Top 49 Games Similar to Extreme Monster Truck Show 4x4

Monster Truck Demolition War 1.0
Tap 2 Run
Buckle up! Start your engine and hit the gas paddle as MonsterTruckDemolition War in derby arena is here to revolutionize themonstercar destruction & road rampage. Xtreme stunts and bigramp carwhirlpool demolition racing game. Monster truck derbygames havenever felt so adventurous. Play your favoritedestruction derbygames.Miami Game Studio welcomes you to new 2017adventure byplaying derby xtreme game where the race war is goingon with bumpercars that are weaponized with missiles, combatracing skills andmonster derby jack. In this demo derby cardemolish the monsterbumper cars by shooting and hitting them hardwith your monstercars. Xtreme Car racing and truck destruction iswaiting for you inthe monster ramp car derby demolition arena.This is the ultimateknock out racing in monster racing war is notthat easy as minnowbumper racing cars in speedway derby with ourMonster TruckDemolition War: the ultimate road rampage in demoderby arena. Hitfor realistic car crash and destruction rivals. InDerby demolitionderby monster car smash game you need to destroyor damage othermonster trucks and cars.Demolition derby 2017 getsan edge over youropponents in derby car race by trying to bumpthem off the track. InDeath car reckless racing don’t lose yourbalance and be the firstto fall. Become the reckless racing legendon rough bumps will liein your way. There is big truck destructionto banger racers whilecars battle with monster truck derby gamesof 2017. Let’s start thedestruction derby madness in deadlyoffroad race and forget aboutthe mainstream highway getaway carcrash and road rampage as you sitbehind the monster truck wheels.Real demolition war offers you theultimate thrill to wreck othercars in roughly death race with realspeedway deadly destructionand truck demolition mania. Xtremedemolition derby with furiousdriving and racing to recklessnesswith the extra feature ofmonster car war will throw long rangemissiles to the racing rivalsthat will harm cars or trucks forquick destruction. Destroy otherramp cars! this derby destructiongame is going to bring you allthe thrill of carnage.Mad TruckDemolition Arena War Features:✓Daring wrecking high speed racingwith real demolition action.✓Thrilling monster destruction derbyracing experience. ✓ Absolutetreat for the lovers of truck cardestruction, deformation and realdamage. ✓ Xtreme stunts with crazydriving in demo derby games forfree. ✓ Big American muscle cars andmonster trucks for hugedestruction. ✓ Every monster vehicle hasguided weapons and armedmissile. Folks! Play this demolition derbyarena battle withMonster Truck Demolition War with adventures carcrashing of 2017and real monster truck war & destruction derbyexperience.
Offroad Police Monster Truck 1.0.4
Drive offroad police monster truck and join city policepatrolservice as offroad police patrol driver and catch all thecitygangsters. Drive police 4wd monster truck, police 4x4 jeep,luxury4x4 cars and monster truck with precision and earn therespect asprofessional army 4wd jeep driver and help police offroadchase asuccessful one. Police chase each and every gangster andgangsterescape from highway.Various aspects of driving likearmytransporter cargo and luxury car racing, it is possible thatyouwill face car accidents but don’t afraid of heavy trafficjustdrive your offroad police car simulator and offroad policetrucktransporter and feel the adrenaline of police car chaseingangsters vs cops driving game. Police is deployed to endpolicecrimes in flying police cars and flying monster jeepagainstgangsters and city thugs. All the amazing monster trickswill behappening in US police training school and US policedrivingschool. The Gods gangsters chase against criminal gangstersrunningscenarios of highway police patrolling and highway gangsterswillprovide you unlimited joy to play this offroad police monstertrucksensation. Features of Offroad Police Monster Truck• LatestoffroadPolice Monsters Trucks • Detailed Monster Police Car• DrivePolice4wd Monster Truck • Enjoy Police 4x4 Jeep and Luxury 4x4Cars•Gangsters vs Cops Driving Missions • Play as Army 4wd JeepDriver•US Police Driving School
Monster Truck XT Airport Derby 1.1
Airport Show is an exclusive stunt driving event and you’vebeeninvited to take part! Welcome to the high stakes,high-octanedriving competition for the fiercest drivers! Thebiggest monstertrucks need only apply!FEATURES:▶ UNIQUE STUNTARENA: Drive aroundan old airport!▶ AWESOME MONSTER TRUCKS: Eachvehicle handlesdifferently▶ 70 MISSIONS TO COMPLETE: Drive, dotricks, beatrecords▶ FREE ROAMING MODE: Explore the area at yourown paceTakingplace in an airport that’s been repurposed as anobstacle coursefor giant monster trucks, Monster Truck Airport Showwill test yourdriving skills unlike anything you’ve seen before!Pick one of theamazing, unbelievably huge trucks available and showthat you’vegot what it takes to drive them! This is the ultimate,extreme testfor the most proficient drivers! Do you have what ittakes to takepart and pass it with flying colours?Before you proveyour worth asa driver, you will need to familiarize yourself with avariedselection of giant, big-wheel monster trucks. There aresports carsturned into monster trucks, a monster truck pickup, evena monstertruck bus!Discover all of them and you may find somesurprises too!You will take all of those monster trucks onto thearena and usethem to beat speed records, perform amazing stunttricks, evendrive across smaller cars parked around! Who’s going tostopyou?Depending on the vehicle of your choosing, you willgetmultiple missions of varying difficulty to complete. You willhaveto dodge obstacles, use ramps for long distance jumps, driveovercars & tree logs and more! Don’t take your eyes off theroadPerform mind-blowing tricks, test your reflexes, become amasterstunt driver!There isn’t much that can compare to the powerof aspeeding monster truck, but that doesn’t mean you can bereckless!Drive safely and carefully and you will surely make it tothe endin one piece. If you go a little too wild and crash though,don’tworry. If you make a mistake along the way you can always usearewind system to correct it without restarting the levelfromscratch.
Monster Trucks Game for Kids 2 2.5.8
Raz Games
If your kids love all things monster trucks, Then they willlovethis game! Monster Trucks racing game for young kids andtoddlers!Designed for young Children and toddlers between ages 2 to8 yearsold, Simple controls to drive the monster trucks along thecourse.the truck never flips ensuring your child always gets to thefinishline! Race against other trucks, Which slow down when theyareahead, to give your child the best chance of winning each race!Funbig buttons to Jump, Beep the horn and change the music trackforlots of fun sounds. Crush the cars along the course withthemonster machines, Collect stars, Fireworks and balloon poppingareat the end of each level to give more excitement to thekidsplaying. There is 4 mini games included. Balloon Pop MemoryCardsPuzzles Coloring pages With 15 cool looking monster trucksacross42 levels to blaze across, will create hours of fun foryourtoddlers. Monster Trucks Kids Game helps your child understandtheeducational mechanics of using mobile and tablet devices.withpuzzles, memory card and heaps of fun racing action. Features:* 15Monster Trucks to choose from * 42 Levels to play * Fun CartoonHDgraphics * 5 different kids music sound tracks for the childtoswitch between. * Cute Monster trucks, engines, horns + muchmorevibrant sounds * Balloon pop game & Fireworks at the endofeach race. * Mini Games such as Puzzles, Coloring pages,MemoryCards & Balloon Pop + much more. Privacy Information:Asparents ourselves, Razmobi takes children's privacy andprotectionvery seriously. We do not collect any personal data. Thisapp doescontain advertising as that allows us to give you the gamefor free– ads are carefully placed so kids are least likely toaccidentallyclick on them. and ads get removed on the actual racescreen. Thisapp includes the option for adults to unlock or buyadditionalin-game items with real money to enhance game play andremovingads. You may disable in-app purchases by adjusting yourdevicesettings. If you're having any problems with this app, orwouldlike any updates/enhancements, feel free to contact [email protected] We would love to hear from you as wearecommitted to updating all our games and apps for the bestpossibleuser experience.
Monster Truck Destruction™
ODD Games
Monster Truck Destruction is the best monster truck game!Greatphysics, real-time destruction and over 60 licensed truckssuch asBIGFOOT and USA-1 to race in 28 dirt and snowcoveredtracks.MONSTERCompete in 4 championships across 28 offroadtracksin drag or freestyle, land insane jumps, backflips and masteryourmonster truck.TRUCKDrive over 60 licensed monster trucks suchasBIGFOOT, USA-1, Boogey Van, Outback Thunda, Virginia Beasttanks,Traxxas RC trucks and upgrade your engine exhaust,intake,suspension and transmission to keep up with thecompetition.DESTRUCTIONRealistic real-time damage and physics makethis sim theultimate MonsterTruckgame.------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------HOWTOPLAY – The game loads and you’re given 150,000 credit to buyyourfirst truck. Scroll left and right to view all trucks. Onceyou’vechosen your truck click ‘BUY’. You’re now able to compete ineitherSingle EventorChampionship.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fortechnicalsupport orfeedback,[email protected]:// WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE and READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE tokeepbackwards compatibility with our game
Offroad Legends 2 - Hill Climb 1.2.9
DogByte Games
This is your chance to experience the thrill of drivingMonsterTrucks, desert Trucks and 4x4 off-roaders over amazing jumpfilledhill climbing tracks. Experience cutting edge graphics,groundbreaking physics, amazing cars and adrenaline-filledexcitement inOffroad Legends 2! Offroad Legends 2 features:• Moredetailed andcomplex graphics and physics than ever• More than 64amazing tracksto beat• 16 ultra detailed vehicles to unlock anddrive• Turn basedmultiplayer via Google Game Services• Controllersupport•Playground for kids (No damage, easy tracks)• Monstertrucks,Desert trucks, 4x4 offroaders, Oldtimers!• Real World carsounds•Vehicle tuning• ground breaking car dynamics with detailedpartsimulation (flapping/detachable doors etc.)• Collect the partsofpremium super cars to unlock them• 4 game modes(Racing,Transporter, Destruction, Lava Jump)• Weather Effects•Customizabletouch controls• Game Services Leaderboards andAchievements•Explosions and more Explosions!Enjoy this petrol-lacedfun!CreatedBy Dogbyte Games, creator of Offroad Legends, BlockyRoads, RedlineRush and Dead Venture.
