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Vikings: War of Clans
Plarium LLC
Welcome to the ruthless world of Vikings,wherefreedom, power, fear and violence reign supreme! Become theleaderof a large army, lead your troops to victory and prove thatyou arethe mightiest conqueror among a million players.Try on the role of a wise and courageous Jarl, respected andfearedby all! Construct magnificent buildings, take part invictoriouscampaigns, train your valiant warriors and boost yourcoffers. Thesuperb graphics, compelling story and dynamic battleswill have youhooked from the moment you start playing!Features:✔ Stunning graphics✔ Free to play✔ Numerous troop classes✔ Multiple language options✔ Fierce and thrilling battles with players from all overtheworld✔ Handsome rewards for completing a variety of questsandtasks✔ Weapons and gear crafting✔ Become the leader or member of a mighty ClanNOTE: Vikings: War of Clans is completely free to play, buthasoptional in-app purchases for real currency. You can turn offthisoption or set a password in your device settings. You will needaninternet connection to play.Vikings: War of Clans is an exciting MMORTS with players alloverthe globe. We are constantly improving gameplay andintroducingexciting new updates for you. Feel free to share yourideas andsuggestions — together we’ll make the Viking world evenmoreenthralling!You are a Viking! You are the Hero!Support: of Use:
Clash Wallpapers HD & Maps
This is a FAN app Wallpapers HD for Clash of Clan,ClashRoyaleProvide 200.000+ Wallpapers HD: Clash of Clans, ClashRoyaleand other categories: Cars & Bikes, 3D, Abstract,Aircrafts ,Airplane, Animals, Anime, Anime Girl, Aquatic & SeaCreature,Architecture, Army & Military, Artistic, Beach, Birds,Black& Dark, Black and White, Bokeh, Butterfly, Cameras, Cars&Transport, Celebrations & Holidays, Christmas,Clash FunnyMaps,Classical Architecture, Colorful, Computers, Country &City,Creative,Cute, Desert, Drawings, Drones, Easter,ExteriorArchitecture, Facebook Cover, Fantasy & Dreamy, FantasyGirls,Fire, Fleet - Vessels, Flowers & Macro, Food &Drink,Forests, Fresh,Funny, Games, Graffiti, Halloween, Horses,Insects,Inspirational, Interiors Architecture, Lake, Landscape,Love,Meadow & Grassland, Modern Architecture, Mountains,Movies,Music, Nature, New Year, Patterns, Pets, Photography,Quotes,Rainbow, Reptiles & Frogs,Rivers, Robots, Sci-Fi,Sculpture,Season - Autumn - Spring - Summer - Winter,Smartphones,Smartwatches, Soldiers, Sun , Sky & Clouds,Tablets,Technology, Trains, Travel & World, Universe &Space,Valentine's Day, Vector & Designs,Vehicles, Vintage,VRHeadsets, Water, Waterfalls, Weapons, White, Wild...FEATURES:✔CoolFunny layouts, Top maps for Clash of Clans: Town Hall 1-11,BuilderHall 1-8✔ BEAUTIFUL Wallpapers HD for Clash of Clans, ClashRoyale✔Sorting by: DOWNLOAD, VIEWS, VOTE, RECENT, SHUFFLE✔ AddFAVORITE,SHARING image for your friends.✔ Set Wallpaper for yourdevice.✔Optimized battery usage.✔ Unique design.✔ DailyUpdate.Download andEnjoy the amazing heroes you like best.Sharethis app to yourfriends who love Clash Royale or Clash of Clanslike you.We lookforward to hearing your feedback.DISCLAIMER:Thisapp is made byclash of clans fans, and it is unofficial. Thecontent in this appis not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, orspecificallyapproved by any company. This app is mainly forentertainment andfor all Clan of Clan and Clash Royale fans toenjoy these ClashWallpapers.
Clash Wallpapers HD 5.0
Fanart Clash of Clan Wallpapers HDProvide 1000+ HD Clash ofClansWallpapers and Clash Royale for your device: BabyDragon,Barbarian, Wizard, Pekka, Bomber, Goblin… all heroes,awesomescreen background, everything about and Clash of ClansWallpapersand Clash Royale Wallpapers.FEATURES:✔ Clash of ClansWallpapersHD, Clash Royale Wallpapers HD ✔ Optimized batteryusage.✔ Uniquedesign.✔ Make your favorites list.✔ You can Downloadany Wallpaperyou want.✔ You can Share to Facebook, Twitter,Google+, Pinterest,Tumblr, Flickr, Stumble, Instagram… with yourfriends.Download andEnjoy the amazing heroes you like best.Sharethis app to yourfriends who love Clash Royale or Clash of Clanslike you.We lookforward to hearing your feedback.DISCLAIMER:Thisapp is made byclash of clans fans, and it is unofficial. Thecontent in this appis not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, orspecificallyapproved by any company. This app is mainly forentertainment andfor all clan of clan and clash royale fans toenjoy these ClashWallpapers.
Maps of Clash of Clans 1.0
Maps for Clash of Clans or base layout for coc is collectionnewmaps & layouts for player of Clash of Clans. Here you canalsoshare the great map of yourself to everyone and learn somebeststrategies to get 3 stars in war.Features:- All maps from townhall1 to town hall 11: war, farming, trophy, hybrid- Builderbaselayouts from builder hall 1 to builder hall 6- Funny layouts&fanart layouts- View map details, zoom-in, zoom-out- Like,sharemap for friends- Download maps- Best guide, strategies andnews-Gems calculator and gems tips- XP calculator
Clan of Hyena 1.0
★★Clan of Hyenas is here! ★★A small Hyena awakens in theAfricanbush. His family is nowhere to be found. Its up to you tofindthem. You must take care of him, feed him, help him rebuildhislost family. This young mammal is last remaining member ofthelegendary Hyono Family. It is up to you to help him rebuildhisfamily by finding new members. Since the great defeat of theHyonoClan, other competing families have taken control. The goal ofthegame is to gain control and rule the territory again. In ClanofHyena, you enter into a world of both magic and epicadventure.Your animal will unlock special magical spells as youlocatevarious magical spell books. These special abilitiesinclude:lighting bolt, invincibility, fireball, and healing . It isthesemagic elements that make this game very unique and, webelieve,best in class for animal simulator games. Help this fastandpowerful African mammal navigate the wild safari landscapeandfight against Lions, Leopards, Cheetahs, Crocodiles,Elephants,Rhinos,, snakes and other dangerous animals. This highactionanimal simulator will keep you on the edge of your seat.Thegame ispart part animal simulation, role playing game, and partadventuregame. It will take you on an ultimate epic journey as youbuildyour new home, build your great warrior clan, use yourmagicskills, survive against enemies that attack, clash with 4enemyclans, and ultimately defeat all 6 Super Bosses. Useful Note :The3D graphics are very processor intensive. For optimalgameperformance, it is best to restart your device before playing.TopGame Features:✦ Part Animal Survival and part RPG✦ Dynamicweatherincluding thunderstorms storms ☔✦ Dynamic Time of Day ✦RealisticSafari 3D Landscape✦ Lion, Leopard, Crocodile, Hyena,Rhino,Elephant, and Snake enemies✦ 4 Enemy Hyena Clans to battle✦ 6GiantUltra Bosses to defeat✦ 4 Magic Spells to unlock-Invincibility,Fireball , Lightning, and HealingHow to Play: 1. Usethe Mini Mapin the top right corner of the screen to help you findthings onthe map.2. You may also seek advice from your spirit guide- aghostlike figure sitting near your home. 3. Use the Call buttontocall the family members when you need help against the enemiesasyou race across the huge Wild Safari open 3D world. BossesincludeSnakes, Lion, Crocodile, Leopard, Cheetah, and Hippo. Thisisultimate animal simulation like you have never seen it. 4. Asyoudefeat the bosses, more bosses will appear. All the enemies arenotshown on the map in the beginning of the game. The more youplay,the more enemies will appear.5. Find all the magic books tounlockthe magical skills including: Healing Potion, Fireball,LightningBolt, and Invincibility. Please visit ourFacebookpage: for updates.Believein yourself, and believe in your Clan of Hyenas! ♆If youenjoyplaying this game, please be sure and check out our other 3Danimalsimulators. We understand that the game is not perfect andwewelcome your constructive criticism, just email yoursuggestions.or post them to our Facebook page. Help us get better!Evolved is aseries of games from Wild Foot. Let us know what youwould like tosee next!
