Top 49 Games Similar to Jump That Fence

Horse Racing 2.2
Phan Tra
Introduction ---------------- Horse Racing is a free horseracingsimulation game for placing bets on the horses during thegame; thegame have 6 race horses. These horses are known by theircolors andtheir post position numbers. Horse Racing is based on thepopularand classic arcade game since 1980s Rules andPlay-------------------- The best race machine simulation features:-Race with six horses in each track. - All races result will bedonein less than 30 seconds game track. - Reference the racing cardandbet which horses will be the winner or the winner and therunnerup. - Winner odds + Horse 1 : Odds 3:1 + Horse 2 : Odds 3:1 +Horse3 : Odds 4:1 + Horse 4 : Odds 8:1 + Horse 5 : Odds 30:1 +Horse 6 :Odds 100:1 - Winner & Runner up odds + Horse 1 &Horse 2 :Odds 3:1 + Horse 1 & Horse 3 : Odds 4:1 + Horse 2& Horse 3: Odds 5:1 + Horse 1 & Horse 4 : Odds 8:1 + Horse2 & Horse4 : Odds 10:1 + Horse 3 & Horse 4 : Odds 20:1 +Horse 1 &Horse 5 : Odds 30:1 + Horse 2 & Horse 5 : Odds60:1 + Horse 3& Horse 5 : Odds 80:1 + Horse 4 & Horse 5 :Odds 100:1 +Horse 1 & Horse 6 : Odds 125:1 + Horse 2 &Horse 6 : Odds175:1 + Horse 3 & Horse 6 : Odds 250:1 + Horse 4& Horse 6: Odds 500:1 + Horse 5 & Horse 6 : Odds 1000:1 TopFeatures----------------- - The classic pictures and sounds, andthe realmachine algorithm and game methods! (It's amazing soundsand music)- Global leader board: You can show your skill to theplayersworldwide when you get on the top winners leader board. -Free chipbonus: here you can claim free chips after game over, soyou cankeep on playing and have fun! Horse racing arcade machine isone ofmy favorite and the best memory I ever have with my friends.It's afunny experience. Come on and join the game now!
Hull Live 3.2.14
Reach plc
Get the very latest news from Hull Live, with breaking news asithappens, sport updates, traffic alerts, and find out what’s oninyour area. Completely customisable, the Hull Live app allows youtotailor what news you consume, and when. The Hull Live app isthebest way to follow breaking news from Hull Live includingvideointerviews and latest traffic & travel reports. Keepup-to-datewith the latest in: • Top local news stories • BreakingUK andworld news • Football, Rugby and other sport news • Traffic&Travel news • Event listings and What’s On guides The Appalsofeatures: • Native tablet support for a better readingexperience •Join the conversation and comment on articles thatmatter to you •The ability to follow topics that matter to you •Follow yourfavourite authors like you do any topic • Resize thearticle textto help with your reading experience • The ability toread anarticle even when you are offline To offer feedback, send anemailto [email protected]
Jockey Viva Go 3.2.4
"Jockey Viva Go" is a Virtual Horse Racing Mobile Game whichismultiplayers interactive online game. Being a horse owner is notadream and it is FREE!!Player can have satisfaction and enjoymentofmanaging a stable of virtual racehorses. In the game, thehorsescan be obtained from the market, Lucky Draw or breeding. Theaim istraining horses to perfect condition in order to take part intherace and win.There are more than 100 races everyday. Besidesofthis, some special and important race events such asChallengeRace, Trophy Race, Betting Race and etc. will be organizedby thegame.Email : [email protected]:
Hill Cliff Horse - Online 5.3
FREE Online Multiplayer, Chat, Role play, and Ragdoll withfriendsand players around the world !- Talk to Horse NPC’sscatteredaround the maps to dress up your character, crazycombinationsavailable!Such as: Dragon and Pegasus wings, Beach ballsuit, Wolfmasks, Polka dot paints, Zombie, Donkey and Ghost skins,miniaturepony and Giant Stallion Horse sizes, Antlers, Sunglasses,Balloons,Unicorn Horns and lots more!- Trot, Canter, Gallop, JumpandRagdoll in big Beautiful maps.(beach, castle, igloo,farm,graveyard, city, meadow, forest, campsite, hurdles andmore!New:Latest map includes a King of the Hill mini game, dominatethe hillfor the Crown!- Flip, flop and drop with the HilariousRagdollPhysics button!Press ragdoll faster to get x1 x2 or x3boosts.-Activate Mods for extra features like Low gravity,Horrorspotlight, Snow effects, Mega Ragdoll and Anime Mode!- FirstPersonCamera button lets you see through your horses Eyes, eveninRagdoll and Pose mode!- Chat for free to other players, youcanchoose and decorate your own name and font colours!• MacManes•Chestnut Colours• Mia Paints• Peanut Sizes• Oreo Extras•SandyShoes• Willow Leg wraps• Misty Themes• Charlie Hats• MaddyMasks•Toffee Trails• Harvey Herds• Daisy Names• Bonnie ModsChat andnamesare Censored and Monitored, players trying to use bad languagebebanned from all my games, you have been warned!Created and runbyone person, thanks for playing and supporting me! ^_^ -DeveloperSte.
Horse Academy 3D 48.71
Blue Omega
Horse Academy is a real-time multiplayer Horse game whichfeaturesracing, show jumping, training, breeding and much more! Thegameskey features include: - Compete against opponents in liveactionraces where you take the control of your horses. - Race in64player tournaments that take place every 30 minutes andwinpromotions to become the ultimate trainer in the game! - CompeteinShow Jumping events in glorious 3D! - Over 400 Special Breeds.Fromrealistic breeds such as Gypsies and Clydesdales to fantasybreedssuch as Dragon Horses and Unicorns! - An active communitywith afriendly chat where you can make new friends, trade andcompete inprivate competitions against one another.
