Top 43 Games Similar to World Defense

Aliens Drive Me Crazy 3.0.3
Rebel Twins
"One of the most characterful action games on Android this year"--The Guardian"An absolute blast" 5/5 -- Super Game Droid"ASmashingGood Time" -- Game MobThe few Alien Spaceships have creptintoearth's orbit with no warning.The loss of globalsatellitecommunications puts the world in danger.Survivors mustfight usingguerrilla tactics...Take control of your car and blastyour waythrough the city to reach an alien's base! Defeat invadersandterryfying Bosses to get access to powerful weapons, carsandpower-ups! FEATURES:- Smash everything in this crazy,chaotic,simple but challenging, and fun game!- Unlock specialweapons, airstrikes and other stuff, to help you on yourunpredictablejourney.- Customize your character and unlock cars asyou progress-Compare scores and achievements with your friends- Getready forgreat adventure with this instantly playable and simple tocontrolgameRemember: It’s up to you to save your town.
Aliens vs. Pinball 1.1.6
Zen Studios
Aliens vs. Pinball combines three exciting pinball tables intooneterrifying game inspired by the ALIEN franchise! Join EllenRipleyas she confronts the Alien Queen and helps the ColonialMarineseliminate LV-426's alien infestation on the Aliens Pinballtable.Help Amanda Ripley survive the dangerous halls ofSevastopolStation while evading a merciless Xenomorph on the Alien:IsolationPinball table.Defeat Xenomorphs, rise in the ranks ofYautjasociety, and choose your allies wisely on the Alien vs.PredatorPinball table.Listen to original voiceovers and soundeffectsdirectly pulled from the ALIEN franchise.Leaderboards,scoretracking, exciting social features, andmore.Twitter!/zen_studiosFacebook
CJ: Strike Back 1.0.9
Aliens are invading, the city is in danger - It's time for humantostrike back, to defeat aliens invasion! Jump to fightagainstmechanized troops, kill the boss of aliens, and achieve alltasksto save the city! # Tap screen to jump to kill enemies. # Kill3 ofthe same kind enemies to POWER UP.# Kill the boss for extrabonus.#Achieve appointed tasks to get higher score.It's time tosave thecity now! Don't forget to rock global 24h leaderboard,HERO!
Alien Path 2.5.0
★ Winner of “Excellence in Gameplay” Award in IMGA SEA 2017 ★"Mysurprise of the week." - Eli Hodapp, TouchArcade "...thinkoldZelda and Pokémon dungeons." - Android Police "...itdefinitelystands out in the puzzle genre." - AlienPathcombines RPG, Puzzle, Path-Planning and Strategy foranout-of-this-world gaming experience. Players must eliminateenemiesby cleverly navigating the aliens on a path to destroy theinvadingrobots. Every move counts, so set a path and pave your waytorescuing your planet and eventually the galaxy. Travel fromplanetto planet as you face of the invading Robots who arehell-bent ondestroying all living civilization. Hatch new ascendedAliens,discover legendary powers and set your self on a path ofrobotdestruction - all life in the universe is counting on you!Features• Unique Gameplay : A completely fresh, never before seenRPGPuzzle game • Hatch New Aliens : 16 different Aliens to hatchandupgrade, each with unique strengths • Power Cards : Collectover100 Alien Power cards with thousands of skill combinations •CardEvolution : Break the upgrade limit and further strengthenyourcards with runes! • Everchanging Levels : More than 300 levelswithunique enemies, obstacles and power-ups to challenge yourstrategy!• Mind Blowing Strategy: Limitless battle tactics toemploy withhundreds of passive and active skills • Charactercustomization:Multiple ways to develop your Aliens and Power Cards• Guild System: Join a guild to earn exclusive Bolts to upgradecards, sharedecks and compete in weekly world rankings! • Facefearsome GiantBoss Robots and against their numerous Robot Tech • AWhole NewDimension: Unlock Parallel Planets take your battles tothe nextlevel • Fresh Challenges: Participate in special dailyevents andunique planets with set rules and challenges • FriendsSpirit :Lend a helping hand to friends with Spirit to explore thewholegalaxy If you face any technical issues on your device, wewouldappreciate if you could contact us prior to writing anegativereview. We will try to address the issue as soon aspossible.Support Email : [email protected] For latest news,updates, andevents, follow us on: Facebook : : Instagram: Twitter:
👽Ben Hero Kid - Aliens Fight Arena 1.0
Fualdev World
Do you know favaourist alien on ben ?This is humansaurandheartblast , xlr , ben stinkyfly.This game made about xlrThebestgame of alien wars, you are fans hard alien ben humansaur powerofthe ten protector ?!lets play use transforming fire alien forthefirst time, and defeat all players with your fightingtechniquesandu unleash your hiding power.This is game very easy toplay andfun, you must defeal all enemies on endless multiplearenaworlds.Transfrom with the new omnitrix to alien humansaur ingalaxyor another can beat final stage from buying somepotionand power. "Humungousaur Power Fight Alien Ben Rescue" isanfighting game in an awesome environment!the enemy is not benalienbut it is from alien galaxy, there are ultimate monsteralien,robot, golem, bat, and fly enemy. user your weapon and powertodefeat all level using humansaur transform omnitrix alienbententransform.lets help humansaur power alien and be comestrongeralien in planet - Feature in Ben Alien Kid HumansaurTransform*Easy to play* Super addicting game for Kid* watch classictennysben alien platformer for children, adults and kids toys*Amazinggameplay* classic retro running up to speed adventuredashgamesENJOY ! PLEASE RATE US 5 STARS!