New COC Town Hall 6 Base 1.0.2
This app will help you build the best base for your Clash ofClanstown hall village.Strong coc war base for war defense,Defensivetrophy base and Strong hybrid base.It contains Maps fromTown Hall6 with three category War, Trophy and containslatestbase 2017 for best base designercoc bomb tower base and manymoretypes of bases from th6 baseBases:- War Base Map for Town Hall6-Trophy Base Map for TownHall 6- Hybrid Base Map for town hall6-Farming Base Map for townhall 6Features :# Strong War baselayout#Defensive Trophy base layout# Strong Hybrid bases layout#Can zoomin / out each layout# Easy to use.# Unique User Interface
New COC Town Hall 9 Base 1.0.2
This app will help you build the best base for your Clash ofClanstown hall village.Strong coc war base for war defense,Defensivetrophy base and Strong hybrid base.It contains Maps fromTown Hall9 with three category War, Trophy and containslatestbase 2017 for best base designercoc bomb tower base and manymoretypes of bases from th9 baseBases:- War Base Map for Town Hall9-Trophy Base Map for TownHall 9- Hybrid Base Map for town hall9-Farming Base Map for townhall 9Features :# Strong War baselayout#Defensive Trophy base layout# Strong Hybrid bases layout#Can zoomin / out each layout# Easy to use.# Unique User Interface
Clan of Elephant 1.1
✩✩✩♜ Start building your Clan of Elephants ♜✩✩✩You begin yourepicadventure as a young elephant, recently abandoned by his Clan.He'syour responsibility now. You must take care of him and helphimrebuild his lost family. This young elephant is lastremainingmember of the legendary Lovo Family. It is up to you tohelp himrebuild his tribe by finding new members. Since the greatdefeat ofthe Lovo Clan, other competing families have taken over.The goalof the game is to regain control and rule the territoryagain. Withthe right strategy and skill, victory can soon beyours!Explorecrocodile infested rivers, navigate the wild andtreacherous safarilandscape, fight off attacks from cheetahs,hyenas, rhinos, hippos,Lions, Leopards, snakes and other dangerousanimals in this highaction animal simulator. It will keep you onthe edge of your seat.But this is no ordinary animal simulator . .. The game is one partanimal simulation, one part role playinggame, and one partadventure game. It will take you on an ultimateepic journey as youestablish your home, build your great warriorclan, use your magicskills, survive against enemies that attack,clash with 4 enemyclans, and ultimately defeat all 6 Super Bosses.Important Note :For best performance, try restarting your devicebefore playing.The 3D graphics are very processor intensive and thegame will workbetter on powerful devices. In Clan of Elephants, youenter into aworld of both epic adventure and magic. Unlock specialmagicalspells as you locate various magic books. These magicabilitiesinclude: fireball, lighting bolt, invincibility, andhealing . Itis these magic elements that make this game very uniqueand, westrongly believe, best in class for animal simulator games.TopGame Features:✽ Ultra Realistic Safari 3D Landscape✽ PartAnimalSurvival & Part RPG✽ Dynamic weather includingthunderstorms ☔✽4 Enemy Clans to defeat✽ 6 BONUS Super Giant UltraBosses✽ 4 MagicSpells to unlock - Fireball, Invincibility,Lightning Bolt, andHealing✽ Dynamic Time of Day - from Sunrise toSunset✽ Fightagainst Big Cats : Leopard, Cheetah, and LionUsefulGame Tips: 1.As you defeat the bosses, more bosses will appear. Allthe enemiesare not shown on the map in the beginning of the game.The more youplay, the more enemies will appear.2. Use the Mini Mapin the topright corner of the screen to help you find things on themap. Itshows the locations of clan members, bosses, magic books,and otherenemies. Use the mini map to find the Members = "M",Bosses ="B"and Magic Books = "b". 3. Seek advice from your spiritguide - aghostlike figure found near your home. 4. Find all themagic booksto unlock the magical skills including: Healing,Fireball,Lightning Bolt, and Invincibility. 5. Earn adventurepoints bydefeating enemies. Use the points to Upgrade yourstrength,stamina, and magic. 6. Use the Call button to call thefamilymembers when you need help against the enemies as you raceacrossthe huge WIld Safari open 3D world. This is ultimateanimalsimulation like you have never seen it. If you like thisgame,please be sure and check out our other 3D animal simulators.Weunderstand that the game is not perfect and we welcomeyourconstructive criticism, just email your suggestions.Alternatively,you may post them to our Facebook page. Help us getbetter! Evolvedis a series of games from Wild Foot. So far, theresponse has beengreat for this new series of games. Let us knowwhat you would liketo see next!It'd be really great to hear fromyou. Please check outour Facebookpage: forupdates. Thiselephant needs you! Start building your clan!
Clash Base Designer for COC 1.2.3
Spooky Ideas
Best help you can get when designing base layouts for Clash ofClansvillage Or War Base! (Update: added Builder Base layouts forBuilderHall 2 to 6, and new coc maps for war/village)Designing warbaselayouts or village layouts was hard, more for Town Hall 8onwards.For complex base designs, it took hours to correctlydesign a baselayout map.Until now, most Clash of Clans users hadto use twoscreens to be able to design the base layouts, and spendhours ondesigning it, but you don’t need to do that anymore!Nowyou caneasily copy any base layout design you like. Just take ascreenshotof that base, and then Select that screenshot from ourApp. The baselayout will be floating over the screen. You can thengo to Clash ofClans Layout designer and use the floatingscreenshot as a tracingpaper!For an average user it will take10-20 minutes to design aClash of Clans base using this basedesigner app.You can also browsefrom our collection of best cocbases and use them instead ofascreenshot.FEATURES:------------------ Easily Copy any basein10-20 minutes- Copy bases of Friends, Clan mates, enemies, oranycoc maps you like- Browse and Use our collection of base maps-WarBase, Farming, Trophy Push and Hybrid Bases- Keep collectionoffavourite coc maps- Control the transparency of thefloatinglayout!- Use the transparent map as a tracing paper andjust drawover it! So easy!- New maps are added in collectionfrequently.Yourfeedback is welcome, please give your comments orsuggestions via-Play Store Review or - Our facebookpage- Or via email.Wanttoinclude your base layouts? Feel free to email withthescreenshot!Thank You!
Monster Castle-Visit Ancient Greece
** Featured globally on the Google Play Store – Best NewGame**Monster Lord's castle is well-designed and full of traps.Greedybats hiding in the dark and grim pumpkins running around.Alongwith the death of howling, the door of alchemical roomslowlyopened. Orcs and Goblins are standing by. Armor up! It’s timetofight the humans!Take advantage of Monster Castle’s uniqueverticaltower defense gameplay to strategically fight your way tovictoryalongside millions of other players!Enter a surprising newworld oforiginal characters, and have the time of your life as youmake itto the top of the leaderboards!FEATURES● Arrange yourcastledefenses to dispatch of anyone who dares invade your base!Battleis easy to learn, but hard to master!● PvP strategy: testoutdifferent strategies and discover a hidden system of cleverbattletactics.● Train your dragon to burn enemy castles to theground anddefend your own castle from attack!● Fight opponentsworldwide:join an alliance and wage war against players from aroundtheworld.● Exciting daily missions: make your castle strongereveryday by collecting Gold, filling your Wine Barrel, andmuchmore!---------------------------------------------------------------MonsterCastleon the web: http://mc.sixjoy.comFind us onFacebook: Customer Supportemail:[email protected]--------------NOTE:MonsterCastle is free to download and play, however some gameitems canalso be purchased for real money. If you do not want touse thisfeature, please set up password protection for purchasesin thesettings of your Google Play Store app.
Clash of Clans 11.185.10
Join millions of players worldwide as you build your village,raisea clan, and compete in epic Clan Wars! Mustachioed Barbarians,firewielding Wizards, and other unique troops are waiting foryou!Enter the world of Clash! New Features: ● Upgrade to the allnewTown Hall 12 to have your Town Hall fight back! ● Use the powerofSiege Machines to break through the toughest of defenses ●Worktogether with your clan in Clan Games to earn valuable MagicItemsClassic Features: ● Join a Clan of fellow players or startyour ownand invite friends. ● Fight in Clan Wars as a team againstotherplayers across the globe. ● Defend your village with amultitude ofcannons, bombs, traps, mortars, and walls. ● Fightagainst theGoblin King in a campaign through the realm. ● Planunique battlestrategies with countless combinations of spells,troops, andHeroes! ● Friendly Challenges, Friendly Wars, andspecial events. ●Train unique troops with multiple levels ofupgrades. ● Journey tothe Builder Base and discover new buildingsand characters in amysterious world. PLEASE NOTE! Clash of Clans isfree to downloadand play, however, some game items can also bepurchased for realmoney. If you don't want to use this feature,please disable in-apppurchases in your device's settings. Also,under our Terms ofService and Privacy Policy, you must be at least13 years of age toplay or download Clash of Clans. A networkconnection is alsorequired. Support: Chief, are you havingproblems? Visit or contact us in game by goingtoSettings > Help and Support. PrivacyPolicy: Terms ofService: Parent’sGuide:
ClanPlay: Community and Tools for Gamers 1.14.3
