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Chrooma Keyboard - RGB & Chameleon Theme helium-4.8
Chrooma Keyboard is a lightweight, fast keyboard that adaptsitscolor theme to the app you are using. Chrooma Keyboard is "the best Androidappreleased in all of 2016" Chrooma Keyboard is powered by asmartartificial intelligence that provides you a bettercontextualprediction. Chrooma has a new exclusive neural action rowthathelps you with emojis , numbers and punctuations suggestions !Andif emojis are not enough for you, with Chrooma Keyboard youcansearch and send all the GIF you want! Chrooma Keyboard alwaysfityour style thanks to its high level of personalization(themes,font styles, emoji styles, keyboard size ...) AdaptiveThemeChrooma Keyboard features numerous adaptive and colourfulkeyboardthemes. All the themes are elegant and will fit your phonestyle.But Chrooma Keyboard is not just a beautiful keyboard it'salso asmart productivity tool. These are just some of the mostcoolfeatures you will find in Chrooma Keyboard : GIF searchWithChrooma Keyboard you have a dedicate GIF tab to search and sendallthe GIFs you want! Chrooma's GIF are supported by almost everyapp.Emojis Support Our keyboard supports automatic emojissuggestionand helps you by providing you your most used emojis .Chrooma isalways updated to support the latest emojis available.ColoredNavbar Chrooma Keyboard automatically changes the color ofyournavbar according to the app you are using Gestures Integrated Alotof gesture, to fast delete, delete all, move cursor,fastselection! Multilanguage typing With Chrooma Keyboard you canwritein multiple languages simultaneously without having to switchthekeyboard every time. One Hand Mode and Split Layout Activatetheone hand mode to type faster with just one thumb! Do you havealarge screen? The split layout will help you typing faster!Gesture typing Tired of tapping ? You can write everything justbyswiping your thumb over the keyboard. Night Mode ChroomaKeyboardcan change automatically the color tone when low light isdetected.You can also set a timer and program the night mode....and muchmore ! For more infos, search Chrooma Keyboard on Googleand GooglePlus. The keyboard is using the code from IndicKeyboard(, Copyright © 2013-2018 JishnuMohan,Swathanthra Malayalam Computing (SMC) SOFTWARE LICENSE:ApacheLicense, Version 2.0 ; you may not use this file exceptincompliance with the License. You may obtain a copyat Unless required by applicable law or agreedtoin writing, software distributed under the Apache 2.0isdistributed on an "AS IS" BASIS, WITHOUT WARRANTIES ORCONDITIONSOF ANY KIND, either express or implied. Check animationby SantiagoSoria Noconnectionanimation by Kaley Ide by Android isatrademark of Google LLC.
Fleksy: Fast Keyboard + Stickers, GIFs & Emojis 9.8.9
Discover the fastest keyboard with a full emoji keyboard,FREEthemes, GIF, stickers, and an advanced autocorrection. WithFleksyyou also get recommended emoji, stickers, GIFs, and serviceswhiletyping thanks to Fleksynext AI commonly recognized aswidelysuperior to Touchpal. Start typing with Fleksy keyboard andfollow5 million users who already trusted Fleksy all over theworld."This keyboard is much better than your standard inputmethods andpredictive text engines." - TECHCRUNCH “Fleksy has akiller textprediction that works with even the sloppiest ofwriting” - TIMEMAGAZINE 😍 Emoji keyboard Easily access and useemojis fromFleksy's emoji keyboard. Fleksy powerful AI alsorecommends you anemoji as you type to make your conversation evenmore fun! 👾 GIFkeyboard Fleksy lets you express your emotions whiletyping bygiving you access a large choice of fun GIF and stickers.🎨 Customkeyboard Access to 50+ beautiful themes or create your owntheme!Customize your keyboard to type with style! Check outChameleonTheme that matches the color of the app you are in. 👉Fleksygestures Go beyond typing! With Fleksy you can swipe left todeletea word or swipe right to insert a space! Easily type and editwithFleksy gestures. The most intuitive keyboard for Android.📱Mini-apps in your keyboard Get access to Fleksyapps, themini-appsdeveloped by Fleksy which lets you access emoji, GIF,stickers,travel & food apps within your Fleksy keyboard,available inany messaging app ✨ Fleksynext asssistant FleksyincludesFleksynext smart assistant. Fleksy’s AI recommends you appssuch asrestaurants, GIF or emojis while you type right when youneed itmost! 🏆 Fast keyboard Fastest keyboard by the Guinness BookofRecords! Fleksy uses next-generation autocorrection so you cantypeaccurately without even looking. 🔒 Private keyboard Theonlykeyboard that doesn't spy on you. Everything you type isstoredlocally on your phone and your data is secure. 🗣 Over 45+languagesSeamlessly switch between languages while typing. Fleksysupportsover 45 languages including: Albanian, Arabic, Bulgarian,Catalan(Spain), Croatian, Czech, Danish, Dutch, English(AUS/CA/UK/US),Estonian, Finnish, French (CA/FR), German, Greek,Hebrew,Hungarian, Indonesian, Japanese, Italian, Korean,Latvian,Lithuanian, Macedonian, Malay, Norwegian, Polish,Portuguese(BR/PT), Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovak, Slovenian,Spanish(Latin America/ES/US), Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian
TalkType Voice Keyboard 1.12.0
TalkType is the first voice-centric keyboard (currentlysupportvoice with English only). Powered by Baidu’s Deep Speech2recognition system, TalkType provides an extremely accuratevoiceto text dictation experience that will boost your input speedtothe limit!Many of you told us that our speech engine is betterthanGoogle Voice Typing. Especially with auto punctuationandcontinuous recognition, we focus on optimizing and improvingthevoice experience in every single way instead of put voice as asidefeature. You've never realized how easy, fast, naturalandcomfortable typing is with your voice!TalkType works on ANYappsthat allow input entry. Use your voice whether you aretextingusing SMS, Facebook Messenger or WhatsApp, writing notes inGoogleKeep or Evernote, composing an email or long article withoutusingyour fat fingers!While presenting the best voice dictateinterface,we haven't ignored the regular alphabet keyboard either.TalkTypeprovides a fully functional keyboard with Swipe, Emoji,GIFsharing, themes and support 20+ languages. You don't have togiveup your favorite keyboard features in order to get the bestvoiceexperience!Finally, TalkType is always free, no ads and noin-apppurchases! Our lab's mission is simply develop AItechnologies thatcan impact everyone's lives! Know more about usat will ALWAYS protect yourpersonalinformation and NEVER collect your personal data likecredit cardnumbers or password. The system will always prompt asecuritywarning whenever you enable any third party keyboards insettings.For details, please look at our privacypolicy to Type:Fasterhands-free typing with voice input. Simply tap the microphonetodictate. The best-in-class voice recognition provides you afast,accurate and seamless dictation experience.AutomaticPunctuation:TalkType is able to predict and add the rightpunctuations,including commas, periods and even question marks,automaticallywithout you even needing to pause.ContinuousRecognition: TalkTypecan keep the mic on and keep listening for aslong as you want.With your preferences, feel free to take longpauses betweensentences, gather your thoughts and dictate your ideawhenever youneed. (Go to Settings -> Voice Input -> Auto Stopto changethe preferences)Voice Command: Instead of addingpunctuationsautomatically, you can also use voice commands toinputpunctuations such as “comma”, “period”, "Questionmark","Exclamation point", "Next Line", "Next Paragraph", "SmileyFace"-> 😊 and "Sad Face" -> 😞Word Suggestion: Tap underlinedwordsto view the suggested alternatives. It enables a quickcorrectionof words via dictation and replacement. Dictation Pad: WeprovideDictation Pad, a very clean and simple editor where you canputspeech-to-text notes or ideas very fast. Launch it by tappingappicon in homescreen or from settings. QuickShare: Browse, searchandshare GIFs from Giphy or restaurants and places from Yelp. Orevenshare your current location. More excitements comingsoon!Trackpad: For single-word selection, place one finger onthetrackpad and move to navigate to select words quickly.Formulti-word selection, place TWO fingers on the trackpad and movetonavigate to select multiple words or sentences.Swipe: Can'ttalk?You can swipe to enter text! Just swipe your finger fromfirstletter to last letter.Beautiful Themes: Beautiful materialthemesto make your keyboard shine. (only available on OS 5.0+devices)Wewill be continuously improving TalkType! If there is anyfeedbackor issues, please email us at orvisit: you enjoy TalkType, please leaveanice review!
GO Keyboard - Cute Emojis, Themes and GIFs 3.60
😍GO Keyboard - Rating beyond 99% emoji keyboard, the choice of200million users worldwide 🤔Why is GO Keyboard-Cute Emojis, ThemesandGIFs is the best andriod emoji keyboard? 🤗The answer is2P&3S!★ Personalized&Privacy ★ 🌟NEW-Your Avatar Emoji🌟 -Take apicture to create a cartoon avatar that looks like you. - Getyourown sticker library - all with your avatar emoji. - Shareyouravatar emoji with your friends on imessage,Facebook ,Twitterandanywhere you chat. 👍There are 10000+ colorful themes,1000+emojiand GIFs, 800+emoticons, 100+ fonts and 60+languages foryou todesign your own customized keyboard. 👍Change yourkeyboardbackground by one switch, set your own photo as keyboardbackground! 👍We will never collect your personal info includingcredit cardinformation. In fact, we cares for privacy of what youtype and whoyou type! ★ Smooth, Speedy & Smart Typing ★ ❤EmojiSearch❤ GOKeyboard's emoji prediction feature offers preciseprediction ofyour emoji search. Just type a word and this fantastickeyboardwill auto-suggest emojis for you. ❤Auto-Correction❤ Tapwrong buttype right. GO Keyboard is smart enough to recognizemistyping,provide correction suggestions and make your typing easy.❤GestureTyping&Voice input❤ Just swipe to type on keyboard tofind howeffective and fun by this sliding type mode. Free you withvoiceinput. The more you use it, the better it recognizes what youwantand gives you accurate word suggestions ❤Various layoutsandsupport for tablet device❤ It provides various layouts suchasQWERTY keyboard, QWERTZ and AZERTY keyboard for pad tablet.Morepersonalized resources are waiting for you! Click the linkbolow:GirlZ Themes: CoolThemes: Simple Style Themes: Themes&Cute Stickers: FunnyStickers: MoreLanguage Packs: Language we support English-ENArabic-ARCroatian-HR Czech-CS Chinese-CN Dutch-NL French-FRGerman-DEGreek-EL Hebrew-HE Hindi-HI Indonesian-ID Italian-ITJapanese-JAKorean- KO Malay- MS Philippines(Tagalog)- TLPolish-PLPortuguese-PT Romanian-RO Russian-RU Spanish-ES Thai- THTurkish-TRTaiwanese For more news, follow us onFACEBOOK: GO Keyboard is a product ofSungyMobile/Jiubang Digital. Welcome to visit our Use of this app is governed by Terms ofService: and Privacy Policy:
SwiftKey Beta
Welcome to the SwiftKey beta program - here you can testearlyperformance updates, new unreleased features, customizations,andspecial themes. Thanks for helping us make SwiftKey the best itcanbe! The SwiftKey beta app for Android will not replace theregularSwiftKey app on your phone, but will be downloaded as asecond appso you can switch between the two for comparison. BetaExpectationsFeatures in the beta app are in active development andmight notwork perfectly or ever be released to the main SwiftKeyapp. Howyou can help make SwiftKey better As a beta tester, we relyon youto help us find bugs and give us feedback on new features. Togiveus feedback or report any bugs, head on over to our SupportForums have a group of moderators and SwiftKey staff members thatareactively looking and responding to feedback. You can also Tweetus@SwiftKey Cheers, SwiftKey Android & Community Team
Any Soft Keyboard is an open-source, on-screen keyboardwithmultiple languages support with emphasis on privacy. This isone ofthe most customizable keyboards available. To activate:Launch'AnySoftKeyboard Settings' App, and follow the instructions.Mainfeatures: * Multi languages keyboard support via externalpackages.* Completion dictionaries for multiple languages. * Alsocompletesyour typed words from you contacts names (Android 2.0+)! *And,learns your typing behavior to provide next-word prediction.*Multi-Touch support (as in, pressing SHIFT along withothercharacters). * Extension keyboard (swipe your finger all theway upout of the keyboard). * Voice Input support (Android 2.2+).*Compact/Phablet Mode. * Gesture support: **ExperimentalGesture-Typing (enable in the Settings app). ** Swipeleft or rightto switch layouts. ** Swipe up to shift. ** Swipe downto close thekeyboard. * Theme support (comes with a few built-inskins, andmore available in Play Store). * Night Mode: Quiet, Darkkeyboardat night time (enable in the Settings app). * Power-SavingMode: Novibrations, sound, suggestions and a dark theme (enable intheSettings app). * Build-in user dictionary words editor. *Build-inabbreviations dictionary: create shortcuts for words andsentences.* Utility keyboard (swipe up from space-bar): **Clipboard actionscopy, paste, select-all, select selectively(long-press select anduse arrow keys). ** Voice input ** Arrows *And many more features!Supportat:
Ridmik Keyboard 5.5.1
Ridmik Labs
*New Version* 5.2.0 NB: Download without notification permissionhasbeen removed, so dictionary updates will come only with theappupdates. Sync related permissions are also removed. This wasa"work in progress", so unless we find a better solution tothis,there'll be no further work on sync. Features 1. Banglaphonetickeyboard (like your favorite Avro keyboard) 2. National&Probhat layout 3. Full set of emoji 4. Voice input 5. Newthemes 6.Next word suggestion 7. Improved suggestions 8. Emojiinsuggestions Permission Explanation Record Audio: For voiceinputInternet: For voice input Contacts: To show suggestionsfromcontact names. You can disable this in settings Read/Writeuserdictionary: Get/save word suggestion from/into android'sbuilt-inuser dictionary Write external storage(SD Card): Save newlearnedwords data to SD card and show suggestions from them.