3D Grand Monster Truck Stunts Driver 1.0.1
3D Grand Monster Truck Stunts Driver Play one of the bestimpossiblemonster truck games. Drive your monster truck on highramp tracks.Are you ready to play this amazing real monster truckimpossibletrack game 2017? If yes then you're in the rightdirection. You willdrive your monster truck on different zigzagsky high impossibleramp tracks. In this modern monster truck stuntimpossible trackgame, you will drive your expert monster truck 3don big ramp tracksthat touch the sky. These crazy impossiblemonster games will giveyou sky high entertainment with itsappealing graphics. In thisextreme impossible tracks 3d monstertruck freestyle game, we willgive you different zig-zag rampsimpossible tracks on big heightsky. You will drive multiplemonster trucks on different impossibletracks. These modern monstertruck stunt games 2017 will give you achance to drive on curvy anddifficult ramp tracks in high skyentertainment. In the pasthistory, you would have played manyexpert real monster truck racegames and these best new impossiblemonster truck games are bestfor you. We will give you realisticgame play environment with itsstunning impossible tracks that aresky high. In these modernimpossible driving games, show your bestreal monster trucksimulator 2017 skills and take a ride ondifferent zig zag uphilloffroad mountain impossible tracks. In this3d grand monster truckstunts driver game your duty is to acceptdifficult off-roadchallenges and take a ride on different awesomereal sky highimpossible monster truck stunts track. In this crazymonster busfree game, we will give you realistic game playatmosphere with itsstunning dangerous and difficult ramp tracks. Inthis crazy newmonster hero city battle 3d game, we will give youmultiplethrilling levels. In these expert impossible tracks truckgames,every level becomes more attractive and dangerous because ofbigheight sky high ramp tracks. Initial levels are easy to playbutgradually upcoming levels are more difficult to play. Thesecrazynew monster truck stunt games 2017 will give you limited timetocomplete your level. In this real monster truck stunt tracks3dgame, be careful during drive on impossible tracks. If anysinglemistake happens then you will face huge destruction. Thisrealimpossible monster game 2017 is a dangerous task for you todriveon difficult curvy ramp track that are on sky high. In thisrealmonster truck impossible games, drive safely on curvy zigzaguphillmountain impossible tracks and keep in mind don't crush ordamagedyour monster truck otherwise level will be failed. Thiscrazymonster truck stunt legend 3d game gives you in-app to unlocknewtracks and to remove ads. In this monster truck stunt game2017game, we will give you a golden chance to drive real monstertruckdestruction on big height ramp impossible tracks. Theserealmonster truck nitro impossible games will give you friendlyuserinterface. In the past time you might have played many newmonstertruck stunt games 2017, but this heavy duty monster truckisdifferent from those games. In this real monster truckimpossibletrack free game, we will give you sensitive touch displaybrake andaccelerator pedal icons. These new mmx hill climb monstertruckgames will give you everything in one platform. You will driveyourbest new offroad monster truck on mid-air ramp track that areskyhigh. These modern impossible track driving monster games willalsogive you tilt screen option. Come and download this realmonstertruck 3d: monster truck games. 3D Grand Monster Truck StuntsDriverFeatures: • Mid-air monster truck tracks • Monster truckzigzagtracks on big height • Featuring new 4x4 monster truck 3dgraphics• Endless journey It's free to play so download thisextremeimpossible track monster truck simulator game.
Multistory Monster Truck Park 1.1
New Multi-storey Monster Truck Parking 2017 is a freeofflineSimulation game that is a addictive and fun 3D gamededicated toall the monster truck fans! Park your Monster Truck inmulti levelbuilding and improve your parking skills. Enjoy themulti-storeyparking mania of 2017. If you are fond of heavy trucksand lovemulti story parking games then you can get the realdrivingexperience by playing this ultimate Multi-level monster cardrivinggame. You are about to have the best time ever in extreme3Dtracks! A big monster truck like this one must be kept incontrolin order to park it to the parking area. You may have playedmultistorey car parking games but this 3D Parking game of 2017isspecially for those who want to figure out the drivingtechniquesfor the first time. Park on the top floor without hittingothervehicles and cars. By follow the guiding arrow to theparkingspots, you have to park backwards or forward in each markedspacewithout getting into any accidents with obstacles. If you hitothercar or crash into an obstacle, your chance of winning thelevelwill decrease. For accuracy make use of different cameraangles forMulti-storey car driving. In order to score all stars,you mustdrive absolutely perfect with precision and without anycrash.Prove that you're the best driver in the town!Be a realmonster inmonster trucks and use your parking skills to park theheavy dutytruck in the parking area to win the scores. Unlike otherparkinggames this real parking simulation game will not only giveyou therealistic driving experience but also improve yourparkingexpertise as there are extremely sensitive controls that areusedin real world vehicles that involves realistic strategy ofturningthe wheels both for parallel and reverse parking.In this simgameyou can pick one of six trucks. There are various awesomesimmulti-story parking levels and to get the highest score youneedthe great parking accuracy and try to park the truck inshortesttime. Use your driving skills through every level and Provethatyou have what it takes to drive a monster truck in real 3Dworld!Sohave fun and improve your driving skills behind the wheelsandhappy driving! Enjoy!Multistory Monster Truck Parking 3DFeatures:♠Three control options: tilt, buttons, and steering♠Unique Cameraangels, use the top camera angle to park the truck inreverse orstraight way.♠ Various Monster truck parking missions♠ HDgraphicswith a realistic environment♠ Different Game levels withparkinghurdles♠ Free Customization of 3D Trucks ♠ RealisticPhysics.♠ Realsounds and visual effects♠ Smooth and Realistic Gameplay♠Realistic driving and parking experience
Flying Monster Truck Simulator 1
GT Race Games
Are you fan of monster truck driving games? Maybe off roaddrifting?Want to fly monster truck like an Airplane? This game isperfect foryou!You can test your airplane pilot skills and truckdrivingability at the same time.Drive your monster truck smashyour way anddemolish, do stunt and tricks or Fly your plane aroundthe worlddiscover new landscapes, Experience the thrills ofdriving a flyingmonster truck.Flying Monster Truck Simulator ismade for all fans offlying car games, Simulation games andHelicopter Flight gamesFLYINGMONSTER TRUCK SIMULATOR - GAMEFEATURES:✔ Test your Car DrivingSkills✔ Improve Plane FlightAbility✔ Stunning HD Graphics✔Beautiful Mountains and islands✔Realistic and dynamic car physics✔Advanced airplane flightphysics✔ Easy and Free to use✔ No WiFi? NoProblem.✔ OfflinePlayInstall now and feel the best flying monstertruck flightexperience!
Monster Truck Stunt 3D 2018 3.9
Welcome to the Impossible Monster 3d Truck Stunt the monstertruckswith big wheels on the dangerous tracks hurdle. Get ready toforthe dangerous driving Grand Impossible Truck Monster TracksStuntsgame mode has branded new and most challenging game of 2017andtake part in this monster truck the most exciting &thrillingtruck monster drive and become the champion of thisImpossibleMonster 3D Truck Simulator 2017. Now experience thethrill fun ofthe driving of Crazy Monster Drive Truck Legend Free3D over thesharp turns and hard and amazing jumps tracks hurdleswith the lotsof top sharped ramps. If you are a big fan of thisDriver TruckMonster Impossible Tracks 3D game than this impossibletruck 3dgame is only for you because in this 4x4 Monster Free Truck3DStunts 2017 drive you will be able to drive in thisextremecondition with Crazy Monster Escape Free Truck 3D. Theenvironmentof this Impossible Monster 3D Truck - Driving Simulationis veryinteresting and beautiful. Controls are very really easy andsmoothwith turbo high quality speed and turbo high fast soundeffectwhich capture the attention of the play. Welcome to theImpossibleMonster 3d Truck Stunt the monster trucks with big wheelson thedangerous tracks hurdle. Get Ready So ​​for the Dangerousdrivingwas Grand Impossible Truck Monster Tracks stents game modeHussbrand new and most Cllenging games of 2017 and take part inthismonster truck the most exciting & thrilling truck monsterdriveand become champion OF This Impossible Monster 3D TruckSimulator2017. Now experience the Thrill Fun Excluded were drivingOF CrazyMonster truck drive Legend Free 3D over the sharp turns andhardand amazing jumps tracks hurdles with the lots of topsharpedramps. If You are a big fan Excluded This driver TruckMonsterImpossible Tracks 3D game than this impossible truck 3d gameisonly for you because in this 4x4 Monster Free Truck 3D Stunts2017drive you will be able to drive in this extreme conditionwithCrazy Monster Escape Free truck 3D. There wereenvironmentSaturation This Impossible Monster 3D Truck - Drivingsimulationthis Very interesting and beautiful. Controls Oh ReallyVery Easyand smooth with Turbo High Quality Speed ​​and Turbo HighFastSound EFFECT Which were Play Attention was OF capture.
Chained Cars Racing Games Stunt Truck Driver 3D 2.0
Race your fast sports 4x4 monster truck in a unique crazy raceofchained car challenges, drive big fast monster truck which ishugeon a rush track which is full of hurdles in car racinggame.Pressing race pedal is not the only choice to win thiscompetitiverace of keeping the chained car and trucks connected tochain andgetting them blown. It is a chained game where chain iseverythingand you need to keep the chain connected to the vehicleswhich areon road track, chain break makes fast monster trucks andget onfire. Mission is to stop your chained truck in extreme realcityand other connected to you , don't let the chain break or getthemonster trucks touch each other while moving toward the goalwhichis the end of race track and chain breaker.Chained 4x4MonsterTrucks race is a very addictive game of joy plus pleasure,focus iseverything when other truck is moving keep your eye onitsmovements it gives dodges by moving around the road, driveyourchained vehicle and do action stunts to prevent your race tofinishand win plus have driving crashes and jumps. Graphics is thebestpart of chained cars 3d game it gives realism to game, makes itjawdropping race game, mastering is not a easy thing in thisclassygame of chain, in the category of racing games Chained CarsRacingGames Stunt Truck Driver 3D is the best racing game as thesecondcar which is connected to you has real behavior of rival carandultimate car racing thriller and city highway traffic rush, itis aultimate racing thriller of Chained car, risky path to driveandfinish while other car being attached bumpy ride.Gameplay ofthisChained Cars Racing Games Stunt Truck Driver 3D game is abittricky because it is not like usual race track games whereracingyour at the top is the winning, here car needs to be inparallelwith the rival car and hitting other car or 4x4 monstertruck isnot the right option it will make the mission fail and lossinlevel completion, this game is best in the category of chainedcarsand New Brand Luxury 4x4 cars because the AI of rival carisdriving very trickily and you need to be always in attentioninorder to pass the mission, sometimes driving of rival chainedcaris the answer of winning mission in chained cars 3d is sometimesinparallel and in some missions hint of clearing mission is be attheback of car and with the combo of race and break narrow spacesofrace tracks can be passed in stunt car game. Be safe andprotectchain from breaking its link, chain is as strong as itsweakestlink so be careful driving your Chained monster truck onejerk canbreak the chain. Offroad chained car drive isn't choice inthisracing, sticking to race track is the ultimate goal, when yougetto end of race tracks, fireworks are set to celebrate yourvictoryon level completion. Awesome graphics treat in this ChainedCarsRacing Games Stunt Truck Driver 3D will entertain you, getthroughthe race of fast monster racer trucks 4x4, chain breakeradventurerace through highways and get to top position, keep tightgrip onthe control pedals a slight mistake can cause the failureofmissions.Chained Cars Racing Games Stunt Truck Driver 3D game isatrick race driving and stunt driving, xtreme break chainadangerous, enjoy this unlimited fun game of chain racingandbreaking, illegal high speed race of Chained trucks. Citychainrival hero racing 3d, systems are held up by chains, loghelps,crates, vehicle chain simulator. Players make it on chainluxurybus driving grasp. Drive it on illegal highway be a drifteranddriver of rough nature, don't break the chains and get to thetopof racing cup.Chained Cars Racing Games Features :* 20LuxuriousLevels of Chained racing* Classic chained Trucks * AwesomeRacingTracks* Easy Truck Controls* Check Points forRe-spawning*Selection of various Trucks* Reality Base Graphics*Totally FreeGamePlayBest Racing Chained Car plus Monster Truck of2017
Stickman Downhill Monstertruck 1.7
Stickman Downhill - Monster Truck is the third addition totheStickman Downhill series. Experience ultra realistic and fastpacedaction packed Monster Truck racing in stunning environments.Choosefrom more than 15 different trucks, including even veryspecialones like a School Bus Monster Truck, a Shopping Cart, aCrane, akerosene powered rocket turbine truck and even a mini RCMonsterTruck. Race in various different locations, ranging fromtracks indeep forest to mountain tracks high up in the air. Everytruck isdesigned by hand with its own physics, handling andrealisticsounds.Additionally, compete with your friends at specialrankedtournament cups, share your gameplay videos and watch otherpeoplesbest rides.• From the makers of various top hits likeStickmanDownhill, Stickman Downhill - Motocross, Stickman Soccer,StickmanIce Hockey, Stick Stunt Biker, Stickman Cliff Diving,Stickman BaseJumper, Rope'n'Fly and more... Features• Unique andbeautifulgraphic style• More than 50 beautiful designed tracks
•Downhilltracks, Trial tracks, Race tracks, Free ride tracks, etc.
