Top 48 Games Similar to Pixel Shooter Zombie Hunter

Pixel Zombies Hunter
Pixel Zombies infecting many innocent people in junglevillagevalley, many people escape from the village to rescuetheirlives,and many of them just reached our army headquartersforassistance and to kill all those dead walking peoples.Huntthecrazy killer zombies using shotguns.We are launching thismissionto rescue remaining people in the village and start majorhuntingmission , we have trained our special army soldiers andcommandosfor this mission you are part of our quick response teamand youwill lead this mission.Many important weapons droppedinsurroundings to assist you details of weapons are as follow.1:pistols.2 : short range guns.3 : Long range snipers.4 : Bombs.5:Wooden Rods.6 : Food kits.7 : Medical must explorethearea and pick all those necessary things quickly and starthuntingall zombies to rescue remaining people quickly we will sendmoretroops soon to assist you.Best of luck for zombies shootdownmission.
US Army Zombie Slayer 2: The Zombie Hunter Returns
US Army Zombie Slayer 2: The Zombie Hunter Returns is the sequelofa very famous game: US Army Zombie Slayer 3D 2017 by Kool Games.AUS Zombie Killer becomes a US Zombie hunter in this USZombieshooter game. US Army Zombie Slayer 2: The Zombie HunterReturns isa zombie game where zombie shooting and zombie killing isrequiredto become a successful Zombie Hunter.Background story ofthisBiohazard Game:A US Army Soldier has been moved from zombiehuntingsituation in one city where zombie shooting for zombiekilling wasrequired. The Zombie Killer / Zombie shooter has nowbeen broughtto zombie hunting situation in another biohazard citywhere zombieshooting for zombie killing is required to save thecity frombiohazard.What is this Biohazard Zombie Game allabout:This zombiehunting game depicts zombie shooting and zombiekilling by an armysoldier. This zombie shooter game has differentzombie huntingobjectives. Each level in this zombie game has aninteresting shootobjective for the zombie killer. There are 6zombie killer coloniesfor now with each colony having 4 shootinglevels for zombieshooter in this shooting game. More colonies maybe added to thiszombie game in future. Your mission in this zombiegame as a zombieshooter is to do zombie shooting and zombie killingto save thecity from the biohazard.How to play this Zombie KillerGame?Youwill be provided with different guns for zombie hunting inthezombie hunt to keep yourself safe from the zombies. Use the gunsasfollows for zombie hunt:1. Set the gun pointer on thetargetzombie.2. Aim well and try to take a head shot to finish yourenemyin one shot.3. Touch the bullet button to eliminate thetargetzombie.4. As this zombie hunt game has different levels socompletethe objective set for a certain level to successfullyunlock nextlevel of this hunting game.5. Once you have cleared alevel in thiszombie hunt game, you can always give it another shotby resettingyour progress in this shooting game.Why play thiszombie hunt byKool Games?You are going to love this hunting gameover the othersdue to following salient features:1. Totally Free:This shootinggame is totally free!2. Delightful graphics: This huntgame hasawesome graphics. The graphics are high quality and verysmooth soyou are going to have your best gaming experience in thisgreatshooter game.3. Entertaining music: This hunting game has averyentertaining music!.4. Very realistic sound effects: Thesoundeffects in this shooting game are very realistic and they keepyoufully engaged in this killer game.5. Top Quality Fun: Its greatfunto play this zombies game as the aim is to save the city fromthezombies.6. Realistic Missions: The mission associated witheachlevel of this killer game is very realistic and it throws youinthe real world while keeping you fully involved. Each missioninthis shooter game is time bound with a specific eliminationtargetof zombies to keep you focused on the job at hand.7.PlayerFeedback: Kool Games is always looking forward to yourfeedback onthis US hunter game and try our best to make your gamingexperiencemore and more interesting.Who should play thisshootinggame?Anybody who wants a challenge to keep himself safefrom thezombies should play this zombies game and establish thebasicskills in the simulating environment mapping to the realworld.Everyone else looking for endless hunt of zombies is alsowelcometo play this killer game.When to play this US huntergame?Thiszombies game can be played at any time during the day orduring thenight. You are at office or at home, wherever you arefree in theworld just pull out your sniper gun and enjoy playingthis killergame.Kindly do not forget to provide the rating for thishunt gameas per your hunting game experience and you can alsosuggestimprovements in your feedback/ review comments of thisshootergame.Enjoy the ZOMBIE HUNT game.
Zombie Hunter 3D Zombie Slayer
Zombie slayer in this zombie hunter game is required toeliminatethe living dead city creatures infected by zombie virus.Zombiekiller will face strong zombie attack and zombie defense andwillrequire to use sniper shooter skills of sniper shooting oranyother weapon of choice to tackle this biohazard zombieapocalypsesituation on this living dead city which has now become azombieland. This zombie land has been given many names includingzombietown, zombie village and zombie city while normal humans areafraidof city zombie assault and want to save their children fromthezombie waves which are trying to spread zombie virus in thelivingdead city.How the zombie virus infected zombie land :It wasjustlike any other day, people were not aware of any zombie assaultorany zombie hunter. Suddenly a news came about a biohazardzombieapocalypse in living dead city called zombie land. TheGovernmentwas asking for help from all the American hunter who hadtakentraining of zombie slayer and zombie hunting. All the newschannelswere calling for zombie shooter to come to the zombie townand savethis zombie city from the biohazard zombie apocalypse.Thezombievirus was not killing the city zombies defense rather it wasmakingthose zombie waves infect zombie hunter sniper shooter orothernormal humans. So the Government has made this call to allthezombie shooter and zombie killer to gather like American hunterandform a zombie slayer squad against the biohazard zombieapocalypseprevailing in the living dead city of zombie town. Thesoleobjective of zombie slayer squad is to gather the bestAmericanhunter zombie killer soldiers who love zombie killing andsnipershooting and are also a good sniper shooter and to clear thezombievillage from the zombie assault and zombie attack and savetheremaining pure life from zombies attack. The zombies attack intheform of zombie waves seizing control of zombie city and makingit adead zombie town. A single zombie attack can change thezombiehunter sniper shooter in to a city zombie.Game-play of zombiehuntzombie shooter :You as a zombie killer will have to dozombiekilling while breaking zombie defense and protecting yourselffromzombie attack and zombie assault using either sniper shootingof asniper shooter or any other gun which can easily stop thezombiewaves and clear the zombie village from zombiesattack.Aprofessional zombie slayer / zombie hunter in zombievillage willmaster the skills of sniper shooting as a zombieshunter in zombietown and will be capable of becoming a zombieshooter of zombieland with zombie hunting and zombie killing desireand a will toprotect zombies attack and zombie assault on zombiecity.Are you azombies hunter who is passionate about zombie huntingand zombiekilling? Will you destroy zombie defense with zombiesniper or evenwithout zombie sniper in zombie city? Will you breakthrough thethe zombie defense and perform zombie shooting in zombievillageagainst zombie waves and zombie defence. Are you a zombieshootingsniper shooting soldier? Are you the American hunterzombies landclearing soldier? If yes then this zombie sniper zombiehunt whichis a zombies killing game in zombies land is for you.Whyplay thiszombie attack zombie defense :The zombie killer which is azombieshooter in our zombie shooting zombie hunt game can selectbetweenmultiple guns in zombies land zombie defence game.Thiszombiesniper zombie shooting against zombie defence is a zombiehunt andzombie killing with a zombie sniper or any other zombiedefencebreaking weapon.The zombies attack the zombies hunter inthiszombie hunting zombies killing game in zombies land. TheAmericanhunter will do zombie hunt and can survive this zombiehunting andbreak zombie defence by accurate zombie shooting inzombies land.Sozombies hunter Reload your guns and become the topzombieshunter.Don't forget to rate! and provide feedback!
WithstandZ - Zombie Survival!