Rainbow Pony Makeover 1.2
Today is our princess birthday. All little girls birthday wish istohave a pony pet. Finally, today our princess birthday wishcometrue. She saw a flying gift box through the window over to her.Ohmy god, that is a big surprise. What is in the box? Tap toopen.You can't imagine what it is inside. It is a pony, a littlecutepink pony. Now our princess has a pony pet. Let's start to helpourprincess take care of her ... Download and play for FREE! Seeyouin Bear Hug Rainbow Pony Makeover... Product Features: -Amagicpony story to highlight your birthday wish -Customize yourdreampony exactly as you like -Bathe your pony till she's sparklingandclean -Give your pony a rainbow style makeover -Dye your ponytoany skin color as you like -Dressup your pony to the princesspetstyle -Tons of fashion rainbow hairstyle for your pony -Photoboothfun with your cute pony pet friend And so much more! Come onandjoin us to Bear Hug Rainbow Pony Makeover. Having problems?Anysuggestions? We would love to hear from you! You can find usonFacebook at Twitter at Formoreinformation about Bear Hug Media, pleasevisit
Mounted Horse Passenger Transport 1.0
Ever imagine or wanted to be a Passenger Horse Transporter,allowsyou to be a royal horse in this Horse Simulator 2018. This isaVirtual Horse Public Transporting Simulation game remindingtheVictorian era of horse carriages, car and royal chariot. Playthemost trending Horse Cart Transport game of 2018 with variouscityhorse army transport missions. Use your horse as a taxiandtake a ride in the real city horse carriage transporterbecausethis City Horse Passenger Transport Taxi Driver brings youthe realexperience of driving the royal old virtual horse-drawntaxi in thecity.Mounted Horse Passenger Transport Game play Thegameplay isvery interesting and simple. In this real horsesimulator game, youwill have control of horse buggy or horse cartwith onscreenbuttons and joystick. Bring your super unique horsecarriage tothem, wait till they sit inside carriage then drivecarriage to thedestination in an amazing stallion riding transportadventure game.Start your best horse adventure, pick the passengersor touristsand drop them to their respective destination. You willhave tocomplete all the levels within the given time otherwiseyou’ll beunable to go to the next level. Avoid your horse buggy orhorsecarriage taxi from hitting anything like buildings, trafficcars,and civilians. It is time to become the best horse rider incityhorse carriage transporter simulator of 2018. MountedHorsePassenger Transport Game Features➽ Mounted HorsePassengerTransport provides you various horses to ride.➽ Realistic3D CityEnvironment to become a virtual horse carriage driver2018.➽On-screen Joystick and smooth controls for easypassengertransportation. ➽ Transport passengers all around the citywithhorseback riding and horse cart riding➽ Different climatechangingfor the best city and offroad horse riding experience.DownloadMounted Horse Passenger Transport and enjoy the fun andthrill ofTaxi horses. These addictive game missions will enable youto facethe ultimate challenges and complete levels of Horseadventure.YourFeedbacks and ratings are valuable for us. Don'tforget to leave areview with your feedback. For more visitourWebsite:
Horse Derby Quest 2016 1.6
GIDDY UP!It’s time for Horse Derby Racing! Compete against thebestriders in the world. Break into a gallop and face all kindsofobstacles to win! The immersive 3D environment really setsthestage. Choose your favorite stallion and race to the victory intheultimate challenges against your competitors. Play for pride,butdon’t let it “run” away from you and prevent you fromwinningwithin the allotted time. At the same time, balance yourhorse’sstamina with the need for speed! Jump over hurdles and dodgemuddypatches to cross the finishing line first. Earn extra cashforevery clean jump and use the cash to buy better horses.Upgradeyour horse's abilities to win all the races and become theWorldChampion!Horse Derby Quest 2016 Features:•Realistic 3D HorseRacingTrack•Exciting Races And Challenges•Smooth Touch And TiltControlTo Maneuver Your Horse Easily•Awesome 3D Graphics And 3DSoundEffects•Beautiful 3D Animated Horses•DifferentWeatherConditionsAbout TapinatorTapinator (Ticker: TAPM) developsandpublishes games on leading mobile platforms. TheCompany’sportfolio includes over 300 mobile gaming titlesthat,collectively, have achieved over 450 million playerdownloads.Tapinator is headquartered in New York. For more info,
Horses Wallpapers 5.0
Horse wallpapers features the most beautiful horse pictures youwillfind on the store as well as 1000s of other wallpapers,categorisedand beautifully presented. From the makers of CoolWallpapers withover 7 million downloads!Every wallpaper has beenhandpicked by ourteam so only the best images make it on to theapp.► Share imageswith friends with Facebook, Instagram &Google+ integration.►See which wallpapers are popular or view thelatest wallpapers thathave been added.► Hundreds of wallpapers areadded each month.►Categorised backgrounds so that you can findyour new wallpaperquickly.► Save your favourite wallpapers as youbrowse.► Crop theimages to fit your device perfectly.Permissions& Mobile DataUsagePermissions are needed to showadvertisements and set thewallpaper. This keeps the app free todownload and allows us tocontinue developing more cool features!As with all wallpaper apps,Horse Wallpapers needs to downloadimage data when you are browsingand for this reason we recommendyou use the app on a WIFI networkto avoid consuming usageallowances.
Horsecraft: Survival and Crafting Game 1.2.HC.1.1
★★★★★ Welcome to Horsecraft! ★★★★★Are you looking foradventures?Want to ride a horse through the prairie into thesunset? Or do youwant to be able to do magic? Maybe you want tobuild a farm? Allthis and much more can be found in our new gameHorsecraft.Thereare wolves, cats, horses, rabbits, cows, pigs,sheep and muchmore.Find gold, diamonds, stones, raw materials, woodand makewhatever you want, for example Strong Ax, DeadlySword,Lightning-fast Bow, or build something beautiful, e.g. Ahouse, afarm, a village, or even a city.There is much to discoverandexplore. It becomes particularly interesting in survivalmode,where you are on your own and should createeverythingyourself.Let's go. Have a lot of fun. And please do notforget toleave a Comment. Because I'm happy about your opinion andwant tohear from you what you like about my game and what I couldpossiblyimprove.In addition, I would like to ask you, if younaturally havea desire to translate the description of the game toyour ownlanguage without errors and send me this to my email. Thatwould bea big help for me. Many Thanks!!!
Horse Wallpapers 1.0
Horse Wallpaper, it is incredibly beautiful and stylishwallpaperfor your android device! Set yourself a Horse Wallpaperand enjoythese powerful images to the fullest!. Horse Wallpaperthis greatpicture for your phone! Download Horse Wallpaper, set aswallpaperand enjoy Horse Wallpaper!Cool Horse Wallpaper appcontains manypicture of Horse for you phone!We provide variety ofHorseWallpaper such as : - horse wallpaper for bedrooms- horsewallpaperfor android- running horse wallpaper high resolution-horse hdwallpapers 1080p- horse wallpaper free download- horsehdwallpapers 1920x1080- horse wallpaper for mobile- runninghorsewallpaper for mobileand many more!!Get our apps now, and feeltheHorse within your mobile phone.
