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com.sololearn.csharp 1.9.1
We're moving to our new free All-in-One app! Get ithere: in a greatly improved learning environment with morelessons,real practice opportunity, and community support. TheSoloLearn C#course makes the 10th programming language available toourcommunity for FREE! At SoloLearn, we are building a communityofcoders where learning is FREE, FUN, and EFFECTIVE! Withcodingbecoming a "must have" skill, we aim to help you improveyourcareer and life choices by mastering this skill in your sparetime,on any device, wherever you are. Join our growing communityofSoloLearners where you can enjoy individual andpeer-to-peerlearning and learn the basics of implementing codingprojects onyour mobile. And finally, improve your standing withinthecommunity by collecting XP points and advancing your rank ontheLeaderboard! Learn: Gain an understanding of C# concepts bygoingthrough short interactive texts and follow-up fun quizzes.Topicsinclude: variables, conditional statements and loops,methods,classes, arrays, strings, encapsulation, inheritance,polymorphism,interfaces, exceptions, generics, and more! CodePlayground: Thebest way to learn to code is to CODE! Ourbeautifully designed codeeditor lets you make changes to existingcode or write and run yourown custom code and see the output onyour mobile device! You cancode while going through the corelessons or as a stand-alonelearning activity. The more you play,the better you get! Use ourDiscussion Forums: Whether you needadditional help inunderstanding a topic or want to contribute toenhance the learningof peer SoloLearners, go to our DiscussionForums. Learn, shareyour knowledge, and improve your career andlife choices!
Programming languages 8.5.4
The appendix contains a description of programming languages.
All C Programs 2.5.2
Learn C while learning programs. All Basic and Advanced CProgramsincluding Ciphers for developing logical skills. Build yourCareerby learning C programming Language. A total of 400+ CPrograms withexplanations for few of them ,given considering a nonProgrammerwho feels difficulty in programming(Remainingexplanations will beadded ASAP). What can you Expect? Basic CPrograms on numbers,Mathematics, Conversions, sum series etcStrings Bitwise OperationsArrays Matrices Search and Sort Pointersand Structures Files GamesCiphers including Encryption andDecryption. Applications whichincludes Mini projects. Patternsincluding Symbol, Alphabetical,Numeric Pyramid Patterns includingSymbol, Alphabetical, NumericAnd 30 Practice Questions Features1.Change Font Size of theProgram 2.Night Mode which can be switchedON or OFF for theprogram and available for entire app but has torelaunch app toapply for entire app 3.Zoom In and Out which can beswitched ON orOFF for the program 4.Wrapping Code to adjust thecode withinscreen size without scrolling horizontally which can beswitched ONor OFF for the program 5.Copy the Program to Clipboard6.Share theProgram 7 .Download Program 8.Syntax Highlighted9.InterviewQuestions 10.Chat with others 11.Search Programs 12.AddPrograms toBookmark 13.30 Practice Questions All the features areavailablefor programs. If app is crashed or any problem please And tell me the condition when itishappening Thanks And Regards, cprograms4future.
Online Compiler (Beta) 0.11.1
#1 IDE on mobile to Edit, Compile and run programs. It hascompilerfor c language, compiler for c++ and 23 programminglanguagesOnlineConsole Compiler (Beta) is the fastest onlinecompiler and IDE tocompile and run programs/code snippets on yoursmartphone for 23programming languages.The best way to practicecoding on the go,anytime, anywhere.Languages supported include:1.Bash (ShellScript)2. C - GCC Compiler3. C++ - GCC Compiler4. C++ 14- GCCCompiler5. C++ 17 - GCC Compiler6. C# (C Sharp) - Monocompiler7.Clojure8. Go Language9. Java 710. Java 811. MySQL12.Objective-C13.Perl14. PHP15. NodeJS16. Python 2.717. Python 3.018.R Language19.Ruby20. Scala21. Swift 1.222. VB.Net - MonoCompiler23.PascalFeatures included are:1. Code SyntaxHighlighting2. Open yourexisting code snippet from Internalstorage,3. Auto Save your codeas you type.4. Add single andmultiple Inputs to yourcode.Disclaimer: Online Console Compileruses strong cloud basedcompilers to compile the code and displayoutput, it is the fastestcode compiler and app size is just ~1.7MB.Simply type or copy thesource code of your favourite programminglanguage in the IDE andrun it within seconds.Practice your codingskills and see your codesnippets come to life.Instead of rating uslow, you can write yourproblems to us at; thatwill help us help youbetter.Online Console Compiler is still inBeta, we expect yoursupport by reporting us in case you come acrossany bugs.At Nexino,we are constantly working to improve thisproduct. Your love,guidance, and support are greatlyappreciated!Visit our website :
Programming Hub: Learn to Code
Coding and programming app to learn to code with HTML,Javascript,C, C++, C#, Swift, Python, R Programming, Java,ArtificialIntelligence, CSS, etc. for free with a one-stop app -“ProgrammingHub: Learn to code” This coding and programming app iscreatedusing research and in collaboration with Google experts andoffersa perfect path to learn programming. You will learn to codelike anexpert, and also enjoy it like a game. It's easy, it's fastandit's fun! ❇️Google Play's Editor's Choice

🏆 ❇️Google Play's"Bestof the Best" of 2017!

😻👯 ❇️Recognized and backed byGooglelaunchpad accelerator💪 ❇️No Ads 👿 With a huge collection of5000+programs (code examples), 20+ courses and the fastest compilerinthe world, all your programming needs are bundled in a singleappfor your daily practice. What all programming languages youcanlearn with this coding tutor app?

 👨🏻‍💻Learn Java - Java isanobject-oriented, general purpose, high-level programminglanguage.Today Java is being used to develop a range of softwarelike webapplications, J2ME Apps, Embedded Space, Android, BigDataanalytics, etc. 👨🏻‍💻Learn C Programming - C programming isapowerful general-purpose language. If you are new toprogrammingthen C Programming is the best language to start yourprogrammingjourney. 👨🏻‍💻Learn C++ - C++ is used nearly everywhereforeverything from systems programming, numerical andscientificcomputing, web development, writing compilers, consolegames,desktop applications and so on. 👨🏻‍💻Learn HTML - HTML isthestandard markup language for creating web pages andwebapplications. HTML is most commonly used as the format foronlinedocuments i.e web pages. 👨🏻‍💻Learn Javascript - JavaScript isa webprogramming language that is run by most browsers. WithProgrammingHub, you can find Javascript tutorials to become aJavascriptexpert. 👨🏻‍💻Learn R Programming: R is a programminglanguage andsoftware environment for statistical analysis,graphicsrepresentation, and reporting. Here are other reasons whyyoushould choose Programming Hub as a single app for yourcodinglearning needs. With the “Programming Hub: Learn to code”app, youcan - 👨🏻‍💻Learn CSS
 👨🏻‍💻Learn C# (CSharp)👨🏻‍💻Learn Python 2.7 👨🏻‍💻Learn Python 3 👨🏻‍💻Learn LinuxShellScripting 👨🏻‍💻Learn R Programming 👨🏻‍💻Learn Swift 👨🏻‍💻LearnSQL👨🏻‍💻Learn Jquery 👨🏻‍💻Learn Assembly 8086**************************APP FEATURES **************************While we make codinglearning easy and fun, here are features thatwould make us yoursingle choice to learn programming languages -🚀ProgrammingCourses: To make your learning more interesting, ourexperts havecreated bite-sized and interactive courses which willhelp youlearn programming like never before. It's the best place tolearnnew concepts. 🚀Programming & Coding Examples: 5000+programs in20+ programming languages and counting, programming hubhas one ofthe largest collection of pre-compiled programs withoutput forpractice and learning. 🚀Compiler: The fastest compiler inthe worldon Android with support to compile and run over 20+programminglanguages. Other Features to improve your programminglearningexperience includes
 1. Concept-based illustrations toeasily learnto code in a fun way
 2. Interactive learningexperience
 3.Periodic Updates with new programming examples andcourse content
Get even more with Programming Hub Pro membership🚀Unlimited Accessthroughout the learn to code app 🚀Offline Mode toget programmingcourses online 🚀Premium Content 🚀Ad-free 🚀UnlimitedCodeCompilations Instead of giving us a lower rating, please mailusyour queries, issues or suggestions at Wewillbe happy to solve them for you :)
com.sololearn.python 2.8.1
We're moving to our new free All-in-One app! Get ithere: in a greatly improved learning environment withmorelessons, real practice opportunity, and community support.LearnPython in the most social and fun way, with SoloLearn!LearnPython, one of today's most in-demand programminglanguageson-the-go, while playing, for FREE! Compete andcollaborate withyour fellow SoloLearners, while surfing throughshort lessons andfun quizzes. Practice writing Python code withinthe app, collectpoints, and show off your skills. When you completethe course,you'll win a Certificate of Completion as a trophy! TheSoloLearnLearn Python Course covers the following topics: • PythonBasics •Data Types • Control Structures • Functions and Modules•Exceptions • Working with Files • Functional Programming•Object-Oriented Programming • Regular Expressions • ...andevenmore! So don’t wait; dive right in! Start coding with Python!
Create native Android apps on your smartphone. Main Features:-Block programming similar to Scratch from MIT - Visual Drag&Drop Integrated development environment (IDE) -Automaticallytranslated source code (Java and XML) - Compile andbuild installfiles on your phone (APK file) - Fully Compatible withAndroidStudio Sketchware is a block programming basedintegrateddevelopment environment (IDE) for developing mobileAndroid apps.It's okay if you do not know anything about developingAndroidapps. Sketchware is an IDE that uses block language thattransformsthe complex language of text-based coding intovisual,drag-and-drop building blocks. Sketchware providesdocumentationsyou can follow to become an expert at blockprogramming and Androidapp development. Each example containsprogramming concepts you canunderstand by completing the project.Visually design and developapps, then simply run your app with asingle click to build andinstall directly on your Android device.The projects are fullycompatible with Android Studio, an IDE usedon a PC, so you canexport your finished project and continueworking on AndroidStudio, or your favorite editor. RequiredPermissions: -WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE / READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE: Thispermission isrequired to save and run projects. - GET_ACCOUNTS :This permissionis required to login with Google Account.Disclaimer: This app wasdeveloped independently of the MIT ScratchTeam, which produces theScratch programming language and onlinecommunity. The Scratch nameand Scratch cat are trademarks of MIT.
