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Fidget Spinner 3.3
The best cure for your excess energy!Fidget Hand Spinner helpsyourelax and relieve stress with just a few simple spins.Stopnail-biting, pen-twirling or spending hundreds of dollarsonexpensive spinner toys.Here, you can try different spinnersforfree and spin them for as long as you want!More spinners willbeadded so stay tuned for upcoming updates!
Draw and Spin (Fidget Spinner) 1.11
Avar Apps
Fidget Spinner - one of the best means of stress, start to turnitin different directions and watch this funny.Now you canfantasizeand draw your unique fidget, and then twist it and admiretheglowing spinner.How to use:Open the app, draw a spinnerClick onthespinner button and try to twist, what did you getThen click onthedrawing button, you can re-paint or draw a new spinner
Fidget Spinner 1.1.1
Choose one of our wallpaper and get it to your smartphone.Designedby Freepik.
Fidget Spinner - iSpinner 3.0.2
Fidget Spinner 3D let you play various well-designed fingerspinneron your phone. Fidget Spinner simulator is one of the mostpopularstress relief games in 2017. You can swipe your finger torotatethe Fidget Spinner, keep swiping the spinning fidget to breakthespinnin records.Fidget Spinner game offers up to 30 types ofhandspinner in different colors, different shape and differentstyles.What's more, it offer several Fidget Spinner wallpaperandbackground which makes the game more addicting.Download thisFidgetSpiner 3D to relieve stress and anxiety now. Challenge yourbestspins!
Fidget Spinner 1.7
Q360 Media
Most relaxing and realistic fidget spinner simulator inyourmobile!!! This fidget Spinner Simulator contains many uniquetypesof spinners, you can spin those spinners and can see someamazingvisuals while spinning. Each and every Fidget Spinnercontainsunique visuals while spinning. Unlock fidget spinners bygettingcoins through spinning. Swipe left/right or circular swipeon thescreen to spin the fidget spinner.Swipe your finger as hardas youcan to get a high score with amazing spinners.Get coins basedonspin pace using those coins we can unlock new fidgetspinnerspresent in the store. This fidget spinner app contains twomodesone can spin in a particular time period or you can spin asmuchyou can. Game Features: - Realistic simulator with smoothspinning.- Bunch of fidget spinners to choose - Glow, laser andneongraphics have shown even more details of the spinners - Competeonglobal leader boards How To Play : - Swipe left/right orswipecircular on the screen to spin the fidget spinner - TimerMode: canspin the Fidget spinner within a particular time. - FreeMode: canspin the fidget spinner as much we can. - You can unlockfidgetspinners by getting coins through spinning. More spinnerswill beadded so stay tuned for upcoming updates! Privacy PolicyLink :
Fidget Spinner 1.3
Most relaxing fidget spinner simulator in your pocket! You have5swipes to set the best spin you can. Use your hand finger toswipethe spinner left or right, wait for it to stop and sweep thesweetrewards! Upgrade your finger spinner, compete with yourfriends andbeat the records! Each spin brings you closer tounlocking a newhand spinner toy. Can you unlock them all?
Fidget Cube a spinny fidget 4
Fidget Cube is an anti stress spinny fidget. Spin the fidgetcubeand play fidget games that will help you increase yourfocusability. Download now for free!- Unlock new cubes (Mario,pokemonand minecraft fidget cubes) - Play with Spinny fidget inClassroom,Cafe and bar backgrounds Inspired by Fidget Cube. FidgetCube is a3D game designed to get real Fidget Cube experience.Spinningfidget cube will unleash SiX brand new spinny fidget cubegame.✓Fidget Dial✓ Fidget Click✓ Fidget Glide✓ Fidget Spin✓ FidgetRoll✓Fidget FlipDon't forget to give your [email protected]
Fidget Spinner
Words Mobile
You’ve seen them on the streets, on your commute and in youroffice;fidget spinners. Now these stress relieving toys come toyour handon Android. With this simulator game, you no longer needa realfidget spinner!A fidget spinner is a toy that sits like apropelleron a person’s finger, with blades that spin around abearing.Basically a fidget spinner consists of a two or threepronged designwith a bearing in its center circular pad. Flickthem for fun or fordumping your excess energy now!Game Features:-Realistic simulatorwith authentic spinning physics- Dozens offidget spinners to choosefrom- Glow, laser and neon graphics showneven more details of thespinners
Fidget Spinner - Real Simulator 2.07
Fidget Spinner is simulation game. Let off steam by playingfidgetspinner game. Fidget spinner is also knows as hand spinnerandfinger spinner. Wheel fidget spinner now!"FidgetSpinner"featuresOver 50 fidget spinners.Spin fidget spinner torelax.Playfidget spinner with your friends.Swipe the fidget spinnerto spinit.Play fidget spinner now!Also known as in othercountries:прядильная машина, əl əyirici, Spinner à main, handSpinnköder,Hilandero manual, Χέρι, finger spinner, hand spinner,fidget handspinner, stres çarkı, fidget spinner
Fidget Spinner Mod MCPE 🔥🔥🔥 1.2
You’ve seen them on the streets, on your commute and in youroffice;fidget spinners. Now these stress relieving toys come toyour handon Android MCPE. With this mcpe mod, you no longer need arealfidget spinner!A fidget spinner is a toy that sits like apropelleron a person’s finger, with blades that spin around abearing.Basically a fidget spinner consists of a two or threepronged designwith a bearing in its center circular pad. Flickthem for fun or fordumping your excess energy now!The FidgetSpinner is a real life toywhich can be used for relieving stressand now you can get it inMCPE as well. It’s most likely one of theleast useful texture packsavailable since all it does is spinningaround when you move in adifferent direction. However, since theentire point of the toy isto spin it’s actually doing what’sintended and that’s obviouslygreat.How to use the fidgetspinner?It’s the compass which has beenreplaced by the fidgetspinner. Turn in different directions to makeit start spinning.And yes, that’s everything you’ll be able to do..(When downloadingyou’ll be able to choose between three differentcolors: blue, pinkor red.)By the way, it’s always spinning in theNether!
Fidget Spinner Coloring Book & Drawing Game 3.0.0
Fidget Spinner Coloring Book is an amazing coloring game forkidsand adults specially who love fidget and to color, draw andpaintthe fidget spinners. This app contains many beautifulfidgetspinner optimized for most of android devices!ABOUTFIDGETSPINNERFidget spinners is a toy that became popular in 2017.Afidget spinner is made up of a bearing and plasticmaterialdesigned toy to spin along its axis with little effort.Everyfidget spinner has two or more weights on the outside thatmake itspin faster and keep it balanced.FIDGET SPINNER COLORINGBOOK &DRAWING BOOK GAME FEATURES:★ 100% Free application★Finger ColoringExperience by dragging your finger on the screen★Easy colorpicker★ High quality coloring spinner pages★ Includedbeautifulcoloring book and drawings for fidget spinner★ Providedblank pageto draw and color/paint your imagination★ Create your owndrawingof fidget spinner and fill your favorite color★ Choose avariety ofcolor pencils★ Flexible pencils sizes★ Pinch to Zoomin/out tocolor every corner of spinner★ Undo/Redo features to saveyourtime★ Pick an eraser to erase your mistakes★ Save yourpaintedpictures to your gallery★ Share your creations with familyandfriends ★ Nice doodling & coloring experience★ Norequiredinternet connection for this appKids & Adults can draw,paintand color with their imagination and fun. Let your kids becreativeby downloading this free Fidget Spinner Coloring Book thathelp youdraw & color beautiful Spinners.Let's download thisfree gameof fidget spinner coloring book and start coloring now!
