Top 47 Games Similar to Air Hockey 2 Players

Ice Rage: Hockey Multiplayer Free 1.0.41
#1 Sports Game on smartphone in the US and 70 other countries.Over10 million players! From the developers of Minigore, HardlandandBike Baron. This is arcade air hockey NHL and CHL game withleaguesand multiplayer. Ice Rage brings the classic 8-bithockeyexperience to the 21st century! Players face off across a icerink,in a hockey duel – one player and one keeper one each side.Play israpid and rough, with players spending as much time eatingthe iceas on their feet. Music and sound fx from the audio designerofAlan Wake & Max Payne. There are three different singleplayermodes (Tournament, Quick Match and Deathmatch) and asingle-devicemultiplayer. There are also tons of unique charactersto choosefrom such as lightning fast Antero or heavy-hittingEnviro-Bear.Team them up with crazy goalies like Santa and you’resure to getthe upper hand. Superb animation and charismaticcharacters makethis a game you won’t forget in a hurry. We dare youto take on thechampionship or challenge your friend in the mostintensesingle-device multiplayer you've ever experienced. Features:•Controller support • Awesome 3D graphics • Customize your matches•Three difficulties: easy, medium and hard • Rage-Offmultiplayermode: Destroy your friend! • Tournament mode: Can youdefeat thelegendary Skar? • Over 10 million players can’t be wrong!4/5 "IceRage is an excellent game." - 4/5 "Ifyou findthat you don't have a lot of time for games, Ice Rage mightbeideal for you. " - "If you're looking for asimple,frantic hockey game for one or two people, look no furtherthan IceRage." - androidspin.com_____________________________________FOLLOW US: @Herocraft WATCHUS: LIKE ©Original developer Mountain Sheep,porting and publishing Herocraft,2015-2018.
Air Hockey Deluxe 1.6
Words Mobile
Enjoy all of your favorite moments of the playoffs with theNo.1exciting and fast paced table sports game, Air HockeyDeluxe!Timeto hit the ice with this No.1 Android version of AirHockey game.Designed to deliver the amazing graphic quality of glowdisplay,see and feel the real air hockey experience. With threelevels ofdifficulty the computer can be a good match for anyone,from newcomer to hockey expert! You can also play against a friendon thesame device.Game Features:- Visually stunning glow graphics-1Player (Classic and Timed) & 2 Players Mode- 6 different setoftables, mallets and pucks- Amazing game sound effects
Amazing Princess Air Hockey 1.02
Get ready for the fast paced table sports game with a touchofgymnastics, Amazing Princess Air Hockey Game!Compete withyourfriends and hit those glow hockey pucks with your glowmallets.Have fun learning new air hockey tricks while playing thisexcitinggame. Show off your Amazing air hockey and gymnasticsskills, beatyour friend’s highest score and be the 1st AmazingPrincess AirHockey champion.Amazing Princess Air Hockey Game is afree topsporty arcade game that features:- Cute and excitingarcadegymnastic gameplay.- Player friendly controls that makes iteasy toplay.- Extremely fun game for all kids; girls and boys- Coolsoundsand glow graphics- Free to play and download!
Laser Hockey 3D 1.7
Mouse Games
Laser Hockey is the #1 realistic air hockey game playing in 3Dviewwith laser glow graphics. This is authentic 3D airhockeyexperience like you’ve never seen on mobile.Laser Hockey ispureair hockey fun! Crushing shots, slick move, and superaddictivegameplay combine to create an ice hockey experience thatredefinesaction on the low friction table. Use your finger to movethestriker or paddle to hit the puck and score goals in LaserHockeynow!Game Features:- Colorful, cartoony graphics of laserlight andneon glow- Smooth and responsive controls based on 3Dphysicsengine- Compete with 5 different levels of AI in Classicmode-Hours of gameplay of 50+ levels in Challenge mode- Customizeyourtables, paddles and pucks
Color Hockey 2.9.3925
Here you'll find all the attributes of the impeccable airhockeymultiplayer game. Start playing against competitive opponentsfromeasy to hard mode. Choose your favorite glow map fromfourdifferent challenging hockey maps, get skilled to win thebattles.Completely free to play, easy to start and hard to be theHockeyMaster! Features: + Colorful neon glow graphics + 4selectable glowinnovative hockey play maps + Impeccable game playto please youeverywhere + Realistic hockey physics + Challengingsport game onyour android phone or tablet + Fantastic sound effect+ Responsivegameplay with nice animation effects + Unlock newformations toboost your game Download the game in Google Store now,you willenjoy never ending fun in Color Hockey!
Air Hockey Game 1.0.3
An exciting glow style of air hockey game, Easy to control,3difficulty levels to choose, Now challenge yourself withthecomputer opponents or enjoy this game with friends. Features:*****Colorful glow graphics. ***** Smooth and responsive gameplay.***** Realistic physics. ***** Great sounds and stunninggraphics,particle systems and animations. ***** 3 difficulty levelstochoose. We hope you will enjoy it!
Pets No More: Air Hockey 1.1
Purple Tree
Pets no more: Air Hockey is an action/sport game set in the Realmofthe Undead Pets.Break the defense walls and score as many goalsasyou can before the time runs out. But beware of the MightyOwl!He'll do anything to keep you from winning.Simple,intuitivecontrols: drag your finger anywhere on the screen to moveyour petand swipe to shoot faster or make epic saves.Although easyto pickup, the fast-paced mano a mano match will make you work hardtowin.Are you prepared for the challenge?Game features:*Simple,one-hand controls* Arcade style air hockey / pong-likegameplay*Amazing music and sound effects* Easy to learn, hard tomaster*Lovely undead pets* Free to play / No internet connectionrequired
Air Hockey Champion 2016 1.0.7
* Best glow air hockey champion game can enjoy people fromaroundthe world.* Simple and stimulating game for fun andcompetitive.*"Air hockey champion" than many other air hockey ismore fun andmore excitement Glow Air Hockey game..* Single-mode(fourdifficulty levels).* 2 Player mode - Multiplayer (on thesamedevice).* Champion mode (step 500). I give you pretty paddlesevery100 steps* Tension unknown game in a variety ofobstacles.*Colorful glow graphics. and Realistic physics.* Acompletely freegame.
Ice Rage: Hockey 1.0.30
HeroCraft Ltd.
