Top 49 Games Similar to Dolphin Hurdles Game for Kids

Dolphin Zero Incognito Browser - Private Browser 1.4.1
Dolphin Zero is one of the best incognito apps. It's theincognitoprivate browser and better than InBrowser. Dolphin Zero isultralightweight with only 500K app size. Dolphin Zero IncognitoBrowserbrings peace of mind to users who wish to keep theirpersonalinformation as safe as possible by automatically deletingdataincluding browsing history, cache, passwords and cookies. It'sasafe browser. ☆ This is the optimal browser if you want tovisitdating sites, medical sites, check Facebook on a friendsdevice,watch a video or anything else without anyone finding out!☆Enabling by default ‘Do Not Track’ functionality to itsfullestextent, Dolphin Zero will also never collect, store or shareany ofthe following information: ✔ Browser History ✔ Form Data ✔InputData ✔ Passwords ✔ Cached Data and Files ✔ Favicons ✔ UserAddressBook ✔ Cookies ✔ Location Information It's a simplebrowser,allowing you to browse the mobile web with quick loadingspeed andexceptional privacy. ❗❗Explanation of Permissions:Approximate& Precise Location: Utilized when user allows awebsite to knowcurrent location Modify or delete the contents ofyour USB storage:Used to save files which are downloaded from awebsite by the userFull network access: Access the data connectionof the device forinternet browsing Test access to protectedstorage: Allows DolphinZero to check if SD card is present for whensaving a downloadedfile About Dolphin Browser : DolphinBrowser is the full featured bestweb browser for Android. DownloadDolphin Browser to surf theInternet with great features includingadblock, incognito browsing,gesture, sonar, flash player forAndroid. 👍👍👍👍👍 Over 150,000,000downloads on Android and iOS 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆Best Mobile Web Browser onAndroid Market ★ Flash player Get thebest gaming and HD videoexperience with Flash player for Androidsupport on Dolphin Browser.★ Adblock (pop up blocker) DolphinBrowser is one of the bestAdblock Browser. With Adblocker, you canblock popups, ads, banners& ad-videos. ★ Multiple tabs bar Itdisplays your open tabs, andlets you switch between them byswiping and browse the web as PCBrowser & desktop browser. ★Bookmarks & Add-ons sidebar Itcan be accessed by swiping tothe right and shows your bookmarks andbrowsing history. Swiping tothe left to enjoy the best serviceswith add-ons such as VideoDownloader, Web to PDF and DolphinTranslate, etc. ★Incognito/private browsing Dolphin Browser is asecure browser thatoffers you real private browsing experiencewithout leaving anyhistory, cookies traces, cache, etc.. ★Personalized search Easilyswitch search engine with Google, Yahoo,Bing, Duckduckgo, etc. ★Fast download Download HTML5, Flash videosand more with blazingfast speed from the Internet with videodownloader. You can alsoeasily delete or move downloaded files inthe file manager. ★ SyncSync your history, bookmarks, andpasswords. Plus, easily open andpush tabs and websites acrossAndroid, iPhone, iPad, mobile &pc browser including Chrome,Firefox, and Safari using DolphinConnect. ★ Clean UI and fastnavigation You can add your mostvisited websites as speed dialicons with a nice user interface andone-touch access. ★ GestureAccess the Internet by creating apersonal Gesture for websites andcommon features. For example,drawing a letter “B” to go to Bing. ★Sonar Dolphin Browser givesyou an actual web browser you can talkto. Use your voice to searchwithout typing, even with Yahoo, Bingor Duckduckgo. ★ ThemesCustomize theme colors & wallpapers topersonalize yourbrowser. More information: 🐬❤👪, 🚄🚃📷🎥🎧🎮🎡🎠🎢🌏🚃, 🚀🏁🏆🎆
Dolphin Browser - Fast, Private & Adblock🐬 11.5.16
🐬 Dolphin Browser is the best internet explorer browser forAndroidwith fast loading speed, HTML5 video player, AdBlocker, tabbar,sidebars, incognito browsing and flash player. Onceusersexperience the fast, smart and personal Web of Dolphin,regularMobile Internet feels like torture. 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆 Best Mobile WebBrowseron Android Market 👍👍👍👍👍 Over 150,000,000 downloads onAndroid andiOS 🚀Great Features🚀 ✔ Flash Player ✔ AdBlock (pop upblocker) ✔Multiple Tabs bar ✔ Bookmarks & Add-ons sidebar ✔PersonalizedSearch ✔ Fast Download ✔ Incognito/private Browsing ✔Gestures ✔Sonar ★ Flash player Get the best gaming and HD videoexperiencewith player for Android support on Dolphin Browser. WithDolphinVideo, you can watch videos from YouTube, Dailymotion,Vimeo,Twitch and any other video website you like! ★ AdBlock (popupblocker) Dolphin Browser is one of the best AdBlock Browser.WithAdBlocker, you can block popups, ads, banners & ad-videos.FindAdBlocker add-on here: ★ Multiple tabsbarIt displays your open tabs, and lets you switch between thembyswiping. Let you browse the web as PC Browser &desktopbrowser. ★ Bookmarks & Add-ons sidebar It can beaccessed byswiping to the right from the left edge of the screenand showsyour bookmarks and browsing history. Swiping to the left,you canenjoy the best services with add-ons, such as VideoDownloader, Webto PDF and Dolphin Translate, etc. ★ Personalizedsearch Easilyswitch search engine with Google, Yahoo, Yandex, Bing,Duckduckgo,etc. ★ Fast download Download HTML5, Flash videos andmore withblazing fast speed from the Internet with videodownloader. You canalso easily delete or move downloaded files inthe file manager. ★Incognito/private browsing Dolphin Browser is asecure browser thatoffers you real private browsing experiencewithout leaving anyhistory data. ★ Sync Sync your history,bookmarks, and passwords.Plus, easily open and push tabs andwebsites across Android,iPhone, iPad, mobile & pc browserincluding Chrome, Firefox,and Safari using Dolphin Connect. You caneven enjoy content pushedfrom desktop browser with flash player forAndroid. ★ GestureAccess the Internet by creating a personalGesture for websites andcommon features. For example, drawing aletter ”D” to go toDuckduckgo or “B” to go to Bing. ★ Sonar DolphinBrowser gives youan actual web browser you can talk to. Use yourvoice to search,share on your favorite social networks, bookmarkfavorite websites,and navigate the web on your phone. Searchwithout typing, evenwith Yahoo, Bing or Duckduckgo. ★ ThemesCustomize your DolphinBrowser with a wide array of backgrounds inthe wallpaper libraryto suit any style or mood. ★ Quick ShareDolphin remembers yourmost recently used apps to help you easilyshare content toFacebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype and more.🚀Dolphin Add-ons🚀 -Dolphin Video Player – Flash Player; - ScreenCut – Screenshot app;- Web to PDF Converter & Editor; - DolphinJetpack; - SpeedBooster for Android; - Dolphin Translate -Translator; - Dolphin QR& Barcode Scanner; - Dolphin Reader; -Dolphin Battery Saver; -Bookmarks Widget; - Dolphin Brightness; -Dolphin Tab Reload; -Dolphin Show IP; - Dolphin Ultimate Flag; -Pocket for Dolphin; -Dropbox for Dolphin; - Box for Dolphin; -Dolphin Alexa Rank.Contact us at [email protected] Join theDolphin Facebook Fanpage: Dolphin onTwitter:!/DolphinBrowserLearn more on ourwebsite: 🐬❤👪, 🚄🚃📷🎥🎧🎮🎡🎠🎢🌏🚃,🚀🏁🏆🎆