Star Stable Horses 2.60.2
Care for your very own baby foal! From the makers of StarStableOnline – the world’s fastest-growing horse adventure game forPCand Mac. • Complete daily training & fun tasks to keepyourfoal healthy and happy! • Watch your newborn foal grow up tobecomea beautiful horse! • Keep up to five horses in your stable! •Watchyour horses play together in the paddock! • Choose betweenmultiplehorse breeds & color variations! • New horses and gamecontentadded frequently! Once your foal is a fully-grown horse, youcanchoose to bring it over to Star Stable Online. For all thelatestStar Stable news, visit us
Horse Cart Racing Simulator 3D 1.2
In Horse derby racing league! Let’s double your fun and getthetitle of champion after winning this championship. A toptrending& best game of 2018 where you hold the fate of yourreal horsecart racing simulator and run on roads with breathtakingadventurestracks. Horse cart simulator game is an ancient ride ofroyalswhich is used for transport purposes. Hurry up rush now tokeepenjoying the crazy horse riding championship 2018. TIPS:-Completeall racing missions before allocated time period- Getspecialrewards and extra bonus - Choose your favorite player aswell ashorse buggy- Jump over the hurdles and obstaclesIf you lovethe oldera and the stallions, you will find so much fun with thishorseracing tournament 3d. If you love to play free horsecarriagetransport games, then you must try this game. We are surethat youhave not played such kind of horse derby racing league asyet. Showyou hidden talent and prove yourself that you are theworld’s besthorse rider. If you are in searching of horse cartsimulator game,then this game is best for you to play.Do you loveto play freehorse carriage transport games? If yes then What areyou waitingfor? Grab your handset device and play real horse cartracingsimulator. Get the more fame for the sake of your countrybywinning the horse riding championship 2018. We bet you, thatyouwill never played such horse cart simulator game in your reallifebefore. Test your abilities for horse derby racing league andgetprepare yourself before race. Do you have enough potential toplayreal horse cart simulator game? If yes then make your fateafterplaying this horse racing tournament 3d. You will forget toplayall other free horse carriage transport games after playingthisworld’s best game. Do you fed up from horse derby racingleague? Ifyes then you must try this game. Explore your innerspirit and playhorse riding championship 2018. You will be shockedafter playingthis real horse cart racing simulator. How to Play:•Sidle up youhorse buggy• Tap the left button to move left• Tap theright buttonto move right• Tap the jump button to jumpGet ready forsomeadventure of real horse cart racing simulator with the many andgetexcitement during game playing. You have played many horseridingchampionship 2018 but this is top trending game. Experiencedhorsederby racing league experience the beauty of this game.Expressyour super horse cart simulator game skills and you'll getcrazydue to its adventurous scenes. Features:- Choose yourfavoritehorse cart for riding- Many Horse Buggies for playing.-Coolanimations- HD graphics - Virtual 3D sound system- Intuitivetiltor touch controls to steer horse buggy
Jumping Horses Champions 2Free 2.0
◆◆◆◆◆ This is a New Brand Version of Jumping Horses Champions.Agame that mixes the arcade style with characteristicsofsimulation. The game brings the experiences and emotions of ashowjumping match in an immersive environment. Managing the moneyandthe stables, the player can buy horses, which have theirownattributes, and participates in challenging events to testitsskills. Several features were added for this version.***IMPORTANT: Internet connection is required to play all features ofthe game.Although, after buying you first horse, you will be ableto play alimited offline mode (if disconnected). ***◆ HorseCare!Now, thePlayer can care for its horses, grooming and feedingthem. It wouldimprove their attributes to achieve better results inthe events.◆Cross platform!Registering an account, the Player couldsave itsprogress and would be able to retrieve it in other installsordifferent devices.◆ Multilingual!Beyond the original English,now,Chinese users could also enjoy the game in their ownlanguage.OtherFeatures:◆ 90 unique horses to race◆ 2 groups ofhorses (divided bylevel)◆ 6 events◆ System of buying and sellinghorses◆ Rewardsystem for each event◆ Intuitive Controls◆ Cleaninterface◆Breeding Horses◆ Training track
Unicorn Family Simulator 1.02
Dream to ride a magic horse? With our survival simulator you canbean animal. What about riding a magic unicorn and live in themagicworld?! Ride across lovely landscapes. Run to a village anddointeresting tasks. Feed your horse, explore the magic worldandfight for survival in the unicorn simulator.This magichorsesurvival simulator has a lot of interesting places. Easycontrolsallow you to ride your animal across all locations. Readhow toride your unicorn in the simulator and find friends.FeaturesofUnicorn Family Simulator:- Magic creatures- Unicorn levelup-Survival mode- Realistic animal battles- Animalbehavioursimulator- Magic creatures- Unicorn herds- Horse ridecontrolsFeelhow to be a unicorn. Complete unicorn survivalmissions. Ride ananimal across beautiful lands and look for magicdragons. Find ananimal mate and breed a new unicorn. Level­ up yourhorse toimprove animal survival skills.Explore magic places.Support yourmagic unicorn health, survival in the game is hard. So,we havewarned you. Fight with every animal you meet or ride at atopspeed. Your magic horse will have fun in the animalsurvivalsimulator. Farm levels in the simulator to opensurvivalskills.Many magic animal species are waiting for your horsein thesimulator.Unicorn Family Simulator has natural sounds foreveryanimal. Deep into horse survival. Ride your horse and listento themagic sounds of forest, farm and river.Animal survival gamesarecool! Behave and think like an animal. Try our UnicornFamilySimulator, choose your horse and run across the magic world.
Pony doctor game 2.0.3
Help your pony to become happy again with this pony doctorgame.Here you can treat your pony’s injuries, give her a bath tomakeher feel clean before accessorizing her look by giving herawonderful makeover. Test your doctor skills on yourfavouriteponies with this fun doctor game!Features• Treat yourpony’sinjuries with care to reduce soreness. • Wrap the brokenbones sothey heal faster. • Give your pony a bath to clean her upand makeher feel fresh. • Give your pony a wonderful makeover tomake herlook special.• Show your pony off to all your friends andfamilybefore helping her again!
Horse Run 1.0.4
Talking Pet
Horse Run is the best free running game where you can meet yournewbest horse friend and go for a run! Choose your horse friendandrunner with you! Discover new worlds, different running stylesandgrab boosts on the go. ★ Explore runner world!★ Run, slide andleapyour way across the road! Dash forward as fast as you can,dodgeobstacles and collect coins! Take a plane to reach megaheights!Features: ★ Variety of horses! ★ Curved World! ★ Differentinfiniterunner mechanics! ★ Run in the runner world! ★ Lovelyhorses in theworld through the parkour! ★ Avoid obstacles andcollect coins! ★Double gold props! ★ Runner, jump and have fun withhorses. ★ Staytuned for more content and horses! How to play: ★Slide on thescreen left and right, change the horse runway. ★ Slideyour fingerup and the horse jumps.
Cowboy Horse - Farm Racing 1.3.0
Oh no! Your cows are getting crazy! They are trying to attackyou!Get on your horse and start riding like the cowboy you are!Youwere peacefully dreaming a little nap inside your farm whenyoustart hearing strange noises... You got up as fast as you couldandsaw an astonishing spectacle: Your cows were running all overthefarm scaring all the animals! Now you are frightened: It seemstheyare searching for you! Go to the stable, get a horse and runawayfrom the farm before its too late! Come on, cowboy! Let´s dothis!-Start running avoiding every cow on your way out of thefarm.- Inthis fast paced races you need to be real fast: Get ahorse andstart racing in the field before all the horses get scaredand runaway! - Choose the difficulty levels by selecting yourfavouritehorse and enjoy this funny race! - Improve your ranking inaworldwide competition in this animal racing gameIn thisanimalsgames you will not get bored! Study the field and do notstopracing! There is few time left in this exciting race: Survivethecow attack!This game has:- Realistic scene with incredibleanimalgraphics!- Easy mobile control for all skill levels-Excitingsurvival races against cows- Appropriate for kids andadults wholove cowboy and horses gamesHave fun!
Horse Maze Racing Adventure Quest 1.0.0
Run, run, RUN! You’re an amazingly glorious wild horse now;you’relost in the large strange labyrinth and your only goal is toescapethis cursed place and survive! Check your fascinatingrunningskills and find the way out in Horse Maze Racing AdventureQuestgame!HORSE RIDING MAZE CHALLENGE FOR YOU• Cannot sit still,canyou? Interested in horses and strange labyrinths from yourdreams?Check this game then, ‘cause here you’re constantly inmotion!•Choose one of these stunning horses to play for – they arealldiffers in forms, skins, breeds and even somerunningcharacteristics;• Avoid crashes into the walls or otherobstacles;remember – firstly, you should find the way out, and onlythencollect some interesting things!CHALLENGING MISSIONS ANDDIZZYMYSTERIES• Was this wall here before? Ah, can’tremember!Nevertheless, you should do your best and pass through allthebarriers!• Earn some points for successful escapes and changeyourmain horse hero or just unlock new interesting maze locationsrightfrom the myths;• Collect some boosters on your way – they mayhelpyou to run straight to the wall without any crashes, andit’samazing!INTUITIVE CONTROLS FOR MORE FUN• Nothing can be easierthanjust simple tapping the screen: just so it right and try nottomiss any turns and obstacles!• Collect all types of horses andhelpthem all to leave these mystic magic places;• Enjoystunningsurroundings, watch every rock in the wall of the labyrinth– itlooks like the real one!Help all these little wild horses toescapethis charmed place of Horse Maze Racing AdventureQuest!Privacypolicy:
My Little Unicorn Runner 3 - Endless Fun Adventure 1.1.3
Run, jump and dash with unicorns to save the wonderland ofyourfavorite unicorn racing game!We want YOU to play with ourunicorns!Top Girl Games for girls presents you this amazingunicornsimulator. Play it in the streets, in the subway and ontherainbow! The best unicorn games for girls are here for you inacolorful endless runner. Can you make it to the top ofthewonderland? Start this unicorn racing horse run andwin!BESTUNICORN GAMESWe present you the best games for girls andthatincludes My Little Unicorn Runner 3.EASY TO PLAY FLYINGUNICORNRACINGPlay My Little Unicorn Runner 3 in the streets, thesubway oranywhere else!STRAWBERRYWhat? Yes! The unicorns are justso sweetas strawberry! Have you seen their faces?FUN TO PLAYHave somuchfun in free girl games to play with your realisticunicorns.ENDLESSRUNNER WITH SPECIAL UNICORN RUNIt’s the bestunicorn run experienceon mobile app online right now. Try it out inthe [email protected] My Little Unicorn Run on a daily basis toget quests andgifts for even more fun for free!We want YOU! Get onboard with theunicorns in this amazing wonderland and reach the endof therainbow. You want to play the best free games for girls?Let’s go!It’s time for girl games on the highest level!My LittleUnicornRunner 3 is from Girl Games - VascoGames, a leadingdeveloper offree games for girls on Google Play. Enjoy the bestunicorn gameswith this unicorn run [email protected] and follow us for thelatest news andupdates!