You want to get in a fun adventure based on an ApocalypticZombietheme? So this game is especially for you!You can play aloneorOnline mode with your friends, you will control thecharacterchosen and survive in the zombie world, you can get itemsinhouses, villages, military and other fields.WithstandZ BETA isanopen world game in the emerging genre survival as muchasmultiplayer or singleplayer. Based in the Unturned. Over thecourseof a typical and epic adventure, you'll have to survivesearchingfor supplies and equipment, and to being able to buildyour ownhouse/base/construction.SURVIVAL:You will have to learn anddevelopyour own survival technique, go in search of food andequipment andkeep the thirst, hunger and life of your character instablelevel.EXPLORE:The game features a map of open world, wherewhochooses where to go, it's really you! Therefore, you will havemanyinteresting places to explore andloot.MULTIPLAYER:Themultiplayer/online mode brings a new experienceto players onportable devices like smartphones, Tablets and other,that way youwill enjoy and have fun with your friends, and ifyou're playingalone, it's up to you to decide if you will theplayer "Hero" or"Villain". :)ZOMBIES:Our zombies are constitutedwith an excellentartificial intelligence, that way if you areinside a House, youdon't have to worry about a Zombie appear out ofnowhere, they willonly come after you if you reallywant.FEEDBACK:Our game is stillunder development, and we'd love tohear your ideas andconstructive criticism, that way, if you arewilling to help cansend us an email with your feedback. :DPrivacyPolicy ConsentByinstalling this app you agree to the followingprivacypolicy:''
Zombie Shooting Race Adventure
Welcome to the apocalyptic walking dead land where all the worldistaken over by zombies who devour anyone they meet on theirway.Prepare for the last stand battle with all the zombies. Jumpintoyour zombie killer car and shoot all the zombies who are tryingtoattack you. Only you can save the land and all poorzombieapocalypse survivors. Hurry up, choose your favorite zombiekillercar from 4 given ones Machine Gun, Sniper, Flamethrower andMiniRockets and attack this powerful zombie army. Be ready to shootbigzombie bosses who will block your way. Don’t forget that eachcarhas its own unique gun which can help you to defend the landfromthe walking dead.Enjoy this 2 in 1 game that combines racingandshooting! Drive through the dangerous dead zone, smash thewalkingdead and complete all 12 racing game missions.VARIOUSZOMBIESZombies has different abilities: walking and hittingzombieminions.Zombie bosses who are throwing bombs, smashing andchasing.ZOMBIE KILLER CARSSmash zombies with in style withdifferent zombiekiller cars.Use cool weapons to shoot the walkingdead asflamestrike, rockets, sniper or machine gun!Ride and unlocknewracing cars and motorcycles.FREE AND FUNRide and enjoyintuitiveand easy game control: click GO button to drive forward,BOMBbutton to shoot and arrows to balance your zombie killer carwhileyou drive. Ride your car and complete all 12 zombiesmashingmissions!AWESOME EFFECTSEnjoy awesome game graphics andthrillingmusic.Have fun while racing with a cool zombie killingcars!Meetscary animated zombies, who can chase or even attackyou.Feel therealistic zombie cars driving experience.Controlbackgroundobjects: shoot into the windmill to destroy it.Have lotsof fun insurprising gameplay.Test and train your reaction whileracing,fine-motor, hand-eye coordination and develop problemsolving andquick decision making skills!NOTICE: This game iscompletely freeto play, but the game also offers in-app purchase.Discover morefun with Tiny Lab Kids!Website: Like uson Facebook: Follow us onTwitter: Follow us onInstagram: Follow us onPinterest: Meet us onGoogle+: Subscribe usonYoutube:
Zombie Sniper : Evil Hunter
When the evil virus spreads out over this world, you become oneofsurvivors. You need to become stronger when you face more andmorevicious evil. You don’t have any kinds of Plan B. Keepinghuntingzombies is the only way to save your friends and saveyourself.Zombie sniper: evil hunter is one FPS game which can letyou huntdifferent kinds of zombies by various kinds of weapon. Youcan getdifferent special skills when you carries specific gun.There alsohave some top-level weapons can kill zombies by specialdamageeffect. Pistol, submachine gun, shotgun, rifle, laser gun,grenadelauncher, you can choose the suitable one to handlespecificsituation. Especially, there are some powerfulsniper-rifles cangive you exciting sniping experience. Beside thenormal mode, youcan play some other different modes with richshooting experiences.For example, you can feel the pleasure about‘one shot and onekill’ in the sniper mode. The zombie boss can giveyou most hardpressure; the only way to defeat him is firing everyshot on theright weakness body part of the boss. Some interactionitems inscenes can give you some helpful tactics. Gasoline tank,electricshock gate, death windmill, they give you critical help tobreakout from the siege of zombies.Game features:Free toplayDelicategame graphicsGood weapon systemSpecial sniper modeLotsofinteraction in sceneExciting Boss fight
Call of Mini™ Zombies 2
A sequel for the Call of Mini™ Zombies!► ► ► ► ►Secondaryweaponsand a combo system are here. Fight off hordes of zombies andtakeon powerful bosses to save the world again!► ► ► ► ►• 10deadlyweapons• 5 awesome characters with unique secondary weapons•10fearsome zombies• 8 engaging environments• Real-timelightingeffects• Monthly updates: new avatars, guns, bosses, modes,etc. ►► ► ► ►• Complete various missions in fast-paced battles•Fluidshooting gameplay with a great combo system• CompleteDailyMissions for extra rewards• Challenge new bosses: Chef andRugbyPlayer
Zombie Hunter :Survivors Fighting
Beauty team together to attack the zombie corps, cruelzombieswanton destruction in the world, how will you become thelastsurvivor?Quickly pick up your weapons, use a variety ofskills,play a way to survive, do not let zombie domineeringoccupation ofour homes, you will be the embodiment of the SailorMoon, shoulderthe mission of saving the world, fighting forhonor.This is arefreshing beauty zombie fighting game, manyunlockable advancedweapons, as well as better and beautifulrole-playing, smoothoperation experience, dynamic voice, perfectpicture, excellentfighting feeling, let you completely immersed Inthe beautifulzombie game!Game Features:- perfect sense of combat,smoothoperation- Unlock advanced characters- Rich andinterestingchapters- Many unlockable content, powerful advancedweapons,beautiful uniforms dress up- Cruel BOSS waiting for youtochallengeWhat are you waiting for, Come join the beautifulgirlclan!
Chicken Warrior:Zombie Hunter
Chicken Warrior : Zombie HunterSequel of Chicken Warriorwithsupplementary stroies of Chicken Revolution Chicken Warrior:Zombie Hunter is simple but it is an action game presentingyoulots of fun as a sequel of Chicken Warrior. Supporting over200types of weapons, items and skills, a lot of enemies over 100kindsshow up Sudden appearance of Zombies from awell-knownpharmaceutical company ruined the city in an instant.Evolvingzomies make the situation worse and worse, the governmentisgathering hunters from all over for zombie projectSpecialty-Various weapons supply -Various and thrilling attackfeeling offerby each weapon -Various types of enemies -Around 40types ofpowerful skills -Special Icons supply -Rank competitionwithfriends through facebook=============================SupportInformation: For additional support, please contact:
Airport City Zombies Hunter
Our Security forces just confirm that some infected zombiesreachedon the airport , many of them successfully escaped fromtheairplane just landed and now they are hunting airport staffandmany innocent people and travelers, some soldier are trying tokillthem but we need some special forces to complete thisrescuemission.You need to hold some guns and help our commandos toshootthose zombies be careful as some of those dead walkers alsoinparking area
Legend Strike Zombie Sniper Shoot War Online
Run and shoot on the maps! Constantly updated! Kill boss andgetprize! Sniper duels! Prizes for identifying bugs andusefulsuggestions to improve the game! Participate and get gamecurrencyfor free! Simple and easy operation, the system bots,zombies,weapon upgrades.Non-stop game. Go from other mapautomatically.Makeyour unique weapon skins with a system that isconstantly beingadded and are available for all types of primaryweapons.Upgradeyour gun barrel to add precision.Upgrade yourweapons mechanism toadd or rate of lethal force.Add sights, to getbetter and toincrease the firing range.Increase the number ofadditional storesto have more rounds.System experience and ranksmakes the game moreinteresting.Clean and simple design does notdistract on trifles.Large buttons do not irritate.A variety ofweapons - from light toheavy machines rockets. Any weapon, enhancedto the maximum becomesa death for the enemies!Smart robots playagainst zombies for youuntil you are on it do not startfiring.Smart zombies prey on youand went out and brought whereveryou are on the map!Bots andzombies can be added to a maximum of 5bots and zombies on a singlecard.
Impossible Spider Hero: Zombie Hunter
Before you start the game you have to know something aboutthiscity! This city is really creepy, once it was an ordinary citywithpeople and civilization. Now people hide, and many havedisappearedaltogether. After all, now, this god-forgotten place isteemingwith zombies! They say that somewhere on the island istheirlair.Your goal is to wipe out as many zombies as possible fromtheface of the earth, protect the City and stay alive.And donotforget, you are not an ordinary passer-by, but an ImpossibleHero!