Fidget Spinner 3D Free Game
Million Games
Try fidget spinner simulator game to helpyourelax and keep you busy at the same time! Use your fingerstorotate. Beautify your android with this game now! This app isfreeto play and easy to play.Swipe to start the spin of the fidget spinner. Keep swiping tomakea bigger score. Hop on the latest trend and choose yourfavoriteone. Hope you will love this app to look beautiful onandroidphone. Explore the addicting tool - fidget hand spinner.Fidgetspinner offers up to 30 types of hand spinner in this fidgetcubegames for free.If you like fun and addictive spinning games. This game is foryou,Download this amazing free spinning games for androidortablet!Fidget Spinner Free Game Features:30 super cool fidget spinnerCompete with your friends to break their high scoresRealistic 3D finger spinner animationsNo In App Purchases.Spin this addictive tool with your finger to be the fidgetspinnerpro! Enjoy this latest raging trend!
Ultra Fidget Spinner 1.3.1
A Fidget Spinner is a type of stress relieving toy game.Try toearna high score in this crazy addictive fidget spinner games! Spinthetoy as many times as you can, earn coins and buy upgrades!Useyourfinger to play with this ultra Fidget Spinner App Simulatorandspin as much as you want in Fidget Spinner games!Don’t missthebest interesting Fidget Spinner game APP! DOWNLOAD NOW !
New SMS Fidget Spinner
We love to release new SMS themes free which is why we areveryexcited about the New SMS Fidget Spinner. This is one of thoseSMSthemes for Android free that is very current because we tookourinspiration from the popular toy: fidget spinner! Thespecialbackground and other design features that make up one of themostrecent SMS themes for Android all feature the popularfidgetspinners. The New SMS Fidget Spinner is a very interestingchoicesince it looks amazing on any smartphone! It might helprelievestress simply by looking at it! If you need an instantly newlookfor your Android SMS theme, we have something sensational,forfree, just for you! The change will be guaranteed in the wayyourtext messaging app looks with this free SMS theme: New SMSFidgetSpinner. If you love sending text messages you need to trySMSmessenger themes. You will have one of the best theme for SMS!✱Theeasiest way to get a new amazing texting theme app✱ •DownloadNewSMS Fidget Spinner; This free SMS theme for Android works onallAndroid versions; •Open the app and swipe; •Select "SetActiveTheme", wait a few seconds and you are DONE! •To not forgetto rateand review! Tell us what you think about this new fantasticSMStheme as we appreciate it very much! •Start enjoying thisfantasticnew way to send text messages! ★Important Notice★ Thisfree customSMS theme works with the GO SMS Pro or the New MessengerVersion2017 app. If you don't have GO SMS Pro or New MessengerVersion2017 installed on your Android device, don't worry at all.This SMStheme will safely tell you the easy steps to obtain one ofthose!When you open the New SMS Fidget Spinner you will receivecompleteinstructions to download it. ★Do you want more free SMSthemes foryour Android device? ★ Visit our amazing developer page!We alwayshave new custom SMS themes and many other personalizationapps thatwork on Android phones! Choose the theme you like from allour freeSMS themes or just try them all! New SMS Fidget Spinner isabeautiful free theme for those special text messages you send.Whenusing New SMS Fidget Spinner, you will get all the bestfeatures ofthe messaging app: •✧message encryption and privacyprotection, •✧keyword blocking and blacklisting to filter spam andunwantedmessages; ✧Extra just for you. You can also get: ✧ ✧morenew themesfor SMS, ✧amazing fonts that you choose. Change the fontforreading and writing text messages! This free messaging theme isoneof the most amazing customization apps on the market and workswithany Android version. ✱Change the way you send text messagesforeverwith our amazing SMS theme, New SMS Fidget Spinner! Wepromise, youwon’t regret it!
Super Fidget Hand Spinner 19
Lycan AS
Are you bored at work or maybe just got some spare time?SuperFidget Spinner is designed with the intent to relieve stress,butit is also great for having fun and not to forgetkillingtime.Fidget spinners are claimed having a positive impactonindividuals with ADHD, autism, or anxiety.Super Fidget HandSpinneris the only fidget spinner app in the universe that offersboth aMoon and a Double Spinner. It is also the only spinner appwith a 2player mode, Spinner VS Spinner. So enjoy!Features:• Unlockthebest fidget spinners• 2 player mode, Spinner VS Spinner.•Unlockbackgrounds• Screen motion 3d effect • Relaxing sound effects•Precise spinning system • Challenge your friends on theleaderboardFollow us:@developerlycanVisit:lycangames.noBut most ofallremember to have fun!
Prize Claw Machine Fidget Spinner 1.1.2
Want to relieve your stress from a tiring day? Then thisfidgetspinner prize claw machine claw game is best for you!Downloadfidget spinner prize claw machine claw game after tiringday atwork or to distract your children from making a mess. This isagreat fun free game for kids because it has theirfavoriteattraction of fidget spinner. All you have to do isdragging andgrab. Dragging and grab from the grabber in the vendingmachine toget your prize fidget spinner!! The crane of fidgetspinner prizeclaw machine claw game will grab prize by cranecontrol on screen.Press the button and drop the crane in fidgetspinner box tocollect fidget spinner prize!! Start from collectingbasic fidgetspinner prize then unlock new and exciting attractionfilled fidgetspinner by continuously playing the claw machine clawgame! Collectall beautiful fidget spinners and relieve stress andhave fun infun free game for kids!!The rules are very simple, justdrop thecrane in the vending machine and grab the fidget spinnerout tocollect it. When you collect fidget spinner, you can playwith newfidget spinner and collect more exciting fidget spinners toplaywith!!! Make and create and collect beautiful fidget spinner toaddto your collection of attraction!!! Have fun daily whileplayingfun free games for kids! Because these are free kid games!Spinnersimulator machine games and claw games are really fun toplay!!!Howto play prize claw machine:- Drag the claw of the vendingmachine.- On screen controls of a crane.- Choose the spinner toythat youwant and press crane control to grab spinner.After grabbingtheprize with help of the grabber get it out of the machine.Collectdifferent fidget spinners of different designs to unlock newstylesof spinners. Unlock new levels of claw machine fidget spinnergrabclaw game and relieve stress.Collect spinner and playwiththem.Features of prize claw machine: - Fidget spinnersimulation.-Different spinners of different designs. - Multiplelevels.-Multiple spinner gifts. - Claw machine simulation.- Clawmachinesounds. - Attractive colors.So download this fun filledfidgetspinner prize claw machine claw game for your kids to haveexcitingnew fidget spinners to play with every day!!!Collect allcool andexciting fidget spinner spinners and play claw games forkids andfor adults to if they want to relieve stress. Spin thespinner andcollect and grab them all to add to your colorful fidgetspinnerinventory! Don’t miss out on the fidget spinner prize clawmachineclaw game fun! Download now!!!
