Top 3 Games Similar to Modern Fantasy Strike

Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery 1.0.20
Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP is an exploratoryactionadventure with an emphasis on audiovisual style. Traverse amythiclittle realm, use a sword to do battle & evoke sworcerytosolve mystical musical mysteries. Co-operate with friendsviaTwitter, experience a videogame world that is affected bymoonphases & help a wandering warrior monk complete herwoefulerrand.CRITICAL RESPONSE***** from TouchArcade***** from TheLondonTimes10/10 from Destructoid.com9.5/10"Gworgeous"remarks"Swo Engrossing""It's justwalking!?" observes Baiyon."BestMobile/Handheld" awarded by GameDevelopers Choice Awards2012S:S&S EP features an album's worthof original music bynoted composer Jim Guthrie as well as artwork& designs bySuperbrothers Inc, crafted & engineered byvideogame wizards atCapy in Toronto, Canada. For more details,feel free to stop byhttp://swordandsworcery.comJim Guthrie's Sword& Sworcery LP:The Ballad of the Space Babies is availabledigitally & limitededition vinyl.
Real Plane 3D Flight Simulator 2.1.0
Everyone dreams of flying at somepoint.Unfortunately, not everyone realizes that it’s possible toturnthose dreams into reality. But, if you are an aviationenthusiastseeking your first sport pilot flight, we will give youone of theeasiest and most inexpensive ways to fly for fun andrecreation.Hit the download button and immerse yourself in this newaviationadventure.Put yourself on the pilot’s seat and be ready to experiencenewindescribable feelings! Sharpen your reaction and attention andtryto catch all the rings on your way! You will see that therearedifferent circle colors: green, orange and red - from easy toharddifficulty. All flight simulator amateurs will be captivatedbythis amazing flight stunts game!Real Plane 3D Flight Simulator gives you the ability to explorethesky from the above and see the real world environments ontheground. The amazing 3D rocky environment will make you feeltheadrenaline rush as you start your personal jet towards theground.Keeping it under control can be a difficult task for anypilot.Pilot safely and make sure to not crash your lightaircraft,otherwise you need to restart your mission.Avoid different obstacles, perform amazing stunts, go sky-highandclear all the waypoints. All these maneuvers require agreatattention and concentration. Complete all the levels, flyquickly,and rule your plane through checkpoints before the timeruns out!Control the plane through amazing environments and enjoygreatviews from the pilot's cabin! Just fly and explore theworld!GAME FEATURES:--> Unforgeable flight experience – control your own jetandenjoy the rocky landscapes;--> Lots of highly detailed sports aircrafts;--> 24 different piloting missions;--> Time limit - be quick and accurate!--> Feel like a real pilot and make your dream come true!JOIN OUR COMMUNITIES:Facebook:
Modern Stealth Jet Fighters 1.0
Fly trough the sky find your target,inthisamazing 3D jet fighter air battlefield flight game.ModernStealthStrike jet Fighters is a super fun 3D air combatsimulationgamewhich you can get for free on your mobile device.Fly over 15 amazing air combat battlefield strike withyourchosenjet fighter and play defend and attack missions.Use your fly skill as a stealth jet fighter pilot, shoot andblowupthe enemy planes out of the skies.Make sure you get supremacy in the sky as you destroytheenemyabove the ground and fly back home safely with yourstealthjetfighter .Jet Fighter pilots are the heroes and most importantplayersinthe sky as they make sure the air forces stay safe anddotheirjob. In this 3D stealth jet fighter plane flightsimulatorgame youplay the role of a renegade fighter pilot that iscalled todutywhen navy enemy planes threaten the air bordersofyourcountry.Your job as a stealth jet fighter plane pilot is todestroytheenemies before the time runs out.It’s up to you to clear the battlefield in the air and toshoottheenemies straight out off the sky.Stealth jet fighter pilot 3D - air battleflightsimulatorgame:- Fun and action-packed combat- Easy controls- Amazing graphics- Great PRO missions- Fight against an growing amount of enemy planes.- State of the art stealth jet fighter physics.- Ultimate 3D experienceModern Stealth jet Fighters 3D revenge teaches you tocontrolastealth fighter jets in different flights missions. Flyinginastealth jet fighter plane is something else then totakethecontrols of an battle helicopter for instance.strike your enemies out of the sky! the world needsitsbestpilots!Good luck captain!