Pixel Zombies Hunter 2
Pixel Zombies infecting many innocent people in junglevillagevalley, many people escape from the village to rescuetheirlives,and many of them just reached our army headquartersforassistance and to kill all those dead walking peoples.Wearelaunching this mission to rescue remaining people in thevillageand start major hunting mission , we have trained ourspecial armysoldiers and commandos for this mission you are part ofour quickresponse team and you will lead this mission.Manyimportant weaponsdropped in surroundings to assist you details ofweapons are asfollow.1 : pistols.2 : short range guns.3 : Longrange snipers.4 :Bombs.5 : Wooden Rods.6 : Food kits.7 : mustexplore the area and pick all those necessary thingsquickly andstart hunting all zombies to rescue remaining peoplequickly wewill send more troops soon to assist you.Best of luck forzombiesshoot down mission.
Zombie Attack 2
Zombie attack 2 is one of the best adventure, zombie shooterrungame. Zombie Attack 2 is a 2D adventure game with shootingthezombies to survive in a zombie world. Zombie attack 2 will beoneof the best adventure shooting game in just 10 MB.Zombiesattackedthe plane of the last survivors all the warriors are lostin theforest. One of the warrior start fight against the zombies inthatforest which is full of zombies to rescue his friends and toleavethat area as fast as possible. Help the warriors to fightagainstthe zombies in that zombie world. They have just one rule “Kill orbe killed”. Kill as many zombies as you can and rescue eachof thewarrior and escape from that zombie forest. The Zombie virushasspread like wildfire around the world. Everyday millionspeoplehave been transformed into zombies that will kill any livingthingthey come across. Help our hero's to fight back againstzombies andprevent zombie attack.Run and destroy as many zombiesyou can evensome plants are changed to zombies, just jump abovethem, it cannotbe destroyed. FEATURES* Stunning graphics withinspiring music andsound effects in just 10 MB.* A map basedadventure shooting gamewith addictive and interesting gameplay.* 4Different worlds.* 8Hero’s with different weapons.* 24 differentzombie types.* 8 BossZombies.* Zombie plants.* 4 vehicles to use[car, jeep, truck,APC]* Easy Controls.* Unlimited ammo.How to playzombie attack 2*At screen left we can see navigation button, pressleft to moveleft and press right to move right.* Tap the jumpbutton on rightof screen, press twice for double jump.* Tap thefire button onright of screen to shoot the zombies.* Run and killall zombieswhich attacks you.
Pixel Z Hunter-Survival Hunter
20xxZombie virus is destroyed world.Very few people survivedAnumberof them were hunting zombies in order to survive.They arecalledZ(Zombie) Hunter....# Features - Automatic Fire System -Variousweapons and Craft system - Various maps (Stage Mode,Survival Mode)- Mine system - Various Skills (Grenade, Rolling) -Pixel Stylegraphics# This game that dont need wifi and playoffline withoutinternet.# This game is pixelstar game's 3d pixel3rd shooting(tps)game.This version of the game is not a demo. itis a fulledition——————————————————————————————————This is not anofficialMojang app. This game is not associated or connected withMojang ABand its game Minecraft - Pocket Edition . Minecraft is atrademarkof Mojang AB and it is not endorsed by or affiliated withthecreator of this game or its licensers.
Space Survival Craft - Build Base & Shoot Aliens
Alien zombie shooting games in a sci-fi craft setting.Survivalarena mode with leaderboards. Crafting & building ofspacetanks. Action shooter with sniper rifles, pixel gunsandexploration of a sandbox world.Visit strange new worlds! Seekoutnew life and civilizations and kill them! Bold exploration inlightof the stars! Go where no man has gone before and annihilateallopposition!Fight with hordes of merciless aliens! Engage in anepicspace battle simulator and win in the zombie survival games ontheface of Mars! Shooting games on a survival arena in asci-fisetting!Build your own space base! Crafting & building ofareal space outpost. Engineer and craft assault vehicles tocovermore distance and to get better in alien shooting. Space FPSgamesrarely get so many interesting twists.Use extreme guns tosurvive.Alien shooting will be easier with a selection of weaponsrangingfrom bolter rifles to a pixel gun. Become the best shooterwith anelite precision sniper rifle. Get to the frontline as acommando(like sas) and fight for the colony. Alien zombies on thefrontierof humanity will assault you in modern (or future?) combat.Stayunkilled against a rush of space dead and avert the doom ofyourfellow humans. Put your finger on the trigger because in spacenoone can hear your enemies scream.You'll need heavy weaponrytoannihilate the strongest enemies. Space shooting wouldn'tbecomplete without powerful tanks and assault vehicles.Alienshooting was never more awe inspiring. Drive these chariots ofdoomand make the survival arena of Mars your second home. Variousblockcraft driveables will only help you in the killing games.Alienzombie waves will be easily destroyed by your gunships.Spaceengineers in your base will keep them ready for the fight!Take thehover tank for a ride whenever you feel like doing somesci-fistyle black ops! Crafting & building of new vehiclesisunlocked by proving yourself in battle.Carve your name foreverinthe global leaderboards! Survival mode in this sandboxsimulatorwill give you a chance to prove yourself against millionsofplayers. Space FPS games are nothing without a bit ofunhealthycompetition! This 3D alien shooting in space will redefineyouropinions about gun killing games and action shooters.Makenomistake - in the category of shooting craft games with spacebasebuilding this is the no. 1 contester. Lock & load, let'sgivethese zombie aliens a beating they'll never forget! Downloadandplay NOW!
Zombie Catchers
Let's go zombie hunting! Catch zombies for fun and profit!*** TOP10game in over 90 countries! ****** TOP 5 action game in over100countries! ***Zombie Catchers is an action adventure game inaworld riddled by a zombie invasion! Planet Earth is infestedwiththe undead, but we’re in luck: A.J. and Bud, twointergalacticbusinessmen, have decided to set up shop on ourhomeworld!Together, they plan to catch all the zombies and makeEarth safeonce more - while also making a handsome profit...Use anarsenal ofgadgets and traps to hunt and capture ripe zombies, takethem toyour secret underground lab, and... profit!FEATURES-Catchzombies!- Discover new territories! - Unlock exciting newgadgets!-Build a juicy and delicious business empire!- Expandandmicro-manage your own underground lab!Notice: Zombie Catchersiscompletely free to play, but the game also allows you topurchasesome items for real money. If you do not wish to use thisfeature,change your device's settings and disable in-apppurchases.ZombieCatchers is allowed for download and play only forpersons 12 yearsof age or over. Please refer to our Terms ofService and PrivacyPolicy for more information.Download now, andget ready to kicksome rotten zombie butt!
Popcorn Zombies
Popcorn Zombies is a fun arcade game.Keep pressing on the screentofill the cup with unpopped zombies. After a second ofcooking,watchthe zombies pop. If you just fill the cup, you advanceto the nexttour; you don’t fill, you don’t pass :D Be careful notto overfillthe cup, if the lid falls, you restart.You start thegame with onekind of zombie. As you reach the checkpoints, you’llopen a newkind. You should keep going to see all kinds. Let’s seewho canscore the most!
Judge Dredd vs. Zombies
JUDGEMENT IS COMING!You must protect Mega-City One from azombieinvasion! Arm yourself with a Lawgiver pistol and threeotherdevastating, upgradable weapons. Fight four deadlyzombiearchetypes in thirty levels of game play. Choose from sevenspecialupgrades to give you an edge over your undead foe! Earnstars andcommendations based on performance. Ensure your Law meteris keptto maximum at all times by eliminating zombies, collectingshieldsand avoiding damage. Watch your ammo count as you blastthroughwaves of attacking undead. When the going gets tough,upgrade yourLawgiver or try the Spitgun, Scattergun or Hi-ExLauncher. Immerseyourself in a future world where the extreme isthe norm! JudgeDredd vs. Zombies features: - Simple to learn anduse'Single-Stick' controls - Four upgradeable weapons -Sevenequipment upgrades, from Body Armor to Iron Will – each givesadifferent combat advantage - Three episodes and thirty levelsofgame play, with high replayability - Star and Commendationsystemreward skilled gameplay – are you good enough to earnaCommendation? - 16 achievements to collect!