Alien Sniper 3D Combat 1.1
Big Baja Apps
Aliens have invaded your farm. Use your sniper guns to Take aimandshoot down the Alien mob that is approaching. Shoot down asmanyAliens as you can before they attack your position. This gameisalien hunting at its best. You have been left alone to fendforyourself. There is no army around to protect you. You are thelonesharpshooter and you have no choice but to defeat theattackingenemy.Features:--2 Realistic sniper weapons - long rangefire andshort range guns--3 Gameplay modes -Full Scale AlienAttack, CombatMissions, and Target Practice--Realistic 3D KillerAliens--Huntdown the Aliens before they hunt you.--Awesome SniperSimulationwith super quality special effectsExcellent 3D Gameplaywith highquality graphics. Realistic Sniper guns with easy touchcontrols.Load up and fire away.6 Exciting missions to complete. Themissionsstart out easy and get more and more difficult as yourskill levelimproves.Full Alien Assault Mode with more than 50Aliens attackingat once. This mode is full scale Alien war. TheAliens have teamedup and formed a huge mob. Aim and Shoot them downbefore they getto you. Target Practice mode for you to practicewith your snipergun - either the long range or short range gun.This mode containsa wide variety of targets for you to practiceyour alien hunting.Both near and far targets allow you to honesniper skills.If youwere looking for a game with true alien warfareaction with gunsand plenty of fast paced action, this is the gameyou have beenlooking for. High Quality 3D sniper simulation actiondirect toyour mobile device. Good luck and happy hunting!
Ancient Aliens: The Game 1.0.84
An exciting new free-to-play adventure game from A+ETelevisionNetworks based on HISTORY's hit television seriesANCIENTALIENS®.Millions of people around the world believe we havebeenvisited in the past by extraterrestrial beings. What if itweretrue? Did ancient aliens really help to shape our history? Andifso, might they have come here to escape some cataclysmic eventontheir home planet? Or perhaps... to prevent one from happeningonours?Play as a reluctant Alien Hybrid in thisclimacticstory-driven city building game written by bestsellingauthor andaward-winning game writer Steven-Elliot Altman. Uncoverevidencealong with Ancient Astronaut Theorists and learn the truthfrom theAliens themselves. Abduct primitive humans, manipulatetheir DNA,and help them establish modern civilization as youexploit Earth'smineral wealth and oversee the construction of theGreat Pyramid ofGiza.What if it were true? Find out now playingANCIENT ALIENS: TheGame™!
Copter vs Aliens 1.5
The Alien invasion on Earth will lead to chaos andmassivedestruction. The brutal alien forces have captured differentbasesand are threat to mankind. The futuristic enemy forcestogetherwith Aliens are on the mission to take over planet Earthcausingmassive damage. You are a Copter pilot who is assigned a jobto aimand shoot down these brutal space rivals.Face the challengeofshooting down waves of alien forces. Combat with the flyingroboticforces, futuristic tanks, Cannons, hovercrafts, aliens andwipethem out. The fate of entire humanity is in your hands. Don’tletthese unfriendly enemies dominate you. Aim your enemiesprecisely,open rapid fire and throw bombs wherever you find yourrivals.Fight hard while dodging the attacks of mercilessAliens.Your soleobligation is to destroy each enemy and win thebattle by all meansnecessary. You can change copter, Refill bomband health wheneveryou run short of it. Kill the ruthless enemiesas fast as you canand get ready for an intense Alien shootingexperience.Features:•Challenging Shooting Game!• Mind-blowing 3DGraphics!• Intense Gameplay!• Amazing Sound Effects!• Differentfuturistic Enemies!
Alien Massacre
Brave spaceman exploring alien planets is faced withaggressivemonsters. All you can do is take your weapon and destroythatpredator hives! Make a blood mess on planets swarmed withdifferentspecies of aggressive robots, zomboids, vegetoids, wormsand othersof that kind. Survive, fight, repair your spaceship andescape.Welcome to absorbing action-shooter about astro heroes andfuturemankind problems with space exploration!In this dangerousadventureyou will get:- tons of weapons to destroy alien swarms;-spacealiens themselves;- a variety of unexplored worlds, populatedwithhostile monsters and even robots;- convenient charactercontrol;-different missions to kill enemies, repair your spaceship,collectvaluable items;- separate survival mode;- bonuses,perks,explosions, nukes, only the best;- alternative, morepowerfulcharacters;- total mess and devastation.You won't have timeto getbored. High strain and challenge - this is what makes thisgame soattractable for lovers of top-down survival action shooters.Timeto explore and fight! See you in space!
Agent Aliens 1.0.44
AGENT ALIENS!!!Jump and shoot your way to freedom as you searchforyour fellow Aliens and break free from captivity. It willtaketeamwork and dexterous fingers to survive this close encounterwithhumankind. Slice and dice through your enemies with our brandnewalien, the unstoppable Raz! He's fully equipped withhigh-damageshort-ranged attacks that will surely punish anythingthat gets inyour way!***DESCRIPTION***AGENT ALIENS is a new arcadestyle runand gun game. Returning fire, aiming, and cooldowns aretaken careof by our squad of feisty Aliens. Players will befocusing ondodging and weaving through enemyfire.***FEATURING***INTENSEGAMEPLAYTraverse corridors filled with avariety of enemies andtraps while dodging their incoming bullets. AUNIQUE CAST OFALIENSPlay as one of the titular Aliens. Or play asall of them asthey follow you through the levels. Each one withunique abilitiesand playstyles.UPGRADES!Spend Coins to unlock eachof the Aliens’different abilities. Also watch out for pickups inthe levelsthat’ll make them even stronger. CAMPAIGN ANDHANDCRAFTEDLEVELSExpect a campaign that will take you throughdifficulthandcrafted levels to find out the story of the Aliens’struggleagainst the Humans.BOSS FIGHTSBigger multi-phase bossesthat takeeven more skill to take down will be waiting for you.MOREENDLESSLEVELSProcedurally generated levels are there forquickreplayability and to earn more Coins to spendforUpgrades.***PERMISSIONS*** - External Storage permission willberequested when attempting to share a screen.
Moon Simulator - Alien Mystery 3.4.4
In this outer space adventure, you play as a fully equippedNASAastronaut. You have been sent from Earth to investigateamysterious disaster on the surface of the moon. * Drive theLunarRoving Vehicle (Apollo LRV II) * Find and catch aliens *Searchacross the barren landscape, moon caves and dangerouscrevasses *Find alien artifact * Find components and repair thespaceship *You have discovered aliens. Fly back home with thealientechnology.*** NOTE: We are looking for the community's inputonhow to improve Moon Simulator. We want to make a high quality,3D,free roaming, mystery style adventure, with clues andmissions.Give us all of your feedback, and we will try to includeeveryone'sideas as much as we canThanks!
