutilizing chef cookingsimulation game, cooking restaurantmanagement games & timemanagement games experience. Super FoodChef! Give yourself ChefKitchen cooking challenge in Crazy KitchenSeafood Restaurant ChefCooking Game & enter crazy cookingrestaurant. In restaurantserving games, take food orders fromcustomers and quickly cookserve delicious food utilizing chefcooking simulation game &chef kitchen restaurant gamesexperience. Let’s cook yummy Seafood,sizzling prawns, tuna fish,chocolate donuts, apple pie, strawberrysmoothie, sausages, Frenchfries, fresh orange juice & healthysmoothies to satisfy toprestaurant hungry customers. RestaurantManager! Number of hungrycustomers will increase graduallyarousing kitchen fever &kitchen adventure making RestaurantCooking kitchen chef surpass hiscrazy cooking skills in this funrestaurant top kitchen games 2018.Cooking Kitchen Restaurant Chef!Remind all the lessons learned byyour virtual mommy & utilizethem in cooking food games in Toprestaurant in NYC by serving bestfood in town. Finally the time hasarrived & top chef hard workin kitchen restaurant is paid off.Restaurant food Chef has beennominated as best restaurant chef. Sowrite your real cooking storyof fun cooking journey of restaurantkitchen cooking in outdoorrestaurant cooking games for girls. SuperChef! Play Restaurantcooking chef games & demonstrate how tocalm down chef’skitchen craze & food fever by cooking crazy inChef Restaurantgames & kids cooking kitchen games 2018. Bestcooking gameRestaurant simulator! Show the world how talented youare a crazycooking chef & cook food to perfection in CrazyKitchen SeafoodRestaurant Chef Cooking Game Features: • Best Foodserving &Restaurant serving games 2018! • Best Kitchen chefRestaurantCooking Simulation Games! • Best time management games& kidseducational App! • Best Kitchen craze, kitchen fever& FoodFever games! • Superb graphics & HD animations of NewCookingGames!
Cooking colorful cake 2.0.3
Become a fantastic chef and bake the best cake you’ve ever donewiththis cooking game. Here you can collect the ingredients inthekitchen, prepare the mixture, add the colors, and bake yourcake.Once it’s baked you can then decorate it with beautifulfinishingtouches. Baking your cake has never been this easy withthis cakegame. Features* Collect all the ingredients ready to bakeyourcolorful cake. * Prepare the ingredients and mix them all inamixing bowl. * Add the colors to each separate bowl mixturetocreate the rainbow colors. * Pour your mixture into eachindividualcooking pan before cooking them in an oven. * Prepareyour coffeein your cookery.* Add the icing and decorate it as muchas you wantto create a fabulous colorful cake.
Ramen Craze - Fun Kitchen Cooking Game 1.0.1
Welcome to the crazy world of Ramen chef. The restaurantworldawaits a hot new chef to cook world-class cuisines all in acookingfever! Discover new Japanese Ramen favors and recipes inthisaddictive fun time management kitchen game. Download RamenCrazeand start cooking now! FEATURES============COOK AND SERVERAMEN!•Cook up fun anytime, anywhere!• Over 100 ramen ingredientstochoose from! Chashu, Naruto, Grilled Eel, BBQ pork, and Mussel–the recipes grow with each city!• Roll up and completeyourcustomer’s ramen orders! The better your cooking is, themoredelighted the customers will be. Collect tons of tips forexcellentservice and make those profits!• Cook a wide variety ofJapanesecuisine items like Zabu Soba, Okonomiyaki, and Yakitori!•Relivingthe cooking dash in your own Japanese ramen kitchens onyour mobilephones!BECOME THE SUPER STAR CHEF!• Try new JapaneseRamen noodlerecipes from Sapporo, Hokkaido to Tokyo, Kyushu! UnlocktheHollywood level to get achingly hip Ramen cooking recipes!•LoveSushi Diner? You will like Ramen Craze too!• Dash through over300levels from Asia to America world cities!• Scramble tofeedcustomers from all over the world! Light up your ramen kitchensina cooking fever!• Have hours of exciting time-management foodmakerfun!WIFI NOT REQUIRED!• Play Ramen Craze – Fun Cooking FoodMakerGame offline on your iOS devices after initial contentdownload!•Internet / 4G / Wifi connection not needed after contentdownload!Have fun playing on a plane or underground!• Downloadrestaurantcontent and start cooking right away!• Feverish offlineor onlinetime-management game play!TEST AND REFINE YOUR COOKINGSKILLS!•Start out with a single ramen restaurant and expand yourcookingempire!• Simple time management and fun cooking game withlots ofupgrades!• New exciting boss levels to challenge yourkitchenskills!• Get ready to cook delicious and tastyJapanesecuisine!FREE TO PLAY KITCHEN COOKING GAME!• Earnachievements toget free gems and earn coins with each level beatfor free!• Beatsimple early levels and gear up to become thesuperstar chef!•Expand your restaurant empire for free by earning 3star eachlevel! Unlock Korea and China levels with special localrecipes!•Are you ready for an epic kitchen scramble? Install andstartplaying and get into the craziness of time managementcookinggame!Download Ramen Craze – Fun Cooking Game now and enjoythisincredible cooking simulation game! Like Japanese cooking game?Tryout sushi diner – Fun cooking game from us! Also availableforfree!Have fun cooking and don’t forget to share yourdeliciousmeals with your friends on Facebook!