C Pattern Programs Free 8.0.0
C Pattern Programs Free: An app for the programming beginners.Thisapp is full of pattern and other C programs. In addition tothis,there is a lot of study stuff related to C programming aswell.Programs to print the numbers or symbols in differentpatterns(e.g. ASCII art -pyramid, waves etc.), are one of thefrequentlyasked interview/examination programs mostly for Freshers.This isso because these programs test the logical ability andcodingskills which are essential for any software engineer. Thisapp isvery helpful for understanding how loops can be used togeneratethese different ASCII art patterns & also for otherbasicconcepts of C with the help of programs. Core Features :>Pattern printing programs including : ⦁ Symbol patterns ⦁Numberpatterns ⦁ Character patterns ⦁ Series patterns ⦁ Spiralpatterns ⦁Wave-style patterns > Other useful C programsincluding : ⦁General utility programs ⦁ Conversion (binary todecimal etc.)programs ⦁ Matrix programs ⦁ Sorting & Searchingprograms ⦁Data Structure & Algorithms programs ⦁ Basic programs⦁ Arrayprograms ⦁ Pointer programs ⦁ Function programs ⦁ Mathprograms ⦁Structure programs ⦁ File Handling programs ⦁ Trickprograms >Study stuff ⦁ Short introduction to C language. ⦁Comparison of Cwith other languages. ⦁ One liner definitions:general programmingterms. ⦁ Operator precedence table ⦁ C Keywords⦁ ASCII table OtherFeatures : ⦁ Pattern category filter. ⦁ Programsearch ⦁ Quicksearch ⦁ Change text size ⦁ Video explanation (inHindi): Tounderstand the logic that works behind the ASCII patternprograms.
Cxxdroid is the most easy to use educational C and C++ IDEforAndroid. Features: - Offline C/C++ compiler: no Internetisrequired to run C/C++ programs. - Package manager and acustomrepository with prebuilt packages for common libraries, suchasBoost, SQLite, ncurses, libcurl, etc. - Examplesavailableout-of-the-box for quicker learning. - Full-featuredTerminalEmulator. - C/C++ interpreter mode (REPL) based on CERNCling isalso available. - Outstanding performance with advancedcompilercaching technology: upto 33 times faster when Boost libraryisused, 3x average speedup. - Clean and mature architecture: nowcodeis analyzed and compiled with the same compiler, and theIDEdoesn't crash completely due to runtime errors in your programs:)- UI designed with speed and usability in mind: forgetaboutunobvious shortcuts or touch button combos required just torunyour program. - True compiler: no Java (or even Javascript)basedinterpreters involved, even inline assembler language issupported(Clang syntax). Editor features: - Real time codeprediction, autoindentation and code analysis just like in any realIDE. * -Extended keyboard bar with all symbols you need to programin C++.- Syntax highlighting & themes. - Tabs. - One clickshare onPastebin. * Features marked by asterisk are available inPremiumversion only. Important notice: Cxxdroid requires at least150MBfree internal memory. 200MB+ is recommended. More if you areusingheavy libraries such as Boost. Take a part in developmentofCxxdroid by reporting bugs or providing feature requests to us.Weappreciate that. The list of features that are not yetavailable,but we are working to add them: - Multifile projects -Debugger AsCxxdroid main goal is to help user learn C++ programminglanguage,our first priority is porting common libraries, note thatwhenasking us to add some library. Legal information. Busybox andGNUld in Cxxdroid APK are licensed under (L)GPL, email us forthesource code. Clang bundled with Cxxdroid has someimportantchanges, but the source of this fork is currently closed.We arenot allowing any reuse of this (or other proprietary) partofCxxdroid in any other products and will consider this acopyrightinfringement. Samples available in the application arefree foreducational usage with one exception: they, or theirderivativeworks, cannot be used in any competing products (in anyway). Ifyou are unsure, whether your app is affected by thisrestriction,always ask for a permission via email. Android is atrademark ofGoogle Inc. 3.8.1
We're moving to our new free All-in-One app! Get ithere: in a greatly improved learning environment with morelessons,real practice opportunity, and community support.SoloLearn's LearnJava is a comprehensive guide to one of the mostpopularprogramming languages in the world. And here's a bonus:Learn Javais FREE! The lessons in Learn Java lessons are fast,easy, andeffective; the app is set up to be completed in less thanthreehours. No prior programming experience is needed. With LearnJava,you’ll learn object-oriented Java programming and have theabilityto write clear and valid code in almost no time at all. Sodon'thesitate. Begin our step-by-step tutorial today, and learn anewskill! The app's 64 lessons cover the following topics: •JavaBasics: Variables, Operators, etc. • Conditional StatementsandLoops • Arrays • Classes and Objects • Encapsulation,Polymorphism,and Inheritance • Abstract Classes and Interfaces •Anonymous andInner Classes • Exception Handling • Lists • HashMaps• Sets •Threads • Working with Files • And Much More! Become aJavadeveloper – start SoloLearn's FREE tutorial today!! Unlocklevels,collect points, and compete with your peers around theworld. Learnand have fun with SoloLearn!
Quoda Code Editor
Quoda is a sophisticated yet easy to use source code editor orIDEwith integrated support for SFTP/FTP(S) servers and cloudstorage(Dropbox and Google Drive). Here are some of the bestfeatures:•Syntax highlighting with themes• Cross-sessionediting•Code-completion*• Snippets* with Textmate-syntax tabstopsandvariables• Extended keyboard• Find and replace with regex andcase(in)sensitivity• SFTP/FTP(S) integration*• Dropbox/GoogleDriveintegration*• Google Apps Script support• Keybindings•LiveHTML/Markdown Preview* (Tablets)Other features includedownloadingURL source code, auto-encoding detection, bracematching,auto-indentation, line bookmarking, colour picker, HTMLformatting,and even more - many of these unmatched by other AndroidIDEs ortext editors!Quoda is continuously being updated with newfeatures.The following are planned to be released soon: GITsupport, Box andOneDrive integration, custom themes, import FTPserver data fromFileZilla, code-completion for all programminglanguages andmore!Quoda has had much focus put into its userexperience, so itis an easy to use, fast, responsive and veryreliable IDE. Despiteits large array of features, it is made asintuitive as possible,so you can develop as productively aspossible and focus on thesource code.Quoda currently supportscoding in the followingprogramming languages: ActionScript, C, C++,C#, CSS, Haskell,HTML, Java, JavaScript, Lisp, Lua, Markdown,Objective-C, Perl,PHP, Python, Ruby, SQL, Visual Basic and XML.More programminglanguages are being added all the time!If you wantto codeproductively away from your PC, Quoda is a must have,allowing youto carry a text editor and IDE in your pocket to codewhen on themove!* These features require an upgrade to PremiumMoreinfo:http://www.getquoda.comEmail: Feedback,bugreports, and suggestions welcome!Twitter:@QuodaAppGoogle+:
Dcoder, Compiler IDE :Code & Programming on mobile 2.1.7
Dcoder is a mobile coding IDE ( Compiler for mobile ), where onecancode and learn algorithms using programming on mobile. Tailoredtoenhance your coding skills, via the use of code compilationandalgorithm solving. Now learn to code anytime anywhere. Chooseanyor all languages to work with: 1. C : learn C programming,apowerful general-purpose language. 2. C++ : GCC compiler 6.33.Java : best Java Programming ide, JDK 8 4. Python : learnPython2.7 and Python 3. 5. C# : Mono Compiler 4 6. Php : PhpInterpreter7.0 7. Objective-C : GCC compiler 8. Ruby : Ruby version1.9 9. Lua: Lua Interpreter 5.2 10. JS/NodeJS : Node.js engine 6.511. Go :Go Lang 1.6 12. VB.Net 13. F# 14. Common Lisp 15. R 16.Scala 17.Perl 18. Pascal 19. Swift 20. Tcl 21, Prolog 22. Assembely23.Haskell 24. Clojure 25. Kotlin 26. Groovy 27. Scheme 28. Rust29.Bf 30. Html 31. Css Added bonus: Dcoder uses a Rich TextEditorsupporting syntax highlight and packed with the necessarytools tooffer you all the edge that an IDE or code compiler issupposed to.Its the fastest code compiler (IDE), coding andprogramming appavailable for android so far. With Dcoder one can:Write aprogram/code in any of the available 33+ ProgrammingLanguages.Code and Debug the code, see compilation results anderrors at thesame time on the same screen. Enjoy the power and easeof coding onyour favorite Code Editor like Notepad++ or SublimeText withcompilation power, makes it equivalent to a powerful Idelikeeclipse. Test your problem solving skills by solvingchallengesfrom the number of algorithm based challenges availablein Algo Yosection. Learn Html,Css, JavaScript, Ruby programming,CProgramming, Python and Java in the app along with manymoreprogramming languages. Irrespective of your coding skills beitbeginner or expert Dcoder helps you to learn code and improveyourskills while in a boring lecture or whenever you feel like.Themain features include: 1. Rich Text Editor withSyntaxhighlighting.(Code Editor) 2. Line number, Autoindent,Autocomplete Parenthesis. 3. Undo Redo. 4. File Open/Save.5.Custom Suggestion View. 6. Multiple Language Support. 7. Userinputfor languages like C, C++, Java, Php, JavaScript, Node.jsandothers. 8. Active debug view for faster access to Output.9.Thoroughly designed Algorithm problems to improve coding Skillsandmake programmers industry ready. 10. Leader Board: To knowwhereyou stand amongst the vast Dcoder community. 11. CustomMenuDrawer, Custom Code Editor Themes, Editable font Size forEditorand much more!! Disclaimer: Dcoder uses array of strong cloudbasedcompilers to compile the code and display output, it is thefastestone and has helped to bring app size to ~4 MB, Please don'tratelow or demand offline feature that is not possible here.Alsoinstead of rating low, you can write your problems to that will let us help you better. Dcoder isanonline compiler, now run, compile and execute your code snippetsonyour own android mobile devices. Begin the journey to enhanceyourskills. How to solve algorithms? abrief video: Join the FacebookGroupFor any help, questions related to Dcoder and challenges andalsoto opt as a BetaTester. Loved it? Be abetatester, for early access to experimentalfeatures Terms ofuse:
C Programming - Learn Code, Theory & Discuss 3.3.5
C Programming Course is all in one Application to learnCProgramming Language (C Language). Included Theory with manyCPrograms with output. C Program. 📖💻 Features: ★ Fully Offlineforstudies. ★ Absolutely free. ★ Contains all basic concepts of'C'programming language (C Language). ★ Included all basic theoryofC. ★ Nearly 100+ C Programs with console outputs. ★ EasytoUnderstand each and every C Program. ★ Easy language ★InDiscussion Panel, user can ask any problem related withprogrammingand also help other user for solutions. ★ User friendlyGraphics UI(User Interface). ★ Easy to use. Easy to learn CLanguage.***************************** Developed By : ShreyasSharad PatilSPDroid -------------------------------------- ForAdsFree VersionOf This App: Found any problemsregarding app, Please Contact me byE-Mail.--------------------------------------- Learn to code! Useandlearn C Programming with thisapp.....!--------------------------------------- Contents Included★Introduction ★ Tokens ★ Constants and Variables ★ Keywords ★DataTypes ★ Variables ★ Data Input/Output ★ Operators ★DecisionControl Structure ★ Loop Control Structure ★ Array ★TwoDimensional Array (2D) ★ Function ★ Types of Functions ★RecursiveFunctions ★ String ★ Storage Classes ★ Preprocessors ★Pointers ★Array of Pointers ★ Pointer to Pointer ★ Structure ★Union ★Command Line Arguments