Huge Keyboard 6.0
● Long press a key for typing the character that appears on itstoppart. ● Swipe the spacebar from side to side for switchingbetweenlanguages. ● Long press the "Enter" key to get into thekeyboardsettings. ● Select your theme from many themes of theHugeKeyboard. ● Adjust the size of the keys. ● Select yourfavoritefont of the keyboard. ● Change the sound and vibration oftyping. ●Select the favorite top and bottom rows of the keyboard.●Dictionary settings. ● Typing settings. ● Display settings.●Gestures. ● Emojis
Khmer Smart Keyboard 2.2.14
Smart Keyboard was originally developed by AlienDev, an ITcompany.Smart Keyboard has been well recognized as the most userfriendkeyboard app by smartphone users with more than 1milliondownloads. Smart Keyboard received 1st Runner Up of CambodiaICTAward 2015 and Best Performance in Start-up Company, CambodiaICTAward 2015. Due to some technical issues, this keyboard hasgoneoffline for a while. In 2017, INSTICT and AlienDev hascollaboratedwith each other to bring this app back to the GooglePlayStore andApple AppStore. We believe the collaboration shallbring many moreinnovative functionalities to smart keyboard and itsusers.Available Features: -Fast typing with flick gesture-Wordprediction -Delete by swiping left -Change mode by swipingright-Swipe Spacebar left/right to switch between English/Khmer-Supereasy switching between 4 and 5 rows by swiping two fingers upordown -Comes with themes and emoji
Roseskull Keyboard Theme 6.3
🔆Roseskull Keyboard Theme🔆 Roseskull Keyboard Theme. Want yourphoneawesome?Let Roseskull Keyboard Theme help you!Take theRoseskullkeyboard and have your splendid experience now! 💛Downloadandinstall Roseskull Keyboard Theme for FREE right now!💖RoseskullKeyboard Theme will make your device look amazing! 💚NewFreeRoseskull keyboard theme will give really new look & feeltoyour keyboard & text input, and make your Androiddevicekeyboard cool, cute and unique. 💙Thousands of FREE andbeautifulthemes are waiting for you. 💜Check this FREE personalizeddesignfor your Roseskull Keyboard Theme! Go and type interestingly!⚙️Howto Use Roseskull Keyboard Theme: 1. Download RoseskullKeyboardTheme from Play Store and open it; 2. Click the APPLYbutton or thepreview picture of Roseskull Keyboard Theme; 3. Bravo!You haveinstalled and applied Roseskull Keyboard Theme; 4. Pressthe Finishthen enjoy the Roseskull Keyboard app. 🎉RoseskullKeyboard KeyFeatures: * Voice input; * Gesture typing; *Advancedauto-correction & auto-suggestion engine; * StylishKeyboardSticker and Emoji Arts; * Integrated emoji & wordpredictions;* Clipboard for multiple fast copy and paste; * A lotmore newfeatures improving your typing wish you to experience.❤️Want morethemes? Our Keyboard provides amount of free and perfectstylish& fashion keyboard HD wallpapers to decorate yourphonebackground. (You can get anime, black, 3D, skull, dragon,gold,cartoon, panda, green, cat, lion, clown, sport, pink, red,purple,love, girl, soccer, wolf, graffiti life, car, neon, white,blue,music, etc. and find all your favorite topics in Store.) Weusuallyupdate NEW themes three times a week. Please keep yourattention onour Store frequently. 🅰️ Multi Language Typing? OurKeyboard whichhas been loved deeply by over 20 million userssupport over 150languages and still counting. (Including but notlimited toEnglish, العربية, Hrvatski, Čeština, Nederlands,Français, Deutsch,Ελληνικά, עִברִית, , Bahasa Indonesia, Italiano,Malay, Pilipino,Polskie, Português, Română, Русский, Español, ไทย,Türk, Euskara,বাঙালি, ಕನ್ನಡ, ភាសាខ្មែរ, ພາສາລາວ, മലയാളം, , Монгол,, தமிழ்,తెలుగు, Zulu.) 🎨What else can you do? Our Keyboard allowsyou tocustomize keyboard theme by choosing your own photos,HDwallpapers, emojis HD wallpapers, applock pictures orlauncherpictures. You can also change the theme colors(includingbackground and buttons), customize the font style, fontsize andcolor! Be the designer yourself, hold your own style.📲Supporteddevices? Our Keyboard is compatible with almost allandroid phones.(Including but not limited to Samsung Galaxy Note 8,Note 6, Note5, Samsung Galaxy J7, Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8 Edge,S9, S9 +;SonyXperia Z5, Sony Xperia Z4; Huawei P10 and P10 Plus,Huawei Mate 10,Huawei P9, Huawei Honor 8; HTC 10, HTC One A9; OPPOFind 9; OPPO F3Plus; Xiaomi Mix, Xiaomi 6; Nokia 8; VIVO V5Plus,Moto, etc.) 🛡Don't worry about privacy and security: We willnever collect yourpersonal info and collect the photos you set asHD wallpapers. Weonly use the words typed by you to make thepredictions moreaccurate. Add Roseskull Keyboard Theme in yourphone! Let RoseskullKeyboard Theme show its unique charm, yourphone can be reallydifferent with Roseskull Keyboard Theme. Feelingattractive now?Install Roseskull Keyboard Theme and apply it now! 8.10.00
While other well-known keyboards such as Gboard and Swiftkeyofferauto-correction on the current word only, Ginger Keyboardchecksyour whole sentences using a unique Contextual Grammar andSpellCheck proofreader. Either you want to send a short finechatmessage or long complex quality email, with Ginger Keyboard youareall covered! From TechCrunch: ”Ginger Keyboard allows users tosendbetter, less embarrassing texts and higher qualitywriting."Support for over 50 languages. Swipe typing and evenemojiprediction to accommodate your messages, emails, posts ortexts.Watch how your typos, spelling mistakes and grammarerrorsdisappear. Key Features: ▪ Grammar Checker and Spell CheckGinger’sgrammar check and spell checker correct your grammar,spelling,punctuation and capitalization mistakes quickly andefficiently. ▪Emoji, Emoji Art, stickers and Animated GIFs Expressyourself withour 1000+ beautiful emojis emoji art, emoticons,stickers andanimated GIFs. ▪ Word Prediction Ginger Keyboardunderstands yourwriting and gives you accurate next-wordpredictions. See Ginger’ssuggestions, and choose whether you wantto accept them or not. ▪Themes Style up your keyboard with over 100beautiful free themes.You can even personalize your keyboard bycreating your very owntheme. ▪ Emoji Prediction Ginger predictswhich emoji you are aboutto use based on your most typed words andphrases, and suggests thebest one accordingly. ▪ Emoji & GIFsSearch Search for emojiand GIFs directly from Ginger keyboard. ▪Swipe Write faster withStream, by swiping your finger from key tokey. ▪ Smart BarCustomize your keyboard with your favorite and mostfrequently usedapps. Take notes, create events, send emails andchat for a trulyoptimized and productive mobile flow. ▪ Keyboardin-app games Makethe most of your idle time and try one of ourold-school games.Play a quick game of Snake, Squash (Pong-like),Copter, 2048 orSliding Puzzle without leaving your keyboard ▪Translate Expressyourself with translations between more than 58languages. ▪Advanced sentence rephrasing Spice up your text withnew variationsfor your sentences, and discover alternative ways towrite yourtext. ▪ Ginger Page Ginger offers a better way to writein English.Tap into Ginger Page, and enjoy our powerful editingtools toquickly review your text for any grammar, spelling andpunctuationissues, personalized dictionary, synonyms, translationand more.Languages support, including: English (US, UK) EsperantoEspañol(ES, AL, US) Dansk Deutsch Ελληνικά Français (FR, CA)HebrewItaliano 日本語 Norsk bokmål Nederlands In order to see the fulllistof supported languages gohere: Beta Community: Join our Beta to help form the futureofGinger Keyboard: ** Ginger correctionsfeatureis a freemium feature - enjoy 8 corrections or upgrade forunlimitedusage! ** Technical Support: For more information andassistance,visit our Help Center, or open a supportrequest: Follow us onFacebook: Privacy andSecurityissues: Ginger never stores or collects your personalinformation,including username, passwords or credit card info. Allthisinformation is completely handled by each third party serviceandcan't be accessed by Ginger.
Romanticpairs Keyboard Theme 27.0
🔆Romanticpairs Keyboard Theme🔆 Romanticpairs Keyboard Theme.Wantyour phone awesome?Let Romanticpairs Keyboard Theme helpyou!Takethe Romanticpairs keyboard and have your splendidexperience now!💛Download and install Romanticpairs Keyboard Themefor FREE rightnow! 💖Romanticpairs Keyboard Theme will make yourdevice lookamazing! 💚New Free Romanticpairs keyboard theme willgive reallynew look & feel to your keyboard & text input,and makeyour Android device keyboard cool, cute and unique.💙Thousands ofFREE and beautiful themes are waiting for you. 💜Checkthis FREEpersonalized design for your Romanticpairs Keyboard Theme!Go andtype interestingly! ⚙️How to Use Romanticpairs KeyboardTheme: 1.Download Romanticpairs Keyboard Theme from Play Store andopen it;2. Click the APPLY button or the preview picture ofRomanticpairsKeyboard Theme; 3. Bravo! You have installed andappliedRomanticpairs Keyboard Theme; 4. Press the Finish then enjoytheRomanticpairs Keyboard app. 🎉Romanticpairs Keyboard KeyFeatures: *Voice input; * Gesture typing; * Advancedauto-correction &auto-suggestion engine; * Stylish KeyboardSticker and Emoji Arts;* Integrated emoji & word predictions; *Clipboard for multiplefast copy and paste; * A lot more newfeatures improving yourtyping wish you to experience. ❤️Want morethemes? Our Keyboardprovides amount of free and perfect stylish& fashion keyboardHD wallpapers to decorate your phonebackground. (You can getanime, black, 3D, skull, dragon, gold,cartoon, panda, green, cat,lion, clown, sport, pink, red, purple,love, girl, soccer, wolf,graffiti life, car, neon, white, blue,music, etc. and find allyour favorite topics in Store.) We usuallyupdate NEW themes threetimes a week. Please keep your attention onour Store frequently.🅰️ Multi Language Typing? Our Keyboard whichhas been loved deeplyby over 20 million users support over 150languages and stillcounting. (Including but not limited to English,العربية, Hrvatski,Čeština, Nederlands, Français, Deutsch, Ελληνικά,עִברִית, , BahasaIndonesia, Italiano, Malay, Pilipino, Polskie,Português, Română,Русский, Español, ไทย, Türk, Euskara, বাঙালি,ಕನ್ನಡ, ភាសាខ្មែរ,ພາສາລາວ, മലയാളം, , Монгол, , தமிழ், తెలుగు, Zulu.)🎨What else canyou do? Our Keyboard allows you to customize keyboardtheme bychoosing your own photos, HD wallpapers, emojis HDwallpapers,applock pictures or launcher pictures. You can alsochange thetheme colors (including background and buttons),customize the fontstyle, font size and color! Be the designeryourself, hold your ownstyle. 📲Supported devices? Our Keyboard iscompatible with almostall android phones. (Including but notlimited to Samsung GalaxyNote 8, Note 6, Note 5, Samsung Galaxy J7,Samsung Galaxy S8 and S8Edge, S9, S9 +;Sony Xperia Z5, Sony XperiaZ4; Huawei P10 and P10Plus, Huawei Mate 10, Huawei P9, Huawei Honor8; HTC 10, HTC OneA9; OPPO Find 9; OPPO F3 Plus; Xiaomi Mix, Xiaomi6; Nokia 8; VIVOV5 Plus,Moto, etc.) 🛡 Don't worry about privacy andsecurity: Wewill never collect your personal info and collect thephotos youset as HD wallpapers. We only use the words typed by youto makethe predictions more accurate. Add Romanticpairs KeyboardTheme inyour phone! Let Romanticpairs Keyboard Theme show itsunique charm,your phone can be really different with RomanticpairsKeyboardTheme. Feeling attractive now? Install RomanticpairsKeyboard Themeand apply it now!
Kika Keyboard - Emoji Keyboard, Emoticon, GIF
Kika AI Team
Kika Keyboard is a free emoji keyboard app that makes typingfast,accurate and fun! Packed with thousands of emojis, emoticons,coolfonts, funny GIFs😂, smiley faces, stickers, stylish keyboardthemesand amazing goodies, kika keyboard that has been loved byover 20million users is the best emoji keyboard app for Android!Upgradeyour keyboard to Kika Keyboard for FREE to type faster andsendcool GIFs & emojis to amaze your friends! Protect yourselffromembarrassing typos with our ultra-intelligent predictivetext,smart autocorrect, suggested stickers and GIFs features andswipeto type messages single handedly! Best voice typing experiencewitha brand new smart correction feature. Correct voice typosfasterthan ever before. English and Chinese are supported now, andwillcontinue to expand. 3000+ emojis and emoticons, trendingGIFs,stickers and colorful themes, more than 150 languages. Kikawill bethere for you no matter who you need to chat with 💌💤 Wedisplay andupdate online emojis and theme in kika Store. And youcan downloadthe ones you like and apply them easily to avoid thatall resourcesof themes and emojis occupy your phone's space. KeyFeatures 😂Anever growing library of FREE emoji and funny gifs forMessenger,Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, WeChat, Instagram,Line,Kik, Imo, Telegram, Yahoo SMS and other social mediamessengers.Available across all major OS and smart devices. Easyvoice type onthe go with Voice Board. Smart stickers pop-up to helpyou expressyourself quickly. Hundreds of keyboard themes availableto suityour style. Custom keyboard theme by choosing your ownphotos,wallpapers, emoji wallpaper. You can also change the themecolors,customize the font style, fonts size and colors!Customizablelayout (one-hand mode and split screen) to completelysuit yourneeds. QWERTY, QWERTZ and AZERTY for phone mode and otherlayoutsspecifically for pad tablet. Swipe to type messages singlehandedlyon keyboard and type fast. Best keyboard with gesturetyping,smooth swipe to type functionality(slide your finger totype),voice typing input technology. Ultra-intelligentpredictivetext/autocorrect feature auto-completes the words you aretypingand offers you accurate next-word prediction. Kika keyboardis themost fun, customizable way to type across samsung galaxy,huawei,honor, ZTE, LGE etc all the devices. 🍭Full support formobiles andtablets 🎬IP movie contents Emoji and Emoticons -Tons ofandroidemoji, emoticons, kaomoji, sticker, animated emoji. -Japaneseemoticons ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), ( ˘ ³˘)❤ - Packed with Emojione,Emoji Love,Twemoji, AndroidN Emoji, Glitter Emoji in Kika Keyboard.PRIVACYCHAT & SECURITY Kika will never collect your personalinfo orphotos you set as wallpapers. We only use the words typed byyou tomake the predictions more accurate. We are constantly workinghardon making the Kika Keyboard app better and more useful foryourtyping needs. Contact Us Support & Got an idea? Want to cooperate withus? Let usknow!
