Top 6 Games Similar to FPS Craft Battle Royale Free Online

Danger Close - Battle Royale & Online FPS 2020.5.3
👑Fight intense battles in our NEW Battle Royale mode!Thismodefeatures 5 brand new weapons, our largest map yetandseveralexciting mechanics such as recoil, looting and aninventorysystem!Will you be the last player standing? Have anyproblems?Reach outon Discord, Twitter or mail, we're here to help!🎯ControlsWith oureasy and intuitive controls you will dominatethebattlefield innotime! Choose sensitivity, auto-fire, and muchmore.🎯Maps 8 Mapsin a variety of locations with more to come!Battle onalienplanets, in the middle of a bank heist or on apirateinfestedisland! 🎯Gamemodes Help your team dominate inclassicTeamDeathmatch or go solo in Free For All! Stay tuned foraBattleRoyale mode coming soon. 🎯No interruptions Focus onhoningyourskill without disturbing pop-up ads! Danger Close istheultimateonline multiplayer FPS game for mobile with FPP,tacticalgunplay,proper map design and a fun progression system! Wehavespent a lotof time making the game a fun experience with alargeselection ofweapons, skins and grenades!
Battle Bears Gold 2018.08.28
SkyVu Inc.
Epic multiplayer shooter battle royal with an all newBattleRoyalemode with a new map and music! Last bear standing winsGasCans!BEST APP EVER AWARDS WINNER! Best Action & ArcadeGame(1st)Best Soundtrack (1st) Best App Ever (2nd) Best GameSeries(2nd)Best Game Controls (HM) Best Multiplayer (HM) MostAddictiveGame(HM) Most Innovative Game (HM) Top 50 Game SeriesbySlideToPlayTop 50 Game Developer by PocketGamer Join yourfriendsin thisfunny & addictive class-based online multiplayershooterforeveryone! Dominate the fortnight with 11 heroes, tonsofwackyweapons, battlegrounds, fort equipment, and playagainstmillionsof warriors worldwide. EASY TO PLAY! 11 Hero Classeswithdistinctabilities: ARBITER: Sanchez COMBAT TECH: SaberiASSASSIN:BotchASSAULT: B-1000 SOLDIER: Oliver HEAVY: RiggsDEMOLITION:TillmanHUGGABLE: Huggable SNIPER: Astoria CHUB SCOUT:Wil ENGINEER:GrahamThousands of unique LOADOUT combos: PRIMARYWEAPONSSECONDARYWEAPONS MELEES SPECIAL EQUIPMENT SKINS Choose yourPlayMode:Battle Royale with Cheese (NEW!) Team Deathmatch (TDM)Freefor All(FFA) Plant the Bomb Private Matches - Play withfriends!Intenseconsole-like gaming: HD Graphics Custom HUDPro-ModeOptionsPrivate Arenas Unique Battlegrounds TIPS: Adjustyourcontrol style& sensitivity in OPTIONS Join ourCommunity! INSTAGRAM@BattleBearsFACEBOOK@BattleBears TWITTER @BattleBears COLLECT ALLTHE BBTHINGS: BattleBears Soundtracks on YouTube Music, Spotify&iTunes MERCHcoming soon to Created by @BenVuandthe @SkyVuteam Special thanks to the BB community mods! - 2D Battle Royale 1.7
*This 2D Battle Royale online io game requires anactiveinternetconnection to play. ---- Do you love PVP andfantasy-basedgames?Go head-to-head with other players in thisexciting 2DBattleRoyale io game. Make use of a large variety ofunique itemsandequipment in your struggle to be the last onestanding! Wehaverecently added Duos to our game modes so you canplay withfriends.⚔ Thelast io - Current Features: - Solo (battleroyaleonline mode- fight by yourself versus other players) - Duos(battleroyaleonline mode - fight as a team with friends orstrangersversusother players) - Squads (battle royale online mode)- 20+uniqueequipment, including swords, axes, staves, gunsandmagicalaccessories. Choose your own combat style! - 350+uniquecosmeticsthat you can mix and match to customize yourcharacter -45+ badgesto be unlocked based on your progression - 30+queststhat you cancomplete to earn rewards - Ranking system so youcancompare yourskill to other players - Rewards that can be earnedinvariousways. - Twitch integration for streamers so otherplayerscan seewho's streaming (streamers appear on the titlescreen) -Playertutorial ⚔ Thelast io - Planned Features: - New map- Newitems andequipment - New cosmetics - Airdrop ⚔ Thelast io -How ToPlay:Once you join a match you'll appear in a lobby. Oncethematchbegins you will be carried over the map by an airship. Youcanjumpoff the airship when ready and free-fall or hold thedropbutton into descend more quickly. After you've landed you'llwantto find achest or break open containers to obtain weaponsanditems. You'llthen have to fight your way to the end of thematch,making use ofyour equipment, environment, and brain. As thematchprogresses thearea that you can safely travel in willgraduallybecome smallerand smaller. Do you think you can achievevictory inthis 2D BattleRoyale online io game? If you ever needhelp or wantto make newfriends to play with, visit our officialdiscordat:
Kuboom Arcade: 3D Shooter & Battle Royale 0.2
Hurricane top-down shooter with a beautiful graphicsandexcellentoptimization! Buy heroes and weapons, create your ownsetsofequipment, fight in a variety of modes and defeat thearmyofrivals. Become a super star in this arena full of dangersandbringyour clan to the top of the rating - straight totheTOP-1!FEATURES: ★ More than 50 units of various weapons, gunsforanymission! ★ Tuning weapons with modules: sights,silencers,lasers,enlarged clips, compensators and much more! ★ Alarge numberofskins for weapons and heroes! ★ Fast battles withranksandmatchmaking! ★ Well-designed and balanced maps! ★Goodoptimizationand high FPS! ★ Convenient and customizablecontrols! ★Clans withthe ability to conduct clan wars! ★ Beautifulgraphicsthat do nottake up much space on the phone!