Fidget Spinner 3D 2.0.2
Fidget Spinner 3D Game - a cool and popular fidget hand spinnerinyour phone!Fidget Spinner 3D can help you relax and relievestressand anxiety with a simple spins. Don't have a real fidgethandspinner yet? Just Try this 3d fidget spinner for free!Morefidgetspinners will be added in upcoming updates!KeyFeatures:★High-quality 3D graphics.★ More than 10 different welldesignedmaterial fidget hand spinners. including copper, brass,stainlesssteel, titanium, and plastic.★ Realistic 1:1 3d modelaccording tothe real fidget hand spinner.★ Floors and other propscan becustomized!★ You can rotate camera to watch details.★Useaccelerometer to enhance gameplay.How To Play:★ Swipe tospin!Reach a high speed RPM!
TRI Fidget Spinner 1.8.2
Just use your finger to spin the fidget spinner! Have fun andgetrelax!Our TRI Fidget Spinner Toy simulator game will help youtofree yourself from the stress. It will make you relax. Justswipeto play and spin the finger spinner. Swipe your finger as hardasyou can and get the high score. It is an EDC toys for alladultsand children to relieve boredom and works as an anti-stresstoy.You only need to spin this ultra-speed simulator fidgethandspinner.Do want to buy a Real Fidget Spinner? but there's nomoney.Don’t worry. Why spend, when you can completely set yourselfasmany hand fingerspinner as on your phone and twist it withyourfinger as much as you can.Compete with your friends andspintogether with hand finger spinny fidget.Need some help? Visitoursupport pages, or send us a message!>>> Contact our TechSupport [email protected] ofUse:
Super Hero Fidget Spinner - Avenger Fidget Spinner 1.0
Q360 Media
Are you bored with regular fidget spinner games?? We arepresentingyou an amazing blend of superhero games and avengerstheme withfidget spinner games. here is Another masterpiece for thelovers ofsuperhero games.Superhero Fidget Spinner brings you a widerange ofspinners including Spiderman, Batman, Superman, Hulk,Ironman,Captain America and Thor spinners. Like genuine hand fidgetspinnergames, it evolves and gives the player more fun and evenmoreexcitement with the added Avengers theme and can try different superhero spinners that you want andcan seethe amazing unique visuals for each spinner. upgradespinners toboost our spinner coin production to unlock moresuperheroesspinners in your inventory.unlock spinners for moreupgradedfunctionality. Game Features : - Realistic Superherosfidgetspinner simulator with Avengers theme. - Bunch ofsuperherospinners including avengers like SpiderMan, Superman,Batman,IronMan, Thor, Hulk, CaptainAmerica spinners. - YouCanUpgrade/unlock any spinner to boost our coin production. -Glow,laser and neon graphics have shown even more details ofthespinners - Unique effects of every spinner make thisSuperHerofidget spinner more eye feasting. - compete on globalleaderboards.How To Play : - swipe left/right or swipe circular onthe screen tospin the fidget spinner - Timer Mode: can spin theFidget spinnerwithin a particular time. - Spin Mode: can spin thefidget spinneras much we can. - You can unlock fidget spinners bygetting coinsthrough spinning. Privacy Policy Link:
Fidget Spinner 1.0
Fidget Spinner is most popular toy of 2017. Now Fidget SpinnerwithWide range of designs available for your entertainment asMobileApp.Fidget Spinner comes in three modes:1. Free Spin - SpinFidgetHand Spinner freely with your swipes and beat the top scores.Youcan practice Hand Fidget Spinner to challenge your friends toaGame of Fidget Spinner later.2. Target Spinner - TakeFidgetSpinner Challenge and spin Fidget Spinner to target spin andwin.3.Dual Challenge - Challenge your friends for a game ofFidgetSpinner and play with them. Spin Fidget Spinner and beatyourfriends at better score.Fidget Spinner is best way to releaseyourstress. Our Fidget Spinner is awesome for following reasons:*ManyFidget Spinner Designs to increase your Fidget SpinnerCollection.*Realistic Fidget Spinner Sounds and music.* RealisticFidgetSpinner movement and physics.* Designs include Neon FidgetSpinnerand 3d Fidget Spinners.
Fidget Spinner Simulator 2.0
3w studio
Fidget Hand Spinner is new popular game to relieve stress andrelax.Try different spinners for free, just use your finger toswipe thespinner left or right.Features:- 30 fidget spinners tochoose from-Realistic simulator and sound- Metal, plastic, bat,Glow and neonspinners.Download this fidget spinner simulator andcompete withyour friend or just beat the target score to win.Morehand spinnerswill be added on upcoming updates!if you like thisgame please rate5 stars !
Fidget Spinner 1.01
Fidget spinner real simulator is a antistress relaxation toysgame.Afidget spinner neon is a toy that spinning in your phonewith yourfinger. Fidget spinner neon helps you relieve stress andrelax. Itmakes you discharge your stressful energy! When you cancompletelyset yourself a fidget spinner on your phone, twist ashard as youwant to get best spin score. Turn off the light, Wheelthe fidgetspinner neon and enjoy the effect of neon glow. Afterjust secondsof playing it you will feel much calmer. "Fidgetspinner" is alsoknown as fidget hand spinner and fingerspinner.Fidget spinner gametips and features:* Realistic simulatorwith cool spinning physics.*Over 60 awesome types of neon glowfidget spinners that look amazinglike a fidget spinner real.*Glow, laser and neon graphics of thespinners.* Swipe down, swipeup, swipe left, swipe right, slide orscroll the fidget snipper tospin it.Fidget spinner toy that you canplay everywhere like inschool, street, office and garden with yourfriends. Now thesestress relieving toys come to your hand. Withneon spinnersimulator game, you no longer need a real fidgetspinner! Use it tospin fast, slow, or flick it fast, it perfectlyrepeats the work ofthe real spinner on the bearing. Spin the fidgetspinner neon nowto let off steam!
Fidget Spinner - Glow 1.4
⚡ The fidget spinner is born as an antistress, many people saythatthanks to the fidget spinner they are more relaxed and quiet.Ifyou don't have money to buy fidget spinner. Don't worry, wecreatea fidget spinner for you. Fidget Spinner - Neon is avirtualspinner game that looks like real. Game is the most searchedin2017 ⚡⚡ Features: ⚡⚡🎡 You can play Fidget Spinner - Glowwithoutinternet🎡 Fast and easy to rotate🎡 Different apperance andcolordesigns for different likes🎡 Many styles of fidget spinner:Neonstyle, color style, hero style…🎡 Mute stainless steel ballbearing,no big noise, easy to carry, small, simple, discrete andfun, alsoeffective for focus and deep thought ⚡ How to play: ⚡🎡 Itisn'thard to use the app, just swipe on the screen. Swipe down,swipeup, swipe left, swipe right, slide or scroll the hand snippertospin it. ⚡The game has been advertised as helping people whohavetrouble with focusing or fidgeting (such as those withADHD,autism, or anxiety) by acting as a release mechanism fornervousenergy or psychological stress. You can fidget and spin thespinneranywhere - in the bus, at home, at work and in otherplaces!Although the interface itself is simple, the pleasure fromthe gameis boundless! Contact with us: [email protected]⚡Spin yourfavorite Fidget Spinner and twist as quickly as possible!