•Morethan 15 different designed ultra realistic trucks includingevenvery special ones like a School Bus Monster Truck, a ShoppingCart,a Crane, a kerosene powered rocket turbine truck and even amini RCMonster Truck• Unique physics, handling and realistic soundforeach truck• Fully physic enabled trucks and physic enabledplayerfor spectacular crashes• Different amazing atmosphericlocations,from forest to mountains, etc.• Get achievements forspecialstunts
• Directly compare to your friends and all otherplayerswith the builtin leaderboard and tournament tracks
•Directlyrecord your gameplay and share your best rides or crasheswith yourfriends on Facebook, Youtube or Twitter• Tilt or buttoncontrol,whichever you prefer• Integrated gameplay recording andvideosharing
• Supports MFI Game ControllersTake a look at theStickmanDownhill - Monster Truck Trailer: free to postyourideas, we will try to implement them as soon as possible Thankyouvery much for all your support and interest in our games! Wewouldlove to hear your suggestions!
Monster Truck Kids Racing 3.62
Monster Truck Racing game for Kids! Simple to play and yet funtoenjoy for everyone! Choose your ride and guide it to thefinishline! Control your Monster Truck with just one finger and seehowit flips, jumps and rolls on it's way. This is so simple thatyoucan watch TV and play this game crushing some old cars at thesametime! Prepare for a race by picking one of the hugepowerfulmonster trucks, gain enough speed to jump over the ramps orclimbto the stiff hill made of old trashed cars! Enjoy all thesurprisesin each level! There are also plenty of goods to collectfor betterresults while rolling for the win! Start the engine anddrive theseawesome cars in the shortest time possible and get bestscore! Evensomeone who is holding a phone for the first time couldplay thisgame without any problems! The tracks are designed so thatyouwould do many stunts on the run, the truck will spin, roll, fliporeven crash some cars! Monstertastic! [Update] We have addedcarcustomization where you can build your own monster truck!
8 Wheeler Russian Truck Simulator: Offroad Games 1.1.3
Ready to drive hottest offroad vehicle ATV and pull offdaringstunts in russian centipede truck game? Face challengingobstacleson tricky terrain in 8 Wheeler Russian Truck 3D Simulatorgame.Upgrade your monster truck speed on bumpy hill roads to becomeareal truck driver. Try this rad truck driving experience onmdrroads if you’re brave enough. Endless hill climb drivingsimulatoris redefined with the centipede trucks. Roll out theedgiest ridein offroad environment and get ready to rumble in thisoffroadtruck simulator game. Enjoy extreme offroad mountaindriveexperience with heavy machinery like mountain jeep. Get behindthe8x8 wheel of your favourite russian truck and conquer thedangeroushill roads. Drive away from hurdles and do not crash intobigstructures. Drive at insane speed, perform stunts, jumpthroughobstacles and be the ultimate monster truck driver.Thisextremeoffroad ATV simulator has top speed of 50 mph and can climbsteep45 degree on big rocks and hurdles. Maneuver through thick mudonsloppy terrain and steep hilly roads. Start the diesel engineandfeel the power of huge 8 Wheeler Russian Truck 3D Simulator.Steergigantic vehicle with its 8 tires in huge open worldoff-terrainenvironment and become a master offroad trucker. Avoidto driveoff-road vehicle on land mines or else, watch your truckbepulverized. Upgrade your monster ride and become extremeoffroadtruck driver in realistic hilly environment. Explore 4off-roaddriving modes like in a safari jungle, through a lake, inmassivedesert, and thru mud swamps or marshes. Do not stuck in themud andrelease your monster horsepower to complete mission. 8WheelerRussian Truck 3D Sim Features: Extremely challenging hillclimbdriving missions on mountains Multiple centipede trucks tochoosewith horse power engine Realistic offroad tracks on hilltopoutskirts far from city area Power pack steering withmanualgearbox and hydraulic pressure brakes Real physics enginewith firmtyre grip and wheel suspension Immersive controls on offroadmountain bumpy tracks Experience mesmerizing graphics&adrenaline-packed fun Download 8 Wheeler Russian TruckSimulatorgame now!
3D Monster Truck Parking Game 2.1
Take your driving skills to the next level. In this fastpacedtrials game, you will need plenty of precision driving andforwardthinking abilities. You can pick one of three cars. AnintimidatingMonster Truck, super charged Pick Up Truck thatgenerates greatspeeds or an invincible Hummer that can climb eventhe highesthills. Your objective is to complete the course as fastas you can,while making sure that you don’t touch any of thesideboards.EXPERIENCE THE MOST REALISTIC PHYSICS***This one of akindsim game includes tons of courses with huge jumps,hill-climbs,raised platforms, loop-the-loops and unbelievableangled roadsdesigned to challenge the best drivers! There is noroom formistakes, as even a tiny movement in the wrong directioncan costyou your life. 100% skill-based driving missions to takeon, withthe encouraging roar of the excited spectators to keep youfocused!In order to finish the race you will have to park yourchosenvehicle in the right spot. ***MULTIPLE POINTS OFVIEW***Sometimesto win you need to have the right point of view. Inthis hugelypopular simulator, we have added a 360 angle camera. Sonow you cansee the road from the bonnet, up from the top, as wellas from bothsides and from behind. We’ve equipped all of the carswith 3different styles of steering. Either tilt the screen, use avirtualwheel or steer with buttons for maximum precision. Thisisn’tanother racing game! In fact you won’t be able to find anysimilargame on the entire Google Play Store! Take the controls ofsomeAwesome Off-Road Trucks, Monster Trucks and 4x4 Vehicles andtakeon the challenge of the amazing Arena Stunt Driving Courses!Younever thought a car could drive at these crazy angles! Timetoprove you can! GAME FEATURES ▶ Exciting Extreme StuntDrivingcourses to master! ▶ Huge Variety of level types includingHillClimb, Jumps, Precision Platforms, Loop-the-loops and MUCHMORE! ▶100% Free-to-play Career Mode ▶ Customisable control methods(tilt,buttons, wheel) ▶ Multiple views (including Drivers Eye view)▶Easy modes available (with separate leader boards) asoptionalin-app purchases, designed for an easier ride! ▶ GooglePlayOptimisation: runs perfectly on any Android device.