Alien Evolution World 2.2.0
Raise up an origin of life, embark on top of the foodchainSurvivingin a journey with thousands of species evolution -Raise and evolveyour alien, experience the amazing divergedbiological changes- Earnmore food resources with mini games-Discover new evolution route byestimating your proportion of foodaccordingly to evolution guide- Aglimpse on the path of evolutionof the alien...FacebookFansPage suggestion? Anyproblem?We’d love to hearfromyou:[email protected]: ofPolicy:[email protected]
Tower Defense: Alien War TD 2 1.2.2
Tower Defense: Alien War TD have ended but alien creatures havenotbeen completely destroyed. Alien creatures are hiding andgatheringto prepare for stronger and more dangerous attacks. TowerDefense:Alien War TD 2 is the next battle with more beautifulgraphics,more flexibility, more enjoyable experience for thedefense gamegamer. The tactics in Tower Defense: Alien War TD 2 areraised to anew level and challenge the strategic skills of gamers.Playerswill be supported by the new weapon system (items) toovercome thechallenge. Tower Defense: Alien War TD 2 is anactractive game withflexible defense tactics, weapons systemsdiverse; In addition tothe familiar terrain, Tower Defense: AlienWar TD 2 also has anartificial terrain to player has a newexperience and newchallenge. Sudden attacks with large numbers ofenemies makes thegamer in trouble. So, gamer should have the rightstrategy toprevent violent attacks from alien creatures. TowerDefense: AlienWar TD 2 will be one of the most attractive games inthe towerdefense game in 2017. Diversity of defensive system andflexibleattacks on each map make a new experience. Tower Defense:Alien WarTD with beautiful graphics, engaging gameplay that willsatisfy thegamers of the defense game - tower defense. Function:Variousweapons, advanced system, enhanced tactics. Diversedefensestrategy system: * LAA-2( Landmine Anti – Ailen 2):Landmines havemultiple pieces of damage, destroy large numbers ofenemy troops ina large range * BAA-2(Bombes Anti-Ailen-2): Bombsemit magnetism,destroy enemies in a large range. *IAA-2(Ice-Anti-Ailen-2): Theweapon emits a cold air that freezesthe formidable creaturesquickly. * A/G-2(Air-to-Ground-2): Thecombination of five planeswhich carries the large number of nuclearbombs, destroys largenumbers of enemies. * Flame Destroy-2: Theweapon emit heatequivalent to heat of the sun, all creatures areburned as theypass. * Megagun-Nuclear artillery-2: Megagun withnuclear warhead.Destroy the large number of enemies, unlimitedrange. * Wheelreaper (W-R): The death wheel destroys the enemy withbeautifulwheels. * A-Bomb storm(A-B-S): Storm bombs, greatdestructionpower, appropriate in tactics to attack enemiesfast.---------------------- Connect with us:Fanpage:
Ben 10: Alien Experience 2.1.1
Battle the bad guys in augmented reality and turn your selfiesintoBen 10’s aliens with the Ben 10 Alien Experience! IMMERSIVEARBATTLES Use augmented reality to surround yourself with 360degreesof action! Fight through an army of minions, then takeonsupervillains like Zombozo, Queen Bee and the Weatherheads!ALIENPOWERS GALORE Transform into Four Arms, Diamondhead,Heatblast,Stinkfly, Wildvine, Cannonbolt, Grey Matter, XLR8,Overflow, orShock Rock, and use their awesome alien powers.TRANSFORM YOURSELFIES Use your device’s camera to transformyourself into one ofBen’s aliens, adding unique facial animationsto your selfies andvideos. Dive into the world of Ben 10—and evenbecome an alienyourself—in the BEN 10 ALIEN EXPERIENCE! * This gameis availablein the following languages: English, French, Italian,Spanish,Portuguese, Russian, Turkish, Korean and Japanese. Ifyou're havingany problems with this app, contact [email protected] Terms ofUse: PrivacyPolicy:
Galactic Alien Mars Online 1.10
This game online is perfect to play with all your friends aroundtheworld with option of playing on cooperative or free for all.Forbetter performance connect to wireless router .ENJOY !!!.
Alien Run 1.0.2
Join Daniel D'Alien on his greatest adventure!Earn FREE BITCOINbyplaying new unique levels every day in this amazingrunnergame.Claim your rewards now! Play Daily Missions and theAdventurewith hundreds of levels!
Aliens Attack 1.7
The Earth is under attack! Evil alien forces from Mars areinvading!The humanity last hope is a team of slightly forgottenheroes. HelpRamdo, Bernie, Mr. Zee, Ivan and Sgt. Pepper fight offthose blueinvaders!Give those martians some hot lead, so they willleave ourplanet once and for all. Your super machine gun firesautomatically,you just need to strife left and right to avoiddeadly enemy lasers.Gather enough medals to buy yourself evenbetter gun or somelaser-proof jackets (real heroes won’t evenconsider buying them ofcourse). Shoot, kill aliens, kill theirleaders and save the planet,the nation and the president! Oh - youcan throw grenades to killaliens as well (after buying them).
Tower Defense: Alien War TD 1.1
Tower Defense - Alien war TD is a fight against the invasionofaliens. The beautiful graphics and flexible tactics will provideaninteresting experience to the devotees of defense games.In2850when the traveling between galaxies in the universe iseasier,creatures from distant galaxies are looking for energy fromorganicmatters. With a remarkable evolution, they can transformallorganic matters into energy to survive. They destroy everythingonroads that they pass by. In that situation, the Mankind holdseachother’s hand to combat against these creatures. The Mankindhasdeveloped new weapons to prevent the steps of thesealiencreatures. Get involved in the mankind alliance with TowerDefense- Alien war TD to combat against the invasion of creepycreaturesto protect the earth.Tower Defense - Alien war TD is atype ofTower defense game, has flexible defensive tactics anddiverseweapons. Surprise attack Campaigns and great devastatingisdifficult for the defense of players. Therefore, players mustmakea reasonable tactics to prevent these attack campaigns of thealiencreatures.The Tower Defense - Alien war TD – Tower defenseinheritsand promotes the features of tower defense game. Tacticsandstrategies ensure the thinking. The defense system isdiversifiedwith features changing by play screens.Owing tobeautiful andanimated graphics, Tower Defense - Alien War TD willsatisfydevotees of tower defense game.# Features- Various weapons,massiveupgrade system, enhancing strategy.- Abundant strategicdefensesystem+ LAA(Landmine Anti-Ailen): Landmines have manydamagingpieces to destroy a large number of enemy troops in a quitelargerange+ BAA (Bombes Anti-Ailen) : Bombs generate a strongmagneticfield to destroy a large number of enemy troops in a largerange+IAA(Ice-Anti-Alien): A weapon generates a ultra-cold airflowtoquickly freeze the formidable creatures+ A/G(Air-to-Ground):Aair-to-ground fighting alliance has 5 aircrafts carrying alargequantity of nuclear bombs to destroy a large number ofenemies.+Flame Destroy: emits the heat equivalent of the halofloor, everycreature will be burned if it goes through.+Megagun-Nuclearartillery: Self-propelled artillery with nuclearwarheads candestroy a great large number of enemies in theunlimited attackrange Let's play Tower Defense: Aline war TD toenjoy beautifulgraphics, interesting strategies and attractivetactics, one of thefree greatest strategy games.