Fidget Spinner Racing - Endless Stunt Fun 2.2
Fidget Spinner Racing - Endless Stunt Fun- Fidget toysWe presentyouan amazing blend of fidget spinner master with fidgetspinnerRacing. Our glorious entry to fidget spinner mastercraftilyintroduce you our very own fidget racing. You can applydifferentfidget spinner tricks app freely with our fidget spinnertips.fidget spinner tricks game has a lot of obstacles and hurdleswhilepassing through different historical places andundergroundtunnels. it's one of best crazy fidget spinnergames.fidget spinnermaster is a racing game that is perfectlyinnovated fidget toys foradults and children. best fidget spinnerbattle game. fidgetspinner tricks vs fidget spinner master. One ofthe main aim toenhance the visual and concentrating power of adultsand children.You can pass your most stressed and boring time inyour office,restaurants, and hospitals with this amazing Fidgetspinner tricksis a racing game. Fidget spinner master is basicallydesignedstress-less and very joyful. Our fidget toys games keengoal is torelief different types of the stressed and pushy group ofpeoples.With this Fidget hand spinner tricks game, you no longerneed areal fidget spinner toys to purchase from the market.It’sbasically free of any cost. best racing fidget handspinnergames.You're only required to spin and chase differenthurdles andobstacles. fidget hand Spin spinner game. Fidget handspinnersimulator. Fidget hand spinner simulator. You can race withthisFidget Spinner toys Racing in your mobile or tablet. AFidgetSpinner toys Racing is a racing game that is very simpleandfriendly user. You can just click on the installer icon andstartto play for a limitless and endless time fidget spinner toys3Dbattle. Basically, a finger spinner glow consists of a two orthreebranches depending on the design with a bearing in itscenter.Download this cool fidget spinner app and spin in school, onthestreets or even at your office to lower your stress levels.Beabigwig and never feel any hesitation to download our amazingFidgetSpinner toy Racing game with speedometer full energyandenthusiasm. Fidget Spinner toy Racing game will never burstyourbattery life and will put a versatile look to your homescreen.Howto play Fidget Spinner Racing - Endless Stunt Fun:Putyour fingerto turn it or flip it as it turns simply like a genuineone. Nowstart to face all those challenges and hurdles that arecoming toyour way. Perceive what number of twists you can get inparticularseconds and test yourself. Additionally, provoke yourselftoaccomplish high score and offer your best scores withyourcompanions. It is one of the best free fidget handspinnersimulator game.Fidget spinner toy is most famous toys andFidgetgames in United State in following locations. Fidget Spinnerbecomebest toy for kids and adults1) Virginia2) Chicago3)NorthCarolina4) San Antonio5) Asheville6) New york city7)sanfrancisco8) washington9) chicago10) Los Angelescool fidgetspinnergames is improved for most Android Devices: Basic featuresofFidget Spinner Racing - Endless Stunt Fun :cool fidgetspinnergames Spinner Sci-fi Environment Innovative 3D environmentof vrFidget Spinner Spinners as Hurdlecool fidget spinner gameswithEndless game style Fidget Spinners with Racing hurdlesMultipleFidget Spinners with speed checkerSuperb electro musicFreetoplayReal physics science  Easy to control of coolfidgetspinner games Fidget Spinner Smooth playNo battery drainingwhileplaying Fidget Spinner cool fidget spinner games Open andnarrowtunnels Challenging paths of fidget spinner vr .Real worldgraphicsof cool fidget spinner games. Random and campaignchallenges offidget spinner simulator.Hottest game for the currentyear.Suitablebackgrounds with 3D graphics of of Fidget SpinnerRacing GameAwesome Look on all Android mobiles.
Fidget Spinner lock screen New 1.2
A fidget spinner is a type of stress-relieving toy. A basicfidgetspinner consists of a bearing in the center of a design madefromany MaterialsAlthough fidget spinners were invented in the1990s,fidget spinners became a popular toy in 2017. Often marketedwithhealth benefits, the fidget spinners began being used byschoolchildren, resulting in some schools banning the spinners,arguingthat the fidget spinners became a distraction in classrooms.Otherschools are allowing the fidget spinners to be used discreetlybychildren in order to help them concentrate.Choose afavouriteFidget hand-spinning and twist as quickly as possible. Thegameperfectly worked out the physics of rotation, perfectly repeatsthework of the real Spinner App Lock on the bearing. Surpriseyourfriends, twist together!Lock Screen fidget spinner HD is thebestapp to lock your android screen with Cool hand spinner, If youareone of fidget spinners lovers this application for you, everytimeyou open your phone you will see a beautiful handspinnerswallpapers and in the same time you save your privacy withthislock screen app, fidget spinners Lock Screen HD allow you toset apasscode to protect your files, or you can just using animeslideto unlock. but the best way is to use passcode becouse whenyou usepassecode the app use also anime slide and that make yourphoneCool, it is free application and amazing don't miss it !Youcanpersonalize your lock screen: you can change background oflockscreen with many HD wallpapers OF Lock Screen fidget spinnerfromswipe to unlock in app or photos in your collection, you canchangecolor of date/time texts. You can change text "Slide ToUnlock",tomany fidget spinner text example: "I Love fidgetspinner", "Honeyfidget spinner" , "fidget spinner & handspinner", "fidgetspinner unlock" " fidget spinner lock " " fidgetvs hand " " fidgetspinner best app " " fidget spinner " " handspinner " "lock screenfidget spinner " " naruto shipoden anime ".How to Use:1. Open theapp settings, and tick the Enable Screencheck box to enable it.2.Create password and confirm thispassword3. Click the DisableSystem Lock in case you use the systemlock.4. Click the SetWallpaper to switch to different awesombackgrounds of Lock Screenfidget spinner.make your phone more coolwith fidget spinnerbackground, Enjoy :)
Fidget Spinner 1.7
Now Fidget Spinner is widely using for stress buster or forrelaxingmind.You will see this super hand spinner toy widely usingon thestreets, offices and in your community. Now this stressrelievingtoy come to your hand on Android phone. With thissimulator game,you no longer need a real fidget spinner. A fidgetspinner is a toythat sits like a propeller on a person’s finger,with blades thatspin around a bearing. Basically a fidget spinnerconsists of a twoor three pronged design with a bearing in itscenter circular pad.Flick them for fun or relieving from thestress or for time pass.The game perfectly worked out the physicsof rotation to formvarious graphics. The sound that mimics how thespinner does notrot. Spin in school, on the street, at home,everywhere and havefun.In Fidget Spinner game you have 5 swipes toset the best spinyou can. After each spin it will count the numberof rotations andgive you the score. Use your hand finger to swipethe spinner leftor right, wait for it to stop and sweep the sweetrewards. Upgradeyour fidget finger spinner against the score youmade, compete withyour friends and beat the records!GameFeatures:- Realistic spinsimulator with realistic spinningphysics.- More than 40 FidgetSpinners to unlock.- Excellentcollection of Golden, Glow, Laser,Neon and standard spinnergraphics.- Play and unlock all of thespinners, mix and matchvarious parts of the spinner to generateunique style fidgetspinners.- Easy to play and excellent graphics.