Classic Big Keyboard 6.0
● Swipe the spacebar from side to side for switchingbetweenlanguages. ● Long press the "Enter" key to get into thekeyboardsettings. ● Select your theme from many themes of theClassicKeyboard. ● Adjust the size of the keys. ● Change the soundandvibration of typing. ● Select the favorite top and bottom rowsofthe keyboard. ● Dictionary settings. ● Typing settings. ●Displaysettings. ● Gestures. ● Emojis
Smart Keyboard Trial 4.20.1
Dexilog, LLC
This is the trial version of Smart Keyboard Pro.Improve yourtypingexperience on Android with Smart Keyboard, a lightweightyetpowerful international keyboard.You will feel at homeimmediatelythanks to dozens of customization options: skin, layout,sound,prediction, smileys, calibration... everything can bepersonalizedto fit your needs!Among the top features of SmartKeyboard, youwill find:- T9 and compact layouts for most languages-Builtin anddownloadable themes (Open Skins)- Custom text shortcuts(AutoText)-Voice input- Easy switching between languages-Prediction withphysical keyboard- Emoji keyboard (see Self-learning smart dictionary- Quick actionswithgesturesA few hints:- Long press "123" key to enterkeyboardsettings- Long press "enter" key to display smileys (youcancustomize them in the settings)- Long press a word inthesuggestion bar to add it to the user dictionaryTo subscribe tobetaversions, visit users: make suretodisable the Optimizer for this app to avoidunexpectedissues.Important: Smart Keyboard Pro is a standalone app,you don'tneed to keep this trial if you install the Pro version.Youcantransfer easily your settings to the Pro version by using"Backupto SD card" option in trial settings, and then "Restore fromTrial"in Pro settings.Smart Keyboard contains layouts for thefollowinglanguages (check Google Play foravailabledictionaries):AfrikaansالعربيةAzərbaycancaБеларускаяBosanskiБългарскиCatalàČeštinaDanskDeutschEestiΕλληνικάEmojiEnglishEspañolEsperantoفارسیFrançais한국어Հայերենहिन्दीעבריתHrvatskiBahasaIndonesiaÍslenskaItalianoქართულიҚазақшаKurdîکوردیLëtzebuergeschLatviešuLietuviųMagyarМакедонскиमराठीМонголNederlands日本語NorskPolskiPortuguêsRomânăРусскийSlovenčinaSlovenščinaShqipSrpskiСрпскиSuomiSvenskaไทยТатарчаTürkçeУкраїнськаTiếngViệt中文(简体)中文 (pīnyīn) Free-
ai.type is the smartest, most personalized keyboard forsmartphonesand tablets. With over 40 million users worldwide, wetransform themessaging experience. 🎁 NEW!!! Select your font -Select thecorrect font for different messages! Customized animatedmessage,GIF, Sticker, support including one search for Emoji, Gif&Stickers at once! Our app lets you type better and fasterbylearning your writing style, it allows you to customizeandpersonalize your keyboard the way you like. Feature-sethighlightsDesign keyboard layout, change themes, colors, fonts, usemore than800 emoji, and express yourself exactly the way you wantto. ★Thousands of free themes - Choose any of the free andattractivekeyboard themes out of thousands available themes as partof ourTheme Market. ★ Design and share your own theme -Designpersonalized layout (background, colors, fonts…), Share themewithfriends and upload theme to our app Theme Market where millionsofother users can see, rate and ⬇ download them. ★ Emoji Support-Enjoy our new Emoji scrollable layout helping you toeasilynavigate through 800 different emoji and more than 1000graphicalchars. ★ Auto suggested Emojis - Let us help and suggestthe right🙏 Emoji 😍 based on the words you use and context 🚄💑 🍩. ★Next wordprediction, completion & auto-correction - Contextbased nextword prediction and auto-correction based on your ownuniquewriting style. Auto prediction, available in more than 50languages★ Swipe - Write faster by swiping your finger from key tokey. ★Personalize - Select 🔧 your keyboard's look &feel,functionality and create your own custom keys & shortcuts.SetANY image as your background image Dynamically resize yourkeyboardsize according to your needs. ★ Efficient top row.Use ourtop (5th)row to efficiently add numbers, punctuation and emoji,from withinthe primary keyboard screen. ★ On-keyboard search 🔎 - tohelp youfind text instantly. ★ Voice Narration - Dictates 🔊 thewords asyou type them. Language Support Supports over 50Languagesincluding : Arabic-العربية , English , Spanish-español,French-français , Russian-русский Support & Questions VisitourHelp & FAQ pages to find videos, answers & tips, andopen asupport request: You can alsosendus an email to, or visit us onFacebook:
Bobble Keyboard 🇮🇳 Fonts, GIF, Stickers & Themes
The best Indian Keyboard ever made under the movement of MAKEININDIA 🇮🇳 🇮🇳 🇮🇳* It has everything you love— speed,reliability,glide typing, voice typing and much more! ✔ Packed withthousandsof emojis, memes, face stickers, funny GIFs, themes &fonts ✔Now add Bobble Stickers with your own face toWhatsApp(WAStickerApps) ✔ Bobble Keyboard makes typing fast and funonAndroid📱 ALL IN ONE KEYBOARD!!! There’s never a boring chatwithBobble! 👻 And the best part is — it’s available for FREE! Nopaidupgrades or in-app purchases required! ★ Awesome Features • Wehavegot tons of emojis (smileys/emoticons) added on the keyboard.•Bobble Keyboard uses Artificial Intelligence toautomaticallypredict Emojis, Memes, Stickers, and GIFs on yourfavourite chatapp. • Swipe Typing — Type faster by sliding yourfinger fromletter to letter. • Voice Typing — Easily dictate texton the go inall Indian languages like Hindi, Marathi, Tamil. • WordCorrection— Smart enough to recognize mistyping, provide correctsuggestionsand make your typing easy. • Keyboard Themes — Customizeyour phonekeyboard with your favourite photos, Gradient &colours,bubbles , Bollywood theme, Shiva theme, god themes , lovetheme🎨 •Cool Fonts — to make your typing fun. You can also makeyour textbold, italic, underline or strikethrough. • WhatsAppStickers - Youcan add sticker packs from Bobble to WhatsApp asWAStickerApps. ★Personalised & FREE Content * When words can’texpress it, sayit with hilarious & fun stickers & GIFs! •Our advancedface recognition technology converts your selfie into acartoonBobble head. • Type text in your own language and getrelevantstickers & GIFs. • FREE Sticker Store — Infinite listof FREEsticker packs for all occasions with categories like love/Romance,Good morning/ good night, happy birthday Wishes, Bollywood&desi Hindi themes. ★ Pro Tips 📽 • Learns as you type: No needtomanually add words to your personal dictionary. Type a wordonceand you can glide type it or find it in suggestions next time.•Choose a theme with or without key borders to suit your style•Access symbols with a long press • Switch from number row andemojirow with a simple swipe • Gesture cursor control: Slide yourfingeracross the space bar to move the cursor • Type your messageandpress the GIF button to get relevant GIF suggestions. •Connectwith your Google account and add frequently used words inyourdictionary for better word prediction andauto-correct.• Camera filters - Click funny, expressive &beautifulphotos, GIF and videosfrom within your keyboard. ★RegionalLanguage Keyboards Chat, update status or compose emails inyourown native language. - Hindi keyboard - Bangla keyboard -Marathikeyboard - Tamil keyboard - Urdu and Arabic Keyboard -BahasaIndonesia keyboard - Gujarati, Kannada, Punjabi, Telugu,Malayalam,Odia, Rajasthani, Bhojpuri, Assamese, Manipuri, Dogri,Santali,Konkani, Marwari, Maithili, Sindhi and Nepali keyboards ★Coming up🔜 Payments - need to make frequent payments to yourfriends/ familyor any merchant? Don't worry Bobble Keyboard willmake it theeasiest to make payments in whichever app you are. Don’tmiss agood product! We care for your privacy with proper encryptionandanonymity!
Multiling O Keyboard + emoji pie.1.0.1
aka "MultilingO". "OKeyboard" or "OKey" O for Omni Superlightweight(~⅓MB) yet flexible and powerful. - All in one,multilingual (>200 languages) - Accurate gesture input (swipe)- Save batterypower - PC keyboard layout (DIY) - Gesture oriented(super fast toenter special symbols, words or sentences) -Resizable and easypositioning. Fits all screen sizes (phone,phablet, tablet…) -Unlimited themes with style and color mixing(mix your very ownshade of pink or purple ). - Better color EmojiSticker ⚽👍🙋 forLollipop, KitKat, smiley :-) , emoticon 😁, symbols★☏♘⚄ , kaomoji(ง°▼°)ง feel free to create your own ԅ(ˆ。ˆԅ) - Funtexttransformation tool: ξχ๑тïς тεχт, ‌🇧‌🇮‌🇬 , ⓒⓘⓡⓒⓛⓔⓓ or wide.-Calculator i.e. (4+5)-(6-3)=6 - Autotext - Split, floating (forsshterminal) or dock. - Multiple layouts: QWERTY, QWERTZ,AZERTY,DVORAK… or design your own (DIY, Chubon, KALQ) - 5-row or4-rowlayouts - Ultra customizable. The only one that let you designyourown layout (DIY layout) - Easy switch between languages,layouts,voice input, or even other keyboards. - T9 prediction -Flick orMulti-tap - 日本語 romaji or Flick keyboard. - 6 predefinedlayout for한국어 (천지인, 나랏글, Flick…) - Edit mode (lockable). You canselect text,copy, cut and paste … - Modern or retro (DIY) -Colorful, pink,purple, neon or monochrome (Mix it yourself) -Physical orBluetooth keyboard (all keys can be remapped to the softlayout) -No internet permission = safer For color iOS 6 emoji,pleaseinstall Emoji Codec 2 About the gesture input: - The homebrew"swipe" algorithm is very young, so don't expect it worksexactlylike other swipe keyboards. I want to keep the algorithmsimple andsmall. Tips: - For long words, try not to swipe the wholeword (Youmay append gesture). - Make sharp corner for betterprediction.a.k.a The next generation of Multiling Keyboard, Tabletkeyboard,DIY keyboard, emoji keyboard, Floating keyboard.(maybeconflictwith Paranoid) Aceh Afrikaans Alemannic Apache AsturianAzerbaijaniIndonesian Malay Javanese Sundanese Kabyle BerberBosnian CatalanCzech Chamorro Shona Choctaw Chuvash Danish GermanNavajo, NavahoDinka Estonian Tok Pisin Alsatian English EnglishSpanish;Castilian Esperanto Basque Ewe Faroese French Fula; Fulah;Pulaar;Pular Irish Scottish Gaelic; Gaelic Galician Kikuyu,GikuyuAlbanian Hausa Hawaiian hən̓q̓əmin̓əm Croatian IgboInternationalPhonetic Alphabet Xhosa Zulu Icelandic Italian Karenpwo,sgawKarenni Kalaallisut, Greenlandic Kanuri Swahili KlallamHaitianKurdish Sioux, Lakota Latin Latvian Lithuanian Lingala LinuxLISULojban Luba Lushootseed Hungarian Malagasy Maltese ManchuMaoriMayan Mingo Creek, Muskogee, Muscogee Dutch NorwegianBokmålNorwegian Nynorsk Uzbek Occitan Oromo Polish PortuguesePortugueseTahitian Romanian, Moldavian, Moldovan Quechua SorbianCebuanoSlovak Slovene Somali Serbian Sibe Finnish Swedish WikangTagalogTaqbaylit Vietnamese Tzerng Koang Turkish Turkmen VenetianCymraegWinaray Wolof Yoruba Zazaki Belarusian Bulgarian KyrgyzKazakhMacedonian Mongolian Russian Serbian Tatar Tajik TuvanUkrainianUzbek Arabic Malay Kazakh Maṣrī Mazandarani Panjabi PashtoPersianSindhi Soranî Urdu Uyghur Javanese Sundanese Baybayin BugisKayahLi (Karenni) Khmer Lao Mon Myanmar (Now let you choose Zawgyi)ThaiTibetan Nuosu, Yi Korean Chinese Japanese Assamese AwadhiBengaliBihari Bishnupriya Divehi Dzongkha Gujarati Hindi KannadaMalayalamMarathi Meetei Mayek Nēpāl bhāṣā Nepali Oriya PanjabiSanskritSaraiki Sinhala Tamil Telugu Amharic Armenian Cherokee CreeGe'ezGeorgian Greek Greek Hebrew Inuktitut Margaluri nina OjibwePonticSyriac Manchurian Tifinagh Tigrinya Yiddish