Dolphin Jetpack - Fast & Flash
🚀Get Dolphin Jetpack to speed up your Dolphin Browser and enjoymorecool features. Dolphin Jetpack uses Dolphin’s very ownHTML5rendering engine that powers Dolphin for the best HTML5 webgameand web app experiences. The nitty-gritty Dolphin Jetpack isanimproved browser kernel with extensivecanvas/GPU/JavaScriptenhancement and behind-the-scenes technology,which makes DolphinBrowser one of the highest scoring HTML5browsers. With DolphinJetpack enabled, Dolphin Browser is 5 - 10Xfaster than the defaultAndroid browser, and keeps you safe from theinternet attack.Largely improve browser performance, further boostthe speed ofbrowsing pages and shopping online, letting you enjoyvideos,movies and TV shows without waiting, bringing you a fastersurfingexperience. 🚀More cool features🚀 ★ Flash Player support.DolphinJetpack optimizes the experience of flash videos and flashgames.Letting you get the best gaming and HD video experience withplayerfor Android support on Dolphin Browser. Click on the linkbelow tolearn how to play flash content in DolphinBrowser.★Auto-Fit Pages. In desktop mode, double tap or pinch to zoomtoauto-fit site content to the screen. ★ Better fullscreenexperiencewhen playing HTML 5 videos. ★ Web Games. PlayX-type fullscreen mode. Check morefeaturesin Dolphin Lab provided by 3rd partydevelopers: NOTE: 1. Should be used withthe latestDolphin Browser. 2. Please make sure Dolphin Jetpack isenabled insettings. 3. After installing, you may restart DolphinBrowser toavoid compatibility problems. About Dolphin BrowserDolphin Browseris the full featured best web browser for Android.Download DolphinBrowser for free to surf the Internet with bestunique featuresincluding adblock, incognito browsing (Privatebrowsing), gesture,sonar, flash player for Android tablets andphones. 👍👍👍👍👍 Over150,000,000 downloads on Android and iOS 👍👍👍👍👍Best Mobile WebBrowser on Android Market ★ Flash player Get thebest gaming and HDvideo experience with Flash Player for Androidsupport on DolphinBrowser. ★ Adblock With Dolphin Browser adblockadd-on, you cansurf the web without the annoying popups, ads,banners &ad-videos. Find adblock add-on here: ★Incognito browsing (Private Browsing)Without leaving any history,cookies traces, cache, etc., IncognitoMode makes the browserperfectly private and secret. ★ Fast downloadDownload HTML5, Flashvideos and others with blazing speed from theInternet. ★ Sync Syncyour history, bookmarks, and passwords. Plus,easily open and pushtabs and websites across Android, iPhone, iPad,mobile & pcbrowser including Chrome, Firefox, and Safari usingDolphinConnect. ★ Clean UI and fast navigation Localized preloadtop siteslisted, such as Facebook, Amazon, ESPN, Reddit, Bing, etc.★Gesture Access the Internet by creating a personal Gesture(symbol)for websites and common features. For example, drawing aletter ”G”to go to google or “B” to go to ★ Sonar DolphinBrowserlets you use your voice to search, share on your favoritesocialnetworks, bookmark favorite websites, and navigate the webwithouttyping. ★ Add-ons With add-ons such as Speed Booster, Web toPDF,Translate, Screen Cut, Dolphin Video, Dolphin QR &BarcodeScanner and much you can enjoy the best services all forfree. 👍Welove to hear your feedback, so send us an email📧[email protected] and if you like what you see please takeaminute to rate us! Website: JoinDolphinFacebook Fan page: on Twitter:!/DolphinBrowser
Dolphin Browser Express: News 11.5.08
🐬 Dolphin Browser is a super-fast, safe and secure browserforAndroid. Dolphin Browser quickly loads webpages, users canreadwebpages in any language. We outperform other browsers inmanyways, including faster loading speed and betterplayer.DolphinBrowser provides you global hot news.Dolphin Browserspeeds upmobile browsing by shifting the workload from theresource-limiteddevices to the cloud servers, andresource-demanding webpages canrun super-fast on your phones ortablets. And you can downloadeverything fast and safely. Alltraffic from Dolphin Browser serverare encrypted, which protectsyou from hackers. It’s safe to usepublic non-secure WiFi throughDolphin Browser. Dolphin Browseruses proprietary compressionalgorithm to transmit web data to yourdevice, and it can save up to90% of your bandwidth on regular webbrowsing. (Please be noted thatstreaming Flash content or videosrequires more bandwidth than thenormal usage.)Download Dolphin tofast Internet access and savetime. You will find Dolphin Browseris very convenience and it willbe a prerequisite software of yourphone!Features:✔ Speed dialYoucan set speed dial for you own! Putwhatever you like on yourhomepage, you can visit without anytyping.✔ Global hot newsWe willonly provide you latest news foryou.Thousands of news will beupdated every day and you can alsoget related news in detailpages.✔ Great classification fornews.Best browser with latest news.We have so many categories,such as Politic, World, Sports and so on-- you don’t need todownload another news app, just read and enjoyDolphin.✔ AdBlockWith helps from our users, Dolphin Browser adBlockwill block outmost annoying Ads on Main sites. With AdBlocker, youcan blockpopups, banners & ad-videos.✔ Personalized searchUseyourfavorite search engine, we support main engines well.✔Intuitivevisual tabsOpen as many tabs as you like without losingtrack ofyour open Web pages.✔ Control Videos withGesturesVolume,brightness, progress, etc. can all be controlled bygestures inDolphin Browser✔ Night ModeSwitch to night mode to readmorecomfortably at night.✔ SonarDolphin Browser lets you use yourvoiceto search, share on your favorite social networks,bookmarkfavorite websites, and navigate the web on your phone. ✔Sync fromall your devicesHow if someone buy a new phone? Nevermind! ThroughDolphin account, you can sync your bookmarks,settings, historydata, password. Anyway, you can close it toprotect your personaldata safe.We love hearing from you. 📧 Contactus [email protected] and rate us now!