Fidget Spinner 1.2
360° Game
Blow off steam by playing this cool fidget spinner simulatorgame.It's free game to play and easy to play. Just spin thefidgetspinner. Fidget spinner is also known as hand spinner andfidgetcube game. This game simulates an extremely famous devicecallediSpinThis fidget spinner simulation game is the bestrelaxinggame.A fidget spinner is a toy that sits like a propelleron aperson’s finger, with blades that spin around a bearing.Basicallya fidget spinner consists of a two or three pronged designwith abearing in its center circular pad. Flick them for fun orfordumping your excess energy now!You’ve seen them on the streets,onyour commute and in your office; fidget spinners. Now thesestressrelieving toys come to your hand on Android. With thissimulatorgame, you no longer need a real fidget spinner!GameFeatures:-Glow, laser and neon graphics shown even more details ofthespinners- 20 cool types of fidget spinner model.-Realisticsimulator with authentic spinning physics- Swipe down,swipe up,swipe left, swipe right, slide or scroll the fidgetsnipper to spinit.- Awesome views appear when you spin the fidgethand spinnerhard.- Dozens of fidget spinners to choose from- Playwith yourfriends and compete with them and compare your bestscores.- Scrollthe fidget spinner as hard as you can to hit thebest score.Mostrelaxing fidget spinner simulator in your pocket!Youhave 5 swipesto set the best spin you can. Use your hand finger toswipe thespinner left or right, wait for it to stop and sweep thesweetrewards! Upgrade your finger spinner, compete with yourfriends andbeat the records!
Ring Spinner 1.0.5
Ring Spinner
Ring Spinner is an upgraded combination of fidget spinner andphonering holder which can turn your phone into a fascinatingfidgettoy. We invent Ring Spinner to help people stay focused andrelieveanxiety. Now it’s your turn to let your imagination run wildtocreate your own work and share the fun in thecommunity.FidgetSpinners prevail in 2017 with an irresistibletrend. As loyal fansof fidget spinner, we want to make the ordinaryspinners moreinteresting and more interactive. The idea of RingSpinner is notmerely a piece of metal plate equipped with a bearingthat can onlybe fidgeting in our hands. The sound and light effectsshould notbe restricted by the monotonous LED lights. It should beendowedwith more unique characters that can bring more fun in ourlifeinstead of just a tedious toy for children.Althoughoriginallyinvented to cure spiritual issues, the Ring Spinner doesmuchbetter than ordinary fidget spinners. With the function of theringholder and fidget spinner, Ring Spinner not only ensurestheprotection of your cellphone but it allows you to fidget yourphonewhenever you feel unquiet. We invent the Ring Spinner to aidinfocus, stress-relief, help people who suffering with PTSD,Autism,ADHD and smoking addictive. By using the apps, graphics, andmusicson smartphones, users can light up the screen to playspinningwheel, abstract lighting, numerous tricks, you name it.Wesincerely hope that you would like the companion of RingSpinner.Join us now and show your creativity.Ring Spinner App ForLimitlessFunHow the APP works :1. Select images and light effectfrom thelibrary and start spinning. 2. Capture the playing moments.3.Share in the community. 4. Check out what tricks your friendsareplaying around. 5. Create your own artworks and share. TakeItAnywhere,Spin In Any ConditionDo you wonder why there are somanypeople playing fidget spinner? Is it really funny?Some woulddoubtabout it, but no one could deny its ubiquity. Whether you getyourfidget spinner or not, it's time to shout out the RingSpinner.Watch out, don't be addicted to it ! With the awesomeApp,attractive music, images and light effect, Ring Spinnerwilldefinitely drive you crazy...
Fidget Spinner (30 models) + Workshop 1.0.9
Quarzo Apps
Welcome to the Fidget Spinner game simulator! NEW: FidgetSpinnerWorkshop!: Create your unique spinner from a wide collectionofmaterials, textures, colors and bearings. Relax yourselfturningand moving the hand spinner. Inlcudes very realistic effectsofsound and vibration. Try to beat your best time or rpm(revolutionsper minute)! Collect all the different Fidget Spinners.Some willhave to be unlocked using coins, but don't worry, you canearncoins every day by rolling the lucky wheel or playing withyourspinner. The game has statistics where you can see yourbestrecords as well as the total spins you have achieved.CUSTOMIZATIONYou can customize some features of the game (from thesettingsoption): * Play or mute the sounds and volume. * Enable ordisablethe vibration and it's force. * Language. * Deviceorientation. *Create your own unique hand-made spinners Just onemore thing...RELAX AND ENJOY !!!
Fidget Spinner 3D 1.0.6
Fidget Spinner 3D will provide an even more pleasingsensoryexperience than your original toy.We have designed FidgetSpinner3D in a way which is even more realistic than the one inyourhand.It will not only aid you with your anxiety but it willoffer agreater concentration to you. Fidget Spinner 3D has a lot toofferthan just being a spinner. It will bring out the creativegeniuslaying deep down…It has 6 very thoughtfully designed UFO like3DFidget Spinners, it has 3 Space Background, which you can buywithInApp Currency.It has two modes, Timed Spin and FreeSpin.Challenge your friends with the Timed Spin and score andcollectwith Free Spin to unlock exciting 3D Fidget Spinners.Orunlockeverything and remove ads with our InApp Purchase.HAPPYSPINNING!!!
Spinner Evolution - Merge Fidget Spinners! 6.40
Collect, fuse and evolve Fidget Spinners! Start off with abasicorange Fidget Spinner and work your way up to the top! Ifyou'relooking for the best Fidget Spinner game, you've foundit!FEATURES+Fuse Fidget Spinners together and discover new ones+Complete your'My Spinners' collection with 100+ unique Spinners+Use the powerof boosts to supercharge your earnings+ Participate inevents tohelp with your collectionEnjoy the game? Please leave areview andtell us what you'd like to see in the next update. Weread *everysingle* review!
Fidget Spinner 3D 1.6
Get your hands on the most beautiful and customizable 3Dfidgetspinner game ever made.- Amazing graphics: each fidgetspinner hasbeen meticulously crafted by 3D professional artists.-Try our 11unique fidget spinners, including 3 legendary models.-More than 50skins to unlock- Customize your fidget spinner with anew skin andlevel-up its stats (speed, friction).- Two modes areavailable,Classic and Time Attack !Start playing now and try toreach themaximum level with your favorite fidget spinner!
Spinner Virtual Fever 1.0
Bubble Bun
NEW!!! VR MODE: Spin your unique toy in the realworld!Fidgetspinner is a new generation toy. Everyone wants it. Getfashionfidget spinners for free and share it with everyone! Chooseyourfavourite hand spinner or create your own!You can spin it in acaror a bus, on school classes and everywhere. Get rid of stressorboredom!Stop spending your money for new things, get it forfree!Check out our collection, spin it with friends, create ourownfidgets.Spinner Virtual Fever is one of the best fidgetspinnersimulator. Try it!Thank you for playing. Leave your commentsandhelp us to improve this game as you like. Have fun!
