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2 Minutes in Space - Missiles Vs. Asteroids 1.4.1
Fly your space ship, avoid missiles, shot back and watch outforasteroids! Collect gold pieces on your way and unlocknewships and weapons!- Control the ship with the joystick,wholescreen or left/right buttons.- 12 Spaceships- 3 Game modes:Moon,Asteroid Field and Orion Nebula.- Collect gold to unlocknewspaceships with different abilities and weapons.- Useshields,weapons, EMP, Speed Boost and other power-ups to helpdestroy andevade missiles.- Make the missiles collide with eachother toincrease final score.- Dodge missiles and avoid asteroidsandnebulas to survive!- Compete with others on GooglePlayleaderboards.For some people, the sky is the limit.Forothers, it’s just the beginning.„2 Minutes in Space” isanadditional proof of it.This free action and survival gamewillthrow you into a world of endless space, full of dangerousobjectsand challenges.Your mission is simple: just survive!Do youfeelsometimes that each next day looks like the previous and thereisnothing that can surprise you any more?Then it’s the right timetoleave this planet and spend 2 Minutes in Space!
Star Hunt : Sci-Fi Game 2.6
Star Hunt is touted to be a tough, challenging and highlyaddictingsci-fi one touch game. Already excited ?Fly your spaceship fromplanet to planet through the endless space time fabric ofuniversecovering entire galaxies to find a new star system with anearthlike planet in this stimuli challenging game. If you areinterestedin simple but tough sci-fi games, addicting sci-figames,challenging sci-fi games or space flight sci-fi games looknofurther. We have just the right interstellar sci-fi spaceflightgame for you! Now gear up yourself, tighten your seat belt,get onthe space ship because the hunt for the stars and the planetshasbegun. The game might look fun, simple and easy it is thetoughest,most challenging and addicting sci-fi game you would haveeverplayed. Excited enough ?Our story starts in year 2M8K08. Thesun ofthe solar system that we live in is getting close to itsdeath. Itis running out of fuel which will lead to a supernovaresultinginto a dead star. The explosion will be so humungous thatit willvisible from the other side of the Milky Way Galaxy. Tosurvive weneed to fly away! Don't worry we have enough time left toevacuateEarth safely taking everyone with us to our new homeplanet. Wehave a plan, but we need your help to save us all. We arealmostdone with the required logistics to execute theevacuationeffectively, all we need to focus on now is finding theEarth likehabitable planet.Your earlier experience withaeronauticalmanoeuvres will greatly assist you. You will beprovided a spaceship to start with. You will be able to get accessto more and morepowerful space crafts with time and experience asyour flightsbecome respectable. The objective of your mission isthe hunt forthe next habitable planet. You need to make accuratelytimed flightjumps from one planet to the other and keep travellingto the faredges of our solar system through the darkest edges ofspace. Thesci-fi task looks as well as sounds pretty simple andstraightforward as you just have to touch / tap anywhere on screenat theright time, it actually is, the super spaceships are ofveryadvanced sci fi generations and their sci-fi controls areverysimple. All you need is your timing skills and your pilotflyinginstincts. Just do a single touch anywhere on the entirescreen toinitiate the challenging interstellar sci-fi jumps!Thesimplicityand easiness in sync with the equally challenging naturemakes it ahigh quality addicting sci-fi game. Get ready toexperience a neverending sci-fi interstellar journey into the spaceand maybe to theend of it.Chapter 1 : Reach Base on TeslorithumIt'sthe base wehave at the outermost planet of our solar system! Yoursci-fi spaceship will be programmed to apply max thrust normal toour sun!.Just make the jump to the next planet you see. Furtherinstructionsfor the 'Great Leap' into the deeper and lonely darkspace will begiven to you on Teslorithum. The hunt into the neverending spaceis all it takes. If you get through you have alreadydone one ofthe toughest tasks! Teslorithum by the way is theoutermost planetof our solar system and yes we have a basethere.Good Luck!Outerspace is a very dangerous place and is almostendless. We do nothave concrete proofs but there are obvious signsthat humancivilisation cannot possibly be the only one around. Itis highlyadvisable to not make any contact with any sci-fi UnknownFlyingObjects (aka UFOs). You are now trained enough to continueyoursci-fi interstellar journeys!You are about to play thetoughest,most challenging and addicting one touch sci-fi game ever.Don'tget too excited and jump out of your bed.Star Hunt is known tobevery addicting in nature. We suggest the user to not play toomuchof it in one day!We hope your hunt for the next star or Earthlikeplanet is successful.
Solar Walk 2 Free:Space Missions and Spacecraft 3D
Meet this awesome 3D model of our solar systemtoexplorespace,spacecraft, and planets in real time withoutvisitingarealplanetarium. Solar Walk 2 Free:Space Missions andSpacecraft3Disa digital guide of our solar system and a greatalternativetotheold paper atlases for exploring the universeandlearningaboutspace exploration.Explore planets and space inthefinestdetailswith encyclopedia of the solar system 🌏 🌕🚀Withthisinteractiveplanetarium 3D you can travel to theouterspace,explore planetsin real time, watch satellites, cometsand anyothercelestialbody, get acquainted with the outstandingspacemissionsandspectacular 3D models of spacecraft, studycelestialeventcalendarwith various astronomical events,learninterestingastronomyfacts. This solar system app is great forbothadults andkids👪With Solar Walk 2 Free:Space Missions andSpacecraft3D youwillget a visual representation of our solarsystemandspaceexploration! Main features:✭Planetarium - 3D modelofoursolarsystem✭The app is a spectacular 3D model ofoursolarsystemshowing planets in real time, stars,moons,satellites,asteroids,comets, dwarf planets and othercelestialbodies. Allcelestialbodies are represented in theircorrectpositions in realtime.General and detailed information,innerstructure andvariousastronomy facts are provided inanunderstandable way.✭3Dmodels ofspacecraft &Spaceexploration✭Solar Walk 2 Freeintroduces youto the history ofspaceexploration and theoutstanding spacemissions in the finestdetails.Only with SolarWalk 2 you will beable to seehighly-elaborated,realistic 3Dmodels of spaceships,satellites andinterplanetarystations in realaction. You will seewhere theystarted, track thereal trajectoryof their flight path,watchgravitational maneuvers,view realpictures made duringthemission.*✭Astronomicalcalendar✭Use theastronomical calendarthatincludes variouscelestial events (solareclipse, lunareclipse,the moon phases), andother astronomicalevents related tospaceexploration (the launchingof satellites,the first landing onthemoon, etc). Observe theuniverse in realtime or select anydateand time and see whathappens.*✭Visualeffects✭Solarsystemsimulator. Stunning graphicsand visuals willamaze you withthebeauty and realness! The texturesare reproducedperfectly foryouto experience theaestheticpleasure!✭Spacesimulation3D✭Navigation is extremelyconvenient -you can observeany planetat the desired angle andvisual effectsand shadows addto thesensation of the cosmicatmosphere.InteractivespaceencyclopediaSolar Walk 2 Free willsatisfy the thirst forknowledgeof allspace lovers!* Available withIn-App Purchases.In-AppPurchaseswill not remove ads from the app.