Dolphin Video - Flash Player For Android 1.3
★★★★★ Your video player cannot play Flash videos or othervideoformats? Tired of using video decoder to reformat video everytime,when you just want to play Flash? Do you want to watchYouTubevideos and free movies online, but your media player forandroidcan only play local videos? If your answer is YES, DolphinVideoPlayer is the best choice for you! With Dolphin Video, youcanwatch Live Streaming for TV, soccer, and other interestingevents.Complete collection of on demand video for news, sinetron,soccer,horror, korean drama, TV shows, music, dangdut, latestsongs, celebgossip, funny videos and all other video genres forFREE. 🚀GreatFeatures🚀✔Flash Support Dolphin Video Player forAndroid can playsall ultra high definition video (HD video) filesincluding Flash(flv, swf). Relax and enjoy your favorite videos,free movies, TVshows, music clips, imax videos, game stream,sport’s live stream,TV series and any other kind of videos on yourphone or watch itonline. Most video formats are supported (Flash(flv, swf), avi,3gp, mpeg, mp4, mpeg-ts, mpeg-4 sp, mpga, webm,mkv, m4a, wmv, rm,rmvb, mp3, ogg, m3u8, aac, m4v, wav, vob, mpg,tp, dat, asf, mov,etc.), so you do not need to look for a videodecoder to reformatvideo.✔Free, no duration limit The app iscompletely free, as amedia player, Dolphin Video can not only playhigh-definitionvideos, movies and flash files, but also playmusic.✔Simple andconvenient You don’t need to install flash playerto playback flashvideos using Dolphin Video Player. ✔One FingerControl Regulatevolume, brightness or jump to any point in thevideo by swipingleft/right or up/down on the screen. You also canrotate screenorientation while watching movies;✔Smart File ManagerDolphin VideoPlayer will automatically identify all video filessaved on yourphone, so you can easily playback them; ✔Play Videosonline Justpaste the URL of the video file you want to playback into thesearch box and watch it online! You can watch streamed videosusingour free video player as well;✔Search Videos online Enjoywatchingvideos from YouTube, Dailymotion, Vimeo, Twitch, moviechannel onNetflix and any other video website you like! Go browsingwith thebest media browser Dolphin! Supported video formats Flash(flv,swf), avi, 3gp, divx, mp4, mpeg-ts, mpeg-4 sp, mpga, webm,mkv,quicktime, h.263, h.264 avc, h.265 hevc, vp8, vp9, m4a, wmv,rmvb,mp3, ogg, m3u, m3u8, aac, m4v, wav, vob, mpg, tp, wpl, dat,asf,mov, etc.If you found a video format, which wasn’t supportedbyDolphin Video Player for android, but can be supported by anyothervideo players, please send us feedback at [email protected] andwewill try our best to fix it! Supported Network Protocols•RTSP(RTP, SDP)• HTTP/HTTPS progressive streaming• HTTP/HTTPSlivestreamingDolphin Video Player is a free video player forAndroid,which developed by the Dolphin Browser Team. You also canuse itwith Dolphin Browser, the best media browser with extensiveFlashsupport, Private Mode and the most customizable browsingexperienceon the market. We have already reached over 150 Milliondownloadson Android and iOS worldwide and are very happy to receivepositivefeedback from you every day. To get more Dolphin Add-onspleasevisit: ❤ We love hearing fromyou.Contact us at [email protected] and rate us today! 🐬 JointheDolphin Browser community on:Facebook: on our website: you are looking for aflash player forandroid or epic internet video player, DolphinVideo Player is thebest choice for you!
Dolphin 1.0.10
Magma Mobile
Discover the highly anticipated game from Magma Mobile: Dolphin!With this Eco Friendly game, control with your finger yourowndolphin. Your oceanic environment will be filled withOctopusesthat you will have to avoid to survive. As you challengeyourselfto become an even stronger dolphin, your goal will be tocollect asmany stars as possible and to go as far as possible. Easygame tolearn. Difficult to master ! We also included a childversion as wewant the entire family to play this ecco friendlygame. There isalso a time attack mode with the focus on reachingthe highestdistance possible. To become a Dolphin master you willhave tocollect all the games' achievements. Will you be up tothechallenge ? Dolphin includes HD Graphics and is alreadyavailableon Google TV !