Improve your game with the best companion app for gamers.Accessgame-specific tools, player recruitment and the ability toreachexperts for tips or advice in public chat rooms.ClashRoyaleplayers can take advantage of the chests cycle tool to checkwhenis the next special upcoming chest, or gain access to a 24/7steamof FREE and OPEN CR tournaments.Amaze your friends andfellowgamers with your gaming achievements by linking accountsfromsupported games; Allowing for a quick and comfortable way totrackand share your trophies, stats and more. Securely connectmultiplegaming accounts by performing a quick in-game task. Chatwith yourfriends using your ClanPlay’s persona while allowing themto seeyour in-game name from any of the games you’ve linked. Beassuredthat your chats are safe with ClanPlay’s automated clanmanagement(for CoC and CR), with exceptional tools to keep yourclan's chatroom organized and secured from spies! Unite yourfriends and meetnew ones on your gaming journey! Lead your team tovictory and rulethe leaderboards with advanced features andoutstanding gamingtools that will take your skills to the nextlevel!Public chatrooms allow you to discuss a variety ofgame-related topics. Checkthe latest Clash Royale meta, Clash ofClans builder’s base level,Arena of Valor heroes or the mosteffective PUBG or Fortnitetactics.Sometimes team leaders have tospeak with their membersprivately. ClanPlay allows players to openprivate chatconversations and groups apart from the public chatrooms. You canchat with other ClanPlay members directly andanonymously. Don'twait for your gaming team to fall apart becauseyou lack the toolsyou need to succeed. Download ClanPlay today, winthe game.***Thiscontent is not affiliated with, endorsed,sponsored, orspecifically approved by Supercell and Supercell isnot responsiblefor it. For more information see Supercell’s FanContent***
Viking Legends: Funny Car Race Game 3.58
Welcome to viking village! Let’s explore racing tracks andpreparefor the racing championship. Become a part of viking legendandleave your footprint in the racing history! FUNNY CARS Chooseoneof the unique viking cars - be sure to try all of them andfindyour favorite. Play enough to unlock all cars - you will getnewhidden car from time to time. All racing cars are well craftedandready for unpredictable race! They are armored with vikinghornsand viking shields in case of a golem attack. MISSIONVikingvillage is the regular place for golem and viking wars. Youhave toavoid furious golem and viking warriors. They will try toovertakeand prevent you from the victory. Watch out for explosiveobstaclesand falling stones. Drive carefully on wrecked road, jumpover theroad gaps and overcome muddy road sections. You are thelast hopeof peaceful vikings. Become a real viking warrior and winthisracing championship to finish golem and viking raids. Be awareofviking ships while racing. Mysterious longships can chase you!WHATTO EXPECT: ◆ Intense viking race ◆ Funny cars ◆Interestinggameplay ◆ Simple controls ◆ Full of action viking game◆ Viking vsgolem fights CONTROLS Drive funny cars and enjoy thisawesomeviking game. There are two worlds: Viking village andGolemberg.Each world contains 12 levels. Challenge yourself andfinish themas fast as you can! ◆ Ready, set, GO with the startbutton andenjoy fun viking race. ◆ Use ARROW buttons to make coolstunts,front and back flips. ◆ Come back to play the game everydayandcollect as much coins as you can. Use them to claim new carsandunlock new world. Invite your friends and family members toplayviking game together. This viking race game is free to playforeveryone. EDUCATIONAL VALUE Viking race game is good forlearningto STIMULATE your reaction, DEVELOP hand-eyecoordination,self-preservation and self-control. Enjoy fun carracing andIMPROVE problem solving, quick decision making andflexiblethinking skills. MINI GAMES Need a short break fromvikings? Getsome rest and play these funny mini games: Balloon Pop,Puzzles,Memory Game, Coloring book and Match Shapes. NOTICE Thisgame ofvikings is completely free to play, but it also offersin-apppurchases. ◆◆◆ ABOUT TINY LAB GAMES ◆◆◆ Tiny Lab Games isapublisher and developer of innovative, high-qualityandfree-to-play mobile games designed for families. Company isfamousfor its leading games series Fun Kid Racing. Search Tiny LabGameson the app store and discover even more fun games! Learn moreaboutTiny Lab Games and contact us at the following:WEBSITE:http://www.tinylabkids.comFACEBOOK: POPJAM: TinyLabKidsEMAIL:[email protected]
Maps of Clash Of Clans 2.3.7
Looking for a new design for your Clash of Clan village? Do Youwantto share the strategy map, defense map, farming map foreveryone? Ifyour answer is YES then this app maps for clash ofclans is yours!Maps for Clash of Clans or base layout for Clash OfClans iscollection new maps & layouts for player of Clash ofClans. Hereyou can also share the great map of yourself toeveryone. Features:★ Awesome base maps from town hall 1 to townhall 12: war, farming(Quick Update) ★ Awesome base maps fromBuilder Hall 2 to BuilderHall 8 (Quick Update) ★ View map details,zoom-in, zoom-out ★ PopupWindow to construct in your COC game ★All tips to get free GEM ★News Battle clip ★ Like, share map forfriends ★ Troll base maps forfunny Why are you waiting for itsfully FREE, Build a strong ClashOf Clans village and share it withyour friends!!! Please rate andreview us to encourage us todevelop more apps. If you have anysuggestions or complaints,kindly mail us to [email protected]* Please note: This app ismade by a fan. Unofficial. Not a game
Top ★ Clash Maps for COC v.1.2.5
'Top ★ Clash Maps for COC ' is a toolkit for Clash ofClans:★Updated daily!★ CoC Maps from Town Hall 1- Town Hall 11★Funny& Crazy base Layouts for Home Village★ Builder BaseLayoutsfrom Builder Hall 1 - Builder Hall 7★ Guide, tips &tricks forClash of Clans★ Clash Gem & Xp Calulator
Maps for Clash of Clans - Town Hall & Builder Hall
"Maps for Clash of Clans" is an Online app that contains NewBaseMaps of Clash of Clans VILLAGE and BUILDER BASE from :-- TownHall1 to Town Hall 11 with 4 category War, Trophy, HybridandFarming.-- Builder Hall 1 to Builder Hall 6.This app will helpyouto build strong defense maps for war bases, defensive trophybase,strong hybrid base to protect both loot and trophy and bestfarmingbase maps to increase and protect loot. It contains latestairsweeper and air defense base maps.Maps Features★ FunnyBases★Search map by Name★ Order maps by: Newest, Top Vote, TopDownload,Top View★ Strong Star Defense War layout★ Best DefensiveTrophybase layout★ Strong and attractive Hybrid layout★ AwesomeFarmingbase maps★ Easy to use user interface★ Can zoom in / outeach baselayout★ Like, share map for friends★ Download mapsGuide,Tips,Tricks Features★ Guide: Update News, Clan War, Tactics,Strategies, Base Design, Plans Strategies★ How to Get Free Gems★Video forClash of Clans★ Wiki of Clash of ClansToolkits Features★Gemscalculator of CoC★ Experience calculator of CoC
Strategy Coc Base Layout 1.9
Strategy Coc Base Layout is collection of best new cocstrategiesbases maps from Town hall 4 to 11 for Clash of Clans. Itwill helpyou build the best strategy base for your Clash of Clanstown hallvillage. Would you want strong coc strategy base for airdefense,Defensive trophy base and Strong hybrid base. This app is abestchoice for you. Strategy Coc Base Layout collection mapsdefensivestrategy with air troop of enemy. Strategy Coc Base Layoutcontainslatest base 2017 and 2018 for base designer of player orfan ofClash of Clans Make best new defense strategy coc basevillage andenjoy !! + Features - Attractive & perfect tocollect and saveresources - Strategy & strong & hard warbase layouts toblock the enemy attack - Can zoom in / out eachlayout - Effective& tricky base layouts to hold your trophies -Feature sharebases maps with bitmap in messenger, email, social.... - Updatenew strategy coc war base layouts maps daily
Clash Wallpapers HD & Maps 1.0
- This is a FAN application Maps & Wallpapers HD for CoC andCR.WALLPAPERS: - Download Wallpapers HD for CoC, CR TOP MAPS&LAYOUTS: - Top Maps, Funny Maps for Town Hall & BuilderHallThank you for download. DISCLAIMER: - This app is made by clashofclans fans, and it is unofficial. The content in this app isnotaffiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approvedbyany company. This app is mainly for entertainment and for allClanof Clan and Clash Royale fans to enjoy these Clash MapsWallpapers.
New COC Defence Base 1.0.3
This is an Offline app that contains New Defensive Base Maps ofCOCvillage layouts from Town Hall 1 to Town Hall 11 with 4categoryWar, Trophy, Hybrid and Farming.This app will help you tobuildstrong defense maps for war bases, defensive trophy base,stronghybrid base to protect both loot and trophy and best farmingbasemaps to increase and protect loot.It contains latest Clash ofClanbomb tower base, air sweeper base and air defence base maps.Italsocontains the latest and top best COC base maps of 2017and2018.Features::- Strong Star Defense War Base layout Map-BestDefensive Trophy base layout map- Strong and attractive HybridBaseLayout Map- Awesome Farming base Layout maps- Easy to useuserinterface- Can zoom in / out each base layout- New Best layoutsforall town hall levels th1, th2, th3, th4, th5, th6, th7, th8,th9,th10 and th11Its fully FREE, Build a strong COC village map
Maps of CoC - Builder Base Layouts 2017
Maps of CoC - Builder Base Layouts 2017Looking for a new designforyour coc village? Do You want to share the strategy map,defensemap, farming map, builder base layouts for everyone? If youransweris yes then this app maps for clash of clans isyours!Features:*Base maps for CoC✔ All maps from town hall 1 totown hall 11: war,farming, trophy, hybrid✔ All builder base layoutsfrom builder hall1 to builder hall 6✔ View map details, zoom-in,zoom-out✔ Like,share map for friends✔ Download maps* Guide for CoC✔Strategies andtactics for war and farming✔ News & Sneak Peek✔Troopscomposition for war✔ Video with best strategy from topplayers*Toolkit for CoC✔ Gems calculator✔ How to get free gems✔XPcalculatorExplore the best app for base, maps and layouts forClashof Clans now!