Space Force: Alien war 3.6.8
BSoft Studio
To be a hero, download this Space Force: Alien war game to shootthealien enemies. If you are a fan of space shooting games andlike tosimulate galaxy shooting, so Space Force: Alien war game isgame foryou. One day, our beautiful galaxy is under attack ofspaceintruders and the alien shooters. They destroyed all ofsquadron.You are last hero of galaxy and will be faced an alienshooter. Yourgoal will be quite challenging as you will have tosave the galaxyfrom its alien enemies. Space Force: Alien war gameputs you at theforefront of a battle with space intruders. Youwill take control ofthe spaceship and protect galaxy from alienswarms. In this "SpaceForce: Alien war" game, you will be faced anincreasingly largenumber of enemies and deal with many epic bossesin space war. Asthe game progresses, you will earn the right toupgrade yourspaceship to bring it to full lethal capacity. FEATURE- Amazinglighting and special effects - Includes Power-ups andBosses! -Leader board global. - Lucky box. HOW TO PLAY - Movespaceship -Kill space intruders - Upgrade spaceship - Change yourweapons. TheSpace Force: Alien war is now in your hands. Get yourweapons readyfor epic battles. Please email us if your device isnot supported,we will try our best to support it. If you loveSpace Force: Alienwar game, please give 5 stars to encouragedevelopers.
Space Heads
Nisl Games and Unity Studios present Space Heads, a funpackedManga-inspired spaceship runner. Choose a pilot, andcompleteexciting missions by flying a spaceship through tunnelsfilled withgems, collectables and dangerous obstacles. The gamechallengesyour speed and coordination skills, while giving you astory tounlock about a group of friends, who constantlychallengesthemselves to do the impossible. Become a part of thisteam, becomea Space Head champion – enjoy the action! Space Headswill keep youentertained, whenever you need a break. Feature list ·Choosebetween original Space Heads pilots and their spaceships ·Maneuveryour spaceship up-down, left-right and tap to flip itsideways! ·Experience challenging missions · Upgrade your SpaceShip withvarious enhancements · Collect or buy gems and life pods,so youcan boost your journey a little longer · Evade a varietyofdangerous obstacles throughout your flight! · The more timeyourace, the faster it will go. Try to hang on! · Compare yourscoreswith your Facebook friends · Unlockable pilots and comicstrips ·Record your flight and share the video with your friends!·Graphics inspired by the Japanese anime film ‘Tekkon kinkurîto’
Galaxy Attack: Alien Shooter 5.87
Earth's last hope is in your hands, take control of thelonespaceship and protect Earth from alien swarms. Your goal willbequite challenging as you will have to save the Universe fromitsevil enemies. In this space shooting game, you will be facinganincreasingly large number of enemies in hazardous environments.Asthe game progresses, you will earn the right to upgradeyourspacecraft to unleash its full lethal capacity. HOW TO PLAY:*Touch screen to move and kill all enemies. * Collect itemstoupgrade or change your weapons. FEATURES: * Multiplayer mode: 1vs1, 1 vs 3 * High quality images optimized for tablets andlargescreens. * Ability to use active skills during the spacebattles. *The game is packed with 120+ levels on variousdifficulties. *Beautiful levels with immersive missions tocomplete. * Multipleextreme boss battles. * Upgrade your guns andlasers. Enjoy classicspace combat - powered up. Download GalaxyAttack: Alien Shooternow! Follow us on Facebook:
Go Space - Space ship builder 1.1.1
Upgrade your ship to reach the farthest space! ☆SynopsisPlanetEarth, year 2XXX… Resource crisis and increasing populationled tocolonization of new worlds. You're tasked to pilot anspaceexploration ship to outer space. ☆Info The further you go, themoredonations you'll get. Upgrade your ship to reach further.Upgradeyour ship to enhance its defense, speed, sensor, etc. Youcanpurchase various ships and parts to customize your ship. Usesimpletap controls to maneuver through space. Upgrade your ship tomax toget bonus stat. Compete with players around the world inRankBoard. ■ In case you cannot view ads. This usually happenswhenthere's no ad, when you lost connection to internet, or whenyoureached daily limit. In case you can't view ads continuously,tryagain after completely rebooting this app, and avoid same placeatsame time. ■ This game saves player data in device. Deletingtheapp will terminate all save data.
Galaxy Siege 2 v1.0.38
Build your spaceship and go out to one of thegreatestadventures.Galaxy Siege 2 is a fun action game fullwithupgrades.You have to build your spaceship and go out todifferentmissions in space.Earn money and upgrade yourspaceshipabilitis.New version - 1.0.6 - Bugs fixed
Alien Shooter Free
🔥🔥🔥 If you are fan of spaceship shooter and survival games andliketo simulate spaceship shooter in for glory and duty, thenSpaceShooting is the one you should be shooter playing.🔥 In thisbullethell shooter game, you will be faced with an increasinglylargenumber of alien and deal with many epic bosses in space war.As thegame progresses, you will earn the right to upgrade yourspaceshipsto bring it to full lethal capacity.🔥 Your goal will bequitechallenging as you will have to save the Universe from itsevilalien.🔥 Aboard your spacecraft, you will have to get rid of alargenumber of alien while dodging their bullet hell attacks. Willyoube skilled enough to understand your alien strategy andattackpatterns?🔥 The player must also have strategy skills toequipproper upgrades and use the appropriate skills duringspecificspace missions.🔥 Start your spaceship engines and join tothisultimate galactic war game 🔥🚀 HOW TO PLAY 🚀⭐ Touch screen tomoveand kills invaders. The spaceship auto shoot.⭐ Collect gems,itemsto upgrade and buy new spaceship.⭐ Click button skills onthescreen to active🚀 FEATURES 🚀⭐ 2 modes to play: CampaignandEndless⭐ Future features: PvP⭐ More than 5 spaceshipsiscommensurate with many skills to play⭐ Conquer mini-bosses andepicbosses with dominating skills⭐ A vertical-scrolling STGwithpixelated graphics⭐ User-friendly space retro shooting gameplayedby just tapping and sliding on the screen⭐ Danmaku attacksfrommultiple bosses and various enemies⭐ You can play withoutnetworkconnection⭐ Google Play Achievements and Leaderboards arealsoavailable⭐ Other features: Daily Gifts, Achievement, Daily Taskandmore💖Alien War - Spaceship Shooter is now in your hands.DownloadAlien War - Spaceship Shooter and enjoy 💖
Space Shooter: Galaxy Force 2.0
Space Shooter, STRIKER is two-dimensional fixed shooter wargame.Inthe galactic, the player controls a spaceship by moving itandfiring at descending aliens. Like a sky destroyer, the aim istodefeat space shuttle of invaders. The player defeats skyinvader,and earns points, by shooting it with the squadron . Asmore aliensare defeated, the aliens movement and the game's musicboth speedup. Defeating the aliens brings another wave that ismoredifficult, a loop which can continue without end.SpaceShooterattempt to destroy your spacecraft by firing at it whiletheyapproach the bottom of the screen. If they reach the bottom,thealien invasion is successful and the game ends. A special"mysteryship" will occasionally move across the top of the screenand awardbonus points if destroyed. Your spacecraft is partiallyprotectedby several stationary defense bunkers that are graduallydestroyedby a numerous amount of blasts from the invaders orplayerIf youare fan of classic Galaxy game, you must play SpaceShooter:Galactic Force now and become a hero protect your galacticthatyour destiny.★ ★ ★ Features ★ ★ ★- Charming sound and music,withHD graphics.- Precision controls.- Space shooter and upgradeyourweapons: wingman support, vulcan camon, energy shield ...-Invadersof 12 big boss.- Classic Galaxy game and complete 30achievement.-Classic Galaxy game with 4 spaceship with anotherpower: rocket,laser and strongest soldiers.
