Top 49 Games Similar to Never Eat Anything (Free)

Etiquette and table manners (For sale) 1.1
Whether you're eating at a fancy restaurant, in the cafeteria, orathome with friends and families, good table manners make for amorepleasant meal. While you may not need to worry about confusingyoursalad fork with your desert fork when dining with friends,somebasic table manners should never be forgotten. Here aresomeeasy-to-follow do's and don'ts. Maybe most of your meals havebeenserved at a drive-through lately, or eaten over the sink. Allof usare busy and for many families there is no regular diningtimeanymore. Maybe it has been a while since you have thoughtaboutdining etiquette, or you haven't been exposed to diningetiquetterules at all. Start with handling utensils, napkinetiquette, andother table manners essentials.
Baby Hazel Dining Manners 7
Play Baby Hazel Dining Manners game for free on yourandroidbrowser.Today Mom is going to teach dining etiquette. HelpHazel tofollow mother's advice so that she gets appreciation. Firstof allbefore dining, clean the dining table by removingunnecessarythings from it. Arrange the plates and cutlery on thetable. Thenhelp Hazel to follow Mom's advice in selecting the rightcutlerywhile drinking soup and eating meat and desserts. Happydining withBaby Hazel.You can also play Baby Hazel Dining Mannersgame on yourdesktop browserat: to teach Baby Hazel dining etiquettes. First of all joinher toclear all the mess and make dining space pleasant. Then helpher toset up the dining table. Later, join mom and Baby Hazel forthedinner. Pay heed to the demands of Baby Hazel while dining.Finally,after the meal, help her to clear the dining table. Level1It isdinner time but Baby Hazel is still busy playing with herfriends.Help her to clean the dining space and keep toys and otherstuff intheir right place. Level 2Dining space is lookingpleasant. Isn’tit? Now Baby Hazel has to set up the dining table.As she is tooyoung, she needs someone’s help. Can you be of herhelp?Level3 BabyHazel is all set to have her meal. But today momwill teach her howto eat desserts and main meal. Let us join Hazelto learn diningetiquette.Level 4Baby Hazel enjoyed learning diningetiquettes fromher mom. They have finished the meal and now it istime to clear thedining table. Help Hazel in clearing the table.
cook cake with berries games 3.0.0
Do you enjoy Food Maker Games & being at home in thekitchenbaking & cooking up cakes & desserts?Get ready forsomeStrawberry Shortcake fun!Strawberry and her friends want tobakefruitilicious cakes, but they need your help!Run, slide andleapthrough the wonderful world of Berry Bitty City and grab allthestrawberries, cherries, oranges and other yummy fruit youcanfind!Then it’s time to decorate your cake, and snap a picturetoshow your friends!Collect as many sticker packs as you can andfillthe amazing sticker book!Play as Strawberry Shortcake or one ofherfriends! Look: Cherry Jam, Orange Blossom, Blueberry Muffin,LemonMeringue, Raspberry Torte, Plum Pudding and HuckleberryPie…they’re all here!From Blueberry cake to any other cakes youwant ,playing thiscake games you can learn how to become achef.Make theflour mixture using the ingredients we tell you to use, learn howto perfectly slice the cake dough or learn to use yourhands toprepare the flour dough .We will also teach you to roll thepiecesof dough and make the cake bottom !In this virtual maker gameforgirls and boys, you can cook, be the chef mania and startcookingreal, yummy cup cake desserts right away when you grab thisfreegame app. It's FREE and easy, just choose your babycakeflavor,drag in your favorite ingredients from your recipes, thenmix itall together, and start cooking your cup cake treat. CakePopsdon't take long to turn into a crazy candy cupcake on a stick,sogive it a few seconds, then decorate your yummy cup cake andyou'reready to eat or sell your cakepop for coins.Don't forgetabout themixture that is very important for any recipe and alsobake anddecorate the cakes !In this sweets game you have therealexperience of a professional kitchen. Start by washing thefruits,preparing the dough and rolling it, baking some tasty piesanddecorating different type of sweets. In our kitchen you willfeellike a real baker expert. Cook as fast as you can and preparethebest sweets to get the apreciation of the kids all aroundtheworld. Enjoy our sweets game !
bon happétee-Smart weight loss: Tracker, Planner 2.0.5
Healthy is boring, let's eat smart. We are a smart nutritiontrackerand meal log & planner app for healthy weight losswithoutdieting. So far 2000+ users have lost an average of 5 kgswith theautomated AI based assistance of our fitness nutritiontrackerapp.WELCOME TO THE FUTURE OF WEIGHT LOSSWe takepersonalization tothe next level – by our “teach, not tell”approach powered bymachine learning, patented recommendationengine and worlds bestIndian food database.So, welcome to thefuture of eating right!Whether looking for newer and excitingadventures of the palate, orlooking for some serious balance inmindful eating withoutcompromising on taste and convenience, bonhappetee is thedestination for a totally redefined way of thinkingfood and losingweight naturally without dieting.MEALS PERSONALIZEDTO YOUR FITNESSGOALSbon happetee, is a smart app that learns yourtastes,metabolism and convenience and positions you to reach yourhealthand weight loss goals – or just helps you with mindfuleating whileopening up newer combinations and balance meals viaitsultra-customized recommendation engine. EASY TO USE DAILYFOODJOURNALIt is super convenient – it has smart features to keepyourfood journal logging a breeze; it is simple, it givesyoupersonalized nutritionist approved meal scores on a scale of1-10for every meal that you log; it gives you real time fixestoimprove your score and balance your meals to meet your weightlosstargets (R.I.P the days of counting calories and carbs, justscore>8 and lose weight). MEAL PLANNERThen again it is much morethanthat – plan your meals in advance using theproprietyrecommendation engine that combines the state of theartnutritional analytics with the wisdom of ourcelebritynutritionists on board. By using food calorie calculator&weight loss journal you will surely be one step ahead ofanyoneelse!Feeling like eating something – just build your balancedmealusing our “I feel like eating...” feature. OUR WEIGHT LOSS APPCANADJUSTFeeling like you know your body better – go ahead,customizeyour meal targets to what you know works. Not quite thereyet, noproblem. Just keep logging and leave it to our smart app tofigureout which of the tweaks are working for you using itsastutealgorithmic integration of your data with magic ofmathematics. Butthat is just the beginning – share your scoresacross your socialnetwork, motivate others, and get motivated. KEYFEATURES:1. Customgoal setting & nutrition – choose your weightloss pace andcomfort zone (nutrition tracker)2. Personalized taste- Getpre-planned menus with ingredients and recipes (mealplanner)3.Easy Log for your meals and activity – smart, simple andfast (meallog, daily diet diary)4. Challenge yourself – Score eightto loseweight (smart weight loss)5. Fix meals in a second (healthydietmeal finder)6. Social - Challenge your friends. See what othersareeating (socialize)7. Nudge – Reminders and notifications tokeepyou on track (stay focused)A word from our CEO"Thank you foryourinterest in our app, it gives me immense satisfaction to sharewithyou the essence of my personal journey of a lifestyle changeandweight loss of losing 20 kgs and running a full marathonafterrecovering from a broken back all this while keeping my loveoffood and doing everything as per my convenience.Interestingly-doing this was not at all tough - the strugglehowever was findingthe right way to do it. Now, I am not anutrition expert or adoctor but I am common man who understandsthis pain from yourpoint of view. Try bon happetee and learn andearn the freedom toeat what you love”Start your journey to leavinga perfect lifewhere you take control of your body weight!Theultimate food andexercise journal, planner, tracker &recommendation app bonhappetee for free!Share your feedback
Eat This Much - Meal Planner 1.104
Put your diet on autopilot with Eat This Much, the automaticmealplanner. Tell us your diet goals, the foods you like, yourbudget,and what your schedule looks like, and we'll automaticallygeneratea complete meal plan to meet your requirements. It's likehaving apersonal diet assistant. Features •  Generate meal plansthat meetyour calorie and macro targets in seconds •  Nutritiontargets canbe set up for weight loss, maintenance, or muscle /bodybuilding• Follow any eating style or create your own •  Choosefrom paleo,atkins/keto, vegetarian, vegan, and Mediterraneandiets•  Filterout foods/recipes based on allergies and dislikes,includinggluten-free •  Set the available cooking time for eachmeal tomatch your schedule •  Take the anxiety out of picking whatto eat•  Personalize any of our recipes or add your own •  Don'tlike oursuggestions? Easily swap them out or configure the mealplanner toonly use foods you like using Recurring Foods Premiumfeatures • Automatically generate a week of meal plans at a time • Didn’tfollow the meal plans? Easily log what you did eat to trackyourintake •  Grocery lists are automatically created from yourmealplans •  Set a number of family members for each meal to makesureyou buy enough groceries •  Reduce food waste with pantrytracking•  Set custom targets for each day of the week, like morecaloriesand carbs on your workout days. Customize as much or aslittle asyou want. Normal calorie trackers force you to add foodsinto yourdiary one by one. By the end of the day, there's noguarantee thatyou'll be anywhere near your nutrition targets. Withour automaticmeal planner, there's nothing to track becauseeverything isalready entered for you. All you have to do is followthe plan. Weoffer both free accounts and premium accounts. As afree user, youcan create a single day meal plan and completelycustomize ithowever you want. Each meal can have differentpreferences, andyour nutrition targets can be whatever you like. Asa premium user,you'll have access to the weekly meal planner thatallows you toautomatically generate a week of meal plans and sendthem to youwith a grocery list via email. As you follow the plans,you cantrack what you did or didn't eat, and if you deviate fromtheplans, we make it easy to readjust your targets for the nextweekto stay on track. Try out the free account to see if our mealplansappeal to you, and upgrade to the premium meal planner whenyou'reready. Privacy policy: of use:
Dining Note: Simple food diary 1.0.10
4th May Soft
Let's start a good eating habit by writing the food you eateveryday.You can also write a simple diary with who, when, andwhere youate.Feature1. Write breakfast, lunch and dinner.2. Writesnack,coffee and water, number of drinking.3. Write exercise.4.Photoattachment.5. Password setting.6. A variety color theme.7. Asimplemonthly statistics UI.