Dolphin Racing 3D 1.3
Paddle into this aquatic adventure!Bask in the tropical watersandwarm sun as a merry, colorful dolphin! In this competitiveracinggame, wiggle your tail as fast as you can to get to thefinishingline first! Make a SPLASH in the water by jumping over funhurdleslike spiked buoys and floating hoops. Bop beach balls out ofyourway! Make sharp turns to out-swim your competitors! Movethosefins! Finally, collect coins placed on your way to upgrade,andbooster rings to boost your speed. On your way, performamazingjumping stunts. Different textured dolphin representingdifferentcountries with flags are ready to double the fun!DolphinRacing 3DFeatures:•Smooth Tilt and swipe function tocontroldolphin.•Amazing Dolphin Racing Missions.•Different RacingMode todouble the fun e.g. Simple, Career and double betmode.•Realistic3D visual and cool sound effects.•Eclectic texturesof Dolphin tochoose from.•Spectacular and Challenging 3DEnvironment.•Intuitive,Responsive and Realistic Gameplay.AboutTapinatorTapinator (Ticker:TAPM) designs, develops, and publishesgames on mobile platforms.The Company’s portfolio includes over 250mobile gaming titlesthat, collectively, have achieved over 350million playerdownloads. Tapinator is headquartered in New York.For more info,visit
Dolphin Training Camp 1.3
Wow, the dolphin training show must be very excellent. Therearelots of audience today want to see the nice and cleverdolphin’sshow. Let’s start the show immediately. Catch some smallfish tocure the dolphin firstly. Try your best to make up forthebeautiful trainer as beautiful as you can and dress up forthedolphin lovely. Let the dolphin have the most wonderfulperformanceto show us today. Features: 1 Catch some small fish tocure thedolphin 2 Dolphin training show 3 Decorate the dolphinlovely 4Dolphin trainer girl facial cleaning 5 DIY make up processfor thegirl trainer 6 Dress up for the trainer 7 Show us thedolphin andtrainer
Dolphin Battery Saver 3.1.0
Optimize your Dolphin Browser by saving battery, browsingfaster,and protecting your browsing history. Key features: •Batterysaver: save power and extend your smartphone’s battery lifewith‘One Click Optimize’.• Browse faster: improve your browsingspeedby ending unnecessary background apps.• Security manager:protectyour browsing security by receiving a warning when on awebsitewith untrusted Web of Trust (WOT) ratings. You can also viewtheWOT ratings of each page. Dolphin Battery Saver is anexclusiveAdd-on for Dolphin Browser. For more Add-ons,visit: questions, feedback,orsuggestions? Join the Dolphin community on:Facebook:
Dolphin Top4
Esta web esta creada para facilitar la formación y lacomunicacióndel los miembros de Dolphin Top 4. Muchas personas denuestroequipo pasan horas al día en transporte público orealizandoactividades en las que podrían aprovechar para formarse.Estaaplicación está pensada para ellos. This site is designedtofacilitate the formation and communication of members DolphinTop4. Many of our team spend hours a day on public transportorengaged in activities that could be exploited to form.Thisapplication is intended for them.
Dolphin Live Wallpapers 1.0
Dolphin Live Wallpapers ~Enjoy these High Quality Wallpapersofdolphins on your screen !You will like this app if you are a fanofocean, fishes and landscapes !Features :- Beautiful sceneryandanimation- Low usage of the battery- FreeHow to install :Home->Long Press -> WallpapersDolphin Live Wallpapers ~EnjoyHighQuality Wallpapers thesis of dolphins on your screen!You willlikethis app if you are a fan of ocean, fishesandlandscapes!Features:- Beautiful scenery and entertainment- Lowuseof the battery- FreeHow to install:Home -> Long Press->Wallpapers
Shiny Shake Dolphin 1.6.2
Shake your phone to switch between colors or the open tabsonDolphin Browser(Formerly Dolphin Browser HD). With ShinyShakeDolphin, you can - Change Dolphin themes (colors) or switchtoanother open tab conveniently by shaking your mobile phone-Adjustsensitivity to shakesShiny Shake Dolphin is an exclusiveAdd-on forDolphin Browser. For more Add-ons,visit: questions, feedback,orsuggestions? Join the Dolphin community on:Facebook:
LastPass for Dolphin *Premium 3.3.2
LogMeIn, Inc.
Dolphin Browser extension for the award-winning LastPasspasswordmanager. Fast, easy and simple; securely syncs yourpasswordsacross all your browsers and devices.Key Features:-Built-inbrowser that will automatically fill your login informationforeach of your saved LastPass sites.- Automatically fill forms onallsites.- Secure Password Generator.- Add, update, and deleteSecureNotes and Sites.* 14-day free trial, requires $24/yearLastPassPremium subscription afterwards.Allows you to utilizeDolphinBrowser instead of or in addition to the LastPassbrowser/app forAndroid. Use the Toolbar icon under 'Menu' inDolphin to seeit!Note: LastPass runs in the same process asDolphin, soapplications that monitor data usage combine the usageof LastPasswith the usage of Dolphin itself. These applicationsalso oftendisplay the LastPass icon instead of the Dolphin icon,causing itto look at first glance like LastPass is using a greatdeal ofdata, when in reality Dolphin is using most of the data.
Dolphin Ultimate Flag 1.1.3
Keep your smartphone protected! Dolphin Ultimate Flag showsthesecurity index of websites, as well as the countries andregionsassociated with them. Dolphin Ultimate Flag is an exclusiveAdd-onfor Dolphin Browser. For more Add-ons,visit: questions, feedback,orsuggestions? Join the Dolphin community on:Facebook:
Dolphin Tab Reload 1.5.2
Automatically reload a page to stay current with websitecontent.Especially good with sports scores, news, stocks, andsocialmedia.Dolphin Tab Reload is an exclusive Add-on forDolphinBrowser. For more Add-ons,visit: questions, feedback,orsuggestions? Join the Dolphin community on:Facebook:
Dolphin Autofill by Fillr 1.9.1