AIDE- IDE for Android Java C++ 3.2.200108
AIDE is an integrated development environment (IDE) fordevelopingreal Android apps directly on your Android device.Followinteractive coding lessons and step-by-step become an expertappdeveloper. Visually design apps, write code with the featurericheditor with code completion, real-time error checking,refactoringand smart code navigation, run your app with a singleclick and usethe Java debugger to find bugs. AIDE featuresinteractive lessonswith step-by-step instructions to learn Androidapp development andJava programming skills. Follow the lessons,become an expert andapply what you've learned in your own appprojects. AIDE will turnyour Android tablet with keyboard into areal development box. AIDEwill turn your Android Phone into a smalldevelopment computer tobrowse and touch your code on the go. AIDEsupports building appswith Java/Xml and the Android SDK, apps withC/C++ and the AndroidNDK as well as pure Java console applications.AIDE is fullycompatible with Eclipse projects. You can just copythe sourcecodeto your device and open the Eclipse project in AIDEto startcoding. Alternatively you can keep your sourcecode on yourDropbox- AIDE integrates with Dropbox and allows to easily downloadfromyour Dropbox and sync back your changes. AIDE can also openAndroidStudio projects, which follow the default folder structure.AIDEalso supports Git for professional development. PurchasingAIDEPrime, the AIDE Premium Key, the debugger or the UIdesignerdisables all ads in the app. A brief summary offeatures...Learn-to-code (in-app purchase): - Interactive lessonswithstep-by-step instructions - Java programming course -Androiddevelopment course - Game development course - Android WearcourseEdit-compile-run cycle: - Create a sample App with a singleclick -Build Java/Xml apps - Build C/C++ NDK apps - Build pureJavaconsole applications - Run your App with a single click - Norootaccess required - Incremental compilation for fast build times-Uses Eclipse .classpath project format for compatibility -Opendefault Android Studio projects - Integrated LogCat viewerDebugger(in-app purchase): - Debug Android Java apps and JavaConsole apps- Breakpoints - Step-in, step-over, step-out - Inspectthread trace- Inspect local variables - Inspect object fieldsReal-time errorchecking: - Real time error analyis throughout thewhole project asyou type - Automatic Quick-Fixes for many errors UIdesign: -Preview XML layouts - Jump from view in the designer tothe XMLelement Refactoring: - Rename - Inline variable -Introducevariable - Extract method Code: - Code formatter -Organize imports- Out-comment code - Createsetters/getters/constructors fromfields Code navigation: - Gotodefintion - Find usages - Gotosymbol - Goto class Editor: - Veryfast editor even with largefiles - Code completion for Java andAndroid XML - Android onlinehelp directly from the code - Syntaxhighlighting for Java and XML- Unlimited Undo/Redo - Pinch zoom -Smart expand selection -Keyboard support with configurablekeybindings - UI optimized forsmall screens to show as muchcode/content as possible Filebrowser:- Built-in file manager withthe most common features: Rename,delete, create file or folder -Dropbox integration - Gitintegration withCommit/Dicard/Push/Pull/Branch/Merge and SSHsupport. To summarize:AIDE offers Java programming for thebeginning, intermediate oradvanced programmer. Beginners can learnto code, developers can doreal development. Using the advancededitor with code completion andsyntax highlighting to edit Javaand XML files, then compile thesoftware, the use the Compiler toturn it into an app. AIDEsincremental Compiler is blazingly fast.Interoperiability withAndroid Studio and commandline SDK Tools isprovided. Not only doesAIDE Support Java development but C and C++native development issupported as well.
com.sololearn.cplusplus 4.8.1
We're moving to our new free All-in-One app! Get ithere: in a greatly improved learning environment with morelessons,real practice opportunity, and community support. Learn C++isanother FREE programming course by SoloLearn. Whether you'vehadany prior programming experience or not, this app will helpyoulearn all you need to know in order to start creating andcompilingyour own programs. Learning with SoloLearn has proved tobe fast,effective and fun. This app will show you how easy it is tobecomea programmer. Learn C++ includes over 80 lessons split into8levels that cover basic concepts, data types, arrays,pointers,conditional statements, loops, functions, classes andobjects,inheritance & polymorphism, templates, exceptions andfiles.Unlock new levels, quizzes, collect points and compete withyourpeers around the world. Most importantly, learn while havingfunbecause engaged learning makes a difference. Good luck!
Java N-IDE - Android Builder - Java SE Compiler 1.4.5
Mr Duy
## OverviewThis project is develop to help the community learnjavaon android.You can build and run Java file with JDK 1.7.(Noofficial support) Build apk file (only support armeabi-v7a, x86)##Tutorials1. Create simple javaproject java compiler (support jdk 1.5, 1.6. 1.7 orhigher if yourdevice support)2. Java auto complete when typing3.Build androidapp4. Build java library ✔5. Java code formatter(Google Java codeformatter) ✔6. Build Android app. ✔7. AndroidLogcat ## Todo1. Javadebugger (jdb).2. Run java file, class file✔3. Support VCS4.Decompile class, jar5. XML auto complete6. Layoutbuilder forAndroid## ContributeI would absolutely love everypossible kind ofcontributions. If youhave a questions, ideas, needhelp or want topropose a change just openan issue. Pull requestare greatlyappreciated.Github
CppDroid - C/C++ IDE 3.3.3
Anton Smirnov
CppDroid is simple C/C++ IDE focused on learningprogramminglanguages and libraries. Features: * code complete * *real-timediagnostics (warnings and errors) and fixes * * file andtutorialnavigator (variables, methods, etc) * static analysis * *smartsyntax highlighting * portrait/landscape UI * auto indentationandauto pairing (configurable) * configurable code syntaxhighlighting(themes) * * compile C/C++ code (no root required) *works offline(built-in compiler, no internet connection required) *great C/C++code examples included * * detailed C++ tutorial andlearn guideincluded * * add-ons manager and auto updates * Dropboxsupport * *Google Drive support * On first launch CppDroid extractsSDK (about150Mb) and downloads and extracts examples and tutorials,so about215 Mb of internal storage space is required. It can't bemoved tosd card because of android security. Start learning C andC++ byexamples (menu / Project / Examples) or tutorials (menu /Project /Tutorials). App blog: Advancedpaidfeatures (marked with *)review: SeealsoArduinoDroid app:
TurboCdroid 2.0
TurboCdroid is specially designed for School/college students torunTurbo C++ on android platform. There are many othercompilersavailable for C language , but most of the student use TCdue totheir curriculum. Most students and programmers aredisappointed toknow that Turbo C or C++ does not supports android.So here issolution for that, with the help of TurboCdroid we caneasilycompile and run c++ programs on Turbo C compiler. TurboCdroidisdesign in a way that we don't need to configure anything. Noneedto type complicated mounting command every time to just bootingupthe turbo C. It's a one click installer .Features* Easytoinstall.* Runs great on android phones only.* Preloadedusefulexamples for beginners.* It also supports graphics code.**NOT FORTABLETS **
DroidEdit (free code editor) 1.23.6
DroidEdit is a text and source code editor (similar to Notepad++orgedit) for android tablets and phones with the followingfeatures:★Syntax Highlighting for several languages (C, C++, C#,Java, HTML,CSS, Javascript, Python, Ruby, Lua, LaTeX, SQL, ...)★Several colorthemes★ Infinite undo & redo★ Search &replace★ Auto &block indentation★ Keep opened files and changesbetween sessions★Open files directly from dropbox or a filemanager★ Characterencoding support★ Keyboard shortcuts (Listbelow)★ Share documentswith other services (dropbox, email, ...)★Preview HTML files inbrowser★ Bracket matching★ Go to line★ RunScripts in SL4Adirectly★ Configurable ShortcutsPro version onlyfeatures:★SFTP/FTP support★ Dropbox, Drive, Box support★ Customthemes★ Runexternal commands through SSH★ Root modeUsing differentcharacterencodings:★ To open a document with a different characterencodingthan the default: long press the open file button★ Tocreate a newdocument with a different character encoding than thedefault: longpress the new file button★ You can make this behaviorthe defaultin the preference screenLong pressing the save documentbuttonallows you to save a document with adifferentfilename--------DroidEdit is specially useful for newgenerationandroid tablets with external keyboards like theAsusTransformer.Try Hacker's Keyboard for a developer friendlyvirtualkeyboard.You should try the ad supported DroidEdit Freebeforebuying this app. The ad supported version has exactly thesamefunctionality as the paid version except it doesn't haveSFTPsupport, Dropbox support, Custom themes and root mode.Pleaseratethe app in the market. For bug reports, feature requests oranyother subject please use the following contacts:Mail:droideditapp(at) gmail.comTwitter:
Learn Java Programming
Right Sol Pte
Build your programming skills in the Java Programminglanguage.Become a Java programming master with this programminglearningapp. Learn the basics of Java Programming or become anexpert inJava Programming with this best Java code learning app.Learn tocode with Java Programming Language for free with a one-stopprogramming language learning app - “Learn Java Programming”.Ifyou’re preparing for a Java programming interview or justpreparingfor your upcoming coding test, this is a must have app foryou.With the Learn Java Programming app, you can find JavaProgrammingTutorials, Programming Lessons, Programs, Questions& Answersand all that you need to either learn Java programmingbasics or tobecome a Java programming expert. With a widecollection ofhundreds of programs (code examples) with comments,multiplequestions and answers, all your programming learning needsarebundled in a single code learning app. What allprogramminglanguages you can learn with this coding tutorapp?************************** APP FEATURES**************************With the “Learn Java Programming” app youcan make code learningeasy and fun. Here are the features thatwould make us your singlechoice to learn the Java programminglanguage - 💻Amazing collectionof Java Tutorials chapter-wise 💻100+Java Programs with propercomments for better understanding 💻Outputfor each of the codeexamples/programs 💻Questions & Answers indifferent categories💻Important Exam Questions 💻Share the Tutorials& Programs withjust one-click 💻Tutorials for Beginners orExperts at Javaprogramming “Learn Java Programming” app has areally simple andintuitive user interface. It is the best app tolet you learn theJava programming language for free. So, what areyou waiting for?Download the app now to become an expert at JavaProgrammingLanguages If you have any feedback for us, please writeus an emailand we will be happy to help you out. If you have likedany featureof this app, feel free to rate us on play store andshare withother friends.