Meal reminder 1.0
Meal reminder application will help you to follow the diet youhavechosen, reminding you about eating at the right time.Theapplication will create several reminders and help you trackthetime of food intake by days, show the days of reception inthecalendar. In the settings you can choose the type ofnotificationthat suits you best, simple notifications or an alarmwindow withplayback of the installed ringtone.App meal reminder forpeople whofollow a diet or want to start eating several times aday.
Meal Reminder - Weight Loss 1.8.8
Eat healthy, eat regularly, eat 5 meals a day. Run metabolismandlose weight.Meal Reminder is a simple application helping youtokeep eating regularly.Remember that eating 5 meals a day(witharound 3 hours intervals) has many advantages:• Acceleratesyourbody fat burning, which causes weight loss or helps tomaintainyour weight• Helps you to control the quantity of everymeal andprevents overeating• Regular breaks between meals protectfromsudden decrease of the glucose level in your blood andensuresatietyMeal Reminder - Weight Loss application helps you tofollowthis easy diet plan by following features:• Custom meal timestosuit your needs• Alarms to notify you about meal time• Statusofcurrent day to see either meals were eaten or skipped•Possibilityof adding 6th, optional meal, if you get up early andfinish yourday late at night• Editing past meals - just swipe themeal item onthe list and use edit buttons (if you want to changethe past mealstatus, click on the meal item)Any comments arewelcome. Pleasenotify me if there are any functions that you wantto be includedin future versions of Meal Reminder - WeightLoss.Thank you fordownload!
Feed Baby - Baby Tracker 25.2.7
Penguin Apps
The perfect breastfeeding and baby tracker.. Join over 1.2millionnew parents who have used Feed Baby to log and record allaspectsof their newborn’s development. This is the only app youwill needto care for your little one.With this world classbreastfeedingbaby tracker you will never have to write anythingdown again! FeedBaby simplifies the logging and recording of yournewborns breastfeeds so that you can have more free time toyourself.Featured onthe Google Play home page under "Apps for NewParents" and"Wellbeing Apps" Suitable breastfeeding logger and babytracker fornew parents to care for babies aged 0 to 5.★ Easilytrack yourbaby’s breastfeeding / bottle / solids / diaper / nappy /sleeps /pumpings / medicines / baths and journals with a singletouch.★Device-to-Device Synchronization between any number ofdevices sothat Mom and Dad always knows whats going on!★ 44 WIDGETSto helpyou access key features from the home screen. You'll find awidgetfor any of your needs!★ Log 2 Babies (only available whenFeed BabyPro is installed). Supports Twins!★ Timelines shows youall of youractivities across multiple days so that you can have abetterunderstanding of your newborn activity patterns★ Record neweventson your Android Wear watch★ Comprehensive charts, graphsandreports★ 16 different Themes/Skins!★ Export your entireFeedingHistory. You can then print it out for further analysis byyourselfor your doctor★ Full screen clock is displayed during feedsso youcan check at a glance the amount of time that has elapsedduring afeed★ Individual feeds are grouped automatically into"FeedingSessions"★ Fully customisable alarms to remind you when tobreastfeed and change your baby diapers.★ Fully supported withregularupdates. 'Feed Baby' is a fully supported product. And weprovideemail support for any questions you have or issues youmayencounter.PermissionsExplained-------------------------------Followingare thepermissions we require, along with an explanationforeachREAD_EXTERNAL_STORAGE/WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE - Requiredforhandling syncing. Feed Baby writes and reads files tostorageduring the syncing process to ensure the proper syncing ofyourdata. It is also required for storing the images of your child.
IEatWell:Food Diary&Journal Healthy Eating Tracker 1.48
IEatWell Is Your Food Log & Tracker Assistant To Help YouEatingHealthy Without Counting Calories.Improving your weight andhealthis a result of eating healthy foods, keep a food journal orlog anduse a food tracker not counting calories.IEatWell FoodJournal &Diary in a simple and easy way allows you to:* Recordand Track whatyou eat quickly and easily* The food log trackerevaluate what youconsumed at your own discretion, using a scoringsystem orconsulting your friends* Allows you to share you journalor log whatyou want in your networks if you want them to encourageyou tocontinue improving your mealsCalorie Counting Problems:*Theobsession for not eating too many calories on meal can leadtoeating disorders.* Drastically reducing my daily intake canresultin bouts of consuming large meal* To think that all thatareconsumed are assimilated in the same way by the body, regardlessofthe food from which they come* Scientists have pointed outthat,rather than quantity, the quality of the caloriesconsumedmatters.Some Benefits of Eating Healthy and keep a fooddiary andlog:* Improves immune system by preventing some commondiseasessuch as influenza and other long-term diseases likediabetes.*Better quality of life in general* Stability in theenergy of yourbody feeling this way well physically, avoidingfatigue to duringthe day.* Maintain your weight since when you eatwhat you need youavoid excesses* You maintain a younger appearance,the antioxidantswe receive from a healthy diet keep the skin in agood stateSimilarapps are fooducate for example
Best Boiled Egg Diet Plan 1.1
Introducing Best Boiled Egg Diet Plan apps! These apps containslistof benefits about Eggs consumption and the summary about theDiet.Boiled Egg Diet Plan claim to lose weight up to 24 pounds injusttwo weeks! The main ingredients in this diet are eggs. Theeggs arehealthy food which contain lots of nutrients,high-protein, goodfats, minerals and vitamins. Moreover, eggsprovide the necessaryvitamins and nutrients for your body. Thisdiet has simple rules.You must not eat junk foods or snacks suchas burgers and sweets.Limit the salt and sugar consummation andavoid alcohol.This appsprovide you 7 Days Meal Plan which aresimple, repetitive and easyreferences. Apps Features:- About theDiet (Overview, Ways toprepare different types of boiled eggs,fruit substitutions forcitrus fruits)- 7 Days Repetitive Meal Plan(Breakfast, Lunch,Dinner & Best time schedule for each meal)-The benefits of Egg(Why eggs is good for you?)- Apps info (Appsguides/ Privacy Policy/ Disclaimers/ Apps Share)Important notes:This Boiled Egg Diet planis very high in protein, therefore, youshould consult your doctorbefore you begin with this type of diet.The two weeks menu is verysimple and repetitive. You can also addsome workouts so you canhave even better results. Make sure youuse only organic eggs duringthe diet process.We wish you good luckand all the best in this dietprogram!
Healthy Eater - Baby's Diet
Wondering how to get your little one to eat? Here is a fun gametooutsmart a picky eater! Learning healthy eating habits at ayoungage can reap benefits for a lifetime. Children will discovertheimportance of balance diet while playing games! Become agoodeater! Join the fun with the little panda and eatveggies,prawns,meat and all kind of food!Fun features: - Personifyveggies,staple food and meat as cute friends! Play with our panda!- Lotsof silly games and interactive scenes to play with veggies!Endpicky eating! - Make all kinds of nutritions visible and fun!Helpthe cute panda.Healthy Eater is a wonderful game free forkids!Plenty of veggies, prawns and healthy food! Let children playforfree while they learn about healthy food! Outsmart theirpickyhabits with Babybus for free! Enjoy with Kiki, our panda, thiscuteadventure! -- -- -- Design concepts:We focus oninspirationallearning;We focus on skill-building;We focus onbringing funcontents to our young audience;Take the baby bus for anuniquelearning experience!The series introduction:Baby Bus is thefirsttrusted brand in early childhood educational software. Themobileapplications are designed and developed specificallyforpreschoolers, and they are divided into two groups by age,theStarter Group for toddlers between the ages of 1 and 3 andtheProdigy Group for children between the ages of 3 and 6.Theeducational series in the Prodigy Group combines the mainconceptsof early childhood education to meet the needs ofmasteringdifferent learning categories. The applications are aimedat thecomprehensive and the analytic development inpreschoolers.Tips: Inthe search bar, enter "BabyBus" to find all ofour products.Asparents ourselves, we at BabyBus take greatimportance on thechildren's privacy and health. Before you downloadour app, pleaseread our privacystatementhere.