Coco Pony - My Dream Pet 1.0.6
Fly away to a far away land and fall in love with your brandnewdream pet, Coco Pony! Dress up and care for Coco Pony! Style,pet,feed her and so much more! Enjoy tons of care activities inthemagical 3D Pony World!Your dream pet just flew into your life!MeetCoco Pony, the most beautiful and fashionable pony in PonyWorld!She's all yours and needs your love and care to flourish andshinebright! Care for your new best friend and make her thehappiestpony inPony World! * Customize your dream pet pony -exactly as youlike!* Choose from tons of delicious snacks to feedyour hungrypony! * Bathe Coco Pony 'till she's sparkling and clean!* Care foryour injured pony with special pony tools! * Play sweetandfun-filled games with your dream pet pony! * Dress up Coco Ponyina variety of stylish outfits and cute accessories! * PlaytheRainbow Race game! How fast can your dream pony run?! * Photoboothfun! Take a picture with your new best friend! * Enjoyadorable andinteractive 3D animations!About Coco PlayCoco Play isChina-baseddeveloper of creative and unique apps for kids and thewholefamily. Founded in 2013, Coco Play provides rich3Dsimulation-based games for the whole family. Coco Play isasubsidiary of TabTale, a leading, global creator ofinnovativegames, interactive books and educational apps.Visitus: Likeus: us:@TabtaleWatchus: CONTACT US Let us know whatyouthink! Questions? Suggestions? Technical Support? Contact us24/7at [email protected] PARENTS: The app is free to playbutcertain in-game items may require payment. You may restrictin-apppurchases by disabling them on this device. The app mayincludeadvertising for TabTale and certain third parties whichwillredirect users to our sites, apps or third-party sites.Privacyisimportant to us. The app may enable collection of limited userdataby TabTale or its carefully selected providers (e.g. adnetworksand analytics) for limited legal purposes described in ourPrivacyPolicy (e.g. respond to support queries; enable, analyzeandimprove the app’s features and services; serve contextual ads).Theapp includes certain features only accessible behind an age-gatetoprotect children (e.g. restrict behavioral ads; socialnetworkslinks to connect with others while playing; option toaccept pushnotifications to inform of exciting news e.g. updates).Bydownloading or using the app you accept our PrivacyPolicy: and Terms ofUse: and permit such uses forusers ofyour device.
Horse With Man Photo Suit 1.4
Horse With Man Suit Horse With Man Suit is application to makeyourface in nice fashionable Horse riding suit. Editor give yourphotosto new and beautiful looks Horse With Man Suit the bestapplicationon android market is free now. Using this apps you canbeautify allyour pics and make the moments of your lifeunforgettable like youare professional horse rider. With thisamazing application you canput your face into several nice HorseWith Man Photo Suit . You canwear virtual suits, just takephotographs with the camera. Looklike a real Prince in just fewseconds with fantastic Horse WithMan Photo Suit App. set yourbeautiful face in single touch . asper your need you can changeyour look with using different HorseWith Man Suits. Horse With ManPhoto Suit App designed in such away that all suits fit to all kindof person face. Horse With ManPhoto Suit gives a well dressed andprofessional look to you. Justa single click and you can try widevariety of suits on you. -veryeasy to use this village photo framesapp. -choose photo fromcamera or gallery. -edit photo size forbetter visual effects.-very colorful and high quality HD photoframes provided. -placeyour face behind the selected frame. -adjustphoto size,orientation,color and brightness with built in tools.-change framesinstantly. -you can add stylish and colorful text onyour selectedframe 1. Horse Photo Frame 2. Horse Photo Frame 20183. Horse PhotoFrame 4. Photo Frames 5. Horse Photo Editor 6. HorsePhoto Frame Frame 8. Horse Photo Editor 9. Horse PhotoEditor 2018 10.Happy Horse Photo 11. Horse Background 12. HorsePhoto Edit 13.Photo Horse 14. Horse Photo Wallpaper .share it withfriends:postit to Facebook,LinkedIn,tweet or send email. ...
Caring for Unicorns 1.0.7
bweb media
The aim of the game is to help Karen to take care of theunicornsand make them happy. There are 4 levels of caring in thisgame.Each level has a target score that you must reach withintheavailable time limit to go to the next level. A bonus scenetodress up your unicorn and set it as your wallpaper is waitingforyou.Enjoy the game!