Perfect Keyboard Free 1.1.9b
Take command of your Android device's touchpad keypad with aPerfectand smart Keyboard for android. You can customize the lookof thekeyboard with eight different themes and addadditionalfunctionality to your device. Perfect Keyboard lets youuse customdictionaries, control background and text colors, andadjust thekeyboard's vibration density. In short, Perfect Keyboardallows youto setup your Android phone or tablet's touchpad keyboardso thatit works best for you.Note: Perfect Keyboard works only onAndroid2.2 and upDetailed Specifications:Featurse in freeversion:-Multitouch keyboard- User dictionary, built-indictionary,International dictionaries (separate downloads from theMarket)-Configurable auto correction- Redesigned and optimizedkeyboardlayout and style- Speech to text (select languages only)-Customvibration intensity (haptic feedback)- Long press "Enter" keytobring up smiley alternatives- Long press on "/" key in URL modetobring up domains (you can configure the domains in the settingstobetter fit)- Cursor Keys - swipe up on the space key todisplay.-T9/compact layout.- Alt symbols on the keyboard.- Splitlayout fortablets.- configure the layout of the keyboard (keyheight,row gapetc). Fetures in full version:- Keyboard themes(gingerbread,iPhone keyboard,honeycomb,icecreamsandwich andmore).-Configurable sound style and volume (Samsung,iPhone,android)-Configurable colors for the keyboardbuttons, background and text-Configurable color for the wordsuggestion font - Gestures.- Nextword prediction- Shortcuts(auto-text like in blackberry)- Externalskins (some of betterkeyboard skins)- Option to edit userdictionary.Tips:#ChangeAppearance and Themes:To change appearancego to settings ->appearance#About "collecting data" warningmessage:That warningmessage is a part of the Android operatingsystem, and it appearswhenever a third party keyboard is enabled.You don't have to worrybecause the keyboard don't have permissionto internet access.Pleasereport your bugs via email . If youreport bugs in a Market commentI CAN'T help you.Supportedlanguages layout:English(QWERTY,Dvorak,AZERTY), French(ASERTY,QWERTY,QWERTZ),Hebrew, Arabic, German,Czech(QWERTY,QWERTZ), Bulgarian, Catalan,Spanish, Esperanto,Danish, Italian, Finnish, Georgian, Russian,Ukrainian, Latvian,Swedish,Latin, Dutch, Portuguese, Slovakian,Slovenian, Greek,Rumanian,Serbian,Hungarian,Swiss, Keyboardis anexcellent keyboard replacement applicationuserreviews:Jonah:GreatKeyboard, I've tried em all (swiftkey x, Swype,SlideIt,Thumbkeyboard) none of them compare.Ben:Very good keyboard!Supercustomizable and has EVERYTHING I wanted in a keyboard. Likethetitle says, a perfect keyboard.tags: best androidkeyboard,a.i.typefree,gingerbread keyboard,keyboards,multiling,textingpro,T9akeyboard,compact keyboard. Touchpal, go keyboard.Jelly Bean
Swipe Casters 1.1
Ogre Pixel
Test your skills on Swipe Casters! Use your finger to drawgesturesand cast powerful spells against nasty creatures on thisnew titleby Ogre Pixel!Located in the same universe as WarcherDefenders andBlack Tower Enigma, on Swipe Casters you will take therole of oneof the four magicians chosen to compete on themagicianstournament… But… The prize has been stolen! The Magician’sChalicehas been stolen! - We must get it back!❖ Game features ❖-Castpowerful spells with a single finger!- Simple and intuitivegesturedrawing gameplay- Earn heaps of coin to upgrade yourcasters!-Unlock full silver set to get an extra life!- Unlockstaffs andimprove your casters power!- Up to 4 unique and differentcastersto choose!- Defeat as many enemies as you can with “SoulStrike”special attacks!- Compete to be the best caster in theworld!❖Please review the game so we can continue to improve it!Visit usat ❖
Come and DIY your emoji keyboard themes, also there are5000+stylish themes, fantastic emojis and popular stickers foryou.Don’t hesitate to download TouchPal Emoji Keyboard and enjoytypingright now! TouchPal Emoji Keyboard for Android is a free andsmartkeyboard app to help you to type faster, easier, and livelierwithgesture keyboard, prediction and over 5000+emojis, stickersandfantastic keyboard themes. TouchPal Emoji Keyboard is the WinnerofGSMA Global Mobile Awards 🏆 and it will redefine yourtypingexperience. You can create your own layout and input fastwith5000+emojis keyboards, GIFs keyboards, emoticonskeyboards,stickers keyboards and text face keyboards conveniently.TouchPalEmoji Keyboard is compatible with all social apps:WhatsApp,Facebook, Line, WeChat, etc. 🌟Highlights of TouchPal EmojiKeyboardfor Android devices - Fast typing: Autocorrect, word andemojiprediction, best swype keyboard. - Thousands of freeemojis,stickers, GIFs, emoticons, and dictionaries. -Customizablekeyboard color, keyboard layout and keyboard wallpaper.- DIYkeyboard theme: Create your own fancy keyboard theme withpersonalphoto. - Text face keyboard ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), (ʘ‿ʘ) . 🔥Usefulgadgets,improve productivity - TouchPal emoji keyboard Curve, bestswipekeyboard - sliding to input smoothly. - Auto-pair for symbolslike() "". Long press on the symbol to try it. - Best T9 keyboardamongtyping apps - Copy, cut, paste, arrow key. - Clipboard formultiplefast copy and paste. 👀Best Prediction function of words andemoji -Autocorrect: Most powerful error correction,auto-correctmistyping, spelling errors. - Emoji Prediction: Showsuggestedemojis, emoticons as candidate. - Contextual Prediction:Enhancenext word prediction by cloud prediction computing.💥Futuristic andblack technology of BOOMTEXT and GIFs - Turn yourtext into funnyand cute animations or GIFs, it makes your textmessage morelively! 🗺️Multilingual Typing TouchPal Emoji Keyboardsupports over150 languages, including but not limited to KeyboardEnglish,Keyboard العربية, Keyboard Hrvatski, Keyboard Čeština,KeyboardNederlands, Keyboard Français, Keyboard Deutsch, KeyboardΕλληνικά,Keyboard עִברִית, हिंदी, Keyboard Bahasa, KeyboardIndonesia,Keyboard Italiano, Keyboard Malay, Keyboard Pilipino,KeyboardPolskie, Keyboard Português, Keyboard Română, KeyboardРусский,Teclado Español, ไทย, Türk ⭐Enable TouchPal Emoji KeyboardApp forandroid - Open TouchPal Emoji keyboard app. - Press EnableTouchPalkeyboard, check the TouchPal keyboard box on the Languages&Settings page to enable. - Press Switch to TouchPal keyboard,checkthe TouchPal keyboard box to switch your current keyboardtoTouchPal keyboard. Support multiple emojis, emoji andkeyboardtheme plugins Golden, unicorn, gunnery, blue, skull,purple, pink,red, dark, tiger, vampire, wolf, neon blue, neonlight, cute kitty,OS7, OS10, glass water, droid, graffiti, sky,galaxy, swift,custom. Permission Explanation - Read Contacts:Import contactnames into dictionary. - Read SMS: Learn your typingpattern fromthe sent messages. - Make a phone call: Quick dial to acontact -All in one click. Support Android Wear - TouchPal for Wearversioncan run even without phone connected. - Support swipingtyping onthe wrist. - Emojis, prediction, auto-correction... mostof theamazing features are included in Wear version. ***More ideas&feedback? Contact: Follow us:Facebook:
Golden Diamond Leaf 10001004
The Golden Diamond Leaf keyboard offers wonderful typingexperienceand Gold Diamond personalized enjoyment.It will make yourdevicelook amazing!How to apply the Golden Diamond Leafkeyboardtheme?Notes ☢:The Golden Diamond Leaf Keyboard theme is athemeapp. It needs you to download the smart keyboard engine first.Tapthe INSTALL button and download it for FREE! If you alreadyhavethe smart keyboard engine app installed, just tap the APPLYbuttonand the Golden Diamond Leaf keyboard theme will be applied onyourphone automatically.Features ☂:✪Popular Emojis andGifs☺:Mostpopular emojis and gifs are supported. The auto emojipredictionfeature offers precise prediction of emojis. Just type aword andour cool keyboard will suggest emojis for you.✪ThemeCenter✿:3,000+ keyboard themes here including variouscategories,like tech, animal, glitter, nature, cute ones, cartoon,flowers,love, luxury, cool style, business, simple, sports, specialforgirls and many more. You can find all the themes you love inthetheme center while enjoying the great typingexperience!✪DIYThemes♥✎♪In our keyboard, you can customizebackgrounds withvarious wallpapers or even your own photos. Alsothere are variousbutton skins, fonts and sound effects to choosefor you to createyour own keyboard!✪ Supported Languages☁:The GoldRasta keyboardtheme supports over 80 languages.✪ Cool 3D DynamicEffects✈:Makeyour phone cool and awesome!✪ Gesture Typing۞Make yourtypingfaster than ever. (Swype input method)✪ About the GoldenDiamondLeaf Keyboard :Want to enter the world of Golden DiamondLeaf ?Hurry up and download the Gold Leaf IME theme!Golden DiamondLeafkeyboard is a 3D button skin pack with cool 3D effects. GoldLeafis also a keyboard which has plenty of beautiful Gold DiamondLeafwallpapers for you to set as your phone's background.★ Downloadandapply the Golden Diamond Leaf theme for free and stylizeyourAndroid phone. The Golden Diamond Leaf keyboard is designedtooffer you a faster and smoother mobile operating experiencewhetheryour phone is Samsung, Huawei, HTC or Xiaomi.If you like ourapp,please do not forget to write comments. Thank you for choosingthiscool Golden Diamond Leaf 3D theme!
Classic Keyboard 15010203
🏆Classic Keyboard Theme🏆Brand new classic keyboard theme isready.It will bring you brand new experience of business and simpleforFREE!🍒Features:🍒💓Classic keyboard provides you with businessinputmethod.💓Classic keyboard consists of substantial simple tomakeyour input method ever more personalized.💓Gray and simplefeaturesplus white background color distinguish your input methodfrom allothers.💓1,000+ cute emojis add more fun to yourtyping.💓Stylish andfunny GIFs keep you from boring typing.💓Variouskeypress soundsmake your typing process enjoyable.💓Smart Predictionhelps you typefaster than ever.💓Auto-correction avoids typingerrorseffectively.💓Compatible with all types of Android phones.e.g.Samsung S8, Samsung S7, Xiaomi Mi Mix 2, Huawei Note 10,HuaweiNova 2 and so on.🎒Note:🎒To download this classic keyboardtheme,you need to download Cheetah Keyboard app for yourdevicefirst.😗Languages supported:😗Classic keyboard theme supports85different languages covering 138 differentcountries.🎼OtherFunctions:🎼💋 Supports theme DIYYou can DIY your owninput methodthemes per your personal preferences.💋Animated 3DThemesDownloadour Cheetah Keyboard app, you will get a set ofanimated 3D techtheme for free.💋More Fashionable ThemesDownload ourCheetahKeyboard app, you will gain access to over 2,000stylishthemes.Styles vary including cool skeletons, cuteanimals,beautiful flowers, ferocious beasts, simple mechanical onesandmore.