Turretz : Planetz 1.1.8
Long time no see!! We prepared another series of Turretzforyou!Collect abandoned turrets and defeat the spaceshipProtectyourplanet from space enemies.Achieve recipes to getspecialeffects!!!!!!!Destroy enemies with special turrets.Gain thekeys toopen space stores full of items.This is a simple, addictivearcadeshooting gameGame Features: - You can collect many planet andsubcharacter! - Feel the retro design in game screen - Enjoy easyandexciting play - How many boss can you beat? - Compete withyourfriends with Googleplay SupportEnjoy the addictive “Turretz:Planetz” while commuting to work, in the bus or subway, waitingatthe bank.Whenever, wherever “Turretz : Planetz” is ready foraction!!!Thank you!
Galaxy Strike Force: Squadron (Galaxy Shooter) 10.1
9Fox Studio
Air fighter jet shooting combat games on mobile devices are nowthemajority of young love. Images of space fighter pilot gamesaredesigned in a unique style. With the combined power ofspaceshipshooting game classic resistance technology the latestsmartphones.Experience aerial shot extreme air force fighter planegames andrules with new interactive play high.Galaxy Strike Forcein 2017the latest engine added a gorgeous graphics. Squadron strikeforcecontroller super intuitive touch screen and powerful upgradesystemwill make you fascinated. Can sit fired fleet spaceshipbattlegames free for hours.The battle space agencies and many warstakeplace weekly with new levels while you're fighting with galaxywarbattle space games free. Best fighter games air battlescurrentlyattracting more people to actively play with collectionsfighters... The same series of victories will make both regularplayers andprofessional players must waiting while you areupgrading your shipand give customs more deeply into thebattlefield on space galaxyfighter games.Highlight of Air CombatSky Fighter: - Do you immersein the vivid images with the leveltasks to complete?- Many of thecommanders fight extreme with thelegendary strategy game engine-Upgrade shields, guns, missiles,bullets lasers, super bombs ...ingalaxy on fire alliances- Manyfierce battle scenes in air jetfighter- Improve your scores withshooting plane- Beautifulgraphics- Hundreds of a jet plane shootinggames screen is updatedcontinuously- Especially when the networklost power, you can stillhave fun with the spaceship battleoffline- All free Are you readyfor the fight of his life with airforce jet fighter free games2017 - legendary game best fleet todayyet? Quickly downloadfighter plane shooting games to mobile phoneanti-aircraft toexplore the adventurous performances, yet beautifulgraphics!
Galaxy War Fighter 1.0.2
Furun Wang
galaxy war raidena fast-paced top-down perspective spaceshootergameThis is an action game with spacecraft that willexploredifferent planets in the universe, each planet has adifferentenemy which acts differently. Fly through the space anddestroyenemies! Just touch and drag the plane of Space War inanydirection to avoid enemy bombs. To shoot, simply click onthemissile button. Required skills are more than fast reactionsandmemorising enemy attack war patterns. The player must alsohavestrategy skills to equip proper upgrades and use theappropriateskills during specific space missions.To move yourspaceship slideyour finger on the screen of your mobile or tablet.Talk fastbefore being destroyed. In each level you have up to 3lives beforeyour ship is destroyed, but every time you lose a life,your shipwill get damage, which will make you lose visibility. Howtoplay:-Drag the fighter to move.-Tap the Skill button to releasetheskill.-Tap the Shop button to enter the shop.-Tap theSettingsbutton to display the game setting interface. With thisgame youwill spend pleasant moments war, enjoying flying andfighting withall kinds of fighter jets and war. You willparticipate in epicspace combat. Enjoy this breathtaking space war!RIGHT NOW!Do notforget to rate and comment on the game on GooglePlay Store forimprovement.
Baby Panda's Space War-Space Guardians & Spaceship
For more videos, subscribe to BabyBus onYouTube!►►! Super Panda Warrior!Three spacecriminals have run away to space. Space homeland is indanger. Weneed your help, little space guardians ! Armed withstrong spaceweapon, drive cool spaceship and fight against spacecriminals withbaby panda!Hurry up! Turn into space warriors,capture the spacecriminals, and guard the peace of spacehomeland!Start the war!Brave space warrior!Attentions! Three spacecriminals appears!Chase them with strong spaceship. Changelocations quickly and aimat the space criminals. Fire the gun, andstop their spaceships.Watch out! You have to dodge the meteoriteswhile you fight. Yourspaceship will get damaged if you hit ameteorite!You will get alot of rewards each time you catch a spacecriminal! If you catchthem all you will get a medal of honor! Takeon the challenge ofthis great space mission now!----Features ofBaby Panda's SpaceWar----1. Become a brave space warrior, take onthe space mission,guard our space homeland!2. If you capture allthe space criminalsthere will be a beautiful fireworks showing yourhonor! Fight,space guardians!3. Drive an awesome spaceship aroundbeautifulspace!4. Cruise around in space!5. Receive a lot of goldsas aprize!6. Easy to use and simple to understand: vividmovement,touch controls, a 3D video, a detailed screen andmore!———AboutBabyBus———At BabyBus, we dedicate ourselves tosparking kids'creativity, imagination and curiosity, and designingour productsthrough kids' perspective to help them explore theworld on theirown. Now BabyBus has offered a wide variety ofproducts, videos andother educational content for 250 million fansaged 0-8 around theworld! We have produced more than 150 children'seducational games,700 children's songs, and animations of variousthemes spanning thearts, health, and science. —————————————Contactus:[email protected] us:
Space Runner
FLY as fast as you can!AVOID the planets!Exciting spaceadventurewhere you will control a ... spaceship!In this game youneed to flybetween planets and collect stars. Dangers are awaitingyou atevery step so you will need a lightning reaction.Try to beatyourfriends and get first place in Leaderboard.3..2..1.. Well,youthink you're pretty agile? Let's start!Features:★ Simple butveryaddictive gameplay★ Colorful HD graphics!★ 12 coolspaceships!★Easy one touch controlFrom indie with love :) Maybe thebest spacerunner on the earth. Download now and enjoy!Free to play.