Crazy Dog Racer and Horse Run 1.2
Welcome to the latest and amazing dog race simulation game whichisdesigned to express the riding skills of racing fans. This gameisquite different from other racing games because competition willbeheld in between multiple dogs and horses. This uniqueanimationincludes series of competitions that includes manychallenging andexciting racing maps. You have to show yourprofessional skillswith your full involvement and hard work. Thiscrazy dog racerconcept is equally compatible for both kids andadults. Realisticand beautiful environment of this multi dog racemania will attractyour attention to play this game and you will beaddictive to thisracing adventure.HOW TO PLAY THIS CRAZY HOUNDRACE?The mainobjectives of this fast racing contest are toinvestigate therunning abilities of dogs and farm animals. Thereare many excitinglevels of this dog and horse racing game thatincludes differenttracks. You have to control the speed of yourselected dog and jumpover the different hurdles and obstacles towin the race. A modernconcept of racing games that consists ofdifferent animations ofdogs and horses and you have to complete thelevel in the requiredtime period. Realistic background soundeffects and multiple cameraangles will help you to over view theracing field and you willenjoy this modern racing practice.Gradually levels will bechallenge able and tough because the speedof the opponent horseswill increase and you have to utilize yourextraordinary skills towin the race. This dog racing game is awonderful experience torelease your mind stress and this game willkeep you busy in itstheme. Different types of tracks will rise upyour proficiency inracing. Stunning 3d graphics at start andterminate point willdevelop your attention to play this doggame.Enjoy this nonstopracing fun and inspiring struggle with yourphysical and mentalsteadiness. Compete with your friends and youwill feel adventurousspirit by play this game. Best of luck fortheplayers.FEATURES:Realistic and beautiful atmosphereDifferenttypesof horses and dogsAttractive game play andstunninggraphicsInspiring sound effects and multiple cameraanglesUniqueracing experience between different animals
Farm Animal Transporter Truck Simulator 2017 1.2
ACT Games
Welcome to the latest game of farm wild animals transporttruck.Driving the transport truck is an even bigger challenge whereyouhave to make sure you follow the traffic rules and drive onthecity roads carefully so that you don't disturb the normaltrafficflow. Get behind the wheel of the transport truck andtransporthorses, cows, goats, sheep and livestock from farms todestination.Driving in this off road environment where sharp turnsanddangerous curvy roads are there, you have to be very careful.Youmay have driven small vehicles like cars, 4x4 jeeps andtruckspreviously but handling a big trailer will be a challengingtaskfor you. Keep in mind that you may be transporting wild andangryanimals in some levels. This is a free game available forsmartphone users. So, Drivers of heavy vehicles like truckdrivers,crane drivers & excavator drivers are in for a treat.Farmanimal transport in a transporter truck. Drive the cattletrailerfor the city.Drivers of heavy vehicles like truck drivers,cranedrivers & excavator drivers are in for a treat. You are upas acargo transporter on a big cargo transport truck. Your cargoisfarm animals and cattle including horses, sheep & cows andtheyneed to be transported from the city to the farm or from thefarmback to the big city. Other than farm animals you may also needtotransport racing horses. So load up the farm animals anddrivecarefully on off road and city drive way to transport farmanimals& wild animals like wild horses from the stable. Thetransporttrailer truck has a powerful engine and has a hugecarriage vanattached at the back as cattle transporter. Thecarriage van needsto be loaded up with farm animals and then it isattached to thetransporter truck for transport & delivery ofthe animals &cattle in this animal transport simulator game.The job of atransporter is hectic but it can be made enjoyable byobserving thenature around and looking at farm animals like cowsand bulls andalso wild horses and racing horses. the animaltransport games andbecome a farm animal transporter driver.Invigorate your cattletransport truck games fun in an amazing tameanimal transportsimulator that requires high precision! Farm cattletransportergames were never such before. Farm animal transporteraka farmcattle transporter truck is one of the finest animaltransportsimulators that is going to be a complete treat for farmtransportanimal games lovers. So get ready for the Farm AnimalTransportTruck 2016 which is all about domestic farm animal’stransportationconcept. Heavy tractor truck drivers transport thecargo carefullythrough off-road mountains and rough tracks and makethe way to thedestination. Real truck simulator game in which userswill driveheavy tractor trucks on offroad to the farms in the snowyseason.Transport farm animals with care from city to offroadcattlefarming stationFarm Animal Transporter Truck Simulator2017Features:• Realistic off road environment• Easy andsmoothcontrols.• Challenging tasks of animal transportation• Scenicviewsduring this driving thrill• Latest models of transportertrucks.•Multiple camera views
Pony Racing 3D 1.4.9
Run and dash as fast as you can in Pony Racing 3D 2017 which isoneof the most popular running games on mobile. Your cute littleponycan run, jump and dash. Keep running and jump over logs andprettyanimals, collect coins and slide down fun slides. This freegamehas been played millions of times on the internet and is arunnergame for boys and girls of all ages. Features ★ Unlock themagicalUnicorn ★ Play as 8 different horses and ponies ★ CollectCoins andget gems to upgrade ★ Open prizes for exclusive rewards Weare sureyou will enjoy working your way up the magical rainbowpony!
Sweet Little Pony Care 1.0.2
Do you love pony care games. Here is a treat for you. HelpSweetLittle Pony. Sweet Little Pony was playing in ground and shegotfallen down while jumping. She got injured. She has been takentothe hospital. Give sweet little pony the best treatment inthisPony Care games. Remove the wooden piece from pony’s body. Healherwounds by antiseptic. Stitch her wounds. Check with theX-Raymachine whether she has been factored. Give her the treatment.Giveher medicine. Check the blood. All things you will find inthisgreat pony care games. After getting discharge from thehospitalgive our sweet little pony a nice bath. Use the shampoo andcleanher with nice shower. Then feed her with her food. And lastdressher up with good dresses. Hope you will like our Sweet LittlePonyCare Games.
Horse Unicorn Decoration Salon 1.0.1
This unicorn is big like a horse and very beautiful, it comesfroman echanted lost world of fairies, it's said that it used tobelongto a princess fairy, but now it can be yours if you want.Youdon'thave to clean it, just decorate it for now, but if you wantthis tobe a cleaning game also, please tell us in the commentsbelow, orsend us an e-mail.If you enjoy this type of games, youcame to theright place, because our account "GamesBox" has manyapps withdecorations for: little pony, unicorns with wings and alsojust ahorse to wash. Have fun!
My Little Unicorn 🦄 Magic Horse 1.1.1
The best way you could understand a horse caretaker andtheresponsibilities you are confronting with during the process istoget in this unicorn game and learn on your own skin theproperactivities that need to be done in order to have a happyandhealthy horse. And exactly how you could accomplish that?It'ssimple, you just have to follow the game's challenges and makesureeach one of them is fulfilled so your money and experiencepointswill raise. Yes, you heard that right, you are able to earnsomecoins in this game to buy anything you might like to add foryourlittle unicorn. There are also some icons that will show youtheactual health condition and the good state of his mind.Hishappiness is in your hands and the first thing you are going todowhile you are playing with this unicorn is to clean his stablefromthe dirt that accumulated during the time. Once his home isallcleaned up his turn comes too and you must use all those toolstogive him a real pamper. Because you care of him you'll takehimnext to the farrier to care his hooves and you will go throughawhole process to chance them, pay attention. You even haveaharvest game where you need to collect in a bucket apples andwaterto be able to provide a good healthy meal. Next you have tounlockthe upcoming level and if you would like to decorate hishome,dress him up with nice accessories, take him to the doctor forafull control, offering him a facial spa treatment and also amakeup. There are also interactive games integrated and as you canseethe complexity of the game will make you wanna play it as muchaspossible. And for that we would want to reward you with somedailyprizes like the gifts boxes and the spin wheel where you canspinyour luck. Besides those you have some funny mini games andanexciting horse race where you could win more money. Your goal istoearn experience as a unicorn caretaker and to have fun tryingtofulfill the needs of this cute animal. This pony game iseverythingyou wished for and even more, the features are exorbitantand theway graphics managed to combine with the thematic isamazing.
My Craft Horse Stables 6.0
Piotr Klimko
My Craft Horse Stables is about building stables for horses andforeverybody who loves horses and crafting. In this sandboxstyleworld for girls and for boys you may build a stable for yourbesthorse or maybe a clinic for racing horses? This would be realfun.My Craft Horse Stables gives you a chance to be creative. Thereisa plenty of craft blocks to choose from!