#1 Sports Game on smartphone in the US and 70 other countries.Over2 million players! This is arcade air hockey NHL and CHL gamewithleagues and multiplayer. Players face off across a ice rink, inahockey duel – one player and one keeper one each side. Playisrapid and rough, with players spending as much time eating theiceas on their feet. There are three different single playermodes(Tournament, Quick Match and Deathmatch) and asingle-devicemultiplayer. There are also tons of unique charactersto choosefrom such as lightning fast Antero or heavy-hittingEnviro-Bear.Team them up with crazy goalies like Santa and you’resure to getthe upper hand. Superb animation and charismaticcharacters makethis a game you won’t forget in a hurry. We dare youto take on thechampionship or challenge your friend in the mostintensesingle-device multiplayer you've ever experienced.•Single-devicemultiplayer for 2 people• Awesome 3D graphics•Tournament mode: Canyou defeat the legendary Skar?• Over 2 millionplayers can’t bewrong!• The best single-player Hockey gamearound.4/5 "Ice Rage isan excellent game." - androidheadlines.com4/5 "If you find thatyou don't have a lot of time for games, IceRage might be ideal foryou. " - "If you're lookingfor a simple, frantichockey game for one or two people, look nofurther than Ice Rage."- androidspin.com_____________________________________FOLLOW US:@Herocraft WATCH LIKE ©Original developer Mountain Sheep,porting and publishing Herocraft,2015-2018.
Air Soccer Ball ⚽ 2.9
aoujapps pro
"Air Soccer Ball is one of the most addictive games and soccergamesfree for kids and adults, easy to play and hard to master,this gameis a mixed from air hockey and soccer". Challengeyourself in 1player mode and try to defeat your opponent beforethe end of time,remember this game is not like any other airhockey games whosegames end when scoring a certain number ofgoals, you can alsochallenge your friend in 2 players mode and tryto inflict a severedefeat on him. National teams of United States,England, Australia,Canada, Nigeria, Ghana, Belgium, Brazil, Chile,Colombia, CostaRica, Croatia, Danemark, Egypt, France, Germany,Irak, Iran, Italy,Japan, Argentina, Mexico, Morocco, Netherlands,Panama, Peru,Poland, Portugal, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Senegal,Serbia, Slovakia,Slovenia, South Korea, Spain, Sweden,Switzerland, Tunisia, Uruguayat your service. How to play AirSoccer Ball: It's like air hockeygames, easy to play and hard tomaster, Try arcade table soccer thatalways will be in your pocketand kick the ball with fingers, becareful you will take a yellowcard if you keep the ball in yourarea more than 10 seconds.FEATURES: ★ 1 or 2 player mode. ★ Smoothand responsive game play(based on air hockey). ★ Amazing graphics.★ Real power of eachteam ★ World cup Russia 2018 tournament. ★ 4selectable balls(world cup soccer ball, euro cup ball, classicball, classic ballmix color). ★ 3 table soccer. ★ Amazing soccernet. ★ selectabletimes from 90 to 150 seconds. ★ day, afternoon andnight glowhockey soccer themes to play in. ★ Amazing sound effects.Now youcan achieve better experience in airhockey game onsmartphones withnot large screen. Don't forget to leave us ratingand review to letus know what you think about Air Soccer Ball. Havea good colorsoccer game! Enjoy!! Visit our Facebook fan pageat: used: • Stadium Soccer Crowd Short Cheer by: • soccer knee 02 byvolivieri( •Refereewhistle blow, gymnasium bySpliceSound(
Glow Hockey 1.3.8
Glow Hockey delivers a new style of hockey game. Easytoplay,hardtomaster. Challenge yourselfwiththecomputeropponents!FEATURES:+2-player mode (on thesamedevice).+3themes.+ Colorful glowgraphics.+ Smooth andresponsivegameplay.+Realistic physics.+ Quickplay mode(singleplayer),challengeyourself with 4 difficulty levels(easytoinsane).+ 4selectablepaddles and pucks.+ Vibratewhengoal.+Support almostall Androiddevices.
Zapya Air Hockey 1.8
Join your friends in the latest action-packed game availableonZapya! Download the Zapya Ice Hockey add-on to challengeyourfriends to a match. Not only can you play ice hockeywithoutleaving your chair, there is also no Wi-Fi or mobile dataneeded toplay it on Zapya! Disclaimer: You must have the Zapyaapplicationalready downloaded for Zapya Ice Hockey to work. You candownloadZapya at:
Glow Hockey - Soccer 3D 2.1
Air Hockey games for friends who like the sports games, the gamesIplay the game is pretty simple 3D .Air Hockey & GlowHockeySport and Arcade Games Easy to play, hard to master.Challengeyourself with the computer opponents!Games for all ages.Wehave towin it ! We challenge you!