Filling out forms on your mobile is painful. Fillr for Dolphinisthe world’s most accurate and intelligent autofill.No morepinchingand zooming, Fillr is fast and simple, helping you fill outformsat the tap of a button. With Fillr your profile data issecurelyPIN protected and only ever stored locally on your device,fullyencrypted within the Fillr app.Why would you download thisapp?Because you are tired of filling stuff out on your phone ortabletand you want a solution that’s both accurate and secure!Thinkaboutit… transacting on a mobile device means small screens,tinykeyboards, navigating from field to field only to click onthewrong area and end up on another site... Not with Fillr!Fillrstandardizes any mobile form into a format you can easily readandsecurely fill at the tap of a button.We’ve also spent thetimemapping millions of forms on the world’s most populare-commerceplatforms and biggest brands meaning uncanny accuracy isourstarting point! Oh and if we get a form wrong… let us know… wewillfix it to be perfect for the next time you visit!As you filloutforms using Fillr your profile grows with you, making fillingoutforms in the future a breeze.SECURELY FILL FORMS FASTFillingoutforms on your mobile with small screens and tiny keyboards isslowand tedious. Fillr protects you by always requesting a PIN andthencompletes mobile web forms instantly. Spend less time bookingyourholiday and more time enjoying it!MILITARY-GRADE 256-BITAESENCRYPTIONWe cannot access your data. It is PIN protectedandstored locally on your mobile device, out of the cloud,usingmilitary-grade 256-bit AES encryption.CHOOSE WHAT YOU WANTYouhavemultiple addresses, emails and credit cards. Fillr allows youtochoose the right info at the right time to fill formswithaccuracy.YOUR INFORMATION IN ONE PLACEWhen filling out forms,yourinfo can be hard to remember or inaccessible. Your detailsarestored out of the cloud and only within your Fillr app, readytouse whenever you want.CONSTANTLY EVOLVINGIf you hit a formthatFillr doesn’t fill correctly simply let us know and we will fixitfor the next time you visit!🚀Dolphin Add-ons🚀- Dolphin VideoPlayer– Flash Player;- Screen Cut – Screenshot app;- Web to PDFConverter& Editor;- Speed Booster for Android;- DolphinTranslate -Translator;- Dolphin QR & Barcode Scanner;- DolphinReader;-Dolphin Battery Saver;- Dolphin Jetpack- Bookmarks Widget-DolphinBrightness- Dolphin Tab Reload- Dolphin Show IP- DolphinUltimateFlag- Pocket for Dolphin- Dropbox for Dolphin- Box forDolphin-Dolphin Alexa RankDolphin Autofill by Fillr is one of themostunique & free apps for Dolphin Browser. You can use it likeanexclusive Add-on for Dolphin Browser, the best mobile browserwithextensive Flash support, Private Mode and the mostcustomizablebrowsing experience on the market. We have alreadyreached over 150Million downloads on Android and iOS worldwide andare very happyto receive positive feedback from you every day. Toget moreDolphin Add-ons pleasevisit: [email protected] the Dolphin Facebook Fanpage: Follow Dolphin onTwitter:!/DolphinBrowserLearn more on ourwebsite:🐬❤👪, 🚄🚃📷🎥🎧🎮🎡🎠🎢🌏🚃, 🚀🏁🏆🎆
Dolphin Tab History 1.2.3
Tab History displays the browsing history of each tab in alist.With Dolphin Tab History, you can:- Go back or forward in listbyjust clicking a tab link on Tab HistoryTab History is anexclusiveAdd-on for Dolphin Browser. For more Add-ons,visit: questions, feedback,orsuggestions? Join the Dolphin community on:Facebook:
Dolphin WhoIs 2.0
Queries the current website’s domain and owner information.DolphinWhoIs is an exclusive Add-on for Dolphin Browser. For moreAdd-ons,visit: questions,feedback, orsuggestions? Join the Dolphin community on:Facebook:
Box for Dolphin 1.3.1
Now save all of your files or webpages to the Cloud with BoxforDolphin! This newest Add-on, Box for Dolphin enables userstoeasily save content from the Web or local files to yourBoxaccount. - Download Box for Dolphin Add-on here!- ConnectDolphinto your Box account - Download any webpage or file fromDolphindirectly to BoxJust one more way to save you time and easilygetyour content with Dolphin Browser. 2.0 on Dolphin! Lets you listen to, the best inonlineradio, while browsing the web on your mobile phone. - Openanonline radio station - Enjoy program from while youarebrowsing the is an exclusive Add-on forDolphinBrowser(Formerly Dolphin Browser HD). Just search “DolphinBrowser” in Android Market or download here: an Add-on?Beef up your DolphinBrowser (Formerly Dolphin BrowserHD)by installing your favoriteAdd-ons. Similar to a desktopPlug-in, each Add-on will providesadditional functionality onmobile device. Forgot password? PasswordManager can help. Want anew look for your Dolphin? Download ShinyShake to change colors.Want to read a webpage in French? GetDolphin Translate. Click hereto learn more: popular DolphinAdd-ons:•Dolphin YouTube Search• Web to PDF• Dolphin PasswordManager Lite•Dolphin Translate• Dolphin Browser FasterJoin theDolphincommunity!Facebook: further suggestions,pleasecontact at [email protected]
Dolphin Show IP 1.4.2
Check website information by displaying the IP address ofthecurrent page. You can also save phone memory by saving thiswebtool to the phone/SD card. Dolphin Show IP is an exclusiveAdd-onfor Dolphin Browser. For more Add-ons,visit: questions, feedback,orsuggestions? Join the Dolphin community on:Facebook:
Dolphin Brightness 1.2.1
Easily change the screen brightness of your current webpage.DolphinBrightness is an exclusive Add-on for Dolphin Browser.For moreAdd-ons, visit:,feedback, or suggestions? Join the Dolphin community on:Facebook:
Dropbox for Dolphin 1.3.1
Upload downloaded files directly from Dolphin to Dropbox andbringthem with you everywhere. To activate Dropbox for Dolphin:1.Connect Dolphin with your Dropbox account2. Upload downloadedfilesin Dolphin to your Dropbox 3. Access your Dolphindownloadsanywhere via DropboxDropbox for Dolphin is an exclusiveAdd-on forDolphin Browser. For more Add-ons,visit: questions, feedback,orsuggestions? Join the Dolphin community on:Facebook:
Dolphin: Morning Coffee 1.6
Open the websites you open daily upon launching Dolphin withMorningCoffee.Dolphin: Morning Coffee is an exclusive Add-on forDolphinBrowser. For more Add-ons,visit: questions, feedback,orsuggestions? Join the Dolphin community on:Facebook:
Evernote for Dolphin 1.1.2
Allows you to quickly clip the content from any website anduploaddirectly to your Evernote account. Stay productive by keepingthefull webpage content you want to refer to later inthecloud.Evernote for Dolphin is an exclusive Add-on forDolphinBrowser. Just search Dolphin Browser in Android Market ordownloadhere: Widget is anexclusiveAdd-on for Dolphin Browser. For more Add-ons,visit: questions, feedback,orsuggestions? Join the Dolphin community on:Facebook:
Dolphin Mega Launcher Theme 1.3
Specially designed for Mega Launcher , provides delicate appicons,wallpapers, folder and app drawer interface. Get it right nowandhave a completely new makeover of yourAndroidsmartphone.★Notice:This is not a stand alone app - Must haveMegaLauncher to use!Click here to install Mega LauncherHow to ApplytheTheme:- Directly open the theme after successful installation.-Click Apply Theme Button.