Unicorn Food - Rainbow Glitter Food & Fashion 1.0.3
Hungry? Why eat boring normal food when you can eat colorfulandtrendy UNICORN food?! Help Ashley, the queen of all thingsunicorn,live her life with unicorn-colored glasses! Make deliciousunicornfood including cakes and ice cream, dress up in glitteryrainbowoutfits, and enjoy the unicorn lifestyle with Ashley and theotherunicorn girls!Ashley is a supercool teen - she’s one ofthoseawesome girls who likes to live like a glitter unicorn! Shecoversherself in head-to-toe sparkly rainbow garb, styles her hairlike aunicorn, and eats delicious rainbow colored unicorn-themedfood -she especially loves to bake rainbow cakes! Not to mentionheradorable unicorn nails! Help her enjoy her colorful unicornworldwith her unicorn-loving friends to thefullest!Features:>Bakecolorful and delicious unicorn cakes withAshley and the girls!Which of these cakes is your favorite: ClassicUnicorn or DrippingRainbow?>Dress Ashley up in the prettiestglittery unicornoutfits! Give her that rainbow style that makes herpop!>Makeheavenly colorful unicorn drinks with Ashley - hotchocolate isyummy, but unicorn hot chocolate is OUT OF THISWORLD!>StyleAshley and her friends’ hair like a unicorn! Don’tforget thoseglittery rainbow accessories - the girls will lovethem!>Mmm…unicorn bagels! Breakfast has never been sodelightful.>GiveAshley a beautiful, colorful unicorn makeover!Bring out her innerunicorn goddess!>Play a fun unicorn foodthemed Match-3minigame!>YUM - you thought the cakes were good?Try the unicornice cream! Make it yourself for you, Ashley and thegirls!>Nounicorn look is complete without rainbow unicorn nails.Add funpatterns and stickers!>Upload photos of your unicorn foodtoUnigram, and get likes, likes, and more likes!>Win lots offuncontests and get trophies!ABOUT TabTaleA Google Play TopDeveloper,recognized for its commitment to launching high-qualityandinnovative apps on Android. With over 1.5 billion downloadsandgrowing, TabTale has established itself as the creatorofpioneering virtual adventures that kids and parents love.TabTale’sapps spark children’s imaginations and inspire them tothinkcreatively, while having fun! Search “TabTale” on Google Playanddiscover more incredible apps.Visitus: us:@TabtaleWatchus: US Let us know whatyouthink! Questions? Suggestions? Technical Support? Contact us24/7at: [email protected] FOR PARENTSThe app is free to playbutcertain in-game items may require payment. You may restrictin-apppurchases by disabling them on this device. The app mayincludeadvertising for TabTale and certain third parties whichwillredirect users to our sites, apps or third-party sites.Yourprivacymatters. The app may enable collection of limited user databyTabTale or its carefully selected providers (e.g. ad networksandanalytics) for limited purposes described in our PrivacyPolicy(e.g. respond to support queries; enable, analyze and improvetheapp’s features and services; serve contextual ads and measuretheirperformance). For more information (notably on theproviders),please read our Privacy Policy: By downloading, updating orusing the app you consent (in yourpersonal capacity and for otherusers of your device) to thiscollection and use of limited deviceinformation for ad display andreporting purposes and you accept ourTerms of Use:
Pixie the Pony - My Virtual Pet 1.27
Take a chance to have a virtual pony that you’ve always wanted.Yourpony likes running, swimming, gardening, watchingbeautifulbutterflies and, mostly, being a part of your life! Adoptthecutest pony in the world and make your dreams come true. Takecareof your pet’s feeding, sleeping and health. Shower your ponyunderthe waterfall or wash him in a lake. For a good and quietsleep,put the pony in a stable and turn off the sun. Sometimes youhaveto take your pet to the animal hospital to heal his brokenbones,cure his teeth or replace an old horse shoe. Train yourdoctorskills and enjoy being a veterinarian and horse dentist inyourpony’s world. Explore pony’s green land, lake, prairie andsteppe.Grow your own vegetables, cereals and fruits like carrots,wheat,apples and many more. Plant flowers to attract butterflies soyoucan fill all pages in your butterfly collection album. Youcancustomize pony’s home, stable, castle and trees to create adreamworld for your pony. Have fun playing different mini games,likeDiamond Connect, Flying Pony, Pony Jumping and Pony Racing.Earncoins to do a pony makeover and unleash your creativity. Makearainbow unicorn, galaxy pony, fairy pony and many others.Completeas many funny quests as possible to get super shinyrewards. Yourcute pet needs some loving care. We promise you’llhave the bestvirtual pony in the world! FOR PARENTS This game isfree to playbut certain in-game items may require payment viain-app purchase.Please check your device settings for more detailedparentaloptions regarding in-app purchases. The game containsadvertisingfor Bubadu’s products or some third parties which willredirectusers to our sites, apps or third-party sites. Privacypolicy: Terms ofservice:
Horse Simulator 3D 1.0.3
Zuuks Games
Wanna ride a Horse? Very entertaining adventure is waiting foryou.Take a tour to all villages, join the entertainingtravel.RealHorse Simulator.- 30 Excellent Level- 6 Horses-Challenging roads-4 Camera Angles- Realistic 3D graphics.-Realistic horse riding andphysic.- Historical farmer clothes andtown people.Gameplay- Usedirection keys to move your horse.- Adjustyour speed by using fastor slow buttons.
Unicorn live wallpaper 9.4
A pony is a cute little horse. In pony live wallpaper you willfindadorable cute ponies and unicorns. You can also set allthebackgrounds you see in Pony live wallpaper as normalphonewallpapers. This live wallpaper is best suited for everyonewholoves horses and ponies. Activation: (1) Press "Apply" button(2)Press "Set Wallpaper" button (3) Pony live wallpaper is nowactiveon your home screen. **** If the above doesn't work you willfindPony live wallpaper in the phone's live wallpaper selection.Youcan usually find "Live Wallpapers" category on your phonewhenchanging the wallpaper from your launcher. Customize options:(1)Change the wallpaper. All backgrounds are HD and willlookbeautiful on your android phone home screen. Other features: •Ponylive wallpaper is optimized for most android devices. •Wallpapersare HD. • Enjoy the best wallpapers for your phone withponies. •Suitable backgrounds for everyone who likes ponies. •Looks greaton black and white android phones.
Puzzle - Beautiful Horses 1.2
Game Tile Puzzle - Beautiful Horses is a Free game for trainyourbrain, imagination and creativity while having fun. Increasedyourintelligence easier than ever With Free game Puzzle -BeautifulHorses in this puzzle You can know a lot About Horses anditcontains photos About Arabian horse , Quarter horse,Thoroughbredhorse , Mustang , Andalusian horse and a lot more. WHYUSE thisgame ? - Free game - 6 difficulty levels - Simple andintuitive -Suitable for all ages - Improve thinking abilities -Easy to playmove any Slice To make the whole picture. - You can Seethe photoDuring play . - Saves all photo in progress so you canplay onseveral photo at the same time - perfect choice to warm-upyourmind and Increase your Intelligence in Entertaining and funway. -More than 100 Beautiful image have fun With Free game TilePuzzle -Beautiful Horses .