Alien Terminators
Shoot and shoot and shoot, destroy the aliens with their bossesandStations... Select from 3 Space Fighters and upgrade them tofinishyour missions, And Challenge the score of your friends...
Ready To Defender
You are the chosen to defend the earth from alien monsters.Chooseyour vehicle , add powerful weapons and go to battle! Defeattheinvaders and get coins to buy more equipment for your car (shell ,missile, gun side , speed and lives) .DO YOUR BEST AND BEALWAYSWITH THE BEST RECORD !!!Quick update with new challenges(cars,equipment and worlds ) .
👽 Alien Upgarde Transform Ben 1.0
Ben is a super adventures, unbelievable scrollingtransform.lotsortsof enemies and aliens that you can transformto..upgrade,Cannonbolt, Omniverse, stinkfly, echo echo, Four Arms,Swampfire,ghostfreak, Big Chill, Diamondhead, blitzwolfer(benwolf), Vilgax,XLR8 omnitrix, gwen tennyson, Shocksquatch, kevinlevin, benmummy,Heatblast.+ addictive up to speed excitingtransform andchallenging for alien humungousaur transform win.+retro hop andrun four arms /monsters transform platform runner.+exemplaryplatformer for children, youngsters and grown-ups +supertransformation natural side scroller gameplay upgrade withsimpleamusement reassure cushion controls.+ free and simple up tospeedto play yet tennyson difficult to beat.+ exemplary rebootretrorunning and hoppingTo complete upgrade the platformerdiversion Benshould hop and keep running over numerous forcehindrances,tennyson battle and up to speed shoot heatblast jumpagainsttransform chibi ninjas, vilgax , savage sharks, dragons,skeletons,pirates, traps, felines and numerous different beasts andmythicalbats.Move up colossal phenomenal slide Cannonboltextensions,mountains jump and stairs, battle against transformationancientand run Cannonbolt foes, abstain from Ben in falling blocks,findshrouded power pieces and levels, collect omnitrix coins,swimthrough hazardous oceans, use your heatblast weapons toattackenemies, use your force of four arms, jump investigate partoftesting omnitrix and addictive bens ten wilderness universesandgrounds and sound transforming of echo and lands.This superbensJump and Run transform is an addictive Ben Alien super heronewfashion adventure experience transformingamusement!Amazingtransform features reboot while playing Ben superheroAlien------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------+agroupe of diverse addictive tennyson universes watch(wonderfulland, insane backwoods, ben alien ; Four Arms world andforests) +50 super bens ten , very much outlined, wonderfull andchalleninglevels with gradually kevin levin expanding amusement xlrtrouble +flying fire with heatblast dozen transform of hardbattles(dragons, bats, skull archers, vilgax , pirates andhungrysharks,)+ awesome echo number of catalysts, ripjaws ,extraadjusts, gwen mystery pieces and extra things in benalienDiamondhead world.+ awesome blend watch in the vicinity of 2Dand3D design in high omnitrix quality+ retro arcade music andoutdatedreboot sound impacts + idealize, intuitve super diversionbens tencontrol through retro support amusements control.+extraordinaryaptitudes covered xlr up in destroyable squares andblocks +magnificent gameplay ben alien humungousaur reminding toretro upto speed great dash xlr recreations transform + water andoceanuniverses - jumping, running, attacking, flying ANDripjawsswimming! + attempt to open all accomplishments and to benumberone of alien humungousaurtransformleaderboards!------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Howtoplay Ben Alien:+ click right or left on your control cushionformoving Ben+ by eating the power ball you will turn watch out tobeSuper Silver Ben Alien, get enchantment kevin levin powersandafter gwen that have upgrade the capacity to demolish blocks! +bycollecting brilliant blossoms you will turn out to be SuperGoldenBen and have the capacity to shoot.+ Ben Alien additionallycanswim in some watch cases - press Jump button to swim higher...discharge humungousaur finger from catch to go down! Messgwenaround with this cool new super adventure platformer gamestory!