Dolphin Live Wallpaper 1.0.6
Dolphin is cute animal of ocean . So, Dolphin Live Wallpaperwillbring for your android devices beautiful background. WithDolphinLive Wallpaper user can choose more live wallpaper for mydeviceand choose star effect, heart effect for event touchscreendevices. This app will bring great experiences for yourselfwithyour lovely phone.
Dolphin: Text Sizer 1.4.2
Quickly adjust font size to help you browse small text witheasewithin Dolphin Browser(Formerly Dolphin Browser HD).Web/Internetbrowsing and Internet browsing has never been so easy;resize,magnify, and change webpage and webpage text with just aclick of abutton. -Helps you quickly adjust font size of the webpage you arevisiting.-You can adjust the text size on a web pagefrom small tohuge to fit your mobile browsing need with ease.Dolphin Text Sizeris an exclusive Add-on for Dolphin Browser. Formore Add-ons,visit: questions,feedback, orsuggestions? Join the Dolphin community on:Facebook:
Submarine World[Dolphin Theme] 1.0
This is a customized theme for Dolphin Browser.How touse:Theprogram must be installed based on Dolphin Browser DownloadDolphinBrowser:
Pocket for Dolphin 1.0.2
No time to read an article? Save any page to Pocket with oneclick!You can view the page later on any device, anywhere. ThePocketAdd-on lets you: • Save any webpage to Pocket without leavingthepage• Add tags when saving for easier access to your PocketreadinglistPocket for Dolphin is an exclusive Add-on for DolphinBrowser.For more Add-ons, visit:, feedback, orsuggestions? Join the Dolphin community on:Facebook:
Dolphin Alexa Rank 1.4.2
View the Alexa traffic rank of the current website fromwithinDolphin Browser. With this web ranking tool, you can getquickaccess to site reputation, regional page rank, page viewsbycountry, and overall site rank. Dolphin Alexa Rank is anexclusiveAdd-on for Dolphin Browser. For more Add-ons,visit: questions, feedback,orsuggestions? Join the Dolphin community on:Facebook:
Dolphin Relax 1.3
Everyone loves dolphins ! And not in vain !New ! Two in one !Theapplication allows you to set the time to listen relaxingmusic,the sounds of dolphins to relax and watch a slide showwithdolphins on the screen of your smartphone or tablet. Manypeopleexperience insomnia at some point.You don't have to put upwithsleepless nights. Dolphins Relax app can help you. Also,theapplication presents a game where you need to touch adolphinfast,but it's not so easy ...! We hope that this app will befunfor kids and adults!If you enjoy the app - we were askedtoevaluate it in order to let more people know about it and canuseit to remember our brothers - the dolphins, relax and unwind.Moredetails about the app and authors of thesite:http://anvarelax.blogspot.comAll comments and suggestions canbesent to e-mail: [email protected] We are pleased to answeryouand will try to accommodate your comments !Yours! anva-development team
Dolphin Tab Mix Plus 1.3.2
Quickly complete duplicate, copy URL of open tab and more.Enhanceyour productivity with these key features: - Duplicate yourcurrenttab- Copy URL link of the current tab- Copy your currenttab- Addyour current tab to BookmarksDolphin Tab Mix Plus is anexclusiveAdd-on for Dolphin Browser. For more Add-ons,visit: questions, feedback,orsuggestions? Join the Dolphin community on:Facebook:
Dolphin keyboard Dolphin theme ocean The sea 10001003
There are many legends about dolphins, and some are true.Forexample, the Greek historian Lu Tu Tu Tu in the "Arian legend,"abook recorded such an incredible story: Yarion is living in the6thcentury BC, the famous lyric poet and musicians, Once inItalyafter the tour, a large number of money to take a boat toreturn toCorinth, on the way, sailors see money jealousy, trying tomurder.At that time, Arion asked him to sing a song, sailorsagreed. Whoknows, his beautiful song actually attracted countlessmarinemonster! After he was thrown into the sea, one of them puthim onthe shore. This mysterious animal is the famous dolphin. Eveninmodern times, the activities of the dolphins have beenrepeated,such as the "History of Nature" magazine published in1949,published a Florida lawyer was submerged in the sea was a comainthe past, just the occasion of life and death, near adolphinPushed her on the beach.shark theme
Dolphin Blue LWP Trial 1.0.2
Rooty Pict is shining inthebackground the moon, it is a live wallpaperfantasticTheaccessories like, let's change the wallpaper for thefeeling of theday!This is Trial
Cute Dolphin Keyboard
Themes World
Dolphins are some of the most beautiful sea creatures known tomanand we know you like them as well, so we created CUTEDOLPHINKEYBOARD! DOWNLOAD Cute Dolphin Keyboard NOW and takethemeverywhere with you!- To install, just follow the 3 steps:openafter downloading, press "Set as Active Theme" and select thethemefrom the following page!- The amazing HD screenshots we addedwillshow you just how great this theme will look on yourphonekeyboard! - This theme uses GO Keyboard, so if you do not haveitinstalled, you will be redirected to a download page!- Themenusfor this theme come with 48 different languagetranslations!Takethe time to RATE and COMMENT after you install,your opinion willhelp us improve our work! And do not hesitate tocontact us [email protected] with any suggestions orquestions youhave!This theme uses a free font which can be foundat and brusheswhichcan be foundat
Dolphin Tab Switcher 2.0
For quick navigation between tabs when browsing in full screenorreading long web pages.Dolphin Tab Switcher is an exclusiveAdd-onfor Dolphin Browser. For more Add-ons,visit: questions, feedback,orsuggestions? Join the Dolphin community on:Facebook:
Dolphins Relax 1.7
Everyone loves dolphins ! And they are right! :)New ! Two inone!The application allows you to set the time to listenrelaxingmusic, the sounds of dolphins to relax and watch a slideshow withdolphins on the screen of your smartphone or tablet.Manypeopleexperience insomnia at some point.You don't have to put upwithsleepless nights. Dolphins Relax app can help you.Also,theapplication presents a game where you need to touch adolphinfast,but it's not that easy ...!We hope that this app willbe funfor kids and adults!The app is free, but we released thepaidversion, which has even more music, photos and most importantly-the 3D dolphin !If you enjoy the app - we would kindly ask youtoevaluate it in order to let more people know about it andwillremind you of our brothers - the dolphins, relax andunwind.Formore details about the app and authors of thesite:http://anvarelax.blogspot.comAll comments and suggestions canbesent to e-mail: [email protected] are pleased to answer youandwill try to reply to all of your comments !Yours,anva -thedevelopment team.