Horse Paradise - My Dream Ranch 2.00
App Holdings
Welcome to the wild horse adventure of your lifetime! Start inamystic forest - an online haven for horse lovers! Completequeststo unlock a new stable, make friends in multiplayer and raceyourhorses to win accessories to make them feel like a star!BREEDAVARIETY OF HORSES:Over 30 breeds await! Unlock new horses andbringthem into your family. Play as a Mustang, Stallion,Clydesdale, andeven the most beautiful horses such as the Friesian,Shetland Ponyand baby Foal. Progress through the game and earnamazing fantasyhorses such as a flying Pegasus, Unicorn and much,much more.REAL-TIME MULTIPLAYERHorse Paradise is an interactivemultiplayergame. Use free-roam mode to chat and role play withfriends fromall over the world, give a like to the best lookinghorses you findand complete quests to progress in thegame.REALISMRaise your horseand teach it to trot, canter, gallopand jump through the highlydetailed virtual 3D environments.RACINGCOMPETITIONSTake your horseout on the trail and test out herjumping technique! Race againstlots of AI players and collectrewards for coming first!MAGICAL 3DWORLDTake your animal out fromthe farm to a magic haven filledwith forests, islands and evencaves! Venture out and explore withyour friends while you searchfor special items during yourjourney.ACCESSORIESAccessorise andpersonalise for some extraflair! Fit your favourite horse with 50+beautiful decorations suchas leg wraps, masks, bows and sparkles toshow off your personalityand beauty as your roleplay with youronline friends! Foxie Gameswould like to welcome you to the HorseParadise family! We will beadding lots of new content, from morefantasy horses to quests.Kick off your adventure and download freetoday! Horse Paradise iscompletely free to play but some optionalin-game items may us
Ultimate Unicorn Dash 3D 1.2
Prance through a provincial field of rainbows and bliss inUltimateUnicorn Dash 3D! Who said unicorns don’t exist? It’s timeto saddleup on a colorful steed. This mythical beast is perfect forfans offantasy, adventure, and the Medieval Ages. Take your unicornon ahorse racing adventure! Gallop through urban prairies,forests,woods; towns and villages filled with colorfulanimations!Encounter daring obstacles like sharp hurdles to jumpover, andmoving land to leap across. Play as a unicorn jockey andtake partin different racing missions. Become a Unicorn DerbyChampion!Defeat each level to conquer more thrilling challenges.Employmaster moves with your unicorn. Activate booster to speedup.Practice makes perfect! Straying off course will cost youtime.Stay on track and wipe out your competition at the finishingline!Ultimate Unicorn Dash 3D Features:•Awesome and authentichorsederby racing experience•Smooth Controls, like tilt andswipefunctions•Different exciting racing missions•Amazing racingmodes•Realistic 3D visual and cool sound effects•Amazing Selectionofcool unicorn characters•Responsive and Realistic GameplayAboutTap2PlayTap2Play, LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary ofTapinator,Inc.Tapinator (Ticker: TAPM) develops and publishes gameson mobileplatforms. The Company’s portfolio includes over 300mobile gamingtitles that, collectively, have achieved over 400million playerdownloads. Tapinator is headquartered in New York.For more info,visit
Horse Carriage Human Transport 1.0.3
Become the biggest tour operator of the big city! In HorseCarriageHuman Transport you will transport tourists around the cityandshow them how great our city is! Transport games were neverthisamazing to play! Unlock many carriage games vehicles and growyourown big transport games empire! Get to play in 2 bigtransportgames areas! In Horse Carriage Human Transport you will beable toplay in 2 big areas with each containing 6 challengingtransportgames areas. Can you deliver them to their destination ontime?Show us your horse carriage games skills right now! Unlocklots ofhorse carriage games vehicles! In our transport simulatoryou canplay with lots of horse games vehicles.Are you going to saveyourmoney to unlock the biggest vehicle with the fittest horse, orareyou going to unlock them all? It’s all up to you in thisamazingcarriage simulator. Horse Carriage Human Transport CarriageGamesFeatures - Be in control of a big human transport vehicle-Playlots of challenging missions- Unlock many missions andhumantransport vehicles- Keep the customers happy at all costs-Don’tforget to rate and give feedbackFacebook- -
Wild Horses Race Field 1.6.0
Become the leading wild horse of a chaotic wild horse herd inthiswild horse simulator! Explore a fantasy world with our freewildhorse simulator! In our wild horse simulator you will beplayingthe role of a wild horse in the horse herd. In this wildhorsesimulator you need to be faster than other wild horses to leadthewild horse group! Become the leader of the wild horse herd inthiswild horse simulator for free!SURVIVAL HORSE TRAINING GAMESFORFREE - FREE WILD HORSE SIMULATOR Wild horses areconstantlyconfronting each other for a better place in the wildhorse herd.Your goal as the wild horse leader is to increase groupcohesion inthis free wild horse simulator. Take the jumping horsesderbychallenge to become the dominant wild horse male in this wildhorsesimulator!- Race with your wild horse as fast as possible inanincredible jumping horses derby!- Easy mobile controls in thisfreemagic horses simulator which make it easier to play thesewildhorse training games!- Intuitive wild horse training rules-Awesomegraphics of wild horses in these wild horse simulatorgames!-Immerse yourself in our wild horse simulator and startriding forjoy!- Share your highest scores of these wild horsesimulator gameswith your friends on Facebook!Get ready to enjoythis wild horsesimulator and start racing a wild horse for free!
Pony Multiplayer 1.0
Pony Multiplayer - enter this epic 3D world as a small horse.Runand jump your way to ultimate victory in this high actionanimalsimulator. Avoid total chaos and come out as the ultimate toppony.We are pleased to bring you this game, so we hope you arehappywith the outcome. Players may choose between the OnlineMultiplayerand Offline Maps. If you don't want to play with otherpeople, youdon't have to. Entirely up to you.Customize your 3D Ponywithmultiple color options. Coat colors include Pink, Blue,Purple,Black, Brown, and Spotted. Realistic 3D Fantasy World withHorses,Wolf, Giant Eagles, Bulls, Deer, Rabbits, Doberman,Crocodiles,Dalmatians, Great Danes and many more. Enter thisfantasy vikingworld as a young small horse, and build your skill tobecome thechampion.TOP GAME FEATURES : ✩✩ Control your very ownPony!! ✩✩Chat with other players ✩✩ Both Online and Offline 3DPonySimulator ✩✩ Huge 3D Open World Map with plenty of room to run✩✩ 4Special Skills - Electricity, Invincibility, Fireball, andIceball✩✩ Packed with enemies like Bears, Horses, Dalmatians, Cats,Bull,Doberman, and Dragons ✩✩ Ultra Realistic Weather Simulation -realweather with highly realistic lightning and thunder effects✩✩Tournament style pvp multiplayer modeFind all the magic itemsinthe offline map in order to craft your magic. Upgrade youranimalspeed, strength, and stamina. Use your magic skillsselectivelyagainst your enemies.Come by the WildfootFacebookpage: for coolupdates andnew releases. 
We concentrate on making high quality, 3Danimalsimulators. Have a super Wildfoot day!
Pocket Pony - Horse Run 1.7.3189
Kiwi Go
Have you ever think of having your own stud farm? Now we presentyoua wonderful race course with a lot of ponies. Besides playwithponies, you also need to know how to get on well with them andhowto manage your stud farm. Look after your pony and go outonadventures with it together. Features: ♥ Different ponies foryouto choose ♥ Feed and water your lovely pony to let it love youmore♥ Clean your pony to keep it pretty ♥ Put on superb equipmentsforyour pony to make it run fast ♥ Take care of your pony whenit’ssick ♥ Go on an adventure with your pony in differentplacesDiscover a wonderful experience with your pony. This cutevirtualpony will bring you a lot of fun!