TouchPal Android keyboard 2019 is a new keyboard with funemoji,auto-correct, predictive text and glide typing. Type fastsinglehandedly by just gliding on the letters! In the meantime,itprotects you from embarrassing typos, thanks to its excellentAIfeature, even when you are using swype keyboard typing. 💯🎹Besides,we also have T9 or T+ layout which would be a good choicefor thosewho don’t use gesture typing or swipe typing to typefaster. 🎹 🏆Why choose TouchPal Emoji Keyboard app? 🏆 - Winner ofGSMA GlobalMobile Awards 2009 🚀In addition, our new Androidkeyboard providesyou a lot of widgets to type efficiently. 🚀 -Typemessages singlehandedly, especially useful with pad keyboard-Number row availableall the time: Enable number row in thesettings -Yawn face, winkface or frown face: just choose whateveryou like and send it-Voice typing: Easily dictate text with a longpress -Glide typingkeyboard gesture typing or swype typing 💡Personalization Featuresof TouchPal Autocorrect Keyboard 💡 Weprovide all kinds ofpersonalized features to make your Androidkeyboard unique. - 5000+free keyboard themes, 300+ emoji, gifs,stickers and pop smileys -Personal photos📷 can be set as keyboardthemes and customized withvarious colors - Text faces (° ͜ʖ ͡°),(ʘ‿ʘ), including yawn faceand happy text emoticons 💯AccuratePrediction of TouchPal T9Keyboard💯 - Next-word prediction, emojiprediction, and text facesprediction, including happy textemoticons, yawn face and winkface. - Most powerful errorcorrection: Autocorrect mistypingerrors and typos - Cloudprediction: Make prediction more smart⭐How To Enable TouchPal BestKeyboard 2019 ⭐ - Open TouchPal BestKeyboard 2019. - Press EnableTouchPal, check the TouchPal box onthe Languages & the Settingspage to enable. - Press Switch toTouchPal, check the TouchPal box.Support multiple emoji keyboardtheme plugins Golden, blue, skull,purple, pink, red, dark, tiger,vampire, wolf, neon blue, neonlight, cute kitty, water, droid,graffiti, sky, galaxy, swift,T9,T+, frown face, no typos, themefor pad, dictate, single handedlyPermission Explanation - ReadContacts: Import contact names intodictionary. - Read SMS: Learnyour typing pattern from the sentmessages. - Make a phone call:Quick dial for a contact 🗺️Multilingual Typing 🗺️ TouchPalkeyboard 2018 for android supportsover 150 languages, includingbut not limited to English, العربية,Hrvatski, Čeština, Nederlands,Français, Deutsch, Ελληνικά, עִברִית,हिंदी, Bahasa Indonesia,Italiano, Malay, Pilipino, Polskie,Português, Română, Русский,Español, ไทย, Türk 👓Android keyboardWear And Pad👓 - TouchPal forwear version or pad can run evenwithout phone connected. - Supportglide typing, gesture typing orswipe typing on the wrist. - Typefast and single handedly,‘autocorrect typos’, next-word predictionfeature... Most of theamazing features are included in wearversion and pad version. Ifyou like TouchPal Android keyboard2018, which has poped smiley,single handedly, frown face, happytext emoticons, glide typing,gesture typing, T+ & T9,next-word prediction, various keyboardthemes, emoji keyboardthemes, autocorrect, predictive text, dictatetext and correctionof typos feature. ***More ideas & feedback? Follow us:Twitter:
Emoji Keyboard Cute Emoticons - Theme, GIF, Emoji
Emoji Keyboard Cute Emoticons is the best emoji keyboard forAndroidwith up-to-date emoji, GIFs, custom wallpaper, wordprediction andswipe typing. Cute Emoji keyboard supports emoji& emoticonslike throwing up, wizard, zombie, giraffe, and tonsmore Android 8new emoji. Also you can send classic emoji likeunicorn, Taco, NerdFace in various emoji style with Cute EmojiKeyboard.😎😁😚 The BestEmoji Keyboard for Android you've beenpraying for is here! EmojiKeyboard Cute Emoticons helps you send3000+ funny GIF, emoji withdifferent color, emoticons, emoji artin a flash. Easy to sharefancy stickers and smiley faces anywherevia SMS, Email and anysocial apps like Facebook, WhatsApp. With1000+ keyboard themes& keyboard customization, finally you cantype the way you’vealways wanted to with Emoji Keyboard CuteEmoticons! Cute EmojiKeyboard Features ► Quickly Input 3000+Emoji, Emoticons, Free GIF,Symbol, Sticker - Text faces including( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), (ʘ‿ʘ) - Massivesymbols and Android 8 emoji new faces,food, sports, and fantasycharacters. - Smart emoji prediction fortyping - Emoji art, Emojiicons, Emoji collection and Emojidictionary - Fast input new emojifrom emoji keyboard in all socialapps - Send funny animated GIFs& stickers straight from GIFkeyboard ► Perfect KeyboardCustomization - Customizable key presssound in emoji keyboard -Resize and split keyboard layout as youwish - Customizable keyboardcolor, font and wallpaper - Take photoas keyboard background orchoose from gallery - QWERTY, QWERTZ andAZERTY keyboards ► StunningKeyboard Themes - Over 1000 colorfulkeyboard themes - More comingsoon ► Fast Typing & Smart Input- Fast input from Top row emoji& number in keyboard - Typefaster with smart Auto correction& Next Word Suggestion -Swipe to type. Gesture Typing withdynamic floating effect -Multilingual emoji keyboard with 65languages ► Other AdvancedFeatures - Keyboard Android 6.0 MaterialUI Style - Always displaycapital letter when typing - Copy, cut,paste direct from emojikeyboard - Bottom row arrow key in emojikeyboard - Clipboard formultiple fast copy and paste in keyboard ►Supports 65 Languages ►Keyboard Data Collection Warning You mayreceive a warning whenactivating saying “This keyboard may collectyour personal data.”We take your privacy seriously. Cute EmojiKeyboard does notcollect your private data including password orcredit card info.The warning message when you enable is a standardmessage inAndroid for ANY third-party keyboard. Like ourFacebook: Follow us onTwitter:
Emoji Smart Neon keyboard 1.14
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Emoji smart neon Keyboard This is neon keyboard - fancy key.AddedNew neon keyboard themes, so send emoji with neon keyboardsandshare emotion with your friends. Emotions like cry, smile,angryetc. Express your emotions with friends, family and groupsbysending emoji directly from SMS, Emails, Facebookmessenger,WhatsApp, Instagram, Messenger, Twitter and other typesof socialapps The emoji, emoticons and sticker in the keyboardarecompatible across all popular apps. - smart neon keyboardhavelot's of new emoji, emoticons, smileys..etc - share emotion toyourfriends and family with neon emoji theme - smart emoji supportallandroid and other devices. - Great graphics compare to allotherkeyboard. - this is best neon keyboard forever. Easy to sendemojito your friends and family. - this is best smart emoji app. -colorglass like neon, it's mean this is different keyboards fromothers.- easy to customize keyboard, this is the bestcustomizablekeyboard. - It is an simple neon style theme keyboardthat supportto input emoji to share emotion in everywhere, you cansee thebeautiful simple style keyboard UI and input emoji veryconvenient.- lot’s users worldwide and personalize their keyboard.- Easy tofind emoji and send emoji with this keyboard. - This isbestkeyboard styles like neon- light up your fancy key. - This isbestcustom keyboard and also it's different keyboards from others.Mainfeatures: - Lot's emojis, emoticons, smileys - Fancy neonkeyboardtheme like blue keyboard and lots of colorful neon themeplugInlike Neon Orange, Neon White, Neon Green, Neon Pink,NeonMatrix,Neon Purple..etc - Auto-corrections - Word Suggestions -Save newword in your dictionary -15+ dictionaries cover majorlanguages -colorful smart emoji with neon themes like color glassImportantNotes: HOW TO ENABLE emoji smart keyboard? Step1: Press“EnableInput” and select “emoji smart neon keyboard” Step2: Press“SelectKeyboard” set “smart emoji - neon keyboard” Why I can't seeemoji?- if your android is under 4.1, maybe you can't see anyemojis - soif your version is under 4.1 then install emojifonts(But root isrequired for that). - Some part of emojis can'tsupport by android,but all ios devices can see these emoji icons.NOTE : You mayreceive warning message when you change any customkeyboard becausethis is the standard message in Android for anythird party customkeyboard. So please don't worry about yourprivate data, feel freeto use this custom keyboard.Privacy:
Keyboard 3.1.8
🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉Important Updates🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉1、Stylish Fonts. Various fontsupdated,just try.2、New gesture typing function added! Now you canswipe tochat with swipe keyboard(swype keyboard ).Try this fluentswypetyping, be a cooler typer.★★★★★ Boto Keyboard★★★★★A powerfulemojikeyboard with amazing features, is designed for those wholikesending message with GIF, emoticon and emoji. It is aMUST-HAVE freeemoji keyboard. 【Google Play Best of 2016 categorywinner】Ourkeyboard app has been selected as a Google Play Best of2016category winner!Are you bored with default plain keyboard?Withoutany emoji, emoticon and GIF?【Now, all of the boring feelingcan behistory】 Support 70+ languages!( ^_^ ) Provide 1000+ fun GIF&emojis & emoticons!Y(^o^)Y Personalize your chatting withfancyand beautiful photo!This cute emoji keyboard is aninterestingkeyboard. Keyboard supports over 300+ cute emoji, funemoticons,cute stickers. With Boto Keyboard, experience smartinput&quickresponse. ----------Key Features---------【ColorfulEmoji】Type somecute emojis to tell others what you’re thinking!Smile, laugh orangry? Just express with emoji!The emoji keyboardcan delight yourlife!Chatting without emojis, are you kiddingme??!【FunEmoticons】Variety of fun emoticons are provided. Suchas\(^o^)/~&( ^_^ ). More than 100+ emoticons. Make yourchattingmore interesting. Fun emoji keyboard!【Cute GIFStickers】Applyhundreds of animated GIF stickers with funny, cuteand girlythemes. More fun, so cute! Such as Little monster, Cutepuppy...【Different Keyboard Themes】Cute and cool themes areprovided.Colorful themes make your life more wonderful. Chattingwith thethemes you like, awesome! Boto Keyboard provides variousofthemes.【Personalize Your Keyboard Theme】Don’t like any themeweprovided? Never mind! You can personalize your own themes.Justselect your favorite photo from album, then apply it. Createyourown couple theme and use together with your lover. 【SmartWordPrediction】Worry about slow typing? Boto Keyboard is yourbesthelper! You don’t need to type all words out anymore! Withsmartword prediction function, word will be shown when you justtype twoor three alphabets.【Auto Word Correction】Typos are nolonger aproblem. Boto Keyboard will recognize any mistypingsautomatically.When there is any type error, Boto Keyboard willunderline the wordin red and provide the correct word. 【Cool andAmazing Fonts】InBoto Keyboard, we provide various personalizedfonts. Fed up withbeing ordinary and using the same old fonts ineveryday chatting?Just come and try extraordinary new fonts inBotoKeyboard.【Wonderful Sounds】Drum, piano, waterdrop, frog...Varioustyping sound are in Boto Keyboard.Boto Keyboard, a powerfulinputtool and a cute emoji keyboard!Security and Privacy: BotoKeyboardwill Never collect any personal information like passwordsandcredit card numbers. The warning message that says BotoKeyboardmay be able to collect ”all the text you type, includingpersonaldata like passwords and credit card number” is part of theAndroidOperating System that appears when any third party keyboardisenabled.AvailableLanguages:EnglishSpanishGermanFrenchItalianKoreanDutchDanishGreekHungarianIndonesianMalayPolishPortugueseRomanianRussianSolvakSpanishSwedishThaiTurkishVietnameseChineseandUrdu will be available soon. New functions and more themes willbeupdated. For more news, pleasefollowus:Facebook: andadvices, please Email
Simple Black Keyboard Theme for HUAWEi Wallpaper 10001002
Tap DOWNLOAD button and try this Simple Black Keyboard ThemeforHUAWEi Wallpaper RIGHT NOW!Nonparallel Simple Black KeyboardThemefor HUAWEi Wallpaper design, including Simple Black KeyboardThemefor HUAWEi Wallpaper font, wallpaper, popupeffect.Auto-correction, gesture type, multilanguage,word-prediction areall available in our Simple Black Keyboard Themefor HUAWEiWallpaper.Don’t forget to install our app AT FIRST,otherwise, youmay not be allowed to use this great Simple BlackKeyboard Themefor HUAWEi Wallpaper. Click theme store to exploremore stylishthemes. Flaming skulls, rasta weeds, cute puppy, pinkbow, neonlight, everyone can find his favourite in there. You arealsowelcomed to leave message to share us your requests. OurSimpleBlack Keyboard Theme for HUAWEi Wallpaper highlights: 1000+funnyemoji, emoticons and gifs for totally FREE.Accessible for mostSNSapps, ins, fb, bbm, whatsapp, etc.Suports 100+ languages inSimpleBlack Keyboard Theme for HUAWEi Wallpaper.Swype typing makesyourinput faster.You can also DIY your own keyboard here
Red and black classic 10001005
★ ★ ★ Extreme simple red and red with the quality and identityofthe symbol ★ ★ ★You will certainly fall in love with thissimpleatmosphere is not the usual keyboard design, black texturebuttonswith red characters, simply can no longer handsome, andquicklydownload the keyboard theme, try it! Let your keyboard turnup andturn.Note: Red and black classic theme is a plug-inapplication,please download the main keyboard application to run.Click theinstall button to download it for free! If you havealreadyinstalled the main keyboard, click the Apply button and thespacetechnology theme will automatically install on your phone.♥ ♦♣ ♠Features Note:★ ★ smart Emoji ☺: 800+ pre-installed emoticons!Ofthe expression symbols, all support all Android devices andothermobile operating systems. Send and easily share all kindsofexpressions, emoticons, cute and smart emoticons!Theautomaticexpression prediction feature allows you to search forkeyboard andemoticons by simply typing simple words.★★ ThemeCenter✿: Find allkinds of cute, colorful keyboard themes fromdifferent categories,including high tech, basic, cool, crystal,golden yellow, pink,flame and so on. You can find all the themesyou love in the themecenter and enjoy the greatest typingexperience!★ Compatibility ✍:Applies to all applications, includingmany popular applicationssuch as Facebook Messenger, microblogging,WhatsApp, WeChat, GoogleTalk, OK, and so on.★ ★ press the button topress the sound ♪:personalized keyboard keys for your differentthemes. Realistickeyboard sound effects are clear and clear. Thereare more supporttopics waiting for you to explore the load.★★★ OnPrivacy ✉ SpecialNote: You may receive alert privacy (such as spacetechnologykeyboard may collect your personal information), theseare allAndroid OS standard security warnings when making thirdpartyapplications. This keyboard will not charge any personalorpersonal information, identity information and bankcardinformation, etc.★ ★ support Languages: This keyboardthemesupports more than 80 languages★ ★ animated themes✈: makeyourphone has a unique variety of cool animations★★ custom fonts✎:More font styles will be available in space technology themessoon★★ If you like our application, please do not forget to writeareview. Thank you! Download and apply Red and blackclassickeyboard themes for free and stylized your Androidphone.Thank youfor choosing this cool 3D theme. This theme isdesigned to let youenjoy faster, smoother mobile operationExperience your mobilephone is Samsung, Sony, Huawei, HTC, millet,OPPO, Microsoft or anyother brand. The slide (Swype input) inputmethod is alreadysupported.