Toolkit for Clash of Clans v0.1.7
Toolkit for Clash of Clans is a army calculator andinformationsource for the popular game Clash of Clans. You canbuild your armycomplete with spells and heroes.Features:* NO NEEDINTERNETACCESS.* Top Maps for War, Trophy, Farming, Hybrid fromHall 1 toHall 11 of Clash of Clans* How to get free gems of Clashof Clans*Clash of Clans army compositions with best attackstrategies:-Dragons- Giant + Healer- GoHo,- GooLaLoon- Golems x5-GoWiWipe* CoCGuide: Design Base Maps Layouts, Tactics, Clan War,Update News forClash of Clans* XP level Calculator* Gem Calculator-Allinformation on defense, resource, and traps including levels-Allinformation on troops, spells, and heroes including levels- Listofavailable new buildings for each town hall level- Newlaboratoryupgrades at each laboratory level- Calculate the time andcost ofyour army- Customize your army and structures based onlevel- Saveyour custom armies to load later- Share your customarmies withothers (coming soon!)- View others top and newly sharedarmies(coming soon!) The army queue will calculate your total costandtime for the complete army, just like in the game. You can setupyour own troop, barracks, factories, and camp levels. You canalsosave your custom armies and load them up at any time. Unlike inthegame you are not restricted to saving only three armies. Youcansave as many as you like, and with as small of variations asyoulike in an attempt to find that perfect army for an upcomingclanwar! We will also soon have a share feature allowing you toshareyour army and view armies from hundreds of thousands ofClashToolkit users.Need to know how much the new lab upgrade withcost?We have you covered. Want to know what town hall you get level6Wizards or level 5 Barbarians? We have you covered. Withtheaddition of the Clash of Clans info section you can answer thisandmuch more. A very convenient way to get all the informationforyour Clash of Clans village. All buildings, troops, spells,trapsand heroes are all laid out in an easy to read format so thatwhenyou have a question on upgrade or future hit points or anythingyoucan get the answer quickly.*This web site/application isnotaffiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specifically approvedbySupercell. Supercell is not responsible for the operationorcontent of this site/application. Use of the trademarks andotherintellectual property of Supercell is subject to Supercell’sFanKit Agreement. For more information about Supercell, pleasevisittheir website at
Clan of Horse 1.1
Navigate caves, rivers, and dangerous animals in this highactionadventure classic. In Clan of Horses, you enter into a worldofadventure and magic as you build you Clan of Horse anddominateyour enemies. Seek advice from your spirit guide. Buildyour clan,defeat all the enemies, and win the game. The game ispartadventure and part animal simulation. This adventure simulatorwilltake you on an ultimate epic journey as you build yourwarriorclan, use your magic, construct your home, defend againstenemiesthat attack, and ultimately defeat all the Super Bosses.PleaseNote : This game will perform best on powerful devices.TopGameFeatures:★ Build your own Horse Clan★ Massive 3D Open WorldMap★Dynamic weather including snow and rain storms★ 4 Magic Spells-Fireball, Invincibility, Lightning Bolt, and Healing★ MapincludesCaves, Mountains, and Rivers★ 6 Giant bosses ★ 4 EnemyClans todefeat★ Ultra Challenging Super Bosses★ Crocodile, Wolf,Bear,Lion, Wolf, Snake, and Eagle enemiesTips: Use the mini map tohelpyou in the game. It shows the locations of clan members,bosses,magic books, and enemies. As you defeat the bosses, morebosseswill appear.Find all the magic books to unlock the magicalskillsincluding: Healing Potion, Fireball, Lightning Bolt,andInvincibility. Earn adventure points by hunting andcompletingtasks. Use the points to upgrade your strength, stamina,and magic.As you race across the open world, you may call themembers whenyou need help against the enemies. Bosses includeSnakes, Lion,Bear, Crocodile, Wolf, Attack eagles, and Foxes.Upgrade yourpowers to become more powerful, have stronger defense,and havestronger magical ability. This is ultimate animalsimulation likeyou have never seen it. Please check out our other3D animalsimulators. We understand that the game is by no meansperfect andwe welcome your constructive criticism. Please emailyoursuggestions. Evolved is a new series of games we are creatingatWild Foot. We would really like to hear from you. Please stopbyour Facebook page: Good luck!
New Base Maps for COC 2017 1.0.2
Pistol Apps
It is an Offline app that contains New Base Maps of COC villagefromTown Hall 1 to Town Hall 11 with 4 category War, Trophy,Hybrid andFarming.This app will help you to build strong defensemaps for warbases, defensive trophy base, strong hybrid base toprotect bothloot and trophy and best farming base maps to increaseand protectloot. It contains latest air sweeper and air defencebase maps.Italso contains the latest and top best COC base maps of2016 and2017.Features::★ Strong Star Defense War layout★ BestDefensiveTrophy base layout★ Strong and attractive Hybrid layout★AwesomeFarming base maps★ Easy to use user interface★ Can zoom in/ outeach base layout★ New Best layouts for all town hall levelsth1,th2, th3, th4, th5, th6, th7, th8, th9, th10 and th11Why areyouwaiting for its fully FREE, Build a strong COC village andshare itwith your friends!!!Please rate and review us to encourageus todevelop more apps and great games...!If you have anysuggestions orcomplaints, kindly mail us to [email protected]
How to Draw Clash of Clans Advanced 1.0
Learn to draw your favorite cartoon with "How to Draw Clash OfClansAdvanced", which will teach you how to draw dozens ofdifferentClash Of Clans characters and create amazing pictures.Wecreatedsomething really new and exciting for all fans of modernanime. Weoffer you an extensive catalog of Clash Of Clanscharacters and youcan choose a character that you like and startto draw it.Thisapplication collected many easy drawing lessons forkids and adultsto teach you how to draw Clash Of Clans cartoonfrom beginner toexpert. try to draw like a real artist and createall Clash Of Clanscharacters by you own!Let’s draw your favoriteClash Of Clanscharacters step by step in a new application formobile drawing!just take a paper and a pencil, choose thecharacter you like. Amazeyour friends, show them how beautiful youcan draw and paint thecharacters of the popular Clash Of Clansgame!Features:- 15+ ClashOf Clans Characters- How to Draw Step byStep Advanced- You canSwiping Next or Previous Button- Flip bySwipe Gesture- Zoom in/Zoomout Control- Download- Share via apps-User-friendly interface andExcellent graphics- Without Internetcan also use- Easy to use withvery beautiful user interface
Coin & Gems for Clash of Clan : Joke
IMPORTANT NOTICES : 1 - Coin & Gems for Clash of Clan :Jokedon't take any user Information and we are not violateDeviceandNetwork Abuse policy and sections 4.3 and 4.4 of theDeveloperDistribution Agreement. 2 - Coin & Gems for Clash ofClan :Joke don't interfere with, disrupt, damage, or access inanunauthorized manner the user’s device, other devices orcomputers,servers, networks, application programming interfaces(APIs), orservices, including but not limited to other apps on thedevice,any Google service, or an authorized carrier’s network. Itjust aprank to have fun with Friends and familyCoin & Gems forClashof Clan : Joke Now with Coin for Clash of Clan prank, you canlearnhow to get free Gems and the best ways to spend these Coin, alotof different deck strategies for every situation, and ofcoursecomplete beginners guide for Clash of Clan. From time totime, wewill also add some secret tips and tricks to improve yourCRskills, and keep you at the top. Coin & Gems for Clash ofClan: Joke will help you to manage your game account this app willhelpyou to be a king of the game! Coin & Gems for Clash of Clan:Joke Clash of Clan guide will help you to manage your gameaccountand improve fast! With many great cheats this applicationwill helpyou to be a king of the game! Download it and readcarefully allsteps from application. After a while you will see howyou accountbecome stronger and bigger and you as a player willbecome apoferwull ally for everyone in this game. Clash of Clan isverypopular game with a lot of players and you should use anyhelpwhich you can get. NOTES : 1 - This is not Clash of Clan hackCoinis a tool created by a fan of the App.2 - You can prank yourfamilyand friends and make them believe that the Coin , Gold ,arefree togenerate using Clash of Clan hack tool.3 - This app is not ahackfor Clash of Clan . it does not give Coin or resources to yourCRaccount.4 - This is not a Clash of Clan hacked version.5 - ThisNota Clash of Clan hack tool app.6 - This Not a Clash of ClanfreeCoin and Gems.7 - This Not a Clash of Clan cheats forCoin.Coin& Gems for Clash of Clan : Joke Features : 1 - GetFree CoinClash of Clan .2 - Clash of Clan Gems and Deck Info3 -Clash ofClan Unlimited Coin and Gems .Disclaimer and Legal Notices: 1 -The application name is the property of their respectiveowners. Wemade this App only as a FREE FAN APP with no cheats, onlyfor thosewho wants to enjoy the App. If there is any trademark orcopyrightviolation that does not follow within the Fair Use, pleasecontactus and we will immediately take action on it.2 - Coin &Gemsfor Clash of Clan : Joke is only for entertainment purposes andforhave joke and prank your . And does not provide true Clash ofClanfeatures. The results displayed are random and false. Just forfunand joke and pranking friends and family3 - If there isanytrademark or copyright violation that does not follow withintheFair Use, please contact us and we will immediately take actiononit.4 - This app is not a real tool and does not really generateanygems and coins . It is just a prank to have fun with yourfriendsand with Clash of Clan players. 5 - This app is just ajokeTry itnow and Enjoy !
HD Clash Of Wallpaper For Fans 5.3
HD clash of clans WallpaperForFansthanks!enjoy!!..Tags:#clash#clans#coc#fanart#archer#barbarian#game#pekka#DISCLAIMER:Thisisan unofficial Wallpapers for coc. This app and its content isnotaffiliated with, endorsed or sponsored by SC For moreinformationsee #Supercel# Fan the wallpaper,backgroundsand all the know how to play this popular game. If youare lookingfor more insights and strategies that can help you leadyour troopsto victory, you can find them in this Wallpapers. Getbackgroundsto your phone or to defend your forces. Gain moreknowledge thatcan help you rank up faster and gain morevictories.Thank you.....
