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Find My Friends & Family by iSharing
iSharing app lets your family be in touch and stay connectedwithyour friends anytime. Family Locator provides a realtimelocationfinder service allowing families and close friends toprivatelyshare their location information and communicate with eachother.Our location finder help parents and caregivers reduceanxietyaround the whereabouts of their loved ones with easytracking andalerting messages. With iSharing you can: • View therealtimelocation of Family members on a private family map that’sonlyvisible on Family Locator • Receive realtime alerts whenfriendmembers arrive at or leave destinations - Best way to protectyourkids and keep your kids safe! • Receive automaticnotificationswhen a friend is nearby - Find my Friends ! (EliminatedisruptiveWhere are you? texts) • GPS Location finder for stolenphones orlost phones • Shake your phone to send the Panic Alert inanemergency situation. • Turn your phone or tablet into awalkietalkie with iSharing and enjoy FREE voice messages •Locationhistory - the Top Mobile App To Keep kids Safe GPS locatorof AllFamily Members: For time-sensitive communication, GPS locatorcanquickly pinpoint the location of every family member. iSharingis alocation sharing platform for peace of mind. The bestlocationfinder App for loved ones: This handy, easy-to-use appleveragesthe latest technology to help you stay connected inrealtime to thepeople (and the devices) that matter most. iSharingGPS locator appuses GPS coordinates and state-of-the-art GPSlocation data toreport the realtime whereabouts of your friends andfamily. Simplyinstall the iSharing locator app on your phone andyour families’phones. Once registered, each member appears as aunique icon onthe GPS tracking navigational map so you’ll knowexactly where eachfamily members is, at all times. No need to sendannoying Where areyour? or What’s your ETA? texts, the iSharing appputs thisinformation at your fingertips. And to make life supereasy, wesend you realtime GPS alerts the moment your friends arriveat theappointed location! iSharing is a realtime mobile phoneGPSLocation tracking system. the app can pinpoint the locationofregistered mobile devices, and smart phones. in addition to thiswelets you locate Android Phones, iPhones and iPad. Its easy touse.All you have to do is invite your family members or friends andyoucan start tracking them on your Phone to track any smartphone.Best child locator for parents: iSharing help parentsandcaregivers reduce anxiety around the whereabouts of theirlovedones with easy tracking and alerting messages. * iSharingappshould be used under the agreement and consent of the other.Feelfree to us: [email protected] * Terms ofuse: * PrivacyPolicy:
My GPS Location
My GPS Location provides you with thebestavailable location, based on geolocation data fromallcurrently-available location providers such as GPS and WiFi.Theapp is ideal for all activities that need real-timeGPScoordinates, for example, geocaching or field work. My GPSLocationis divided into three different tabs:The OVERVIEW tab shows detailed information from thelocationsensors in real-time: latitude and longitude, altitude,accuracy,speed and bearing. Several formats are available fordisplaying thecoordinates, e. g. decimal degrees or UTM (UniversalTransverseMercator). Length units can be displayed in meters orfeet.Supported speed units are m/s, ft/s, km/h, mph or kn(knots).The MAP view lets you easily discover what's nearby and seeplacesyou've previously saved, e.g. the fantastic spot from yourlastvacation or just the place where you parked your car. You canaddnew places by a long tap on the map. To move a place on themap,just make a long tap on it and drag it to its new position.Allcommon map types such as road map and satellitearesupported.In the PLACES section, you can save, edit or delete yourfavoriteplaces and check how far they are away from your currentposition.This is very handy if you want to know the distance fromhome whenon a trip. Distance is defined using the WGS84ellipsoid.From anywhere within the app, you can easily share yourcurrentlocation data via your preferred messaging app. Yourfriendsreceive your GPS coordinates and a link to Google Maps withyourposition on it. In case of emergency, you can send an SMS withyourGPS location, even if no data connection isavailable.Additionally, you can copy your GPS coordinates to theclipboardand paste them into map applications, chats oremails.
Family GPS tracker My Family 5.69
A family locator and multi-purpose helper for any device!"MyFamily"is the easiest and most accurate way to locate everyone inyourfamily in real time. It's a whole-family service app with awiderange of functionality for every family.SECURE! The app isentirelysecure: we have no registration and never use yourpersonal data. Wedon't store any chat history, locationinformation, or anything elseabout your family! All data is storedonly on user devices. Ourservers only transmit data betweendevices. With "My Family", youcan be sure that all the informationabout your family and yourchildren is safe and secure.MY FAMILYLOCATOR allows you to:-DETERMINE THE LOCATIONS OF ALL FAMILYMEMBERS IN REAL TIME. It's upto you whether and when your familycan see your location.- TURN ONKID MODE on your child’s phone.Your child won't be able to turn offlocation services or changethe app's settings. With Premium mode,you can SEE and HEAR what'sgoing on around your child any time!-VIEW MOVEMENT HISTORIES forany of your family members on the mapusing the Tracking function.Movement history is stored on yourdevices for three years!- CREATEPLACES and receive a notificationwhen a family member arrives ator leaves a place. You will nolonger have to worry about whetheryour child made it to school orwhether Grandma made it home.-CUSTOMIZABLE! Select from 15 colourthemes! - HAVE A FAMILY CHAT.Your family will always be there totalk.Join our Premium users anddiscover the additional features ofthe app with My FamilyPremium!In MyFamily Premium you will be ableto:- Make the forcedsnapshot and video from the device with Kidmode (front or backcamera). Unfortunately, for iOS devices thisfeature will work onlywhen the app is open.- Get directions to eachperson by foot or bycar!- Hide your location from family membersindividually if youlike.Also, MyFamily Premium includes:- Increasedcall time for KidMode calls.- Unlimited family members. - Unlimitedlocationalerts.Why choose "My Family"?- The Family Locator lets youknowexactly where your children and elderly parents are, safeandsecure. No more anxiety! Keeping track of your kids has neverbeeneasier!- You decide for yourself when your family can seeyourlocation. Adults can always make their locations invisible intheApp's settings (but Kids can't!).- Your children will feelsafer,knowing you are always close by.- You'll keep in closer touchwithyour loved ones- View any family member's movement history forthepast three years!Please note that all features based onGPStechnology require a GPS-equipped smartphone and require GPS tobeturned on in your phone settings. Of course My Family trackercanfind where you are using your cellular signal or network alonebutthe GPS offers exact coordinates.The App conserves power, butaswith any app with GPS functionality, your battery life maybeslightly diminished.
Find My Kids - GPS Tracker 16.9.0
Find My Kids tracks lost or wandering children quickly and easily.Afew of the benefits of owning this free app are:-Automaticallyreceive place alerts when your child returns home orarrives atschool -Easily keep track of your family members withouthaving toconstantly ask where they are -Having phone batterylevelsmonitored, so you know whether their phone is dead or theyjustaren’t responding Find My Kids contains a superior phone andusesstate-of-the-art GPS navigational technology to trackyourchildren. It is the essential app for anyone who hasexperiencedthe stress and worry associated with a lost child. LostKid Found,With Find My Kids Find My Kids makes it easy to pinpointthelocation of a missing child whether it’s your child orsomeoneelse’s. Better still, the app’s navigational assistance canguideyou to them, making lost kid retrieval quick and easy. Totrackkids, Find My Kids uses state-of-the-art GPS trackingtechnology.Essentially, cell phone companies know a mobile device’sdistancefrom cell phone towers. Find My Kids secures this data fromcellphone companies and displays the phone’s whereabouts on theapp’smap. From there, it’s easy fro you to retrieve thechild’slocation. Find My Kids Offers Real Time Location Data Planyournext family gathering with this family tracker and endmultipletexts to learn everyone’s arrival time. Kid Tracker canalert youwhen family members have checked in at a location andthanks to GPStracking technology, kid tracker can also advise ifsomeone isrunning late. Battery Tracking of all Circle members FindMy Kidshas smart battery consumption, and lets you see how yourchild ischarging his or her phone. You can also get alerts when thephonebattery is low, so you can send reminders to your childrentocharge their phones. Find My Kids also lets you see how thebatteryis being used, so you know how quickly it is reaching empty.GPSTracking to find Kids, Friends and Family Find My Kids’GPStracking app uses GPS coordinates and state-of-the-art GPSlocationdata to report the real-time whereabouts of your friendsandfamily. Simply install the Find My Kids app on your phone andyourkids’ phones. Once registered, each member appears as a uniqueiconon the GPS tracking navigational map so you’ll know exactlywhereeach family member is at all times. No need to send annoying“Whereare you?” or “What’s your ETA?” texts, Find My Kids putsthisinformation at your fingertips. And to make life super easy,wesend you GPS tracking alerts the moment your kids arrive attheappointed location! Reliable Kid Tracker The Find My Kids app isavery reliable Kid Tracker. It can pinpoint the locationofregistered mobile devices, smart phones and even old schoolfeaturephones via the app’s website, 24/7. Our GPS Phone Trackerlets youlocate Android Phones and iPhones. It’s easy to use, allyou haveto do is invite your family members or friends and you canstarttracking them on your phone. Innovative and Versatile KidTrackerDo you constantly wonder or worry where your children are?Find MyKids can help. Its state-of-the-art GPS system can keep tabsonregistered phone, using satellites to triangulate theexactlocation of every phone registered to your account. If a phoneisever out of satellite view, Find My Kids uses triangulation viathenearest cell phone tower and the cell phone carrier’s datatodetermine your child’s location. This versatile kid locatoralsooffers printer-friendly directions to your child’s location.FindMy Kids is compatible with Androids, whether you haveAT&T,Verizon, Sprint or another phone carrier.
Family Locator - GPS Tracker 17.6.0
Life360’s Family Locator simplifies life in the digital worldbymaking it easy to stay connected to the people who mattermost.With Life360 you can: • Create your own private groups,called“Circles,” of loved ones, teammates -- whoever matters mostandchat with them in Family Locator for FREE. • View thereal-timelocation of Circle Members on a private family map that’sonlyvisible to your Circle. • Receive real-time alerts whenCircleMembers arrive at or leave destinations (Eliminatedisruptive“Where are you?” texts) • See the location of stolen orlost phones• Enjoy a more diverse array of features and benefitsthan thosefound on similar apps • Works on both Android Phones andiPhonesReal-Time Location Sharing Stay connected and in sync withyourentire family and eliminate the multiple texts needed tocoordinateyour family events and daily life. Family Locator alertsyou whenyour family members have checked in at a location andthanks to GPSsensors in your phone, family locator can also adviseif someone isrunning late. Finding Family The Life360 app usesstate-of-the-artGPS location technology to report the real-timewhereabouts ofthose that have accepted your invitation to join yourcircle andshare their location. Simply install the Life360 FamilyLocator appon your phone, and invite your family. Once registered,each memberappears as a unique icon on the navigational map soyou’ll knowexactly where they are. No need to send annoying “Whereare your?”or “What’s your ETA?” texts, the Life360 Family Locatorputs thisinformation at your fingertips. And to make life supereasy, wesend you alerts the moment your family arrives at anappointedlocation! In order for our app to work properly, we need afewpermissions. Don't worry - when you create an account, we helpyouthrough this quick and easy process. Location - Life360 locatesyouand your loved ones on a shared, private map. This settingallowsus to show location accurately and quickly. Phone permission-Life360 has a feature called Driver Care Support that, withasingle push of a button, connects you to a live representativeoverthe phone. Our live representative knows who you are and whereyouare to assist in roadside situations such as tows, jumps,andlockouts. We also offer an immediate emergency response in thecaseof a vehicular collision. Phone permissions allow us toconnectyour phone to the live representative and authenticate thatyou arethe one calling them. Network - This connects you to theInternetand allows us to send and receive location information toand fromfamily members on your private map.