6x6 Offroad Monster Truck Driving Simulator 1.0
6x6 Offroad Monster Truck Driving Simulator is out now!Getyourselfbehind the steering of a heavy duty monster truck and enjoytheride. Jeep racing and fast cars racing are too mainstream,butracing with offroad trucks is one hell of a job. Join thislifetimeadventure with the mountain truck and bring your heat outwithheavy duty truck racing. This is the best ever offroadtruckdriving game and is contained with a variety of crazy offroadstuntmissions. This crazy stunt driving game is an emulsion offasttrack high roof truck racing along with time baseddestinationmissions. 6x6 Monster Highway Racer is the new versionof 4 wheeloffroad trucking games.Enjoy race truck drive on amuti-functionalautomatic crazy 6x6 truck in this rally racinggame.Perform lethalsports stunts on this heavy 6x6 4 wheel drive.This 6x6 racetrucker can help you enjoy a safe drive on bumpyroads, shallowpathways, and uneven tracks. Be the real mountaintrucker onvarious mountain trails and deep roads with narrow edges.Monstertruck racing clinched popularity in late 90's because oftheexciting and thrilling nature of play and the risky racingtracks.Different rally riders perform various crazy offroad stuntsin this6x6 Crazy Monster Truck Driving game. Unleash your heavyduty truckdriving skills and then go for difficult challenges. Donot visitspotty tracks in earlier stages of gamelay because a lotofup-gradation needs to be done before playing new tracks.Passingthrough highway trails, dusky off-road village tracks,hillstations, subway stations, extreme bumpy roadsides andice-coldSiberian rocky tracks is the theme of this Crazy 6x6Monster TruckSimulator.Crazy 6x6 Monster Truck Driver is not aneasy game toplay, You have to behave like a real life truck racer.Enjoy smoothdrive in this 4 wheel monster truck and win stuntmissions tocollect millions of coins. Be the best monster 6x6 truckracer inthis crazy truck. Upgrade your 4 wheel crazy drive withadvancedfeatures like turbo boost, slow or loud music accounts.Apply nitroboost to demolish everything that comes in your way andaccelerateas the leading 6x6 Monster Truck driver in the rallydriving.Racing Mania is incomplete without fast 4 wheel drives. 6x6OffroadMonster Truck Driving Simulator Features:- Unleash your soulin themodern era game play with monster solo truck- Performstuntmissions to be stunt master- Lush green Breathtakingtracks,off-road hill stations- 6x6 Monster Truck wheels Smoothsteeringand Hydraulic brakes- 3D graphics and career levels- Bestdrivingstrategy for winning coins- Topple opponents with multiplecameraangles- Extreme rally driving game play and Monster wheels toenjoyExciting stunts- Offroad Monster Rally Racing experience
Snow 4x4 Monster Truck Stunt 1.0.4
Winter holiday is on! This wickedly fun and addictive arenaformonsters trucks stunts rally will give you an adrenalines rush!Bedaring when driving trucks on a racing course. Monsters Stuntsgameplay will thrill you with its extreme performance and amazing.Hereis the best Adventurous Stunt game for truck driving lovers.MoreTracks are awaiting here in Monsters Stunts, to make youmoreexcited with wild jumps and insane experience with thisdownhilltruck driving game. Drive the jumbo monsters on curvy pathsandtreacherous turns in gorgeous hill station environment. Returnfromsnow mountains campsite back on tracks while bumpingintointeractive hurdles like cargo containers, and jumping overtreelogs. Enjoy off road drive adventures in heavy snowfall. Funofwinter Holidays in Euro with Snow and the racing games. Get holdonthis with grand monsters trucks in winter rallys. Skillslearnedfrom driving schools are not enough to drive 4x4 offroadvehicleson rugged terrain rally. Drive 4x4 rally on hillsideoff-roadtracks. Climb your snow vehicle on steep roads in heavysnowfallthrough the treacherous turns. Drift your full throttleoffroadtruck on stunts ramps to perform outrageous stunts rallys.Moveyour truckers in snowy weather through the treacherous hillypathsand ice slippery roads of mountain tracks. Dives 4x4 onslipperyroads; perform stunts on ramps on the obstacles. Startthisoutrageous uphill adventure to explore the arctic hills town.PlayDown as 4x4 with rallys driver on rugged terrain along steephillsand enjoy bumping into interactive objects. Features: •Variety OfAmazing Sport And Stunt Monsters vehicles • Realisticsnowfall,Multiple weathers, Realistic snowy weather for amazing 3Dwinterenvironment • Multiple Camera views, Multiple colors ofvehicles. •Real 3D environment with awesome graphics. • • • • • • •• • • • •• •
Monster Truck Offcourse Rally 3D 5
You are welcome to play the large monster truck simulator. Go tothesteering of your large monster truck. Get ready to kick yoursaddleride on the paved sand on the way. You can find the fun inthis gameby leap from the difficult obstacles and escaping fromthe cops.Real physics real controls will find you in game withsatisfyingspeed. Be careful not to get caught by the cops whenfighting. Avoidcops and big monster trucks as fast as you can. Youcan leap rightinto a great monster truck, try land use and usepavament,pike,asphalt. Now you can download the big monster truckgame free ofcharge and continue where you left off in theadventure. GameFeatures; *offroad offcourse * Choice of 8different monster trucks* Real physics * Abs, Asr *Offroad drivingmode
Off road Monster Truck Derby 1.1
Get ready for monster truck games that are free and full ofrealthrill rally driving.Do you love monster truck off roadgames?Welcome to new off road monster truck driving Sim 3D. Inthissimulation game of 2017 you can drive real 4x4 luxuryvehicles.Become a legend among the monster truck legends and startdrivingon offroads in the hilly desert areas. Drive as a 4x4 truckrallydriver in game. Buckle up in the hot seat and get hold of abigmonster truck, be in time and don't underestimate the power of4x4truck. Drive it and complete all missions in Monster TruckOffroadRally 3D. So now it is time to show your driving stunts bydriving4x4 and 6x6 luxury 4wd vehicles. Physics of the vehicleisextremely wonderful in the off road simulation game MonsterTruckDriving. Drive in a free mode in the hill area. No fear ofcrash ofthe vehicle in off road mode. Use extreme 4x4 jeeps andluxuryMonster Truck power of extremely powerful engine in thissimulationgame. It is not the police car driving, hill climbtransportercargo and army heavy truck trailer to maintain law andorder;rather it is a private simulation vehicle to drive just as aheavytransporter. Speed up just like a monster truck as fast as youcanbut don’t forget to bypass road hurdles, otherwise you my stuckandcrush or crash your game level.Being a responsible rallydriver,stop your heavy monster truck 4x4 vehicle on the checkpoints whiledriving through dangerous hill areas. Realisticgraphics of theracer add fun simulation off Road luxury 4x4 cargames. Enjoy thereal off Road Mountain driving simulator game withsmooth steeringcontrols of Monster Trucks.Experience a new monstertruck drivingon mountain and climb hill on side steep 3d paths.
Monster Truck Arena Driver 1
Aidem Media
Enter the Monster Truck Arena and drive the biggest, meanest,mostexciting Monster Trucks & Cars. Use ramps as an excuseforamazing jumps, drive your Monster Truck across cars that lookliketoys compared to you, do loop-the-loops... Most importantly, doallof it with style. The game's controls are designed in a waythatmakes pulling off mind-blowing tricks easy and effortless.50different missions will not only test your driving skills,butallow you to show off your inventiveness andimagination.ASELECTION OF MONSTER TRUCKS, EACH ONE BIGGER THAN THELASTThe gamefeatures 10 different variations of Monster Trucks.Select thebiggest available Pickup, Van, Sports Car, Army Truck...there'seven place for a Monster Truck version of a classic FuelTruck anda School Bus. As long as it's larger than life andlooksunbelievably cool - we have it!ENTER THE VAST ARENA PACKEDFULL OFCHEERING CROWDYour exploits are part of an event enjoyedbythousands of spectators. You're not supposed to drive safelyhere.Be as flashy as you possibly can and have fun. All of thegame's 50missions are set up in a way to not only challenge you,but giveyou a means of expressing yourself throughbreath-takingtricks.MASTER THE CONTROLS TO PULL OF AMAZINGTRICKSControllingyour Monster Truck doesn't stop while you're inthe air. Manageyour speed to do backflips and land on four wheels.FREE TO PLAYTheMain Game Mode is 100% FREE to play, all the waythrough, nostrings attached! Extra Game Modes which alter the rulesslightlyto make the game easier are available through optionalIn-AppPurchases._____________________________GAME FEATURES ▶VARIEDVEHICLES: Drive & Park 10 Unique and DifferentVehicles▶PARKING: Over 50 Precision Driving Missions to Pass!▶ARENA: Eachtrack is a challenge full of obstacles andopportunities.▶ ALL FORSHOW: Drive through flames, watch fireworks,feel like a part of anexciting event.▶ 100% Free-2-Play Missions▶CONTROLS: Buttons,Wheel or Tilt Controls▶ CAMERAS: Multiple camerasincluding FirstPerson view
Monster Truck Racing 1.2
Racing Monster Truck Simulator game is a addictive and fun 3Dgamededicated to all the monster truck fans! it's a free racinggame!Select your monster truck and 4x4 offroad truck and smash alltheopponents on the racing tracks.The Racing fun is about to begin.Bea King of race and feel the spirit of real racing in thisracingmonster game. You will love this Monster Truck simulationgame.Feel the awesome driving experience through RacingMonstertrucks.Be a real monster in Monster Truck racing! Join thisfun andreally challenging 3D race! Choose huge powerful supercrazymonster truck and hit the track by generating turbo boostsandperform stunts to increase your turbo amount. Buckle up, usenitroto speed up your truck avoid crashing as you may encounterroadsfilled with obstacles and traps and get to the finish line asawinner. The game has distinctive 3D environments andincrediblydetailed monster trucks where you can customize yourride. Takecare of your favorite monster truck and get it ready fortherace.You can take a test drive by driving indestructiblewildmonster trucks in this super rally challenge, unlock andupgradeoff-road racers across the stunning 3D tracks. This evilMonsterTruck racing game is based on a nice Halloween theme. Yourgoal inthis racing challenge is to speed up your Monster truck andbeatthe rivals. You can climb the hill by going off road andtakeshortcuts through the highway hidden track to reach thedestiny.There is also a time trial mode where you have to driveyour carwith speed and accuracy within a give time frame to reachto thecheck points.Dominate every other vehicle in Monster RacingTruckAssault, smash your opponents rides! You must win in ordertoadvance and unlock new trucks. Spend earnings on valuableupgrades,and finish each mission in first place. Don't let thecompetitionget in your way! Monster Truck Racing Features:♠ RacingMonsterTruck requires no internet connection.♠ Race with 6powerfulmonster trucks!♠ Fun and excitement guaranteed♠ Enjoyawesomerealistic 3D graphics♠ Real Physics for Truck balance♠Simple, easyand intuitive controls♠ Fun and excitement guaranteed♠Easy to playracing game for everyone!
Monster Truck Games 2.0
Eser Soft
Monster truck game, gladly playing by people from all agescomeshere with finest levels. You can crushingly sweep to housesandcars with monster truck. You have to arrive endpoint withovercomemany obstacles. Awesome adventure with unlimited level. Getback toroad with crushingly sweep to houses, crates. You won’t giveupfrom this game.- Sensitive Accelerator and break- Difficulttracksfilled with obstacles- Unlimited level- Completely free ofcharge-Super effects- Crazy ceaselessness adventure
AEN City Bus Stunt Arena 17 1.8
EPIC CITY BUS MONSTER TRUCK STUNTS With AEN City Bus Stunt Arena17you will drive a MONSTER TRUCK CITY BUS… Yes you have read itwell,a real monster truck city bus with all the epic features thatamonster truck simulator gives you plus all the extra citybussimulator features of the city bus simulator games that wehaveoffered you. Not with the passengers of course… That would befartoo dangerous for the city bus passengers. PERFORM THE MOSTEPICSTUNTS FOR STUNT MANIA BONUSES Stunt like a stunting maniac inthisstunt mania city bus simulator and get more money to buyevenfaster city bus monster trucks! The crowd is going wild as youaredriving upon the big stunt mania jumps. Drive as fast astheamazing big 3D city bus can and go full throttle on the gaspedalto fly as high as the sky! Download this epic stunt mania gamenowfor an amazing stunting experience! Main Features of AEN CityBusStunt Arena 17 ✔ Real epic stunts to stunt over and earn bigmoney!✔ All new 2017 features in this game! ✔ Action-packed stuntmaniacity bus driving simulator! ✔ Epic adrenaline-filled stuntmaniamonster truck simulator! ✔ The best big 3D city busstuntingsimulator on Google Play! ✔ Heavy big 3D city bus drivingskillsneeded to perform these epic stunts! ✔ More AEN monstertrucksimulator games will follow shortly
Offroad Legends - Hill Climb 1.3.11
DogByte Games
Drive the most amazing offroad vehicles in this extremehillclimbing madness!Crash the barriers and fly above bottomlesschasmswith Monster Trucks, 4x4 off-roaders and sixwheeledBehemoths!"Offroad Legends brings a lot of fun."-Appgefahren.deGame features: • Four car categories (Monsters,4x4off-roaders, Behemoths, Fun cars) • Three game modes •Gorgeousgraphics • 56 challenging tracks • Real-time vehicledeformation •Mind blowing physics • Optimized for Intel x86devices!• XperiaPLAY gamepad support• Game Services leaderboardsandachievementsUse your best skills to beat the most mindblowingtracks in this physics based racing game and be theultimateOffroad Driver! Fasten your seatbelts, get off the road,it's gonnabe a tough ride! Roll with us on facebook for moreinfo! By DogbyteGames,creator of Offroad Legends 2, Blocky Roads, Redline Rush andDeadVenture.