Zombie Survival Craft: Defense
Zombie crafting survival games! Building and crafting gamesforteenage boys and girls! Protect the village from zombies.Buildingand exploration! Crafting & survival game! Buildshelter andsurvive the pixel zombies apocalypse. Create andconstruct duringthe day and fight in the night when zombies come!Zombie craft inthe blocky world! No girls craft for little girls!Scary game forreal men! Start from exploration, gather resourcesneeded forcrafting new unique - elite items! Destroy blocks to gettheresources and bonuses! Shoot zombies with bow & arrow,crossbowetc. Design and decorate! (design craft) Build a fortressto repelthe zombie attack! Chat with other (chat craft!), Shootandsurvive! Build a settlement, gather the survivors of thezombieapocalypse and win the world war with undead! Build housesforresidents. Evil forces are right behind the fence! Prepare forthenight! Protect the civilians! Pocket edition of craftingdead!Shoot the pixel zombies. Survival game with zombies.Sandbox,infinite world! Scary Explration (horror craft). Feel likea squarehead zombie buster! Free survival crafting game based incube worldwith scary monsters & zombies! Open your Eyes -Thehaunt is on!Build & craft during day, survive the night!Monsters, zombiesand ghosts come when the daylight is gone! Createscary maze,horror hospital or haunted house! Play one of the bestscary freegames for teenage boys & girls! Spooky HorrorHouseExploration! No dungeons and dragons! Just you, the hauntedmansionfull of zombies & halloween exploration. This lite gameforteenage boys and girls contains: block placing, cube world,realtime world craft generation. Build a cube horror storyworld!Explore the cube world - build a horror maze! In this freegame youcan destroy all the blocks, collect resources, survive andbuildanything (city building game). This pocket edition game(PE)contains a large number of different blocks with which youcancraft your own cube horror world! High resolution textures,veryconvenient and thoughtful game control, High FPS,withoutcompromise! So plunge into the fantastic world of ‘ZombiesCraft:Horror Story’ Pet the animals, talk to the other people andexplorethe world of zombies! Invite your high school craftingfriends tojoin you in multiplayer mode! Survive the zombieraidtogetherComing soon:MultiplayerCrafting itemsBuildingcraftmodeSurvival exploration modeCube Block CraftSkyblockfreemodeStory mode Weather (rain, snow)Moving cars StatsandinventoryDifferent worlds (hell, heaven, lair)If you areinterestedin similar games such as our cube girls craft world gameplease seeour other games.Protect the village from zombiesCraftitems andsurvive!Explore the world to gather resources!
ZIC: Zombies in City — Island survival & Pixel Gun
Meet Zombie Apocalypse! Become a zombie hunter and survive inzombieinvasion.ZIC: Zombie in City is one of the best first personshooterwith zombies. If you like zombie shooting games, survivalgames andpixel gun 3d — you love this game! STORYLINEAs the cityis infectedwith zombie virus. Four characters unite to standagainst zombieattack. Main goal - surviving in zombie apocalypse.Walking deadeverywhere... Life will bring together differentpeople in thezombie killer squad, able to withstand the onslaughtof the walkingdead.The zombies come at night, out of the fog.Zombie infectionspread throughout the undead city and initiated azombie apocalypse.Zombies ate my friends... The deadly virus hasnot touched only usand now only we the hope for all of humanity.We must stop zombieinfection!LONG-AWAITED UPDATE!Adventurecontinues! And now theheroes have a new challenge — survival onthe island! After survivedthe plane crash, the heroes ended up onthe tropical lost island...But is it so safe, as it seems at firstglance?Incredible storyline,new weapons, colorful locations andnew adventures await you in thenew update of the ZIC!GAMEFEATURES☣ Endless story mode —interesting storyline about escapedsurvivors and undead zombies inthe undead city;☣ 10 differentzombie types, monsters and enemymarauder;☣ The change of night andday;☣ Zombie killer squad: 4heroes with unique character andhistory;☣ Characters voices,cutscenes and easter eggs;☣ Largeselection of letal guns and deadlyweapons to equip you to killzombies in the undead city!☣ Chainsaw,uzi, grenade, rocketlauncher, AK-47, baton, machete, bat, pistol,revolver.☣ SurvivalArena COMING SOON!ZIC — is first person shooterin zombie survivalgames genre. The zombie shooter keeps the tensionconveying theatmosphere of apocalypse in the city despite thecartoon stylegraphics.WARNING!In the free game ZIC: Zombies in Citycontainsadult material:☢ Murdering games - murder demonstration;☢Showingblood;You might want to close the access to it foryourchildren.ATTENTION!The game is in beta stage right now. Youcansupport the developers by making in-app purchase. It will turnoffall ads.It will also allow us to buy some food and survive inorderto make more awesome levels and modes for this game!Thank youfordownloading!VK:
Zombie Village
Please email us if you me the crash,because we can't reply the comments.We eagerto get more info tofix the crash bug,thanks a lot.Zombie Village isthe most fun andchallenging game if you are so into about Zombiegame... You arethe only survival citizen who can deal with thezombies which walkaround all over the village, kill the endlesszombies with yourstick, gunshot, or even thunder gun.Making themost of your limitedresource, kill the most of the zombies,collecting more money andammunition to buy more powerful weapons,which can kill the zombiesquicker. The game goes on forever, untilthe zombies finally catchyou and snack on your tasty brain.Features:6 different weapons youcould buy and use;Different typesof zombies,except the normalzombies, some are very quick, some arehard to die; Specificgraphic design and animations;multi- touchfunction;
Stupid Zombies 2
What's a good zombie story without an epic sequel?The undeadreturnin this new, jam-packed release with exciting, brainlesscreatures,weapons, puzzles, moody environments all wrapped up in aslick,player-friendly package. They say you can’t kill what isalreadydead, but it can’t hurt to make a splash by shooting intheirgeneral direction.It is just you vs zombies, so make sure tostopthe endless angry hordes before you run out ofbullets.Features:Funtastic gameplay, now even better! Now with 600levels. Choosebetween a male and female hero character.
US Army Zombie Slayer 3D 2017
US Army Zombie Slayer 3D 2017 is the best US Zombie Hunter gameof2017 by Kool Games. A US Zombie Killer becomes a US Zombiehunterin this US Zombie shooter game. US Army Zombie Slayer 3D 2017is azombie game where zombie shooting and zombie killing isrequired tobecome a successful Zombie hunter.Background story ofBiohazardZombie Hunter Game;A US Army Zombie Slayer has been movedfromzombie hunting situation in a forest where zombie shootingforzombie killing was required. The Zombie Killer / Zombie shooterhasnow been brought to zombie hunting situation in a biohazardcitywhere zombie shooting for zombie killing is required to savethecity from biohazard.What is this Biohazard Zombie Gameallabout:This zombie hunting game depicts zombie shooting andzombiekilling by an army soldier. This zombie shooter game hasdifferentzombie hunting objectives. Each level in this zombie gamehas aninteresting shoot objective for the zombie killer. There are6zombie killer districts for now with each district having4shooting levels for zombie shooter in this shooting game.Moredistricts will be added to this zombie game in future. Yourmissionin this zombie game as a zombie shooter is to do zombieshootingand zombie killing to save the city from the biohazard.Howto playthis Zombie Killer Game?You will be provided with differentgunsfor zombie hunting in the zombie hunt to keep yourself safefromthe zombies. Use the guns as follows for zombie hunt:1. Set thegunpointer on the target zombie.2. Aim well and try to take aheadshot to finish your enemy in one shot.3. Touch the bulletbutton toeliminate the target zombie.4. As this zombie hunt gamehasdifferent levels so complete the objective set for a certainlevelto successfully unlock next level of this hunting game.5. Onceyouhave cleared a level in this zombie hunt game, you can alwayscomeback and give it another shot to better your previousmissionaccomplishment time in this shooting game.Why play thiszombie huntby Kool Games?You are surely going to love this huntinggame overthe others due to following salient features:1. TotallyFree: Thisshooting game is totally free!2. Delightful graphics:This huntgame has awesome graphics. The graphics are high qualityas well asvery smooth so you are going to have your best gamingexperience inthis great shooter game.3. Entertaining music: Thishunting gamehas a very entertaining music!.4. Very realistic soundeffects: Thesound effects in this shooting game are very realisticand theykeep you fully engaged in this killer game.5. Top QualityFun: Itsgreat fun to play this zombies game as the aim is to savethe cityfrom the zombies.6. Realistic Missions: The missionassociated witheach level of this killer game is very realistic andit throws youin the real world while keeping you fully involved.Each mission inthis shooter game is time bound with a specificelimination targetof zombies to keep you focused on the job athand.7. PlayerFeedback: Kool Games is always looking forward toyour feedback onthis US hunter game and try our best to make yourgaming experiencemore and more interesting.Who should play thisshootinggame?Anybody who wants a challenge to keep himself safefrom thezombies should play this zombies game and establish thebasicskills in the simulating environment mapping to the realworld.Everyone else looking for endless hunt of zombies is alsowelcometo play this killer game.When to play this US huntergame?Thiszombies game can be played at any time during the day orduring thenight. You are at office or at home, wherever you arefree in theworld just pull out your sniper gun and enjoy playingthis killergame.Kindly do not forget to provide the rating for thishunt gameas per your hunting game experience and you can alsosuggestimprovements in your feedback/ review comments of thisshootergame.Enjoy the ZOMBIE HUNT game.