GeoZilla GPS Locator – Find Your Family 5.1.58
GeoZilla family locator lets you invite and share your locationwithfamily members. It is a life saver when it comes to knowingtheircurrent whereabouts in real time on a map. GeoZilla familylocatorallows you to: - Easily locate family using the GPS trackerwithinyour mobile phone. - Know when family leaves or arrives aplace. -See where your family's been during the day on the map. -Check into assure family members within GeoZilla that you aresafe. - Textand share images of your daily life via GeoZilla. -Assignlocation-based tasks to family members within GeoZilla. -Receivereminders when you are nearing the area of an appropriatetask to dothat day. And much, much more! Use of SignificantLocation Change(SLC) ensures the family locator is in sleep modeuntil you havesignificantly moved on the map to keep the GPStracker at bay andyour battery life from draining. Use the familylocator app to getnotified when kids leave home for school to knowif they arrivesafely and on time. Smart Location History - Viewthe history ofyour family’s whereabouts. - Leave Check-ins andcomments to letyour family know you are safe. Emergency AlertGeoZilla familylocator will instantly notify the family when oneof the members isin danger and requires help. Location-BasedErrands - Assignlocation-based tasks to your family members oryourself. Manage yourshopping list together. Get a reminder whenyou approach the area.Raising kids is no joke, let GeoZilla familylocator make your lifeeasier by allowing you to check your teen’swhereabouts. Addyourself as their emergency contact in GeoZillaGPS tracker and wewill send you their location information if theyneed to inform you.This safety tracker app works great for thosewith an elderly lovedone or teenager they must keep an eye on.Never worry again if yourloved one is safe, with GeoZilla familylocator app you can rest abit easier knowing that you have GPStracking enabled and be certainyour loved ones are safe when awayfrom home. Important: Pleasenote, location sharing is opt-in only.GeoZilla requires consentfrom all family members to be used.Please share your feedback andsuggestions: [email protected]
Family Locator & GPS Tracker 4.56
The ZoeMob Family Locator is a very accurate cell phonetrackerservice to monitor your family with GPS tracking technology.A safeway to track the location of your kids using an exclusiveandprivate family map feature. Peace of mind for you when you arenotclose of your loved ones. All they need is an Android phonewiththe App installed.Who needs a family locator or safetymobileapps?Parents with kids between 8 and 17, whose kids have totravelthrough city streets daily to attend school, visit family, gooutwith friends or go shopping with the family. And, ofcourse,because they are away from their parents in many of thesecases,they need a mobile app like family locator to stay safe andinconstant contact with their parents.ZoeMob Family Locatormobibleapp features:✓ Location and family map: check the currentlocationfor all family members instantly. All the past locationhistoryremain available in the family map too.✓ Family Messenger:keep intouch and chat with your family with no cost. Using FamilyLocator,all family members can send and receive text messages usingtheFamily Messenger, an exclusive and private channel.✓ OverSpeedAlerts: get notified if your kids are in a car over the speedlimitthat you consider safe. In this way, you can monitor iftheirschool bus is moving over the speed limit.✓ Places Alerts:bealerted when your family members arrive at school, at home orevenif they are nearby or far away from a place you have determinedinthe family map (it´s like an automatic check-in!).Important:Allfamily members must have full knowledge that this serviceisrunning as a phone tracker on their cell phone. So he/shemustagree that it is being monitored by this GPS trackingapp.WithFamily Locator you can access your family's informationonline withyour cell phone, desktop computer or tablet to feelcomfortableeven if you aren't near your children and familymembers.Why familylocator mobile app technology is a must-have foryou?✓ It providesprotection and safety anywhere with a dedicatedGPS trackerdesigned for dads, moms and kids.✓ A reliable mobileFamily Locatorcan help you to know where are your kids in realtime.✓ Parents whouse a Family Locator spend less time callingtheir loved ones.✓Kids with Family Locator installed feel morefreedom and confidenceto move around city.✓ Family Locator canprevent your child ofgetting lost in unknown places.✓ The modernFamily Locator apps arebased on the state-of-art of GPS trackingtechnology to find yourkids and get their location. ZoeMob FamilyLocator is lessobtrusive than other GPS tracker systems.✓ Themodern world hasbecome very dangerous for children and teens. Andthis is due notonly to an increase in real danger on the streets,but also becauseof advancements in technology. Children and teenswith cell phonesand tablets are exposed to the same risks as adultsin the virtualworld. But of course, the same technology that is athreat can helpparents to keep the peace using a tool such FamilyLocator.Note:any service based on GPS tracking just works fine whenthe GPS isenabled on the device. So don't forget to check the GPSlocationsettings. Family Locator can find a mobile phone by cellphonetower signal too, but only GPS tracking technology can giveyou anaccurate phone location.More about GPS tracking technology AGPStracking system uses the GNSS network (Global NavigationSatelliteSystem). GNSS incorporates a couple of satellites thatusemicrowave signals that are transmitted to GPS devices togiveinformation on locations, speed, time and direction of onepersonwith a cell phone compatible. Once installed, a GPS trackingsystemcan give you both real-time and historic navigation data.Telluswhat you think - Support ChannelSubmit your request aboutFamilyLocator through our online support system by your desktop oryourmobile phone. Contact us at
True Mobile Number Location Tracker , Caller ID 1.0.31
Sink Apps
main Features of True Mobile Number Location Tracker SearchAnyMobile Number with just one click Search ISD/STD world widewithMap display location Track Live mobile location around theglobeTrue Mobile Number Location Tracker tracks you all the waywhereyour mobile goes, Maps tracker help you to know the track youhavecome through to a new location. It is gps recorder which getsyourmultiple GPS location and then draw on Google Map. Phonelocationtracker is fast, easy to use, and get real-time locationspoint tohighlight on map. It use GPS to track your mobile locationthat isevery accurate and reliable then other sources oflocationprovider.It records the route and all the navigation onyour maps.Feature: 1. GPS Location Base. 2. Highlight your mobileLocationson Google Map, you have travel through. 3. Helps you innew places,to find track you have traveled. 4: Best reliable appwhentravelling too far.give you exact path you have travel through.5:Best Maps tracker App with gps recorder. 6:Best Mobiletrackingfunctionality records history. Note: Its a free appsupported byAds.
Real-Time GPS Tracker 2 0.9.39
Welcome to Greenalp. With this app you can essentially dotwothings:1.) Show your own location live on Google Maps. Thiswayyour family and friends always know where you are and that youaresafe.2.) See the location of your friends and family membersrightin the app. Just ask them to install this app.New: Try alsoour webservice. Works right in the browser (alsowithiPhone): this app providestonsof extra features (geofence, track and trace, etc.) which iswhy itis one of the most popular real-time gps trackers forAndroid.Please have a look at the feature list below.Important forbatterysaving: By default this app is configured for highfrequencytracking and high accuracy, which needs quite muchbattery. If youwould like to save battery it's strongly recommendedto run thebattery wizard. For extreme power saving, use the remotecontrol torun the tracker on-demand only.Examples this GPS Trackercan beused for:• Show your outdoor trip live to your family&friends. They can track you in real-time while your arerunning,hiking, biking, paragliding, or just traveling by train orcar. •Track your family & friends. Ask them to install thisGPSTracker and you can track each other in real-time.•Geo-fencing:Receive automatic notifications when a tracked usersenters orleaves an area specified by you (geofence).• Latitudereplacement:The default configuration needs more battery. If youwant to savebattery just increase the update interval or use celltowerlocations instead of GPS. Support is available in the forum.•Embedyour map into your website or blog.• Track your dog: Whybuyingexpensive pet trackers? Use a cheap Android phone and put itonyour dog. You can see your dog's location on the map inreal-time.• Track and Trace: Provide a live tracking service foryourcustomers. Useful for leaflet and other companies (pizzadelivery,etc).• Educational: Students use this tracker to tracktheirweather balloons.New features provided by RTT2:• Brand newGoogleMaps version (Google v2)• New base map: Google Terrain•Offlinemaps• Multi map mode. Add more than one map on the samescreen.Perfect for auto-following more than one user at the sametime.•Improved user interface navigation• Improved messaginguserinterface• Auto-read incoming messagesOther supportedfeatures:•Details like speed, elevation, battery level, etc. Justclick theicons on the map.• Send messages to your friends or to theviewerson the website.• Google Maps and OpenStreetMap (Online andOfflinemaps).• Map integration into your private homepage.•Supportsautostart.• Supports remote start via text message (SMS) orjustvia the web portal . Great forbatterysaving.• Supports various remote commands you can send viawebportal. Ideal for tracking your children or your pets.• Supportsupto two KML layers.• Supports control via location aware apps(asfor example Llama or Tasker)• Ad-free version possible.Choose"1-year ad-free" in the menu.Because of those many featuresthisGPS Tracker requires several permissions. If you would liketoknowwhy it needs these permissions please read the GreenalpPrivacyStatement: allowed to use this GPS Tracker for illegal activities.Don'ttrack people without their agreement! If the tracker isrunning itwill always show an icon in the status bar. Please don'tsendrequests to hide the icon. The icon will stay visible forsecurityreasons.In case of problems please send an email toGreenalp Supportor use the forum. You will receive great supportthere. If you likethis application it would be great if you couldsend a positiverating. Thanks.