Whirlpool Monster Truck Demolition Derby Battle 1.0.1
Game Bunkers
Whirlpool Monster Truck Demolish Battle is a wreck-fest trucksmashgame where as a destruction driver you race the weaponizedtrucksto knockout, destroy, damage and demolish reckless monstercars byfiring missiles and smashing hits. Whirpool Demolition Derbyis anexciting truck smash game where derby fighting is going oninwhirlpool arena for demolition of derby opponents. Bash and bangtocrash the monster cars with missiles and bombs in thisextremetruck vs cars battle.Get ready for experiencing whirlpoolstuntdriving & racing skills in dangerous whirlpool MonsterTruckDemolish Battle Simulator game of 2017. Drive carefully toavoidfalling into a whirlpool other wise your monster car willgetdestroyed. Forget the roads it's all about demolition derbyracingwith thrilling whirlpool fighting adventure on challengingroughpaths. So as a superhero get ready for real war with your bigwheelrebel trucks in challenging whirlpool demolition derby. Enjoyanextreme whirlpool derby deadly trucks war racing and winwhirlpoolgrand arena. Fasten your seat belt, hold your steeringtightly andhit your whirlpool opponents’ derby car as hard as youcan to crashthem into pieces. Be the legend of the final CarDemolition FightLeague championship and emerge as the lastsuperhero survivor ofthrilling monster derby stunt mania!It's akill or be killedsituation. As a demolition man you have to push,hit, and damageyour opponents monster cars. It’s a wipeout in thewar zonesituation. To be alive you have to destroy and kill themall inthis crazy car death racing. You need a daredevil drivingskillsfor huge destruction who will never back out from challenginganddangerous situations. Speed up your powerful vintage carandmonster jack to destroy your destruction rivals off the trackwithamazing crash stunts.Monster Truck Demolish Battle Features: -Nointernet connection required- Shoot and destroy all enemyracingrivals- Whirlpool demolition derby game with furious racing&realistic car collision- Thrilling missions in battle arenas,racetracks & speedways- Various destruction derby cars andmonstertrucks- Both Level mode and Endless mode for utmost bangerracing-Realistic bang and destruction sound effects - Easy controlsforextreme car driving- Nerve wrecking high speed race &realtimecar death racing
Monster Truck Kids 4: Police Racing 3.61
Your city is in danger! It’s your duty to save it fromthecriminals! Get into your favorite police monster truck, turnoncar’s sirens and chase the bad guys! Immerse yourself intotheextreme police car driver’s paradise: drive, boost, jump, flipandsmash the other cars while chasing criminals in the dangerouscitystreets! This game is free-to-play with over 20 monstertrucks,where even 4 of them are given for free: Justice Monster,SWAT, FatCop and Donut Mobile! Get ready for the 12 extreme anddangerousgame levels! Brace yourself for the thrilling policemonster truckracing game: Get 4 cars for free: Justice Monster,SWAT, Fat Copand Donut Mobile. Complete 12 racing levels! Unlockeven 20 monstertruck cars! Have fun in fast driving, extremestunts, dangerousflips, high jumps and thrilling car crashes! Chasedangerouscriminals! Feel the realistic monster truck drivingexperience.Enjoy awesome game graphics and thrilling music. Havefun insurprising gameplay and easy controls! Monster Truck PoliceRacingis all about adventurous racing in the night city streetsthat isfull of dangerous crashes and thrilling chasing of thecriminals.Monster Truck Police Racing is going to be your newfavoriteaddiction! Educational value: Even though this game is easyenoughto be played by anyone, it is also fun and entertaining! Thisgameis unique for its easy, simple and family-friendly control -withjust one finger. Don’t forget that such racing games are one ofthebest game genres to play alone or with your kids for learningnewskills such as problem solving, quick decision making, creativeandflexible thinking, fine-motor and working-memoryskills,self-control and hand-eye coordination
Monster Truck 3.3
Amazing addictive monster truck game with HD graphics. Drivethroughall obstacles to get to the finish level. Game hasinfinitely numberof randomly built levels. Enjoy it! Avoid all theobstacles on yourway, control your Monster Truck with Physicsbecause trucks tobounce, drift and tire slips as real driving! --Features: * TruePhysics realistic game, Realistic vehicle and realFUN! * Differentbackgrounds * Thrilling and addictive to everyone!* Stunning HDGraphics art design * Attractive background soundplay * Fast actionExtreme racing fun So, why you are waiting for?Everything abouttruck driving is here! Get fun.
Monster Truck Go for kids Free 1.0.8
VVRROOOM! Time for the big monster truck rally! Racingoverobstacles through beautiful landscapes, all headed to thefinishline. Your children will love this game! Choose from 12differentmonster trucks, all colorful with flashy paint jobs!Designed forchildren 2-8 years old, control of the monster trucksis verysimple and super fun! Travel up, down, under and through inthiscross country monster truck race to the finish line! Fromthewestern United States to Egypt, from the desert to the forest,evenfrom volcanos to Mars, enjoy these interesting maps justwaitingfor the children to explore! 10 game scenes and 12 monstertrucks.Loads of fun! Features: • Play 10 game scene • Play 12monstertrucks • Recommended for young children, 2-8 years old •Nothird-party ads Children love it and parents trust thisYatelanddesigner's awesome vision!
Off road racer monster truck: stunt game 1.0
Off road racer monster truck: stunt gamesBoost your monstertruckand break the speed limits to perform dangerous stunts. It’sapleasant surprise for monster truck games lovers. We have broughtabrand new speedy off road trucks race rally on this winter.Thedesert is set for the off road xtreme monster trucks and theoffroad stunts are about to start. You may have played othermonster4x4 dirt truck games, but this 4 wheel truck games drivergame willgives you amazing fun. Different amazing environments ofmonstertruck stunting games are set for your entertainment. Thisamazingstunts truck game requires drift trucks mad driving andfullcontrol over the dirt trucks bike. Now the time has come toshowyour daring stunts by driving 4x4 off road trucks 2018.Therealistic Physics of this game will test your 4 wheel truckgamesdriving skills on a whole new level. Off road terrain andhurdleswill be a real challenge for big wheel 4x4 trucks in thismonstertruck 3d racer game. This off road mud racing truck 4x4 gameisgives you a great chance to visit hilly mountain off roadareaswith your extreme racer trucks and do some stunts. Cash thischanceand become number one 4 wheel truck games driver. Gainqualitypoints and stay on top of leaders’ board of monster 4x4 dirttruckgames.Sports monster truck climbing simulator:The gameplay ofthisoff road racing game is amazingly very realistic. There isvastcollection of super stunts road 4x4 highway trucks to choose.Don’tbecome hypnotized, as these locations have deadly off roadtracksin this off road racer monster truck: stunt games. There aretwodifferent modes to play this Monster truck stunts racer 2018.Thefree play mode allows you to explore adventurous tracks inthistruck monster driving stunts game. The level mode is consistingofdifferent challenges of monster truck stunting games. Theplayerhas to complete all challenges to clear this career mode inthistruck driving racing game. There is a time limit to completeeverytask in this truck stunt rally game. The 4 wheel truck gamesdrivercan earn money on finishing every stage in this truck legendsracegame. Use this money to buy new monster trucks in this drifttrucksimulator game. You can choose your 4 wheel truck in thishillytruck rider and ATV quad bike game. Also, unlike other heavyracetruck games, the off road terrain and hurdles will be arealchallenge for you All drift truck games and monster drivinggamescome with domestic ATV quad bikes, cars and monster truckdrivingcontrols. There are three different controls in this offroadtrucks stunts race game. You can use steering wheel, gyrosensor ortilt device and there are direction buttons as well inthis Monstertruck stunts racer 2018. You can switch controllersfrom settingsmenu of this Monster 4x4 truck rally: riding game. Thechangeablecamera view is really a helping hand in this off roadtrucks stuntsrace game. You can change the angles and viewpoints bytapingcamera icon in this drift rider truck game. There is a truckHPpower indicator to show reaming power in this truck legendsracerally game. You can choose all the Xtreme 4x4 vehicleslike,driving trucks, quad bikes, extreme ATV bikes, and othermountainvehicles in this Hill mountain bike: monster truck game. Soridestunt trucks and show off extreme riding skills on off-roadtrickytrack in this Sports monster truck climbing simulatorBest ofLuck…!ATV dirt bike riding Moto games: Features:Awesome realistic3DgraphicsMultiple auto monster trucks to choosefromExtremeprecision driving simulatorNitrous boost to speedoverobstaclesDifferent amazing locationsRealistic game soundsEasyandsimple controls If you have no wifi, you can play off roaddirtquad bike: riding game absolutely free.So quickly downloadthisinteresting Monster truck hill rider ultimate game of 2017,2018offered by Gamers Pulse from Google Play Store on yourandroidsmart phones.