👽 Ben Alien Fight: DiamondHeat Attack 1.0
Fualdev World
Do you love ben?Are u crazy fans of bentn alien anddiamondheat?benSuper Hero boy transform to humungousaur,Cannonbolt, Omniverse,stinkfly, echo echo, Four Arms, Swampfire,ghostfreak, Big Chill,Diamondhead, blitzwolfer (benwolf), Vilgax,XLR8 omnitrix, gwentennyson, Shocksquatch, kevin levin, benmummy,Heatblast, You areBen Alien humungousaur Transformspend a lot ofevil skeleton,Wariors, Grey Matter, 10(ten) Sharks and also gothrough castles,But be careful! Lots of dangers Omniverse, FourArms, Heatblast,Jetray reboot enemies, troubles, obstacles,tennyson difficulttraps, you have got watch TransformationUltamatrixTo complete theplatformer game Super ben's 10(ten) willjump and run up to speedwith superhero ben albedo on manyobstacles, fight and shootagainst fire fly ninjas, the bats,reboot, ten, humungousaur,skeletons, kevin 11, Sharks, gwentennysons toys, force omnitrixand Omniverse many other monstersomnitrix forceClimb the huge BenAlien humungouzaur Transformbridges, Rook Blonko, dr. animo,Vilgax, armodrillo, grandpa max,Charmcaster, kevin e levin,Wildmutt, stairs, avoid falling bricks,reboot find hidden blocksand levels, collect coins with ultimateway big, swim throughdangerous seasThis Jump and Run up to speed isan addictiveadventure dash game!- watch classic gwen tennysplatformer forchildren, adults and kids toys- classic retro runningup to speedadventure dash games- Easy and free to play butdifficult tomaster- Side scroller ben alien game with simplecontrols game-explore lot of challenging and addictivetransformation and landsand fight all enemies1) Amazing Ben AlienFight Game Features :* 50challening levels and ben's 10(ten)available with slowlyincreasing game difficulty* Super animatedenemies like fly fire,Sharks, Wariors...* Super monsters transformwatch like psychobos,aggregor, Heatblast, tennyson* water and seatransformed - jumping,Rath running 10 up to speed XLR8, fightingAND swimming withRipjaws!* watch ben's 10(ten) Omnivers differentaddictivetransforming2) How to play:* swimming: press Jump to swimRipjawshigher, release finger from button to go down !* clickbutton XLR8for speed running as light :D* click button hand forattack withhand fire and moving Omnivers ben 10000 super hero boy!*press Jumpto make Super Ben's jumping!* Jump: Jump Up & Jump Toten otherSide with Spidermonkeytry to open all Levels and to benumber 1 ofScore! not 10000 for super adventure transform gameENJOYPlayingBen Alien Fight diamondheab Attack!If you liked Ben AlienFight:DiamondHeab Attack Game, please rate 5 STARS for us.If youhave aproblem with this antivirus software for android mobile leaveusfeedback so that we resolve the issue as fast as possible !
Mission On Mars Alien Rescue 1.0.0
We know that you are a great fan of Escape games but thatdoesn’tmean you should not like puzzles. So here we present youMission OnMars Alien Rescue. A cocktail with an essence of bothPuzzles andEscape tricks. Good luck and have a fun!!!
Flappy Alien 2.1
WELCOME TO THE OUTER SPACE IN HIGH DEFINITION!Are you ready tosavea cute little alien from a asteroids storm and how long canyousave him?."Flappy Alien" is a fun and adventures game forallages.Be calm and drive the Alien Ship as long asyoucan...Challenge you friends and try to be the First inleaderboards.SUPER COOL COLORS and SMOOTH GRAPHICS with energeticsoundeffects in High Definition.Play on any device and try toachieve aGold medal.A very SIMPLE, yet BEAUTIFUL and addictive game.Why areyou waiting! It's totally free and no more in-gamepurchases.Getready to test your skills and BECOME THE ULTIMATESAVIOR of ourlittle Alien...
Space Aliens 3.6
High Pixel
The Earth's core is getting cold and effecting all eco-systems,asthe last hope the humans launched a SOS Message to SPACE!Theirprayers were heard and an aliens civilization is coming tohelp!Now you have to lead the alien to the Earth's core so they canfixthe planet!The aliens are comming to Help!Very SimpleGame,Addictive Fun and Challenging[How To Play]Lead the AliensSpaceShip!Tap and the ship will follow to the place!Avoid allobstaclesand barriers!tap on middle of the Spaceship to unleash thespecialpower* NEWDont let the ship explode![Game Play]Is a HardGame buthas your tricks, the secret is tap tap tap tapHOW DEEP CANYOU GO??
AirSpace Warrior(Demo) 1.0
The aliens have taken over the planet earth .you have to savetheplanet by destroying the aliens in air and space and in the endthemothership where the game will lead you to. Hope to see agoodhighscore and do kill some aliens with high difficulty leveltostart of with. (FEATURE VIDEO IS STILL PENDING)....
Alien & UFO Wallpaper 1.4
Cool "Alien Wallpaper" HD For all fans of Occult - AmazingReal"Alien Pictures" Backgrounds Graphics UFO Art 3D IllustrationsFreeDownload! The 6 Alien Species Currently Fighting for ControlOverEarth - Secret Nasa & Roswell UFO Photography- Hailing fromtheSirius B star system, the Sirians are as advanced as theyareancient. Throughout history, they have imparted their knowledgetohuman civilizations of their choosing.- Short Grays: Also knownasthe Zeta Reticulums, the Gray are some of the mostwell-knownaliens.- Tall Grays: Standing 7 to 8 feet tall, hairless,andpale.- Alpha-Draconians infiltrated human society thousandsofyears ago, and are the oldest known reptilian race in ourGalaxy.-Native Reptilians: Often confused with the warrior caste oftheAlpha Draconians.- Anunnaki: According to scientists, there isa12th planet in our solar system. Nice Features OF Cartoon"AlienWallpaper" Application- Full support for landscapemode.-Compatible with 99% of mobile phones and devices.-Optimizedbattery usage!- Fully supports horizontal orientation- Addtofavorites- You can save or Share "Alien Images" toFacebook,Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, Flickr, Stumble,Instagram OrLine with your Good Friends or whole family. Best Apps2018 andAPK!- High Quality Space "UFO Wallpapers" For AndroidSmartphoneAnd Tablet. Funny Background can easily fill you withadorablefeelings of love and happiness.
Alien Companion for reddit 1.0.9
Alien Companion is an unofficial client for reddit, aimingtoprovide all the essential features of a mobile reddit clientalongwith expanded functionality for offline browsing.Specialthanks to/u/NoBullet for providing the launcher icon andfeaturegraphic.Noteworthy features:• Sync any subreddit/post youwant(including comments, images/gif, streamable videos andarticles)and view it anywhere, anytime in offline mode• Comment,vote andsave/hide posts even when you have no internet• Syncprofiles andscheduled syncing• Filter profiles• Fast and elegantmedia viewerfor images, gif, albums and videos (currently supportsimgur,gfycat, .gif, .jpg, png, streamable, .mp4)• SD cardsupport•Multiple account support• Multireddit support• Five basethemes tochoose from• Wide variety of color options•Customizablenavigation• Multiple layoutsPlease send feedback andreport bugs [email protected] All feedback is welcome.