Clan of Eagle 1.0
***** Clan of Eagle is here! *****You enter the world a thelastremaining member of the infamous Clawshaw Eagle Family. Yourmustfind all the members of your new family, mark yourterritory,defeat all the bosses, enemy clans, and finally the superbosses.Many people have requested this game, so here it is!Comeandcustomize your own eagle!! Plenty of color combinations tochoosefrom.Thanks for the wonderful support of Wildfoot games! Wearedoing our best to bring you the most action packed anduniqueanimal simulators on the app stores. This is the mostrecentinstallment of our adventure animal simulator games. Themostaction packed bird of prey simulator game on the app store.Loadedwith all your favorite forest animals including: Fox, Bear,Deer,Wolf, Horse, Pony. Begin as a young bird, find his family,growinto a huge giant eagle, and dominate the forest. Yourfamilymembers will be your ultimate guardians. You must learn touse yourfamily to win the game.**Customize your Bird Color bypressing theEdit button on the 'Me' page****8 Different Color andStyle Optionsto Choose From**Other enemies include : Fawn, Deer,Owl, Bear,Duck, Wolf, and Fox. Be fast and race around the huge mapand huntdown your enemies. Hunt them before they get you. This gameis PartWild Animal Survival, Part Role Playing, and Total Action.Magicspells include : Electricity, Fireball, Healing, andInvincibility.Top Game Features:✳✳ Huge 3D Map✳✳ Open World Stylesurvival game✳✳Fast paced and action packed bird simulator✳✳ Findall 6 of yourfamily members✳✳ Locate all the magic books✳✳ Callyour clanmembers when you are near your enemies✳✳ Realistic wildanimalsound effects and weather effectsMap Features Include:MovabletreetrunksHigh GrassHidden CavesWaterfalls andLavaDestructibleLogsTrees, Rivers, and much more!!How to Play:1.Mark yourterritory2. Find all 6 Clan members3. Find all the 4 magicbooks4.Defeat all 6 Bosses5. Defeat all 4 enemy Clans6. Defeat all6 SuperAnimal bossesEnjoying this game and other games like it? Wewouldlove it if you let us know what you think. We try hard torespondto all comments and incorporate your suggestions. AtWildfoot, welove animal simulators and our goal is to set theultimate standardof quality for animal sims. Please come check outour Facebookpage: forupdates. Rememberthat friendship is magic. You are the best! Thanksfor playing!
New COC Base 1.0.10
This app will help you build the best base for your Clash ofClanstown hall village.Strong coc war base for war defense,Defensivetrophy base and Strong hybrid base.It contains Maps fromTown Hall1 to town hall 11 with three category War, Trophy andHybrid.itcontains latest base 2016 and 2017 for base designer alsocontainscoc bomb tower base.All bases are design as per new clashof clans44x44 tiles layout.Features :# Strong War base layout#DefensiveTrophy base layout# Strong Hybrid bases layout# Can zoomin / outeach layout# Easy to use.# Unique User Interface# Bestlayouts forall town hall levels th1, th2, th3, th4, th5, th6, th7,th8, th9,th10 and th11
Loot Forecaster for COC 1.07
This app will help you to find perfect time to raid andmaximizeyour clash of clans loot for farming. This app simulatesplayershabits around the world to provide an overall view of thequalityof raids you can expect to find in the game. Use the coloredgraphabove to help coordinate your raids so that you make sureyou'retaking advantage of the best times to be raiding. Thetimesdisplayed along the top and bottom of the graph are localtimes foryour timezone while the vertical line indicates thecurrent time.This content is not affiliated with, endorsed,sponsored, orspecifically approved by Supercell and Supercell isnot responsiblefor it. Clash of Clans icons and images displayed inthis App arefrom the Supercell’s Fan Kit. For more information seeSupercell’sFan Content Policy:
Gems Calculator for CoC 2018 1.0
This is a good app for all clashers to calculate the number ofgemsyou need to buy for a certain amount of gold, elixir or time.Thisapp also show you how to calculate XP in Clash of Clans2018.Thisis NOT a cheat but a way to calculate how many gems youshouldbuy.Clash Gem Calculator will let you calculate the gem costforthe following in Clash of Clans:- Gold or Elixir- DarkElixir-Time- XP Calculator
Maps of Clash of Clans 2018 1.0
Maps of Clash Of Clans 2018Looking for a new design for yourcocvillage? Do You want to share the strategy map, defensemap,farming map for everyone? If your answer is yes then this appmapsfor clash of clans is yours!Maps for Clash of Clans or baselayoutfor coc is collection new maps & layouts for player ofClash ofClans. Here you can also get the best builder base layoutsandshare the great map of yourself to everyone. Features:- Allmapsfrom town hall 1 to town hall 11: war, farming, trophy, hybrid-Allbuilder base maps from builder hall 1 to builder hall 6- Viewmapdetails, zoom-in, zoom-out- Like, share map for friends-Downloadmaps
Clan of Puma 1.0
***** Clan of Puma has arrived! *****Customize your Puma, Startyourclan, and conquer all!!You enter the world a the lastremainingmember of the infamous Cougaro Family. The Puma, alsoknow as amountain lion and cougar, is a powerful animal, ready tohunt downanything that crosses his pathway. The goal of the gameis to locateall your family members, mark your territory, defeatall the bosses,enemy clans, and finally the super animal bosses.Many people haverequested this game, so here it is! You asked, welistened! Come andcustomize your own Puma!! Plenty of colorcombinations to choosefrom.Thanks for the awesome support ofWildfoot games! We are doingour best to bring you the most actionpacked and unique animalsimulators on the app stores. We try toincude features you will notfind in any other app. This will bethe final Clan game for a while.Our next focus is our Insectoseries. Stay tuned for big thingscoming from Wild Foot!!Thisaction packed simulator is loaded withall your favorite forestanimals including: Goat, Deer , Fox, Bear,Wolf, Horse, Pony.Remember that your family members will be yourultimate guardians.You must learn to use your family to win thegame.---Customize youravatar Color by pressing the Edit button onthe 'Me' page---8Different Color and Style Options to ChooseFromOther enemiesinclude : Fawn, Deer, Owl, Bear, Duck, Wolf, andFox. Be quick andrace around the huge map and hunt down yourenemies. Hunt thembefore they get you. This game is Part RolePlaying, Part WildAnimal Survival, and Totally Action packed. Magicspells include :Electricity, Fireball, Healing, and Invincibility.Top GameFeatures:✳✳ Huge 3D Map✳✳ Open World Style survival game✳✳Fastpaced and action packed Puma simulator✳✳ Find all 6 of yourfamilymembers✳✳ Locate all the magic books to unlock specialmagicskills✳✳ Call your clan members when you are near yourenemies✳✳Realistic wild animal sound effects and weather effectsMapFeaturesInclude:Hidden CavesWaterfalls and LavaMovable treetrunksHighGrassDestructible LogsTrees, Rivers, and more!!How toPlay:1. Markyour territory2. Find 6 Clan members3. Find the 4 magicbooks4.Defeat all 6 Bosses5. Defeat all 4 enemy Cougar Clans6.Defeat all6 Super Animal bossesWe would love it if you let us knowwhat youthink. We try hard to respond to all comments andincorporate yoursuggestions. At Wildfoot, we love animal simulatorsand our goal isto set the ultimate standard of quality for animalsims. Pleasecome check out ourFacebookpage: for updates.Thanksfor playing! Expect big things in our future!
Coc Attack Strategy Guide 1.1.1
This guide is about the clash of clans attack strategies. Ithasfull troops and spell composition, execution of an attackandvideos of the attack.
Clash Of Monster Heroes Clans 1.1
After the success of Police Monster Robot Superhero now becomeamonster hero in a city battle to fight as legend hero.Thiseccentric fusion of monster hero games and city hero gameswilldefinitely cheer your mood and enhance your passion to removeevilfrom the earth. In this 3D simulator, you are born as apolicemonster superhero with distinct powers of destruction. Starta warwith your rivals and become a police monster superhero. It’sabouttime to test your super powers and see who is bestmonstersuperhero fighter in the battle. Control your renownedfighter anddestroy your foes in these free robot fighting games inthe new eraof clash of robot games ,superhero rope man andfuturistic robots .This is for the aficionado of robot clan wargames and clash ofmonster clans games. In this monster robotfighting simulator andflying monster robot transform experience therole of city hero anderadicate all criminality from the city.Download this CLASH OFMONSTER HEROES CLANS, test your controllingskills of superherofighter and their combos.Are you ready for clashwith rivals inthis monster superhero fight game? Crime increased inthe city andcriminals and evil robots are trying to rule the city.You asmonster superhero need to stop the crime in the city. Roamaroundthe city and find your enemies robots to attack and killthem.Hurdles and obstacles are coming into your way to stop youfromyour goal. But you will need to remove all obstacles andachieveyour goal in a given time slot. If you love to play monsterrobottransformation,flying monster robottransform,transforminggames,transformation games,futuristicgames,superhero games,newmonster hero city battle games,incrediblesuperhero games, saviorgames and robot super hero games,clansgames, then you will lovethis monster hero game. You are on theright track to get yourventure doze with this fanatic clashfighting game. Use your superpowers, mortal fight skills to fightwith your rivals. Defeat yourenemies clans badly and told them whois the boss. Take control ofyour favorite definitive genre monsterhero and get ready for clashas monster hero city battle games. Justuse your extreme superpower and marvelous strategy to protect thepeople and the universefrom criminals. Each level has thrills andexciting game mission.Complete all missions with your tremendouspower and do not anyenemy left behind.Features:• Futuristic gameenvironment with HDgraphics• Realistic sound effects• Smooth andeasy control duringgame playing• Introducing new monster hero inthe city battle•Enjoy astounding action like kicks, punches,shooting• Teninteresting and challenging missionsWhat are youwaiting for? Turninto a striking killer machine and take revengefrom your rivalsand monsters. It’s looks like a great challenge foryou that howyou handle your fists and your monster super heroskills in athrilling fighting to the death. We are taking youranotherhilarious journey that gives you the enjoyment of being asupermonster hero and futuristic robots. CLASH OF MONSTER HEROESCLANSis an amalgam of city hero games,clans games, superhero robotgamesand monster hero games. The monster mutant super hero isalwayasknown for its super natural powers. Now the super hero isready tohit the road and take down the bad guys. Stand up and fighttoremove the cruelty from earth. Play CLASH OF MONSTER HEROESCLANS,prove that you
Jungle Heat: War of Clans 2.1.3 B.V.