Laser Glow Hockey HD – Finger Glow Air Hockey 2 1.1
If you want to play hockey at home, then download this bestlaserfinger table hockey game! Finger glow hockey is the coolcolorfullaser hockey game. User can play multiple levels withchallengingmissions against advanced AI program. And User can alsoplay 2players online hockey. Yes, this finger hockey game isalsosupported with online version with 2 players on one table.Sodownload this finger table glow style color hockey game2018.Thereis variance of levels out there specially for hockeylovers in thisglow hockey air game. This glow hockey games made forspeciallythose users who want to play color hockey games or soccergames butthey don’t have much time for this physical activates. Sonowplayers, kids you can fulfill you dream with this laser glowhockeywith you on fingers on touch screen. This finger table GlowHockeyGame Provide a new level and new style of color hockey gameforsoccer & hockey games lovers. This is the best glow airhockey.So show your finger table hockey skills in best air hockey2018 HDgame. You will forget all the glow air hockey games; youmight haveplayed before. In this air glow hockey, we add some newfeaturesmodes like Championship mode, 1 to 1 mode and online playermode.You will enjoy every mode of color air hockey of paddleez.Bestaddictive game of arcade. Features of Glow Coloring hockey 3D–Finger Glow laser air hockey:- One tape, Easy to play-Colorfulglow Graphics- 2 player mode on same device or onlineplayer mode-Challenging and thrilling mode- More than 100 levels-Auto learnmoves smart AI- Multiple Skin Graphics Like greenfootball soccerground, coloring glow- Smooth controls andResponsivegameplayDownload now
Pocket Air Hockey 1.2
Pocket Air Hockey is a game for everyone!It combines classicairhockey with modern elements and unique features. It offers a lotoffun when you play it singleplayer or together with your friendinthe multiplayer mode.With our redhot mode, which includesmanydifferent gamechanging power-ups, you will have a newgameexperience every time you play.Compared to other air hockeygames,Pocket Air Hockey has more features, unique elements/modesandvarious unlockable things like skins or challenges.Thedifficultyof the challenges is gradient, so even as beginner of airhockeygames you can right jump into the challenges and beat them,whileyou continually get better.Pocket Air Hockey contains:-classic airhockey- time based matches- endless mode withincreasingdifficulty- a special mode with gamechanging power-ups-unlockabletricky challenges- singleplayer and multiplayer- goodphysics-various unlockable skins for the players and puck- gamestatisticsof your air hockey matches
Football Strike - Multiplayer Soccer 1.11.1
You’ve never played a football game like this before. Take onyourfriends in multiplayer free-kick face-offs, or make a nameforyourself in the Career Mode! Challenge the world acrossdifferentonline game modes! Hit the targets in a fast-paced,time-limitedbattle for points in Shooting Race mode, or take turnsas bothstriker and goalkeeper in the one-on-one Free Kick mode!Customiseyour striker and goalkeeper with tons of unlockable items!Show offyour style or represent your team’s colours! Take on Careermode,travelling through different stadiums around the globe andtakingon unique soccer challenges to unlock medals! With simple,fastgameplay, Football Strike is easy to play and offersendlesscompetitive football fun! KEY FEATURES: • Take your shot andmakeamazing saves, all with the flick of the finger! • Play onlineinShooting Race and Free Kick modes! • Play against friendsorchallenge players from across the world! • Represent yourfavouriteteam! Play as FC Barcelona, Borussia Dortmund, FC Zenit,FC Schalke04 and more! • Conquer an extensive Career Mode to earnmedals! •Upgrade your player and equipment and take on the world’sbest! •Fast-paced gameplay means there’s always action! --DownloadFootball Strike by Miniclip NOW! -- This game needs aninternetconnection to play Don’t miss out on the latest news:LikeMiniclip: Follow us onTwitter: out more about Miniclip: TERMS ANDCONDITIONS: PRIVACYPOLICY:
Basketball Kings: Multiplayer 1.27
Take part in the most addictive basketball game!Refine yourskillsin 6 different game modes, unlock achievements andwintrophiesChoose from 5 unique characters, 20+ balls, 30+jerseys,even courts.Challenge your friends, show off your skills&styleFor a real challenge, enter multi-player rooms andcompeteagainst thousands of real people from all around theworld.Shineamongst others and become the King of Kings !Outstanding3DgraphicsEasy to play, hard to master gameplayUnique andinteractivecourtsMany multi-player rooms with various & highrewards
RISK: Global Domination
SMG Studio
NOW WITH FULL ONLINE MULTIPLAYER AND MATCHMAKING! Everybody wantstorule the world! Now you can, with a new way to play the classicgameof RISK. Take the battle online with Global Domination mode(must beaged over 13). Defend your territories, draft troops, andlaunchattacks for the ultimate conquest against friends, family,and foes.Try the game for free or unlock premium for unlimitedmobile play!NEW GLOBAL DOMINATION MODE • Join or host battlesagainst newopponents online • Use Automatch mode to be pitted upagainstplayers of similar rank online • Climb leaderboards &rank up toGrandmaster • Additional achievements to earn FEATURES •Multiplegame modes available: Global Domination online, PlayFriends online,Single Player, and Pass & Play • Up to 6players/AIs can battlefor world domination • 4 difficulty settingsfor rookies andveterans • Authentic rules – it’s the RISK you knowand love •Easily add friends and send challenges • Guided tutorialmode andin-game help • Critical game stats and achievements •Multiple maps*and beautiful graphics • Fun animated avatars • Sendemojis toexpress your wrath or glee as you conquer your opponents*extra mapsand player avatars available for an additionalcost*********************************************************************Theapp will request the following permissions on Android 6.0+:RequestMessage: Allow ​*RISK*​ to access your contacts? Purpose:requiredif you want to sign in with Facebook or Google PlayRequest Message:Allow ​*RISK*​ to access photos, media and fileson your device?Purpose: to store your player avatarimage*********************************************************************RISKis a trademark of Hasbro. © 2016 Hasbro. All Rights Reserved.
⚽ Super RocketBall - Online Multiplayer League 2.5.4
Super RocketBall - Multiplayer is futuristic Sports withactionpacked soccer game.In this highly advanced football game"BATTLEFOR GOAL" is the only formula to win. This action packedgamebrings the worlds best players into the football field. Get inyourfavorite car and go out on the soccer field like a rocket tohitthe ball. This game is a must play for everyone who likes toplayunique football games, challenging soccer games or even cardrivingor car battle.UNIQUE GAME FEATURES :* 8 High detail carswithrealistic handling* 8 Amazingly fantastic stadiums withuniquelevel design* Simple and user friendly user interface*Practicemode available to strengthen players ability UNIQUEMULTIPLAYERFEATURES :* Join high speed servers from all over theworld*Ability to create private and public rooms* Crossplatformconnectivity* Unique features like kick player from room ormakesomeone a host* Live chat in lobby and in gameplaySo just TEAMUPwith the best players around the globe and DOMINATE thebattleground.