Advanced Space Flight 1.7.0
Advanced Space Flight is a realistic space simulatorforinterplanetary and interstellar travel. It is the onlyspacesimulator available that takes into account relativisticeffectsduring interstellar flight. Besides simulating space flightthisapp can also be used as a planetarium, with all known planetsshownin real scale with their accurate keplerian orbits. It canalso beused as a star chart and exoplanet explorer, showing allsolarsystems with confirmed exoplanets within 50 light years fromtheSun. This is the only app where you can get a sense of thetruescale of the Universe, zooming out throught thousands ofgalaxiesand galaxy clusters until you see the entire observableuniverse inyour screen. Locations: - All Solar System planets plus5 dwarfplanets and 27 moons - All confirmed exoplanetary solarsystemswithin 50 light years from the Sun, making a total of over90+exoplanets. - Over 50+ stars, including main sequence starslikethe Sun, red dwarfs like TRAPPIST-1, white dwarfs like SiriusB,brown dwarfs like 54 Piscium B, etc. - Experience the full scaleofthe Universe: you can zoom out from a few meters to billionsoflight years, until you see the entire observable universe inyourscreen. Flight Modes: - Realistic Flight: Travel usingoptimizedtrajectories, calculated based on the orbital parametersof theorigin and destination planets to minimize fuel usage. Thesearethe kind of trajectories that would be used in a realspacemission. - Free Flight: Take manual control of a spaceshipinspace, activating the engines as you see fit to achieve yourgoals.Spaceships: Advanced Space Flight features severalspacecraft,based on present and future technology: - Space Shuttle(ChemicalRocket): Designed in 1968-1972 by NASA and North AmericanRockwell.It has been in service from 1981 to 2011, making it themostsuccessful reusable spacecraft ever built. - Falcon Heavy(ChemicalRocket): Designed and manufactured by SpaceX, made itsfirst flightin 2018. - Projecy Orion (Nuclear Pulse Propulsion):Designed in1957-1961 by General Atomics. Some early prototypes werebuiltbefore the project was abandoned after 1963. - ProjectDaedalus(Fusion Rocket): Designed in 1973-1978 by theBritishInterplanetary Society. - Antimatter Startship (AntimatterRocket):First proposed in the early 1950s, the concept was furtherstudiedafter advances in antimatter physics in the 80s and 90s. -BussardRamjet (Fusion Ramjet): First proposed in 1960 by RobertW.Bussard, design was improved in 1989 by Robert Zubrin andDanaAndrews. Artificial Satellites: Several human-made satellitesarepresent in the app: - Sputnik 1 - Hubble Space Telecope-Internation Space Station - Kepler Space Observatory -TransitingExoplanet Survey Satellite (TESS) - James Webb SpaceTelescopeEffects: - Atmospheric light scattering effects, makingatmosphereslook realistic both from space and from the surface ofplanets. -Planetary clouds that move at different speed than thesurface. -Clouds in tidal-locked planets form giant hurricanes,caused by theCoriolis force. - Stars with volumetric corona andlens flares.Star color determined by surface temperature. -Planetary ringswith realistic light scattering and real-timeshadows from theplanet. - Realtivistic effects when travellingclose to the speedof light: time dilation, length contraction andrelativisticdoppler effect. Join our discord community fordiscussions orsuggestions about the app: can alsocontact me by email if you have any complaint orsuggestion.
Galaxy Spiral Shooter - Danmaku Space Shooter
Are you fond of shooting games?Then enjoy this simple yetexcitingshoot'em up game. All you need is to choose one ofvariousspacecrafts, enhance it and beat off numerous invaders inthegalaxy.Galaxy Spiral Shooter is an arcade shooter game inpixelgraphics, where you can enjoy both danmaku and shooting. Therulesare simple: Avoid the bullets and shoot down the enemies.Theirfancy and various barrage would stimulate yourcompetitivespirit!Dozens of space invaders and hundreds of fancydanmaku areprepared just for you, waiting for your challenge. Jumpinto thisexciting space battle right away!【Features】● Bullet hellspaceshooter with pixelated graphics● Move your spacecraft byslidingand touching the screen and double-tap to rotate yourdirection!●Attack and destroy the drones! The boss flies away aftercertaintime!● Equip the Turbo Pack and enable a powerful turbomode!●Equip Shield and Jewels to dodge from the enemies' spaceattacks.●Supports 14 languages.● Google Play Achievements andLeaderboardsare also available.● Supported for tablets▶ Shooting isSo cool!Enjoy the variety of shooter games from SHMUP HOLIC!SpaceWarRetroShootingShooting SkyStellar ShooterThe Galaxy's future isnow inyour hands. Download Galaxy Spiral Shooter TodayItsFree!—————————————Homepage[email protected] of service
Spaceship Games - Starship 2 4.2.0
Game of spaceships in the purest style of the classic games ofthe90s of the recreational machines.Choose the spacecraft among the12available to win the space war, each ship has aspecialability.These skills are energy shields, special shots,collectingskills, etc ...The levels are composed of four phases anda finalboss.Can you complete all the levels?Are you a good pilotofspacecraft?This game is optimized and takes up little space onthemobile device or tablet.Your spaceship moves to the positionofyour finger on your screen. As it occupies little space it isidealfor any mobile. Dispute this space war with your ship, shootanduse the special abilities to complete the levels.Get to be thebestspacecraft pilot. The mythical matamarcianos of arcade salonsof afew years ago that you pilot spaceships and cosmonaves.Rememberwhen you played the matamarcianos? Remember it playingthisgame.This game has these characteristics:- It is available in22languages:- Translated to English, French, German,Italian,Portuguese, Brazilian, Turkish, Russian, Malaysian,Japanese,Chinese, Danish, Norwegian, Polish, Swedish, Indonesian,Arabic,Korean, Thai, Indian and Persian.- More than 50 levels.-Every 5boss levels final.- 12 spacecraft.- 12 special abilities.-Easycontrol.- Game that takes up little space.- Does not containin-apppurchases- Totally free- Can play without WIFI connection,does notrequireInternetconnection****************************************************************Donot forget to rate and review the Google Playtab.Errors andsuggestions send a message to [email protected] the subject"Spaceship Game" and its contents.Thanks forplaying
Event Horizon - Frontier 1.4.4
Event Horizon: Frontier is an arcade base defense game. Thestoryunfolds in the "Event Horizon" game universe. Your task istoprotect a space station from alien invaders using a varietyofunique spaceships and limitless upgrade options.FEATURES:*Hardcoredynamic battles* Over 80 individual spaceships with optionsformodification* Over 160 guns and modules* Over 700 skillstolearnJOIN THE COMMUNITYGet in touch with thousands of otherEventHorizon fans on our official website and socialmediaprofile!Facebook:
Spaceship V
★ Spaceship V is very Unique, ExitingandCreative 2D arcade game, inspired by Asteroids.☆ Combine lots of weapons and parts and BUILD YOUR OWNUNIQUESPACESHIP!☆ Countless and fearful fast meteors in outer space!★ Combine various and unique parts to build yourownspaceship!☆ With your strong weapons, fire missiles thatdestroymeteors!★ A Unique, Exciting and Creative arcade game! Spaceship V!!★ Remarks:Easy Control: very easy to learn and control your spaceship inouterspace.Meteors: Destroy lots of dangerous meteors with missiles andcollectcoins.Build your own : Combine various weapons and parts to build yourownspaceship.Spaceship V is FREE to play but it may charge you money in caseofpurchasing virtual items in game.★ How to play:Imagine that you can combine various parts to build yourownspaceship. Weapon parts will fire missiles that destroymeteorsaround you. Collect unique body and weapon parts byexploring theouter space filled with meteors. As you progressthrough the game,you will be able to get more unique and strongparts tocombine.★ Help:If you had any inconvenient experiences, please feel free tocontactour customer [email protected] feedbacks and supports are always welcome.
