Top 30 Games Similar to Big Man Fighting : Hunk Stud

Monster Hero City Battle 1.6
Be a Monster Hero in City Battle to fight as legend hero -whatshould you do if your city had been attacked by mostdangerouscriminals and mafia? Get ready for the battle againstcriminals andmafia. You play as a Monster Hero with amazing powerskills whereMonster Hero fights and catch the gangsters, drugdealers, mafiaand criminals.Evil terrorist villains have againattacked your citywith a plan of overtaking it. Try yourself in therole of a CityHero in a dynamic simulator. Your big hunk Herodrives the car tochase the criminals and taken to the policestation. Monster Herofights against mutant crime in final battle.Protect your city froma sinister and exponential evil.Would you beable to defeat thesesuper villains?Future fight against Supervillains ,your MonsterHero has special powers for destruction.Onlyyou will be able toprotect civilians and save the vice city. Useall your fightingskills with fantastic power and strategy. Become adefender of thelaw and defend the common people .Crush and smasheverything in itspath and become a Monster Hero of CityBattle.Remember, yourenemies are mortal. It is a new Monster Herogame where Champion isthe cause for justice and your future.Monster Hero saves peopleand city .The strange monster mutantsuperhero legend is known forits strange supernatural super powersand is ready to hit the roadto take down the bad guys.GameplayFollow the story and accomplishall the missions on yourway. The more missions completed, the moreenergy you have to fightagainst gangsters and criminals. Mafiasells drug to innocentcitizens with the power of greed and guns,so you will stopunpleasant activity. Different places of the citytown, you willstop the dealing with mafia and gangsters. Driftyour super fastsports car in this fast paced avenger hero gamewith a twist ofsmashing everyhting. Being last hope of humanityHunk hero legendhas always served this metropolis city in the darknights with itsmutant powers.Be the real time hero in thisfinalbattle!FeaturesIntroduce the new action Hero as a Monster HeroinCity Battle.Super fight with various combination ofstrokes.YourMonster Hero drives the car and catch criminals.Fightagainst badguys in this amazing action game.Fun and easy controlwhile you areplaying.Exciting missions is waiting for you.This isnew episode ofMonster Hero in final battle game. Ride on your ironbat ride totake on the most dangerous villains and monsters .Be alegendarywarrior, a true super hero against gun shooters in HunkCity Hero.Counter the enemy attacks but do not allow the enemy tocounteryours or strike back. Finally you will stop all the crimesin city.Play in single game modes, put yourself to the test and seehow faryou can go!Become the most courageous and fearless hero!We’llappreciate for your feedback & rating :)UPDATED:-LongJumpFeature added-Monster Hero fight with animals: Gorilla ,lionandtigers-Monster Superhero fight with Spider hero inCity-NewEnvironment Jungle added-Monster Hero in Jungle-More SkinsforMonster-Smash Helicopters with Super Attack
Monster Hero Battle 1.1
Tap 2 Run
Be a Monster Hero in City Battle to start superadventure andfightas war legends. Fight against Superhero vs Superhero and don’tletyour enemies, aliens and gangsters to capture the city inMonsterHero Battle on the battle ground. Play this battle simulatorgame,Fight against Squads and slow mo guys and demonstrates howyouhandle your world class monster dragon against the giant heroandthe force of evil. Monster Hero Battle is the first epicsuperherobattle simulator with rescue missions to rescue heroes,super herosquad and monster legends to war crime chase. Defeatthesupervillain as a big man monster hero and tell them who isthereal hunk in this fighting game. Big man hunk aka monster heroisready to save in the city Eden battle in Monster Hero Battleheroessimulator.Make Shure you are the strongest hero over allmonsterheroes. Search and rescue people and instant kill aliens. Inthisepic battle 3D simulator you are the war legend so startrescuingropes hero, sniper herd, braindead city people and superherosquad. This is an ultimate future fight against the supervillainof the city. Crush and smash everything on your way and savethepeople and city with the monster hero. Big man monstersurvivalbattle is a story of wild attacks and counters the enemywildattacks as a legendary big man warrior & fighter. Useyourfantastic super natural power skills and strategy to escapefromthe hard situations. The strange monster superhero battle orherolegend is known for his strange super powers and now he isready totake down the bad guys and thugs of the city in thisfinalbattle.Features in City Battle with Giant Monster dragon►AmazingBattle story mode with fight action as a giant monster hero.►Different combat search and rescue missions with superherobattlesimulator. ► Realistic 3D city and war crime scenes toexploreas big man fighting.► An amazing action game in which fightagainstthe thugs and criminals.► Ultimate final city battle againstsupervillains in incredible superhero fight game.Startyoursuperadventure to become an incredible superhero monsterwarriorand hunk city hero to stop the crimes and city rescue.DownloadMonster Hero Battle and win the city battle against theevils andvillains.Follow us on:Website ☛☛
Real Hunk Big Man Fighting 3D 1.2
Legends storm studios present Real Hunk Big Man Fighting 3D!Be aBigMan Hero and fight as a Hero. Your city is attacked bydangerouscriminal. They have kidnapped your Wife. Get ready toFight againstthose Criminals. Your role is to fight and becomeHero in Big City.Show your Powers as a Hero. Crush super villainswith your fist.Inthese missions you have to fight with thosegangster and release hiswife from their custody.punch, kick andsmash your way through thecity gangsters and mafia and their squad
SuperHeroes Hunk vs HunkBuster
Superheroes hunk vs Hunkbuster - a free game for your mobiledevice,a game about superheroes where Hunk will fight Hunkbusterand otherrobots. The robot and all the robots can group up toattack you.Robot vs robot? What about Robot vs Hunk will be a realepic battlesimulator! If you are thinking about a superheroes gameor robotsgames, then our app is just for you. Superhero and robotsgame whereyou fight robots to become a true champion of anyfightingsimulator. Robot battle game is not as much of importance,what isimportant is superhero green monster fighting robottransformers.Robot arena, battle city with monsters and much more.The greenmonster will crush all the war of robot. New robot willtry to killHunk. Robots versus superhero game is reallyinteresting! Robot 2and Hunkbuster will try to destroy you, gamecity racing, dragracer, drift? No, much better! Only true EpicBattle Fantasy becauseits a free game for android - war robots.
Son of Zeus 1.8
The Last Hero Achilles part 2 , Son of Zeus is finally here. SonofZeus SOZ follows a different storyline. This game is one ofthebest sword fighting,medieval action RPG game out there.Drivenbyhis greed and hatred for Zeus, Ares the King of theunderworldcreated the Dark Army to conquer the world of men. One byone,kingdoms of men fell before the army of Demons and Orcs. Butoneprince resisted the Dark Army. Prince Zydian. They call him SonofZeus. Play and defeat the 4 titans of Ares, Ashe, Death,Cerberusand Dizuo and finally Ares.Prince Zydian and Lady Eline,the lasthope of realms of men.If you like Son of Zeus please shareit withyour friends,rate and leave your opinion below.If you arelookingfor a third person sword fighting game filled with Herculeslevelaction, valour, ancient greek mythology medieval battleswithhercules like heroes,then look no further. Feel adrenalinerushthrough your veins.Son of Zeus assets are highly optimised andisjust 47 Mb .There are no additional files to download.