Table Tennis 3D Live Ping Pong 1.1.28
Play virtual table tennis 3D. A great ping pong game that willmakeyou feel beyond real!If you like to play pingpong ortabletennis,this game is a great racket challenge for you. Improveyourhandles, enjoy your freetime and have a sensational feelingofplaying table tennis 3D.Table Tennis 3D Live Ping Pong isanaddictive Ping Pong game with superb graphics, effects andawesomesoundFX. The best part is that you can play it as in reallife,against your friends or the AI. Smash, swing or spin the balltoclimb your way up in career mode if you take the tabletennischallenge. If you're a fan of sport games Table Tennis 3Dwillcaptivate you with features such as:● Three Awesome modes1.QuickMatch with three levels of difficulty✓ Beginner✓Intermediate✓Expert2. Career mode - sharpen your table tennisskills at 5levels✓ Local Level✓ State Level✓ Country Level✓Continent Level✓International Level3. Head To Head✓ Play tabletennis inhead-to-head mode with your friends (hasFacebook/Twitterintegration) on the same device● Smart AIcompetitor programmedbased on human behavior (reaction time,strength, skill, speedetc.) ● Play sidespin, corkspin, smash, lob,flick, loop shot etc.similar to real table tennis modes● Powerfulphysics engine givesrealistic effects to the ball and bat forbetter ping pongexperience● Three types of bats/ paddles withconfigurationavailable for✓ Speed✓ Spin✓ Control● Select a bat andball you feelcomfortable playing with based on the different powerand spin●Zoom In/Out the camera while playing the ping pong tochange yourviewport● Play table tennis in head-to-head mode withyour friends(has Facebook/Twitter integration) on the samedeviceTable Tennis3D is the most realistic ping pong simulator forAndroid and you'lldefinitely enjoy not only the physics behind, butalso its 3Dgraphics and effects.Stay updated with Table Tennis 3dLive PingPong game news at you want to help us translatethedescription in other languages, please put a mail to [email protected] Thank you.Keep playing Live Ping Pongwiththis awesome Table Tennis 3D game.By installing this app youagreeto the following PrivacyPolicy:
Flick Shoot US: Multiplayer 1
UNIQUEBest free kick game is now back with localizedjerseys,features and renewed interface just for UnitedStatesBIGGER, BETTER& MORE!Discover brand new Single Playermodes, endless Missionsand rewarding Mini GameONLINE CHALLENGESPlayone on one matches inMultiplayer or join the Tournament for theultimate challengeagainst real users from all around theworldFOOTBALL AT ITSFINESTUnique Flick control, improved realisticgraphics andanimations for the best free kick experienceWELCOME TOYOUR NEWADDICTION !With countless hours of gameplay and competitiveOnlinegame modes, Flick Shoot US will be your new addiction○ 6differentsingle player modes: Challenge, Arcade, Not Miss, TimeAttack,Dribbling, Practice○ Competitive Online Modes: Multiplayer&Tournament○ Dozens of customizable characters, jerseys, ballsandshoes○ Improved 3D graphics, physics and Flick control
Onraid - Online PVP Shooter 2.0
Onraid is mmo, free multiplayer 2D shooter with online PVPbattle.Where you are free to develop your own play style andtactics todestroy your enemies.Onraid offers intense battle modes,a variedset of character classes and cosmic visuals. Team up withfriendsor strangers to strengthen your chances as you battleunknownenemies, strange bots. Use the items collected on raids tocraftpowerful weapons, gadgets and skins and customize yourquirkycharacter. Play for free, time to shooter Onraid!10CHARACTERCLASSES, each of which has its own strengths andweaknesses,weapons and gadgets. Tweak your character for yourpreferred gamestyle.4 UNIQUE BATTLE MODES, each with differentsettings andgoals.CRAFTABLE EQUIPMENT. Collect items from raidboxes to craftdifferent weapons, gadgets and skins, each of whichhas their ownstrengths and weaknesses. Build over 70 weapons, 90+gadgets, and70 skins. Customize your character in ways that candirectly affectyour tactics, and develop your own play style.PVPLEAGUES. Get tothe top of the rankings as an individual or as ateam!Much more yetto come in regular updates!Download for freeOnraid - MMO, freemultiplayer 2D shooter with online PVP battle.
CyberSphere: TPS Online Action Game 1.69
Online Cyber Robot Game! Twin stick deathmatch Multiplayer -playfriends or gamers all over the world. Plot: Mankind is at warandunder attack from aliens, robots and cyborgs! Choose your armorandweapons, manage combat unit “Cyber-sphere” to defend the basefromthe advancing enemy across the planets. Use armoury such asguns,missiles, energy weapons, support drones, camouflage andexplosionsto destruct the enemy. You can fight alone or joinforces, killingon the battleground with other pilots in new onlinemultiplayermode! Good luck, solder! Civilisation as we know itdepends uponyou. Key Features: ★ Slick futuristic 3D graphics -making it feellike reality. ★ Single-player - you only haveyourself to rely onto prevent the apocalypse. ★ Crossplatformmultiplayer - up to 8players with iOS and Android devices can playtogether. ★ Offlinemode - you can play without internet connection.★ PVE with friends- join forces and increase your firepower invirtual fightin! ★ PVPmode - find out, who is the best pilot! ★Plenty of weapons - morethan 32 deadly guns. ★ Many support dronemodels - The drone squadyou want to be a part of, so use yourAI-controlled guardians. ★Lot of character types - managefuturistic tanks, walking mechas,cyborgs and solders, each withunique special ability! ★ Easinessof control - you can manage itintuitively using on-screen controlsor gamepad ★ Global ratings -become the best robot destroyer inthe world! ★ A variety of enemies- fighting robots, aliens,cyborgs ★ Small size - under 50 mb! ★Non-stop Sci Fi Top downcyborg shooter action - one of the mostinteresting games of 2018,it will not let you relax even a singlesecond! Your new favouritein the shooting games industry, withtwinstick control system,fighting to the deathmatch. The onlineScifi game that will get youhooked! Player, are you ready? Now,aboard the Spaceship
Prop Hunt Multiplayer Free 1.025b
The Amazing gamemod is now available on android.PropHunt playsmuchlike a Hide and Seek. Players on the BLUE team, can disguiseasprops, are given a 20 second set up time to hide, andafterwardsplayers on the RED team must find and kill them in thegiven timeperiod. At the end of each round, teams are swapped:Hunters (RED)become the Prop (BLUE) and vice versa. Require :Wifi.If you wantme to add something in the game any idea/suggestionor if you havea problem leave a comment here: send me a emailIf you want to translate the game intoanotherlanguage send me a email
Real Carrom 3D : Multiplayer 2.2.4