Jungle Heat is a free cross-platform war game, which you can playonany device or social network. The tropics full of oil and goldarelanguishing under the onslaught of General Blood. Your task istofree the native riches, to rip them out of the hands ofthebloodthirsty marauders and claim them for yourself! Thetreasuresof the jungle will be safe and sound in your storages. Soonward -fortify the walls, hire troops, and onward to battle!Brutalbattles, military bases, wild jungles, and all this displayedwithbeautiful graphics, weapons, forces, and buildings, whichwilldelight even the most ardent fans of battle games. Downloadtodayand join the battle for the treasures of the jungle. If youwant tocontinue the game on another device or social network, go tothesettings section of the game, select "OTHER DEVICE", and followtheinstructions. Continue to play on other platforms withoutlosingany progress. In Jungle Heat, you can develop your militarybaseinto an unassailable fortress, battle with other players,razetheir bases to ashes, unite into invincible clans, andparticipatein regular tournaments. Play on any Android smartphoneor tablet.★★★ Game features: ★★★ ✔ Simplicity and fun: battles areas simpleas one, two, three, and what is more, each battle isunique! ✔Freedom of maneuver: plan out your base, upgrade buildingsandtroops, set up an ideal defense, and think up an effectiveattack!✔ Battles with other players: attack blindly, or takerevenge onyour oppressors! ✔ Assemble an army of unique heroes,whosedifferent capabilities can change the course of battle! Eachbattlethey fight is saturated with an atmosphere of old schoolwarmovies. ✔ Regular tournaments: Participate in individual andclantournaments, show the entire world that you and your clan arethebest! ✔ Cross-platform capability: Play on social networks oronany mobile device; ✔ Bright, colorful graphics: an explosionofcolor in the jungle! ✔ Dynamic music: an atmosphere ofendlesstropical fun! If you like Jungle Heat, don't forget to giveit fivestars. Do you have questions or need help? Check the FAQ orwriteto us, we will help you:★★★Join our communities: ★★★ ✔Facebook: ✔Twitter: ✔G+:!A reliable internet connection is required for JungleHeat.Attention! The game requires READ_PHONE_STATE permission inorder tosave your game's progress. In the event that the game isdeleted orlost in any way, you will always be able to restart thegame andrestore your saved progress. We use a device identifieronly to savethe progress of the game, and not for anything else.PRIVACY POLICY: TERMS OFUSE:
Clan of Griffin 1.0
Griffin : Half Lion, Half Eagle. Your favorite fantasy creaturehascome alive. In Clan of Griffon, you have the opportunity tocontrolyour very own Griffins. These giant fantasy beasts will flyacrossthe vast landscape while surviving against other fantasycreatureslike Dragons, Cerberus, the Flying Monster, the 3 TailedWolf,giant Venus fly traps, and Dinosaurs. Part animal simulatorandpart adventure, this griffon simulator will take you on anepicjourney as you establish your family, use your magic,defendagainst enemies that attack, and ultimately defeat all theSuperBosses. Ultimate action in a fantasy game setting. Huge openworldstyle game.GAMEPLAY HINT : Call your family members when youareclose to enemies.Features:**Customize your Griffincolor**Massive3D Open World Map**Flying Monsters, Venus Fly Traps,Giant Wolf,Dinosaurs enemies**Explore Mountains,Caves, andRivers**Dont forgetto look behind the waterfall**4 Magic Spells -Fireball,Invincibility, Lightning Bolt, and Healing**Dynamicweatherincluding snow and rain stormsThe story begins by youfinding allthe members of your clan. Call the other family memberswhen youneed help against the enemies. Find the magic spell booksto unlockthe special magical spells including: Fireball, LightningBolt,Healing Potion, and Invincibility. Earn adventure points byhuntingand doing various tasks to upgrade and purchase magic. Keepan eyeout for the Plant Monsters!Like the Dragon, these fantasybeast canfly and cast magic spells. Build your warriors and usethem todefend your territory against other clans. High quality3Dgameplay.Upgrade your magical ability, become more powerful,andhave stronger defense.Clan of Griffin : animal simulation likeyouhave never seen it. Your favorite fantasy elements combinedwithrealistic animal simulation.Evolved is a series of games wecreatedat Wild Foot. We would really like to hear from you. Comeand stopby our Facebookpage: forupdates. Check outour new Epic Quest series soon to bereleased.

Be sure and checkout our other 3D animal simulators. Weunderstand that the game isby no means perfect and we welcome yourconstructive criticism.Please email your suggestions or post themon Facebook. Now Go andhave fun all you Wildfooters! Good luck!
COC Base Designs 2018
base for coc!!looking for the best bases layouts for ClashofClans(COC)?, or for strategy maps ? ,defense , farming, warmaps?So this app maps for Clash Of Clans is yours!!It will helpyoubuild the best base for your Clans town hall village.Strong cocwarbase for war defense, Defensive trophy base and provide for you all new wiki And Effective hybridBases foryour village,All Town Hallisavailable"th1,th2,th3,th4,th5,th6,th7,th8,th9,th10,th11",alsothreecategory War, Trophy and Hybrid.Maps of COC or bases layoutsforclash or Best Clash of clans maps is collection new Baseforplayers of CoC. Here you can Find letest bases aldeas 2017 .ANDalso maps for GDC ANTI 3 star,Anti Dragon ,AntiGowipe,AntiHog,Anti Peka... Including farming, trophy, hybrid, warmaps.Freemaps.This clash of clan App Containt also Best MapsBuilder Baseand Only Latest and Best Builder Hall From BH-2 TO BH-7Base DesignAnti 1 & 2 Star Base Layouts To Reach 4500+ CupsSoon. Theselayouts can defend against bombers, Boxer Giants andNight Witches.Hop Inside to have a look at these Ring andCompartmentalizedLayout’s specially designed for youMaps For ClashOf Can FEATURES✅Best Maps To protect your resources and get moregems , gold,elixir …✅ Effective & powerful hybrid base layoutsto keepyour trophies✅ +1000 COC maps✅ Attractive & Idealfarming baselayouts to save resources easily✅ Top hot maps for cocwith dailyupdate✅ Effective & Tricky Hybrid base layouts tohold yourtrophies together with maps for clash of clans 2017✅ HowTo Getgems of coc ✅ Easy to use user interface✅ Can zoom in / outeachbase layout✅ New Best layouts for all town hall levels th1,th2,th3, th4, th5, th6, th7, th8, th9, th10 , th11 , th12WHYYOU’LLLOVE IT:💠 New CoC Base or bases layouts for Clash iscollection newMaps for player of Clash. 💠 Here you can also FindTop layout 2017and great coc maps.💠 Best maps for clash of clanswar💠 It alsocontains the latest and top best COC base maps of 2016and 2017.💠Easy to build a strong COC village now and share it withyourfriends!What are you waiting for? Don’t let your COC gamesuffer!Get this maps for coc 2017 for FREE and for more featurebases townhall 12 and town hall 13============ LEGAL NOTE============Thisapplication is for fans purpose, it is notauthorized or created bythe original creator. This applicationcomplies with US Copyrightlaw guidelines of "fair use". If you havethe feeling there is adirect copyright or trademark violation thatdoesn't follow withinthe "fair use" guidelines, please contact us.
