Top 1 Games Similar to Zombie Squad Survival Mission

Lone Commando Fury Shooter: 3D 1.0
It’s time to go all guns blazing inafuryshooter experience for Android mobiles and tablets.AnexquisiteFPS shooter specifically designed for mobile throwsintothe feetof a lone commando, on a deadly mission to take downallenemies inthreatening missions that will challenge yourshootingskills tothe limit.Betrayed by his own teammates and left for dead inthebattlefield,the lone commando must set out on an actionadventureinto thedepths of enemy bases to win this shooting battlewith arange ofFury shooter weapons and explosives at his disposal.In awar zoneplagued battlefield, play on in numerousshootingassignments tocomplete and survive to exact revenge onyourteammates in thepenultimate battle of epic proportions.GAMEPLAY FEATURES- Super FPS fury shooter with various weapons at disposal- Numerous shooting missions for lone commando insurvivalbasedmechanism- Simpler Controls systems specially designedformobiledevices- Expert Sniper Zoom Mode for sniper rifles- Pick up health boxes and various collectibles to power upyourlonecommandoMOBILE READY FREE ROAM FPS SHOOTER EXPERIENCEUse the exquisite mobile shooter controls and an array ofweaponstotake down enemies in a survival attempt in thebattlefield.Morelevels to follow very soon!CHALLENGING BATTLEFIELD ENVIRONMENTSThe brilliantly designed environments will challengethelonecommando to survive the enemy onslaught. The rightbalanceofattack and defense only will get the job done.