BLOOD & GLORY (NR) 1.1.5
***This is the UNRATED version with BLOOD & GORE!!***THEREWILLBE BLOOD…Some have come to witness strength, others towitnesscourage, but all have come for BLOOD & GLORYBattle inthe arenaand entertain BLOOD-thirsty crowds in a fight to thedeath. Here,GLORY is the only option…BLOODIEST HD VISUALSSee andfeel the rawviolence of the fighters and the intense combat arenaSWIPE &SLASH GORETake to the Arena in the bloodiest, goriestswipe andslash fighting game on the MarketplaceLETHAL WEAPONS&ARMOREquip an arsenal of lethal weapons and armor tailored tosuitall fight styles, including blades & shields, anddestructivedual weaponsSPECIAL ATTACKS & COMBOSComplete specialattacksand combos for the ultimate blood-soaked victory!INVICTUSVICTORYBea real champion and earn Invictus medals by winningtournamentsflawlessly. Don’t lose and never surrender!2011 © GluMobile Inc.GLU, BLOOD & GLORY are the trademarks or registeredtrademarksof Glu Mobile Inc. in the United States and otherjurisdictions.All rights reserved.PLEASE NOTE:- This game is freeto play, butyou can choose to pay real money for some extra items,which willcharge your Google account. You can disable in-apppurchasing byadjusting your device settings.-This game is notintended forchildren.- Please buy carefully.- Advertising appearsin thisgame.- This game may permit users to interact with oneanother(e.g., chat rooms, player to player chat, messaging)depending onthe availability of these features. Linking to socialnetworkingsites are not intended for persons in violation of theapplicablerules of such social networking sites.- A networkconnection isrequired to play.- For information about how Glucollects and usesyour data, please read our privacy policy you have a problem with this game, pleaseuse the game’s “Help”feature. FOLLOW US [email protected]/glumobile
- Game giải trí nhẹ nhàng, cách chơi đơn giản.- Có 3 modechơi:+SHORT MODE: có 12 hành tinh+ LONG MODE: có 36 hành tinh+ENDLESSMODE: không giới hạn số hành tinh, tùy theo kĩ năng củabạn.* CÁCHCHƠI:- Chờ cho thanh lực lên đến vị trí cao nhất thì ấn.Tùy theovị trí lực sẽ có điểm thưởng tương ứng.- Phá vỡ lần lượttất cả cáchành tinh để ghi kỉ lục.
The Last Hero :Achilles 2.27
Play the epic hercules level action game as the greekheroAchilles.The game shows the age of battle between Greece andTroyempires.Experience how bravely Achilles fought,how gracefullyhelived and how fiercely he loved.They broke him and left himfordead. His princess was taken from him.He swore vengeance ondemigodAres who betrayed him.Play and experience his valor asAchillesfight through his enemies, fulfil prophecies ,free theprincess,slays dragons and finally have his revenge on Ares ,thegreek god.If you are looking for a third person sword fighting gamefilledwith Hercules level action, valour, ancient greekmythologymedieval battles with hercules like heroes,then look nofurther.Feel adrenaline rush through your veins.The game assets arehighlyoptimised and is just 39 Mb .There are no additional filestodownload.Please do not forget to leave your valuable reviewsandgive us a quick +1...:)PS: All images and animations used inGreekHero : Achilles are either purchased or created by ourteam..Forany complaints,please contact us [email protected] [email protected]
Assassination Corp. 1.02
Fight against injustice, wretched laws and monsters as assassinsofthe Assassination Corp. Play and experience valour of assassinsasthey fight through their enemies, slays dragons.If you arelookingfor a third person sword fighting game filled with Herculeslevelaction, valour, ancient Greek and Egyptian mythologymedievalbattles ,then look no further. Feel adrenaline rush throughyourveins.The game assets are highly optimised and is just 42 Mb.Thereare no additional files to download.Please do not forget toleaveyour valuable reviews and give us a quick +1...:)
Flying Monster Hero Battle 1.0
Cipher Coders
Be a Flying Monster Hero in City Battle to fight as legend hero-what should you do if your city town had been attacked bymostdangerous criminals and bad mafia? Get ready for the battleagainstgangster and criminals. You play as a Flying Monster Herowithamazing power skills where Monster Hero fights, flying,shootingand catch the gangsters, drug dealers, mafia and badcriminals.Malicious bomber villains have again attacked your citywith a planof overtaking it. Try yourself in the role of a CityHero in anactive simulator. Your big Hero drives the sport car tochase thecriminals and taken to the police station. Flying MonsterHerofights against mutant crime in final battle .Protect yourmoderncity from a menacing and exponential evil. Would you be abletodefeat these dangerous bad guys and villains?Future fightagainstSuper criminals, your Flying Monster Hero has special powersfordemolition. Only you will be able to protect civilians and savethegrand city. Use all your fighting and shooting skillswithgrotesque power and strategy. Become a protector of the lawanddefend the common people .Crush and blow everything in its pathandbecome a Flying Monster Hero of City Battle. Remember, yourenemiesare mortal. It is a new Flying Monster Hero Battle gamewhereChampion is the root for justice and your future. FlyingMonsterHero saves civilians and vice city .The strange monstertransformedsuperhero legend is known for its strange mystical superpowers andsuper jump is ready to hit the road to take down thebadguys.STORYThis game is started with delightful story,jetpackmaking in secret lab when the scientist and engineers madethejetpack so the government decided jetpack carried out ofthislaboratory to the underground place. When jetpack is carryingtothe secret place suddenly gangsters and dangerouscriminalsattacked on the security team. Security team and criminalsfightswith each other suddenly monster hero came here andjetpackcarrying out from here. So monster hunk hero use the jetpackandthen monster hero become the flying monster hero.FLYINGMONSTERHERO BATTLE FEATURES:• Present the new action Hero as aFlyingMonster Hero in City Battle• Super fight with variouscombinationsof whacks• Monster Hero drives the racing car and catchgangsters•Entertaining and smooth control while you are playing•Incrediblegraphics and realistic sound effects• Dangerous andwarenvironment• Save the civilians of the modern city• Clean thecityfrom bad guys and mafia• Amazing weapons and shootingeffectsComeand play the Flying Monster Hero Battle game. Dangerousandexciting missions are waiting for you. Flying Monster Hero savethecommon people of the vice city. Decrease the crime rate ofmoderncity and finish all the gangster and mafia. Drugs dealersellingand buying the drugs with the power of weapons. Some corruptpoliceofficers handshake with the criminals, dangerous mafia andhelpthem to deals with the bad criminals and move the drugspackagesfrom one city to other with the help of police. You willfightagainst the dishonest police officers, dangerous gangsterandmafia. Fight and shoot the criminals with the help of superpowerattack and extreme weapons. Flying with the help of jetpackandcatch the criminals. Save the people of the city and becomeaFlying monster hero.