Space Armada 1.19.270
In Space Armada, you are the captain of an interstellarspaceship.Your galactic fleet starts out with a small cruiser, butas yourspace base develops, you’ll get to control battleships andevensupermassive space cruisers! Start with a small spaceship, butasyour base grows and develops, you’ll graduate to commandinghugebattleships and super-heavy spaceships. Battle in a galaxy onfireonline with real opponents in the multiplayer Space Wars gamemode,and develop your space fleet. Features: ≛ 6 classes ofspaceshipsand galactic starships! Several classes of spaceship,from lightfrigates to supermassive cruisers! ≛ Leagues andLeaderboards!Players are divided into different leagues from bronzeto diamond,depending on their level and skills! ≛ Galactic teambattle! Spaceinvaders! Fight side by side with other players inteam-basedgalactic battles online! ≛ Customize your cosmicspaceship! 100+types of plasma galaxy guns and modules areavailable. You can evenadd a logo and repaint your ship! ≛ Over 20galactic spaceships!More than 20 different ships available, allwith their owncapabilities and features, including the Predator,Phoenix,Olympus, Soul Catcher and many others. Improve your skillsandequipment, add turrets, missiles and special weapons! ≛Beautiful3D graphics! Perfectly detailed maps and spacecrafttextures, enjoygalactic views of cosmic objects such as Jupiter,Mars, Saturn,asteroids and even galactic cities! Space Armada Themost dynamicspace simulator yet, space battles between massiveships and smallbut sneaky frigates, each one controlled byindividual players. ★★★Fight for a place in a global league.Upgrade your fleet. Customizeyour ships, repaint them and improvetheir skills! ★★★ In-gamelobby where you can chat with otherplayers to share your successesand ideas! ★★★ Regular updates andnew elements are waiting for youin online multiplayer games. Thisyear’s best graphics andperfectly-matched audio will have youspending all your timeplaying Space Armada! ★★★ Awesome mobilespace game with 3Dgraphics! ★★★ Our multiplayer PvP space shooteris completely FREEto download! A galaxy on fire full of epic spacebattles needs acommander like you! Become a legend in this galacticspace shooter!Let the spaceship battles begin! ⋙⋙⋙⋙⋙⋙⋘⋘⋘⋘⋘⋘ Joinour galacticcommunity: FACEBOOK:
Galaxy Shooter - Space Shooter 1.1
This space shooter is an exciting addictive epic galaxy wargamewith 120+ missions, 100+ invaders and a lot ofspaceshipupgrades.The player must also have strategy skills toequip properupgrades and use the appropriate skills during specificspacemissions over 16 star systems to guard the galaxies.Startyourspaceship engines and join to this ultimate galacticwargame.Galaxy shooter 2 invaders HD is a fast-pacedtop-downperspective shoot space war game.Required skills are morethan fastreactions and memory enemy invader attackpatterns.Features:Highquality images optimize for tablets and largescreensGalaxy shooterInvaders HD is a sequence to spaceinvadersDifferent alien races,guardians, hundreds of invaders tofight againstAbility to useactive skills during the spacebattlesFully customizable spaceshipswith hundreds ofupgradesExciting boss fights100+ missions inunlock-able galaxieswith multiple difficulty levelsGameplayTips:If you ran out of LY,you can finish accomplished missionsagain to get more. Rerunning amission on Hard difficulty increasesthe LY gain. Equipped specialmodules can be used as active skillsonce within their cool downinterval. Equipped upgrades arepassively modify your shipproperties. If you find a mission toohard, finish another missionfirst! You may also change difficultysetting to Easy for thatspecific mission.Different enemies mayrequire different strategies.Although a weapon with great amountof damage can be efficientagainst large and strong enemies,weapons with smaller damage butfast rate of fire could be betteragainst smaller foes.
Space Miners 1.09
Space Miners offers a unique space adventure. This space shipgameis totally unique with its gameplay. You control the red shipandtry to collect asteroids by your mining energy field. You havetodefend your blue ship from asteroids and alien space ships. Ifoneof your ships crashes with asteroids or alien space ships, yougetdamaged. So make sure your space ships don't crash those!Alienspace ships hitting your mining energy field damages you aswell.Game gets harder as you collect minerals and meteors. If youminewithout getting hit, you will start making combos. With combos,youwill reach even higher highscores!Easy to learn, hard tomasterspace ship game waits for you!
Space Agency 1.9.1
Do you want to build and fly your own space rockets? Of courseyoudo! Are you a billionaire? No...that makes it tricky.Fortunately,there is a way for us non-billionaires to run our ownspaceprogramme...Space Agency! * Build rockets * Launch satellites*Create a space station * Explore the solar system This is ahighlychallenging and complex game. Only the most talentedastronautsshould attempt it. Have you got the right stuff?
Galaxy on Fire 2™ HD 2.0.15
Deep Silver
THE #1 OPEN WORLD SCI-FI ACTION GAMEGalaxy on Fire 2 HD isthespectacular Google Play version of the multi-award-winningspacecombat and trading simulation. With cutting-edge 3D graphicsand anunprecedented depth of gameplay, the title is a benchmark ofsci-figaming on smartphones and tablets! A CONTINUOUS STREAM OFNEWADVENTURESTake over the role of the hot-headed space warveteranKeith T. Maxwell and save the galaxy from its impedingdestructionby the hands of devious alien raiders, ruthless spacepirates andpower-crazy madmen! More than double the main game's 10+hourcampaign with the extensive story add-ons Valkyrie andSupernova.They are available via in-app purchase and contain tonsofexclusive content! Once bought, they can be enjoyed right away,nomatter how far you’ve progressed before!In addition, you canalsobuy various credit packs and obtain your own space station,theinfamous Kaamo Club, in the shop. Use the latter to stockvaluablegoods, purchase exclusive power-ups and dock your favouritespaceships.UNIQUE FEATURES• A vast galaxy with 30+ star systems aswellas 100+ planets and space stations• 50+ fullycustomizablespaceships and hundreds of different weapons systems,power-ups andcommodities• A unique mixture of story-driven,mission-based andsandbox gameplay• High-quality visuals includingdetailed 3Dmodels, hi-res textures and breath-taking Special FX• 3Dsound,orchestral soundtrack and full voice-acting• Action Freeze:Takescreenshots from any perspective and save them onto yourdevice•Achievements and leaderboards via Google Play gameservices(GPGS)HARDWARE REQUIREMENTSGalaxy on Fire 2 HD requiresAndroid 4.1Jelly Bean or higher.
Sky Space Racing Force 3D 1.4
This game fulfil your dream to become a pilot fly your own shipinthe air. In this game you will drive space ship in the spaceandyou can drive it faster and faster as you can. Think you areaforce in sky and you have to compete with the enemies winthebattle by reaching at the destination. In this game you willfacethe two mode one is time trial and the second is competitionmodein which you will compete with the rival and in the time trialmodea limited time is given on every level and you have to reach onthedestination on the given time for best reward. The first spaceshipwill be unlocked and rest of the ships are locked you canunlockthem from the winning reward or you can simply buy them fromIn-App purchase in just 2.99 $.Sky Space Racing Force 3D FeaturesandGame Play:- Excellent Graphics - Realistic controls of the ship-For left and Right you can use buttons, Tilt- Accelerate theshipby pressing the speed button - Slow down to press brake button-For Boost pick the nitro Enjoyable Sky Space Racing Force 3Dwillbe updated constantly. Please rate and give your feedbackforfurther improvement of the game.
Spin Control
Controlling the spin is not easy but addictive!The space iffilledwith gold, and you are there to collect it. Your spacecraftisconstantly spinning unless you control it to navigate. Thedistanceyou cover decides you leader board rank.How to play• Tap tocontrolthe spin, and thrust by keeping the screen touched.•Avoidcollision with any of the moon.• Navigate in anydirection.•Collect coins to unlock and upgrade your spaceship.Enjoythegame!HINT!!You are given 500 Space coins, with them upgradeyourspacecraft "Spin" and "Speed" to have better control whileflying.