Food Diary
My Daily Bits
Food Diary isn't just a regular Calorie Counter. Food Diaryisdesigned to put you in control, and be as easy, quick and simpletouse as possible. No guilt trips, or constantly naggingreminders,but straight forward and on your terms.This app helps youloseweight, maintain weight, or gain weight through caloriecounting,but is also easy to use to keep track of specificnutrition point(for instance for people with diabetes, celiac,etc.) and for bodybuilders. ABOUT THE APP:Keeping track of what youeat has beenshown to help prevent and stop over-eating.This apphelps youcontrol your diet and eat healthier, by making it easy totrackwhat you eat. The design is optimized to make entry as quickaspossible, with 1 click entry, and recent food suggestions.Thebuilt in database already has thousands of food items and ifyoursare not known, adding them is easy.FEATURES:1. A simpleandpowerful design: The app opens directly on the entry screen, onthemost recent meal, because that is what you'll use most. Thedesignmakes adding entries as simple and intuitive as possible.2.One tapentry with personalized suggestions: The most common fooditems canimmediately be selected. Starting on the second day, yourrecentitems are suggested because you may eat the same foodfrequently.3.Logging in is not needed: No personal data or contactinformationis required.4. Thousands of items already in thedatabase: Mostfood items have accurate information about commonserving sizes,calories, carbohydrates, protein and fat. 5. Fulloff-line support:No need to be connected to the internet. 6.Precise entry is alsoeasy: You can accurately enter the preciseamount using a slider.7.Daily reports: Using the menu, you candirectly open the diary,which shows a summary of your day. Here youcan switch betweencalories, protein and carbohydrates by pressingon littletriangle.8. Personal reminders help you stay on target:They are aconvenient way to make sure you fill out your diary,after eachmeal, or at the end of the day.It is a good idea toverify theinformation in the database is the same as theinformation on yourfood packaging; food nutrition fluctuates withbrands and overtime.Make sure to discuss your goals with yourdoctor or nutritionspecialist.PREMIUM FEATURES:1. No moreadvertisement.2. A muchlarger food database.3. The ability toe-mail yourself a copy ofthe diary.4. More configuration options,including the ability toenter up to 8 separate meals a day.Downloadnow because you willlove using it.
Spontaan - Restaurant deals 1.3.9
Social Deal
Spontaan is a must-have for those who love to go out fordinner!Youcan find the best restaurants with their best price onRestaurantToday, so you can always go out for a spontaneousdinner.With thefree Spontaan app you have access to over 1000restaurants. Everyweek over 100 restaurants are added for you todiscover. Making areservation is easy and can be done with just oneswipe.Grabbing abite to eat after a day trip? Home late from workand don’t feellike cooking? There’s always a reason to go to aRestaurantToday!With Spontaan you have:- access to 1000+restaurants whereyou can go for a last minute dinner at a greatprice- every week100+ restaurants are added, so there is alwayssomething new todiscover- an overview of all the best restaurantdeals in yourarea- easily booked your table for tonight with justone swipe- theservice and quality you’re used to, but now for thebest price
Big Fish Eat Small Fish 1.0.8
"easy controls tap the screen to move Big fish eat small fishgamePlay as single player.The little fish in the sea is trying toeatother smaller fish to get bigger and stronger. But the sea isfullof all kinds of fish,and if the red little fish meets thebiggerone,it's doomed. Guide the red fish around the tank and eatthesmall fish as quickly as you can. But remember,in thisworld,bigones always eat small ones,so avoid big fish and stay awayfromthem - eat the smallest one first so that you get big enoughtotackle the next one up and so on.Fish Adventures is a funpuzzlegame, the game through the lower right corner of the screentooperate the fish swimming lever for adventureFeatures:-easycontrols , tap the screen to move.- fun eating feedingmunchingchasing and growing game.- compete with other fishes onlinein realtime frenzy action.- eat smaller fish, eat fish food.-collectbonuses for extra speed, mines drop, hook shoot and conquertheocean."
Calorie counter 3.1
Searching across favorite products will help you calculateyourcalories quantity per day without any difficulties.• Proteins,fatsand carbohydrates• Nutrition Diary• Large Products Base•Withoutregistration• Will help to lose weight• Offline mode• Bodymassindexn order to arrange your nutrition correctly one must knowthecontents and energy value of the products to be consumed. Andthecontents of fats, proteins and carbohydrates as well. The dietfinesettings will help you lose or gain weight.The caloriescounterwill enable you to calculate the quantity andquality-relatedspecific preferences of your menu. Choose theproducts you need outof the drop-down list or enter their weight ingrams.Check thestatistics whenever and wherever you are.
Street Food - Cooking Game 1.2.0
Crazyplex LLC
Welcome to Street Food - Cooking Game a free cookingmanagementworld that puts you in charge of your own food truck!Be amasterchef of street foods and start cooking delicious snacks inthisvirtual cooking game. There are hot dogs van, pizza van,hamburgersvan, French fries van and nachos van! Which one do youwant to tryfirst? They all look so yummy! Let's cook the yummy anddeliciousstreet food and add some amazing toppings on them so theylook asgood as the taste. Kids will love playing chef cooking gamesasthey make their favorite foods, and you'll love that cooking upachef quality snack doesn't mess up your whole kitchen!Best partofthis cooking game, there're so many different kinds of foodtochoose from, the fun never has to stop! Create the food combosyoualways dreamed of with Street Food – Cooking Game!Make TheseFullyDelicious and Fantastic Foods:- Funnel Cake (New)- Corn Dog(New)-Hot Dog- Burger- Pizza- Nachos- French FriesLet's makethedelicious food and that's so simple to make food in our game!Youcan try to cook different foods in our Street Food - Cookinggameand can become a master chef! Join us now in the cookingadventureand start selling the food in your street food van!Alllevels arealready unlocked & FREE to play!! If you don't wantto see Adsthen you can purchase in-app to Remove Ads!! Download thebestcooking fever game ever now for FREE!!!*** This Game isAvailablefor Sell *** Contact us on our support e-mail.
Cook Baked Lasagna 4.0
bweb media
Give your inner chef a new challenge with this great cookinggame!Here you can prepare and make your lasagne ready for eating.Youget to boil the pasta, prepare the ingredients and cookyouringredients before plating it up and eating it all. Yum! Somuchcooking fun to be had with this great lasagne cooking game! Tryitnow!FeaturesBoil the pasta to make it nice and soft readyforeating. Prepare your ingredients ready to make your lasagnetastegreat. Simmer and cook your ingredients in a pan ready forserving.Choose your plate, fork and drink to complete your meal andgetready to eat. Drink your drink and eat all your lasagnebeforecooking another delicious meal.
Learn with a cooking game 1.0.4
Cooking is a lot of fun so why not bring your creativity tolifewith this great cooking game! Here you’ll learn how to cookapizza, burger, and juice fruits ready for eating. Mixyouringredients together to create your wonderful food masterpiecesandwatch them turn into something delicious. Improve yourcookingskills with this great cooking game! Features Mix youringredientsto create your yummy pizza base ready for cooking. Addyourfavorite flavors to make your pizza taste great.Cook your pizzainthe oven until it’s nice and hot. Add the final toppings tomakeyour pizza unique and ready to eat. Create your favoritefruitjuice to go with your pizza. Make a fantastic burger to finishoffyour meal so you’re ready for the day.
Kitchen cooking Cash Register 1.2
bobolink apps
Most of the time people say if you want to live a long life thaneatgood and healthy food. Tasty and yummy fast food can changeandsatisfy your mind for different diets. The way, people love toeatpizza and burger in different countries of the world, isdifferent.You can also run your own pizza and burger business toovercomeyour cooking fever. Just go outside and learn about kitchencookingfever. Life is the name of enjoyment and you can enjoy yourlife bymaking food of your own choice like making pizza andburger.Let usstart your work, go to supermarket and buy all itemsfor pizza andburger. Take your shopping cart and select all itemsfrom shelvesof supermarket like meat, eggs, flour, vegetables,tomatoes,cheese, black olives, green olives, green peppers, redpeppers,onion, garlic and mushrooms. The supermarket managerwilldefinitely assist you in fast food specific shopping. Yourshoppinglist will be checked out at cash counter and the cashierwillcharge amount through cash register automatic machine.Submitdesired amount for all the purchased items and cashregistermachine will print a computerized cash receipt for yourrecord.Please don’t forget to receive remaining amount from thecashier.You can also upgrade your manual point of sale. Aftercrazyshopping, come back home and start cooking at kitchen forpizza& burger making just like an expert chef. This is thegoodcooking time for mommy and kids. Add all ingredients into abowland mix them all by using mixture machine, pour it on bakingdish.Design the dough of pizza and burger in different shapes. Putitinto oven for few minutes. After baking, decorate the pizzadoughby topping of different things like olives, onions, cheese,andmushroom. Then go ahead for making burger for kids, put allthingsinto the burger bun and decorate it by topping. Make its lookmoredelicious by applying tomato and onion crisp. Pizza and burgerarenow ready to serve in front of friends and family. Girls lovetoplay, food maker cooking games and enjoying by making deliciousandmarvelous pizza and burger. Total fun time pizza and burgerpartyis ready to celebrate.