Real Carrom is all set to bring back a unique 3D Carrom boardgameexperience for the digital era! If you've ever wanted to playagame of Carrom at the comfort of your fingertips, Real Carromisthe way to go! With realistic 3D simulation and intuitivetouchcontrols, you're sure to be hooked onto the action forhours.Carrom is a popular board game originally from South EastAsia,with a concept similar to billiards, pool and shuffleboardwherethe players have to strike and pocket the carrommen (coins)using astriker of their choice, and the first one to do so withthemaximum number of carrommen wins the game. A single red coinknownas the queen has to be pocketed and followed by anothercarromman,if not it will be returned to the center. In case of adraw, theuser who pockets the queeen wins the match. 1. Put yourskills totest in the online real-time multiplayer, or just chooseto play asingle player mode to train yourself. 2. 'Challenge afriend' fromFacebook to an online real-time multiplayer game. 3.The gamefeatures 2 different gameplays, Freestyle and Black orWhite. 4.Choose from 4 different game modes. QUICK PLAY - Offers aquickgame just before you start your day or to warm you up forachallenge. Choose between 2 different gameplays, FreestyleandBlack or White. TRICK SHOT - A challenge based game where youhaveto pocket the Queen with maximum number of bounces but theleastamount of tries without striking it directly or hitting anyothercarrommen. BLITZKRIEG - You have 15 seconds to begin with totryand pocket any of the carrommen and the timer resets itself to15seconds for every successful pocket. Race against time tofinishthe board because when the timer clocks zero, the game isover. Itdoesn't get any more exciting than this! TOURNAMENT - Tryyour handat this intense challenge consisting of 8 rounds as asingle playerwith AI. The first to score 25 points or the playerwith most winsat the end of all 8 rounds, bags the champion title.5. Accuratelinear shot guides to help modify the shooting angle andline upthe shots. 6. Unlock a whole array of strikers and level up!7.Challenge yourself for a spot at the top of the leader board.RealCarrom has its own set of rules for you to follow and engage inareal life gaming experience of addictive fun! We would love tohearyour feedback and reviews. Permissions Required: GET_ACCOUNTS -ToSign-in into the game using your Google accountREAD_PHONE_STATE-Enables us to send you push notifications onvarious updates &offers ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION - To serve youlocation specific ads& offers WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE &READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE -For saving your game progress, statistics,game assets, caching ads& offers RECORD_AUDIO - This isrequired for zapr SDK which isintegrated with this app for thepurposes of profiling the deviceon media consumption and otherdevice data and utilizing the sameto target relevant content andads to the device ("Services")pursuant to the terms and conditionsof RBL Services ("Terms ofUse")
Versus - 2 players Game 3.6.0
Versus is a free multiplayer game with lots of action, reflexandlogic mini games. Play with your friends and gamers from allaroundthe world by challenging them on fun and addictive minigamesduels!★ Game modes✔ONLINE: Challenge your friends and thewholeworld.✔2 PLAYERS: play with your friends face to face on thesamedevice.✔ARCADE: play and beat your friends' high scores anddefeatthe best players in the world!★ + 15 mini-games ✔RollingMan:simple but addictive, you just have to stay on the path as longaspossible!✔Space Battle: destroy the meteorites and the aliensthatare attacking you!✔TapAttack: Attack your opponent whiledefendingyour base!✔ Tricky Colors: A reflexion and reflexe minigame inwhich you have to click when the colors are matching! ✔CrazyDrivers: Test your pilote skills ! Avoid the obstacles anddrive asfast as possible! ✔ Color Towers : the modern versionofarm-wrestling! ✔ Snake: The mythical Snake is back with a new2Players mode!And many others to discover! ★ More than a simplegameA free multiplayer game which gathers lots of mini-games withinthesame app! ★ The perfect game to play with your friends andfamillyVersus is the perfect app to have fun with your familly,yourfriends, in class, in a party or whenever you feel like havingfun.Each player will find his favorite game thanks to the varietyofmini-games: reflex, action, reflexion... ★ More than apastime,Versus is a free multiplayer game which gathers more than15addicitve mini-games to have fun with! Wether you are alone,withfriends or with your familly, hilarious duels are waitingforyou!For any question, problem, suggestion, feedback, feel freetocontact us at [email protected] or via our Facebook page'MadJoh'! Have fun playing Versus !★ Ready? Challenge your friendsin duelsonline, in the 2 players mode on the same device or in thearcademode. Enjoy!
Raptor World Multiplayer 2.0
*** Raptor World Multiplayer *** is an dinosaur simulatorthatallows you to play online against other players from aroundtheworld. Thanks for all your feedback. We made this game withoursuper fans in mind. We've included instant magic acquisitiononthis fun Jurassic landscape. Challenge real players, in realtime.Control your own customizable Raptor Dinosaur and take onanychallengers. Play the offline Jurassic map to build up yourskillpoints and magic. Explore the Volcano, the caverns, thestatues,and other mysteries. Collect all the magic elements in theofflinemap in order to craft your special powers. Upgrade yourspeed,strength, and stamina. This is the place you build up yourstrengthand skill level. Super high quality 3D Jurassic World maptoexplore. Your animal will get hungry and thirsty so don't forgettoeat and drink! Challenge other players in real time. Be thelastRaptor to survive and score a victory point. You may alsodecide toteam up and take down Giant bosses Hunt animals to keepyour hungerlevels up
. Drink water so you don't dehydrate. 
TopGameAttributes: --- Multiplayer Dinosaur Simulator Game --Get the ?andreceive a bonus prize ---Beautifully designed 3D JurassicWorldMap
 ---Play head to head against real players around theworld
----Real-time action 
---Includes Off-line map to buildexperienceand magic 
---Upgrade your abilities to have a betterchange atwinning Other dinosaurs include Spinosaurus,Pterodactly,Triceratops, T-rex, mososaurus, and Compagnathus.Multiplayer is anew series of games we have created at Wild Foot.We listened toall your suggestions and tried to combine them intothis game. 3Danimal simulation at its best. Thanks for all thefeedback. Be sureand stop by ourFacebookpage: for updates. 
Wewelcome your constructive criticism. Please email yoursuggestions.Our focus is making creative games with animals andmagic. Animalsimulators with a little something extra. Good luckand have asuper Wildfoot day!
Cubic Hockey 3D 1.4
This is fully physics based 3D funny hockey game. All you have toisclick one button and try to first 5 goals!You can kickyouropponents with your puck and legs at the same time, you needstayon ground for defend on your goal!- Customizable players.-Power UpSystem.- You can active 14 Power-ups. Like big goals, Smallball,or Freeze your opponent.- Play against with a friend or try toearncups in tournament mode vs Hard CPU.- Challenge in 3amazingtournament mode. Amateur, semi-pro and Stars league!- Up to4players support with 2 buttons mode.- 3 Different camera viewsingame.Click, kick and make some score!