Monster Truck Racing Game: Crazy Offroad Adventure 1.2
Take your driving skills to one step ahead. This is thebestgraphics 3D Monster Truck driving game. This game is not justaboutthe usual monster truck driving experience. Instead it isanemulsion of clarity, precision and accuracy. Get behind thewheelsof heavy MMX Monster Truck and show extreme stunts onvaryingelevation at deadliest tracks. Enjoy the ultimate fun ofdriving4x4 Monster truck on off-road malignant tracks and enjoyvariouslevels of extreme game play options. Lets topple everythingwhichcomes in your way while playing this solo Monster TruckRacing.Monster Truck Simulator gives you the ultimate pleasureofperforming lethal sports stunts on monster 4 wheel drive.Enjoydriving 4x4 heavy duty 3D Monster truck in dusky and acutehazyenvironments. Splashing off water in jungle and squirting awaytheoff-road spotty tracks with the fun to unleash the optimumheavyduty steering skills. Do not scramble in this fast moving3DMonster truck, all you need to control is the bumpy andloftyoff-road tracks with the intuition to become master driver.Passingthrough highway trails, dusky off-road village tracks,extremebumpy roadsides and ice-cold Siberian rocky tracks is thecharm ofthis Monster Truck Simulator. Monster Truck Simulatorprovides youwith the opportunity to upgrade your heavy duty vehiclewith smoothlustrous wheels and advance dashboard options to enjoythe bestride with variety of custom cars. Get over the inspiringhurdlesand speed through the scary dangerous loops plunging thesteepcurvy road tracks. Become the stunt hero of 4 wheel monsterRace inthis virtual 3D game play.How to play Monster TruckSimulator:Showyour excellent rally driver skills to control overthis Monstertruck in hilly areas while speeding your 4x4 MonsterTruck. Useintelligent driving skills for a smooth drive whileperformingstunts and racing challenges. Use scorching nitro boostto demolisheverything that comes in your way and accelerate as theleadingMonster Truck Simulator in the rally driving. Change thebackgroundfeatures to enjoy the best ride and earn as many coins asyou canby completing the missions in career mode. You can also optfordifferent surprise stunt missions that comes in your way byholdingon to the rally competitions so to equip your 4 Wheel Jeepbyearning easy coins. What are you waiting for? play the bestracinggame with this Extreme Monster Trucks.Monster Truck RacingGame:Crazy Offroad Adventure Features:- Exciting stuntperformingmissions to become the stunt master of all times- Extremerallydriving game play to unleash your soul in the modern era gameplay-Breathtaking tracks, off-road hill sides, lush green yards-Monster wheels to enjoy heavy duty driving experience -Varyingcareer levels and 3D graphics to enjoy better ride- Smoothsteeringand vigilant grip of Monster Truck wheels - Hydrualicbrakes toensure least damage to the 4x4 Monster Truck on bumpytracks-Multiple camera angles to apply best driving strategy forwinningmore coins- Enjoy pairing up with your friends to toppletheopponents in team rally challengesTime to go crazy withfastMonster Truck 3D on deadly tracks.
Monster Truck Offroad Rally 3D 1.16
Forget about comfortable driving!Drive as a professionalrallydriver in our game. Jump to the cabin of monster truck, be intimeand don't underestimate the 4x4 truck. Drive it and completeallmissions in Monster Truck Offroad Rally 3D. If you aren'trallydriver, you can drive a truck in the Monster Truck OffroadRally3D. Try the driving across offroad terrain and enjoytheatmosphere. Drive fast, don't lose the control of your truckduringthe rally. Feel like an offroad SUV driver with our drivinggame!Drive truck from one rally location to another.Features ofMonsterTruck Offroad Rally 3D:- Offroad monster truck driving-3Dgraphics- Monster truck upgrades- Powerful truck 4x4- Easydrivingcontrols- Difficult missions- Free Ride and CareerIt is agreatdriving game! Learn how to drive monster truck and beaccurate.Takepart in monster truck offroad rally and fight withoffroad terrain!Test the power of monster truck. Deep into theoffroad truckdriving. Do you like offroad? So, it is time to tryour MonsterTruck Offroad Rally 3D. Drive truck 4x4 to feel thepower ofmonster. Try driving without roads. A great rally formen!Get readyfor offroad missions.Drive truck 4x4 to complete tasksand exploreoffroad terrains with hills and mud. Test your offroadskills withthe truck driving. Monster truck is the best SUV ever!Drive anddeal with offroad tasks.Enjoy the offroadatmosphere!Completedriving orders. Do it in time, monster truck isvery fast. Try thepower of a big truck with offroad driving. Befast, rally is hard.Use a navigation map to find the route. Findnew offroad ways todrive your monster truck in the rally.Today isthe best day todrive a monster truck in our rally.Try our MonsterTruck OffroadRally 3D, drive and enjoy!
Monster Truck Driver 3D 3
Be a monster truck driver in this exciting and dangerousoffroadgame. Choose your favorite big pickup jeep and climb throughsteepmountain roads.
Monster Truck Dirt Rally - race in tough offroad! 1.0
Offroad driving goes to a new level - hardcore rally racingonmonster truck in on! Monster Truck Dirt Rally is your chancetotake part in the most extreme kind of rally. Racing offroad on4x4bigfoot is way more fun that driving usual rally cars.Startdriving monster trucks - rally racing is redefined in ournewoffroad simulator!Features of Monster Truck DirtRally:OFFROADRACING - drive in extreme offroad conditionsDIFFERENTMONSTERTRUCKS - choose a bigfoot you like and driveRACNIG UPGRADES-upgrade engine, brakes and tires for better drivingFREEDRIVINGMODE - explore offroad locations and test your trucksIt’syouagainst offroad!Master monster trucks driving throughoffroadlandscapes. Your 4x4 bigfoot can overcome any terrain inoursimulator, but rally racing requires different kind ofdriving.Drive your monster trucks fast and accurate, driving offthe trackis punishable in the racing simulator. Offroad rally istoughsport! Are you read you ready for monster truck racing?Terrain andtime trial!Rally racing simulator has two mainchallenges for amonster truck driver - offroad terrain and time.Drive your 4x4bigfoot smart - monster tuck can overcome any offroadobstacle, useit! And drive your monster truck fast - racing gamesare aboutbeing fast, our rally simulator is no exeption. Get goodin offroadmonster truck driving, and racing success is yours!Freedrivingmode!Explore vast offroad locations on your monster trucksin freeride mode! Use it to test the abilities of your bigfoot,honedriving skills and train for rally racing. Or just drive forfunand enjoy offroad atmosphere of the racing simulator! Trythedriving freedom of Monster Truck Dirt Rally!Monster truck rallyiskind of racing for real men! Try in Monster Truck Dirt Rally!
Monster Truck Crot 2 3.0.4
AS Digital
Monster Truck Stunt Crot 2---Is an Action Racing Game, Allow youtoexplore Black Zombie Forest since the world was destroyed byvirusof zombie, and all you can do is to find zombie nest anddestroythem all to revive the world from the zombie virusbeat allthebeast Vehicle don't let them drag you and destroy yourMonsterTruck.---You can choose your favorite Monster Truckthere are27Monster Truck ready to race again the beast and zombie.Destroythemand collect their coin to collect more Monster Truck.Hitallzombie, and let her head fly and swing freely but carefullywiththe Missileshe will bring you down and surprise you!!---AllGraphicwas designed for HD Resolution, Massive, and Fun---Kill allzombie,clear all level to unlock endless modeBeat all player scoreand getthe top should play this game or the zombie wouldbe inyour houseSave the world and play to kill all zombiedriveyourAwesome Monster Truck,--Monster Truck Crot ExtremelyAddictive,feel massive gameplayyou should Play this GameHighlyRecommended--Walkthrough/Guide:
Monster Truck Factory Games 1.0
Best truck racing & factory simulator is in the town! Anamazingtrucks maker & garage game is here for all sportsvehicleslovers. After the success of car factory & makersimulator, Kidsfun studio presents another repairing game MonsterTruck Factorygames. Truck car maker game for all super monsterstrucks buildersand wash game lovers. Our simple interface makes iteasy for kids toplay independently and bringing them a simple yettotally fun andentertaining gameplay!Little repairman! Dreamed tocreate supermonsters? Now you can in our truck game! Likemotorcycles and sportsbikes. You can build sports cars and 4x4monster trucks using easytools to buildup famous racing heavylorry and mini cars. Are yourready to be behind the steer wheel ofyour custom 4X4 monstertruck?Be a truck designer, creator andmanufacturer in this minitrucks factory & maker simulator gamefor crazy mechanics. Bestcar show room is now opened in your cityand they are providingprofessional services to make and repairyour dream cars. In thisworkshop you can make customized vehiclesof different models anddesigns. Get ready to use your expert autovehicle builder skills toassemble new racing mini monsters.Assemble Parts In this truckmaking and care game, select thevehicles part from different cars,select body, now assemble thebody parts and engine to rebuild inthis garage station salon. Becareful, assemble the whole truckelegantly to avoid any damage ontruck’s body structure. Once youare done with the assembling oftruck parts, now join and fix up thetires on truck’s body. Fix theEngine in the Truck Now drag theengine on the assembly line andadjust it in the car. Fix the engineusing ranch and other moderntools and equipment’s. Change theengine oil and make the enginework properly. Paint & Polish theauto vehicle Paint, Polishthe auto vehicle with different colors,select the best color andpaint your heavy vehicle through autopaint machine. Use bestpossible colors to make your truck looksuper cool and awesome. Nowmove your truck from polish assemblyline to give final and perfectshinny look. Wash and look up thetruck before it leaves thegarage. This Truck factory is real timeexperience of build up, fixup and create the trucks in bestpossible way. Mini 4x4 MonsterTruck Testing Examine the truck wellbefore it leaves the factoryfor truck servicing shop. Examine themonster trucks like an autodoctor and fix all the damages. Thiscrazy car& sports vehiclesalon spa game is best for kids wholike washing and repairinggames.