Space Jet: Space ships galaxy game 2.60
An online 3D space shooter Space has never been so close!Joinaglobal online space war, face with everyone or join withyourfriends and create a team!Complete simple daily tasks and earngamecurrency by taking part in battles.20 unique battle machinesarewaiting for you in the store! Unlock and upgrade them all!Moretoenjoy:- Gamers from all over the world fighting in real time-Alarge number of maps- Daily quests- Upgrades for your space jet-Alarge collection of camouflages and decalsAttention:permanentInternet connectionrequiredFacebook:
UFO Space Ship in the Moon 3D 1.0.0
Download the best game of UFO attack in the space!A funny spacewargame between spaceships to shoot down a UFO that wants toinvadethe moon.Fight with your UFO to survive the deadly attack ofeachspaceship that crosses your path.You are an alien who wantstoinvade the moon to set an strategic base for your invasionstrategyin the universe space, but your enemy spaceships are tryingtoattack you. Fight against them in a very addictive and uniquespacewar to achieve your goal. Invade the moon flying with yourship towin this funny game.To do this, you must survive this deadlyattackdodging each ship attack in the space trying to achieve yourspacemission.Run high speed with your UFO in this funny space raceforthe survival of your alien species.In this game you can playbothchildren and adults as it contains no violence of anykind.Downloadit now and win the battle against your UFO spacecrafton the moon!
Meteor 1.0.35
Meteor is a simple space shooting game with colorful neongraphics.Blast down all the meteor before they impact on yourspaceship.Watch out for the ufo invaders which fire at your rocket.In thisgame you most shoot down all the enemies and dodge meteorstorms inorder to survive. Shoot down as many enemies as you canand get thehighest score!
Random Space 1.07
You suffered a wreck in an unknown system due to spacecraftfailure.Everything you have is an emergency accommodation moduleand a heapof scrap. But by good fortune, you are an engineer andyou have aclever pair of hands. Upgrade your habitation, buildassistingrobots, collect enough resources and build a spacecraft.To comehome, you will have to visit all planets to determine yourcurrentlocation. In addition, you need to breathe, sleep and eat –rememberabout it!Design your spacecraft, save every drop of fuel,everytomato sprout and every gulp of air. Nobody knows for howlong youwill have to stay here.Follow planet movement to make aflight atthe right moment when they move closer. Build and againbuild,upgrade, get and remember about your own needs.It will be auniqueexperience for every player – the star system is generatedin anunpredictable manner, starting with visual parameters up tophysicalpeculiarities of planets. Methods to survive on everyplanet differ– required resources available, amount of luminousenergy,atmosphere availability, force of gravity, and surfacearea.Tune inthe beat of the atmosphere of unknown planets andloneliness.I hopeyou will like this story. However, it depends onyou whether thewild space will be friendly with you...
Wiggly Spaceship 1.3.4
Do you like to play challenging games?If yes, then this gameisexactly what you need, seems simple but will leave youcursingbefore you try again. This "Wiggly Spaceship" takes you toanamazing space journey that starts from the surface of the Earthandcontinues till eternity. It depends how far you can go.Youjusthave to Wiggle your spaceship to avoid hitting it with therocks.Inthe background, many layers of Earth's atmosphere can bevisualizedwith increasing altitude. Troposphere appears in deeporange color,stratosphere in yellow and white, Above thestratosphere bluelayers mark the upper atmosphere as it graduallyfades into theblackness of outer space.It is always better toinvestigate than toassume!!!
blue spacecraft keyboard ufo stars alien trek
If you are a aircraft golden or gold universe lover yet havelittleidea where to find spacecraft stars trek styled keyboardtheme,then this blue space theme is your #1 choice! Our new bluespacedesign allows you to restyle your default Android keyboardwith itsbeautiful and unique gold universe elements. These elementsincludeaircraft golden shape button, galaxy advanture background,golduniverse font and gold universe effect. Your boring defaultsysteminputs will be automatically replaced by alien ufo keyboardwithaircraft golden wallpaper.Offering aircraft golden feel tousers isour goal. Besides alien ufo HD wallpaper, our gold universethemewill improve your input experience. Not only the defaultboringinput setting can be changed as blue space button typingeffect orgold universe font, but also your typing speed can behighlyimproved. Possessing our smart and aircraft golden keyboardtheme,you will love their uniqueness at once. What’s more, inaddition toHD blue space wallpaper, you can also find many elegantwallpapers,like spacecraft stars trek, in our theme center.bluespace givesyou gold universe typing experience, featuring uniqueparticleeffect and finger gestures. This blue space keyboard themeconsistsof not only alien ufo HD wallpaper backgrounds, but alsospeciallydesigned keys.How to apply blue space input method?Note:Pleasedownload our keyboard first.1. Download this galaxyadvanturekeyboard theme from Google Play Store. 2. Install ourkeyboard app(typewriter) from GP Store.3. Once installed ourkeyboard app, youcan enjoy this spacecraft stars trek typewriterskin. 4. blue spacewill automatically install on the phone.Mainfeatures of blue spacekeyboard skin theme:1. Plenty of variousthemes of keyboard.2.Voice input: input your unique voice.3. Funnyemojis and cuteemoticons.4. Customized fonts.5. Auto wordscorrection: providesword completion advice and prediction based onthe words entered.6.Smart words prediction: depends on A.I. topredict words to beentered.aircraft golden keyboard theme is notthe only theme weoffer. There are galaxy advanture themes, such assexy girls, hotrace cars, neon colors, galaxy space, cool dreamersand many morethat are designed with spacecraft stars trek effectsas well. Ifyou like the feeling of blue space, try this alien ufoand golduniverse typewriter theme! Touch up your phone with a alienufoblue space keyboard skin! If you want other themes withspacecraftstars trek effect or other blue space style, tell us!
Space Race - Speed Racing Cars 3.53
Hello spaceship pilot, are you ready for an adventurous starracinggame? If yes, then hop in your favorite spacecraft, starttheengine and compete in the greatest cosmic race! This is thebestspace game with futuristic spaceships, UFO creatures, coolstarracing levels and great spacecraft driving experience. COSMICRACEGAME FEATURES: ◆ Choose your favorite spacecraft fromnumerousspaceships to fly: Lone Star, Gazer Beam, Star Killer orAquarius.◆ As an experienced spaceship pilot perform cool stuntsand flipswhile racing in the best space game! Jump throughhazardous deathloops and flaming rings of fire!◆ Get ready for anunforgettablestar racing journey through the mystical alien land.Control yourspaceship on a moving constructions, steep hills, mudmarshes,toxic liquid swamps, water lakes, fire pits and more!◆Avoidexploding boxes and bombs, watch our for gigantic volcanicstoneballs or toxic jelly balls and hide from a meteor shower!Avoidthese obstacles, otherwise it will block your way and slowyoudown. ◆ Watch out for green vortexes! They will bring UFOcreaturesnear you!◆ Explore mystical alien land, discover uniqueplants andanimals.◆ Find secret racing paths full of golden coins.Collectthem and buy new spaceships or unlock new racing worlds! ◆Enjoysmooth controls: click acceleration pedal to move forwardandarrows to keep the balance or flip the car if you getstuckupside-down.◆ Explore two engaging star racing worlds: VenusandMars and complete 24 adventurous space game levels! ◆ Enjoytherealistic, physics-based, anti-gravity spaceshipdrivingexperience.◆ This game has everything from fun anddynamicgameplay, colorful environment, beautifully animatedcharacters toappealing alien music and funny sounds that will keepyouentertained for hours!◆ This space game is created for familiesbutcan be easily played by kids too! EDUCATIONAL VALUE Playthisrocket car racing game and learn multiple skills! Stimulateyourreaction and hand-eye coordination, develop problem solving,quickdecision making and flexible thinking skills, improveself-control.NOTICEThis rocket car racing game is completely freeto play, butthe game also offers in-app purchases. ◆◆◆ ABOUT TINYLABPRODUCTIONS ◆◆◆ Tiny Lab Productions is a publisher anddeveloperof innovative, high-quality and free-to-play mobile gamesdesignedfor families. Company is famous for its leading gamesseries FunKid Racing. Search “Tiny Lab Productions” on the appstore anddiscover even more fun racing games! Learn more about TinyLabProductions and contact us at the following:WEBSITE:http://www.tinylabkids.comFACEBOOK:[email protected]
Star Loop 1.2
Kraftum Games
In deep space, asteroids and enemy spaceships can destroy you.Shootthem all! Plus, perform barrel rolls and direction changesthroughthe stars to win! This game mixes a retro arcade soul,beautifulvoxels and stunning synthwave music. Achieve the maximumscore andshare with your friends and the world! Finally, try thenew evolvedmode, where you can find new enemies and more itemswith differentpower-ups.