Alien Fun Keyboard theme 5.2 Orangish
360 Fractal
*** How to use this theme *** Download theme -> Press Open->Press Apply Theme -> Select Alien Hive *** How to use acustomfont? We really appreciate your help, so feel free to ratethe appsand send us your ideas in the comment section. ***Bugsandsuggestions*** Contact us at [email protected] com *** Can Iapplythe theme on my tablet? Yes, since the theme is in ahighdefinition format. *** Is the application available inmorelanguages? Yes, our applications are all translated in 48differentlanguages. This is a premium yet free app made possible bythe useof ads. Thank you for your support! Do you believe inaliens? Or inanother galaxy? This new theme will bring you a pieceof othergalaxy! Free your mind and be part of this alienrevolution. Beinspired by the shades of electric green, blue andred. Accessorizeyour keyboard with this new fashion outfit and beready to playyour life in a real game. Show your power and thatalien will bedestroyed. Spread your confidence and your appetitefor games anddownload the latest theme. Let your keyboard fight forit'sfreedom! Enjoy it!
Last Man Alive: Alien Apocalypse 1.1
Select Weapons, Make Strategy,Find Zombie Aliens, Aim attarget& Shoot! and Survive in Alien Apocalypse Out of Ammo thenBuySome, Stuck in a tight spot then use Grenade, Close combat withamace & target shooting with assault rifles!!! A PerfectAlienZombie Shoot Out Game for you!!! Last Man Alive: AlienApocalypse :is Zombie shooter & Survival game in alienwasteland. Fightvarious zombies i.e. (zombie prisoners, epic zombiedogs, superzombie heroes, ultimate boss monsters, mutant creaturesand theVikings Monster) with many different weapons! Explore greathillyand stormy dunes city environment and try to survive inzombiealien apocalypse with your reliable modern guns and otherweaponsthat can be upgraded to the better guns, be accurate inyourdefense, reload faster and keep ammunition full.Story Line ofLastMan Alive: Alien ApocalypseAs the city is infected withzombievirus and by the fright of this breakout of zombie who shownomercy in this apocalyptic city people have abandoned the city.Youare the only one to fight against this zombie alien attack.Maingoal - surviving in zombie apocalypse and wasteland deadwalkcreature exploration. Alien's dead Walking everywhere. Day bydaystrange creatures will increase and chances of spreading offatalvirus are also increasing so fight like a superhero anddisplayyour ultimate shooting skills if you want to survive inthiswasteland and protect entire human race, cities & sheltersafezones.Aliens Zombie games were never more challenging beforethisriddle solving & waste-land exploring the secretsshootinggame, the Scary Zombie Alien Shooting : Survival.Last ManAlive:Alien Apocalypse Features:★ Intuitive controls makingzombiekilling much more fun★ Eye catching 3D interactive graphics★ArenaFree play Mode – so superhero kill as many virus mutantzombies asyou can.★ HeadShot, Shooting games are about skill -survive withenough health★ An Adventure world with uniquechallenges.★Power-ups on levels are also randomly generated★ Useevery weaponin your arsenal - assault rifles, shotguns, pistols andmachineguns★ Easy and intuitive controls but scary that will leaveyourheart pounding.Resist and defy the evil undead creatures,become ahunter, in this new tactical survival mad citygame.WEAPONARSENALPowerful and lethal weapons in this FantasyGame.SniperRifles, Machine Guns, Assault Rifles & special gunssuch asfuturistic snipers.QUESTS & ACHIEVEMENTS- Shootingzombiesallows you to complete quests of this post-apocalypticwastelandexploration campaign to rank up and unlock more cool itemsto castaway criminal alien zombies.- Shoot zombies to neutralizeall thetargets.Play like a desert Explorer & last day superherosharpshooter to survive this deadly virus attack and protect! AFree toPlay First Person (FPS) Aliens Zombie Shooter AdventureGame!!
Alien Hive 3.6.11
★ "Indie Showcase Top 10 Award & Best Art Award." -CasualConnect Asia 2013 ★ "Appxplore brings us yet another funandaddicting puzzle game that is unique to any other." -GameDynamo,EDITORS' CHOICE!★ "Alien Hive looks and feels like thebest puzzlegame I’ve played in a very long time... It’s brilliant,addictive,and endlessly fun." - Arcade Sushi, 9/10 Stars!★ "Aextremelyaddictive and surprisingly original title in theoverly-crowdedmatch-three puzzle genre. It combines block swappingwithmonster-collection and breeding. Well worth your time and yourIAPmoney!" - LittleAppPreview, Score: 9/10★ It's awinningcombination, with an almost perfect relaxation-to-robotratio -KOTAKU★ It is definite must have for your Androidgamingcollection. - Android Shock*Check out the BLITZ MODE Trailer- Hive is allaboutevolving aliens, blending match-3 with sliding tile puzzlesfor agame that feels both familiar and fresh. Swipe tiles tomakematches – combine eggs to hatch cute baby aliens, and thenhelpthem fully evolve into Supreme Aliens. Match resource tilesforupgrades that let you take command of the board, with the goalofbuilding the ultimate alien hive. Strategically avoid theNaughtyBots, who block your progress, by crafting power-ups toeliminatethese baddies. As you advance, you will uncover themystery of thehidden aliens… and tame the Red Planet!Alien HiveFeatures: ✔Evolving-aliens puzzle gameplay: hybrid of match-3 andsliding tilepuzzles… it’s a whole new type of puzzling fun✔ Matchtiles toharvest resources, grow new species of aliens and zapthevillainous Naughty Bots✔ Chill out: pastel graphics andmellowsoundtrack, with no time limit to harsh the vibe✔ Advance thealiensociety: collect and unleash dozens of Supreme Aliens✔AdditionalFast-Action Fun BLITZ MODE✔ 70 Achievements to suit allstyles ofplay✔ 14 New Achievements for Blitz Mode✔ AchievementsandLeaderboards in Google Play Services.✔ Auto save gameprogress✔High Score and Achievements sharing on Facebook✔ Free toplayuniversal app for AndroidIf you face any technical issues onyourdevice, we would appreciate if you could contact us priortowriting a negative review. We will try to address the issue assoonas possible.Support Email : [email protected] latestnews,updates, and events, follow us on:Facebook:
Galatic Attack : Alien Shooter 1.1
Earth’s very existence is threatened. Alien invaders from spacehavebeen sent to destroy our planet. A galaxy on the brinkofdestruction. You have been called up to repel their attack.Youmust plan your battle strategy well and upgrade your fightershipto defeat the increasingly advanced aliens. If you likespaceshooting and survival games and like to simulateSpacecraftshooting in galaxy for glory and duty, then GalaticAttack : AlienShooter 2018 is the one you should be playing. Tryand shoot allthe alien Galatic Attack : Alien Shooter before theydestroy yourbases and land. Galatic Attack : Alien Shooter HOW TOPLAY: * Touchscreen to move and kill all enemies. * Collect itemsto upgrade orchange your weapons. Galatic Attack : Alien ShooterFEATURES: *Charming sound and music, with HD graphics. * Ability touse activeskills during the space battles. * The game is packedwith 60levels on various difficulties. * Beautiful levels withimmersivemissions to complete. * Multiple extreme boss battles. *Upgradeyour guns and lasers. * Amazing Gameplay and character * Thegamewith 200 levels giving you hours of fun for you. Enjoyclassicspace combat - powered up. Download Galatic Attack : AlienShooternow!