Monster Truck Speed Stunts 3D 1.3
What is Monster Truck Speed Stunts all about?Have you ever dreamtofdriving a Monster Truck? Get behind the wheels of thesemassivevehicles, and perform gut wrenching stunts! Spin around inthemonster trucks and become the stunt champion. Jump overthrillingobstacles and speed through terrifying loops! This newstunt gameis going to blow your mind right off the race track! Getset forloads of adventures and tons of exciting challenges!FeaturesofMonster Truck Speed Stunts 3D•14 Monster Trucks tounlock•Fantasystunt environments•Extreme precision drivingsimulator•Realisticmonster truck driving experience•Amazingbackground music•Awesome3D graphicsMonster trucks are going to beyour new favoriteaddiction!About TapinatorTapinator (Ticker: TAPM)develops andpublishes games on leading mobile platforms. TheCompany’sportfolio includes over 250 mobile gaming titlesthat,collectively, have achieved over 350 million playerdownloads.Tapinator is headquartered in New York. For more info,
Offroad Grand Monster Truck Hill Drive 1.0
Gamers Bell
If yes then wait is over! We bring an amazing best offroadtruckgame for you which will be totally based on real physics4x4racing. You never drive the hill climb truck before so pick uptheopportunity and become an expert driver of hill racingmonstertruck offroad. To do hill driving you can select heavyenginevehicles from the garage in this monster derby truck racinggame.Choice is yours whether you go offroad first or hillside todomonster truck stunts. You can amaze yourself with super truckdriveto drive the offroad monster truck in different zigzag paths.Youhave played many offroad games before like hill car driving ,4x4prado games but this mmx hill dash truck game is different fromallthose and I will sure that you love to drive this crazytruck.Wedesigned this monster derby truck racing game with HDgraphics and3D environment which will make it more attractive andyou neverbored to play this offroad hill driving 3d. But to dooffroaddriving you have some skills of driving otherwise you neverdrivehill climb truck. The offroad monster hill climb is adifficultgame so you have to drive carefully on the impossiblecrazytrack.You can also learns the parking techniques too byplayingthis offroad rally game. The controls of the monster uphilltruckdriving are very smooth and realistic that everyone can driveiteasily either he is an expert monster driver or a beginner.Thehill climb race HD is the best for the beginners who want tolearndriving. Buckle up your seat belt and get ready for supertruckdrive with tilt steering brake pedals or control buttons. Sodrivethe offroad monster truck and avoid hitting the obstaclesotherwisethe level failed. We also add a beautiful camera view anda qualityback ground music which will give you a real fun to playthisoffroad monster truck game. We bring this real monster forallages. Kids also loved to play this crazy truck driving. Sostopthinking and get ready for the offroad journey to do mountainclimbwith heavy engine truck. Make your journey a beautifuladventure todo monster truck stunts.There are multiple challenginglevels inthis Offroad Grand Monster Truck Hill Drive. To completethe levelsyou have to follow the checkpoints on the way to offroaddriving.There are two modes to do offroad driving or hillsidedriving inthis euro truck offroad drive. One is the free mode andthe otheris the career mode. In free mode of offroad monster truckdrivingthere is no time limitation and this is the best for thosewho wantto learn driving and the career mode is based on time limitso tosurvive in career mode you have to drive fast to complete thelevelon time offroad jeep driving. Impossible and muddy tracks willgiveyou more fun to drive the monster offroad truck. To clear allthecheckpoints and uphill drive park your monster truck onparkingplace. Complete the levels step by step and earn the coinstounlock the levels. So hurry up pick your devices and installthisOffroad grand Monster truck Hill Drive from play store andalsogive us five stars. Do give us your feedback. Thankyou!***Featuresof the game ***Stunning graphics Multiple tracks andchallenginglevelsDifferent heavy engine monster trucks Smoothcontrols 3Denvironment and quality soundAddictive game playChallenging andadventurous levels to playAttractive user interfaceand a top notchsoundCamera view and multiple checkpointsBestdrivingexperienceReady to download with no money
Extreme Monster Truck Stunt Parking Driving School 1.31
faiza azad
Extreme Monster Trucks Stunt Parking Driving School freegamesChained Zombie games level Now available for mobile,unkilledzombies those cant be kill with guns are chained withBigfoot ,drive them away.Chained Construction Machine parking levelmore fungames.Classic Euro Transport truck : Chained Euro Truckavailablefor pulling up on RampsChained Fighter girl Pull out fromboxingarena level : Boxing Girl chained with truck is ready forpullingout from boxing arena , take her out so that we can stopfight,those gangster girls stop fighting.Chained EURO OILTANKERtransport Truck parking level chained with Big footTruck,Dragitover the dirt track and dont crash, its really important todeliverthe Oil tanker to destination. Chained Taxi Car Level :TaxiDriving is really fun , but this time game bring extra fun ,towyour taxi car instead of driving it after sitting ondriverseat,pull it with heavy truckSpider Hero Man Rush Driving :SpiderHero Man Just god Driving licence and excited to sit onMonsterwheels Truck and ready for sky stunts help the spider heroDriverin driving Monster Wheels truck.Extreme Monster Truck StuntParkingDriving School is the best offroad monster trucks stuntDrivingsimulator game of 2018 !!!Dirt Tracks stunt Rush driving isreallyHard task for monster truck Driver,you need to Jam those Bigfootwheels with steering in full control while jumping over cars,likeflying your monster trucks in air and land onedestination.MonsterTruck Rush Driving madness is something thatreally take your fullmind working you cannot be a good driverwithout using your mindfully, car driving , truck driving , cargotruck driving is not ahard task for new drivers , But monsterwheels handling while doingstunt job is professional job.Crush thecars for fun aftercompleting tasks.Ultimate Parking fever : Aftersitting one Bigfootmonster trucks its natural to cool down yourmadness and parkingfever by reaching destination, destruction ofthose abandoned carswill make you feel crazy before parking yourtrucks , crush maximumcars, dont forget to Drift your hot wheels onspiral tracks , realspiral track drifting is real fun in this gameso drift like realcrazy driver.On advance levels Hard barriers youneed to crosswithout any Bridge , you can speedup you truck wheelsand jump fromthe ramp to other side of dirt stadium , its reallyhard to crossthe the level without real Bridge , but forprofessional driver itseasy task.Ready For climb on stunt rampswith full speed racingwheels of 4x4 truckers , racing with timewill really put extra funin ramp climb levels , no hill but reallychallenging spiral rampclimb missions to reach the parking area ,hard stadium arenaparking with full fun.Impossible heavy duty rushdirving with fullauto controls and realistic physics based drivinggame full ofstunt experience multilevel simulator , careful whenstartingtrucker engine as stadium arena is dangerous forunexperienceddrivers , stay focused on your goal , fly over thehurdles to reachthe parking arena in sky , Drift and burn yourtrucker wheels.DeadZombies chained with monster trucks , drivethose chained zombiesto and deadly furiousunkilled zombies are now outof control due to immortal bodiesbullets and other weapons uselessso we used sliver chains to catchthem and chained with our supertrucks so that you can throw themaway from city.lets practice ofdriving zombies and crush with bigburning wheels. New Fantasticlevels with amazing gameplay likepulling transports trucks withcargo like monster truck and racingcars on trailer , Climb untracks like climb on uphill tracks ,crush unkilled zombies andcrush them with Bigfoot trucks ,pull theUSA euro truck to parkingdestination.All in One Extreme MonsterTruck Stunt Parking DrivingSchool Game, so lets push gas paddle andspeed the wheelsDownloadNow,share you experience.
Monster Trucks X: Mega Bus Race 1.3
Are you a monster truck professional?Are you ready for somerealmonster truck action? Use your professional skills to completethedangerous missions in this racing game! Race with powerfulmonstertruck buses to the finish line. Use the weight of yourmonstertruck to burst through obstacles and become the trackdestroyer.Get ready to make loopings and big jumps. Become the MegaBusracing games champion!A professional need to win!As aprofessionalmonster truck driver, you need to win prizemoney.Choose yourfavorite monster truck or mega bus! Upgrade your racingcar in thegarage. With whole new tracks, this is going to be yourbiggestracing challenge! This game is for professional monstertruckdrivers. Are you one of them?In short:Drive your monstertrucks orbuses over the professional tracks. Earn cash and buy newtrucks.Complete all mega racing missions.Key Features:✔Professionalmonster trucks and buses!✔ Make loopings, big jumps anddrive ondangerous roads!✔ Challenge your friends to beat your highscore!✔Stunt your way through the race tracks!✔ More mountain bikecyclinggames and blocky farm games coming soon!
Beach Truck Water Surfing – 3D Fun Driving Sim 1.0
Beach Truck Water Surfing – 3D Fun Driving Sim in the real 3Dwateron impossible tracks. Truck surfing and truck floating racegame ishere in which you have to race and drive 4x4 water monstertruck onwater surface and amuse impossible beach truck stunts inrealchallenging environment. Show your daredevil 4x4 monstertruckstunt skills and taste adventure to become a beach mastertruckstunt? Amaze everyone with your stunting skills and 4x4drivingskills while executing of some dangerous stunts on waterofsea.Beach Truck Water Surfing – 3D Fun Driving Sim is aracingtruck jeep for making crazy stunts on impossible tracks inwaterand adventurous routes. Driving, surfing and riding 4x4 car onthebeach are fun but what about surfing on water with yourfavoritemonster truck. Play and improve your truck driving skills.4x4Truck surfing is easy to learn but very challenging tomaster.Speed and fast drive will increase your 4x4 Truck ridingexpertise.Run your water surfer monster truck on the beach and raceon theimpossible tracks of water.Play Beach Truck Water Surfing –3D FunDriving Sim as the underwater floating monster trucks thatwillmake you crazy while floating, racing and surfing in thiswatersurfer 4x4 truck floating race. This newest and unique watersurfertruck driving simulator game is to enjoy the thrill rideacross thesea spaces and road tracks. This Beach Truck WaterSurfing – 3D FunDriving Sim game is perfect for real water boatlovers. Water trucksurfing with combines excellent visuals, waterracing in one of thebest stunning riding games.Features of BeachTruck Water Surfing –3D Fun Driving Sim: - Different water 4x4trucks to drive, surf,ride, float or drift.- Numbers of modifiedtrucks available forbeach and water driving.- Tough and Impossibletracks into thewater.- 3D real water and beach realisticenvironment.- Smooth andrealistic water car jeep controls.- Free toride, race, float andmaking bike stunts in the water.- Simple andeasy water surfer carfloating race game play.- Detailed gameplaywith immense sea beachfor water driving.ABOUT US: We, Game SimStudios, provideentertainment with responsibility to maintainquality. We alwayswelcome feedback and comments. You are requestedto review andcomment so that we can make games better for ourvaluableplayers.Please remain intact for updates. Formoreinformation,
Crazy Monster Truck 5.16.2
Giochi Tana
Crazy Monster is a 4x4 simulator which bring real physics ofMonsterTruckCrazy Monster Truck Features: • Loads of challenginghardmissions• Addictive game play with lots of fun• Crazy superstuntcars• Stunning visuals with highly-detailed environment•RealisticSounds for monster trucks destruction• New Impossiblemonster stunts• Smooth controls and addictive game playkindly giveus yourfeedback to improve this game.
Offroad Monster Truck Driving 1.0
Wallfish Inc.