Learn C++ 1.7.3
Learning a new programming language is tough. There are somanythings... Which book to choose? What exercises to solve? Howtowrite code? How to check your knowledge? ... ENTER LEARN C++,Yourown personal guide to Learn c++. It is packed with all you needtogive you a Head Start in learning C++. Gone, are the days whenyouneed to carry bulky looks around just so to get thereference.Features--------------------------★ Complete Package toLearn C++★Works without the Internet★ Up-to-date content★ 100+Programs★Complete tutorial, covering all the topics★ 100+ MCQQuestion totest Skills★ Compile, and execute C++ code, on the go *★HelpfulInterview Questions-------------------------* Feature,requireInternet AccessTAGS: TAGS: Learn, Programming, C, Easy,Simple,Beginner, Convenient, App, Application, New, Updated,MaterialDesign, Notes, Revision, ANSI C, Solution, 100,Program,Plus,PlusC++ , Offline , compile, compile
C++ Programming with Output 2.0
Best Application for People who want to learn C++Programming.TheApp has the Following Features:Simple Programs:Basic C++ Programswith output for beginners to practice and improvetheirskillsPractical Programs: Intermediate C++ Programs withoutput forbeginners and students. These programs are generallyasked inUniversity Practical ExaminationsViva / InterviewQuestions: Around100 Viva / Interview questions for everyone toimprove and learnC++ Core ConceptsUniversity Questions: ImportantUniversityQuestions with AnswersKey Features of the App are:Easy toUseProperProgram formatting and indentation100% Working Programswith Output
Programming Languages 1
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A free application to learn 10+ Programming languages such asJava,Python, C, C++, HTML, CSS, Javascript, C#, jQuery, Bootstrap.✔Listof important programs✔ Program code available✔ Output ofeachprogram available✔ Covers all major programming languages :Python,Java, C++, C, C#.Covers all major web technologies :Javascript,HTML, CSS, jQuery, Bootstrap.✔ Source code of eachprogram insimple format.✔ Completely offline. Works withoutinternet.✔Completely free.This app acts as a pocket hand book forprogrammerswho want to have a solid foundation in programming andwish to stayconnected with the important programming languages.Foreachprogramming language, the app contains a list of importantanduseful programs, with the compiled output. The source code oftheprograms are presented in an elegant and simple way.Best waytostay in touch with the major programming languages byreferringimportant programs and example code.Programming Languagesis yourone stop solution to learn, revise and become better at allthe topprogramming languages in the easiest possible way.Note :Itis notpossible to run or execute programs with this app. The outputofprograms are already verified and displayed for user'sconvenience.
Pydroid 3 - IDE for Python 3
Pydroid 3 is the most easy to use and powerful educational Python3IDE for Android. Features: - Offline Python 3.7 interpreter:noInternet is required to run Python programs. - Pip packagemanagerand a custom repository for prebuilt wheel packages forenhancedscientific libraries, such as numpy, scipy,matplotlib,scikit-learn and jupyter. - OpenCV is now available (ondeviceswith Camera2 API support). * - Tensorflow is also available.* -Examples available out-of-the-box for quicker learning. -CompleteTkinter support for GUI. - Full-featured Terminal Emulator,with areadline support (available in pip). - Built-in C, C++ andevenFortran compiler designed specially for Pydroid 3. It letsPydroid3 build any library from pip, even if it is using nativecode. Youcan also build & install dependencies from a commandline. -Cython support. - PDB debugger with breakpoints and watches.- Kivygraphical library with a shiny new SDL2 backend. - PyQt5supportavailable in Quick Install repository along with matplotlibPyQt5support with no extra code required. - Matplotlib Kivysupportavailable in Quick Install repository. - pygame_sdl2support(SDL2-based pygame implementation). Editor features: -Codeprediction, auto indentation and real time code analysis justlikein any real IDE. * - Extended keyboard bar with all symbolsyouneed to program in Python. - Syntax highlighting & themes.-Tabs. - Enhanced code navigation withinteractiveassignment/definition gotos. - One click share onPastebin. *Features marked by asterisk are available in Premiumversion only.Quick manual. Pydroid 3 requires at least 200MB freeinternalmemory. 220MB+ is recommended. More if you are usingheavylibraries such as scipy. To run debug place breakpoint(s)clickingon the line number. Kivy is detected with “import kivy”,“fromkivy“ or "#Pydroid run kivy”. PyQt5 is detected with“importPyQt5”, “from PyQt5“ or "#Pydroid run qt”. The same forsdl2,tkinter and pygame. There is a special mode "#Pydroid runterminal"to ensure your program runs in terminal mode (this isuseful withmatplotlib that automatically runs in GUI mode) Why aresomelibraries premium-only? These libraries were extremely hardtoport, so we had to ask another developer to do that.Underagreement, his forks of these libraries are provided to thepremiumusers only. If you would like to develop free forks oftheselibraries - contact us. Take a part in development of Pydroid3 byreporting bugs or providing feature requests to us. Weappreciatethat. As Pydroid 3 main goal is to help user learn Python3programming language, our first priority is portingscientificlibraries (so system-related libraries are ported onlywhen theyare used as dependencies of some other educationalpackage). Legalinformation. Some binaries in Pydroid 3 APK arelicensed under(L)GPL, email us for the source code. GPL pure Pythonlibrariesbundled with Pydroid 3 are considered to be coming in thesourcecode form already. Pydroid 3 doesn’t bundle any GPL-licensednativemodules to avoid automatic import of them. The famous exampleofsuch library is GNU readline, that can be installed usingpip.Samples available in the application are free for educationalusagewith one exception: they, or their derivative works, cannot beusedin any competing products (in any way). If you are unsure,whetheryour app is affected by this restriction, always ask forapermission via email. Android is a trademark of Google Inc.
com.sololearn.javascript 5.9.2
We're moving to our new free All-in-One app! Get ithere: in a greatly improved learning environment withmorelessons, real practice opportunity, and community support. Havefunand learn all the fundamentals of JavaScript with SoloLearn!Learnall the basic features of JavaScript programming: ways to makeyourwebsite more interactive, change website content, validateforms,create cookies, and so much more. Complete a series ofexercisesand hands-on practice sessions, designed to guide youthrough theprocess of creating your own JavaScript code in anentertaining andeducational way totally FREE. Have fun learning thefundamentals ofJavaScript, while collecting colorful points andcompeting withother players from all over the world! Further yourcareer - orsimply gain a new skill - while playing along withSoloLearn’sengaging FREE JavaScript tutorial.
