Top 2 Games Similar to Free Tic Tac Toe

Triangular Free 2.0.0
"Triangular" is a strategy digital board game you can playevensimple and to whom.We are the essence of the game, think of"faceto Face".Board games such as Chess and Othello were men andwomenof all ages can play easily with simple rules, anyone.Using asmartPhone or pad, play together, "Triangular" This is a board gameof21th century.The rule are simple.This game is taken inturns.Youattack an adversary's "Life Egg" with your three"Icon"sAnd you candefend with your "Keeper" when you areattacked.When you touchIcon, Shot Circle appears.If there are othertwo Icons in ShootCircle, a Triangle will be formed while TriangleLine will appearbetween the other two Icons.When your Icon passesthe Triangle Lineand then hits the opponent's Life Egg, theopponent loses Livesaccording to your Attack Level.Destroy all ofyour opponent's "LifeEgg"s before you've lost all of yours. And youwon.Let's enjoy newboard game "Triangular" at your room, yourfriend's home, train,cafe, wherever you want!"Free version" ...Single Mode, 1 stage, itis possible to play only two icons."Paidversion" ... Single Mode,2 players Mode, 4 one of the Icon, 5stages, it is possible to playat all.
Tic Tac Toe XO 1.0
Tic Tac Toe X O Games is a freeclassicgamesthat can be played by one or two people to play it.By alternately placing the X or O on the board3X3playerspositioned adjacent three channels, be itvertical,horizontal,diagonal will win.The players will enjoy. Use cunning opponent Have funplayingFreeTic Tac Toe.