Best Maps COC 4.0.1
Works without internet All states and levels notificationandInstructions for beginnersschemes and graphics look very good
Ringtones for Clash of Clans™ 3.0.0
For true Clash of Clans™ fans ONLY! Ringtones for Clash of Clans™isa new ringtones app where you'll find many cool free ringtonesformobile for that awesome game! Those epic sound effects haveprobablystuck in your head by now, so why not listen to them evenwhenyou're not playing? Get Ringtones for Clash of Clans™ andlisten tothe best mobile ringtones ever! Almost every one of ushas heardabout Clash of Clans™ , even if we didn't play this game.We have toadmit: this game really is epic! That's why you can nowenjoy mostpopular ringtones and sounds for Clash of Clans™. Howcool is that?!One thing you can be sure of: with these mobileringtones free, yourpopularity among Clash of Clans™ fans willgrow instantly! So,download Ringtones for Clash of Clans™, listento the very bestphone ringtones free and enjoy! RINGTONES FORCLASH OF CLANS™FEATURES: 📱 Set as latest ringtone for your mobilephone 📱 Set ascontact ringtone for special people in your life 📱Set as messageringtone and spice up your texting 📱 Set timer toplay coolringtones and sounds 📱 Set widget button of favorite topsounds onyour phone home screen In case you have no idea whichringtones andsounds to choose for your phone, hurry up and be thefirst one toget best ringtones just for yourself. These top coolsounds and bestfunny ringtones will be the reason why everyonewill want to be asfashionable as you are. COMPATIBILITY: Ringtonesfor Clash of Clans™has been tested on Samsung Galaxy j7 & j2,Samsung Galaxy S6, S6Edge, S7 & S8, Huawei P9 & P9 Lite,HTC One, Xiaomi Redmi 3& 4, Xiaomi Mi 6 and Oppo Plus &F1s, among other phones.Compatible with Verizon, AT&T and allother providers. Pleasereport any bugs [email protected] DISCLAIMER: Clash ofClans is atrademark of Supercell. The content of Ringtones forClash ofClans™ is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, orspecificallyapproved by Supercell and Supercell is not responsiblefor it. Formore information see Supercell’s Fan For more informationaboutthe sounds used in the app, please visit the About Appsectionwithin the app itself. For any questions or concernsregardinglicense, please contact us at [email protected]
Top Base Maps COC TH 8 1.4
Sugai Group
-Top Base Maps for COC TH 8--Looking for a new design for yourclashof clans village? Especially for Town Hall level 8. Do Youwant toshare the strategy map, defense map, farming map foreveryone? Ifyour answer is yes then this app maps for clash ofclans is yours!Itis an Offline app that contains New Base Maps ofCOC village fromTown Hall 8 with 4 category War base, Trophy base,Hybrid base andFarming base from the latest update of COC, andwe'll working on itand go on (update for more base maps).This appwill help you tobuild strong defense maps for war bases, defensivetrophy base,strong hybrid base to protect both loot and trophy andbest farmingbase maps to increase and protect loot. It containslatest buildingupdate from Clash of Clans.It also contains thelatest and bestchoice of top best COC base maps ever untilnow.Application Features:★ Contain 250+ HD base layout Images★Strong Star Defense Warlayout★ Best Defensive Trophy base layout★Strong and attractiveHybrid layout★ Awesome Farming base maps★Easy to use user interfacejust tap right or left★ HD Images★ NewBest and Strong Base layoutsfor Town Hall 8Why are you waiting forits fully FREE, Build astrong COC village and share it with yourfriends!!!*NoteAll contentin this app is collected from theinternet which is public contenteither from googling or otherapplications. If you feel you have therights to the content inthis application can contact us via e-mailor write a commentbelow, we will follow up soon.---Enjoyit---SugaiGroup
Era of War:Clash of epic Clans 2.8
Era of War
Era of War: Clash of epic Clans. Top real-time strategy gamefromVietnam!Have guts? Join and show off your leadership!Buildandupgrade your army to conquer the WorldConstruct and facilitateyourbase to fend of raiders.Forge a mighty Clan with worldwideplayers.Lead you Clan to resounding triumph. A great leader alwayscomes upwith great strategies! Era of War: Clash of epic Clansbrings youback to ancient Northern Europe time when human beingsandsupernatural powers were implacable enemies. What you need to doisto build a powerful army and putting your strategic talentintopractice in order to fight against players all over theworld,occupy their resources and earn reputation.Strive topenetrate intoenemy’s territory, drop your troops at appropriatepositions todestroy their defensive structures. Construct animpregnablefortress and declare your absolute sovereignty in such achaoticera. Join a Clan to strengthen your military forces andfight inepic Clan battles. Era of War: Clash of epic ClansFEATURES:• FREETO PLAY with eye-candy graphics, lively sound effects• Buildyourvillage into an unbeatable fortress with numerousdefensivestructures• Conquer others to gain reputation and lootsfor thedevelopment of your Empire• Raise your own army with morethan 10unique units and multiple levels of upgrades• Discoveryourfavorite attacking army from countless combinations oftroops,spells, special warriors, etc.• Overthrow the campaign modeto earnvaluable resources• Form a Clan, invite friends andplayersworldwide to join and share breath-taking moments as well asthetaste of victory. • Battle against rival Clans in Clan Wars togainmore and more resources. Era of War: Clash ofepicClansSUPPORTShould you have any problems, we are here tohelp:Fanpage:[email protected]: +841655 077 334All of your inquirieswill be addressed within 24hours.Era of War: Clash of epicClanVersion 2.01. Updates:- Newgraphic design and graphical userinterface- Updated graphic designof Food storage, Clan Hall andResearch Center- Updated graphicdesign of Punch Trap, ClusterBomb, Single Air Bomb - Updatedgraphic design of Gasbag, King Kongand Warriors - Visual change ofClan’s icon. - Cannon level 13 -Dragon level 5 and Fire bat level 7- Oil rig available to be builtat Stronghold level 72. Newfeatures- Able to transfer and linkdevices- Rename card - Able to“boost all” resource collectors. -Able to boost defensive system inClan wars. - Display countdowntimer during battle replay- AdjustSoul, Goddess of Archery,Bombing spell and Rampage spell’sindicators- Adjust the number ofcups received 3. Bug fixes- Fixseveral bugs
Free Gems for COC Prank
The Clash of Clans is a wonderful game designed forsmartphones,tabs and you can also play it online. Lots of peopleacross theworld daily play this game and they enjoy the conflictbetweenwarriors.To buy those in-game resources you would need gold,gemsand elixirs. As you download this game on your device, youreceivea certain amount of clash of clans’ in-game currency andthat endsvery quickly. That's why you need to install our Clash ofClansGems Android app.In this situation you can either buy gold,gemsand elixirs for real money or prefer clash of clans hacktogenerate these postures for free.The Clash of Clans Gems appoffersyou the simplest way of generating gems and gold. As themaximumplayers know, today’s online games have become moneyhungryresources of entertainment. The online Android gamedevelopingcompanies are obviously providing their games for free,but theyare siphoning development cost by charging real money toprovide ingame resources. Now using the hack has become a trend andsomesmart hack developers are helping people in getting rid ofthisstrategy.So, if you really love to play Clash of Clans and youalsodon’t want to pay any penny for buying gems, gold or elixir,useClash of Clans Gems application. It will not be so tough for youtounderstand that how does the hack work and how you cangenerategame’s currency for free.There are many hacks available forClashof Clans game, but only a few of them are useful. You mustcheckuser’s review before downloading any hack for this game. Makesurethat your chosen hack can produce COC Gems and prevent you fromthetroubles. ✺✺ DISCLAIMER ✺✺The content, images used in this apporgoogle play is not affiliated with, endorsed, sponsored,orspecifically approved by Supercell and Supercell is notresponsiblefor it. For more information see Supercellʼs Fan Clash of Clans and itslogosare trademarks of Supercell.✺✺ DISCLAIMER ✺✺The content,imagesused in this app or google play is not affiliated with,endorsed,sponsored, or specifically approved by Supercell andSupercell isnot responsible for it. For more information seeSupercellʼs FanContent Clash ofClans and its logosare trademarks of Supercell.
clan tribe war 8.0.0
clan tribe war is popular and famous epochal strategygame.establish a impenetrable village and defaet the enemy's your troops and fighting with other tribes clan!Playerneeds to gradually establish their own powerful clan, butalsoorchestrated formations, in order to achieve a clan tribalwarvictory. command an invincible army composed by archer,warrior,saiyan, magician, jinn, mage, ninja, cavalryman andtherapist.Download and join clan tribe clash, train your troops,build yourtown, fight with thousands of players around the world!build yourtribe clan supremacy over all other players!Feature:✔ anaddictivegame✔ free to play epic strategy.✔ 100 stages and 20 kindofwarrior✔ training and upgrade your clan tribe army troops✔clickand tap to cast powerful spells✔ thrilling, amazing, realisticwar,fast-paced battle
Wallpapers for Clash of Clans™ 1.0.2
If playing Clash of Clans™ isn’t enough for you, get your veryownWallpapers for Clash of Clans™ and customize your phone tothefullest! Clash of Clans™ fever is unstoppable! There are dozensofpictures and photos of Clash of Clans™ in this cool wallpaperapp,for true fans of this magnificent game!Wallpapers for ClashofClans™ are cool background pictures for mobile phones thatwillmake your phone background stand out. Only a true Clash ofClans™lover will recognize the awesomeness of Wallpapers for ClashofClans™ app. Each and every HD wallpaper for Clash of Clans™hasamazing images of the game characters and symbols that youcanshare with other fans!Download Wallpapers for Clash of Clans™andfind out what it feels like to be an owner of the coolesthighresolution backgrounds and images for Clash ofClans™!WALLPAPERSFOR CLASH OF CLANS™ FEATURES:⚔️ All phonewallpapers for Android™available for free⚔️ Full collection of HDmobile wallpapers are ofhigh quality with resolution 1920x1080 andabove⚔️ Set as homescreen⚔️ Customize the wallpaper to fit yourscreen⚔️ Supports allscreen resolutions for phones, tablets andother Android basedmobile devices in portrait and landscape modes⚔️Send a coolwallpaper to a friend using the “Share” buttonIf you'relooking forthe best cell phone backgrounds to personalize yourphone, searchno more! The variety of high resolution backgroundwallpapers weoffer on our channel provides at least one freewallpaper app forAndroid™ for everyone's taste!Scroll down thegallery and find justthe background wallpaper you like best. Use itfor a while and thenscroll down the app again to find more coolwallpapers to choose aneven better phone background for yourAndroid device.There are somany cool phone backgrounds you coulduse depending on your currentmood. Visit our channel with freewallpapers for Android™ to findmore themes with amazing backgroundsand awesome wallpapers formobile phones.Once again, Wallpapers forClash of Clans™for mobileis free and will stay free forever.ENJOY!WALLPAPERS FOR CLASH OFCLANS™ COMPATIBILITY:Wallpapers forClash of Clans™ app has beentested on and is compatible with thefollowing Android phones:Samsung Galaxy S8, Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge,Samsung Galaxy S8 Plus,Huawei P10, Huawei Mate 9, HTC 10, LG G6 andHTC Desire650.DISCLAIMER:Clash of Clans and Clash Royale aretrademarks ofSupercell. The content of Wallpapers for Clash ofClans™ is notaffiliated with, endorsed, sponsored, or specificallyapproved bySupercell and Supercell is not responsible for it. Allimage filesof characters as well as the logo are copyright ofSupercell™.Permission to use the files is covered by Fan ContentPolicy foundhere:™ isa trademarkof Google Inc. Wallpapers for Clash of Clans™ is notendorsed by oraffiliated with Google Inc.