GPS Phone Tracker: Offline Mobile Phone Locator 1.34
Mobi Pixels
"GPS Phone Tracker" is an indispensable free GPS cell phonetrackingapp, which requires no Internet connection but only cellphone’s GPSto help:• Auto-track your Family or Friends phonelocation.• Findyour lost phone location remotely.• Track & Maplocation of thephone after periodic intervals.• Use real-time GPStracking to findsomeone’s location by a single SMS.• Mapwaypoints, locations andfind routes on Google maps.Unlike manyother mobile Phone trackingor Phone locating apps demandingInternet to track your family andfriends locations, GPS Phonetracker requires only your device GPS.Therefore, this is a uniqueoffline operating family locator app.This free offline GPS phonetracker will not only aid in locatingyour friends/family but alsohelp you to send your location to yourfriends/family. If you arelost while traveling or visiting anunknown place GPS Phone trackerwill keep you safe. This free GPSPhone tracker app includesfollowing amazing features and benefits:• Auto track and monitoryour kids while traveling to and fromschool or supervise theirmovement during a school trip through GPSmobile phone tracker onGoogle maps.• Auto-track your friendstraveling progress bytracking their mobile phone on Google maps.•Auto-track youremployee’s traveling activities in the field bylocating theirphone numbers.• If you are lost, send your locationto a friend, itwill help him to navigate easily towards yourlocation by providinghim the best driving route.• With thisanti-lost phone app, usingGPS feature, you can also find yourstolen or misplaced phone bysending a text SMS on your cell phonefrom any other phonenumber.This amazing offline GPS navigation andphone trackerapplication will trace the GPS coordinates of yourlost mobile andprovide you driving or walking directions. How doesit work?Installthis GPS Auto Phone Tracker app in your and yourfriend’s cellphones.1- Track my PhoneActivate this feature, eitherfind (select)friend’s phone number from your contact list or enterit manuallyand select time period. Your location will automaticallybe sent atperiodic intervals to the selected number. 2- Track aFriend’sPhone/LocationIf your friends/family have activated Trackme intheir phone and saved your phone number as the recipient. GPSPhoneTracker will send his locations at a periodic interval of timetoyour phone and his phone location will automatically bemapped.3-Get Location by SMSIf you know code set in “Locate by SMS”of aphone, just send an SMS to this phone number using any otherphoneto get former phone location. This will help you to find/tracklostphone location.SMS Format: Locate#xxxxThis is such auser-friendlyfamily locator app which will make your life easy.This free GPSphone tracker app may also be used as GPS route finderin order totrace location on Google maps in an off-road area oreven trackfriends/ family if they are lost while traveling. HowtoUninstall?First, deactivate the app security to uninstall GPSPhoneTracker app. This can be done either byI-Go to App "LocationSMS"page. Deactivate it. ORII-Phone Settings > Security >DeviceAdministrators, uncheck "GPS Phone Tracker"DeviceAdministratorPermissions:Following device administrativepermissions areused.SMS: Send SMS with your phone current locationto your trustedcontacts.Other Permissions:Receive and Send SMS,Read Contacts,GPS, Network State Permissions, Receive Maps, ReadGServices, ReadPhone State.Give us your valuable feedbackon
Family GPS Tracker and Chat + Baby Monitor Online
Family GPS Tracker and Chat + Baby Monitor Online by GeoLoc isthesmartphone app that helps to track your child's movementseveryday, and helps the family keep each other informed oftheirlocations. With Family GPS Tracker and Chat + Baby MonitorOnlineby GeoLoc you can see on the map where your child and therest ofyour family are.Family GPS Tracker and Chat + Baby MonitorOnlineby GeoLoc is a hybrid self-learning system that preventsfalsealerts in places where GPS is not available.Advantages:✓Accuracyin tracking✓ No chaotic movements of markers on the map✓Low energyconsumption✓ Minimum radius of safety zones✓WithoutregistrationFamily GPS Tracker and Chat + Baby MonitorOnline byGeoLoc allows determining the location of a child andfamilymembers with a maximum accuracy to tracktheirsafety.Capabilities:✓ Track movements of your child andfamilymembers✓ Exchange messages with family members in your ownchat✓Track safety of family members and receive real-timenotifications✓Be aware of entering and leaving safety zones byfamily members✓Receive notifications of low battery voltage of yourfamily memberssmartphones✓ Call your child back home by one touch✓Call yourrelatives not quitting the app✓ Statistics movement offamilymembers✓ Create a route to the location of your familymembers withthe help of the navigation system✓ Install a child modeon yourchild’s smartphone✓ Connect the web version and watch thefamilydirectly from the computer✓ [NEW] - Baby Monitor. Now youcanlisten to what is happening around the child in secret fromhim.For example, to find out what your nanny is doing at home orhowthe teacher talks to your child at school. And maybe youhavesuspicions that your child is involved a bad company? The bestwayto find out about this, just does not exist! You can alsoanswerthe child through the speakerphone, if necessary.✓ Ability toturnoff silent mode for a family member when calling fromanapplication✓ [NEW] - Walkie Talkie Turn your phone into awalkietalkie! The new function works like a regular walkie talkie,butvia the Internet. Conversations with the help of a walkietalkieare fascinating and almost as fast as real communication.Allyouneed is an Android smartphone with the installed Family GPSTrackerand Chat + Baby Monitor Online by GeoLoc app.Who uses theFamilyGPS Tracker and Chat + Baby Monitor Online by GeoLocapp?Parentswhose children aged 5—17 walk in the city streets toakindergarten, school, visit relatives, walk with friends andfamilymembers every day.For proper work of theFamily GPS Trackerand Chat+ Baby Monitor Online by GeoLoc app you should activate:✓Internetconnection✓ Location Services (GPS)✓ Wi-Fi ScanThe Internetisrequired for transmitting location data andreceivingnotifications.Important! All family members should beaware of theinstalled and launched Family GPS Tracker and Chat +Baby MonitorOnline by GeoLoc by GeoLoc app on the device and theyshould agreeto be tracked.Tip! We recommend you to disablenotifications onyour child's smartphone to avoid distraction inschool.The appconsumes battery energy in an economical way so itcan be used allday long, nevertheless, like any applications ofGPS, the batterylife decreases a little bit.In future:✓ Statisticsof using otherapplications in time, both in and outside the zones✓Ability toautomatically turn on and off the silent mode of thesmartphone inzones✓ Google Home supportYour reviews are veryimportant forus!Please send your offers upon possible improvementsand newfunctions to [email protected] cooperation will beappreciated,FamilyGPS Tracker and Chat + Baby Monitor Online byGeoLoc team.
Linkmap 3.0.4
atto soft
■ What kind of app is it? This app allows you to check whereyourpartners are and their moving path immediately (Smartphone ofyoursand others, the both must to an Android smartphone) ■ TotallyFree- It is totally free - No paying option ■ Easy operation-Easy-to-use interface - Easy Sharing Setup that you onlyneedto enter numbers - Minimum numbers of setting requirements ■Feelsafe by checking the big picture of the movement of a day,thelatest position and the battery level. - Display the movingpathand the latest position of smartphone on map. - Markers showwhereyou were. It's simple and easy to understand. - Display thetraveldistance and the remaining battery level of each day in agraph. ■Energy-saving design - Stationary detection (extend thepositioningIf it's not moved for a while) - Vibration detection(Stoppositioning if it's on a desk) - Indoor detection (Stoppositioningif there's no GPS radio wave) ■ Information handling -All positioninformation will be encrypted with SSL/TLS to send tothe server -All position information that has been sent to theserver will bedeleted unconditionally after 3 days - Positioninformation willnot be used for the purposes other than theintended use(positioning data sharing with your partners) of thisapp ■ Q &A Q, How many people can I share my data (to notify myposition)?A, Up to five people. Q, How many people can I follow (toreceivethe positioning data)? A, Up to five people. Q, No need tomeasureyour own positions A, If you turn off "Measure the positionswiththis smartphone", then positioning data won't be measuredneithersent to the server. Q, What will happen when you usemoresmartphones (for one account)? A, Positions of eachsmartphoneswill be displayed separately. Q, What happens whenthere's nointernet connection? A, It keep measuring positionsoffline. Whenthe network connection recovered, then it send thedata all atonce.
children tracking 1.2.7
android zone
children tracking - GPS Locator makes your life easy indigitalworld by making it easy to get connected with your friendsandfamily after know their locations.children tracking makesyour“children” safe from getting lost and make easy for you toreach atfriend location.With mobile number locator you can:• Trackyour own“lost phone”• View “real time locations” of your Kids• Youcan get“shortest path” to reach at Kids location• This app alsogives you“driving duration” to reach at friend or family• Help youwatchyour kids movements • Chat with your familyIn the market youcanfind lot of tracking apps but they are also very difficult tousefor every one and they have also make your phone battery downbyusing high memory. We provide “user friendly”interface.mobilenumber locator , Family Locator app also makes yourprivacy securedby protecting your location sharing, nobody can getyour locationwithout getting your tracking pin. And you can alsomake yourlocation sharing off any time. We will provide 24/7supportservice, any time you can give us your suggestions by usingour app
GPSme Friends & Family Phone Tracker g3.6.9
GPSme friend locator is a simple find my friends app thathelpspeople stay in touch and in case of an emergency situationuserscan send help alert. GPSme is not a spying or secretsurveillancesolution. ★ See exactly where your friends and familymembers are,and show them your own location ★ Navigate to themeasily when youare meeting up in crowded areas ★ Search for a lostor stolen phone★ Help your friends find you when you are waitingfor a pick up ★Track your friends' travels anywhere in the world ★Set upDangerous zones to receive alerts when your relatives enterthem ★In Premium version, enable Blackbox feature - recording ofgeodatawhen Internet is off ★ Access all information from yourAndroidphone or online at ★ View location historyfor 2weeks ★ Receive automated alerts when your loved onesarrivesomewhere (home, school, or any places you set) ★ In caseofemergency, use the SOS button to send a help alert ★ Inareaswithout a GPS signal, see approximate location based on thenearestcell phone tower. This can help when the phone is in thesubway orunderground parking ★ Add unlimited number of friends andfamily toyour account ★ Be informed when their phone battery is lowor theapp is disconnected ★ Built-in diagnostics warn you when theapphas geolocation or connectivity issues ★ In short, you getaconvenient and precise GPS monitoring tool! It is find myfriendsand GPS phone locator in one app. To get started and set upthe appfor maximum accuracy: 1) In your phone settings, enableGeolocationin High Accuracy mode. This will allow the app toreceivecoordinates from GPS satellites, Wi-Fi networks and celltowers. 2)Open the GPSme friend locator and wait for the map toload anddisplay your location in the center. Your status shouldshow "Now"or "1-2 min ago". If not, check your internet connection.You canuse Wi-Fi indoors, but mobile data is necessary when Wi-Fiis notavailable. 3) Check the accuracy of your location. With goodGPSreception or a Wi-Fi network nearby, the accuracy is 10-40meters(30-130 feet). If you see "No GPS" next to your avatar,receptionis too poor to use GPS or Wi-Fi, and the app is using thelocationof your cell tower. Try to move to an open area with abettersignal. Otherwise, you will see LBS coordinates of GSM towerswithan accuracy of 300-5000 feet. 4) Invite your family membersorfriends by clicking "Invite new user" in the upper-rightcorner.After they receive your invitation, install GPSme and entertheinvitation code, their locations will be shown on your map.Simplydouble-click someone's avatar and wait a few seconds to gettheirreal-time location. 5) The app should be allowed to work inthebackground and in sleeping mode, and to autostart afterphonereboot. 6) Create Places (geo fences), such as Fitness,School, orHome. When your kids, parents or close friends enter orleave oneof these areas, an alert is sent to your phone. GPSmefriendlocator is optimized for intelligent battery consumption, andituses 3-5% of the battery during the day. The tracker sendsyoualerts for connected phones with a battery level below 15%. Theappcan not be installed remotely or secretly. To join thisserviceuser has to install the app himself and enter the invitationcodefrom the inviting user. Users have the option to stopsharinglocation for some time or log out from an account orcompletelydelete the app. The app is visible in programs. Users cansharelocation only inside one account. If you need assistancewithconfiguring the app, please contact our tech support directlyfromthe Help section in the app. Your reviews help us to makeGPSmefriend locator more useful!
signalviewer 1.0.29
Signal Viewer is a brand name of mobile trackingapplicationdeveloped by PT Immobi Solusi Prima, the mobileapplication usinggeolocation approach with capability to send manykind of networkperformance level and quality measurement reportfrom mobile phone.Features includes of log report on spot test,multi test and routetest, the apps is a progressive innovation inmobile apps thatworks on Android platform with function forcrowdsourcing andbeyond. Please visit toexperience SignalViewer and more information of the mobileapplication.PT ImmobiSolusi Prima is an Indonesian ICT Enterprisefocused on mobilenetwork innovation to provide solution for productand service witheffective and efficient approach. Pleasevisit for more information on our business.