Solar Walk Lite - Planetarium 3D: Planets System
An awesome 3D model of our Solar system foryouto explore space! Solar Walk Lite - Planetarium app 3Dis atime-sensitive space simulator showing the real orbits, order,scaleand motion of the Sun, allowing you to explore all the 8planets inreal time, more than 20 moons, dwarfs, asteroids,comets, 9 Earthsatellites, 9 dwarf planets and more than 50 stars.You can find andexplore any celestial body with this amazing solarsystem app!***BEST OF 2016***The Lite version of the well-known space simulator isabsolutelyfree, ad-supported and very small in size but containsall the mainfeatures and objects of our Solar system.NO INTERNET CONNECTION IS REQUIRED!The app works perfectly without Internet connection (exceptforgallery and Wikipedia).Explore space and get a little closer to our wonderful universewiththis awesome 3d model of our Solar system!Main Features:💫 Space simulator: realistic space view with real-timepositions,order, size, the inner structure of Solar system planetsand moons,their orbits, stars, comets, satellites and othercelestialbodies.💫 Every planet and the celestial body has an extensiveinformation:size, mass, orbital velocity, exploratory missions, thethicknessof structural layers, and photo gallery with real photostaken bytelescopes or NASA spacecraft during the spacemissions.💫 Orrery Mode on/off - to see the schematic or realistic sizesanddistances between the space objects.💫 Anaglyph 3D on/off - if you have anaglyph 3D glasses youcanchoose this option to navigate through the universe and enjoythebeauty of space.💫 Zoom-in to see objects in close up and Zoom-out to seetheposition of our Solar system in Galaxy.💫 3D models of spacecraft in the application are based onscientificdata collected by ESA and NASA spacecraft andground-basedtelescopes.The best encyclopedia of the Solar system!This is a great planetarium 3D app for the space explorers. Itworksgreat for both kids and adults. Kids love learning aboutspace, andthe amazing graphics and information provided in thisspacesimulator make it engaging and captivating. Kids will alsoenjoy"travel" through space to get an up-close view of theplanets,moons, and stars. In fact, adults may not be able to putthis appdown either!This space simulator is excellent for teachers to useforinstruction, and it is a great resource for students toexploreplanets and space as they learn more about the universe welive in.With Solar Walk Lite - Planetarium app 3D you don'tneed atelescope to see the planets for real.This 3D model of our solar system is a must-have for allspaceenthusiasts! Explore space with Solar Walk Lite!Main Objects to explore:Planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter,Saturn,Uranus, Neptune.Moons: Phobos, Deimos, Callisto, Ganymede, Europa,Io,Hyperion, Iapetus, Titan, Rhea, Dione, Tethys, Enceladus,Mimas,Oberon, Titania, Umbriel, Ariel, Miranda, Triton, Larissa,Proteus,Nereid, CharonDwarfs and asteroids: Pluto, Ceres, Makemake, Haumea,Sedna,Eris, ErosComets: Hale-Bopp, Borrelly, Halley’sComet,Ikeya-ZhangSatellites: SEASAT, ERBS, Hubble SpaceTelescope,International Space Station (ISS), Aqua, Envisat, Suzaku,Daichi,CORONAS-PhotonStars: Sun, Sirius, Betelgeuse, Rigel Kentaurus.Get this amazing free app now and explore space with us!
Burger UFO 1.2.2
Burger UFO is a very simple and addictive game in which you mustgetall the burgers you can moving your spaceship. This apprequiresvery low space, no special permissions (only for onlinerankings)and it is extremely adictive.INTRODUCTION:Attention! Atransportaircraft with a load of tasty burgers has a problem withthe loadingdoor and it is losing the cargo! You are an UFO with aspecial lovefor human food and burgers are your favouritedelicacy.Simplycontrol your spaceship with your finger to get asmany hamburgers aspossible. Be careful! not all the burgers are ingood condition, youmust avoid rotten burgers.FEATURES:-2 Controlmodes: Drag &Joystick.-Online High Scores.-3 types of burgers(Normal, Big andRotten).-Scalable difficulty algorithm.-Very lowspacerequired.-Very simple & adictive game.-3 Original Songs&Sound Effects designed for this game with retro 8 bit style.
Interstellar Pilot 1.62
Learn to fly at the flight school and then head out into thestarsin this fully-fledged space sim.Features - • Earn your fortunein apersistent world with hundreds of roaming ships.• Huge universetoexplore• Pilot different ships from small shuttles to hugecapitalships• Build up your own fleet• Construct your ownfactories•Scripted scenarios• Detailed spaceships and environment•Accuratedamage model• Tutorial system• Cinematic visuals• Highquality 3Daudio* The game was designed for best play on a screensize ofaround 5"* The game is currently in EnglishlanguageonlyRecommended Hardware- 800mhz Processor- Adreno 200 GPUorequivalent- Minimum 1024x600screenresolution>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Pleasesendyour improvement suggestions and bug [email protected] see instructions belowforconstructingstations:>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Version<1.3.9users:Saved games will not load with the latest update ofthe gameor future versions. Sorry for the pain but we wanted to beable tomake a larger number of improvements to the savefileformat>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Toconstructa station...- Dock at shipyard and click on trade button.You'llneed a ship with a lot of space.- Buy the parts to thestation.- Flythe ship to a place where u want the station.- Openthe ship cargoscreen- Click the deploy buttonTutorials / Videoscoming soon...
When the crew of Worp warped into the circular galaxy they had abadfeeling about it, maybe it was the lack of straight lines,orperhaps the giant space ball cannon pointing towardsthem."It'schallenging and a ton of fun." -Touch Arcade"Pureunfiltereddopeness." -AppSpy"It's infuriating, and a bitbrilliant." - PocketGamerFeatures:- The ability to fly a spaceshipfrom your couch-Easy controls. No really, you just need yourthumbs.- Game Centerleaderboards. - "Pay what you want" to removeads.- Color#21stCentury- A mute button you will never use becausethe music isawesome.Doesn't Feature:- Easy gameplay- An actualspaceshiplicense*Not liable for any addiction incurred due togameplay.