Donuts cooking games 2.0.1
When it comes to cooking yummy donuts, you know it has to bedoneright the first time! With this donuts cooking game you caneasilybecome the best chef and make the tastiest donuts availablefor allto eat. Here you will be able to mix your eggs, milk, sugar,salt,and softened butter into the bowl before adding your flourandvanilla extract mix to make your full donut mixture. Next yougetto let your mixture sit and set before getting to roll it outonthe cutting board. You can then cut your donut shapes out andcookthem in the hot oil until they are golden brown. Lastly you gettoeasily decorate your new and yummy treats with all sorts oficing,candies and colors which will make your donuts stand out. Soif youlove these round treats and want to try your hand at it, whynottake a look at this free cooking game today!Features:• Placetheeggs into your mixing bowl and beat them together!• Add themilk,sugar, salt, and softened butter with your eggs before mixingthemixture!• Place flour into a large bowl, add extra flavorandvanilla extra for that yummy taste! • Mix your flour mix andyouregg mix together to make your donut batter before rolling itwithyour hands! • Place some clear wrap over your mixture and letitsit for a while! • Place flour onto a cutting board and rollyourmixture out!• Cut your donuts out and place them onto aplate!•Place oil in a pan and heat it up before placing your donutsin thehot oil!• Turn your donuts over before placing them on aplate andturning your stove off!• Decorate your donuts with allsorts oficing types, candies and colors to make the best donutsever!
Street Food Maker - Kids Game 1.1
Crazy Cats
There’s soooo much yummy food to eat! Pizza and fries, snowconesand churros! But no one place ever seems to have all thedeliciousfoods and treats you want to eat in one place…until now!Why’sthat? Because now you get to make your perfect food truck withallof your favorite foods! Street Food – Food Truck! lets youfinallymake the menu of your dreams…and your tummy’s dreams!Finally,everything in one place! Serve scrumptious burritos with atallfrosty glass of lemonade! Put together warm crispy onion ringswithwarm, crunchy funnel cakes! You can do whatever you want,becauseit’s YOUR food truck! Serve the snacks YOU want, YOUR way!How coolis that?And best of all, there’s so many different kinds offood tochoose from, the fun never has to stop! Create the foodcombos youalways dreamed of with Street Food – Food Truck!FEATURES-All yourfavorite foods in one place!- Create your favorite foodcombos –you’re the street chef!- Make the food truck you alwayswanted!HOWTO PLAY- Select a food item- Put the food together tocreatedelicious dishes- So many options, the fun never stops!PleaseNotethat Street Food Maker! - Food Truck! Kids Cooking Game is freetoplay, but you can purchase in-app items with real money. Todisablethis feature, on your device go to Settings Menu ->General-> Restrictions option. You can then simply turn offIn-AppPurchases under "Allowed Content".Want to know more aboutus?Visitour official site at onTwitter at us onFacebookat
School Lunch Food Maker 2: Free Cooking Games 1.5
Crazy Cats
This is a new day! Before I go to school, let’s make theyummyschool lunch box! We have many food choices! Such as icecreamsoda, sandwich, burger, chicken nuggets, and the most popularpizzacone! Do you want to make your own yummy lunch box? Do youwant tocook and eat those tasty foods? Come on! Let’s get startrightnow!Product Features:-A super fun food-making game-Makeyummyfoods, assemble lunch box for kids-Tons of realistic cookingtoolsto play: soda dispenser, water bottles, ice cream dispenser,bowls,knife, potato masher, grill, induction cooker, pan, spatula,ricebun mold, meat hammer, egg mixer, cream mixer, cuttingboard,rolling pin, pizza cone kit, oven and so much more-Tons offoodmaterials to try: water, ice, soda, ice cream, fruits,candies,sprinkles, burger buns, rice buns, meats, veggies, cheese,sesame,chicken, flour, eggs, corn flakes, chips and so much moreHowtoplay: - Use interactive controls to play the game- Trydifferenttools to make your yummy foods- Mix various ingredients tocreatethe unique flavor and color of your yummy foods- Decorateyouryummy foods with beautiful sprinkles, candies and fruits-Assemblelunch box for kids with various yummy foodsWant to knowmore aboutus?Visit our official site athttp://www.crazycatsmedia.comFollowus on Twitter at us onFacebookat Purchases:- This App is free to play but certainin-game itemsmay require payment. You may restrict in-apppurchases by disablingthem on your device.- By downloading thisApp you agree to CrazyCats Media’s Privacy Policyat Pleaseconsiderthat this App may include third parties services forlimitedlegally permissible purposes.
VIP Movie Night Food Party: Make Delicious Foods! 1.1
Good evening everybody! It’s the time for the best outdoormovienight party ever!Let’s sit under the stars and watch theopen-airfilm with your best friends and family! Meanwhile, we cancook andeat yummy foods for this wonderful time! There are 5 trendypartyfoods we can try: rainbow popcorn, waffle pops, peanut buttercupice cream, hot dogs, and the most popular galaxyFrappuccino!Comeon! Let’s get start right now!Product Features: -Asuper funfood-making game-Make yummy movie night party foods forrainbowpopcorn, waffle pops, peanut butter cup ice cream, hot dogsandgalaxy Frappuccino-Tons of realistic cooking tools to play:bowls,classic popcorn maker, air popcorn maker, spatula, wafflemaker,sticks, spoons, ice cream maker, ice cube molds, foodprocessor,slushy dispenser, straws, grill, knife and so muchmore-Tons offood materials and food decorations to try: corn, cornkernels,olive oil, sugar, salt, caramel, flour, butter, chocolatesyrup,candies, fruits, sprinkles, peanut butter, peanut butter cup,icingsugar, water, hot dogs, bread and so much moreHow to play: -Useinteractive controls to play the game- Try different cookingtoolsand machines to make your foods- Mix various ingredients tocreatethe unique flavor and color of your foods- Decorate yourfoods withbeautiful sprinkles, candies, fruits, and strawsDOWNLOADTODAY!Joinour FacebookPage: Twitter: more aboutMakerLabs at our official website: for Purchases:- This Appis free to play but certainin-game items may require payment. Youmay restrict in-apppurchases by disabling them on your device.- Bydownloading thisApp you agree to Maker Labs’ Privacy Policyat Please consider that thisAppmay include third parties services for limited legallypermissiblepurposes.
Noom: Health & Weight 6.9.0
Noom Inc.
Any program can tell you to eat less and move more. Noomisdifferent.Noom’s proven psychology-based approach identifiesyourdeep-rooted thoughts and triggers, and builds a custom gameplan tohelp you form healthy habits, faster. Featured in the NewYorkTimes, Women’s Health, Shape, Forbes, ABC and more, we'vealreadyhelped over 45 million people worldwide build health habitsandachieve their health goals. People who use Noom lose an averageof18 pounds in just 16 weeks!78% keep the weight off for over ayear.Learn how to navigate your environment, challenge yourthoughts,master your triggers, and overcome any barrier that mightcome yourway.Whether it's emotional eating, cravings at mid-day,difficultywith social eating, or a sweet tooth, Noom'sscientificallybacked-solution will help you create a plan toovercome anyobstacle and practice healthier habits until you'vemasteredthem!What you get: - Scientifically-proven psychologyapproach to“trick” your body into building healthy habits, faster-Flexiblecoaching designed to help you set and achieve your short-andlong-term goals, and provide you with as much daily supportandaccountability you need -- you decide!- Personalized feedbackfromyour coach based on your in-app activity and progress- Toolstotrack your weight, food, exercise, blood pressure, and bloodsugarall in one place- Interactive content with over 250+ newarticles,including choose-your-own adventure style guides to applyour#PsychTricks into your daily life, seamlessly - Smartertechnologyto identify your challenges in real time and keep you ontrack -Custom meal + workout Plans available to take your progressto thenext level- Our most comprehensive food database, with overhalf amillion new and updated food logging options and barcodes tomakeyour experience even better- An award-winning,battery-friendlypedometer to count your steps Our team of doctors,psychologists,nutritionists, and personal trainers have created anew course thattakes the most effective behavior change researchand techniquesand delivers them to you in daily bite-size articlesandinteractive challenges to teach you the skills you need toimproveyour health. Sign up today to turn your healthy thoughtsintohealthy actions with Noom!
Cooking strawberry short cake 2.0.12
Do you love cooking and just love eating scrumptious cake? Wellifthat is a yes then you will just love this strawberry shortcakecooking game. Here you will be able to choose all the utensilsandingredients ready to make your cake, and then mix all theproperingredients together to make your cake mixture. Once yourcakemixture is done you can then pour it into a cake tin beforecookingit in your very own oven. Once cooked you can then decorateit withicing and strawberries until it looks like a greatmasterpiece thatis yummy to eat. So if you love cooking and youlove cake then whynot try your hand at this strawberry short cakecooking game today!Features: • CHOOSE your ingredients and utensilsfrom off the shelfready for you to start cooking. • MIX youringredients together tocreate your cake mix for baking. • POUR yourcake mix into the caketin and place in the microwave oven ready forcooking. • TURN youroven on and watch as your cake becomes goldenbrown. • RINSE yourstrawberries under the water in the sink andallow to dry. • PULLthe stem from the strawberries and slice intosmall piece. • SLICEyour cake in half and ice the bottom layer withyummy icing. •PLACE the strawberries on the bottom cake layer andplace the toplayer on top of the strawberries. • ICE the top layerof the cakewith icing, add more strawberries, and place more icingandstrawberries on top. • ENJOY eating all your strawberry shortcakebefore anyone else has any.