Zombie Survival: Game of Dead
Welcome to Zombie Survival: Game of Dead - a zombie fighting game🔫! The story about scary zombie games shoot with shootingrealzombies is going on in the 2030s, when the survival zombieinvasionlands in the United States. As the city of New York wasbustling,the sky was suddenly dark, the ground began to shake, thepeopleran and stomped on each other. Tragedy struck and zombiesbegan toappear behind the walls and buildings.🗡 The trade centerwas, ofcourse, the best place for zombies. They come with more andmorenumbers, and all of people are bitten and turned intozombies.There is only one survivor named D-Man alive.🗡D-man beganplanningto kill ghost, kill zombies with guns, saving the city fromthedisaster. With the gun that he picked up from the arsenalofpolice, the guy backs into the ruins of the city and fightzombiegame alone. In kill zombies game for free, you will playzombieskiller and rescue the beautiful New York.⇾l Contextualzombiesurvival games take place for many zombie shooter. There are6different areas:1. THE MALL CENTER2. THE STREET3. THE AIRPORT4.THE BEACH5. THE WHITE HOUSE6. THE STADIUMOvercoming the levelsinsurvival zombie games is a very difficult task, with the numberofzombie street fighter increasing. You have to fightzombies,collect gold and ruby to upgrade weapons. While themissions inshoot zombie games are getting harder and harder, I'msure you willhelp D-Man play zombie survival shooter and become ahero. 🔫 Playzombie shooter games with D-MAN: 🔫🔹 In each scene ofghost shootinggames, there are 15 levels of difficulty and thetypes of zombiesare more diverse and more difficult🔹 Earning goldand ruby afterghost shooting games, doing missions to upgradeweapons🔹 Controlyour shotgun by flicking your finger🔹 Play zombiesand zombiestreet fight like real🔹 The zombie age game design ismeticuous,elaborate🔹 FREE install zombie shooting war & gunghost shootergamesIn zombie survival shooter game, we alsointegrate anotheramazing mini game named "Punch Zombie". Afterfighting zombiesstressfully, you can come here to relax andespecially to get morecoins to upgrade modern weapons. It soundsvery interesting,doesn’tit?⇾l Let download kill the zombies gamesto have an amazingexperience! The zombie war games & arcadesurvival is theeffort of the One Pixel team. We are very happy toreceive commentsfrom players and give rating 5* for zombie shootingsurvival gamesto support us. Thank you!
Cube Zombie War
A dark city with full of zombies! It is a shooting game todefeatzombies coming from every direction as a 3rd person.You willbeable to enjoy thrilling action game through various weaponsandupgrade.Don't worry if you are isolated by zombies, you canescapethe danger area by using lethal move.Enjoy playing fun actiongame,'Cube Zombiewar'.Homepage:
Zombie Smash : Road Kill
Love Drifting? Now drift your car and killthezombies that are coming to attack you.The goal is to kill and survive. Drive your way throughzombieapocalyptic arena by killing zombies with your car. Upgradeyourcar with advance weapons and armor.How long can you survive the zombie arena?Please feel free to email us any improvements that could helpusmake the game better. Thank You!
Earn to Die 2
Drive your car through a zombie apocalypse in this massivefollow-upto the chart-topping hit Earn to Die!An evacuation shipis waitingon the other side of the country. The only thing thatstands in yourway: city after city overrun by zombies . With onlya run-down carand a small amount of cash you face a familiarsituation... to drivethrough hordes of zombies in order tosurvive!BRAND NEW STORYMODEEarn to Die 2 introduces a massive newStory Mode, five timeslonger than its predecessor. The gamedeparts its familiar desertsetting and delves into the depths ofcities infested by zombies.MULTI-TIERED LEVELS:Levels are nowmulti-tiered! Drive acrossdecayed highway overpasses, viaunderground tunnels, or smashthrough epic zombie filled factories.Whichever path you choose totake, you won't be able to escape thezombie hordes - your onlychoice is to smash through them!BUILD AZOMBIE-SMASHINGMACHINEUnlock and upgrade 10 different vehicles,including a sportscar, a fire truck, and even an ice-cream van.Each vehicle can beequipped with a range of upgrades, such asarmored frames,roof-mounted guns, boosters and more. Those zombieswill stand nochance.DESTRUCTIBLE VEHICLESVehicles are now fullydestructible.Hang on for your life as your vehicle gets smashed tosmithereens ifyou aren't too careful.MORE ZOMBIES. MOREDESTRUCTION. MOREMAYHEM.What are you waiting for? That rescue shipisn't going towait forever! Prepare yourself for a wild ride - andseriously,there is nothing like smashing through zombie-filledfactories!Earnto Die 2 is a bigger and better version of theoriginal web serieswhich includes Earn to Die 2012 and Earn to Die2: Exodus.Earn toDie 2 is free-to-play, however contains 3rd-partyadvertising andoptional in-app purchases.For more information onadvertising,please see our PrivacyPolicy: is required to load anddisplay adsin game (Earn to Die 2 is an ad-supported game).
Zombie Shooter -
Shooting zombies,Destroy all the Enemy !!!Let you relivefeelings,memories of the classic! The game designed rich Weapons,Roles,Skills,and Endless mode, Summon Pet,and even moregameplaysurprise.You would play with interesting controloperation,beautiful game scene, gorgeous strike effect,and therearecountless awards surprise!- the new summoning system, morefun,easier to win- new VIP system, rich rewards- background musicandsound effects can control separately- Stage Mode added more typeofzombie monster,bash them- strengthen the fighting effect-moreCrazy Boss- adjust the monster difficulty and reward, soeasy~Let'splay, feel the thrill of the zombie shooting~!