Fidget Spinner .io Game 80.1
Timuz Games
Fidget Spinner Game .io is inspired by the best - io games butwitha fun new twist of fidget spinner . Your goal is pretty simpletoget? Spin it, grow bigger and conquer the largest territory.Itseems simple at first since the fidget spiner game is very easytohandle. But beware it might be a bit harder to master.Whetheryou’re bold or careful, outwit your opponents by finding thebeststrategy to conquer the largest space. Move over smaller sizedtoincrease your size. If ever it is touched by an biggeropponent,you are dead. Find the simplicity and strategy on an iospiner gamein within a unique graphic universe. Play online infree-for-allaction and use splitting, shrinking and dodging tacticsto catchother players - or avoid them! Defend your territoryagainst othersspinners and become the biggest mass. Don't get hitand controlyour fidget spinner and fight with other spinners tostay longer!Survive long enough to become the biggest one in thisgame! Addyour favorite Spinner! Play online with players around theworld asyou try to become the biggest of them all! Optimized formobile :It offers the same great experience with new controlsperfect fortouchscreens! Fidget Spinner Game .io Features: 1.Completemissions to earn rewards. 2. Collect power-ups to gainanadvantage. 3. Customize best spinners to fight. 4. CollectCoinsfor extra bonus 5. Split to double your attack! 6. Unlock Allfigetspiner
Fidget Spinner Golden Luxury Launcher Theme 1.1.6
Download Fidget Spinner Golden Luxury Theme to own beautifulicons,HD wallpapers and tons of themes. Fidget Spinner GoldenLuxuryTheme is a user theme with wallpapers of the most highdefinitionFidget Spinner Golden Luxury Theme and Fidget SpinnerGolden LuxuryTheme icons. It lets your Android phone run smootherand smarter,while at the same time, offers you a perfectexperience. FidgetSpinner Golden Luxury Theme is the latest amongtons of themes. Youcan find any theme you like. Whether you areinto comics, sci-fi,photography or automobile, we have all of themost beautiful themesyou want. Apply your favorite theme at anytime and show it off onyour phone. Download the Fidget SpinnerGolden Luxury Theme now toown more beautiful themes. DownloadFidget Spinner Golden LuxuryTheme and more surprises are waitingfor you! HD wallpapers andexquisite app icons bring you extremevisual pleasure. You can ownthe latest Fidget Spinner Golden LuxuryTheme, 3D themes and RoseGalaxy live wallpapers.Fidget SpinnerGolden Luxury Theme is anAndroid theme for Galaxy S8 with 3Dspecial effects, 3D weatherwidget, beautifully themed app icons andFidget Spinner GoldenLuxury Theme wallpapers. Fidget Spinner GoldenLuxury Theme issuitable for most Android phones, including SamsungS8, HuaweiMate8 and so on. Install the Fidget Spinner Golden LuxuryTheme and3D launcher to enable your wild experience and make yourphone lookcool. What more can you get by downloading the New OS 11?BeautifulFidget Spinner Golden Luxury Theme lock screen with HorrorBlackcolor: The Horror wolf wallpaper will be there once you swipeupthe lock screen. This offers full protection over yourprivacy.Stunning interface: 3D Motion weather forecast plus FidgetSpinnerGolden Luxury Theme wallpaper and WWW app icons can bringyourphone to life.Theme Center: You can find all kinds of freethemes,such as the popular golden theme that gives your phone aluxuriouslook. Additionally, you can also choose from a list ofcool 3D,Halloween and Christmas audio themes. Dozens of 3D effectsto gowith the Fidget Spinner Golden Luxury Theme and make yourphonelook cool. New OS 11 live wallpaper plus different specialeffectstriggered by gesture input merge Horror wolf and wild intooneexperience. It lets you feel the beauty of Fidget SpinnerGoldenLuxury Theme and experience the most advanced mobiletechnology atthe tip of your fingers. Before installing FidgetSpinner GoldenLuxury Theme, you have to first install our launcher.Our launcheroffers you multiple functions: Locker: We offer a smartlocker toprotect your privacy and offer you personalized lockscreen bycombining Fidget Spinner Golden Luxury Theme and FidgetSpinnerGolden Luxury Theme, making your phone look new on everyscreen youflip on. Customized themes: Share your Stylist Theme forFidgetSpinner Golden Luxury Theme, Fidget Spinner Golden LuxuryThemewallpaper and New OS 11 icons with friends. Give him/herasurprise!
Fidget Cube 3D 3.2
Fidget Cube 3D is a first 3D anti stress cube application ingoogleplay store. Sounds, clicks, on off button, roll ball, what'syourfavorite? Download for free and kill the stress now.Thisapplication helps your stress relieve. Fidget Cube 3D may helpyourfocusing and "Adhd" problem. We get very good reviewsandsuggestions. We hear all feedback from you to improvethisapplication. Please tell us what you want to see inthisapplication via google play store [email protected] Features: ❖ Different Style Cubes❖Different Style Backgrounds ❖ Daily Rewards - Gives Coin and Cube❖Hourly Rewards ❖ Good Sounds ❖ Vibration for morerealisticexperience ❖ Music and Vibration On/Off feature. ❖ FreeCoins forNew Cubes Cubes ✭ Dice Cube ✭ Camo Cube ✭ Pixel Cube ✭Super Cube ✭Glass Cube ✭ Rubik Cube ✭ Wood Cube ✭ Submarine Cube ✭Color It!Cube ✭ Sci- Fi Cube Backgrounds ✧ White Room ✧ Space ✧Wooden Room✧ Underwater - Bubbles and Fishes ✧ Pixel Background ✧OrangeAbstract ✧ Sci-Fi Background ✲And More Exciting and UniqueCubesare coming soon!... Also; If you like this game, please takeamoment to rate it. Thanks!