Runtastic Balance Food Tracker & Calorie Counter 1.7.1
Lose weight for good this year when you take control ofyournutrition and start tracking your food with Balance, yourfreecalorie counter and food diary. The expansive, localizedfooddatabase makes logging your meals and snack as easy aspossible.Not sure how many calories or macronutrients are ideal forreachingyour weight goal? We’ll calculate that for you and you cansee ifyour eating habits are helping you get there. Set your sightsonsuccess — reach your weight goal and develop healthy habitswiththe help of food tracking.Runtastic Balance is ready to supportyouin your choice to make healthy eating a priority. You will seehowbalanced nutrition can brighten your outlook from day one.YOURPERSONAL FOOD DIARY- Keep an eye on your daily eating habits-Makeuseful lifestyle changes investing only a few minutes a day-Setyour goal weight -- your ideal daily calorie intake willbecalculated based on your goal- Barcode scanner: track yourfoodeasily without searching the database- Last entry: Easilyaddrecently tracked foods to your current day with one quickclickMORETHAN JUST A CALORIE COUNTER- Calories given per food item,based onportion size- All major nutritional values -- carbs, fat,protein-- also conveniently providedPLANSLooking to improve yourstamina?Or form healthy eating habits? Or awaken newfound energyandmotivation? Trying to lose weight or build muscles? With aPremiumMembership, you can access targeted plans to make your goalsareality. Try out a plan today, like Energy Boost, Weight LossorHealthy Balance, and make your way toward a healthier you.We’lltry to keep you on track with things like Dos and Don’ts andcustomshopping lists based on your goal. Awareness is key --fromlifestyle, to nutrition to daily habits. Runtastic Balance ishereto help guide your path toward healthy eating and living. Allofthis from the convenience of your smartphone. Just open the appanduse the food tracker and calorie counter anytime, anywhere.Wellknown for its family of fitness apps, Runtastic is aleadingauthority for all things health and fitness.
Donut Factory & Cooking Chef 1.0
Best people are those who love eating and cooking deliciousfood& when it comes to scrumptious, mouthwatering dessertsweettreats to satisfy the sweet tooth! This factory game allowsyou tomake decorate & eat sugary donut with this best food appsincooking games category. Donut Games for all crazy sugar chefsFromthe makers of chocolate factory & ice cream factory 2,weproudly presents special doughnut game with kids favoritedonutmaker & factories stories. Donut factory & cookingchef, areal kitchen with factory simulation game for all ninjashapedonuts cooks. Enjoy the Doughnut cooking chef, a realfactoriessimulation settings.This is crazy donuts making game forall kids& toddlers. Kids love to bake & make food in thekitchen& coffee café restaurants. Let’s think a bigger! Runyour ownwork like a business tycoon, run and work as a donutfactory workerand make yummy chocolate vanilla sprinkled doughnutin largefactory plants & machinery. This gameplay will let youlearnthe whole process of donut making to baking process, donutdoughmaking and decoration as well. Be a donut maker and preparethetasty & colorful donuts with plenty of toppings likechocolate,cream, candies with roasted peanuts. This game is anexclusiveblend of factories simulation & cooking games. Thisdonut maniais as much fun as any popcorn factory and candy creammania.What asweet job! So girls and boys grab the opportunity tocook decorateyummy treats. Start this exciting gameplay byselection of yourfavorite dessert. Choose the shape as in heartdonuts with ninjashape doughnuts. Grab a bowl, mix yeast, butterand milk, crack afew eggs and add salt, sugar and flour with allother sugaryingredients. Whisk everything together and pour yeastwith milk ina special donut cooking machine. Free your creativityand bakedoughnuts as you like! Take donut machine’s sleeve to pourthe rawmixture in dough conveyor and cut out the perfect donutswith alaser. Carefully check each doughnut and remove things thatdo notbelong next to this yummy dessert! Doughnut decoration Justlikeany other muffin maker mania & decore games. Thepresentationof yummy sweet treats matters a lot! Donuts from thedonuts factoryare transported to donuts decoration center. Take abrush and colorthe donuts in your favorite colors and patterns.Create the mostbeautiful donut plate - add as many donuts as youlike and decoratethem with fruits, nuts, icing and sprinkles. Don’tforget to take apicture of your delicious donuts!So little sugarchefs, producecrazy amount of donuts in this doughnut factories tosatisfy youhunger and prove yourself best business tycoon andrestaurantcooks.So download this original cooking mania game withrealfactory process & cook like a star chef in this carnivalfoodwith fun fair. Enjoy your doughnut!
Cooking Breakfast 1.16
Wake up and kick-start your mornings with healthy andnutritiousbreakfast you made all by yourself. To stay healthy, eatbreakfastlike a king, lunch like a prince, and dinner like apauper.Even ifyou don’t feel like eating at the start, you willbecome hungrywhile playing this appetizing cooking game. Preparebreakfast, thatis the most important meal of the day, for the wholefamily.Atfirst, put a little oil in the cooking pan and fry an egg,somebacon and hotdogs. Spice the food of your choice with a pinchofsalt and pepper if you wish. To satisfy different tastes, youcancook the world-famous full English breakfast, ham and eggs orfriedegg. You can also toast slices of bread and choose yourdrink:milk, chocolate drink, water or orange juice – but be carefulwhenyou pour!But wait – you haven't heard the half of it yet!Youcanalso choose a plate for your breakfast to look delicious onallcounts. Add some salami or cheese to get a perfect breakfast,ortreat yourself to a delicious croissant and tasty waffles. Also,avariety of fruits offers you a wholesome meal, so have asweetstrawberry, juicy orange, yummy banana or healthy apple. Intheend, choose a perfect toy for the occasion and decorateyourbreakfast plate or the kitchen, then take a picture of it soyourfamily or friends can see your fresh and tasty ideas for aFullMonty Breakfast.Now, the breakfast is ready. Bonappétit!Features:•quick and easy breakfast recipes• beautiful HDgraphics• cool soundeffects • suitable for whole family• slidepuzzle mini game•friendly content
Cooking Burger Chef - Kitchen Game 1.0
Burger Making in Kitchen Let’s open your own burger shop, tieyourapron and make some hot and crispy burgers to test yourcookingmania time management skills. Cook delicious fast foods fromallover the world with this FREE fast-paced time management game.Youwill be able to practice your skills in kitchen cooking,frying,serving and dealing with the rush of hungry customers.Usemore thanhundred ingredients to cook several fast foot orders forsome rushcustomers. Play as a crazy chef inside your burger shop,try allthe possible kitchen appliances, from coffee makers, pizzaovens torice cooker and popcorn makers. Use cooking techniques andsharpenyour cooking skills to cook some delicious fast food itemslikeburgers, steaks, French fries, fresh juices and much more to arushof diners.Take orders from your customers and make arecipeEnjoythe addictive time management game and deliver orders ontime,don’t be late your customer order or your customer might angryandgo away without taking their ordered food. Be the masterkitchenchef to prepare fast food orders for serving hungrycustomers ontime or else they might get angry. A lot of Customersare arrivingat crazy cooking kitchen and they are hungry, you haveto checktheir demands and deliver right tasty fast food orders. Maydinersorder delicious burgers, French fries, crispy chickens,juices,pizza, coffee, hamburgers, salads and much more, so gatherup allthe items and fulfill the taste of your hungry customers.Time isnot only going to sharp your cooking skills, it is time totakeyour cooking to whole new level, cook your way to be the superchefwith fast-paced time management game.Burger Making in theKitchenGame PlayPlay Cooking the fun of Fever tasty Burger and showhowyou manage time, how fast you can server food to customers. Thisisunique opportunity to acclaim yourself as the cooking master.Yummychallenge of dealing customers on your burger shop, serve rushofhungry nature customers on time and enjoy the real cookinggamefever adventure. Running pizza, burger shops and restaurant isnotan easy task especially when the diners rush in with hungrynaturelooking for tasty fast foods. Raise your level of speedandaccuracy with each challenging level because each coming levelgetstough with time.Never miss the best Cooking Burger Chef:KitchenGame, if you want a significant entertainment. enjoy Easyandaddictive cooking adventure to become a top chef intheworld!Cooking Burger Chef Fun Kitchen Key Featuresdifferentfooditems! Multiple levels to completeupgrades for yourkitchenappliances and interiorMany ingredients to choose from, justlikein a real burger shop: bread, cheese, crispy burgers,chickenpatties, lettuce, onions, pickles, and much more.Addictivetimemanagement game playMany side dishes like ice creams, frenchfriesand muffinslots of dishes to cook usingseveralingredientsdifferent kitchen and burger shop locationsrunyour ownshop and server customersfast paced and time managementcookinggameYour suggestions & feedback are Really matters forus tokeep working on new • Volcano Gaming Studio★ If you haveanycomplaint/suggestion, please leave us a mail instead :★★ For our upcoming games please visit andlikeour - Volcano Gaming Studio★ Tell us what you think or checkouttips:★ PrivacyPolicy:
Virtual Chef Cooking Game 3D: Super Chef Kitchen 2.0
Are you fond of making exotic food and yummiest cuisine? Or liketoeat crazy grill chicken burger and french fries? Play roleofvirtual chef in 3D kitchen cooking game and cook deliciouscuisinesfor family and friends. Become world best chef fill yourcraze forcooking in virtual kitchen simulator game, start yourjourney withfood restaurant business. Begin cooking journey kitchenchef anduse food maker to cook different delicious dishes in thisfreerestaurant cooking game. Make your best chefs tasty kitchenmeal inthis fine cooking restaurant game and be the rising chef ofnytimes cooking game! Kitchen fever will start in this winterfoodcourt carnival fair of street food restaurant cooking game, areyouready for it?Play role of virtual chef in fast food restaurantandcook delicious meals, Italian pizza, chicken and beef steak,crazyburgers and sandwiches for hungry customers in restaurantcookinggame. Take command on kitchen cooking journey anddemonstratecooking skills of a master super chef, all you have todo is gatherup all best chefs ingredients, cook food in restaurantkitchen andfulfill the appetite of hungry customers & make themhappy invirtual chef restaurant cooking game. Practice yourcookingtechniques and time management skills in this virtualchefrestaurant cooking game. Tasty kitchen cooking have never beensomuch fun and exciting before! Enjoy fun ways to cook deliciousfoodand serve hungry customers in new restaurant cooking game!Starvedcustomers in this cooking game can’t wait for you to showup, socook delicious food for them. Though, it will be a realrestaurantcooking game challenge for you! Beat your cookingcompetitors in Nytimes cooking contest and win the best virtualchef cooking masterof the new York city!Fast Food best chefs! Takefine cooking ordersfrom hungry customers to cook & servedelicious food to havefun in ultimate new restaurant cooking game.Make your kitchenfever restaurant cooking game story fascinating bytaking yourcooking journey from beginning kitchen chef to best foodcourtchef. Learn restaurant cooking time management skills tocookdelicious food for one or two hungry customers at atime.Readyyourself for this challenging cooking game contest!Virtual chefcooking game 3d: super chef kitchen game features:•Multiplechallenging super-duper cooking game levels!• Amazeeveryone withfine cooking skills!• Serve delicious food to hungrycustomers inrestaurant cooking game!• Test your cooking managementand timemanagement skills• Best restaurant cooking game graphicsand soundeffects!Play virtual chef restaurant game and accomplishallcooking story challenging cooking game levels! Downloadvirtualchef cooking game and give us your feedback, so we can makebestchefs new restaurant cooking story game for you.
Cooking Game - Hot Dog Deluxe 1.17
Make the BEST Hot Dog ever! Serve this great fast foodwithtoppings, crispy snacks and a refreshing drink. Eat it andplaywith toys or take a challenging tower building minigame.Inthisgreat cooking game Hot Dog Maker Deluxe, there’s a hugeselectionof ingredients with which you can create a hot dog of yourdreams.Chose the sausage you like, cook it and then put it inyourfavourite bun. Decorate your hot dog with vegetables, addsomesauces and spices, then serve it with a drink, crispy chipsandfries. At the end, you can also add some candies and toys toplaywith while eating your delicious meal.After cooking a tastymeal,you can take up a challenge of making a crate tower, or playaslide puzzle minigame. In addition, you can take a snapshot ofyourmasterpiece. Features:★ beautiful high quality HD graphics★cookand prepare your own food★ intuitive, easy to useinterface★infinite gameplay with unlimited combinations★ hugeselection ofingredients such as sausages, buns, toppings,vegetables, sauces,spices snacks, drinks and even toys★ screenshotscan be saved inyour photo gallery to show them to your friends★slide puzzle minigame★ tower builder mini game
Cooking Game - Master Chef Kitchen Food Story 1.5
Welcome to your Cooking Game - Master Chef Kitchen FoodStoryfeatured with time-management and food-cooking gameplay.Bake,cook, and grill your way to world-wide restaurant chef fame!Therestaurant world awaits a hot new chef in this addictively funtimemanagement kitchen game. Be a top chef and do it all in newandaddictive cooking game. Dash around the kitchen grillingtastyburgers, and cooking world-class meals and desserts. Fastplayisn’t enough though; happy customers are needed to buildyourrestaurant empire. Are you up for the challenge, Chef?Practiceyourcooking techniques and management skills. Making burgers, hotdogs,desserts and multiple juices have never been so much funandexciting! There are so many fun ways to cook and serve.Thecustomers in this game can’t wait for you to show up andcookdelicious food for them. Though, it will be a realcookingchallenge! But nothing you can’t handle as the best cook intown!This cooking game is a fast paced game. Keep up with therushhours, become better at time management. What makes thiscookinggame so fun is that there are endless amount of levels andthelevels are loaded with enough orders to enjoy. Get your chefhatand start cooking!Cook delicious meals & desserts from alloverthe world in this FREE addictive time-management game! Withachoice of 3 unique locations more will be added soon, fromDessertsand Fast Food Restaurant, you will be able to practice yourskillsin a variety of settings and cooking techniques. Usemanyingredients to cook several tasty dishes. Decorate yourrestaurantsto attract more clients. Upgrade your kitchen andproduce an evengreater variety of dishes. Oh, and did we say thatthis game is asaddictive and as engrossing as fever? Have funcooking and don’tforget to share your delicious meals with yourfriends onFacebook!Cook Up Fun Anytime, Anywhere• Play CookingMania MasterChef offline on your android device after downloadingfrom googleplay store Wi-Fi not needed!Play a Chef in this Fast& FunRestaurant Game!• Bake, grill, and serve food by using asimple TAPand PLAY mechanicCook in a variety of settings• Multiplefood itemsand kitchens in the game for unlimited funTest RestaurantKitchenSkills!• Dash through kitchen service to earn big tips•Cookingtechniques expand with new restaurantsFun Cuisine &KitchenUpgrades• Delicious ingredients can be upgraded• Managetimeefficiently with kitchen upgrades Fun & PowerfulCookingBoosts• Time-management with fantastic boosts• Serve yummyfood,cook fast & go organic for more tipsFun Levels toMaster,Chef!• New levels and cities around the world addedregularly•Savor hours of exciting time-management fun forandroidgamersKitchen Challenges Require Strategy• Serve food fastto wintimed levels• Scramble through minimum score levels to earntoptipsFun chef games are free to play!• Time ManagementmeetsStrategy, meets tasty quests• Bake & serve in burgerjoints,bakery items• Beat levels to earn coins for FREE to upgradeitemsand unlock new shops around the worldHow to play: - Useinteractivecontrols to play the game- Try different tools to makeyour foods-Mix various ingredients to create the unique flavor andcolor ofyour foods- Decorate your foods with beautiful sprinkles,candies,fruits and cream toppings and enjoy the yummy foodsDownloadCookingGame - Master Chef Kitchen Food Story now for unlimitedcookingfun.
Cooking colorful ice cream 1.0.4
Get your customers served with this great cooking game! Here youcaneasily cook and create ice cream that’s ready for yourcustomers toeat. Take your customer’s orders, move the ice creamalong theconveyor-belt in stages and then serve your colorful icecream asfast as you can. As the days pass you can work throughmore and morecustomers. Have ice cream fun with this great game!Features *Collect the orders from your customers to create theirice creamready for selling. * Move the order along theconveyor-belt througheach stage. * Recreate a yummy colorfulice-cream treat that’s readyto eat. * Gain more and more profitswith the more ice creams youcan complete.
Yummy Pizza, Cooking Game 3.0.2
bweb media
Pizzas are so tasty and yummy to eat but what is better thaneatinga pizza? Making one of course! With the Pizza Margaritacookinggame you can get your hands dirty and create the perfectcheese andtomato pizza that is mouth-watering to the eye. Here youcancollect all the ingredients, prepare them, mix and cook them,andthen prepare and decorate your pizza ready for the finalcookingand eating stage. See your final result with the hot steamypizzathat is just mouth-watering and tasty to look at. The bestpart ofall is after you have made your pizza you get to eat it!Therereally is nothing better than the Pizza Margarita cookinggamewhere you can create and cook your very own perfect pizza likeaprofessional chef!- CHOOSE your ingredients from the fridge-PLACEall ingredients into the blender and turn on- TURN the doughusingyour hands until it is soft- COOK and CUT the tomatoes readyforuse- ROLL the dough to flatten out the pizza base!Enjoy thetaste!