Tawla 31 11.9.0
Tawla 31 (طاولة زهر, also known as just Backgammon, is similartoMoultezim, Tavla in Turkey and Fevga in Greece) is a variantofBackgammon game played in Middle East. The board game does notneedspecial representation, as well as, for example, chess,checkers.This game is one of the oldest board games for twoplayers. Tawla31 rules are very similar to Long Narde. Features: *No Banners,only ads between games! * 8 game boards and ALL forFREE! * 6difficulty levels * Online multiplayer * Online ELO rating*Bluetooth multiplayer * One or Two player mode * Gamedicestatistics * Dices without cheat * Game does not eat battery *Longmove * Undo move * Small package size
Street Basketball Association 3.1.3
Welcom to the"street basketball accociation". We will bring youthehotest basketball game experience.You can invite other playersto areal-time online competition or rank up while playingvariousleague, cups and events in spectacular arenas. FEATURES 
•QuickGame, League, Cups, Three-Point Contest, Training Mode
. •LocalMultiplayer – Go big head 2 big head against a friend vialocalWiFi. • Online Multiplayer – Challenge your GooglePlay friendstoplay head-to-head online or internet WIFI.(All onlinemultiplayersmust be updated to the latest version). 
• 3 difficultylevels forlongterm motivation (easy, medium, hard)
 • Simple yetpowerfultouch controls with timing control
• Compete with yourfriendswith the integrated world ranking leaderboard • Watch,replay andshare your most spectacular dunks with your friends Cometo joinour “Street Basketball Association”!
LOSTGUNS: 2D pixel online Shooting game, PVP 1.311
** This game requires WIFI or 3G/LTE connection to play. **『Over3million downloads』 The best 2D online shootinggame,LOSTGUNS!Compete and cooperate with your friends and usersallaround the world!co-op, pvp now in real time!For new users, youcanget various free items to be the best shooter!*Features - PVPmode,Play with multiplayers online up to 8 players (1vs1 ~ 4vs4).-Various modes including Deathmatch, Bomb Installation, GoldenRobotetc - More shooting More points! Gain valuable prizesthroughladder points! - Collect different weapons like rifles,shotguns,snipers, and rare skins! - Clan system updated! Make yourown clanand receive precious rewards.**COOPERATIVE MODE - Cooperatewith upto 4 multiplayers online. - Defend your nexus against wolvesinmission mode.***COMMUNITY - Enjoy the game even better withfriendsaround the world. - Supports convenient functions such aslobby,shop, and mailbox.◆ Permissions that are used in the game-AccessContacts (GET_ACCOUNTS)(When connected) Login to yourGoogleaccount, Google will be able to identify your handsetregistered inthis app. The game will not be logged reject theauthorizationrequest.- Device photo, media, and fileaccess(WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE / READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE):Variousoptions(ex: sound, optimization, etc.) required for the game areneeded totemporarily store or load the status on the device.* Allstatementsused in the description may be slightly differentdepending on thedevice and OS version.
Flats 5.3.5
Note for Android 8 users: before playing Flats, please enableallpermissions in settings to avoid crashing.we are findingthesolution, hope this help, sorry.Flats is a Multiplayer/Singleplayer cross-platform FPS.Multiplayer :IncludingDeathmatch,Team Deathmatch,Territories,Capture the Flag,Blow upthe Base (Bomb), Zombie, VIP and Co-op Survival.Singleplayer:Survival, Assortment and Headshot Challenge.Features :-Supportedmajor controllers.- Supported Cardboard and Android TV(needcontrollers).- You don't have to sign up to play multiplayer.Justdownload and play. It's free.- All weapons are free. - You cansendyour save data to other devices in LAN, even if it wasdifferentplatform.- Cross-platform, Android, iOS and Windows(PCandPhone).This software includes the work that is distributed intheApache License 2.0.
Briscola 3.6.1
The best "Briscola" game, in its best version!You'll loveBriscolabecause of its beautiful graphics, spectacular animationsand greatsound effects!Here are the main features of the game:*SINGLEPLAYER matches, where you will be able to decide the type ofmatch(quick, up to 120 points, win 3/5)* MULTIPLAYER mode whereyou'reable to challenge your Facebook/Twitter/Google+ friends or arandomplayer among more than 2 MILLIONS players from all over theworld!*BLUETOOTH matches with up to 3 friends when you don't havewi-fi ordata connection!* In every game mode you can choose to playmatchesfor 2,3 or 4 players!* 3 different difficulty levels (easy,medium,hard)* find how to reach the top of many LEADERBOARDS*TOURNAMENTSin both Single Player and Multiplayer modes* 20+ACHIEVEMENTS tounlock!* detailed STATS * change the CARD DECK, theTABLE and findout all the PERSONALIZATION you can make through thesettingsHere'sthe list of card decks available in the game:+Bergamasche+Bresciane+ Milanesi+ Napoletane+ Piacentine+ Romagnole+Toscane+Siciliane+ Trevisane+ Francesi (poker)+ SardeIf you havedoubts,questions or you wanna give us suggestions, don't hesitateto emailus [email protected] @WhatWappPlus:+WhatWappEnjoy theBEST Briscola!
Speed Card Game (Spit Slam)
Speed a card game also known as Spit or Slam, is veryfast-pacedmatching multiplayer card game and it could result indamage to thecards -- so play this on your device and don't ruinyour actualplaying cards. Spit and Slam are variations of Speed.Speedsupports online multiplayer mode over the internet. Test yourspeedskills against other players. Controls: Tap or Drag thecardsObjective: To play all your cards first. How to Play: -Eachplayeris dealt five cards to form a hand, and each player is dealt15cards face down to form a draw pile. If you are playingwithjokers, you use them as wild cards and give each draw pile16cards. A stack of five cards, placed face down on each sidebetweenthe players, serves as a replacement pile. Finally, twocards areplaced face down in the center between the replacementpiles. -Youmay play a card in your hand by discarding it in the"Play Pile" ifthe card is 1 number/value higher or lower it is amatch. (e.g. 5can be played on a 6 or 4, a Queen can be played on aKing or Jack)-A 2 may be played on an Ace and a Ace may be playedon a 2. -Youmay have up to 5 cards in your hand at a single time.When you haveless than 5 cards in your hand you may draw from your"Draw Pile"-First player to play all of his/her cards wins! Therules arebased of the wikisite: Created ByJimmyDickinson
Holy Shoot - Soccer Battle 4.21
Holy Shoot is an one-button Physics based soccer game! It is easytoplay and very entertaining, will bring you a huge fun when playwithfriends. Support multiplayer match, create your own avatar andbuildyour dream team! Control your team by tapping the button topokeyour opponent, kick & shoot the ball into your opponent’sgate!Easy to play, but not that easy to score! Go to win yourfriends andto be the hero in their hearts! LOL If you likefootball and soccer,you must play this humorous game NOW! GameFeatures: - Great Physicsin gameplay - 8-bit pixel graphic - Playagainst smart AI opponents- 2 Players in one screen - 4 Players inone screen - Various matchfields - customized avatars - EndlessMode - Championship Tournament- Challenge mode is available now -Amazing league mode will beavailable soon - Multiplayer onlinematch is coming soon LIKEUS FOLLOWUS CONTACT US We'd like tohearyour suggestions! contact us: [email protected]
Challenge Your Friends 2Player 3.1.2
Have fun with your friends by playing multiplayer games anddoingfunchallenges.Challenge Your Friends requires two playersandonedevice. This is not online multiplayer game, but bothplayersplayon the same device. Play games for two.HOW IT WORKS:Step1:Find afriend.Step 2: Choose one of the multiplayer games.Step3:The gamegives you random challenge.Step 4: If you both acceptthechallenge- press ACCEPT.Step 5: PLAY.Step 6: When the game isover,do thechallenge.Follow Challenge Your Friends on Facebook fornewsandupdates: multiplayer (two player actually) game and it isplayedon onedevice/phone/tablet. There aren't many multiplayer(twoplayer) gameslike this on the Play Store.Enjoy whileplayingChallenge YourFriends!