SoloLearn: Learn to Code for Free 3.1
SoloLearn has the largest collection of FREE code learningcontent,from beginner to pro! Choose from thousands of programmingtopicsto learn coding concepts, brush up your programmingknowledge, orstay aligned with the latest coding trends. You willbe greeted bythe friendliest community of coders, where peersupport is anessential part of learning and development. Freshlearning contentis created by the community daily, facilitatingefficient andeffective coder skill improvement. Join millions ofother codersfor anytime anywhere access to countless coding topicsandassignments. Write and run real code in our mobile code editor,getinspired through real-life code samples, and engage ininteractivecommunity conversations along the way. • Google Play'sEditor'sChoice • "SoloLearn has done a beautiful job creating amobilelearning experience that combines personal accomplishmentwith acommunity engagement." - Facebook's FbStart App of the YearJudge •"[Aimed] at "millennials" and students who want a simplerway tolearn." - TechCrunch • "There are hundreds of differentquizzes andactivities in the code playground section to keeppracticing." -Forbes • “SoloLearn aims to make it easier bybreaking downprogramming concepts into quick, digestible dailylessons." -Lifehacker FRESH, FREE CONTENT DAILY: • Web Development,includingHTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery • Python • Java • Kotlin •C++ • C• C# • PHP • SQL • Algorithms & Data Structures • Ruby•Machine Learning • Design Patterns • Swift • Git • And manyothertopics you will not find anywhere else. PERSONALIZED. Contentisdelivered based on your progress, preference, and hottestmarkettrends. FREE 24/7 PEER SUPPORT. Ongoing community supportandreal-time alerts make learning to code as easy and enjoyable asitcan possibly get. FREE KNOWLEDGE SHARING. Create lessons inyourarea of expertise and become a community influencer thatmillionswill look up to. Improve your profile and invest in yourfutureusing what you already know. FREE MOBILE CODE EDITOR. Write,run,and share real code right from your mobile, without anyadditionalinstallations and setups. We love feedback. Tell us whatyou thinkat Facebook: Use SoloLearn on the Webat
Tutorial for Android : Quiz and Examples 1.2.1
This Android Tutorial provides a complete guide for learningAndroidApplication development. This tutorial for Android ismainly dividedinto three sections:- Android Tutorials: It is inthis tutorialstab, users would find the theoretical aspect aboutthe AndroidApplication Development and learn about the basicconcepts ofAndroid. It starts from Introduction to Android tillcoveringcertain advanced topics in android app development.Beforeproceeding to Android Examples section it is recommended toreferthis Tutorials tab. Android Examples: This example tabcomprises ofbasic code samples and working demo examples. It is inthis AndroidExamples section, the developer can actually see allthe workingexamples with their source codes. While developingApplications forAndroid users just need to copy and paste the codesin therespective files in Android Studio .All the android examplesaretried and tested in Android Studio. Android Quiz: Also ,Developerscan find a Quiz section where they can test theirknowledge andconceptual understanding about the AndroidProgramming. This quizfor Android comprises of total 10 multiplechoice questions whichneeds to be answered within 20 mins.For eachright answer of thisandroid quiz the score is increased by one andthe same is gettingupdated in the rating bar. Also this androidquiz is provided withhint which could be used as and when the needspersists. There isan additional functionality of sharing theandroid questions withyour friend. Android Tutorial Features:-Built on Latest MaterialDesign Concept. Easy to Learn(Code Sampleswith working DemoExamples) Android Interview Questions and Answers.Content isavailable totally offline Prerequisites for this AndroidTutorial:-Basic Knowledge about Java Programming. Preferred IDE forlearningAndroid App Development: It is preferable to use AndroidStudio.Thus now learning Android Development is an easy job sincethistutorials brings to you a complete guide for learningAndroidApplication Development covering all the sections frombeginners toadvanced coding.For all the Developers who are new toAndroid it isrecommended to refer the "Tutorial" tab since it willhelp you tograsp the intricacies of Android. Also by clicking onthe playbutton on examples section ,users can find the demoexamples. Inshort a complete android tutorial comprising of all themodulesranging from Android beginners to Android advanced conceptsalongwith source code and examples. This Android tutorial can bebettercalled as a beginners guide for Android :) Best course forlearningandroid app development for free
Master Android - Learn Android, Java & Flutter 20.0
Master Android trusted by thousands of users worldwide, havingthelargest collection of FREE code learning content, from beginnertopro! Android courses make learning to code easy and fun. Dailynewandroid lessons and coding tutorials free with source codes.You'rewelcomed to join the friendliest community of coders, wherepeersupport is an essential part of learning and development.Learnprogramming languages like Java & Kotlin withwell-organizedjava courses and simply illustrated kotlin tutorials.Daily AndroidCourses: New android lessons are added daily in allsections,including sample apps and project source codes Free withVideotutorials. Personalized: Build your coding profile &Gainreputation points through taking fun coding quizzes withsolutionfor every question. Become the Master! Keep winning Medals&points... Video tutorials: We are making video tutorials tohelpyou code and build android apps faster! Learn with yourLanguage:Android, Java & Kotlin courses are all available in4languages: Arabic - English - Indonesian - Spanish .. Joinourtranslation team and help your nation to learn faster. Need HelpinYour Projects? Ask the community and our team about yourcodingproblems and get answers and solutions. We love feedback.Tell uswhat you think: Gmail:silver.pilot086@gmail.com
WebMaster's HTML Editor Lite 1.7.2
HTML Editor: WebMaster Lite - fast and lightweight (~1Mb only)HTMLeditor for web developers. The editor is ideal for webauthoringand programming on the go. Have a handy source code editorin yourpocket! Syntax highlighting and code completion forhypertextfiles. Our editor supports undo/redo feature, built-invirtual keysfor tags and popular key-phrases. Dark and light colorschemesavailable. The program has built-in Help for HTML,JavaScript andCSS syntax.Lite version has limited code completionsupport - youcan select only first suggested item. Also, web pagepreview isavailable only in Pro version. We recommend AndFtp ftpclient touse with your server.Hot-keys for external keyboard:Ctrl+C (copy),Ctrl+V (paste), Ctrl+Z (undo), Ctrl+Y (redo), Ctrl+R(open RecentFiles), Ctrl+F (search), Ctrl+G (goto line).We areworking hard toadd more new features to our software. Please feelfree to emailyour wishes to us!WebMaster's HTML Editor is a set ofwebmastertools: html editor, php editor, css editor, javascripteditor andplain text editor in a one application with multipletextencodings. Developer can use it as lightweight web ideforprogramming html5 and/or JavaScript. Also, the applicationisuseful as a simple notepad for your texts or notes.
Mobile C [ C/C++ Compiler ] 2.5.2
Learn programming ( coding ) on your mobile devices. * Nointernetconnection is required to run code. === SupportedProgrammingLanguages === • C • C++ 11 • Python 3 • Javascript (Duktape ) •Lua • LLVM Assembly • OpenGL ES 2 GLSL ============Supported APIs=========== • Standard C Library, POSIX • OpenGL ES2.0, BSDSocket, pthread • Clang, LLVM, libc++, Duktape, Lua,libjson •SQLite3, SQLiteCpp, cURL, libGit2, Python3 • zLib, libPNG,libJPEG,FreeType, MiniZip • APR, APRUtil, iconv, Expat, PCRE2,Apache Serf• Lua, OpenSSL, Apache Subversion •android/sensor.h=============== Features ============== • C/C++auto complete. •C/C++ syntax diagnostic. • C/C++ jump todeclaration/macrosymbol/header. • Built-in Terminal/Shell. Customersupport :
Learn C++ 5.5.0
Want to learn the C++ programming language withoutinvasiveadvertising? Download this fantastic application! The appisdivided into 5 sections: ➽ CHAPTERS: quickly learn the basicsofC++ in fifty-seven simple chapters. ➽ APPENDIX: find everythingyouneed to program. ➽ PROGRAMS: more than 110 programs to discoverandshare. ➽ QUESTIONS: find the answer to anything you want.➽EXERCISES: practice and learn C++ even from yourmistakes.Features: ★4 sections of chapters with 57 chapters: Thebasics ofthe C++ language, Object-oriented programming, Datastructures anddata flows ★ you can view videos* ★ an appendixsection to view themost common utilities ★ a section of Programswith more than 110programs to study and share ★ a Questions sectionwith 40 questionsto get a summary of the basic concepts ★ a sectionExercises with60 exercises to study and practice ★ exercisesolutions can beunlocked* ★ support for everything, support bye-mail* ★ Learn Javacan also be used in offline mode** * functionsthat require accessto an internet connection ** except functionsrequiring an internetconnection (indicated with *) Additionalfeatures of the PROversion: ★ NO ADVERTISING! ★ Graphicimprovements for an even moreintuitive study! ★ Appendix tabs canbe opened to expand topics! ★Programs are in color and are muchmore tidy! ★ You can view thedebugging of the program! ★ You candownload the program in twoformats: .txt and .cpp! * ★ The exercisesolutions are in colourand can be unlocked without advertising! ★The exercise solutionscan be downloaded in two formats: .txt and.cpp! * ★ You can viewthe debug of the solutions of the exercises!★ Added a new section:QUIZ, answer Quizzes and expand yourknowledge of the language C++!★ Added a new section: CHAT, write meas many questions as you wantin the chat in real time, in a fewminutes you will be given theanswer! ** * functions that requireaccess to an internetconnection ** function that requires access toan internetconnection, the chat is always online, in case ofmalfunctions youcan continue the conversation via e-mail Theapplication has a verysimple interface and can be used by everyone.Learn C++ is offlineand can be used at any time and place. It isespecially recommendedfor those who want to learn C++ but also forthose who want todeepen or review it. Share Learn C++ with yourfriends and study incompany! ✉ If you need help, suggestions,repetitions orexplanations, go to the Contacts section and write tome at mye-mail address. ✉ ✎ The educational textbooks have beenused todevelop and enrich the information material contained intheapplication. ✎ Learn C++ was developed and written by Adrianoanddesigned by Alessandro. Why are there advertising videos intheapplication? To unlock the solution of the exercise you have toseean advertising video that can vary from 10 to 30 secondsofplayback. Why these videos? It is too easy to "study" the C++ifyou have all the solutions of the programs. If you liketheapplication, leave a good review and offer me a coffee intheContacts section. Thank you! Learn C++ is translated intoEnglishthanks to DeepL Translator. Learn C++ is also supported byAndroidTablets with a minimum Android 5.0, it is recommended tousedevices with a minimum screen of 4.3 inches, it is recommendedtorotate the screen for better reading and understanding ofprograms.Thank you for downloading Learn C++!