Dolphin Themes 1.0
Our application Dolphin Themes created specifically for allnaturelovers, fans of dangerous, untamed wildlife, for all thosewho careabout the surrounding flora and fauna, who is mad aboutourlittAnimals Horsend enjoy them every day!-Optimized To runonsmartphones and tablets manufacturers.-Testing the on deviceswithAndroid OS 2.3 and above.-Convenient And easy interface.-SaveAnyimages on the SD memory card to share with friends via Inter,emailand social networks.-Supplement for free.
Dolphin Live Wallpapers 27.0
Dolphin Live Wallpapers is a super beautiful livewallpaperapplication. User can use to set background for theirphone. Usercan :- Use 5 image for set background.- Touch in screento seestar, heart.
Dolphin Wallpapers 1.0
Have a look over some of the best collection of Dolphinwallpapers.Have a glance over it and it might help you relax for awhile.Features:• All the best HD wallpapers and backgrounds!Free!•Unlimited customization, Low battery consumption andamazingperformance all in one wallpaper app!• Can be used offline.•Thiswallpaper can be kept as background images, screensaver,wallpapers etc.• Can be shared with other devicesusingBluetooth/SMS/mail etc.Disclaimer: All logos/images/namesarecopyright of their perspective owners. All the images in thisappare available on public domains. This image is not endorsed byanyof the perspective owners, and the images are used simplyforaesthetic purposes. No copyright infringement is intended, andanyrequest to remove one of the images/logos/names will behonored.This application is an unofficial fan based application. Wealwaysrespect your creationKeywords: Dolphin wallpapers, bestdolphinwallpapers, Dolphin dive wallpapers best dolphin images, HDDolphinpictures
Night Mode For Dolphin Browser 10.2.0
Night Mode is an add-on great for night time use. With NightMode,you can:-Dim your screen down to proper brightness withonetouch.-Protect your eyes from getting hurts when browsing indimlight.-Save battery life.Note: Night Mode is only compatiblewithDolphin Browser v10.1.2 beta2 and above.Night Mode is anexclusiveAdd-on for Dolphin Browser (Formerly Dolphin Browser HD).Justsearch “Dolphin Browser” in Google Play or downloadhere: is an Add-on?Beef up yourDolphinBrowser by installing your favorite Add-ons. Similar to adesktopPlug-in, each Add-on will provides additional functionalityonmobile device. Forgot password? Password Manager can help. Wantanew look for your Dolphin? Download Shiny Shake to changecolors.Want to read a webpage in French? Get Dolphin Translate.Click hereto learn more:
Dolphin Live Wallpaper 1.0
Dolphin Live Wallpaper is the amazing new app offers youwonderfulanimated backgrounds of beautiful dolphins swimming indeep bluewater allows you to feast your eyes on these lovely andplayful seaanimals while they play around and put on the cutestshow on theplanet. These dolphin pics will make you wanna swim withdolphinsunder the sea!Dolphin Live Wallpaper is the most beautifulnew appfor your mobile.You don’t have to dive into a deep ocean tosee alldolphin species! You will almost be able to hear themagicaldolphin music while you gaze at a beautiful sunset in thesky –just tap on your phone or tablet screen and see morejoyousdolphins jumping together. The sight is trulymarvelous!Breathtaking images capturing the magic of the dolphinshow can beyours for free. Download “Dolphins Live Wallpaper” anddecorateyour screen in a best possible way. Beautiful wallpapersandfantastic screen savers are waiting for you! General Features:-Youwill see the beautiful twinkle stars when you touch on thescreen.-Setting speed of stars appear.- Setting with 10beautifulbackgrounds HD Quality of dolphin for FREE!- Easyinstallation andconfiguration of the Space Wallpaper with custommade core app.-Available for all screen resolutions. Compatiblewith manysmartphones and tablets.- Screen rotation supported.-Shuts downcompletely when not visible to save maximum speed andbattery.Touse: Home -> Menu -> Wallpapers -> LiveWallpapersThankyou so much!
Dolphin Live Wallpaper 1.7
Dolphin Live Wallpaper dolphins Live Wallpaper is awesome newappfor your mobile. This amazing new app offers you wonderfulanimatedbackgrounds of beautiful dolphins swimming in deep bluewater. Youwill see all dolphin species without diving into a deepocean!Fantastic images of dolphins will amaze all your friends getthesecool backgrounds as soon as possible. Download “dolphinsLiveWallpaper” and decorate your screen in a best possibleway.Beautiful wallpapers and fantastic screen savers are waitingforyou! These dolphin pics will make you want swim with dolphinsunderthe sea, you can customize your mobile home screen with seventypesof dolphins images. Some types of bubbles move slowly front ofthedolphin images, you can use as wallpaper with blank selectatsettings or you can use it as live wallpaper with random optionorchosen one type of bubbles. If you touch the bubble its willpopsup, you can play as it game on your leaser time and have fun.Getdolphins live wallpaper for free.
Dolphin Wallpapers 2.3
There is a full gallery of carefully selected Dolphin Wallpapersforyou to set them on all your mobile devices. Our galleriesincludesthe best of different amazing wallpapers for smart mobilephones.Personalize your mobile with the beautiful DolphinWallpapers andhave an unusual ambiance and mood on your phone. Theapp features: -contains wallpaper for mobile use - You can setDolphin Wallpapersas background image - Save phone wallpapers toSD Card (memory card)- Doesn't need internet connection to viewand use the wallpapers! -It is completely free - Easy to share theDolphin Wallpapers onsocial networks, emails or messaging appslike whatsapp We haveselected the best and most beautiful: and putthem in ourapplication. PS 1: This is not a live DolphinWallpapers applicationor a wallpaper hd app. But some of theimages are hd wallpapers. PS2: Do not forget to rate our app afterusingit.=================================================================================Disclaimer:All the trademarks and copyrights are reserved to therespectiveowners . Contents compiled from various internetsources. If youhave the feeling there is a copyright or trademarkviolation directthat does not follow Within the "fair use"guidelines , pleasekindly contact us via the email below.