Mounted Horse Pizza Delivery 2018 1.0
After the great success and different gameplay of ATV PizzaDeliveryBoy and Moto Pizza delivery! Mas 3D Studio presents moredifferent& futuristic way of pizza delivery as a horse pizzadeliveryboy! YES, this time on your favorite mounted horse in thecategoryof pizza delivery games 2018. In Mounted Horse PizzaDelivery youwill play a roll of pizza boy but not on bike nor onATV quad ormoto but on mounted horse. Pizza delivery games 2018were never beenso futuristic. You also have horse cart pizzadelivery or horsecarriage pizza delivery with offroad mode formultiple transporttasks. You have to be quick and avoid citytraffic like fast goingbus, car and truck in shortest amount oftime. This city pizzadelivery is different and fun pizzeria boygame. Use yourtransporter horse for pizza delivery. Mounted horseriding in vast3D city environment with challenging transportmissions. PlayMounted Horse Pizza delivery and forget othermotorbike pizzadelivery games. Multiple Challenging ModesGameplay: You need to behorse cart driver in hilly offroads todeliver fresh hot pizzathrough horse carriage with offroad pizzadelivery challenge. Chooseyour favorite mounted police horse withtop free pizza motor bikedelivery boy new games. So get ready forthis pizza order game andchase your destination quickly with pizzadelivery on horse. Thisfuturistic pizzeria game is new concept ofhawker food delivery. Inthis horse pizza delivery get ready toenjoy the pizza and order ourpizza shop, the pizza boy willcollect tasty hot pizza from thepizza shop and will deliverdifferent areas of city within the giventime to the clients on hishorse carriage or horse cart. If customerneeds quick delivery thenthe pizza delivery boy will deliver onmounted horse as horse pizzadelivery boy. Features of MOUNTED HORSEPIZZA DELIVERY: - Dual modegameplay with horse pizza delivery &Horse cart pizza delivery.- Deliver pizza in limited amount of timewith pizza delivery games2018 3d. - Ride horse rush against crazytraffic, avoid hurdleswith multiple transporter challenges. - Pizzadelivery horse ridercharacter with City pizza delivery games. -Amazing horse riding& 3D fantasy city environment with horsechase. So it’s time tobe a pizza delivery rider with horse cartdriving games and changethe old concept of motorbike pizza deliverygames. Pizza deliveryon horse is futuristic way for pizzeria guywith offroad pizzadelivery. Download now Mounted Horse Pizzadelivery! the paramountof best pizza delivery boy games of 2018.“From the makers of MotoPizza Delivery & ATV Pizza DeliveryBoy” ★★★ FOLLOW US★★★
Cowboy Horse Riding Simulation 4.6
Cowboy Horse Riding Simulation is a first realistic approachtohorse riding simulation games. There are many challenging levelsinthis Cowboy Horse Riding Simulation. Beautiful environmentwithrealistic graphics make this game very interesting amongotherhorse simulation games. Jump on the riding horse and ride ittodifferent places. There are many exciting levels in thishorsesimulator. In first level of horse run, the cowboy has to takethepackage to its destination. After that, horse rider has torunafter the thief. In other levels of horse run, the package hasbeentaken and while delivering it to its destination, the cowboyhasbeen attacked from which he has to get rid. Cowboy HorseRidingwith its 3D graphics makes it interesting for its user canbeplayed free. This Horse Ride Simulator brings you the 3DHorseriding and Horse run experience in 2016 with best graphics,smoothgame play, 3D animations with full of exciting levels can beplayedfree. NOTE: Cowboy Horse Riding Simulation Game Can Beplayedoffline, without Wi-Fi and Mobile Data! Ads undermanagement:http://[email protected]
Home Pony 2 1.4.6
Always wanted to have your OWN pony pet? Now you can! It's abrandnew care simulator (tamagochi) where you have to raise yourlittlepony. We love making games for girls and boys, we love mlpthat'swhy we made this pony game. - Raise up to 10 ponies on thesametime! - Talk to pony - Wash it and pet it - Heal it if it'ssick -Change the look - Design your Pony House - And lots of manyotherthings to do! - Go outside to see the Ponyville You can makeyourown custom looking little pony, Rarity or Twilight,- it's allup toyou! The tamagotchi game is always under development so weplan torelease a HUGE update every week! Play the game and have fun;)
Horse Craft Rainbow Stable 4.0
Horse Craft Rainbow Stable is about building stables for horsesandfor everybody who loves horses. And crafting. In this sandboxstyleworld for girls and for boys you may build a stable for yourbesthorse or maybe a clinic for racing horses? This would be realfun.The Horse Craft Rainbow Stable gives you a chance to becreative.It lets you build, create, design for girls and for boys.There isa chance to ride your horse, spawn as much cute horsesaspossible.There is a plenty of craft blocks to choose from -justdrag and drop the blocks from the inventory. Also you mayrotatesome blocks. This is useful for furniture like chairs tablesandwardrobes. There is furniture in this game so you can designhome,decorate room and do whatever you like. A new home for girlsandfor boys? No problem!
Arabian Horse Simulator 1.0
Have you ever dreamed to ride a horse family? With oursurvivalsimulator you can forget human life for a while and becomea wilddesert horse. Test your survival skills in wild desert -animals’life is hard in wild nature of Sahara desert. A true horsegames’survival experience.

Features of Arabian HorseSimulator:

-Horse sandbox
- Wild natureof arabian desert
- Variousanimals
- Survival and questsmode
- Animal survival simulator
-Wild nature sounds

Meet a lot ofdesert animals in our simulator!Our survival simulator has a mapand a guide - survival and controlof your desert horse inwild Arabian nature is in yourhooves. Live like realanimals in our new survival simulator - takehorse games to anotherlevel!

Animals’ sounds will plunge you deepinto survivalin Arabian Sahara in Arabian HorseSimulator. Ride acrossbeautiful desert! Protect your herd againstwild animalsand Arabian desert nature. Watch yourhealth, hunger andenergy for survival.

Try our animals’ survivalsimulator - ArabianHorse Simulator. Choose your horse and run likethe wind! Wildsurvival in desert nature awaits. Ride, completequests, breed yourhorses - lots to do in our survival simulator.Planning your journeyamong wild animals and desert nature is a wayof survivalin Arabian Sahara!

Take your horsestowild Arabian desert! Start a horse family andridethrough Sahara in Arabian Horse Simulator!
Pony Horse Maze Run Simulator 1.5
Find the keys to unlock the exit door of the maze. Interestingandchallenging levels with adventurous look andbeautifulgraphics.Live the dream of having a beautiful pony anddive intofantasy and joy races! If you're convinced aboutdownloading thebest pony maze run available then just get on !Youcan see the mapof the maze from above and try to solve the maze.So,do you thinkyou are smart enough?FEATURES:· Intuitive touch andjoystickcontrol to RUN and JUMP!· PLAY as a beautifullydesignedcharacter!· EXPLORE the Maze, and unlock new LEVELS!·10interesting and challenging levels to play in the currentversionand new levels are coming soon.· RACE the clock and try toreach tothe exit point as soon as possible to get more stars!· Goodqualitysound effects.· Superb Environment.· Support for HD phonedevicesand tablets.· Good quality sound effects.· User friendly GUIandcontrols.· Free Game Just Install and Enjoy..!
Clean up horse farm 1.0.9
Oh no! While you were out the horse trashed the barn! Now, itstimefor you to clean up the mess in this fun horse farm game.You’llspend a lot of time on cleaning up and putting things backinorder. You might even have to repair a few broken items thankstothis silly horse. Spend hours on this great horse cleanupgame.Features:• Hang out and find out what its like to take careofa horse.• Repair the broken things.• Get the barn back inorderafter the horse made a mess.• Play again with a differenthorsefarm• Complete in time to unlock the next level!
Unicorn Wallpapers 1.3
Cute "Unicorn Wallpapers" HD Backgrounds For Smartphone AndTablet.• Funny "Cartoon Wallpaper" Images High Resolution GraphicsFantasyArt 3D Illustrations Free Download!• Pretty "KawaiiUnicornWallpapers" for Girls• Sassy Wallpaper for Real fans NiceFeaturesOF Latest Beautiful "Unicorn Wallpapers" HD WidescreenApplicationFor Android.- Full support for landscape mode.-Compatible with 99%of mobile phones and devices.- Optimized batteryusage!- Fullysupports horizontal orientation- Add to favorites- Youcan save orShare "Kawaii Wallpaper" to Facebook, Twitter, Google+,Pinterest,Tumblr, Flickr, Stumble, Instagram Or Line with your GoodFriendsor whole family. Best Mobile App 2018 and APK Free!- This isanamazing collection of "Horse Pictures" with Girly "CuteWallpaper"in High Quality.