C Offline Tutorial 1.0.1
#1 Application for CProgramming.==================================COffline TutorialApp app enables you to carry basic C programmingnotes in yourandroid.It contains about 50+ C Programs,and manyFAQ's. This apphas a very simple user interface and the contentscan be easilyunderstood by the users. This will definitely help ufor preparingfor interviews,tests and in many more waysWherever andwhenever yourequire any information about C you are just a clickaway.C OfflineTutorial App is divided into the following sections:*Basic Ctutorials * Advance C Tutorials* Programming Section*InterviewQuestions -STUDENTS SPECIAL-* University Questions-----Basic Ctutorials Description ------1. C Introduction2. Facts aboutClanguage3. Basic Syntax4. Printf5. Scanf6. Data Types7.Variables8.Opertors9. Decesion Making10. Loops11. Loop ControlStatements12.For Loop13. While Loop14. Do While Loop15. NestedLoops16.Functions17. Array18. Pointer19. Strings20. Structure-----AdvanceC Tutorials Description ------ 21. File Handling 22.MemoryManagement 23. Call By Refrence24. Call By Value25.ErrorHandling----- Programming Section Description ------ThisSectionContains all the Basic Programs as well as complex programsandother important programs needed for clearing concepts of apersonwho wants to learn basic C Language,----- UniversityQuestions------This Section is very usefull for students,we have aset ofall types of exam questions suchas:theory,practical,reasoning,programming,This Section isfurthurCustomized in :1.)Questions According toMarks2.)QuestionsAccording to Year🌷Main Features Of theapplication🌷✔ C ProgrammingTutorial✔ C Example Programs✔ FullyOffline Guide✔ Settings-Full-Screen Mode✔ Unified Format and SyntaxHighlighting✔ MobileReading Format and Layout ✔ Output for eachprogram ✔ CategorizedQuestions and answers ✔ One click share ✔ Verysimple UserInterface✔ Important Exam Questions✔ This application isfor schooland college students.Tags: C Programming,Learn C, CExamples, CPrograms, C Data Strcutures, C Guide,CTutorials------------------------PLEASENOTE------------------------Insteadof giving us a lowerrating,please mail us your queries, issues orsuggestions.I will behappy to solve them for you :)Tags: CProgramming,Learn C, CExamples, C Programs, C Data Strcutures, CGuide, C Tutorials
Pascal N-IDE - Editor And Compiler - Programming 4.3.2
Mr Duy
The application is a Pascal interpreter on Android. Thisapplicationis confusing for everyone to learn Pascal on the mobilewithout acomputer, so that we can practice anytime, anywhere.1.The mainfeatures of the IDE: - Compile Pascal programs and runthem withoutInternet. - Error when compiling - Powerful editorwith many smartfeatures: ★ File menu: create a new program file,open,save,automatically save file ★ Menu edit: Undo, redo, copy,paste. ★Auto suggest: Display a small popup window that suggestswords thatcoincide with the word being typed ★ Auto format:automaticallyreformat the code for easier viewing. ★ Find / Findand replace:Regular Expression support. ★ Goto line: Move thecursor to a line.★ Highlight code: highlight the keywords. ★ Codestyle: manyinterface for the editor. ★ Font size, font, word wrap.- Supportlibrary Android (Sensor, battery, record audio,camera...) 3.Libraries supported for Android - The "aTTSpeech"library convertstext to speech. See example text_to_speech.pas -The "aRecognition"library converts speech to text (requires GoogleVoice). See examplespeech_to_text.pas. - The "aVibrate" librarysupports vibrationcontrol. You see example vibrate.pas - The"aSensor" librarysupports processing of Android sensors (light,acceleration, ...).See accelerometer_sensor.pas for accelerometersensor example - The"aNotify" library helps display notificationsin the status bar. Seethe example notify.pas - The "aClipboard"library works with theclipboard in Android. See the clipboard.pasexample - The "aBattery"library retrieves the battery informationof the device. Seebattery.pas example- If you want to add orimprove a translation ofPASCAL-NIDE, please visit thislink working to improve this product. If you want to helpmewith the content (language translation, example code),pleasecontact me via mail. I am very happy for your support.
Programming Cheat Sheets 1.3.1
Egor Dmitriev
Programming Cheat Sheets - has more than 20 differentQuickReference Cheat Sheets to boost your productivity. App doesnotlimit cheat sheets only to programming languages but alsoexploresshortcuts for different applications and lists withgoodpractises.Minimal UIUI is made clean and easy to use. You wontfindany unnecessary elements. You can collapse categories andgroups tofocus on things that matter.Advanced SearchYou can filterany cheatsheet by any keyword and everything is tagged so you willbe ableto find anything by its synonyms.Large collectionAll cheatsheetsare synchronized from our server. Which means that you willbe thefirst to notice any new cheat sheets or updates.Its freeNostringsattached. This app is completely ad-free.OfflineusabilityOnce youopen a cheat sheet, it will be stored on yourdevice. Thereforenext time you dont have any access to network, youwill still beable to access it.Currently available cheat sheets:•C++• PHP•Python• Java• HTML4 and HTML5• Git• Linux Command Line•Emacs• VIM•Sublime Text• Jetbrains / Intellij• jQuery• SASS•Markdown• MySQL•MongoDB• Apache, mod_rewrite• And many moreThis appis completelyOpen Source. Feel free to contribute or submit issuesif you haveany. You can find code for app and backend on my githubprofile.Ifyou have requests for some specific cheat sheets, pleasesend me anemail at I would be glad to helpyou.Thelogo this app uses is designed and created by Freepik.
com.sololearn.php 4.7.1
We're moving to our new free All-in-One app! Get ithere: in a greatly improved learning environment with morelessons,real practice opportunity, and community support. Learn PHPisfinally available! Continue your FREE SoloLearn webdevelopmenttraining today, by learning the most widely used webprogramminglanguage in the world! PHP enables you to create dynamicweb pages,develop websites, and generate dynamic content. You’llalso be ableto open files; write content to files; and createcontact forms,forums, blogs, picture galleries, surveys, socialnetworks, and awhole lot more. If you are already familiar withHTML, CSS, andJavaScript, you can dive right in! Become aprogrammer the easyway! And don’t forget to have fun, and at thesame time strengthenyour profile, unlock new achievements, and opennew and even moreinteractive levels – today! Continue learningwhile playing withSoloLearn!
Tools programmer 8.5.4
The annex describes the tools programmer.
C++, Java Programs & Reference 3.3.4
The best collection of programs and reference to prepare fortestsand interviews. This one app contains references for Java, C++andIntel 8086 Assembly. Aiuto is a free reference app forprogrammersand computer engineering students. Install this androidapp todownload a library of example programs for the threeprogramminglanguages - Java, C++ and Assembly presented in a neatlayout withsyntax highlighting to make reading easier. Each programhas itscorresponding sample outputs and information such asprobleminformation or algorithms. The programs can be copied usingtheCopy option, so that you can try them out on a compiler app onyourphone.The app also includes reference the theprogramminglanguages, which covers all the basic concepts of C++and Java,especially the ones needed to understand the programsincluded. Thereference also includes example codes.AssemblyReference containsthe Instruction Set of the Intel 8086 microprocessor along with 70example programs in assembly.More programsand features are addedwith each version. If you feel somethingshould be included in thisapp or would like to request a newfeature, feel free to email meat or let meknow in your comment on thispage.Languages and features included inthis application:★ JavaPrograms★ Java Reference★ C++ Programs★ C++Reference★ C++Microsoft Foundation Classes (MFC) Quick Reference ★AssemblyReference★ Assembly Language Programs★ 8086 ProcessorAssemblyInstruction Set★ Intel Pentium Instruction Set★ Ability tocopyprograms to clipboard★ Share programs with friendsNOTE:Thisapplication requests the Internet Permission todisplayadvertisements.
HTML Code Play 9.0
Code Play
Welcome to HTML Code Play app for learn to code. This is afreeprogramming learning and HTML offline app used to learnwebdesigning and programming. It is created to teach webdevelopment(HTML,CSS,Javascript). It contains features such as HTMLEditor andviewer offline, CSS editor, javascript code editor,bootstrapeditor, angular js editor. This app is mainly used toteach how tocreate the website using web development tools such asHTML tagsand attributes, HTML CSS code and CSS properties,javascriptprogramming, jquery programs, bootstrap, knockout js.Also, we canuse this app instead of notepad for HTML, notepad++ andbracketsHTML. This is the best HTML coding app in play store. Wecan use iffor the whole HTML programming app. We are stronglyrecommended totry Android Code Playapp Play app focus mainly to teach novice programmers,students whoneed to learn web development. This app can consideras HTML book.It contains HTML and CSS tutorial with the example,javascriptprograms with output, jquery programs, and jqueryexamples,bootstrap tutorial offline. Web site making is easy. Butmany newprogrammers may find difficult to learn HTML code, tags,and CSS, bylearning from other websites due to difficult examples.Those webprogramming tutorial doesn't start with the basic HTMLtags with theexample to make you understand what the tag reallydoes. But HTMLCode Play app is the HTML learning app that has asimple html5tutorial with examples which contains HTML all tagsthat explain insimple words how HTML tags CSS properties,javascript programming,jQuery programs, knockout js, bootstrap areworking. This appsbiggest feature is learning HTML offline. Website developer mustknow about HTML, CSS, and javascript. There aremany web design andprogramming app, but we try to stand out ofthem by knowing who needto learn web designing offline or who needto become a web designerand we created HTML and CSS editor so thatone could create theirown web page. By using this HTML Code Playweb development apps wecan learn HTML Basics, HTML tutorial, CSStutorial, javascripttutorial, jquery tutorial, learn knockout jstutorial. Features ofHTML HTML editor for Android - It containseditors so that one couldenter their own code, execute and see theoutputs. HTML offline -This app is an HTML tutorial offline app sothat one could learnbasic HTML offline. HTML inspector - Similarto the inspect elementin the browser one could check and rectifythe error easily. basicof HTML - It contains tutorials andexamples of HTML tags like HTMLtable, input tags and many more.HTML browser - The output generatedfrom the tutorials will be thesame as how it will be in thebrowsers. html5 tags - This app alsocontains html5 compatible tags.This is the best HTML app also thissupport HTML viewer and output.HTML writer helps you to write yourHTML coding. We can learn HTMLyoutube video integrate using HTMLprogram. Android app for learnHTML 900+ simple examples 10+ typesFeatures of CSS CSS code viewer- It contains an editor to enterCSS code and check its output. CSStutorial offline app - It isuseful so that one could offline LearnCSS with the editor. CSSproperties - It used for learning CSS andto create CSS HTML codeand website. This is the HTML learning appsalso it is used tolearn HTML tutorial full offline and all html5tags learn free. Theapp is a very famous HTML and CSS coding app.This application isto help you to save and HTML document viewerlater 24x support jointo this facebook group and discuss yourquestion and learnmore
com.ali.bookspro 2.3
Eng.Ali Gamal
هي مكتبة برمجية تضم كتب بجميع مجالات البرمجة وصيانة الحاسبالآليوكلغات وأيضاً يمكنك قراءة الكتب من داخلها مثل:- 1. C 2. C 3.Java4. Python 5. C# 6. Php 7. Objective-C 8. Ruby 9. Lua 10.JS/NodeJS11. Go 12. VB.Net 13. F# 14. Common Lisp 15. R 16. Scala17. Perl18. Pascal 19. Swift 20. Tcl 21, Prolog 22. Assembely 23.Haskell24. Clojure 25. Kotlin 26. Groovy 27. Scheme وبأكثر من لغهوإيضاًأضفنا قسم للمقالات ويمكنك تصفحها بدون إنترنت Is a softwarelibrarythat includes books in all areas of programming,computermaintenance and languages, and you can read books fromwithinLike:- 1. C 2. C 3. Java 4. Python 5. C # 6. Php 7.Objective-C 8.Ruby 9. Lua 10. JS / NodeJS 11. Go 12. VB.Net 13. F #14. CommonLisp 15. R 16. Scala 17. Perl 18. Pascal 19. Swift 20.Tcl 21,Prolog 22. Assembely 23. Haskell 24. Clojure 25. Kotlin 26.Groovy27. Scheme And more than a language We also added a sectionofarticles and you can browse without Internet
Hacker Clicker 11.0
Would you ever want try to hack your neighbor's wi-fi, or moneyinthe games , then this application is just for you! Thisgamerepresents new operating system DaD Os, which enables you todowonders With the help of this app you can learn to program andseemore than 50 programming languages such as C++, Delphi,Python,Java, PHP and more. Earn bitcoins, Improve your reputationas anexcellent hacker who can hack the servers, websites, andevenirons. Buy for bitcoins various upgrades for you and you PCGoodluck in hacking!