Super Hero Monster Battle : Real Action Fight 2017 1.1
Save the city from sinister evil and exponential bloody evils.Wouldyou be able to defeat these super villains? So become thesuper herowho will save the city in this Latest Super Hero MonsterBattle:Real Action Fight 2017.Stop finding the best fighting gamesforboys, girls and kids because you are at the right place. Youhave tofight like a hero in this legend arena among monstersandsuper-heroes legends. Are you ready to attack Monster alienandgreat alliance like futuristic robots, flying robots and realmechrobots? Monster steel robots attack on the urban city. Youareincredible real hunk and monster super hero in this superfightinggame. Have you seen any other super Heroes Games? Let allthe crazyMonster warriors which will fight with you and play thisgame asLast and final battle between super heroes vs. monsters andActionhero. Monster robots are the super big hero and you shouldprovethem that you are a real steel man. Don’t get crazy onMonstersuper hero and play as legends war. Train your champion tobecomethe storm of local gangs. Monster Hero with super amazingpowerskills where Monster Hero fights, catch and smashing faces ofthegangsters. Evil terrorist villains, Robots have again attackedyourcity with a plan of overtaking it. Be a monster Hero andfightsagainst these mutant crime warrior in final battle which iscalledthe mission of heroes. Join the tribunal squad. The league ofsuperhumans on guard of justice! The real peoples and avengers. Theonewho will avenge all the pain of local citizen. Be a MonstersuperHero in incredible City Battle to fight like a legend heroandbecome a real avenger in this amazing crazy battle. Becarefulwhile fighting dangerous criminal’s robots and mafia alienandallied robots. Battle against these criminals and alsoagainstMiami crime and Vegas city bad gangsters to save your cityandpeoples. City Hero and show some of your dynamic simulatorfightingskills. Super hero avenger are ready for final and lastfight. Givethem some super powerful hit, what would you do if youstandbetween heroes alliance. Fight for your people. Clash againstthesemonsters. The last and final battle of Heroes vs. Monsters.You arelast hope so shoot the monster. Be a superhero againstthesecriminal robots and murderer.Enjoy the most amazing matchbattlesbetween super heroes and monster warfare warriors. Don't letthemescape, crush these monsters in this non-stop superherofightingthrill and action game with a lots of super and marveloussmashinglevels. You are the jet pack fearless fighter and superhero inresistance mod like a Hero of final war. You can show yourultimatefighting skill. Prove that you are better than a real starspacewars! Don’t think so much just complete all impossible tasksinthis Latest Super Hero Monster Battle: Real Action Fight 2017.Ifithas been your dream to have a feel of flying man superhero, thennoneed to find any other superhero games as you are on therightplace. Here you don’t need to be a rope hero or a superherofighter as it’s not all about animal rescue games. SuperHeroMonster Battle: Real Action Fight 2017 features  Action-packed3DFPS with elements of RPG. Great selection of weaponry,vehiclesand quests. Realistic 3D physics and visual effects.Tunablegraphics quality In-game tutorial.
Incredible Monster Superhero Bulk City Battle 1.2
Do you love superhero adventure games? Also do you loveplayingsuperhero fighting games? if yes than this Incrediblesuperheromonster adventure and fighting game is for you. Downloadnow andplay this amazing monster superhero city battle game andenjoy thesimulation of incredible monster hero. Roam freely insuperheroopen world and perform beautiful animated actions ofincrediblebulk in this monster city battle. Make your superhero thebest heroof the city by saving innocent citizens from evil robotsand alsofrom gangsters and drug dealers. Be a monster hero in citybattleto fight against evil and become a legend hero or cityhero.Prepare for epic action fighting with your opponents. Act astherescuer of the people and become the most spirited andvalianthero. Show off your astounding shooting super power skillsin thismonster hero fight and clasp the criminals, gangsters anddrugdealers. Big man hunk aka monster hero is ready to save in thecitybattle in Monster Hero Battle. The city is attacked by alienrobotsand all the gangsters and drug dealers made a deal to destroythepeace of your city. In this city battle, town's people needasuperhero who will rescue them and kill all the viilains inthiscity battle. You can create your own superhero and playdifferentversion of city battle like spider superhero city battleorincredible monster hero battle or any strange hero battle inthecity. In the detachment of heroes replenishment. They werejoinedby an incredible monster hero and avenger! He wants to defeatthevillains in the battle. Play for the incredible hero ofthemonster, become avenging, defeat the villains in the battleandbecome the best! All in your hand!Are you ready to win thebattleby playing for an incredible hero monster? Control thishugeincredible monster character and jump sky high in the sky.Fightwith fist and power shots of monster hero. Having a supermuscularbody and with strange mutant powers you are above thehumanity. Goahead and rule the earth in these last day on earthsurvival.Incredible Superhero Battle is one of the best newgenerationtransformer and superhero robot games. Prepare forepicversus-fighting action with your favorite comic Super Heroes&Super Villains in the ultimate cosmic showdown! The gangbeasts ofoffenders appeared in New York city and now they threatenentirepopulation. Protect your city from a sinister andexponentialevil.Would you be able to defeat these supervillains?Become aincredible superhero monster warrior and hunk cityhero bydefeating them. Features in Incredible Monster SuperheroBulk CityBattle:• Amazing story mode with fight action as monsterhero.•Real feel of monster robot transformation• Ultimate finalcitybattle against super villains in incredible superhero fightgame.•Awesome 3D city to explore as big man fighting.• Surpriseattackand perfect killing of enemies• Amazing action game in whichfightagainst the thugs and criminals.• Various combat missionswithsuperhero battle.
Strong Dude Simulator 1.3.1
Strong Dude Simulator - is a sandboxwithoutany tasks or plot. You are free to do whatever you want.Just havefun! Explore the city, look for money, buy weapons,arrange anapocalypse for the inhabitants! Or just walk in the park,enjoyingthe types of flowers.