Crazy Spinner 2.5
Crazy Spinner is a stress relieving android game that is now inyourandroid phone all the times to play and relieve yourtension.Peoples in the streets, in your office and in yoursurroundingsplay with Fidget Spinners Game. With this fingerspinner game youno longer need a real fidget spinner. This CrazySpinner game dumpsyour excess energy and relaxes you, by constantlyplaying FidgetSpinner Wheel game. Spinner games are like apropeller on thefinger blades that spin around fast and faster.Youhave to targetthe Spinner in bars and free it with your CrazySpinner. You havethree turn to break and free the Fidget SpinnerMetal. Fidgetspinner Wheel is a perfect mood relaxing game. WheelSpinner makesyou relax! Just spin it and watch the target down. Spin thespinner stress out.Play this Fidget Spinner alongwith your friendsand compare your best scores which they achievedon Crazy Spinner.Target the cage as accurate as you can to get highscore withamazing Crazy Wheel Spinner Game. Fidget spinner wheelremoves yourstress. Spin your fidget spinner bearings now.Try CrazySpinnergame to remain calm and busy at the same time. Use yourmobilephone to as a Fidget Spinner rotator. Beautify your androidwiththis awesome Crazy Spinner game now! This game is free to playandeasy to download. We hope that you will love thisFidgetSpinner LED to look beautiful on android phone. Explore thegame.Try this spinner game. This game is for you, Download thisamazingfree spinning reel game for android.3D environment and thebestsurround sound effects will amaze you a lot. Spinner Wheelgamesare getting so popular that nobody can resist the temptationtodownload and play the Fidget Spinner Target Games. Competewithyour friends to break their high scores on regular basis.CrazySpinner Game has no age restriction. Every body of any age canplaythis Fidget Spinner Bearing Game.You have to target the Spinnerinbars and free it with your Crazy Spinner. You have three turntobreak and free the Fidget Spinner Metal. Fidget spinner Wheel isaperfect mood relaxing game. Wheel spinner makes you relax!Justspin it and watch the target down.  Spin the spinnerstressout.The craze of fidget spinner is found in kids and Teenadults’maximum of fidget toys,fidgets fidget spinner doll orfingerspinner metallic fidget spinner and fidget hand spinner areusedfor stress release. whirligig figurine or finger spinner arebestfidget spinner for all agers. These cool fidget spinnerscompriseof some overwhelming kind of drawings and portrait fiddles.You canalso discover fidget spinner amazon and batman fidgetspinner.fidget spinner India hand spiner fidget spinner Walmartfidgerspinner fidget spinner illusions household fidget spinnerspinner3d genji fidget spinner are the types of our product.Contend andbattle with crazy spinner vs monsters ToTo youradversary (ToTo) tosave spinner and survive your closest companionCrazy Spinner. Thisis an exceptionally exciting and great crazyspinner game about theteam work and rescue. Crazy spinner is agenuine exciting andemotional crazy spinner game.Spinners arehaving a great time intheir locality and suddenly an intruder TOTOappears and kidnapspinner one of their companion and make himprisoner. Spinners havegathered and became crazy about their friendto be kidnapped. Andnow they are planning the rescue spinnermission to bring backtheir friend. Their spinner family member.Fidget spinner battlehas begun between spinner vs monsters Toto.KeyFeatures of CrazySpinnerFree Download and easy to play2DEnvironmentBest SoundEffectsEnjoy full Game Very Addictive andStress relieving CrazyWheel Game
Fidget Spinner 1
Most addictive fidget spinner game is here!You’ve seen them onthestreets, on your commute and in your office; fidget spinners.Nowthese stress relieving toys come to your hand on mobile. Withthissimulator game, you no longer need a real fidget spinner!Youhavetotal 5 swipes to set the best spin record. Wait for it to stopandsweep the sweet bonus! Upgrade the spinner, compete withyourfriends and beat the records!Each spin brings you closertounlocking a new spinner. Can you unlock them all?Enjoy withamazingparticles effects come from the spinner after rotating.*****Featured Spinners *****Neon SpinnerSoul SpinnerSkullSpinnerMagicSpinnerCaptain SpinnerCompass SpinnerSkeletonSpinnerBaitSpinnerBurned SpinnerLava SpinnerSnake SpinnerSeaSpinnerHeroSpinnerIsland SpinnerSword SpinnerCanyon SpinnerMermaidSpinnerEvilSpinnerCaribbean SpinnerTides SpinnerSparrowSpinnerElectroSpinnerFire Spinner Laser SpinnerLightningSpinnerLava SpinnerHoliSpinner (Colorful spray effect)SparkleSpinnerIce SpinnerCannonSpinnerHeal SpinnerGiant SpinnerTornadoSpinnerPoison Spinner
Fidget Spinner Battle 17
Create your own fidget spinner and battle against your friendstolevel up.Swipe the spinner 8 times to build up speed and beatyouropponent or train in solo mode and beat your own high score!Thegame uses Google Play so you can invite your friends or playrandomopponents.Customize your spinner with different colors, caps,andstickers!Collect boosts to double your spin speed and gainanadvantage over your opponents.Compete on global leaderboards(tapon the trophy to view them)Get it now it's completely free withnoin app purchases. All customization options are available fromthestart.NOW AVAILABLE: Fidget Spinner Draw Battle is a neonversionof the game that lets you draw your spinners and battleyourfriends. Get it here:
Draw and Spin it 2 1.15
Avar Apps
Fidget Spinner - one of the best means of stress, start to turnitin different directions and watch this funny.Now you canfantasizeand draw your unique fidget, and then twist it and admiretheglowing spinner.How to use:Open the app, draw a spinnerClick onthespinner button and try to twist, what did you getThen click onthedrawing button, you can re-paint or draw a new spinner
Draw Finger Spinner 0.9.2
Creative APPS
We all know that Fidget Spinner was created to destroy thestressand kill the time.It’s almost the best toy for you toreleasestress.Draw Finger Spinner is the newest playing way!Drawanythingwhat you want, and then use your finger to spin it!Usingyourcreativity, drawing a glow finger spinner for yourselfnow!GamePlay:1.Choose the axis styles of finger spinner.2.Using theglowcolors to draw anything what you want.3.One finger to spinit!Thefree APP for you release stress. It’s almost the best toyforyou.Not only release stress, but also drawing practice!What areyouwaiting for? DOWNLOAD NOW!
This simulator of fidget spinner enables you to test thisnewconcept of game with the real speed of a truth spinner andofferingthe number of exact turn to you.This pack rich and variedspinnerswhich contien almost all the required categories of handspinnerand places them according to an order studied to allow youpleasantmoments of game and a concept antistress veryamusing.Herewith aMultilevel concept: while passing from a spinnerwith another onefeels and one touches a change on the level ofindicates fidgetspinner and his speed thus the number of turn thata spinnercarries out before stopping.The objective of this game offidgetspinner is as follows:The developer of this game conceivingitcustom-tailored to satisfy you without you to be bored verybykeeping this immense pleasure of making turn these spinnersandgather an office plurality of points which will enable youtounbolt the locked spinners and to discover theiradvantagesrelating to the speed of the spinner and its capacitiesto make youscore points. once this office plurality of pointsbecome importantyou will be able to open the cadena of the desiredspinner and toprofit from these advantages in the announcethat eachtime you progress in the level you would notice that thespinnerbrings back more points to you and as that you will havetheability to choose the desired spinner. You will have the choiceinour range of more than 50 spinners between:spinnersimplespinnerdoublespinner with three phasesspinner chromiumgoldspinnercuriousspinnerspinner symbolspinner mechanicalspinnerannoyedspinnerweaponspinner marinespinner on fireTo have our lastspinnersbetween your hands, follow our updates benefit from thelast fidgetspinners.