Zombie Battle Royale 3D io game offline and online 2.1.0
Battle Zombie Royale Battle Zombie Royale is a simplebattleroyalegame with casual mechanics in cartoon zombieapocalypseworld.Survive in the apocalypse city, desert, forest,farm andmilitarybase. Use a wide variety of improvised items in abattlewhithzombie and players! Axes, pitchforks, constructiontools,guns,grenades, chemical weapons, body armor, flying shoes,fastfood,first-aid kits and much more! Grab whatever you want andtrytosurvive among zombie and other hunters! Fight whith zombieonahuge map with many cool places! Fun survival battle royalegame!Onyour phone! That’s it – Battle Zombie Royale! 💣TopfeaturesBattleZombie Royale: 💣 - Real-time 30-person battle againstplayersfromall over the world! - Fast and fascinating battles!Destroyallzombie! - Easy game controls! - Huge and interestinggamemap!Choose the landing place and don't get caught by zombie!-Broadarsenal of guns, axes, pitchforks, grenades and much more!-Coolitems to loot – search and collect them on thebattlefield!-Enormous cards collection that open up a tons ofnewweapons,boosters, game modes and enemies! Collect them all!-Pocket-sizeof survival Battle Royale You like Battle ZombieRoyaleif you likeother io games and games in battle royale modeorsurvival mode ina post-apocalyptic zombie world. io onlinegamesare simplemultiplayer games where you battle other players onandoffline totry and survive as long as possible. It's super funifzombie wantto eat you) Battle royale is a fun game modewhereplayers fight tosurvive in a limited space and be the lastmanstanding. Our battleroyale games are especially fast and funtoplay! Check it out! iogames offline are also available if youdon’thave an internetconnection.
Grand Battle Royale: Pixel FPS 3.4.7
Grand Battle Royale Season 2018! If you like militaryblockypixelgames and battle royale games then you will definitelylikeGrandBattle Royale! BATTLE in online multiplayer games whenyouplay thenew massive open world game! Survive thebattlegrounds,improveyour shooting skills, and develop new PVPtactics for FREE!Jumpout of the survival plane on the dead island,find the bestloot,kill the enemies. Players are spread around theisland unarmedandmust find and use various weapons and items toeliminateopponents.Find the best weapons you can: Assault Rifle,pixel gun,smg,shotguns and other weapons. Dominate the battlefieldby takingoneach opponent and become last survivor #1! Grab yourpixel gunandget shooting! The location of the battlegrounds is adistantislandwith dead city somewhere in the sea surrounded withamysteriousBlue Zone. Your main task is to stay inside the safezoneandeliminate all your enemies. Features: • Pixel Graphics&BlockyCharacters: Battle as hilarious blocky characters andshowyourstyle of gameplay. • Survive gun games against otherplayers!•Battle in Online Multiplayer Games: Intense PVPgameplayagainstplayers around the world! • Guns will randomlyappear, sosearchthe ground thoroughly! Survive by collecting moreguns so youhavean advantage over other players. • Just like in true3Dblocksurvival games, you can purchase any pixel block strikeskins.•Grab a pixel gun and dive into battle: Fun pixel graphicsgreatforintense shooting battles! • Big radiation island this istheplacewhere you have to survive while you playing in theblockycity. •Multiplayer game is absolutely free online gamefordownload.Become the last man standing, the last hero, the kingofthebattlefield! Good luck, good hunt! This game requiresaninternetconnection. Don’t miss out on the latest news: Join usonFacebook: FollowusonTwitter: Here is thepromocodefor a free reward: XXXYYZZZ