Bulk: Incredible Monster Hero 1.0.7
Welcome to Bulk: Incredible Monster hero game and join thecitybattle as a monster hero which is a real legend hero. Havingasuper muscular body and with strange mutant powers you areabovethe humanity. Go ahead and rule the earth. Use your superskillsand rampage the city. At times you are a villain and agangster whowill be fighting with police and army and at times youwill befighting with other mutant villains like rhino who have thesamemutant powers as of you.Features:Be the super incrediblemonsterhero and avenger!Super Heroes vs Super VillainsepicfightingRealistic Ragdoll PhysicsFight with police robots andcartransforming robots Pick the cars and throw them milesawayJumphigh to cover the larger distancesUse heavy single anddoublepunches and crack the groundsFight with other monstermutantevilsincredible battles with monstersBeing big hunk hero youwillhave to chase the criminals by driving cars and bring thegangstersto police station. You as monster hero fight against thesemutantvillains in this final battle. It is the time to protect yourcityagainst these super villains. The city has been attacked bybadguys, mafias and bad gangsters. Battle is going on againstthemafia and gangster as monster hero futuristic powers skills.BeingMonster Hero you have to fight and catch the bad guys, drugdealersand criminals. So, let’s experience the monster hero infinalbattle game. It’s time for you to finish the futuristic battleandbecome a true incredible superhero against gun shooters inthesuperhero games and hero games. Play and demonstrate how youcanhandle your fists and your skills in monster superhero. Enjoytheblend of boxing games and martial arts karate fighting games.Nomartial arts fighter, boxer, sniper shooter, army assassincanstand in front of you. All have to lay down, have to acceptdefeat.Get ready to test your fighting skills in this heroic stylegame.
Spartan Warfare 1.0.0
Spartan warfare TD is the bestcastledefensegame ever ! The war has just begun. Shooting arrowswasnever somuch fun.★★★★★ ITS MIGHTY SPARTANS VS. ZOMBIES ARMIES ALL THEWAY★★★★★The saga of this god of war is well known in greekhistory.Somesay he is son of Zeus. Another legend is that he wassent onearthby Hades, while another tale has it that he is Apollohimselfindisguise. With his Hercules strength he stands like atowerbetweenthe mighty force of the demon Thrackus and wallofjustice.Equipped with god's armor and blessed with superattackspeed,spartans await their share of war. He is leader of clanandthemightiest soldier ever seen.★★★★★ WEAPONS AND MAGIC ★★★★★Variety potions and spells make killing of evil easierandevenmore fun. Dragon fire, ice effect or missile - you haveitall.Equip your mighty sparta hero with the godly weaponsandmarchtowards victory. The clash at gate becomes intense andtosaveyourself from extra pressure, plant some mines close by.Shootatthe smaller units while you freeze big ones like giants.Bewareofcannons and tanks that can launch from a distance.★★★★★ COMBAT OF HEORES WITH CLAN LORDS ★★★★★Each boss have special powers and you will need somedevinehelpto defeat them. When facing a large crush of armies,tocounterthem, its lethal strategy to unleash heroes in themiddleofbattle. They are your friends and alliance in thickest ofwar.Theydont fight with bomb and bullet, but prefer sword andhammer.Usethem wisely because they can be hired only on a timebasisasmercenaries.★★★★★ STRIKE AND DEFEND ★★★★★Attack is the best form of defence. In combat never loosetouchofpressurizing your opponent. Shooting like a sniper is goodbutsometimes random fire is a good way to fend of enemies.Angryspartalooks down on the enemy at gate and waits for them tomakeamove.★★★★★ FREE, ADDICTIVE AND ENGAGING ★★★★★At the moment the game doesnt have mutliplayer option butweareworking on it. If you like our game please rate us and shareusonfacebook. And make sure you do a google plus for us. Wewouldloveto hear from you so please do write with suggestionsandsendemails.
Spartan Combat 9.0.0
Spartan combat TD is the best castle defense game ever ! The warhasjust begun. Shooting arrows was never so much fun. ★★★★★ARCHERWARRIOR VS. ARMIES OF THRACKUS ★★★★★The saga of this god ofwar iswell known in greek history. Some say he is son of Zeus.Anotherlegend is that he was sent on earth by Hades, while anothertalehas it that he is Apollo himself in disguise. With hisHerculesstrength he stands like a tower between the mighty force ofthedemon Thrackus and wall of justice. Equipped with god's armorandblessed with super attack speed, he awaits his share of action.Heis leader of clan and the mightiest soldier ever seen.★★★★★WEAPONSAND MAGIC ★★★★★Variety potions and spells make killing ofevileasier and even more fun. Dragon fire, ice effect or missile -youhave it all. Equip your mighty sparta hero with the godlyweaponsand march towards victory. The clash at gate becomes intenseand tosave yourself from extra pressure, plant some mines close by.Shootat the smaller units while you freeze big ones like giants.Bewareof cannons and tanks that can launch from a distance. ★★★★★COMBATOF HEORES WITH CLAN LORDS ★★★★★Each boss have special powersandyou will need some devine help to defeat them. When facing alargecrush of armies, to counter them, its lethal strategy tounleashheroes in the middle of battle. They are your friends andalliancein thickest of war. They dont fight with bomb and bullet,butprefer sword and hammer. Use them wisely because they can behiredonly on a time basis as mercenaries.★★★★★ STRIKE ANDDEFEND★★★★★Attack is the best form of defence. In combat neverloosetouch of pressurizing your opponent. Shooting like a sniper isgoodbut some times random fire is a good way to fend of enemies.Angrysparta looks down on the enemy at gate and waits for them tomake amove.★★★★★ FREE, ADDICTIVE AND ENGAGING ★★★★★At the momentthe gamedoesnt have mutliplayer option but we are working on it. Ifyoulike our game please rate us and share us on facebook. Andmakesure you do a google plus for us. We would love to hear fromyou soplease do write with suggestions and send emails.
Dino Safari Hunting 2018 - Best Sniper Survive
Dino hunting wars in Jungle in this jungle army Hunting Dinoisavailable for killing shooting dinosaur mission huntingrushanimals dino attack sniperWhether you have played a lot ofanimalhunting games, shooting games, hunt games Dino HuntingSimulatorgames, racing simulation games or commando in jungleshooting dinogames. This Dino Safari Hunting 2018 - Best SniperSurvive is goingto be a latest shooting thrilling fun adventure.Hunting Dinosaurhunter is strong commando and he want join forfighting with realdinosaur killer safari hunter brave man. DinoHunting Mission ZillaJurassic villa king assault tales snipercommando tour junglerampage city dinosaurs jump over agent and racewith sniper armycommando escaped in survival jungle plan Thescenario of the gameconsists of two commandos. dinosaur hunterLeaving for their armybase is different from other animal huntinglike deer tiger lion orwolf. Dino moving Jurassic to city andcommando have chosen a pathto kill dinosaurs army a single endlessmixed city jungleenvironment. The road is passing through a verydangerous andhaunted jungle where dinosaurs are moving to eatpeople cars bikeand everything.Dragon hunter is fast race of dinodifferent fromdragon hunting that are so simple games so pleasesecure snipercommander from drigo hunter is dangerous for dinosniper robotmission. Come and Join dino hunt in jungle dino games,in thisHunting Dino Mission Adventure army Dino hunting sniperisavailable for killing wild dino hunting game. Commando bigDinohunter took their jeep through the jungle. Din hunterAftercrossing half of the road, they listened a sound, sound ofdinosaurattack on a city. Dinosaur look here and there, at onceanextremely large dinosaur appeared and start running towardsthem.Dinosaur hunter will join Jungle Sniper Zoo Commandos fightingwithdinosaurs at his last breath were well trained for suchsituations.Jurassic Dino World hunting sniper safari attackingmission is alsothere, please secure city people from dino transporthunter, thisis dangerous for dinosaurs one secret commando startracing withdinosaur, other start shooting the dino with their highqualitymissile tank weapons and sniper guns. Dino commando aim atthe dinoand pressed the trigger and shoot dino. Dinosaur got thesniperbullet or bomb on their head and dead. Several dinosaur arerunningtowards army base. Wars of life and death for nation peopletoprove you a Real Jungle Hero part of "Do or Die" War. Racestartedbetween dinosaur hunted and trained commandos. A dino raceofsurvival. A race of being commando alive secret war. Play thisepichunting Dino game and survive yourself. Jurassic DinosaursJungleWorldYou are a hunter or prey in this energizing dinosaurguerrillahunting game? Come and Join dino shoot in jungle, in thisjunglearmy dino clash fighting hunter is available for killingdinoadventure kill last mission so finished level you will get allthemore intense weapon in your island defense from deadlydinosaur.Dino Chase and take a gander aim at the dinosaurs fromherbivoresto carnivores, in this remarkable reproduction. Thisexceptionaltop of the line shooting game gives you the superbchance toinvestigate and jump into the noteworthy dinosaurexperience, hasan incredible land, brimming with various dinosaurspecies.BuildersCity dinosaurs hunting is free shooting games thereare much Dinosuch fantasy sharks Jurassic city these are bloodbathdinosaurfight in dinosaurs world Dino Jurassic action park builderis fightLuo dinosaur city is Jurassic dino mission. You rannosaurusgoodgames Dino's and shape with fun friends and dinosaur.Come andJoindino hunt in jungle, in this jungle army dino hunter isavailablefor killing dino.