Flash Keyboard - Emoji & Theme 1.0.20220.0219
Flash Keyboard - Emoji & Theme is the best free emojikeyboardfor Android, which helps you fast input with 3000+ GIF,themes, newemoji, emoticons, stickers, lenny face in a flash.Packed withthousands of emoji, stickers, emoticons and personalizedthemes,there’s never a boring conversation with Flash Keyboard!Join over500 million people worldwide who use Flash Keyboard forhassle-freetyping. Are you ready to upgrade your phone’s keyboardto FlashKeyboard for FREE now?   Flash Keyboard helps you typefastand accurate, and learns your writing style automatically.Thatmeans autocorrect input and word predictions that actuallyworksbecause it adapts to you. Besides, users can fast inputemoji,GIFs, stickers, emoticons conveniently everywhere.  FlashKeyboard caters for all typing tastes – all colors, designsandthemes. Support for 50+ languages, Tons of emoji(smileys,emoticons), stickers, who said typing had to be boring? FEATURES OF FLASH KEYBOARD: Fast and accurate keyboardFlashKeyboard uses next-generation autocorrect so accurate you cantypewithout even looking. Type faster and save more time for thethingsyou love. Massive free stickers, emojis and colorful themesShowyour style on Flash Keyboard with thousands of emoji,stickers,emoticons and personalized themes, there’s never aboringconversation with Flash Keyboard! Set personal photos askeyboardstickers Isn’t it amazing to make your own photos intostickers?Use your talents to make some unique and differentstickers andGIFs by yourself, and express yourself with thosestickers, GIFs.Autocorrect input and word predictions Smart enoughto recognizemistyping, provide correction suggestions and make yourtypingeasy. Various layouts, support for most Android phonesFlashKeyboard provides various layouts such as qwerty keyboardandQWERTZ keyboard for most android phones.   WHY CHOOSEFLASHKEYBOARD? ★Type fast with autocorrect and smart nextwordsuggestion ★Set personal photos as keyboard stickers andthemes★Over 500 million users worldwide are using FlashKeyboard.★Support 50+ languages ★Works for many popular apps:WhatsApp,Twitter, Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, etc.   HOW TOENABLEFLASH KEYBOARD? -Download Flash Keyboard app form GooglePlaystore. -Open Flash Keyboard app. -Click Enable Flash Keyboard,thencheck on the Languages & Settings page to enable it.-ClickActivate to Flash Keyboard, then change your current keyboardtoFlash Keyboard. -Now you could enjoy typing with FlashKeyboardapp.   PRIVACY Flash Keyboard does not collect anypersonaldata without your explicit permission. We take privacyveryseriously. The warning message that says Flash Keyboard may beableto collect “all the text you type, including personal datalikepasswords and credit card numbers” is part of the AndroidOperatingSystem that appears when any third party keyboard isenabled. HappyTyping!   NOTICE Flash Keyboard is committed tofightingagainst misleading downloads. If you were misled todownload FlashKeyboard (like Save your battery life, againstviruses, adware),please report to us:  Yourfeedback always keeps us improving with more and morecoolfeatures. If you like our app Flash Keyboard, please rate us5stars in Google Play store.Facebook:
Emoji Keyboard - Theme, Gif Emoji Keyboard 96
Emoji Keyboard is a free android emoji keyboard app thatmakestyping fast, accurate and fun!★Packed with thousands ofemojis,emoticons, cool fonts, funny GIFs, smiley faces,stickers.★Cutestylish free keyboard apps theme.★More than 50languages andamazing goodies for android.★iPhone emojis downloadplugin:IPhoneEmoji & IOS Emoji★Full support for mobiles andtablets★IP moviecontents.Upgrade your keyboard to FREE emojiKeyboard app forandroid 2018 to type faster and send popular coolcute GIFs &emojis to amaze your friends!😂Gifs, Stickers,EmojisKeyboard😂3800+cute emojis and emoticons, trending GIFs, stickersandroid keyboardfor Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, WeChat, Whatsapp,Snapchat, Line,Kik, Imo, Telegram, Yahoo SMS etc. cute emojikeyboard smartstickers pop-up to help you express yourself quickly.Keyboard forandroid with emojis, emoticons, stickers, gifs andfonts be therefor you no matter who you need to chat with 💌💤😍FreeKeyboardThemes😍We display and update colorful keyboard themes inemojikeyboard Store. Hundreds of free keyboard themes forandroidavailable to suit your style, cute emoji keyboard themes,cool gifkeyboard themes, funny sticker keyboard themes and marvelthemesetc.You can always find your favorite keyboard theme inEmojiKeyboard Store. And you can download the themes you like andapplythem easily to avoid that all resources of keyboard andemojisoccupy your phone's space.🎨Customize Your Own Themes🎨Customkeyboard theme by choosing your own photos, wallpapers,emojiwallpaper. You can also change the theme colors, customize thefontstyle, fonts size and colors! keyboard buttons, tappingeffects,and even button music all can choose by yourself !🔆SmartAutocorrect Keyboard 🔆Emoji keyboard protect yourselffromembarrassing typos with our ultra-intelligent predictivetext,smart autocorrect, suggested cool stickers and cute GIFsfeaturesand swipe to type messages single handedly! 💎CustomizableLayout💎Customizable layout (one-hand mode and split screen) tocompletelysuit your needs. QWERTY, QWERTZ and AZERTY for phone modeand otherlayouts specifically for pad tablet.😘Type Fast, SayMore😘Swipe totype messages single handedly on keyboard and typefast. Bestkeyboard with gesture typing, smooth swipe totypefunctionality(slide your finger to type), voice typinginputtechnology.Ultra-intelligent predictive text/autocorrectfeatureauto-completes the words you are typing and offers youaccuratenext-word prediction.Emoji keyboard is the most fun,customizableway to type across samsung galaxy, huawei, honor, ZTE,LGE etc allthe devices.📖📖An ever growing library of cute FREE emojiand funnygifs for Messenger, Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter,WeChat,Instagram, Line, Kik, Imo, Telegram, Yahoo SMS and othersocialmedia messengers. Available across all major OS and smartdevices.🔐PRIVACY CHAT & SECURITY🔐Emoji keyboard will nevercollect yourpersonal info or photos you set as wallpapers. We onlyuse thewords typed by you to make the predictions more accurate.For morenews, followuson FACEBOOK: working hard on making the android Emoji Keyboardappbetter and more useful for your typing needs.
GO Keyboard Pro - Emoji, GIF, Cute, Swipe Faster 1.60
😍GO Keyboard Pro support emoji search and emoji prediction now !👉The most productive emoji keyboard app with 200+ millionusersworldwide on Google Play. 👍 👍 Smart keyboard typing, gesturetypingand voice input are ready to boost ur texting speed. 👍 👉 Themostpersonalized emoji keyboard providing 1000+ stylish themes. 👈😍Massive cute emojis, stickers, GIFs & emoticon smileys tostartur fancy chat. 😍 Why is GO Keyboard Pro - Emoji, GIF, Cute,SwipeFaster the most productive emoji keyboard? ★ It lets ur typingmuchmore efficient and funnier. With auto-corrections killingtypos,next-word suggestion simplifying typing & emojisuggestionsfeeding most expressive emojis, u will enjoy ur funniesttextingimmediately. ★ It has 10000+ cute themes, includingcolorfulanimated themes designed by professional designers ★ Itprovides100+ funny key fonts & easy keyboard customization. Ucaneasily make ur unique keyboard design. ★ It gives 1600+ FREEnewestemojis, emoticons, text fonts, GIFs, stickers & smileysthat ucan share to ur friends easily! ★ GO keyboard Pro is also aGIFmaker! U can not only send the trending GIFs, but also createurown coolest GIFs to your friends in all social apps. ★ Smartinputin 40+ languages are available. GO Keyboard Pro is always thebestkeyboard for u, because it adapts to ur typing stylesquickly,protects ur personal data carefully, helps to present urthoughtsand emotions accurately & amazingly. It has thousandsof cutethemes, tons of cute emojis, emoticons, stickers & GIFs.Itlets u personalize the keyboard. PRIVACY SECURITY We willNEVERcollect ur personal data including credit card information.Infact, we take good care of ur privacy such as what u type and whoutype to! FEATURES: ★ New Funny Emoji, Emoticons, - Turn urboringplain text into coolest and latest emojis & smileys face(^ω^)!! - Large library of the most expressive Emojis&Emoticons to present ur feelings and emotions ★ Static /AnimatedStickers & GIFs - All stickers & GIFs r sharable inanysocial platform - New stickers, movie GIFs & also cartoonGIFsreleased in the store every week. - Funniest animatedstickers& animated GIFs ★ Most Perfect Chatting - Self-made GIFsmileysby GIF maker function - All functions compatible in allsocialapps, eg. Facebook, WhatsApp, Line, Twitters, Wechat,Instagram,Snapchat etc. ★ Personalizing Expert - Over 10000special-designedcolorful themes & new themes delivered everyweek! - Changeablekeyboard background/wallpaper, key fonts &sounds. ★ QuickTexting & Smart Gesture Typing - Smart enough tokill ur typos,to make ur typing more productive. - Auto-correct urmiskeying& provide auto-corrections - FREE swipe input mode toenterwords smoothly and quickly ★ Various Layouts, and supportfortablet device - Various keyboard layouts such as QWERTY, QWERTZandAZERTY MULTILINGUAL TYPING Arabic العربية Bengali বাংলাBulgarianБългарски Catalan Català Croatian Hrvatski Czech ČeštinaDanishDansk Dutch Nederlands English English Finnish SuomiFrenchFrançais Georgian ქართული German Deutsch Greek ΕλληνικάHebrewעברית Hindi हिन्दी Hungarian Magyar Indonesian IndonesianItalianItaliano Latvian latviešu valoda LithuanianLietuviųMalay/Malaysian Malay Norwegian Norsk Persian/Farsi فارسیPolishPolski Portuguese Português Romanian Română Russian РусскийSerbianсрпски Slovak Slovenčina Slovenian/Sloven SlovenščinaSpanishEspañol Swedish Svenska Tagalog/Filipino Tagalog Tamil தமிழ்Thaiไทย Turkish Türkçe Ukrainian Українська Urdu اردو VietnameseViệtDon't hesitate to use ur most productive & customizableemojikeyboard! Tons of funniest & most personalizedkeyboardelements are waiting for u! GO Keyboard Pro - Emoji, GIF,Cute,Swipe Faster is a product of Sungy Mobile/Jiubang Digital. Useofthis app is governed by Terms of Service and Privacy Policy.
Type Droid (1000+ symbols) 4.2
By default you can enter only 79 characters i.e. alphabetsandsymbols, but "TypeDroid" allows you to enter more than 1000symbolsand pictures in your android phone. Like { � ¢ © ☏ ☎ ☆ ♘♗ ♖♛ ♜ ✆✍ ✉ ✈ ✇ ✎ ✏ ❥ ❤ ❣ } and much more.You can use this symbolsanywherein your phone, like sending ✉ SMS , Ⓦ WhatsApp, ⓕ Facebook,ⓁLinkedIn, Ⓣ Twitter, etc.Whats the best part?①. Thereceiverdoesn't need to have "Type Droid" installed to see thesesymbolsand Pictures. ②. Its completely free to download and use.③.Symbolsused in TypeDroid support almost all type of deviceslikesmartphones and computers, so you don't have to worry ifthesymbols are visible on your friends device when your send themamessage.Latest symbols like rupee (₹) also added.PLEASE NOTE:Theapp contains a swastika (卐) symbol which is considered to be averySACRED & AUSPICIOUS symbol in many countries all overtheworld. If you don't understand this then please do NOTdownloadthis app. Thank you.NOW INSERT SYMBOLS DIRECTLY FROM YOURKEYBOARD.Download TypeDroid pro here >> TypeDroid Pro:1. TypeDroidKeyboard2. NO-Ads3. Unlimited FreeUser Support.
3D Simple Black Keyboard Theme 10001001
The 3D Simple Black keyboard offers wonderful typing experienceandSimple Black personalized enjoyment.It will make your devicelookamazing!How to apply the classic 3D Simple Blackkeyboardtheme?Notes ☢:The 3D Simple Black theme is a theme app. Itneedsyou to download the smart keyboard engine first. Tap theINSTALLbutton and download it for FREE! If you already have thesmartkeyboard engine app installed, just tap the APPLY button andthe 3DSimple Black keyboard theme will be applied on yourphoneautomatically.Features ☂:✪Popular Emojis and Gifs☺:Mostpopularemojis and gifs are supported. The auto emoji predictionfeatureoffers precise prediction of emojis. Just type a word andour coolkeyboard will suggest emojis for you.✪ ThemeCenter✿:3,000+keyboard themes here including various categories,like tech,animal, glitter, nature, cute ones, cartoon, flowers,love, luxury,cool style, business, simple, sports, special forgirls and manymore. You can find all the themes you love in thetheme centerwhile enjoying the great typing experience!✪SupportedLanguages☁:The 3D Simple Black keyboard theme supportsover 80languages.✪ Cool 3D Dynamic Effects✈:Make your phone coolandawesome!✪ Gesture Typing۞Make your typing faster than ever.(Swypeinput method)✪ About the 3D Simple Black Keyboard:Want toenter theworld of 3D Simple Black? Hurry up and download the 3DSimple Blacktheme!classic 3D Simple Black keyboard is a 3D buttonskin packwith cool 3D effects. classic Black is also a keyboardwhich hasplenty of beautiful Simple Black wallpapers for you to setas yourphone's background.
