Top 2 Games Similar to Bouncer: Color Box

Dress My Ipad 1.0.7
With Dress My Ipad you can how have plentyoffun mixing and matching different colored covers and screensaversto create your very own and unique Ipad. This game allows youtocustom your Ipad to your own personality and unique style.ThisIpad makeover game features a range of icons to choose fromwhichallows you to mix and match the different colors and items.There are 7 icons at the top of the screen which includeIpadcolor, Ipad pattern, case color, screen design,accessories,stylist pen design, and finishing touches. The aim ofthis game isto mix, match and simply dress up Ipad in a fun andcolorfulway.To change the appearance of you Ipad all you have to do issimplyrun your mouse over the 7 icons at the top of the screen,and clickthe one you want. Next simply choose the color or itemfrom the boxat the left hand size of the screen. You can scrollthrough these byclicking the arrows at the top and bottom insidethe box. Click onthe color or item you want and watch as your Ipadtransforms.You can choose from a number of colors and accessories, andoncedone simply click the word "Show" at the bottom left side ofthescreen to see what your fabulous Ipad looks like in itscompletedform. To restart over again and try your hand at a newdesign,click the "Replay" box at the bottom left hand side, thenclick"Play". During the game if you want to restart over again, allyouhave to do is click on "Reset" at the bottom left hand side ofthescreen, and the Ipad will return to its original color.This dress Ipad game is great fun for everyone, and will giveyoua chance to make your Ipad look stunningly fabulous.
Chime Box 1.0
Derrick Bauer
Chime Box is a fun toy that lets you easily create music!Simplytouch the gray boxes to turn notes on. When the sequencerreaches acolored box, it will produce a note according to the box'scolor.Boxes that are closer to the beginning of the rainbowproducehigher sounds. Boxes closer to the end of the rainbowproduce lowersounds. To turn a box off, simply touch it again. Forbestexperience, hold your device in the landscape orientation.