Street Dog Simulator 3D 1.2
Calling the Secret Pup Service! All pups report!Do you love dogs?Doyou love adventure? Do you love either? Then this thrilling gameisfor you! Patrol the streets as a determined street dogfulfillingyour secret policing service for the city! You may beshaggy, butdon’t let them underestimate your acute sense of smelland lightningspeed reflexes! That jaw has the grasp of Hercules!Alternatebetween career mode for missions, and free mode to playtheadventure you please. Chase the bad guys and scare them out oftheirwits! The gangsters, criminals, and thugs don’t stand achance.Fight with other dogs for survival, food, and turf. Protectyourfellow human friends and chase cat foes! Sniff out yummy bonesandroam alleys and streetways.Pick your favorite breed: chooseamongGolden Retrievers, Dalmatians, German shepherds, and more!This cityenvironment is and invigorating playground for a playfulpup likeyou!Street Dog Simulator 3D Features:•Realistic DogChasingphysics•Vibrant 3D city environment•Extreme Visuals andsoundseffects•Smooth and simple controls•Amazing Street dogstounlock•Customization & Up-gradation feature•Vibrant&addictive gameplay with thrilling challenges•Multiple actionpackeddog chasing missionsAbout TapinatorTapinator (Ticker:TAPM)develops and publishes games on mobile platforms. TheCompany’sportfolio includes over 250 mobile gaming titlesthat,collectively, have achieved over 350 million playerdownloads.Tapinator is headquartered in New York. For more info,
Spartan Combat 2 9.0.0
Spartan combat TD is the best castle defense game ever ! The warhasjust begun. Shooting arrows was never so much fun. ★★★★★ARCHERWARRIOR VS. ARMIES OF THRACKUS ★★★★★The saga of this god ofwar iswell known in greek history. Some say he is son of Zeus.Anotherlegend is that he was sent on earth by Hades, while anothertalehas it that he is Apollo himself in disguise. With hisHerculesstrength he stands like a tower between the mighty force ofthedemon Thrackus and wall of justice. Equipped with god's armorandblessed with super attack speed, he awaits his share of action.Heis leader of clan and the mightiest soldier ever seen.★★★★★WEAPONSAND MAGIC ★★★★★Variety potions and spells make killing ofevileasier and even more fun. Dragon fire, ice effect or missile -youhave it all. Equip your mighty sparta hero with the godlyweaponsand march towards victory. The clash at gate becomes intenseand tosave yourself from extra pressure, plant some mines close by.Shootat the smaller units while you freeze big ones like giants.Bewareof cannons and tanks that can launch from a distance. ★★★★★COMBATOF HEORES WITH CLAN LORDS ★★★★★Each boss have special powersandyou will need some devine help to defeat them. When facing alargecrush of armies, to counter them, its lethal strategy tounleashheroes in the middle of battle. They are your friends andalliancein thickest of war. They dont fight with bomb and bullet,butprefer sword and hammer. Use them wisely because they can behiredonly on a time basis as mercenaries.★★★★★ STRIKE ANDDEFEND★★★★★Attack is the best form of defence. In combat neverloosetouch of pressurizing your opponent. Shooting like a sniper isgoodbut some times random fire is a good way to fend of enemies.Angrysparta looks down on the enemy at gate and waits for them tomake amove.★★★★★ FREE, ADDICTIVE AND ENGAGING ★★★★★At the momentthe gamedoesnt have mutliplayer option but we are working on it. Ifyoulike our game please rate us and share us on facebook. Andmakesure you do a google plus for us. We would love to hear fromyou soplease do write with suggestions and send emails.