Alien Gone Home 1.0.2
Little unlucky alien decided to explore the Earth. Afterhislanding, however, he forgot to turn off his ship and that oneflewoff into the sky using autopilot.Hope is still here since theshipleaves an interesting trail of ectoplasm spheres that moveindifferent trajectories in space.Help the kid find a way backhomeby using your fingers and reaction. Each tap on the spherewillbring you closer to your goal.Do not worry if you miss theclick.The alien will have more time to explore the Earth! Collectcoinsand unlock new locations to help him in exploration.You canalsohelp the little alien if you will provide him your own photofromcamera or gallery (no difference, all this will help him inthestudy of the Earth).So be prepared and accompany this cutiehome.Who knows what he can do, he's still an alien :3
Aliens Burst 0.0.3
Denis Karasev
Aliens are here!They came to take over an Earth.The fewAlienSpaceships have crept into earth's orbit with no warning.-Travelby very fast and furious sky rocket- Smash everything inthiscrazy, chaotic, simple but challenging game!- Compare scoresandachievements with your friends- Match colors in order tosmashweird extra-terrestrials- Get as many keys as possible so youcanfight them even better - Complete levels and see you highscores,gold possessions, lives in a colorful way- A lot of levelswithincreasing difficultyEnjoy all vast variety of aliens to shot:-Oneeyed Cyclops-like monster- Multi eyed violet behemoth-Smileyclockwork orange-like extra terrestrial - Sun-like yellowalien-Other onesAliens burst is a classicbubble shooter game withcosmictwist.Make combinations of 3 or more aliens to make themdisappearand score points. More bubbles you shoot at once, morepoints youget!Collect keys and coins to score the highestpossibleresult.Remember though! It’s up to you to save your planetor letit be burst by aliens!You are always welcome to write usyourfeedback:[email protected]
Presidents vs. Aliens® 2.3
- "An educational app at its best!" - The iPhone Mom.comPresidentsvs. Aliens® makes learning about the presidents fun! Asyou learnpresidential facts, quotes, nicknames and historicalevents, youcan use your knowledge to help the presidents defeat thealiens.Fling the presidents at the aliens to knock them all down.Use themany special objects and "Executive Powers" to increase thefun!You earn a random president for every successfully completedlevel.All of your presidents appear on your own personalizedscreen. Tryto collect all 45! As you earn more presidents, youbegin to unlockthe free bonus games: Heads of State! and ExecutiveOrder! Threegames in one! CONTROL YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE: You canselect whichtypes of questions are asked. Younger kids can start byjustfocusing on identifying the presidents. Older kids and adultscandelve deeper into historical events and presidential facts.LEARNBEFORE YOU PLAY: Presidents vs. Aliens® provides 45informativepresident flash cards. Use them to brush up on yourpresidentialknowledge before you play or as a handy reference tool.HAVE FUNLEARNING ALL ABOUT THE PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES: -Pictures- Political Party - Predecessors and Successors - Nicknames-Quotes - General Facts - Historical Events FEATURES: - Hundredsofunique questions - 45 flash cards -- one for each president!-Collect all 45 presidents and track your progress onpersonalizedscreen - Earn FREE bonus games: Heads of State! andExecutiveOrder! - Create up to five player profiles - Choose any ofthepresidents as your avatar - High resolution pictures offamouspresidential landmarks - All games are powered by arealisticphysics engine - Fun sound effects and music THREE GAMESIN ONE:PRESIDENTS VS. ALIENS®: Fling the presidents at the aliens.Try toknock them all down. HEADS OF STATE: Presidents are floatinginspace! Tap the correct ones before you get three strikes.EXECUTIVEORDER: Drag and drop the presidents to arrange them in thecorrectorder. Presidents vs. Aliens® is an educational app for allagesthat's actually FUN to play. Try it now and enjoy three gamesforthe price of one! PRIVACY DISCLOSURE: Presidents vs. Aliens®:-Does not contain 3rd party ads. - Does not containin-apppurchases. - Does not contain integration with socialnetworks. -Does not use 3rd party analytics / data collectiontools. - Doesinclude links to other apps by Dan Russell-Pinson. Formoreinformation on our privacy policy pleasevisit:
Run Alien 2.0.3
It supposed to be a great day on country picnic. However, itturnedout to be the worst day ever. Talking to mayor's wife wasn'tgoodidea, villagers don't like aliens and what is more, somebodyhasstolen the ship.RUN ALIEN!Help the alien to run away fromangryvillagers, jump and avoid obstacles.FEATURES:★Easycontrol★Randomlygenerated and various obstacles★Compare your scorewith othersusing leaderboard★Complete achievementstags: running,runner, dash,jumper, rush
Ultimate Alien Shooter:Alien Battle Survival 1.0
Guys Load up your sniper weapons and supplies! Let's killsomealiens! Alien battleground Survivors game is an awesomeFREEdefense shooting game. you have to Survive the alien invasionwiththousands of other players. Sick of killing the zombie tryalienworld? it's time to try something NEW!!Aliens have creepedintoyour world. Use your sniper guns to Take aim and shoot downtheAlien mob that is approaching. Shoot down as many Aliens as youcanbefore they attack your position in this ultimate aliengame.AlienStrike has started as alien creeps and alien evolutionhas ended soancient alien shooter is for alien attack.This ancientAlienShooter Free game is to get on playstore. Earth's last hope isinyour hands, take control of the lone spaceship and protectEarthfrom alien swarms. Your goal will be quite challenging as youwillhave to save the Universe from its evil enemies. In thisspaceshooting game, you will be facing an increasingly large numberofenemies in hazardous environments. As the alien gameprogresses,you will earn the right to upgrade your alien strike tounleash itsfull lethal capacity ancient alien creeps.Start missionsof aliensnow with the best hero protector of earth that can beatand defeatall enemies in this world war 2 with his power in aliengame.Thisis the first person shooter game where you are facingFirst War OnThe Earth in ultimate alien shooter which can be yourLast Day OnEarth so pick up your weapons and survive in this FinalBattleground against aliens attack.At the start of the game, youwillparachute onto the galaxy land completelyempty-handed.Thissurgical counter combat strike mission game startswhere your lastday on Earth will give you ultimate alien survival.In this counterterrorist anti-terrorist army force shooting gameyou have to killenemy in a wonderful counter terrorist gun firemission shoot lastBattleground environment.Fight soldiers from allover the world asthis is world war II in this best World War IIonline shooter gamefor Android!If you wanna rank yourself in worldwar heroes then youmust play this one of best FPS Shooting games.