Domino! The world's largest dominoes community 3.2.8
Flyclops LLC
Play FIVES, BLOCK, and DRAW multiplayer dominoes with yourfriends!Join over one million people who have downloaded Domino!Domino! issuper addictive, fast-paced, multiplayer dominoes doneright forAndroid! This easy to learn but impossible to masterstrategy gameis beautifully designed and endlessly entertaining!Play opponentsat your own pace or see who's online right now foreven fastergameplay. Find yourself bored with other, slowermultiplayer gameson the App Store? Change that now with Domino!Taking turns isridiculously fast. Play your Facebook friends,contacts, or evenrandom people across the globe! Push notificationslet you knowit's your turn. In-game chat lets you tell youropponent who'sreally the best. Download today for free and join thecommunity ofDomino! players now! Features: • Insanely addictive •Extremelyfast gameplay • Most popular styles of Dominoes • Easy tolearn,impossible to master - it’s always fun! • Familiar, intuitiveuserinterface • Turn-based or real-time play - play whole games atonceor at your own pace • Play an unlimited number of games at thesametime • See who’s online now for even faster action
Badminton 3D 2.1
Play with your Friends online!- Online Multiplayer-Career-Realistic Badminton Physics with effect of air resistance-SplitScreen mode- Leaderboards- Tournaments- League- Represent foryourcountryEnjoy
SkidStorm—Multiplayer 1.0.126
Cheetah Games
SkidStorm is a global multiplayer realtime racing game, freeofcharge and with simple graphics. You can challenge others onlineorplay alone offline. It offers the smooth control which isreallyeasy to get the hang of! In the game, you may drive the carsanddrift though all kinds of tracks, swipe your fingers toexperiencethe thrilling races. You may also fill up nitro tanks tospeed upor overtake in the corner to become the champion. How toplay: -Simply click the button “Left”, “Right” to control where thecargoes, and fill up nitro tanks to speed up, and overtake inthecorner to win the game. Feature: - 24 tracks for you to choosefromand enjoy the multiplayer realtime racing to the limit -17different types of cars - 12 skins to customize your cars asyouwant - 5 upgradeable parts: engine, turbo, motor, nitrous andtires- Form a clan to play with your friends and share the glory-Leaderboard: win the trophies and get on the top of the chart-Various game modes: global multiplayer realtime matchingmode,single player mode, Career mode, AI mode... - New contentcomingsoon! Tips: - Carefully maintain your drifts to fill up nitrotanksand earn more chances to speed up - Chicane is the key of howyouovertake the others - Use your nitro wisely: straight paths orthehome stretch is the best The most latest drift racing game madebyCheetah Mobile. Go give it a try! We’d love to hear yourthoughtsand suggestions on our game. You are invited to join us toimproveit together. More updates and surprises are coming soon.Staytuned! E-mail: [email protected] FB: @SkidStorm PrivacyPolicies:
Block Tank Wars 3.5
Cube Software
Block Tank Wars - It's a 3D tank action game with singleplayer,multiplayer and survival modes, with tanks and levels drawninblock style.Upon completion of the mission player can buy newtankor improve their tanks. We will constantly update the game.Thegame mechanics is well-balanced.Features:* 150+singleplayermissions, survival mode, and Online game!* 8 differenttank types*Epic Boss fight!* 8 types of enemy tanks with differentweapons.* 2types of world - City, Ice worldThe game will beconstantlyupdated.
Pinochle 1.41
Pinochle card game featuring: - Double-deck and single-deck games-4 players and 3 players - Single-player and rating-basedonlinemultiplayer - Really challenging computers - Options forbidding,passing cards, scoring and some regional variations -Statistics -Change names and avatars - Change a color style of thegame -Choose between several decks - Landscape and portraitsupported -Fits phones, tablets and HD phones Time to playPinochle!
Kong Battle Multiplayer 1.0.3
Step into gorilla’s shoes and be prepared to a monumental fightinthe middle of Southern Africa.The aim? Push your enemy from thetopof a cliff toward the abysmal chasm.Unlock special moves bymakingcombos. Who is the boss? Play two players and show that youare theking of the jungle! Features:Single player againstcomputer2players modeSpecial moves
4 in a Row Connect Multiplayer 114
FnG Studios
Come and try the new 4 in a Row (connect in a row 4 discs)onAndroid. With 4 modes you can : - Play alone against averyintelligent AI - With another player on the same screen -Connectwith another player over the bluetooth - Connect onlineagainstplayers from around the world, fast multiplayer games! Fourin aRow (also known as Connect 4, Four Up, Plot Four, Find FourandFour in a Line) is a two-player connection game in whichtheplayers first choose a color and then take turns droppingcoloreddiscs from the top into a seven-column, six-rowverticallysuspended grid. The pieces fall straight down, occupyingthe nextavailable space within the column. The objective of thegame is tobe the first to form a horizontal, vertical, or diagonalline offour of one's own discs. Connect 4 is a solved game. Thefirstplayer can always win by playing the right moves.