Ice Cream - Summer Frozen Food 1.1
Crazy Cats
It's a really hot summer! Want some sweet frozen food? Eatingicecream on a hot summer day is one of the best ways to beat theheat.Vanilla, chocolate, strawberry, mint.... More than tensweetflavors to choose from. All the flavors you can mix up allsorts ofdifferent flavors with cookies, nuts and more to make theperfectice cream: Hundreds of combinations in all. Come on! Let'sgetstarted right now! Product Feature:- A super fun food-makinggame.-Make sweet yummy ice-cream. Enjoy it near the beach, on thestreet,in the park? You decide! Even share your ice cream to thekids andgirls.- Sweet and yummy ice cream flavors-Tons of realisticcookingtools to play: oven, freezer, cream bag and so muchmore-Tons offood materials and decorations to try: eggs, milk,salt, flour,cream, vanilla extract, butter, chocolate, candies andso muchmore- Have fun to pile ice cream as high as you want - usingany ofthe ice cream you've created.- Tons of decorations to createthebest frozen dessert: candy, cream, syrup, frosting, fruit andsomuch more.How to play:- Use interactive controls to play thegame-Start by choosing your favorite ice cream cone flavor to make.-Add and mix all the ingredients together in a real way to makeyoursummer frozen dessert.- Get the reward - vanilla ice cream.andmake more other sweet ice cream flavors: chocolate,strawberry,cookie, coffee, butter pecan etc.- Drag the ice cream topile ashigh as you want.- Tap and swipe to decorate your sweetfrozendessert. - Tap to enjoy your sweet icy food.- Drag thefrozentreats to serve to the kids and girls.- Take a photo to sharewithyour best friends and family.Want to know more about us?Havingproblems or suggestions? You could find us by: - Visitingourofficial site at Following usonTwitter at Like us onFacebookat
Spotluck – Spin. Eat. Save. 5.8.1
Spotluck Inc.
Recently ranked #1 on US News & World Report’s “Apps ThatSaveYou Money Every Time You Dine Out”...Tired of arguing overwhere toeat? Want to save a few bucks every time you go out?Likesupporting locally-owned restaurants? It's your LUCKY day!Takeaspin, answer the recurring question of “where to eat?,” savemoney,and discover the best local restaurants in your neighborhood…allfor FREE. Dining decisions made easy.Spotluck is amassivecommunity of local restaurants that offer discounts with aspin.Saving is simple: just take a spin, choose your restaurant,eat andshow your server your phone. No emails or prepaidcoupons.Asfeatured on NBC, CBS, Fox, ABC, Bloomberg, &more!What elsedoes Spotluck do?· We curate your area's best local‘Spots’ – eatgreat food and support your community· GPS-Verified,AuthenticRatings – forget unreliable reviews, Spotluck reviews onlycomefrom people who have actually dined at our restaurants· Menus–Browse restaurant menus right in the app· Fun – Watch thewheelspin while you save· Picture galleries, directions &more!Havefun dining and saving...Download the app and take a spinforrestaurants all around Maryland, Virginia, New York,Pennsylvania,New Jersey, and Delaware. We currently featureMid-Atlantic citieslike Washington DC, Baltimore, Philadelphia,Richmond and New YorkCity. New cities coming soon!PermissionsExplained. Why Spotluckneeds to access certain aspects of yourphone: Contacts: So you canshare restaurants or the app with yourfriends. We don’t accessyour contacts otherwise.Location: So youcan use the app at arestaurant. You must be physically at arestaurant to use adiscount.Phone: So you can call a restaurantahead of time if youwish.Photos/Media/Files: So we can locallystore small image filesyou frequently access for smoothloading.Wi-Fi ConnectionInformation: This helps verify yourlocation when using Spotluck ata restaurant.*Samsung Galaxy S8users: if you are unable todownload our app, it is due to a quirkbetween your resolutionsettings and the Play Store. We're workinghard to address thisissue!
Sweet Pancake Maker - Breakfast Food Cooking Game 1.2.0
Crazyplex LLC
Do you like to eat Pancakes in breakfast? Do you like to cook itbyyourself? So be ready for cooking your own delicious pancakesinSweet Pancake Maker cooking game.In this game you'll cookdeliciouspancake which is always favorites for all age people.Makeattractive colorful and sweet pancake to satisfy your hunger.Tostart cooking pancake, first you need some ingredients likeflour,sugar, butter, baking soda, milk and egg. Mix all ingredientsandbake it in oven, make sure it does not burn while baking! Onceit'sready then decorate is with huge collection ofsprinkles,frostings, toppings and many other decorative items.There is lotsof fun by making pancakes and it's all free toplay.Features ofSweet Pancake Maker:- Easy to play for all agepeople- Specialdelicious breakfast dessert- Real cooking experiencein kitchen-Learn how to bake pancakes- Interactive graphics andsound- Lots ofingredients to mix- Sweet side dishes and tons ofdecorative items-Perfect fun kids cooking game for free- Takesnapshot of your yummypancake and share with your friends- Awesomesweet pancake gamesfor kidsDownload now this FREE cooking game andenjoy the cookingof Sweet Pancakes!!-----****-----Having anyproblems orsuggestions? We would love to hear from you!You can findus onFacebook at on Twitterat you can mail us on oursupportemail:
Food Quiz 2.0.0
🥘 Here's a little something for all gourmets with a refinedpalate!Food Quiz trivia game is a brand new quiz app with manydifferentfood and drink quiz questions you will simply enjoyanswering!There are many guess the food types of quiz games outthere, butthis international food trivia game is UNIQUE! Well, weat leastthink so. Besides answering guess the food quiz questions,you willhave an opportunity to answer true/false questions andmultiplechoice types of questions about many different cuisinesworldwide.So, are you ready? Test your taste buds and show off yourgourmetskills! Download Food Quiz trivia game and get acertificateproving that you really are an epicure! 🥘We bet youdon’t know whatthe name of the most expensive coffee is! Oh, yes,this food triviahas drink quiz questions, too! Now, if coffee isnot your cup oftea, there are many other food and drink quizquestions you mayfind more interesting. How do you feel aboutchocolate quizquestions or cake trivia? Don't hesitate any longer.Get this FoodQuiz trivia game now and enjoy finding out all thefeatures thisamazing quiz game has! But be careful! This foodtrivia will makeyou hungry!🥘 FOOD QUIZ FEATURES 🥘- FOOD QUIZ IN 15DIFFERENTLANGUAGES: Arabic, Bulgarian, Chinese, Croatian, English,French,German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Serbian,Spanish,Turkish and Thai- HINTS - if you get stuck on a certainquestion,hint can be of help OR you can- SKIP QUESTION, lose onelife andmove to the next food quiz question- HEARTS are your lives,eachincorrect answer is one heart less- ASK A FRIEND for help ifyourun out of all hints- CERTIFICATE - you get it once you answeralltrivia quiz questionsFun quick quizzes in general are a nice waytohave a good time and learn something new. With so manytriviaquestions and answers + fun facts for each one of them, thisFoodQuiz is a must-have among the apps. With a possibility toanswerquick quiz questions in all the languages you know, this FoodQuiztrivia game is more interesting than ever! So get Food Quizgameand enjoy learning new stuff through quick trivia questionsandanswers!🥘 LEGAL INFO 🥘Images used in Food Quiz are underPublicDomain or Creative Commons License. For more info, pleasevisit theAbout App section within the app itself.Food Quiz isanintellectual property of Quizzes by Peaksel.
Diary of Nutrition 1.2.2
Diary of nutrition will help you keep a daily control overtheamount of calories and macronutrients.- No registration-Workingwithout internet- Database includes thousands of foods- Addyourown foods- Mark your favorite foods for fast search-Individualnutrition program- Weight control- Detailed daily diarysummary
Street Kitchen Food Cooking Restaurant Simulation 1.1
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Street Kitchen Food Cooking Restaurant SimulationAwonderfulexperience in food street full of delicious bites. Getwhatever youwantto eat. Find mouth watering food full ofspice.Start cookingyour favourite food. Soon you will be able tocooking varietyofdishes and learn more technique for bringingtaste. Use all thekitchen appliancesMake coffee, pizza, popcorn,cake, burger, andalot of tasty dishes.Then decorate and make yourpresentationsgood. Make things just like in reallife and become agood expertchef.It's sure you really like exotic food. By playingit you willbe able to an expertexotic food. Be ready to become akitchen queenor king.**************How to play************-OpenMenue-Selectyour favourite food-Select ingredients-Be careful intimeconsuming-After getting your food decorate it well-Serveyourcostumers Features-tasty foods-fullspices-Mouthwaterigdishes-Awesome food stand-beind a masterchef-Restaurant lovelygame
Calories in food 1.6
Using the calories table you can define the energy value of themostpopular food items and cooked foods. As well, you can learnandcorrect your daily eating. General list includes theinformation onenergy, carbohydrates, proteins and fats content in100 grams offood. Energy value is expressed in kilocalories(kcal). The appcontains more than 8700 items, and for yourconvenience it isseparated into sections, and food items arelisted in alphabeticorder. Data in table are maximally exact, butyou shall remeber thatcooking peculiarities of some food influencethe energy value andcontent of proteins, fats and carbohydrates.
Unicorn Rainbow Snow Cone Desserts Maker 1.1
Love snow cone? Why eat boring normal snow cone food when youcaneat colorful and trendy UNICORN snow cone?  Now it’s thetime.With our newest Unicorn Rainbow Snow Cone MakerThose who craveforyummy and icy snow cones to fulfill their sweet tooth willlovemaking their own unicorn rainbow snow cone. Make yourglitter& trendy rainbow snow cone!Includes:> Awesome RainbowIceCrusher!> Transform your Snow Cone into differentShapes!>Dozens of Flavors and Rainbow colors!> Unicorndecorations ofPlenty!You will be the most popular girl/boy withthis fashionunicorn food.So what are you waiting for...Start makingunicornrainbow snow cones today!
