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Panther Tinder Guide 1.4
Want more DATES from Tinder?DOUBLE YOUR MATCHES GUARANTEED! Do exactly what the guidesaysand if you don't at least double your matches, I'll buy theguideback from you and still let you keep it.Here’s the bottom line: YOU HAVE A SPLIT-SECOND to make agoodimpression before she swipes left.That’s it.A SPLIT-SECOND and if she swipes left…game over!The problem with Tinder is that it’s mostly about thatFIRSTpicture. And if you are just average looking, like me, it’shard tocompete with the Brad Pitts out there.BUT, there is hope.When you know what she is looking for – you can easily get hertoswipe right.The key is to stand out from all the other guys in agoodway.That is why we created the Panther Tinder Guide.To help you optimize your pictures, create a captivating bio,getmore matches, and show you the convo strategies to get you tothedate.We created this guide based on wide-scale experimentationandextensive market research to tell you exactly what works onthewidest range of women.We tested different types of profile pictures, bios,openinglines, and date requests, and have compiled all thatinformationinto one solid guide.None of it was guided by opinion or theory.*You will learn:CHAPTER 1. HOW TO OPTIMIZE YOUR PICTURES FOR THE MOST MATCHES(nomatter what you look like).- The BEST FIRST PICTURE and exactly what to wear in it.- The exact five photo combo to get the most matches(withexamples).- The one picture most guys have that all women HATE(removethese now).CHAPTER 2. HOW TO OPTIMIZE YOUR BIO TO “STAND OUT” (mostguysdon't care what a girl's bio says, BUT GIRLS DO)- How to take your profile from boring to "Wow I have tomeetthis guy."- Proven profile example bios that you can copy and paste.- Profiles that spark conversation so girls messageyoufirst.- Will linking your Instagram hurt you? (I'll give youtheanswer).CHAPTER 3. WHAT TO MESSAGE HER TO GET THE DATE- The opening line is CRUCIAL for your success. I'll give youtheperfect opening line that can be used on any type of girl.- The openers to avoid because every guy says those.- How to build a “sense of trust” during conversation (mostguysskip this step and never get the date).- Should you wait or message her immediately? (I'lltellyou).- Example conversations to get the date in the first convo.*Here are the problems most guys face:“I AM NOT GETTING MATCHES WITH THE GIRLS I WANT”We’ll give you the exact pictures that perform the bestalongwith sample magnetic bios you can use that fit yourpersonality toDOUBLE YOUR MATCHES.*“GIRLS DON’T REPLY BACK TO MY FIRST MESSAGE”Most guys say the SAME THING: "Hey what's up?", "Hi cutie :)",or"Where are you from?"Stand out! We give you an array of opening lines that guaranteeapositive response, immediately create interest, and leadtheconversation to the date.*“MY CONVERSATIONS GO STALE AND DIE OUT”Most guys ask questions like it’s an interview. Women HATEthat.We’ll show you how to have fun and flirty conversations thatgetyou the date. Plus, we’ll show you a simple way to rekindleoldmatches that fizzled out.*”I CAN’T GET THE DATE”Everything taught in this guide is guiding you to the date.Mostguys don’t get dates because girls don't trust them. Yourpicturesand messages must get her to trust you and when youdownload thisguide, you’ll know exactly what to do.*Everything discussed in this guide comes with provenexamples.Simply copy and paste them directly into your bioandconversations.LISTEN. Most guys on Tinder are making the same mistakes.Usethese simple strategies in the guide and you’ll get furtherthan90% of the guys on Tinder.Get ready to start hearing a lot of "you're the first guyIactually met on Tinder."*DOUBLE YOUR MATCHES GUARANTEED! Do exactly what the guidesaysand if you don't at least double your matches, I'll buy theguideback from you and still let you keep it.