Recoil Game 1.0.45
RECOIL is a first of its kind first-person shooter broughttolife!Use with the RECOIL Multi-Player Starter Set, whichincludesadvanced weaponry and a Wi-Fi game hub. Feel the kickbackof yourweapon as 3D positional audio lets you hear exactly whereenemyfire is coming from. Engage up to 16 players over a250-footradius, viewing live stats and tracking each other’smovements.•GPS-enabled technology dynamically maps your game intothe realworld• Place Virtual Weapons such as landmines ontothebattlefield, or call in Virtual Airstrikes!• RECOIL Wi-Fi GameHubsupports up to 250 feet of multiplayer perimeter•Bluetooth-enabledRECOIL weapons (sold separately) connect to youriPhone•Multiplayer games support up to 16 Players• Various gameplaymodes,such as Free-for-all Skirmish, Team Skirmish and Search&Destroy• AR-powered Indoor Play mode requires no GPS• Supportfor“Mobile-only” players in team games – no RECOILhardwarerequiredBeef up your team’s size and firepower withadditionalRECOIL weapons: the standard Starter Set (soldseparately) includestwo RK-45 Spitfire weapons, but SR-12 Rogueweapons are alsoavailable with more range, power, and largermagazine capacity.Both the RK-45 and SR-12 are fully automaticRECOIL weapons withdynamic force-feedback for a physical “kick” toadd to therealism.All weapons have push-to-talk buttons that enablereal-timevoice chat – call out instructions to teammates, or taunttheenemy. For a real game changer, the RECOIL frag grenade(soldseparately) provides a timed release blast with a hugeradius.It’stime to get in on the action because The World Is NowGame.
Pool 2018 1.17.2
*The World's most addictive Pool games (8 Ball Pool, 9 Ball Pool,3Cushion Billiards) Play online with your friends or challengetheplayers around the world and become Pool Pro! Choose GamePracticealone or play the Multiplayer to experience 8 Ball Pool, 9BallPool, 3 Cushion Billiards. Play for Prize Win each match andgetamount of golds for exclusive items such as cues andcharacters.Best Shot Upload your best pool shots, watch and Likeotherplayer’s video, win big gift box. Level-up Challenge variousrooms,clubs and cues with level-up. Combo Mode Play in Combo Modeandmake successful shots in a row for huge gold prizes. PlayFriendsConnect your Facebook account and challenge your friends ina funpool game! Play Clubs Join or create your own club and beatout thecompetition to win Champion Club of Pool 2018! --DownloadPool 2018by Andromeda Games NOW! -- *This game requires aninternetconnection* * Additional requiredpermission(READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE, WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE,READ_PHONE_STATE) -In order to download the update patch data ofthe app, SD cardwrite/read permission is required. - In order tocheck the UDID foraccount recovery, access permission to photos andmedia files isrequired. Like Pool 2018 onFacebook: Follow us onTwitter:
Mini Golf 3D City Stars Arcade - Multiplayer Rival 13.35
Multiplayer and offline Mini Golf Club Game in one! Win coinsandbuy cool things! Challenge the whole world in Mini Golf 3DWorldsStars Clash, with the brand new real-time multiplayerfunction!Multiplayer mini golf competition showing your own avatarandgiving you time to practice before the real match begins.Unlocknew achievements, chat with standard lines, play Micro Golf3DWorlds Stars Arcade and compete against real players fromallaround the globe. The update also comes with a cloud savefunction,so you won’t lose any progress, and new coin packages youcan buyto use in the golf game. It is time to relax, so stop therush andplay golf. Get ready to join the tournament and be thenumber 1minigolf champion! Experience the clash world of arcademini golfrivals in Aztec El Dorado World. Mini Golf 3D Worlds StarsArcadeis a free mini golf paradise with incredible 3D effects thatkeepsyou playing, as more content and functions are added eachmonth.The game has 245 putt-putt courses, each designed with auniqueseries of challenges. Let the golf ball run in the right wayandmake the ultimate winner. Carefully choose the right angle withthearrows, use the button for strength, and find creative ways toputtyour ball in the hole before you are out of shots. Masterfunnychallenging obstacles and dynamic objects such as jumps,spinningbars, slopes, holes, and loops. Show your best mini golfingskills,in single putter player mode & online real-timemultiplayermode. FEATURES ★ Cloud save function for Sports VideoGames! ★Multiplayer golf clash championship ★ Country flags at thestart ofthe track *NEW ★ Top View camera added in Game Play *NEW ★Simplechat function ★ Rise up as a golf star! ★ Play daily yourbonuslevel and get the highest score! ★ Single player arcade mode★Never worry about rainy days or a lost ball ★ Incredible 3Dcartoongraphics and effects ★ Explore 245 legendary and wickedminigolfcourses ★ Master different obstacles and interactiveobjects ineach miniature golf course ★ Monthly content updates,with newfeatures, golf courses, and even more to achieve ★ Easy,responsivefinger controls for smartphone and tablet ★ Use coins tounlock newcourses and cool items in the store ★ Realistic ballmovementsbased on real physics ★ Select your favorite sports golfball, likethe soccer football ★ Make that wonderputt shot andbecome a golfhero ★ Daily rewards! ★ Crazy golf courses that canmadden you ★Out of shots? Earn free shots by watching a videoCONTACT LIke andsubscribe to our Social Media to stay updated.Facebook: YouTube:, questions and support, please e-mail usat:[email protected] Feel free to tell uswhatyou like, and what needs improving!
Flick Shoot 2 1.26
THE LEGEND IS BACK!With 20+ million downloads, thebestfootball/free kick game in the market is back!BIGGER, BETTER&MORE!Discover brand new Single Player modes, endless Missionsandrewarding Mini Game with countless hoursofgameplay.ONLINE/MULTIPLAYER CHALLENGESPlay one on one matchesinMultiplayer or join the Online Tournament for theultimatechallenge against real users from all around theworld.FOOTBALL ATITS FINESTUnique Flick shoot control, improved 3Dgraphics andrealistic animations for the best football/freekickexperience.FLICK SHOOT 2, YOUR NEW ADDICTION!○ 6 differentsingleplayer modes: Challenge, Arcade, Not Miss, Time Attack,Dribbling,Practice○ Competitive Online Modes: Multiplayer &Tournament○Dozens of customizable football/soccer players, jerseys,balls andshoes○ Improved 3D graphics, animations, physics and Flickshootcontrol for the best free kick experience○ Flick Shoot 2isplayable in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese,Russian,Spanish and Turkish!