Learn Computer Course 1.18
This Computer course app completely working with offline FREE.aneasy way to learn Computer Basics, Programming,Fundamental,Hardware, Software, General Knowledge, InformationTechnologyrelated, Networking, Repairing and Advanced concepts fromthis app.This app is very easy to use and a simple language thateveryonecan understand easily. Updated New Version Topics Below : *LearnExcel * Advanced Excel New Features and Data Analysis * LearnWord* Learn PowerPoint * Learn Basics of Computers * Learn BasicsofComputers Science * Learn Computer Fundamentals * ComputerLogicalOrganization * Computer Networking * Learn Computer Security*Network Security * Wireless Communication * Quiz optionimplementedtest your knowledge * Update more topics in future Theability tounderstand them in your own time from anywhere when youare notable to access the Internet. Learn Computer App helps youknowabout the Computer all software's and hardware easily. itwillteach you how to use Computers. in your interactive PC orLaptop,keyboard practice and mouse practice also. This is a verysimplechallenge app to learn the Computer. with how you can easilytowork with computers or PC / Laptops by studying this appwithfluently. This is an on Short handbook and dictionary forallcomputer users to know a Shortcut of Computer hardware andsoftwarecoding and programming languages. in the followinglanguages Hindi,Tamil, Marathi, Punjabi, Telugu peoples can alsounderstand easily.Most of the school student's, computerengineering student's, andcomputer science students are using thisapp for there examinationpurpose and improve their knowledge byreading the question andanswer with Quiz. Mainly Focused Topics onthis Learn Computer appare below : - Computer basics and advance -MS Office Course -Excel Formula's and Functions - MS Word (Basic& Advance) -learn powerpoint - Learn MS Excel (Basic &Advance Course) -computer networking - computer security -Different Types ofComputer - Different Operating Systems - BasicComponents ofComputer - Software - Mouse Skills - Internet Tutorial- DVDDrive/Burner - Flash Drive - Keyboard Skills - Scanner -Printers -MS Excel - MS Word - AutoCAD - Photoshop - MS Project -ComputerTricks - Computer Networking - MS Paint - Computer ShortcutKeys -MS PowerPoint - Coding - Programs - Learn Computer in Hindi -BasicComputer Skills - Computer Programming Courses - LearnComputerProgramming - Computer Lessons - Basic Computer Course -OnlineComputer Classes - Pc Training - Computer Training -ComputerEducation - Computer Programming For Beginners - ComputerTutorials- Computer Science Course - Computer Courses List - BasicComputerTraining - Online Programming Courses - Basic ComputerKnowledge -Basic Knowledge of Computer - Learn to Code Online -Computer BasicKnowledge - Best Computer Courses - Learn ProgrammingOnline -Computer Networking Courses - Computer Science Classes -LearnComputer Science - Computer Classes near me - ComputerTrainingInstitutes - Basic Computer Courses List - Computer School-Computer Science Subjects - Computer College - Learning Program-Free Online Computer Courses - Free Computer Courses -FreeComputer Classes - Programming Courses - How to Learn Computer-Coding Programs - Free Programming Courses - ComputerTrainingSchool - Computer Hardware Course - Basic ComputerProgramming -Computer Learning Center - Free Coding Classes -Computer Coding -How to Use Computer - Computer Courses GlobalSearching Keywords :- computer Books - learn computer in Hindi -learn computer 30 days- computer knowledge - computer course -computer app - learncomputer offline - computer shortcut keys -computer classes -computer programming - learn to code - learn toprogramme - learnto code - about computer - computer learning app -computer excelapp
W3Schools Offline FullTutorial 3.8
Latest W3Schools Offline Full Tutorial is W3School All inOneOFFLINE Tutorial Of (HTML,PHP,JAVASCRIPT,SQLAndMYSQL,CSS,HTML5,JQUERY,Bootstrap ,XML ,W3CSS ,Angular,ASP.NET)-> This is app is completely offline and the smallestsizeapplication of all the existing w3school apps.->This App canuselike Study Material or Reference-> It contains OfflineW3SchoolTutorials of the following . * HTML*PHP*JAVASCRIPT*SQL AndMYSQL*CSS*HTML5*JQUERY*Bootstrap *XML *W3CSS *Angular *ASP.NET->ThisW3School All in One OFFLINE Full Tutorial come withcompletecomprehensive and responsive layout.-> This W3School Allin OneOFFLINE Full Tutorial is completely offline so just downloadandenjoy***This App is All in One Bundle of FollowingApps****W3SchoolHTML OFFLINE Tutorial *W3School PHP OFFLINETutorial *W3SchoolJAVASCRIPT OFFLINE Tutorial *W3School SQL AndMYSQL *W3School CSSOFFLINE Tutorial *W3School HTML5 OFFLINETutorial *W3School JQUERYOFFLINE Tutorial *W3School BootstrapOFFLINE Tutorial *W3School XMLOFFLINE Tutorial *W3School W3CSSOFFLINE Tutorial *W3School AngularOFFLINE Tutorial *W3School ASP.NET OFFLINE Tutorial***ThisW3Schools Offline FullTutorial Usefullfor***ccprogramgetbootstrapcss3 w3schoolslocalhost/phpmyadmincw3schoolsicprogramming tutorialw3schools comw3s cssw3schools forcprogrammingw3schools javascript buttonw 3 schoolsclanguagetutorialcss w3schoolsc language inw3schoolsw3choolw3schools clanguage tutorialcoding of cwebsite inhtmlw3schools testingcprogramming in w3schoolsunderstanding clanguagerefsnesdataw3schooolhtml websitewww w3schools comjavascriptw3schools clanguagew3schools net programmingw3schoolshtml downloadw3schoolscolorw3c schoolw3scoolunderstanding cprogrammingsites likew3schoolsbootstrap w3schoolsw3schools c basiccprogramming theorycprogramming for beginnerw3schools downloadhtmlw3schoolw3cschoolw3schools validator htmlw3schools comhtmlwww3schoolcodeacademysql in w3schoolsw3schools htmlvalidatorbuttonw3schoolswww3schoolsw3schools tablew3shoolw3 schoolhtmlfontawesomec programming language onlinew3schoolsjavascriptw3schoolsembedded cw3schools cw3cshoolwww w3schoolscomhtml3wschoolw3schools angularjsw3schoolsformw3schhtmlw3schoolsw3foolswww w3schools comw3schools comphpw3schools comcssw 3 schooljavatpointhtml validator w3schoolsw3schoolphpw3schools for c languagew3schools mysqlsqlw3schoolscodeacademywcschools phpc programming forbeginnersw3schoolssqlcodecademyw3schools javaweb htmlc languagew3schoolsw3shcoolcprogramming tutorialquorajavascript w3schoolsc inw3schoolstutorialc languagecode ctutorial for c programming3schoolssqljquery mobilew3schoolsw3scholc tutorial w3schoolsjavaw3schoolsw3schoolsangularw3schools htmlw3schools html codevalidatorw3schoolscssw3ww3 schoolhtml5 w3schoolsc programmingw3schoolsw3schoolscss3bootstrap tutorialmvc w3schoolsw3schools htmllink3schoolhtmlw3schools html web page designwe3 schoolweschoolphpw3schoolshtml tagsw3schools bootstrapjavascript w3tutorial oncprogrammingwc3schoolsc programming languagew3schoolcprogrammingw3s phpweb 3 schoolwebsites likew3schoolsw3schoolsphpwc3 schoolw3cw3schools c programmingphpw3schoolsw3schools codevalidatortutorialspointw3schoolsresourcesw3schools java programsw3javascriptw3schools ccwwww3schoolswww w3 schooljsfiddlew3schoolsfor cnode jsw3schools webdesignw3schools html5w3 school3wschoolbeginning cprogramminghackerrankw3scw3schools contactformjquery mobilec codingfor beginnersc codingw3schoolsw3schoolshtml tutorialc tutorial inw3schoolsweb design w3schoolsw3schools rlanguagetutorial of cprogrammingwww 3school com htmlw3schoolsprogramming cw3schoolshttpw3skulangular jscodepenw3 htmlvalidatorjqueryw3schoolsww3schoolstutorials pointgoogle fonts
ScratchJr is an introductory programming language that enablesyoungchildren (ages 5 and up) to create their own interactivestories andgames. Children snap together graphical programmingblocks to makecharacters move, jump, dance, and sing. Children canmodifycharacters in the paint editor, add their own voices andsounds,even insert photos of themselves -- then use theprogramming blocksto make their characters come to life. ScratchJrwas inspired by thepopular Scratch programming language(, usedby millions of young people (ages 8and up) around the world. Increating ScratchJr, we redesigned theinterface and programminglanguage to make them developmentallyappropriate for youngerchildren, carefully designing features tomatch young children'scognitive, personal, social, and emotionaldevelopment. We seecoding (or computer programming) as a new typeof literacy. Just aswriting helps you organize your thinking andexpress your ideas, thesame is true for coding. In the past,coding was seen as toodifficult for most people. But we thinkcoding should be foreveryone, just like writing. As young childrencode with ScratchJr,they learn how to create and expressthemselves with the computer,not just to interact with it. In theprocess, children learn tosolve problems and design projects, andthey develop sequencingskills that are foundational for lateracademic success. They alsouse math and language in a meaningfuland motivating context,supporting the development ofearly-childhood numeracy and literacy.With ScratchJr, childrenaren't just learning to code, they arecoding to learn. ScratchJris a collaboration between theDevelopmental Technologies group atTufts University, the LifelongKindergarten group at the MIT MediaLab, and the Playful InventionCompany. Two Sigma led theimplementation of the Android version ofScratchJr. The graphicsand illustrations for ScratchJr were createdby HvingtQuatreCompany and Sarah Thomson. If you enjoy using thisfree app, pleaseconsider making a donation to the ScratchFoundation(, a nonprofitorganization thatprovides ongoing support for ScratchJr. Weappreciate donations ofall sizes, large and small. This version ofScratchJr works only ontablets that are 7-inches or larger, andrunning Android 4.2 (JellyBean) or higher. Terms of Use:
Learn DS & Algo, Programming Interview Preparation 9.1.6
GeeksforGeeks is a one-stop destination for programmers. Theappfeatures 20000+ Programming Questions, 40,000+ Articles,andinterview experiences of top companies such as Google,Amazon,Microsoft, Samsung, Facebook, Adobe, Flipkart, etc. Jointhecommunity of over 1 million geeks who are mastering new skillsinprogramming languages like C, C++, Java, Python, PHP,C#,JavaScript etc. For exam aspirants preparing for GATE, UGCNET,ISRO there are previous year papers and aptitude questions.Whetheryou are a student looking to start your career or anexperiencedprofessional looking to switch jobs, GeeksforGeeks hasyour back.Features: • Feed - Personalized Feed Based on yourinterests. •Search - Search Data structures or Algorithms or othercomputerscience related topics. • Share an article – Share anyarticleswith your friends over WhatsApp, email, text message etc. •LatestArticles - Articles to keep your knowledge up to date withlatesttopics. • Offline Reading - Download articles and read themevenwhile travelling or without data. • Interview Experiences-Interview experiences of candidates in top companies likeAdobe,Microsoft Amazon, Google, etc. will definitely help you tobag yourdream job. • Night Mode - Night mode to help you reduce theeyestrain and further improves the user experience while studyingonyour mobile device for long hours. • Quizzes - PracticeQuizconsisting of Multiple Choice Questions to assess yourknowledge onProgramming, Data Structures, Algorithms, C++, PHP,Java, Python,SQL, GATE, UGC-NET, HTML, C#, OS, DBMS, Theory ofComputation,Computer Organization and Architecture, EngineeringMathematics,Aptitude and Reasoning, Puzzles etc. Topics covered:DataStructures - Array - Linked List - Stack - Queue - Binary Tree-Binary Search Tree - Heap - Hashing - Graph - Matrix - Trie-Segment Tree Algorithms - Analysis of Algorithms - Searching-Sorting -Backtracking - Dynamic Programming - Greedy Algorithms-Pattern Searching - String Algorithms - Mathematical Algo-Geometric Algo - Graph Algorithms - Divide and Conquer Languages-C - C++ - Java - Python - C# - Scala - Perl - PHP - JavaScript-jQuery - SQL - HTML - CSS GATE - Data Structures and Algorithms-Operating Systems - DBMS - Computer Networks -EngineeringMathematics - Digital Logic - Computer OrganizationandArchitecture - Aptitude - Previous Year Papers CS Subjects-Engineering Mathematics - Operating Systems - Computer Networks-DBMS - Compiler Design - Theory of Computation -SoftwareEngineering - Computer Organization and Architecture-Microprocessor - Web Technology - Machine Learning -ComputerGraphics Tutorials - C Programming Tutorials - JavaTutorials - PHPTutorials - HTML Tutorials - CSS Tutorials - SQLTutorials -Angular JS Tutorials - DBMS (Database Management System)Tutorials- JavaScript Tutorials - Computer Networks Tutorials -Theory ofComputation and Automata Tutorials - EngineeringMathematicsTutorials Advanced Computer Subjects Tutorials - MachineLearning -Security and Attacks - Digital Image Processing - FuzzyLogic -Data Warehouse & Data Mining Entrance Exam Preparations- GATE- UGC NET - ISRO - Aptitude Company Wise InterviewPreparation -Amazon - Google - Microsoft - Facebook - Adobe -Oracle - Flipkart- Samsung - Goldman Sachs - D E Shaw - Cisco -Visa - Paytm -Morgan Stanley - Ola Cabs - SAP Labs - Hike - Zoho -TCS - Wipro -HCL - Accenture - Infosys - IBM - Cognizant OtherTopics - Puzzles- Quizzes - MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions) -GBlog (Technologyrelated articles) - Coding Problems with solutions
APP Maker, Builder & Creator - DIY App Development 1.0
APP CREATOR, MAKER & BUILDER 2018 : CREATE YOUR OWN APP&MAKE EASY Mobile App Development with DIY APP BUILDER.AREYOULOOKING TO MAKE AN FREE APP FOR YOUR BUSINESS ? HOW TO MAKEFREEANDROID APP IN 3 MINUTES ? YOUR WISH IS OVER WITH “PRIMEAPPBUILDER”. APP Maker, Builder & Creator 2018 presents the#1android app development tool. It is the world's fastest growingDIYmobile app building platform for business. Create your ownandroidapplication for free in minutes! Design apps easily thatdoesn'tneeded any programming and is designed for the palm of hand.Nocoding skills or technical knowledge needed. Easy way to useappbuilder and create powerful app design that will look andfeelbeautifully like a native app.Create your own mobile app with3easy steps : (A) Scratch (B) Design (C) Build.*** APPFEATURES***DIY App Maker 2018Attractive material userinterfaceCustomizeapp pages anytime anywhereEasy Android AppDevelopmentInstant apppublicationNo Coding skill neededGive instantupdates to yourcustomersPublishing to app store platforms (GooglePlay)Design appseasilyCreate app with 3 easy steps : Scratch,Design &BuildConnect your Facebook, YouTube and Twitter to yourappSendpush notifications to your usersFlexible chat included####DON’TNEED ####Android App DeveloperLearn Android DevelopmentHowToCreate An AppAndroid Learning For Beginners How To DevelopAnAppLearn Android Programming Step By StepTutorials ForAndroidExamplesAndroid App DevelopmentLearn Android StudioHow ToBuild AnApp Programming KnowledgeCreate android appAndroidStudioTutorialNo Coding Skill NeededHow To Make An AppMobileAppDevelopment TutorialAndroid Development Online#### DO NEED####AppBuilderApp CreatorApp Generator Artificial IntelligenceProjectsCreate An App Make Your Own App App Development Android AppMakerArtificial Intelligence Programming Website BuilderArtificialIntelligence in App DevelopmentOnline App Maker Create MyOwn AppAndroid App MakerBest App Creator Easy App Maker OnlineThankyoufor your attention to application you can comment andencouragedthe developers With 5 star ★★★★★ rating.
Java Samples 1.2.3
Java Samples will help you to learn the basics of Javaprogramminglanguage. There are more than 150 common algorithmsexamples foryou as well as a brief manual on data structures. Andthe "Notes"section will protect you from making newbie mistakes.Learn Javafast and easily!
Python Tutorial 1.5
Python is a general-purpose interpreted,object-oriented,interactiveand high-level programming language. It was created byGuido vanRossum during 1985- 1990. App Contains tutorial givesenoughunderstanding on Python programming language.
Programming Ideas 2 3.0
Mbah Clinton
OVERVIEWThis app was developed to provide programmers ofallproficiency levels ideas for pet projects to work on when theyarelooking to increase their proficiency in a particularprogramminglanguage. Idea Bag 2 is ideal for hands-on learners andthe ideasfeatured in it can be programmed in popular programminglanguageslike C#, Java, Go, Python, Ruby, JavaScript, and PHP foreither theWeb, MacOS, Windows PC, Android, Windows Phone or iOS.Just fire upyour favorite IDE, start a new project and begin workon any of theprojects featured in this app.FEATURES1. Over 175ideas andincreasing.2. 10 different categories of applicationideas.(Numbers, Text, Networking, Enterprise Applications,Threading,Web, Files, Databases, Graphics and Multimedia, andGames).3. Threedifficulty levels of ideas to cater for differentproficiencylevels. 4. Bookmark ideas you want to work on.5. Mark anidea'sprogress as Undecided, In progress or Completed.6. Add a noteto anidea.7. Comment on an idea.8. Push notifications when newideas areavailable.9. Submit programming ideas to be included inthe appwith credit to you.PERMISSIONS1. Internet: To be abletoautomatically download new ideas from the server.Please notethatthis is not an IDE neither is it a programmingtutorialapplication. Also it does not provide solutions or hints onhow toimplement the ideas featured in it, that is all up toyou.Made with❤ in Kotlin. You can browse the source codeat For iOS users, youcanbrowse the web app at
Studytonight - Free Computer Programming Tutorials 5.0
Studytonight is a dedicated online resource to make learningeasier.Our mission is to empower young Students to be theinventors andcreators. Studytonight Android App brings to you agreat andcolorful studying experience, with easy-to-understand andsimpletutorials for computer programming subjects like Core Java,C++, CLanguage, Maven, Jenkins, Drools, DBMS, Data Structures,ComputerNetworks, Ruby, JSP, GitHub, Python, REST Web Services,CSS, GameDevelopment with Unity 2D and 3D both, SCRUM Framework,ApacheCordova, Android with MIT App Inventor Tool and Servlet.Features: -Fast offline access. - Night mode for better readingexperience -Always on Display - Narrator Mode - No more reading.Startlistening. - Tutorial Search - To navigate to the desirabletutorialin a single click. - Continue from where you last left.Visit us: Subscribe to our YouTubechannel: Like us on Facebook: Follow us on Twitter: Studytonight Philosophy : Thereisalways a simple way to explain all the complex things.