Mobile GPS Location Tracker 4.9
Crazy Softech
Mobile GPS Location Tracker is your personal applicationthroughwhich you can easily track all the locations you havevisited. Itsa simple app that helps you to track your all locationson datewise.If you want to keep a watch on your family members oryourfriends just install this app in their mobile phone and youcaneasily see all the places they have visited.Mobile GPSLocationTracker lets you track your mobile phone locations whereever youvisiting. It will show your complete mobile phonehistory.Just Givethe time intervals to record the location and saveit to thedatabase, and Start the Mobile Location Tracker.Mobile GPSLocationTracker is an Application through which you can find a wayto manyplaces. Mobile GPS Location Tracker is a easy and Graphicalbaseduser interface.GPS Tracker also helps ensure that the locationofyour mobile phone at all times.Mobile GPS Location Trackerhavethree kind of maps to clearly show your destination andunderstandthe route that is suitable for you during journey /traveling.Checkthe GPS & network is connected before you usethis GPS trackingapp in your mobile phone.Mobile GPS LocationTracker takesadvantage of GPS & Network to get your position onEarth, andobtains map information near your location using GoogleMap and GPSlocator and also provide the location of your friend.Getaccuratedriving route and real-time navigation for wherever youwant to go.Travel around the world and navigate using any methodoftransportation. Mobile GPS Location Tracker - LocationTrackerallows user to find Restaurants, ATMS, Hotels, Bank,Schools, BusStation, University Post office, Cafe and Policestation etcnearby.Get accurate driving route for wherever you wantto go. Youcan get very accurate speed by using GPS routerMobile GPSLocationTracker - Location Tracker takes advantage of GPS &Network toget your position on Earth, and obtains real timelocation of yourmobile using Google Map and GPS locator.Mobile GPSLocation Tracker- Location Tracker is simple and ultimate GPSTracking app for yourmobile phone.GPS Navigation allows users tonavigate destinationsvia directions and search maps using a numberof differentmethods.Features:✔ Find easiest and fastest route foryourdestination.✔ Finding near by places (ATM, Gym, Bank,Hospitals,Bus station, Police Stations, Post Office, Restaurant andmanymore).✔ Get accurate driving route for wherever you want togo.✔Easily track all the locations you have visited.✔ Shareyourcurrent location with one click.✔ Find Address of any area inmap.✔You can search any places and add it by using searchplacesfeature.✔ Supports different maps types: Normal map,Satellite map,Terrain maps.✔ Find real time Driving Route.✔ Findreal timeWalking Route.✔ Best GPS Route Location Finder app forandroid.✔Perfect Mobile GPS Location Tracker Navigation app -Travel aroundthe world and navigate using any method oftransportation.✔ GPSlocation tracker having the different type oftravel mode.✔ FindingShortest Driving Route.✔ Get accurate drivingroute and real-timenavigation for wherever you want to go.✔ FindingShortest route.✔GPS location tracker having the different type oftravel modes.✔You can get very accurate speed by using GPSTracker.✔ Mobile GPSLocation Tracker is completely free todownload.✔ Mobile GPSLocation Tracker is offline app.✔ FindingWalking Route.✔ Simpleand easy to use.Download Mobile GPS LocationTracker now.
Glympse - Share GPS location 3.31.0
Glympse, Inc
Glympse is a fast, free and simple way to share yourreal-timelocation using GPS tracking, with any of your family,friends orco-workers! Send a Glympse to let friends and family knowyou areon your way. Request a Glympse from a colleague who isalwaysrunning late. Set up a Glympse group for your family reunion.Thoseyou share with can view your Glympse from any web-enableddevice,no sign-up required! Download Glympse today! App Features: +Easy:no sign-up required + Safe: your Glympse automatically expires+Live: share location in real time with dynamic map + Open:sharewith anyone – no app required to view + Passive: runs inthebackground + Global: works anywhere you have GPS and adataconnection Use Glympse to: + coordinate a social night outwithfriends + let your spouse know your ETA when you’ll be homefromwork + let your family know you are safe while running orcycling +find friends at a concert festival + provide a courtesynotice withETA to a client when stuck in traffic + share a charityrun routewith followers on Facebook or Twitter + direct emergencyorroadside personnel to you quickly ~~~ AWARDS & PRESS ~~~ +2014Webby Award Winner + "[Glympse] is one of those appsthat’singenious in its simplicity, insanely handy to have around,andjust a little bit fun to boot." – CNET Reviews + "Glympse:TheCoolest Thing Your Smartphone Can Do" – Fast Company + Named oneof"15 Best Mobile Apps of 2011" – Mashable • We LOVE TO HEARFROMCUSTOMERS. If you have an issue or suggestion, please send usanote using the "Send us Feedback" feature in the appunderSettings.
GPS Route Finder - GPS Tracker 1.1
GPS Route Finder - Mobile Location Tracker, GPS Tracker -MapsTraffic, Compass Navigation & Directions.
Find My Phone - Phone Locator 1.4.7
The Best Real-Time Phone Locator Download our app now,andexperience a whole new level of convenience when meeting people.•One-tap interface for easy location sharing. • Circles to addallyour important contacts and manage them with ease. • Chatsforquick communication and easy planning of fun evening withfriendsor family meetings. • GPS location history to check all theplacesyou’ve been to. • Cell phone finder to locate your gadgetquicklyin case you lose it. • Important areas and zones for easyactivitycheck in places that are crucial for you. • Speed limit.The appwill send you notification if the member of your circleexceeds acertain speed limit. • Help alert feature allows you tosend aquick SOS-message in a tough situation. • Battery alert. Getanotification if the battery of one of your circle members is 10%orbelow. Let’s dive into more details about our awesome features:✓Seriously, today no one’s got time to deal with heftyapplicationsand difficult settings. Our application takes fiveminutes to set,and you’re good! Share real-time location, switchoff GPSinformation when you don’t need it, set friend groups and alotmore easy and fast. ✓ Notifications can be a lot to handle evenifit’s only five people, and it becomes a nightmare with 25. Thatiswhy our app has circles. Add people that belong to one ofyoursocial groups (family, friends, etc.) for faster planningandlocation sharing. ✓ Making a specific GPS location sharingappwithout a chat to discuss plans with your friends or loved onesisjust as irritating as those “where are u” texts. Of course,ourfamily location sharing app does have a chat for quickandconvenient communication among members of your circles. ✓ Doyouwant to find the name of that one awesome place you’ve beentothree weeks ago? No worries, because our app saves all thehistoryof your phone and all the other devices added to yourcircle. Checkthe place quickly to find out its name and bring backgoodmemories. You can also plan another evening with your friendsthereright away using the group chat! ✓ Losing your phone isahorrendous experience. But thanks to modern GPS technologies,yourchances of getting the device back become very high. Just askoneof your friends or family members who also have our app tocheckthe position of your phone, and go look for it! Remember thatthiswill work regardless of your phone’s battery or whether it ison oroff. ✓ Save crucial areas to know when members of your circleenterand leave them, for example, your children leave the “School”area.You can also manage notifications to get a reminder if youneed it.With our application, sharing your real-time position takesonly afew taps. And the advanced GPS we use allows the app to showyouraccurate position to the point your friends will see youwalkinginto the building! The app is optimized for intelligentbatteryconsumption, and uses only 3-5% of the battery during theday.Important note: the app cannot be installed remotely orsecretly.To join this service the user has to install the apphimself andenter the invitation code from the inviting user. Usershave theoption to stop sharing location for some time or log outfrom naccount, as well as completely delete the app. We remind youthatthis app is not a spying or secret surveillance solution.
GPS Phone Tracker 17.6.0
GPS Does It All This handy, easy-to-use app leverages the latestGPStechnology to help you find any lost or stolen device.