Ninja Prison Break Fighting 3D 1.2
Trigger Team
They have caught you and get into the prison – they thought,thatyou can’t escape… But you can!Be a ninja breaking freefromdungeons of local yakuza boss’ mansion! Fight againstguards,defeat other prisoners, use different weapons and tools toget ridof chasers and enjoy ultimate fighting action game in 3D!Get readyto break free from maximum security prison right now! Beatall theopponents and prove your worth as a Master Ninja playingamazingNinja Prison Break Fighting 3D game!Tired of usual policechasegames and crime simulators? Survive this harsh jailbreakbattle inthe atmosphere of Far east! Commit a breakout from aprivate prisonand try to help your cellmates and other prisoners toget out ofthis outlaw jail! Show your fighting skills usingdifferentpunches, kicks, strikes and knockouts and defeat everyonetrying tostop you – guards, yakuza enforcers, soldiers, or evenyourlockdown cell inmates! Fight, smash, slash and defeat as arealmaster ninja! Check this unusual prison break simulator andtryyourself as a ninja-prisoner who’s last chance to survive is togetout of this harsh place! Fight against the bandits chasingyour,defeat armed prisons guard and help your lockdown cell inmatetobreak out safe and sound with Ninja Prison Break Fighting3D!Useall your skills - try different punches, strikes, kicksandknockouts to break out! Meet fierce prison guards, armedyakuzaenforcers, criminals and even other ninjas from enemy clans,finduseful attacking tools like katana or make improvised weaponstodefeat everyone on your way! Deal with the counter attacks ofthewardens and thugs and level up your fighting skills witheachmurder! Fight and count your last days of imprisonment andcompletedifferent jailbreak tasks. Play this unusual prison breaksimulator- Ninja Prison Break Fighting 3D – and get fun with thisgreataction game!Ninja Prison Break Fighting 3D features:Ultimateprisonbreak simulator at oriental entourageFind or craft weaponsandtools – use katana to attack wardens or craft improvised weapontoshoot them outUse different punches, kicks, strikes orknockoutsand learn new fighting styles to become more powerfulLookforallies among other prisoners - thieves, robbers or otherninjasthat could be useful to provide yourself with weapons orbattleagainst guards and yakuza mobs.Challenging prisonbreakmissionsRealistic environments and amazing 3D graphicsGettheunusual and original game experience with Ninja PrisonBreakFighting 3D – amazing action game for those who love jailbreak andcrime simulators!Waiting for your reviews on facebook-
🛦F18 Jet Fighter 3d War Plane 2.7.0
🛦F18 Jet Fighter 3d War AirplaneGunshipSimulator 3D is a war based simulator game. The storyline ofthegame is inspired from world war1, world war2 and modernwarfare.The user has to perform the role of responsible pilot andcompletethe mission given to the pilot. The game provides the mostaccurateweapons and most advanced and realistic fighter jets like(F-14,F-15, F-16, F-17, F-18, F-22 and B-22). Take part in multipleaircombats in which the pilot has to take down enemy jets.The fighter jets has to make sure the security of otheraircraft'slike:✈️ Civil aircraft.✈️ Passenger aircraft.✈️ Private Jet.✈️ Boeing plane.✈️ Rescue plane.✈️ Sea plane.✈️ Fokker Plane.✈️ Airbus.✈️ Military Aircraft.User has takeout the gunships and military bases andenemyterritory. In the later stages of game the fighter jets alsohaveto drop paratroopers to invade enemy lands. The game providesthelatest gunship weapons like✈️ Aerial torpedoes.✈️ Aerial Bombs.✈️ Air-to-ground rockets.✈️ Air-Launched Missiles.✈️ Air-to-ground weaponry.✈️ Aircraft ordnance.Following are few among many exciting features of the game✈️ Ultra Realistic Graphics.✈️ High Definition (HD) Display.✈️ Smooth controllers.✈️ Multiple attractive 3D camera angles.✈️ Realistic war sound effects (SFX).✈️ Accurate visual effects (VFX).✈️ World’s most intense war zone and military bases.✈️ Challenging Air combats.✈️ Aerial stunts.✈️ Mayday and emergency landing troubleshooting.✈️ War based storyline and challenges.✈️ World best runways and airports environment.✈️ Aircraft carrier landings and airbase landings.✈️ Naval carriers and oceans.✈️ Take-off, practice, transfers, recon and flights informationwith a flight guide.✈️ Supersonic agility and maneuvering.✈️ Radar with runway and aircraft carrier orientation.✈️ Realistic fuel consumption.✈️ Air traffic control room instruction.✈️ Vertical take-off and landing (F35B Lightning II, AV-8BHarrierII).✈️ Accurate physics behind the flight and gunship attack.✈️ No network required so No Wi-Fi No Problem.✈️ 1st Person and 3rd Person camera mode.✈️ Highly simulated flight and controls.✈️ Multiple control options.✈️ Intense Aerial Battles like:✈️ Dog Fight.✈️ Air Combat Maneuvering (ACM) .✈️ Aerial reconnaissance.✈️ Airborne forces.✈️ Airstrike.✈️ Strategic bombing.✈️ Anti-aircraft warfare.Aircraft:✈️ F/A-18 Super Hornet✈️ F-14 Super Tomcat.✈️ F-16 Fighting Falcon.✈️ A-6 Intruder.✈️ A-7 Corsair II.✈️ F-22 Raptor.✈️ SU-47 Berkut.✈️ C-130 Hercules.✈️ EF Typhoon.You can enjoy it in the subway, or while traveling on a realplane,or in the car on the road, or during services in a temple.Yourduty includes racing against time, control a fire in the middleofthe mountains, and land safely on a tiny airstrip (or even onanaircraft carrier warship). Become the pilot and fly yourcommercialjet to the destination. While parking your plane, be verycarefulto avoid the buses, helicopters etc parked along the runway.
Sniper - American Assassin 2.5
Play Sniper American Assassin the new thrilling and excitingsnipergame. Whenever you feel the need to shoot someone mercilesslyinthe head then this sniper simulation is one of the best gamesyouare looking for. The player has to take the role of the killerwhois on the mission to terminate some of the most important peopleofthe Government to eliminate corruption from the Country. Ifyoulove playing Sniper games you will like Sniper –AmericanAssassin.HOW TO :--Tap your phone/tablet on right side toshoot andzoom in & out-Tap on left side to navigate the area
Street Hero Battle Fight Revenge 1.1
Witty Gamerz
Street hero vs gangster battle is revolutioninfighting games. Play as big street superhero against thegangster inthe city battle for missing sister who has kidnapped bycriminalsand gangsters. Make stealth plan, start revenge fight,flip yourselfand trample down the whole city with destruction andchaos and fightfor salvage of your sister in fatal fighting.Create massive rampagewith the help of your wife who also havehidden powers ofdestruction. Your street hero vs gangster battlewill throw carswith his giant powers in 3d fighting game. Streetbattling gameswere never been so amazing. Fight big man game 3D!The Best inFighting Games! Let the Fight Begin for the survival ofstreetsuperhero in the city battle with Street Hero Battle FightRevenge!Realistic story in man fighting games.Fight with gangsters and kidnappers, damage the property, throwbigvehicles with your amazing power and become a fighter. Thisisrealistic gangster assault and fighting battles that willshowtheir combat skills. Play as an angry big fighter to find hisyoungsister and destroy the crime city. Your Legend street hero of2017with supernatural mutant powers is the last hope. Fight big man3dhas ultimate powers to destroy everything within his sight. Youarea crazy huge monster in this massive city, protect family inthiscity battle with special powers of big man fight.Become the defender of law and protect your family as only youaregoing to be able to safeguard for innocents and bring backyoursister. You need to remember that your enemy is mortal and willgoto any extent to destroy you in this finest of fighting games,andmonster street hero 3d fight game. Play now the newest ideaandreal 3d fighting action incredible superhero city battlegameFeatures of Street Hero Battle Fight Revenge:- Real action fight in city battle with big man streetherofighters.- Thrilling sound effects and HD graphics for the lovers offightgames.- Multiple action packed fighting game missions.- Big man superhero fearless fighter with mutantsupernaturalpowers.- Great selection of weaponry, vehicles and quests.Here we go with the incredible monster hero with city battlequests.Reacts quickly to enemy attacks at right moment and strikehard toprove yourself as a true warrior.Its time to show yoursuper skillsas the most fearless and courageous hero! Download nowto play“Street Hero Battle Fight Revenge” and start battle asincrediblesuperhero in big man fighting games.