Galactic Void 2 - Retro Galaxy Spaceship Shooter
Take control of the spacecraft and defeat the dangers ofouterspace! Fly through the galaxy in this retro shooter anddestroyeverything that tries to stop you. On your journey, youcollectcoins to upgrade your ship and unlock new laser weapons.Climb theleaderboard of top pilots and shooters and become the mostfamouspilot in the galaxy.Features:--> Skill and shop systemtoimprove your spaceship.--> multiple onlineleaderboards-->GooglePlay Games Archievements--> fast,challenging andentertaining gameplay.--> regularupdatesQuestions andsuggestions forimprovement:[email protected]: Engine
Astro Crash 1.2.3
Affable Games
Can you swallow the galaxy? Create hilarious spaceships bycrashinginto smaller ships and fusing with their junk to grow inyour ownspecial way. Collect a bunch of cool spaceships like theLightningCat, Space Love, Super Charged Hot-Rod, and more! Win themall andfly in style.FeaturesGalactic leaderboards.Heaps of radspaceshipsto unlock.Juicy, addictive and satisfying gameplay.Raceto collectas many coins as possible in Gold Rush mode.Sharebeautiful gifs ofyour space adventures easily on socialmedia!Simple SWIPE to flycontrols.Smooth 60s style music and art.
Space Jump 1.4
Launch your spaceship for a space tour . See what's more inspacefor you. Tap the screen to make the spaceship jump and avoidthedeadly craters.The player must avoid the craters by flyinghis/herspaceship in the gap located to get the highestpossiblescore.**Feature***One touch control*Easytocontrol*Addictive*Google play games login*EnrichedGraphics*Shareapp with your friends****Just tap and Roam freely inspace :) *****
Space Shuttle Pilot Simulator 1.02
Try how to be a space pilot!Have you ever dreamed to launch aSpaceShuttle? Now you can do it. Complete space pilot missions:delivercargo, fix objects, launch spaceships. The game simulatesvariousspaceships with accurate economics. You have a chance tobecome ashuttle astronaut right now. Feel like a real NASA pilotandexplore the world with this space flight simulator!FeaturesofSpace Shuttle Pilot Simulator:- Various spaceships- Realspaceobjects- Trajectory tracking- Speed, fuel and capacitymetrics-Economic simulator- Space Shuttle upgrades- Differentpilot'stasks- Realistic space launching- Great space flightsimulatorThissimulator shows you all necessary metrics to drive aspaceship as apilot. You can even see your trajectory and fix it ifyou get offcourse. Try the space simulator and have fun! Itsimulates theSpace Shuttle launching and driving in details. Followthe shuttletutorial to understand the hard science of space shipoperating.Don't forget to upgrade the spaceship or you can't doastronaut'smissions and fall.Enjoy the space exploration inshuttle!If youaren't astronaut or pilot, you can be him in oursimulator. Try theflying in deep space and enjoy challengingmissions. Launch thespaceships wisely, don't lose the control ofyour spaceship. Feellike a pilot with our space shuttle simulator!Fly, upgrade andcomplete space orders. Train yourself how to do itprofessionally.Try the power of all spaceships, they are ready tomeet with theircaptain! Think about economy, tasks can be reallyhard. Use anavigation system and shuttle controllers to find theright course.Find how to complete missions and get yourreward!Space is full ofchallenging tasks for pilot! We made thisshuttle simulator forreal astronauts. The safety of your spaceshipdepends on you. Isnot easy to fly in the simulator. But you can doit with ourtutorial and smooth controls. Don't forget that you havea lot ofshuttle upgrades and space ships. Earn money and buy themall, itis real exciting!Let yourself to be an astronaut in ourshuttlesimulator, captain!Try Space Shuttle Pilot Simulator rightnow!
Space Arena: Build & Fight 1.11.8
It's the year 4000-something. You are a rookie spaceshipdesignerwanting to prove yourself to the world. Enter SpaceshipArena, anentertainment arena of the future, where only the best ofthe bestrule! Competitive Multiplayer Online Game featuring layersof deepspace strategy and endlessly evolving game content!FEATURES:-Unique, never before seen gameplay on Android- Dozens ofexcitingspaceship blueprints to unlock and build- Masses ofdifferentmodules to build with.- Beautiful space battles tovalidate yourdesigns- Beat ships designed by other players toprogress in ranksand leagues- Collect the best fleet in the arenaof flotillas andwin the star war. Take your place as the Top #1ship designer ofSpaceship Battles! This game allows to design andconstructspaceships and starships and send them to arena for clashwithother players in space simulator PvP battles. Participate inyourown space program. Use space engineers to build faster thanlightbattleships, аnd get big star control US:
Space Ryder 0.0.1
Anirudh Bhat
Be The Captain Of Your Very Own SpaceShip And Fight Aliens ThatWantTo Kill You.. BE DOGGY SAY BHAU
Spaceship: Amazing Escape 2.0
Jryet Games
When you reconnoitering military center of The Shrine, spaceshipofenemy detected you and arleted for enemy, You will drivespaceshipto escape from the enemy area. On the escape way, TheShrine settraps and enemy spaceships to prevent you fromescapingsuccessfully. You can't fight back, you just can run away.Collectenergy core and coin on the way to purchase new spaceshipmodel andtry to get high score to unclock. Now, let enjoy!!!
Solar Walk 2 - Spacecraft 3D & Space Exploration
Vito Technology
We cannot send you up to space but we can put space on the palmofyour hand!Meet Solar Walk 2, an awe-inspiring 3D model of ourSolarsystem standing out among others with its beauty andvastopportunities.Interactive planetarium 3D in your device.Explorespace anytime and anywhere with our wonderful encyclopediaof theSolar system.Main features include:SPACE EXPLORATION&SPACECRAFT 3D- Models of spacecraft 3D and man-made satellitesinreal action- The history of space exploration - extended infoaboutspace missions- Interesting facts and real pictures takenduringspace missions- Stunning visual effects and beautifulhigh-qualitygraphicsASTRONOMICAL CALENDAR- Various celestial events(solar andlunar eclipse, the moon phases, etc.)- Astronomicalevents relatedto the history of space exploration (the launching ofsatellites,the first landing on the moon, etc.)PLANETARIUM3D-Three-dimensional model of our Solar system and spacecraft3D-Universe simulation to explore space in detail- All spaceobjectsin real time and correct positions- Interactive encyclopediaof theSolar system - plenty of information- Articles from theWikipedia-Different view modes of planetarium 3D(orrery/true-to-scale)TRAVELTHROUGH SPACE- Space exploration: easynavigation between spaceobjects- Intuitive and easy-to-useinterface- Travel in time tostudy celestial events of differentperiods- The time machineallowing to choose the date and track themotion of celestialbodiesThe app contains In-app purchases.Whetheryou are a child oran adult, an experienced astronomer or abeginner, you will enjoyexploring the vast expanses of our universewith this encyclopediaof the Solar system and planetarium3D.Explore space with SolarWalk 2!P.S.- Don’t forget to give yourfeedback - we appreciate it;)
Sticky Space 1.3
Your spaceship broke down and left you stranded in the dangersofdeep space. Luckily you have sticky boots that let you leapbetweenasteroids and ride them in zero-gravity. Watch your step!Thisasteroid field is filled with lasers and proximity mines. Onewrongmove and you could find yourself drifting off into the endlessvoidof space.How to play?Tap to jump off one asteroid and driftthroughspace to land on the next. Avoid the laser beams andproximitymines surrounding you.Features:- 60 unique levels acrossthreegalaxies- Lasers and proximity mines make every level anexcitingnew challenge- Randomly generated endless mode-Zero-gravitysimulated physics- Space art backgrounds- Worldleaderboard- A pairof sticky bootsHave feedback or an awesome ideafor our game?Contact us at [email protected] Thanks!