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Super Chicken On A Hoverboard 1.4
Art Games DEV
Hello and welcome in our chicken run game: Super Chicken OnAHoverboard.By playing this crazy chicken game you will have asupernice and cool adventure with a your hen on a hoverboard andeatingthe chicken food "worms". to make our hen jump withhoverboard Justtouch the screen of the phone or your tablet. butpey attentionther is some obstacles in the road of the crazychicken . if youcan avoide the obstacles! I guarantee you to have agreat adventurewith our bird in hoverboard. Note!try to make thehen collect a lotof food to increase your score and win your lovelyadventures in adifferent levels. this will creat a funny challengebetween yourfriends and the members of your family.Top Features ofthis funnySuper Hoverboard game:- great test of your reaction andreaction ofchildrean- more than 150 levels ( never feel bored )-healthgraphic design and nice for your eyes- bird games lover-goodchoice for hoverboard and adventure lover.- cool game for kids(game for girls and game for boys.) anyone can play our game.-Andother Features you will discovery it...take your copy nowandplease help the poor chicken to eat the worms. and pleasedon'tforget to share it with people around you to have funtogetherfeelfree to contact us or let me know your opinion in acomment ThAnKyOu FrOm OuR tEaM EnJoY