Metal Army vs US Zombies: Tower Defense
In 2100, the zombies attacked and invaded the world.In 2101, mostofthe big cities in the world have been occupied.In 2102, humanfallsand only one a hiding place ...But we still have the mostpowerfularmy…Join the battle in the Tower Defense game: Army VSZombies.Build up troops, lead soldiers in the fierce battleagainst thezombies increase power in overtime. Army VS Zombiesbrings togethertactical elements such as Army building and Generalfighting.Thegameplay combines attack and defense, uniquecharacters, many gamemodes, Leaderboard Online honors the playersaround the world, willbring you a great Tower Defense game inMobile.Features:• Fight inClassic mode• Brainstorm in Puzzle Mode•Challenge in Survival Mode•Build a brave and loyal army who arealways with you• Many items tocollect and exchange to upgradepower• Many zombies have power up inover timeInteresting:• Uniquegame graphics• Impressive soundeffects• Opportunity to receivegreat rewards from openingtreasures.• Leaderboard Online honorsplayers around the worldBebrave! The battle is beginning!♥Facebook:★Youtube: and revieware highly appreciated.Support
Zombie Strike Online : 3D,FPS,PVP
Let's Play FPS Zombie Strike online!Be a powerful shooter,Joinwarfare by shooting!Shooting unique pixel gun withfriendsonline![Feature]- FPS zombie game with multiplayersonline!-Multiplayer PVP Deathmatch / Zombie Infection / BattleRoyalemode!- Use Various weapons.(Rifle/Shotgun/Sniper/Knife/pixelgunetc)- New updates are comingsoon! will be awesome!Enjoy together!More friends Morefun!Community: us andEnjoy Zombie Strikeonline shooting game online :D
Last Hope - Zombie Sniper 3D
Pick up your Sniper Rifle and get ready to defend yourselfagainstincoming dead Zombies! As you progress through thewasteland, yourinner abilities will unlock...Last Hope is an arcadeZombie Sniper3D Shooter placed in the desert. The story takes youon a journeythrough a changed world, exploring soccer fields in thedesert, sadwilderness, small villages and infected canyons.It’s allaboutsurviving the dead zombies as much as earning highscoresandreaching new experience levels. You’ll need to find outwhichcombinations of Skills and Items work best in order to surviveandclimb the ranks to become the best Sniper in Last Hope. It’seasyto learn but hard to master!Burt, which is your best andonlyfriend still alive, will guide you through how to use aSniperRifle by first practicing on cans and bottles. When you areready -you will venture out in the cold lonely desert facing thedeadZombie menace, trying to find the reason whycivilizationended...When you are battling in the land now owned bythe dead youwill meet tougher Zombies, so keep your skills freshand statshigh. Prepare yourself for a world you won’t forget...Features:-Works Offline: No internet connection is required toplay.- Socialfeatures: Leaderboards and Achievements.- Widevariations ofGameplay modes and Goals.- Rich and colorful shootinggrounds.-Unlockable Items, Skills and Talents.- UpgradableWeapons.- Manyhours of Gameplay, even for the best.- AmazingHeadshots.- Lots ofdifferent hungry zombies>> Over 5 milliondownloads acrossall platforms. <<User reviews:- If you like agood headshotsniper zombie killing game that's good for hours offun, then youreally need to download this game. ★★★★★- Really funsniper gameand a nice challenge. Need to use talents and items in asmart wayto conquer this game! ★★★★★- Very good game with excellentgraphicsand soundtrack! It gives you the urge for more - I'maddicted!★★★★★- Fun & challenging! Smart use of items andskills arerequired to complete levels that are both varying andgood looking.★★★★★
Zombie Shooter Defense - Shoot & Kill Zombies
You are humanities last hope against zombie domination. You areatrained zombie killer! Use all your specialized skills tosurvivethe onslaught of enemy zombies and avenge other fallenheroes. Getready to utilize stockpiles of powerful weapons,supercharge themwith upgrades and build up your defenses. Surviveat any cost, killzombies, and save the world. Simple!Tsunami ofzombies havedestroyed the planet, and zombie anarchy has takenover. Your taskis to defend against zombies and survive, you arethe last hero.You have to use your zombie shooting skills, zombiesurvivalskills, and become a ruthless zombie destroyer. Every cityisfilled with a swamp of bloody zombies, so the battle willbeintense as you defend against these scary monsters. Use yourkillerguns (machine gun, bazooka, grenade, shot gun, sniper gun,lasergun, flame thrower and more) to annihilate these killerzombies.You will have your zombie defense wall, guns, and somezombiekilling surprises along the way to help you. We are with you,showthe world why you are the last hero and best zombieshooter.★Zombie Shooter Defense - Features ★✔️ 3 Thrilling GameModes✔️ 5Urban Area Backgrounds✔️ 3 Powerful Heroes to KillZombies✔️ Tonsof Deadly Zombies ✔️ Destructive Killer BOSSZombies✔️ ExplosiveWeapons & Guns✔️ 100+ Challenging Levels✔️Regular Updates toZombie Shooter DefenseStop waiting and startdownloading the besttower defense game today. While you wait forthe zombie game todownload, remind yourself that you were born todo this my HERO.Whether you like defense shooting games or simplylove to shootzombies for fun, you will love being the Last Hero.Strategic towerdefense shooting games have never been this fun andaddicting!Victory & glory awaits you my Hero! Download ZombieShooterDefense today!
Zombie Shooting Mighty Battles 3D
The zombies attack the Washington and New York city in a group,andstart changing pedestrians into zombies and creating thelargesthorde. The country’s doom is getting closer when CS infectedthewhole land to prove that they are serious. The cranberrieszombieshooting in mighty battles roadkill not only allows you todrivieyour way through hordes of the un dead, but also allows youtoshoot down the zombies using machine guns and RPGs equipped onthecar. A special commando team has been hired to head thefrontlineand collect information before the army can open thecounter strikeoperation Apocalypse against un dead zombie. Are youstrong enoughto take the challenges in a zombie game as yourinevitable doomcloses in around you? This zombie shooter gamedelivers cars andweapons never seen before on a mobile device.Everything went wrongin the beautiful New York city, you and agentM are the onlysurvivor on the route. You have experience becauseyou are the onewho spent five nights for the wait of new year.There is no excusefor any stupid mistake which may pay with yourblood.There arebattle zombie pole-vaulters, bucketheads , andsnorkelers in thecranberries zombie shooting mighty battles game.Each of them ownsspecial skills, you only need to think fast andplant faster tocombat them all. Keep your finger on the trigger asyou try toensure your survival in a virus ravaged world whereinfinity war isgoing to happen soon. Upgrade your skills as asurvivor and zombieterminator in frontline fighting. Enhance yourarsenal of weapons,such as sniper guns, shotgun, machinegun andrifles.The gameprovides you the answer of question, what is zombieand history ofzombies? Fight for survival till last day on earth.Test yourskills in the sniper missions and lead survivors to safetyinsupport mission like infinity war 4. It wouldn’t be a coolshootinggame without an impressive arsenal. Choose different gunsto headinto the combat against izombi. Blast your enemies with anMP5,Desert Eagle, AK47, and many more shotguns and rifles. Leavebehindadrenaline and grenade. Get your trigger finger ready, theundeadmust be eliminated.Features of zombie run.• It is animmersivefirst-person zombie shooting game in which you have toface manymighty battles.• Stunning 3D graphics.• Arsenal of deadlyweaponslike Crossbow, P90, Katana, and Dragunov to fightagainstizombiie.• Heart touching music and realisticsoundeffects.Beautiful animations in izombi season.Smooth,intuitivecontrols allow you to navigate the city with ease.Precision aimingwill help Efficient Controls and an easy game play.The virus getsstronger over the time and the zombies become morepowerful. Youneed to keep fighting to rescue who survive in thetown.Zombiekilling games were never advanced but now they are andwe shouldhave to create something new to leave them behind. Warfarein thisfree game is as dynamic and different as it gets. You caneitherwin or die no missions are there except to survive yourself.Yourtimely actions will determine the outcome of thisdeadlywar.Download it now for free and enjoy the winter vacationsbyhunting undead souls.
ZIC: Survivor — Zombie Apocalypse
Welcome to the survival games — a alpha-test of the new projectinthe world of the game ZIC: Zombies in the City!ZIC: Survivor isafree survival games and shooter with rpg elements &craft.Build and develop your shelter, craft deadly weapons andexploreopen wide world. Feel the Apocalypse & become azombiehunter!STORY LINEThe virus infected the entire crew andpassengersof the airliner, which led to the fall of the aircraft.You are theonly survivor in a plane crash who has not been touchedby a zombievirus. After the fall, you woke up somewhere in thewild, aroundthe walking dead and half-alive scientist...Infectionwith a deadlyvirus has turned the world into a dead zone and nowyou have tosurvive in pandemic at all costs and find a way to stopthe zombieapocalypse. And try not to die, otherwise humanity willbe doomed.The plague must be stopped, every dead man must be in thegrave.KEYFEATURES OF THE GAME☣ Zombie survival games & zombieshootinggames genre;☣ A fascinating story mode with interestingquests;☣Various NPC and lots of undead;☣ Stylish cartoon graphics;☣Openwide world with crafting and building;☣ Realistic change oftheday/night — craft a torch for dark night!☣ Charismaticcharacterand interesting dialogues;☣ Incredible soundtrack —immerseyourself in the atmosphere of the apocalypse;☣ A richarsenal ofweapons against zombies, from knife to rifle;☣ Getinvolved thedevelopment of a project about zombiesurvival!WARNING:In the freegame ZIC: Survival contains materialsfor adults:— Demonstration ofthe killing of zombies;— Scenes withblood;Perhaps you will want tolimit access for your children tothis game.ATTENTION!The game isin development and is inalpha-testing. Your feedback is importantfor us and any informationabout bugs and errors will be useful.Write your review here or inour groups:VK —— agoodgame!
Pixel Dead
Pixel Dead!!Hunt zombies through easy control(Automaticshooting)and various weapons!And craft powerful weapons gatheringmaterialsfrom zombiesThe materials are able to be collected fromeachmap(Machine Guns, Bazooka, Pistols, Axes andGrenadesetc..)#Features#-Weapon Crafting System-AutomaticShootingSystem-Various Maps-Various Monsters-RankingSystem#UpdatedContents#1. Challenge to new threat!-Defeat added‘Bosses’ at eachstage-Kill the bosses, and you will get lots ofgold as a reward2.Significant discounts of starter pack-Select 70%discount starterpack3. No limits of weapon upgrade-Buy and craftguns by gatheringgold-Defeat the extreme boss with one shot4.Challenge to extrememode-Massacre crazy zombies of new extreme mode
Pixel Z Alive
[Story]20xxZombie virus is destroyed world.Very few peoplesurvivedAnumber of them were hunting zombies in order tosurvive.They arecalled Zombie Hunter....You survived.And you willbe a greathunter.# This game that dont need wifi and play offlinewithoutinternet.# This game is pixelstar game's 3d top viewshooting game.