Fidget Spinner 3d - Ultimate Stress Release Game 1.4
Are you having trouble in focusing? Don’t worry this fidgetspinner3D game will increase your concentration level, raise themood,charge positive emotions and relieve stress and fatigue. Inthisfidget spinner 3d game you will able to spin the fidgetfingerspinner like in real. Choose any of the 10 3D hand spinners,andstart twisting. This hand spinner is an ultimate stress releaseandfocus building game. Spin this addictive fidget with your fingertobe the fidget cube spinner master! So keep fidgeting.You justneedto swipe and twist the spinner and take it to the highest RMPspeedand earn the coins. The coins help you to unlock and upgradethehilandero manual and engage your interest to the highestlevel.This ultimate stress release game can help you relax andrelievestress and anxiety with simple spins. Fidget spinner knownas inother countries: hand Spinnköder spinner à main, hilanderomanual,finger spinner, hand spinner, fidget cube etc.GameFeatures:✓ Real3d fidget spinners✓ More than 10 fidget spinners torelease stress✓Customize backgrounds and lots of spinner to unlock✓Realistic 3Dfinger spinner animations
Spinning Animated Keyboard + Live Wallpaper 2.26
💥 Beautiful Animated Theme Design + Emoji 💥 🙌 SpinningAnimatedKeyboard + Live Wallpaper is the coolest looking themecombiningstunning graphics with beautiful animations. Enjoy theamazinggraphics and cool animation. It is FREE and easy to install.🙌 📲 💥Amazing Call Screen Animations 💥 Beautiful, dynamic andstylishcaller screen themes to customize the after call screen. 👇Toactivate the keyboard theme follow the instructions bellow: 👇-Install Spinning Animated Keyboard + Live Wallpaper; - Open app;-Click "Apply Keyboard" button. You'll be redirected to thethememanager and the theme will be applied; - If you don't haveWaveKeyboard, our app will redirect and guide you throughtheinstallation process; 👇 To activate the live wallpaper themefollowthe instructions bellow: 👇 - Install Spinning AnimatedKeyboard +Live Wallpaper; - Open app; - Click "Apply Wallpaper"button. Onthe next screen you will have a “Download” followed by an“Apply”button => the theme will be applied; - ENJOY! 😎 😍 💥AwesomeFeatures 💥 - Emoji set; - HD unique graphics for yourkeyboard& phone background; - custom keyboard & wallpaper;- GIFcollection supported by Giphy; - multilingual support; - coolfonteffects; - voice input support; - privacy - we do not monitororstore your typing activity; - smart auto-correction; -optimizedfor battery life 🔋🔋🔋 - GREAT USER EXPERIENCE 👍 😍 🙌 💥 Yourfeedbackis highly appreciated and will help us improve our abilitytocreate even better themes in the future. 💥
Fidget Spinner 2017
In 2017 Fidget Spinner, Use your fingerstorotate and wipe to start the spin of the fidget-spinner.Keepswiping to make a bigger score. Hop on the latest trend andchooseyour favorite one.Explore the addicting tool : free 3D hand-spinner. This tooloffersup to 30 types of hand spinners in this game. More will beadded sostay tuned for upcoming updates!Now these stress relieving toys come to your hand on android.Withthis simulator game, you no longer need a real one! You have5swipes to set the best-spin you can. You will see a beautiful3Deffect, which changes due to the different rotation speed.It will raise the mood, increase concentration, chargepositiveemotions and relieve fatigue.2017 Fidget Spinner Features:1. 3D super cool spinners to spin.2. Realistic simulator with authentic spinning physics3. Dozens of spinners to choose from.Spin this addictive tool with your finger to be thefidget-spinnerpro! Enjoy this latest raging trend!
Fidget Spinner Games
Don't have a fidget spinner? Don't worrywehave got your back, we just developed a realisticstress-bustingand enjoyable fidget spinner game so that you cankill time andboredom.Spin your fidget spinner whenever you feel like your head isblowingup with stress and worry. Get the season's hottest toy onyoursmartphone for free and enjoy the pleasing sensoryexperience.This is one of the craziest gadget simulators for challengingyourfriends in fidget spinning sessions. This is a must have appthathas been developed to relive the crazy trend that got sparked afewdays ago.Try this fresh new game today!If you have any suggestions to improve, please contact us. Wewilltry to implement it as soon as possible.Thank you!
Golden Fidget Spinner Theme 1.1.6
golden fidget spinner theme is ready for your android phone!Applycool golden fidget spinner theme, and enjoy thousands offreethemes and wallpapers! golden fidget spinner theme gives yougoldenfidget spinner live wallpapers with gold background and spingoldenfidget spinner home screen. golden fidget spinner providesgoldspin icon pack .This beautiful golden fidget spinner themeisspecially made for guys who love gold and cool. goldenfidgetspinner theme is a perfect theme with HD live wallpaper andbringsyou a spin experience. Make your device spin and coolwithcustomized app icon pack, lock screen themes, organizedfolders,sliding screen effects, HD wallpapers and widgets. You willlovethis cool golden fidget spinner theme to customize yourandroidhome screen. No matter you like gold HD live wallpaper orcoolmobile phone, you will love this gold theme with spindecoration.Beautify your android home screen with this goldenfidget spinnertheme now! golden fidget spinner theme is availableon most androidphones. Features 1、golden fidget spinner theme lockscreen withgold cool HD live wallpaper. 2、gold cool icon packsdecorate yourhome screen. 3、golden fidget spinner theme HD livewallpaper withgold style gives you a visual experience you've neverseen before.4、golden fidget spinner theme provides advancedsecurity system andlock screen themes. Your android system will beprotected, safe,secure, fast and convenient, with less powerconsumption. 5、goldskin with cool icon makes you feel spin. 6、3Ddynamic launchermakes your android phone cool style. 7、DIY HDwallpaper in the besttheme center and turns your creative ideasinto unique themes righton your phone! golden fidget spinner theme- How to apply? goldenfidget spinner theme is specially designedfor Launcher. Installour launcher first and apply it successfully.golden fidget spinnertheme does not support any other Launcher app.golden fidgetspinner theme with gold spin HD live wallpaper is freenow! goldenfidget spinner theme will let you enjoy a faster andsmoothermobile operating experience. golden fidget spinner themehas goldballoon and wallpaper, with the cool icon pack style. Afterapplygolden fidget spinner theme successfully, you can also onlychangethe background wallpaper and lock screen wallpaper whilekeepingthe gold cool icon the same. If you do not like this goldenfidgetspinner theme, you can also uninstall it anytime, you canalwaysfind your favorite themes on 3D Launcher. There are pink,red,yellow, lovely and romantic themes for cute girls; Blue, grayandblack theme for business, tech and auto & vehiclefans;Colorful themes for cartoon and movie addicts; Abstract themesandlive wallpapers for art fans; Cute pets & animals foranimallovers; Football and basketball celebrities for sportsfans;Greenery themes for those who love nature; And the starrynighttheme for those who love stars. During holidays, you can findourbeautiful festive themes when it's time to celebrate. Therearealso 3D themes, live wallpapers and other fashion elementstoredefine your vision. golden fidget spinner theme is madeforlauncher to customize your mobile phone with golden fidgetspinnertheme live wallpaper and cool lock menu. Anything you likecan beput into your home screen!
Fidget Spinner 3D 1.0.5
bweb media
Get into the hype and customize your own fidget spinner. Earncoinsand upgrade your spinner capabilities. Customize it withdifferentcolors, shapes, stickers and many more features coming up!
Hand Fidget Spinner 1.2.2
You have 5 swipes to set the best spin you can. Use your handfingerto swipe the spinner left or right, wait for it to stop andsweepthe sweet rewards! Upgrade your finger spinner, compete withyourfriends and beat the records.Each spin brings you closertounlocking a new hand spinner toy. Can you unlock them all??Tryit..