How to Draw: Clash of Clans
How to Draw: Clash of Clans Learn how to draw Clash of Clans.Thisfree application introduce a new way to learn drawing Clash ofClanand others with step by step drawing lessons. No drawingskillsneeded, just easily draw over the instructions directly onyourmobile device without using paper and pencil. Very easy tofollowthe steps. Clash of Clans hack time to paint faster, There isnocheats in this app so don't forget to create deck of yourdrawingcharacter and share it to your clan in Clash of Clans. Howto Draw:CoC give you a lot of option to draw different things likeBaseBuilder, clans, clan war you with your creativity you candrawwhatever you want. This is our second Supercell drawing appafterHow to Draw: Clash Royale CR.Feature:1. Pencil2. Eraser3.Undo& Redo4. Saving image5. See your drawing.6.Professionaldrawing lesson etc.Disclaimer:How to draw Clash ofClans is notassociated, affiliated, endorsed, sponsored or approvedby "Clashof Clans Creators".This application complies with theguidingprinciples of the US Copyright law "fair use".This is a fanappmade just "For Fans to Fans".
Clan of Stallions 1.0
★★★★ ♞ Clan of Stallions is here! ♞ ★★★★Do you love horses? Doyoufeel like controlling a wild horse as he gallops his way aroundahuge map, looking for family members, defeating bosses,enemyclans, and super giant animals? You begin as a young colt,ready torace and chase down your enemies, get stronger, andultimatelydefeat all the giant super bosses. Your young colt is thefinalremaining member of the infamous Ayanda Clan. ♞ Yourobjectivesinclude: finding all the members of your new family,marking yourterritory, defeating all the bosses, enemy clans, andfinally thesuper bosses. ***Special Feature Customize your Horse!Many colorcombinations to choose from.Thanks for supportingWildfoot games!We love our players!! We are trying our best tobeing you the mostaction packed animal simulators on the appstores. Clan ofStallions is the most recent installment of ouradventure animalsimulator games. The most action packed stallionsimulator game onthe app store. Loaded with all your favoriteforest animalsincluding: Fox, Deer, Wolf, Horse, Pony, Bear, andGiant Eagle.Enter this forest world as a young horse, help him findhis family,grow into a huge giant and powerful Stallion, anddominate theforest. Your group members will be your ultimateguardians. Youmust learn to use your own clan in order to winthegame.**Customize your Color by pressing the Edit button on the'Me'page****8 Different Color and Style Options to ChooseFrom**Otherenemies include : Eagle, Fawn, Fox, Deer, Bear, Duck,and Wolf . Befast and race around the huge map and hunt down yourenemies.Strike them before they get you. This game has elements ofWildAnimal Survival, Role Playing, and Action Adventuregames.Magicincludes : Electricity ⌁, Fire Boulder, Super Heal,andInvincibility Shield. Top App Features:♞ Fast paced andactionpacked animal simulator♞ Find all 6 of your family members♞Locateall the magic books 📕♞ Hail your clan members when you arenearyour enemies♞ Real wild animal sound effects and dynamicweathereffects ☂♞ Open World Survival game♞ Huge 3D Forest MapMapFeaturesInclude:High GrassHidden CavesWaterfalls and LavaFlowDestructibleLogsMovable tree trunksTrees, Rivers, and muchmore!!How to Play:1.Mark your territory2. Find all 6 familymembers3. Find all the 4magic spell books4. Beat all 6 Bosses5.Defeat all 4 enemy StallionClans6. Defeat all 6 Super bossesDo youenjoy playing this game? Wewould love it if you let us know whatyou think. We tried hard torespond to all comments and listen toyour suggestions. AtWildfoot, we love 3D animal simulators and ourgoal is to set thestandard of quality for animal sims. Please comecheck us out onFacebook: forupdates.Remember that friendship is magic. Find your guardians andcreateyour own legend! Thanks for playing our games!!♞
Clan of Unicorn 1.0
Unicorns : the fantasy creatures we all love. Your asked for it,sohere it is. I don't think we've received more requests than wehavefor a Unicorn game. Indeed, you will find it similar to theotherclan games, but we tried to include some new monster enemies.InClan of Unicorn, you have the opportunity to control your veryownhorned horse. Many people have requested this app. Race fastacrossthe vast landscape while surviving against other fantasycreatureslike the Cerberus, Giant Horses, the Flying Monster, the 3TailedWolf, giant Venus fly traps, and Dinosaurs. It is partadventureand part animal simulation. This Unicorn simulator willtake you onan epic journey as you build your clan, use your magic,build yourbrood, defend against enemies that attack, and ultimatelydefeatall the Super Bosses. Huge open world style game.TopGameFeatures:**Customize your Unicorn color**Massive 3D OpenWorldMap**4 Magic Spells - Invincibility, Lightning Bolt, Healing,andFireball**Flying Monsters, Venus Fly Traps, Giant Horses,GiantWolves, Dinosaurs**Dynamic weather including snow andrainstorms**Caves, Mountains, and Rivers**6 Giant bosses **4EnemyWarrior Clans to defeat**4 Ultra BossesHINT : Call yourfamilymembers to help you when you are near other enemies.Thestorybegins by you finding all the members of your clan. Along theway,you will discover magic spell books that allow you to unlockthespecial magical spells including: Healing Potion,Fireball,Lightning Bolt, and Invincibility. Earn adventure pointsby huntingand doing various tasks to upgrade and purchase magic.Upgrade yourpowers to have stronger magical ability, become morepowerful, andhave stronger defense.This is animal simulation likeyou have neverseen it. Your favorite fantasy elements combined withrealisticanimal simulation.Evolved is a series of games we createdat WildFoot. We would really love to hear from you. Be sure andstop byour Facebook page: Stay tuned for our new Epic Quest series soon tobereleased.

Be sure and check out our other 3D animal simulators.Weunderstand that the game is by no means perfect and we welcomeyourconstructive criticism. Please email your suggestions. Goodluck!
Message of Stars 1.7
Life in a Clan of wild cats is not easy, but being a healer isevenmore difficult. You need to be responsible for lives ofyourfriends and have a good understanding of medicinal herbs. Areyouready to accept this challenge? The game has five endings.Thefifth (secret) ending you will find ONLY after the otherfour.Control: — Click on the screen to skip dialogs. — Click on theiconin upper right corner to exit the menu. — Drag your fingeracrossthe screen to highlight locations in the forest. Possiblemistakes:— Bad work: try to close all applications, clean the cacheandrestart the phone. — If the game can't running after theupdate,clear the application data. This will kill saves, but thegame willwork correctly again. — Do not start / crashes on startup:send tothe mail log (as described below). If you have an error,pleasesend us these files or their contentstomail([email protected]): traceback.txt and log.txttogetherwith a detailed description of the problem that occurred.Thesefiles are locatedhere:Android/data/com.theendlesshills.message_of_stars/files If thetipsabove did not help you, try playing on the computer. Versionfor PCcan be found on our official website ( acontact form on our website or play market to inform usaboutmistakes in the translation.
Top Base Maps COC TH 6 1.2
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--Top Base Maps for COC TH 6--Looking for a new design foryourclash of clans village? Especially for Town Hall level 6. DoYouwant to share the strategy map, defense map, farming mapforeveryone? If your answer is yes then this app maps for clashofclans is yours!It is an Offline app that contains New Base MapsofCOC village from Town Hall 6 with 4 category War base, Trophybase,Hybrid base and Farming base from the latest update of COC,andwe'll working on it and go on (update for more base maps).Thisappwill help you to build strong defense maps for war bases,defensivetrophy base, strong hybrid base to protect both loot andtrophy andbest farming base maps to increase and protect loot. Itcontainslatest building update from Clash of Clans.It also containsthelatest and best choice of top best COC base maps everuntilnow.Application Features :★ Contain 150+ HD base layoutImages★Strong Star Defense War layout★ Best Defensive Trophy baselayout★Strong and attractive Hybrid layout★ Awesome Farming basemaps★Easy to use user interface just tap right or left★ HD Images★NewBest and Strong Base layouts for Town Hall 6Why are you waitingforits fully FREE, Build a strong COC village and share it withyourfriends!!!*NoteAll content in this app is collected fromtheinternet which is public content either from googling orotherapplications. If you feel you have the rights to the contentinthis application can contact us via e-mail or write acommentbelow, we will follow up soon.---Enjoy it---SugaiGroup