Italian Food Chef - Italian Pizza Cooking Game 1.0
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Welcome to Italian Food Chef - Italian Pizza Cooking gamewhereyou've to cook delicious Italian food with tons ofingredients! Doyou like to eat Italian Foods? Yes!! Well then justdownload thisgame and start cooking best Italian cousins in yourkitchen! We'vebest Italian foods here to cook in this game likeItalian Pizza,Tiramisu and Arancini.Let's make Italian food in justfew easysteps and easy to use tools! To start cooking followtheinstruction given in the game and tap on the screens to mixallingredients and cook in Italian style. When cooking is donethenit's not complete without decoration! So decorate your foodwithtons of toppings and side dishes given in the game!Italianfoodcooking game is fun and educational game for little chefs! Notonlyit improves kids cooking skill but also it improves fooddesignskills of kids!Italian Dishes to cook in this game:1)ItalianPizza2) Tiramisu3) AranciniFeatures:- Lots of items tochoose forcooking- Tons of fresh and delicious ingredientsavailable to mixin the food- Learning game for little chef wherethey can improvetheir cooking skill and food decoration skill- Lotsof cookingtools available to make food instant- Serve or Eat readyfood!-Take picture of ready dish and share with your friends andfamilyusing social media tools and show off your cookingskillStartpolicing up your Italian food cooking skills! Using yourfingersyou can whip up awesome delicious Italian Food within afewminutes! Let's try it!!Italian Food Maker game is very easy toplayfor all age people. There is no In-App purchase, alllevelsunlocked, 100% FREE to play for All.
Ultimate Workout Nutrition 1.04
While you are doing a workout program, it’s a must to have apropernutrition, if you want to see the best results.In thisultimateguide you’ll learn how and what to eat depending on yourgoal,whether it’s weight loss, maximum muscle building orfatburning.The app includes:- Meal plans and diet plans forbeginnersand experts alike- Pre-workout foods, meals andrecipes-Post-workout foods, meals and recipes- A list of best fatmeltingfoodsWith regular exercise and a balanced diet, you'llexperiencebetter mood, increased energy, higher self-esteem and youwillsleep better than ever before--in fact, your overall healthwill bemuch improved!This app is 100% free and it will stay freeforever.Enjoy!
Breakfast Maker - Cooking Mania Food Cooking Games 1.1
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Good morning friends! Let's start the prepossessing day withyummybreakfast in Breakfast Food Maker Cooking Mania game!Breakfast isthe foremost meal of the day, so make itoutstanding.Enjoy all thefun and delight that goes into makingyummy breakfast! Experiencemaking everything from scratch in thisBreakfast Maker - CookingMania game! Let's have some cooking inhome kitchen! Here you'lllearn how to make omelette, corn flakes,juice, fried bacon &hams and fried eggs! Which food do you wantto try first? Come on!Let's get started right now! Start bycollecting the requiredingredients, follow cooking instructions andat the end decorateyour breakfast with fresh fruits andvegetables!Breakfast FoodMaker Features:- An awesome food cookinggame for kids and adults!-Make yummy breakfast for omelets, cornflakes, juice, fried bacon& hams and fried eggs!- Cook foodusing tons of kitchen tools!-Decorate your breakfast with tons ofdecorative materials likefruits, spoons, straws and many more.-Take a photo of cookeddishes to show off to your friends andfamily.Download and startmaking breakfast every morning! FREEbreakfast maker game foreveryone who loves to cook!!
Potato Chips Factory for Kids-Kids Factory Game 1.5
“Potato chips factory for kids “is a game where kids can makehotpotato chips. Chips are a fast food; mostly kids like to eathotpotato chips. Special ingredients used, which helps toabsorbdampness and cook fries that are crunchy from outside andfluffyfrom inside. An expert chef says that cooking the perfectfries isall about methods which boost up your energy level. If youwant toknow how to cook yummy French fries, just go inside thekitchen tomake a tasty potato food. You have to pursue followingsteps tomake crispy salty and crunchy chips in our foodkitchen:FarmingTime: In French fries food game you need to grow thepotato infarming land this is a simple inexpensive and proventechnique thatleads large scaling planting. First of all startdigging and putpotato seeds in the hole then cover it with sludge.Watering theplants daily and wait for their grown up & protectthe plants.When potatoes get fully ripped then pluck off and loadit intodonkey cart for delivering it to French fries factorykitchen.Cleaning Time:When potato is delivered to the chips foodfactory,use only healthy potatoes and after that you need to cleanall thedirty potato. Scrub the potatoes under running water andcleandirt. After washing, blow them to dry and eradicate remainingwaterand sprinkle each potato. After that potatoes are readyforcooking.Peeling and cutting time:Now you have to peel all freshandclean potato in suitable way for cooking chips. When potatoesgetpeeled then start cutting in round shape by using roundmachinecutter, keep safe your hands and fingers during potatocutting anddo peeling in expert chef kitchen. Frying and flavouringTime:Formaking the hot potato, extend them consistently on thecooking trayand ensure that they aren’t too close together. Themost accuratetemperature for perfect French fries is 400 Fahrenheitand you haveto cook them for around 10-15 minutes and make surethat chips fooddoesn’t burn. Finally, make your hot chip deliciousby choosingright chips.Packing and Delivering Time:In kitchen cheffactory,the automatic plant will pack chips in different wrappers.Theready boxes of packed chips will finally be delivered to theretailshop keepers.Features of the Potato chips factory :• You cancookluscious chips in our kitchen factory with ease.•Automaticmachines are used for cooking the crispy chips food forkids.• Youcan add your favourite flavour in potato chips to make ityummy.•Beautiful colour scheme and graphics will let you act likeanexpert chef at home.• The cooking chips, is a fun game withrealkitchen cooking process.Chips factory is a learning game whereyouwill be guided step by step for making chips as a chef.
School Lunch: Mac & Cheese 1.0
Is there any food in the world that’s yummier than mac andcheese?No way, Jose! How delicious is the gooey cheese, and howdelectableis the soft, chewy pasta! It’s so much fun to eat!Wouldn’t youlike to have mac and cheese for breakfast, lunch anddinner? Wellnow you can, thanks to School Lunch – Mac & CheeseMaker!Create the school lunches you’ve always wanted…meals thatarehealthy, organic and most importantly, delicious! First,createyour perfect bowl of mac and cheese! Choose the right pastaforyou, select your tastiest cheese and pick scrumptious add-instomake it just how you want! Next, add a healthy salad ofvegetables,tasty organic fruit and a refreshing drink to completeyour lunchset! But the fun’s not over yet! Decorate your lunch boxand lunchtable to create your perfect lunch space! School Lunch –Mac &Cheese Maker is the kids’ cooking game you’ve been waitingfor!FEATURES - Make your perfect mac & cheese bowl!- Pair yourbowlwith healthy, delicious food!- Decorate your lunch box andtable tomake your perfect space! HOW TO PLAY - Look through theoptions tocreate your mac & cheese bowl!- Use the touch screento selectyour preferred side dishes!- Explore your creativity withselectingyour favorite box and table decorations!Join our FacebookPage: Twitter: more aboutKidsFood Games at our official website:
1200 Calorie Weight Loss Diet(2018) 5.0.4
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Easy 1200 Calories Meal Plan for a Week App To LoseWeight1200calorie meal plan simple rule of weight loss is to createan energydeficit by burning more or eating fewer calories than yourbodyrequires. But, extreme restriction of calories can have acountereffect on metabolism.Therefore, many nutritionists anddietitiansrecommend a minimum calorie intake of 1200 calories perday, sothat the body does not go into a starvation mode andcontinues toburn calories at a steady rate.The 1200 calorie dietapp is acomplete guide that helps to get you started on your weightlossjourney.The app provides a sample vegetarian andnon-vegetarian1200 calorie diet menu for 7 days in which foodsallocated per dayin divided into 5 meals - breakfast, lunch,dinner, and snacks. Youcan always substitute the foods on the menuwith your choice offoods that have the same nutrient quality andcalories. The appalso provides a comprehensive list of foodsallowed on the 1200calorie diet plan along with the specificquantities and calories,so you don't have to bother about countingthe calories of eachfood.Why the 1200 Calorie Diet Plan Works?1. Itis easy and simpleto follow with no complicated calorie counting2.It is a flexiblediet plan in which the items on the menu can besubstituted withyour preferred foods3. It is a well-planned dietthat consists of 3meals and 2 snacks, so there is no question ofstarving orfeelinghungry. It is a sustainable method of weight lossthat can befollowed even after completion of 7 days. It can befollowed inboth vegetarian and non-vegetarian format1200 CalorieDiet PlanObjectives and Characteristics:Prevents the body fromgoing into astarvation modeShows quick results which help to keepyoumotivatedThe inclusion of various types of food items helps tocutout boredomNo need to pair it with vigorous exercise or workout