Find My Kids: Child GPS-watch & Phone Tracker 1.9.5
Refresh LLC
“Find My Kids” is a family GPS tracker for child safety andparentalcontrol. Install the “Find my kids” app on your phone, andthe “Chatwith parents” app on your child’s phone or connect aGPS-watch. Findmy kids is an app for parents that will help younot to worry ifyour children are not with you and they do not hearyour calls: GPSlocator - see the child’s location on the map andthe history ofmovements for the day, make sure that the child doesnot visitdangerous places; Sound around - listen to what ishappening aroundyour child, to understand that they are fine andare in goodcompany; Loud signal - send a loud signal to thechild’s phone ifthey left the phone in a backpack or turn onsilent mode and doesnot hear the call; Application Control - findout what apps theyused in school, whether they played in theclassroom instead oflearning; Security control - check that yourchild has come toschool on time - get notifications about whenthey come to school,to activities and at what time they returnhome; Battery control -remind your child to charge the phone intime, the app will send anotification if the battery is soondischarged; Family chat -communicate with your child in a chatwith funny stickers;Compliments - praise the child for good marksby sending themhearts! App for parental control “Find my kids” appis intended forfamily safety and parental control only. The appcannot be installedon the phone secretly, the use is availableonly with the explicitconsent of the child. Personal data isstored in strict accordancewith legislation and GDPR policies. Ifyour child has a smartphone:Install Chat with Parents app on yourchild’s phone - GPS trackerfor the kid. The service uses thechild's phone GPS in economy mode,which distinguishes it from itscounterparts. The app will work onthe child's phone in gps locatormode. In the Chat with parents appyour child will be able tocommunicate with you, and in case ofdanger, they can press theemergency button. When child presses theSOS-button, you willimmediately receive an alarm signal on yourphone. If your childhas a GPS-watch: Connect it with a reliableFind My Kids app with alocalized interface and technical support.App is suitable for anydevice Smart Baby Watch, Smart Age Watch,Smart Pet Tracker, SmartTracker and similar. List of supportedGPS-watch: Q50, Q60, Q80,Q90, Q100, Q360, Q523, Q730, Q750, Q8,GW100, GW100S, GW200,GW200S, GW300, GW300S, GW400S, GW600X, GW600S,GW600S, GW600S;GW1000S, EW100, EW100S, EW200, K911, W8, W9, W10,Y3, G36, SAFEKEEPER, DS18, T58, T100, I8, G10, G100, D99, D100,D100S, TitanWatch Q50 GPS trackers, Smart Pet tracker, Smarttracker S01, A1,Aimoto, Aimoto Start, Aimoto Sport, Aimoto Ocean,Wokka Watch W10,Wokka Watch Q360, Wokka Watch GW200S, Wokka WatchGW300, WokkaWatch Q50, Wokka Watch Q50. How does the Find My Kidsapp work: 1)install “Find my kids” app on your phone; 2) choosewhat device youwant to connect: child’s phone or gps watch; 3)install “Chat withparents” app on the child’s phone or enter thegps watch SIM cardnumber. In case of technical problems, you canalways contact our24/7 support via chat in the app or send an [email protected] You can use all the features of theservicefor free, during the trial period after connecting thechild’sdevice. At the end of this period in the free version youwill beable to see the child’s location online. You need to haveasubscription after to use all the functions. Find My Kids appasksfor the following permissions: - access to the camera and photo-to install the child's avatar - access to contacts - to fill inthephone book in gps-watch - access to microphone - to sendvoicemessages in the chat
Fulcrum 2.28.5
Fulcrum is a hosted mobile forms platform that enables you tobuildcustom apps for capturing information from the field. Designyourforms using the intuitive, web-based drag-and-drop designeranddeploy to your mobile workforce for gathering informationlikeText, Photos, SpatialVideo, SpatialAudio, Signatures, Barcodes,GPSLocation, and more. From asset management and inventorytoenvironmental observations, field audits, and inspections,Fulcrumcan record whatever you need from the field with fullsupport foroffline data collection and mapping. Access your livedata feed forreal time mapping, or export your data and attachmentsin a varietyof standard formats for further analysis. Fulcrum canbe used as astandalone location-based data collection platform orintegratedwith existing services such as GIS and asset managementsystems.Customize Your Own Data Collection Forms - Create your owndatacollection surveys on the web with our easy-to-use formdesigner. -Collect data in standardized formats to your specificneeds; savetime by replacing paper-based forms. - Import your owndata toupdate in the field with the Fulcrum mobile app. -Collectgeotagged video or audio for fast, high-quality datacollection. -Scan barcodes and QR codes to easily take inventoryand manageassets quickly. - Geolocate your data using on-board GPS,or linkto external GPS units. Use Online or Offline & Sync withtheCloud - Sync your custom forms down to your mobile device andpushdata to the cloud in real-time, or go offline while collectingandsync your data and photos later. - Attach geotagged photos toyourforms. - Download your imported data to your device to updateinthe field. - Generate PDF reports right on your device to printoremail. Share & Collaborate on Data Collection - Use thewebportal to manage field service staff, review collected data,andvisualize data on a map to get an up-to-date snapshot ofcollectionactivities. - Share data between mobile collection teamsbased oncustomizable roles and permissions you control. - Assignwork toyour team members by giving work orders or inspections tospecificusers. - Export data in many file formats, including Excel,CSV,KML, GeoJSON, Shapefile, Geodatabase, SpatiaLite, SQLite,andPostGIS. Mobile Features Form field types include: - Text -Numeric(with range validations) - Yes/No answer checkbox - Labels(forinstructions) - Single & multi-choice pick lists - Photos-SpatialVideo (video w/ GPS tracks) - SpatialAudio (audio w/GPStracks) - Barcode/QR scanning - Date + Time - Address,withautopopulation - Hyperlinks - Digital Signatures - Calculationandformula-based fields Other mobile features: - Collect dataofflineor online - Fast form data entry on phone or tablet devices,withthe ability to remember previous values for some field types-Conditional field visibility + requirement rules - Routetoassigned inspections w/ driving directions - Map or list view-Search & filter data for easier browsing - Street,Satellite,and Hybrid map layers - Save offline map layers to themobile app -Use your own custom web map services
Share My GPS Location 1.42
Easily share your GPS position via email, text messaging,Twitter,Facebook, WhatsApp, etc. The recipient receives a link toan onlinemap with your position on it. No internet connection isrequired tosend location with text message. Please note that GPSdoes not workwell under a roof. For best results, useoutdoors.Coordinateformats include:decimal (degrees)degrees,minutes, secondsdegrees,minutesFeatures and options:- Warn beforesending inaccuratelocation- Show suggestions about how to get amore precise locationreading- Prompt user to disable GPS whenexiting the application-All warnings and suggestions can bedisabled- Dark and lightthemes- Copy coordinates to clipboard topaste outside of theapplication- Copy map link to clipboard Notethat if you send yourlocation without internet access or textmessaging service, yourdevice will send the message the next timethat service isavailable.Please note that most tablets do not havesatellite GPSreceivers and rely on WIFI for locationinformation.Datum used isWGS84.Please email the developer if youfind any bugs.
Are you missing the deprecated functions in Google Maps forAndroidto view and manage your own points of interest (MyMaps)? Areyousearching for an app to put your pictures on a map? TakeMAPinr.MAPinr is a simple (ad-free) Android app that allows you tomanageyour kml/kmz files and display your gpx files on differentmaps.MAPinr is perfect for professional use but also hiking,cycling,running, skiing, etc. Please let us know your problems andideas onhow to improve MAPinr ([email protected]).Don't berude just because we do not provide some functionality youwerelooking for. Instead drop us an email. Donations arevoluntarycontributions to keep this app available free of charge.MAPinrprovides the following functionality: 1. Ad free / No ads2.Hierarchical folder structure for managing multiplekml/kmz/gpxfiles 3. Create, load, edit, save, import, export andshare kml/kmzfiles 4. Create, load, edit, save, import, export andsharewaypoints, lines/tracks and polygons 5. Add pictures toyourwaypoints (to create photomaps) 6. Display waypoints,lines/tracksand polygons on different maps (Google Maps, GoogleSatellite,Google Hybrid, OpenStreetMap (OSM), Opentopomap,Mapquest,Opencyclemap, OVI) 7. Share coordinates of waypoints8.Individually colorize waypoints, lines/tracks and polygons 9.Openexported kml/kmz files in Google Earth 10. Search by name,addressand coordinates 11. Location-sharing to let your friendsknow whereyou are 12. Display multiple kml/kmz/gpx filessimultaneously 13.Merge kml/kmz files 14. Google drive (gdrive)integration 15.Measure distances and areas on your map 16.Multilanguage(currently English, Spanish, Lithuanian) Extendedfeatures (Forfree with donations or like on Facebook; activate inSettings): 1.Download maps for free / Offline maps (openstreetmap)2. GPX viewer(GPX files can only be displayed!) 3. Displayarbitrary map datausing Web Map Service (WMS), e.g., Opendata 4.Create custom metadata 5. Upload and use customicons 6. Record GPStracks Compared to related apps MAPinr will notsniff into yourprivate data or even sell it. It requires thefollowingpermissions: • Approximate location / precise location:Required toshow your current location on the map. MAPinr also workswith GPSfully deactivated. • Modify or delete / read the contentsof yourUSB storage: Required for storing and loading kml/kmz filesandphotos. • Access Google Photos: Required to add photos fromGooglePhotos to a waypoint. • Access to the camera to add picturesto thepins (photopoints). • Read Google service configuration:Requiredfor map access. • Full network access: Required fordownloading mapdata from the Internet. • In app purchase fordonations (Pleasenote that donations are a free contribution tosupport our work.Since we DO NOT track/store identifying data fromour usersdonations made on one device do not unlock the features onananother device.) Keywords: GPS tracker, GPX viewer, GPStrackviewer, trails, point of interest (POI), My maps, My Tracks,MyPaths, Geo Tracker, Map Free, photomap, GPS Logger, MeasureMap,Hiking, GPS Position, KML viewer, Offline maps, Record GPS,Mapmarker, Measure area, GPS measure, Distance calculator,Measuremap, agriculture, forestry, farm, farming, fieldmanagement,building management, real estate management,construction, biking,traveling, skiiing, hiking, running, FieldsArea Measure, propertymanagement, facility management.
AutoLocation 1.2.1
Control your device with your movement! React to GeofencesandActivities in Tasker!AutoLocation is a Tasker plugin that letsyouknow when you're walking, in a vehicle, cycling, standing stillortilting the device, or when you're in a certain geographicalareaor spot and react to that information any way youlike!Geofencingis a new powerful location algorithm provided byGoogle that letsyou track your location with higher accuracy andlower powerconsumption than ever before.The new Android FuseLocation Provideruses all your device's location sensors to giveyou the bestlocation updates possible. No longer rely on just "Net"or "GPS"like in Tasker. You can even not use any battery at all andonlyget location updates when other appsrequestthem!****************************************(WARNING: YOUMUSTHAVE TASKER INSTALLED FOR THIS APP TO BE OF ANY USE:AutoLocationis only usable as a plugin in Tasker. Please don't rateitnegatively because of this.)To use AutoLocation you must unlocktheapp. You have 2 options: - Try app for free for 7 days,availablein-app - Buy AutoLocation unlock key: youdon't unlock the app in either of theseways, the AutoLocationTasker conditions will never bematched.Please contact me by emailif anything is wrong and I'llrespond to you promptly and try tofix it as soon as I can.Thankyou.*****************************************Activity Monitor:-Change your settings or do any Tasker action based on yourcurrentactivity - Activities include walking, in a vehicle,cycling,standing still or tilting the device - Advanced matchingoptionslike level of confidence of an activity and ignoringcertainactivities while doing others (like ignoring phone tiltingwhilewalking) - You have access to these Tasker variables in theEntryTask (and only in the Entry Task) of an "AutoLocationActivities"condition: - %alactivity (IN_VEHICLE = 0; ON_BICYCLE =1;ON_FOOT =2; STILL = 3; UNKNOWN = 4; TILTING = 5;) -%alactivitydesc(description for the above code) - %alactivityconf(confidencelevel that the detected activity is correct; from 0 to100) - Youcan activate or deactivate the Activity Monitor at anytime with aTasker plugin actionGeofence Monitor: - Change yoursettings inTasker based on your physical location - Please leaveWifi on whenusing Geofences. Users have reported that these don'twork wellwhen Wifi is off. - Geofencing is a new powerful algorithmprovidedby Google that is more battery efficient and more accuratethanTasker's built in location condition. Take a look at thisvideopresentaion to see how it compares to the regular trackingmethodsTasker uses: - Add as many as 100Geofences toalways keep track of your whereabouts - If you find youare beingreported to enter and exit a Geofence several times in arow trymaking the Geofence circle a bit bigger - Long-touch the mapwhileadding a Geofence to switch between views (normal, satteliteorhybrid)Fuse Location Monitor: - Get your locationusinghigh-accuracy, better battery life or using no battery at all!-Variables available on the Location condition's entry task:-%alaccuracy - %albearing - %alspeed - %altime - %alaltitude-%allatitude - %allongitude - %alproviderIMPORTANT: Youcanenable/disable/toggle these monitors from inside Tasker itselfwiththe "AutoLocation Activities" and "AutoLocation Geofences"pluginactionsUse cases: - If you like to jog on saturdays, startmusicplayer when the walking activity is detected on a saturdaymorning- Start navigation app if the "in vehicle" activity isdetectedright after you left the "Home" geofence - Make phonesilent ifyou're in the "Work" geofence and are in the "Still"activity -Send an AutoRemote Notification to your wife when youenter the"Market" geofence, asking her if she needs anything - Andmany manymore!Your limit is your imagination!