Welcome to the Monster city to drive the offroad monster truckswithbig wheels and dangerous shapes. Get ready to take part in themostthrilling and exciting monster truck off road rally and becomethechampion of the off road truck driving. Drive the most amazingoffroad monster vehicles in this extreme hill climbing madness.Nowexperience the thrill of driving Monster Trucks over amazingjumpfilled tracks with lots of ramps. Become the top notch 4x4roadersin this offroad extreme monster truck stunt game of 2017.If you area fan of monster truck freestyle game than this game isfor youbecause in this 4-wheel freestyle drive you will be racinginextreme conditions with dirt bikes and other monster trucks.Offroadmonster truck driving is an addiction in which you enjoyextremedriving in offroading games. This game provide the bestphysicsengine of these monster trucks so that you can enjoy theextremefreestyle monster truck races.Get behind the steering wheelof your4x4 monster truck and get ready to do stunts and racingchallenges.Skids, jumps, smash cars, rocks and even a miniaturecannon with anunderground circuit. Take part in monster truckoffroad rally andfight with offroad terrain.Experience cuttingedge graphics, groundbreaking physics, amazing cars andadrenaline-filled excitement inmonster truck hill climbinggame.This one of a kind sim gameincludes tons of courses with hugejumps, hill-climbs, raisedplatforms, loop-the-loops andunbelievable angled roads designed tochallenge the best drivers.Complete driving orders. Do it in time,monster truck is very fast.Try the power of a big truck withoffroad driving. Be fast, rallyis hard. Use a navigation map tofind the route. Find new offroadways to drive your monster truck inthe rally.★★Off road MonsterTruck Driving Features★★★ Endlessmonster truck racing that willchallenge you with multipleenvironments★ Exciting Extreme StuntDriving courses to master! ★Customisable control methods (tilt,buttons,Steering wheel) ★Upgrade and customize your monster truck!★ Enjoy the mad mayhemoffline on your smartphone★ Amazing blazemonster truck adventure
Monster Truck Driving Rally 1.08
i6 Games
Go offroad and up seriously steep Monster Truck Driving Rally,allthrills offroad truck racer simulator! Have fun in a allaccessopen world environment, filled with places to explore andhundredsof collectibles to grab! !! AVAILABLE TO DOWNLOAD FOR FREE!!Choosefrom a wide selection of amazing offroad 4x4 racing trucks,fullyequipped for the tough offroad terrain and tall mountains toclimb.Unlock all trucks by completing challenges and collecting allthecollectibles hidden all over the world!Start your engines,explorewherever you want, drive all sorts of offroad 4x4 trucks toclimbsteepest hills of the map. Can't make up a hill? why not try anewtruck, each truck comes with their own stats so you can getupquicker and easier with better trucks! Crash your waythroughenvironment objects; smash into fences, walls, postboxes,firehydrants, lampposts, and more!Over 250 collectibles tocollect,time to start exploring ever high point of the world andeveryhideaway. Collect all them all to unlock even better trucks!Comeand join in with the fun of climbing tall hills in huge wheeled4x4offroad trucks in Monster Truck Driving Rally, availabletodownload for free!
Offroad Monster Truck Hill Race 1.2
Are you ready for offroad monster truck hill racing?? Yes youshouldplay this offroad monster truck hill race game and racemonstertruck in mountains and hilly areas. In this Monster truckgame realmonster trucks with different shapes and engine power areavailablefor you have to select any monster truck or jeep car forhill racingand start to climb hills in mountains. You have tofollow the pathcheck the points and reach the destination in thegiven time. Trackis very dangerous on which you have to race yourmonster truck.Don't speed up offroad truck on the adventuroushilly roads you mayfall from a big height and level will befailed. Drive monster truckcarefully don't make crazy stunts inmountains it may be risky foryou. Climb hills in mountain andenjoy the nature's beauty ofmountains. Enjoying the nature frominside the monster truck looksvery beautiful. Crazy monster truckdriving in mountains is reallyvery difficult for beginners of citytruck drivers. In city roadsare plane and also does not curvy butin mountain roads are fullycurvy around the hills. You just haveto practice to drive and racemonster truck again and again youwill be able to drive monstertruck successfully in hills. Anyother vehicle e.g. bus, car or jeepcan't go uphill in the deadlymountains just monster truck comesunder powerful monster vehicleswhich can be drive in hilly will visit the top hills onthe monster truck and enjoy it. Itis not a Indian truck ,cargotruck, euro truck or 4x4 American trucklike other offroad hillclimb trucks. It's just a simple monstertruck that is used toclimb hills and reach on the top hills. Thisgame is just for thosedrivers who like to drive 4x4 monster truckin mountains and loveto enjoy the nature. Mostly this truck isbeing used by touristswho climb hills and for researchers whoperform research onmountains.Smooth and realistic monster truckcontrols will help tocontrol it easily by everyone either he isexpert monster truckdriver or he is beginner. Game play of thisoffroad monster truckhill race game is also very simple and easythat everyone can enjoythis driving so don't worry just installthis truck game and enjoythe nature in real life.Offroad Monstertruck Hill Race Features:It is the best truck simulation gameever Different 4x4 monstertrucks and 4x4 monster jeeps to driveand climb hills 3D realisticmountain environment  Challenging andadventurous levels tocomplete circles to collect in the way untildestination  Offroadhill climbing on real monster truck Differentfrom other mountaintruck games  smooth and realistic offroadmonster truck controlssimple and easy game play  Attractive Userinterfaces and totallyfree to playJust install it and enjoy thebest features of thisoffroad monster truck hill race game. Giveyour feedback afterplaying this game.
Crazy Monster Bus Stunt Race 1.6
AWESOME MONSTER TRUCK AND STUNT BUS SIMULATORIn this epic hillclimbparcours stunt arena you are the designated crazy stuntingdriverthat has to get the best score on every level! Unlock andpurchasethe fastest, biggest and best monster truck and stuntingbus to winevery level. Become the all time best crazy stuntingdriver in thisstunt mania monster truck bus simulator! Racethrough the crazystunting parcours of the stunt mania arena andstay ahead of youropponents! Become the parcours racing legendwhen you leave all youropponents behind!Key Features:✔ Epic hillclimb missions in thecrazy stunting arena!✔ Become the crazy stuntmania legend of thisawesome legend!✔ The most amazing racing gameever!✔ More angrydinosaur and flying car games coming soon!
Monster Truck Game for Kids 2.7.9
Raz Games
Monster Truck racing game for young kids and toddlers. EvenAdultswill love this game. if your children love monster trucks,thenthis is for them! a simple monster truck racing game foryoungchildren and toddlers between the age of 2 and 7. big buttonsmakeit easy for the child to play the game, including the horn,jump,music, accelerate and brake. no difficult obstacles so thechildcan always reach the end of the level. the car wont flip!There is12 Monster Trucks to choose from including the bat monstertruck,earn coins in game to get new trucks by running over cars.and 10levels of jumping hill climb fun in this kids and toddlersracinggame. Pop the balloons as every kid loves at the end of eachraceto earn more coins! Monster Truck game helps your childunderstandthe educational mechanics of using mobile and tabletdevices.Features: * 12 Monster Trucks to choose from * 30 Levels toplay *Fun and HD graphics * 5 different kids music sound tracks forthechild to switch between. * Cute Monster trucks, engine, hornsounds* Balloon pop game at the end of each race. + much more.
Police Truck Driver Simulator 4.2
Game Tap
Ever wanted to drive a 4x4 police monster truck in city andperformstunts and big jumps on very high ramps. The best truckdrivingsimulator where you can get behind the police monstertruck's wheeland jump off the ramps on a very high speed. You candrive manypolice super cars with big tyres in the sity environment.Enjoy theday scene and cruise around the city with your policetruck. PoliceTruck Driver is a simulator game where you become thepolice truckdriver and test your driving skills by driving themonster cars.Perform as many stunts and jumps as you can in theexciting funfilled simulator game. Collect NOS canisters to unlockothermodified police trucks to race with tons of SUV police carswithbig tyres. In Police Truck Driver Simulator be ready to exploretheenvironment and crush city props with gigantic tyres.GameFeatures: - Lots of exciting modified cars and bus with bigtyres -Awesome 3D realistic stunts, ramps and jumps - Real looking3D cityenvironment - No limit of action stunts - Super coolgraphics -Easy and simple driving controls - Smooth and fun filledgameplay -Free to download simulator game
Monster Truck Desert Death Race 3D 1.0.3
Monster Truck Desert Death Race 3D is one of the monstertruckracing game you want. Drive and get a realistic experienceofawesome graphics. This a top monster truck driving game, youneedto stop your search now because you are going toexperiencesomething spectacular. Play the most addictive monstertruck deathracing adventure 2017. You may have already played thedifferentracing monster truck games, but this time you areexploiting forthe realistic off-road racing simulation in thedesert safari offroad tracks. This truck racing adventure is atotally uniqueexperience of the off road 4x4 monster trucksimulator games. Useyour monster truck driving skills and get readyfor the thrillingoff road monster-truck driving missions to performsome acrobaticstunts in the safari desert racing arena.The awesomemonster truckdesert death race 2017 tests your off-road truckdriving skills andbecome a furious off-road driver of the monstertruck drivinggames. The monster-truck racing simulator has enhancedfeaturinggameplay which is very challenging but people who enjoygamephysics of the vehicles it would be an extremelywonderfulexperience in monster truck race games 2017 3D to driveand controlthe racing trucks easily just like an automatic racingvehicle. Thetruck driving game strategy has simple racingchallenges with thedeadly surrounding visuals of the safari desert.Show youradaptation in the desert safari racing win this realisticmotorrace without any fear of the death. Start the extrememonster-truckdrift race as a pro racer to fulfill your motor racingfever. Enjoythe most amazing racing simulator game on the twistedturns andasphalt tracks to travel the furious mountains hillperforming thedeadly stunts.This fast-paced Monster Truck DesertDeath Race ismade in real time physics, so you could test yourdriving skills inthe deadliest desert racing arena. Drive yourmotor engine to racefast as you can, and keep distance from othervehicles if you wantto win the race and become a champ. Drivesafely to avoid bumpingwith other vehicles. Real truck drive sambasreal-time physicsbased engine and smooth controlling system. Tapthe accelerator todrive safely to go at the destination of theracing end in themonster truck desert death race. This grand truckdriving gameoffers thrilling and challenging levels to play andbecome champ.Clear previous level to unlock more difficult levels.This giganticjeep race has most addictive gameplay and features.Feel free todownload and enjoy the most realistic off road monsterjeep drivinggame. Game play:• Select your favorite Monster Truckand swiping•Select from very hard levels• Tap the accelerator tomove faster•Use side arrows to move truck left or right.• Tap braketo stop andreverse.• Clear the previous level to unlock more.• Getcash toupgrade/buy new monster jeep• Stunning 3D HD qualitygraphics.•Breathtaking visuals.• Incredible sound effects.• Smooth;realisticand flexible controls.• Realistic experience of racinggame.•Challenging and engaging game play.• Multiple modes andmultiplelevels game play.
Monster Truck Builder & Maker 1.0.1
Be a designer, creator and manufacturer of big lorry in thismonstertruck builder game for crazy mechanics. Best car show roomis nowopened in your city and they are providing professionalservices tomake and repair your monster vehicles. In this workshopyou can makecustomized vehicles of different models and designs.If you likesports car you can make one in this best mechanic game.Little carrepairman get ready to use your expert car builderskills toassemble heavy duty trucks.Join auto truck body parts andengine torebuild it in this service station salon. Assemble thewhole monstertruck elegantly to avoid any damages on truck body orpaint. Garagewars are going on, to compete you need to providebest servicesusing modern tools and machines. This 4x4 truck makergame isextreme fun for truck care and wash games lovers.Firstselect thevehicle to create from 3 super trucks. Assemble thepolished trucksbonnet, tyres, engine and lights. Wash the monstertruck before itleaves the workshop. Monster truck & fix it isa real likeexperience of making vehicles. Now Download thisamazing truck makersalon game and have fun!