Pixel Combat: Zombies Strike
You keep the defense inside the house, which storms thebloodthirstycrowd of zombies! Your goal is to survive and crumbleas many aspossible of the living dead! The ability to buildbaricades and ahuge selection of different weapons (knives, axes,pistols,submachine guns and shotguns) will help you to containthesehordes.The main thing be alert, because even among the weak,halfdead dead there are strong monsters with unique abilities,ready totear you to pieces at any moment.Features:- Cubicfirst-personshooter- Unique locations in pixel style- Hardcorebosses- A hugearsenal of weapons (from a knife to a machine gun)-Realisticphysics- Pocket edition, so you can play on the road-Dynamic Actionin confined spaces- Craft of weapons and ammunition-Pixel variantof the game Black Ops ZombieDownload Pixel Combat:Zombies Strike,survive in the shelter under the onslaught ofzombies!
Cube Z (Pixel Zombies)
Cube Z (Pixel Zombies) is a new online 3D multiplayerzombiesurvival shooter for your Android device!It is addictive,capturingand dynamic pixel survival game. To survive at the time ofzombieapocalypse, join forces with your friends in hour of need andblitzthe enemy. Keep an eye on your vitals, drink, eat and be alertfordanger in the block city! Play with friends, find food,guns,weapons to SURVIVE in the massive open world map. MainFeatures:*Multiplayer online action, play with your friends forFREE!* 3Dopen world pixel map to explore – 1.5 x 1.5 km!*Deathmatch mode –kill everyone and show them who is the boss:become the only winnerin deathmatch competition! * Evil games mode– one chance to win:grab a gun and become the last man standing! *ZOMBIES ZOMBIESZOMBIES all around!* Choose from an array of bonecrushing weaponsto rip apart any opponent and tank up with strongcars and blockytanks * Find all the clothes, gear and weapons tohelp yousurviveAnd even more:- 200+ subjects- 180 craft recipes-Charactercustomization- Farms and magic mushrooms- Day to nightchange-Сrafting, sand box - Voice chat to talk with friendsIf youlikewar, FPS or shooting games, Cube Z (Pixel Zombies) is rightchoice:try to survive among dozens of zombies in a real apocalypse!
Play as the heroic Samurai and defend your village against hordesofattacking zombies! Recruit allies and build defenses tostopthem!STRATEGIC GAMEPLAY: set up your defenses against hordesofzombies!WORK WITH ALLIES: get some help in the store withfarmers,warriors, archers and much more!WIN BIG IN MINI GAMES:playPachinko to earn rare items!UPGRADE YOUR SAMURAI: Becomemorepowerful by acquiring better weapons, defenses andmagicalabilities!This game plays great on a big screen TV usingMHLtechnology. Check out for moredetails.PLEASENOTE:- This game is free to play, but you can chooseto pay realmoney for some extra items, which will charge yourGoogle account.You can disable in-app purchasing by adjusting yourdevicesettings.-This game is not intended for children.- Pleasebuycarefully.- Advertising appears in this game.- This game maypermitusers to interact with one another (e.g., chat rooms, playertoplayer chat, messaging) depending on the availability ofthesefeatures. Linking to social networking sites are not intendedforpersons in violation of the applicable rules of suchsocialnetworking sites.- A network connection is required to play.-Forinformation about how Glu collects and uses your data, pleasereadour privacy policy at: If you have aproblemwith this game, please use the game’s “Help” feature. FOLLOWUSatTwitter
Zombie Shooting - Kill Zombies Shooter
What should you do with a bow loaded with arrows? Shoot zombies,ofcourse! Zombie Shooting is a fun and free arcade game that'sallabout shooting zombies with arrows!Each level in Zombie Shootingispacked full of destructible objects and crazy zombieenemies.Simply load your bow, pull back and start shooting!Useprecariously stacked crates and other environmental hazards totakeout every zombie on the screen. If things get tough,ZombieShooting provides eight arrow powers to spice things up alittle.Nothing scares a zombie more than an explosive arrow tothebrain!Zombie Shooting features 120 levels, four modes ofplay,three unique characters, and a seemingly endless supply ofkillerzombies to shoot. Unleash your inner archer and set off amassivezombie blasting chain reaction!★ Features ★✔️ Loads offunnyzombies to shoot✔️ 120 challenging levels✔️ 8 types of arrowstounleash✔️ 3 types of lethal explosives✔️ Unique power-ups✔️2unicorn variants✔️ Free to download and enjoy!Hurry, a tsunamiofzombies are on our planet and it's created zombieanarchyeverywhere. Your job is to become the best zombie shooterand smashthe zombies into the dead. This is a zombie frontierfilled with aswamp of zombies that are out to kill you and destroythe planet.You must use your kill shot arrows and your archeryskills to bethe best zombie killer! So, what are you waiting for,download thetop free zombie shooting games today.Whether you're askilledbowman, archer, or a fan of zombie games, you'll loveZombieShooting! It's free game, an addictive game, and way more funthantrying to shoot zombies in real life!
Zombies and Guns
★ ★ ★ NEW CONTENT ★ ★ ★ ★ 5 new Types of Zombies★ AddictiveLevels★New Guns★ 9 Different Guns★ 3 Upgrades for Each Guns★ChallengingZombie Boss Fights★ 40 Achievements and Ranks★ VariousTypes ofZombies★ Local Heroes to Hire★ Various Boosts to Help You★WildWest Desert Country Environments★ Night, Day andUndergroundMissions★ Mix of Simple Arcade and Action (find,protect, destroy)Afree zombies shooter game from the Wild West! Nobullet can miss! Azombie infection attacked your town! You can stopthe infectionmassacre only when you shoot all the stupid undeadbiters to thehell! An Indian legend says than only The One candefeat the death!Are you the hero? Grab your guns and protect goodpeople fromDesert Town from the hordes of lifeless beaters andwalkers in thisshooter, hero! They will help you defeat the evil!No zombieallowed in this country. Upgrade your guns, hire some helpandequip yourself and start bulleting to survive on variousmissionsin the infested Wild West desert. Gain ranks to be strongerinfight against bad zombies! Become one of the heroes whodefeatedthe death. You will be the living legend of good,hunter!Gunsready? Play the action game Zombies and Guns now forfree!Eternalglory or eternal suffering?!Completely Free to Play
Zombie Gunship Free
Zombie Gunship® puts you in the gunner seat of aheavily-armedAC-130 ground attack aircraft. A shooter game whereyoustrategically fire your powerful guns to slay endless wavesofzombies and protect the remaining survivors of thezombieapocalypse! ☆☆☆☆☆ IGN Editors' Choice (9/10) "Amazing"☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆☆"Meet the real angry bird: the ultimate anti zombieweapon." -Forbes ☆☆☆☆☆● 3D night vision display● Use your radar todetect theundead threat walking towards your base. You arehumanity’s lastdefense ● Authentic guns, including 25mm Gatlinggun, 40mm Boforsauto-cannon, and 105mm Howitzer cannon. Which gunwill be yourfavorite?● Complete objectives, earn ranks, and out gunothers onthe leaderboards! ● Collect a bounty for each plagueinfected deadzombie ● Upgrade each gun and increase your zombieshootingefficiency. ● Game controller support, so you can shootzombieswith a gamepad for the ultimate experience. Put your triggerfingerto good use and gun down those zombies dead● Cloud SavedGames withGoogle Play. Save your progress and restore it on otherdevicesGiveus a +1 if you think this game is awesome!Email usquestions,problems, or alsohasthese other defense games: ☆ TowerMadness 2 ☆ - A 3D RTStowerdefense where you can shoot aliens dead. ☆ TowerMadness ☆ - A3DRTS tower defense, the prequel to TowerMadness 2. ☆TowerMadnessFree ☆ - A 3D RTS tower defense, the free versionofTowerMadness------------------------------Limbic’s FacebookPage:’sTwitter:’s YoutubeChannel:'s Google PlusPage:
Zombie Survival MCPE Mod