Family Locator by Fameelee 2.0.5
Fameelee Ltd.
Essential Family GPS Tracker Family locator by Fameelee isanessential tool right in your pocket. It comes as an efficientcellphone locator to keep in touch with any of your familymembersround the clock. This GPS tracker app is the best bet incase youwant to be aware of the location of every person that isdear toyou. If you think that you do not need our Family locator,yousimply do not know its key features and functions. What canaFamily locator do? Fameelee has a wide selection of greatfunctionsand options. It may come as an effective Family finderwhenever youneed to know the exact location of your kids comingfrom school.The set of beneficiary features includes: ✓ Use ourFamily phonetracker to from your own circle of trust. You will havea chance tocreate groups of family members, friends or colleagues,sendmessages to them and chat in groups; ✓ GPS tracker providestheexact location of every member in real time. You will have achanceto track the location of every device within your personalcircle;✓ Phone locator will send you real-time notificationswhenever atracked device leaves or enters the restricted zone; ✓Receive/sendpanic alarms with your gps location and video of yoursurrounding ✓Phone locator app will make it easier to find stolenof lostdevices; ✓ Enjoy battery-friendly gps tracker algorithm ✓Getnotified if your children exceeded the speed limit thatyouconsider safe Phone Location Tracker Delivers PreciseReal-TimeData You now have a chance to arrange your family orfriendsmeetings with the help of our GPS tracker. Location trackerwillnotify you of those who are late and members who have alreadycallup at the necessary place. Use the Phone locator to enableanefficient and safe communication with every member of yourfamilyor teammate. Built using the advanced Family searchnavigationsystem, our GPS mobile tracker will let you know whereyour kidsare at the moment even in case they do not respond. At thesametime, the application may appear to be an efficient toolwheneveryou are planning to hold a party with dozens of yourfriends. Themobile tracker was designed to store some of your priorlocationsas well as monitor all guests who are about to arrive atthe party.Intelligent Locate My Phone Technologies Easy-to-use andintuitivemobile tracker does not require any special skills. Youwill hardlyface any difficulties when using our application even ifyou arenew to the world of mobile apps. We provide a detailedtutorial onhow to use our app. You will get a full access to alltracking,monitoring and communication functions delivered by ourhandyFamily search application. Fameelee mobile tracker operatesusingnavigation system and coordinates to define the preciselocation ofthe tracked device or devices. You will appreciatereal-time alertsand notifications in addition to promptly deliveredinformation onevery circle member’s location. The application isavailable to allusers in spite of their residence and area ofliving. All you needis to download the app and get an access to allits features onceit has been installed to your smartphone. Note:Don't forget tocheck if GPS location services are ON on your deviceas it's amandatory condition for your application to work properly.Fameeleeis battery -friendly gps phone tracker app and optimizedfor dailyuse, it may take up-to 5% of your battery life. Important:Theinstallation of phone tracker, without the consent of thepersonwhose personal gadget is being tracked, is considered aviolation.Also continued use of GPS running in the backgroundcandramatically decrease battery life. So, what are you waitingfor?Download Fameelee and start tracking your family and friends.
FAMY - family chat & location 5.23
Light, fast, and accurate location tracking application!!! ★KeyFeatures ★ - Accurate Location Tracking - Storing HistoryofMovement Paths - Consuming Less Battery - Group Location Sharing-Sending SOS message ★ Functional Description ★ 1. AccurateLocationTracking There are many applications that cannot mark acurrentlocation given that each cell phone has a different methodto applyAndroid Famy uses the latest location base engine to trackaccuratelocations and upgrades it in a continuous way 2 StoringHistory ofMovement Paths Famy can show relevant routes by checkinglocationsthat family members moved to 3. Embedded Location SettingsModeIsn't it a bit uncomfortable for you to let others know allyourlocations even if you agreed with location request one time?Pleasecheck four different modes of location settings provided byfamy.Protection Mode: Sending all the locations Sharing Mode:Sendinglocation at requested time Approval Mode: Sending acurrentlocation after being approved Secret Mode: Not sending acurrentlocation 4. Consuming Less Battery If location trackingapplicationdoes not have an optimal technology to check and storecurrentlocations in a continuous way, battery will be consumed toofastFamy has various latest technologies to minimize theconsumption ofbattery 5. Group Location Sharing Famy provides up to5 persons toshare their locations in a safe manner 6. Sending SOSmessage Incase you have emergency, Famy helps to send a currentlocation toother family members with images of current location andtoautomatically make a call to other family members Otherfamilymember who received a call can report to the police 7.Providing1:1 and Group Chat Thesedays, you may receive gameinvitations orhearts a lot. If you use chat function of famy, youcan read onlyimportant messages among family members and answerthem
Netmonitor 1.5.84
Monitor GSM/CDMA/LTE network: current and neighboring cellinfos,signal strength. Multi SIM support (when possible).UseGPS/geolocation. Generate database with custom info oncells.Export log to file CLF/KML. Map shows cell location. ListWiFiaccess points. @ Please contact me if you have questions.BETAversion:
PhotoPlace 4.1.8
byss mobile
A location based Photo App to let everyone know exactly whereandwhen you were in that photo. Location overlay will give youachance to share with friends what you’re seeing in realtime!Beautifully crafted custom skins will give your photosCLEANER,more ELEGANT look. from gotechlive: "Everyone lovesclickingholiday photos and sharing them on social networks. But whyshareplain pictures when you can stamp them with locationinformationand create cool-looking postcards? InstaPlace lets youadd captionsas well as attach GPS data from your phone or fromFourSquare toyour pictures. Consider, for instance, you are at theEiffel Tower.Now, Instead of sharing a big vanilla photo of thelandmark, youcan overlay it with a caption saying ‘I was here atEiffel Tower,Paris’." The app is so smart that it will recognizeyour currentlocation and it will also recommend you with variousskins that youcan choose. You can add whatever text you wish, plusthe name ofthe location (custom or geolocated pulled fromFoursquare orFacebook) where you are snapping the photo. Even whileyou are notsocial media person InstaPlace is for you - just savepictures toyour camera roll! It lets you beautify your picturesthat will addmore to your memories in life. You will enjoy it inyears to come!fatures: 40 skins for every imaginable location oroccasion shareto: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Weibo, Flickr,Tumblrcustomisable Timestamp works with your old photos! (as longas youhave GPS information saved to them) location pulled fromFoursquareor Facebook
Track My Wheels 3.1
Track My Wheels is exclusively deals with high end GPStrackingsolutions in different sectors. Highlights:- QuickDashboard- LiveTracking of Vehicles- Historical Tracking- Alerts-Reports-Location Sharing
GPSShadow 1.9.5
Shadow is the application for GPS tracking, it uses the latestGPSTracker technology. The main objective is the knowing wherethelover, the importance person/animals/parcels/vehicles arewithreal-time location update in the reason for safety. TheApplicationis easy and simple to use. Web Application:
GeoSnap — Geofilters Snapchat - Free Snap Geotags Viginti
GeoSnap will allow you to get any geofilter on Snapchat!Withoneclick we will make geofilters available for you wheneverandwherever you want.Get extra stories and view geolocationrestrictedstories in cities like New York, Los Angeles orChicago.Manyawesome new features: - Over 500 preset guaranteedfilter locationsin the GeoSnap gallery.- Search to find presetfilters faster.-Filter geofilters by continent.- Preview geofiltersbeforechoosing.- Use the free worldwide map to tag yourself toanylocation if a geofilter is not featured yet in our presetgallery.-Automatic opening of the Snapchat app.A marvellous, freshandmodern user interface.The adored GeoSnap app is now onPlayStore.With over 20k downloads before the release we canproudlypresent the twelft version of GeoSnap to you with manynewfeatures!--- اضافة فلاتر إلى سناب شات بدون روتإضافة تأثيراتجديدةللسناب شات---By downloading or using the GeoSnap app you arealsoaccepting our TOS and Privacy Policy:
FIR 1.23
In case of any emergency you can use FIR app. FIR app willsenduser's Geo-location (using GPS of mobile device) to theControlRoom of Police on a single click of help button.
StoryTracks 1.2
StoryTracks is a dynamic, engaging and innovative audio-guidewhichuses GPS to bring local stories tolife!FEATURESGeo-location:StoryTracks uses GPS to allow userslisten to local stories as toldby local people exactly where theytook place.Story Upload-StoryTracks allows users to upload theirown stories and bringtheir history to life on an engaging andinnovativeplatform.StoryPacks- Create bespoke audio guides for yourarea orbusiness AVAILABILITYWith offices in Ireland andAustralia,StoryTracks is currently available to produce worldwidecontent.