Monster Battle in City 1.1
Be the incredible monster hero in our latest introduction ofmegamonster battle games combined with police games. You are acrazyhuge monster in this metropolitan city, police helicopter andarmytanks are after you in this finest of super hero monster games.Bethe legend of the city, roam like a dragon monster! This cityisyour mighty monster territory and not even the policehelicoptersand army tanks can take you down. You are the mostpowerfulsuperhuman ever born; destroy everything that comes in yourpath!Use your massive punches to create legendary monster shockwaves.Make this your city, the dragon monster city in thismonstrous ofcity fighting legends monster games! Keep in mind yourmoster doesnot age and his powers never reduce, you are theevolution! Smashthe helicopters into the buildings, crush the armytanks like theyare made of paper, win the ultimate battle of mightymonster city!Get ready for fighting against these lawful agenciesas thesecorrupt government departments are being bribed bygangsters, drugdealers, mafia and criminals in the best of fightinggames. Thinkof yourself as the super hero and savior of these citywars, youhave special powers for destruction. Use your extremelypowerfulpunch and create supernatural shock waves to destroy theseenemiesin disguise in this top most of incredible monsterbattlesimulation. Become the defender of law and protect commonpeople asonly you are going to be able to safeguard local residentsandbring back peace and harmony in the community in this paramountofcity games. But remember that your enemy is mortal and will gotoany extent to destroy you in this finest of army fightinggames,they have state of the art weaponry including heavy armoredtankwith ballistic missile fire power and hardcoreshootinghelicopters. Police sell drugs to innocent citizens withthe powerof guns, so you will stop this unpleasant activity. Runfast, useyour extreme powers to smash everything in your way inthis best ofsuperhero battle games. ***Gameplay Features***•Breathtakingrealistic 3D animations with eye catching HD graphicsto capturedetails of legends city fighting games.• An absolutetreat for thelovers of army games and police games withcomprehensive gameplayof 4 missions (each mission has 5 levels).•Thrilling sound effectsfor the fans of real fighting games.• Largeenvironment withmultiple buildings for city mania enthusiasts. •Impressive andeasy on screen controls for battle simulator.•Playable on multipledevices.Destroy all corrupt governmentdepartments with your supernatural powers and gain the title of thetoughest monster fighterin the world in this top-notch ofincredible monster games. Enjoythe action filled fight games dutyto bring peace back to peopleand make the city a safe and reliableplace, download now “MONSTERBATTLE IN CITY”. Win the monster vspolice and army battle in thefinest of incredible monster fightinggames!
Hero vs Mafia: Ultimate Battle 1.1
Your city is invaded by the Mafia! They’re everywhere! Are youbraveenough to be the savior?!Play the hero in this criminal taleof Herovs Mafia. Wipe your town of thugs, thieves, gangsters, andmobs bypatrolling in a 3D environment designed to give you maximumthrill!Wander through alleyways and streets and root out the badguys.Don’t let pedestrians get attacked, or banks get robbed.Protect theinnocent from danger! Use your bionic arm to performspecial,awesome attacks! Use different combos of fighting likeCombo Attack,Mega, and Stomp to scare those evil gangs away. Kick,punch, and usethe throw feature for destruction of cars.Intimidate and defeat byknocking their guns out of their hands.The police are lagging, andthe city is depending on you. Showthose coppers who’s BOSS! Bop,bump, and clip those goons rightinto jail! Hero Vs Mafia: UltimateBattle Features:•Amusing andgritty visual and sounds effect•Smooth,easy and addictive gameplay•Spectacular and challenging 3Denvironment for fighting withcity gangsters•Realistic shooting& killing animation•Smooth& easy controls to handle superhero•Amazing weapons forultimate battle•Checkpoints to upgradeenergy level•Action packedchallenges**Get the #1 Super Hero Game of2017 Today!!**AboutTapinatorTapinator (Ticker: TAPM) develops andpublishes games onmobile platforms. The Company’s portfolioincludes over 250 mobilegaming titles that, collectively, haveachieved over 350 millionplayer downloads. Tapinator isheadquartered in New York. For moreinfo, visit
Superhero Incredible Monster Hero City Battle 1.0.14
Bulk Big Man Superhero Battle is full of action game withrealisticmutant fights. You are a mighty superhero in this game.Fight withbulky gangsters engage in fight missions with gangs, withyouramazing powers, muscles and fighting techniques. Bulk Big Manwillgive you nail biting action when you indulge in the role of arealhuge, muscular & angry fighter to break bones in thiscrimecity. This Fighting simulator is different than conventionalcrimesimulator and crime city games. City rampage is yourmission.Destroy everything on your way with your mighty hands andsuperstrange mutant powers. You are the mutant hero, destroyeverythingand take the revenge. Act as a hero as well as the mightyvillainwhom all are afraid of. There are multiple levels basedofdifferent fights. Fighting with gangsters, damaging theproperty,and throw big vehicles with your amazing power andfightingtechniques Play as a stud in this fighting game, punch,kick andsmash your way through the cars and gangsters. Check outhow youtoo can be a heavy stud. Unleash the giant inside you! Staystrongand be mighty! Features include: * Special fighting styles:Kungfuand martial arts. To knock enemies down with karate attack.*Sensitive and special 3D fighting control system: It's very easytocontrol on your mobile device. * Different than the other lazycartransform games and robot transform games, crash the carsbypicking and throwing * Smooth and intense motion! You canusepunching, kicking, catching, throwing, and dodge... useeverythingto defend yourself in the brawl on the street! Combinethesefighting skills to create a variety of deadly attacks. * Youcanpick up varied weapons to strike the enemies. Realisticdestructioneffects
Ninja Game: Battle Run 1.2
This is a war of Glory. Enemies sieged ancient Sparta Kingdom.Takeyour Kingdom back!Kill enemies and lord of the demons whorobbedancient Greek dark Sparta city.Use your weapons, skills andmagicalpowers to win the Battle. Lead your kingdom to theastonishingvictory. Show no Mercy to enemies!!In the game, Showyourstrategies and skills to dominate the ruthless enemies andrivals.You are Brave Spartans!! Create a Magical Victory intheBattleHercules Spartan Slash is a fascinating game thatintegratesstrategy, skills, action and adventure. Driven by thefire ofrevenge and ambition to seize back the kingdom, Hercules boyistrying to keep the kingdom under his reign.Kill the Demon Lordandsave your World!! Victory for the Battle!!!Destroy yourenemies,conquer territory, plunder resources, and to be aultimateWinner!Rush to this adventurous journey. Download the gamefor FREEand enjoy the action, adventure and fun of Hercules SpartanSlashBattle!! Become the greatest Hero.Follow UsOn:
Monster Hero Battle in City 2.1
Join the city battle as a monster hero which is a real legendhero.Your city has been invaded by bad guys, mafias and badgangsters.Battle is on against the mafia and gangster as monsterherofuturistic powers skills. This Monster Hero fights and catchthebad guys, drug dealers and criminals. These Evil kind ofvillainshas been attacked the city and fully invaded. Play as acity heroin most futuristic and dynamic gameplay. This big hunkhero willchase these criminals by drive a car and also will takethem to thepolice station but before your monster hero will beatthem upbecause this is monster hero and city battle is just on. Youasmonster hero fights against these mutant villains in thisfinalbattle. Its time to protect your city against these supervillainswith Monster Hero Battle in the City.This is future fightagainstthe bad super villains, use your futuristic powers asmonster hero.Save and protect your city, Crush and smash bad guy'scars andeverything which come in your sight and become a MonsterHero inCity Battle. Final mutant combat has just begun in newmonster herogame with loads of future fights. You as monster heroprotect thecity and save the people because every one is dependingon you.This is strange monster mutant superhero legend withsupernaturalpowers of destruction. Drug dealers and mafias areselling drugsindependently and destroying the city quickly. Drivecar and smashand destruct them with your ultimate mutant powers.smash theirvehicles and destroy them immediately. You are Hunk herolegend hasalways served this metropolis city in the dark nightswith itsmutant powers. Be the real time hero in this final battle!FEATURESOF MONSTER HERO BATTLE IN CITY: - Drive the car in big cityinsearch of mafia and gangsters to smash them.- Monster hero incitybattle game with stunning graphics.- Futuristic destructivepowersfor thrill gameplay. - Action packed battle &destructionmissions. Play monster hero with final battle with badguys andride your iron bat ride and drive big car to chase down theenemy.You are alone and legendary warrior against the mutant powersascity hero. Stop forcefully enemy attacks and also stop crimesincity. Play Monster Hero in final city battle game and become aheroof the town.