Ekushe Bangla Keyboard একুশে বাংলা কিবোর্ড 1.5
Ekushe Bangla Keyboard is the most user friendly Banglakeyboardwith Artificial Intelligence. Say goodbye to all thoseembarrassingtypos while typing fast single handed with our amazingswipefeature. Besides switching languages of your text frequentlyis nowa matter of single tap on your keyboard.Our keyboard promisesa lotof super cool features to make your life easier. 🏆Write withyourfavorite Bangla phonetic layout like Avro 🏆Type faster byslidingyour finger over the keys (Beta) 🏆Switch input languagefrequentlywith a single tap 🏆Get the best next word prediction withAI (Beta)🏆Complete your texts with around 120 emojisSo what are youwaitingfor? Go on and install the app with a few simple steps. 📖Downloadand install ‘Ekushe Bangla Keyboard’ 📖 Open the app 📖Select‘Enable Keyboard’ 📖 Check the box saying ‘Ekushe BanglaKeyboard’ 📖Go back and select ‘Choose Keyboard’ 📖 Select ‘EkusheBanglaKeyboard’ 📖 Voila! Now write something amazing with yournewkeyboardWhat’s next? 💡 Customizable themes to personalize‘EkusheBangla Keyboard’ 💡 Easily find your desired emoji with EmojiSearch💡 Easily dictate text on the go with your voice 💡 Moreemoticons toexpress your emotion AND A PROMISE TO UPDATE FEATURESON REGULARBASIS.‘Ekushe Bangla Keyboard’ is built as a researchprojectpowered by the dept. of CSE, SUST. It’s still in betaversion.Please feel free to reach out to us with any kind ofenquery orsuggestion at
GO Keyboard Lab - Emoji, GIF 2.07
GOMO Dev Team
👍 The most productive emoji keyboard on Google Play, availableforcustomization. 👍👉200 million users worldwide and personalizetheiremoji keyboard.👈😍Easy to use emoji expressing ur emotions😍Youcanuse massive cute emoticons&emotions smileys to start afancychat.Why GO Keyboard Lab - emoticons, sticker is themostproductive emoji keyboard?★ Is ur typing really slow? LetGOKeyboard-emoticons make ur typing more productive! U can swipewithsingle hand. U just need to open swipe mode.★ Want to bedifferent?Follow us with personalized emoji keyboard and enjoykeyboardcustomization for new smileys emoji&fonts! GO keyboardmorethan a GIF maker! Create cool GIF from video in social apps.Viewtrending GIF for WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.★ Bored withplainkeyboard? There are 10000+ cute & colorful themes, 100+fontsand u can swipe to input! GO Keyboard - emoticons, supports60+languages and thousands of themes. Tons of emoji and emoticonsarecompatible across all popular apps. So easy to docustomizationyourself.Android 7.0 Nougat Whole NEW Emoji,Emoticon:- Turn plaintext into all kinds of cool emoji and cuteemoticons! Convey uremotions with smileys & cute emoji.-Communicate with emoji andenormous smileys face ( ^ω^)! Get crazyemoji INSPIRATION rightwhen u need it.- Sometimes animal emoji, andemoticons speak 1000times louder than words, try our GIF maker!-Easy to find emoji andcute emoticons in keyboard area. Let emojicome to u!-Visuallyexpress your emotions with smileys. New FunnySticker:- If u likeinteresting and cool pictures, try our smileyssticker and GIFsticker!- Choose ur favorite emoji ones. New arrivedevery week instore.- Most passionate ones according to mood. Theycan be sharedin any social platform. FEATURES:★ Android 7.0 Nougatwith newsmileys emoji, emoticons, fonts and smileys for chatemojiIt's freeto use 1600+ emoticons, new emoji and animatedsmileys. All in sucha GIF maker.★ Perfect Chatting- Sometimes emojijust don’t cut it.Share ur true feelings with smileys for whatsapp.- Text ur friendsemotions GIF. Share across all of ur favoritesocial apps. - Staticemoji are so old news, share animatedsticker!- Large library ofanimated GIF. Like a GIF maker.- Enjoysmileys for chat.★Personalized ExpertOver 10000+ colorful themescompatible withemoji keyboard and new themes are delivered weekly!U could alsoset keyboard background wallpaper. Turn keyboard a GIFmaker, andusing smileys for texting.★ Word CorrectionSmart enoughtorecognize mistyping, provide correction suggestions and makeurtyping productive. We got movie GIF, Cartoon GIF for u.Free touseswipe mode to type faster, which offers u smooth swipeinput.★Popular FontsOffer u over 100+ beautiful popular fonts.Getthousands of smileys and special GIF in the GIF makerkeyboard.★Various Layouts, gesture typing and support for tabletdevice Itprovides various layouts such as QWERTY keyboard, QWERTZand AZERTYkeyboard for pad tablet.★ Type what you speakFree u withvoiceinput. The more u use it, the better it recognizes. Soproductive!★Privacy and SecurityWe will never collect ur personalinfoincluding credit card information. In fact, we cares forprivacy ofwhat u type and who utype!MULTILINGUALTYPINGEnglishSpanishArabicGermanFrenchCroatianCzechDutchGreekHebrewHindiIndonesianItalianMalayPhilippines(Tagalog)PolishPortugueseRomanianRussianThaiTurkishDon'thesitateto make your keyboard customization.More customizationoptions iswaiting for u to discover! GO Keyboard - emoji,emoticons is aproduct of Sungy Mobile/Jiubang Digital. Use of thisapp is governedby Terms of Service and Privacy Policy
Silver Diamond Swan Keyboard Theme 10001001
The Silver Diamond Swan keyboard offers wonderful typingexperienceand Silver Diamond Swan personalized enjoyment.It willmake yourdevice look amazing!How to apply the Silver Diamond Swankeyboardtheme?Notes ☢:The Silver Diamond Swan theme is a theme app.Itneeds you to download the smart keyboard engine first. TaptheINSTALL button and download it for FREE! If you already havethesmart keyboard engine app installed, just tap the APPLY buttonandthe silver diamond swan keyboard theme will be applied onyourphone automatically.Features ☂:✪Popular Emojis andGifs☺:Mostpopular emojis and gifs are supported. The auto emojipredictionfeature offers precise prediction of emojis. Just type aword andour cool keyboard will suggest emojis for you.✪ThemeCenter✿:3,000+ keyboard themes here including variouscategories,like tech, animal, glitter, nature, cute ones, cartoon,flowers,love, luxury, cool style, business, simple, sports, specialforgirls and many more. You can find all the themes you love inthetheme center while enjoying the great typing experience!✪SupportedLanguages☁:The silver diamond swan keyboard theme supportsover 80languages.✪ Silver Diamond Swan Dynamic Effects✈:Make yourphonecool and awesome!✪ Gesture Typing۞Make your typing fasterthanever. (Swype input method)✪ About the Silver DiamondSwanKeyboard:Want to enter the world of Silver Diamond Swan? Hurryupand download the Silver Diamond Swan theme!classic SilverDiamondSwan keyboard is a Silver Diamond Swan skin pack withSilverDiamond Swan. Silver Diamond Swan is also a keyboard whichhasplenty of beautiful Silver Diamond Swan wallpapers for you tosetas your phone's background.
A.I.type Tablet Keyboard Free Float and Split
An intelligent float and split keyboard for Tabletswithrevolutionary context-sensitive text prediction! Thesplit-keyboard"floats" above the screen and can be located anywhereon the Tabletscreen. It’s small, elegant and occupies almost noscreen space,and it gets even better: users can move it and re-sizeit withintuitive drag and drop! AI-Keyboard reduces the time youspend ontyping- by 40%. AI-Keyboard unique self-learningtechnology, allowsto precisely predict the user’s words. It willlearn to understandthe user pattern of typing, predict the nextword, and complete orcorrect words AS TYPED! It can be customizedto meet userexperience based on user own style of typing. *** Someof thefeatures on this FREE version will expire within 14 days.Tocontinue using AI-Keyboard, you will be requested to upgrade totheFULL version *** AI-Keyboard is an easy to use, supersmartkeyboard to replace the standard one on your tablet.TheAI-Keyboard also includes: • Drag and Drop it . Thesplit-keyboard"floats" above the screen and can be located anywhereon yourTablet. It’s small, elegant and occupies almost no screenspace. •Take it Personal. We offer 8 FREE keyboard themes inaddition topremium themes available on the market. Customizeeverything fromkey colors, background pictures and keyboardpatterns; add a 5thraw to your keyboard to use letters and digitson the same time orresize the keyboard with a simple swipe. • StayProtected. User’sprivacy is our main concern. We will never shareuser data or learnfrom password fields • Have Fun. Try out thekeyboard addictivetyping mechanisms, making typing fun andenjoyable • It warns theuser when it corrects the text! Get avisual indication beforeauto-correction is applied, and a beepafter the correction. • Itincludes now customized web searchcapabilities. Please with any feedbacks,issues or suggestions.AI-Keyboard provides prediction capabilities(pre-dictionaries) inthe following languages: • English (US) •English (UK) • Esperanto• French - français • French (Canada) •French (Luxemburg) •Spanish – español • Norwegian – norsk •Portuguese – português •Turkish – Türk • Ukrainian - Український •German - Deutsch •French - français • Italian - italiano • Arabic -العربية • Russian– русский • Dutch – Nederlands • Danish - danske •Korean – 한국어 •Greek - ελληνικά • Swedish - svensk • Polish -polonez • Romanian -român • Latvian - Latvijas • Hungarian - magyar• Catalan - català• Finnish - suomalainen • Bulgarian - български •Persian - فارسی •Croatian - hrvatski • Hebrew - עברית AI-Keyboardalso providessupport for 15 additional layouts: • Vietnamese -Tiếng Việt •Azerbaijani - Azərbaycanca • Czech - Čeština • Georgian-საქართველოს • Hindi - हिंदी • Indonesian – Indonesia • Latvian–Latvijas • Serbian - Српски • Thai -ภาษาไทยلوحةالمفاتيح,كيبور,teclat,Tablet,klávesnice,tastatur,πληκτρολόγιο,teclado,صفحهکلید,näppäimistö,clavier,מקלדת,billentyűzet,tastiera,კლავიატურის,키보드,tastatūra,klaviatūra,toetsenbord,klawiatura,клавиатура,тастатура,tangentbord,แป้นพิมพ์,klavye,клавіатураTag: A.I.type Keyboard free, A.I.typeKeyboard Plus, A.I.type EmojiKeyboard plugin
Traditional Chinese Keyboard 2.3.9
Linpus Traditional Chinese Keyboard has the fastest reactiontimeand most accurate prediction of any Traditional ChineseAndroidkeyboard, learning and getting smarter as you type. It isone ofthe most popular traditional Chinese keyboards on Google Playwithdownloads over 1,700,000. Linpus Traditional Chinese Keyboardcanpredict your next word faster and more accurately thanotherkeyboards because of its huge dictionary of words andLinpus'exhaustive testing of word patterns. In addition, when youstart totype the last part of Linpus' work kicks in as LinpusKeyboard thenstarts to learn from the words you personally use tomake thatprediction even more accurate. But Linpus TraditionalChinesekeyboard is not just the most accurate it is also the mostfun,most complete in terms of input methods, and customizable. Ithasits own full featured handwriting solution, a gesturetypingsolution; T9, fuzzy, handwriting, Zhuyin, Sucheng and Canjieinput;re-size keyboard options, and many different themes tochoosefrom.Latest versionLinpus Traditional Chinese Keyboard hasbeenmassively improved and updated in this edition. Nextwordprediction is now more accurate and faster and thehandwritingengine is new. In addition, Linpus has added a number ofgreat paidfeatures which are automatically activated as a 30 daysfree trial.Paid features: Tablet users - Keyboard can be moved tonew placefor more convenient typing.Physical keyboard  Attach bybluetoothany physical keyboard for input and prediction.More themes- Threenew themes: Pure black, Pure purple and Brown leather. Fullscreenhandwriting - Can now choose full screen to writewords.Fastediting - Tap on any word in your message to select andsend backto the candidate bar for editing and re-selection.A fulllist offeatures is below:Amazingly accurate prediction that learnsandgets better the more you typeInnovative gesture typingsolutionNewimproved handwriting engineMore ways to select sub-menuitems – Aswell as long press can now swipe on a keyOne tap toselect and sendtyped words to prediction on bar foreditingSplittablekeyboardMixed English and Chinese input in onekeyboardMostextensive set of input methods for both Simplified andTraditionalChinese: T9, fuzzy, handwriting, Zhuyin, Sucheng andCangjieEditthe words memorized in your dictionaryPannablepredictionbarEmotion symbol support Arrow keys (cursor up and downand movearound) Improved Zhuyin and Pinyin spelling modificationMultipleskins and themes Resize keyboard optionLong press to getcomma,period, question mark and exclamation mark onfirstscreenExhaustive list of colloquial wordsEasy to use 9 squaregriddigital box instead of symbol layout for easywordeditingUpdatesv1.6.21.Fix issue that some smart phone useourkeyboard, shutdown and then reboot, system back to built-indefaultIME ;2.Fix issue that MTK6592 contact search box cannotinputZhuyin & Cangjie;3.Fix issue that application "ClashClans"cannot input Zhuyin & Cangjie in its input box;4.Fixissue thatGmail receiver input box cannot input Zhuyin &Cangjie;5.Fixissue that Backup & Restore words library willdisappearsometimes after remove IME app;6.Fix issue that Zhuyinslidingfeature is not accurate from ㄔleft to ㄈ、ㄐ、ㄊ;Note: Long pressthe"Earth" button can quickly switch the keyboard which you need.Longpress the "Enter" key can quickly into keyboard setting andswitchother IME.
Smart Keyboard with HD Emoji 1.3
HD Emoji Smart Keyboard is a new version for Android whichcontainsmultiple themes, new functions. It’s free for all users tosharefacemoji. share e-motion with friends and family.This is thebestandroid keyboard.Get Faceemoji smart Keyboard + GIFs withtheseamazing Android keyboard emojis 😀. emojiface Smart Keyboard +GIFsallows you to enjoy typing with over 1200+ emoji,emoticons,stickers, lenny face, GIFs and mcuh more! This emojikeyboard iscompatible with various social media platforms includingFacebook,Twitter, Instagram, Messenger, WhatsApp Gmail and moredirectlyfrom this app. With cool keyboard themes &keyboardcustomization in Facemoji Emoji Keyboard + GIFs, you cantext inthe way you’ve always wanted!This HD emojis keyboard isintelligentto craft your messages in text messages other socialchatapplications - share emotion to your friends and family-emojifaces support all android devices.- support emoji faces,emotionsin facebook, twitter, tumblr, hangout..etc- best emojiandroid appforever.- This is the normal english keyboard with lot'sof emojifaces, emoticons.Features of HD emoji smart keyboard : ★Fast andconvenient input of thousands of smart emojis, emoticon,emojifaces everywhere.★★ Colorful themes - Over 20 cutebeautifulthemes★★ Smart auto-correction and smartword-suggestion.★★ Over 15dictionaries of all major languages.★★Easily Input various kind ofsmiley and emoticons.★HOW TO ENABLE KADsmart emoji Keyboard?Step1: Press “Enable Input” and select “HDEmoji Keyboard”Step2:Press “Select Keyboard” set “HD Emoji Keyboard”Note:Some Deviceinitial keyboards can not see the colorful emojisbecause thesystem is not compatible, but in some certainthird-party apps it’sOK.Follow us : smart emojikeyboardTwitter:
SwiftKey Keyboard
SwiftKey is the best swipe keyboard from Microsoft. Thekeyboardlearns your writing style, so you can type faster. Useyourpersonalized keyboard to type and send emoji, GIFs and morejustthe way you like. The SwiftKey swipe keyboard is alwayslearningand adapting to match your unique way of typing - includingyourslang, nicknames and emoji. The built-in emoji keyboard haseveryemoji you’ll ever need and more. SwiftKey learns yourfavoriteemoji so you can always send your friends the rightreactions.SwiftKey caters to all typing tastes, with free designsand themesto fit any style. The custom keyboard providesautocorrect thatactually works. SwiftKey provides helpfulpredictions, so you canget your point across fast, without errors.Type and text any wayyou like, with swipe-to-type, tap-to-type,predictive emoji and aGIF keyboard. Download SwiftKey, the #1 swipekeyboard, today. TYPELESS, DO MORE Best Swipe Keyboard - Swipe totype or tap to type -Spell checker and auto text with A.I.-poweredpredictions - Customkeyboard toolbar with an expandable menu ofquick shortcuts EmojiKeyboard - Use emoji, GIFs and stickers toexpress yourself 😎 -Emoji keyboard is adaptive, learning andpredicting your favoriteemoticons for any conversation 👍 - Browsethe GIF keyboard toselect the best GIF for your reaction CustomKeyboard - 100+colorful keyboard themes - Make your own customkeyboard theme withyour photo as the background - Customize yourkeyboard size andlayout Multilingual Keyboard - Enable up to fivelanguages at once- Keyboard supports over 300 languages Get thecustom keyboard thatalways matches your style – download SwiftKeyKeyboard today! Findout more about SwiftKey’s keyfeatures: SUPPORTS 300+LANGUAGES: English(US, UK, AU, CA) Spanish (ES, LA, US) Portuguese(PT, BR) GermanTurkish French Arabic Russian Italian Polish
Dark Red Typing Keyboard 9.1 Bright Lime
360 Fractal
The Dark Red typing keyboard theme transforms the way you type.Thetyping keyboard animation is only available in Red RoseKeyboard.Darkness shelters the silent moment is which calmnessresides wheneverything else is noisy. *** How to Apply thisanimated dark redtyping keyboard skin *** 1. Open the "Dark red"red rose typingkeyboard after installation 2. Tap on the "Applyanimated theme"button Your ratings and comments are appreciated.