GPS Tracker For Family & Friends 1.4.7
Locator Apps
Share Your Location Easily with Our Reliable App Life can behectic.You are late for a friends meeting without any means to letthemknow. We are here to save your day! Install our free app andenjoy aset of following functions: ✓ Share your location with yourfamilyand friends and see where they are ✓ Create your Circles oflovedones, friends, schoolmates to become even closer by stayingin touch24/7 ✓ Chat with your circle member in private or groupchannels ✓Search for a lost or stolen phone ✓ Help your friendsfind you whenyou are waiting for a pick up ✓ View location historyfor the last30 days ✓ Use SOS button In case of an emergency toget help ✓ Beinformed when phone battery of your loved ones is lowEverythingunder Control with Our GPS Location Sharing App You arelate for afamily meeting, and your phone will be dead in fiveminutes. You gothrough your bag quickly, look around like amadman, but no, nocharger, not even a good old USB. Forget aboutall yoursmartphone-related worries with our app – share yourlocation andpop a quick text right before your gadget dies to letall yourfriends or family members know you are okay and stillcoming. Let’shave a better look at some features of our app: 1)It’s always niceto have a solid argument in the “Mom, I’ve lost myphone” type offight. Now you actually will have sky high chancesof finding it,and won’t need to surrender and buy a new one. Addyour familymembers’ phones as the preliminary measure, and it willsave you alot of money later. Oh, and nerves, if you are evergetting the“honey, where’s my phone?” situation. 2) Worries,worries, worries!It’s quite hard to let go of them in the modernworld, especially ifyou have kids, aging parents and that onefriend who keeps losingeverything. Crete your snuggly circle ofclose ones using our GPSlocation sharing app, and help each otherkeep safe and sound. Atleast you’ll always know where all theirphones are. Also, save allthe places or your circle members havebeen to and relive theawesome memories later. 3) Do you need tosend a quick note to aroommate to take your jacket? Or, probably,you’d like to remindyour teenager son or daughter it’s time toreturn home? Tap a quicktext in our app for quick and efficientcommunication. 4) Rememberthose times your GPS could show thedestination “in a 30-meterradius.” Well, those days are,thankfully, long gone. We sure tocheck that the latest GPStechnologies are working perfectly for ourapp, leading you rightto the spot where you want to be. DownloadOur Free App Now Life’salready so stressful, why add even morestrain worrying about yourloved ones, or make them worry about you?We got you covered!Whether you are returning late from a concert,traveling to a newplace or just commuting – share your location andstay on the safeand comfy side. Download our location sharing appnow for free toalways keep in touch with your loved ones even intricky andunpleasant situations. Our GPS sharing app will help yourfriendsand relatives know your location, as well as share theirsfor moreconvenient meet-ups or just a rain-check late at night. Saya lotof money, time and nerves by downloading our app now. The appisoptimized for intelligent battery consumption, and uses only3-5%of the battery during the day. Important note: the app cannotbeinstalled remotely or secretly. To join this service the userhasto install the app himself and enter the invitation code fromtheinviting user. Users have the option to stop sharing locationforsome time or log out from n account, as well as completelydeletethe app. We remind that our app is not a spying orsecretsurveillance solution.
Family GPS tracker KidControl + GPS by SMS Locator 4.0.2
Personal safety app keeps track of where your loved ones are.It'sfree!Location by SMS is the Premium feature will help you toknowthe user's location even without expensive internet dataplanor/and if the app is suspended by the phone’s energysavingsettings into hibernation mode.★ Receive automated alertswhen yourloved ones arrive home, school, or any places you set★ Incase ofemergency, use the SOS button to send a help alert★ Browseyourchild’s location history for today and yesterday★ Locate viaSMS,even if your kid’s phone doesn’t have internet!★ Kid ControlGPSphone tracker can locate even in the underground parking! ★Getalerts when the phone battery is low, so you can remind yourchildto charge the phone★ Navigate to your child location★ Searchfor alost or stolen phone★ Set up Dangerous zones to receive alertswhenyour children enter them★ In Premium version, enableBlackboxfeature - recording of geodata when Internet is off★Connect WonlexSmart Baby Watch and enjoy better performance. Theapp supportsWatch models: Q50 - Q1000, Gw100 - Gw1000, Ew100,Ew200, v7k, D100,A16 and many others!★ Add second child, yourspouse and otherfamily members to your account★ You can see thereport of how yourchild is using and charging her or his phone★ KidControl GPStracker has intelligent battery consumption, so it onlyuses 1-7%of the battery during the day★ You no longer have tobother yourchild with “Where are you?” calls or texts★ Telegram botfordesktop computers @KidControlBot★ Locate Android Phones andiPhoneswith Family Locator Kids ControlFree family locator KidControl isa reliable app for tracking cell phones.KidControl GPSphonetracker turns your child's phone into a tool for monitoringphoneusage and tracking location and safety. Who knows, it mightevenimprove your relationship with your kids!To get automatedalertswhen your child arrives somewhere, create Places (geofences), suchas School and Home. When your child enters or leavesthese areas,your phone receives a notification.When the phone'sbattery levelfalls below 15%, KidControl GPS tracker sends alertsabout thisphone, and you can remind your child to charge thephone.The reporton battery and internet shows you how often thephone is charged,how quickly it drains, and when it's disconnected.You can use thisinformation to tell when your child goes to bed andgets up. Youcan also see the stability of the internet signal forthe last twodays.To provide precise coordinates, the phone musthave Locationservice enabled. Enabled Wi-Fi increases accuracy to30-100 feetand works indoors. GPS location has accuracy of 30-150feet, onlyoutdoors.When GPS tracking and Wi-Fi location are turnedoff or notavailable, KidControl family locator determines phone'slocation byLBS coordinates of GSM towers with 300-5000 feetaccuracy. Suchlocations we mark on the map with the "No GPS" icon.Some parentsare worried that their child might delete the app.Based on ourexperience, it helps to explain to children whyKidControl familytracker is useful and let them see when you are onyour way home.This level of openness also means your kids won'tneed to call toask "Where are you?" or "How soon will you gethere?"If you needassistance with setting up the app or havequestions/suggestions,you can reach our tech support directly fromthe Help section inthe app. Or email us [email protected]========Upgrade toPremium and get: unlimitednumber of Places (only 2 Places can beset in the free version), 2weeks of location history (instead of 2days)GPS via SMS let you getlocation from a phone even withoutactive mobile data plan.BlackboxFlight recorder let you recordroute when Internet is notavailable.There are no ads in Premium.
Words With Friends Classic 11.801
Check out the all-new location-based leaderboard and find out ifyouare the best Words With Friends player in your area! We useyourgeolocation to put you on the leaderboard so you can compareyourscores to other players around you, challenge them to a game,andchat with them. Keep in touch with your friends by playingWordsWith Friends Free, the #1 mobile game! PLAY the simpleword-buildinggame you know and love CONNECT with your friendsthrough in-gamechat INVITE new friends to play instantly throughFacebook &Twitter, or with random opponent matchmaking ACCESSyour gamesacross all your devices_________________________________________PRAISE FOR WORDS •"Delightfully addictive." – GeekSugar • "Socialgaming at itsfinest." – Fox News • "The premise of ‘Words‘ issimple: you fireit up and are playing a Scrabble-like word gameagainst one of yourfriends in seconds." – TechCrunch • "One of themost requested appsthat people have waited to see come to Android."- Androinica_________________________________________ Already a fanof thegame? Like us on Facebook: us on Twitter: Use of thisapplication requires aFacebook or Games With Friends account andis governed by the ZyngaTerms of Service. Collection and use ofpersonal data are subject toZynga's Privacy Policy. Both policiesare available in theApplication License Agreement below as well asat Networking Service terms may also apply.
InEDGE 2.0.7
Quess Corp
Today, Business are 24x7, Interconnected & Dynamic, keepingthepace with this need of the hour is to have Real time connect&integration , which calls for Technology led solutionespecially onMobility front.. InEDGE Application platformstrengthens the Field/ Retail Operations with Complete visibilityon activities likeAttendance – Daily attendance HRIS – Salary slip,Leave Mgmt, ClaimMgmt, Grievance PJP – Journey Plan & SchedulerSales &Stock – Primary, Secondary, Tertiary Sales & StockVisualMerchandising – POSM deployment images, Store images,Signboardimages, Retail Audit – Surveys, Asset Audit, MysteryshoppingTraining – Training Material, Pre & Post Test, FeedbackInEDGEApplication is a Mobile based application, enabled with GPS –GeoLocation / Fencing, Time Stamp & GPRS capableofcapturing Live, Real time data, image with validationandproof of execution. Online / Web interface is used asaConfiguration tool & View Real time reports. Our experiencehasshown us that an automated process can significantly impacttheproductivity & output of the people working acrossallfunctions. With a solution-conscious approach, the applicationisdesigned to encourage people in embracing technology by,Supportdecision-making thru customized dashboards & live drilldownreports Monitor real-time data via mobile data capturegivingcontext and location Workforce management to enhancesbusinessproductivity The primary goal is to improveProductivity,Effectiveness & Efficiency of the workforce viatechnologyenablers to overcome challenges and achieve desiredresults.
GPS Map Free 4.6
Karma Karma
Want to travel hassle free anywhere? GPS Maps Free is hereforyou.GPS Maps enables you to search and browse differentlocationsof different countries.Application also calculates thedistancesbetween two locations.In this application, you can getdirections,find places and also navigate through the best and timeefficientroutes.You can also get daily needs things like, GYM,Coffee Shop,Barber shop, Airport etc.Important Note: Thisapplication needinternet connection to work when loading map. Ifinternetconnection is slow, you may face slow map loading. So,please checkyour internet connection while using theapplication.Enjoy ;)
My Location 1.8.0
This application informs you about the latitude, longitude ofyourcurrent location. If internet connection is available, you canalsoget the address of your location. On enabling GPS it will giveyouthe most accurate location. You can share the location viaSMS,e-mail, Facebook, Google+, Skype, Twitter, and more. Forgetyoumobile phone some where don't worry. The application alsoprovideswith the feature to share the location of your mobile viasendingkeyword on your mobile with the password. It will return aSMS backon the sender mobile with the current location of yourphone.Parents can also use this application to check the locationoftheir children. Even if they don’t have a smart phone, theycanstill use MyLocation to get the location over sms. If theyhavesmartphone with MyLocation app installed, on receiving thelocationvia sms. It will automatically open the location on themap. Manytime people put the address of their business property ontheirwebsites but they don't provide the exact location.Thisapplication can also be used to obtain the accurate locationofyour business property. And same can also be used to put thelinkon your business web site under locate us. I am usingMyLocationApp to share My Location are you? To allow thisapplication to workproperly. Please set messaging as your defaultapplication forreceiving sms, not the hangout. Disclaimer: If yourdear ones aresending sms on your phone to get your location withpassword youwill be charged for sms service for sharing yourlocation.