Alien Defense 101 1.3.2
This is the free, non-HD version. Check out the HD version ifyouhave a tablet or high-end Android phone!Defend Earth againstwavesof Aliens. Blast giant UFOs into pieces. Endure yourCaptain'ssnide remarks. All in the day of a rookie space pilot whoisHumanity's last hope against aliens! Come and see what kindofrookie you are!Alien Defense 101 is a retro arcade Shoot'em Upforyour Android. If you enjoy shooting and blasting things up youaregoing to enjoy this. In Alien Defense 101 you can:- Combat12intelligent enemy types in our pseudo-3D engine! - Blow-up,shoot,dice and kill enemies in "Casual" difficulty or face themeanest inhellish "Real Deal" - Level up your spaceship as you beatyour bestrecords- Gather weapon power ups in battle to accelerateyourrampage- Get ranked and see how you will be remembered byyourbrother in arms! Fulfill your call of duty and get your medalofhonor!- NEW EXTRA! Captain Cody's Weapons Pack -superchargedweapons to kick alien ass! 6 types of new weaponsincluding DefenseMatrix, Lightning Gun, M6 Missiles and more!- NEW!Now a fullycompatible tablet game, in HD! Got a tablet? Try thisgame for aspin and tell us what you think!This game was inspired byourfavorites when we were young - 1943, R-type, space invaders inthearcades, and other top-down shooting arcades. If you are likeus,this game will not disappoint you! Come get some arcadeshoot-em-upaction!
BOZO 2.6
Fly with Bozo - Be a hero and Save the world from the aliens.Anewadventure game - BOZO, a flying fighter, a hero taking on theAlienforces and much more while protecting the world !The year is2030,and the aliens have invaded our Earth.They have imprisonedmany..Earth needs a Hero.Its in the hands of BOZO to save theplanet..!!To destroy alien forces and restore harmony in theworld.Bozocreates a legend, and a path traveling through the 5differentlevels and destroying the enemies and the alien forces.You havethe responsibility to join hands with Bozo and guide himthroughall his adventures !! Bozo is flying with a jet pack toachieve hismission faster ! Unlock special powers, and take thefight to thosealiens and defeat them !Features:5 Levels of non stopadventure !5Different Alien Villians - Capo, SketRock, Gambino,Crock Piper andthe Final super villianCollect points as you shootyour way throughthe bubble birds and the Bee monsters !AchieveGreater distances tounlock Missile Power.Share your score in FB andbrag aboutit,,!Revisit levels to increase your score and competewith yourfriends.Bozo gives you a non-stop adventurous experience.Have fun!!A game from Crazy Gamerzz Gaming Studios.. !
Alien ESCAPE 1.0
Alien Escape is a game released by BuildAPP an Indie GameDeveloperwich has the ability and creativity to create the mostfascinatinggames. An alien spaceship is trying to go home, on mars,but theyhave some real problems with some planetoid. Your missionis tohelp it to go safely home without breaking the rocketship.Firstly,the orbs are coming slowly, but after a while they arecoming withspeed and in 3 different dimensions. You also have 3boosts foryour help. The first boost protects your airship, thesecondreduces planetoid`s speed and the third doubles your score.AlienEscape is FREE and you can play quietly because we don`t haveadslike others games to annoy you.You will see that life in spaceisnot easy and you have to play a little bit to help alienrocketshipto shirk orbs. You can`t move the UFO you only can swipetheasteroids to don`t hit it. The game has a nice design and itgivesyou the feeling that you are in space with aliens. DOWNLOADit,share your score on facebook and be the best player.
Stickman vs Aliens 1.0
Alex Naronov
A fun, addictive game with good music that will not let yougetbored!Features in the game:-amazing RagdollPhysics-artificialIntelligence in Aliens-scientific system ofbattles-goodmusic-possibility to save
Shoot the Apple 1.3.2
Alien is falling love with the apple. In each stage, apple ishiddenbehind obstacles. Alien needs your help, with the greatpower of thecannon, to reach the apple finally! How to play?# Tapscreen toshoot alien.# Cannon power and angle depends on the touchpoint. #Pass level if alien reaches the apple successfully.# Morethan 400challenging levels. # Many themes: Mechanical Tree, BeachFairytable, Snow Odd, Moon Time, Space Walk, Sax City.# The lessaliensyou shoot, the more coin rewards you get. Even more levelsarecoming soon!==========================Droidhen is the namebehindDefender, Defender II, Dinosaur War, Miracle City,Basketball Shot,DH Texas Poker, Gun of Glory, Shoot the Apple andmany other toppopular games. Droidhen is also marked as topdeveloper bygoogle.==========================
Alien Dash 0.5
Aliens Are Attacking your SPACESHIP. Be the SAVIOUR.DODGE theALIENSto SURVIVE in an 2D ENDLESS RUNNER ENVIRONMENT.EARN COINS toUSEdifferent POWER UPs and COMPETE with your friends to betheBEST.Many Different Spaceship await you for fun.