Exciting new mod for MCPE in which you will have to face thedangersof survival in the post-apocalyptic world of minecraft! •This modmakes it so zombies will start spawning all over theworld, andattack you day and night. • To survive, you will need tokill thefirst zombies to craft some protective gear as well asnight visiongoggles, to protect yourself at night. • As timepasses, more andmore zombies and other horrifying creatures willstart roaming theland, and it will become very difficult tosurvive unprepared. • Abunch of new items, including guns andfirearms, have been addedinto the world. Use them to hold off theattackers. Some of theseitems can be crafted, but we recommendusing the creative inventoryto gain access to them (ID:1703-1720). • You will need to useBlockLauncher or a similar appto play this mod for Minecraft PE. •This MCPE mod requires theoriginal Minecraft Pocket Edition App tobe installed on yourdevice. DISCLAIMER: NOT AN OFFICIAL MINECRAFTPRODUCT. NOT APPROVEDBY OR ASSOCIATED WITH MOJANG. This mod forMCPE is not developed orsupported by Mojang. Minecraft andMinecraft Pocket Edition aretrademarks of Mojang AB. The developersof this MCPE mod are notaffiliated with Mojang. This applicationadheres to the terms setup by Mojang AB. More info at
Zombie Dead Target Killer Survival Attack
zombie dead target killer survival attackKill the zombiesandsurvive till the war ends in this zombie game.Underneath theRiconcity, a medical team is working on a project with healthbenefits,to fight against different diseases and named it theU-Virus. Theresearch showed some salient properties in the virus tomakesomeone very powerful and invincible. One night, a thiefbrokeinto, stealing the U-Virus but somehow, the virus escapedthecontainment and contaminated the science lab. The whole facilityisbeing monitored by an artificial intelligence software, theBluePrince. In response to the contamination, the AIautomaticallysealed the facility and tried to kill everyone insideto hold thevirus for good. A smoke was released inside the basementkillingalmost everyone but one person survived this defensivemaneuver.Nowsuccess of century, the U-virus has taken control overliving ones.It has increased their hunger and made them invinciblewe know withname of zombies. The fate of this world is in yourhands. You mayhave played other zombie survival shooter city battlegames games,but the real fun is to survive in these commando zombiekillerstrike mission games. As a hunter, you don’t have to worry asinthis fps zombie shooting game: city survival game, youhavebiological and normal weapon’s arsenal. Even you have heavyarsenalbut do not let your guard down in this zombie sniperkillersurvival missions game as you are in a dead people city. Thisisone of the best death zombie shooter: assault games. Theweaponsincludes a huge variety of small and big guns that you canbuy inthis zombie combat contract killer 3d games. Keep in mind,thesegunshot: fire upon zombies games have difficult levels as youclimbup on the champions board. The gameplay is very simple, asthecontrols of this Living dead attack zombie target killer gameareclassic and user friendly. You just have to aim and shootwheneveryou see any suspicious thing in this zombie survivalshooter citybattle games game.This commando zombie killer strikemission gameis a real action adventure game in a world riddled withthezombies. In this Gunshot: fire upon zombies game try your besttohelp save the earth infesting from the undead. This epiczombiecombat contract killer 3d games contains different modes toplay.The survival mode of zombie survival shooter city battle gamewilltest your killing techniques and weapon power. You must havenervesof steel to play death zombie shooter: assault games. Thegamingenvironment is breathtaking with creative and horror themes.Youcan use different hurdles as a cover while fighting againsttheenemy in this fps zombie shooting game: city survival game.Youwill get gold coins and personal points that will decide yourrankin the leaders board of this zombie dead target killersurvivalattack game. In this zombie sniper killer survival missionsgameyou can also earn bonus with the headshots and combo kills.TheseLiving dead attack zombie target killer games provide youanopportunity to polish your fighting and strategy makingskills.Grab your gun and start killing in this fps zombie shootinggame:city survival game.zombie dead target killer survivalattackFeatures:Realistic 3D graphicsEasy simplecontrolsHorrifyingvisuals and soundDifferent in gamemissionsVariety of gunsSniperkilling missions includedSurvival modeand more powerfulzombiesUpgradeable counter zombie gunsYou can playzombie deadtarget killer survival attack absolutely free with noWIFI.Quicklydownload this interesting zombie combat contract killer3d gamesoffered by Door To Apps from Google Play Store on yourandroidsmart phones.
Halloween Sniper : Scary Zombies
Agent! Let’s dare to enter into this zombies arena and shoot alltheScary Zombies. Halloween Sniper Scary Zombies is themostchallenging shooting game available on your phone full ofthrillingmissions. Get ready to enjoy this action packed eyepopping game.Your arena is attacked by scary zombies. Zombies areon a missionto convert civilians into zombies. They want to eatcivilians. Theyare planning the dangerous missions to harm theinnocents. Its timeto save your people and kill all zombies. Useyour best assassinskills and fight with these scary zombies. Don’tallow zombies toescape. Be a commando, reload your GUN and kill allthe Zombies.Its time to prove yourself a brave stickman. Are youready toSNIPE? Pick up your Gun!! let’s start shooting!!HalloweenSniper :Scary Zombies Features:Amazing City Environment!HighQuality 3DGraphics and Realistic Explosive Sounds!Smooth andEasyControls!Powerful GUNS!Addictive game play andChallengingMissions!Interesting Scenarios to complete!
The Crossing Dead: Crossy Zombie Apocalypse Road
One part Endless Hopper.One part Zombie Shooter.▪ Never thesame,endless hours of play▪ Free walking zombies▪ Awesome gunsandpickups▪ Pixel perfect block style graphics▪ Unlock tons offunnycharacters▪ Funny character demises▪ Compete with friendsforhighest score on Google Play▪ Share videos or photos of yourbestmoments▪ Earn rewards and upgrade your items and guns***ExtremeEndless Crossing ***This game packs tons of the thingsyou've cometo love about road crossing games but brings the genreto the nextlevel! Sure there are cars, rivers and logs, but nowthrow in theresparking telephone poles, flaming cars, graveyards,prison mazesand cities crawling with ZOMBIES!*** Blast Enemies Away***Allkinds of weapons and power-ups are littered throughout therandomlygenerated level. Make use of the shotgun, pistol, lasergun, rocketlauncher or chainsaw and make quick work of those peskyzombies.Don't let them eat your brains and convert you to thecrossingdead!*** Compete with Friends ***Compete with your friendsfor thehighest score and prove that you are the best survivor ofthem all.If you die your corpse will show up on your Google PlayFriend'sphone for them to blow away when they have reached yourscore! Youwill also be able to see your friend's zombified corpsesas youreach their high scores! It's a ton of fun!*** FunnyCharacters***Their are tons of funny characters to unlock! Collectcoins andunlock them all. Then use your favourite one and hop yourway tothe ultimate zombie survivalist! This is a super fun,lovinglycrafted game. And best of all it's totally free!Welcome totheworld's most hopping zombie apocalypse!
Captain Zombie : Shooting Game 1.55
iKungfu Team
"Captain Zombie" is shoot-em-up game. In 2020, the world facesthezombie epidemic. On Zombie World, only Captain Z from Americacandefeat them. Play as a private soldier to rescue Captain Z andsavethe world.★★★ FEATURES ★★★• ACTIONBring your guns and baseballbatand shoot these zombies or future fight them till theyfall!•ZOMBIESYou'll need to master your knowledge about all typesofzombie and try to deal with them with ease, but don’t worry,it’snot that hard.Have many kinds of Zombie : • DIVERSITY HEROESANDWEAPONSuit up your heroes of many champions with tons ofequipmentto battle in style and effectivenessHave 2 types of weaponareRIFLE & HEAVY : AK-47, Machine Gun, Laze Gun...•ENDLESSADVENTUREEpic survival quests on the way! 4 missions withepicbattlefields are waiting for you. More than 60 Days to shoot emup.• ARMY RANKINGKill more zombie to up your ARMY ranking andgocontest of champions.• SURVIVAL MODE AND LEADERBOARDBoringofrunning through missions? Short on gold? There’s endlessdefensemode for you! Share you highest time with your friend andinvitethem to get sweet bonuses!★RISE OF THE MACHINESIf small gunsaren’tenough for you, ride these awesome mechs and crumble theenemiesunder your feets!★REWARD AFTER VICTORY★Complete EveryMission onDay Then You Can Get Lots of Rewards for Upgrading or BuyNewWeapon!• FUTURE HIGHLIGHT- World Ranking : who can survivallongestday on battleground?- Play with your friend's Hero?