Safe365 – Cell Phone GPS Locator For Your Family 3.9.5
Safe365 is a GPS mobile locator designed to improve the safetyofyour family and friends. This free app allows you to locatepeople,with their consent, through their mobile phone , and knowtheirlocation at any time and in real time. To do so, yourprotegeeswill need to have Safe365 app installed. Safe365 alsoincludes ared button for the proteges to press in case ofemergency. Thisaction will: - Call the emergency services (112)notifying them ofthe protegee exact GPS location (only availablefor Spain andAndorra) - Notify the protectors immediately (rest ofthecountries) Formerly known as "Alpify", an app used to locatelostmountaineers, Safe365 allows you to see where yourprotectedrelative is on a map whenever you want, and it notifiesyouimmediately when it cannot find them. In addition, with Safe365youwill be able to know: - The percentage of battery thatyourproteges have available - The type of Internet connection (WiFiordata) that your proteges have at all times - The "stateofmobility" of your proteges, that is, if they are still ormoving:walking, running, cycling, playing sports or traveling incars orother means of transport. - The distances covered by yourprotegesevery day. With the Safe365 tracker you can save up to 9usuallocations for each of your proteges. Safe365 offers severaloptionsdepending on the type of place or area you wish toestablish: -House, School and Work: You can define these threelocations foreach of your proteges, with a radius of between 150mand 300m. -Neighborhood: You can define a neighborhood for each ofyourproteges, with a radius of between 300m and 1 km. -Customizableareas (5): You can define up to five personalized zonesfor each ofyour proteges, with a radius of up to 10km. Safe365 willsend yousecurity notifications each time your protected personenters orleaves one of their areas, so you can check that theyperform theirroutines normally, something especially useful whenyour protegeshave health conditions. Safe365 is an easy to use app,even amongthe elderly and the children. You just need to downloadit, verifyyour phone number, and indicate who your proteges willbe. Theywill immediately receive a link to download Safe365, andonce theyhave it installed on their phones, they will be requestedto sharetheir location with you. With Safe365 you can also createprofilesfor your proteges from your device, preventing them fromdoing so,so that you only need to download the app on their mobilephonesand the configuration will be completed. This cellphonetracker hasthree GPS location modes to share: - Approximatelocation: you canknow their approximate GPS location within aradius of 200 metersin real time. - Exact location: you can knowtheir exact GPSlocation in real time. - Route: Safe365 will draw aroute on themap with all the trips made by your proteges during theday in realtime. The proteges can select and modify whenever theywant thetype of location they want to share, and even deactivateittemporarily. If you wish, you can also choose to be protectedbyothers, and share your location with them. Download Safe365andstart looking after your loved ones!
Fake GPS Location - Hola 1.113.500
Free and unlimited - Fake GPS Location - Hola app | Fake(change)your location easily Fake GPS Location - Hola app can makeyourfriends think you're on a dream vacation in Rome, when infactyou’re at home! A fast, funny way to trick your friends bysimplyfaking (changing) your phone’s GPS A different (fake) GPSlocationis all it takes to achieve more dates, by breaking thegeorestriction on your dating apps. One tiny change, and you’llfindnew friends on any location-based social network Fake GPSLocation- Hola app fakes (changes) your GPS’s location andoverwrites yourcurrent proximity How to use: Make sure you disablehigh accuracylocation positioning/mobile locations under AndroidLocationSettings and leave GPS ONLY or Device only Select therequestedlocation on the map or use the search bar to look up aspecificaddress, then click the Play button. Congrats! Yourlocation hasjust been changed Your use of Fake GPS Location - Holaapp is freeof charge in exchange for safely using some of yourdevice'sresources (WiFi and very limited cellular data), and onlywhen youare not using your device. You may turn this off from thesettingsmenu. Please see our TOS for furtherinformation. Fake GPSLocation is aneasy spoof tool, it works as a location spoofer! Moreinfo aboutFake GPS location - Hola at
GPS, Maps, Navigation & Directions : Route Finder 1.0.6
Route Finder application have the facility of findingshortestroute, your current location, path between two points etc.It usesGlobal Positioning System for tracking.This Applicationtakesadvantage of GPS & Network to get your position on Earth,andobtains map information near your location using Google Map andGPSlocator and also provide the location of your friend.ThisAllowuser to find direction to destination with one click. RouteFinderHelps you to Find distance and traveling time betweencurrentposition and destination location with shortest and easiestpathavailable. Route Finder helps in Navigation on Maps.Travelaroundthe world and navigate using any method of transportation.itis notoffline map navigation but your device should connect to 3G,4G orWIFI. It is a GPS route guide that you reach your desiredlocationby using this Application.This App works as a MobileTracker MOBILELOCATION TRACKER let you access the history of allvisited placeswith date and time either by you or by your friends,you can alsodelete your history just by single click. GPS RouteFinder allowuser to `Share His Address` via any Social App, It willhelp themto find you easily. Route planner for the car,bus, bikesandwalking to any place. Helps to find the driving route betweenanytwo locations around the world. Just tap on the map to addendlocation, the driving route to your destination willbeautomatically figured out. Voice Navigation also Added.Getaccuratedriving route for wherever you want to go. User can Add anyplaceto their favorite list . which later on can be re-visited orsharewith friends and family.You can search any places and add itbyusing search places feature. GPS , Maps , Navigations&Directions enable one to Find your friends ,Locate yourfriends ona Map, Let friends find you. This is the best app toshare yourlocation with friends and find them on Map. Now you canview yourfriend's location on the map and get connected withthemalways.Google Maps best features are integrated in it to giveyouaccurate result.It highlights Highly Traffic areas on Map andsaveyour time. GPS Route Finder : Gps Navigation & Directionalsohave the functionality to find out your nearest Bank, Bar,GasStation, Hospital, ATM,School,Collage,University, Airports,PostOffice, Clubs, Mosques, Church's, Temples ,Hotel, MovieTheater,Restaurant, Supermarket, Theater and Taxi. Route Finder :GPS Maps,Navigation & Direction Features : * Perfect GPS RouteFinderNavigation app * Finding Shortest Driving Route. * Findingnear byplaces. * Finding Walking Route. * Find easiest and fastestroutefor your destination. * Share your current location with oneclick.* Supports different maps types: Normal map, Satellite map,Terrainmaps * Free and best ROUTE FINDER & GPS Tracker App Itsa freeapplication.
Fake Location (Mock GPS) 5.2.2
Using false position App, you can disguise your location, taparoundthe world will be able to Fake Location. 1. Analogseatingarrangement in any country Gps coordinates. 2. You have tofindtheir own place in disguise, whether street, the city wheretheycan perform the most accurate positioning false. 3.Transferringfalse position message to the community LINE, FB,Whatsapp, so youdo not easily be tracked. 4. Can check the locationGPS positioncoordinates. 5. Compass, direction accurately caught.6. The simpleuser interface, the fastest. 7. My favorite feature,recordingplace, allowing you quick access. 8. Fake LocationHistory. Thefootprint in the sand shows where you have been. ===Matters needattention === 1. If the system requires more precisepositioning,press "Cancel" in order to avoid false positioningfailure. 2. Ifusing a false position, open systems have built-inGPS, afterturning off the false position, "Restart GPS" to make thephonequickly detect the real location. 3. If you use in the game,it maybe detected as game developers to use a false position,resultingin an analog position is blocked and failure, this part ofournon-development issues, normal use can be successfully used. Ifyouhave any questions you can send Mail [email protected]
Location Faker 1.22
Location Faker app help you easily fake your location and pretendtobe anywhere else in the world. Mask your location by searchingfor aspecific location or simply by long press anywhere on themap. Theapp hides your real location (like a fake gps locationchanger).After selecting the exact location you can go to anyother app andscreenshot the new place to send to your friends.Start faking yourGPS location and have fun with your friends!IMPORTANT: For the appto work you must enable "Mock Locations" onDeveloper settings. Todo that go to Settings > About > taprapidly on Build Numberuntil it says “You are now a developer.”Then go into your developersetting and check “Allow mocklocations“. For Android 6 and above indevelopers settings you needpress "Select mock location app" andchoose there "Fake Location -Change My Location"
WishTrip: Travel Experience Network 2.0.3
Find and create treks, trails and tours, connect withknowledgeabletravelers and professionals and record and share youradventures.WishTrip combines search, content creation, on andoff-road GPS,digital treks, digital tours and a social networkingcommunity offellow travelers to help you make the most of yourtrip. Takeadvantage of a trek someone else created, or create yourown. Aninteractive album of your trip will be created while youareon-the-go which can be shared when you are finished. Nomoregetting lost - Accurate on and off-road GPS will take you whereyouwant to go. See and experience treks created by fellowtravelers.Create treks and tours that others can follow later.Findinteresting things off-the-beaten trail. Security - GPS keepsyoufrom getting lost. The community around is available if youneedhelp or just want to meet up. Record and share - Pictures,videosand other content collected on your trip will be put togetherin anshareable album which can be used on WishTrip and othersocialnetworks (Can be shared publicly or kept private).
Fake GPS Location 4.6
Installation: For previous versions Lollipop (5.1) needs tomovesystem app (required root access only for that action canberemoved later). Features: - Change GPS location to theselectedlocation - Allows users to change location immediatelywithJoystick - Enter latitude/longitude directly from the joystick-Set points on the map to create route and to walk automatically-For ROOTED devices you can mock locations without enabling"Allowmock locations" option. Please move app to/system/priv-appDeveloper Mode: Developer mode being activated 1.Settings - Aboutphone - Software - Build number (7 clicks). 2.Settings - DeveloperOptions - or mock locations Allow mocklocations apps selection ENDUSER LICENSE AGREEMENT END USERAGREEMENT Any inappropriate use ofthe application (including traps)will not be supported by our teamand it is your responsibility ifyou use it for that. Thisapplication is provided "as is" and we cannot be responsible forany use by the end users of our application.
Track India 2.5.4
Track India is a Tracking System for Android Mobile application.
Supersafe 14.3
WHAT WE ARE? We at SUPERSAFE, design and manufacture GSM/GPSbasedtracking and security device for two wheelers, four wheelers,homesecurity, heavy Vehicles, personal tracking. We provideTailor-madesolutions for various industries related to GSM/GPShardware andsoftware solutions. ”CUSTOMIZATION” is our strengthwhich keeps usunique from our competitors. Super Safe provides GPSTrackers, GPSLocator, GPS vehicle tracking Devices and Real TimeVehicleTracking and security devices. WHAT WE LOOK TOWARDS? • Ouraim isto grow our business to the universe through effectivemanagementand services • Respect and understanding for eachindividual Clientneeds and requirements WHAT SUPERSAFE APP DOES?SupersafeApplication provides a direct end user contact withthemanufacturer. Once the application downloaded you can able toviewour video links about the product description and thenearbylocation whom you can approach for devices. The technicaldetailing& installation can be done from our outlet itself, thebuyingoption has been made digital so that consumer can make thepaymentdirect to the company. The support option has been avail intheapplication, it will make the consumer more user friendly.Anautomatic generated ticket number will be sent, if user madeaquery and it will be resolved within the time span of 48 hours.Thepayment option available as debit/credit card along withPaytmtransaction facility, if the consumer need to cash and carrythatalso can be done with the help of outlet staff. Once the usergetslogin the application will get upgraded and user can directlyvisithis page for tracking vehicle.