3D Laser Science Keyboard Theme 10001002
The 3D Laser Science keyboard offers wonderful typing experienceandSimple Black personalized enjoyment.It will make your devicelookamazing!How to apply the classic 3D Laser Sciencekeyboardtheme?Notes ☢:The 3D Laser Science theme is a theme app. Itneedsyou to download the smart keyboard engine first. Tap theINSTALLbutton and download it for FREE! If you already have thesmartkeyboard engine app installed, just tap the APPLY button andthe 3DLaser Science keyboard theme will be applied on yourphoneautomatically.Features ☂:✪Popular Emojis and Gifs☺:Mostpopularemojis and gifs are supported. The auto emoji predictionfeatureoffers precise prediction of emojis. Just type a word andour coolkeyboard will suggest emojis for you.✪ ThemeCenter✿:3,000+keyboard themes here including various categories,like tech,animal, glitter, nature, cute ones, cartoon, flowers,love, luxury,cool style, business, simple, sports, special forgirls and manymore. You can find all the themes you love in thetheme centerwhile enjoying the great typing experience!✪SupportedLanguages☁:The 3D Laser Science keyboard theme supportsover 80languages.✪ Cool 3D Dynamic Effects✈:Make your phone coolandawesome!✪ Gesture Typing۞Make your typing faster than ever.(Swypeinput method)✪ About the 3D Laser Science Keyboard:Want toenterthe world of 3D Laser Science? Hurry up and download the 3DLaserScienceIME theme!classic 3D Laser Science keyboard is a 3Dbuttonskin pack with cool 3D effects. classic Black is also akeyboardwhich has plenty of beautiful Simple Black wallpapers foryou toset as your phone's background.
Emoji Android keyboard 1.9
Keyboard Apps
Emoji Android keyboard Aiming to make your typing fast withsmileyfaces and other galaxy emojis, Emoji Android Keyboard ☺ is abestkeyboard for android phone and it's developed by KeyboardAppsDeveloper team.Share emotion and share emoticons with emojionfriend and family. ❄ Type fast with smart auto-correction andwordprediction functions, change your keyboard style likeandroidkeyboard with different themes(Galaxy keyboard, GreenForest, GlowKeyboard...other colorful android keyboard).Differenttypes ofemoji style for share emotions like Galaxy Emoji, EmojiOneEmoji,Default Android Emoji.❤expressive ❤It provides lots of coolemojis,emoticons, smiley faces text for users to communication andexpressthemselves across any platform like SMS, Whatsapp,facebookmessenger, instagram,snapchat etc.With this AndroidKeyboard, youcan ❤share 1000+emoji, share emoticons,and othersfeatures likeDictionary, languages, swipe, So this is best keyboardfor androidphone.NEW FEATURES:• This is best Android keyboard, it'semojisupport on all Android OS even Android 6.• Share emoticons toyourfriends and groups.• Huge collection of 800+ extra emoji iconsandAndroid color emoji, emoticons, and smiley supporteverywhere.•Easily Input various kind of smiley face text and newemoji..etc•Support the English normal keyboard and other languagessymbolkeyboard• Extremely easy to customize android keyboard andsetdefault emoji keyboard.• This is best emoticons keyboard foreversono one best keyboard for android phone ever.• Emoji Keyboardhavevarious type of emoji style like Galaxy Emoji and EmojiOne.•SmartKeyboard App UI.HOW TO ENABLE “EMOJI ANDROID KEYBOARD”:Step1:Press“Enable Keyboard” and select “Emoji keyboard”Step2: Press“SetDefault Android Keyboard” set “Emoji keyboard”IMPORTANT NOTE:•Youmay receive warning message while changing any customkeyboardbecause this is the standard message appears to androidusers forany third party custom keyboard. No need to worry aboutthis, justrelax and seat back don't worry about your private data,feel freeto use our “emoticons keyboard” an app made with lots oflove andemoticons.• “Android Emoji keyboard” is working on androidversion2.3 and up.
3D Pink Bowknot Keyboard Theme 10001003
The 3D Pink Bowknot keyboard offers wonderful typing experienceandpersonalized enjoyment.It will make your device look amazing!Howtoapply the classic 3D Pink Bowknot keyboard theme?Notes ☢:The3DPink Bowknot theme is a theme app. It needs you to downloadthesmart keyboard engine first. Tap the INSTALL button and downloaditfor FREE! If you already have the smart keyboard engineappinstalled, just tap the APPLY button and the 3D PinkBowknotkeyboard theme will be applied on your phoneautomatically.Features☂:✪Popular Emojis and Gifs☺:Most popularemojis and gifs aresupported. The auto emoji prediction featureoffers preciseprediction of emojis. Just type a word and our coolkeyboard willsuggest emojis for you.✪ Theme Center✿:3,000+ keyboardthemes hereincluding various categories, like tech, animal,glitter, nature,cute ones, cartoon, flowers, love, luxury, coolstyle, business,simple, sports, special for girls and many more.You can find allthe themes you love in the theme center whileenjoying the greattyping experience!✪ Supported Languages☁:The 3DPink Bow keyboardtheme supports over 80 languages.✪ Cool 3D DynamicEffects✈:Makeyour phone cool and awesome!✪ Gesture Typing۞Make yourtypingfaster than ever. (Swype input method)✪ About the 3D PinkBowknotKeyboard:Want to enter the world of 3D Pink Bowknot? Hurryup anddownload the 3D Pink Bow theme!classic 3D Pink Bow keyboardis a 3Dbutton skin pack with cool 3D effects. classic Black is alsoakeyboard which has plenty of beautiful Simple Black wallpapersforyou to set as your phone's background.
Emoji Keyboard Lite 4.3.7
Emoji Family
Emoji Keyboard Lite is a free keyboard for Androidfullycustomizable to your best fit. Quickly type 3000+ cuteemoji,emoticons, smiley, symbol, kaomoji, text faces with EmojiKeyboardLite. Send animated GIF, stickers directly from EmojiKeyboard Litevia any social apps like WhatsApp, Messenger,Instagram, Twitteretc. With Emoji Keyboard Lite you can find theright emoji,emoticons, GIF or stickers to express your truefeelings. WithEmoji Keyboard Lite you can even customize keyboardfont, key presssound and set keyboard wallpaper with your ownphoto. Type fasterand easier with Voice input, Auto Correction,Smart Prediction andSwype Typing with 50+ languages supported.👍Emoji Keyboard LiteFeatures 👍 - 3000+ Emoji, Emoticons, Sticker,Smiley, Symbol andText face - Fast input emoji anywhere like email,text, message,note and contact - Swype Typing with dynamic floatingpreview -Auto correction and smart next word suggestion -Customizable keypress sound, keyboard font - Resize and splitlayout as you wish -Customizable keyboard color, font and wallpaper- Use your ownPhoto as keyboard wallpaper - Top row emoji to fastinput - Textface, Kaomoji including ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°), (ʘ‿ʘ) - Top rownumber input -Over 1000 amazing themes - Always display capitalletter - Copy,cut, paste by using clipboard - Bottom row arrow key👍50+ LanguageSupported 👍 English(US) English(UK) AfrikaansAlphabet(QWERTY)Arabic - AR-اللغة العربية Armenian(Armenia)Belarusian Bulgarian -BG-Български език Catalan-CA-CatalàCroatian-HR- Hrvatski Czech-CS-čeština Danish-DA- dansk Dutch-NL-Nederlands Esperanto EstonianFilipino Finnish-FT- Suomi French-FR-française French(Canada)Georgian-ka-ქართული German-DE- DeutschGreek-EL- ἙλληνικήHebrew-HE- Ivrit Hindi-hi-हिन्दी Hungarian-HU-Magyar IcelandicIndonesian-ID- Bahasa Indonesia Italian-IT-ItalianoKhmer(Cambodia) Kirghiz Laos LatvianLithuanian-LT-LietuviųMacedonian Malay- MS- Bahasa MelayuNorwegian-NO- norsk PersianPolish Portuguese(Brazil)Portuguese-PT-português Romanian-RO-română Russian-RU-Русский языкSerbian Slovak-SK- SlovenčinaSlovenian- SL-slovenščina Spanish-ES-Español Spanish(US) SwahiliSwedish-SV- svenska Thai- TH -ไทยTurkish-TR- Türkçe Ukrainian-UG-українська мова Vietnam Zulu
Keyboard - wallpapers , photos 1.2.7
🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉Important Updates🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉New gesture typing function added!Nowyou can swipe to chat with swipe keyboard, which can give youaneasier and faster text messaging experience.Keyboard -Wallpapers& Photos, the best free photo theme keyboard forandroid withmany amazing features, helps you customize your fancykeyboardbackgrounds with your cute Photos, Wallpapers, anddifferentTemplates! A MUST-HAVE free photo keyboard app forandroid.😂😂800+Cute and Smart Emoji & Emotion & Emoticon&Gif!🐶🐶Personalize your keyboard theme with photos!🌟🌟Variousfreephoto themes & templates & wallpapers! 📣📣NewSwypeKeyboard!🦄🦄Smart Word Prediction and Auto-correct!🤗🤗Support30+languages!Customize your own photo theme keyboard and enjoyyourfancy typing!【Photo Theme & Keyboard Theme】You can chooseyourfavorite photo from your camera or gallery as thekeyboardbackground in Keyboard - Wallpapers & Photos. See yourfavoritephotos as photo keyboard themes while text massaging. Saygoodbyeto those old-plain keyboard!【Beautiful Wallpapers】A growingnumberof Wallpapers (update weekly) can be applied in Keyboard-Wallpapers & Photos. Such as live wallpapers, photothemewallpapers, color wallpapers… More fun, socute!【Multi-Specialeffect templates】Can’t change the effect of yourbackground? Don’tworry, we offer many fancy and special filterTEMPLATES (updateweekly) for you to choose. Which one is yourfavorite? It alldepend on yourself!【Colorful themes】Keyboard -Wallpapers &Photos offers the most attractive keyboard colorfree themes foryou to choose from. More beautiful free themes withcolorfulbackgrounds, customizable key color and even customizabletypingeffect and sound will come soon.【Fast Swype】New Swypetypingfunction added! Now you can swipe to chat with swipekeyboard,which can give you an easier and faster chattingexperience.【CuteEmoji & Emotion & GIF】Type some cute emojito tell otherswhat you’re thinking while text massaging! Smile,laugh or angry?Just express with emoji & emotion! Moreexpressive to chat. Theemoji keyboard can delight yourlife!【Privacy and security】We willnever collect your personal infoincluding credit cardinformation.【Other amazing features are comingsoon…】What are youwaiting for? Download Keyboard - Wallpapers &Photos for FREEand enjoy your personalized photo keyboard themerightaway!ContactUs:Facebook:
Live Keyboard Animation Emoji 26.0
Live Keyboard with animation and Live graphic effects thatcomeswith faster, smoother and accurate typing experience. Livekeyboardprovide lots of Animated and Living themes Features1.BEAUTIFULANIMATED THEME DESIGNS2. EMOJIS 3. AUTO CORRECTION4. COOLFONTS ANDSOUND5. MULTIPLE LANGUAGE SUPPORT
My Photo Keyboard 8.2
Abbott Cullen
How amazing if you can set your own photo as keyboard backgroundinyour device Here My Photo Keyboard app helps you to customizeyourkeyboard and set your photo as keyboard background with bestfrontkeypad characters. My Photo Keyboard applies to whole deviceandfor all apps. Change background photos from gallery or cameraforkeyboard. Make your keyboard very beautiful as yourchoice.Multiple Theme Support and you can free download all thattheme Howto Used? 1. Open App My Photo Keyboard. 2. Select "MyPhotoKeyboard" Button. 3. Set input method to my photo keyboardoption.4. Set image from gallery or camera and get preview ofkeyboard. 5.You can set different colorful themes for keyboards. 6.My PhotoKeyboard come with more than 50 languages. Features - SetPhotoFrom Gallery and Camera. - Set Different Types Of Themes. -EnjoyWith 500+ Emoji. - Emoji Art For batter chat your friends. -Emojiprediction on words. - Swipe your finger on keyboard and typefast.- Auto spell Check Facility. - Next Word Prediction. -Landscapeand portrait Keyboard background Set separately. - 50+LanguageSupported. - 50+ Font Style Supported. - Template FacilityFor FastSharing.also add new Custom Templates. - Direct SearchFromKeyboard. - Word Edit Facility asWordselect,cut,copy,past,home,end,tab etc. - Keyboard HeightSetting. -Keyboard Font Color Setting. - Keyboard Key press settingassound,vibration etc. - Layout Design for Tablet. - Speak to type-GIF Sticker For Sharing in social Apps. - Cool Font and FancyFontType facility Provided. We will never collect any ofpersonalinformation. Enjoy new concept of keyboard.