Angry Fighter Mafia Attack 3D 1.0
Enjoy this epic fighting mafia gameMr John is an ex mafiagodfather,a real hitman, a real don. Even an extreme high securityoperationagainst mafia crime lord in the city once he planned agrand robberyto steal cash, guns and drugs from banks, parkingdrivers and othergangsters. In those days the police and armysecurity was high alertin city due to racing and stunts tournamentin city. The extremeracing championship against cycle, jeeps,trains, cars andmotorcycle were held so there was many securitycameras everywhereto arrest the mafia gangs but John decided totake risk to becomesuperhero in performing evil criminal duty toaccomplish theultimate mafia crime lord status in mafia underworldand serve withloyalty and dignity. He was talented man and takepart in racinggame, He participate in cycle racing do some quadstunts in streets,and try to steal extreme racing car but fail.Finally he succeed tosteal guns, drugs, cash, purse and try totake all these things butunfortunately caught by us army when hewas parking his cargo truck.After that day he decided to leavethis mafia criminal life butother mafia gang companion becomeangry with him. Professional mafiagang have planned to kidnap hisall family John is very worriedabout angry mafia planning soprepare yourself to help John to getrid from this angry mafiagang.Win Street mafia fighting to becometrue superhero. Superpower of 2017 will be shifted to youProtectthe innocent familyfrom mafia gang. Build up a gangster squadskills to take overVegas and win mafia wars. Hunting down thesemafia criminals arenot so easy in vegas. Play an ultimate actionpacked shooting gangwar in a stealth mode like a police hero. Run,Fight & shoot tostop different criminal activities includingrobbery, clash,assassin, agent killing, theft, war and much more inthis mafiaangry game. Play Brave new blood criminal thrillingadventureagainst gangsters which are planning for great crimethreat for thecity before the police squad cars arrive. Equipyourself withcountless lethal weapons and rare armor sets withMartial Artstechniques! Crush your enemies, humiliate devil bosseswithtechniques to kick, punch, jump, and slash your way to victory.Itis an action packed frontline war game. Shoot and kill yourenemieswith modern techniques of 2017. Plan for extreme escapemissions.Meet other notorious grand mafia criminals, crime lords,fight thebrutal targeted missions, Escape from the inescapableVegas angrygang chase and use your driving and parking skills tohelpjohn.ABOUT US: We, Game Sim Studios, provide entertainmentwithresponsibility to maintain quality. We always welcome feedbackandcomments. You are requested to review and comment so that wecanmake games better for our valuable players.Please remain intactforupdates. Formoreinformation,
Zombie Assassin Frontier Hunt
Caution: Intense story-driven campaignsacrossiconic locations, shoot your way through scores of enemiesnow! Awhole new visual persona!FiGHT THE ZOMBIES IN THE MOST EPIC, ZOMBIE GAME!Apocalypse, Plague, & Zombies - The world is now overrunwiththe living dead, you just need to SURVIVE!GUNS AND CHAINSAWS!Use the touch screen mechanics of your mobile device to battleyourenemies, a simple tap upon the screen while you ensure toreloadyour gun in search of combat. There are plenty of specialattacksand super moves in this game! The only way to survive thegruesomeworld of this zombie apocalypse, is to pull the trigger andkillthe undead or simply use your chainsaw to trigger deadthosezombees in a most gruesome fashion, and finish theirevilwithin.LIFE-LIKE ZOMBIE BEHAVIOUR!• Only zombie games with advanced smart AI.• Fun zombie shooting mechanism with massacre system• A true to the core, zombie shooting game with realbitesimulation.• Smell of blood draws evil resident from all around you, thereareno second chances!• Strafe system to move onto the dead.• Horde escape mode, for trigger happy shooting!• Mines, which let the dead trigger an instant death in theprovidedz corridor.• Health syringes and medical packs to control theevilwithin.• Intense gameplay and dark stunning visuals with sound thatdepictsa grim zombie apocalypse.• A real zombieland to purge, weapons to collect, and heads toblowoff!• Unlockable arsenal of many powerful weapons with perks thatletyou stay alive.• Massive missions with multiple minigoals & challengestoovercome.• Rewind days system that let you go back to the previousdaysgone.• Weekly updates that deliver new modes, features,andcontent!TRULY REALISTIC!Zombies know no love or compassion, only hunger! Huntingevilzombies and becoming a zombie hunter was never this fun.Experiencetrue evil dead zombeis in a surreal world devoid of life!Don't letthe bloodthirsty zombies dead rising, hinder yoursurvivalplans!LEVEL UPBuild your move set, increase your powers, upgrade yourcharactersand gear, and beat your competition. Constantly evolveyourcharacter to fit your style of play and put your best heroforwardas you take on a series of super hero and villaincombatants.THROW DOWNImmerse yourself in cinematic action and vivid environmentsthatbring each encounter to life as you unleash this yourcommandoinstinct on wave after wave of foesEarn new characters and additional rewards through daily andweeklyspecial events tied to the latest in-game events.ACTION AND ADVENTUREHone your skills, upgrade your weapons, and shoot your waytovictory in this shooting games. If you love action games, youaregoing to enjoy this totally free game.Warning : Please ensure that your device has the latestAndroidoperating system with atleast 2gb of ram.Thank You for trying out this free game, It will alwaysremainfree!Please contact us at [email protected] for yourfeedbackand suggestions!