Dolphin: Skitch Add-on 1.1
Skitch for Dolphin Browser lets you annotate and drawon-screencaptures and images, then share them with your friends,family andanyone else you deem worthy. Skitch adds a personal touchto theimpersonal - you will have a blast with it.Skitch forDolphinBrowser is an exclusive Add-on for Dolphin Browser. FormoreAdd-ons, visit:,feedback, or suggestions? Join the Dolphin community on:Facebook:
Dolphin A Faster Reader Add-on 1.1
This is an add-on for "Dolphin" (one of the fastest AndroidWebBrowsers), that allows you to use "A Faster Reader".Withthisadd-on, you can read any webpage with A Faster Reader with onlyoneclick!Read text like you're watching video! AFR uses the"RapidSerial Visual Presentation" method to allow you to read morewordsper minute than you can imagine.It's very easy to use:1-Installthe A Faster Reader Dolphin Add-on.1- Open the DolphinBrowser2-Navigate to a web page you want to read3- Tap the AFR logoon thenavigation bar4- Read the webp age up to 1000 words perminute!ThisApplication needs "Dolphin Browser for Android" and "AFasterReader"[email protected]://
Web to PDF Converter & Editor 2.4
★★★★★Still looking for a simple and convenient PDF ConverterandEditor? Do you like to read, but don’t want to consume a lotofdata and battery on your phone? Just convert the webpage toPDFformat and read it offline any time you want. And Web toPDFConverter and Editor will help you with it. Features✔OfflineReading - Convert web2pdf for offline reading in PDFviewer. Accessthe page any time you want!✔Traffic and Battery Saver– Tired ofloading the same page hundreds of times every day? Justconvert itto PDF format and save your traffic and batteryconsumption;✔Accurate page rendering after conversion from web2pdf– Web to PDFConverter and Editor will provide you with the bestoffline readingexperience. Reading is enjoying, it’s not supposedto be hardwork;✔Light and simple interface – web 2 pdf is eveneasier to usewith friendly interface of Web to PDFConverter;✔Convenient FileManager - Easily find PDF file in DolphinDownloads and open inwith the PDF viewer;✔Smart Renaming – usingWeb to PDF Converter insaving webpages to PDF format is even moresimple and convenientthan you can imagine. Even if you deleted theformat symbols like“.pdf” (you know), Web to PDF Converter willconvert it for you! ✔Easy access from Dolphin Browser How to use-Open the webpage youwant to convert to PDF format;- Open the rightsidebar and clickWeb to PDF;- Name the file and press the Savebutton;- Find thesaved PDF file in Dolphin Downloads and open itwith the PDF viewerWeb to PDF Converter and Editor is one of themost unique &free apps developed by the Dolphin Browser Team.You can use itlike an exclusive Add-on for Dolphin Browser, to getmore DolphinAdd-ons please visit: DolphinBrowserDolphin Browseris the full featured best web browser forAndroid. Download DolphinBrowser for free to surf the Internetwith unique features includingadblock, incognito browsing (Privatebrowsing), gesture, sonar,flash player for Android tablets andphones.👍👍👍👍👍 Over 150,000,000downloads on Android and iOS👍👍👍👍👍Best Mobile Web Browser on AndroidMarket★ Flash playerGet the bestgaming and HD video experience withplayer for Android support onDolphin Browser.★ AdblockWith DolphinBrowser adblock add-on, youcan surf the web without the annoyingads. ★ IncognitobrowsingWithout leaving any history, cookiestraces, cache, etc.,Incognito Mode makes the browser perfectlyprivate and secret.★Fast downloadDownload HTML5, Flash videos andothers with blazingspeed from the Internet. ★ SyncSync yourhistory, bookmarks, andpasswords. Plus, easily open and push tabsand websites acrossAndroid, iPhone, iPad, mobile & pc browserincluding Chrome,Firefox, and Safari using Dolphin Connect. ★ CleanUI and fastnavigationLocalized preload top sites listed, such asFacebook,Amazon, ESPN, Reddit, Bing, etc. You can also add yourmost visitedwebsites as speed dial, then organize them easily withone touchaccess.★ GestureAccess the Internet by creating a personalGesturefor websites and common features. For example, drawing aletter ”G”to go to google. ❤ We love hearing from you. Contact [email protected] and rate us today! 🐬 Join the DolphinBrowsercommunity on:Facebook: on our website: Web2PDF and enjoyoffline reading anytimeyou want!🐬❤👪, 🚄🚃📷🎥🎧🎮🎡🎠🎢🌏🚃, 🚀🏁🏆🎆
Do Clean-Free phone optimizer 1.0.0
Easy, safe and fast, a gift by Dolphin and a wise choice foryourandroid!Do Clean-Free phone optimizer is a free app that canremovejunk, reclaim space, clean up your RAM, speed up yourAndroiddevice and extend its battery life.With just one click, itwillbring you a great speed!☆ Light but powerful:- Smallestinstallpackage with a powerful clean master and speedboosterfor your phone or tab, which can speed up your phone andremovejunk safely.- Keep track of your RAM and internal storagespace.☆Easy to use:- Optimize your Android device in just oneclick.-Simple, intuitive user interface which is easy to navigate.☆Safeand Accurate:- Analyze the junk-creating behavior of millionsofapps to ensure that Do Clean-Free phone optimizer canefficientlyfocus on its targets (cache and residual files) withperfectaccuracy.☆ Customizable:- With advanced cleaning featureslikeresidual junks and useless apk reminder, taskignorelist, etc. to customize your cleaningexperience.CLEANINGFUNCTIONS:► Memory Boost: Free up memory (RAM)and boost yourandroid phone by killing redundantbackgroundtasks ( background running progress);► JunkFilesCleaner: clear cache and residual files to reclaim yourstorage ofyour phone.► Useless apks: Find anddeleteuseless apks on your phone to free up morestoragespace.► Residual Files: Clear up residualdatafrom previously uninstalled applications.► Adverts:Clearup junk files from Android adware.► Task Ignore List: Addimportantapps to the task ignore list to keep running during thememory scanprocess.► Smart Reminder: Remind you about residual junkof appsuninstall oruseless apk aftersuccessfully installation, to helpyou to free up morestorage.*Keep your phone clean, safe and fast,and let the batterylife lasting longer using thebest*cached processes cleaner for Android!*Boost memoryofyour phone and stay connected!